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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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This episode of Busted have been the most messed up so far. Getting killed by her friend, that used scissors she gave him as murder weapon. Also, apparently this girl, that got killed was EXO fan, cause she wrote to her diary “I love EXO and Gugudan the most” I also know Gugudan, it’s female group.

And just thought of someone killing fellow EXO L (even it’s just in the movie) offends me highly and I can tell, that Sehun was upset too.

So, I just had to film him chasing the killer. For the first time he took the case seriously.

I love him so much, it hurts! 😖💕

(Sorry for bad audio quality, but I filmed the scene at night, so I couldn’t keep it loud, since others were sleeping. ^^’)


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As I said before, I’m not a writer but I enjoyed writing that Arón Piper imagine so I think I will do another one. What do you think? If you liked it and you have any requests, please don’t hesitate. I’m so bored 😩😩. I wish this quarantine end right now. Stay home, stay safe and try not to get nuts like I did. 🌿

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FILM (sub ita/ dub ita)

✅ Il castello errante di Howl
✅ I sospiri del mio cuore
✅ Si alza il vento
✅ Ponyo sulla scogliera
✅ Quando c’era Marnie
✅ La collina dei papaveri
✅ Pom Poko
✅ Lamù - Beautiful Dreamer

SERIE TV (dub ita)

✅ Inazuma Eleven

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