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#the darkling
destiniesfic · 28 minutes ago
An underrated part of the Shadow and Bone show is when the Darkling begins villain monologuing in the street after hearing some apparently unremarkable information and all of his henchpeople are just standing around, no doubt wondering whether he has completely lost it.
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ana-kareninas · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
ben barnes really does keep doin the most for darklina rights huh
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kallypsowrites · 41 minutes ago
The fact that me as a darkling stan hate when yall call him a morally grey character. Call him what it is, a murderer and manipulative man. This is like calling Darth vader a morally grey character just cause he once was Anakin and turned to the dark side to protect padme. No one in their right mind would call Vader an anti hero, so please put some respect on the darkling's name and stop calling him a morally grey character cause he is not.
Ah. Gotcha. You’re one of those who doesn’t like it when someone else’s character interpretations don’t line up with yours.
I never said the Darkling wasn’t a murderer or manipulative. He is both of those things and I’ve said it multiple times and multiple posts. I’d even go so far as to say that you’re right. Leigh doesn’t make him very morally grey. And I critique that aspect of the book because I think it would have been more interesting if he was. I think Ben Barnes portrayal in the show is more on the morally grey side, but still weighed down by the source material.
The Darkling is a character that we both enjoy. You are satisfied with source material and I am clearly not. That’s all right. We can all have different opinions.
What’s not all right is coming into people’s inboxes on anon to yell at them about how their opinions are wrong. And anyway, if you want to have a real discussion, why not come off anon? No need to hide.
And if you’re really so angry about someone else’s interpretation of a fictional character, I recommend getting off the internet for a while and taking a deep breath. Life is too short to waste it dictating to strangers on the internet how they should feel about fiction.
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poe-tato-dameron · an hour ago
Tumblr media
The evening got away from me. 
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serpenteve · an hour ago
aleksander really said "I will give them salvation until they beg me to stop" as if that wasn't the sexiest line in the the entire universe 😌
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moth-of-a-man · an hour ago
just finished the third shadow and bone book and i’m pretty sure it gave me actual rabies just from the stress omg that was so good
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stephanythedramaqueen · an hour ago
Okay but the Darkling using the Fold to protect his country isn’t even out of the realm possibilities and actually a pretty reasonable way to keep his borders in control. Like we haven’t seen the Chinese do EXACTLY that with the Chinese Wall and the ancient Romans do with Hadrian’s Wall. Keeping the Fold surrounded in Ravka while at the same time controlling it with his Grisha, keeps both his people safe and ends that endless war they’re fighting. He’d reunite west and east Ravka if he and Alina work together actually, prompting trade to flow back into the rest of Ravka, both feeding his people and refilling the crown’s treasury.
And I’m sure the Darkling usurping the crown is framed as a bad thing, but if you look at the big picture... He is immortal, he would hold that seat for as long as he lives and bring stability to his country. No such thing as change in government when he dies and his heir follows because it will always be him. There isn’t a power vacuum after some unpopular king dies bc it was always be him. No risk of incompetent monarchs fucking shit up both for Grisha or plunging the country in unnecessary wars bc it will always be him. We’re talking about a perpetual regime that actually can have progressive growth because it will always be him. He’s had 500 years of serving countless kings on his repertoire, you cannot tell me he doesn’t know how to effectively rule a country. To secure his throne he could actually have Sankta Alina as his queen, Nikolai saw the truth in that by proposing to her, but Alina would have the better hold and be in a better position of power to not only rein in Aleksander’s more ruthless approaches, while at the same time actually helping the geopolitical situation the country is currently in. Who else better to be a queen than someone who thought she’d been non-Grisha all her life until it turns out that she was one? Who else better to gap the divide between the Grisha and otkatzat’sya than a queen who knows and sees the perspective of both sides?
Idk. to me Shadow King and Sun Queen sounded like a better outcome for the Grisha and for Ravka in the long run than whatever the heck happened in canon.
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bigheartedbibliophile · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Summary: 💔🤩☀✋🏻😘☠
This book was interesting. I really enjoyed Alina Starkov as a character, and I am excited to see more of her in the next two books. Her and Genya’s friendship? I am obsessed. I know Genya seems to be some sort of “traitor” but I really didn’t see it that way. I liked how the author was portraying the Darkling, and I definitely understand his thought process - the power of the Fold to keep the peace. I also really liked Mal in this first book, although he was kind of being a dick when he was with his guy friends. I understand why he was so angry with Alina when she was wearing black, the Darkling’s colors. He just lost two of his friends for essentially no reason, and the one person he thought he still had seemed to be over him. To be fair, Alina thought he was getting her letters and just choosing not to respond to her, so she had every right to be angry as well. What I didn’t like about this book was how rushed everything seemed to me. And poor Alexei! He was there for like 2 pages, and then poof! Gone. I wanted to see more darklina too. Everyone was hyping them up, and I can definitely see why for the show (cough cough ben barnes) but I really didn’t get much of that in the book. And I honestly think if the darkling had shared his intentions with the fold from the start with Alina, she would have done it willingly. I got glimpses from her that she understood his thought process of having peace forever with the power of the Fold. I’m intrigued to start the next book though!
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destiniesfic · 2 hours ago
Your Alina and Aleksander have completely morphed into the Ben and Jessie version. Also some part of me feels like Netflix Aleksander's frustration with Alina is because their 'relationship' isn't moving fast enough for him. Like that whole 'I will relax when I have Alina' bit. I kind of wanted someone to tell him to slow down, maybe Ivan (I feel like he's a bro for some reason and seems to be in a good relationship himself). He's very old-fashioned that way and doesn't seem to have noticed that he's coming on a little strong. I wanted to ask if you think show Alina was actually starting to develop feelings for him or was just overwhelmed by hot he was. It is still the first season. Show could go literally anywhere from here. They might ditch their romance entirely and focus on the enmity. It's not what I want. But it's early days yet.
This is an old ask, apologies for getting to it so late! I’m kind of tickled that you think of Ben and Jessie when you think of my Alina and Aleksander, since for a lot of the book-based stuff (like OoT) I don’t really! At most they’re hybridized, but I kind of picture fanart versions of them when writing book!verse. A couple of modern AU concepts I have, like the Hollywood AU, were written with the actors in mind, though!
Also love that Ivan is in a good relationship himself and therefore potentially in a position to dole out advice, aw. ♥️ I don’t think “Kirigan” is the type to take unsolicited advice, unfortunately. Even when he needs it.
I do think Alina was starting to catch feelings, but I think her feelings were sort of “early dating stage” feelings — I really like him, he’s hot, I can smile with him, he’s a great kisser, let’s see where this goes. And there’s the added attraction of the similarity of their powers, the fatedness there. Meanwhile, Aleksander was like “I have finally found my soulmate after 1000 years of waiting.” Who could blame him from coming on a little strong?
But their future conflicts are going to be more poignant if there’s real truth to the idea of “We could have had this, all of it,” so I do think she had genuine feelings for him, even if her acting on them so quickly was maybe motivated by the idea of shaking off Mal once and for all.
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lovelyfandomthings · 2 hours ago
Just realised people genuinely ship Alina and The's practical paedophilia
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stupidlyentangled · 3 hours ago
nocturne, chapter two
Tumblr media
The Darkling | Aleksander Morozova/Alina Starkov
Ana Kuya used to warn her, if she continued to play with fire, she would get burned.
No one had told her the burn could be this addicting.
Their trysts continue to happen in similar ways; always fueled by an emotion that brings the continued tug and pull between them to a boiling need in her veins.
Hate. Fury. Possessiveness.
Moments caught in windowsills and secluded corners in the hallways, her skirts rucked up around his sinful hands, his tongue in her mouth, after Alina had openly challenged him once again in front of an audience.
He initiates their kisses. She draws the first blood.
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robothevelociraptor · 3 hours ago
I was watching Shadow and Bone with my non reader friend, and during the Kaz Darkling confrontation he said ‘Oh, is he his son??’ And, to keep myself from ruining the scene I had to stop myself from
A. Literally dying from laughter
B. Yelling NO 💀✋
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