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Sword of Feast and Famine– Weapon (longsword), legendary (requires attunement)

This awe-inspiring longsword is split down the middle, resulting in two separate blades, placed side-by-side. One blade shimmers with a sickly-green light, while the other seems to gather the shadows about it. You have a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon, attacks made with this weapon deal an additional 1d8 necrotic and 1d8 poison damage, and while wielding it, you have immunity to necrotic and poison damage. When a creature takes damage from an attack made with this weapon, it must make a DC 20 Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, you can either choose to regain a number of hit points equal to the damage dealt, or cause the target’s maximum hit points to be reduced by an amount equal to the damage dealt. If a creature’s maximum hit points are reduced to 0 in this way, it dies automatically. This reduction lasts until the end of the target’s next long rest.

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05.25.20 // caraval // watercolour

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—Welcome, welcome to Caraval! The grandest show on land or by sea. Inside you’ll experience more wonders than most people see in a lifetime. You can sip magic from a cup and buy dreams in a bottle. But before you fully enter into our world, you must remember it’s all a game.

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Pretty rare! Most legendaries tend to stick around wherever they’ve made a home, which is typically at the end of a dungeon and out of the way of people, and if they do wander out they don’t usually bother going near civilization. Sometimes a mortal will glance a legendary flying by or something, but for the average pokemon on just an everyday basis, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll run into a legendary.

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