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princessanneftw · 2 days ago
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1952/2018 - Princess Anne and Prince Charles laughing together 66 years apart.
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issiz--kadin · 2 days ago
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euesworld · 2 days ago
"I have so much love in my heart that it burps up pure honey, cause loving you is so sweet.."
I have a beehive in my chest, crafting the sweetest love for you my dear - eUë
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btsandvmin · a day ago
I'm gonna be honest , your blogs have made a positive influence on me. Before i came to know about your blogs i was more on the delusional side , i used to think my ship is real and i used to get sad by other ships having more moments and not vmin. But then i read your 'shipping vs believing' , 'vmin being distant' and i went through your masterpost and i kinda stepped back and realised i was more onto the believing side then actual shipping. What I'm saying is, not only me but i can say that your blogs have influenced many people like me in a good way. I want to thankyou you for that. Trust me when i say this but you're the best shipper I've came across. Thankyou for your blogs and your efforts💜(they are not going in vain). It's difficult not to get affected by negative/toxic people but i want you to remember that there are people who genuinely love you and your blogs. Looking forward to more blogs and anaylsis. Borahae 💜 (also sorry , my english is not fluent)
This is one of the sweetest comments I have ever gotten and honestly thank you so much for writing me. 🥺💜 Lately I've lost a lot of confidence in my blog and my posts as likes, reblogs and comments have decreased a lot. It shouldn't affect me but it does, making me doubt what I am writing.
I personally think these are very important topics and messages and knowing that someone listens and takes it to heart means a lot to me.
The fact that I can be a good influence and even affect people to this extent at all amazes me and makes me feel so overwhelmed. It means so much to me to hear you say this, and it made my day brighter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I purple you! 💜
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botjesus · 5 months ago
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thenatsdorf · 8 months ago
“Wotter you doing!?!”
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arabian-bloodstream · 10 months ago
What a beautiful, joyous joining of goodness!
Steve Irwin, Mr. Rogers... and he’s wearing a Bob Ross t-shirt. Aww.
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micksebcharles · 6 months ago
Gary on the radio telling Mick, "My family is somewhere between turns 10, 11 and 12, if you could give them a wave"
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babyanimalgifs · 11 months ago
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The owner in this shop allows stray dogs to come in when it is dark so that they can spend the nights safely .. he put blankets to cover the cold tiles so everyone has a comfortable bed .. such initiatives must be shared! 💗
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sugaftrm · a month ago
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namjoon [@rkive] via instagram 211206
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justpastryvideos · 2 months ago
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dreamygeorgenap-archive · 9 months ago
George: “I didn’t mean to.”
Dream *in the softest voice known to man* “It’s okay. You didn’t.”
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ruubesz-draws · 4 months ago
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Lovers’ quarrel
They do argue and fight sometimes... But that doesn’t mean they don’t care for each other ;)
Also, they are too in love to stay angry lol
(Usually, it’s just Mothra getting extremely worried and upset at Goji for getting himself hurt, typically during an intense battle)
I drew this cos I thirst for more Mothzilla content and because SOMEONE wouldn’t draw it...
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heretherebedork · 3 months ago
Aoki falling for Ida is so perfect because it's all about the tiny moments and the little things and the way they add up to so much so quickly. It's Ida telling him he's a good person, it's Ida standing up when the rest of the class is laughing at him, it's Ida always standing next to him. Aoki tumbles head over heels because Ida treats him kindly, with love and respect, the same reasons he fell for Hashimoto.
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thenatsdorf · a year ago
Please throw. (press play to hear sweet, pleading mews) (via motikiro2)
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sweatandwoe · 6 days ago
If you would be so kind, could we get some self-concious Silco with a reader who reminds him how handsome & charming he is, despite him being so hard on his looks? Thankies, mate!♡
I had a lot of fun with this idea. This one struck me right when I opened the word document and I hope it fits!
SFW Silco x GN!reader
Silco knew he wasn’t pretty. He had been told that often enough, when he was powerless it had been told to his face. Now it was whispered behind closed doors, when everyone believed he was far enough not to hear. No one would dare tell it to his face anymore. And if they did, well, usually they were on death’s door anyway.
So he was surprised when you walked through his office door, coffees in hand and proclaimed. “Morning boss, looking extra handsome today.” Your face carried a light teasing note, but no cruelty. Only jovial, a friendly thing, he realized after a moment.
He didn’t remove his eyes from his paper, but let his lips curl a little at the edge. His stomach warming a little. “Did you actually manage to make the coffee right?”
“Yes. Your mostly-cream coffee.” You set it down in front of him, and your eyes rolled at it. “I don’t know why you don’t just get an espresso and a bottle of creamer.”
“That’d be far less fun than torturing you with it.”
You had grown closer over the past few years. While Sevika was known as his right hand person, you were his left. Being his assistant, helping with the paperwork, helping him manage through the day to day without shoving a knife through someone’s throat.
You also had a tendency, while only with himself or Sevika, to run your mouth over every little thought you had. He found it endearing enough, listening to you ramble about whatever you wanted, inputting when he had something to say. Hearing your voice was calming, and as you began to tell him just how badly you disliked his coffee, he felt the leftover tension of yesterday begin to leave his shoulders.
He had almost forgotten about your handsome comment, until a week later when you said it again. It had been just after a meeting, and you both were settled in his office. You on the couch, and he was in his chair, smoking a long awaited cigar.
“Did you see what Finn was wearing?” You were saying, laying your head back on an armrest. The day of meetings came to a close, and he never minded you sprawling about on some of his furniture after a day like this. Though the image would be burned into his memory, for later shame filled uses.
“I don’t know why he thought a smoker’s coat would be a good look.” He agreed softly, taking the cigar between his lips and taking a slow drag.
“Yeah, it’d be more your style sir. Though not in mustard yellow.”
“Because I smoke?”
“Because you’re handsome.” You shot back, tilting your head slightly over the armrest to give him an upside down smile.
He blinked at you. And felt the warmth flooding in his chest, threatening to head to his face.
He said nothing, and only moved to stare out the window instead.
From that day on, he began to notice how you’d describe him. That handsome was the only newest word, but had been the most shocking to his system. You’d call him charming easily enough too after a few words, dashing whenever he wore his coat, sweet when he’d do something simple such as hold the door open for you.
You said these ones and more. You said these things constantly, throughout his day.
Another handsome slipped past your lips by the third day. And then another on the fifth, before you had added it to your other words, where it was becoming far more commonplace.
It was driving him insane.
“Why do you keep calling me that?” He finally asked, when you had used the word twice in one day.
You stared at him, face looking oddly blank. Then one brow skewed as you fixed him a look. “Because you are?” Then you moved to his desk, to set down the papers he needed to check over.
He stared at your back. Unable to move forward, and when you seemed to realize he wasn’t approaching, you fixed him another look. His gaze shifted to the ceiling, staring away as you asked. “What’s wrong?”
“I’m debating.”
“Should I kiss you now or later.”
He felt his shoulders shake as your face bloomed in dark blush and the way for once your mouth seemed to not be able to work out any of the words you wanted to say. When he gazed at you, you were able to squeak out, “Now.”
Silco smiled as he approached, leaning down to hover his mouth over your own. “Gorgeous.” He decided after a moment, and you both felt eachother’s smile as your lips met.
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island-thunder · 11 days ago
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Dark And Lovely
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cappuccinoko · a month ago
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mcecologist · 2 months ago
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Idiot is a term of endearment
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gaykey · 22 days ago
enhypen's ni-ki (& jake) talking about meeting key again @ gayo daejun after four years <3
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^ key & ni-ki in 2017
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