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I love my self enough to say no now. My self love tells me that I can accomplish whatever I put my mind too. Gods strength comforts me within the struggle. The definition of who I am redefines who satan tried to make me be. I am powerful, victorious, motivated, and self disciplined. Your biggest fear should be letting other people dictate your dreams. You are responsible for your self discipline. You are responsible for your self love. You are responsible for your actions. You have power, don’t let the world laugh in your face and say you don’t. Stay in that tunnel vision. Eye’s on the prize, as people laugh keep going. Focus. I am rooting for you, even if you feel like no one is. God has a plan believe that.

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>Check 1Thessalonians 4:13-18, John 20:19

-Today we are talking about the return of Jesus! 

The main takeaway from this is he does return whoever believe in him will go with him. Whoever does not must stay on earth. 




Obviously, this could happen at any time. All we have to do is life our life for the Lord and believe in him and we shall have everlasting life with him! 

Short today but have a great day! :)

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👑 The only King I mean to bend my knee to!

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Imagine God: A Testimony from a Jesus Believing Jew

Imagine God: A Testimony from a Jesus Believing Jew. Rick Pribell is the author of Imagine God, be encouraged by his amazing testimony of faith. #author #testimony #faith #encouragement #inspirational #jesus #chrisitianity #God #Jewish #unity #religion

God is love that is revealed through the relationship of the perfect Adam.

Last week I received an encouraging message, which touched me to my core:

It is with sincere adoration for your professional and divine commitment that I am writing to you. Not that long ago, I came to the realization that the discomfort I was experiencing was the result of being separated from God. That is when I…


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Duas Forças opostas porém são complementares. 

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<div> —  Dustin Benge </div><span><p>Abraham prayed: “O Lord God.”<br> Jacob prayed: “O God.”<br> Moses prayed: “O Lord.”<br> Hannah prayed: “O Lord.”<br> David prayed: “O Lord God.”<br> Hezekiah prayed: “O Lord.”</p><p>Jesus prayed: “Our Father!”</p><p>Jesus eternally changes our relationship with God.</p></span>
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The way I feel today, all the joy and love for life is by no means thanks to my circumstances. A short while ago I didn’t want to wake up in the morning. And my circumstances are still the same. Except I peeled back all the roles and expectations people have of me, all the pressure and the perceptions of who I am and where I am supposed to be, of what I did and should or shouldn’t have done. And I let Jesus in. I left everything else behind the door. It is not important. Only one thing is. The best part is what matters. And He is the Best Part, any day. He is the best part. He is present, here, beaming love and joy, peace and security, perfect faithfulness. I will hide in Him any day. Jesus is very kind. He is peace. It is very easy to rest in Him. And here I am, after having looked and looked and looked at Him, conforming. My beloved is mine and I am His. That is all that matters.

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I went for a walk today, I went to a park. It’s a beautiful, sunny new day; birds are singing their hearts out, flowers are blooming, kids playing everywhere, people are smiling. I am so thankful. I know the sun doesn’t shine for me only, but it shines for me too, and I am thankful. I walked and talked to Jesus. Listened to some sweet sweet songs about Him. He is so beautiful. Words fall short and my ability to express, describe what He is like falls short. He is so Beautiful. My heart is so full. Usually when my heart is this full I want to write but can only write in short sentences, because it feels like every word weighs a ton. That is the goal, for words to be meaningful and carry weight but I also want to portray the feeling, the emotion, the beauty of what I see. Maybe one day. 

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I have been hanging out with Jesus. I have been experiencing peace that passes understanding. Love that passes knowledge. I think there’s a theme here… Lean not on your own understanding. Just rest. Are you tired? Come, rest. He will take care of all the rest. Give it to Him. Let go. There is so much freedom in letting go.

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<div> —  John Mark Pantana, <i>I don’t know anything</i> </div><span>I don’t know anything about anything anymore<br> All I know is You more than I did before<br> Your heart is always becoming more gold to me<br> I don’t know anything about anything anymore<br> Except I know You more than I did before<br> Lord, I wanna know all of the treasures in Your heart<br> I’m sure eternity’s a good place to start<br> A good place to start</span>
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Lent Quiz: How did the early church observe Lent?

Lent Quiz: How did the early church observe Lent?

In addition to being a time to remember the mercy and forgiveness of Jesus, the early church used Lent to prepare converts for baptism, and to offer opportunities for those who had been separated from the church to be reconciled.
Today Lent remains an ideal time to remember our baptism and to reconcile relationships with those we may have harmed. All of this signifies to us our sinfulness and the…


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Hoy solo quiero agradecer.

Por un nuevo dia

Por una nueva mañana

Porque nueva es tu nisecordia cada mañana

Por tus promesas y propósitos en mi

Por tus planes que son de bien y no de mal

Por tu amor inquebrantable

Por tu gracia que me alcanzo

Por tu fidelidad

Por tu poder incomparable

Por que eres un Dios real y vivo

Por todo lo que me das y por todo lo que no

Hoy solo quiero decir gracias papá…

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Ninguem disse que a vida seria fácil. O próprio Mestre disse; no mundo tereis aflições mas tende bom ânimo. Jesus afirmou que as coisas por aqui seria complicado. Quando Ele disse: “Não se turbe os vossos corações” Ele estava nos tranquilizando pois sabia que teríamos as nossas maiores guerras aqui na terra. Mas adiante Ele continua: “Credes em Deus e também em mim na casa do meu Pai há muitas moradas.” Ele estava garantindo que apesar dos medos, apesar das aflições e apesar das angústias, Ele estava prometendo que teríamos um lar eterno aonde não teríamos mais preocupações. Um lar aonde encontraríamos o nosso tão sonhado FELIZES PARA SEMPRE.

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2 Corinthians 2:10-11

Anyone you forgive, I also forgive. And what I have forgiven—if there was anything to forgive—I have forgiven in the sight of Christ for your sake, in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes.

When you can’t forgive, it is not of you but satan who has influence within you. it is of his trick and grows into hatred within time. Remember Christ, for as He forgiven you, so shall you forgive others and love and pray for them. Be Blessed.

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