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My mind in the middle of an online class:

Mmm…. how would look Starcross and Lux’s corrupted form? What would their names be?


Perfect time to draw!


I used bases btw, because I’m still not good at drawing, but I like the result!

I’m not pretty sure about the names though…

Rotten!Lux by me

Star.exe by me

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[3/30 Days of Productivity] - March 28, 2020

Today I drew I sat down and started drawing on my drawing tablet, then belatedly realizing I was drawing for hours. Not bad (although not really happy with my work which I won’t show-). Today did some Duolingo studying German, and the online physics class (which fascinates me deeply). I also started reading this interesting historical manga about Hannibal (I just researched the guy yesterday and now I’m reading manga about him…) It’s called “Ad Astra - Scipio to Hannibal” not sure about it’s overall accuracy but pretty interesting. Also the third day cements the fact, that I absolutely have no motivation to study in the morning…. Gotta work on that tho.

If any of you have any asks on me and studying or stuff, ask away my dudes.

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Dark academic things to do that are not reading or studying

  • Walk around your house/apartment/dorm and water all of your plants
  • Binge watch buzzfeed unsolved at 2 am
  • Try to solve the Somerton man code
  • Make up your own code or cypher and see if your friends can crack it
  • Count all of the teabags you own
  • Write a a letter to a family member, friend, penpal
  • Go for a walk and collect daisies or dandelions and make a crown
  • Binge watch DA movies
  • Reload your email until something pops up
  • Find an abandoned castle to explore
  • Count your books
  • Go for a walk in the rain at midnight. Umbrella optional.
  • Spend hours on tumblr trying to find a book list with a book you haven’t read yet
  • Give up and go read
  • Or read Wikipedia articles about whatever your interests are. I reccomend the Elisa Lam one of the Zodiac Killer one. The Jack the Ripper one is pretty cool too (what, I really like true crime)
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