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#the darkling
barnesdaily · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
THE DARKLING in Shadow and Bone: Otkazat'sya
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Alina: Care to sit? I’m sure you’d love to take some weight off your cloven hooves.
Darkling: Calling me the devil? How original, Alina.
Alina: Actually, I was calling you a goat. You goat.
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ztfangirl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Only Alina can put a flower in the darklings hair and live to talk about it
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cynqell · 2 days ago
nina: so, inej tells me you've been ranking the crows on appearance. we wanted to say that it is blantly undermining and-
matthias: calm down, fourteen
nina: you can't— wait out of what
matthias: ten
nina: oh 😊
inej: nina-
nina: its called free speech, inej, look it up.
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nihilism-sofia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“But every once in a while, we lock in the sky like lovers. Just for a moment I cover up and we're intertwined.”
The eclipse and the lovers romance only last for a moment. Embracing and kissing goodbye. They then go their inevitable separate ways as the chase and cycle begins again.
The White Buffalo - I Am the Moon
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jossilyn-embereth · a day ago
Smuggler - General Kirigan
Part One
Tumblr media
It had been like any other pick up. The Grisha had paid in full. Now all that was left was to pick them up and deliver them to her allies near The Fold. For years she had smuggled Grisha and Ravkans through the Unsea, without so much as a whisper of her presence coming to light.
Now she was caught. Bound in chains and roped down to a chair. It was infuriating. Not knowing where she had gone wrong. The only people that knew where she would be were the two girls she was meant to be getting out of the Little Palace. She had interviewed them extensively. They hadn’t been the ones to betray her.
Her thoughts are interrupted by the sound of footsteps approaching down the narrow hall. Two faces appear. She recognizes the gloomy man dressed in black.
“General Kirigan.”
He scowls, “You…smuggle Grisha, out of MY PALACE!”
Y/n stares back at him with matching ferocity. She wouldn’t be intimidated by him. She refused.
“You have no right to those Grisha. I have only ever taken Grisha away of their own free will. Something I’m sure you have little experience in.”
“How dare you excuse your actions in such a way. You help soldiers desert their posts!”
“You take children’s from their families. From orphanages. From the streets. You offer them food, clothes, magical powers, and then a military rank. You give them no choice. And you excuse your actions by calling it mercy and loyalty.”
The General waves the woman in blue away. Once they are alone he pulls up a chair and seats himself, putting them at a more even level.
“Where are your associates?”
“I won’t tell you.”
“Then I will find a way to make you.”
Y/n tilts her head in an amused fashion; “You know I won’t talk. It doesn’t matter what you do.”
His face does not change, but y/n sees through his guise; “You’re angry, because you know I’m right.”
He shakes his head; “You’re a disgrace. Ravka needs all the help it can get and you ran away. You left us—you left m…why?”
Y/n wants to snap something back at him. Send him crawling back in his shell…
“I’m sorry no one offered you a choice General.”
They stare at one another for only a moment. She lets him see the pain in her eyes. The guilt she felt for leaving. The sureness in her shoulders. She didn’t retreat what she had done.
His eyes harden, but not before y/n catches a glimmer within them…
“Enjoy rotting in a cell.”
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billyblackbirdrusso · a day ago
Why couldn’t Sasha go back to Os Alta after the whole skiff incident? He and Ivan are the only other ones to what happened since Alina and Mal ran away.
Couldn’t Sasha find a way to make the Tsar not mad about him expanding the fold without permission? Appeal to the Tsar’s ego/pride by mentioning how Zhaltan thought he could do whatever he wanted so Sasha showed him he couldn’t all in the name of the Tsar?
Wouldn’t it be more believable that a girl new to power betrayed them than the General who’s been fighting the war for Ravka for years?
I’m sure someone has an answer that I’m not seeing so if you do please share!
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starlesssafim · a day ago
"But The Darkling wasn't alone! He had his mother!"
Yeah... being forced into an immortal life with no other company besides your toxic parent is a kind of punishment I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
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ketterdam-it · a day ago
One frosted, Ketterdam day, as snow fell gently, and flames crackled in the fireplace, Kaz Brekker and Inej Ghafa lay on a sofa, close together under their warmest blanket. Kaz is relaxed, half asleep, and warmed by Inej. It had taken time, but now, under her touch, he was softened wax. For her, his fire, his flame and love, he would be anything she chose. He would let her shape him to whatever she liked, he was no longer cold glass, he would not shatter under her fingertips.
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Genya: The floor is lava!
Darkling: (helps Alina onto the counter)
Zoya: (pushes Nikolai off the sofa)
Genya: As you can see, there are two types of people
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Well... I guess I'm done trawling the Darklina fanfics on AO3 for a while, until the Second Best mania passes. I'm sure it's very interesting and well written, but the core concept presses on a very not ok button for me and the fact that almost every new update in the tag is a fanfic of the fanfic means I can't just let it pass on to page two and out of my mind. And since no one tags the same way, I can't even exclude them. I'm glad y'all are having fun, but oof! I am out!
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anguishhb · 2 days ago
She looked at him with tears in her eyes,
And at once he knew, she was more broken than he realized.
The pain she embodied mangled his heart as if a snare
And yet he vowed to love her broken pieces like a drowning man loves air .
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crows-and-gray-morality · 14 hours ago
Remember when …
Jesper met Colm who was never before in Ketterdam and Jesper tried to pretend that everything is absolutely normal.
Even though people where shooting at them. Later when he threatened a scholar with his gun, he claimed that it was just like shaking hands in Ketterdam and Wylan agreed while the scholar was like “Ghezen, no!” Wylan was throwing bombs and they escaped through a secret tunnel and Colm said: “This town is even worse than it was described in the travel guide!”
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kallypsowrites · 14 hours ago
Poor Ben he's doing these interviews for his music and everytime they ask him about shadow and bone he's like.... Eric is really eager to get to the six of Crows storyline (which we know means offing Aleksander, Eric literally said it in one of those video fan meets, like he's planning on it) and then he's like as long as they let me say my favorite lines before they off me i'm good, I know it happened in the books but adaptations always change so many things and like to keep things under wraps, it's hilarious in a messed up way how blatant they're being about this as if there is no other option, also Ben took the role after they had to really convince him, maybe I expected a little more respect for him??? And maybe an expansion of his role or something? Idek how they're going to do darklina Malina and Nikolina in 8 episodes with like 5 major new characters and the crows, I would like to at least hope for a good storyline for Aleksander where they don't make him out to be the crazy psycho villain and continue to show that his motives and some of his methods have merit but I won't hold my breath, I'll honestly take him becoming human and living in peace far away somewhere even though I know he would despise that so much, being grisha has brought him so much suffering but he still wants to protect his people, but I don't think that'll ever happen, leigh seems to hate him ( she said demon in the woods wasn't to show his humanity but his backstory... She meant she needed those checks but w/o) and Eric as universally known is only in it for the crows, I wish there was someone who loved Aleksander and Alina as characters because as the supposed main character, Alina in S1 was very underdeveloped.
I think people project their worries and thoughts onto Ben a little too much. I've watched the interviews. The guy is fine. He's not holding back unfathomable regret or anything. He's excited to be promoting his music and he doesn't mind talking about his other gigs either. People trying to analyze his cadence or his expressions are playing a losing game.
I'm just not a doomsdayer. Six of Crows is going to split into a second show from the Grishaverse, but I think the Grisha trilogy will still get three seasons. Yes, Aleksander will die, but that's what happened in the books. We all knew that. I agree that Alina needs more development though. Jessie Mei li is doing her best.
At the end of the day, speculating too much about how actors feel or how directors feel isn't going to get you far. I'll restate my opinion about what's gonna happen: The series will mostly follow the books but with some added moments of Darkling humanity because that's what Ben does. We'll get some nice Darklina scenes and angst but no endgame. And that's fine with me! I have fanfic for everything else!
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billyblackbirdrusso · 2 days ago
Just started reading a historical fiction that has the Russian Revolution at the start in 1917 and it made me think of how Sasha could have got the common people on his side so when he starts his rebellion he would have them as well.
Have the common people also storm the Grand Palace. They wouldn’t root for Alina even if she is a saint because she chose their oppressors, the Monarchy.
Idk, it would have been more interesting if Sasha had worked to get the commoners on his side, show he cares about Ravka as a whole.
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