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Got a question about The Sandman? Neil Gaiman (@neil-gaiman) may have an answer! Submit your questions here, and keep an eye out next week for his answers. The Sandman is now streaming on Netflix.
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I just had to draw this scene from The Sandman
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Eddie Munson Appreciation Week : Day 2 | Hands
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JENNA ORTEGA in WEDNESDAY (2022–) cr. Tim Burton
Little did I know I’d be stepping into a nightmare full of mystery, mayhem, and murder.
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Hello, in light of.. recent disappointments in the animation industry, I thought I should share some upcoming shows and indie pilots that are coming around the corner and that I'm very excited for! Feel free to add to it!
Tumblr media
Unicorn: Warriors Eternal
Created by Genndy Tartakovsky, the creator of Sym-Bionic Titan, Samurai Jack, Dexter's Laboratory and more! And coming out on HBO Max THIS FALL!! So you know they need our support!!
"The series follows a team of ancient heroes protecting the world from an ominous force. Throughout history, unicorns have symbolized the virtuous, appearing to ensure that goodness reigns. When the reawakening of our heroes comes too early, they find themselves in the bodies of teenagers. Damaged as a result, their memories of who they are and the history of the unicorn over the centuries have been lost, with some of their magical abilities weakened and fragmented. Not only do they have to protect the world against the prevailing darkness, they have to do it while navigating the unexpected laughs and humor that come with teen angst and emotions."
Tumblr media
Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur
Created by Laurence Fishburne, and coming out on Disney+ in 2023! First look clip
"Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, or simply Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, is an upcoming American animated television series based on the characters of the same name by Marvel Comics."
Tumblr media
My Dad the Bounty Hunter
Created by Everett Downing Jr. (Animator behind the short: Hair Love) and Patrick Harpin, coming out on Netflix in 2023!
"Follows two children as they discover that their father is the toughest bounty hunter in all the galaxy when they accidentally hitch a ride into space."
Tumblr media
Bee and Puppycat
Created by Natasha Allegri, I'm sure most of you are familiar with this one haha, Netflix is rebooting the show and reanimating the pilot and the first season, with more to come! Coming out in September 6th!! Trailer (Netflix)
"The series revolves around Bee, an unemployed woman in her early twenties, who encounters a mysterious creature named PuppyCat. She adopts this apparent cat-dog hybrid, and together they go on a series of temporary jobs to pay off her monthly rent. These bizarre jobs take the duo across strange worlds out in space."
Some indie animated shows that are uploading pilots very soon!! I'm sure there are more indie projects out there so please please share more if you can!
Tumblr media
Lumi and the Great Big Galaxy
Created by @/starteas on Twitter! An indie animated series inspired by Wander over Yonder. Pilot coming very soon! (Sadly not fully animated because of budget issues). Kickstarter.
"Lumi and the Great Big Galaxy is an original animated series about six aliens traveling the galaxy to help a lost star return home."
More information about it on their official twitter account: @/latgbg
Tumblr media
Created by @/AshNicholsArt and @/DaveCapdevielle on twitter! They already uploaded a teaser on their YouTube channel, and are close to uploading a lyric video pretty soon! Patreon.
"An original animated series about a rock band of misfits trying to survive a town crawling with the supernatural!"
More information about it on their own site, and also on their official twitter account: @/FarFetchedShow
And last but DEFINITELY not least..
Tumblr media
Benny and the Beat!
(Can you tell I'm most excited about this one lmao) Created by @/ShakiraPressley on Twitter! Very excited about this one after reading some tweets on how they wrote the protagonists and the themes and messages they want to pass and it really resonated with me! Their animated pilot is coming out soon!
"Benny and the Beat is an action/comedy, musical, following a cocky 11-year-old drummer boy, who after failing his admissions test to get into a prestigious and private music academy, decides to take revenge by defeating every member of the school's reputable band. Come watch as Benny and his newfound friends literally battle it out to prove who’s the best musician in the city!"
More information about it on @/Deathberryinc on twitter!
Those are the ones I'm most excited about, once again feel free to add more shows (specially indie shows)!
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y'all say that steve's bisexual awakening was eddie, but real one's know it was the jazzercise guy
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Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I preferred the Addams Family when they were just creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky. Now Wednesday is a murderer who drops piranhas in a swimming pool and watches people get eaten. We even get blood. Not fake blood like in the first movie, but actual blood from an actual person screaming in pain because he’s being eaten alive.
Just… why?????
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Addams Family Values (1993) Wednesday (2022)
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NEW: Jamie Campbell Bower for the cover of Wonderland magazine
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What a sweet, totally trustworthy, swell gal!
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The potential of Dream and Hob, netflix would be a fool not to acknowledge it/them more. Could you imagine how awesome it would be if Dream, Matthew and Hob went on quests and adventures together??!!!!!! I feel like Dream's "best friend" / potential lover with whom he has excellent chemistry with, going with him on quests would be amazing to see. Plus the banter between Matthew and Hob would be quite amusing, I think anyways. For Hob being Dream's "best friend" he sure doesn't get a lot of story/screen time. MAKE HOB MORE REVELENT YOU COWARDS, I NEED MORE HOB AND DREAM!!!! @netflix
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Hold Me Tight | Steve Harrington
I'm on a Stranger Things kick right now so here you go haha
Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!reader
Word Count: 6.3k
Synopsis: Sometimes the nightmares get too bad and you just need someone there to hold you tight; for Steve Harrington, Y/n is that person.
Warnings: nightmares, little bit of fluff
Click here to see my masterlist
Tumblr media
Sometimes all you need is a person to hold, someone that makes for feel better just by being in their presence. 
Y/n didn’t have that person, someone to talk to that wasn’t her little brother. She ran as fast as she could, the sky blood red above her. Demobats swooped down, swarming around her as her feet splashed in the damp mud below her. The gate was right there at the center of the lake. Just a few more yards and they were back in Hawkins, back to safety. 
As the gate approached suddenly, she halted to a stop, ready to throw whoever was first into the gate to swim up through Lovers Lake. 
She felt her stomach drop before she even turned around. The sound of panting was gone from the air replaced by whimpering and gurgling.  As Y/n looked back for her friends, she was met with the worst fate imaginable. 
“Dustin no!” She screamed, dropping to her knees. 
She watched as her brother lay motionless on the floor a few feet away, bats tearing into his skin. She wept, harder than she thought possible as she willed herself to crawl back towards him. That’s when she noticed another body next to him. 
Steve Harrington lay close by, his arm still reaching out towards her. Y/n flinched when she saw his eyes, frozen open in his last moments of life. Laying there, on the cold floor of the Upside Down, she let the tears stream harder. There was no saving her brother, there was no saving Steve or anyone that waiting for them on the other side of the gate. 
All there was left to do was give in. Y/n laid back on the ground, closing her eyes as she watched a swarm of bats swoop down to give her the same fate as the rest…
Y/n shot up from her bed with a gasp, letting the air fill her lungs once more. Panting, she tried to control her breathing. She tried to focus on the rain pouring from outside, how there was a little bit of light seeping in through the hallway, anything to make her forget. 
It was only a dream, it was only a dream, it was only - not a dream - a nightmare. 
Brushing her hair away from her eyes, she got up, making a b-line for the bathroom. She took the running water in her hands, splashing across her face in an attempt to refresh herself, to get rid of the nightmare she just woke up from. 
She returned to her bedroom, knowing that she wasn’t going to be able to go back to sleep. Ready to just get into bed again, she was surprised to hear a knocking on her window. Turning on her lamp for a better view, she saw the last person she would expect to be outside her room. 
Steve Harrington was crouched outside her window sill, drenched head to toe in the pouring rain. Quickly, she opened the window to let him in, running to get a spare towel for him. 
“Steve,” Y/n exclaimed, running her hands up and down his shoulders in an attempt to help him wake up. “What the hell are you doing here?”
He stood there silent, eyes frozen on her. In some sort of shock, he opened his mouth trying to speak. Nothing came out, not even a stutter. Slowly, he closed it again and wrapped the towel closer to his body with a shiver. 
“Here, let me get you some clothes.”
She grabbed a spare pair of sweatpants and a hoodie that were too big for her and gave them to him, ushering him into her bathroom to change. 
Shutting the door behind him, she slumped down to the floor. What could Steve Harrington be doing outside her window this late? They were friends, had been ever since Will went missing back in ’83, but they were never really close. Sure they would visit each other on their work breaks but that was only because their jobs were right next to each other. Even after years of their friendship, they had never gotten to “showing up at her house unannounced” close. So why would he come to her for whatever problem he was facing?
She felt movement from behind the door of the bathroom, standing up again to greet him as he exited the bathroom. He stood in her clothes which fit him just right, with his arms crossed against his chest. He looked up at her from his gaze on the floor. 
“What’s wrong?” She asked him. “Why did you come here?”
This time when he spoke, he managed to stumble out a sentence. “I-I needed to see you,” he said. 
“Is everything okay?” She said, taking a step closer to him. 
“Is it okay if I spend the night?” He asked abruptly. “I just… I can't be alone right now.“
“Yeah…” she answered, not expecting him to say that. “It’s okay, yeah…. Uh, we don’t really have a spare bed… are you okay with sleeping with me? Well, not with me but- you get what I mean.”
He nodded, trying to avoid her gaze as he played with the sleeves of the hoodie she gave him. Hesitantly, she climbed back into bed, feeling it sink next to her as Steve followed. This was weird, like, really weird. Steve Harrington was sleeping in her bed right next to her. She felt stiff, trying not to move too much, not being used to having a person next to her while she slept, that is, if she could even fall back asleep. 
Y/n still felt on edge from her dream, the image of her brother still stuck in her brain. She tried to stay silent, wanting Steve to get the sleep that she could tell he needed. She didn’t know what had happened, what had caused him to come to her house in the middle of the night. But she knew she couldn’t turn him away. 
Minutes passed, maybe hours? Y/n wasn’t too sure. Staring up at her ceiling, she tried to control her breathing, trying not to wake Steve behind her as-
“Are you okay?” She turned her head to see that Steve had turned his as well, looking at her. 
“Y-yeah,” she said. “I guess you’re still awake then huh?”
“I’ve been finding it harder to sleep nowadays…”
“I get what you mean. Right before you showed up I had another-“
“Nightmare?” He asked, interrupting her. 
She turned back to look at him, curling up against her blankets. “Yeah… how did you know?”
He looked away for a moment. “Because I’ve been having them too.”
“Is that why you came over?” She asked, leaning on her side to face him. 
He nodded, staring up at her ceiling, his chest rising and falling at a quicker rate. “Every time I close my eyes, I’m back there, in the Upside Down. Those bats swarming around me and… tonight was different. Usually, I’m alone, fighting off all the stuff by myself but this time..” 
His breath began to get heavier as he took deeper breaths, trying to prevent a panic attack from forming. He turned back to look at her. “Y-you were there,” he said softly. “Y-you were running with me but a bat got you and… I-I watched you die in my arms.”
“Steve-“ she said, reaching a hand out to touch his arm in an attempt to comfort him. 
“I-It felt so real I just… I had to come over, reassure myself that it was just a nightmare.” His breath continued to quicken despite her effort to calm him. 
“Steve, it’s all okay…” she said, moving closer to him, she took his arm that was clutching her blanket for dear life, and put it against her chest. “Match my breathing okay? Deep breath in.”
She took a deep breath, holding his hand over her heart. She watched as he tried to focus on her breath. She took a deep breath out, watching him attempt to do the same. 
“Just focus on the breathing,” she reminded him, breathing deeply over and over again. 
It took some time, but she watched as he shut his eyes, slowly steadying his breath. With one final breath out, he opened his eyes, looking up at Y/n across from him. Their gazes lingered on each other, taking in their faces as they laid side by side. 
“Thanks…” he said softly. 
“No problem,” she responded. “I used to get panic attacks a lot as a kid.”
They fell back into silence and Y/n felt no awkwardness between them. When had that happened? When had the awkward silence turned into sharing their deepest secrets? After a minute he asked, “… could I hold you while we sleep?” Her eyes widened at his words. “J-just for tonight I… I just need to make sure you’re okay and I don’t think I could leave without knowing that you were safe.”
She was silent, taking in his words. Hold her? He wanted to hold her? Y/n didn’t know what to make of that. He was scared out of his mind that’s for sure, that dream must have felt really real. If cuddling with Steve the hair Harrington is what it took to calm him down then she would do it. She knew what it was like to be alone, to be left with your thoughts… she didn’t want him to experience that. 
“Never mind,” he said starting to roll back to the other side. “I shouldn’t have asked-“
“Okay,” she said. 
He turned back to look at her. “Okay?”
She nodded, looking back into his eyes. He looked shocked, even though he was the one who asked the question. 
Without saying another word, she moved closer to him. His arms spread open as she nuzzled herself into his chest. She felt his hand come back down over her, gently laying on her back, pulling her closer to him. His head dipped down so it was resting on top of hers. 
They didn’t say another word, they didn’t have to. Both of them needed this. Needed to not feel alone after all the traumatic life-changing things they went through. 
And it was a dreamless night, the best they both have had in a while. 
Y/n woke up the next morning more refreshed than she had been in a while. She rolled over, expecting to feel another body next to her but was met with a cold empty bed. 
She sighed, sitting up in her bed. That was the best and weirdest night she had ever had. Never would she think Steve would go to her for comfort but she was damn happy he did. There were no more nightmares, no more going back to that awful place. 
Suddenly the door swung open. Y/n jumped back slightly before relaxing, seeing it was only her brother on the other side. 
“What do you want Dustin?” She asked slightly annoyed. 
“Can you take me to the arcade?” He asked hurriedly. 
Y/n was lucky her brother didn’t need to be driven anywhere else or she would have been late for work. As she walked into the arcade, she waved goodbye at her brother as he ran off to meet his friends. She walked behind the counter, put on her name tag, and started her shift. 
The day went on as usual, the arcade not being too busy for a Wednesday. Nothing was off until lunchtime hit. She saw Robin walk through the doors; alone. That was odd, usually, Steve was with her, trailing after like a lost puppy. From the outside, anyone would think that the two were hiding a secret relationship but Y/n knew that their relationship would never be anything but platonic. Robin walked up to the prize counter, leaning her elbows over the glass counter case. 
“No Harrington today?” Y/n asked. 
Robin shook her head. “I don’t what’s up with him he’s acting really strange,” she said. “He said he was gonna take his lunch in the alley out back.”
Y/n nodded, not knowing what to make of the situation. Did he really wanna eat lunch alone or was this because of last night? He left so abruptly they didn’t really have time to talk about anything. Everything happened so fast she wondered if he regret coming over, if it had ruined their friendship. 
“Oh,” Y/n said, “Then I guess that means we can talk about whatever we want now, without The Hair watching over us.”
Robin snorted. “Oh god, do you remember when I brought up my period in front of him? He practically fainted.”
The two girls laugh as Robin enjoyed the rest of her lunch at the arcade. They talked, caught up, made plans to see a movie soon but in the back of her mind, Y/n couldn’t stop thinking about last night. A dreamless sleep entangled in a warm body; it was something she hadn’t experienced in a long time. It felt…nice, to be held like that. I made her feel like there was still good left in people, especially after so much bad had happened to them.
Even after Robin after lunch, even after her shift was finished, she kept thinking about it; that warm feeling… She had to speak with him, to let him know that he did nothing wrong. After her shift was over, she passed in front of Family Video. Y/n knew that Steve and Robin would be working for another hour or two and that they probably would have no more customers for the rest of the night. 
She walked up to the door, peering through the glass windows into the dimly lit video palace. She saw Robin, stacking vhs tapes while Steve leaned on the counter, resting his elbows up to support his head. He scanned the store, obviously bored out of his mind. As he looked over the entrance, he made eye contact with Y/n. His eyes went wide when he saw her, standing up straight. 
Y/n went to move forward, to raise a hand and wave but she watched as Steve called something out to Robin before walking away, towards the employee only door. She felt her steps falter on the curb as Robin took over at the counter. So that’s how it was going to be. He was going to confess he had a nightmare about her, show up to her house, sleep in her bed, and then ignore her entirely. Fine, if that’s how he wanted to be, then so be it. 
It had been over a week since Steve had knocked on Y/n's window, and it had only gone downhill from there. Not only had he avoided her for the entire week, but her nightmares had returned. Dustin tried to talk to her about it, even finding her screaming in her bed in the middle of the night, but she wouldn’t budge. As far as everyone else was concerned, she was fine. 
What everyone else didn’t know, besides her blatant lie about being alright, was that she almost never slept this week. The nightmares were so strong, so visceral, the only remedy seemed to be staying awake. Well, it was the only option available to her, the other one refused to talk to her and actively went out of his was to avoid her. So there she sat, one in the morning reading at her desk. It was a romance novel, something very different from what she usually read; murder mysteries didn’t feel like the best option at the moment. 
She continued to read, feeling fatigue take over her. Forcing her eyes to stay open, she turned the page. She tried to focus on the words on the page, taking them in slowly. Her eyes closed again, wanting, needing her to rest, but she wouldn’t allow it. She propped her elbow up on the table, trying to keep her head up straight. Maybe closing her eyes for one moment-
Clink clink clink!
Y/n shot up straight, rubbing her eyes at the sudden noise.  That wasn’t her door, no, she recognized that sound anywhere. Turning around, she saw what she both feared and hoped would be behind her. Steve Harrington was crouched outside her bedroom window and she could already tell from behind the glass what this was going to be about. 
Slowly, she stood up, made her way over to the window, and opened it. She backed away, sitting on her bed as he climbed through, shutting it behind him. He turned back to her, playing with the hem of his shirt as he looked down at the ground. Y/n glared up at him. He was clearly distraught, standing in front of her as he wore the old sweatshirt and sweatpants she had given him before. It looked like he had just crawled out of bed. 
Y/n continued to look at him, knowing that she was going to have to be the one to talk first. “Why are you here, Steve?” She asked, done with his games. 
He looked up at her, the bags under his eyes very prominent. “I…” He hesitated to speak, trying to find the right words. “I’m sorry for leaving last week so… abruptly. I…”
“It’s fine, Steve really, I get it,” she told him.
“You do?”
She nodded. “What I don’t understand is why you’ve been avoiding me all week. We sleep in the same bed once and now you can’t even look at me?” 
“I… I didn’t know what to do. Do we talk about it, do we not?”
“You never would know if you didn’t come talk to me.”
His hands dropped back to his sides, not knowing what to say. Finally, he spoke, “My nightmares came back… they never really left but the only night they went away. The only night I actually slept somewhat peacefully, was when I was here with you.”
Y/n crossed her arms across her chest, taking in his words. She didn’t want to admit it but the words were leaving her mouth before she could stop herself. 
“My nightmares came back too,” she said softly. “It’s the same one, over and over again. I’m running for Lover’s Lake, I turn back and, Dustin is dead on the ground.” 
He was there too, he always was. But now didn’t feel like the time to tell him. She was scared it might turn him away, make him more anxious, and she wanted so desperately for him to stay. She watched as he gazed at her, his eyes never leaving hers as he slowly walked across the room so he was standing above her at the foot of her bed. 
“I’m sorry I left that night,” he apologized again. “If you wanna talk about it, sure, we can but right now I am really exhausted and all I want is a good nights sleep.”
“Then stay,” she said with no hesitation. 
It took both of them no time at all to find their ways under the covers, Steve hugging her from behind as he nestled his head in the crook of her neck. It felt right, to be like this with him. The comfort of knowing she wouldn’t have to face the Upside Down tonight helping her drift off into sleep.
This time, when she woke up, Steve was still there, cradling her from behind. She turned her head slowly, trying to see if he was awake. The sudden movement made his eyes drift open, pulling his head back slightly as he rubbed his eyes with the hand that wasn’t wrapped around her waist. As he slowly woke up, Y/n adjusted herself to face him, still wrapped in his arms. 
“Hi,” she said. 
“Hey,” he responded groggily. “What time is it?”
“I’m not sure. It’s Tuesday though, I don’t have work.”
“Neither do I.” They stared at each other for a moment, both fully away from how close they were but making no effort to back away. “That was the best night of sleep I had in a while.”
“You said that you’ve been having nightly nightmares too?” He asked, wondering if she would share her story like he did with her last week.
She nodded. “Yeah…ever since everything happened… I don’t think I’ve had a normal night of sleep since-well, except for last night.”
“Then you would say this…” he paused for a moment, trying to find the right word for what they were doing. “This arrangement is beneficial for both of us.”
“It would appear so.”
“I-I know we don’t know each other very well. I mean, I know we’re friends but we never got super close…I don’t know I just feel… I feel very protective over you. Like if you die, and not just in my nightmares, it would be my fault.”
Y/n turned her body more, trying to get closer to him than she already was. She placed a hand on his cheek, forcing him to look at her. “Well, I’m not going anywhere. You’re stuck with my Harrington.”
Y/n had been getting the best sleep of her life and it was all thanks to Steve Harrington. It had been three weeks since their talk about what had happened and for three weeks he had snuck into her window and out the next morning. It was getting harder to hide the fact that there was a boy in her room. Dustin had almost caught them a handful of times. But it was all worth it, to never have to see the Upside Down, to never see him die ever again. 
It had become almost like a ritual for Steve and Y/n over those following weeks. So much so that he started leaving a toothbrush and pajamas at her house. If he was there so often it only made sense. But today felt different. Steve walked into the arcade like he always did on his break and asked a question that had never occurred to her before that day. 
“Would you wanna sleep at my house tonight?” He asked. Y/n felt taken aback, stopping whatever task she was currently doing to focus on the boy in front of her. “My parents are out of town again, and I think I’m developing a hunch from climbing through your window ever night.”
Y/n could help but chuckle. His house. Nothing seemed wrong with it so she said “Sure.”
And that was that. He smiled at her, walking out of the arcade back towards Family Video for the rest of his shift. There was no need for sneaking around if his parents weren’t home. So when her shift had finally ended, she raced back home to get a set of pajamas, making up some lousy excuse that she was staying at Robins for the night before deriving over to Steves. She walked right up to the front door and knocked three times. 
It took less than a minute for him to answer, swinging the door open with the biggest grin on his face. “Hey,” he greeted her. 
“Hey,” she said back, taking a step through the door. “Nice place, Harrington. Very big.”
“Well, you know what that means,” he joked, causing her to roll her eyes. “Movie?”
It didn’t take long for both of them to decide of Back to the Future. It was a classic, one they had actually seen together when Steve was hopped up on Russian drugs a little over a year prior. They sat awkwardly across from each other on his couch as the movie began, both of them stealing glances at the other from time to time. 
Eventually, Steve let out a big sigh, not wanting to deal with it anymore. “We literally sleep in the same bed it shouldn’t be hard for us to sit together.” 
That broke the tension. Y/n giggled at his statement, standing up and plopping down a seat right next to him. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder, bringing her closer to lean against his chest. She like the way he smelled, whatever cologne he was wearing making him feel warm and welcoming. During the movie, he rubbed her shoulder absentmindedly with his thumb. It felt nice, the way he let his thumb graze over her shoulder. It made her feel like she had a place in life, there with him. 
Once the movie came to a close, she watched as Steve shut off the television, and offered a hand out to her. Skeptically, she took it and watched as he led her upstairs to his room. It felt weird, being in his room. She had gotten so used to the same thing every night, the familiarity of being in her childhood home. But Steve’s room wasn’t like what she was expecting at all. He had band posters over this tacky plaid wallpaper.  He had records splayed out over his desk from The Smiths, U2, The Police. It wasn’t a bachelor pad in a big home but a room where he expressed his passions. 
Steve left to change in the bathroom, leaving her the room to get in her pajamas. She did so, taking a seat down on his bed. It was bigger than hers, at least a king-size mattress, and much more room for the two of them.
Soon, Steve came back from the bathroom and he smiled when he saw her waiting for him. “Admiring my bed?” he asked, sitting down on the opposite side. 
“I might have to steal it from you,” she responded.
He laughed, pulling back the covers. Awkwardly, she climbed in with him, snuggling against his chest. It felt weird being in a new place, but as soon as she took of whiff of that cologne, she was out like a light. 
For the first time in weeks, Y/n woke up gasping in the middle of the night. She let her eyes adjust to the setting around her, realizing that she was still in Steve’s room. She looked down at him, still asleep as one of his arms was still wrapped around her waist. Slowly, she laid back down, Steve turning into her more as he slept. 
She was scared of what she had seen in her nightmare. No, it wasn’t a nightmare, a dream, a great one in fact. She had dreamt that she was on a porch of a big, white picket fence house. Y/n watched as her children played on a tire swing in the front yard, laughing together in harmony. She felt a hand on her shoulder, and looking up to see her lovely husband, Steve Harrington next to her. Smiling back, she watched as he kissed her cheek before settling in the chair next to her. 
That’s when she woke up, gasping for breath. It wasn’t a bad dream, very far from it in fact. But she was worried about what it meant. Could she see a future with him? Could she see him as more than a friend? More than a person she slept in her bed with to rid both of them of nightmares? She couldn’t stay, she had too many thoughts racing through her head. Needing to leave, Y/n untangled herself from Steve, grabbing her bag and racing out of the room in the middle of the night.
The next morning, Y/n had the opening shift at work. It was fine, she had never fallen back to sleep anyway. The day was slow, barely any kids in the arcade as she restocked the candy in the prize case. A bell rang out, indicating someone had walked through the front door. She looked up meeting eyes with Steve. He stood in the doorway, looking shaken up as he looked at her for answers, anything that would explain why she left last night. She couldn’t look at him, couldn’t explain why she had left when she still needed to figure it out herself.
“Hey Sam,” Y/n called out to her coworker. "Can you take over for me here?”
She watched Sam nod, coming over to take the candy from her. Without looking back at the door, she walked away towards the employee only room. She needed to breath, seeing him felt like too much. Why was it too much? It wasn’t like they had done anything, nothing to consider them more than sleeping buddies. 
As Y/n paced in the back room, she tried control her thoughts and what this dream had really meant. She had to admit, the more time she spent with Steve, the more they joked around tangled in each others beds, the more she felt drawn to him. Sure they were close before but now? It was hard to do anything without thinking about how Steve might react, how he might respond in the situation. 
She loved the way he smiled, the way he tossed his hair back, the way he laughed at all of her jokes… no. She needed to stop. This would all pass it just needed some time. They had been with each other every day for the past few weeks, she just needed to get away for a little bit and everything would go back to normal. 
It was hard, to resist the urge to call him. The nightmares had returned, watching Dustin die every night was starting to take a toll on her. Y/n went back to not sleeping, staying up all night, and reading which is why she almost fell asleep on the job.
“Y/n!” Robin shouted, jolting her up from dazing off.
“What? What happened,” she said, trying to ground herself in reality. 
“You dozed off again are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine…just not getting much sleep.”
“Damn, you too?”
Y/n looked up at her puzzled. “Me too?” She asked. 
“Steve fell asleep restocking this morning… I thought he would have told you by now he’s like not sleeping at all.”
Y/n felt her heart ache when she said that. He wasn’t sleeping? Was that because of her or some other totally unrelated incident. “I-I haven’t talked to him in a few days actually…”
“Oh, so that’s why he looks so sad too.”
“It’s like he’s a wounded puppy! Sleeping on the job any chance he gets and sulking around for the rest of it. It’s starting to get annoying.”
Robin finished up her meal at the counter while Y/n did her job. She said something about a new movie that came out but Y/n wasn’t paying attention. Her mind drifted to what Robin had said about Steve. A wounded puppy she called him, getting no sleep. Were his nightmares back too? 
After going so long before without a solid night’s rest, the picket house family didn’t seem so bad. In fact, she could see herself sharing that big house with Steve, maybe even having a dog as well. That’s when she caught herself. The worst thing was happening, she was falling for Steve Harrington. She wanted to be near him, for him to wrap his arms around her as they slept but she knew that would never be possible again. 
Y/n had experience heartbreak too much to know that sleeping in the same bed as your crush, one that probably doesn’t return your affection, is a bad idea. She decided right then and there that she would never sleep in the same bed as Steve Harrington, for both their sakes. 
Tonight's nightmare was especially bad. Ever since Y/n admitted to herself that she liked Steve, he had become a constant in her dream. Every night, she watched her brother perish and every night, Steve was the next to go. 
She was running from the demo bats, trying so hard to make it to Lover’s Lake when there was a banging. A boom, boom, boom erupted throughout the entire of the Upside Down. The ground shook as she fell to the ground, reaching out her hand to the portal. The banging grew louder and louder before gasp!
Y/n woke up gasping for breath, however, the banging noise didn’t stop. Turning to the window she saw was she hoped wouldn’t be there. Steve stood outside her window, his eyes bloodshot as he tried to get her attention. 
Quickly, she got out of bed and let him in, still trying to catch her breath. The first thing she noticed when he climbed through was that he was barefoot. He stood before her in his pajamas, sweat dripping down his face. Before she could say anything, he started pacing the length of her room. 
“Steve what are you-“ she tried to start but he interrupted her. 
“Listen,” he started, willing himself to stop moving in front of her. “I-I don’t know why you left that night or why we aren’t talking but my nightmares are getting worse. Like, worse than they were before and I can’t stay away from you I…please let me stay the night.”
She looked up at him, his eyes strained with bags. He looked awful, like really awful. She needed to help him, to put her own morals aside for the night and make sure he was okay. Seeing tears forming in his eyes, Y/n stepped forward and engulfed him in a hug. He started to cry as she held him, gripping her tighter. 
“I’m sorry I kept away,” she whispered into his shirt. “You can stay, okay?”
They pulled apart, Steve nodding as he wiped away the tears. Slowly, she moved towards the bed, pulling back the covers so he could join. He snuggled right in, knowing his place behind her as he gripped her waist. 
It felt nice to be back in his arms. To feel his warm embrace and know it was someone she cared for. As the tears slowed down and the breathing returned to normal, it wasn’t long before sleep finally took over them. 
When Y/n woke up the next morning, she had almost forgotten the events of the night before. If it weren’t for Steve’s hand still wrapped around her waist, she would have been surprised how well she ended up sleeping. Slowly, she turned to face him, seeing he was already awake and staring at the ceiling. 
“Hey,” she whispered. 
He turned his head and smiled. “Hey,” he said back. “I missed this.”
“I missed this too,” she responded.
“Then why did you leave that day at my house?”
“It’s…” she struggled for a moment. Did she tell him? No, now wasn’t the time. “It’s complicated… So, your nightmares came back?”
“Yeah…I couldn’t sleep it was just too much to handle.”
She nodded to his words. “Mine came back too.”
It was silent in the room for a moment after they had both confessed to each other. Y/n began to think about what would happen if she did tell him what she had dreamt. Would he push her away? Invite her with open arms? There was only one way to find out. 
When she went to speak, so did Steve. They chuckled and Y/n said, “You go first.”
“Well, I was just going to say that even if the nightmares left, I prefer the dreams I was having when I was with you.”
Y/n furrowed her eyebrows. “Dreams?”
She could see the blush forming on his cheeks. “Don’t freak out okay? But ever since maybe the third night we slept together, I’ve been having this dream. I’m on a camping trip with my six kids. We do it every year, just me, them, and well… you.” He looked up to meet her gaze. “In my dreams, you’re always their mom. And it always ends with you kissing me on the cheek and I tell you how happy I am to have married you.”
Y/n started at him for a moment. Did this mean what she thought it meant? “Do those dreams hold any weight?” she asked hesitantly. 
“Like, is that a something you want or is just a dream? Because… well I’ve been having dreams too. That we got married with kids like you said, living in this white picket fence house with a dog and…I’ve realized over the past few weeks that this is a dream that I would want to be true.”
She waited for a rejection, knowing she went to far, but watched as a shocked Steve leaned over to her so his face hovered over hers.
“Are you saying you imagine a future with me where we are more than friends?”
Softly, she said. “Yeah….” she could see the shock on his face, the wow that she had even dared to dream about it. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said anything. I just assumed that-
Y/n was caught off with Steve’s mouth on hers. She was shocked at first, her friend's lips crashing over hers like a tidal wave crashing to the shore. She reached up and wrapped her fingers in his hair as he gripped her waist tighter. Pulling him down to deepen the kiss, she felt him moan into her mouth, causing her to do the same. They separated for a moment, both trying to catch their breath as they stared into each other's eyes. 
“The six kids, the camping trip, marrying you,” Steve began. “I want it all. I want all of it.”
“Well, I don’t know about the six kids part.”
He chuckled, brushing a piece of hair out of her eyes. “That’s up for debate.”
Both of them smiling, he leaned back down to continue their kiss, knowing that the nightmares would never return. 
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