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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Howdy hey!

Happy pride y'all!

For this piece I decided to draw my lesbian warrior cat OCs, Peachcloud (The pregnant one) and Cloverstrike, with their 3 kittens

The white tom is Cloudkit, the dark brown tom, Ravenkit and the light brown she-cat, Volekit. 

These kits are technically both theirs, having Cloverstrikes DNA through her brother who helped them have kittens.

These two have been in love with eachother since they were young, but never told each other, as there had never been two she-cats together before, so they thought it was weird, so just kept silent.

Until one day where Peachcloud almost drowned, and Cloverstrike realised that she didn’t want to let Peachcloud go and told her, Peachcloud felt the same and ever since then they have been mates

btw, the lesbian flag was hella hard to make into a background lol

Sorry if this desc is a bit scattered, kinda out of it rn (toothache) so bare with me lol

Hope yall enjoy my babies! 

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