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Umbrella Academy Fanfiction search

Hello! I am on the hunt for some fanfiction and I believe that through the power of Tumblr I will be able to find what I am looking for. I wanna find some stories of Five finding out that Vanya was locked up. It can be either ship or no ship of them, this is just a story topic that I wanna read but have not been able to find. Tumblr help me out por favor! DM if you have an answer to my search!

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With the new poster, we can see a newspaper with “WAR DECLARED” in Luther’s glasses


I’ve seen a few people suggest that this means Luther is drafted into the Vietnam War, and I’m on the fence here. But you know what I do know?

This line in season 1 is probably gonna come back up eventually:



Maybe it’s foreshadowing? 

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Ok, so here’s a little thing I wanna try. Seeing as TUA season 2 is coming out pretty soon, and I’m hyped as hell, here’s a challenge. Lets make a reblog chain, just reblog this with your favourite sibling. It doesn’t matter if someone has already used that character, because this could also make it an opportunity to see which Hargreeves sibling is the most popular among fans.

To get the ball rolling, here’s my fave sibling from the show.


Originally posted by jesimahcah


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0 - Reginald

8/9 - new characters

20- Diego arrives and gets stuck with Reggie (why he’s wearing his uniform)

38- Alison meats new character

57- five realises that another apocalypse is happening and thinks that its vanyas fault again?

66- definitely something about ben

13- Luther and Alison reunite

48- klaus meets new character

74- vanya and klaus reunite

10- Luther finds Reggie

19- he then meets a new character

7- something about vanya happens

21- Diego and Luther reunite

43- Alison and klaus reunite

52- Diego talks about five

60- possibly revealing how Ben died?

30- Alison and Reggie reunite or idk

39- she also meets someone new

55- five arrives

All of this is bullshit but I’m too deep now

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I don’t hate any of the people. I see them and see how they are all traumatized. I see siblings who were raised in a loveless environment but still tried to love. I don’t think Vanya is “evil”. I just watched those episodes and to me it looked like when my brother would have temper tamtrums. He had so many feelings he couldn’t deal with and he would hurt everyone. This didn’t me I thought he was evil- that’s not how siblings work.

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s2 of tua has me so pumped up like yESSSS give me KLAUS WITH FABULOUS HAIR AND CLOTHES and yesssss to VANYA looking like a total BOSS and hats off to BEN who will be getting MORE SCREENTIME like im so emotional someone pls hold me thank u s2 of tua for reminding me that not everything abt 2020 is bad and awful

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