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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Doomguy on Vacation-colored

Decided to do a water color practice.

Honestly Kind of like it, Maybe next time I’ll fill in with dull/light colors to give the image more of a solid base so I can work quicker. Probably should have given more outlines to the background.

I do kind of like how the sky and grass came out though. Painting here was mostly stacking colors onto of each other.

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Got that 3 star island baby!

“Allow me to read an excerpt from the feedback that I gathered… ‘Ember Isle, man… Hearing about how chill it is… I’d go if I had the chance. –K.S.’ …Well, there you have it.”

Tom Nook: “Whoa, whoa… WHOA! Am I hallucinating or was that feedback signed by a ‘K.S.’?!”

Isabelle: “Hm? Yes, there it is. Very clear. ‘K.S.’ And the penmanship is quite striking, if I do say so myself…”

Tom Nook: “Could it be? Can it be? It MUST be! That message is from the one and only K.K. Slider!”

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✨🌳💙ACNH trading post!!💖☁️💐

Looking for: Pears, Roses, Mums, and Lilies, Star Fragments and any cool DIY recipes

Have: Cherries, Oranges, Apples, Peaches (Growing but you’re welcome to take a sapling), Windflowers, Cosmos, Tulips, Pansies, Hyacinth

*if offering flowers please give two of each non-hybrid color so I’ll be able to breed more!

DM if you wanna trade! either visits or sending a letter is fine

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Good morning, it’s Thursday 2nd April at 9.49am on Mausia.

There’s really no news to share today…

Did anybody else catch the cooking show last night?!

That spiced split-pea soup looked delicious! I’m thinking about trying out the recipe myself tonight. Wish me luck!

Oh dear… There I go again prattling on about my personal TV habits. Sorry, folks!

That’s all for now. I hope you all enjoy the loveliest of lovely days!

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Guys I can’t believe Isabelle killed Daichi to test her ability and Sans was helping her all this time. In order to defeat Isabelle, even the legendary Shaggy needs all the infinity stones! Sasuke and Komaeda team up to find the infinity stones and I honestly don’t know if i’m emotionally ready for the next season.

TL;DR: im late but happy april fools. No, im not high.

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