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Running With Lions Commentary pt. 1

Guess who’s back with another commentary that no one asked for? You’re damn right it’s me! I found this book kinda on accident and I decided to give it a try. Here’s the first part, hope you enjoy my rambling!

Chapter 1 to 10:

- Oh it’s present tense. Alright, I don’t thing I ever read anything like that. This should be interesting

- Hey, comparing feelings to Katy Perry songs is very valid. “Teenage dream” is an eternal bop and shall not be disrespected

- How many pop artists are gonna be mentioned in only the first chapter, cause I already lost count.

- I like the dynamic between Sebastian, Willie and Mason. There’s no toxic masculinity, we love to see it

- And we stan ally and father figure Coach Patrick as well! What a team!

- I’m really interested to know what happened between Sebastian and Emir. I bet I’m gonna have some ✨drama✨

- Dude, I know you haven’t seen him in years, but the gay yearning is breaking the charts, chill out

- “Do you need a little alone time?” Look, I know boys are gross, but still, ew

- So many characters… I know I’m gonna get them all confused. Just bare it with me okay

- “The gays approve” indeed, indeed

- Oh no. Grace, sorry, my bad, GrEy is “not like other girls”. Can we throw this trope in trash and light it on fire? Thanks

- I really want to like Grey, but unless she’s got a good reason to refuse anything feminine, it makes it so weirdly misogynistic. Cause, newsflash, you can like girly things and still be a strong, independent person who gets shit done. But I don’t want to be to harsh on her character yet because it can go ✨somewhere✨ interesting. Like, maybe the character is trans? Let’s wait and see

- Who’s gonna tell our protagonist he’s got a big fat crush on emir? Cause even I’m noticing and I’m the most oblivious bish there is!

- Of course emir has a British accent. Why am not surprised

- Mason is a whore, haha

- Emir just had a gay panic, oh sweetie

- “I promise it won’t get us arrested this time“ this book is funny 😆

- Sexuaaaaaaaal teeeeeeension

- Look, I don’t feel sexual attraction and I don’t have a penis, so I can’t speak for those two things, but like, do y’all just get b*ners this easily? Is that really a thing? You can’t just not make it happen? I’m honestly asking cause I don’t buy the b*ner plot device

- As a former catholic, i can assure that Rivera is very relatable when it comes to using the religion in vain, haha

- How old is Grey supposed to be? Idk if I should be uncomfortable shipping her with the other characters or not

- Why does this book hates women? What did they do to you?

- Drunk antics are only fun in fiction huh

- Way to ruin things, ZACH!

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SHOWS: BARCELONA, SPAIN (OCTOBER 20, 2020) (BARCA TV HANDOUT - MUST NOT OBSCURE LOGO) 1. JOURNALIST ASKING BARCELONA COACH RONALD KOEMAN A QUESTION 2. (SOUNDBITE) (English) BARCELONA COACH, RONALD KOEMAN, SAYING: “We were a little bit too lazy in the start of the game, and they had one or two good chances. But after that we took the rhythm in the game, we played good football, we were scoring. But as I said before, maybe the best part of the game was after half time, 20-25 minutes on a high rhythm of our ball position scoring goals. The red card complained a little bit but we are used to play with one less.” 3. JOURNALIST ASKING KOEMAN A QUESTION 4. (SOUNDBITE) (English) BARCELONA COACH, RONALD KOEMAN, SAYING: “We did defensively well and even we scored twice playing with ten men and that was really positive. Finally, a good result, a good start for the Champions League and we have time now to prepare the game for Saturday.” 5. JOURNALIST ASKING KOEMAN A QUESTION 6. (SOUNDBITE) (English) BARCELONA COACH, RONALD KOEMAN, SAYING: “He (Leo Messi) is disciplined, he is working hard for his body and to be in a perfect condition to play. And then the quality of the player is amazing. You saw it tonight, he was scoring a penalty but the feel of the game, the assist for one or two goals, it was great and we are so happy to have him in Barcelona because he is showing every season that he is the best player in the world.” 7. JOURNALIST ASKING KOEMAN A QUESTION 8. (SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) BARCELONA COACH, RONALD KOEMAN, SAYING: “It’s been a little difficult for us to get into the game with the pace of the ball we want to put in. I think that sometimes it is our problem, if we slow down, if we lower our pressure and aggressiveness, and let the opponents play too much, we have problems. If we are able to command the rhythm of the game, we are very good and we have seen those phases of the game.” 9. JOURNALIST ASKING KOEMAN A QUESTION 10. (SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) BARCELONA COACH, RONALD KOEMAN, SAYING: “We play differently, we have made changes in the team, in the squad. We opted for new people, for young people. So yes, you can’t ask more of this team at the moment. I think we’re doing well, there are enough reasons why we haven’t won every game and it’s about improving, working every day, but this team is going to have a great future.” 11. JOURNALIST ASKING KOEMAN A QUESTION 12. KOEMAN LEAVING NEWS CONFERENCE STORY: Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman lamented a red card for Gerard Pique in their 5-1 Champions League victory over Ferencvaros on Tuesday (October 20) that will keep the experienced defender out of next week’s trip to Juventus. Pique was sent off by Swiss referee Sandro Scharer with 20 minutes to go after a blatant pull-back in the box on the jersey of Ferencvaros striker Tokmac Nguen after he had been well beaten for pace. “The red card complained a little bit but we are use to play with one less.” he said on a news conference after the match. Lionel Messi became the first player to score in 16 consecutive Champions League seasons, while Ansu Fati, Philippe Coutinho, 17-year-old Pedri and Ousmane Dembele were on target in what was, in the end, a commanding performance from the Catalan side. “We are so happy to have him in Barcelona because he is showing every season that he is the best player in the world”, Koeman said, adding that he was pleased the goals had been shared around. (Production: Elena Rodriguez)

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LONDON COLNEY, ENGLAND, UK (FILE - SEPTEMBER 12, 2013) (REUTERS - ACCESS ALL) 1. MESUT OZIL WALKING OUT ONTO TRAINING GROUND AT HIS UNVEILING AS ARSENAL’S THEN-RECORD SIGNING HAVING JOINED FROM REAL MADRID 2. OZIL POSING WITH ARSENAL SHIRT 3. OZIL SHIRT 4. OZIL POSING FOR PHOTOS WITH SHIRT AND THEN-MANAGER ARSENE WENGER KALLANG, SINGAPORE (FILE - JULY 27, 2018) (REUTERS - ACCESS ALL) 5. VARIOUS OF OZIL DURING RONDO DRILL BAKU, AZERBAIJAN (FILE - MAY 28, 2019) (REUTERS - ACCESS ALL) 6. OZIL STANDING AMONG TEAMMATES COBHAM, ENGLAND, UK (FILE) (REUTERS - ACCESS ALL) 7. PETR CECH WALKING OUT FOR CHELSEA TRAINING COBHAM, ENGLAND, UK (FILE) (REUTERS - ACCESS ALL) 8. CECH WARMING UP BAKU, AZERBAIJAN (FILE - MAY 28, 2019) (REUTERS - ACCESS ALL) 9. VARIOUS OF CECH DURING ARSENAL TRAINING AHEAD OF HIS LAST MATCH WITH THE CLUB, THE EUROPA LEAGUE FINAL WHICH THEY LOST TO CHELSEA STORY: Arsenal’s out-of-favour midfielder Mesut Ozil was left out of their 25-man Premier League squad for the 2020-21 season released on Tuesday (October 20), increasing the likelihood that he has played his last game for the north London club. Ozil, 32, who is under contract with Arsenal until June 2021 and earns a reported 350,000 pounds ($452,830) per week, has not played for Mikel Arteta’s side this season. The German playmaker, who last played for Arsenal in March, was also axed from their Europa League squad earlier this month. Arteta had said last month that his team are “evolving” and that Ozil would find it difficult to find a place in the squad, casting doubts over his future at the club. Elsewhere, Chelsea named Petr Cech, who played for the club from 2004-2015 and currently works as technical advisor at Stamford Bridge, as emergency goalkeeper cover amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Cech had retired as a player in May 2019 after playing for Arsenal in their Europa League final defeat by Chelsea.

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Hoxe estiven vendo uns vídeos do partido do Dépor do domingo. Gañou cun gol no minuto 97, pero iso é o de menos, o importante é que había público e a min entráronme unhas gañas tremendas de volver a un campo de fútbol.

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Marcus Rashford sprinted toward the corner flag inside an empty Parc des Princes and slid on his knees in celebration, just like two seasons ago. In a heavyweight contest on the opening night of the group stage, United reproduced its stunning exploits from the 2018-19 competition by beating PSG away thanks to Rashford’s 87th-minute strike in a 2-1 win on Tuesday. It was an eerily similar scenario to 18 months ago, when United arrived in the French capital heavily depleted and 2-0 down from the first leg of the teams’ last-16 match.

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