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June 6, 2020 11:16 PM CST

With a busy month so far, it took longer for me to complete some things before I could get to creating the collage for Natsuki Orihara’s international birthday this year. And yes, these are all my CGs that I’ve earned over since 2018, albeit the middle one is from this year since I’ve been going back and forth with reading other Voltage stories.

Natsuki is the guitarist and leader of JADE, Voltage’s first rock band and looks like the youngest (although he’s actually the oldest of the JADE members). 27 but still cool and handsome, my dear blond celebrity!


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kazuichi souda/gundham tanaka

alternatively: How to Spend the Rest of Your Life With the Boy of Your Dreams.

a/n: this is for day seven of soudam week! i chose the wedding prompt and kinda messed with it. if you’ve been paying attention, i only participated in 4/7 days, but i had to prioritize quality over quantity. i procrastinated. i think the proposal itself is cliche, but it doesn’t even bother me because i am happy with this piece. i really hope that you guys like it!! 


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