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27-umbrellas · 22 hours ago
I love how this season the sparrows and umbrellas were so focused on defeating the other they didn’t notice their robot mom started spewing evangelical catchphrases and worshipping a floating orb
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thesevenumbrellas · 19 hours ago
Viktor: You dropped your gender, do you want it?
Klaus: Ew no
Viktor: … Can I have it?
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ellewriteswrongs · 21 hours ago
everyone gets why reginald shut klaus out of the portal in ep9, right??
I keep seeing people mentioning the scene without pointing this out and personally it was obvious to me (and my dad who I watched with lol) that ~someone~ was going to get left behind no matter what but idk if that translated for everyone so……prepare for Long Post Time
when reginald mentions the fables at the beginning of the episode, there’s a strong emphasis on there being 7 of everything, go figure lol. it goes to show that with the sparrows, he most likely could’ve adopted them too in s1 but he didn’t because he specifically wanted seven of the kids. each story he reads off requires exactly seven, no more and no less.
the group starts off with nine; six umbrellas, plus ben, sloane, and lila. two too many.
when the vote backfired on him, he does precisely as he tells luther before he kills him—only a death can be powerful enough to bring them all together to do something none of them want to do. in s1 none of them wanted to fight together again, but because they came back for the funeral they couldn’t avoid trying to stop the apocalypse. it didn’t have to be luther, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. any one of them could’ve been killed in his place, it was simply convenient. if one of them hadn’t gone to the buffalo room on their own, he probably just would’ve used allison’s deal to get her to come in there and kill her instead.
but of course, that leaves us with one more to go.
because reginald makes no effort to hold any particular character to the back of the group as they enter the tunnel, he clearly doesn’t care who he has to leave behind, but rather that the number of people that makes it through is all that matters. I’m convinced he didn’t care that it wound up being klaus that was left even though reginald knew about his powers. if he had been absorbed by the kugelblitz with everything else, he wouldn’t have been dead he would’ve ceased to have ever existed. no afterlife, just *poof* out of existence.
but as usual, klaus is smarter than reginald, or anyone else including himself, gives him credit for. he knew if he died before he disappeared, he’d wind up in the afterlife, which is easy to assume klaus had figured out as the entire world population would’ve wound up as ghosts if getting kugelblitzed truly was the same thing as dying. hence why he knew to kill himself before the kugelblitz had the chance to wipe him out.
despite what he said before he shut the door, it wasn’t just because he thought klaus would get in the way of the plan, it’s because he objectively would. he needed a way to ensure that once they were all being drained of their powers, no one would be left free to stop him from resetting the universe to his own specifications, a-la allison.
he needed seven, no more no less, but he just happened to underestimate his son for the last time in the process.
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sweaterandcoffe · 23 hours ago
Can we talk about how sad s4 will be for Five? Everyone else can go off and start a new life and he can't, he is stuck in his child body and will never be able to make friends that are his ACTUAL age. Five can never start a family or rebuild his life and with the commission gone along with his powers, the two things that have given him meaning in life, he is now stuck with nothing. All his siblings blame him for taking everything they had in the 60s, yet he has lost the most. AND on top of that he is his own worst enemy. The commission who took away his shot at life and made him into a different person AND WELL TOOK EVERYTHING FROM HIM, was created by himself. Everything has been his own downfall and mistakes. He probably blames himself for the 60s time travel mistake and the whole sparrows mess and probably everything and then in s3 we see his own family blaming him for this mess when all he wants to do is fulfill his only purpose of keeping his family safe and somewhat togather. Five is now stuck with no purpose and nothing. His teenage years stripped from him due to the commission, that he created. Five's story is truly tragic.
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decisiontoleave · 16 hours ago
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The Umbrella Academy season 3 episode 8 “Wedding at the End of the World” (2022) dir. Paco Cabezas
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inkedrings · 23 hours ago
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Petition for the roadtrip bros to go on wholly unnecessary leisure excursions every season🌴🚘
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27-umbrellas · 8 hours ago
I am obsessed with Stanley as just like a twelve year old who was SO CHILL about time travel he just pops in thirty years in the future, no questions, just there for tomfoolery and general prankfuckery
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bisexuallilapitts · 5 hours ago
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viktorhargreeves · 22 hours ago
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You're very dangerous, Viktor Hargreeves. The decisions you make impact the entire world. So no matter how benevolent they may seem, you don't get to make them alone. You know what they call a superhero who works alone and doesn't listen to anybody? A villain.  I am not a villain, Five.  And, Viktor, I hope to God you never will be. But that remains to be seen. No more going rogue.
The Umbrella Academy 3x07 | “Auf Wiedersehen” 
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hoyfriend · 21 hours ago
i just went along w the fact that stanley was somehow their child when he’s white while lila is south asian & diego is mexican. that’s on me i am just as gullible as diego lmao
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cosimad · 19 hours ago
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Karaoke with the boys at the end of the world
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ararermetalthangold · 15 hours ago
They are the definition of platonic soulmates in every timeline.
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allisoooon · 23 hours ago
I love that Klaus "did meth as a teenager" Hargreeves is the one smart enough to carry a bunch of condoms while Diego "my body is a temple" Hargreeves has sex once and immediately gets her pregnant.
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God I love you, Anon. It's perfectly in character for them both, isn't it?
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i-seeaspaceshipinthe-sky · 8 hours ago
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no thoughts just a left-handed Klaus appreciation post
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new-timeline-new-me · 17 hours ago
MAJOR props to five hargreeves because if my abusive father said that I ruined my life by not listening to him I would have killed him on the fucking spot
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blue-saaaaargent · 21 hours ago
Thinking about how so much crazy shit happened this season that no one is even talking about klaus making an enemy of the entire amish community and having to run for his life from them
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yenvengerberg · an hour ago
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throwmethatcello · 12 hours ago
All Luther needed to do to become a likable (even lovable) character was abandon the completely absurd pretense of being "the leader" so he could become who he really is: A himbo who just wants to be loved and has absolutely no idea of anything that is ever going on and personally I am glad and proud of his journey.
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oskarwing · 4 hours ago
Five *talking about how different versions of them exist now*
Luther *gasps* DOPPELGÄNGER! PARADOX PSYCHOSIS! I learned all about this in Texas! This is great. I'm gonna get a good grade in little side adventures with my elderly brother, something that is both normal to want and possible to achieve.
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filmmarvel · 19 hours ago
Umbrella Academy Season 4 Thoughts and Theories
I agree with @eddie-dxaz‘s theory that Allison is dead. To summarize, Allison is in the afterlife, which has taken on her form of heaven. Once the siblings realize that, Klaus will attempt to resurrect her (the question is, will she even want to be resurrected?- I kind of doubt it).
Since Klaus hasn’t fully reached this ability, he will spend the season focused on that.
I’ve already seen people theorizing that next season will be his ‘crazy’ season (after Luther, Diego, and Allison). I think his obsession will be attempting to master the power of resurrection- specifically in order to resurrect Dave as well as Allison. People have already pointed out that each season, a character’s obsession stems from trauma and attempting (sometimes) to work through it. Dave & Klaus’ time in Vietnam is a pretttyy big source of trauma (not to mention his most recent source of trauma through betrayal thanks to Reggie). We’ve already seen that his tattoos have disappeared- they were special to him so that could potentially cause a crisis for sure.
The Ben on the train is Umbrella Ben- the Umbrellas AND the Sparrows should exist in the reset timeline. Not to mention, what’s the point in including that as an end credit scene if it is in fact Sparrow Ben? It didn’t serve much purpose beyond showing him, and we already know that Sparrow Ben is alive and with them in that timeline.
Speaking of the Sparrows, since they (presumably) existed in the original timeline (just not the Sparrow Academy) they’ll also exist in this timeline. They just won’t recognize any of the Umbrella Academy members. I imagine this will cause a bit of a crisis for Ben, as we’ve already seen how he bases so much of his self identity on the Sparrow Academy.
Luther of course, will be searching for Sloane- we have no idea what her life is like in this timeline, so that plotline could take several forms.
Diego and Lila, of course, will be starting a family.
And (obviously) the main focus of the season will be on taking down Hargreeves. I think next season has the potential to be a great one, especially now that they’re moving away from the apocalypses plotline. That repetition hasn’t bothered me too much yet just because of how creative the show is in other ways, but regardless I’m glad they’re moving on to a strong villainous presence. This will be an incredibly difficult and personal fight for all of the Hargreeves, and Colm Feore is an fantastic villain, so personally, I can’t wait for season 4.
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