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2021 January 22nd

i feel like my mind isn’t in the right mindset yet, I still wake up and procrastinate till evening and end up working for two hours only. i’m gonna change up how i plan tomorrow my day and hopefully i’ll be more productive then :3

🎧 for elise by saint motel

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Me fui por un tiempo, ya que no sabía si mi existencia era tan vana o verdaderamente es tan simple como una crisis existencial

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22/1/2021 : 12/20 days of productivity ✍🏼

Online classes → sleep → tuition → saving notes → physics

For physics, I am completing the 3rd (out of 5) chapter from 10th standard syllabus, I am halfway done.

I am really scared about the exam and I am clearly not done with the syllabus yet. I really have to do more in a day.

Feeling very distracted nowadays, and lost. Don’t know what’s happening. Ig it’s just stress. I just need a really good break where I don’t have 100 million stuff to do before the holiday gets over.

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And now a proper Hello 😀

Hi guys, welcome!

This blog was inspired by the 2000’s Classic TV show, Gossip Girl, and by my appreciation for the tech genius, Elon Musk.

Reading comments of different sort of people about him and all things related to him is my guilty pleasure.

Regarding the content of the posts, I think it’s best for all if we can separate rumors from facts, so all posts should have a hashtag informing if it’s either a #rumor or #fact.

(2016 November 8 Berlin, Germany - Elon Musk attends the ‘Goldenes Lenkrad’ Award at Axel Springer Haus (Photo by Brian Dowling - Getty Images)

Link to this picture in HQ:

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“Just jump! I’ll catch you!” he called up to her.

“I think what’ll happen is I’ll crush you!” she shouted back, taking notice of the fact that she was on the third floor.

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<div> —  Astrophysics Professor </div><span>If it does not become immediately obvious, I will mathematically prove to you that you never want to see me do drawings again.</span>
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One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. To read is to voyage through time.

~Carl Sagan

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Which planet spends the most time closest to Earth. There is a good chance you will answer wrong. The planet that spends the most time closest to Earth, also spends the most time closest to every other planet too.

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The people at Grōv Technologies think farmers can produce wheatgrass for their herds with less land and water using the method

from Science | Smithsonian Magazine

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Bloons Archer

A cool arcade archery game where you have to use your skills and your smart thinking to get a clear shot and pop all the balloons with as little fired arrows as possible. You must pop all the balloons to complete each level and you have to destroy the structures that protect them. Move your mouse to adjust aim and power Press left mouse button to shoot


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