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beautifulfaaces · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Yanic Truesdale
March 17, 1970
Canadian American actor
Étienne [Les Mecs: 2020]
Stephen [The Wedding Planners: 2020]
Max [My Salinger Year: 2020]
Michel [Gilmore Girls: 2000-2007]
Joseph [Lance et compte: Tous pour un: 1990]
black hair
brown eyes
playable: young adult, adult
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shipperpersempre · 16 minutes ago
Guarda "EastEnders - Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway Gives Ben Mitchell An Ultimatum (6th May 2021)" su YouTube
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dream-store-burbank · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tripuzzle · an hour ago
“My internet history is just full of wedding stuff, Pan-Pan. I don’t think I want a dress, they’re too heavy. My grandpa told me it took 5 people to help my grandma go to the bathroom when her wedding dress was on.” Puzzle sighed as he leaned against Panda’s shoulder.
“You’re my most fashionable friend, I need your help.”
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daisys-playhouse · an hour ago
I growl against your ear and squeeze your hips through your dress, trying my best not to react since I want to see how bratty you're willing to act
Didn't I tell you to behave, little girl? You don't want to make daddy mad, do you?
Maybe I do. Now what?
I smirk at him, giggling to myself when I feel him grip my hips tighter. I must be getting to him at least a little. So, I lean up and nibble on his bottom lip to tease him.
You know you want me too, daddy.
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