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i-seeaspaceshipinthe-sky · 14 hours ago
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Hey, I'm glad you came along. You're a good brother.
The Umbrella Academy: 3x02 | "World's Biggest Ball of Twine"
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fiveisthedaddyhere · 7 hours ago
S3 coming to slap 2019 Aidan
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The man dance AND sing
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icedqueen · a month ago
you're ALL WRONG the umbrella academy can never be riverdale because they have 30 year olds playing 16 year olds and tua has an 18 year old playing a 58 year old
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nicostiel · a month ago
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Five Hargreeves + Text Posts Part 5
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rocks-in-my-vodka · a month ago
god hates klaus bc he keeps dying and showing up in the afterlife with the snarkiest attitude and god, a little teen girl with yellow flowers and a bicycle, has to keep directing him to his after life epiphanies each time. i cannot believe this isn’t some wild hc but actual canon
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hey-benerino · 16 days ago
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The presence of that ,, bird ?? peacefully and randomly sitting on Rob's legs during the interview has the same vibes as Christopher.
No question asked about why Rob has bought a parrot to an interview, no question asked about why one of the Hargreeves is a flying cube.
No one even looks at it. No one seems to find it strange.
Just. No question asked.
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janetsnakehole02 · a month ago
five in season 2: IM THE DADDY HERE
five in season 3: NO TWINE NO BIRTH MOTHER
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aloofmaybe · a month ago
I've never seen an actor who's as perfect for their role as Aidan Gallagher is for his role as number five
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parkersbliss · a month ago
I'm so embarrassed but here it is! 😭 so there's y/n who is addicted to coffee flavored candies but doesn't like drinking coffee. which five finds very confusing. She's always offering five candy but ofc, five answers grumpily like "it's not the same thing as coffee"— and suddenly goes to a part where they kiss (idk how it leads to this omg) and five is absolutely ENAMORED with her lips bcs of all the coffee candy she eats..
is this too much explaining or what.. ANYWAYS THANK YOU FOR THIS I LOVE U LOTS <3
this… this is THE request. thank you for this 🙇‍♀️
Sweet Flavor | F. Hargreeves
Tumblr media
pairing: five hargreeves x fem!reader
wc; 637
warnings: might make you blush lololol
synopsis: five refuses to try your favorite candy, so you make him
a/n: feeding yall today 🙄 you’re welcome! half way through s3 💪 also aged up five ofc!
requests: CLOSED
Masterlist | Taglist | Prompt list 
Five sighs, leaning on the table as you take a seat next to him.
“Really embracing the old man, huh?” You said, referring to his unusual outfit. Instead of the academy uniform, he’d opted for a vest, flannel, and fedora combination. You honestly wondered where he found it.
Five hums. “Yes, I am. It’s called retirement.”
You just laugh at him, unwrapping one of your Werther's caramel coffee candies. Five wrinkles his nose in disgust as you hand one towards him. “Want one?”
“I’d rather save the world again. Naked,” He sassily replied.
“I wouldn’t say that if I were you,” You tease, popping the candy into your mouth and sighing at this sweet-bitter flavor.
“Why don’t you just drink regular coffee?” He asked. “Like a sane person?”
“Because coffee is nasty,” You said, sticking your tongue out at him and displaying the small candy. “These are better.”
“They’re not even close to the same thing,” He grumbled.
You raise a brow at him. “And how would you know? You’ve never had one.”
“Yeah, whatever,” he dismisses, getting up and inspecting the hotel buffet. You follow after him, popping another candy in your mouth.
“So, what are you thinking of doing since you’re retired?”
Five grabs a cup and fills it with coffee. “I don’t know. Traveling? Isn’t that what people do nowadays?”
You scoff, “Yeah, people who don’t look barely eighteen.”
He swats at you, returning to your seats. “I’ll drive.”
He pours some syrup over his pancakes, and you pout. “If you like that much syrup, you’d love the candies just as much.”
“Coffee is supposed to taste bitter, not filled with artificial flavoring.���
“You don’t know till you try.”
“I do know, and I’m telling you now, that is shit,” He points at your mouth with his knife.
You frown, suckling on the candy and its sweet flavor. You were lucky to have found them back in 1963, and now you just kept a handful in your pocket at all times.
“You didn’t like me at first, and now…”
“That’s completely different,” He defends.
You laugh. “Really? Cause you’re a bitter old man, and I’m the sweetest person ever.”
“You are far from the sweetest person ever.”
“That’s not the point, Five,” You huff.
He smiles at you. “Isn’t it, darling?”
“Just try one,” You urged, tossing the wrapped candy at his face. “Please.”
"Try a cup of coffee, and I’ll consider it.”
“I have tried a cup of coffee.”
You roll your eyes. “Prior to when we met.”
“Then, I tried your coffee-flavored candy… prior to when we met.”
You glare at Five, and he just smirks, taking a bite of his pancakes.
“Please,” You beg.
You click your tongue, still rolling the candy in your mouth when a thought occurs to you. Five notices the mischievous look on your face, and his eyebrows furrow together.
He’s cut off when you grab the back of his neck and smash your lips together. His hands fly to cup your cheeks as the taste of the candy invades his mouth. And holy shit, he loves it. His lips press harder against yours, almost making you fall off the seat as he chases the flavor.
And then, before you know it, he slips his tongue in and relishes the sweet flavor. His tongue explores every inch of your mouth, trying to seek the sugary treat he so desires. You let out a quiet whine, brain fuzzy at the action. Five groans as you tug on his hair, tongue invading your mouth, and then he pulls back.
You’re stunned, blinking as your lips smack together. And then you notice something missing and gasp.
Five grins, sticking his tongue to display your coffee-flavored caramel proudly on his tongue.
“You little—”
— END —
🏷 five taglist: @clearbasementvoid @halfumbrella @esmedith
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gribouillenotes · a month ago
my favorite brand of five hargreeves moments is him visibly losing grip of that one (1) piece of sanity that’s left in him
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lydtheseance · 4 months ago
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Meet Viktor Hargreeves (ART BY: @lydsirabella on IG)
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i-seeaspaceshipinthe-sky · 2 months ago
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Klaus + seeing his brothers
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daisybrekker · a month ago
Ben: *is a total prick to everyone 24/7*
Umbrella Academy: *doesn't like him*
Tumblr media
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messers-moony · 20 days ago
Safe | F.H
Pairing: Five Hargreeves X Wife!Reader
Summary: He didn't care because she was safe and in his arms
He’s trembling. She’s shaking. They’re both nervous, but they’re both smiling. The tears in his green eyes are hard to miss. The smile that plays on her lips is a sight that’d make any man fall to his knees. She was his Achilles heel. His kryptonite. His entire world was standing before him. 
His hands were covered in the red sticky liquid that gently transferred from his hands to her cheeks. The handprints of red are prominent, but neither of them care. She’s safe and in his arms. He takes her left hand in his, carefully kissing her knuckles. 
She chuckles, slightly out of relief, somewhat out of happiness. He smiles after hearing her melodic laughter. Five Hargreeves has never been so smitten over a girl– a woman. His heart races at her smile. His cheeks light aflame at her laughter. He turns to mush at her touch. 
Years of being the cause of bloodbaths. Years of murdering people who messed up the timeline. Yet here they were. After swearing that they wouldn’t ever kill again, they both just killed twelve men for just existing. They know that soon they’ll have to face their siblings. 
Perhaps that can wait a minute. Since landing in Dallas, they haven’t spent a minute alone together. He hasn’t gotten a chance to really admire his wife. She hasn’t gotten a chance to see how much determination is in her husband's eyes. So ambitious, so determined to save his family. 
She pushes the sleeve of her shirt over her palm, trying to wipe some of the blood that stains his cheek. Five admires the way she concentrates. Her efforts are fruitless; all it does is stain the sleeve of her shirt. He takes her hand in a tight but gentle grip, interlacing their fingers. 
“ It’s not gonna come off. “ Five mutters, looking at her confused face, “ I’ll take a shower at Elliot’s. “ 
She smiles, “ What’re your siblings going to say? “
“ I won’t tell them. They don’t need to be involved with our affairs. Not any more than required. “ Five stated, “ They don’t need to know what we’ve done. I don’t want them to see me like that. “ 
“ See you like what? “ She asked, “ A monster. “ He answers. 
Her heart softens at the words. He can see her eyes slightly soften. The e/c color of her eyes turn glassy once she swallows the words he just spoke. Y/n is a soft soul. So kind and so sweet. Comparable to dove. She moves with grace and simplicity. Her heart is the purest imperial gold. 
“ You’re not a monster. “ Y/n’s words came out hushed as she moved the overgrown bangs out of his eyes, “ You’re Five Hargreeves. “ 
Five opened his mouth to interject, “ My husband. “ She finished. 
“ The man I married is kind, soft, and sensitive. He’s ambitious and prideful. And maybe sometimes arrogant. “ Y/n laughed at her own words making a smile creep on Five’s face, “ But despite that, he’s a protector. He doesn’t stop until everyone he loves is safe. “ 
“ His mind constantly runs like a broken record. Sometimes he starts to believe the voices in his head, which couldn’t be further from the truth. “ She informs, “ My husband is not a monster. My husband is Five Hargreeves. A protector. “ 
Gently he pulled her in for a kiss. His hands cup her cheeks with such delicacy. Her hands rest in his brunet hair that’s tousled and matted from the blood that resides. It gives his hair more of a darker look than usual. Blood can trace from his hand to in between her fingers. It doesn’t matter. 
Because she’s safe and in his arms. 
He spatial jumped himself and her back to Elliot’s apartment only to find the latter dead. Despite the hospitality, they don’t have time to grieve. Diego and Luther are in the kitchen talking about the Swedish letters written in blood on the floor. 
They thought the words were English and not in another language. Leaving Five to correct their mistake and Diego to hang up the phone after threatening an innocent. He can’t help but feel embarrassed. Five took off his blazer and tie. 
Five began to walk past his two brothers, “ Uh, you two have some blood on you. “ Luther commented, “ A lot of blood, actually. “ Diego added. 
“ What did you two do? “ Luther queried, “ We had some things to take care of. “ Y/n answered calmly as Five went into the bathroom. 
Eventually, Diego and Luther gave up the questioning. She searched for a washcloth and began wiping the blood off her with water from the sink. Y/n watched as the water turned a pastel pink, and she sighed. Despite everything that had ever happened. 
She couldn’t believe she was in this spot. Her younger self would’ve been ashamed. She twisted the ring on her finger. Maybe her future didn’t go exactly to plan. Perhaps the fates never wanted her future to go how she wanted. But that didn’t matter. Two arms wrapped around her waist. His scent enclosed around her. His hair was still wet from the shower as he kissed her neck gently. 
The former plan of her future didn’t matter because she was safe and in his arms. 
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number5theboy · a month ago
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Ritu Arya & Aidan Gallagher rehearsing the fight choreography behind the scenes vs the final version of the fight in The Umbrella Academy S3E03 'Pocket Full of Lightning'
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viktorhargreeves · a month ago
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I just needed somebody to come with me for emotional support!
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clustermuck · a month ago
okay but how HOW is Aidan Gallagher the youngest cast member of the umbrella academy and yet SEASON AFTER SEASON still manages to give off the most “fed up older man and eldest brother” energy over everyone else in the cast?
like if you came up to me and told me that this 18-year old actor was older than his costars. I’d believe you. without question.
give this kid an emmy dammit
Tumblr media
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