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So it’s not christmas yet, but for people who knit gifts for people you’ve no doubt already started.

I’ve looked up how to best wrap a scarf, since soft yarn doesnt really wrap nicely in typical wrapping paper. When I couldn’t find a good option I made my own.

Below I’ll outline what I did. It’s pretty straight forward, and I’m sure people have been doing this forever.

What you need:

Scarf or whatever, fabric of whatever kind you want (I used some linen), ribbon, small elastic, scissors, name tags (optional)


Roll up scarf leaving an inch or two on either side.


Twist the ends so that the fabric is tight and not going to come undone. Then tie an elastic on each side.


Tie the nametags on, tie your ribbons, and boom, cute little scarf candy!


I’m working a huge christmas project (22 scarves) and I love the look of these little scarf candies.

It’s a bit more expensive for the wrapping materials ($5 for about 3 or 4 scarves) but I think the final look and feel is worth it. It really makes it feel more handmade with love.

Hope this helps someone!

I’ll probably share this a few more times leading up to christmas.

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Update on Nibbler (the kitten I found in the rain): Guys… he’s HUGE. It’s been almost 3 months since I found him and he is about 4x his original size… and still growing! I also bought him a red bow tie to complete his look (cause he’s a tuxedo boy).

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