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I picked up Y again for old times sakes to visit an old friend of mine, I miss her so much! ;w;

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Pokemon X and Y, this is a post about Pokemon X and Y.


Playing Sword got me looking back because I be thinking forward. Mostly depressed but in short bursts of anger I’ve been wondering why I thought X and Y deserved a “oh it’s the first try at 3d it’s fine”. XY is the best and most centered of the 3d era. Positive in black 🖤 negative in red ♥️

  • The cutscenes are either short or in pretty art slides with text.
  • The emotional beats hit the mark everytime.
  • I cared about the story even if it was basic fair for a pokemon game.
  • Character customization was a fucking cool change.
  • New Pokemon were all good and the returning regional selection was real good.
  • If you don’t use the expshare the game doesn’t feel unfair as you could get way over leveled with it.
  • Seriously first playthrough my super trained limber adamant Hawlucha who hard carried my rag tag first try team was level 98 in the fight with AZ.
  • Supertraining was a fun alternative and on a controller would have been perfect so my square ass 3ds doesn’t dig into my hands.
  • Hoard battles were great for speeding through EV training and actually taught me the system and how to make it work.
  • Sky battles were a mistake that was probably a pitch for the anime
  • The only characters I can remember by name of my head are the player, Valerie and Korrina.
  • Team Flare was okay
  • The chibi style made the pokemon overworld kinda work better.
  • Cool schmovement with the skates and grind rails

By comparison Sun and Moon are worse but better in other ways

  • Cutscenes are ALL model in engine shit that slows shit down so much.
  • Emotional beats never hit. Not once
  • Story was so predictable I shitposted it into reality. I was talking to a friend in the prerelease about how Lusamine felt more like a villain and team skull just a bunch of useful idiots using a certain scientific railgun as an example.
  • Telastine Kihara = Lusamine, Team Skull = skill out, Type Null = the power nullification noise. AND I WAS RIGHT
  • Character customization changed little from XY and still has yet to really change
  • New Pokemon were so hit or miss ranking them in tiers needs two groups, good and bad.
  • Exp share feels more planned around considering the various curves area to area.
  • Still didn’t stop me from ending the game with a high 70s Bewear
  • Super training was removed and I hate it. And hoards were gimped.
  • Sky battles are GONE 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀
  • Every character is rememberable by force. You actually interact more with each character than most gym leaders in gen 1-6. In unskippable cutscenes and long interactions.
  • Gen 7 had three evil teams the good bad and ugly. Team Skull was mostly road block comedy and relatable failures. The Aether foundation I had pegged from day 1 as the real bad guys Faba and Lusamine rubbed me wrong plus the employees had designs and sugi art. Team Gay Paywall Rainbow Rocket exist to sell you on buying sun and moon again, I’m sure the admin interactions are great fanservice but I don’t want to buy usum. They exist to steal the spotlight from pokemons first female villain.
  • The removal of XYs chibi overworld for full models makes it somehow less immersive
  • They took my grind rails away
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Audino is my favorite Pokemon, so I have a truckload of headcanons to share with you all!


-Audino are great as companions, and mostly easy to care for- they don’t shed much, don’t mind a bath or trim, can easily be potty-trained, and are very intelligent and even moral creatures- the worst thing you’d find them doing would be sneaking sweets or being stubborn.

-Audino don’t have an extremely high IQ on the level of Gardevoir or Alakazam, but they are otherwise very smart, to a nearly human extent. They will usually be able to understand human speech to an extent, or at least match words with context such as feelings, circumstances and intentions. They also learn things very easily and can learn to cook and even make art if they so desire (their learning abilities also explain how they can learn so many moves). They even have the mental capacity for creativity and imagination and have been observed daydreaming even in the wild. They can learn to recognize objects, faces and practices and can copy their Trainer’s actions with surprisingly good results. They could probably learn to speak if they wanted to, but no talking Audino has been observed to exist yet.

-Audino are usually creatures, however, that prefer stopping and smelling the roses to pondering the mysteries of the universe, and don’t mind that they’re not the most hyperintelligent of creatures, as they have better things to think about than fractals and string theory.

-Audino normally clean their own ears, but if need be, wiping the ear’s opening gently with a damp cloth should be enough; they are too sensitive for peroxide or a syringe.

-Audino have soft, fluffy fur that can feel nice to pet. It can get long, but once again, they don’t mind it being trimmed or groomed. Even Audino that are short-haired have fine, smooth, downy fur.

-Audino are able to see, but they usually don’t have good eyesight, despite their big eyes; their eyes are quite watery and they tend to have blurry vision. Deaf or hard-of-hearing Audino, since they don’t have quite the ability to fill in details with sound that the average Audino does, may appreciate the aid of glasses if they are claimed by a Trainer. Some Audino have better vision than others; same with hearing, as there is the rare deaf Audino or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, the Audino with hyperacusis. (Hyperacusis on an Audino is just…)

-Elderly Audino, especially in the wild, tend to have long, shaggy fur and droopy eyes and ears; they also tend to be lazier than the young ones due to not being able to move like they used to, but they are very gentle and, of course, wise. Kittens tend to be small and roly-poly with oversized ears that they often trip on, and they are shy yet playful. 

-Like in Pokemon Amie/Refresh, Audino love their feelers being rubbed and hate their chins being scratched (Pikachu owners may have trouble adjusting to this). They’re both sensitive parts, just in different ways; for their feelers, it’s like that feeling where you take off your socks and scratch where the lines are, while for their chins, it’s like you’re rubbing their throats, which is very uncomfortable. (Also, real-life rabbits don’t like their chins being scratched. Points for accuracy, GF!)

-Their sense of morality is shown in their inability to trust people with immoral and/or cruel natures, and despite their general pacifistic natures, they will fight for a cause they believe in (both the Audino battles in the anime were against Team Rocket).

- Wild Audino have difficulty trusting Trainers due to many of their species encountering cruel Trainers who only want to abuse them, however, and don’t curiously approach them like some other wild Pokemon do. They prefer avoiding battle, but if a Trainer approaches, they will fight to defend themselves, especially if they believe the Trainer is doing something bad for their own personal gain.

-Audino are kind and merciful though, and especially if they detect good intentions, they will heal a Trainer’s Pokemon or even let them KO them. This is because they realize that some Trainers need them because they’re struggling. There’s also the hope that a Trainer will catch one and be its friend.

-Realistically, if they don’t just say “Audino”, I can hear them making cooing and chirping noises (like its cry might suggest) or rabbitlike noises, like squeaking, grunting, and purring.

-Audino do not eat meat. They are pacifistic creatures for one thing, but their teeth are also rather blunt and can’t tear it properly. Their usual diet is berries, and they also eat other plant foods, like vegetables and nuts if they can get them.

-Domesticated Audino, however, will happily eat human foods. They can eat most sweets (even chocolate won’t hurt), dairy products (though these may upset its stomach), egg products, grains (bread, pasta, etc), and of course, processed fruits and vegetables (things like juices/smoothies, jams, and sauce).

-Audino have very high pain tolerance and can tolerate a certain degree of noise, especially if it’s expected, like city noise or a fan. However, they don’t like sudden noises, like shouting, a door slamming, or a blender or vacuum, and some Audino are more sensitive than others. Also, do not, I repeat, do not take an Audino to a rock concert. That is an incredibly stupid idea.

-Audino can get sensory overloads, either from loud noise or something internal, like an ear infection. There are certain Berries and Potions that can ease the pain in the latter case, though you can also give them pills in peanut butter or something, as long as you know they can swallow them. In the former case, you can cover its ears for it if the sound is still ongoing; otherwise, comforting and reassuring it should help it feel better.

-Audino are actually glad to battle beside their Trainers, because they feel they are supporting them by doing so, and some battles can actually be fun, especially battles with their partners’ friends. They feel most useful in Double, Triple and Rotation Battles, where they can use moves like Heal Pulse and Helping Hand to support their allies.

-Audino get along well with Chansey, despite some claiming them to be “rivals.” Many Audino have Chansey eggs as their favorite foods. They also get along well with Indeedee and Wigglytuff, though they are very subsceptible to Jigglypuff’s song.

-In fact, Audino get along well with most other Pokemon that aren’t violent, corrupt, or outright evil. They don’t try to initiate rivalries and will only start arguments or fights if they feel angry or annoyed at another Pokemon; never on their own. They do feel uncomfortable around loud Pokemon, such as Exploud or Noivern, however.

-Thanks in part due to their pudgy, furry bodies, Audino are quite resistant to the cold and can even live in freezing temperatures if they take the proper measures to keep warm. They can live in mild or warm areas, but generally don’t take hot, humid climates well. The heat may be why Audino aren’t really found on mainland Alola apart from those belonging to Trainers, other than the possibility that, quite simply, no one imported them.

-Audino with Regenerator have the ability to quickly heal their own wounds when resting; Audino with Healer have the ability to cure the afflictions of allies. Audino with Klutz have a reduced sense of balance awareness, usually due to an aural abnormality.

Mega Audino

-When it Mega Evolves, Audino’s pacifistic nature is greatly amplified and it starts outright hating to fight on its own. It prefers supporting its friends or stopping fights.

-It’s one of few Fairy-types that tends toward being kind to dragons. If a dragon attacks, it prefers putting it to sleep or soothing it with Heal Pulse to attacking back. If it’s successfully put the attacker to sleep, it will cheer, less out of mischief and more out of relief.

-It not only hates fighting itself, but it also hates detecting a heated fight in its vicinity, so it will, again, attempt to stop the fight. It’s a good Pokemon to have around if your parents fight a lot, especially if your Audino is brave enough not to be traumatized by the fights.

-When it mega evolves, it becomes much more sensitive to both emotions and sounds. This, of course, does give it much more sensitive ears, so be even more careful about loud noises around a Mega-Evolved Audino.

-Mega Evolving itself isn’t painful for an Audino, but the aforementioned sensitive ears are where the pain comes in, and the boosted empathy can lead to emotional pain.

-Audino doesn’t actually get taller when it Mega Evolves. Its ears standing up account for the extra height.

-Mega Audino doesn’t care that it’s not physically strong or fast. As long as it can support its friends, it’s happy. Some Audino are disappointed they can’t use Regenerator in this state though.

-Audino that aren’t strong enough to support in battle (read: bad IVs) are more than happy to participate in Contests with their masters. (This one is in the Mega section because it’s based on my own experience in ORAS.) Even those who are can find Contests quite fun and many even prefer them to battles due to their pacifistic nature. However, they dislike the possibility of bitter rivalries and other conflicts and often comfort their Trainers after a bad loss.

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One thing I hope is that when Masters remixes Lysandre’s theme, they keep the gunfire/reload sound effect in the beginning. Ultra’s didn’t have it and I recall being a bit disappointed (still was a pretty great remix tho, so it’s a nitpick.)

Honestly, out of the villain themes, I always really enjoyed his. (Probably in my top 3 alongside Cyrus’s theme and Giovanni’s Ultra theme.)

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One thing that would be neat to see in the Give and Take event… Remember how when Cyrus got to Pasio, they established him as a threat by having him injure some Break grunts?

With Lysandre, it would be neat for DeNA to have the story show the threat Lysandre poses by finding some Break grunts petrified, like how they show Yveltal’s life-taking powers in the anime. (Tho Xerneas would be there to counteract this and restore them to life to keep things from getting too dark.)

Have Rachel and Sawyer put out an island-wide alert/lockdown orders while the Gym Leaders, Champs, and Sycamore (who’s teamed up with you) go out searching for the person responsible, and this is where you learn more about the Professor’s background with Lysandre, his regrets about not reaching out and trying to talk Lys down sooner before the man went genocidal, and that Sycamore thought he had perished until now. (Tho it would turn out to be a different Lysandre than his own, Sycamore would still try and get him to stand down.)

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Taking a sip from my pepsi: So anyways, AZs design is obviously based on Zygarde, the black of his jacket and green of his long scarf, his white hair as call backs to the few white hexagons and the red of his hat and his blue pants, to represent his role in the story and Kalos history. Because according to Lysandre he pretty much rebalanced Kalos with what happened 3k years ago, the same way Zygarde is said to protect the ecosystem. He fills Zygardes role and Lysandre fills Yveltals role his design reflecting it with his mainly black suit, the red being hidden in the inside, the fur around his neck and his piercing blue eyes, he is someone who intends to do the same thing AZ did once before. According to the story he intends to TAKE the lives of many before causing mass destruction and murder a destroyer just like Yveltal. And Augustine being the obvious counterpart to Xerneas, his gray eyes, the blue of his shirt, his black pants and yellow belt taken directly from it and placed at a similar place. This as well reflects his role, being a helping hand in your journey, someone kind that GIVES you a lot of helpful tools and support. However Xerneas isn’t the only character he shares a color palette with. He shares a color palette with AZs Floette, the white of what could be said to be her skin being reflected in his lab coat the blue responding with his shirt, sharing gray as an eye color, while red and black are part of her design they aren’t placed the same on Augustine, his pants being black and the red only reflected in his socks. This color palette is however shared with one more character, that being AZ, specifically before the Ultimate Weapon. AZs palette having been shown as white, blue, red and black with a possibility of brown, which is the only color missing from the other two, that is a part of Augustines design. The only color that directly responses being the black of their hair. Which could indicate, especially with Augustine being the one to have apparently discovered the Zygarde cube, that he too might go down a smiler path to AZ. Possibly trying to bring someone back to life and being the one that try’s to replicate the other one of AZs ancient sins. The KFC employee at the drive through window: I was just wondering if it was okay for you to wait five minutes, over there for your food.

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Tho we’re probably gonna get a repeat of the story event for Lysandre’s Sync Pair Story like we did with Cyrus, I am kinda curious when it comes to how terrifying “A Day With…” him would probably be.

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A new episode title has been revealed for JN056 - The Four Heavenly Kings Gampi! Chivalry Hall!

It airs Feb19!

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I suppose I want to use this tumblr to log but yeah I love pokemon X & Y and maybe I want to mod the game just to be better!! Idk lets see how this is gonna turn out ckgblfnc

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