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#sasha waybright
cutetanuki-chan · 2 days ago
Darcy still has Marcy's voice, for better or for worse
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insulationsun · a day ago
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LOTS of marcy + grime stuff, uhh…oh boy ignore my early grimes
first is sometime after toad tower
2nd image is when grime + marcy + sasha are all locked up in newtopia’s dungeons together
third showcasing marcy imitating grime’s grin
fourth is based on the idea that marcy only has cartoons downloaded on her phone, they’re watching discount my little pony (my little horsey or smth idk) (directly after toad tower)
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autumnalfallingleaves · 3 days ago
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Adoptive sibling trope my beloved 
(w/ bonus highlighter doodles from a few days ago lol)
reblogs are highly appreciated, and please do not repost my art
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diamond28869 · 2 days ago
Nervous jock x confident nerd?
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knifestars · a day ago
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It’s the toad girl ew
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themissakat · a day ago
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Question about how many aus i've got! and ofc vampire marcy and mermaid aus. Curious cat link can be found here! Just a reminder, I won't answer any questions that are plot spoilers for projects I plan on writing fanfiction for! This includes Zombie AU and Lost and Found. Feel free to direct questions at the characters as well!
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borkthemork · 2 days ago
It’s been a while since I talked about this but since a few people wanted a masterpost on what one of my other AUs was all about, I want to finally introduce it and basically summarize what it’s about.
With that said...
Tumblr media
Welcome to 48 Years, a sitcom-esque Marcanne AU where I take the concept of slow burn and basically fling more gasoline at it until it’s practically self-perpetuating.
Co-created with @bloop-arts​, who decided to enable my insanity and never looked back.
TV Guide Summary ⦿ 30 MINS ⦿ Comedy/Drama/Romance ⦿ TV-14 ⦿  2021
Anne Boonchuy has lived quite a life for herself. She’s traveled many places, settled down with someone, had a kid, and got the dream ending every sitcom yearns for. However, this all ends when she and her husband decide to break up, both realizing that they’re gay after twenty years of stable marriage.
Newly divorced and struggling to understand herself, Anne settles down into her long-time friend’s apartment until she can find a permanent home. In her self-discovery, Anne will not only navigate the new-found freedoms of experimentation, but she’ll be confronted with the questions of motherhood, past childhood mistakes, and how to create silver-linings in her separation.
Especially when her best friends and family are along for the ride.
⦿ Anne has been in a stable marriage for twenty years with her husband. However, instead of the separation being done out of abuse or miscommunication, it actually comes from a mutually-assured realization that even if the marriage was stable and full of respect/trust, they both wanted the other to explore themselves and their opportunities.
⦿ Her son is named Kamon. They don’t talk much for the beginning of 48 Years, mainly writing stuff down or using text-to-speech to communicate. They’re also a tiny gentleman who deserves the world.
⦿ Sasha works at her own physical studio where she teaches people kickboxing, Tai Chi, and swordfighting.
⦿ All of them are 48 years old at the beginning, unless the show refutes me regarding their birthdays.
⦿ Marcy works as a software engineer at an independent company. She does freelancing on the side.
⦿ Anne is currently juggling as a restaurant chef and a university student, is not having a good time in managing...well...time.
⦿ Sasha’s home is not that far from Marcy’s apartment. This leads to Sasha being able to walk in, help drop Kamon off at school, and overall being a consistent presence for hanging out.
⦿ Anne gets her own bedroom. They basically replaced Marcy’s prior office space to do this, meaning Anne and Marcy do online work at the dining table, their beds, or on the balcony. This will change at some point.
⦿ As time goes on, the environment and space that Anne once believed was temporary grows less temporary.
⦿ Yes, the moment that Anne starts to realize she can experiment with her identity, in her room she blasted every nostalgic 2000s to 2020s sapphic song she can find just to feel something. This includes dodie, and girl in red. They’re music classics now.
⦿ Anne’s identity journey also includes a lot more than blasting dodie, I promise.
⦿  Yes, there’s also an explanation to why it took so long for her to realize she’s gay.
⦿ All three girls actively teleport from Earth to Amphibia just to check on families, friends, and also to see the progress on Amphibia’s new political structure and reconstruction. Yes, that means the toads, newts, and frogs jump on over to Earth whenever they want to.
⦿ Since I stylize this AU as a sitcom format, meaning that I try to interpret the whole thing in a manner to its own standalone narrative from a TV show, that means the details of Anne’s “adventures” slowly seep into the picture, much to the audience’s confusion. Sasha could talk about being a lieutenant all that she wants, but the audience will believe she’s talking about the US military until the talk of “toads” hits them like a sack of bricks.
⦿ As time goes on, the audience begins to see that Anne, Marcy, and Sasha are post-journey adventurers, and the AU dives into the consequences and ramifications of that important year in their lives.
⦿ This is not only a slow burn but a SLOW BURN WITH OLDER QUEERS, BABY.
⦿ I am still working on a lot of WIPS, but to an introduction of this concept, feel free to read this drabble here.
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artistkun · 2 days ago
Marcy: Standing next to sunflowers always makes me feel weak like ‘look at this freaking flower. This flower is taller than I am. This flower is winning and I’m losing.’
Sasha: Wow, you are not ready to hear about trees.
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lockandkeyhyena · a day ago
Tumblr media
sashanne has turned my brain to mush
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luna--dragon · 2 days ago
Sasha and Anne fight Darcy and knock the helmet off, freeing her and knocking her out in the process.
They take her to safety and patch her up while she's still out, and on closer inspection, her face has a bunch of small scars on it. "Huh, that's odd. The fight was pretty rough though. That was probably our fault. We'll have to apologize when she wakes up."
Then, when Marcy does wake up, her eyes are red and gold/Core colored, and the scars OPEN and are actually NEW EYES, and they're like "Yeah okay this is a problem."
Marcy's not possessed anymore, she just has these as a side effect.
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letshaveacuppa · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hey heart breaker
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incorrectfrogs · a day ago
anne: I think I was a little too harsh on you. I’m not perfect.
sasha: I am. I’d be happy to show you the ropes.
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ceeisaluzer · 2 days ago
//Mild Blood!!
Sasharcy again<3
Tumblr media
(There's context to this too)
Ik Marcy is already possessed but I has this idea for awhile
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