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Sitting in front of a laptop with a half-eaten Fruit Rollup in your mouth cause you don’t like chewing on them, sending some fast texts about Dark Souls, and logging into the school VPN at record speed cause you’re a minute late to a one-on-one video call with a professor to discuss a research project which you worked on that morning but forgot how to compile. 

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Today was a weird day for me. My brother and his girlfriend have moved out now, so it’s a bit sad, but it was so lovely to have them here for such a long time. In terms of work I didn’t do that many hours but hey ho, it’s Friday!

Next week I am going to make an effort to plan properly and in advance so that I have less time to procrastinate. This is a thing I really struggle with!

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Proof that Different Realms Exist

We know of ‘other Realms’ as certainly existing when we look with empathy and imagination at beings that function with very different sensory organs, bodies, and brains. By imagining such creatures experience, such as the experience of an ant as it walks over the ground, we begin to validate their radically different existing reality.  

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I let tumblr get away from me again for a bit - but here’s one of the things I’ve been up to! Apparently our college is having our very own Great Wadham Bake Off online this month, although I haven’t seen anyone post pictures yet. It’s cake week, but I verified that pavlova counts as cake, so here’s my take on a Wadham-themed cake - a vague approximation of the Wadham crest. So lucky that strawberries are in season when I want to make a bright red crest. It was delicious, although it’s long been finished.

Otherwise, I haven’t done as much physics as I should - I’ve put a lot more effort into my French presentation than into my physics past papers. (Although I’ve not actually recorded my French presentation yet, because I keep finding something wrong midway through recording.) I’ve also been emailing college negotiating what happens with my stuff left behind in Oxford, and since that includes almost all my clothes suitable for warm weather, I’ve taken unwanted things from my mum’s and sister’s closets and bought myself some new clothes from an online thrift store.


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Very unproductive week followed by an ok-ish week.

My Nonlinear Waves presentation didn’t go as planned, I missed last week’s Quantum Mechanics assignment and I found out that my Semiconductors exam is rescheduled for the 19th. At least this week I managed to hand my assignment in. And I could get a couple of plants (a friend of mine is redesigning my house) and explore the town a bit (picture: one of my favorite subway stations so far)

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