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#seokjin x reader
taetaesbaebaepsae · a year ago
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gimmesumsuga · 3 years ago
Pink Panther (m)
Hybrid AU Pairing: Jin x reader Rating: Explicit  Warnings: Graphic descriptions of sex, oral sex (female receiving), impregnation kink, unprotected sex, dirty talk  Word count: 13K 
Below is the belated birthday fic I wrote for my precious @rbuns!  I hope you like it, bra, and I’m so sorry it’s so late *squishy hugs* <3 <3 
Tumblr media
“Oh pants!”
Scrambling to catch the pen that’d leapt out of your hand at the sudden call of your name, your eyes dart across your crowded desk to the red, blinking light of the intercom which had just spoken to you so abruptly.  At least you presume that that’s what it is that’s flashing at you so; it’s a little difficult to tell underneath the stacks of paper that lay so haphazardly around it.  
Pen now safely tucked behind your ear, you actually have to resort to rising up out of your chair in order to find the damned thing, your heart fluttering nervously as you hastily try to remember which button it is that you’re supposed to press to reply.  You jab at the largest one, hoping for the best.
“Y-yes, Mr Kim?”  
You can’t remember the last time your boss communicated with you via anything other than email - apart from perhaps the odd pleasantry as he’s breezed past your desk on his way in and out of the office at each end of the day - so it seems only fair for you to lay the blame for your rustiness with the intercom system solely on his broad shoulders.
“Can you come in here for just a moment, please?”  
“Sure thing!” you agree compliantly, head bobbing up and down to an otherwise empty office, releasing the intercom button only to assault it again a mere split second later with a hastily blurted out, “Sir!” in some poor attempt to claw back any semblance of professionalism.
Honestly, you’d think that after so long working here that you’d know how conduct yourself properly.
Briefly pausing to check your reflection in the little mirror that you keep stashed away in your top drawer for moments such of these you ensure that there are no lingering gloops of mascara in the corner of your eyes, and as you round your desk a moment later, straightening out your skirt, it’s only very narrowly that you manage to avoid snagging your stockings on its pointed, wooden corner.  
You swear you wouldn’t be so much of a bumbling idiot if it weren’t for the fact that your boss, Kim Seokjin, is quite possibly one of the best looking men you’ve ever laid your eyes on.  As someone who’s fairly awkward at the best of times, coming face to face with someone who’d look more at home on the centre spread of a magazine than an office is more than a little problematic, and it’s with a frustrated sigh that you have to turn back halfway when you realise that you’ve left your diary back at your desk, open faced with a half-drunk cup of coffee resting on its pages.  
“Come in!” A voice calls from inside the office immediately after you’d meekly knocked its door, and it’s with a continuing coyness that you push it open and slip inside, shutting it behind you with a gentle ‘click’.  
Seokjin’s office is as dimly lit as it always is whenever you come in here; blinds drawn, no light save the small desk lamp that sits atop his pristinely organised desk and  the faint glow of the laptop computer which illuminates his face.  Your employer doesn’t look up on your arrival but you can tell from the twitch of the rounded ears nestled amongst his pitch black hair that he’s aware of your presence.  
Quietly, you wait for him to finish whatever he’s doing, holding your diary close to your chest and squeezing it as a way to calm your anxiety.  
As a hybrid of one of the most elusive and aggressive big cats of the world, Kim Seokjin has always intimidated you slightly.  You’re not sure where the feeling stems from, as it’s not as if you’ve ever witnessed him acting unpleasantly or unkindly in all the time you’ve worked for him - rather the opposite, in fact.  He’s quite the charmer when it suits him, entertaining clients with his enthusiastic sense of humour and disarming them with his good looks, usually over a lunch or dinner at one of the many fine dining establishments Seokjin so often likes to frequent.  You’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve witnessed him close a business deal before he’s even made a start on his steak; rare, bloody and marbled with thin slivers fat, just the way he likes it.  
But now, sat silently amongst the many potted fauna that decorate and humidify his office, Seokjin’s similarity to the stealthy predator that makes up part of his DNA is all too apparent.  It has you making an unconscious effort not to breathe too loudly; a prey response that comes so naturally that you don’t even realise you’re doing it.  
“Turn the light on, if you like.”  He speaks so suddenly that you almost jump, your eyes darting over to the light switch to the side of you before returning straight to him.  He’s yet to look up from his laptop, his fingers softly tapping on the keys to provide the only sound in the otherwise silent room.  
“It’s alright, Sir, I’m sure I’ll manage.”  The keys fall silent and Seokjin looks up, his eyes immediately finding you from across the room.  You’d think you’d have gotten used to the yellowy green of his irises by now - that they wouldn’t unsettle you so - but they still do.  It’s not so much the colour that stirs a confusing mixture of emotions within you, but more the way they gently glow back at you in the semi-dark; a constant reminder that he’s a creature far more superior and impressive than the simple human-being you are.
“Come and sit, then,” he beckons, gently shutting his laptop with one hand and gently gesturing to the chair opposite him with the other, “You needn’t stand on ceremony.”  Muttering a quiet ‘thank you’, you sink yourself down as delicately as possibly, very aware of the way he’s watching your every move, hands now neatly folded in his lap.  
“You needed something?”  Nervous, you force yourself to look up and meet his eyes across the table and try not to become distracted by the gentle curve of his month.  He has the most impossibly thick, heart-shaped lips, and you know if you start looking at them now you won’t be able to stop.  
“Were you saving that for later?”  Seokjin nods towards you, one of his eyebrows lifting with amusement when you frown, bewildered.  “The egg mayonnaise down the front of your blouse.”  You follow the direction of his eyeline, looking down to see a pale yellow stain several centimetres long descending from the top of your breast right down to where your nipple approximately lies, left there from the lunch you’d eaten at your desk a good number of hours ago.   
Memo to you - next time don’t just check your face before coming in here.  
Embarrassed, you emit a high-pitched titter, your cheeks turning as fuschia pink as your shirt.  
“Always good to have a snack on hand,” you joke lamely, and it’s only knowing that it’ll do no good that keeps you from attempting to brush it off, settling with clenching onto your diary a little bit tighter instead.  
“Very true.”  It’s a relief to see that Seokjin is smiling when you glance back up, rather than looking down his nose at you in judgement.  You smile sheepishly back, feeling glad when he starts speaking again to get you back on track.  “I’m sure you’re already aware the biennial gala is taking place tomorrow evening.”  
Of course you’re aware; you’ve been putting little notifications on his calendar about it for weeks along with helpful facts and figures regarding the company’s latest reported revenue, estimated profits and record low staff turnover.  ‘KS Developments’ has always been a company that prides itself in treating its employees well, and it shows in the numbers.  The cafeteria alone - which is free to every worker - is a good enough reason to stay loyal, nevermind all the various other benefits you can accumulate as time goes by.  
“It’ll be a good opportunity for us to network and impress other potential clients,” Seokjin continues, rising from his chair and walking round to the side of his desk, his eyes looking elsewhere around the room as he speaks.  “Especially certain political officials that aren’t so keen on further pursuing our ambitions for an increase in the availability of social housing.”  
He pauses, sitting himself on the corner of the desk nearest to you, and you try not to stare as his long black tail flicks out of the way to make this possible.  The base of it - which emerges seamlessly from his specially tailored dress pants - is thick and sturdy looking, tapering along its length to end at a significantly slimmer, rounded tip, and the fur with which it’s covered looks just as soft and glossy as the hair which sits atop Seokjin’s head.
Your fingers begin to fidget restlessly around your diary as you wonder what it might feel like to touch, despite knowing how taboo this would be considered in hybrid society.  
Realising he’s waiting for some form of acknowledgement from you you hastily nod, feeling your cheeks begin to flush once more under his gaze.  You hope it isn’t too obvious.  “I understand governor Mun hasn’t exactly been forthcoming lately.”  Seokjin smiles wryly, head cocking slightly to the side.  
“That’s one way of putting it.”  
It never ceases to amaze you that there are still some people out there fighting against long-standing hybrid law and legislation.  It’s been over a decade since hybrids were supposed to have been given as equal rights as their human counterparts, and yet discrimination remains rife within some provinces - particularly the poorer ones - with some hybrids living in wildly overcrowded accommodation just to get by.  
As one of the big names in housing development, CEO Kim Seokjin has been almost solely responsible for driving forward the call for affordable, suitable living for his less fortunate hybrid brethren -  though frequently at the cost of his own profits.  His humanitarianism is just another thing to add to the list of things you admire about him; another thing to make you slightly breathless and blushy in his presence.  
“Anyway,” he continues in the next breath, gently flicking his head to shake his bangs out of his eyes, “The shareholders have expressed a desire for me to take someone as a companion to these sorts of events from this point forward.  They seem to think it’ll make me more ‘approachable’.”  It takes a great effort for you not to laugh as Seokjin adds the inverted commas with his fingers, rolling his eyes and looking decidedly bored by the whole idea.  
You can’t quite understand why the board is suddenly so concerned with whether or not Seokjin has someone trailing along with him to these sorts of things.  He’s always gotten the job done before now and always kept profits high, so what does it matter?  From what little you know Panthers tend to be quite solitary creatures - preferring to be left to their own devices except when absolutely necessary - and now you think on it more that description does indeed seem to fit what you’ve observed of Seokjin.  He very rarely emerges from his office to mingle with the rest of the office, and you’ve never seen him socialising in anything other than a professional capacity.
“So, this is where I need your help.”  He turns his feline eyes on you, looking at you expectantly as you do nothing but blink back, feeling completely lost.  
What exactly is he asking?  Is he expecting you to find him a date?  Surely someone as handsome as him shouldn’t have any trouble finding a willing woman, even if it is short notice.  Why does he need your help to do it?!  
“Uh…” you begin, casting your eyes downward at your diary before glancing back up, wetting your lips, “I’m not sure that’s in my job description-”  A nervous chuckle; you probably shouldn’t have said that. “-But I guess I could ask around the office for you? I know-um-Susy from contracting is newly single, maybe she’ll-”
“You have plans tomorrow night?”  Seokjin interrupts, his otherwise flawlessly smooth forehead wrinkling into a shallow frown.  “I checked your calendar earlier and I didn’t see any prior social engagements listed.”  
You very nearly choke on your saliva.  
“M-me?!”  Your boss laughs merrily, clearly tickled by the look of sheer disbelief written on your face.  You can’t blame him; you must look ridiculous with your eyes almost bugging out of their sockets and egg mayo slopped down your front.  
This has to be some kind of bad joke.
“Are you aware of anyone else who knows the ins and outs of our company’s day to day runnings better than you or I?”  Your mouth flops uselessly for a second, an anxious sweat breaking out of your palms.  
“Well… n-no,” you admit quietly and Seokjin smiles, pleased at having been proven right.  
“Then I think you’ve answered your own question.”  
A beat passes in which you desperately try to get your head around the prospect of Seokjin actively seeking out your company.  Admittedly, it sounds as though you’ve been picked purely for practicality rather than any other less ‘professional’ motivations, but hey, that’s better than nothing, right?    
The man sat before you must mistake your silence for hesitation rather than dumbfoundedness because after a second or two more passes he speaks again, blinking twice in quick succession as he leans slightly toward you.
“Unless, of course, the idea of spending an evening with me is so abhorrent that you refuse.”  His sentence draws to a close with a laugh but you swear this one doesn’t sound quite as natural as the last.  It's a little strained, a little forced, and you notice the end of his tail twitch where its hanging behind his legs, when previously it had rested entirely still.  
Does he really believe there’s a chance you might actually turn him down?
You're not sure what to say.  The idea of it certainly isn't unappealing; hanging off Seokjin’s arm for a night must be many a woman's dream, yourself included.  But what the hell are you going to wear?  And what on earth will everyone say when they see you there with him?  You'd rather people not get the wrong idea and presume that you've slept your way into position you're in - you worked hard and drank a whole lot of coffee in order to climb up to sit at the desk you do now.    
“So, can I count on you?”  Well, when he puts it that way, how could you ever refuse?  
“Sure, why not,” you reply with a light shrug of your shoulders and what you hope is a convincing smile, trying to sound as light and breezy about the whole thing as it’s physically possible to do so whilst your chest feels as though it’s constricting with anxiety at the very same time.  
Seokjin looks pleased, his lips curving into a relaxed smile that’s so attractive you’re sure it must pose some sort of health risk.  
“Excellent.  It’s due to start at seven.”  It’s a good job you already know all the finer details about it seeing as though you’re barely listening - distracted by the way his thumb is rhythmically running back and forth along the edge of his desk.  “Of course, we’ll be arriving fashionably late.”  You look up again at the humour in his voice, caught off guard by the playful twinkle awaiting you in his lemony-lime coloured eyes.  
“So if I get there at, say, half past?”  Seokjin lightly shakes his head as he pushes himself to standing from the desk, taking a moment to straighten out the crease that sitting has left in his waistcoat with a sharp tug on its hem.
“I’ll send a car to come and collect you,” he says as though to do so would be the most ordinary thing in the world, rounding his desk with his tail swaying gently behind him.  He sinks back down into the comfort of his leather chair and re-opens the laptop, and as it quietly whirs back into life you make the most of his momentary distraction to take a good, long look at him.
It should be criminal, really, how good-looking he is.  Seokjin is so perfectly put together that you’d struggle to identify a single flaw even if you were granted all the time in the world in which to stare.  All hybrids seem to be graced with beauty - genetically engineered all those years ago to appear as aesthetically pleasing as possible - but even amongst his kin Seokjin stands out amongst the rest.   
Granted, you might well be a little bit biased, but that’s not something you’ll readily admit out loud.  You’ve kept your crush a well kept secret for months now even from your most well-trusted colleagues, so you’re not about to start spreading it around now.  You’d probably get laughed out of the building for even entertaining the hope that he’d ever look at you in such a way.  
“It might be an idea to refresh yourself on our latest initiatives, just in case.”   Startling, you try not to make it too obvious that your bottom had jumped an inch off your seat, and it’s with a pink tinge of embarrassment on your cheeks that you obligingly nod your head when Seokjin looks back at you.  If he’d noticed your staring then he doesn’t pass comment on it, and for that you’re grateful.  
“I will, Sir.”  He nods back, eyes returning to the glowing screen in front of him in what you presume is an indication of your dismissal.  “Is that everything, Mr Kim?”  
Slowly, Jin lifts his gaze and fixes you in it from across the table, fingers falling still.  Is it just your imagination, the way it seems to slowly rake over you?  
The blush on your cheeks rapidly begins to deepen into red in front of his eyes, and this time Seokjin does indeed appear to notice.  He smirks slightly, placing an elbow on the desk and running a finger and thumb across his full bottom lip as he stares back at you until you’re fighting against the urge to start squirming in your seat.
Does he mean to seem so seductive, or is it just your attraction to him that’s altering your perception and turning his innocent actions into something they’re not intended to be?
Your voice is breathy when you next speak.
At the sound of your voice your employer rather abruptly returns his attention to his laptop and begins tapping so rapidly at the keys that for a moment you have to question whether the past five seconds had actually taken place.  The roiling of your blood as it thrumbs through your veins can’t just be a product of your imagination, surely?
“That’ll be all, thank you,” he tells you distractedly, a frown appearing on his face as he reads something that must be displeasing to him.  You hope it isn’t one of your earlier emails - though even when he’s disgruntled you have to admit that Seokjin looks far more handsome than your average man.  “I’ll see you tomorrow evening, then.”  
Pausing on your way to the door with your diary held close to your chest, you turn around to flash him a fleeting smile, surprised when you find him watching you once more.  
“I’ll look forward to it.”  He smiles softly back at you, one ear twitching.  
“So will I.”  
“Coming, coming, coming!”
This can’t be your ride already, can it?  You can’t have been in the shower that long, right?
Hurrying towards your front door in nothing but a too-short towel, a trail of wet hair dripping down your back, you hastily kick aside the empty pizza box that almost trips you up along the way.  It skids across the floor to join another that lays hidden in the shadows under the sofa, and it’s with a cringe that you think to yourself that you really should tidy the place up before one of your neighbours ends up calling environmental control.  
You peep through the spy-hole of your door and feel your body physically sag with relief when it’s a familiar face that greets you on the side.  Well, a familiar chin, anyway. Taehyung is too busy looking up at the ceiling at first for you to really see him properly, but when his sensitive ears pick up the sound of the chain lock sliding out of place his head snaps back to attention, a big, beaming grin on his face.  
“Hi,” he greets cheerfully as you pull the open the door, ensuring that your towel is sufficiently tightened around your bust with your free hand.  Not that Taehyung bats an eyelid at your state of undress when he sees you; the two of you have been friends long enough that you being half-naked isn’t anywhere near anything a new thing.  “I brought you your mail!”  
Enthusiastically, the canine hybrid thrusts several envelopes towards you, and when you receive them with a thank you and a grateful smile Taehyung’s grin grows ever wider, the happy wag of his tail turning into a frantic pounding against the doorframe at the simplest of praise.  
When you'd first moved into this apartment block you never would've guessed you'd end up making such good friends with the hybrids you live amongst.  Even now it’s not very often that hybrids and humans occupy even the same neighbourhood - let alone the same building - but when you'd started working for KS developments and the opportunity had arisen for you to pay so little to live somewhere so spacious, you would've been an idiot to turn it down.  
As far as you're concerned the purpose built scratch pillars about the place simply add to the apartment’s individuality and charm, and you know you could've been faced with far worse customisations to live with if you'd chosen a place on the ground floor.  You’re not sure you could’ve ever adjusted to sleeping underground like Jungkook does in his cosy little burrow downstairs.  He'd invited you down there once, and frankly it'd felt far too much like being buried alive.  
“You going somewhere?” Taehyung asks as you usher him into your living room, discarding the mail on top of the pile steadily growing atop of your coffee table.
“Remember that gala I had to help set up for work?”  You don't need to beckon your friend for him to automatically trail behind when you head towards your bedroom, and as you fling open your closet and start to rake through the disarray inside Taehyung plants his bottom on the end of your bed, watching you with a tilted head and amused smile.  
“The whole mini bruschetta or salmon mousse debacle?  How could I forget?”  Taehyung laughs when you shoot a withering look over your shoulder at him.  
The days you'd spent endlessly stressing over which canapes would better compliment the over-priced prosecco chosen by the shareholders aren't ones you particularly want to recall.  
“Well for some unknown reason my boss has decided he wants to drag me along to suffer with him.”  Would a pair of jeans and a nice top do, maybe?  You consider the sequined top dangling in front of you for less than a second before shaking your head and skipping past it, delving into the more formal section of your closet where some of the few dresses you own hang.  
“Like a date?”  Tae sounds far too pleased at the idea for your liking, and you roll your eyes at the burgundy monstrosity that's just fallen from it's hanger to crumple on the floor at your feet.  
“As if,” you scoff as you neglect to pick it up.  You, dating Seokjin?  You wish.
“There's bound to be plenty of eligible bachelors there though, right?  Some men with which to mingle?”  
Oh god, why didn’t you think to sort your outfit out sooner when you still had the time?  There’s nothing… literally nothing.  You're doomed.  Doomed, doomed, doomed.  “Stop,” Taehyung suddenly speaks up, gesticulating wildly, “Go back - the lilac.”
“This one?  The turquoise one?” you chuckle as you pull the full length halter neck from the closet, its hem dragging the carpet, and Taehyung huffs at your gently teasing tone.   Being totally colourblind is definitely one of his least favourite canine traits, but you can't deny that he has good taste.  
You’d almost forgotten that you’d ever bought such a beautiful dress as this - although, you’d think that the pain of spending a whole months pay cheque in one fell swipe of your debit card would be something that’d stay with you.   It’s never been worn, either, just brought home and hidden away at the back of your closet after you’d regretfully deemed it far too glamorous for the likes of you yet had been unable to force yourself into taking it back.
“Anyway,” you sigh, smoothing out a crease in the fabric with a brush of your hand, “Why are so obsessed with getting me paired me off?”   You wander off into the bathroom to change and pay no mind to the carefree shrug of Taehyung's shoulders as you go, the volume of your voice rising in order to still be heard.  “Remember that Yoongi guy you set me up with?  The one who hissed at me when I accidently spilt his coffee?”
“Who doesn’t get a little grumpy now and then?!”  Tae shouts from the other side of the door whilst you're wriggling into your underwear - a fancy powder blue set that you save solely for special occasions.  Somehow wearing pretty lingerie always helps you feel just that little bit more confident on the inside, even though no one but you knows you’re wearing it.
“Then there was that hedgehog guy who ended up curling into a ball every time he tried to kiss me...”  
“Joonie’s just shy!”  Yeah, you'd kind of figured that one out for yourself.  Every time it’d happened he wouldn’t come out for at least a good five minutes, and each time he did he’d be a stuttering, blushy mess behind his spectacles.  
“And don't even get me started on Hope.”
“I told you he was a ferret before you agreed to meet him, what did you expect?!”  You emerge from the bathroom with your dress fixed in place save the flapping of your halterneck straps, eyeing Taehyung with one eyebrow raised.  
“I've met rodent hybrids before, Tae, and he was a whole different breed.”  You turn on the spot clasping the soft cotton to your bust, knowing that he'll come to your aid even without your asking.  “He was like… a critter on crack.”  
“Oh c’mon,” Taehyung laughs whilst he ties the straps into a neat bow with his long, delicate fingers, “That’s a little harsh.”  
“Harsh, maybe, but that doesn’t make it any less true.”  Granting him a generous smile, you make your way over to the full length mirror that stands neglected in the corner of your room and take a bracing breath, your good mood slipping the moment you get there.  Truth be told you usually try to avoid looking at yourself wherever possible, and the fine layer of dust covering your mirror’s surface seems to convey the aversion you feel at your own reflection.  
Tonight, however, self-critique seems a necessarily evil, and its with tightly pressed lips that you take in every inch of your appearance, aware that Taehyung is watching you closely.  He knows just as well as anyone how much of a hard time you give yourself over things like this.  
It’s certainly not the worst thing you’ve ever seen yourself in.  It’s unfortunate that the halter straps seem to draw attention to the broadness of your shoulders, but you suppose you should at least be grateful that the length is generous enough to still hang below your ankles.  Part of the reason you tend to shy away from dresses in the first place is that they always seem to be at least 3 inches too short for you; calf length becomes knee length, knee length to thigh length and thigh length to… well… something far too indecent to wear out of the house.  
It’ll do.  It has to.  It’s not like you’ve got anything else.  
“Fine then,” Taehyung announces huffily, interrupting your ongoing mental monologue of self-criticism, “You’re on your own from now on - you can go along tonight and find someone all by yourself, seeing as I’m such a poor matchmaker.”  
You turn from the mirror with a weak smile and a slight quiver of your chin, and when your friend realises how vulnerable you’ve suddenly become his expression instantly softens, puppy ears folding down at the tip in sympathy.  
“Honestly Tae,” you sniff as he takes you in his arms and gives a very gentle, tentative lick of your cheek.  You’ll never forget the way you squealed the first time he’d ever done that, horrified by the wet strip of saliva he’d left upon your face, but now you take it for the comfort that it’s meant to be and lean your head on his, careful to avoid his ears. “I’ll just be glad if I can make it through tonight without facing total humiliation, never mind a date.”
Thankfully, Taehyung has managed to cheer you up a little by the time your ride actually does arrive just a little over half an hour later on.
It’s impossible to stay miserable around your hybrid friend for very long - not when you’ve got such boundless canine energy to contend with - and Taehyung’s dogged insistence in shoving his head in your lap for scratches behind his ears had turned out to be a very good idea despite it having cut into your much needed preparation time.   Turns out that running your fingers through his soft, glossy brown locks is just as relaxing for you as it is for for him, and thanks to that affectionate little interlude between the two of you you’re in a far better state of mind than you were before as you leave your apartment with Taehyung in toe, locking the door behind you.  
His ears pin back a little as he wishes you a forlorn goodbye, but the soft sway of his fluffy tail behind him reassures you that he’ll be fine on his own.  He was for years before your arrival here, after all.  
The smartly dressed man who’d knocked at your door some minutes ago to summon you downstairs is now stood to the side of a gleaming black car parked neatly alongside the curb,  and it’s with a dip of his torso that he opens then holds the rear passenger door in an invitation for you to climb inside. Embarrassed by the formality of it all, you mutter a thank you as you place your bottom on the slippery leather and swing your legs inside, trying not to wrinkle your skirt.  
You’re not used to this kind of treatment.  You’ve always taken buses, not chauffeur driven cars, and being referred to as ‘m’am’ is a bizarre occurrence you’re not likely to feel comfortable about any time soon.  This is all very foreign; the atmospheric lighting, the new car smell.  Even the -
“Oh!”  You immediately want to slap yourself in the face for allowing yourself to sound so surprised when you abruptly become aware of Seokjin’s accompanying presence within the car.  In the dimness of the back seat you’d neglected to notice him sat merely a metre away on your arrival, his body twisted towards you, back pressed against the opposite car door, and it’s with a nervous swallow that you take in the way his long legs are so casually spread, the black material of his dress pants pulling tight across his crotch.  
“Good evening Mr Kim,” you manage to choke out, dragging your wandering eyes upward to his face whilst a blush rages on your own - though it’s hardly an improvement from where you were staring just a moment before.  The unnatural glow that comes from Seokjin’s feline eyes as they travel the length of you up and down leaves you feeling just as flustered - just as exposed under his appraising gaze.
He passes no comment neither positive or negative when they eventually settle on your face, and you can’t decide if that’s a good thing or bad.  Blinking when the engine starts, his full mouth curves into an easy smile whilst the end of his tail taps against the seat that separates the two of you, a distracting ‘thump, thump, thump’ that’s a far more sedate rhythm than the frantic beating of your heart.  
“Just call me Jin tonight, please,” he asks of you once he finally speaks, his voice as smooth and melodic as always. “There’s no need for us to be so formal outside of office walls.”  You nod obligingly, too eagerly, and the inquisitive eyebrow he cocks at you turns his expression into something so roguishly charming that you actually have to look away for just a second in order to collect yourself, turning your face to the window as you order body to calm the hell down.  
He’s just a man, for god’s sake.  Just a good looking, sophisticated, intelligent, altruistic man whose genes are mixed with that of a predator that’s as majestic as it is deadly.  A man that’s sat right across from you smelling like some sort of heaven and oh god you’re so fucking fucked.
“I - uh -”  You desperately grapple for some semblance of conversation, one of your restless hands tucking the hair you’d spent so long curling into gentle waves behind an ear.  “I like your shirt,” you blurt out when he turns his head to face you, currently in the process of retrieving a black, opaque bottle from inside an inconspicuous minibar that’s been built right into the partition that separates the two of you from the driver up front.  “It suits you.”   Sure, you might be grasping at straws, but that doesn’t mean the sentiment of your words is in any way disingenuine.  
There aren’t many men who could pull of a bright pink shirt but Jin is clearly one of them; the colour compliments his smooth, honeyed skin perfectly and turns his otherwise entirely black ensemble into something undeniably eye-catching.  There won’t be a single eye that doesn’t turn his way when he walks into the room tonight, you’re sure of it.  
Pleased by your compliment, Jin smiles as he straightens up and places what you presume must be champagne between his thighs, freeing up both of steady hands to remove the cork with a satisfying ‘pop’.  You jump, and he laughs gleefully.
“Thank you.  It’s one of my favourites,” he tells you whilst the remnants of his amusement are still fresh on his face and in the tone of his voice.  Jin retrieves a glass, too, and slots it into your hand, filling the delicate flute with sweet smelling bubbles before you can refuse.  He serves it with such a flourish that you know it must be something he does often, managing not to spill a drop even when the car momentarily lurches.  
You expect him to pour himself a glass too, but Jin merely places the bottle back in the fridge and then leans back in his seat, seemingly content to watch you take a meagre sip from yours, his hands folded in his lap.  It’s as sweet as it smells, and though you don’t usually enjoy champagne you can certainly make an exception for this one.  It’s delicious.  
“That dress,” Jin begins, and you feel your stomach tense in anticipation of what he’s going to say.  Does he not like it?  Is it not dressy enough?  Too much?  “The colour really brings out your eyes.  Beautiful.”  
“T-Thanks,” you blush, glancing down into your glass as your mind races to work out what exactly it is that your employer is referring to as beautiful; your dress, your eyes… you?  Frankly you’ll take any available option - each is more than you could’ve ever have hoped for.  
“You’re welcome.”  Jin’s gaze follows the delicate flute in your hand as your raise it to your lips and then lets it linger there thereafter for a just a beat too long.
“Are you not having some?”  Jin shakes his head where it’d been slightly tilted to the side,  jet black bangs falling waywardly across his forehead before he smoothes them back into place.
“I prefer to keep a clear head for these sorts of things.”  
“That sounds smart,” you agree, yet you still go ahead take another sip of champagne directly afterward.  You’re not sure you’ll be able to cope with tonight’s inevitable rollercoaster of emotions without some sort of alcoholic lubrication to ease its passing.  
“I’m a smart man,” he smiles humorously, one ear flicking and rotating to the side, and when he notices you watching the movement his smile broadens, expression turning playful.  “A clever cat.”  Trying to withhold your giggling by pressing the back of your hand to your mouth proves an utterly fruitless attempt but Jin doesn’t seem to mind, observing you as they spill forth with a fond look that you entirely miss.  
He says nothing more after that, lapsing into silence for the remainder of the journey once your chuckles die down enough for you to slowly sup your drink, and it takes you by surprise, how comfortable it feels to sit side by side with him like this, employer and employee.  It isn’t until right before you arrive at the venue that Jin makes you very nearly choke on your last mouthful of champagne, his tail vibrating with pleasure when you snort with laughter in response to the impromptu rendition of the ‘pink panther’ theme tune that he hums from between his lips.  It’s embarrassing to have him see you this way; red in the face and shuddering with the force of your amusement, yet when Jin starts to laugh too - a full-bodied, joyous sound that only serves to make your sides ache all the more - you can’t find it within you to care.  
Perhaps you might be in for a better night that you’d first thought.  
For the most part, you prediction proves to be right.  
Sure, there were more stares than you would’ve liked when you’d entered the hall with one of Jin’s warm hands planted squarely in the small of your back, but the reassuring circling of his fingertips through the thin fabric your dress had been enough to push back most of the anxieties that’d plagued you - long enough for you to get your hands on second glass of wine, anyway.  You’re infinitely grateful that you’d followed Jin’s suggestion of reading up on the latest in’s and out’s in of governmental policy in advance.  Having just that little bit of extra knowledge to drop in amongst conversation has saved your ass more times than you can count throughout the duration of the night, and has converted the sceptical looks of those who are far too well-to-do to class as your peers into friendly smiles, firm handshakes and one seemingly sincere invitation to lunch with a gaggle of women you never would’ve dreamed of rubbing shoulders with before.
Not that you’re intending to take them up on their offer, of course, but still.  It’s nice to know you have options.  
With every new person that you meet and somehow manage to charm, you swear that you can see a gleam of something that looks a little bit like pride shining in Jin’s eyes - each little bit of praise or approval they bestow on you seeming as much of a pleasure for him to hear as is it for you.   You dismiss his subtle glances at first, convincing yourself that the warmth you feel in his gaze is simply a figment your imagination, but it seems to keep on happening, and the more it does the easier it is for you to start to believe that each little press of his fingertips to your shoulder or your waist must carry some secret, hidden meaning for just the two of you to share.  
“Where’ve you been hiding this one away, Seokjin?” the primped and polished woman stood to your right to you enquiries during the next lull in conversation, her many rings glinting under the opulent ceiling lights.  She peers at him past the rim of her tipped glass with her round, owl eyes, a sickly sweet smile on her lips, “I’d thought I would’ve heard if you’d have finally found a mate!”   Your face flushes immediately on hearing her presumption, the blood in your veins  burning all the hotter when you take in the way Jin baulks, blinking rapidly.  Clearly you've been misreading him all night if this is how strongly he reacts to her innocent mistake, and it hurts more than you care to admit.  
“Oh, no,” you interject quickly, and all eyes turn from Jin to you, “I'm not - we're not - I'm just his secretary.  No one important.” You catch Jin frowning in your peripheral vision as the woman nods in understanding, serving you a simpering smile.  He must be irritated that she'd even made the presumption in the first place.  How ridiculous of her.
“In that case!”  She steps towards Jin,planting herself right between the two of you and effectively dismissing you from the conversation so abruptly that you find yourself scowling at the back of her stupidly permed head, infuriated by her rudeness.  “Let me introduce you to this darling girl I know.  Her father is one of the up and coming names in interspecies relations and I just know you'd make such a perfect match!”  Before either of you know what's happening the woman is tugging on Jin’s arm to lead him away, nails like talons digging into the fine tailoring.  He twists slightly in her grasp to be able to look back at you, full lips parted in an expression of mild alarm and about to speak when you shrug and smile wryly.  
“I'll catch up with you in a bit,” you assure him, trying to put on a brave face.  It's not as if he's under any obligation to stay right next to you for the entirety of the night, after all, as much as you wish that he would.  Jin nods just once, decisively, his ears turned toward the woman who's starting to look appear ruffled by your boss’ unwillingness to be led away.  
“Don't go far, ok?  I won't be long.”  Obediently, you return his nod, and Jin flashes you a smile before finally turning away and cupping his captors elbow in his palm and leaving with her, disappearing into the crowd and leaving you on your own.  
Scanning the room, the rim of your glass pressed to your bottom lip, you try to discern how best to proceed.  You could try to mingle, maybe chat some more with the party goers you’ve already met so far.  Networking is probably a good idea - the smart move - but without Jin stood beside you as a safety net you can't quite bring yourself to do it.  
Instead, you end up loitering by the buffet table as you so often used to do during the social events of your youth, intent on finding out whether you should have indeed chosen the bruschetta over the salmon mousse as Taehyung had so vehemently insisted you should.  
It's with great pleasure that you discover that your judgement had proven to be correct; the mousse is light, fresh, and not overly fishy.  Still, you suppose the various feline hybrids in the room would enjoy it even it was.  Even more so, perhaps.  
“-that the girl who arrived with Kim Seokjin?”
Your ears prick up whilst you're busy leaning over the impressive spread laid before you, helping yourself to a delicate paper cone full of fries, and realising they must be talking about you, you subtly glance over to see two young women stood together further down the buffet table, one of whom is most definitely looking in your direction.  
“Think so.”  There's a pause, then, and for a second you think they're done before the other pipes up again, bemusement in her tone.
“She's pitching a little out of her league, isn't she?”  You hold back a snort by shoving a fry into your mouth, turning to face away from the women to look about the room but keeping your ears firmly tuned in to the conversation.  
They're not wrong, to be fair; you've thought it yourself a million times, sat at your desk, staring at his office door.  Seokjin is, and always will be, well out of your reach.  
It's just a plain and simple fact, so you can't really begrudge them for thinking the same.  
Your eyes rove the room, searching for him, but wherever your employer is it's somewhere out of your sight.  There's been a good turn out tonight, and you're grateful for it.  The more connections Seokjin makes the louder and more influential his voice will be when it comes to making a difference and pushing for change.  He'll be pleased that so many came.  
“What do you think she is?”  You only just catch the woman's voice over the ambient music this time around, pitched low and conspiratively.  “A giraffe?”  
The corners of your mouth curl in a smile of understanding - they're wondering if you're some sort of hybrid.   How original of them to pick up on your above average height.
“Nah she'd have the funny little horns,” one of them murmurs back, and it's almost as though you can feel her eyes running over your profile, searching for some sort of hint as to what species you might belong to.  
Why the hell did you decide to wear heels tonight?  You should've known it'd probably make you tallest woman in the room, only a bare inch or two smaller than even Jin.  
“Anyway, aren't giraffes pretty skinny?  She's got to be something fatter than that.”
Ouch, now that hurt.  Your guts lurch unpleasantly at the sound on their tittering laughter, tears pricking at the corner of your eyes when you hear the words ‘elephant’ and ‘hippopotamus’ being thrown around.  You discard your half-eaten cone of fries back so abruptly onto the buffet table that they spill, haphazard across the white table cloth, your appetite well and truly destroyed.   Try as you may, you can't fight the shamefaced blush you can feel creeping upward onto your face from the neckline of your dress.  
“Oh god, what if she's not even a hybrid at all?” one woman laughs cruelly, barely even bothering to lower her voice anymore, “What if that's all her?”
God, why did you ever agree to come to this?  Why did you think for even a second that you'd belong anywhere amongst these perfect, pretty half-humans?  How much of an idiot could you have been?  
As the harshness of their snickers permeate your ears, you can take it no longer.  Impulsively, you rip your shoes from your feet to place your soles on the polished parquet flooring and then begin your brisk exit, searching for Jin along the way and all the while fighting back the tears that constantly threaten.  
Every instinct in you tells you just to walk straight out, to flee with your non-existent tail between your legs, but your loyalty to Jin makes you unwilling to leave without at least making your excuses - whatever you end up lying that they are.  
When you finally spot him from across the crowded room, you really wish you hadn't been so bothered.  
He's stood at the bar, deeply engaged in conversation with another hybrid; a female, feline hybrid.  She's stunning - slender as a matchstick with a bone structure that you can only dream of, the tips of her pointed little ears just visible poking through the long brown waves of hair that reaches down to her behind.  From a carefully placed slit in her shimmering golden dress a graceful tail emerges, an appendage that's currently busying itself with playful curling its way around Jin’s, whilst she herself touches and fawns over his arm, batting her eyelashes prettily.  
They look perfectly matched, yellowey eyes fixed upon one another, and all of a sudden you can no long hold back the tears.  She's not over-reaching, she's not aiming too high by flirting with your beloved employer - not like you.  
Why did he invite you here?  What was he hoping to prove?  Was it just some display of hybrid-human solidarity to make him look good?  Perhaps that's why he asked you; you were the most desperate, pathetic looking human to hand.
How cruel he's been tonight, with all his little touches and smiles, all the little looks that'd made your hopes soar so high.  How could he do that; call you beautiful?  Didn't he know how much that would mean?
A sob escapes you involuntarily, and even from across the room you see Jin’s ears swivel in your direction at the sound, his eyes landing on you just as you're pressing a palm to your mouth to keep any further sounds in.  When he sees the tears streaking down your face he immediately frowns, his eyebrows furrowing, and it's with horror that you watch him turn away from the woman he's speaking to with no explanation before he starts to make towards you, parting the bodies that block his path effortlessly.  
What are you supposed to say to him? What excuses are you supposed to give as to why you're a sodden, blubbering mess?  You're insecure, you're hurt, you're jealous.  None of those things are appropriate to say - certainly not to your boss, not to him - so you opt for flight instead of fight, heading towards the exit paying very little mind to the people around you who've begun to stare.
They've had a good laugh at you tonight anyway.  Why not give them one more?
You hear him call your name but your bare feet don't stop, slapping noisily against the floor in your haste, and you've almost reached the exit when suddenly a firm hand takes a hold of your arm and drags you to a halt, spinning you to face them.  
Jin repeats your name again, gentler this time, his eyes full of concern as he assess the state you've gotten yourself in.  
“You're leaving?”  You shrug your shoulders limply and sniff to try keep your nose from running, heels banging against the side of your thigh.  It's too hard to look at him right now; you feel so stupid and ashamed.  “Why’re you so upset?”  Again you decline to reply, nibbling on your bottom lip with your chin hung low until Jin takes a firm hold of it, lifting your gaze with his thumb and forefinger until you have no choice but to look straight into his eyes.  
He regards you for a moment, ears flicking restlessly as he takes in your glassy eyes and miserable expression, and then finally the heels that you hold in one hand, dangling at your side.
“Love,” he says softly, still holding onto your chin, “Put your shoes back on.”  You blink stupidly, taken completely off guard by his use of such a term of endearment.  
“W-what?” Jin glances down at your shoes meaningfully, a small smile curling one corner of his lips.
“Put your shoes.  Back.  On.”  He repeats it slowly, announciating every syllable, and you'd swear he was asking you to take off your clothes by the way your mid-section suddenly fills with heat, your tears ceasing with an alarming suddenness.
You blink, nodding your head as far as his grasp permits before he lets go, allowing you to bed and slip your heels back on foot by foot.  When you straighten again you're instantly three inches taller, yet you feel smaller than ever on the inside as you meet Jin’s eyes and find his expression to be utterly unreadable.  
“Come with me,” he utters after a moment, before turning on the spot and striding off without another word, already certain that you'll follow.  
You do, of course.
You've no idea where he's leading you, but it isn't far.  Back through the entrance hall that's mostly deserted, Jin then silently veers off to the right to a door that lies just beyond the stairs, and as soon as he's pulled it open he's caught onto you by the elbow and dragging you inside so unexpectedly that you almost stumble - right into a line of coats.  
He pulls the door shut behind him, plunging you both into darkness, and you feel your heart rate begin to rise at the uncertainty of the situation you've suddenly found yourself falling into.  You hear his smart, pointed shoes click on the floor as he turns to face you, but that's the only other sound you hear save the growingly laboured nature of your breaths.  
His eyes open, and for a second the only light you see is the glow of them, yellow reflected beautifully back at you until there's the click of a light switch and the space in which he's enclosed the two of you becomes illuminated.  More than a cupboard but not quite a room, if you arms were just a bit longer you could probably touch each side, and in it hangs the various coats, scarves and umbrellas of all the guests elsewhere who'd arrived so suitably dressed for the god-awful weather you've been having.  
“Talk to me,” he commands softly once your eyes have finished darting around the room to fall when they land on him, “Tell me what's happened, and maybe I can help.”
Jin must sense your temporary unease with the situation because he makes no effort to come any closer to you, slipping his hands into his pants pockets as he regards you where you remain braced against the wall of coats, eyeing him.  
“I'm just being stupid.”  Of course, your immediate defence is self-depreciation, as always.
“I don't believe that.”  A small smile appears on Jin's face as he tilts his head slightly.  “Clumsy, maybe.  Messy?  Most definitely.  But stupid?”  A frown replaces the momentary fondness that'd graced his expression.  “Never.”
Your mouth flounders for a moment, totally at a loss for anything you could say that won't serve to embarrass you further, and when you come up with nothing you simply sigh, running your fingers back through your hair.  
“I just…” Another sigh, and when you look up Jin is just watching you expectantly, waiting for you to continue, tail swishing gently behind him.  “Some women were making fun of me.  Two hybrids.  They were trying to work out if I was more elephant or giraffe or if maybe I'm just… just... “  You gesture up and down yourself with a grimace. “This.”
Jin continues to listen quietly whilst you dissolve into a rant, the volume and pitch of your voice rising as you go.  “I already obsess enough about being too broad, too tall.  I'm not petite and pretty like that other girl, nothing like her, and I never will be.”  
Jin remains silent for a moment when you finally run out of words, and god, you wish he’d give you just some kind of clue as to what he’s thinking.  Unfortunately, Jin’s face is as handsome and impassive as always, and as the seconds tick by you start to scold yourself more and more for allowing your mouth to get so carried away.
“If I didn’t know any better,” Jin eventually starts, tongue wetting his bottom lip, “I’d say you sound a little jealous.”  
Are you really so easy to read?  You should’ve known he’d see right through you with those shrewd eyes.
Your mouth opens to reply, but before you can Jin takes a step forward and speaks over you, tilting his head to the side as he looks up and down.  
“Love, you have no reason to be.”  Another step towards you, and this time you take an involuntary step back, sinking back into the coats as you look up at him with trepidation.  Jin approaches you as a predator would stalk its prey, his eyes heavy lidded, long, black tail sweeping slowly from side to side behind him, curled tip gently sweeping the floor.  “I meant it when I told you were beautiful.”  
As Jin comes to stand directly in front of you, looking down the finely sculpted bridge of his nose and into your eyes, it feels as though the very air around you is thickening; so full of tension that it’s difficult to breathe, your chest rising and falling in rapid, shallow little breaths that hitch when he cautiously reaches out to touch you, running the back of one long finger down your cheek.  
“Y-you did?” you ask breathlessly, leaning into the palm that comes to cradle your cheek as he nods, thumb running the width of your bottom lip from one side to the other, “That’s… good to know.”  
‘That’s good to know’?  Really?  Your cheeks flush with embarrassment at your own lameness, but you can’t find the heart to be too hard on yourself.  How is anyone supposed to string a sentence together with someone as handsome and enigmatic as Jin stood right before them, his eyes dark with hunger?  
“And why’s that?” A teasing smirk appears on Jin’s face as he continues to caress you, and you feel your stomach clench with nerves when you realise that he actually wishes for you to answer.  
It’s now or never, you suppose.  
“I… uh…”  It’s too hard to look at him while you say this so you drop your eyes to look at the rounded tips of your patent shoes and take a deep breath, forcing the words past your lips before you have chance to back out.  “I’ve been harbouring a bit of a crush on you… for quite some time.”  Jin softly laughs, pinching the cheek he’s been holding and making the heat blazing in it burn even hotter.
“I know.”  You sharply look up.  “You may be beautiful, and smart, and articulate.”  He pauses, smiling broadly, “Most days.”  Jin’s smile beams all the more brightly when you laugh at yourself, glancing away for just a second before your eyes are inevitably drawn to him again.  “But you’re not the most subtle.”  
“I’m not?”
“You tend to stare.”  You can’t help but laugh at yourself again, embarrassed at how obvious you’ve been but Jin’s tenderness filling you with so much happiness that you’re unable to care. “Not that I can blame you.  Who wouldn’t?”  Jin chuckles at his own narcissism, but you don’t begrudge him for having a healthy ego.  If you were him, you’d be confident too.  He’s gorgeous - too gorgeous for you - no matter what he might say.
Another moment passes, and as the two of you continue to look into each others eyes the playful atmosphere begins to fade, the smiles slipping from your faces.  Jin’s hand descends from your jaw to the column of your throat as he regards you quietly, and when you shiver at the feel of his fingertips grazing your sensitive skin his pupils visibly dilate, his gaze darting downward to fixate on your lips.  
There’s a little voice in the back of your head that keeps nagging at you that this is likely a very bad idea.  If the two of you go down this road there’ll be no turning back - at least not for you - and you know there’s probably a good reason behind the saying that you should never dip your pen in the office ink.  What if things become awkward between the two of you after this?  What if it gets so bad that you lose your job?  
Jin’s nose brushes yours as he leans in to bring your lips into contact, and suddenly all those worries melt away much as your body does against his when he closes any remaining space left between you, curling his free arm around your waist.  
His kiss is tentative at first; a soft, exploratory meeting of your mouths that soon escalates into something harder and more urgent when your fingers find their way into the front of his shirt, twisted in the fabric to pull him even closer.  You eagerly grant his tongue entry at the very first press of the muscle to your lips, and Jin devours you like a man that’s been starving for the taste of you, pressing your harder amongst the coats when you moan into him, his body flush to yours.  
A brush of something unfamiliar against your leg startles you, jerking you out of the kiss you'd been enjoying so much to look down in alarm as Jin huffs a breathy chuckle against your temple.  All it is is his tail, gently brushing up and down the only part of you it's flexible enough to reach, and it's with a smile that you watch as the end of it curls possessively around your ankle, disappearing under the long hem of your dress.  
He flashes you a charming smile, but before you have time to smile back Jin is planting his mouth over yours and hiding it beneath his own.  A roaming hand slides down from where it'd rested on your throat to drift tantalisingly over the swell of your breast, and when your body tellingly presses forward into his palm, Jin begins to knead and grope and squeeze through the fabric, fixing your bottom lip between his teeth when they part in a breathy moan.  
Pleased by how eagerly your body responds to him, Jin's other hand takes a firm and generous handful of your behind, squeezing it so hard as his hips surge forward into yours that if you weren't so distracted by the movement of his pelvis that you might've gasped in pain.  
Disentangling yourself from his wicked tongue, you try to cling onto the thin sliver of sanity you have left that's telling you that this is hardly the time or the place for Jin to be tugging on the fabric of your skirt, bunching it his fist, raising the hem off the ground higher and higher.  The withholding of your lips does nothing to deter him; if not your mouth then he still has plenty of other places to kiss.  Greedily, he presses his lips to every inch of skin he can find, lapping up the taste of you.  
“M-mr Kim,” you plea, releasing handfuls of pink shirt to place your palms flat against his firm chest.  If you were more resolute in your will you'd try to push him back, but as it is it's hard enough to keep yourself from grabbing onto him further, your head tipping back against the wall as the tip of his tongue dips into the shallow dent at the base of your neck.  “Jin…”
“Hmm?” he muses curiously, nose nuzzling into you whilst his mouth travels across the tops of your breasts, his eyes closed.  
“We-we-" The sudden feel of his erection pressing into your lower abdomen momentarily stalls your thoughts. “Not here.  We shouldn't.”  His eyelids peel back to look up at you before he slowly straightens back to full height, still holding onto the bunches of your dress.  He hooks it up higher as he speaks to you, a dark, lustful look in his eyes as he purrs your name.  
“You've waited long enough for someone to show you how beautiful you are,” he tells you, leaning forward to press his forehead on yours.  By now he's gathered your dress up in a ball of creases to sit where his hand is rested at your hip, exposing the length of your legs to the eyes he runs over you, and when they linger at the tops of your thighs you know he's visually devouring the patch of slick that's darkened the baby blue of your underwear to navy.  “I won't wait a second longer.”
Your last ounce of resolve vanishes as you watch him trace his bottom lip with his tongue.  Hands trembling, you slide both of them into the back of his dark tresses, and when he feels your fingernails dragging at his scalp Jin seizes your mouth with a feral growl.  
“Take these off for me,” he orders lowly, words smothered by your lips as his free hand snaps at the waistband of your underwear.  You do as he says, tugging at them with one hand as you wriggle to encourage the sodden material down your legs, and Jin smiles into your kiss when he feels you wobble in your heels, stepping out of your underwear one foot at a time.  
“The door,” you murmur, and Jin grunts in response.  When he'd first tugged you in here you'd noticed it didn't have a lock, and whilst you were glad of it to begin with, now you're rather wishing it did.  “S-someone could walk in…”
His movements coloured rough and urgent with desire, Jin plucks you by the hips from amongst the coats and turns you around on the spot before then walking you briskly backward until your back slams into contact with the door, your tongues tangled together throughout.  He pushes his groin against yours with a circle of his hips, showing complete disregard to the likely smear your dripping arousal may leave on his smart suit pants, and when your fingers inadvertently find the roots of his ears in amongst his hair, scratching behind them, he wrenches his mouth from yours to let out a stilted, needful moan that has your core clenching with unadulterated desire.
He wrenches your fingers from his hair with his one unoccupied hand and pins your wrist to the door, palms flat, the dangerous look in his eyes making you simultaneously do the same with the other even without his command.  
“You better not move, then.”  You nod, breath bated as he steps back ever so slightly and then abruptly sinks to his knees at your feet, his gaze fixing hungrily on the glistening sheen that covers the tops of your thighs.  “Open up for me, love.”  Swallowing back the nerves that are turning your stomach topsy-turvy, you gingerly shift your feet further apart, encouraged by the firm hand Jin has placed against your inner thigh, gradually sliding upward to the spot you're aching for him most.  “That's a good girl.”
You blush profusely at his praise, biting your lip as you watch the way he so thoroughly examines your core before sliding an exploratory finger through your folds, collecting up all your sweet nectar and then depositing it straight into his mouth.
You're transfixed, panting with excitement as you watch him lick up every drip, more kitten than panther, his tail shuddering with pleasure at the flavour of you coating his tongue.  
“You're just as delicious as I thought,” he muses up at you before delving between your legs with no prior warning, yearning for a better taste, his fabric filled fist keeping your hip pressed firmly to the door as you let out a high-pitched yelp, body jolting.  
His pouty lips locate your clitoris with startling accuracy, his nose pressed to the mound of your pubis as they wrap around the hard little nub and he begins to suck fiercely at it, flicking with the tip of his tongue till your hips are twisting uselessly under the press of his hand, your head thrown back against the door, fingers twitching with the want to tangle in his hair and drag him even further in.  
“Oh god,” you moan through clenching teeth, your pelvis rocking forward, pleasure flooding through your core and making your legs begin to quake.  The sinful noises he's making between your legs, the way in which he eats from you as though you're his very first and last meal; it's all too much, and when he presses a finger inside your velvety walls they contract greedily around the intrusion, craving more and more and more.  
He pumps it in and out of you, waiting till you're mewling and whimpering before adding to the stretch with a second probing finger, his tongue lapping messily at your clit. When he begins to curl those two fingers inside you - seeking out the rough bundle of nerves that have you crying out on its discovery - it takes barely any time for him to bring you to your high.  
Pleasure wrecking your body is a series of shudders and shakes, you release your orgasm onto his face, a fresh gush of wetness coating his lips and his chin so that they shine when he tilts them up to look at you, smiling with satisfaction.
Jin wipes his mouth as he rises to his feet, and you can only watch with rapidly rising and falling chest as the gorgeous man in front of you slowly removes his jacket.  With no sense of urgency at all he turns to hang it nearly amongst the other coats, and when he turns back towards you he's in the process of rolling up each of his sleeves to reveal strong, caramel coloured forearms.  
“You’re so pretty when you cum,”  he tells softly you as he comes back towards you, a very obvious bulge to the crotch of his pants that he briefly runs his palm across, his dark bangs hanging in front of his eyes.  “But I bet you'll look even prettier doing it on my cock.”  
Jin’s words make you groan past your bitten lips, a fresh wave of want washing over you regardless of your freshly fucked out state.  You want him, you want more, and you want it now.  
Unable to keep your hands to yourself for any longer, you make a grab for his shirt.  Hastily, you untuck it from his pants whilst Jin smiles on, amused by the needy way in which you grab and pull at him.  He lets you unbutton almost all of his shirt, too, enough to let it hang open for you to begin to placing sloppy, open-mouthed kisses across his flawlessly smooth chest whilst your hands are tugging at his belt.  
“So eager for me, aren't you love?” he chuckles, running a hand through your hair, but you're long past the point of blushing now.  You wipe the smirk of his face with a hard and passionate kiss as your hand sneaks under the waistband of both his boxers and his pants, swelling with pride at the way he grunts out a moan into your kiss when you wrap your palm around the girthy length you find hidden inside.
You stroke him keenly within the confines of his boxers, pre-cum smearing on your fingers as he once again slams you back against the door with a renewed fervour.
God forbid anyone be standing right outside; they'd easily be able to discern what was going on.  
“You want it that bad, huh?” he hisses when you squeeze him firmly, rolling your hips against his.  “Fuck.”  Jin snatches your hand out of his boxers with his sharply uttered curse and then grabs a hold of your thigh, hooking it up and over his hip before shoving his pants and boxers down around his thighs, cock releasing to press directly against your mound whilst you grab at the magnificently wide breadth of his shoulders for support.  
It's hot and it's heavy and it's so close to being inside that you're practically burning with the need for it, grinding yourself against him and mewling like some sort of cat yourself.  
“You'll get it, love, don't you worry.”  Jin releases your thigh knowing that you'll willingly keep it in place despite however it may ache, looking down as he takes his cock between thumb and forefinger to guide it between your legs, your core contracting with excitement when you feel the swollen head begin to nudge its way inside.  
“O-oh fuck!” you curse at the momentary burn of the stretch as he breaches you with the entirety of his length with one strong, upward thrust, smacking into your cervix and then pausing there with a minute rocking of his hips whilst you both become accustomed to the intensity of having Jin's cock nestled so deeply inside you. “Oh god, Jin, fuck, you feel…”  At a loss for words, your head flops forward to rest on his, both of your brows already covered in a thin coating of sweat.  The kiss that Jin plants onto your lips is strangely chaste, yet the voice he speaks in following it most definitely is not; hoarse and full of barely contained desire.  
“I haven't even gotten started yet, love.”  Grabbing at your thigh and hitching it as high as he can, Jin slides out of you all the way to the tip and then thrusts back inside with a grunt of exertion and a banging of the door, and when you call out his name, fingernails digging into his shoulders, he does it again, and again, spearing you on his cock with a pace that gradually gains more and more speed til he's fucking into you so savagely that it's all you can do to hold on and try not to break apart.  
“Do you know many times I've imagined sitting you on my lap in my office chair and having you bounce up and down on my cock? Or bending you over my desk and making you cum so hard you're begging me to stop?” Jin grunts through clenched teeth as he takes you like the half-animal he is, the feline points of his canines visible between his parted lips.  
Not expecting a reply from you save the strangled moan you so willingly give, he continues,
“Do you really think I would chose a fucking house cat over you?  You think I'd want someone like her carrying my legacy, my kittens?  I would break her, my love - not like you.”  
Convinced you've slipped into some sort of delirious fever dream, you let your eyes slip closed and Jin's words wash over you from where you've tucked your head at the curve of his neck, whimpering with pleasure as he enters you again and again, aiming for your g-spot and finding it almost every single time thanks to the angling of the position in which he holds you flush against him.  
“She could never take my cock like this, love - fuck - not like you.”  Jin lets go of your dress and it tumbles to hang around where you're joined, darkening with the juices of your lovemaking as his thumb makes contact with your clit, rubbing it in circles.  Your blood aflame, your flushed skin prickling with ecstasy, you cry out for him, smothering it against his throat.  
He's breathing hard now, struggling to keep up such a pace yet never does he falter.  
“She could never nurture my young so beautifully as you.”  Your pussy clenches hard around Jin’s cock at the thought of him wanting to claim you so completely as to impregnate you and fill you full of his seed, and when Jin feels he groans loudly, somehow growing even harder inside, stretching you even further.
“Fuck, you’d look so good all swollen up with my litter.  Say the word, love, and I’ll breed you over and over and over.” He punctuates each word with a sharp thrust of his hips, rubbing even harder at your clit, and as he clamps his teeth into your neck in a savage bite of your flesh you very nearly lose your mind, dangling over the precipice of your orgasm and longing to fall.  
“Oh god, Jin, please!  Please do it, please!” you beg of him, grabbing with one hand at the back of his hair and tugging so hard that Jin detaches himself from your neck with a near-roar, his tail lashing wildly behind him.
“Yeah?  You want me to cum in you?  Want me to fill you full of my kittens?”
“Please, please!”  It's an empty threat, though Jin might not know it.  Your birth control would make pregnancy a near impossibility but the thought of it turns you on regardless, and as you continue to beg and plead for Jin to fill you full of his seed it seems to be doing the same for him.  
“Cum for me again, love, cum with me,” he grunts as his rhythm becomes increasingly unsteady, sweat beading down his brow, “Milk it out of my cock - show me how much you want it.”
A well-aimed flick of his thumb against your clit and one more thrust inside, and you're cumming so hard that there's white flashing behind your eyes.  You call out Jin's name as your core clenches around him over and over again to bring him to his undoing, and it's your name he groans out too as he spills out every drop of his essence inside of you, his head nestled in the space between your breasts.  You can feel it leaking out, spilling down the inside of your thighs even as it keeps on coming pulse after pulse, Jin’s ears quivering as his whole body does the same, and you too are shaking as you cling to him, trying to catch your breath.  
“Are you alright, love?” he asks softly as he stands to full height, placing your foot back on the floor as he very gently eases himself out of you.  Body aching all over, you limply nod your head, still too high to properly formulate coherent reply.  
Your dress falls immediately back into place as Jin steps back, and if it weren't for your swollen lips, the stains maring its front, and the glaringly obvious bite mark at the base of your neck, you might've actually been able to conceal what the two of you have been up to.  Not that you particularly care; you'll happily wear his mark like a badge of honour, so smitten are you with the man who's stood in front of you carefully buttoning up his shirt, smiling.  
“Satisfied?”  Again, you nod, grieving the loss of the sight of his chest as its hidden away and Jin chuckles, tail flicking happily as he shucks his jacket back on, too, leaving his shirt untucked.  Walking back over to you, he tenderly brushes your cheek with his thumb, briefly glancing at the mark on your neck he's left behind.  “And do you believe me now, when I say that you're beautiful?”  
Your lips twitch into a playful smile that Jin returns, and when you press your lips to his in a kiss that lingers you almost swear you can feel him purr, chest rumbling with contentedness.  
“Will you take me home and try to convince me again if I say no?”
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lavishedinjimin · 3 years ago
© lavishedinjimin 2021 — all rights reserved.
Tumblr media
𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖘 𝖒𝖆𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖑𝖎𝖘𝖙 𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖙𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖘 𝖒𝖔𝖘𝖙𝖑𝖞 18+ 𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖙. 
I no longer accept any kind of distribution of my work, whether on YouTube, Wattpad, AO3, etc. This is my only account. 
If I see someone stealing my work, I will take immediate action. Please contact this account if you see a plaigarized excerpt. My inbox is open for any concerns, suggestions, and constructive criticism!
Tumblr media
bts kinky hours masterlist ↴
smutty drabbles to please your sexual frustrations 
Tumblr media
𝕽𝖊𝖆𝖈𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖘 ↴
✻ Something about when they’re jealous 
✻ Something about first dates 
✻ Something about when they’re drunk
✻ Something about being dirty/horny 
✻ Something about being unbothered when their s/o catches him masturbating 
✻ Something about them being your roommates
✻ Something about you being cautious with money
✻ Something about the little things you do that turns them on 
✻ Something about them being dads [hyung line] [maknae line] 
✻ Something about making him breakfast in bed 
✻ Something about being secretly in love with you 
✻ Something about hearing you speak another language 
✻ Something about replying to a thirst tweet on Twitter
✻ Something about replying to a thirst tweet on Twitter (2)
✻ Something about seeing you wear lingerie for the first time 
✻ Something about their little kinks in bed 
✻ Something about them finding out that you’re still a virgin 
✻ Something about riding them for the first time 
✻ Something about going bare for the first time 
✻ Something about eye contact during sex 
✻ Something about you being a modern prince/princess
✻ Something about hearing their s/o use the safeword
✻ Something about getting caught having sex by another member
✻ Something about getting turned on from dirty talk 
✻ Something about being so submissive that it turns them on 
✻ Something about their girlfriends acting bratty
✻ Something about upsetting/angering BTS 
✻ Something about finding out that you saved their contact as ‘daddy’ (NEW!)
Tumblr media
𝕶𝖎𝖒 𝕾𝖊𝖔𝖐𝖏𝖎𝖓 ↴ 
✻ Unbothered  – crack, 0.5k
Y/n was holding craft scissors to cut Jin’s hair. Yes, craft scissors - but were the two couple really bothered about it, though?
✻ At the end of the day – arrangedmarriage!au, fluff/angst, 4.3k
You were not a fan of marrying someone you hardly know about, and you just want to be like everyone else and do what you want to do. But that's exactly not the case. Since birth, you were arranged to marry this man named Seokjin. You thought that he didn’t have any interest in marrying you at all, but you assumed wrong.
Tumblr media
𝕸𝖎𝖓 𝖄𝖔𝖔𝖓𝖌𝖎 ↴
✻ Shakespeare  – smut, 1.3k 
In which Y/N comes home after a stressful day in school and Yoongi takes care of her in a rather different way.
✻ Vanilla – non-idol!au, angst, 2.0k
After Yoongi cheats with another woman in bed, your reaction was nothing as he was expecting at all.
✻ Eargasm  – phonesex!au/sexhotline!au, smut, 9.5k 
The idea of having your first ever orgasm by talking to a hot, random stranger through your phone scares the living hell out of you, but maybe it won’t be as bad as you think.
Tumblr media
𝕵𝖚𝖓𝖌 𝕳𝖔𝖘𝖊𝖔𝖐 ↴
✻ Coffee break  – mover!au, fluff, 2.1k 
Just a simple coffee break with the cute mover boy wouldn’t hurt at all – right?
Tumblr media
𝕶𝖎𝖒 𝕹𝖆𝖒𝖏𝖔𝖔𝖓 ↴
✻ Empty – angst, 1.8k
Every day, every hour, every minute, Y/N has no appetite or urge to eat whatsoever; unless someone reminds her to. Namjoon’s tight schedule caught him distracted and unattended, but it was his duty as a boyfriend. But things didn’t go well as they both wanted.
✻ Proper Training – hybrid!au, smut/fluff/angst, 9.5k 
Namjoon was not expecting such a random hybrid crying at his doorstep on a rainy night. After learning more about you and your past, he was determined to help such a precious little one like you. Perhaps you just needed some proper guidance and training.
Tumblr media
𝕻𝖆𝖗𝖐 𝕵𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖓 ↴
✻ Too Irresistible  – sub!jimin, smut, 1.2k
In which Jimin has too many charms that make people to immediately like him. But sometimes, it gets out of hand, and Y/N has to do something about it.
✻ White lace  – fwb!au, smut, 2.0k
It was your birthday, and just something about that white lace on your body really does some things to Jimin. 
✻ Little girl – vampire!au, smut, 6.0k
After you’ve agreed to go to a campfire with your friend, she introduces you to a rather unique group of people. But then you meet Jimin, who had a way different first impression than everyone else.
✻ Cowards in love – f2l!au, smut, angst, fluff, 9.5k 
You and Jimin had been friends for a long seven years. But will a novel coworker of yours replace the tightly-knit bond you had with Jimin?
Confess? He can’t. He’s too afraid of that. 
Tumblr media
𝕶𝖎𝖒 𝕿𝖆𝖊𝖍𝖞𝖚𝖓𝖌 ↴
✻ Over the line  – smut, 2.1k
Y/N just wanted to run errands, but as she got home, a needy Kim Taehyung flooded her phone.
✻ Stunning  – fluff, 0.6k
In which Y/N finds herself swooning over how good Taehyung looks in a suit.
✻ A little bit of sugar, daddy – sugardaddy!au, smut
Taehyung - a sugardaddy and a businessman, a man who derives his life from sex, pleasure, and money. Y/n - a girl working at a small cafe, whose sex life is as dry as the weekly delivered coffee beans. Will Y/n adjust to the new lifestyle she agreed to, and keep up with all of the dirty antics with Taehyung?
chapters: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, (hiatus)
✻ Dinner plans – smut, 0.3k 
In which Taehyung tells you their evening plans as you fuck. 
✻ Muse – f2l, art students!au, smut, 17.4k (NEW!)
Out of all the things in the world, one final project at the end of the semester was the least of your expectations. What you didn’t expect, though, was partnering up with Kim Taehyung, the most respected senior artist on campus. But what the—he wants to do what with you?!
Tumblr media
𝕵𝖊𝖔𝖓 𝕵𝖚𝖓𝖌𝖐𝖔𝖔𝖐 ↴
✻ Suck – smut, 0.9k 
In which Y/n finds a horny Jungkook on her couch, mesmerized as she watched him jerk off to her name.
✻ Brother’s best friend – bbf!au, smut, 5.3k 
In which Y/n runs a smut blog dedicated to her crush and brother’s best friend, Jungkook. It was all fun and games until he finds out about it and acts your kinks out with you.
✻ Room 109 – alphawolf!au, smut, 6.7k
Having Jungkook as your apartment buddy was a lot to get used to. But with one early day, your heat comes up much stronger than usual, and you were desperate for an alpha’s touch. 
✻ Crybaby – ddlg!au, smut, 9.6k 
He calls you crybaby, crybaby. But you don’t fucking care. alt: In which you cry a lot during sex and Jungkook seems to enjoy it.
Part 2 – smut, 3.7k, Part 3  – smut, fluff, 12k (completed)
✻ all the good girls go to hell – devil!au, smut/slight angst, 10k
The Angels made a deal with Jeon Jungkook, the son of Lucifer, to help them bring Y/n back to her good, prim and proper self. Even though Jungkook grants the atrocious plan, he leaves a lesson that no one should give their trust to a wicked devil like him.
✻ Hickeys 101 – dilf!au, smut, 8.6k 
After Jungkook catches you messing around with another boy, he was determined to teach you a lesson you’ll only learn from a father… well, step-father.
Tumblr media
𝕹𝖊𝖙𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖐𝖘 ↴
Tumblr media
© lavishedinjimin 2021.
— since 2018.
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lemonjoonah · 2 years ago
Beastly Gods (M)
Tumblr media
Pairings:  Hybrid!Taehyung x Reader x ??? Word Count: 8K Rating: M Genre: Hybrid AU, Thriller, Drama Warnings:  Smut scene (Unprotected Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Fingering, Cum Play), Blood, Captivity, Themes of Obsession and Ownership.
Summary: ‘Don’t leave the forest,’ a rule that you've been forced to follow since birth, but you are tired of living in this wooden cage. Out of desperation you cut a deal with Taehyung, who claims to be the only one who can get you out safely, even though he might be just as dangerous as the god you’re trying to escape.
AN: Not your typical Hybrid AU. At first I was going to release secondary love interest information, but then I thought, fuck it, you’ll guys will just have to wait until the end to see who watches over the forest *Cackles*. Story is dedicated to @lovelesscherry​ who reblogged a cabin room photo that started this whole mess of an idea. 
A large oak stands in front of you as your best method to reach the sky, the only tool you have for your small calculated rebellion.
You’ve been taught since birth, ‘Don’t leave the forest. As long as you remain within the woods you are safe, but  anything which goes out beyond the line of trees is his to take. ’ The lessons refer to the so called protector of your forest, a self proclaimed god, and the one you live to hate. Some have made attempts to leave over the years, to go past the tree line but none of them have returned. The people of your village believe them to be dead but you hold out hope that maybe they found something better.
You grab the first branch and haul yourself up. The first step is always the most difficult, with such a large distance between it and the forest floor. Going from there is only too easy, stepping from limb to limb as you make your rise to the top.    
Three generations of your people have resided in this place. Some call it home but to you it is nothing more than a cage. The branches creating the bars which entrap you in this life. You wish to see the open sky unobscured by the reach of the trees, so everyday you make the climb to the highest tree top you can.
Those that had made previous attempts to escape left the forest perimeter on the ground, but you take your brief moment of freedom from up high. You delight in having found a weakness in his pen, one god surely would have difficulty watching all sides of the forest, why would he even bother to check the treetops? Up here you are safe, you are free. It may seem like a pointless rebellion but to you it’s everything, reaching beyond the branches has become your way of showing that you are not complacent.
On this climb you barely rise above the majority of the treeline. You yearn to go even higher but the next set of branches are too weak to support your weight. Settling in with your against the trunk you watch the birds soaring off in the distance, envying their wings and their freedom.
You’re only able to remain in your tree top few minutes each day, concerned that someone might find you up here. Those in the village believe you will bring the gods wrath upon them if you act out in any way. They have no wish to anger your keeper, fearing that your bloody history would play out once again...  
In their effort to reach new scientific heights, your ancestors had brought on the downfall of their own human race. They thought to create a new species, one that was half human, half animal, with an intent to be used and to fill a variety of purposes. Little did your people know that they would revolt, a hybrid’s power could not be tamed, and they had no wish to be formed into a mould of a domesticated pet. The hybrids were so deeply ingrained in the lives of humans that it was only too easy for them to take control. They used all of the knowledge they had gathered and strength they had been breed to wield against their owners in a revolution.
The hybrids rose above their masters to take their place as gods. They took everything away that could be used against them, and divided your surviving race among their own. Your ancestors were sent to hide in the forest to live under the hybrids rule, their protection, while paying homage and give offerings to the new lords, and that is where your people have resided ever since.
When the divide first happened there were stories of these gods fighting each other for territory, trying to take humans from under another’s rule, or lay claim to land that was not their own.  People say that they know each other’s weakness, that only gods can find a way to end the reign of another. But from what you know there has been no such question of your past gods’ or their descendants’ authority.
Once a week your village is expected to leave an offering at the edge of the forest. In exchange for the ‘protection’ given to your village you supply the beastly god with food. There’s no extravagant ceremony you simply leave the sack in the designated spot and leave. In the past you’ve been tempted to stay and see if you could witness the so-called-god, but he has never shown himself while you’re there.  
Your walk to the edge is quiet, raising the hairs on the back of your neck. The usual sounds of the forest fail to reach this far with the only noise coming from the cracking of twigs beneath your feet. You are steps away from your intended location when your path becomes blocked, a massive feathered creature falling to the ground in in front of you.
In a panic you hide behind the nearest tree to observe the fallen beast. Your curiosity begs you to watch, outweighing the fear which orders you to flee.
Glossy black wings that could easily be twenty feet in span, sprout from a back of a male who currently lays face down in the dirt. The hybrid lets out a groan and a swear punching the ground on which he rests with a gloved fist. As he lifts his head you slide back to conceal yourself.
“Human?” He calls out to you. “I know your there, I can hear you breathing.”
You tremble and your back presses into the bark of the trunk. Your hand covering your mouth in a last ditch attempt to conceal yourself.
“I can still hear you.... I need your assistance.”
“I am to leave food nothing else, that’s the agreement.” You call out.
“Yes, you’re right, but I rather get out of here before the one who injured me comes to finish me off. I’ll make a deal with you if you assist me”
“Who injured you?” You asked with a quaking voice.
“A god who keeps you here, one who watches this forest.” His reply encourages you to poke out from behind the tree to view the beast. Could it be? Someone has finally come to challenge your gods rule?
His face is dirty and bruised but even that can not hide the sharpness to his facial features. His shirt is an unusual fashion, flowing down from over top of his shoulders and lacing just under the bottom of his wing. It appears to be intact with no wounds showing, but on his gloves you notice a dark stain, that of blood.
Wings splay out behind him, one fully extended but the other is curled and dragging on the ground slightly hidden from you.  “I’m glad to see that I have your attention now.” A smirk crosses his face as he looks upon you with the same curiosity that you have for him.
“W-why are you here?”
“Property dispute.” He laughs as if it’s a joke, but it seems that immediately regrets his decision when a pained look crosses his face. His damaged wing shifts closer, allowing you to see several broken feathers at it’s crest along with the deep read stain of blood. “I need your help.”
“Why should I?” He might not be the god who has entrapped you here, but that doesn’t mean he is innocent either.
“You want to get out of this forest don’t you? I’m too injured to fly, I need you to hide me in the forest while I heal. Do this and I’ll take you out of here.”
He needs permission to set foot on the grounds of your forest, that was the deal struck when your race was confined, they have their space and you have yours. “How long before you can fly again?”
He looks at the damage to his wing carefully, “It’s difficult to say maybe a couple weeks, maybe month?”
“A month! You want me to hide you for a month?”
“I’ll need food and a place to rest as well. What’s one month when it will give you a life outside of this forest?”
You ponder his offer with a bite to your lip, the wings you have longed for have finally come to you, but unfortunately they are attached to... conditions. “When you’re healed, you promise to get me out of here?”
“When I can fly I promise you’ll never have to come back to these woods again.” He struggles to stand his wing weighing him down with him unable to lift it properly.
Emboldened by the guarantee of freedom you approach him carefully, ready to flee if he makes even the slightest aggressive move.
“Such a skittish little dove,” He remarks on your stance.
“That’s not my name,” You respond flatly.
“Oh then what is?” He pries, but you consider that information might be best to keep to yourself. He smiles, clearly seeing the conflict rise up in you, “No matter, you can call me Taehyung if you wish. We should get moving before he comes back. I may have injured him too but I don’t think it was as bad as my own state.”
“What do you need me to do?”
“Come here,” he prompts you to move closer with an outreached hand.
Taking your arm he places you at his side, “I can’t hold it up very easily myself.” His injured wing nudges at your back, “May I?” You nod looking hesitant with the weight of the wing unsure if you’ll be able to support it either.
With a groan he stretches it out, the bridge of the wing comes to rest on your shoulders, the soft feathers tickling at your neck. It’s not as heavy as you expect, but there’s a warmth to it as if you’re wrapped in a down blanket. Relief breaks across his face, “Thank you,” he whispers with a deep sigh.
“I live a far bit outside of the village, you should be fine in my cabin as long as you don’t take any excursions.”
“Yes Little Dove,” He gives you a wide boxy smile, an indication that he might not be taking you as seriously as you hoped.
“I mean it, if someone even catches a glimpse of your face let alone your wings they’ll know something’s not right.” Your people would be furious if they found out you invited one of them in. They may obey the hybrid’s laws but it’s out of fear, not respect.
Your progress is slow, but that allows you to ease back to your door under the cover of darkness. As soon as you step inside you draw the curtains closed and light a couple of lamps in the small living room. “Sit down, I’ll fetch something for your wound.” You press him onto the couch while you find your supplies
Your kit looks grim. Alcohol and bandages will have to suffice, your stock has run low and the salve has reached the bottom of the tin.
As you return to him you can see that he is having difficulty reaching the wound with its location on the crest of his wing just behind his shoulder. “I think I’ll need your assistance again.”
“I-I don’t, I’ve never looked after...” You know the wings of birds to be fragile and the thought of damaging it more worries you.
“I can direct you.”
The cut for the most part has clotted and it doesn’t appear too deep, but this spot must incur a lot of strain during flight, making it impossible for him to fly in such a state.
Taehyung takes your hand hovers it over the affected area. He looks back to direct your touch as you stand in front of where he sits. “You see the broken and crooked feathers?” You nod touching the very tip of one. “Those are going going to have to come out.”
“They’ll grow back and it’s just a couple.” There are maybe five or six at most that look to be in terrible shape, but that doesn’t make the thought of what you are about to do any less daunting. You grab the first by it’s base and look back to him to make sure. Taehyung gives you a nod to proceed. As the stem dislodges he grabs your waist, his head leans into you while he gasps.
“Sorry,” You mutter unsure of what else to say.
“No it’s fine keep going.”
With the next feather his other wing unfurls and beats angrily knocking a chair over in the process. A slight whimper escapes him drawing pity from you. You had expected his kind to be strong and without pain but here he is exhibiting a weakness.
“Almost done,” You whisper as his long fingers continue to hold you.
After pulling out the last, you step back from him, with a  half dozen quills in your hand. You examine the black plumage carefully, admiring their beauty and the way they shine in the candle light.
You can feel Taehyung’s eyes on you, watching you as your fingers glide over the feathers. You blush offering them back to the winged man.
“You can keep them Little Dove,” he chuckles, “I have plenty.”
You smile, embarrassed by the fact that he had caught your interest in them. Soaking a cloth in the clear alcohol you move forward again, with the broken feathers out of the way you have a better view of the cut. You perch yourself carefully not hovering this time but kneeling next to him on the couch with one leg between his to get a closer look. There a bit of dirt from his fall, you can only hope that the alcohol will be enough to prevent it from getting infected. “This is going to hurt too,” you warn him.
“I doubt it will be worse than... fu-fuck!” His good wing curls round closing in as he pulls you to his chest in reaction to the pain. You are the one to gasp this time as his mouth nips down on your shoulder.
“Taehyung?” You make an attempt to pull his hands off but his grip digs in like a pair of talons latching to its prey. “Taehyung, that hurts! You have to let go, you have to let me finish.” He releases you slowly but you can still feel him winch with every touch of the cloth. Finding a fresh linen you question how you should secure it. It’s not like you can wrap it in place that would have to encompass the entire width of his wing and might damage some of his other feathers.
You take a look through your cupboards looking for anything that might function as an adhesive. Your eyes settle on a golden jar of honey, it’s a decent antiseptic and hopefully it should make the cloth stick too. With the flat of a spoon you spread it over the bandage and place it carefully on, you smile in success when it appears to be secure.
“Thank you Little Dove, I guess you humans have a few more uses than I thought,” He laughs.
Your face falls at his comment, remembering what he truly is. What his kind have done to your people. “Get some sleep, you’ll need it to heal.” You growl standing to make a swift exit to your room.  
“Wait, how am I supposed to sleep with my wings on a couch?” He whines back looking confused by the change in your tone.
“Figure it out yourself, I’ve just reached the limit of my usefulness.” You throw back at him in anger, slamming your bedroom door shut behind you. He’s your ticket out of here, one month and your free, one month and you can escape this enclosed life and try to find something even greater. You look down to the feathers in your hand and set them on your side table, wishing that you could have your own and not have to rely on his.
Sleep does not come easy that night, every sound from the other room has you wondering what the beast might be up to, and whether you can actually trust him to keep his side of the bargain.
You rise with the sun peering in the large window of your bedroom. Carefully stepping out to your living room you find Taehyung sprawled out on the couch, cuddling one of the cushions while his injured wing lays flat, propped up by one of your chairs. On the stove fire you bring a pot of water to boil, using it to fill two bowls of oatmeal and a basin.
You try to wake him, but after calling his name and shaking his shoulder you find this task to be pointless. The bandage has to be changed before you leave, if he refuses to wake up beforehand he will within a minute or two after you start. You dip the rag into the basin of warm water and place it over the gauze patch melting the honey to allow for an easier removal.
You can see a sleepy smile creep onto Taehyung’s face, he abandons the pillow and allows his arms to trail over you instead. This all comes to a halt as you remove the bandage. His eyes fly open as a hiss greets you. “What the hell?”
“What? I tired to wake you, but I guess I can’t help you with that either.”
“Fuck,” He groans in pain, “I’m sorry okay? It was a stupid comment.”
“If you are going to stay here you either respect me as an equal, or I’ll throw you out of the cabin. I have to leave soon, so let me finish. I made you food, not sure if you’re able to eat it though.”
“I’m not picky, my kind can eat anything.”
You reapply the honey to a new linen square and dress the wound once again, as he takes the bowl of porridge.
After finishing you gather your cloak and boots that you discarded haphazardly the day before.
“Where are you going?” He looks up to you before taking another bite of his meal.
“I’m one of the foragers, I look for additional food that’s not grown on the smaller farms, mushrooms berries, nuts, whatever we can get our hands on.” You explain while tying a boot.
His eyes grow wide, “You shouldn't go out there it’s not safe for you.”
“Yeah well, your kind should have thought of that before you drove us into the second dark age.”
“That was for your safety too. It wasn’t just about our freedom, you humans have a way of destroying yourselves and everything around you, my ancestors were trying to protect what was left.”
“Then it should be perfectly fine now...” you goad him.
“Stay away from the edge of the forest,” He instructs. “And don’t climb any trees.”
“How did you...” You stop for a second stunned by his knowledge of your little secret.
“Please, just trust me.” Taehyung gives not further explanation, he only stares back at you with a distinct look of sincerity.
You wish you could question him more but you have to leave, or some of the other foragers might come to your cabin to find you.
You return that evening to find Taehyung wide eyed with worry. He smiles brightly at you but the stress and confinement has clearly left him agitated.
“Okay talk, you clearly know more than you let on.”
“I’m not sure what...”
“Don’t climb any trees?” You throw your cloak down on the chair beside you in frustration. You thought all day about the possibilities and the questions you need to ask of him, wasting no time before grilling him with your inquiries, “How do you know that I do that when no one else in this village does. Why are you really here?”
“I’ve seen you before,” Taehyung looks down at his feet while he exposes his truth. “When you were climbing. I had never seen a human do that before, you peaked my interest.”
“Really? That was why you came?”
“What can I say? My kind have a weakness for pretty things... and you’re little rebellion drew me in.” He looks back to you again with a side smile. “I wanted to come find you, maybe even take you from this place. Your god does not have your best interest at heart, or at least the type of freedom you desire.”
“What is he?”  
“A winged creature the same as myself, a crow hybrid.”
“But today you said I wasn’t safe, what’s changed from all the days before?”
Taehyung takes a deep breath looking hesitant to share the next bit of information with you, “Rumour is that he’s looking for a mate, and has you in mind. I’m not the only one who saw you climbing. You look so very much at home in the trees, I can see why he chose you.”
You are beyond revolted by the thought, bile begins to rise in your throat, a panic sets in as you consider the imposing threat of a god’s affection. You sit down next to Taehyung cowering with you hands on your face, “But he can’t, he can’t take me. He made a pact with my people, he can’t even set foot in the forest unless we give permission.”
“No he can’t,” Taehyung removes your grip from yourself, and takes your chin in his own hands to ensure that you are focused on him, that you take in every word as cautionary advice. “Not unless you leave the forest with him, for your sake don’t leave my side. No matter what happens, no matter what tricks he plays or what he might do to persuade you, don’t leave with anyone else but me. If you step outside with him willingly you become his property. If that happens I can’t save you.”
“You were hurt before, do you really think we can leave if he is determined?”
“I do, I was caught off guard when he attacked. Let’s just say I have friends in high places who will prevent that from happening again.”
The weeks that follow are by no means unpleasant. Although the hybrid was arrogant at first he soon comes down to your level. While you tell him of your life here and your true name, he returns the favour of your honestly with tales of flight and what it feels like to soar through the sky.
You had no idea what to expect living with him, there some habits that of his you enjoy, and others that can be a little... frustrating. You once spent half an hour looking for your cloak only to find that Taehyung had stolen it to add to his bed. He apologized saying that it is a trait of his kind. Little things of yours still go missing though, most are found in the same place, wrapped within the nest of blankets that he has created on the couch, but there must be a half dozen objects which you’ve never managed to track down again. As an apology for taking your belongings he leaves feathers on your pillow. A smile crosses your face each time as you add them to the collection on your bedside table. This soft ink-black bouquet has become the focal point of your room, one from which you cannot draw your eyes away, a lure that leads your thoughts back to Taehyung even after you leave him for the night.
To your delight his wing is healing rapidly, everyday you feel one step closer to freedom. He couldn’t have come at a better time with the pressures from your village. They have been telling you that it’s time to settle down, to stop living with your head in the clouds, and start thinking about the future of this little town and how you can contribute. But every time they bring up the possibility of a match your mind drifts to Taehyung.
You haven’t even escaped with him yet but when you’re with him you feel unrestrained. How he rather observe your actions and listen to your thoughts rather than criticize them like those in your village. He is the only one to have ever give you a choice in what you wanted, and now because of that you find yourself longing for him.          
“You shouldn’t go out there today Little Dove,”
“I won’t go near the edge of the forest.”
“No it’s not just that. There’s a storm coming.” You notice the slight shiver to his skin as he says those words. The feathers of his wings ruffle and puff out, he looks as if his instinct is telling him to flee.
You begin to worry but not for the same reasons, a winter storm this early could be devastating to the food collection.
“I have to, if there’s is a storm on the way we need to gather everything we can before it’s covered in snow. I’ll keep an eye out and come back before it hits.”
You know that Taehyung would want you to stay close but in all good conscience you can’t. Instead you push yourself even further into the depths of the forest, separating from the rest of the party. You reach areas to forage that you usually don’t use until later in the season. With winter on it’s the way sooner than expected you can’t afford to miss this opportunity to gather all you can.
It was a stupid thing to do you realize on your trek back, you’re not even a quarter of the way home when the freezing rain begins to pelt your cloak. Your hands grow painfully numb from the cold lashing against your skin. An hour later and you are still haven’t returned, your clothes are thoroughly soaked with parts of the cloth freezing in the frigid air.
The day goes from bad to worse when the snow starts, obscuring your vision as it falls from the sky. You can only pray that you are heading in the right direction, as your feet move forward. The world completely awash by the flurry around you.
Your progress slows as you step into the drifts. The icy chill penetrates deep into your legs, leaving you barely able to move, and your mind unwilling to focus on anything other than the warmth you crave. Your sight grows fuzzy, leaving you to question it as you catch glimpses of what you desire, black feathers, littering the ground and the path in front of you. You look to the sky but are only meet with the blanket of white that continues to fall. You can’t be sure if you are just seeing things, that maybe your mind has created a delusion of hope to lead you on. But you follow the trail of feathers regardless, wanting so badly to be embraced by the warm wings you know so well.
Between the gusts of wind you can almost here whispers of the name he has given you, ‘Little Dove.’ You follow the soft voice in a trance desperate to leave this frozen place by any means necessary.
It’s not until you hear shouting behind you that you are shaken from your daze.
“No Little Dove, that’s the wrong way!” Taehyung's voice and arm close in around you blocking out everything else. He shrouds you with a cloak which he too hides beneath. His wings forming a large mound of a back but still hidden from view.
He picks you up and turns back in the direction from which he came. Trudging through the snow drifts that had made you stumble.
Once you reach the cabin he pulls off your cloak and sets you in front of the glowing fire in your bedroom. Proceeding to layer it with log after log until it’s as tall as the stove will allow. Every candle and lamp in the room is lit by his hand. The warmth is slow to hit while your clothes are still frozen. Pulling a blanket from your bed you strip beneath leaving your undergarments on wrapped beneath the heavy fibres.
Taehyung to begins to undress too although modesty does not seem to be a concern of his. Exposing everything to the air except what lies beneath his underwear. He takes a seat next to you on the floor in front of the fire. “You promised you would be back in time. What were you thinking? He almost had you.”
“I lost track of time, when the storm set in I couldn’t see.” Your teeth chatter as you try to absorb the heat.
“You’re lucky I came to find you.”
Taehyung stretches out his wings behind you shaking them slightly to dislodge the moisture that seeped in through his cloak.    
You turn to face one of the wings letting your arm reach up from beneath the blanket. Your fingers brush through his damp feathers, grooming them back into place. There’s a low vibration at the back of his throat as his eyes close.
“Why did you? You’re almost healed you could probably manage flight on your own. It would be easier for you to escape that way.” You pause with your fingers buried deep in down coat of his wing as you look up to his content face.
“Please don’t stop,” he begs looking down to place his hand on yours, urging you to keep going. “I told you I came to find you, I gave you my word. Do you think that I wish to lose you to someone else? Or that I would leave you to escape out there alone?”          
Taehyung takes a deep breath causing his wings to shudder beneath your touch, “Little Dove, I’m sorry I should have told you sooner but the freedom which you were looking for, it does not exist for humans. Not outside of these confined spaces. Those who are found unaccompanied are either killed or taken to maintain control. I question taking you out there without you knowing that it truly is safer in here. I would rather rip these wings off than expose you to those who reside out there. I wish I could live with you in this cage forever, with you and you alone.”
It’s as the village has always told you, but even now knowing the definite truth you still find yourself wishing to leave, “Please keep your promise, I don’t care about the consequences anymore I just need to leave this forest.”
“I won’t break it. I just need to make you aware of what you might see out there. It’s a life of basic instinct, one that you won’t be able to survive alone. If you want to exist in safety you’ll be forced to stay by my side. Do you really think you can handle that Little Dove?” His deep voice echoes through you as his hands trail your back. “What would your people say if they saw you with a beast like me?”
“I don’t care. They are set in their ways with their feet rooted to the ground, they are part of this cage. I’ve never wanted to leave as much as I do now, I want to leave here with you, I want to stay with you.”
Your hand moves from his wing to touch his cheek, when you hesitate an inch from his face he leans in to meet your grasp. His lips graze the skin of your palm as he looks at you through narrowed eyes. It’s as if your touch has woken a demon inside of him, one who demands your surrender, which you are only too glad to give. He rips the blanket from your shoulders and crashes into your chest. His mouth finds yours and wastes no time before claiming the warmth behind your lips.  
Taehyung rises up tugging you off the floor and into his arms, completely encasing you with the walls his wings as you stand against him. Feeling his feathers caress the bareness of your back as you are pressed to his chest sends shivers through you. His mouth nips at your neck with sharp bites. Your feel like the pain should bother you but you find yourself wanting more, more of him, more of this.
You are tired of this enclosure that you live in. How everyone considers the fact that they are being watched, causing them to act too good, too pure, and never giving into what they truly desire. Is it so bad to want feel everything at the hands of the man currently holding you?
“I long for the day where I can leave with you, and tell everyone that you’re mine. I want to show them how I can make you feel.” His hand trails to your chest, reaching behind to unlatch you bra, “The blush rising to your skin,” His hands continue downwards falling next under the band of your underwear pushing them down until they fall to the floor, “the dampness between your legs,” You fold into him as his fingers touch the arousal to which he was just referring, “The look on your face as I take you. Would you like that? To show your god that you belong to me?”
You smile at the thought, your little rebellion becoming far more than climbing trees, “More than anything.”
Taehyung growls with pleasure. “Little Dove.” He turns you around and guides his shaft inside you from behind as your legs wobble on the floor. His hand reaches down to rub the swollen numb at your crest. He stays like that for a moment, no movement no thrusting, just letting you get used to the girth between your legs. Your body begins to overheat, desperate with a wish for him to continue.
“Do you truly want to show him how I fuck you, how you enjoy taking my cock?”
“Yes.” You whisper back only able to answer with a single word while the rest of you voice is lost in a moan.
“As you wish.” Taehyung unfurls his wings and pins you against the large window of your room. A loud cry leaves you from the shock of the cool glass pressing against you. “If he’s watching, let’s give him a show,” He growls in your ear.
The exposure is overwhelming, the window pane is freezing against your sensitive chest, the thought that someone might see you is terrifying, but at the same time you can feel the arousal drip down your thighs as he shoves you against the glass with each thrust. His hands come to find yours against the window and cling to them. While your breath leaves a wave of condensation against the pane.
“Is this okay Little Dove? Do you like how I have you splayed out for all to see?” You nod giving him a whimper as he thrusts once again. “It’s such a pretty sight.” Taehyung whispers into your ear and proceeds to nip at your lobe.
He pulls out and flips you around forcing your back against the glass. Taehyung wraps your arms around his neck before taking one your thighs in each hand. He lifts you up and glides back in. “Fuck Little Dove, if I had known you would be this soft and warm I would have come to you sooner.”  
His pace is relentless as he continues to swell inside you. Pressing even further against you, he helps you to lock your legs around his back. After the coolness of the glass, feeling the warmth of his chest against yours is so soothing that the tightness inside you starts to unravel. You clench down causing him to gasp and swear as you come on his cock. You quake in his arms unable to hang on as the pleasure runs through you.  
“Tae-Taehyung...” You shudder in his hands your head drooping to your arm on the crook of his neck.
“That’s it, sing for me Little Dove.” He forces your head back and snaps down on your neck with his teeth. As you unleash another moan for him, you can feel his warmth spill inside you. He remains within while his lips begin to stroke across your skin, giving a soft caress to the area he just assaulted with his teeth. The rise and fall of his chest slows and matches yours as you both catch your breath.
He lowers you both down to the floor on the discarded blanket in front of the window with you resting on top of him. You make an attempt to reach for a cloth to clean up the cum seeping from you, when Taehyung stops you by folding over his wings to entrap you against him.
“No you don’t, you’re staying right here.”
You blush as you try to explain the reasoning behind your actions, “I’m going to drip all over you...”
“Good,” He reaches around your back, arching himself forward to lay his fingers against your swollen folds. “Why would I want to waste this?” You twitch as the tips run along you slit. “You are mine Little Dove and this proves it.” His index slides inside, drawing a whine from the sensation and twitch at his touch. His other arm wraps around your waist keeping you locked against him as he adds another finger to the first. You continue to writhe against him but he does not relent.
Your hands grip his chest as you find yourself chasing that release once again. Taehyung smiles down at you as you give into him for a second time. His wings draw even closer teasing your back with light touches as his fingers become more ruthless. Your walls close in and throb around his digits as the orgasm tears through you.   
When his fingers pull out you are left with a breathless sigh. He draws his damp tips across your ass and lower back, as his mutters down to you with a smirk. “If you try to clean up again, I promise to paint you with even more of your cum and my own, is that understood?”
You relax against him nodding with a grin, you look to the cloth and consider rebelling for a third time before you fall asleep.
The next morning you wake still cocooned in Taehyung’s wings. The warmth of the sun absorbed in his feather is makes it a cozy spot. You poke your head out to look through the window, finding the forest bright with the light reflecting off the fresh snow and ice layered on the bark.
But as you look further up in the trees you still, unable to believe the sight. Resting on a branch you find a creature with an enormous black wings, a reach even farther than Taehyung’s mounted behind a pair of broad shoulders. The face peering down could easily be that of god, even if it is not truly divine.  
In a panic you shake Taehyung while keeping your eyes on the beast, “Taehyung wake up.”
“Mmm, but you’re so warm Little Dove.”
“H-he’s out there...”
Taehyung shoots up to glance out the window, a look of disdain rooting into his expression as glares up. “Time’s up, we have to go,” He mutters pressing the blanket on to you for cover as you both get up.
“How is he even in the forest? He has no right.”
“You’re laws have holes, he has not set foot on the forest grounds, he has broken no rules by being there. This is why I asked you not to climb the trees.”
You closed the curtains and throw on your nearest outfit, before asking the most important question. “Are you healed enough to fly?”
“I can get you out of here, I can get you to safety, I promise. We have to get to the edge of the forest though, I need more room though can’t take off and fly with you through the trees they’re too narrow.”
You quickly pack small satchel with a few essentials. Your eyes linger on the stray feathers on your table before packing those too. They’ve become so valuable to you, you can’t bear the the thought of leaving them behind.
You both rush out the back door running through the trees heading south to the nearest break in the woods. A shadow looming overhead as you run.
Taehyung stops and looks up as your pursuer does the same, “Keep going I’ll take care of him, wait for me near the edge.”
“Taehyung...” You begin argue back.
“I’ll be fine, just remember what I said.”
Before you can give him another word he runs back towards the god, taking to the trees with one swift leap.
The snow is still deep and uneven in parts slowing your exit, so when the break in the forest appears in front of you, you feel a deep relief. Your freedom is almost here you are so close to touching it. You thought that your wait might be over as a set of black wings lower in front of you, but they are not Taehyung's, nor do they belong to the god who peered down at you from the trees.
The winged man offers you a hand, he puts on a friendly face with a bright smile. “You need to come with me.”
You back away knowing what will happen if you do.
Sensing your fear he urges your hand to come to his once again, “I know Taehyung, I’ll bring him to you once your safe.”
He may know Taehyung’s name but you still can’t trust him, “I’m not leaving with you, I know how your games work.”
“Oh Little Dove, you have no idea...” A wicked smile appears on his face, as he witnesses the rise in confusion with the use of your nickname.
Taehyung comes up from behind pulling you into his arms. “Nice try Hoseok, did you make a deal with Seokjin to distract me?”
“It was worth a shot.” Hoseok’s face falls to bitterness as he looks to the man holding you.
Taehyung looks ready to pounce upon this hybrid too, but Just as Taehyung fell on the day that you meet him another pair of wings darts down from this sky. Although this decent appears to be more calculated, taking down the beast called Hoseok.
“Yoongi...” Taehyung calls out stepping forward to help him.
“Go! I’ve got him.” The hybrid shouts pinning the other beneath him.
Taehyung turns to you, “If you want to leave with me, we have to go now.”    
He holds out his long slender fingers, to take yours. You hesitate but follow through, knowing that you would give anything to escape the wooden cage behind you.
The second your hand touches his and you step over the line he swoops you up into his arms. Seeing the full span of his wings takes your breath away. He holds you close as he lifts from the ground, the smile on your face grows as you reach the unobstructed blue sky, leaving the forest behind. But your joy is short lived for you don’t even travel out of view of the forest before his pace slows.
“Your wing, is it okay?”
“Of course Little Dove,” you turn your head away from the sky to the direction in which you are heading, finding a house built high on the branches of a tree. He sets you down on the balcony of the wooden house and presses you inside with a soft kiss to you check. “Welcome home...”
You look around you surroundings and notice a few of your missing belongings scattered about, from clothes, to jewellery that had been passed down to you, as well as one of your favourite books. You take one of your shirts in hand as you question him, “What do you mean home? Why are we still so close...” Your heart stops as his smile grows. “No, you said you’d keep me safe...”
“My nest is safe, where it always has been, and always will be watching over the forest.”
The god you’ve always hated... the one you’ve always tried to rebel against... the one who was looking for a mate. Stands in front of you with a look of victory etched into his face.
“You didn’t belong in there, your more like my kind than human. I could see it in your eyes, how you craved the open sky. I knew from the first time I saw you in that tree you would make the perfect addition to our nest, how pretty you would look woven into our midst.”
“Our midst?”
The three hybrids you had just seen in the woods descend upon the house... accompanied by three more. As they enter you back yourself into a corner, trying to keep your eyes on every face, every winged enemy that stands in front of you. Not just one god, but seven.
Taehyung follows you making sure not leaving your side, “My brothers and I, just like the crows we descend from we stay together. When we found you we made a deal, whoever took you from the forest by their hand, whoever could convince you to leave would take control of the flock..and you. I was given the first attempt.”
“Your injury, the fighting between you, it was all fake. You tricked me?”
“Oh the injury was real, Jungkook was not happy that he would have to wait. As I said we are beasts, he tried to stop me from meeting you. Just as my other brothers fought me to take their chance and leave with you.
“Last night, in the storm?”
“Jimin,” Taehyung glares over to the shortest male who looks to you with a smirk, “Wanted to see if he could tempt you before I could.”
“You should have continued to follow my voice Little Dove, you were so close. I would have kept you warm.” Jimin coos.  
You stunned to silence you look down to the shirt in your hands, gripping in until your knuckles turn white, fear and anger coursing through you. Taehyung follows you sight, “Forgive me, I traded those things to keep my brothers complacent, to buy more time with you. They were so happy when you accepted their feathers in return, they’ll be even happier to know that you kept them with you.”
You immediately drop the bag that they are contained in, overwhelmed with the feeling that you might be sick.The tallest brother reaches out to you with concern on his face, but the thought of him touching leads you to pull back and him to fall away.
“Don’t worry Little Dove, Namjoon won’t hurt you, none of them will. They’ve dreamt of you just as much as I. They were so thankful for the display you gave last night they could wait no longer to have you too.” Taehyung takes your upper arm and tugs you towards him placing his lips on your neck in a soft kiss.
“Taehyung please, stop. I can’t... I don’t want this.” You beg in tears, trying to pull away.
He holds firm and brushing the dampness from your face, “Nothing has changed between us, I can still give you the sky. I didn’t want to frighten you, can you honestly say that you would have given me a chance if you had known the truth?”
“No, and I still wouldn’t!” You curse your stupidity, letting your desire for freedom blind you from the truth. You leapt from your cage, and landed straight into their nest. A nest high in a tree with no low branches for escape.
“You left off your own accord, you took my hand willingly. Resist if you wish, if it will make you content.” Taehyung smiles in no way dissuaded but your tone, he turns to hold you from behind allowing his brothers to look upon you while he traps you with an arm around you waist. A low whisper from him reaches your ear and seize your soul, “But you should know by now, you can’t climb away Little Dove, every rebellion only brings you closer to me.”
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pasteljeon · 2 years ago
Peppermint Mocha (m)
Tumblr media
Summary: A week in the college life with seven boyfriends.
Pairing: Namjoon/Reader, Jin/Reader, Yoongi/Reader, Hoseok/Reader, Jimin/Reader, Taehyung/Reader, Jungkook/Reader
Warnings: fluff fest, you are advised to visit the dentist following consumption, sub!jungkook, sub!jimin, sub!taehyung, switch!hobi, sub!namjoon (ish), sub!jin, sub!yoongi, handjobs, cock rings, vibrators (anal), oral (male), dry humping, multiple orgasms 
Length: 4.9k
Notes: WHEW i finally finished shdsskd i’m never using google docs ever again, formatting never saves and i had to manually fix the spacing and italicizing i’m scarred for life. i hope this lives up to expectations and i’m sorry it took so long but now i’m gonna disappear for a bit to do midterms lmao lmk what you think!!
College!AU - Film major!Jin (Master’s), photography major!Tae, graphic design & photography double major!JK, philosophy & history double major!Joon, performing dance major!Hobi, contemporary dance major!Jimin, music composition major!Yoongi, unspecified major!reader
Monday, 8:01 AM
“Baby.” A small moan escaped your throat as you snuggled in closer, chasing the warmth that tugged at you.
“Baby, you need to wake up.” Gentle fingers brushed at your cheeks and you nuzzled into the touch as palms cupped your face. “Baby.” Amusement laced his tone, and you knew he was smiling down at you.
Peeking through one eye, lips pouting as you lifted one finger to poke into those infuriatingly gorgeous dimples, Namjoon grinned. “Time for class, baby girl.”
Groaning, you let yourself drop back onto the mattress, watching as he stood. He was already fully dressed for the day, with dark washed jeans, a fitted black turtleneck, silver wristwatch and thin framed lenses that perched on his nose. You melted a bit when he leaned in to press a kiss against your temple. The man looked like he’d stepped out of a fall edition magazine. “Coffee’s on the table, see you at 2.” Namjoon grabbed his keys from the nightstand, slinging his messenger bag over his shoulder as he made his forever timely morning exit. 
“Namjoonie-hyung gone?” You hummed in response as you slipped from the bed, dropping a quick kiss to Jimin’s cheek as you made your way to the bathroom. “Where’s Kook?”
“Still sleeping,” he replied, trailing after you. You relaxed into his hold as you brushed your teeth, him resting his chin on the grove of your shoulder, arms wrapped snugly around your stomach. Moving through the remainder of your skin care routine, Mondays were always a little more bearable with Jimin playfully swiping cream onto your nose, running a brush gently through your hair as you washed your face.
“Remember to drink lots of water, Minnie,” you said as you smoothed back the fabric of his sweater. He kissed you softly, fingers tangling in your locks briefly before he let go, smiling. “See you tonight, jagiya.”
8:15 AM
The mattress dipped lightly as you stroked his cheek, biting back a grin at the plankboard position he liked sleeping in when he was alone. His nose scrunched as you nudged him, letting out a grunt as he turned his head.
“Kookie, it’s time to wake up,” you sang quietly, one hand slipping beneath his covers and running down the length of his bare chest, enjoying the ridges as you squeezed him gently.
He let out a choked gasp, eyes fluttering open instantly as he squirmed. Sleepy cocoa-coloured irises peered at you petulantly. “___ - ” He fell back with a strangled moan, voice thick with lethargy as you stroked him slowly.
“Morning, baby,” you cooed. His cock was heavy and throbbing, precum soaking the front of his boxer briefs as you thumbed his head. Yoongi often remarked at how much joy you took in watching the beautiful man fall to pieces so early in the morning, doe eyes watering as they begged you silently for release.
“___,” Jungkook whimpered, unable to resist thrusting into your touch as you twisted your wrist, your name escaping in a pained whisper. Wicked, his gaze murmured reverently.
“You know you love it,” you whispered, breath warm as you kissed along the curve of his neck.
“I love you,” he moaned, hips jerking as you milked him. You gave him one last squeeze, smirking as he blinked up at you hopefully, cock softening and twitching in overstimulation.
“Maybe later,” you promised, retracting your hand and wiping yourself down. Jungkook looked disappointed but nodded, sitting up. Cringing at the stickiness that stained his abdomen, he kicked off the blankets, yawning as he stretched.
“Join me for a shower?” He peeked at you coyly. You laughed, following him to the bathroom as he stripped down and waited for the water to warm. Washing your hands quickly, you leaned up to kiss his cheek.
“Tonight. I’m already ready. Hobi dropped off some muffins. Want one?” You called over your shoulder.
“Is there any banana milk left?” Jungkook poked his head from the curtains, eyes wide with anticipation.
He ducked back down at your giggled response, grinning happily to himself as he reached for the shampoo.
8:20 AM
“What time will you guys be back today?” Jin asked as you zipped up your boots.
“5:30 ish,” Jungkook answered, propping the door open as he waited for you patiently. Shrugging on a jacket, you hugged the film major tightly.
“I’m cooking tonight. Bring back some glass noodles on your way back?” You pressed a kiss against Jin’s jaw. “Will do, babe.”
8:30 AM
“Another day, another one bites the dust.” You looked up, chewing on a chocolate danish, to see Ahri staring longingly at where a familiar mop of dark hair chatting in the line.
“What?” You said, swallowing. Your friend pointed at you accusingly. “This is exactly what I’m talking about. Seven of the most gorgeous guys to have probably walked this damn earth and they’re all devoted to a single girl. Unbelievable. And you’re just as oblivious as ever. The source of all envy.”
You blinked. “You mean Jungkook?”
The cafe bustled with motion, early as it was, and you finished off your snack as you watched the man in question chatter with two females you recognized from his photography class. Propping your chin up, you gazed at him fondly. “He is quite handsome, isn’t he?”
“You -” She groaned. “I can’t believe you.”
“Hey,” he reached up to thumb the corner of your mouth, wiping at the smear of chocolate, eyes crinkling as he smiled. He took the seat next to you, sliding a cup of jasmine tea across the table. “Thank you.”
“Careful, it’s hot,” he warned, though too late as you cringed back, pouting instantly. “Damn.”
Jungkook huffed a laugh, dabbing at your chin with some tissues before helping you clean up the table.
“You lucky girl,” Ahri sighed, shaking her head as she swept off to Stats.
Jungkook jogged along to catch up as he took his camera from you and slung it over his neck. “What was she saying?”
“Just the truth,” you replied, smiling as he shot you an adorably confused look, settling in the third row.
10:20 AM
It started drizzling halfway through the lecture and Jungkook insisted on swathing you in his triply oversized hoodie before kissing your cheek and parting ways at the Arts Building to his digital media course.
You waited in the atrium, sipping your now cold jasmine tea while scrolling through Tumblr, bag resting at your feet.
“Baby~” Warm arms cradled your body as you turned to see Taehyung’s familiar boxy grin.
“Hi Tae,” you said as you restrapped your bag. “How was Bogum today?” His digital editing professor was notoriously picky but everyone knew he had a soft spot for the outgoing and charismatic blond.
“Great!” Taehyung beamed. The two of you made your way to your shared class leisurely, his arm slipping around your waist as he held you close, matching your smaller strides despite his obvious height advantage. “I think he’s really going to like my next collection.”
“It’s looking fantastic already,” you hummed as you climbed the staircase. His voice was lilting as he teased, “That’s because you’re biased, jagiya.”
“Oh, Tae,” you said, peering up at him. His breath caught in his throat as he stumbled on a step, too fixated on the way your lashes framed your gorgeous russet orbs, the affection glowing in them had him reeling back. “He’s going to love it. I think it’ll surprise him a bit, but it’s so abstract and so you. Your collection embodies so much of who you are and how you see the world. How can anyone dislike something as pure as that?”
“___!” Taehyung blurted, clutching his chest. “Fuck, you can’t just do that! I wasn’t ready!”
You laughed aloud, hugging him hard as the students crossing you gave you a knowing smile. You waved back at them shyly. You’d forgotten how popular your boys were on campus, and how well known you all were.
“I love you, you know that?” He murmured, and suddenly his eyes were hooded and dark as he stared down at you, tongue coming out to swipe at his lower lip. You flushed, burying your face in his chest as his long fingers curled around your waist.
“Stop, Tae,” you whined, voice muffled. Taehyung grinned, pressing a kiss to the crown of your head. “Just teasing, baby. Though you know I’d love nothing more than to drop everything and fuck you senseless right here and now.”
You squirmed, even as you said breathlessly, “Bet you wouldn’t.” Taehyung had a streak of exhibitionism in him, evident in the countless times he’d taken you against the wall with all the boys hungrily drinking in the two of you, or at parties where he’d fingered you beneath the table, or that one time you’d ridden him in full view of the bar.
“I wish I could,” he admitted, drawing back slightly to ease the heat. His hand moved to rest at a more appropriate height as you resumed your walk. “But the lecture’s about to start and you know how anal Jimin and Namjoon-hyung will get if we missed it again.”
“That was all your fault,” you harrumphed. Taehyung pushed open the double doors and watched with a grin as you busied yourself with unpacking your notebook and printed slides. “You loved it, baby. Don’t lie.”
You shrugged. “I did, actually.”
12:20 PM
“What do you want to do for lunch today, baby? 8Island?” Hoseok pushed back his sweaty fringe, still patting himself down with a towel as he smiled up at from where you lounged on one of the black stage props set at the corner of the studio.
“What are you in the mood for?” You countered, popping another gushers from the packet you stole from Taehyung earlier. Wandering over, you fed the dancer one as he gave himself a quick shake, grinning when you recoiled from the stray droplets splashing onto your clothes.
“Hobi!” You complained. Hoseok laughed, catching your wrist as you shoved at his chest playfully. He dipped his head to kiss you slowly, his tongue ran over the seam of your lips lazily.
Just as his fingers trailed to grip the hem of your sweater, his stomach growled loudly.
“Fuck,” Hoseok groaned, releasing you reluctantly as his head fell to the crook of your shoulder in defeat. “Okay, yeah, food first.”
Triumphantly, you happily relinquished the last of your gushers to the disgruntled male as you rummaged in your bag for a hair tie.
Hoseok leaned against you, body lax as you ran a hand through his damp locks, combing gently before tying them a messy man bun.
“Let’s go to the cafe,” you said, helping him up. “I have to finish my essay.”
5:40 PM
“Welcome back, baby.” You dropped a kiss onto the film major’s offered cheek as you breezed past the open kitchen and collapsed onto the couch, your bag dropping like a tonne of bricks at the side.
“How was your day?” Wrestling yourself from Jungkook’s hoodie, you padded over to the laundry room to toss it in the basket before wriggling into a clean black pullover. It drifted mid-thigh and you smiled to yourself as you buried your face into the fabric, the faint lingering scent of Invictus, Yoongi’s favourite cologne, had you sighing happily.
“It was good,” you said finally as you climbed back onto the couch. “Profs went through practice midterms and I finished the first draft of my marketing proposal. Oh! And Tae wants you to take another look at his project and do another critique when he gets back today.”
Jin let out an audible groan at that, straightening from where he’d been searching for the bottle of soy sauce that seemed to have mysteriously vanished. “Not again. That boy is way too worried. How many times do we have to tell him it looks great before he stops biting his teeth and just hands the thing in?”
You tiptoed over to swipe a taste of the sauce he was mixing. “He just needs a little more confidence. Give it to him, will you baby?” Jin caught your waist as you tried to slip by, nipping at your fingers, his smile growing at the way your beautiful laughter rung in the space.
“Of course.” He peppered tiny kisses down the curve of your neck, biting down softly - not enough to sustain any real break in skin but enough to send you squirming away.
“How’s your thesis coming along?” You asked as you returned to your seat. Propping open your laptop and tearing open a new box of cookies from Jungkook’s (not-so-secret) snack stash. You’d cracked his code early on and would wheedle any of your lovers nearby with your infamous puppy dog eyes to fetch them from the very top cabinet the male put them in.
Not even Jungkook himself could resist your charms, often resigning himself to some silent grumbling and a pout that was easily solved when you kissed him with that beam of yours.
“It’s … coming along,” Jin answered with a sigh. “Looks like I’m going to have to ask Joon for some more ideas soon.”
“I’m home.” A familiar voice, edged with exhaustion and hint of crankiness, had you bounding to the door to meet Yoongi who was shaking out his mint-coloured locks from the rain-filled trek.
“Jagi,” he said, smiling tiredly. You slid your arms around him from where he’d unzipped his jacket, nuzzling his chest. The composition major shrugged off his coat carelessly, hanging it up to dry quickly before re-wrapping himself around you, a soft exhale whispering through your hair as he reveled in your warmth.
“Long day?” You asked.
“It’s always a long day without you baby,” Yoongi murmured. His lips twitched knowingly when you whined. It wasn’t often that he was this cheesy, but he had to admit he took great delight the way you’d flush every time.
“Wanna take a nap,” he said absently. “Join me?”
“Two hours max!” Jin warned from where he was preparing his ingredients for the night.
“Noodles are in the plastic bag next to my laptop!” You called as Yoongi tugged you into his room. As he drew the curtains, you exchanged his hoodie for a shirt, clambering onto the bed and crawling beneath the sheets.
His leg slipped between yours as he curled into you. You kissed his temple, smoothing over his tresses until his breathing evened out.
“Sweet dreams, baby.”
9 PM
The room was silent when you woke, darkness pressing on all sides as you rubbed your eyes.
You startled when you turned your head to see Yoongi’s dark-coloured orbs luminous in stray moonlight, watching you. He was propped up on one arm, his other resting at your hip.
“Why didn’t you wake me?” You whispered, yawning.
“You looked so peaceful,” he said softly, reaching up to tuck a stray tendril behind your ear. “Besides, hyung checked in and said they can wait another ten minutes.”
“How’re you feeling?” Your fingers twined with his, and he smiled, kissing your knuckles. “Better. A bit refreshed.”
“I’m glad,” you said drowsily. Yoongi couldn’t resist. You looked so adorable, still half-asleep, and he rolled on top of you, arms bracketing your face as he leaned down to kiss you. His lips were gentle, chapped but warm as he made out with you languidly.
I love you, he wanted to say, but his voice caught in his throat. You reached up, thumbing his cheekbones, and when he turned to nuzzle your palm with that conflicted look of his, you raised your head up to kiss him again, pressing yourself close against his heat as his arms came around to hold you fast. I know, your breath ghosted across his ear and he shuddered, pinning you down once more.
His chest rose and fell quickly and his heart seized. “I’m - you -” He struggled to speak, but you pulled him down until your lashes tickled his, and you said nothing as your lips moved to meet his forehead. Instead, his elbows collapsed and he crashed into you, head sinking to the crook of your shoulder, and you cradled him until he could breathe again.
9:20 AM
[09:21] ___💍: hi
[09:23] ___💍: i wanna suck your dick
Shit, his pants tightened instantly, and Jungkook shut his eyes briefly.
[09:24] baby bun 🐰: noona please, i’m in class!!
His fingers clenched, and he shifted awkwardly in his seat. The girl next to him - he’d already forgotten her name, they change on such a regular basis he didn’t even bother anymore, not that he cared enough to begin with - leaned over and whispered, “Hey, are you okay?”
“Uh - y-yeah,” Jungkook said weakly, edging away as he readjusted his laptop from where it rested on his thighs. He flipped his phone down, away from the girl’s sharply curious eyes, and tried to refocus back to the lecture.
[09:26] ___💍: bet you’d taste fucking delicious
[09:26] baby bun 🐰: noona, please!! don’t do this, i have a presentation next class and i don’t have extra pants!!
[09:27] ___💍: meet me at 1c12, rye hall
Jungkook swallowed thickly, fingers trembling as he typed his response.
[09:28] baby bun 🐰: okay
12:05 PM
“Well, someone looks like they had a good time,” Taehyung singsonged as Jungkook stumbled out of the room, knees weak and wobbly, expression dazed as he held the door frame to steady himself.
You followed, lips swollen, a satisfied smile playing on them as you stood on your tippy toes, leaning in to whisper something that had the arts major sucking in a breath as his eyes widened. Your hand squeezed his shoulder briefly before you nudged him.
The two of you watched with amusement as Jungkook dragged himself toward his lab, nearly smashing into a pillar on the way.
“I want a turn,” Taehyung said suddenly, amber orbs gleaming as he pulled you close. “Or, better yet, ride my face and I’ll make you cum ten times harder than you did him.”
“Cruel,” you said breathlessly as he shut the door behind him. He backed you onto the long lecture desks with dark eyes.
“And what you did to poor Kookie wasn’t?” Taehyung mocked. He gripped your waist, lifting you onto the table, and your ankles crossed behind his ass to push him flush to you.
“Wouldn’t be the first time,” you murmured against his lips.
“Then trust me baby,” he suckled purpled blooms against your collarbone, “This won’t be the last.”
3:40 PM
You admired the side profile of your lover, his newly dyed silver locks swept to the side, the way he pushed his glasses up, squinting at the board.
“Why do you keep looking at me, jagiya,” Jimin whined under his breath, cheeks ripening as he darted a shy glance at you.
“Do I need a reason to stare at my beautiful boyfriend?” You shot back playfully. He blushed, biting his lower lip as he bent down to scribble something into his notebook.
Your hand crept to your phone, and you hid your grin when Jimin jolted, doubling over with a gasp.
“Fuck,” he whimpered, and from your angle, you could see the considerable tent he was sporting in his tight jeans.
“Hands off, baby,” you drawled, looking bored as you noted down slides.
“Noona, noona, please,” Jimin pleaded brokenly, trying to keep his voice down. Luckily, on these days, you’d very strategically occupy a back corner where it was suitably secluded and far from prying eyes.
His hands balled at his thighs, nails digging into his skin as he moaned shakily.
“Colour?” You murmured. He mewled out a timid green, and his head promptly fell to the table, eyes rolling back as you tapped the highest setting. His skin prickled, electricity arcing through his spine and he writhed in his seat, hips stuttering as he came dry.
“No, no, no, no, no,” Jimin cried, fingers trembling as he reached for you. “Please, noona!”
“Shh, baby,” you soothed him, brushing away the tears that had pooled at the edges of his eyes, “You’ll get your reward tonight. You’re such a good boy, aren’t you? A good boy for noona?”
Jimin nodded eagerly, sniffling lightly. “Jiminie’s a good boy! Jiminie’s the best boy, isn’t he?”
“Of course,” you said, kissing his temple. “The very best.”
6:20 PM
“You just love to wreck them, don’t you?” Hoseok mused from where he sat, thighs wide apart as he leaned back into the chair.
“I love to wreck you too,” you reminded him mildly. Jimin laid beneath you, he looked utterly fucked out, lips bruised and plump from abuse, body littered with lilac galaxies, cum painting the sheets.
You sank down on him and he keened, voice high and weak as he climaxed, your name like a prayer.
“Not today, baby.” His tone was guttural, arm snaking around your bare torso as he yanked your head up to meet his smoldering gaze.
“Today, I’ll be the one wrecking you.”
10 AM
“Uh -” Namjoon stared at you blankly. His nose was red and dry, throat itching.
He sneezed.
“I think I’m sick.”
8 PM
His door creaked open, a sliver of light illuminating his pale face as he peeked out from the room.
“Jagiya,” he called out faintly. You perked up instantly, abandoning your station next to Jin, the eldest crying out in indignation as your consol jerking accidently shoved his vehicle off the rainbow bridge.
“Hey baby,” you cooed, running a hand through his locks, matted with sweat. Namjoon leaned into your cool palm, moaning tiredly at the brief respite.
“Jin made some soup,” you told him. “You should get some liquids in you. Why don’t you take a hot shower while I make something light for you to eat?”
Namjoon nodded, wordlessly following your suggestion as he ambled off toward the ensuite bathroom.
“How’s he doing?” Jimin popped up next to you, eyebrows wrinkled worriedly. He peered into the pitch-dark room, eyeing the rumpled blankets and mountain of tissues piled on the drawer next the bed.
“He’ll be okay with a few days of rest and plenty of water,” you reassured him. “Hobi, will you grab the thermometer? I want to check his temperature before giving him any medication.”
In the background, you heard Jin curse loudly before throwing his controller onto the couch.
“Okay,” he declared. “I’m done with this shit. Give me the thermostat, Hoseok. I’ll be the one nursing Joon, you incompetent fools!”
Both you and Jimin raised an eyebrow, looking at the eldest dryly.
Jin shrunk back slightly. “Ah - except for you, of course, baby! You’re the only other 10 here, everyone else is still an 8!”
A loud sneeze rung audibly from the showers, and the film major took advantage of the momentary distraction to scamper to the kitchens to check up on his soup.
Hoseok returned shortly after, blinking as he held up the transparent measuring tool. “So … who’s doing this again?”
You sighed, taking it from him. “I am.”
4:20 PM
“One grande cinnamon mocha and a venti coffee black, please,” you said distractedly, fumbling for your card. Yoongi chuckled beside you, already tapping his credit. “I got it.”
Your phone buzzed in your pocket as the two of you moved to wait at the side.
“Hi baby,” his voice croaked. You smiled, mouthing Namjoon at Yoongi’s wordless head tilt. “Hi. How’re you feeling? Any better?”
There was some shuffling, and you could tell he moved the speaker to the side to blow his nose. “A bit,” he said when he returned. “I miss you. When are you going to be home tonight?”
Your insides warmed at his clinginess, the kind that would only really appear when he was sick. He was so cute. “I just finished my last class. I promised Yoongi I’d visit the studio today though, so I’ll be back in an hour max, okay? Remember to drink lots of warm water and rest as much as you can.”
“Okay,” Namjoon said obediently. You chatted a little longer as you told him of your day thus far, your phone squished between your shoulder and ear as you sipped your drink.
“You should go home,” Yoongi said casually. Though he seemed concentrated in his task of carefully placing the plastic lid onto his coffee, you knew he was disappointed by the way his shoulders dropped slightly.
“He’ll be okay,” you said amusedly. The mint-haired composer looked surprised as you slipped your hand into his. “C’mon, babe. I want to hear the new track you’re working on!”
Yoongi smiled down at your intertwined fingers, a tinge of pink scoring across his cheeks. “... Okay.”
9:10 PM
“Hey.” Your voice was soft as you settled onto the bed next to him. Namjoon peered up at you blearily, throat sticky. Almost like you could read his forlorn expression, you raised a cup to his lips. He drank greedily, the lemon-honey mix working nicely to soothe his scratchy throat.
He eased back onto his pillow, eyes growing heavy already. Your fingers were gentle as you ran a warm towel against his sweaty skin. Namjoon drifted off, breathing a bit easier as you laid a cooler towel on his forehead. You tucked his comforter beneath his chin, smiling fondly as you stroked his cheek.
“How is he?” Jin murmured as you toed off your slippers. He lifted the blanket, allowing you to slide in as you rested your head on his chest.
“A few more days, I think. Still has a bit of a fever,” you replied. He answered with a thoughtful hum. “I’ll pick up some more greens tomorrow, then. Nearly out.”
Jin glanced down at you when there was no answer, only to find you sleeping soundly, chest rising and falling rhymically. He laughed breathily and kissed the top of your head. “See you in my dreams, princess.”
7 PM
“H-heeey.” You leaned back, one hand swirling the amber liquid in a red solo cup as you smiled at the familiar blond that staggered his way to you. He was smashed, that much was clear. It was rare to see him in such a state, but you belatedly realized his project must’ve been weighing on his mind more than they’d originally assumed.
“Hello, Taehyung,” you said, playing along.
“Y-you’re so pretty,” he slurred. He was grinning at you lopsidedly. “Do you have a - a boyfriend?”
“I do, I’m sorry,” you giggled at the crestfallen look on his face.
“Oh,” he said, disappointment thick in his tone as he hung his head. “S-sorry to bother you, then …”
“You’re an idiot,” you bit back another laugh when he pouted. “W-what do you mean?”
“C’mon,” You set your drink aside and grabbed his hand.
7:30 PM
“T-this is w-wrong,” he moaned, stammering as he arched into you, struggling to resist the pleasure running through his veins. The alcohol had him dizzy, head spinning as his hips raised to meet every thrust.
His arms were tied to his back with your thin scarf and he swore he saw stars when he came, cum painting your walls hotly as you fucked him through his orgasm.
“I-if your boyfriend ever breaks up with you, please text me,” Taehyung said breathlessly when coherent thought returned. His golden locks were dishevelled, body gleaming with sweat, system rich with mind-numbing alcohol, and yet -
“You’ll be the first to know, baby,” you promised. He smiled, as if satisfied, and closed his eyes.
5 PM
The muted sunbeams warmed your bare skin and you floated in and out of consciousness, faintly registering the arm that tightened around your waist, cheek pressed against a hard plane.
“Fuck,” a rumbling timbre voice murmured. His finger thumbed your lower lip, tracing your smile. “I really cheated on you with you, huh.”
“Yep,” you giggled, popping the p as you buried your head further into him.
“Fuck,” Taehyung sighed. “I really am an idiot.”
3:21 PM
The movie ran in the background, colours flashing and dialogue drowned by the shuffling of clothes and the soft, slick sounds of tongues. You swallowed Jin’s soft moan as you ground into him. His cock brushed against your clothed clit and his fingers pressed hard into your curves, hips canting as he desperately searched for friction.
“Need - need more,” Jin panted. “Fuck!” His hoarse shout had you clenching on nothing as he came, shuddering in oversensitivity as the fabric of his sweats caught at the tip of his softening length.
Jin kissed you tiredly. “I love you. Fuck, I love you so much.”  
10 PM
Fingers stroked your forearm, limbs tangled with yours, lips pressed against your skin.
“Good night, baby.”
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bloomsuga · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
╰ life was a lot easier for seokjin before the crackhead who moved in above his flower shop accidentally kidnapped his daughter... but he had to admit; meeting you definitely made things a hell of a lot more interesting
Tumblr media
pairing: single dad!jin x photographer!reader
genre: sm au, crack humor, fluff, angst, smut
status: completed
series: hobiverse masterlist
a/n: yoooo y’all already know wtf is going on lol we back and thiccer than ever with a new au!! bls enjoy clueless single dad Jin getting his shit turned upside down by chaotic good y/n!! x
Tumblr media
💐 part 1 - profiles
💐 part 2 - die hard
💐 part 3 - shrek
💐 part 4 - lizard person in a child suit
💐 part 5 - the sacred law of dibs
💐 part 6 - bird watching
💐 part 7 - friendship flowers
💐 part 8 - in a totally chill friend way
💐 part 9 - hold that canoe
💐 part 10 - math
💐 part 11 - frozen
💐 part 12 - the word that shall not be named
💐 part 13 - jolly green giant
💐 part 14 - over and out
💐 part 15 - exposed
💐 part 16 - psychic powers
💐 part 17 - zoinks scoob
💐 part 18 - smirgins
💐 part 19 - this is a case for the FBI
💐 part 20 - family night
💐 part 21 - lesbians
💐 part 22 - second chance
💐 part 23 - petals (m)
💐 part 24 - peachy
💐 part 25 - crying at the cinnabon stand
💐 part 26 - lasagna
💐 part 27 - bigfoot kink
💐 part 28 - Feelings™️
💐 part 29 - mario and luigi
💐 part 30 - everybody say sausage
💐 part 31 - code red
💐 part 32 - flower daddy
💐 part 33 - i do
💐 part 34 - skittles
💐 part 35 - epilogue
Tumblr media
:: bonus part - postlogue 4
Tumblr media
spin-offs: breathe (jjk) || finding bigfoot (myg)
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jincherie · 2 years ago
a lullaby on canvas | ksj [m]
✧ pairing; seokjin x reader ✧ genre; neighbour au, siren au, artist au, fluff, smut ✧ words; 15k ✧ rating; m ✧ warnings; explicit sexual content; oral (receiving), fingering, multiple orgasms, orgasm denial/control, light choking, unprotected sex, creampie, marking/hickeys, minor siphoning of energy, pet names, uh I feel like there’s more but I suppose I’ll remember later! ✧ notes; happy birthday seokjin!!! also behold, my emerging coughchokingcough kink that is probably spawning thanks to a certain SOMEONES *narrows eyes at half the crack chat*
Your neighbour, as far as you knew, was mute. You weren’t sure what exactly had happened, but you figured that perhaps it contributed to the stunning works he created with paints and clay. You were curious, and that curiosity led you to grow closer – but perhaps, in growing closer and getting to know him, you were getting a little in over your head.
posted; 04.12.2018
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
It was with a sigh that you allowed your head to fall back with a soft thump against the headrest, the hum of your car’s engine fading as it cooled and drew to a halt. Now that the air-conditioner was off, it was quickly beginning to grow stuffy inside the cabin, yet still you remained in place a moment longer. You’d just finished a particularly long day at work and needed a few moments to collect yourself before you emerged from this safe little haven to face the world once more.
You loved your job, you really did, but some days... some days it was particularly draining. Childcare in itself was an oft underpaid industry, especially considering the hard work and hours required, but when the children were having a bad day, it usually didn’t mean well for you as staff either. There were a few children that attended the centre where you worked, endearing triplets with chocolate hair and big green eyes from a lovely wolf couple, and most of the time they spent the day attached to you by the hip. Today, however, the pups had arrived in a mood, and had retained it throughout the whole day—and when you were dealing with toddlers, that usually spelt trouble, and a lot of tears and tantrums. So after such a day, you were understandably exhausted, and had only managed to make it through your shift thanks to the promise of last night’s leftovers waiting for you in the fridge.
Chicken noodle soup, with rich flavouring and hearty chunks of meat… god, your mouth was watering just thinking about it.
Letting out another huff, you grasped your bag and eased open the car door; you didn’t bother attempting to hide the groan that escaped you since the basement floor of your apartment building was practically empty anyway. Even so, you weren’t a fan of the way the sound echoed.
You managed to take a few steps before the loud THUD of a car door shutting broke through the air, bouncing heavily off the concrete walls, and making you jump about five feet in the air from fright as it alerted you that you weren’t the only person down there like you thought. You were too startled to swear, whipping around with wide eyes only to falter and flush slightly as you caught sight of the basement’s only other current resident.
Kim Seokjin, the man who occupied the apartment right next to yours, was standing by the boot of his sleek black car in all his glory, perhaps a dozen or so bags settled at his feet. You caught the huff as it left his mouth, watching as he bent and began gathering bags in each hand. His dusty rose locks were tousled, similar to how you imagined they would be after a trip to the beach ruffled by the breeze, and his smooth, honeyed skin contrasted nicely with the thin, white material of his shirt as it stretched over his broad shoulders and back. A flush of heat washed over you as it usually did whenever you came within close proximity of him, knees wobbling slightly. You cursed this schoolgirl reaction as always, but couldn’t help it—not when he always looked so good and had such an air about him that drew you in so completely.
You blinked and suddenly he was attempting to lift the bags he had in hand, what looked to be four heavy bags in each grip, and felt your throat grow parched at the sight of his biceps and forearms bulging, veins rising to the surface from the strain and tension in his arms. Lord. You really needed a moment.
A moment you didn’t really have, however—you quickly realised you were just standing there with your jaw on the floor, ogling, as he struggled, and hurried to correct that.
“Ah, hey Seokjin!” you urged your limbs into motion, thankful you didn’t stumble on your wobbly knees. “Did you want some help?”
The male jumped slightly at the sound of your voice, spinning as quickly as the load in his grasp would allow to stare at you with wide eyes. When he saw it was you however, a soft grin slipped onto his full lips and he lifted his fingers from where they were weighed down with bags in his best attempt at a wave of sorts. In response to your question, he nodded, dusty pink locks sticking to his forehead slightly from the small amount of perspiration he’d managed to work up. You had to give it to him though, it was so stuffy down here that had that been you, you’d no doubt be drowning in sweat by now.
At his acceptance of your offer to help, you quickly made sure your own bag was adjusted over your back and scurried over, picking up the remaining shopping bags. The contents seemed to range from groceries to small metal tools that you’d glimpsed a few times before but never caught the name of, no doubt things he used in his craft. Now that you were even closer to him than before, your nose picked up the familiar, enticing scent it usually caught mixed in with the cinnamon and vanilla aroma the male carried—brine, a peculiar addition to the mix but somehow, it worked. You loved the ocean after all, so you didn’t exactly mind that he always smelt a little bit like it.
The male waited patiently for you as you picked up the remaining bags, silence filling the air, but you didn’t really mind it at all. In fact, it was to be expected.
“Did you want me to take some off your hands?” you asked, smiling a little when the male shook his head. “Alright, let’s get them up to your place then.”
He offered you a bright grin, pearly teeth flashing briefly before he turned and began to move towards the stairs that led to the first floor and lobby. You admired the toned muscles of his back as you followed, in awe of how his body didn’t even lean or sway from the weight he was carrying, unlike yours. God, this man was unreal. You really hoped he couldn’t feel the weight of your stare. Once more, silence filled the air between you, broken only by your soft humming and the sound of your footsteps slapping against the cool concrete of the steps. Again, you weren’t surprised by the lack of conversation, and didn’t really mind it. You’d be kind of a dick to be bothered about it.
Your neighbour, Kim Seokjin, was mute, after all.
You didn’t really know what had happened, had never dared to ask the details since it felt too, well… too invasive. But you knew that you had never heard him utter a word, and the friends of his that you’d met had confirmed your suspicions after the first time you’d ever run into him. Seokjin didn’t talk, couldn’t talk— you mused that perhaps that was why he poured so much of his time, effort, and soul into other mediums.
The trip up to the floor the two of you resided on was fairly quick, and before you knew it the male was attempting to fish his keys from the deep pocket of his ripped jeans. You were almost going to offer to help when he finally found them, sliding the metal into the lock and turning it with a satisfying click. To be honest, you expected him to just liberate you of the bags and bid you farewell at the door, but to your complete and utter surprise, he marched right in, turning to beckon you after him with a hand. Giddy with excitement, you adjusted your grip on the bags and scuttled in after him, eyes already swinging around in awe. You’d waited and wanted so long to get another glimpse of this place.
Seokjin was an artist, and the artworks he had hung and displayed around his apartment, both complete and otherwise, were almost addictive to look at. The first time you’d come in here, not long after you’d moved in next door, you’d been lucky enough to glimpse a few of the paintings he had been working on—one set up on an easel in the living area, only at the beginning of its journey, and others leaning against the wall in various stages of completion. Even though it wasn’t finished, something about the way his works were, the way the brush strokes swirled and ended, the colours popped off of the canvas, and the composition of the image—it all caught your gaze and kept it for hours, days after. You’d found yourself thinking about his works long after that initial visit, and even now you could remember vividly how they’d looked. They weren’t anywhere to be seen now, of course, and it wasn’t paintings but small sculptures and various clay body parts that lay in partial completion across the coffee table in their stead.
With a tinge of regret, you tore your eyes from the clay shapes and hurried to follow after the pink-haired male, finding him just around the corner in the kitchen. He was plopping his bags on the floor, having taken up the bench space with some already, and you joined him in depositing the bags down. He began to rifle through them, searching for something, and you allowed your attention to wander for a brief moment as your gaze flitted about distractedly.
“Ah!” the noise escaped you suddenly at the pleasant surprise flooding your senses, eyes lighting up as you caught sight of a large canvas sitting alone on the dark wood of the kitchen table. “Oh, wow!”
You didn’t even notice Seokjin’s gaze on you as you shuffled around the bench to get closer to the painting, an awed grin already tugging your lips as you scanned the canvas before you. The colours appealed to you instantly, soft sky blues that blended and curled into deep turquoise and aqua, sea green in the places where it caught the light. It wasn’t really a portrait of anything distinct and distinguishable, yet you could tell that it encapsulated something from the nameless emotion that began to rise and swell in your chest beneath your lungs. You didn’t know what it was about it exactly that evoked such a strong reaction in you, but you loved it. Your gaze flicked to the side where you saw a few words scribbled onto a piece of A4 note paper, only one remaining that hadn’t been crossed out— ‘lullaby’.
“Seokjin, this is beautiful!” you gushed, turning to give him a bright grin. You felt your cheeks flush when you found his gaze already on you, plump lips tugged into a smile of their own and dark eyes curved pleasantly. “I like everything I’ve ever seen of yours, but I think I like this the most of all.”
You could have sworn his cheeks flushed as he placed the item in his hand onto the bench for a moment amongst the other groceries he’d unpacked. You wondered what he was going to do as his free hand lifted now, and nearly choked as he brought it to his lips to blow you a kiss, before holding up a finger heart. The action wrought a surprised laugh from you, cheeks hurting a little from how big you grinned. An idiot. He was an idiot, but it was oddly endearing.
“You’re welcome,” you managed to say, turning your gaze back to the painting for a moment in attempt to disperse the awkwardness beginning to creep upon you. “God… it really is beautiful Seokjin.”
You admired it for a moment before your gaze strayed and you caught sight of the clock—it had been about half an hour since you’d parked in the garage and run into him. You’d been taking up his time and intruding in his space that long?! A light flush of embarrassment washed through you as you jerked away from the table, whipping back to face Seokjin with a sheepish laugh. Your heart skipped a beat as you found his gaze already centred on your form, and struggled to find your voice as a result for a moment.
“Shit,” the curse was the first thing to escape your mouth, and you smacked yourself mentally for it as Seokjin’s eyebrows rose. “I didn’t realise the time! Sorry for intruding so long, Seokjin!”
The male’s lips tugged at the corners, an amused glaze catching in his eyes as he shrugged, unbothered. You were already on your way to the door though.
“I’ll let you do uh, whatever you need to do. I should go. I’ll show myself out,” you stumbled over your words, waving while you made a hasty retreat. “See you, Seokjin! Have a lovely night!”
And then you were dashing out of his apartment and straight next door to your own, eager to escape your own embarrassment and awkwardness. The rosy-haired male stared after you, blinking in surprise. If only you’d stayed a little longer, you would have seen the small profiterole he’d pull out of the package to give you as thanks.
x     x     x     x      x     x     x     x     x
 It was a few nights later that you found yourself roused groggily from deep in the middle of REM sleep, the remnants of a dream about talking crabs and a crustacean-driven apocalypse flashing across your mind before they disappeared completely, discarded to the abyss and forgotten. You lay still for a moment, blinking eyes that were still heavy with sleep, and took the time to wonder exactly why you’d been pulled so abruptly from the tender embrace of sleep at—you checked your phone, wincing at the brightness of the screen as it assaulted your eyes—2:35AM.
You didn’t have to wait long before the answer to your question was caressing your ears, softer than a summer breeze but just as soothing. At once, you felt the tension in your body dissipate, eyes fluttering, the soft, pillowy comfort of your bed around you all the more apparent as you relaxed into it. Someone was singing, and it was such a soul-wrenching, beautiful sound when paired with the stillness of night, the cool glow the moon cast upon the inky depths of your room, that it almost brought tears to your eyes. Hearing the melodious ring of someone singing at such hours surprisingly wasn’t uncommon. You’d not heard it in a while, but it was several times a week that you were often lucky enough to catch it. It wasn’t in a language you understood, but in all honesty, for you, that only added to the charm, the allure. Your eyes glazed over, unfocused and directed up at the ceiling, not even registering its deep blue hue, as all of your attention and focus went to your hearing.
The voice, more masculine than feminine if you had to discern, dipped and flowed, each note hitting something in your chest that made your lungs constrict and heart tremble. There was something haunting about it, the loneliness of such a strong, beautiful voice without the company of instruments and backing, but you found that you liked it that way. It made it feel special, really, as though this song was just for you, the notes resonating so hypnotically through the wall and against your chest that you couldn’t help the way your heart skipped a beat every so often. You allowed your eyes to flutter closed, slowly lulled back to sleep by the soft caress of the nameless voice against your ears. You were quick to re-enter the realm of dreams, but this time your mind flickered with images of plush lips and sweet smiles.
x     x     x     x     x     x     x     x
 When you’d become conscious enough to register the knocking on your door, early the next morning, you’d taken a few moments too many to get out of bed and had, subsequently, missed whoever it was bothering you at such an hour. By the time you’d wrapped yourself in your silk nightgown for decency’s sake (it had been a disgustingly humid the night previous and with your poor air conditioner at its limit you’d been forced to take drastic measures regarding attire) and made your way through your modest apartment to the front door, whoever had been knocking was long gone.
In their stead, you managed to notice just in time before shutting your door in dismissal, was a package left at your doorstep. Confusion filled you at the sight—you hadn’t ordered anything lately? It wasn’t all that big of a package, but it certainly wasn’t small; it can’t have been all that important either, as the deliveryman hadn’t even waited for a signature. Curious, you bent and retrieved it from the ground, twisting it in your hands in search of the label that would clear up all your questions.
“’Deliver to: Mr Kim Seokjin’,” you read aloud, letting out a surprised huff afterwards. It clearly had his apartment number printed on the label, how had they managed to mix it up with yours? Perhaps the deliveryman was in a rush, you mused, and didn’t have time to check. He hadn’t knocked for very long before dashing off, after all.
Well, it would be better to clear this up sooner rather than later. Completely forgetting about your current state of dress, you left your door open and padded down the hall to the one that belonged to your neighbour. A round of butterflies tickled your tummy at the notion of seeing him again, as it usually did. Curse these damn hormonal reactions. You shook your head to clear it of the ridiculous thoughts beginning to clutter it and raised your hand to knock.
It was frozen in its path, however, when the door creaked slightly open from the gust created by your abrupt movement. It was already open? Damn it, one of these days Seokjin was going to get mugged if he didn’t lock his damn door. Making a note to talk to him about it again, you went to knock on the doorframe instead when the sound of a voice from inside the apartment reached your ears.
“You’re being ridiculous,” it was decidedly masculine, and growing louder with each second that passed. You distantly registered the sound of two pairs of footsteps, but any alarm you might have felt was squashed when they stopped several feet from the door. You strained your ears to catch what was being said and discern who exactly was speaking—it surely couldn’t be Seokjin, could it?
“You’re really still on this?” the voice came again, youthful in its tenor and somewhat melodious despite the sharp edge of frustration riding in its tone. “You’re really still attempting to keep this act up?”
There was a pause, then shock had your heart skipping a beat as the voice continued, “Ridiculous. How long are you going to keep pretending you can’t talk?”
You felt your mouth drop open, your brows shooting up in absolute appal. But the voice was not done yet, despite the budding rage beginning to bloom in your chest.
“Your voice isn’t going to disappear just because you don’t use it, Seokjin. You can only escape what you are, who you are for so long. What’s so great about this place, this world, that you would refuse to come home, refuse to embrace your own gifts and blessings—”
Unable to take anymore, you smacked the door open and marched inside, catching sight of the two males barely a few feet from where the door smacked into the wall. Seokjin’s eyes were wide in shock, mouth parted slightly, as he registered it was you bursting into his apartment like that. It was such an open expression, so startling to you that a surprising shiver rolled down your spine to accompany the gasp that fell past his full lips. The male next to him seemed equal parts surprised and unimpressed at your abrupt entry, large brown eyes narrowed at you in an expression of his displeasure. You couldn’t help but notice that he had the same sort of air as Seokjin, the barest scent of brine brushing your nostrils, and was just as attractive if a little more youthful in his looks due to the roundness of his cheeks. You caught it as his strong jaw clenched and ticked, arms crossing over a firm chest. You didn’t let his appearance stop you from letting forth what was on your mind, though.
“Who the hell do you think you are, standing there and saying those things?!” you demanded, anger hot beneath your skin and no doubt flushing your cheeks. “How rude and insensitive do you have to be?”
The male seemed slightly taken aback by your outburst, apparently having not expected it, but was quick to recover. His eyes narrowed further from where they’d shot open in a doe-like look of shock.
“Jungkook,” he responded curtly, tone sharper than you’d heard it before but just as mellifluous. “And I’m Seokjin’s friend, practically his brother. Who are you?”
Despite your surprise at the information, it did nothing to quell the anger still bubbling in your veins. In fact, if anything, it only added to it. “I’m his neighbour,” you answered shortly, “And you’re ‘practically his brother’ yet you’re still standing there saying those things? What the hell is wrong with you?! What gives you the right to come in here and be a prick like that?!”
The male, Jungkook, went to open his mouth and retort when a sudden hint of realisation washed over him, his expression shifting and a sly curve tugging his lips. His dark eyes flicked from you, to Seokjin, and then back again—you missed the look of dread that passed over the rosy-haired male’s features from the side.
“You’re absolutely right,” he hummed, completely throwing you for a loop with his sudden change of tune. He even smiled at you, without a hint of malice, bunny teeth flashed your way. You refused to acknowledge the sheer amount of rage he quelled with just that single action. “It was very insensitive of me to say those things, especially considering… well. I should have known better.”
Something shifted in his eyes as his gaze turned to Seokjin, leaving you standing there in absolute shock as he seemed to convey something with his expression. His voice seemed to drop in his amusement, “I should get going. I am sorry, Seokjin. I’ll remember to be kinder in the future.”
He then took a step away, timberlands thudding loudly against the hardwood floor. His gaze swept back to you and you were rendered frozen to the spot for a moment in your dressing gown with the package under your arm. His eyes slipped over the length of your body before meeting your own. A sly smile tugged his lips, something akin to mischief glimmering in the dark chocolate of his iris. There was something particularly lilting and hypnotic about his voice as he spoke this time, “It was nice to meet you, y/n. Do me a favour and take care of Seokjin, give him a kiss on the cheek for me. Goodbye to both of you.”
And then he was turning on his heel and exiting through the open doorway, disappearing quickly down the hall. You stood a moment, basking in the bizarre turn the conversation had taken and the way your anger had all but completely fizzled out, before turning to face Seokjin. The moment your gaze connected with his form, it was as though something came over you and you were stepping forward and leaning up, pressing your lips to the soft cushion of his cheek. As soon as you performed the action, you seemed to snap out of it, and you lurched back with all the speed of someone who’d just been burnt.
You flushed and stuttered, eyes wide as you realised what you’d just done—why had you done that?! Why the hell did you just kiss Seokjin on his cheek?! God, your shoulders were pinching up from the sheer embarrassment flooding your form in such a debilitating manner. Seokjin was staring at you with wide eyes, lips parted slightly as you stuttered, his cheeks flushed a couple shades lighter than the colour no doubt staining your own.
“I—” you fumbled with the package and your words, knees shaking from your nerves. “I’m so sorry I don’t know what just came over me! I just came to give you th-this, since they delivered it to the wrong door! I’m so sorry! Have a nice day, Seokjin!”
With that you were thrusting the package in your arms towards him, barely making sure he’d grasped it before you were turning on your own heel and dashing away. You managed to close the door behind you just in time before absolutely legging it to your own and slamming that behind you as well. You let yourself drop back against the wood, sliding down the door with your heated face pressed into your hands.
That. Was so. Humiliating.
Over on the other side of the wall, Seokjin brought his hand to his cheek to chase the phantom feel of your lips against his skin, the smallest of smiles curving his lips.
x     x     x     x     x     x     x
 Due to the intensity of the embarrassment you still felt about that little incident almost a week ago, you’d been doing your absolute best to avoid your attractive neighbour, if only for a little while. You weren’t doing too poorly, if you were being honest with yourself, you’d managed to avoid him thus far without problem, effectively preserving your dignity yet another day. You were embarrassed at the action, at the fact you’d up and kissed poor Seokjin on the cheek like that out of nowhere, but you were also confused as to why you’d done it. You weren’t someone to do things so impulsively and on a whim, and hadn’t had the thought or impulse to kiss him on the cheek in the first place. Despite this, the second you’d laid eyes on him, you’d acted without hesitation or room for thought—the helplessness of it, the lack of control, was what frazzled you so. Therefore, until you could sort out that particular cocktail of emotion, you were going to avoid him.
As was the case with most things though, this avoidance couldn’t last forever and was soon to come to an end.
The end in question came one Friday evening when you rushed up the concrete stairs into the apartment lobby, making a mad dash for the packed elevator before it closed and left you to wait for fifteen minutes. Usually there wasn’t much traffic through the elevators, but it was around the time that each working man and woman came home, and so the small compartment was crammed full of people in suits and dress clothes.
“Hold the door please!” you called across the space, hoping you didn’t sound as desperate as you really were, while you scuttled over. You didn’t get to see who you were squishing against as you effectively threw yourself inside, hands holding your bag close to you in a poor attempt to make yourself as compact as possible and reduce how much space you were taking up. There was an annoyed groan from someone in the corner as the doors shut behind you and you leaned around the person in front of you to shoot a bright smile in that direction, ignoring how their attitude annoyed you. “Thank you so much for waiting!”
With that you leaned back, taking an involuntary sniff through your nose as you did. To your surprise, instead of the usual musty aroma of dust, body odour and fresh sweat that was so familiar to the elevator, it was the soft tinge of brine and something floral that brushed your nostrils. You blinked, turning to face the person in front of you, who you were essentially pressed chest-to-chest with. All at once the blood drained from your face then flushed back in to colour your cheeks what was no doubt an alarming shade of embarrassment exclusive only to you.
Seokjin’s lips were tugged into an amused smile, eyes creasing at the ends in his mirth, and you very much wished for the floor of the elevator to open up so you could drop down the shaft and escape this humiliation.
“Oh, hello Seokjin,” your voice was small and you could hear the fluster riddling your tone. “I didn’t see you there. I hope your day has gone well?”
The male managed to nod down at you before the elevator jostled slightly, jerking a little as it came to a stop. There was shuffling from the back as the doors opened and you realised with dread what was about to happen.
“Hi, sorry, excuse me—” it was a woman in her mid-forties that squeezed in behind you, disregarding the fact that there was absolutely no room for her. You squeaked as her entry meant you were now properly pushed up against Seokjin’s front, your bag clamped to your side. You felt the movement of his chest against your own as he inhaled sharply, a shuddering breath, and you were sure your face couldn’t get any more flushed as the elevator jostled into movement once more and had you rubbing against him. This was it, this was how you were going to die—of embarrassment, like you always thought.
There was a plastic-like rustling and crinkling by your shoulder and you turned your head slightly to see plastic and cellophane, wrapped neatly around a large bouquet of spring blooms, the bundle assortment of colours that found their home in the sky at sunset. You were sure more than one of the flowers in there could match the colour currently staining your cheeks.
“Flowers?” the word slipped from your mouth before you could think to stop it, gaze flicking back up to Seokjin whose dark eyes were lidded slightly as he gazed down at you. Your breath caught in your throat slightly as you were suddenly made hyperaware of him— the scent of him mixed with the summery allure of the flowers, sweet and cloying as it brushed your nostrils; the golden tone of his skin as it contrasted and complimented the magnetic warmth and darkness of his eyes and brows and the dusty pink of his hair. His plush lips were parted just slightly but pressed together after you finished speaking, one side tugging up.
He lifted his hand, apparently not accounting for the cramped space. It brushed your hip and the side of your breast as it rose to the air, making you jerk slightly in surprise—lord, now you were even more aware of how your front was pressed so much against his, the heat of his form through your clothing almost overwhelming. A brief look of mortification flickered across his features at the accident but he managed to hide it just as quickly as it arose, the only remaining tell-tale sign of his embarrassment being his pink cheeks. You were torn between fluster and endearment.
He brought his hand so that you could see it clearly and posed it like he was holding a pen, or similar instrument, before moving it through the air a little. Your mouth formed an ‘o’ in realisation.
“Oh, for reference?” you guessed, warmth bubbling in your chest when he nodded with a bright grin, teeth flashing. You didn’t notice how he was angling his lower body away from yours slightly, as much as he inconspicuously could manage in the tight space.
The elevator halted, and you glanced up in time to see that it was your floor—you’d never been so thankful that you didn’t live closer to the top. As soon as the doors creaked open you sprung forth from the tight space, ignoring the huffs of relief from the residents behind you. You didn’t need to turn around to know that Seokjin had followed you out, but you still paused and waited for him to catch up anyway. When he stepped beside you, a smile on his face and the bouquet of flowers held lax in his hands in front of him. You resumed your pace and he was quick to join you, the two of you walking in ambient if somewhat awkward silence. You had pretty much all but forgotten about what had happened last time, too busy getting over the embarrassment this encounter had caused.
The male seemed like he wanted to express something to you, but remained focused on where he placed his feet with each step, right up until you reached his door. You offered him a smile in farewell, preparing to turn and continue to your own door, but he halted you in your steps as his hand shot to wrap around your wrist. Your skin buzzed where it came into contact with his, the surprising cool of his palm very welcome against your heated flesh, and you turned to him expectantly, eyes wide.
He dropped your wrist as soon as he had your attention, and you found yourself missing the contact the second it disappeared. He was barely over a foot away, close enough that you could reach to touch him yourself—you just barely managed to hold yourself back, cheeks warmed by your loud thoughts. He held up a finger, something you took to mean ‘wait a moment, please’, and so you did, with as much patience as you could muster. Seokjin shifted in his stance, resting his weight on the opposite leg and bringing the bouquet up closer to his face as he used his hand to carefully pluck a flower from the bunch.
It was a pretty strawberry-coloured bloom, with petals that were stained a deeper, darker colour in the centre, which was decorated with a light lemon sphere of pollen. You blinked in confusion as he separated it from the rest, holding it before him to inspect for a moment. It seemed to pass whatever criterion he was holding it to, as in the next moment he was holding it out to you. Bewildered, you took it, and he flashed you a grin. The only explanation he offered in answer to the confusion splayed across your features was a finger pointing to the petals, and then to his cheek—your cheek.
You flushed further, wanting to run now that you knew for sure your face was completely taken in the throes of your embarrassed blushing.
“Th-thanks,” you managed to stutter out, already edging closer to your door. The male, whose own cheeks still had yet to recover from the incident in the elevator, shot you a bright grin. He lifted a hand and slipped the flower from your grasp, slotting it in and tucking it firmly behind your ear. Your cheeks could have cooked something they were so absolutely scorching with how utterly flustered and embarrassed you were.
Luckily for you, Seokjin was the first one to step away. He turned to his door, bouquet in his grasp, and fished his keys out of his pocket before giving you an enthused wave. And just like that, you were free from whatever spell had kept you standing there as long as you had been— you took a step back of your own and returned the wave.
“Thanks, Seokjin,” you barely managed to articulate without another sudden bout of stuttering, “See you around!”
He nodded, already slotting his key into the door and letting himself into his apartment. When he disappeared inside with a final wave, door thudding shut behind him and the lock clicking (for once), you hurried to do the same and let yourself into your own apartment.
With your heart racing, butterflies rampant in your abdomen, you shut the door behind you, and couldn’t help but think that one of these days, Seokjin was going to be the end of you.
x     x   x    x     x     x     x     x     x
 In the short amount of time after that most recent incident with the elevator and the flower, you ceased your active attempts to avoid Seokjin, but didn’t end up seeing much of him anyway; the two of you led very much separate and individual lives and that meant that a lot of the time your personal schedules didn’t always align. So while you weren’t consciously trying to miss him this time, you ended up only glimpsing him once or twice over the week or so since the last incident—once as he was climbing into his car in the basement, and another time as you walked through the lobby and caught sight of him entering the gym on the bottom floor. The second time had you scuttling away as fast as possible, admittedly, because he’d slipped into a singlet that exposed a lot of golden skin and toned back and arms and you really weren’t out looking to suffer. You didn’t have an explanation for the way your body behaved and reacted at just the mere sight of him, but it was damn dangerous. You were going to have to find an outlet for all of this pent up energy sometime soon because if you didn’t you had no doubt you were going to be even more of a mess than usual around him and you simply couldn’t take that amount of embarrassment because clearly, as witnessed already, you weren’t that great at handling it.
Tossing the little square of chocolate into the air and thankfully caching it with your mouth, you allowed the sweet treat to melt on your tongue as you returned your gaze to the television. It was some drama that you’d put on initially as background noise, but had unwittingly gotten a little invested in. The characters were quirky and funny and you found yourself developing a bit of a soft spot for the most extravagant and boisterous one. You refused to analyse why exactly that was. The current conflict in the series was more of the emotional type than traditional outside forces—it was riveting.
You’d been watching this, binging it all day. You didn’t have work on the weekends, thankfully, and you’d had the thought to do something productive with the time you now had but ended up relaxing and moulding yourself into the couch instead. Sometimes you were a little too self=indulgent, but you didn’t mind it all that much when you could afford it on days like today.
It was early evening, and you would think that with such a show-stopping distraction in front of you, you’d be able to avoid thoughts of a certain someone—but alas, that was not the case, and yet again you found yourself thinking about your neighbour and, oddly, the singing you’d begun to hear almost every night the past week or so. You wondered how he was, whether he was woken by it and heard it too—the rare few times you’d glimpsed his face, he’d seemed somewhat deep in thought, distracted, and you hoped he was able to hear that lovely voice that sang at night because then he’d be able to relax as he listened to it, much like you did. The tune of the song had changed lately, it sounded different but was just a haunting, just as mesmerising. You still couldn’t understand the words sewn so wonderfully into the air, but felt in your gut that the mood of these melodies had shifted. You were relaxed upon hearing them, as expected, but also filled with a tug, a pull and a longing, nestled in your chest and wrapped around your heart and lungs. You didn’t know what, but you wanted to do something, to go somewhere. It was a little odd that you got such urges at midnight and the early hours of the morning, but you were able to ignore them for the most part.
You let out a loud gasp, unchecked in the midst of your solitude, as the two characters on screen, enemies at the current time, kissed. You straightened so abruptly in your seat, eyes wide, that you nearly knocked the block of chocolate you’d been nibbling from off the armrest. A precarious position, you knew, but you didn’t want to put it on the cushion and risk squishing it with your ass or something. You were wearing your lazy outfit, which consisted of black tights and an oversized sweater that hid the cute lingerie you had beneath—the baby pink set with silk and lace weren’t your first pick for a lazy day, but you’d gotten behind on your washing and they were all that was left. Thankfully, they were comfortable, so you didn’t have that many complaints.
As the shock began to wear off at what you were seeing, your form began to relax back into the couch—that is, before a god-awful, ear-splitting, absolutely blaring noise, only barely muffled by plaster, assaulted your eardrums and you jumped so hard you nearly fell off the cushion. It took you a few moments to realise what it was, and then a few moments more before you realised exactly where it was coming from.
It was a fire alarm, sounding from the apartment right next to yours—Seokjin’s apartment.
You were a little worried, but figured he probably just put his toast in for too long or something—these alarms were really sensitive, you didn’t have enough fingers to count all the times your own had gone off on you suddenly for cooking an egg or bacon or similar consumable product.
So you waited a few moments, thinking it would turn off as the male no doubt hurried to fix the culinary happening that had led to this situation—but you waited, and waited, and the alarm continued to blare on, and on, and on. More than a little worried, considering the male should have been able to get it off by now even if he had to take the batteries out as a last resort, you rose from the couch and quickly dashed down the hall to your front door.
The sound was a little more muffled in the hallway of the complex, but you could still hear it well enough—you quickly made a beeline to Seokjin’s door, raising your hand to knock and accidentally pushing the door in from the gust of air that resulted from the movement as it was, once again, left unlocked. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes; it was like the male was just asking to be robbed or something. You really had to remind him to lock his own door, huh.
At the persistent ringing in your ears from the fire alarm as the sound slipped through the crack in the doorway, you weighed your options for a brief moment. To enter, or not to enter. You had a brief image of poor Seokjin knocked out, or something equally dramatic, and immediately came to a decision. Your palm pressed to the cool wood of the door, pushing it open, and you quickly dashed inside. Immediately, you were greeted by the sight and acrid smell of smoke—so something was burning.
His apartment was in pretty much the same state as it had been last time you’d been privy to its contents, except the artwork you’d seen had all been switched out again. Actually, you amended that observation as you entered the kitchen, passing the dining table on the way and catching sight of a familiar painting on the wall. Something flickered in your chest briefly; Seokjin had hung up the painting you’d complimented last time, ‘lullaby’ if you were recalling correctly. The knowledge brought a smile to your face before another large waft of smoke assaulted your nostrils and you were reminded of the current situation at hand.
As soon as you stepped foot in the kitchen, you were able to pinpoint the source of the smoke—and what it had originally been, if the barest scent of fish was anything to go by. You were quick to take the frying pan off the stove, the charred remains of what you presumed had been seafood more like ash at this point than anything edible. Just how long had it been sitting there on the glass-top stove, burning away?
Dumping the pan in the sink and blasting it with water from the tap, you left it running while you rushed to open the windows along the bench—at the scent of fresh air and the cool breeze on your face, you let out a pleased sigh. Grabbing the first tea towel in sight, you started to fan the smoke out, wrinkling your nose at the smell as the heat was doused in the stream from the tap.
It took only a short while to silence the fire alarm, your ears singing praise the second it cut off. You’d managed to fan most of the smoke out of the room, although the smell was lingering a fair bit. You turned the tap off, leaving some water in the pan for good measure, and took a step back.
This whole time, you still hadn’t seen hide no hair of Seokjin.
Worry curled in your abdomen, wringing your stomach, and you hesitated for a moment. You felt a bit uncomfortable barging through his apartment like this, but you also wanted to be sure he was okay. Ultimately, it was a worse ending if you didn’t go looking for him and something actually turned out to be wrong. Biting your lip, you steeled your will and left the kitchen, double-checking the stove was off as you went. The heat coming off of it was almost unbearable at this point, and you were glad you’d thought to come in and check on things.
Seokijn’s apartment was very similar to yours in layout, the main difference being the fact that it was flipped and, obviously, the different furniture and décor. You were prepared to go searching through every room for him, but with the alarm no longer blaring obnoxiously in your ears, you quickly caught the sound of running water as it brushed your ears, somewhat muffled. The bathroom…?
Quick to act, you started in the direction the noise was coming from, finding the door to the room ajar by barely an inch and the sound of running water most definitely coming from inside. Was this something else he had left on? Lord he was going to be in so much trouble with your landlord—
Pushing the door open and stepping inside, your feet slapped against the thin layer of water pooling across the floor, cold where it hit your skin, and you didn’t even get to scan the whole room before you caught sight of an image  that answered a lot of the questions you had bouncing in your head, yet also thrust you into such a state of shock you nearly slipped right over there in the doorway.
Seokjin was in the bathtub, head and upper body completely submerged as water continued to flow unchecked from the tap, rippling and splashing across the surface that lapped and spilt over the edge. The way it flowed over the side of the tub reminded you of a water feature as it spilt down to the floor, pooling across the tiles and trickling slowly down the small drain situated in the middle of the room. You might have been alarmed that Seokjin was completely underwater were it not for the other part of the scene that had your breath catching in your lungs and shock rooting you in place.
Seokjin’s upper body was beneath the water, in the depths of the tub, but it was not his legs that hung over the side—no, it was a large tail almost twice the length of his upper body, and it was rich, glimmering turquoise that bled to black at the end, scales iridescent and gleaming soft pinks, purples and summer blues as it flicked and dragged across the floor. You couldn’t take your eyes off of it, the way droplets of water caught the light on the surface, the way it shifted and the thin, wispy, shimmering fins that decorated the sides and trailed to the end would follow the motion. A tail… Seokjin was…
You barely had time to conceive let alone process the thought before the water shifted and rippled, Seokjin’s body moving as he sat up and broke the surface, the contents of the tub sloshing over the sides to slap and splatter against the tile. His eyes remained closed as water cascaded down his face, streaming over his fine features and plastering his rosy hair down before he brought a dripping hand up to brush it up and away from his eyes. A flush of heat washed over you at the sight of him now, droplets slipping over the smooth planes of his chest and shoulders, lashes wet against his cheeks—he was so beautiful, so incredibly stunning in this moment that it made your chest ache inexplicably.
Then his eyes opened and swept to meet yours, and you felt your heart skip a beat at the look held in their depths, the heat that you could feel seeping into your skin, that was currently making your knees weak and core throb. You didn’t even notice the gasp that escaped your lips, too bewildered and shocked at the turn this day had taken. Seokjin’s stare was unwavering as he held your gaze, and the longer you remained trapped in it the more heat you felt flush over your body. It was only when his lips parted and his tongue darted out to wet them that you snapped out of it, immediately a discomforting combination of mortified and strangely aroused.
You stumbled back, very nearly slipping in the water still overflowing from the tap and pooling on the floor. Your voice caught in your throat and almost broke as you blurted out apologies, “Shit, I-I’m so sorry, Seokjin! Fuck, I—I’m—”
Floundering for words, you just gave up and succumbed to your desire to flee, turning tail and dashing out of the room. You needed more than a moment to process this whole debacle.
Distantly, you registered the sound of a tap twisting and shutting off, and then the sound of water splashing and sloshing. In your panic and embarrassment, you ended up going the wrong way and scrambled further into the house rather than back out to the kitchen as you’d intended. You were just about to spin on your heel when there were footsteps behind you and a large, wet hand grasped your wrist to keep you from moving. You had a moment to adjust to the scorching heat, the searing of his palm against your skin, before you arm was firmly but gently tugged and you were spun around in place.
“y/n, y/n, y/n…” the voice that graced your ears was a low, dulcet purr, velvet against your eardrums. It took a moment as your gaze flew to Seokjin’s face, hair still damp over his forehead and the odd droplet of water still decorating his skin, for you to realise the voice was coming from him, that it was his plush lips shaping your name in such a sultry way. Another wash of heat fell over you, your gut dropping and knees trembling; somehow he’d managed to throw a towel haphazardly around his waist, the material slipping low on his hips, and the rest of his body was still damp from his recent dip. Something began to smoulder in your abdomen as Seokjin’s eyes caught yours. Your mouth dropped open with the urge to speak but no words escaped.
His lips curled at your speechless state, fingers drumming softly against the skin of your wrist as he pulled you closer before beginning to urge you backwards. It was only now that your own voice returned to you, legs wobbling as you stumbled backwards, the doorway to a room you didn’t know passing over you, “Seokjin, y-you—”
“I’m not mute, no,” his voice was melodic and clear, a daze of sorts washing over you and arousal beginning to swim along your veins at the sound of it. The back of your legs brushed something soft and he ceased in his gentle urging. “But I have to admit, seeing you defend me so heatedly, so passionately… If I hadn’t already been wanting you since the very first day I saw you, I might have fallen then and there.”
His words had your heart skipping a beat, his free hand coming to grasp your other wrist and a pleasant heat searing where his skin met yours. You were quivering, not in fear but in need, a kind so deep and primal it felt like your insides were ablaze. What was he, that at just the sound of his voice your body was reacting so strongly, like it never had before?
You wanted to talk, to speak, but couldn’t find your tongue let alone the words to grace it, mind running too fast to keep up with even with the haze beginning to cloud your mind; he seemed to understand. His hands trailed along your arms, eliciting a deep shiver along the length of your spine, and then came to brush down your sides until finally resting upon your hips. His grip tightened momentarily before he pushed once, sending you backwards. Your form met the bed softer than anticipated, elbows sinking into the mattress to prop yourself up slightly. Your breath caught in your throat as you gazed up at him, mesmerised.
“Do you know what I am?” he asked, breathless, as he advanced and slid his knee onto the bed between your thighs. Your core throbbed wantonly as he climbed over you, gaze never once breaking its hold on you.
“Siren,” you breathed in answer, stomach fluttering at the way his gaze lit up and his lips twitched. “I knew you were too attractive to be human.”
He let out a laugh, and if it wasn’t the most beautiful sound you’d ever heard then you didn’t know what would be.
“You’ve always been perceptive, sweet flower,” he cooed, the depth of his voice as it caressed some of the words and the pet name making your stomach dip. “Yet you’ve never quite caught on, have you?”
“To what?” the question almost caught in your throat as he hummed softly, gaze slipping down your neck to caress your form.
The smile that curved his full lips was indulgent, enamoured. “I want you.”
Your breath hitched in your throat, butterflies rampant in your abdomen and your heart racing in your chest as he continued, “I’ve wanted you, resisted you, for so long; the draw of your energy, your soul… But I cannot resist it— resist you— any longer. You’ve seen me.”
He was breathless now, an undercurrent of excitement threading through the mellifluous timbre of his voice. He lowered slightly, breath brushing your ear and the sensitive skin of your neck as he spoke, “You’ve seen my truest form, and now you lay beneath me smelling so sweet with arousal, your body singing my song. I can hardly resist,” he let out a soft chuckle as he lowered his head further, lips brushing your throat—your heart was racing so fast it was like a hummingbird fluttering against the confines of your chest. “Fancy this, a siren caught and ensnared in your mortal wiles.”
He pressed a kiss to your throat and you shivered, hands coming up to grasp the smooth, heated skin of his biceps. Pleasure, light and airy, tingled along your limbs with each soft brush of his lips to your neck. Your voice trembled as you asked, “Why did you never speak?”
You saw his shoulders shrug, a soft hum vibrating against your skin.
“It’s always been much easier to show,” he murmured, avoiding the question and what you’d intended to ask. He distracted you with a firm kiss to your neck, tongue darting out to lave over the skin and tearing a sharp gasp from your throat. He began to decorate your neck with his lips, hot open-mouthed kisses making your knees weak and your core throb.
“Are you going to show me?” you could hardly keep your voice level, a tremble of nerves and excitement still present in the undertones. He shifted in his position, resting on his elbows and allowing his hips to lower between your thighs. At the sudden pressure, the roll of his hips against your throbbing core, you let out a soft whine of need; even through the thick material of the towel you could feel the heat, the hardness beneath, and the observation had your head swimming in the throes of your arousal. You’d never felt such all-consuming desire for someone.
“Tell me, y/n,” he paused to suckle underneath your jaw, the sensation eliciting another sharp noise from your throat—he seemed to bask in it. “Do you want me?”
You were lucid enough that you still felt the embarrassment such a question caused, but taken enough by your desire for him that you were able to answer him nonetheless. Your response escaped your lips on your next breath, “Yes. I-I do.”
The siren hummed his pleasure against your neck, rewarding you with a tender scrape of his teeth against your throat and a roll of his hips into yours. His voice ran like velvet over your ears, “Then I will show you.”
With that his lips were on you with renewed fervour, kissing and suckling tender bruises across the expanse of your throat; soft, gasping moans tumbled from your lips and you tilted your head back so he had more access, fingers gripping him hard. With each noise you made, he seemed to grow more and more excited—and with how skilled he was with his mouth, you were making a lot of them. He decorated all the flesh he could reach in tender marks that bloomed the colours of twilight, the occasional drop of water hitting your skin from his still damp hair as it tickled you wherever he went.
Soon enough, he met the barrier that your sweater presented, and was quick to sit up, gaze taking you in for a moment—your flushed cheeks and lidded eyes, the hickeys he’d just dressed your neck up with, the way your thighs trembled with the urge to close and rub. He let out a low, throaty groan that had your stomach flipping and was quick to grip the bottom of your sweater and rid you of it. Your pants went next and when he was faced with the sight of you in nothing but the lingerie you’d donned this morning as a last resort, he froze.
“Fuck,” his voice was thick and caught in his throat, but even then it retained its silky, mellifluous quality. Soft pink locks, still damp, fell across his forehead as he let out a shuddering breath. His large hands came to hover over your form, fingers tracing your shape and trailing over the soft skin of your sides—your cheeks were so scorching you were almost worried, and at the heated look in his eyes elicited by the sight of your body almost bare before him, you felt you might explode. “So pretty and perfect for me, kitten.”
You shivered at the change in pet name, this one infinitely more out there and potent than the last, but you didn’t find yourself minding one bit. He lowered himself down once more, but not before his gaze fell upon what was no doubt the wet patch your arousal had soaked in your underwear. He let out another groan, a delicious rumble that started in his chest, and then his head was dipping down and his mouth was on you once more. One of his hands found your own and threaded your fingers together, making your heart skip a beat, and the other cupped your breast before dragging down your side and over the soft swell of your tummy.
The siren returned to sucking marks across your flesh, your body serving as his personal canvas as he decorated you in a mixture of rosy pinks, reds and purples. The attention he paid to your neck and throat had you whining loudly, hips rolling up to grind against his own and fingers gripping his hand harder. He relished in each noise he managed to elicit, fascinated with the sound of your needy whines and moans—as a creature whose gift and power lay in voice, the tantalising timbre of yours as it brushed his ears only served to make him all the more enthralled.
The free hand that had been exploring your every dip and curve began to skirt the waistband of your panties, and it wasn’t long before his fingers dipped lower to drag over your clothed core. You jolted at the sensation against your clit as he rubbed it, teasing; you were almost hypersensitive at this point, so fraught with need as you were. Your core ached for something inside of it, clenching around nothing. He drank each of your moans in as he suckled the flesh of your breast that wasn’t obscured by the soft pink bra into his mouth, teeth scraping the skin and eliciting a delicious ache.
Eventually he grew tired of the remaining barriers hiding you from him, and tugged the straps off your shoulders and the cups down beneath your breasts—your nipples were already peaking under his rapt attention and the cool air. He took a moment to survey the mess he’d made you into already before returning his attention to your skin, kissing along the swell of your breast and allowing his tongue to roll your nipple before taking it into his mouth and suckling. You let out a loud cry at that, more sensitive than you’d expected, your back arching into his ministrations slightly. The hand that had been dancing around your core slipped beneath the waistband and his fingers were soon dragging along your folds, gathering the slick nectar pooled there and using it as he rolled your clit, rubbing it in figure eights.
You moaned sharply at that, Seokjin moving across your chest with his mouth and ensuring almost every inch of you was covered. His fingers didn’t tease you for long, dipping back down to part your folds, two digits pressed at your entrance. He brought his head up to meet your gaze for a moment and at the almost indiscernible nod you were able to offer in your haze, his head dipped back down and his fingers slipped into you.
“Fuck,” he swore, muscles in his back trembling slightly. “You’re so wet.”
With how aroused you were, they slipped in easily, a long, drawn moan tearing from your throat at the stretch and ending in a gasp as the rosy-haired siren took your nipple between his teeth, the slight pinch sending little shocks of pleasure straight to your core. Your walls clenched around the intrusion involuntarily, Seokjin letting out a sharp gasping groan at the sensation. He quickly sank the digits the rest of the way in until they were knuckle deep, his thumb teasing your clit. He allowed you a moment to adjust before he was shifting his hand, rolling his wrist and beginning to fuck into you with his fingers. Your thighs trembled, fingers gripping his other hand hard as you whined and moaned.
“Seokjin,” you gasped, eyelids fluttering as pleasure began to throb throughout your body in a heady ache. “Seokjin, can I kiss you?”
The male lifted his head enough to send you an apologetic look, before he dove down to press a kiss to your cheek. “It’s not wise, flower,” he murmured against your skin, brushing his nose against yours before turning to press kisses along your jaw. “I think you know what a kiss from a siren does, sweetheart.”
You let out a sound torn between a moan and a whine, the male having curled his fingers inside you, the pads of his fingertips brushing against your g-spot. He was right, you knew what a siren’s kiss entailed, but in your lust-induced haze you could hardly find enough fault with it to dismiss it entirely from your mind. Intent on giving back even a little of the attention he was giving you, you brought your free hand to cup his face, along the sharp curve of his jaw, and as he looked up you guided his face closer to your own.
Heeding what he said for now, you pressed your lips to his cheek by his lips, the curve of his cheekbone, the tip of his nose—you got most of the way over his face before he was pulling back with pink cheeks and an endeared smile.
“Cute,” he noted, tone dipping melodiously, making your own cheeks flush with heat and causing your hand to leave his face as it came to cover your own in embarrassment. He let out a chuckle, peppering soft kisses across your collarbones and humming at the shiver it elicited.
It wasn’t long before Seokjin deemed you ready enough to add another finger, slipping it in with the other two—you gasped, mewling at the stretch, and you felt his lips twitch against you.
“You sound so sweet, kitten,” the siren purred, dulcet tone deep and low as it brushed your ears. He began fucking into you harder with his fingers, curling them each time they breached your walls. You were a gasping mess, your body writhing from the pleasure that resulted from his actions. Rapidly, you were approaching your peak, and you could hardly catch your breath from the suddenness, the intensity of it all. Seokjin’s next words only pushed you closer, heart fluttering in your chest, “I’ve dreamt so long of having you mewling beneath me like this—you sound just as I imagined and better.”
You were too taken by the pleasure to respond, arching into Seokjin’s ministrations wantonly. “F-fuck, Seokjin! I’m—”
“You’re close?” he guessed, voice like velvet against your ears. Something different shifted into his tone, intertwining with his words, “Come now, kitten, cum for me.”
You weren’t sure what, but something in your snapped at his words—at his command. You recognised distantly it was a gift often belonging to sirens, but could hardly focus on the thought when the sound of his voice as he directed you sent you forcibly off the precipice of your release and spiralling into an orgasm that had you crying out, keening loudly, as pleasure flooded your form and set your nerves alight. You clenched around him as he continued fucking his fingers into you to ride you through your high, hips bucking up and thighs shaking.
“Good girl,” When you returned to the present moment and the pleasure faded to a pleasant buzz beneath your skin, you found Seokjin cooing at you, thumb brushing over your hand soothingly. When he noticed you were looking at him once more, chest still heaving as you attempted to regain your breath, he continued, “You sound so pretty when you cum for me, flower.”
He peppered fond kisses across your chest, a soft laugh escaping him when he pressed them to your breasts and their pebbled peaks and you jerked, somewhat ticklish to the action. It was as though he was especially attuned to your body, as the second any remaining oversensitivity ceased he was slipping his soaked fingers from your core and moving his kisses southward. You moved to fight him on it, wanting to give some back, but he simply pressed you back to the mattress and sent you’re a firm look. One by one he slipped his fingers into his mouth, deft tongue ensuring none of your essence escaped on his watch—the sight had your breath catching in your chest.
“I’ve waited so long for this, kitten,” his lips tugged into a salacious smile. “Won’t you let me make you feel good? Won’t you give me some more of those pretty sounds, pretty girl?”
Your cheeks were instantly set ablaze, yet the undeniable ache of arousal began to settle in your abdomen nonetheless. He pressed one final kiss below your navel and then was quick to ensure you were bare before him, slipping your remaining garment completely from your form and grasping your thighs to part them. You heard his sharp intake of breath at the sight and scent of you and had to fight the urge to close your legs in embarrassment.
You had barely any warning before Seokjin was dipping his head between your thighs and delivering a long, deft lick along your folds, your ears burning at the slick noise that resulted along with the sharp, abrupt moan that escaped you. He hummed against you, pleased with your reaction, and began cleaning your folds with broad , firm licks of his tongue. With each swipe it flicked and brushed your clit, and your hips rolled slightly, unable to help it as the fire of desire was rekindled so easily in your abdomen.
It took him a shamefully shorter time to begin working you up again, tongue quickly changing directive and rolling your clit instead. You cried out at this, hips twitching up into the ministration on instinct as pleasure shot through you once more, core throbbing with the same ache you’d been stuck with in the first place. You rose back up to the peak at a steady pace, soft moans and Seokjin’s name tumbling from your lips as you grew closer and closer to your second release—that steady climb was shot to hell as Seokjin grasped your thighs and began to wrap his plush lips around your clit, continuing to flick and roll it with his tongue as he sucked it into his mouth, against his teeth.
The hand he wasn’t using to hold your thighs apart brushed back up your body, cupping your cheek a moment before trailing down to wrap loosely around your throat, thumb and finger brushing the tender, marked flesh before settling over your pulse points. The male’s dark eyes swept up to catch sight of your expression as he began to apply a little pressure, monitoring your features for any sign of displeasure or discomfort as he continued to stimulate you with his tongue. This wasn’t territory you were all that familiar with, but you were familiar enough with it and Seokjin’s nature to trust him, and when he increased the pressure a little more and your head began to fuzz just slightly, you couldn’t help but let out a choked moan.
“F-fuck!” your voice wavered and trembled, more than enough to tell the pink-haired male that you were close once more with this new sensation adding to the pleasure. He hummed, continuing to work you up, and you were drowning in the pleasure—right up until you were on the precipice once more and he abruptly slipped his mouth from your core. His voice was firm and laced with the familiar note the command from last time had carried.
“Don’t cum until I tell you to,” he instructed, and the softness of his voice and features contrasted sharply with the firmness of his tone—all of which had your heart stuttering in your heaving chest and your stomach flipping giddily. With that he allowed a slight smile to cross his lips and he was ducking down to return them to where you ached for them to be most.
You might have paid his words no heed, except that from the second he uttered them it was as though you were stuck on the precipice, a tantalising millimetre from your next release and unable to cross it. Seokjin’s fingers and thumb teased your circulation, your head filled with a pleasant buzz that exacerbated your pleasure but was never enough to push you over.
One of your hands slipped down to wind into the siren’s damp pink locks, the other gripping his bicep for something to anchor you. He continued lapping at your folds, rolling your pearl with his tongue and even grazing it ever so carefully with his teeth—you were constantly stimulated, held on the edge for much, much longer than you were used to. You began to grow even more sensitive, so sensitive, and the pleasure was so hot and all-consuming you were easily going to lose yourself in it and go mad, if only you could hit your release.
“F-fuck!” you ended up letting out a sobbing moan, body arching and chest heaving as you gasped for breath when Seokjin let his grip on your throat relax for a moment before resuming. You were feeling so much all at once, too much, yet none of it was enough to push you off the edge—it was torture of the most exquisite kind. “F-fuck, please—“
You were so wet that when Seokjin returned a finger to tease at your entrance, all that resulted was lewd noises and wet squelching. You were absolutely soaked, your body continuing to gush in its prolonged, heightened state of arousal. Your senses were quickly beginning to overload, filter disengaging as tears began to bud in your eyes and pleas tumbled from your lips.
“P-please can I c-cum—” you gasped, hips twitching as he suckled your clit once more and another sobbing moan tore from your throat. “Gah, f-fuck Seokjin, I can’t take much more p-please let me c-cum—”
He hummed against you, drinking in your sinful sounds as he leisurely lapped up your essence, pussy constantly gushing with more of the sweetness thanks to the prolonged arousal he’d brought upon you. A part of him wished to hear more of your begging, your pleas and whines as your body strained to come undone, but his heart throbbed in his chest and he found himself wanting to indulge you more.
“I want to hear more of you, but you’re begging so nicely, being such a good girl for me,” the siren hummed, delivering a rewarding lick to your core between words. He lifted his hand from your throat, fingers ever so gentle and tender as they brushed away a tear of frustration you hadn’t even realised had fallen. “Tell me kitten, who is it that’s making you feel this way?”
You nearly sobbed your response, limbs trembling and nerves alight from the prolonged pleasure, “Y-you are! You are.”
He purred, pleased with your obedience and compliance. He had one last request for you. “Say my name, kitten.”
“K-Kim Seokjin!” you burst hips straining to roll away as the male in question brought his thumb to your clit.
The siren smiled, pressing a tender kiss to the soft flesh of your inner thigh before humming, “Good girl. Now—cum.”
Almost instantly, at his words, you’re finally thrown off the edge and headfirst into your long-awaited orgasm, and it was blinding, almost debilitating in the force with which it ravaged your senses. Pleasure ricocheted along your limbs, your eyes clenching shut as you let out a loud, keening cry, more tears squeezing from your eyes, in relief this time.
It took you more than a few moments to come down from this high, which thankfully Seokjin hadn’t ridden you through—you were currently too sensitive, and if he’d done anything more than catch your release on his tongue you didn’t know how your fried nerves would have handled it.
Your breathing was ragged, chest heaving as you came down from the peak of your pleasure and euphoria. It was as though your senses had been muted briefly, and they came back to you now—it took you only a moment longer to realise that Seokjin was hovering above you, arms either side of your head and shoulders as he cupped your face, thumbs brushing gently over the skin of your cheeks. The action had your heart fluttering and you attempted to offer him a smile, even if it came out more fucked-out than intended.
Seokjin’s voice was a gentle, lilting coo as he continued caressing your face with more softness than you ever thought someone capable of, “Are you alright? Can you take some more? Use your words for me, flower.”
You couldn’t help the giddy giggle that escaped you, your hands coming to cover your face in embarrassment. Although the male wasn’t moving against you directly, his hips were still pressed to your core and you could feel the throbbing heat of his member through the towel. Shamefully, you were already beginning to get a little aroused again—just what had come over you today?!
“I’m fine,” you managed to breathe, allowing Seokjin to remove your hands from your face so he could meet your gaze. “I just—just need a minute, because that… whew.”
The male’s face broke into a stunning smile, dark warmth in his eyes gleaming as he chuckled. In an odd turn of events, he dropped his head to hide his face in your neck bashfully, nuzzling the tender, bruised skin affectionately. It was such a sweet, unexpected action you felt your stomach fluttering and flipping in response.
Seokjin pulled back for a moment, and you might have wondered what he was doing if he didn’t immediately follow through—he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you with him as he rolled onto his back. You let out a squeak as you were suddenly brought on top of him with your thighs either side of his hips, his thick, heated length resting firmly against your core with the only thing separating you being the towel that had miraculously managed to stay wrapped around his hips this whole time.
At your surprised gasp he shot you a boyish smile, hands trailing down your arms to grasp your hands and intertwine your fingers. Still catching your bearings after that second orgasm, you allowed yourself to drop forward slightly, resting your face in the crook of his neck. You heard the way his breath hitched and hid a smile into his skin.
In all honesty, it took you much less time to recover than you would have thought— and if you were being completely honest it probably had something to do with the way Seokjin had begun rolling his hips just slightly, enough of a motion that it teased you back into a state of arousal without being too much at once. Soon enough, you were ready to go again, no doubt staining the front of his towel with how soaked you were becoming once more.
Allowing your hips to roll back and grind your core against his pelvis, you relished in the sharp moan that caught in his throat. You decided to give him back a little of what he gave out, pressing your lips softly along his skin before beginning to suckle and mark it much like he had done to you. He had the slight taste of salt and sweat that graced your tongue, his soft, lilting moans more than sweet enough to make up for it as they brushed your ears. His fingers tightened in their grip, slipping from your hands to come grasp your hips.
You lifted yourself up for a moment, sitting back and raising your hips so you could slip the towel from his waist. He inhaled sharply through his teeth, cock twitching to attention the second its cover was no longer present. Your mouth almost watered at the sight of him, thick and long, swollen with desire and leaking generous beads of precum at the tip of the straining member.
“Fuck, Seokjin,” you didn’t even realise you’d spoken, hand coming to trail tentatively along his length. He hissed and moaned sharply, hips twitching along with his member.
You could feel his eyes burning into you as you reached down to your pussy, gathering the generous amounts of slick from your folds so that your hand was coated before you took him into your grasp. The flesh of his cock was searing against your palm, throbbing in your hold, and if Seokjin’s soft whine was anything to go by then he was more than a little desperate for some sort of stimulation. Tightening your grip so that it was firmer, you began to stroke him, wrist rolling so that the movements were more fluid.
“y/n—” he groaned, head falling back against the mattress. You continued to jerk him off, thumb running over the flushed, sensitive flesh of his head with each upward stroke and relishing in the gasping moans that were elicited as a result.
Eventually he reached a hand to halt you in your motions, bringing you forward so that your hips were hovering over his own once more—you understood what he wanted and were eager to comply, grasping his length in hand and holding it steady as the head brushed your slicked, aching entrance.
Seokjin was content to wait for you as you allowed yourself to slowly sink down on his intimidating member, relishing in the slight burn of the stretch and the way his cock was splitting your walls and spearing into you. Sharp, keening moans tumbled from your throat unchecked as you slowly sank down, your thighs trembling as he was finally completely seated inside of you. Your arms shook a little, one hand going to find his and lace your fingers and the other resting against his chest.
“Move when you’re ready, kitten,” the soft comfort of the siren’s voice was all the encouragement you needed, thighs already beginning to burn a little as you lifted yourself up until only his tip was embraced by your walls, and then lowered to slowly spear yourself on him once more. The next time the entirety of his length was inside you the tip hit a bundle of nerves that had you crying out, clenching around him from the sudden flush of pleasure along your spine.
“Fuck!” you could have wept, wavering in your position atop of him as your pussy throbbed deliciously. “F-fuck…”
“Kitten, if you keep doing that I’m not going to last very long,” he warned, dulcet tone dipping into a moan at the end as you began to resume your slow, leisurely riding of his cock. You struggled to find words for a moment, gaze falling across his features and aweing over how stunning he was even now, sweaty and still damp from his bath. Even so, he was glowing—your gaze flickered to his lips, plush and bitten red, and you couldn’t help the question that rose to your lips.
“Seokjin,” you began, somewhat breathless as you shifted your hand to run your thumb over his nipple; he gasped, hips bucking up and pelvic bone grinding against your clit. “Can I kiss you, Seokjin?”
At your question you could see the dilemma cross his features, a look of regret making itself known despite the gleam in his eyes that told you he very much wanted it. “Flower, you know why—”
“I know, I accept it,” you lowered yourself so that your lips brushed the shell of his ear with your next words. “I want it—I want you. Please?”
Seokjin didn’t say anything for a moment, and you might have thought he was going to pretend you hand said anything at all, but then he groaned, long and deep, and uttered a low swear. His arms came up, one wrapping around you and the other coming to grasp your hip.
One moment was all you got before he grasped you tight and took over your job from your aching thighs—he snapped his hips up from the bed, slamming the thickness and length of his cock into you in its entirety. You keened, fingers digging into the bed and his shoulder at the sharp crack of pleasure and desire that shot through you, thighs trembling and walls clenching around him. Once he started that brutal pace he did not stop, holding you to him in place as he fucked up into you, cock slamming into you so hard and so good each time that you were nearly sobbing on top of him.
He pressed soft kisses against your jaw, your ear, the side of your face as he repeatedly speared into you, cock dragging against your aching walls with each stroke and sending your senses absolutely mad. With each forceful thrust he hit that same bundle of nerves inside of you, eliciting a new cry and moan from your throat. He drank them all in, each of them only fuelling him more and more in his sudden frenzy. A coil began to wind tight in your abdomen, quick in its pace.
“Fuck, Seokjin!” you cried out, teeth scraping his collarbone. “Fuck, I’m—”
Seokjin’s hips were beginning to stutter, the two of you too worked up for this to last all that long despite your best efforts. His hands left your body to come cup your face, bringing it gently but firmly before his own. He waited just long enough, gaze boring into your own with all the heat of a thousand suns, for you to reach the edge once more, before he brought you closer still. His breath brushed against your lips as he spoke, voice once more laced with the familiar edge of a command. “Cum for me, kitten.”
And not a second later you did, right as he brought your face down and slammed your lips to his. The sensation that took your body by storm was indescribable, and in combination with the incredible orgasm that had you crying out against his lips, body stiffening and pussy clenching around him, it was very near debilitating. Your release had pleasure washing over you like the heat from a fire on a cold day, sharp and distinctive but pleasant—but the sensation of Seokjin’s lips against yours, his siren kiss, as he took some of your energy, your life essence, for his own… it was as though an electrical current was zapping through your veins, a pull and tug that made your heart patter and stomach flip.
At the clenching of your walls around him and the taste of your essence, Seokjin came undone. His cock throbbed inside you and then he was cumming, his release painting your insides with scorching heat and filling you to the brim. He moaned against your lips, tongue darting out to deepen the kiss to which you hardly had the mind to reciprocate but happily obliged. Seokjin continued to hold his lips to yours, drinking in a combination of your moans and energy as you both began to come down from your high.
When he was no longer in the throes of his orgasm, the siren was quick to release you, jerking back as though he had been burned and gasping, “F-fuck, flower, y/n, are you alright? Did I take too much? Are y—”
It was a drowsy giggle that bubbled in your throat this time as you buried your face in his neck, pressing a soft, reassuring kiss to the skin there. “I’m fine, don’t worry. Well, better than fine, actually.”
At your words the male relaxed, a relived sigh escaping him as one big gust of air. “Thank gods…”
You turned your head to peer up at his face, admiring how he seemed to glow despite the activity you’d both just partaken in. Of course, you supposed, it figures considering he was a siren.
“I’m fine,” you repeated, before letting out a yawn as your exhaustion caught up with you all at once. You were thankful he didn’t seem to want to go another round, because you honestly couldn’t take it. “Sleepy though.”
The male hummed, amused, as he brought his arms up to embrace you and hold you tight; neither of you paid any mind to his member where it was softening inside you, a combination of your fluids leaking out to dribble onto your skin. “I’m sure you are.”
He allowed you to rest a few moments, your eyelids drooping, before he began to ease out from under you, transferring you onto the bed as he got up. “Stay here for a moment while I get something to clean you up, flower.”
You hummed in acknowledgement, eyelids already fluttering closed as you curled into the comforter that had become unmade from the bed in your little tousle. It felt like only a moment later when Seokjin returned, damp cloth in hand, and made quick, gentle work of cleaning up your abused pussy. He pressed a kiss to each thigh before rising and depositing the cloth somewhere, then joining you in bed, peeling back the covers properly and tugging you up so your head was resting on an actual pillow.
You were barely lucid as he looped his arms around our waist and tugged you closer to him, but you welcomed the warmth and made sure to lean back into him—the pleased purr he offered was reward enough. Distantly, you remembered there was a lot you needed to find out, a lot you wanted to ask the siren currently spooning you, but right now you were too tired, too spent, to even entertain the thought of asking him. So for now, you allowed your eyes to close, and your body to relax back into him—those questions could wait for tomorrow, when your energy and your body have had time to recover.
In the meanwhile, you enjoyed the warmth and security you found in Seokjin’s embrace, and allowed yourself to slip into sleep where you dreamt of a honey, dulcet voice singing all your worries away.
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pasteljeon · a year ago
core pride (m)
Tumblr media
❥ summary: ot7 where you’re rich and lonely so you adopt 7 hybrids. chaos ensues.
❥ genre: hybrid au, wolf!namjoon, tuxedo cat!yoongi, golden retriever!hoseok, tiger!taehyung, calico cat!jimin, bunny!jungkook, honey bear!jin
❥ warnings: brief description of assault/violence, panty sniffing, sub jimin, sub jungkook, ur once again the meat in the jikook sammich, bathtub sex, lotta angst, some fluff
❥ length: 6.6k
❥ notes: tis my first ever attempt at a hybrid au. please be kind :( let me know what you think <3
Winter, Year 20XX
The car beeps quietly, the sound piercing the stillness of the night as you glance up, watching as the powdered flakes flutter silently onto your coat. They sparkle in the muted glow of the streetlamp, soaking your hair and tickling your eyelashes.
Snow crunches beneath your boots, your steps freshly printed upon a new layer as you make your way to the door.
It is pointless to try and enter without perforating the peace. There are no lights on, but that is only because they do not need the artificial shine to recognize your silhouette. The sound of the tires pulling into the driveway, the slow beat of your heart, the steady rising and falling of your chest, the smell of damp clothing, the sweet touch of your shampoo and something indescribably you. They know it is you.
“Noona!” The faint, rapid thumping fades as his strong arms wrap around you, ignoring your muffled protests and burying his face in the crook of your neck. Another pair of arms circle your waist, a shiver whispering through your body at the feel of soft lips against the top of your ear.
“Hello, boys,” you sigh, the weariness weighing heavily on your limbs as you sink into their embrace. “You’re getting yourselves wet …”
“We missed you,” the one behind you disregards your weak attempt at chastising them, tail curling around your arm as he scatters featherlight kisses onto your jaw.
Jungkook says nothing, hands fumbling with the belt of your thick coat. He helps you shrug it off, hanging it on the side to dry.
One hand in each, they lead you to the master bathroom, carefully guiding you in the absence of light. As you pass the living room, you notice another body peeking from the corner.
Slitted eyes linger in the pressing darkness, raking over you once, and disappearing on your next blink.
The candles flicker, the lavender scent soothing and casting a warm yellowed glow to the room and you stop to touch Jungkook’s cheek. He exhales shakily, nuzzling your hand. One ear droops, covering the left side of his face, as if to hide his insecurity.
Jimin walks forward respectfully, twisting the knob to adjust the temperature until it is deemed appropriate and waits, perched on the porcelain, for the tub to fill, before dropping a rose bath bomb into it.
“Oh, bunny,” you murmur, watching sadly as he sniffles. Jungkook scrubs his eyes furiously, almost angry at his uncharacteristic show of emotion.
His body sags, arms clutching your waist tightly as he kisses you back hard, tasting salt and copper.
“Sorry,” he whispers, forehead pressed against yours. He dips his head to suckle the bite on your lower lip, running his tongue over it lovingly.
“Take off your shirt,” you say in response. He obeys, lifting his arms as his shirt comes off, fluttering to the ground. He arches at the feel of your hands running down his front. The deep ridges of his stomach are thrown in sharp relief in the shadowed light. This is what he has been working on, you realize, as your fingers dig into the defined v-lines that dip into his sweats. Jungkook whines at the pressure, body jerking as he staggers onto you. His skin is hot, and a shudder ripples down his spine when your palm meets his pectoral to steady him.
“Get in the tub, baby,” you say. Jungkook moves as if underwater, lethargic in the heat that knots his stomach. He kicks his sweats off, nothing underneath, and sinks into the hot water with a lewd groan.
Jimin rises at the sound of your voice, shirt gone in the next instant as he sinks to his knees before you. His gaze is reverent, tender, his touch gentle but firm as he strips you slowly. Covering every inch of bare skin revealed with his lips as he unbuttons your blouse, unclips your bra and unzips your skirt. His nose presses against your panties, inhaling deeply as his tongue flicks out to scent your core. The sight is obscene, so dirty it is enough to make you blush, if you were new to Jimin’s obsession with your taste.
“Smell so good,” he pants, suckling your clit through the soaked fabric. The bulge in his boxers is mouth-watering, and you can already feel the weight of his cock pressed against your tongue. His tail twines your ankle, and you stifle a moan at his feverish licks.
“In the tub, love,” you say softly, tugging at his black locks. Jimin mews and nods, shoving his briefs off before settling in the water next to Jungkook. They watch with hungry gazes as you step out of your panties and sink into the bath leisurely.
They wait, unmoving and hardly breathing, as you close your eyes, body loosening as the heat soaks into your sore muscles.
When the ache lessens, you stand, the water line edging just below your breasts, them greedily consuming the sight of the droplets sliding down your shoulder blades and perked nipples as you make your way to him.
Jungkook watches with half-lidded eyes, expression dazed and thoroughly fucked out already despite the minimal stimulation thus far. Your bunny, so easily tamed and pleased, with a sex drive so intense you could scarcely surface for a moment’s rest.
“Nnng,” he gasps when you flatten your palms to his pecs, raking your nails over his nubs. His chest pushes out to seek your punishing touch despite his furrowed eyebrows and cherry-bitten lips as if unable to decide if the stimulus was welcomed or not.
His cock, still impossibly hard, nudges your entrance from below the water. Jungkook has the audacity to blush when he feels it. “I—I’m—mmf,” his apology is swallowed by your kiss, his eyes rolling back as he keens into your mouth.
An arm snakes around to cup your right breast, thumbing your nipple. “Ahh,” Jimin hisses, biting back a needy whimper when you grip his cock.
He presses himself against you, the heat of him bleeding into your back. “My pain slut,” you coo as you release Jungkook. The bunny hybrid slumps back, lips slick with drool as he grinds desperately against you, gaze unfocused.
Your collective sounds echo delightfully in the wide expanse of the room, water splashing over the edges of the tub as the movement of their hips push waves swelling over the surface. They cannot resist the innate urge to brand evidence of their devotion onto your skin, the marks blooming and scattering like the wind over your thighs, stomach, and neck. Between two hard, hot bodies, they grip you with strong arms and you throw your head back, a faltering gasp caught in your throat as Jungkook ducks his head, dark locks plastered to his forehead, to sear a new constellation on your collarbones. Jimin’s sharp teeth are coaxing another violet flower to bloom across your jugular.
Your legs tremble when you finish, exhaustion seeping deep into your bones. The two seem to exchange silent conversation, and Jimin sets you down gingerly before allowing Jungkook to scoop you up. He steps out of the bath, the water a quarter of its initial level.
You open your mouth to protest, but Jimin kisses the pad of your finger. “It’s okay, noona, I’ve got it.”
Jungkook carefully helps you into the shower, the tiles cool against your burning skin. You lean heavily against him, smiling as he rubs your nose with his affectionately. Reaching for the shampoo, he works up a gentle lather, massaging your scalp soothingly. You sigh blissfully, closing your eyes briefly before stretching for the soap, running it over his abdomen.
The frosted glass opens quietly as Jimin steps inside, having finished draining the water. Jungkook rinses your hair, and you turn to Jimin to drizzle some on his while the younger scrubs at his curls. A faint thumping sound can be heard again when you rub Jungkook’s ears. He flushes hotly at your soft giggle.
By the time you are all finally clean and properly bathed, you are feeling slightly more refreshed and awake.
“Thank you. My good boys,” you whisper, kissing the crown of their heads. You smooth over their fringes, smiling fondly down at them. They are sharing the same room tonight, too tired to fight over who would warm your bed. Jimin purrs sleepily, and Jungkook merely blinks up at you tiredly, doe eyes soft and sweet.
“Sweet dreams.”
“Hey. Sorry I’m so late.” He stirs at the sound of your voice, hushed and melodic, eyes remaining closed even as his ear flicks. The mattress sinks slightly under the added weight.
“They were really worried,” he rumbles, raspy from the drag of sleep. “I know.” You stroke his hair, and he chuffs happily, melting. It has been three months already, and yet you have made little progress with some, while others still suffer from severe anxiety whenever you were away for too long. With your chosen field of study, that adjustment was difficult. Today has likely been one of the worst. You know because you are almost six hours late, and there is a stratum of palpable tension that lines the atmosphere of the house, one only slightly weakened by the physical announcement of your return.
“Tell us next time,” Taehyung murmurs, tail winding around your bicep. “Please. They were almost beside themselves. It took hours to calm them down. I worry about you.”
“I will. I’m sorry.” He accepts your chaste kiss as an apology, fatigued as he is. He is already drifting off, hugging the pillow close to him as you shut the door quietly behind you.
Namjoon is on the balcony when you find him. Like his counterpart, he is almost immune to the cold, with only a shirt and shorts. He is gazing at the stars, or what little of it is visible through the smog of the city. His ear twitches when you enter, but he makes no other indication he is aware of your presence.
You draw your shawl closer to your body, moving to stand a few feet apart, knowing he is still wary of you. It has not been easy, this tentative truce. The two of you are still fostering trust. Such a fragile concept, you think. So gruelling a task to establish, yet so easily destroyed.
“I was wondering if I needed to tell the others to pack again.”
“You can’t get rid of me that easily,” you answer, smile crooked. You know he is trying. It is a joke, if you ever heard him utter one.
He finally looks at you. “Okay,” is all he says. His dimples crease, so you know to read between the lines to hear he really means; good.
“Good night, Namjoon.”
“Good night, owner.”
“I’m glad to see you’re okay.” Seokjin offers you a small smile, the one that makes his cheeks plump up like a loaf of bread.
“Thank you.” He lays back down, still watching you cautiously, as if to ready himself in case you struck. Your heart twinges a little, but there is not much you can do tonight. Tomorrow is a new day. You will try all over again tomorrow.
“We really like it here,” the hybrid blurts suddenly. He coughs, embarrassed, as his honeyed skin reddens. You laugh, the ache softening just a bit.
“I’m happy to hear that.”
“Don’t. I don’t care. I was just checking if it was burglar or some shit,” the older of the two grumbles without even turning to you. He is a lump in the dark, curled up in the middle of his bed.
Hoseok simply rolls over.
You take a breath. Tomorrow. You will start all over again tomorrow.
Tonight, you just want to sleep.
“Good morning, noona!”
You smile as the two bound over to kiss either side of your cheek. The mixture of maple syrup, butter and batter must have woken them up, and if they are up, it is likely the other boys are just moments short from trickling in.
“Sleep well?” You place two plates on the table, clearing your laptop and files to the coffee table. One is heaping with pancakes, the other is reasonably stacked.
Jungkook finishes one in a single gulp, and beams. “It’s really good!” You squeeze his hand in gratitude before returning to the stove to finish making the rest just as the boys begin filtering in.
Seokjin, Hoseok and Yoongi take their individual seats at the table patiently with their phones in hand.
“Hi, beautiful.” Taehyung slides an arm around your waist, brushing your locks back as he smiles, kissing you softly.
Namjoon trails in, shuffling toward the fridge as he yawns. “Ah—” He fumbles with the tall glass and you watch in slow motion as it falls and shatters on the tiled flooring of your kitchen.
“Are you okay?” You exclaim, switching off the stove immediately and rushing over. Taehyung stops you from picking up the pieces, grabbing the sweeper as you gesture at the hybrid to step to the side with you.
Namjoon is frowning down at his hand, and upon spotting the cut, Seokjin, miles ahead of you, moves to pull the first aid kit in one of your cupboards instantly. The wound is already spewing a fair amount of blood, and you would have been more concerned had he been a man with solely human DNA.
“This will sting a bit,” you warn, but Namjoon does not even flinch as you gingerly wipe the gash with white alcohol soaked in a cotton ball. You wrap a bandage around it firmly, and tell him not to press on it before it fully heals. He mumbles a thank-you.
Out of the corner of your eye, you spot Yoongi standing.
“Wait, Yoongi!” You call, hiding the hurt that flashes across your face when you see him roll his eyes. 
“I have something for you. Please, eat, and I’ll show you.”
Yoongi trails after you reluctantly as you lead him into the right wing of the mansion. It is scarcely used, furniture mostly curtained off with a thin layer of dust coating the surface of the covers. When they had first moved in, you explained it was because the place was big enough without the extra space. There was nothing interesting within, just more hallways and empty rooms.
It was not entirely true.
“My father always preferred the right wing. There’s more sun here, better views. I spent most of my childhood here,” you begin. Yoongi’s mouth tightens, but he does not protest. It is the first you have spoken about yourself beyond the niceties of your job and how your fortune came to be. He listens attentively, even as his tail swishes agitatedly.
“After they passed, I couldn’t see the place the same. I couldn’t live there anymore. The memories haunted me, I suppose,” you continue. “But out of it all, there is one thing I regretted closing off. I think you might be able to find better use for it.”
There is no door, just an impressive awning that leads into what appears to be a ballroom. Each step muted on the polished floors. You keep this room clean, he realizes with a jolt.
Yoongi skids to a stop, heart fluttering at his throat when his gaze falls upon the clothed bulk in the middle. He could recognize that form anywhere, and his face twists when you pull back the silk fabric. The impact frees a stray piece of hair, the lock falling over his eyes. He makes no move to push it back, face paling in horror and anguish.
“Yoongi? Yoongi? Hey, are you okay?” He refocuses to find your worried expression staring at him, your hand shaking his shoulder gently.
Immediately, he jerks his arm out of your hold, baring his teeth as he hisses. “Don’t fucking touch me. I don’t want that shit.” He hurls a venomous look your way, the fur on his tail fluffing out in alarm as he bristles.
“I’m … I’m sorry, I thought—” You are taken aback, hand falling limply to your side as you recoil.
“You thought wrong. You’re better off burning that shit,” Yoongi spits. The anger radiates off him, his ears flattening as he turns on his heel and stalks out.
Snapping out of your stunned daze, you hurry behind him, struggling to catch up, but he has always been lithe and quick on his feet. Yoongi storms through the living room toward his room, startling the boys still loitering in the area when he slams the door loudly. Hoseok gets up immediately and races after him.
They all swivel their attention to you when you arrive moments later, and your expression drops when you realize Yoongi has already disappeared.
“Bogum said he used to play the piano,” you say after a beat, voice small as you stare at your feet. You should be used to the rejection by now, but it still hurts, still makes your heart throb, the disappointment and continual failure swells in your chest like a tumor.
“I have the next three weeks off for the holidays. Let me know if there’s somewhere you’d like to go or something you’d like to buy,” you say flatly, avoiding Jungkook and Jimin’s mirrored concern as you trudge toward your own room.
“___—” You only shake your head, lips pursed. Shame crawls up your spine as you roughly wipe away the tears welling in your eyes. “I’m fine, Tae. I’m just tired. Please wake me at five so I can make dinner.”
Taehyung freezes, hand pausing where it is reaching for you, frown deepening as his heart clinches painfully when he scents the tint of salt in the air.
You shut the door quietly behind you right as your knees give out, collapsing into a heap against the wood. It has been months now, and if anything, your relationship with Yoongi is deteriorating. At some point you think he was starting to tolerate your presence. Hoseok still refuses to so much as acknowledge your existence.
You are just so tired. But Taehyung had begged you, the day you decided to take them in, he had begged you not to give up on them. That they all had personal baggage, trauma enough to drown anyone else. He had asked you to be their lifeline, and you are starting to wonder if you are in over your head after all.
“I wish you would give her a chance. She’s serious about us, you know.” Yoongi snorts, pulling the covers further over his head. “Go away, Taehyung.”
“She’s the one. I know it.”
“She’s just going to toss us on the streets when she’s had her fun. That’s all they do, these rich, bored humans,” Yoongi mutters. He picks at a frayed strand of the quilt he has been meticulously unravelling.
He hears the tiger hybrid sigh, and Yoongi stretches out, resting his head on his arm as he closes his eyes. “Just … please try. She’s a good person. All she’s ever done is try to help us.”
Yoongi grunts, rolling over.
You flinch, nearly cutting off your finger, when Yoongi takes a seat next to you after a week of tensed silence. Life had carried on as usual, with the three that seem to genuinely like you, the two that accept you, and the two that abhor you. You wanted to take them skiing at the alps up north, but Hoseok had dug his heels in and practically growled at you when you tried to suggest it. The youngest had looked so crestfallen you pulled him aside and hugged him, promising you’d take him next year instead, with or without his hyung. You would have gone without him this year, except all your friends had left the country for the holidays and you didn’t want to risk asking a stranger.
“You can’t woo me with gifts,” Yoongi coughs. He is looking away, chin propped on a hand.
“I … wasn’t trying to,” you say slowly, returning to your chopping. You pour the vegetables into a bowl, setting it to the side before you move to the stove, drizzling oil onto the pan.
Yoongi turns to watch you, for the first time a little uncertain as to the way you seem to shy away, avoiding his gaze. You seem almost resigned.
“I’m … sorry.” He cringes at the words. They sound too forced, too cold. “I didn’t mean to snap at you. I just … I haven’t played in a long time now.”
You make a noncommittal sound, and Yoongi’s nose twitches at the delicious smell of kimchi stir fry.
“I’d like to maybe … give it another shot. Or something,” he mumbles, rubbing the inside of his wrist absently. It’s one of his anxious ticks.
Your heart leaps, your movements stuttering in surprise. Are you allowed to be hopeful? You want to be.
So you say, “Okay.” And set a bowl before him with a small smile. His lips quirk, head inclining in gratitude.
It is a bit jarring, the way Yoongi lets you sit next to him on the bench. He does not move away, even as his body stiffens.
He’s … trying. He thinks you don’t notice the way his fingers tremble as they are placed on the keys, the way his tail sways restlessly. His ears are flattened to his head, the mere act of sitting at the piano taking a toll. You don’t need hybrid senses to know he is struggling to keep face.
“Hey. Don’t force yourself,” you say softly, Yoongi’s hand jerking when you hesitate in reaching for him. “I … I’m fine. It’s time, anyway.”
Then, he takes a breath, loosens his shoulders and presses down on the keys.
It gets a little better. Yoongi takes the days as they come. He rediscovers his love for the instrument, the first he’s ever played. His first love, if he has ever experienced such a concept.
With it come the memories of loss and grief. He cries for a long time the night after his first performance with you. It was cathartic, almost. Like he could be reborn from the ashes of his sorrow, like the awning hole inside of him could begin to heal, finally. And in some ways, it does.
He finds your company reasonable. Comforting, if he had the balls to admit it to himself. You rarely speak when he plays, just listening, and sometimes he catches you with glistening eyes that you hastily scrub away. His pieces are often melancholic. They were angry at first, full of rage and pain, until that too, was swept by the currents of the storm. He was always so exhausted after each session.
Now he has begun composing something new. You would stand, thanking him in that sweet voice of yours, sometimes quivering and other times a mere whisper. You never pitied him, he knew, but your sadness told him it was time to let go of the past.
He ignores Hoseok’s disapproving gaze every time, opting to pat the space next to him. “This one is a duet. Play with me.”
You look so bewildered he stifles a chuckle. “But I don’t know how to play.”
“I’ll teach you. Come.” You do, and he urges you to relax as he guides your fingers over the correct keys for the first line.
He hasn’t played for the other boys yet. For whatever reason, this feels sacred to just the two of you. It’s peaceful. He wants to keep it this way, just for a little while longer.
“It’s Christmas in three days. Would you guys like to celebrate?”
They look so excited. Even Hoseok glances up from his laptop to consider your proposal. In the background, Seokjin sneezes loudly. You throw his room a sympathetic frown. The eldest hybrid had fallen sick from the snowball fight from two days ago with the maknaes. You’d left his room after feeding him some congee and checking his temperature.
“Great! I’m going to the market for some supplies then. I’m going to pick up some medicine for Jin as well. We can all go pick gifts once he’s better. Would anyone like to come along?” You ask distractedly as you search for your car keys.
Yoongi growls in exasperation when Taehyung nudges him expectantly. Jungkook and Jimin both beam so eagerly the pianist grits his teeth and drawls with great reluctance, “I’ll go.” Namjoon doesn’t protest, only shrugs as if to say do what you want.
You stop in the middle of buttoning your coat in pure shock. He’s been surprising you a lot lately. “Uh … okay, let’s go.”
Yoongi stares up at the sky, streaks of fuchsia fading rapidly as the evening set in with chilly winds. His ears prick uncomfortably beneath the beanie he sports, unused to the compression. He’s waiting outside the pharmacy, leaning against the brick walls, bags weighing on each arm as people pass, laughing and chatting, without a second glance. Hybrids aren’t gawked at, but those without an owner at their side were held with suspicion and likely a dial to the hybrid protection services (read: hybrid prison). It is illegal to be wandering the streets alone.
Yoongi turns when he hears your familiar footfalls exit the store. Wordlessly, he takes the small brown bag you’re holding. He starts walking toward your next destination before you can object.
“Wait, Yoongi—ah,” you dig for your phone, the ringer making him cringe. He does, moving to the side with an audible sigh. You give him an apologetic look before answering it.
“Oh—hi, Bogum! Yes—yes. Ah, about that—I have a draft written up and I was wondering if you could take a look at it sometime soon. Mmm, I know, but it’s important it’s done as quickly as possible, I need it for when I’m gone,” you’re facing the other way, talking animatedly with the cell resting against your ear as you dig for a pen in your purse. His breath stutters, stomach dropping instantly.
“What is he talking about? What do you mean, when you’re gone?” He says sharply, and you glance up to see him right in front of you, eyes narrowed and teeth bared.
“What?” You ask, putting a hand over the receiver. Yoongi sneers. “I always knew it was too good to be true. I’m done.” He drops the various bags onto the snow, and you shrink back in confusion and fear when he leans in to whisper, “Go fuck yourself. I’ll make sure you never see any of us ever again.”
“Don’t bother coming back. We’ll be long gone by then,” Yoongi tosses over his shoulder as he leaves. He relishes in the way your expression contorts in horror. He’s much, much faster than you, and he knows this market by heart. It’s not far from your house and he can easily beat you by foot.
“Yoongi!” You cry out, but you know it’s useless. Tears blur your vision as you blubber a quiet I have to go, I’ll call you later to Bogum who calls your name worriedly on the other line before pocketing your phone. You kneel, trying to gather all the bags at once. One is crushed at the bottom and you open it gingerly to find a smashed fruit cake oozing out of its packaging. You can still make out a crooked Merry Christmas Eve! scrawled lopsidedly at the edges.
You won’t make it in time. Muffling a sob, you sink to the ground, ignoring the way the snow seeps into your leggings. You really are pathetic.
“Please! Stop!” You pause, head cocking as you shut your trunk. Were you officially going crazy? Peachy, you scoff inwardly. You wouldn’t be surprised.
“P-please, let me go!” A scream tears across the parking lot. You glance around wildly, and no, you are not crazy because people duck their heads at the sound, whispering to one another as they scurry toward their vehicles. Yoongi is likely already home, and you know he’s smart, careful and capable of caring for himself.
So you grab your phone and a can of pepper spray and head toward the sound. You can’t be like them. You have to be human.
And you think your knees will give out, the pure heartbreak you feel when you round the corner of the street to find a young snake hybrid curled in a fetal position on the ground, three much older, scrawny men circling him, jeering and kicking.
He can easily overpower them, you realize, but he doesn’t want to. If he does, it’s only another reason for HPS to lock him away for good. He would rather suffer this moment than be chained forever. It’s enough to make your lip curl in distaste, fury building at the sheer injustice.
“Hey! Leave him alone,” you shout, marching up to them. The men stop, one squinting at you briefly before bursting into loud guffaws.
“You? What is a little lady like you going to do?” He crows. The last word is caught in his throat as you punch him in the stomach.
“I said, back off!” The other two look at each other, flabbergasted, and the man screams at them to do something as he’s on the floor, clutching his belly in pain. They charge at you, but you only roll your eyes at the added layer of sexism on the list of hell ridden crimes they are already guilty for. You’ve taken many, many lessons as a child, including mixed martial arts.
It can’t even be called a fight. They’re rolled onto the curb in the next heartbeat. You kneel next to the wounded hybrid, who tries to get up. He wobbles, and you coax him into leaning into you for support.
“Thank you, miss,” he croaks. “You didn’t have to, but thank you.” You wipe the blood on his lower lip gingerly. “Where’s your owner?”
“He went to get the car,” he answers softly. You give him a knowing look. He glances away guiltily.
“Yuto? Yuto!” Distinctly, the two of you turn at the sound of a new voice. Headlights sear your eyes for just a moment before someone hurtles out of the driver’s seat. “Holy shit, what happened?” The man cries, clutching at the injured hybrid. Yuto (?) winces, allowing the newcomer to sling an arm over his shoulder.
“I got jumped,” he whispers. “She saved me.” The man looks halfway into tears, reaching over to take your hand. “Thank you so much. I don’t know what I would’ve done if you weren’t here.”
You accept his gratitude with an awkward smile, patting his hand gently. “You shouldn’t leave him alone on the streets, especially at night.”
“It’s not his fault,” Yuto protests immediately. “I insisted.”
His owner shakes his head furiously. “She’s right. That was stupid of me.” He turns to you again, eyes shining. “Thank you so much. Truly.”
“Not at … all.” Huh? The world suddenly tilts, and you look down at your hands. There’s something dark dripping on your jacket, staining the fabric and you swipe at it lethargically, bringing it close. Oh. It’s blood.
The pain sharpens, and you gasp aloud at the fire spreading through your veins. Your knees do give out this time, and you can finally make out the sounds of a hiss, a piercing scream and someone calling for you before your body drops to the ground with a muted thud.
The last thing you are thinking is how you’d inevitably failed them after all.
Yoongi shoves his hands in his jacket pockets, the next gust nearly pushing his beanie off his head altogether, and he finds himself wondering if you were cold.
He violently shakes the thought away before opening the door. He sits down to unlace his boots, when Namjoon comes barrelling toward him. The other boys follow in suit; even Seokjin is padding around swaddled in a blanket. He scents the rising panic and anxiety in the house and he straightens instantly, alert.
“Yoongi, where the hell have you been?” Their leader bursts out. Yoongi has never seen the wolf hybrid so frazzled before.
“At the market?” He doesn’t know what kind of answer Namjoon was expecting, but it certainly was not the truth because his face twists in anger.
“Listen, Joon, she’s planning to leave us—” Yoongi goes on, and Jimin steps forward to slap him. The crack of the impact has his head jerking to the side, the sting setting in quickly.
“What. The. Fuck.” He says lowly.
“No. Where the fuck were you?” The typically soft-spoken and sweet hybrid screams. Yoongi stares in shock, flinching at the sound. Hybrid senses were heightened enough to hear the tiniest whispers, and his ears ring at the blow.
“If you mean ___, she’s probably on her way back,” Yoongi answers slowly. “That’s why I left, I found out that—”
“She’s in the hospital, Yoongi.” It’s Taehyung. His voice is hoarse, and he’s standing in a shadowed corner. His tail drags the ground as he moves, bangs hiding his expression.
“What?” The words taste like ash.
“She was stabbed while helping another hybrid,” Jimin seethes. He clutches his wrist, hand throbbing but he can barely feel it. Only registers the adrenaline and fear rushing through him.
“We’re waiting for Luna to come pick us up. She’s ___’s friend.” Jungkook sounds so small, so fragile when he speaks.
Yoongi’s legs buckle and he collapses, unblinking as he gawks at the floor. What did he do?
“There you are. Take it easy, now.” You groan, eyeballs burning as you pry them open with difficulty. It takes great effort to move your arms, and you stop when you feel a sharp tugging into your inner elbow.
“Fucking IVs,” you croak, and Luna’s smile focuses as she leans down to steady you. “How long was I out for?”
“A few days. It’s Christmas. A miracle, some believers might say.” She presses one of the buttons at the side of your bed, and a nurse appears shortly after.
“Your vitals are good. Doctor will be in momentarily,” the worker says, checking the equipment and making a few markings to your clipboard.
“You scared the shit out of them. You scared the shit out of me,” Luna informs you. Taking a glance around, your room is crowded with vases upon vases of your favourite flowers and several handmade art pieces you know are from Jungkook and Taehyung.
You lean back with a sigh. Your abdomen aches, and you know the scar this time isn’t going to fade.
The doctor walks in before you can reply. He gives you a full diagnosis of your condition and declares visits can start as early as tomorrow morning. Luna leaves with him, kissing your cheek and warning you not to overextend. You can only nod, sinking back into your pillow.
When you open your eyes again, the clock at the side notifies you it is just past ten.
And sitting by your side is Yoongi, face buried in his hands.
“Oh, Yoongi,” you breathe. He’s visibly shaking, ears flat and tail unmoving.
“I should’ve never left you alone. I’m an idiot. I’m sorry,” he rasps. He chokes on the words, rubbing his eyes furiously. He doesn’t have the right to cry. He pushes the chair away and gets on his knees, ignoring the strangled sound that escapes your throat. His forehead touches the ground and he doesn’t care that the floor is probably gross and full of viruses and bleach and disinfectant and a million other things. “I’m—so—sorry.”
“Yoongi,” your voice breaks.
“No, no,” he looks up, blinking away the tears as he fixes his gaze on you. “Don’t—don’t cry. I’m sorry.”
“Come here, silly kitty,” you whisper. His lower lip trembles and he lets out a sob. It’s loud and ugly and he scrambles to climb onto the bed, carefully weaving through the various cords and he curls up next to your injured side and he stuffs his face in your shoulder and he cries and cries and cries.
He cries until he’s empty and he falls asleep like that, eyes swollen and red, snot running down your hospital sheet, tail twined over your wrist, engulfed in your warmth.
“My original owner was an old man.” You can barely make out the words, so soft and unsure. He’s speaking into his pudding. Lunch came and went, and you roused him gently, knowing he likely hadn’t properly eaten since the incident.
Hospital food is hardly luxury but it’s food and the poor hybrid had already begun to look malnourished, complexion pale and cheeks sunken in. It was the stress and guilt that ate away at his ability to function.
“I was abandoned on the highway. The runt of the litter, I suppose. I didn’t come from one of those fancy breeding places. I was a bastard child. He found me, digging in his trash.” You stroke his hair, and he finishes the pudding in one bite, setting it down before snuggling back into you.
“He took me in. He was kind, and taught me how to play the piano. He was a retired pianist, and his wife had died the year prior. His son had been in the military. Died the first year out. He taught me to love the piano, to love music. Gave me a light and purpose when I had none. He gave me to the shelter when he passed. I had a lot of pent up anger. I ran away a lot. Didn’t know how to deal with the grief, I guess. He was all I knew. So I started picking fights to work through it, and Bogum would always be the one to drag me back to the shelter. Nursed me back to health every time. He never punished me, and I think the disappointment was what really broke me. I was ready to die. I picked a fight I knew I would never recover from. Hoseok was the one that saved me then.” Yoongi’s wet lashes tickle your jaw.
“Hoseok was also a different man then. He smiled a lot, laughed a lot. He was like sunshine personified. Maybe that’s why I was so drawn to him. He taught me to control my anger. Through him, I met the rest. Jimin taught me to understand it. Namjoon taught me to release it through alternative channels. Like composing. I wrote a lot of songs there. Things were good for a while. Then they came.”
Your eyebrows furrow. “Who—”
“Sorry, but visiting hours are ending.” Yoongi lifts his head to find your nurse smiling at the two of you apologetically. She checks your vitals once more before exiting to give you privacy.
Yoongi untangles himself from you reluctantly, nuzzling your cheek.
“Come back tomorrow, mmkay?” You squeeze his hand.
He nods, unable to meet your gaze even as his own cheeks flush lightly.
Yoongi shakily takes your hand and kisses your ring finger. This time he does look at you, eyes ringed with gold as he says, “Promise.”
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honeymoonjin · a year ago
Tumblr media
It’s been one year since the incredible Love Yourself: Answer album was released, and in celebration, twenty-six of your favorite authors have joined together to honour each one of the tracks on the album with its own fic! We also have four bonus fics to honour the mixtapes and soundcloud tracks. Check the trackist out below to see who you recognise! The full masterlist is below the read-more. 
And remember what BTS say: love myself, love yourself. 
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚕𝚕𝚊𝚋 𝚌𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚍 𝚋𝚢 @jeonau​ (deactivated) 𝚊𝚗𝚍 @honeymoonjin​
▷ 𝚊𝚕𝚋𝚞𝚖 𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚠𝚘𝚛𝚔 𝚋𝚢 @jamaisjoons
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; EUPHORIA ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @btssavedmylifeblr
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; jungkook x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • fluff • smut 
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; established relationship, time travel au
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; at the end of your life, you are given one day to live again with the man you loved. a lifetime's love story told in a single day. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; JUST DANCE ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @countrysundae
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; seokjin x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • fluff • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; wedding au, ceo!sj
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; it started off with the youngest of seven friends getting married last year, leading up to the summer wedding extravaganza (as you like to call it anyways). you haven’t been in every bridal party, but you have attended all their unique and wonderful get togethers. it’s at number six, namjoon’s wedding, when drunk you decides on the dance floor that you have feelings for one man and one man only. who knew he was a (filthy in every sense of a) rich ceo who loved placing expensive clothes on you before he ripped them off of you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; SERENDIPITY ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @btsracket
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; jimin x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; fluff • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; soulmate au
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; it's serendipitous how you're there to save jimin. he had braced for darkness, but instead found his light. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; DNA ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @jamaisjoons
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; hoseok x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • fluff • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; hybrid au, enemies to lovers
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; as natural enemies, you and hoseok could not stand each other. it didn't matter that life played a cruel joke on you and made him your mate. you'd rather die alone than be stuck with him forever.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; DIMPLE ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @ropeseok
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; taehyung x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • fluff
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; college au
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; admitting his feelings is already hard enough for taehyung - only made worse each time you see one another, sweet smiles and pleasant talk. you know what you’re doing, and he certainly does not. coaxing his feelings out of him becomes easier for you, when it becomes harder for him to resist you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; TRIVIA: LOVE ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @bulletproofscoutkookies
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; namjoon x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • fluff
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; college au, soulmate au
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; namjoon doesn’t have an ambition. he doesn’t have a passion for studying law, for the expectations and pressures his parents have put on him. he doesn’t have any hope for the future, any motivation, any drive... what he does have is a dream. the same dream every night. the same snowy field. the same girl in the bright red coat. the same pain in his chest as he aches to see her face... soulmates are just a naive fantasy... right?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; HER ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @dark-muse-iris
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; namjoon (solo)
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; fluff 
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; marriage au
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; as he makes the final tweaks to his vows on his wedding day, namjoon reflects on all the ways his fiancée made him a better man.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; SINGULARITY ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @topbtssmut
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; taehyung x named OC
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; idol-verse
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; from an outsider's perspective, taehyung is a beautiful face. from a fan's perspective, taehyung is a beautiful soul, a loved member of bts, an incredibly talented singer and performer. from her perspective he is perfect, the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. from his own perspective… who is he? looking at his own reflection in the mirror nothing changed, yet he isn't the same.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; FAKE LOVE ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @mygsii
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; taehyung x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; arranged marriage au
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; an arranged marriage between you and taehyung leaves behind feelings of bitterness and hatred. will your heart be able to survive, especially when you've loved him all your life, or will it fall apart with this marriage? 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; TRUTH UNTOLD ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @seokoloqy
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; taehyung x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; werewolf au
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; your journey through unknown woods to visit your sick grandmother lands you in the midst of a deadly snowstorm. while seeking shelter, you meet a boy who hides behind a garden of thorns, trapped in a decaying castle with brothers who have scorned the world. he yearns to know your name, to keep you by his side—even when the mask comes off and he reveals the monster beneath. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; SEESAW ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @hungline
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; yoongi x seokjin
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; break-up au
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; yoongi doesn't know who is going to get off first, but he does know that once one of them does, it's over.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; TEAR ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @ddaenysus
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; namjoon x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; break-up au
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; there's no such thing as beautiful goodbyes. when namjoon realises he may have confessed false feelings for you with the fear of losing his best friend, he knows that he has to end your relationship. over the past year he watched your eyes dull and smile fade; he was destroying you. but you wouldn't cry, because things like tears were a luxury that neither of you could afford. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; EPIPHANY ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @bulletproofbirdy
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; seokjin x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • fluff
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; non-idol au
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; dr. kim seokjin is a respected up-and-coming research psychologist who has already counseled dozens of patients toward healing and breakthrough. he finds himself re-evaluating everything when his relationship crumbles and his fiance leaves him. can he pull himself together and rebuild what’s left of his shattered heart?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; I’M FINE ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @solastia
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; yoongi x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • fluff
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; soulmate au, break-up au
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; i’m fine. that’s what he’s been telling everyone the past two years since he and his soulmate parted ways.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; IDOL ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @jhspetitegf
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; yoongi x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; country club au, enemies to not-quite-lovers
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; being the son of a world famous idol, and on his way to becoming a star in his own right, min yoongi was used to getting everything he wanted. and that included the smart mouthed waitress at the country club that hated his guts... 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; LOVE MYSELF ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @rated-yoongi // deactivated
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; yoongi x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • fluff • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; private college au, rich kids au
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; min yoongi has always been an outsider - calm, without many friends, spending breaks alone either on campus or in the music room, always humble about his origin. but when you come around, he desperately wants your attention - wants you to notice him. so he changes and becomes someone else; but you know what the issue is? all the time, you liked him from the very first moment you saw him and started hating him, when he changed.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; MAGIC SHOP ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @jungkookiebus
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; jungkook x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • fluff • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; non-idol au, tea shop owner!jk
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; you thought after three years the hurt in your heart for your dead husband would sting a little less than it did. in an attempt to clear your mind and start anew, you move to a small, coastal town. there, you find comfort in a tea shop run by a man named jungkook. every day, at the same time, you come to the tea shop and soon start to fall for the bright-eyed man that listens to you pour your heart out. but the guilt settling in your stomach every time you think of your husband has you running from jungkook entirely. do you have what it takes to let go?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; BEST OF ME ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @jeonau // deactivated
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; hoseok x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; friends to lovers
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; you’re sure your best friend and roommate hoseok only thinks of you platonically. that is, until he brings someone home with him with the same name as you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; AIRPLANE PT. 2 ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @ironicarmy
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; hoseok x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; fluff • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; sugar daddy au
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; so far, your arrangement with jung hoseok has been innocent, steady and lighthearted, but when he invites you on a weekend getaway to paris, both of you start to realize that there's more than just chemistry going on between you - if only the plane could move faster.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; GO GO ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @inkjam-moon
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; jimin x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; fluff • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; friends to lovers, ceo!jimin
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; jimin's been your best friend since you were little; but coming from a rich family he's paid for everything, and he doesn't realize that it hurts you when you can't pay him back for all the presents and vacations. when he becomes ceo of his own successful company, it gets worse because he promised to always take care of you, but when secrets come out on the night of your graduation from university, will jimin be able to keep his promise?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; ANPANMAN ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @honeymoonjin
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; jungkook x reader ft. hoseok and yoongi
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • fluff • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; friends to lovers au, fake dating au
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; your best friend jungkook finally convinces you to seek therapy for your failing mental health. the only catch? the one therapist that's within your price range is an alternative marriage counsellor, jung hoseok, and the only way jungkook managed to get you an appointment was by saying the two of you were married. will couples counselling actually be useful for your wellbeing, or will something that runs much deeper rise to the surface instead?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; MIC DROP ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @ve1vetyoongi
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; yoongi x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; 
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; when underground rapper min yoongi uncovers the dirty secret behind his biggest rival, your brother and hip hop champion kim namjoon’s success, he is determined to take home this year’s mic drop contest trophy no matter who he hurts along the way. you’re behind the camera, content with capturing namjoon’s picture perfect persona from the sidelines but when his hard-faced enemy, gloss, makes you realise you could be more than just the point and shoot, you start to feel your loyalties shifting.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; DDAENG ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @personawife
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; namjoon x yoongi
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; underground rappers au, enemies to “lovers”
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; agust d is everything namjoon wanted to be in a rapper. fast rap, fast flow. doesn’t take shit from anybody despite being one of the underdogs. namjoon hates him for it. but who will be left standing when they can only set fire to everything they touch, including themselves?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; GIVE IT TO ME ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @sailorggukie
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; yoongi x jin
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • fluff • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; mafia au
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; yoongi being the leader of seoul's biggest mafia was nothing but amusing, especially considering his husband, seokjin, is seoul's best detective. things at home are a little rocky after seokjin had to lead a raid on yoongi's hide out.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; DAYDREAM ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @koyacult
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; namjoon x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • fluff • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; college au, summer au
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; you’ve never paid much attention to the lanky boy who debates with the teacher in your introduction to film & television class. you relegated him to the “not interested” box early in the semester and haven’t looked up from your textbook since. but every new year can turn over a new leaf, and you’re learning swiftly that summer flings are a cliché for a reason.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▷ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔; FOREVER RAIN ⇥ 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚎𝚛; @ddaenggtan
▷ 𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚜; namjoon x reader
▷ 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎; angst • fluff • smut
▷ 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗; ghost au, character death
▷ 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎; death is boring but it's less so when you get a new roommate. kim namjoon isn't anything you could have expected; not the way he's careful and gentle, not the way he lets his friends crack jokes about him, and certainly not the way he comes home and announces that he knows he's being haunted by you and he has some questions. he makes you feel alive again, like you're standing rain-soaked in the middle of a thunderstorm. you should've known nothing good would come of falling in love with someone living, though. you should've known that heartbreak was the only way this could end...that the rain doesn't last forever.
Tumblr media
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gimmesumsuga · a year ago
Tumblr media
Playing under the table
Pulling their hair during sex/foreplay
Distracting you whilst you’re on the phone
Car sex/foreplay
Sucking on their bottom lip during a kiss
Make up sex
Anal play/sex
Being bratty and refusing sex
When they’re the sub - hyung line  /  maknae line
Refusing to make noise during sex
Cumming on you
Tumblr media
Visiting you at your job as a zoopkeeper
Catching you dancing/singing to one of their songs
Finding out you can’t eat with chopsticks
Doing something domestic/feminine together
Helping you with insomnia
You suffering with claustrophobia
Doped up on allergy medication
Their s/o doing their own hand-poke tattoos
When you’re stressed/overworked
Their pregnant s/o is insecure
Tumblr media
Getting jealous when their ex is close to another member
Having an argument and them calling you ‘Noona’
Pulling away
Breaking up - hyung line / maknae line
Breaking up pt. 2
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untaemedqueen · a year ago
I Waited For You
Alpha Werewolf!Seokjin x Human!Reader
Request:  Hi there!! I absolutely love your blog and I actually have an idea/request for an impregnation one shot. I’d love it if you could write like Alpha!Jin (kinda like Silver and Blue) with Omega/Human reader. Sending much love your way 💜💜
WordCount: 11K
Genre: ANGST, Smut, Fluff
Warnings: Excessive Cursing, Breeding/Impregnation kink, Virgin!Reader, Doggy Style, Cunnilingus, Mate Marking, Blood, Knotting
A/N: I hope you enjoy it! I like Alpha Jin :)
Tumblr media
It’s the coldest day of winter when you get off of the train in Gwacheon. The breeze chills you to the bone as you grab your luggage with a grunt. 
You haven’t been back here since you were a kid. 
In the heart of Seoul, with all the hustle and bustle around you find yourself lazily wheeling your luggage towards your parents house. It hasn’t been long since their deaths, their house falling to you in their will. 
You didn’t have much to bring with you except an empty heart as you step out onto the street. The house wasn’t far from the train but your feet slowly trudge down the old familiar streets making it seem like you would never get there. 
You could hear child-like screams coming from Seoul Land as you walk past the gates without even a second look. You used to love going to Seoul Land with your parents and your next door neighbor. Everything about the area reminds you of your loved ones who are no longer here. 
You couldn’t wrap your brain around it, you still can’t, a car accident taking your parents out of this life and putting them into the next. There’s still this guilt that eats at you. You should have been with them, they asked you to go with them but you were so busy with work that it seemed inconvenient at the time. How could you have known that, that trip to your grandmother’s house in Daegu would be their final trip?
You close your eyes as you stop at the corner of your old, quiet block. Only two houses on the road. Yours and Seokjin’s, your old neighbor. He probably doesn’t even live there anymore. 
You begin to walk down the unpaved road, always turning your head cautiously to see if a car was coming up behind you. Although, no one ever came down this road, there was nothing to see on it and behind your houses was a forest. No one would come down here.
You walk past Seokjin’s house, the front porches light on as you watch shadows pass by through the same thin drapes from when you were young. Maybe he still does live there. You sit on your luggage, eyeing his house, it’s in good condition looking exactly the same as when you left. You left Gwacheon when you were fifteen with your parents to go live by your grandmother. She was always really sickly and needed help. 
You could remember how big of a comfort Seokjin was to you when you were younger. Always taking time out of his day to make sure you were okay, you were bullied a lot in school. He was a few years older than you and he was an oppa that you found comfort in. 
There were times of course when he wasn’t there for you, like when his parents strangely shipped him off to Australia for an exchange student program just three years before you had moved away. You only saw him for exactly one month before leaving to Daegu. He was always fun loving and excitable until he went off to Australia, coming back he was more serious and less likely to spend his time around you making the both of you drift apart. 
You stand back up, grabbing your luggage as the house’s door flies open. A shirtless guy stares at you from the doorway and you can’t help but raise an eyebrow. 
“I guess Jin doesn’t live there anymore.” you whisper to yourself, watching the man furrow his eyebrows in confusion. 
“Can I help you?” the man, asks stepping out on to the porch barefoot. His silver hair falls into his eyes as he looks you over, his light blue eyes piercing and sharp when they meet your face. 
Wow, he’s... gorgeous. 
His big eyes stare deeply into yours and you clear your throat, ripping your eyes away from him. 
“No. I live there.” you announce, pointing at your house farther down the road. 
He opens his mouth before nodding. “Taehyung, nice to meet you.” 
You bow your head to him as he closes the front door behind him. “Y/N.” 
He sniffs at the air, jumping down the stairs of the porch with a wide smile. His abs contort deliciously when his bare feet meet the pavement. 
“Do you need help with your stuff?” he inquires, approaching you. You swallow looking him and his talll stature over as he towers over you. 
“No! That’s okay. This is it.” you reply, tapping your suitcase awkwardly.
Taehyung snaps his fingers before pointing at you. “I know your parents! Sorry for your loss.” 
You blanch at his words, he must be living here for some time then. Your parents moved back here after you got into university. That was three years ago. 
“Thanks.” you mumble, dragging your luggage farther down the road. 
A breeze picks up through the condensed line of trees surrounding the block and Taehyung closes his eyes, taking in a deep breath. Your scent wafts over him and he bites his lip almost wantonly. 
“Smells good.” he mutters under his breath, making you turn your head towards the noise. 
“What?! Nothing. Here, let me.” 
He grabs your luggage out of your hand as you walk in tandem to your house. It isn’t awkward per se, but... okay, it’s awkward. He’s too hot to be near you like this. 
Think of something to say Y/N. Anything, anything at all. 
“Uh.. You... Uh.” 
Smooth, very good, Y/N. 
Taehyung smirks as you approach your house. 
“Yes?” he chirps, stopping in front of your porch with a lazy smile, carding his fingers through his silver hair. 
“Have you lived here long?” you inquire, watching him sit down on your luggage and wrap his arms around the trolley handle. 
“Seven years with my six other brothers.” he replies immediately.
Wow. Jin must have moved a really long time ago then. 
“How long has it been since you’ve lived here then?” 
“Nine years.” 
Taehyung hums in amusement. “You’re how old?” 
“Twenty four.” 
Taehyung gives you a big box smile before standing up. “Me too! Let’s be friends!”
 You feel your face pulling a smile without even trying, the aura Taehyung has is something comfortable. 
“Okay.” you breathe, smiling up at him. 
He ruffles your hair sending you a devious wink, noise begins to come from within the tree line and then suddenly another shirtless male comes out in basketball shorts without shoes on. 
“Oh! This is Jeongguk! Youngest of us.” 
By brothers, Taehyung must not mean blood related. 
Jeongguk looks nothing like him and yet, he was gorgeous too. The younger man breathes heavily, leaning against a tree next to your house, wiping at his sweaty face. An eight pack graces his figure as his doe like eyes look up at both you and Taehyung. He furrows his eyebrows with a smirk, a dimple appearing on his face as he puts his hands on his hips. 
“Hyung, who’s this?” 
He pushes off of the tree before bowing to you. 
“Y/N! She’s our neighbor! Her parents lived here.” 
Jeongguk frowns before putting his hand to the back of his neck. “Sorry for your loss.” 
You bow back, thanking him quietly. 
“TAEHYUNG!” You hear from down the road. 
“Well, duty calls. Y/N, catch you later. Let’s go Gukkie.” 
Jeongguk gives you a big bunny smile, letting the breeze and your scent wash over him. 
“Shit.” he hisses to Taehyung as they begin to retreat back to Jin’s old house. You find yourself tilting your head as you watch them saunter away. 
“Wow. That’s impressive.” You mumble watching their back muscles contorting as they shove each other playfully. You pick up your luggage, ascending the four small stairs of your family home. 
“Y/N!” Taehyung calls to you quickly. 
You peek your head around the wooden banister of your porch, quirking your eyebrows up at the call of your name. 
“Don’t go into the woods without me or Gukkie! It’s not safe like when you were a kid, okay?” 
You furrow your eyebrows before nodding. 
“Okay!” You call back to him, smiling at the wink he sends you. 
The woods isn’t safe anymore? What’s so wrong with it?
Tumblr media
You enter your old home with a sigh, throwing the keys on to the hook beside the door. Nothing has changed, everything is exactly the same as when you were younger. 
“I’m home!” you call loudly to the quiet house. 
You slip off your shoes, walking into the living room and sitting in the couch. You stare blankly at the portrait of your parents and you above the fireplace. 
“I’m home.” you repeat softly, putting your arm on the arm of the couch and slipping your hand underneath your chin. 
You cried so much there were no more tears to spill out. Being back here in this overwhelmingly familiar house fills you with relief, honestly. You felt your connection to your parents the strongest while you were here. The way your parents would run after you or help you with your homework. The way you would watch your mom cook, sitting in this exact place with your eyes on the open kitchen. You would sit on the floor of the living room, helping your mom make kimchi. All the memories are familiar and very comforting. The cold winter air seeps underneath the door and it brings you back to reality. 
“Jeez.” you breathe, standing up and turning on the fireplace. The smell of gas fills your nose as the fresh wood inside catches fire. Staring at the flames beginning to sputter and spark you can’t help but think back to outside. It’s so freezing cold out, how could Taehyung and Jeongguk run around shirtless with no shoes?
“Weird.” you mutter, looking at the family portrait once more. 
“Okay! Shall we get the house in order?” you ask aloud with a smile, walking over to your luggage.
Tumblr media
“We have a new neighbor!” Taehyung comments jumping over the table and sitting down next to Namjoon. 
“What?” Joon asks, sitting up quickly. 
“You know our old neighbors that died? Their daughter is back. And she smells fertile and sweet like you could not believe.” 
A bowl falls in the kitchen, the ceramic shattering as it hits the white tiles. 
“Does she? We should go introduce ourselves then.” Yoongi comments with a smile jumping over the staircase banister and landing on his feet with ease. 
“Hyung, you okay?” Jeongguk asks, peaking into the kitchen to look at his wide-shouldered brother.
“What did you just say?” the oldest asks, his voice quivering as he stares down at the broken glass. 
Taehyung turns his head towards the kitchen. 
“Y/N, your old neighbor. She’s back.” 
Seokjin turns his head towards his younger brother wide-eyed. He jumps over the broken dish, running to the door. He tugs harshly on the doorknob, ripping the door open and he peeking his head out into the chilly weather. 
He watches as smoke rises from the chimney of your house down the road. His catches your scent on the wind and it makes his eyes flutter shut.
Shutting the door quickly, he puts the back of his head to the door. “She’s back.”
Tumblr media
You stare at your childhood bedroom, the lilac painted walls offering you childhood nostalgia as you step onto the carpeted floor. 
“Wow.” you whisper, tying your hair up into a ponytail. 
You dig your toes into the carpet like you used to do, your eyes glancing at everything not knowing where to look. Your big bed adorns stuffed animals Seokjin won for you at Seoul Land. The paintings you used to make lay stacked up in the corner of your room. There’s so much to take in, it’s astounding. 
You sit down at your old desk, before looking up at the big cork board. Pictures of you and Jin smiling or wrestling with each other tacked to them. You take down the last picture you two have together. You were sitting in the forest, on the body of a large fallen tree. You were holding hands, smiling at one another. You snort putting your arm on the table before laying your head down, holding up the picture. This was before Seokjin went off to Australia, before he came back and acted like a complete tool. Something over there really changed him, making him into a completely different person. You press your lips together, remembering that day.
“Come on, slow poke!” Jin calls, pulling you by the wrist. 
“Oppa! I’m not as fast as you! Slow down!” 
Jin looks back at you before chuckling and lifting you up over strewn branches and leaves on the floor. 
“Let’s sit for a second then.” 
He helps you sit down on the large body of a fallen tree. His dark eyes looking over you as a smile plays on his lips. 
“I have to tell you something, and I-I don’t want you to hate me.” 
He takes your hands as you smile at one another before hearing a shuttering noise go off. You turn your heads to your dad who shrugs, continuing on his walk deeper into the forest. 
“What is it? What do you have to tell me.” 
Jin sighs before shaking his long back hair out of his face. “I-I’m leaving to Australia next week for some exchange student thing.” 
You frown looking him over as you feel your heart drop into your stomach. “That sucks! Don’t go!” 
Jin intertwines your fingers as he puts his head back. 
“I have to, but when I come back you’ll be waiting for me right? You’ll wait for oppa?” 
You want to cry, your eyes burning as you look at the one person who makes your day brighter. You nod putting your arm to your eyes. 
“That’s my girl.” Seokjin whispers, pulling you into his chest as you cry. 
“You better not let anyone take advantage of you while I’m gone. Don’t let anyone bully you, you better remember how strong you are. Like a she-wolf, right?” You nod into his thick black sweater as he puts his chin over your head. 
“I’ll come back and it’ll be like I never went away. I promise.”
Wrong, so very wrong. He came back and he seemed to hate everything about you. You saw him very infrequently before moving to Daegu, he wasn’t the same Jin as he always was. He seemed to resent you and everyone around him. You set the picture down on the table, pouting. You waited for him though, like he told you to. You always thought of him, always wondering what he was up to. Even now. 
You lean forward grabbing the Pororo stuffed animal from the bed and hugging it to yourself. Sure, Jin became an asshole towards you but it wasn’t like you could forget all the memories you made when you were little. You treasured them, it built you into a better person, a stronger person. Someone who was strong enough to deal with the passing of their parents. 
You hug the stuffed animal tighter before the doorbell goes off. You look up quickly before tilting your head. It had to be Taehyung or Jeongguk. You set down the stuffed animal, walking out of your old childhood room and down the hallway. Your feet stop in the living room as you hear multiple voices whispering to each other through the thin front door. The doorbell goes off again and you can’t help but wonder what the hell they’re doing at your door. You open the door to a now clothed Taehyung. 
“Hello?” you say confused. 
“Hi! Y/N! I wanted to introduce you to my brothers!” 
You peek past him to Jeongguk and four others. You count in your head before noticing one is missing. 
“Uh, yeah. Sure. Come in.” you mumble, watching the men filter into your living room. 
“This is Jimin, Namjoon, Yoongi and Hoseok.” Taehyung sits on your couch comfortably as Jeongguk stands next to you with a big smile. 
“Nice to meet you.” you announce, bowing your head, they bow back before smiling. 
“Just, uh, make yourself comfortable. Like Taehyung.” you chirp, awkwardly shoving your hands into your front pants pockets as Jeongguk shuts the door. Jimin smiles widely at you, his eyes squeezing shut making you giggle. 
“Have you eaten?” Namjoon asks happily, sitting down in the armchair your father always used. 
“Uh, no. No. Not yet.” It doesn’t feel awkward meeting them all, even though you were surprised they came over, this feels comfortable. 
“Cool! I ordered food. You like jajjangmyeon, right?” 
You nod with a shrug as he gives you a big smile showing off his dimples. 
You sit on the floor next to Jeongguk as you look around at them all. 
“I thought you said seven.” you inquire to Tae, he clears his throat nodding at your words. 
“Our oldest brother is busy. With... something.”
You raise an eyebrow, bringing your knees to your chest resting your chin between your knee caps. “Okay, then.” 
Voracious laughter meets your ears while you laugh leaning into Jeongguk as Hoseok tells the story of how he first got lost in the forest when he moved to Gwacheon. 
“I finally got to the road and was begging anyone to let me into their car but I probably looked like a serial killer with all that dirt and muck on my face.” 
You wipe at your eyes as happy tears stream down your cheeks. 
“That’s so funny!” you snort, hearing Jimin laugh loudly. 
“Hyung! Stop making me laugh, I can’t see the table to clean up.” 
That sentence has you laughing hysterically, throwing yourself onto the floor. Yoongi looks over at you with a chuckle before wiping at his face. 
“It’s weird, right? We’re so comfortable already?” 
You sit up, dabbing at your cheeks with a nod. 
“It is. I feel like I’ve known you guys for years.” 
Jeongguk smiles, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “This is awesome. We’ve been missing a female presence in our lives for a long time.” 
You watch as he wrinkles his nose at you, making you smirk. 
“Did you guys know my parents?” you inquire, watching Jimin finally gather himself to clean up the coffee table. 
Namjoon nods happily. “Yeah! They took great care of us, no matter what we are.” 
He realizes what he’s said before giving an awkward chuckle. 
“Pigs. He means that we eat like pigs.” Hoseok clarifies quickly, making you nod. 
“They were really giving people. Warm hearted.” you bleat, looking up at the family portrait. 
“Like you, Y/N. You’re kind hearted, too.” Taehyung announces, shaking out his hair before leaning against the arm of the couch. 
“I’m only the product of a good home environment and a good oppa I used to have.” 
Hoseok pulls at the collar of his shirt, looking at Yoongi. 
They were curious about the whole situation. Jin never told them anything about you or his life before Australia. 
“Yeah! You guys live where my best friend Seokjin used to live!” 
Namjoon hums in amusement as you sit upright, folding your legs together. 
“He was a really good friend to me! I’m really lucky that I had him growing up, I don’t know what I would have done without him.” 
Jimin smiles at you happily as he sits down next to Taehyung. “That’s awesome.”
Seokjin leans against your front door, his ears picking up every word as they leave your lips. 
“I’m sorry.” he whispers looking down at his hands, the guilt he feels could never be forgiven. 
He wishes he could just open your front door and join you but he doesn’t deserve it. His anger bubbles up inside of him, raring to break free. He shoves himself off of the door angrily, starting to run into the forest. 
“FUCK!” he screams loudly.
You jump at the door’s movement, putting your hand over your heart. 
“FUCK!” you hear in the distance, Namjoon clears his throat uneasily. 
“That’s our oldest brother.” you nod before standing up and waltzing over to the window. A howl comes from inside the forest and you step back. 
“There’s wolves in Korea?! In Seoul?!” 
You open up the blinds as the boys look nervously at each other. 
“I told you, the forest is dangerous these days.” 
“Wow!” you whisper, your eyes straining to look into the darkening forest as the sun begins to set. 
“I wouldn’t dwell too much on it. Just don’t go out into the forest without one of us. Okay?” Yoongi asks leaning forward in his seat. You turn towards him with a smile. 
Tumblr media
You’ve been back home for a few months now, spending almost every day with at least one of the boys next door. Although, you still haven’t met their oldest brother. 
It’s kind of nice not having any responsibilities like work or anything like that. Your parents had left you a healthy sum of money for you to find something you wanted to do as you live in the house. Your doorbell goes off as you step back into the house through the backdoor. 
“Who?!” you call, setting down the unearthed pot of fermenting kimchi from the back garden. 
“Yoongi oppa!” 
You smile happily at his voice. You’ve been getting to know him so well. This always sleepy but never really tired oppa. You skip towards the door before opening it to reveal a shirtless Yoongi, a woolen grey beanie adorning his head as he steps in without invitation. 
“Let’s go play in the forest, she-wolf.” he teases you, throwing himself onto the couch. 
His small eyes shutting as he puts his arm underneath his head. You told the boys about Seokjin’s old nickname for you, they told you how apt it was seeing you come out of your shell the past few months. The ache of your parents being gone is still ever present but easing itself into understanding as they help you cope. 
“Sure! That sounds like fun!” 
Yoongi looks over at you, scratching at his stomach. His subtle abs press against his skin as he stands up. “Perfect. Let’s go.” 
Seokjin stands on the balcony of his room, watching you and Yoongi step out into the forest. 
“Fuckin’ little shit.” Jin barks out watching Yoongi slink his arm around your shoulders, Yoongi hears him and a small smile creeps up onto his face as he pulls you into the forest without a second glance. 
Yoongi liked you, wanting to know all of you. And with Seokjin for the first time being so cowardly, he would take you if the oldest wasn’t careful. Jin steps into his room, grabbing the cup of water he had on his bedside table before launching it at the wall, the glass shattering as he feels his skin heating up. Snarls rip from his throat as the door swings open. 
“Hyung!” Namjoon calls nervously.
“FUCKIN’ LITTLE BRAT!” Seokjin screams storming past Namjoon.
Namjoon falls to the side, bracing himself against the banister as the oldest rapidly descends the stairs. 
“Uh oh.” Hoseok mutters as Jin’s body begins to contort itself. His canines drop down as he growls loudly. Foam and spit leave the sides of his mouth as he drops to all fours. 
“I thought I told you all to stay AWAY FROM HER!” Jeongguk hops over the kitchen table before opening the back door for Seokjin. 
“We have been! Yoongi hyung hasn’t.” 
Jin turns his head to Taehyung, his eyes a deep, glistening blue as he snaps his jaws at him.
“Don’t think I don’t smell her on you every time you enter this house. How dare you lie to me!” 
Taehyung swallows nervously as Jin stands up, running out into the forest. 
“Well. Yoongi hyung is fucked.” Hoseok says simply, grabbing the dust pan to go clean up the glass upstairs. Taehyung and Jeongguk look at each other nervously before running out after Seokjin.
Tumblr media
You giggle with Yoongi as you sit down on some rocks not too far away from the old tree you once sat on with Seokjin. It was nice knowing it was still there. 
“We’ve known each other for almost a year already, right?” Yoongi asks, looking over at you, his gummy smile making your face smile on it’s own. You nod enthusiastically, earning a gentle chuckle from him. 
“I really like you, Y/N. It’s comfortable to know you.” 
You go to answer him before hearing growling in the distance. Your eyes go wide and your head whips around trying to locate the noise. 
“Oh fuck.” Yoongi mumbles, putting his hand over his mouth. He doesn’t seem scared, he seems worried. 
“Alright. Let’s go.” 
Yoongi goes to grab your hand before you hear feet behind you. You look up nervously to see your old best friend shirtless behind you. 
“Jin!” you yell surprised. 
Seokjin ignores you, his blue eyes on his younger pack member. You put your hands over your mouth as you look up at him. 
“Hyung, listen-” 
“Shut the fuck up and go home.” 
You close your mouth as your eyebrows furrow. Your heart begins to beat faster as you take in the broad shouldered man into your sights. He looks so dominating, so mature. Yoongi mumbles to himself as Taehyung and Jeongguk make an appearance behind Jin. 
“What was that?!” Jin asks leaning in and pushing his face towards Yoongi.
 “Nothing. Fuck, sorry.” 
Yoongi stands up, giving you a small, embarrassed smile. 
“Get going!” Seokjin yells shoving the second oldest towards his younger brothers. You stand up quickly as Seokjin looks down at you. 
“You go home too.” His voice wavers slightly as he turns around. 
“But- I- Jin!” you call out, watching him begins to step back. 
“Y/N. Go home. Now.” 
Your brain is so frazzled, all of your synapses seemingly firing at once. And for the first time, in a long time, you were angry. Here he was, the person you have been thinking about non-stop for years and he is still like this. Taehyung and the others lied to you about who their older brother was, who they shared their home with. 
“You can’t just walk away!” you scream at Jin, his back muscles twitching when he stops dead in his tracks. 
“What would you like me to say?” he whispers, his toes digging into some leaves scattered on the ground. 
You scoff walking toward him with wobbly legs. You were afraid you could collapse at any moment, your eyes begin to sting and for the first time in forever you wanted to cry. 
“I want you to apologize to me!” your voice was whiny and heartbroken. 
You sniffle and Jin can smell how upset you are. His eyes closing, he’s facing what he’s always feared. 
“I can’t do that. I’m sorry.” 
You begin to sob, loud cries ripping from your throat and Jin bites the inside of his cheek. 
You couldn’t even begin to form a sentence in your mind. How jarring the whole situation has been... How could he just appear out of no where? Coming out of the woodwork just to pretend like you never meant a thing to him? How could he hurt you so? 
“OPPA!” you scream loudly and he hangs his head. 
“Y/N. Just...Just go home. Please.” his voice is strained and as he begins to walk away, you fall to the floor. 
Your vision becomes blurry and he puts his hand to his forehead. 
“I WAITED FOR YOU! I WAITED!” you scream out, your voice echoing through the multitude of trees within the forest. Jin’s eyebrows furrow and his eyes begin to water. 
“Well you shouldn’t have.” he says loud enough for you to hear, before pushing past Jeongguk. “Take her home.” 
You sit on your couch staring lifelessly at the fireplace, the embers spitting and black smoke rising towards the chimney above it. 
“Drink this.” Jeongguk whispers with a glass of water in hand. 
“I don’t want anything from you, you liar.” Jeongguk swallows nervously before sitting down on the floor next to you, a whimper leaving his throat making him sound dog-like. 
“Noona, he made us promise not to tell you. We can’t deny him, we have to do as he says.” 
You let out a dark chuckle before closing your eyes. “What is he? The President? You can’t deny him.” 
Jeongguk hands you the water, putting his cheek on your thigh. 
“I’m sorry, noona. I’ve been dying to tell you. But, I couldn’t.” 
You guzzle down the water, looking at your younger friend. His sad expression tells you the truth, he really means it. You run your fingers through his blue tipped hair before sighing. “So he’s lived here the whole time.” 
It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. Jeongguk swallows again before nodding. 
“So my parents knew, and they never said anything.” 
Your eyes flicker towards the portrait of your family. Jeongguk stays silent as you put your head back.
“So, he’s always been a dick. Ever since Australia.” 
You set the water down on the coffee table, scoffing and thinking back to the forest. “I cannot believe him.” 
Jeongguk whimpers again, rubbing his face against your sweatpants. “I’m sorry, noona. Really. Please don’t be mad at us.” 
You look down at his doe eyes. 
“Oh don’t worry. I’m not angry at you.” 
You’re furious with his older brother.
Tumblr media
You storm into the boys house without invitation, Seokjin looks up at you from the kitchen as he throws steak on to the pan. You look over at him, sitting down next to Yoongi. 
“Uh.” Hoseok mutters, looking up from his phone. 
“Get out.” Jin says simply, turning back to the stove. 
You throw your legs up on to the coffee table as Jeongguk slinks his way into the house. 
“Y/N. Get. Out.” Seokjin says, gripping on to the counter. 
“I. Said. No.” 
You smile up at him angrily, your neck veins jutting out and you clench your teeth together as the anger ripples through you. 
Seokjin looks over at you with angry blue eyes. “GET OUT OF MY FUCKING HOUSE!” 
Taehyung swallows  thickly, raising his eyebrows and burying his head back into his manga. 
“Nope.” You pop the ‘P’ before closing your eyes happily. 
“So, now I finally get to meet the older brother I’ve heard so much about, hmm?” 
“Y/N.” Namjoon warns, stepping down the stairs. 
“Oh no, it’s okay oppa. Don’t worry.” 
“You should be worried.” Yoongi whispers in your ear, you roll your eyes watching Seokjin grips at the counter harder, his knuckles turning white as he narrows his eyes at you. 
“Don’t make me forcibly remove you, get out.” 
For the first time in forever, Seokjin takes you into his sights. You look like a true she-wolf staring at him with hardened eyes and furiously clenched teeth. You were beautiful, just like he remembered. He’s spotted you several times in his attempts to ignore you for almost a year and every time you were just a breath taking as the first time he saw you. 
He sniffs once before biting the inside of his cheek. “Get the fuck out of my house. I’m serious.” 
“Wanna hear a story?” you inquire to the others, ignoring Jin. 
Jimin looks at you wearily through his fake glasses, the wire frames being pushed up by his middle finger as he gnaws on the skin of his plush lips. 
“I used to have a best friend named Seokjin. He was the only thing that really mattered to me, he used to protect me and make me feel at home wherever he was-” Jin closes his eyes as you tell your story, “-One day when we were younger, he told me he was going off to Australia, just leaving me all by myself and he asked me to promise him to wait for him. And, like a good best friend, because y’know that’s what I was... I waited for him. No matter how long or why... I was waiting for him to come back. And then, guess what?! He came back and he turned into a fucking asshole prick with no common sense and a derogatory attitude.” 
Jin presses his lips together, snapping off the corner of marble counter feeling his anger surge through him like lightning.
You continue on, not noticing his display of strength. “And he came back to me like this, without even an apology, an explanation and then I move! My parents die, doesn’t come over to the house even though I’m SURE you told him I moved back. Nothing. He stays locked up in this house like a princess in a tower. Hmm? Princess Jin?-” 
He doesn’t respond as he clutches the counter piece in his hand, the sharp marble cutting open his palm. 
“Nothing? Oh good. Nothing to say. So even though I’ve been waiting so many years for him, thinking that him coming back from Australia like that must have been a slip of his mind or something. NOW, NOW I know what he’s turned into an ungrateful dick hole that really doesn’t care about me.” 
You stand up blinded by your rage, jutting your index finger out towards your old best friend. 
The silence was creepy throughout Jin’s family home, the boys keeping their mouths shut as you stare at Jin with tightly pressed lips and wide eyes. 
“Oh! Good! I’ll see myself out.” 
You rip open the door before slamming it shut behind you. A useless display of the heart, sauntering back down the road to your house. 
“She-wolf, indeed.” Namjoon hisses. 
Seokjin drops the marble counter piece to the floor, opening his hand only to leak blood onto the white tiled floor below. The cut is already healing itself but not his heart, his heart was torn open by your words and just as usual -- he is in his unrelenting torment of guilt. 
“Fuck.” He seethes, throwing the pan off of the fire and stepping out on to the back porch of his house. 
Tumblr media
You stare out the window towards Jin’s house as you take another shot of soju. 
“Fucking miserable prick bastard.” you curse, watching Jin step off of his back porch to talk to Namjoon.
After last month’s explosion you find it difficult to face the other boys. You were embarrassed, obviously, and for good reason. Your emotional display did nothing for you, didn’t even make you feel any better. You were now just constantly bitter. You look over at your family portrait before looking at your father. 
“Don’t look at me like that.” you murmur to the painting before scoffing and pushing yourself up off the bench by the window. You watch as Jin shoves Namjoon angrily before running off into the forest. 
“SEE NAMJOON, HE’S A COWARD!” you scream. Namjoon picks his head up and looks at you, narrowing his eyes confused at the window. You blanch nervously. 
“How could he hear me?” you hiss. 
Namjoon goes into the house quickly as you pour yourself another shot. “One more and I’ll head off to bed.” 
Yet another thing you were great at these days, just constantly sleeping and laying around. You could understand why Yoongi was so bed ridden all the time. You stretch, groaning loudly and taking the shot of soju, the warm feeling spreads throughout your stomach before dissipating. It was the only warmth you’ve getting lately. 
You retreat back to your parents bedroom, throwing your drunken body onto the sheets without a sound. Your eyes stare at the lily covered wallpaper of the room before flipping on to your back and staring at the popcorn ceiling. 
“I fucking hate my life.” you mutter, closing your heavy lidded eyes.
A loud howl rips you from your sleep, the sound getting closer as you sit up confused in your parents bed. You’ve heard similar howls in the night time but never this close to you. 
You stand up wide-eyed, your feet pattering slowly against the cold wood flooring. Your hand pushes aside the large curtain of your parent’s balcony before falling backward. A large white and beige wolf sits in front of the balcony door patiently. 
“Oh fuck!” you scream as it’s blue eyes stare at you. 
“Hi?” you gawk, sitting up putting your hand over your heart. The wolf whimpers rubbing his large head on the door, drool from his mouth smearing the glass as you frown. 
“You’re sad? Like me? I’m miserable.” 
You press your hand to the glass as the wolf rubs himself against the door again. This is a wild animal, why does it feel so comfortable? The wolf lays down and you lay down with it your head and the wolf’s head separated by only a single piece of glass. 
“I’ll call you Jin, okay?” you quip through the door. The wolf closes it’s eyes before laying peacefully in front of you.
You aren’t afraid of the wolf, although you never open up the glass door. You find solace every night when he comes to visit you, you would leave out water for him and sometimes jerky if you order it online. But, tonight, he doesn’t come. You sit in front of the glass door, Pororo stuffed animal in your arms waiting. 
“Where are you?” you mumble, peering out the window. You hear a howl in the forest, a pained whimper following it. 
“Jin?!” you gasp nervously. 
More pained whimpers follow and you find yourself standing up quickly, shoving on your Nike slides and trudging out to the back door. You were enraptured with this wolf, thinking of him as a friend, for some odd reason. He could be hurt, maybe he fell or something. The thought of him being dangerous never even enters your mind. 
You open up your back door, setting the Pororo stuffed animal on the kitchen table before stepping out into the moonlight. 
“Jin?!” you hiss quietly, stepping down the back patio stairs. Your feet trudge through leaves. It’s so dark, the only light falling through the forest canopy is the moonlight and even that is scarce. You hear a howl near you and you swallow thickly. Now you’re awake to the fear of it all.
“Stupid idea. Stupid! Stupid!” you chide yourself, going to retreat to your house. You hear the pained whine once more and you turn your head to the familiar white and beige wolf as he stumbles closer to you, his white fur dotted with red blood. 
“Oh my God!” you exclaim as the wolf falls panting, his eyelids shutting as you walk over to it cautiously. 
“What happened to you?!” 
The furry body shivers before going still, his hair receding into its body. You go wide-eyed as he turns into a man. A naked man at that. You fall with a gasp as black hair covers his face. 
“Wh-What the fuck?!” 
You shove his hair back as a large laceration on the man’s body begins to close up in front of your eyes. 
“WHAT THE FUCK?!” you bellow, staring down at Seokjin’s face. Your mind begins to fog and then, before you know it, you’re passing out.
You wake up with a jump, looking around the room, Seokjin sits in the corner of your parent’s bedroom. His hands pressed together in a prayer over his lips. You begin to stutter confused as Jin closes his eyes. 
“Hi.” he says simply, you fall back, your mind going a mile a minute. 
“You- Wolf- You!” 
Jin stands up with a groan, grabbing at his back before sitting on the edge of the bed. You back away from him, kicking out your legs. He bites his bottom lip, his blue eyes looking over you as he sighs. 
“Now you know. Now you know why I’ve been hiding from you.” 
You furrow your eyebrows in horror. “So, what? What? You’re a wolf?” 
Seokjin presses his lips into a thin line. “Ever since I was born.” 
You scoff confused putting your hands over your face. “What the fuck are you talking about?” 
Jin sighs. “Werewolf. Not fully a wolf all the time.” 
You hold your hand up as a strange giggle rips from your throat. The situation is too comical. 
He’s a werewolf?! 
Like in a movie?! 
That’s what he is?! 
“It’s why I had to go to Australia, to y’know...mature and be able to shift.” 
You groan at the information before closing your eyes. 
“Get out.” You say to him, moving when his hands extend to touch your knees. 
“Just... get out.” 
Seokjin nods before letting out a deep sigh. “I’ll see myself out.” 
Tumblr media
You bust into Jin’s house unannounced, Taehyung screams loudly putting his hand over his heart. 
“Turn.” you say simply to your old best friend. 
Taehyung tilts his head to Seokjin who looks up from his cup of tea. His face is pale as if he had been crying all night long. 
“Now. Do it. Now.” you command, folding your arms. 
You didn’t fall back to sleep, you stayed awake replaying the whole evening in your mind. He was a werewolf. He went to Australia so he was able to shift. His parents were werewolves. Then, you thought about what Namjoon had said when they first met you. ‘That your parents were good people despite knowing what they were.’ What they were. They were all werewolves. And then, you seemingly watched werewolf movies until the sun rose. So, your parents knew everything about Jin and they failed to tell you, anything. At all. Great. 
“Um.” Jimin mutters from the kitchen. 
“Right now! Oppa!” 
Jin looks up as you call him the old familiar greeting. 
“Okay.” he concedes in a whisper, taking off his shirt and heading out the back door. 
“What?! You’re doing it?!” Hoseok yells, standing up quickly. 
You follow Jin without any glance towards the others as you step out onto the back porch. Your arms lean against the wooden railing as he jumps onto the forest floor. 
“Please! Please! Don’t freak!” 
Jeongguk follows happily standing next to pack alpha, clapping happily. Jin growls loudly and Jeongguk backs up before giddily jumping up and down. Seokjin’s body begins to wrack, his muscles and bones contorting as he falls onto all fours. You put your hand over his mouth, watching and hearing his back snap loudly throughout the forest. And suddenly, he was white and beige and furry as all hell. You choke on your own spit as Jeongguk follows suit, he was a smaller wolf then Seokjin, fully black with golden eyes. 
“Oh my God.” you gasp, feeling weak at the knees. 
The wind picks up and you find your legs falling out from underneath you, you sit watching with wide eyes as all seven boys turn into wolves before you. You whimper out as Jin’s paws pad up the steps before sitting in front of you, his mouth opening and his tongue flopping out of his mouth. You raise your hand, your eyes blinking rapidly as you touch his fur. He whines happily before laying his head down on your lap. 
“Whoa. This is... Not real.”
Tumblr media
But, it was. And almost a year has gone by again as you found out your best friend’s secret. You couldn’t believe that this was reality and yet it was. You now could understand why Seokjin was the way he was. Although, you’ve never formally talked about it. You haven’t really gotten close with him again but knowing why he was the way he was, was okay with you. You couldn’t hold a grudge against him for something he couldn’t control. And now that you know their secrets they were around all the time. 
Even Seokjin. 
“Look at her, man she would look good with a set of pups within her.” Jimin comments as you walk past the Seoul Land gates. 
Ah, yes. The impregnation talk was never ending now that you know about them. 
“Fucking right.” Hoseok whispers with a chuckle as you walk towards the convenience store. They had become like your brothers too. 
“Hey, she-wolf.” 
You smile at Taehyung as he wraps his arm around you. 
“Jin is going into heat this week so keep your doors locked. Alright?” 
You nod with a smile to Taehyung who gives you a big box smile back. 
“What is the convenience of a convenience store if it’s so fucking far?” Yoongi whines loudly, trailing behind you all. 
You had gotten a job, a job at a publishing company since money was starting to get low. It was a good job, something to keep you busy and happy. The money was also really good, and you made some friends within the company which wasn’t horrible. 
“I got a company dinner to put on the card tonight. Y/N, you know what that means!” you hear Jooheon call to you with a big smile. 
“Means we’re getting barbecue and soju!” you cheer from your desk, making him chuckle. 
“Exactly right.” There was something endearing about Jooheon, the way his milky skin was always perfect and the way his big black eyes always looked at you and only you, and his dimples were deeper than the ocean. 
“You are so whipped.” you hear Mina whisper in your ear, rolling her computer chair over to you. 
“I am not.” you mutter, putting your face down behind your computer. She rolls her eyes before pushing off your chair and rolling back to her own desk. 
“Yes you are!” she sings quietly, continuing on in her work. 
The drinks felt endless as you sit with the rest of the staff in the restaurant, Jooheon kept them coming as he slings back his own shots of soju. He was getting closer and closer to you as the hours rolled on, by now he was so close you could practically be in his lap. He wraps his arm around your shoulder with a big smile, Mina raises an eyebrow as a smile plays on her lips. 
“Told you.” she mouths to you from across the wooden table. You look over at Jooheon with a giggle as he rubs your shoulder with his thumb. 
“Can I walk you home?” 
You weren’t drunk per se, but you weren’t sober either. 
“Sure!” you reply happily as Jooheon holds his hand up. 
“CHECK PLEASE!” He screams, making you snort and put your head down. 
Jooheon walks in tandem with you, the full moon lighting up the street as you walk past the familiar convenience store with him. 
He’s been becoming progressively more handsy and it was starting to make you feel a bit uncomfortable. He was really cute, super cute but in the back of your mind you could feel wariness beginning to seep through you. 
“I’m so happy you joined our team, you make a really great fit.” 
You smile over at him before shrugging off his arm. “Thanks.” 
Jooheon slaps his hand. “How did that get there. So sorry.” 
You give him a thin lined smile, stopping at the corner. “I can make it home myself.” 
Jooheon digs his heels into the road, giving you a blinding smile at you. “I can walk you all the way.” 
“That’s alright, I’ve got it.” 
He clears his throat before wrapping his arms around you. 
“Kiss me.” He presses his lips against yours and you shove at his shoulders. 
“Jooheon!” You complain, shoving him off of you. 
“What? I thought you liked me. You’ve been ogling me every day since you joined the team.” 
You mentally chide yourself for putting these kinds of thoughts into his head. Sure, you found him attractive but not for him to advance himself like this. 
“I mean-” 
He presses you against the convenience store wall, his body pressing all of his weight into you as he kisses you deeply. You smack at his shoulder, screwing your eyes shut. 
“Stop!” you whimper out as he kisses down your cheek to your neck. 
“Come on, baby. Don’t be like that.” He grunts pinning your wrists above your head. 
“She said stop.” you hear from behind you, Jooheon chuckles wiping as his lips as he stands back up. You take Seokjin into your sights as he growls lowly, his eyes gleaming under the moonlight. 
“Get off of her. Now.” 
“Or what?” 
You whimper out as Jooheon lets your hands go. 
“Or I’ll fuckin’ make you.” 
Seokjin shoves Jooheon with just an ounce of his strength, the handsy man looses his footing and crashes his weight into the plastic table outside of the convenience store. 
“Let’s go.” Seokjin whispers, wrapping his wrist around yours and pulling you towards Seoul Land. 
“I’m sorry.” you whimper out feebly as Seokjin pulls you towards your house. 
“Fucking prick bastard, I can smell him on you. How could you let him put his filthy fucking hands all over your body?” 
Seokjin picks you up, displeased at how slow you’re walking. “You’re quitting that fucking job.” 
You give a sheepish nod to your oppa as he begins to jog towards your house. 
“Miserable bastard. How could he just advance on you like that when you tell him no?” 
You can hear small growls and grunts forming in his throat and you press your face into his neck. This was new and it was nice. Holding him again since you were young. Even though you haven’t been close with him lately, it’s good to feel his arms around you when you needed him.
“How did you know where I was?” 
“I smelt you and I heard how fast your heart was beating in nervousness.” 
You find no words to say to him as he continues down the road to your house. 
“Go shower him off your skin.” Seokjin orders when you both approach your house.
You stand underneath the shower head, scrubbing diligently trying to get Jooheon’s scent off of you before hearing clattering in the living room. 
“Jin?!” you call out weakly, your head peeks out of the white shower curtain and you can hear heavy panting coming from the hallway. You shut the water off, grabbing a white towel and drying yourself off. 
“Jin oppa?!” you inquire cautiously, suddenly remembering how he should he going into heat. 
You wrap the towel around yourself, stepping out into the hallway. Jin is shirtless in front of the fireplace, the artistic plates your mom once bought scattered on the ground as the glow from the fire accentuates the curves of his muscles on his back. His breathing is ragged and uneven and terribly menacing. 
“Oppa?” you bleat quietly and that word was music to Seokjin’s ears. 
He cards his fingers through his black hair before turning towards you. His stance above you has you stepping back at his dominating aura. 
“Seokjin.” you whisper wearily. 
“How could he just fucking touch you like that? Putting his lips all over your face and your neck!?” 
He cracks his neck audibly and you put your hand over your mouth. 
“You’re in heat.” you squeak. 
“Damn right I am. Fucking little shit put his hands all over my girl.” 
You blink rapidly at his words before tilting your head and sucking a breath in between your teeth. “Okay, time to go. I’ll leave.” 
You go to turn around and as you do, Jin’s arm wraps around your waist pulling you to him. “You’re not going anywhere.” 
You shove at his arms, to no avail. 
“Oppa. I can’t let you do this.” you whine as he picks you up effortlessly, your feet dangle as he walks down the hallway. 
“Jin. Stop! Seriously! You’re thinking with your dick!” 
The way his arms are wrapped so tightly around you makes you never want him to let you go. And yet, you know he has to.  
“Please put me down!” you beg of him. 
“No.” he says simply, kicking open your bedroom door. 
He throws you down on to the bed before sauntering around the room. 
“He fucking touched you, he put his hands on you. On my girl.” 
You open your mouth, furrowing your eyebrows as you hold the towel to your wet skin. 
“Stop saying ‘my girl’! Jin, you have to go.” Jin stares down at you, hardened blue eyes gleaming into yours. 
“But, you are my girl. You’ve always been my girl.” 
You feel as though you’ve been punched in the chest. 
Jin crouches down touching your knees as he looks into your eyes. 
“I’ve been this way because I’m so ashamed of myself. I left you here all by yourself and then I turn into this animal and-and-” Jin growls to himself, the loud noise piercing your ear drums as he smacks the bed with all of his force, “I fucking left you by yourself when you needed me! I don’t deserve you! And you tell me you waited! I turned into a fucking animal!” 
You whimper out at his words, he does care. He’s always cared. Your heart swells with elation as you give him a small smile. “Really? You-You care about me?” 
Jin scoffs standing back up, his body beginning to get hot due to his pressing heat. “Of course I care about you! I’ve always cared about you! You’re my fucking soul mate.” 
Your jaw drops at this information. “I’m your what?” 
Jin licks his lips, pulling at his hair. “You’re my mate! You always have been. I could smell it on you always and forever!” 
You sit up quickly, your head swimming in confusion as you stare at your older best friend. 
Jin scoffs loudly, putting his hands over his face. “Yes, that’s why I’m in heat. Because you smell so fucking good between your legs. Your pussy is calling out to be fucked and bred by me.” 
You press your thighs together going wide-eyed. “Excuse me?!” 
Jin growls lowly in the back of his throat. “You’re little bitch pussy is begging to be fucked and impregnated.” 
You swallow at you clear your throat. You put your hand to his chest before gasping. “You’re so hot! You have a fever.” 
Jin shakes his head in a dazed state of mind. “I need your cunt.” 
He shoves you down roughly, climbing on top of you. His black hair falls into his face. “You were made for me. It’s all fate, don’t you understand? You, this pussy, everything is mine.” 
You squeeze your eyes shut, not exactly telling him no as he bend down above you. 
“Can I claim you? Like I’ve always wanted? I won’t back off anymore. I won’t leave you to be by yourself. Let me claim you, please baby.” 
And that one single word, has you pooling with arousal. 
Yes, he was always your best friend but you loved him as something more. He was the epitome of everything perfect in this world. And that was the exact reason why you would go red with anger, because he was yours to get angry with. You open your mouth as Jin sets off with a whimper. 
“Please, my cock is so hard. Let me fuck you, baby.” Jin paws at his sweatpants and you can’t help but look down. The large tent in his pants makes your eyebrows quirk up. Jin sniffs the air before groaning.
“I can smell how wet you are for me. Fuck.” 
You lay back before looking up at him and opening up the towel. 
“Oh Christ.” He whispers before his lips are on yours. You kiss in heated passion, your hands flying into his long black hair, tugging on it softly. Seokjin moans against your lips and you can’t help but moan back. This was seriously happening, your best friend of forever making you his. His hot hands run over your sides before pulling away. 
“Can I? Can I make you mine? Will you be my mate for life?” 
You giggle at the tone of his voice, how needy and filled with begging it was. He used to be like this for you and now he’s back. And, he’s yours. 
“Yes, make me yours.” 
Music to Jin’s ears as he kisses you again, pushing open your thighs to sit between them. 
“Fuck, you taste so good.” he mumbles, kissing down your neck. 
His lips suckle at the tender skin at the base of your neck as he begins to palm your breasts. Small moans leave your lips feeling him begin to pinch and roll your nipples between his fingertips. 
“Oh Jin!” you gasp wantonly, closing your eyes. A growl emits from him as he wraps his lips around your nipple. His lips tug at the sensitive skin, earning a sharp moan tumble past your lips. His tongue flicks at your nipple as you pull at his hair. And when he’s sufficiently pleased with how you whine, he eases up, watching you breathlessly underneath him. 
“I can’t wait till these tits swell up with milk for my pups. So beautifully heavy for me and my babies.” 
His words are filled with so much wanting, so much hopefulness that you could feel your arousal dripping onto the sheets for him. 
“Your pussy is so wet for me. Tight little bitch pussy begging to be around my cock.” 
His fingers dip between your wet folds and he hums in appreciation. His rubs gentle circles to your clit, feeling it swelling beneath the pads of his digits. 
“I’m going to fuck you full of my cum, you’ll be filled with my pups by the end of tonight.” 
You whimper out as he enters a finger into you. 
“Fuck, you’re so tight.” 
Then, you realize you never told him. 
“I’m-I’m a virgin.” 
Seokjin looks up at you quickly before chuckling. “You weren’t lying about the whole waiting for me thing. Huh?” 
You shake your head with a shy smile. He bends down, pressing a soft kiss to your lips. 
“I don’t want to scare you, but this is going to hurt.” 
You nod understandingly as he pulls down his sweat pants. You choke out a whimper at how large his cock is. It’s thick and long, the head an angry red as it beads with precum. 
“I’m Alpha. I’m bigger than most.” 
You scoff at his words as you stare at his cock. He begins to stroke it with a chuckle. “I’ll be gentle. For the most part.” 
He dips his head down, his tongue peeking out as he licks up your folds. 
“Oh fuck.” you moan as he tongues at your clit with a ferocious quickness. 
“So fertile for my pups.” he coos.
His fingers approach your pussy and you whimper out at the new feeling. Your head is foggy with lust and you gasp when he enters two fingers into you. He pumps into you gently, scissoring at your cunt trying to get you to stretch for him. 
"Oppa.” you whimper as he begins to curl his fingers inside of you. His chin and cheeks are coated in your arousal and his blue eyes are glued to your face. You feel a tightening in your stomach, almost painfully as your eyes meet one another, his tongue never relenting on your clit. 
“Oh shit!” 
Your stomach tightens like a band before snapping, your vision getting blurry and your ears ringing loudly as you orgasm for him. Your arousal squirts past his hand and he can only growl in delight. He pulls away from you, pumping his fingers in and out, watching you ride out your high. 
“You’re so fucking sexy.” 
He wipes at his face with a chuckle, tapping your thigh. “Turn over for me, my love.” 
You flip over, already becoming exhausted as Seokjin pushes your upper back down into the bed. He adjusts your body to his liking, stroking his cock against you, the thick head pre-cumming on to your folds and dripping down towards the bed. 
“I’ll be as gentle as I can. My wolf is telling me to tear this bitch pussy apart.” 
You bury your face into the bed with a moan as Seokjin aligns himself to your weeping cunt. 
“I’m going to breed you full of my pups, baby. You’ll be nice and round with my pups inside of you.” 
He relishes the heat of your core seeping out on to him before pushing the head in with a groan. You whimper out, clenching your teeth as he stretches you. Seokjin kisses down your back sweetly, pushing himself in farther. 
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry baby.” he apologizes profusely. 
His thighs quiver as he holds back his thrusts. His wolf is begging to break free and impregnate you already. 
You cry out into the sheets, balling them up into your fists. Seokjin buries himself to the hilt, the head of his cock pressing snugly against your cervix opening. 
“Oh fuck.” he whimpers, kissing your back some more. His thumbs caress your cheeks as you take deep, calming breaths. 
“I know, I’m sorry.” 
The stretch and the burn of his cock subside slightly as you stay like this for a while. 
“Are you okay, baby? I’m so sorry.” Jin begins to lick at your shoulder lovingly, trying to distract you. 
“I’m okay. I’m ready now.” you whisper quietly. 
“Good girl.” he praises you. 
He pulls out before thrusting back in slowly, his mouthing falls open and a growl enraptures your ears. You moan gently at the feeling, his cock filling every nook and cranny of your needy cunt. 
“I’m going to put my pups so deep inside you, baby. Fuck.” 
You whimper at his words before nodding. “Please fuck me Alpha, please put your pups inside me.” 
Jin begins to fuck you as you submit to him, his groans filling the room as you moan loudly for him. “Christ, your pussy feel so fucking good. Tight little bitch pussy on my cock.” 
Your moans get louder as the pain fully subsides letting you become engulfed in the euphoric feeling. This is what it always should have been. You knew this was meant to be, there would never be anyone but Seokjin for you. 
“My beautiful mate letting me fuck her so good like this.” 
You pick your head up, looking back at him as he rams into you. Gripping your hips tighter, he lets his wolf take over. His blue eyes harden like steel as your eyes meet. 
“Fuck! Jin!” 
He throws his head back, his mouth opening as his balls begin to tighten. 
“Fuck, you’re such a good little bitch letting me take this pussy all for myself. All mine.” 
Your forehead presses into the mattress as Jin begins to ram into you with heightened speed. Your cervix begins to bruise and dull pain starts to take over but it’s everything you need. 
“Oh my God!” 
Jin’s mouth goes dry as he feels his orgasm incoming, his cock begins to throb within you hearing you blubber out his name incoherently. 
“You’re going to look so beautiful heavy with my pups inside you. Your belly so nice and round, milky tits begging to be suckled. Oh shit, Y/N.” 
The throbbing gets faster and Jin begins to rub circles at your clit, knowing that the pain of his knot would be too much for you to bear. 
“Oh Jin!” 
“You’re doing so good baby, I’m so close!” 
The pain reaches it’s precipice as you grit your teeth. Seokjin places his chest to your back before dropping his canines. Something you couldn’t see but could hear as he gives off a loud snarl. 
“I’m cumming.” he groans loudly. 
His cock stirs inside you, his hips thrusting one final time before ropes of cum begin to stream from his cock into your pussy. 
He pulls your shoulder to him before biting down hard, tearing at your flesh. Your screams echoing throughout the house and you skin feels as if it’s been set on fire. Blood streams down your arm and Seokjin puts his forehead to your back. 
“You’re mine.” 
His cum never seems to cease as he pulls you up onto your knees and pressing his arm on your clavicle to keep you upright. You can see how swollen your womb has become with his seed as he releases one final groan. 
His cock ceases and he lets out a gentle sigh. “Don’t move, okay baby? I’m sorry.” 
You look at him dazed and confused as the base of his cock begins to swell. Uncomfortably so, the pain making your head loll back as you cry, tears streaming down your already streaked face. 
“I know, fuck, I know. I’m sorry. It’s just to make sure you get pregnant.” 
You stare up at the ceiling with tired eyes as Jin begins to hug you tightly. “I love you. I’ll never leave you by yourself ever again. I’m sorry.” 
You felt guilty with how many ‘I’m sorry’s’ he’s said throughout the evening. 
“I love you too.” 
Jin smiles widely, his nose nuzzling against your neck as his cock swells up. 
“Why’d you bite me?” you ask, looking down at your bloody shoulder. 
“It’s a mate mark, it means you’re mine and mine only.” 
You snort putting your head back on his shoulder. “So what? This is it? I’m yours and you’re mine forever? I get pregnant now and give you some babies.” 
Jin nods happily, making you giggle. 
“That sounds pretty good to me.” you quip.
Those words are the truth, it seems as if he never left you alone, he never changed his attitude towards you. He’s the same Seokjin you grew up with and fell in love with. Jin puts his hand over your cum filled womb with a smile. 
“We’ll have beautiful pups, thank you for being my soulmate.” 
You give him an exhausted, kissing him gently. 
“I’m sorry I was such an asshole to you, it was how I was dealing with my guilt.” 
“Stop saying I’m sorry so much, you don’t have to.” 
He goes to open his mouth and you smack his chest. “Don’t say it.” 
He closes his mouth before smirking. “I’ll tell you how beautiful you are and how much I adore you every single day.” 
You hum in agreement. “That sounds good to me.” 
Jin hugs you tightly, sighing happily, his eyes looking over the room. “I like that you kept all the stuffed animals I won for you at Seoul Land.” 
His eyes landing on the large stuffed wolf in the corner of the room before kissing your cheek. 
“We can give them to the babies.” 
Jin squeezes you excitedly before his knot begins to deflate. He sniffs the air before kissing you deeply. 
“Let’s get you cleaned up, hmm?” 
He picks you up bridal style before stopping at your desk and looking down at the picture of you both on the fallen tree. 
“Thank you for waiting for me. I’ll do my best to show you both how much you mean to me.” 
You raise an eyebrow wrapping your arms around his neck. “Both?” 
He bends down and kisses you, wiggling his eyebrows. “Kim Seokjin just got you pregnant, baby.” 
You go wide-eyed. “Already?!” 
His feet take off towards the bathroom. “Of course, I have potent wolf sperm.” 
You scoff slapping his chest with a tired smile. 
“I love you, baby. Both of you.”  
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pasteljeon · a year ago
sincerely, yours (m)
Tumblr media
summary: in which you return to an apartment full of 7 horny boyfriends.
pairing: ot7 x reader
warnings: pining, dirty talk, heavy petting, sexual tension
length: 2.9k
notes: this is another blm commission written for the amazing @/himbeaux-joon. thank you so much for your support and donation! i hope you enjoy n forgive me for the wait.
“You’re fucked.”
You pull your phone away from your ear out of pure disbelief. Squinting at the screen, you’re assured you’re speaking to the right person when your friend’s name peers back at you.
She said it so casually and offhandedly you do a double take. Your luggage rolls noisily behind you, a hefty and rather rickety thing, though you don’t quite have the heart to rid of it just yet. It has character, stickers and stamps collected from your various travels scattered on the cover. Some are fraying and others greying and half-peeled. Some are new, recently added to the collection and sparkle almost obnoxiously next to your dying ones.
“You are so fucked,” she laughs. It’s less of a laugh and more of a cackle. You check your phone again. Still her.
“Are you going to elaborate on that?” You say dryly as you finally wheel yourself out of customs. The last month has been hectic, your job and position requiring you to fly overseas for the past three weeks. You would think your boys would have been used to the asynchronistic nature of your schedules considering how busy they usually are, but they did finish the last leg of their tour just as you left. Your company offered another two weeks of paid vacation is a thank-you for the generous contract you just signed. Your boys protested and pouted but you took it, adamant about finally taking that much needed break.
They reluctantly let you go, faking tears but understanding, their jobs equally as, if not more, stressful.
“Nope.” She pops the p with some dark sense of satisfaction, and you repress the shiver that crawls down your spine. “But I can say it’s a good type of fucking. You know, the one where you bend Jungkook over the—”
“Okay, got it, thank you,” you cut her off hastily, holding a hand over the speaker to muffle her voice that rises into a sing-song, glancing around discreetly to ensure no one’s eavesdropped over your rather scandalous conversation.
“You ever notice how whiny your boys can get when you’re away?” She teases when you return to the line. Rummaging in your purse for some change, you scan the airport café for some iced coffee, chuckling, “Yes. You have no idea.”
“You know all the boys have a chat exclusive for their very not safe for work thoughts?” she tells you. It makes you choke and laugh simultaneously, the cashier eyeing you strangely as he takes your order.
“I don’t know how they make it sounds so hot,” your friend continues blandly. “Normally it sounds so greasy. But they’re usually so well-behaved and polite. I was so shocked. I had no idea that Jimin liked—”
You yelp, staring down at your shirt. Luckily, it’s dark enough to hide the stain, so you mop it up sheepishly, thanking the server who offers you some napkins, clucking sympathetically.
“What?” You hissed, pulling to the side. You’re whisper-shouting into your phone now. “They did what?”
“Oh, you didn’t know? Didn’t Rhys tell you? He was rolling all over about it,” she snickers. You splutter. Rhys is a close friend to the both of you, and often spent nights gaming with Jungkook and Taehyung. You knew your boys had a group chat with your other male friends but … “But they’re usually so polite,” you exclaim.
Your friend clicks her tongue. “Cue exhibit A. Anyway, good luck girl. You’re gonna need it.” Without waiting for your reply, she ends the call, her cackles cutting off into an odd ringing in your ear.
“Oh dear,” you say to yourself, staring down at your drink. “What am I walking into?”
Your friend’s call is lousy warning, if you’re going to be honest.
Only the maknaes are able to pick you up from the airport, with the remainder of the boys caught up in the photoshoot. They were able to wrap up before your flight landed.
They’re a ball of hazed energy. Dressed casually, face masked and caps donned, they somehow manage to blend in with the crowd of receivers. Your breath catches. In the short time away, you’ve forgotten just how little justice pictures and videos do for them. They’re beautiful.
They watch you like hawks, glazed eyes dark and you’re genuinely a little concerned for Taehyung. The outline of his length presses insistently against his black slacks, but he pays no attention, half-lidded as he peers at you through thick lashes. You’re shocked no one’s carded him for public indecency yet. The image alone is enough to make your core to clench.
There’s no fanfare, no glee, no innocent excitement, no cheerful, “noona!” you expected from the youngest. Instead, Jungkook silently reaches over to relieve you of your luggage, fingers grazing your palm. He pulls down his mask to kiss the corner of your mouth. He visibly tears himself away, and you can see the way his veins pop under the pressure, jaw clenching hard. Electricity sparks down your spine, making you shiver.
“Heart. Welcome back,” Taehyung rumbles as he tips your chin up. His voice is more of a growl, the sound reverberates from his chest, low and incredibly sexy it makes goosebumps rise on your skin.
“I missed you,” Jimin pushes his face into the crook of your neck, inhaling deeply. He catches your hand when you reach for him, steadying your shaky knees. You clutch at the sleeve of his turtleneck, his palm cupping the back of your head as his nose skims the column of your throat.
“G-guys, we’re in public,” you manage in a faint whisper, and Jimin’s grip tightens briefly before he reluctantly pulls away. Jungkook takes your other hand, Taehyung leading the way to the car.
They brush your concern off easily, not even bothering to scan their surroundings in case anyone’s recognized them. You do a cursory sweep anyway, but find the airport still relatively empty, the crowd occupied with their own arrivals. Suddenly, you’re once again struck with a profound sense of appreciation for Namjoon’s forever careful scheduling of your flights so this could be possible.
The underground parking lot is quiet, and you exchange no words as Jungkook’s Mercedes comes into view.
The sexual tension is, as they say, palpable.
You move to follow Jimin into the backseat, but Jungkook grabs your wrist, twirling you around. The cool metal meets your heated skin for a brief moment before he pulls you close. “Noona,” he murmurs, bringing your arm to his lips. He fastens his mouth over your pulse point, suckling gently. His lashes tickle your inner wrist.
“Jungkook,” you say breathily, his leg coming to push your thighs apart. You nearly collapse onto him, and he releases you with an agonized sigh. The mark blooms darkly, and he lets out a long exhale.
“Gguk.” There’s a warning in his tone.
“I know,” the maknae bites back. He lets you down slowly, hungry gaze raking over your form one last time before he lets Taehyung help you into the car.
He walks to the driver’s side, forehead pressing against the hood fleetingly before sliding into the seat. It does nothing to settle the heat stirring in his stomach. He can’t bring himself to regret it, though, despite the way his pants dig into his hard cock.
Just a little longer. His fingers grip the wheel tightly, knuckles whitening as he pulls out of the lot.
They can hardly keep their hands off of you, glued to your side the entirety of the ride back.
Jungkook wants to scream out of pure frustration. He can hardly concentrate, though it is the crack of dawn and traffic is sparse.
He can hear the lewd shlick shlick shlick sounds of your makeout sessions. He resists the urge to check the rear-view mirror for the nth time. He knows one glance is enough to make his thighs clench.
He hears your soft, melodic sighs between kisses, lips likely beautifully swollen and plump from their coaxing. He knows that Taehyung is sweet, and that Jimin is eager, a little rough. It's downright pornographic. His eye twitches.
“Mmm, Chim,” you mewl.
That's it. He growls. “Guys, knock it off. Otherwise we’re taking her in the back of my car.”
“Wouldn't be such a bad idea,” Taehyung murmurs, and Jungkook risks a glimpse, only to see Taehyung mouthing at your neck, one hand down your pants. You're a vision, sprawled on Jimin's lap, head tossed back against his neck. Back arched, shirt halfway unbuttoned, bra peeking out and hair disheveled.
“Taehyung,” Jungkook barks. He’s a second away from breaking the wheel. Red light. He watches Taehyung suck a blooming flower against your neckline. He pulls away reluctantly to admire it.
“It's fine,” Jimin pipes up, and Jungkook swears he pops a vessel with the way the older slides a hand up to cup your breast, thumbing your peaks from under the silken material. “We're here.”
The maknae parks the car hastily, all too relieved to be home. He practically yanks the hinges off the passenger door open. Jimin groans, almost falling flat on his ass at the sudden momentum. “Jeon!”
“Sorry,” he mutters, stepping aside for Jimin to step out. Jungkook catches you, stumbling with trembling legs and poorly adjusted shirt. He sweeps you into his arms without another thought, moving briskly towards the entrance. His strength makes you squirm in his hold, clutching his tensed bicep.
“Smell so good,” he groans, and he has to pause at the door, letting you down only to pin you against the glass, kissing you hard.
“Taste so good,” he pants, unable to stop himself from grinding against you. He wants you close, craves you. Your hands snake under his shirt, pushing it up impatiently to flatten your palm against his toned stomach, the other fumbling with his belt.
The sound of the leather and metal coming undone makes him hiss, hips jerking. “Sensitive baby,” you murmur teasingly, fingers digging into his v-line. Jungkook’s breath stutters, cock throbbing unwittingly.
“I’m going to lose my mind,” he moans, slumping onto you as you give his clothed length a tentative squeeze. He’s so incredibly hard it’s painful. The blood rushing to his dick is making him dizzy, a little breathless.
Before you can reply, the door is abruptly wrenched open. You gasp, Jungkook nearly toppling over, but he braces you under his arm, catching you easily.
“Told you he wouldn’t make it in before he succumbed.” You look up to see Hoseok gazing down at you with those strong brows of his, studying you with an intensity that has your body flushing with heat again. Even upside down he’s gorgeous beyond reason.
Jungkook flips you back up, and Hoseok’s lips quirk when he catches you floundering.
“Bet he came in his pants.” Namjoon walks forward, hands in his pockets and his tone is casual, like he’s discussing the menu from your favourite diner.
“Colour me shocked the neighbours haven’t carded the two of you for public indecency,” Yoongi drawls, smirking when Jungkook blushes darkly.
“I’m going to develop abandonment issues if you keep forgetting about us like that.” Jungkook rubs his neck, embarrassed, as Taehyung and Jimin step in with mirroring looks of disgruntlement. Taehyung walks over, lips quirking wryly as you slide your arms over his neck.
“Don’t tease,” you chastise, but he ignores you in lieu of pulling you close, swaying slightly to the sound of his quiet humming. His hands are hot, burning through the thin material of your shirt as he presses you flush against his body.
“Romantic,” you whisper, smiling. Taehyung smiles too, eyes still closed.
“Welcome back, beautiful.” You startle at the sound, but smile at the familiar voice, leaning into his touch. Taehyung allows you to slip from his hold, the newcomer twirling you around.
“Hi, Jin,” you say shyly, biting your lip. Seokjin beams, the corners of his eyes crinkling.
“Missed you so much,” he says softly. “Was about to lose my sanity if you were away any longer.”
You laugh aloud, and Seokjin looks a little awestruck at the sound, watching you with that soft, adoring look in his eyes. “I thought you would’ve enjoyed the peace while I was gone.”
“Hardly. I was left in a house full of horny kids. The testosterone levels were crazy,” he sighs dramatically. “Pass.”
Somewhere in the background, Namjoon snorts. “Please, hyung. You act like you weren’t jacking off three times a day to her pictures.”
Seokjin squeaks, Hoseok roaring in laughter. Jungkook claps a hand to his mouth, trying and failing to hide his mirth, sexual tension momentarily forgotten.
You loop your arms around his neck with a coy smile. “Is this true, Jinnie?”
“Don’t tease me,” he mumbles into your neck. He feels the shaking of your silent giggles and groans. “I hate you, Joon.”
“If it helps, I’m flattered, you know. And the feeling is mutual, in case you were wondering,” you whisper to him.
“It wasn’t just that,” Seokjin grumbles, glancing away as the tips of his ears darken. “I always want you around. You’re my home, you know.”
Your heart swells, fingers tingling. “Jin,” you say softly, cupping his cheeks. He looks everywhere but at you, complexion mirroring a tomato alarmingly fast. Seokjin, who can dish out sweetness but never take it, mood maker but so shy. Seokjin, who is kind and charming and gorgeous and has a big, beautiful heart.
“I love you so much,” you whisper. He looks at you wonderingly, as if mystified by such an all-encompassing sentiment.
“___ … You have no idea how much I adore you,” Seokjin breathes, a little giddy, a little lightheaded by that fond, warm expression you’re regarding him with.
“Not more than me.” The two of you jump at the sound, jolted from your secluded bubble, to see, shockingly, Yoongi pouting behind the eldest. The composer has his arms crossed, brows knitted and cheeks puffed out.
“Did you forget about us again,” Yoongi says, petulant. You and Seokjin look at one another, stunned, before bursting into laughter.
Namjoon and Hoseok join the rapper, crowding the two of you from the sides, sporting similarly roguish grins. Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook share a mischievous look, squishing in close.
“Guys,” Seokjin complains, broad shoulders being quashed by the sheer force of Jungkook’s biceps. Your face is pressed uncomfortable tight against his – impossibly solid and strong – chest.
“Can’t – breathe,” you yelp, voice muffled. A hand grabs your wrist and pops you from the throng.
“Hello again,” Hoseok grins.
“Hoseokie,” you gasp, a little winded but still incredibly grateful for a breath of fresh air, something the dancer himself seems to embody.
“Sunshine,” he says happily, reaching for you. Before he can wrap himself around you, Namjoon comes slamming in, dimples and all.
“As much as I’ve enjoyed our little reunion, my dick is hard and throbbing and the obscene amount of times I’ve simultaneously cried and jacked off to the sound of your voice is absurd, my cock should’ve wilted at the pure ferocity and angst I’ve poured onto the poor thing, and I am beyond ecstatic to have you back – so much so that I need to rail you against the our skyline balcony, lest I implode within the next two minutes. So! Let’s move to the bedroom, shall we?” Namjoon says matter-of-factly.
“Good idea,” Hoseok beams, completely unfazed by their leader’s rather lewd confession as he scoops you up easily, your boyfriends quickly following suit.
Hoseok sets you down onto the centre of the king-sized bed, silk sheets bunching beneath you as you sprawl over them. You move to sit up on your elbows, but Jungkook hovers over you, pressing you down instantly.
His dark eyes rake over your form unabashedly, one hand popping the surviving buttons of your top and the other pulling off his shirt.
“Greedy maknae.” Jungkook readily ignores Seokjin’s disgruntled mutter in the background as he leans down kiss you.
“Missed your taste,” he murmurs. Your hand trails down his bare chest, retracing every memorized groove and dip of his unfairly gorgeous body.
“Jungkook.” He tears himself away, panting heavily, to glance at Namjoon, who sends him a warning look.
“Don’t be selfish,” the rapper chastises. Jungkook drops his gaze to where you lay splayed out beneath him, hair mussed and lips swollen, chest heaving as you recover from his ministrations.
“Sorry.” He doesn’t sound apologetic at the least. He runs a hand through his hair in frustration, growling once before he slides off.
“You’re in for a long night, beautiful,” Hoseok tells you, cupping your face and thumbing your cheek slowly, revelling the heat that tinges your skin. “You have no idea how much we’ve missed you. And not just this.”
“I missed you all too,” you whisper, smile soft.
Yoongi closes the door.
Your phones blow up the entire night, left collectively buzzing beneath the couch cushions.
[03:21] rhys: damn, y’all still banging? it’s been 4 days
[04:28] rhys: i need a gf
“Mmm. Tickles.”
“Good morning, gorgeous.” You smile into the pillow, eyes still closed, turning your head to the side expectantly. You know your expression is a little blissful, and you hear his fond chuckle.
“Love you,” you mumble. Someone presses a kiss to the crown of your head.
“Love you too, heart.”
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hollyhomburg · 2 years ago
Dance To This Masterlist (Blind! Au) (Service hybrid Au)
(dog-Hybrid! Seokjin x wolf-Hybrid! Namjoon x Blind! Reader)(ft. Cat! Yoongi)
Tumblr media
Summary: Seokjin didn’t expect his new potential owner to be blind, but with the threat of being sent to a breeding clinic looming over his head, he’ll do anything. 
Tags: Eventual polyamory, Blindness, Service hybrid au, non-explicit sex, non-physical intimacy, Domestic love, social media au, cuddling, hurt/comfort, mentions of anxiety and depression, allusions to past self-harm, referenced hybrid mistreatment, hybrid abandonment,  
PART 1: “I got you,”
PART 2: “I won’t tell him about your crush, don’t worry.”
PART 3: “You can always come back,”
Sequel: Call Me Yours (BTS x Reader) 
Tumblr media
Summary: You were happy with your life, with your loving relationship with your hybrids- Seokjin, Namjoon, and Yoongi. But you never would have imagined that more love was hidden right next door, just over your garden fence. Not that human Hoseok will ever get the courage to confess his feeling for you anyway. His hybrids, however- starry-eyed bunny Jungkook, Bratty calico cat Jimin, and shy tiger Taehyung- don’t have any problem at all.
Pairings: (Human! Hoseok) x (Human! reader) x (Wolf hybrid! Namjoon) x (Dog hybrid! Seokjin) x (Cat hybrid! Yoongi) x (Tiger hybrid! Taehyung) x (Bunny hybrid! Jungkook) x (Cat hybrid! Jimin)
Tags: Established relationship, Polyamory, gratuitous fluff, slow-ish burn
Part 1: BIRDS
Part 3: AUDIO
Part 5: THE DATE
Part 6:  BURN
Part 8: DIVIDED 
epilogue: TIMELESS
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luffles424 · a year ago
Tumblr media
☼ Pairing: Seokjin x reader
☼ Genre: A/B/O dynamics, college au, omega!reader, Alpha!CEO!Seokjin, s2l, fluff, smut, minor angst (they’re idiots)
☼ Count: 25.6K
☼ Warnings: teasing, marking (+ a little blood), unprotected sex (stay safe kids!), knotting, creampie, multiple orgasms, impreg kink, minor dom/sub undertones, oral (f receiving), fingering, pillow humping, dirty talk, praise kink, heat sex, seokjin is a soft alpha
☼ Summary: kairos καιρός (greek, n.) - the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement
When your financial aid falls through for your last year of school, you fear you’ll have to drop out and postpone your degree. Until Taehyung gives you a suggestion to make a lot of money, quick. His idea can’t possibly end well, can it?
☼ a/n: So, guess who’s not dead? Sorry it took so long to get something new out, life’s been... busy. I’ve got other stuff currently in the works and I hopefully won’t take quite so long to put something else out again. Anyway let me know what you think! My ask box is always open ~ 💙💙💙💙
Tumblr media
You stared at the letter from your school, reading it for the fifth time and hoping that maybe, just maybe, the words had rearranged, said something different. Anything else. Changed to say something other than there was a problem with your financial aid. That it fell through and that your tuition, the full semester tuition, would be due in just two weeks when classes started. You felt your throat closing up as tears blurred your vision, panic at what you were supposed to do now clawing at your throat and stealing your voice. Distantly, you heard a door down the hall open. 
Seconds later, arms were wrapped around you, the letter falling from your limp hands to lie on the ground innocently, like that piece of paper didn’t just effectively ruin your life. You’re guided to sit on the couch, where you promptly buried your face in their chest, breathing in the comforting scent of vanilla and alpha. A choked sob leaves you and your hands reach up to clutch at their shirt, desperate for some kind of grounding. A hand rubs soothingly at your back as they murmur soft words to you, words that you can’t make out of the rushing noise in your ears, as they wait for you to calm down. Minutes passed and you take a deep shuddering breath, feeling marginally better despite the fact that you felt like your world was crumbling.
“Think you can talk about it now, babe?” 
You sit up a little, scrubbing your hands over your face before looking up at Lisa’s concerned face. You give a small shrug before looking down at your lap. She rubbed your back again. 
“I can call Jimin over if it’s an omega thing and you don’t want to talk to me about it. I know I don’t always get everything and you know I won’t be offended if you need him instead of me.” She offers, tugging her phone from her pocket.
You shake your head. “It’s not. I-” You paused, swallowing back a fresh wave of tears, trying to ignore the panic that threatens to swallow you. “My financial aid fell through... I- I have to have the whole semester paid in two weeks.” You pause to take a deep breath. “Even the payment plan installments are too big for me to afford.” You look at her with watery eyes. “I can’t finish my last year.”
“Oh, honey.” She frowns, voice sounding as wreck as if this were happening to her and not you and fully wraps her arms around you. “We’ll figure something out, I promise. You’re going to graduate with all of us if it’s the last thing we all do.”
You hiccuped a laugh at her proclamation. “You make it sound like you all are going to war for me.”
You feel her shoulders lift in a shrug. “You know we all would.” She murmurs, pressing a soothing kiss to your temple.
The two of you sit on the couch in silence for a while, Lisa’s alpha presence doing wonders in helping to keep you calm and grounded while you try to think of anything you could possibly do to get the money for school. But you come up horribly empty for anything you could do that would suddenly get you that much money. And as the time crawls by, you feel more and more despondent. 
Your pondering, Lisa called it sulking but you maintain that you were spending the time trying to think and solve this, is interrupted by a knock at your door and you shoot Lisa a look, knowing full well that you should’ve known that she was up to something. She had been far too quiet since she’d gotten you to stop crying. She gives you a wink in response and rises to go open it. Seconds later, you’re enveloped in another hug as your house appears to be invaded by the rest of your friends. You chuckle as Jimin rubs his cheek against yours before he’s sitting and pulling you close with an arm around your waist. He maintains a hand on you even as he turns away to direct someone you can’t see from your position. Your other friends trail in, all leaving comforting touches and the comforting blend of their scents on you before migrating elsewhere.
You see Taehyung and Jennie carrying bags into the kitchen after they pass you, Tae ruffling your hair and Jennie swiping a hand across the back of your neck. Jisoo squeezes your shoulder, not breaking conversation with Lisa as they follow the other two to the kitchen. You turn to Jimin, eyebrow raised.
“Did I forget about plans or something?” You question, given the events earlier, you wouldn’t put it past you to have forgotten plans. It certainly didn’t help that you all collectively invaded each other’s apartments on almost a daily basis.
Jimin shakes his head, giving you a little squeeze and you can tell by the way his eyes flit around your face that his instincts are telling him to comfort, so you reach up and grab his hand, twining your fingers together. “Lisa told us what’s going on. We came to cheer you up.” He grins.
You look from him to the bags that you can just make out on the counter, they look suspiciously full of bottles, and back again. “And you’re going to do that, how?” You ask skeptically.
Jimin winks. “Drinking.”
Tumblr media
Hours later finds you splayed out on the floor, pleasantly drunk and your mind is blissfully free of any money worries for the moment. Jungkook and Rose had showed up not too long after the others, promptly joining the festivities as Jimin had enthusiastically poured a few shots down each of their throats. He claimed it was in the name of them catching up to everyone else. You suspect he just wanted someone else to take shots with, since everyone already present had switched to mixed drinks after the first couple of shots much to his disappointment, because you catch him sneaking a shot or two for himself. 
Taehyung flops a hand out, hitting the part of you he can reach which ends up being your shin. You giggle, squirming a little so you can look at him. 
He beams at you as he pushes himself up onto an elbow. He pauses for a moment, blinking a few times like he’s trying to focus on something, which you suspect isn’t far off because the world is probably spinning from how quick he sat up. “I know how you can pay your tuition!”
Jimin shoves him and Taehyung collapses back to the floor with a huff, breaking into drunken giggles for a moment as Jimin hisses out, “I already told you that’s a stupid idea.”
Taehyung sticks his tongue out at him once he’s got his giggles under control, though the grin stays firmly in place. “Let her decide that.” He tilts his head so he can look at you again. “It’s the best idea ever. Trust me.” He pauses for dramatic effect, the room quiet as they wait to hear his grand idea and you can hear Jimin mumble something about Taehyung having a death wish. “You can auction off your first time having a heat partner. Any alpha would kill to be your first knot.” He gestures.
Your cheeks instantly flush. That was quite possibly the last thing you had ever expected to have come out of his mouth as an idea. And you’ve known him for a while and he’s had some weird and creative solutions to things before. “Taehyung! I can’t do that!” You instantly protest.
He pouts, gestures growing more animated as he talks. “Why not? It’s literally the perfect plan. You get paid and you get laid. Win win! You said yourself that your heat’s were starting to get worse and you were thinking about taking a partner this next one. Why not make some alpha shell out the big bucks for the honor of giving you your first knot. Alpha’s love that sort of shit.” He looks over to the couch and Jimin’s comment of death wish is starting to make a lot of sense. “Right, Lisa?”
You turn to look at the girl in question too, stifling a laugh at the thoroughly unimpressed look she’s giving Taehyung. “Yeah, Tae. All us alpha’s love exactly that.” She squints at him like she’s contemplating whether it’s worth it to actually get up and you see the fight leave her as she instead chooses to take another long sip of her drink.
He grins, clearly missing the sarcasm and continues like Lisa proved his entire explanation to be true. “Come on. Just think about it. You get to have some awesome sex and you get to finish school.”
“She’s not a prostitute, Taehyung.” Jennie cuts in gently. 
“What?” His face scrunches in confusion, like he’s not talking about you selling yourself for money too. “I’m not saying that. Also there’s nothing wrong with sex work. Y/N would just be using what she’s got to her advantage!”
You wave your hand to stop Jennie’s retort, knowing that if you don’t stop this then the claws will come out. You understand her point and you know, as does Taehyung if he weren’t so drunk, that Jennie’s words just aren’t coming out the way she intends them to and you know both are too drunk to understand what the other is saying right now. “Jennie it’s fine. I didn’t think that’s quite what he meant. And Tae, I’m not going to sell myself just so I can finish school.”
Taehyung pouts, arms dropping dejectedly to the floor with a muffled thump. “I’m just saying, it’s an option. You should be open to all options.”
Taehyung lets it drop after that and Jungkook brings out Mario Kart to distract from the suddenly tense atmosphere. You mouth a ‘thank you’ to him and he gives you a sleepy smile. He helps get the game set up before he’s shifting over to you and laying with his head on your thigh. You thread your fingers through his hair, watching as everyone around you suddenly becomes much more animated as their competitiveness is magnified by their drunkenness and you bask in the warmth and love from your friends.
Tumblr media
You wake up the next morning with a slight headache and your throat so dry it feels like you swallowed sand. You groan and bury yourself back into your covers, hoping that maybe if you don’t move that you’ll magically feel better. Someone shifts next to you and you instinctively shift closer to the warmth, humming contentedly when Jimin’s bright citrusy scent washes over you beneath the covers. Jimin’s arm wraps around you immediately as you snuggle into his chest, eyes slipping closed again as you think back to your friends suggestions from the night before, knowing you’re going to have to decide on one of them, or maybe all of them since you need so much money. Taehyung’s idea is the first thing that comes to mind and while you try to ignore it in favor of thinking of other ideas, it keeps coming back. You know it’s a bad idea, you know your friends would never fully approve, you’re still slightly unsure how to feel about the idea of doing something like selling sex to a stranger and the possible problems that might arise from that. Instead you purse your lips, shifting even closer to Jimin. 
“Jimin?” You whisper, hoping it’s loud enough to wake him up. He hums in response, rubbing his face into your pillow, but otherwise makes no indication that he’s awake. You giggle at how adorable it is. “Jimin.”
His eye cracks open, squinting at you. “What?” His voice is raspy and his arm tightens around you. 
Your arms come up, hands fidgeting nervously with his shirt as your eyes slip down because you don’t think you can ask this and look him in the eye. “Do you think I could really make enough money selling off the opportunity for someone to be my first knot?”
You feel Jimin tense beneath your hands and you refuse to look up. You don’t know what you’ll see, but you know you wouldn’t be able to handle whatever look it is, you’re in a much to precariously emotional place right now. 
“Y/N, please don’t tell me you’re actually considering Taehyung’s harebrained scheme to make money, are you?”
You swallow. You don’t want to admit that his idea seems like the best way to make the most money quickly. That you think it might be your only chance to pay for school. That a little part of you maybe likes the idea of a bunch of alpha’s fighting for you with their money. 
Jimin tilts your chin up gently, forcing you to look at him. He studies your face for a moment before he sighs. “You’ve already decided.”
Your cheeks flush but you shoot him an indignant look. “I have not! I wanted your opinion. You’re the only other omega I know well. Tae’s just a beta, he doesn’t really fully understand a heat, no matter how much he helps you out.”
Jimin hugs you close, stroking your hair and you feel yourself deflate a little. “I think that, whatever you decide is the right choice and I will be behind you 100%. I think the concept is dumb, but the idea of alpha’s fighting for you is actually pretty amusing.” He pauses before continuing, pressing his grin to your forehead. “Okay, no I’ve changed my mind. Please do this. I want to see those dumb brutes throw their money at you for something as silly as being your first heat partner when you were thinking about giving it to some alpha on campus for free.” He pulls back and his grin is full of mischief. “Take em for all they’re worth.”
You snort at that. “I don’t think anyone will pay that much for it. Hopefully it’s just enough to help with school.”
And so that’s how you find yourself sat at your laptop, Jimin practically glued to your side as you work to create a website for this. Jimin tries to be helpful, but you both are lacking in the skill department for building something quite like this. After a half hour of struggling, Jimin smacks your arm. 
You rub the spot as you glare at him. “Um, ow? What was that for?”
“We’re so dumb.” He rolls his eyes and pulls his phone out. “Why are we not calling Rose to come help with this? You know, since she’s a computer science major and this is literally what she’s good at.”
You blink at him, a little dumbfounded. You really should have thought of that in the first place before deciding you were fully capable to build a website this complicated. You pause though, fear of her judgement when she finds out what the site is for creeping up. Jimin must see the hesitation on your face because his expression softens and he sets his phone on the coffee table.
“We don’t have to. I’m sure with enough time… and googling, we can figure it out. But you know Rose loves you and wouldn’t judge you. Besides, I’m fairly certain that out of all of us, and after Taehyung, she’d be the most likely to start up a job as a camgirl. Easy money and it’s fun and you get men groveling at your feet? Sign her up.” He laughs.
You chew your lip thoughtfully, Jimin makes a good point and so you nod your assent. He beams, retrieving his phone and tapping away at the screen. Rose shows up 20 minutes later, glancing from Jimin to you then back to give him a thoroughly unimpressed look.
“You said this was an emergency?”
He nods, ushering her to the couch where your laptop resides on the table. “It is an emergency. We desperatly need your help getting money from dumb alphas.” He grins.
She raises an eyebrow before turning to you. “Can you please make sense?”
You laugh, fidgeting as you explain what you want to do and that you don’t know how to do that, but you were hoping that she does and would be willing to help. She looks pensive for a moment and the longer she remains silent, the more you begin to worry that this was the wrong thing to do. But before your thoughts can get too far, she’s reaching out to pluck your laptop off the table, settling it into her lap as she begins to pepper you and Jimin with questions about how you want the sight to look and function. You and Jimin sit on either side of her, watching with wide eyes as your website begins to take shape under her dexterous fingers. 
Four hours later, Rose sets your laptop back onto the coffee table after shifting some of the takeout boxes out of the way. She gestures to the screen grandly.
“You tuition ticket, my lady.” She grins then glances at her watch. “Oh, I gotta go, I had plans with Jisoo tonight.” She gives you a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I love you and everything will work out. But text me if you need any help with the website.” She instructs as she rises and leaves. 
Your nerves start to creep in as you stare at the screen, wondering if this will even work or if you’re just giving yourself false hope, this could all blow up in your face or you could get no one to bid. And suddenly this all seems like a really bad idea, the fear of rejection suddenly much worse. Jimin seems to sense your thoughts and wraps his arms around your middle, chin resting on your shoulder. 
“You got this babe. It looks perfect.”
“Are you sure? Should I change the wording? Or maybe add different pictures?” You fidget and Jimin grabs your hands, giving them a gentle squeeze. 
“Nope. It looks great. The pictures are great, not surprising since they’re ones that Tae took.” He takes your hand, moving the mouse to the button that makes the website live. He holds your finger above the button. “Ready?”
You squeeze your eyes closed and nod and Jimin presses your finger to the button. You release a breath, peeking an eye open to see that nothing’s changed on the page. You frown and Jimin laughs.
“You gotta give it some time. It just went live. Don’t worry. The bids’ll start rolling in soon.” He pulls away slightly, closing your laptop. “Now, let’s go get changed cause I require coffee and you need to get away from your computer otherwise you’ll stare obsessively at it and call it a failure before it’s even had a chance to get started.”
Tumblr media
You’re awoken the next day by a loud crash from the living room. You groan and push yourself up, debating if it’s really worth it. You decide it’s probably best to go and check it out in the event that it’s something bad, so you shuffle out of your room and down the hall to see what’s going on. You were expecting something broken, maybe the ceiling caved in or a pipe burst, what you don’t expect is to see a fuming Lisa being held back by Jimin and Taehyung cowering behind the couch. He perks up when he catches sight of you before quickly cowering again when Lisa lets out a growl and you wince because it sets your own instincts on edge and it’s not even being directed at you. You can’t imagine how it’s making Taehyung feel with him getting the full force of it and you want to go comfort him as he lets out a low whine. Before you can even speak, let alone move, Lisa speaks. 
“I can’t believe you put such a stupid idea in her head! That is so incredibly dangerous! Do you know what kind of danger you’ve put her in! What the fuck is wrong with you!” She snarls, seeming to have not noticed that you’ve entered the room with how angry she is. 
Jimin rubs her arms soothingly, trying his best to calm the raging alpha. “Lisa, calm down please. Taehyung didn’t force her to do anything.”
Her furious gaze snaps to Jimin and he immediately shrinks at the look. You clear your throat and Lisa looks up, seemingly surprised to see you. Her body goes lax and Jimin tentatively releases her, hands hovering for a moment to test if she’s going to do anything before he’s hurrying around the couch to comfort Taehyung. 
You cross your arms as you stare her down, everything in you telling you to do the opposite, that you want to stop her anger, not make it worse. “Jimin’s right. Taehyung didn’t force me to do anything. And do you really think I wouldn’t check out whoever wins before letting them near me when I’m most vulnerable? I thought you trusted my judgement more than that.” You approach Lisa, taking Jimin’s place and rubbing her arms. “You know I would make a plan. You know I wouldn’t let just anyone get me alone. Don’t blame Taehyung for what I chose to do.” You pause, frowning because you realize you hadn’t even told Lisa about the auction yet. “Wait, how’d you even know I went through with it?”
Her gaze shifts behind you and you follow it to see Taehyung giving you a sheepish grin. “I may have forgotten that Lisa was going to be home this morning and came over to tell you about your bids.” When you raise an eyebrow, he runs a hand through his hair. “I may have yelled the highest bid when I opened the door. And Lisa may have been in the kitchen and heard. And that’s not really something that can be easily explained any other way, so she pretty much knew instantly what I was talking about.”
You bury your face in your hands, embarrassment licking at your face. Leave it to that idiot to tell Lisa in the most inopportune time and way possible. You’d had a whole plan on how to break the news to her gently and in a way that wouldn’t involve Taehyung’s possible murder, you really didn’t want to become an accomplice to that. When you look back up at Taehyung though, he’s grinning at you.
“Your highest bid is $13,000, by the way.”
Your jaw drops and you stare at him before your turning away to go grab your laptop. There’s no way what Taeyhung said was true, this has to be some sort of joke. Pulling up the site, you’re stunned to see that Taehyung’s right. Your current highest bid is sitting at just over 13K. You chew your lip, you can’t believe Taehyung’s dumb idea is actually working. You’d had some doubts, but even when you imagined this working, you never thought it’d work to this extent. Hope bubbles in you as you let out a slightly hysterical laugh as you think about how you might actually get to finish school. 
Tumblr media
“You’ve got to hear this.” Seokjin looks up from the files on his desk as Hoseok pushes into his office, followed closely by Namjoon and Yoongi. He’d be irritated if he hadn’t been distracted anyway, something about this day just feeling off, so their intrusion makes for a welcome break. Hoseok flops onto the couch, reading over something on his tablet as the other two take a seat in the adjacent chairs. 
Seokjin waits for Hoseok to elaborate and when he doesn’t he rolls his eyes. “Are you going to tell me or do I need to read your mind?”
Hoseok glares at him before he looks pointedly at the other seat in the little seating area in the office. Seokjin rolls his eyes again before pushing himself up and going to join the others. Once he’s settled, Hoseok finally speaks. 
“So there’s this omega that’s selling her virginity to the highest bidder.” He states, flipping his tablet around to show the article to the others and scrolling to show a picture of the omega in question. 
Yoongi snorts. “She’s pretty, but that’s such a stupid thing to do. Virginity isn’t even real.”
Hoseok shrugs. “Maybe so. But apparently some people think it is. Because her current highest bidder is willing to pay $95,000 to fuck her during her heat.”
All three of them raise their eyebrows in surprise as Hoseok gives the number. 
“No way. You’re making shit up.” Namjoon laughs and Seokjin has to agree, this sounds way too crazy to be a real thing.
Hoseok shakes his head, quickly switching tabs to the omega’s webpage where the current highest bidder is displayed, along with some photos and a little blurb about her and what she’s doing. Seokjin grabs the tablet, reading over the page. 
Hello! My name is Y/N! I’m about to be a senior in college. Well I hopefully will be once I have the money, which is where this page, and one lucky helpful alpha, comes in. I’m an omega and I’ve never taken a heat partner or a knot before. So I’ve decided to auction off the opportunity to be my first in order to help me pay for my last year of school! Even if you can’t or don’t want to bid, thank you just for checking out the page :)
“I’ll give her, she’s brave.” And cute, Seokjin thinks as he hands the tablet back to Hoseok.
Yoongi rolls his eyes with a snort. “Alpha’s are stupid.”
The others all laugh. “Yoongi, you’re an alpha.” Namjoon points out.
Yoongi throws his hands up. “Exactly! I’m dumb as fuck! So is Seokjin. And Hoseok. Namjoon is only half dumb, his genius helps balance out his alpha dumbness. Alpha’s are a stupid breed and I honestly don’t know how we manage to not only survive but somehow be considered the top dogs.”
“I take offense to calling me dumb. If it weren’t for me then you assholes wouldn’t have jobs.” Seokjin glares half heartedly at Yoongi. 
“If it weren’t for your dad, then you wouldn’t have a job either dickhead.” Hoseok snarks.
Namjoon claps to get everyone’s attention. “Okay, enough talk about statuses. We do have actual business to discuss.” He pulls out a few sheets of paper and a notebook out of his bag, spreading them out on the coffee table.
Tumblr media
A few days later, Seokjin is waiting in line to order a coffee. This entire week has been weirdly off and Seokjin is about at his wits end with life, most recently his usual, and favorite coffee shop is closed for the foreseeable future due to some piping issues that they’re taking the opportunity to use to renovate. So he’d had to find a new one on the way to work, which is why he stands here now, surrounded by college students because he forgot that his route to work went by one of the nearby universities. 
He debates leaving and just going to the Starbucks in the lobby of his building when a girl at the other end of the counter catches his attention. He observes her for a moment, eyes dragging along her frame, trying to place why she looks so familiar. Then it hits him and he quickly looks away, cheeks heating up. Because that’s Y/N, the omega who’s selling off her virginity to the highest bidder. Hoseok has been keeping them all up to date on how it was going, his last update yesterday before he left Seokjin’s place where they’d all been hanging out. Your virginity was currently going for $166,000. 
Seokjin sneaks another peek at you as you wait for your order, tapping away at your phone screen and headphones firmly in place to block out the chatter around you. He decides that those photos don’t do you justice, you’re far more gorgeous in person and Seokjin has to force himself to turn away or else get caught being a creeper and staring. A drink is slid in front of you and Seokjin catches your smile to the barista before your turning and heading out the door. You breeze past him and your scent invades his senses, it’s warm and spicy, it reminds him of his grandma’s baking at Christmas and he could just sink into it’s comfort. He has to fight the urge to follow after you and scent you. 
He flushes darker as he jerks back to the line, wondering just where that urge had come from, he’s never had that type of visceral reaction to catching a whiff of anyone. It’s so out of the blue for him that it leaves him reeling a little bit. He tries to shake himself out of it, mechanically ordering his drink and moving to the end of the counter where he can still catch bits of it. When he gets his coffee, he leaves quickly, taking a deep breath of fresh air once he gets outside, trying to rid himself of your lingering scent. 
He gets to the office and work quickly distracts him from all thoughts of wanting to bury himself in your intoxicating smell and any interest he may have gained in you. That is until lunch time comes and Hoseok strolls in with his “omega update” as he’s come to call it. Seokjin is quick to correct him today that you have a name and he tries not to think about why he suddenly felt the need to point that out. 
Hoseok blinks at him in surprise. “Okay, here’s the update on Y/N. With just a couple hours left, the highest bid sits at $343,000.” Hoseok turns and leaves abruptly, apparently not in the mood to deal with Seokjin and muttering something about him being a moody alpha today and not wanting to stick around.
Seokjin would normally snap back at a snide comment about him being moody but all he can focus on is you and whoever is the highest bidder, suddenly all he can think about is someone spending your heat with you, someone that’s not him. Before he even realizes what he’s doing, he’s pulled up your website and is staring at the bid button. It taunts him, whispers to him that the unsettled feeling in the pit of his stomach would go away if he just hit it. He swallows and shakes his head, he’s being ridiculous. He’s about to close the tab back out when the highest bid goes up and Seokjin’s skin crawls at the thought of whatever alpha just bid touching you. 
Then before he can overthink it, he’s hitting the bid button himself, quickly adding his information and what his bid is. A little banner congratulates him on becoming the highest bidder and Seokjin sits there feeling smug and satisfied. He nods to himself, pride and happiness oozing from him as he stands to go get lunch, deciding that he’ll apologize to Hoseok and treat him to his favorite as apology for getting snappy with him.
Seokjin has a full schedule of meetings after lunch and being in his element like this, he forgets that the auction ends soon. He only remembers when he’s sat at his desk going through his meeting notes and happens to catch his computer screen out of the corner of his eye, still open to your page. Thoughts of you flit through his mind again and he takes a moment to look over the page. Strictly out of curiosity he tells himself, he’s just curious at all. He freezes, realizing that there’s only 10 minutes left of the auction and he’s no longer the highest bidder. He apparently hasn’t been for a while because the bids have grown by almost $100,000 since he left. 
He panics and watches as another bid comes in and the timer continues to slowly tick down. His thoughts jumbled and his instincts screaming at him to do something, anything to get rid of the possibility of another alpha touching you. He sits frozen for another few seconds before he’s jerking into action and doing the only thing he can think of that makes sense, bidding high enough that no one else can outbid him. He frantically types his bid in, watching the timer until it’s close enough to the end before hitting the button. 
The congratulations banner pops up again and then a few seconds later another banner pops up announcing that the auction is closed and announces that Seokjin’s bid is the winner. Seokjin feels immensely proud of himself for winning, relief washing through him at the knowledge that no other alpha was going to touch you. That is, until the reality of how much money he just bid finally hits him. He stares at his screen, trying to wrap his mind around the fact that he just spent $750,000 on an omega and he can’t think of a single rational reason as to why the fuck he did that. He feels slightly panicked, but at the same time relieved.
His phone rings some time later, knocking him out of his black staring at his screen and the mocking little ‘congratulations’ banner and he blindly reaches out to answer it.
“Hello Mr. Kim! This is Jaehee from your finance advising office. We wanted to verify if this was indeed you trying to send this money since it’s a very large amount.”
Seokjin shakes his head to clear the daze he’s been in. “What’s the amount?”
“$750,000, sir.”
“And what’s the name of the account holder it’s going to?”
There’s the sound of typing for a moment before she responds. “It appears to be going to a Ms. Y/L/N Y/N. Is this an authorized transfer, sir?”
Seokjin swallows. He could say no, there must have been a mistake somewhere, could fix his impulsive decision so easily. His eyes flick back to the screen and he sees the little blurb you’d written explaining why you were even doing this, your smiling face next to it. “Yes, it’s authorized. Send it.”
“Right away sir. Have a good afternoon.” 
With that she hangs up and Seokjin sets the phone back down, still stunned that he’d really done this. He could’ve stopped this, but for some reason it made him feel worse, thoughts of your disappointment when the money didn’t come. He kind of wants to slap himself, Yoongi was right, alpha’s are fucking stupid. Seokjin is contemplating how he can avoid this getting out to the others, because if Hoseok finds out he not only bid but that he won, and that he won with such a high bid, he’ll never hear the end of it. His computer pings with a new email and he idly checks who sent it when your last name catches his attention and he’s trying to open the email as quickly as possible. 
Good afternoon Mr. Kim! This is Y/N. Congratulations on winning the auction and thank you for the very generous bid! I was writing to see when you wanted to meet before my heat to work out the details of how that’ll be spent. My heat is in about a month, but classes start next week so my schedule is going to be a little hectic. I’ve attached my schedule and highlighted some of the best times for me to meet up. Our first meeting will also be supervised by my roommate, who’s also an alpha. She’s very protective and there was no way to talk her out of coming with to verify that you’re not a threat (I’m honestly really sorry she would’ve followed me even if I’d said no so this was the easier way). Anyway, I hope to hear back from you soon! I can’t thank you enough for this.
♥ Y/N
Seokjin can’t help the goofy grin that spreads across his face as he rereads your email. You sound so adorable and he’s already scanning over your schedule to see when he can talk to you in person. He feels skeptical about another alpha coming to the meeting, especially one that is protective of you, but he decides it’s worth it to see you again. It can’t be all that bad.
Tumblr media
You’re positive that you’re seeing the computer wrong. There’s no way that number is correct. You rub your eyes as an extra measure, still trying to wrap your head around the number sitting on screen. You refresh your bank page, but the amount now sitting in your account reflects the highest bid. And you’re floored that some alpha seriously just paid you $750,000 to spend your heat with you. You’re honestly surprised that not only Taehyung’s plan work actually worked, but that it worked in such an over the top away.
You hear the others in the living room and you know they’re waiting to find out what the highest bid was. You’d made them swear not to check the website after that first day and so far they’ve all listened to you. But you’re sure that if you take much longer to go out there and tell them the results that they’ll just go check themselves. 
You switch tabs to the bidders information, getting his email and typing up a quick message, try to sound calm and collected and not like you’re literally 2 seconds away from crying from pure joy, and sending it off to him. You double check that you have his name right, because you know your friends will ask when you tell them the amount. With that, you gather your laptop and make your way out to the living room. Taehyung, Jimin, Lisa, and Rose are sitting around talking, stopping the second you enter and you shift awkwardly.
“Okay, so that’s not creepy. Why are you guys making this weird?” You whine. 
Rose snorts. “You just sold off your heat and you wouldn’t let us stay updated on the amount. We want to know. Spill.”
You make a face before stepping up to the coffee table. You set your laptop down, making sure your bank account page is up, then you flip it around so they all can see the screen, which they quickly crowd around to get a look at. There’s a chorus of gasps and then Taehyung is launching himself over the table to tackle you into a hug.
“Holy shit! I told you! Look at you! You’re the rich friend now! You can treat us to dinner!”
You snort and shove his face away from you. “Did you suggest this just so you could get free food out of it?”
Taehyung looks offended. “No! I wanted you to get enough so you can finish the degree you’ve been working so hard for. I didn’t anticipate that amount.”
“So who’s the lucky alpha?” Jimin pipes up, still staring at the screen with wondrous eyes. 
“Um, his name is Kim Seokjin?”
Rose stares at you with wide eyes. “Kim Seokjin?” She repeats and when you nod, she tugs your laptop to her and types something in before turning the screen back towards you. “This Kim Seokjin?”
You blink at the search she’s showing you. The man is gorgeous and if it’s the same Kim Seokjin as the one who bid then you can’t say you’d mind spending your heat with him, he’s certainly a far cry from the creepy old man you had been picturing as being your fate. Jimin is quick to join the two of you on the floor as you all stare at the man on the screen. Taehyung must agree with you because he lets out a whistle as he looks through the photos on screen. 
You shrug. “I’m not sure. I mean, the bidding didn’t get a picture. It was just a name and email and the banking info.” You glance over some of the text on the page. “But I think the company they mention is what his email address used. He must work pretty high up to afford that high of a bid.”
“Um, he owns the company.” Jimin adds, pointing to a line you’d skipped over when reading. He reads and then points to something else. “Aaaaaand his dad apparently owns a whole bunch more. Holy shit, you got yourself a rich rich boy.”
You glance over to Lisa sitting with her arms crossed. When she notices you looking at her, she speaks. “That just means I’m definitely coming with. Those rich CEO boys are always so entitled. He’s got another thing coming.”
You laugh. “Yes, Lisa. I know. I already emailed him and informed him that my very protective alpha roommate would be attending our meeting and that the point was not negotiable.”
She nods her approval then her face softens. “I’m glad you get to finish school now.” Then she smirks. “Taehyung is right though. You’re definitely treating us to dinner. I’ll go call the others.”
She stands, walking away as you protest being made to pay for dinner as the others laugh, you protests falling on deaf ears. 
Tumblr media
That night you’re crawling into bed when your phone pings and you grab it from your night stand to see who’s messaging you. A little smile pulls at your lips when you see that Seokjin has responded already. Eager, you muse with a giggle. You settle back against the mattress, opening the email to see what he’s said. 
Hello Y/N. How about we meet tomorrow for lunch? I know a great little cafe we can go to. My treat of course. And I can pay for your friend as well. I’m completely okay with her coming along, I understand the risks you’re going through to do something like this and as an alpha myself, I get where her worry is coming from, so she’s more than welcome to come along. If tomorrow doesn’t work just let me know when you’d like to meet. I look forward to our meeting. And please, just Seokjin is fine. 
You bite your lip, a little thrilled that he seems even more eager to meet you already. You really hope Rose was right about which Kim Seokjin this was. You type out a quick response letting him know that tomorrow works fine and to let you know where the cafe is. Then you text Lisa to let her know that you’ll be meeting Seokjin tomorrow and that he’s even offered to pay for her lunch as well. 
With that, you snuggle under your covers. You lay there, thoughts drifting to how tomorrow might go and you let yourself drift off thinking about plush lips and broad shoulders. 
Tumblr media
Lisa’s sat on your bed as you fuss with your outfit, rolling her eyes when she gets fed up with you smoothing out your shirt for the 20th time in 5 minutes. “We’re going to be late at this rate.”
You shoot her a glare before nervously checking your phone for the time, worried that you’ve been too preoccupied to keep to the scheduled time you needed to leave, breathing a little sigh of relief when you see you still have plenty of time. You make a face at Lisa for making you worry and go back to making sure your outfit looked okay. You still are unsure if this isn’t nice enough, the lowcut sweater and jeans are by no means fancy but it’s one of your nicer outfits. You’d looked up the restaurant that Seokjin had sent you and it seemed to be just a casual place, so you assumed this would be fine. You wonder if Seokjin is going to be wearing a suit since he’s coming from work and you decide that maybe you should change so you look more put together.
You move back to your closet, looking through the options. “I want to look nice. What’s wrong with that?”
Lisa smirks a little, standing and walking over to halt your nervous sifting through your closet. “Does this have anything to do with the fact that you might be meeting a certain Mr. Kim Seokjin of BigHit?”
You flush and swat at her hands, turning back to your clothes with the intention of finding something to change into. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I would want to look nice for any alpha who won.” You pout. 
Lisa hums, looking thoroughly unconvinced which makes you pout more. She once again takes your hands, this time using the grip to pull you back in front of the mirror. She leaves you there for a moment to grab a necklace off your dresser before she back behind you to help put it on, not so subtly scenting you as she does so. She gives your shoulders a squeeze when she finished, meeting your gaze in the mirror.
“You look amazing, babe. You’re gonna knock him dead.” She winks. 
You frown, looking over yourself in the mirror. The necklace Lisa chose sits nicely just above your cleavage, naturally drawing anyone’s eyes down and you’d usually sing her praises for helping you tease a guy, except you know she’s still on edge about this, even with her support and joking. Finally you nod, knowing that no matter her reservations, Lisa wouldn’t let you go looking anything less that stunning and you gather up your bag and phone. 
You grin at Lisa. “Let’s go.”
Tumblr media
You enter the cafe, glancing nervously around. You realize you hadn’t made a way for you to identify him from the crowd in the event that it wasn’t the Seokjin you thought, hoped, it was. You chew your lip, suddenly feeling even more nervous before you notice a figure nearby stand and turn to you with a bright smile. Your first thought is that he is breathtaking and this must be some kind of bet that he lost cause there’s no feasible reason for this gorgeous alpha to pay such a crazy amount of money just to sleep with you. Then he’s stepping toward you and Lisa and the overwhelming scent of him washes over you and you fight down the whine that threatens to spill. He smells of woodsmoke and comfort and a part of you wants to burrow into it and never leave. It reminds you of campfires with your friends, talking late into the night under the stars and the feeling of home that it reminds you of. 
“Ah, Y/N!” He greets, smile widening as he holds his hand out to you and you meekly take it, still reeling from the effects of his scent, eyes widening in surprise when instead of shaking your hand, he raises it to his lips to brush a soft kiss to your knuckles. “Kim Seokjin. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He turns to Lisa, who you note also looks a little blindsided and you tuck that information away to tease her about later. “And you must be the alpha roommate and friend, it’s a pleasure to meet you as well…”
He trails off, waiting expectantly for one of you to fill in her name. Lisa recovers first, crossing her arms and letting a little of the alpha power roll off her. “Lisa.” 
Seokjin nods his head in a little bow. “Lisa. Pleasure.” He gestures to the table he’d stood from. “I have a table for us. I figured we could eat and get to know each other a little bit first before we get to the…” He flounders for a second, brows creasing. “Other business.”
He leads you both to the table, pulling the chair next to his out for you but before you can sit, Lisa is sliding into it, shooting Seokjin a look as he quickly school’s the surprise from his face. You’d yell at her for being rude, but save it until the two of you can be alone. Seokjin though, just gives her a smile then moves to the other chair to pull it out for you. You wait a second, half expecting Lisa to switch chairs just to keep you from sitting down and talking to Seokjin and have to fight back the laugh at her switching chairs constantly just to keep Seokjin on his feet and working for this. When she seems content with just being a physical barrier between the two of you, you sit, smiling your thanks to Seokjin as he slides back into his seat. 
The table is silent for a few minutes from a mix of nerves and you all looking over the menu. Well, you and Lisa are looking over the menu, when you sneak a peek at Seokjin, you find him already looking at you, menu untouched in front of him. You flush, eyes darting back to the menu, trying to focus on finding something that you think you could eat with the butterflies currently sitting in your stomach. 
The waiter comes by soon after and you all order. Silence hangs over the table after the waiter leaves, no one knowing what to talk about. You’re busy sorting through your own thoughts for something suitable to say when Lisa speaks up.
“What are your intentions with Y/N?” 
You gasp, smacking her arm. “Lisa! You can’t just ask that!”
She gives you a flat look and you feel a bit like a child being chastised. “Why not? He paid that much for something. Why beat around the bush?” She turns back to Seokjin, eyebrow arched as she waits for him to respond. 
Seokjin takes the question in stride, looking very unruffled and even like he expected it, which given your warning, perhaps he was expecting this. He clears his throat, shifting in his chair before addressing you both. “Well, there’s obviously what the original deal was.” Lisa tenses up, about to respond when Seokjin holds a hand up so he can continue. “But, while I feel like the concept of virginity is… well we’ll just say not very great. I don’t think your first experience should be with a stranger during your heat. So I’m willing to change the deal.”
You glance at Lisa and she looks surprised and you cover your mouth to smother a giggle. Seokjin notices and shoots you a questioning look. Lisa looks back at you and you can hear the unasked question in her eyes. You chew your lip, deciding that Seokjin seems like he might take the truth the best. At least you hope he will, maybe he’ll even still be willing afterward. 
You straighten your back. “So… In all honesty…” You glance down at your hands, taking a deep breath before continuing. “The media reported everything wrong, they got a little carried away, you know how embellished stuff can get when it starts getting passed around like that. My site only said that I’ve never had a heat partner or taken a knot. Everyone just assumed I was a virgin. I’m not, I’ve had sex outside of my heats.”
Lisa’s hand reaches over and she gives your arm a reassuring squeeze, knowing how nervous you were to reveal that. As the seconds tick past, your anxiety kicks up even more and you finally glance up to gauge Seokjin’s reaction to the news. His face is blank, staring at a spot just over your shoulder. The longer he stays silent the more the atmosphere feels like it’s suffocating you. You’re just about to tell Seokjin that you’ll give him his money back because this wasn’t what he was expecting to get but Seokjin’s sudden snort keeps your mouth shut. His hand covers his mouth and you watch as he starts full out laughing. You look to Lisa for help, but she looks just as perplexed by this response as you. 
His laughter finally dies down and he wipes the tears from his eyes as he tries to catch his breath. You clear your throat and Seokjin looks up at you, giving you a smile. “That’s actually incredibly hilarious. I love it. My god, you played the system like a fiddle.”
You open your mouth to say something, but you don’t even have the faintest idea what you should say. 
“My earlier point still stands. We don’t have to go through with this. And you can keep the money.”
“You’d let her keep that much money for nothing in exchange?” Lisa sounds about as incredulous as you feel. Why on earth would he let you keep nearly a million dollars without even getting what he paid for. You suddenly feel self-conscious, wondering if you weren’t living up to whatever expectionations he’d had and he doesn’t want to sleep with you now.
Seokjin shrugs, but doesn’t offer any explanation that particularly helps to calm your spiraling thoughts. “Well, I’d hope we could at least continue talking. But for the laughs alone, you deserve to keep the money. I want you to finish your degree.”
Your food’s arrival interrupts further conversation and you take the small repreve in conversation to mull over your options. You never expected Seokjin to let you keep the money while not spending your heat with you. You assumed he’d want something more for how much he paid. Something more than apparently just friendship. You notice Lisa has finished her food quicker than usual and that she’s now standing. You frown in confusion, about to ask what she’s doing when she addresses you both. 
“I believe I’ve seen enough.” Dread settles in your stomach before she turns to you with a small smile. “He seems like an okay guy. I trust him.” She turns to Seokjin, delivering one final glare along with a threat. “Don’t fuck this up, I will not hesitate to kill you if you hurt her in any way.”
And with that she’s turning and leaving the restaurant. You watch her go, you hadn’t expected her to even approve of Seokjin, let alone leave and give you time to talk to him alone. You face Seokjin again and he’s glowing as he smiles at you.
“I have to say, that was a little unexpected. Not that she doesn’t seem like a lovely person, but I can’t deny that it’s a very big relief to be able to talk to you without fear that she’s about to rip my dick off.”
You giggle. “I don’t think she’d have gone that far. Especially considering I currently have a vested interest in that particular body part.” You wink at him, delighting in the flush that colors his cheeks. “And I’ve been thinking. I’m okay with spending my heat with you, if you want. I’ll leave the decision to you since you seem to be more unsure.” You purse your lips, looking off in thought, hoping you come off as much more collected that how your mind feels. “If not, I’ll probably just find an alpha from school. I know a couple that have expressed interest in the past.”
The growl from the other side of the table surprises you and you blink at Seokjin with wide eyes just in time to see his eyes flash red. Your breath catches and you stop yourself just before you can tilt your head to expose your neck to him. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and you wonder what caused that kind of reaction. 
When his eyes open again, he looks much calmer. “No, I don’t think that’s necessary. I’ll help you with your heat. You said it’s in a few weeks?”
A thrill runs down your spin when he agrees and you have to school your face to not appear as eager as you feel. You give a little nod. “Yeah. I can send you the exact date it should be.”
Seokjin thinks for a moment before pulling his phone from his pocket and sliding it across the table to you, a new contact screen shining up at you. “Here, give me your number. It’ll be easier to get a hold of me.” He pauses before adding. “In case your heat comes early.”
You nod shyly, inputting your information and sending yourself a text so you have his number too. You slide his phone back across to him and he gives a pleased rumble as he slides it back into his pocket. The two of you talk a little while longer before Seokjin seems to realize how long you’ve been here and apologizes, letting you know that he has a meeting he has to get too. He walks you to your car, looking unsure for a moment.
“Can I give you a hug?” He asks with uncertainty. 
You laugh and open your arms and Seokjin immediately envelopes you in a tight embrace. You don’t miss the way that his cheek drags across your hair and you stifle the laugh at his very unsubtle scenting. You can’t help yourself when you bury your face in his chest, deciding that if he can do it then so can you, feeling a little bit of pride when you finally step back and see the slightly dazed look in his eyes. 
Tumblr media
You spend the rest of the night trying to dodge your friends’ teasing after they catch the whiff of Seokjin on you. Teasing you even more when you reveal that you’ll be spending your heat with him. You ignore them, spending most of the night staring at his contact number in your phone and feeling the anticipation building in your gut. You wonder if you’re allowed to text him now or if he only gave you his number in the event that your heat started early, which you give him is a lot more forethought about this than you had. You want to talk more with him, the conversation you’d had with him after Lisa left had been fun and you were eager to continue. Something about him put you at ease, despite never having met him before.
Your worries about texting him turn out not to matter because you wake up the next day to see that he’s texted you and you have to fight down the excited squeal that would definitely wake Lisa, and maybe the neighborhood. This leads to more teasing from your friends because you and Seokjin text a lot in the following days. The two of you text about everything, learning more about each other. You find out that Seokjin has a penchant for making dad jokes and you’re glad you have your phone to hide behind so Seokjin can’t see how hard you laugh every time he makes one. You know he’d be far too pleased with himself if he saw how much you enjoyed them and you find it much more fun to tell him the jokes are bad to see him keep trying to get you to react positively. He also takes the opportunity to ask you a lot of questions regarding your heats, everything from favorite snacks, fruits, drinks, what materials felt best, scents you liked, nothing seemed to be off limits to his questioning. 
When you question why he’s so curious, he sheepishly tells you that he goes into caretaker mode when he has an omega. So he’s been prepping his apartment, after it was decided that his place was better to spend your heat at because it meant that Lisa didn’t have to find somewhere else to stay for a week, stocking up on things you like and things that he knows help. You’re stomach twists, trying not to think about him helping other omegas the way he’s going to help you. You try to push the thoughts away, the jealousy burning your throat when you think about him with someone else. And so you irrationally decided it’s best to ask him how many times he’s done this to have such a system down. 
He doesn’t respond right away and you worry that you’ve crossed some sort of boundary that you didn’t know about. You end up stress cleaning the whole apartment until he finally responds. Telling you that he’s sorry, his friend was having a crisis. He assures you that his system isn’t just his, him and his friends have complied all their experiences together in an attempt to make heats less hard on omegas in their care. Which leads to him telling you about the crisis that had taken his attention. His friend, Yoongi, had tagged along to a dance class their other friend Hoseok was guest teaching at and now Yoongi is having a crisis over an omega that was in the class. 
You offer to give Yoongi some advice since you’re an omega but Seokjin declines, stating that it’s way funnier to watch the normally cool, collected Min Yoongi turn into a puddle of pining alpha over an omega that ignored him. 
Tumblr media
It turns out that Seokjin had good forethought in giving you his number for emergencies, because two days before your heat is suppose to start, you wake up in the middle of the night covered in sweat. Your mind feels hazy and you have no idea what it is that woke you up, first thinking that maybe Lisa had just gotten home, but the silence in your apartment says that’s not true. A shudder wracks your frame and you realize with a small sense of dread that your heat’s come early. 
For a moment, you think about how you haven’t prepared anything for your heat before it hits you that you didn’t prep anything because you have someone else who did that for you. And once the thought of Seokjin is in your head, he’s all you can focus on. Your blankets scratch at your skin and you kick them off as a fresh wave of slick drips from you. 
You pull yourself together just enough to roll to the side to grab your phone off the nightstand, dialing Seokjin’s number with shaky fingers. The call goes to voicemail and you groan, free hand cupping your mound in an attempt to alleviate some of your rising discomfort. You redial and a few rings later he answers. His snappy ‘what’ sends a shiver through you, wanting to roll over and submit to quell the alpha seeping into his tone. 
You whine and Seokjin’s tone changes immediately. “Y/N? What’s wrong?”
You squirm, thighs rubbing together as you try to string together enough sounds to speak. “Heat…”
Seokjin curses. “It came early?” You whine an affirmative. “Shit, okay. Well, you’re obviously in no state to get here so I’ll be over soon okay? I’ll make it all better, little omega.” He coos, voice calm despite how panicky he is feeling. 
You whine and Seokjin hushes you, promising he’ll be there soon, that he just has to grab a few things and he’ll be right over.
Tumblr media
Seokjin hangs up the phone, cutting off another whine from you that has his heart constricting as he scrambles out of bed. He stuffs his phone into the pocket of his sweats and takes a second to breath and to try to get his panic to subside so he can think clearly. He has to relax because he has you waiting for him, he’s your only relief and he can’t bare the thought of letting you down. And he knows that he needs to be the calm one, that you’re in no state to be the rational one. He takes another deep breath before moving into action, making a mental list of everything he needs to do before he leaves.
He grabs the first tshirt he finds, pulling a duffle from his closet and stuffing a few changes of comfortable clothes into it along with his wallet and charger. He’s about to leave the room to move onto the things in the kitchen when the pile of linens in the corner catch his eye. He pauses before deciding that taking extra sheets along would probably be smart and along with those he grabs the blanket from his bed, knowing that the scent of him buried in the fibers will be soothing to you, ignoring the thought that it’s the scent of him that will calm you and not just the scent of alpha that’s covering the blanket.
He sets that bag on the kitchen table as he begins digging through the cabinets for the things he’d purchased for you. It takes him a few minutes and when all the snacks and quick meals he’d bought for you are laid out on the counter, he realizes he may have actually bought way more than you could possibly ever eat over the course of your heat. He shakes his head, trying to reason that he was just trying to be prepared and make your first heat with a partner a good experience, pushing aside any other thoughts that try to make themselves known. Instead, he busies himself with packing up as much of the food as he can into the two reusable totes he has hanging near the fridge. 
Those bags join the other one on the table and Seokjin takes a moment to quickly run through his list, trying not to mourn the loss of all the preping he did that’s now going to waste. Deciding he has everything that he might need while there and that if there’s anything else that he absolutely needs can just be ordered for delivery, he gathers up the bags and his keys and quickly makes his way to the elevator to get to the garage. 
Bags safely stowed away in the trunk, he pulls his phone out to shoot a quick email to Yoongi, Hoseok, and Namjoon to let them know that he’s taking his leave early before tucking his phone back into his pocket and getting into the car.
Tumblr media
You whine again as Seokjin hangs up. You know he lives across town, you know how long it’ll probably take him to get here even if it’s late and there’s likely to be little traffic. His hanging up has left you in the suffocating silence of your apartment. You debate whether you can try to sleep again until he gets here when you realize that your door is locked and that if you do manage to sleep at all that he’ll have no way to get in. And you can’t guarantee that you’ll be lucid enough later to navigate the house to unlock the door. 
With that thought in mind, you push yourself out of bed, wobbling for a second on unsteady legs before you regain your balance. You shuffle out of your room, grateful that Lisa isn’t home right now because just the lingering scent of her makes walking away from her bedroom difficult. And you’re fairly positive that in your current state, you would’ve just climbed into her bed with her were she here and the thought makes you huff in annoyance, hating the fact that your heat pushes your instincts so far to the surface that you’d climb into bed with your best friend without her consent. 
You manage to make it to the door and get the door unlocked with no problems and you pause to press your forehead to the cool wood, allowing yourself a moment to use the coolness to keep your mind still partially yours. You turn your head, staring longingly at the couch and wanting nothing more than to just collapse on it and wait, but you know Lisa would probably kill you if you spent any part of your heat on the couch. She’ll probably grouse that you got your “heat stink” all over the apartment, knowing that you’re going to spend the day after airing the place out and lighting some candles to make it bearable for her to come back. At least the weather is nice enough to leave the windows open to do so.
With a last burst of effort, you push yourself off the door and make your way back to your room. You stare distastefully at your bed, knowing that the normally comfortable and soft fabric is going to feel irritating against your skin. You sigh, flopping onto your belly, squirming around until you deem yourself as comfortable as you’re going to get. You get a few blissful minutes where you just lay there in silence, almost peaceful enough that you feel yourself starting to drift off to sleep. 
That is until another wave of heat shudders through you. You groan, pressing your thighs together in hopes of getting some relief. When none comes you blindly reach for one of your pillows, propping yourself up slightly and stuffing the pillow between your thighs. You grind against it, moaning at the friction against your sensitive clit. You mindlessly rut against the pillow, slowly growing frustrated when all it does is keep you on edge. 
You lose track of the time, only becoming aware of just how much time has passed when you hear a curse behind you followed quickly be the overwhelming scent of Seokjin and alpha. A fresh gush of slick drips out of you and you don’t even think before pushing your ass further up into the air to present to him, the only thing filling your mind being him. You preen at the sharp inhale you hear from Seokjin, pride that your alpha is reacting so well to you but when you don’t hear him make any move closer you whine.
“Alpha…” You coo, wiggling your butt enticingly. 
Excitement courses through you when you hear him finally step closer, quickly followed by disappointment when instead of stepping behind you and touching you like you want, he walks around the side of the bed to take a seat. You bury your face in your sheets, ignoring the way they scratch at you in favor of using them to muffle your whimpers. Something clicks onto your nightstand and then Seokjin is reaching out tentatively, hand curling around your forearm. 
“Y/N? Where’s Lisa?”
You lean closer to him, shifting enough to bury your face in his thigh to hide the way your face scrunches up at his mention of your friend. “Out with Jisoo.”
Seokjin threads his fingers through your hair, scratching lightly at your scalp. “Did you tell her your heat started?” You shake your head, practically purring at the attention he’s giving you. You feel Seokjin move and you grab his arm before he can withdraw the hand on your head. He chuckles. “Don’t worry, princess. I’m not going anywhere. Can you sit up for me though?”
You shake your head and Seokjin chuckles, free hand landing on your shoulder and gently nudging you. “Princess, I need you to sit up. I know you didn’t take any birth control since this was a surprise so I need you to take it now, but you need to sit up first.”
You grumble but relent to his nudges, sitting back on your knees, moaning when the shift has your core dragging across your pillow. Seokjin’s gaze drops to the pillow, tongue darting out to wet his lips. His hand drops from your shoulder to touch the damp spot you’ve created and he growls. Your hips twitch at the sound, wanting nothing more than to shift forward the few inches separating your soaked core from his hand. He seems to read your thoughts, hands quickly pulling away and then he’s turning slightly to grab something off your nightstand. 
Turning back, he holds the pill in his hand up to your mouth. “Open, princess.” 
You obey, tongue sticking out slightly as he sets the pill onto your tongue and you let the tip drag ever so lightly across the pad of his finger as he withdraws it. His eyes darken but rather than do anything about the lust you see swirling there, he simply holds out a glass of water to you. You frown, taking it from him and taking a sip to swallow your pill. When you try to hand it back, he pushes it back towards you.
“Drink it all first. I need to call Lisa.” He says, reaching for your phone.
You pout, confused by his refusal to cave into what you both want, and more importantly, what he paid a lot of money for. He lifts it encouragingly towards your mouth and you reluctantly take a few more sips. Seemingly pleased, he nods and turns his attention to your phone, tapping at the screen a few times before bringing it up to his ear. 
It rings a few times before a giggling Lisa finally answers. “Y/N! Hey, I thought you’d be asleep by now!”
“Hi, Lisa.” Seokjin stares pointedly at the glass in your hands when he sees you’ve stopped drinking. You make a face at him but drink more of it.
“Seokjin? Why do you have Y/N’s phone? Is she okay? Is something wrong?” Lisa sounds increasingly worried as she asks questions.
“Lisa, calm down. She’s fine.” He glances at the pillow still firmly between your thighs and swallows. “Well as fine as she can be. Look, her heat started early. And it started while she was asleep so I can’t get her back to my place.”
Lisa swears under her breath. “I don’t know if I can find a place for that long. Shit, and I don’t have any spare clothes.”
You drain the last of the water and nudge the glass back towards Seokjin, beginning to grow frustrated with his dismissal of you. He takes it with a wide grin, placing it back onto the nightstand then let’s his hand rub your thigh in silent praise. You hum happily at the soothing contact. 
“Don’t worry, Lisa. You can stay at my place. The deskman knows what you look like so he’ll let you up. The door code is 92324. Some of my spare credit cards are in the top drawer of my desk in my office and you can take one and go buy some clothes so you have something to wear.” Seokjin’s thumb rubs absent circles on the skin of your thigh while rattling off instructions to Lisa.
You squirm closer, finally having enough of Seokjin ignoring you for other things and you decide to do something about it. You reach out, placing your hands on his knees. His gaze flicks to your face then drops to where your hands are slowly creeping up his thighs. His eyes narrow at you.
“What? You can’t be serious, that’s far too much.” Lisa protests. 
You fiddle with the hem of Seokjin’s shirt, smirking when his focus is more on you now and you let your hands slowly drift over to the bulge in his sweats. You see his jaw clench and grin victoriously, knowing that you’re winning.
“It’s fine, Lisa. This was unexpected for all of us.” You rub more at the bulge and Seokjin swiftly gathers both your wrists in one hand and pins them to the pillow. “Look, I need to go. I gave you an option. You’re free to take it or leave it. We’ll let you know when it’s over.” He grits out, abruptly hanging up and tossing your phone with a loud clatter back onto the nightstand. His eyes are dark when he focuses back on you and he yanks you closer by the grip he still has on your wrists. “You are just an impatient little omega, aren’t you princess?”
You whimper, hips pressing against the pillow as you feel your mind go hazy. “Alpha…” You whine.
Seokjin smirks, watching the way your hips twitch against the pillow. His free hand settles on your hip and he starts to guide you in grinding against the pillow. “You’ve made quite the mess of your pillow, princess.” He muses. “But I think we can make it dirtier.”
Your whole body feels like it’s on fire at his words and you’re nodding helplessly at his words, eager for him to finally touch you. 
“I’m going to let your hands go, but you can only touch my thighs, got it?” He waits for your acknowledgment before continuing. “Good girl. I’d hate to have to punish you for disobeying.”
You flush at his praise. He releases your wrists, his other hand joins the first on your hips to better guide your grinding. You moan at the drag of your soaking panties against your clit. Your hands immediately find Seokjin’s thighs, fisting the fabric of his sweats to keep your hands from wandering like you so badly want them too, you want to feel more than just the shifting muscles of his thighs beneath your palms. 
“Alpha… Seokjin, please…” You move faster with Seokjin’s direction. 
Seokjin hums. “What, princess? What do you need?” He coos, giving your hips a squeeze.
You whine, trying to move faster to chase your high, but Seokjin’s grip keeps you going at the pace he wants you to go. “Wanna cum… Please… Let me…” Your head drops back as you pant. “Seokjin…”
“What a good girl you are, asking your alpha’s permission first. I didn’t even have to tell you.” You nod eagerly and Seokjin smiles. “You have been very good considering how long you had to wait.” His hands slip under your shirt and the contact with your skin makes you gasp. “You can cum, princess. But you can only use your pillow to get off.”
His hands slide up to your waist, relinquishing control of your pace back to you. You quickly pick up your pace once he lets you, moaning as you rock faster against your pillow. Seokjin’s hands slide further up, thumbs brushing the bottoms of your breasts. A few more rocks of your hips, the friction of your dampened panties against your clit, combined with Seokjin’s fingers digging into your skin has you, finally, tipping over the edge you’ve been on since you woke up. 
You shudder, gasping Seokjin’s name as your orgasm wracks your frame. You continue to give a few weak grinds as you ride it out until your body relaxes and you would collapse if not for Seokjin’s hands on your ribs holding you up. He chuckles at your sudden bonelessness, carefully shifting you to lay you down then tossing the soaked pillow from the bed. He turns back to you, smiling fondly as he strokes your cheek. 
“Feeling a little better?”
You sigh contentedly, mind feeling less hazy. “Very.” You lay there for a moment, eyes closed and enjoying the small reprieve you’ve gotten. Then you look up at him in alarm. “But wait, what about you?”
Seokjin laughs again, grabbing your hand when you reach out to touch his still very prominent erection. “Don’t worry about me. Trust me, I’ll be fine.”
You pout. “Who said I was worried for you in that scenario?”
Seokjin stretches out beside you, manhandling you around until he can pull you tightly back against him, dick settled firmly against your ass. “Since your sleep was interrupted, I’d highly suggest you get some sleep now while you still can princess. I’ll be here to take care of you when you wake up.” He pauses to give a hard grind against your ass. “And by then, the pill while have kicked in and I can fuck you like you want. Nice and hard, little omega, and fill you up nice and full like you need.”
You whine, slapping playfully at the arm he has wrapped around your waist. “You just said to get some sleep. You’re just going to get me all riled up again.”
Seokjin’s nose drags across your shoulder to your neck as he inhales deeply. “Sorry. You just smell so divine, princess.” His tongue touches your neck and you feel your arousal spark again. “I bet you taste even better than you smell.”
You groan, pushing your as back teasingly. “Seokjin, either let me sleep or fuck me.”
He blows out a frustrated breath. “I can’t fuck you yet. It hasn’t been long enough and it’s not safe.”
You give him a smug smirk over your shoulder. “Then let me sleep.”
He smothers a laugh in your shoulder before he’s standing and grabbing a blanket off the floor and covering you. You’re enveloped in the scent of him and the silk caresses your skin as the fabric settles against you. 
You look over the blanket then up to him. “This isn’t mine.”
“Very perceptive of you. It’s mine and it’s silk. The scent will help you sleep and the silk is because I know cotton gets itchy against your skin while your in heat. I’d change your sheets but you seem comfortable so that’ll have to do for now.” He picks up the glass from the nightstand. “Now get some sleep. I got here in a hurry and so your kitchen is a bit of a mess so I need to go prep that so that it’s easier for me to get to things I need.”
He runs a hand through your hair comfortingly once more before he’s turning and leaving the room. You listen to him move around for a few moments before your exhaustion creeps back in and you find yourself drifting off to sleep surrounded by Seokjin’s scent.
Tumblr media
You wake up sometime later, you have no idea how long your body allowed you to rest but it seems intent on making up for the downtime if the fire currently in your veins is anything to go by. Your panties stick to you uncomfortably and you move to try to remove them but a firm weight is settled around your waist. Once you notice the weight, you realize that Seokjin came back at some point and got back into bed with you. You gasp, body burning impossibly hotter and you immediately push your ass back against him, filled with the need to feel him inside you. 
The arm around you tightens as a growl rumbles in his chest, vibrating against your back. You squirm at the sound, you’re fairly certain your eyes probably also flashed golden and you’re a little glad that they’re currently squeezed shut so that he couldn’t see, despite the fact that you’re also facing away. Some bratty part of you that’s struggling to remain doesn’t want him to know just how much he’s already affecting you, but logic is quickly failing you because if it was still functioning, you’d realize that he doesn’t need to see your eyes to know how you’re being affected. Slick drips from you and the tshirt you’re wearing suddenly feels stifling. As you try to fight the shirt off, your flipped onto your back and Seokjin is hovering above you, a sleepy smirk stretching his lips. 
“My, my. Someone’s being naughty, hm? You can’t even properly wake your alpha up? You’ll just grind against him while he sleeps?” 
He pins your arms when you try to reach out for him and you whine. He takes both wrists in one hand, leaving his other hand free to slip under your shirt. You gasp, pushing your body up into his touch and he chuckles, nudging your legs apart with his knee so he can settle between them. 
“Are you going to tell me what you want? Or do I need to punish you?” His voice is tinged with his alpha tone as his hand slides up and cups your breast. 
You blink a few times, trying to clear enough of the haze to respond. You swallow the sudden dryness in your throat. “Please, alpha…”
Seokjin chuckles and the sound makes you shiver. “Mmm, close, princess. Do you wanna try again?” You whine again, hips bucking up to try to get some friction and Seokjin tsks you. “Ah ah. None of that, omega.”
Your core clenches at the reprimand and you bite your lip on another whine. You take a deep breath, regretting it almost instantly when your met with the overwhelming scent of Seokjin’s own arousal. “Alpha, fuck me. Please, please, I need you, need your knot, please.”
Seokjin gives a pleased hum, squeezing your breast once before his hand is sliding down your body and cupping your pussy through your panties. “Much better, princess. Good girl.”
You warm at the praise, hips pressing your pussy further into his hand. He doesn’t pull away this time though, instead he tugs your panties to the side and slips two fingers inside. Your back bows and you instantly clench around him. 
“Please, please more, alpha, Seokjin. Please.” You roll your hips, fucking yourself on his fingers.
He slips another finger in and you moan. He pumps them faster, thrusting in counterpoint to the rolling of your hips. “I think I quite like seeing you so desperate to come, princess. First on your pillow, then on my fingers. Maybe I’ll give you my tongue next. Gotta make sure you’re nice and relaxed for my knot. How does that sound, princess? Want me to eat you out next? I bet you taste even better than you smell. And you smell absolutely intoxicating.”
He hooks his fingers and you gasp when their probing presses against your g-spot. You wriggle your wrists, wanting to touch him. “Seokjin, lemme touch you too, please.” You whine.
He chuckles, but releases your wrists and you bury your hands in his hair, yanking him in for a kiss. He makes a noise of surprise against your mouth, not expecting the touch you wanted to have been a kiss, before he’s kissing you back enthusiastically. His tongue runs along the seam of your lips and you happily open up for him. You groan at the taste of him, hips working faster as Seokjin rubs your clit with his thumb in time with the thrusts of his finger. 
You turn away from the kiss with a gasp and Seokjin uses the opportunity to trail his lips along your jaw and down your neck where he leaves a few nips, though you want far more than just nips on your throat. 
“Come on, princess. Cum for me.” He growls against your neck and it makes heat pool in your belly. 
Seokjin licks a stripe up your neck before biting and sucking a mark onto your neck and that finally pushes you over the edge and you cum with a cry, pussy clenching tightly around Seokjin’s fingers as he continues pumping. 
When the last of the shudders stop, he gingerly removes his fingers, bringing the glistening digits up to his mouth. His eyes darken at how wet they are before he pops them into his mouth and a sound somewhere between a moan and a growl rumbles in his chest. 
“Fuck, I was right. You taste divine.” He refocuses on you and his hands rub at your thighs. “Are you feeling okay, though? Do you need anything?”
You blink at his shift in demeanor, from domineering alpha to caretaker, thoughts now a little clearer thanks to the orgasm and you giggle. “I’d be better if I had your dick already.” You wink.
Seokjin’s eyes flash and he ducks down to kiss you senseless before sitting back with a smug smirk when you just stare at him speechless. His hands grasp the bottom of your shirt, pushing it slowly up your body and you lift your arms to help him tug it off. 
“Fuck, you’re gorgeous.” He murmurs, seemingly distracted by the newly exposed skin. 
He presses a gentle kiss to your lips, then he’s moving further down to dust kisses across your collarbone. A soft sigh leaves you as his plush lips leave a burning path down to your breasts. A hand comes up to palm one while his mouth envelopes your nipple. Fire floods your veins as your heat hits you fully again. You push your hips up but Seokjin is a step ahead and is pinning your hips to the bed before you can so much as raise them more than an inch. 
He lifts his head just enough to speak, breath blowing across your spit slick nipple. “Relax, princess. Your alpha will take care of you, don’t worry.” He soothes, thumbs stroking the skin of your hips. 
You chew your lip, body protesting the thought of waiting for what it needs. You give him a small nod and he coos praises against your skin as slowly works his way down your body until he’s settled between your legs, faced with your soaked panties. You’re torn between hiding from his gaze and shoving your pussy into his face but Seokjin saves you from having to choose by digging his fingers into your thighs and holding them open. 
He nips at your thigh, soothing the sting with his tongue and then he’s giving the same treatment to the other leg. When he’s satisfied with the blooming marks on your skin, he licks at your pussy through your panties, lips wrapping around your clit through the fabric and sucking. 
You swear, burying your hands in his hair and he chuckles. “You’ve absolutely ruined your panties, princess.”
You whine in embarrassment, tugging lightly at his hair. “Don’t tease.”
He chuckles, pressing his tongue teasingly against your clit. “But you look so pretty all flustered and desperate, princess.” He gives another lick. “And I like hearing you beg.”
“Seokjin, please. Please stop teasing. I want your mouth on me. Please, I’ll do anything.”
Seokjin glances up at you, eyebrow raised. “Anything, huh? That’s a dangerous promise, princess.” He glances back down at your panties and licks his lips. “But, you’re in luck. I’m feeling particularly generous right now.”
With that he tugs your panties down and tosses them off the bed. He groans at the sight of your bared pussy and you spread your legs further apart in a bid to entice him to give you what you want. His thumbs brush along your pussy lips before he’s grabbing handfuls of your thighs and pressing his tongue firmly against your clit. 
You chant out yes’s as his tongue traces around your clit, occasionally dipping down to your entrance before returning his attention to your clit. His fingers dig into your skin and you know there will be bruises in the shape of his fingers there later and you revel in that knowledge. Little growls and groans leave him as his mouth works against your pussy and the vibrations send pleasure shooting through you. 
Your hands tighten in his hair when he slips two fingers into you while his plush lips wrap around your clit. He sucks and you cry out, pleasure building so fast after your recent orgasm. 
“Come on princess, I can feel you clenching around my fingers already. Be a good omega and cum for me.” Seokjin murmurs against you before he’s back to sucking on your clit. 
You whimper and he crooks his fingers just right to rub at your sweet spot. He pumps his fingers faster then grazes your clit with his teeth and your orgasm rushes through you. You cry out his name as your release gushes around his fingers. His fingers slow as your moans quiet down until he withdraws them completely, letting his tongue take their place to clean up the mess you’ve made. 
You expect to feel some relief, but Seokjin’s tongue continuing to work has heat spreading through your limbs again and you suddenly don’t feel sated in the least. You feel frantic with need and you know the only thing that’ll make you feel better and so you give his hair a tug as you whine. “Seokjin… want your cock, please.”
He sits up, face shining, as his tongue darts out to lick his lips. He wipes the rest of your release from his face with the back of his hand. His hair is disheveled from your tugging and his lips are swollen and red. He looks unfairly debauched for the fact that he’s still fully dressed and you’ve come multiple times already. When he makes no moves to give you what you want, you decide to just take it. 
Before he can comprehend what’s happening, you’ve pushed him onto his back and planted yourself firmly in his lap. You groan when your pussy drags across the fabric still separating you from his cock. Seokjin halts you from moving further, fingers digging into your hips in warning. 
“Princess.” He growls out and your instincts have you going nearly boneless, baring your neck to him with the overwhelming need to submit. 
You’re flipped onto your back, smothered for a moment in Seokjin’s bulk and scent and you’re positive you could die happy under him. He rears back, nearly tearing his shirt in his haste to get it off of him and your eyes trace along the breadth of his shoulders to his thick neck and down to his chest. His skin is smooth and the muscles that ripple beneath as he moves to shuck his sweats off has you clenching. 
Then your eyes are drawn lower as Seokjin finally gets his sweats off and your mouth floods at the sight of his cock, hard and shiny with precum and so thick that you’re torn between wanting him to shove it down your throat or stuff your pussy so full that you can’t think. Seokjin catches your stare, chuckling as he reaches down to give himself a few pumps, thumb swiping across the plump, red head. 
“See something you like, princess?” He teases.
You tear your gaze from his cock to meet his eyes, nodding dumbly because you’ve been robbed of all words. He smiles, body blanketing you once again as he leans down to capture your lips, cock brushing your pussy as he holds himself above you. You whine, hips tilting to get more of his cock pressed against you. Seokjin groans, hips grinding lazily against your pussy, lips trailing to nip at your neck. 
“Alpha, please…” You pant, reaching up to dig your fingers into the meat of his shoulders. 
He nods against your neck, one hand leaving the bed to reach between the two of you and he positions himself at your entrance, pausing with the head pressed to your hole and pulls back to meet your eyes. “Are you sure?” He swallows and blinks a few times to clear some of the daze. “Once I start-” 
You cut him off, shifting just enough for him to slip an inch into you. You both moan and the stretch of just the head has your desperation rising, the overwhelming need to be mounted clawing at your insides. Seokjin must feel the same because he pauses for only a second longer before he’s slamming fully into you. You gasp, nails digging into his back as he immediately pulls back out just to thrust back in. He buries his face in your neck, breath puffing warm against your skin as he pants harshly with his rough pace. 
“Fuck you’re so wet, princess. You’re such a good girl, a good little omega.” 
You whine as the praises continue to flow from him and he grabs your hips to hitch them higher, manhandling you around into the position that he wants you in. The shift has him hitting you deeper, rubbing your walls in all the right ways and you’re already so close to coming again. Tears gather at the corner of yours eyes and you roll your hips as best you can with his thrusts to get some friction on your clit. 
Nails prick your skin and you gasp, staring slightly wide eyed as Seokjin pulls away from your neck with a devilish smirk. “Now now, princess. I’ve given you so much already, let your alpha has his turn.” He slows his pace and you pout but his smirk just grows. “Besides, I’d much rather you come on my knot.”
His next thrust has your pussy stretching further as his knot begins to form. Your breath hitches as the growing girth stretches your more. 
“Yes, yes, yes, please let me have your knot, please, please.” You beg, body feeling aflame at the promise of what you want most. 
“Yeah?” Seokjin growls, licking up your neck to nip your earlobe. “You want my knot that bad, baby? Want me to knot you and fill you nice and full of my come? Keep you all plugged up so you get pregnant? Fuck… You’d look so amazing all swollen and round with my pups.”
You nod along, words only fueling your desire more. He slams his hips against you one last time before his knot finally grows too large and he settles for grinding as the first pulses of his release fills you. 
“That’s it, baby. Fuck… You’re such a good girl. Taking my knot and cum so so well. Shit, gonna get you all nice and full of pups.” You moan and Seokjin slips one hand down to rub at your clit. “Such a good omega, so good for my pups.” He murmurs and a few circles of his thumb coupled with his knot and cum filling you so delightfully full has you clenching around him as your mouth drops open in a silent scream as you cum. Seokjin groans, lips finding yours for an uncoordinated kiss as you both ride out your orgasms together. 
Your brain finally feel clearer and you enjoy the quiet mingling sounds of both of your breathing. You bask in the blissful feeling of being full and after what feels like hours, but is nothing more than a few minutes, Seokjin is sliding an arm beneath your back, keeping you close as he carefully maneuvers you both so that he’s now on his back and you can curl up on his chest while you wait for his knot to go down. You hum in contentment when his fingers thread through your hair, massaging your scalp. 
“Sleep.” He murmurs, chest vibrating against your cheek and you rub your face against his chest in a sleepy nod, following his advice and your own body’s sudden exhaustion. 
Tumblr media
You wake up later, alone in bed, stretching and the delightful soreness has a small smile gracing your lips before you realize that the cause of that soreness is nowhere to be seen. You finally sit up, belatedly realizing that that sticky mess you were expecting is definitely not there. And now that you’re more awake and looking around, you notice that you’re sleeping on different sheets, ones that are definitely not yours. 
You’re about to climb out of bed when you hear footsteps padding down the hall towards your room and a moment later, Seokjin, now back in his boxers, is nudging open the door, carrying a plate of something you can’t quite make out and a glass of water that upon seeing makes you realize how dry your throat feels. You make grabby hands for it immediately and Seokjin blinks in surprise for a second at seeing you awake before he’s chuckling and coming closer, handing you the water once he’s close enough. 
You start guzzling the water, the coolness soothing the roughness you were feeling in your throat. Seokjin tuts, pointedly looking at the glass and how quickly you’re consuming it and you sheepishly slow your swallows. He gently pulls the glass away before you can finish and you pout. He chuckles, setting it and the plate on the nightstand before taking a seat on the bed with his back against the headboard. He gathers you up, situating you in his lap until he’s happy with how you’re sat. 
He grabs the plate and you notice it’s full of fruits and cheeses, all of them your favorites, much to your delight. Your stomach grumbles and Seokjin reaches for one of the slices, holding it to your lips for you to take. You hum happily as the flavor of the fruit mixes perfectly with a taste that you can’t put a name to, just that it’s all Seokjin. 
After a few minutes of silent feeding, Seokjin gives you your water back to finish. You hand the glass back once you’re done, cuddling back into his chest with the intent to nap a little more. 
He nudges you when your eyes start to slip closed, holding another piece of fruit up for you to take. “Eat a little more first, princess. It’s only the first day, who knows when you’ll have another long lull. Best to fill up now. At least so I don’t have to fight you as much later.”
You duck your head in embarrassment, opening your mouth obediently when he presses the fruit to your lips. You try not to think about the fight he’s gonna have to put up with when your heat really kicks in and you don’t want to do anything but sit on his dick. You’re glad the worst of your heat is always fuzzy and you hopefully won’t have to remember the worst of it. 
He feeds you a few more bites before he deems you full enough, then he’s rearranging you both so you’re laying down and he pulls your back flush against his front. His lips press gently to your shoulder. “Sleep now.”
And you don’t have to be told twice before your eyes are drifting shut. 
Tumblr media
When you wake up again, you blearily notice that at some point you both have shifted positions. Seokjin’s now on his back and you’re curled into his side, one leg thrown over his and your dripping core pressed to his thigh, soaking his boxers. You grind your hips forward, moaning at the drag of the fabric against your sensitive pussy. 
Seokjin mutters something, shifting slightly, but remains asleep as you rut against him. You bury your face in his chest, taking a deep inhale of his scent before lazily mouthing across his collarbone to his neck. The fire in your belly intensifies and you scramble to climb fully on top of Seokjin, pushing his boxers down just enough to get to his cock and you’re delighted to find that he’s already hard. You wrap a hand around it, giving him a few strokes before positioning it and fully sheathing it within you. 
Seokjin starts awake with a gasp, hands finding your waist immediately even though he doesn’t seem to fully realize what’s happening yet. His eyes fall to you, more precisely where you’re already bouncing on his cock, not even seeming to mind that he’s not fully awake. His grip on you tightens in an effort to pause your riding but you just switch to grinding when he restricts your movements. 
He chuckles. “Fuck, couldn’t even wake me up, princess? Such a needy little omega that you’re just going to take what you need, hm? Not even gonna wake your alpha up to help you?”
You whine, continuing to rock against him. His words fuel your movements, but the meaning to them is lost in the haze. Seokjin chuckles when you ignore him and the sudden loss of his hands has you faltering. You glance at him finally, finding him laying there with his arms tucked under his head, looking the perfect picture of relaxation. When he sees your attention on him, he glances pointedly back to where you’re joined.
“Oh, please. Don’t let me interrupt. Feel free to continue what you were doing. I was just getting comfortable.”
Your protest is on the tip of your tongue, you want to whine about how you want his hands on you but his cock twitches where its buried in you and you lift yourself up just to drop back down on him, head thrown back as you begin to ride him in earnest. Seokjin, to his credit, seems to struggle with his self imposed promise of just sitting back and letting you work if the way his biceps flex is anything to go by. But he stays still, much to your frustration as you continue. 
You quickly grow frustrated though, slamming your hips down one last time before you dig your fingers into his chest and whine. “Alpha, please…”
He grins up at you. “What is it, princess? I thought you didn’t need me.”
You whine again, grinding against him, but shaking your head. “No, no. Need you. Please, Seokjin.”
He chuckles, but to your delight he moves his arms from behind his head and his hands rest warm and heavy against your thighs. “What do you need, princess?” When you don’t respond right away, he gives your thighs a small squeeze. “Tell me what you need. I can’t help my omega if she doesn’t tell me what she needs.”
You shudder, trying to find the words to speak what you need through the fog blanketing your mind. “Knot… Need your knot, please. Please, want it, Seokjin.”
“Yeah? You need it, princess?” He coos.
You nod enthusiastically, gasping when he shifts his legs to get leverage so that he can thrust up into you, his hands on your waist holding you in place. “Yes, yes yes, please, please please. Alpha…”
You feel his knot starting to grow, catching your rim with every thrust and the feeling makes your toes curl. Seokjin’s fingers tighten and he gets a handful more thrusts in before his knot is too large to pull out. You groan and his hands shift to your hips to guide them in grinding on his knot as he did before with your pillow, praises flowing from his lips. When you finally start grinding without his guidance, his lets his hands slide up your body, palming your breasts and rolling your nipples between his fingers. 
“Cum for me baby. Cum on my knot, show me how badly you want my cum and pups.” He growls, pinching your nipples harder. 
A few swivels of your hips has you moaning his name as you cum, pussying squeezing him tight as he pumps you full.
Tumblr media
You get flashes of moments over the next few days. You know at one point, Seokjin has to resort to feeding you while you’re knotted because you refuse to not be filled. And even then he still struggles to get you to actually eat the food rather than just sucking on his fingers. Another time you corner him in the kitchen while he’s getting you water. Pawing at his cock and whining when he snatches up both your wrists in one of his hands. Which means your next most logical thought is to drop to your knees and mouth at his cock instead. You get your mouth around him, gag reflex diminished thanks to your heat and you suck on his cock until he starts to shallowing thrust into your mouth. Then his hand tightens around your wrists and you’re being yanked to your feet and bent over the kitchen table. He fucks you hard and fast, hand coming down to quick swats on your ass as he talks about how you’re being awfully naughty. You cry when he knots you that time, Seokjin shushing you, cooing at you and telling you that if you drink your water then he’ll forgive you and you’ll be his good girl again. You’ve never drank a glass of water quicker. 
He tries to get you to shower but your legs don’t want to cooperate for that, and a little part of you wants to be bratty again, so he sighs and draws a bath. Which you make him join you in and results in something soft, that if you were in a different state of mind would probably make your heart ache with how sweet and caring and gentle he was being. Although it ends with water sloshed all over the floor and were you not in heat, you’d feel really bad for the messes he’s been cleaning up. 
Tumblr media
Your heat is blessedly shorter than usual with the addition of a partner. Rather than spending a whole week being miserable and horny, it finishes after just 4 and a half days and you wake up feeling far more refreshed than you usually do after your heats. You notice the bed is empty beside you and that your room has been tidied up. Your gut churns with disappointment, tempted to bury your face into the pillow Seokjin had been using just to get another whiff of his scent, but soft singing coming from the kitchen draws your attention.
You slip out of bed, taking a moment to stretch your sore limbs. You foot catches something as you go to step away and you stoop down to examine it. The tshirt is wholly unfamiliar to you and when you hold it up to your nose, humming in content when you realize it’s Seokjin’s and he must have missed it when he was cleaning. You debate for a moment on returning it to him but something in you protests the thought and you tug it on instead and you decide that you’re just going to chalk the feeling up to residual hormones from your heat. You stand and make your way to the kitchen, leaning in the doorway and watching quietly as Seokjin cooks, still singing softly to himself. 
A few minutes pass like this before he speaks. “You just gonna keep creeping in the doorway or come in for breakfast?” He glances back at you to wink before turning back to the pan in front of him. 
You chuckle, moving to the cabinets to gather what you need to set the table. “Maybe I wanted to enjoy the show.” You say as you take a seat at your kitchen table, propping up your chin on your hand to return to watching him.
Seokjin turns, sliding a few pieces of french toast onto a platter that from the glimpse you get is already piled high with it. He brings the plate to the table before going back to the fridge and grabbing a big bowl of fresh cut fruit and a bottle of juice. You look from the literal pile of food to Seokjin with wide eyes. 
“Did I miss something? Are you feeding an army?”
He chuckles, grabbing a few slices of french toast and a couple spoonfuls of fruit, plucking a piece of melon from his plate to eat before finally answering. “No. But this is your first real meal in a few days. Once you start eating you’ll realize just how hungry you are.” 
You pout and want to argue, but the smell of the food is too enticing and so instead you grab some food and start eating, choosing to very pointedly ignore the fact that after the first bite you feel like you could probably eat all the food on the table plus find something to snack on in the fridge. You both eat in silence and you can’t quite tell if it’s a comfortable one or an awkward one. On the one hand, Seokjin’s presence is calming and you feel more relaxed than you have in a long time. But at the same time, you want to speak, but you have to idea what you can talk about with the guy who paid a crazy amount of money to sleep with you during your heat and whose cock you were literally begging for just a few hours ago. And you realize that you don’t even know if he wants to talk about anything. For all you know, this is just lingering alpha protectiveness and once breakfast is over, he’ll gather his things and leave. 
“Not good?” His voice drags you from your musing and you’re quick to shake your head, stuffing another bite into your mouth. 
“No, no. It’s amazing. Just still a little sleepy, I guess.” You half lie.
He watches you for a moment with pursed lips before giving a small nod and going back to his own food. You eat a little faster, deciding that once your finished and clean everything up that you’ll test the waters and see if he maybe wants to stay a little longer and watch a movie. It’s innocuous enough, you can always play it off as just a precaution to make sure your heat is really over. That it has nothing to do with the fact that you really don’t want him to leave. 
With your food finished, you gather up the dishes to take to the sink, beginning to clean up and Seokjin comes over to join, taking the dish towel to begin drying the dishes as you clean and then putting them away. The two of you work in silence, finishing the dishes in no time.
When you finish, Seokjin hands you the towel so you can dry your hands and you both stand in silence, this time it’s definitely awkward. You’re just working up the courage to ask if he’d like to stay, maybe watch a movie or something when he beats you in speaking.
“Well… I guess I should probably get going. I’m sure Lisa would like her own place back.” He rubs at the back of his neck, avoiding your eyes as he speaks and you try really hard not to read into the fact that he won’t look at you now. 
You frown, quickly hiding your disappointment when he glances at you. You give a small nod. “Right, sure of course. I’m sure you’ve got work and stuff too. Company won’t run itself, huh?” You weakly joke.
He chuckles, nodding as he makes his way to the door where you notice his bags are sitting, already packed. You feel a twinge in your chest as you watch him pick them up and slide his shoes on. He turns and hesitates for a second before giving a small smile.
“I hope I gave you a good experience for your first partnered heat.” You give a little nod and his smile grows. He gives a little wave. “It’s been a pleasure, Y/n.”
With that, he’s out the door and you let your smile drop. You sigh, feeling oddly empty with him out of the apartment now. Shaking the thoughts from your head, you move to the windows to open them to start airing the apartment out for Lisa’s return, lighting a couple of candles around the room as well. You enter your bedroom, expecting to have a mess to clean up but Seokjin seems to have thought of everything already, your room clean and tidy and the windows already cracked. You sit on your bed, wondering if it’s always this way after heats, if the sudden loneliness is usual of arrangements like this or if maybe it’s just cause it’s your first time having an alpha during heat. Maybe the attachment you felt is normal and so the way you feel abandoned is too and will pass in a day. At least that’s what you try to reason to yourself as you think about how maybe you should have insisted that Seokjin stay just a little longer. 
You take a deep breath, Seokjin’s scent drifting off the shirt you’re still wearing and it has a weirdly soothing effect on you, calms your thoughts even as they swirl with doubt. You crawl up the bed, tugging the pillow he used over and bury your face in it. Letting his scent lull you to sleep because you know once Lisa gets home that all of your friends are going to flock over to question how it went. 
Tumblr media
The week crawls by slowly, classes don’t help either since it’s still early in the semester and so the work load hasn’t particularly picked up yet. You find yourself having an increasingly difficult time sleeping, the only thing that you’ve found that helps is cuddling the pillow that is slowly losing Seokjin’s scent. And you really try not to think about any implications from that. In the last two days you’ve also gotten a headache that refuses to leave no matter what you take and has begun to get worse with time. 
Which is making the attempt to power through movie night incredibly difficult. Even with the lights off, the flashes from the screen cause searing pain and of course it had to be Jungkook’s turn to choose and he of course choose a Marvel movie, full of flashing and loud noises. And since everyone’s seen it already, everyone has made it time to talk and joke around. 
A particularly loud explosion has you squeezing your eyes shut and clenching your teeth. You’re so caught up in willing the pain to stop that you fail to notice the whimper that escapes you or the fact that the room goes dead silent after. A few moments pass before you realize there’s no sound and you squint an eye open to notice that everyone is staring at you with concern, the movie paused in the background. 
Jimin is closest and slides closer instantly, gently setting his hands on you, checking for anything that could’ve caused the noise of distress. Lisa slides closer too from her position on the floor, wrapping her hand around your ankle and you feel a little of the tension and pain bleed away.
Jimin frowns when his preliminary check turns up nothing obvious to have caused a problem. “What’s wrong?” He whispers, seeming to at least gauge that sound is hurting you.
You weakly wave him away. “Just a headache. I’m fine.”
“Again?” Jisoo chimes in from the other end of the couch and Jimin’s frown deepens, as he glances from Jisoo back to you. 
“How long have you had a headache? Do you need something?”
You give a small shake of your head. “It won’t work, it’s fine. It’s just been a couple days. It’s probably just stress. I’ll be fine.” You want him to stop, you don’t want him to probe further, to try to get to the root of the problem. You hope he leaves it at that, believes it’s just stress.
Jimin purses his lips, watching you for a moment before he’s gently tilting your head to get a better look at your face. “You haven’t been sleeping. And you’re losing color.”
You pout at him. “You make it sound like I look like shit.” You attempt to joke, anything to distract him.
Jimin ignores your comment. “How long have you felt like this? Are there any other symptoms that you’re not telling us?”
You squirm uncomfortably under the scrutiny and look down at your lap as you mutter the answers to his questions because you know if you don’t answer then he’ll just keep pressing. “Since last week. It was just hard to sleep at first. Then I was just exhausted all the time like I’d been awake for a long time while doing a lot of hard work. The headaches started a couple days ago.”
Jimin mulls that over. “Before or after your heat?”
You flush, you wish everyone wasn’t around right now. You want to go seek comfort in Seokjin’s shirt and pillow. “After.”
“After Seokjin left?” He clarifies.
He prods you when you don’t respond right away, something uncomfortable churns in your gut at the direction this is going. “Yes. After he left.”
Jimin is ominously quiet and when you glance up, you see him sharing a worried look with Lisa, who shifts closer to rest her cheek on your thigh as Jimin takes hold of your head. “It sounds like you’ve got bond sickness.”
A hysterical laugh bubbles out of you, your mind violently rejecting that idea. “That’s not possible. I don’t have anyone to be bonded with.”
Lisa gives you a reassuring squeeze. “Bond sickness happens when you spend your heat or rut with your mate but don’t complete the bond.”
“If Seokjin was my mate, I think I’d know. And he would too. He wouldn’t have left afterwards.” You hate how pitiful you sound. “This was just some fun for him. It’s not bond sickness.” You try to reason, glancing around the room at your friends who all have varying degrees of pity on their face and you wish even more that he hadn’t done this in front of everyone. Everything feels like it’s too much. You turn back to Jimin, feeling tears beginning to well in your eyes. “It can’t be bond sickness.” It comes out soft, almost in audible. Your hand tightens around Jimin’s. “It can’t be… b-because if it is… Then- then that means I’m not Seokjin’s mate but he’s mine.”
As soon as the words leave your mouth, Lisa’s up off the floor and pulling you into a hug as the tears finally spill over. The rest of your friends move too, crowding around to lend you what comfort they can. 
Tumblr media
Seokjin’s glaring at his computer screen, again because that’s all he feels like he can do to the stupid device lately. It refuses to function the way he wants it to. Most of his work has been picked up by others since he’s been back and he drums in fingers against his desk in irritation at the fact that people seem to think he can’t take care of his own company. Agitatedly, he clicks out of his calendar, that sits empty and he knows that it’s wrong but he can’t figure out why it won’t update to say he has something to do today. A soft knock pulls him from his thoughts and he looks up to see Namjoon slip in. He sniffs and turns back to the screen.
“What.” He says shortly.
“I wanted to see how you’re doing.” Namjoon says placidly, completely unphased by Seokjin’s mood and takes a seat across from Seokjin.
Seokjin snorts. “I’m just fine, Namjoon.”
Namjoon raises his eyebrows at his tone as if to emphasize how not true that statement is. Seokjin chooses to ignore him, opening his email to at least appear that he has some work to do, even though his inbox sits woefully empty. “You can’t even look at me. And you never call me Namjoon. Seokjin, I love you man, but what’s going on? You know you can talk to me, talk to any of us.”
Seokjin mulls that over for a minute. He takes a deep breath, closing his eyes and scrubbing his hands over his face, he feels tired, just so tired. He has no idea what the hell is going on with him. When he pulls them away, Namjoon notices too just have tired he looks. “I don’t know, Joon.” He says, so quietly that Namjoon almost misses it. “I don’t know and that terrifies me.”
“Okay, that’s fine. We’ll talk it out and we’ll get this figured out. We’re here for you, Jin.” Seokjin crosses his arms and sits back, waiting for Namjoon to start. “Well, you’ve become increasingly aggressive and irritable since you’ve been back. You snapped at Hobi in a way that hasn’t happened since college and you were both trying to date the same person and your alpha’s both got a little too possessive. You can’t seem to focus on anything and you’ve obviously not been getting much sleep.” He pauses thoughtfully. “Is there anything else we haven’t seen that’s been happening?”
Seokjin rubs idly at his chest before looking down at where his hand sits. He taps it once. “My chest aches. Like… something’s hooked through it and tugging. It just… it aches.” He finishes lamely.
Namjoon nods and mulls everything over for a few moments. “I don’t know if this would be something you want to hear, but it sounds like you’ve got bond sickness.”
Seokjin rolls his eyes, feeling irritation prickle his skin. They all joke with each other, but he didn’t think Namjoon would ever be one for such a cruel joke. “Yeah, Joon, that’s what it is. It’s been 2 weeks. It’s not bond sickness. Good joke, man.”
Namjoon looks unimpressed with his response, stares Seokjin dead in the eyes as he snaps at him. “Kim Seokjin, there is no way you are actually this dense of an alpha.” Seokjin’s eyes widen at Namjoon’s tone. “You’ve been this way since you got back from spending her heat with her. Not only that, but you spent an inordinate amount of money just to make sure no one else could touch her. Which, you’ve also mentioned, you only did after catching her scent at a coffee shop you both happened to be at. You’re a smart man Jin. Put it the fuck together.” Seokjin opens his mouth to respond, anger mounting at Namjoon’s accusations, but Namjoon stands and effectively cuts him off, placing his hands on the edge of the desk and leaning into Seokjin’s face. “Because just think about this, if you’ve been feeling the bond sickness, then do you know who else is? Y/n. And while alphas get irritable and angry with bond sickness, do you know how it turns out for omegas? They get sick.” He pauses before continuing, tone soft and serious. “Then they get really sick.”
Namjoon straightens and turns, pausing at the door. “Fix your shit, Seokjin. Don’t bother coming back to work until you do.” 
Tumblr media
“Lisa, please go to class.” You whine, trying to shoo her fretting hands away from you. Ever since the revelation of what was wrong, she’s been practically suffocating you with attention, you think that she thinks if she just gives you enough alpha attention that it’ll help you get better. You don’t have the heart to tell her that that’s not really how bond sickness works. Plus, when she’s not being completely overbearing, the extra companionship from her is nice. 
She frowns, taking in your huddled form on the couch. “You’ve been getting worse. I don’t want to leave you alone.”
“I’ll be fine. Jungkook said he’d be over soon. You’re going to be late.”
Lisa adjusts your blanket one last time, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “Fine. But you message if you need anything at all, got it.”
“Yes, mother.” 
She makes a face at you and you give a weak laugh, knowing how much she hates when you say things like that. Her face softens a little as you shudder and adjust your blanket around you. 
“You’re gonna be late. Go. I’ll be fine.” You pout, looking up at her with puppy dog eyes, trying to get her to go. At least one person in this apartment should be regularly attending classes. You are grateful that Jimin went to the health office to talk to them about what’s happening and managed to get you excused for a little while from having to attend classes. On top of that, after emailing your professors, Taehyung’s been stopping by their offices to pick up or deliver some of the work you manage to get finished.
She huffs. “Alright, alright. Fine. But if Jungkook is even a minute late, you tell me and I will be right back.”
You roll your eyes. “I actually feel sorry for whoever your mate is.”
Lisa pauses in gathering her things to glare at you and you grin back. Lisa’s mate is going to be the most spoiled being on the planet. Lisa slings her bag over her shoulder, coming back over to you to press a kiss to your forehead. 
“I love you. I’ll be back later. Try not to traumatize poor Jungkookie.”
You wave her away, finally turning your attention back to the TV now that Lisa is done with her fretting. You hunker further into your blanket as Lisa finally leaves. You doze off for a while, the tv show you put on doing little to keep your interest when you feel so terrible. And without Lisa here, you don’t have to keep the front up that you feel better than you actually do. You know the sickness will fade and you’ll eventually be fine, if a little dead inside, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to keep your friends from worrying more about you than they already are. You just wish that you could get to that point. You hate that your friends have to care for you like this, it makes you feel too fragile, like how omega’s use to be viewed. Poor pitiful things that weren’t allowed to do much more than have an alpha’s pups and care for them.
You’re roused from your daze by the door opening and closing and Jungkook’s warm, earthy scent washes over you. You hum in content and he rounds the couch with a grin as he lifts a bag up for you to see. 
“I brought soup.” 
You chuckle. “Thank you Kookie. Lisa made me eat before she left though, so you can put it in the kitchen for now and we can eat it later.”
He nods, taking it and your nearly empty glass from the table to the kitchen. He returns a few moments later with your cup, now refilled, and places it back on the coffee table. He plops down onto the couch next to you, slipping his arms around you to pull you closer to cuddle. You hum in contentment at his warmth, feeling the worst of your fog lift from the closeness.
“What’re we watching?” He murmurs.
You lift a shoulder in half a shrug. “Dunno. Lisa put it on. I’ve been too sleepy to really pay attention. You can put something else on if you want.”
Jungkook shifts, reaching for the remote and starts idly flipping through the channels to find something to watch and you feel your eyes getting heavy again as you listen to his heart beat. Jungkook’s perusing is interrupted by the frantic pounding from someone at your door. He frowns, glancing from the direction of the door to you. 
“Are you expecting anyone?” When you shake your head, Jungkook adjusts you so he can get up. “I’ll be right back then.”
As he makes his way to the door, the knocking starts again and you frown, wondering who could be so insistent. Your friends are all at work or in class, with the exception of Jungkook who’s on babysitting duty. And you and Lisa rarely get unannounced visitors. It’s silent for a moment when Jungkook opens the door and it makes you worry enough to push yourself to your knees to glance over the back of the couch. 
You’re about to call out to Jungkook, ask him what’s going on when Seokjin frantically rounds the corner and you feel like all your breath has been knocked out of you. Seokjin freezes when he sees you, his mouth dropping open, you don’t know if it’s from shock at how you look or if he also feels like all the air in the room has been sucked out. You vaguely register a door closing somewhere, you assume Jungkook must be leaving, but your focus is so taken by Seokjin that the building could fall around you and you wouldn’t notice. 
You take a shuddering breath in and you’re overwhelmed with the scent of Seokjin, potent and real and the lingering scent left on his shirt is nothing compared to the richness of it as it fills the room. You choke on a sob and Seokjin is suddenly moving, crossing the distance between the two of you and enveloping you in a nearly crushing hug, but you can’t find it inside yourself to care how tightly he squeezes. You bury your face in his chest as tears leak from your eyes, feeling lighter and happier than you have in nearly 3 weeks. You hear Seokjin murmuring into your hair where his face is pressed against, but your body is buzzing too much for you to hear what the words are, only able to focus on how comforting the words feel on your frayed mind.
You don’t know how long the two of you stay like that, but eventually Seokjin pulls away. When you make a distressed sound, he strokes your cheek to sooth you.
“Shh, it’s okay. I’m not going anywhere. I just need to see your face.” With that, he finally sits fully on the couch, pulling you into his lap. His hands come up to cup your cheeks, holding you in place as his gaze flits across your face for a few moments, like he’s trying to memorize everything. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, princess.” He coos, pulling your face closer to pepper it with kisses. 
You squeeze you eyes shut, willing yourself to stop crying, but your nerves have been so fried lately that you’re completely convinced that you’ll never stop crying. Seokjin continues to murmur to you, though the words themselves have lost all meaning and you just let the cadance and sound of his voice work as the balm your soul has needed these past few weeks. He pulls you back in and you bury your face back into neck to take in his scent, a small part of you fearful that you may never get to again. 
Eventually, he adjusts your position, drawing your attention to the fact that when you look up, he’s saying your name with an incredibly fond smile.
“What?” You croak.
He chuckles and presses a kiss, two kisses to your cheek before responding. “I’ve been saying your name for a few minutes. You back with me, love?”
Your whole body heats at pet name. “You have?” You question, you can’t tell if he’s teasing or being serious. 
He gives a little nod. “It’s okay. You seemed like you were enjoying yourself so I’m not too upset.” 
The teasing tilt of his lips speaks of so much fondness, you can’t help it when you lean forward to steal a kiss of your own from him. “What were you saying my name for?” You murmur, reluctant to pull back from the kiss. 
“I like saying it. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.” He grins.
You nudge him playfully, cheeks heating from a mixture of embarrassment and pleased happiness. “Stop that. That’s gross. What did you want?”
He tightens his arms around you briefly. “We should talk. There’s… kind of a lot that we need to go over huh?”
You sober slightly, but the thought of not touching Seokjin makes you feel physically ill again. You shift, keeping your legs throw over his and both hands wrapped in his. By the look on Seokjin’s face, this seems to be the furthest he’s willing to let you get from himself, not that you’d let yourself get much further from him anyway. 
“We should.” You agree, nerves on edge. You assume, hope, that since he’s here, that he won’t let go of you, that this is meant to be a good talk. That it’ll end the way you want, that you both hopefully want. 
“So… We’re mates.” He begins, stops, seems unsure of what else to go on, but your heart soars at him calling you mates. He seems a little uncomfortable and you find it incredibly endearing that a big powerful alpha and CEO can’t seem to get his feelings out to his mate. You decide to let him suffer a little longer with his stuttering before granting him mercy and taking over the conversation.
“We are. If you want to be. I… certainly wouldn’t be opposed to it.” You give him a shy smile.
Seokjin seems a little blindsided, but he quickly gets past it and his face lights up in a brilliant smile. “Of course. I can’t think of a more perfect girlfriend than you.”
You raise an eyebrow and you can’t help teasing him a little. “Girlfriend, huh?” Seokjin sputters, trying to come up with something but you laugh, putting a hand over his mouth. “I’m teasing. But I’m not going to be your girlfriend unless you ask me properly.”
He pulls you close again, lips barely brushing yours. “Will you,” He pauses, kisses you. “Be my girlfriend?” He finishes, lips still against yours.
You let out a giddy giggle. “Yes, of course, you silly alpha. My silly alpha.”
His thumbs run over your cheeks. “I’m sorry I let you get so sick. I should’ve realized. I shouldn’t have left. I’m so sorry.”
You shush him, putting your hands over his. “Hey, no. It’s just as much my fault as yours. Don’t blame yourself. You couldn’t have known. They were such strange circumstances. It’s okay. I don’t blame you Seokjin.”
He gives you a small grateful smile, like it’s something that’s been truly weighing on him before he seems to realize something and groans, head thumping back against the couch. You’re about to ask what’s wrong when he speaks. “Oh no, this means I just paid nearly a million dollars for a girlfriend. The guys are never going to let this go.” 
You smother your laughter, tapping his nose to get his attention. “Well actually, you paid that much for your mate.” You give a mischievous wink to him. “But I’m sure you can convince her to share all that wealth with you again. Minus whatever she needs for school.”
His eyes darken. “Oh? Do you think she’d be that generous to give some back?”
You nod, tapping your chin thoughtfully. “Of course, if she has you now then she doesn’t really need that much money.”
Seokjin hums and it sends a shiver down your spine. He leans closer and you feel like you’re prey, you feel exhilarated. “And just what do you think I could do to convince her to do something like that, hm?” He purrs in your ear, finishing with a nip to your earlobe. 
You shudder, biting back a moan. “Oh, I’m sure a smart man like you will think of something.” You laugh as you push yourself off his lap and make a dash for your room.
He lets out a noise of surprise before you hear the sound of pursuit and just as you reach your bedroom door, you’re scooped up by him and turned so he can pin your back to the wall. He grabs your thighs to force your legs around his waist and you delight in the press of his cock against you, even with all the layers separating it from where you want him most. You moan, head thumping back against the wall.
“Now now, princess. It’s not very nice to run away from your alpha now is it?” He chastises, breath warm against your neck.
You swallow, squirming to get a little friction and relief, but he pressed his hips more firmly against you, halting your movement. You whine, low and needy. Seokjin nips your neck.
“I believe I asked you something princess. It’s not nice to run away is it?” You shake your head and he nips you again. “Use your words like a good girl.”
“No, it’s not nice, alpha.” 
He licks up your neck, nips your jaw, presses a quick kiss to your lips. “Good girl.”
You try to squirm again, whining. “Alpha, please. Need you. Missed you, Seokjin.” He rubs your sides comfortingly. “It’s okay princess, I’ll take care of you. Always.”
He pulls his hips away just enough to slip his hands into your shorts, fingers finding your dripping slit. He groans, lips finding yours as he slips two fingers into you. He pumps them a few times before you quickly grow restless, turning away just enough to speak.
“Not enough. Need your cock, please.”
He chuckles at your neediness and how much it mirrors his own and aquiesses easily enough to your request because he doesn’t think he could prolong this that much anyway. He pulls his fingers free, undoes his pants just enough to pull his dick out and then tugs your shorts and underwear to the side just enough to slip in. He slides in to the hilt and pauses there, panting. 
“God you really were made for me.” He groans. “Fuck, I’m never letting you go again.”
You nod happily. “Yes, yes. Please move.”
He complies, starting a fast pace that leaves you feeling like this is your first time all over again with how overwhelming it is. You’re already remarkably close to cumming despite the fact that not much has been done and you have an inkling on what exactly will tip you over. You let your head drop to the side.
“Jinnie. Seokjin,” You wait till you have his attention. “Alpha claim me.”
His eyes flash and there’s no hesitation as he dips his head down to pepper your neck with kisses. A moment later, you feel teeth and then the wetness of blood as he pierces skin. You gasp, back bowing as everything becomes more intense and the feeling of Seokjin’s tongue as he cleans the blood from your claiming mark is the last little push you need to push you over the edge. 
You shudder, moaning his name and fingers gripping his shirt tight enough that you feel it rip. Seokjin slows his thrusting to let you ride out your orgasm and once he senses that your not too sensitive, he resumes his fast pace, chancing his own high. You feel exhausted but the unmarked skin of his neck is like a magnet and you gather what strength you’ve got left to sink your teeth into his skin to leave your own claiming mark. 
Seokjin growls at this, getting a couple last rough thrusts before he cums, shuddering under your hands as you lick the blood from his neck and a moment later you feel his knot. Your head drops back against the wall and you groan weakly, hips rocking slightly as you stare dazedly at the way your mark stands out against Seokjin’s skin, feeling whole and content. His head rests against your shoulder, breath puffing against your collarbone as he struggles to catch his breath.
Your blissful bubble is burst a few minutes later when you hear the front door open. “Y/n!” Lisa calls and she sounds distracted, Jungkook must not have informed her that Seokjin came by. Your mind is lagging too much to connect that this is about to be bad if you don’t respond. “I know you told me to go to class and I did… Well one class. But I was worried, and nothing against Jungkook, but I’d just feel better if I were the one watching-” She cuts off abruptly as you hear something drop to the ground. “Jesus fucking Christ!” You glance over, body flushing in embarrassment at not even having been able to make it to your room. Lisa has her hands over her eyes and body turned away, backpack lying on the ground at her feet. “Really! You couldn’t have like, I don’t know, fucking warned me? Jesus, gross. I think I’m scarred for life now.” There’s a heavy pause before Lisa snatches her phone out of her pocket and storms off. “I’m going to fucking kill Jungkook. The little fucker could’ve texted me. He’s so dead.”
Seokjin’s shoulders shake beneath your hands and you look back to him to see him struggling to hold back laughter. You bite your lip, his laughter making you want to laugh. You poke him. “Shh, Lisa will kill you.” You whisper, little snickers escaping as you.
He looks up at you, eyes sparkling with joy. You can’t resist the urge to lean down and peck him on the lips. He grins before he adjusts his grip on you and moves you both carefully to your room.
“We’ll text you when we’re decent and it’s safe to come back Lis!” You call as Seokjin giggles.
“Pass! Think I’m just going to move out! It’s not safe here anymore!” You hear her call back a second before you hear the front door slam. 
You and Seokjin both finally dissolve into laughter as he closes the bedroom door. He sits gently on the edge of your bed and gives you an apologetic smile when you squirm slightly in his lap.
“Sorry about knotting you. I… I couldn’t really stop it after you bit me.”
You run your hands through his hair affectionately. “It’s more than ok, babe.”
His eyes flutter closed, leaning into your touch as he hums. “Careful princess, or it’ll happen again.”
You grin, grip tightening slightly. “I certainly hope it happens a whole lot more, boyfriend.” You tease. 
Tumblr media
~8 Months Later~
You shrug the black robe on over your dress, adjusting it so it lays properly. The dress is new and you’re excited for Seokjin to see it, you refused to let him come with you to get, instead choosing to make the shopping trip a girls day with Lisa and the others. You stare at yourself in the mirror for a moment before there’s a knock and then Lisa’s opening the door, her own robe on. She grins as she lifts her cap. 
“You ready?”
You grin back, excited that the year is over and even more excited for what’s to come. You grab your own cap off the dresser and follow her out to put your shoes on. 
“Is Seokjin meeting us beforehand?” She questions, straightening up.
“No, he said that he’d meet us after the ceremony. He knows how hectic it is beforehand and said that we could have the time to just ourselves.”
She nods and you leave, joining your fellow students headed to graduation. 
Tumblr media
“Y/n!” You turn just as Jimin’s arms wrap around your middle and he lifts and twirls you with glee. “We did it! We’re college grads!” He crows with delight. 
You giggle and slap at his shoulder. “I’m aware! Put me down! I’m unsteady enough in these shoes!”
His spinning slows to a stop but you remain held aloft. You squirm, glancing down to see the faux pout on his face, ruined by the smile he clearly can’t keep away. You raise an eyebrow after catching movement behind him. 
“I’d put me down if I were you.” You smirk.
“What’re you gonna do about it?” He taunts.
You tap your chin thoughtfully for a moment before shrugging. “I won’t do anything.” A flash of confusion colors his expression but before he can pose any sort of question, you continue. “But Taehyung certainly can.”
As soon as the name leaves your lips, Jimin’s expression falls, eyes widening in panic. He doesn’t get so much as a word out before fingers dig into his sides and he lets out a startled yelp, finally dropping you. And you’re positive you’d have fallen on your ass if Lisa hadn’t also been with Taehyung and is there to steady you when you were finally freed. You shoot her a grateful smile as you watch Taehyung’s merciless tickling of Jimin, the two rolling on the ground.
“Well at least they don’t need the robes anymore.” Jennie snarks, also joining the two of you in watching. 
The rest of your friends slowly join in watching the two wrestle, finally being able to part from family so that you all could be together on such a momentous day. A few moments later, you feel a tug in your chest and you whip your head around, scanning the crowd a second before Seokjin appears with a grin and call of your name. You see Yoongi, Namjoon, and Hoseok trailing along with him. You abandon the conversation with your friends in favor of meeting him halfway,  flinging your arms around his neck as you beam.
He gives you a quick peck. “I’m so proud of you.” He murmurs, one arm snaking around your waist. 
When the other doesn’t join it, you frown and pull away slightly, following his arm to where it remains tucked behind his back. You pout. “This seems like an inadequate proud greeting.”
He chuckles, pulling his arm out from behind him and presenting the flowers he was hiding to you in a flourish. “That’s because I had a surprise.”
Taking them, you hold them close to smell, marveling at their beauty before giving Seokjin a kiss of your own. “Thank you.”
“You two are gross. Can you not in public?” Yoongi grouses from beside you, but you know it holds no heat.
“That doesn’t sound like a good way to be introduced to my friends, mister.” You snark back, sharing a conspiratory look with Seokjin.
“I can’t believe it’s taken so long for you to introduce all of us.” Hoseok chimes in as you begin to make your way back to rejoin your friends.
“We were busy, had to finish college and you guys have a business. And schedules just never really worked out. Plus Hoseok, you actually already know Jimin.”
Hoseok perks up at that. “The dance student Jimin, right? He’s your friend? Wow, small world.”
“Hey guys!” You announce, waiting to have your friends attention. “These are Seokjin’s friends, Hoseok, Namjoon and Yoongi. Guys these are all my friends.”
Everyone starts talking over each other then to introduce themselves and share stories and you grin, nudging Seokjin. When he looks at you, you nod your head towards where Yoongi stands frozen. Frozen, and staring at Jimin. 
Jimin appears to be completely oblivious to the alpha currently staring him down, instead, he’s busy regaling the others of a story from one of Hoseok’s dance classes. Seokjin goes to say something but you hold up a hand to halt him. He gives you a questioning look but you wave him off. You move around the group till you reach Jimin, now finished with his story and you lean in to whisper in his ear, pointedly looking towards Yoongi when Jimin gives you a wide eyed look. He sheepishly follows your glance, quickly looking away when his eyes meet Yoongi’s intense stare, cheeks quickly heating. 
You give him a kiss on the cheek and a wink as you move back to Seokjin, who wraps an arm around you.
“You didn’t talk for long, are you sure that’ll be enough?” He questions. 
You observe Jimin for a moment, who’s talking to Taehyung but you see his eyes darting to Yoongi every so often. You grin. “I did just enough. Give it a second.” You give Seokjin a wry look. “Are you doubting me?”
He kisses your forehead. “Doubt you, love? Never.”
A moment later, your prediction proves right as you see Jimin say something to Tae before he’s shyly making his way over to Yoongi. You want to laugh because you’ve never seen Jimin be genuinely shy around an alpha a day in your life. Maybe you should get a picture so you can tease him later, payback for all the teasing you got over Seokjin.
You turn to Seokjin. “See? Told you.”
He hums, other arm coming up to join the first. “I do. I should never doubt you.”
You smile fondly as the two start talking, it’s stilted and awkward but you know they’ll get going on their own soon enough. You and Seokjin had taken a little while to realize that the omega that Yoongi was hung up on was Jimin. It wasn’t until Hoseok had guest taught again and Yoongi went with, with the excuse that he wanted Hoseok to use one of his songs for the dance and he wanted to see what the dancers came up with, and Yoongi mentioned the omega who ignored him again was there. He was vague on details, but Hoseok had gushed happily about one of the students in the class and how amazing they were. You’d asked their name and he’d told you Jimin.
When you’d asked Jimin about the class, he’d revealed that besides him, the only other omegas in that class were women. When you’d told Seokjin that Yoongi was pining over your friend, you got genuinely worried that he hurt himself with hard he was laughing. You asked about setting them up or setting up a group meeting to let them meet in a place where Jimin isn’t in dance mode, but Seokjin said no. When you pressed he said that letting Yoongi pine a little would let you both see if he was serious or if he was just infatuated because Jimin ignored him once.
You think they’re also mates and that the only reason they haven’t realized yet is that they’ve only met in the dance studios, a place that’s overwhelming in the mix of scents that it’s nigh impossible to pick out individual ones. So you’d agreed to wait until graduation to introduce them, which meant that all of your friends had to wait to meet the others otherwise it would have never been fair to Jimin. You’re a little glad you did because the way Jimin is glowing while talking to Yoongi tells you that they’re gonna be fine.
You look up at Seokjin. “Now, as much as I love my friends. I’d much rather we go celebrate alone before they invade your apartment to party.” You grin.
“That doesn’t seem like a very nice thing to do.” 
You quirk an eyebrow. “Oh?” You fiddle with the zipper on your robe. “So you don’t wanna see the dress I bought alone first?” You tsk in mock disappointment. “And here I thought you’d want to. You were so sad that I wouldn’t show you.”
He swallows, gaze dipping to stare at your fingers and what you might be hiding beneath the robe. “I…”
You tug it down just enough for him to get a good eyeful of your cleavage. “It’s blue you know.” You smile sweetly. “I figured since it’s your favorite color…” You give a small shrug as you trail off, starting to turn back to your friends. 
You feel Seokjin’s growl against your chest and grin in victory seconds before he’s hauling you away from your friends. 
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Immortals Masterpost 
Tumblr media
Sometimes, you find your destiny. And sometimes, your destiny does whatever it takes to keep you. 
pt 1
pt 2 
pt 3 
pt 4
pt 5 
pt 6 
pt 7 
pt 8 
pt 9
pt 10
pt. 11 
pt 12 - coming soon
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like this? | ksj (m)
Tumblr media
↣ 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 | seokjin x reader
↣ 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 | 3.3k
↣ 𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 | neighbours au. smut. pwp.
↣ 𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐱 | explicit language and sexual content. handjob, oral sex (m receiving), unprotected sex, squirting, light mention of impreg kink & of course, seokjin’s large dick. ;)
↣ 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 | your neighbour, seokjin, teaches you exactly how he likes to be touched.
Tumblr media
“What’s wrong?” Seokjin asks, his gaze lowering to your figure that’s been placed in between his legs. He’s seated on your couch with his cock out, the rose tip glistening with pre-cum already. Your eyes flicker between him and his prominent king dong that’s placed on the flat of your right hand. How in the world did this happen?
“What? Nothing,” you mumble, brows furrowed in concentrated examination as you focus back towards it. It’s thick and laden, sheathed in velvet that you could only imagine the taste of. You don’t have to imagine for much longer, you think, trying to wrap your brain around how you ended up on your knees in front of your neighbour, Kim Seokjin. One moment he’s yelling at you for playing Mortal Kombat so loudly, he could hear every pronounced profanity spilling out that innocent looking mouth and the next, his cock is twitching in the palm of your hand. He just had to interrupt the only night you’d get to have of bellowing obscenities at your TV monitor before returning to your regular 9-5 hellish purgatory the following morning. It was quite embarrassing having him discover you were the only occupant in your home at the time. Albeit, it wasn’t the first time Seokjin had noise to complain about; the thin walls of the apartment allowed him more audio access to your personal life than he needed. Now your cheeks were flared in a shade of crimson for entirely other reasons.
Seokjin sighs, shifting uncomfortably. “_____—you’ve been staring at it for the last five minutes, you know you don’t have to do this if you don’t—“
“It’s just…,” you pause and lick your lips. “Is it supposed to be that big?” There’s a silence that follows. Seokjin blinks, once, twice, dumbfounded.
“W-what?” He staggers.
“Your dick…” You clasp it between both hands and Seokjin lets out a hiss because, fuck, that felt good. “It’s huge.” The way you bite down on the bottom of your plump lip urges a groan out of him and you catch his gaze with yours as you squeeze gently. His eyes flutter closed, head tilting back as it leans on the backrest of your couch. It wasn’t the first time he’d been told he was rather gifted with his size but one would think someone possessing something of such great magnitude would receive satisfaction from women often. Unfortunately for Seokjin, that was the farthest from the truth; especially when he never seemed to be able to fully get it in without some sort of complication. Most of the time, they’d leave with the satisfaction of his tongue and fingers alone but he’d remain with another desolate night of jerking himself off to bad Jennifer Lopez romantic comedies. You, on the other hand, could not be more eager to please him. His mind briefly strays to a few moments ago when he had found out you’d never given a proper blowjob in your years of being sexually active. It had given him an instant hard-on and you had most definitely noticed. Now you were both here, your thumb tentatively swiping over the pre-cum spilling over his tip and him letting out another short hiss. As you pull away, a sticky string of clear fluid follows, and your mouth instantly moistens. “Should I keep going?” When Seokjin nods in approval, you begin to move your wrists. You wonder how in the world he’s ever managed to hide this monster behind the restraints of his pants, having to use both your hands to cover the entire surface area of his cock.
“Squeeze as you go down,” he suggests, and you oblige without a beat of a pause, grasping it tighter in your hold as you begin a steady motion. Seokjin blows out a shaky breath, the feel of your supple hands against his all too aching member stirs the greediest of arousal within him.
“Like that?” You ask, an innocent strain in your tone. He has to stop himself from looking at you in this state because quite frankly, he knows he’d come too quick.
“Y-yeah,” he moistens his lips with a dab of his tongue. “Just like that.” You’re in awe as you watch the stretch of his white t-shirt wrap tighter around his broad chest. It puffs and drops with every stroke of your palms, his breathing growing more laboured. You’d never seen a man so taken by your delicate touch, almost as if he hadn’t experienced this sensation in too long. His fingers grip firmly around the fabric of your couch cushion but all you want is for them to be woven in your hair. You almost feel bad that he’s whimpering as you squeeze harder with every twist of your wrist, each motion prompting a hint of a whine past his lips.
“Can I lick it?” Seokjin’s eyes spring open, your question bringing him out of the bliss of your eager hands. His cock only grows further with hunger.
“Take off your shirt first,” he nods at the pale yellow shirt you’ve got on. He can just barely make out the curves of your waist as the fabric loosely falls over your breasts. He can, however, acknowledge the prominent buds of your erect nipples that stay taut again your shirt. You feel your cheeks flush before your head falls to your lap, your hands releasing his member as they travel down to the hem of your shirt.
“You first,” you mumble. How adorable, he thinks. He can’t deny your request. Leaning forward, Seokjin reaches behind his shoulders to pinch the fabric between his thumb and forefinger before pulling it over his head. You gawk in further admiration. With a tilt of his head, he offers you a lipped smile and his shirt before you take it into your hands and place it onto the coffee table behind you. You can’t help but feel your chest flutter with anticipation. You follow his actions, discarding your shirt onto the table before tending focus back onto the skyscraper laid before your eyes. You try not to think too much about how Seokjin’s gaze scorches through your skin, the fingers of your right hand barely wrapping around the base of his girth. “You could create an entire three storey apartment with this.” The comment makes him snort.
You place a singular kiss on the tip, a string of his leaked pre-cum glazing a sheen on your lips. He lets out an involuntary groan from the sheer venereal pulsation through his cock; the sight of your flushed cheeks and bare chest not aiding him with comfort in the slightest. He hadn’t even gotten the pleasure of fucking you yet and you had him ready to burst under a few languid strokes. Your tongue boldly darts out, gliding across the ridge of his head and it sends shivers through his spine. Seokjin’s left hand extends to your hair as he collects all of it over your shoulder. You lick another fat stripe but this time it’s the bundle of nerves under his head and he immediately twists the hair over your shoulder around his palm. His other hand moves over yours that stayed placed on the base of his stiff shaft. His hold around your own is firm and persuasive as he guides you on what to do next.
“ your mouth, with your tongue out,” you follow his command, widening your jaw as you let the flat of your tongue brush against the sensitive skin of his cock. Seokjin tightens his grip around the fistful of your hair and gently urges the head to tap against your lower lip before tugging you lower. He lets out a soft moan, gentle, as his head fall back once again when the stretch of your lips slowly take him in. Your jaw already aches, and you haven’t even reached the middle yet. But you’re determined, releasing your hold on his cock. His guiding hand joins the one wrapped in your hair. You grab hold of his hips, letting the heavy feel of his velvet cock push further into your mouth. Seokjin whimpers, tilting his hips the slightest in silent urge for you to take him as much as you can, surprising himself when you do. “Y-yeah...fuck, _____, just like that...that’s it.” His hips push further forward and your nails dig harder as the tip of his cock begins capping the edge of your airway. Seokjin is panting above you, eyes squeezed tight, fingers clutching your hair even tighter. You feel your throat clench around his daunting girth, evoking such a guttural groan to fall past his lips, it drenches your heat even more. His hips move slow, as he fucks your mouth. He alternates between shallow thrusts and long deep ones that threaten tears in the inner ducts of your eyes. It’s when your esophagus is partially full of him that he decides to loosen his grip on your hair and rolls his hips out of your mouth. “Fuck,” he mumbles, before cradling his member that’s glossy with a thick layer of your saliva. You gasp, nose sniffling as you dab at your glazed eyes with the back of your thumb. Seokjin regards you carefully, watching the way his hold on your mane has caused certain strands to stick out in dishevelled directions and how your flushed face looks too sinfully adorable against the soft living space light.
Without a beat of hesitance, you’re getting up onto your feet, wiping the corners of your mouth with the back of one hand as the other pulls down your sweatpants. “I need you to fuck me,” you state firmly. If he wasn’t so god damn turned on right now, Seokjin would chuckle at your effort into sounding stern. Instead, a small smile graces his face as he tilts his head to the side, his brown bangs swaying with the movement.
“Oh yeah?” He can’t help slip a breathless laugh as he sees a frown adorn your lips. He can almost envision the gears churning in your head, teetering between being bold and considering his consent. It’s when he sees you begin to slip the black sweatpants back up your legs when he decides to interject. “Shut up and get over here.” You hadn’t even said anything out loud.
Stepping out of the pants bunched by your ankles, you let yourself climb onto your couch and place each of your legs on either side of Seokjin’s hips. Your hands find balance on his shoulders and you note that he already feels thick against you; the only barrier being that of your panties. You let out a moan when his hands find way to your waist. It leaves a subtle scorch to your skin as his finger dances along the hem of your panties. “These are nice.” He acknowledges and you whisper a ‘thank you’ before capturing your bottom lip between your teeth as his finger circles down towards your heat. You’re observing him carefully, noticing the puff of his larger, cat-like eyes scan your bare body. They regard you right back, sharpening towards the erect bud of your nipple as his fingers ghost up your side. You shiver when the calloused pad brushes gently against the sensitive bud before his full lips pucker to place a kiss to the bump of your breast. You can feel the fabric of your panties cling desperately against the slick collecting in your cunt. Seokjin moves both hands to cup the sides of your breasts, pushing them together before craning his head up to heat the skin of your collarbone with one more kiss. “And these too, I like them.” He squeezes, hips involuntarily moving. The graze of his cock sitting heavy and ready against your ache has you letting out a mewl. Releasing your breasts, he scans down your waist until one hand sits above your thigh and the other paints over the fabric of your panties.
“I should take them off of me,” your voice wavers, breathless. Seokjin offers a lopsided smile as his fingers skim the area of where your clit is. You gasp when he pushes the fabric aside, your bud glistening in your own arousal. He swipes a thumb over it and you jerk above him at the shooting sensation.
“I think we’ll keep these on for now.” You gulp when he pulls away from your sex, fingers coating with your evident want for him. You watch as he opens his mouth and places his deft fingers against his tongue, causing every muscle in your cunt to clench against nothing. “Do you have condoms?” He asks and your breath hitches in your throat when he places his thumb back onto your tingling clit. You feel embarrassed when you shake your head no, expecting this entire event to shut down with your lack of responsible shopping. Truthfully, you hadn’t gotten laid in a while.
“Hm,” Seokjin purses his lips, as another feeble stroke sparks jolts through your bones. “You’d like my cock bare, wouldn’t you? The risk of it all, it’s exciting.” You blink, never once in your life thinking the idea of that would be arousing— especially not with your neighbour. Yet once again, Seokjin surprises you with how pleasant that sounds coming from him. The honey glazed in his tone has you grind against his thumb in desperate need for some form of relief but Seokjin stops your hips from moving. “Come on my cock and then I’ll fuck you.” It’s a command and you swallow thickly.
“What?” Removing his thumb, his hands once against grip your hips as he rolls them over his throbbing cock to show you what he means. “Oh…” Oh, that’s so good. Your grip around his shoulder tightens as you adjust your legs to allow Seokjin to slip your underwear off with ease. You fit more comfortably against the skin of his shaft, your arousal dripping onto him. It’s lethal how badly you’re craving him, the press of your clit against his member already pushing you towards your inevitable orgasm. You don’t think you’ll have to do this for long before you’re in euphoria. As Seokjin’s hands rest on your hips in guidance, you begin rocking against him. Each sway of your movement send surges of elation to course through your veins.
“S-seokjin...” Now you’re the one panting above him, forehead against his as you desperately rub your clit against his cock. Seokjin groans with you, wanting nothing more than to bend you over the couch and fuck you senseless. However, he notes that this is nice, having the woman take control for once. His nose bumps against yours, fingers gripping deeper into the skin of your hips. It doesn’t take you long before your orgasm ripples through your bones, your cries filling the space between you and your legs quivering as a tsunami of your arousal crashes onto Seokjin. You pause, breathing laboured as you look past your blurred vision at the aftermath of your orgasm. Seokjin’s torso is sprinkled with your squirt, glistening droplets as a result of his request. You’re worried for a moment but Seokjin’s voice cuts your thoughts.
“Did you just...on my...all on your own?” He can’t even finish his thoughts, not from how insatiably aroused he is. He cinches your jaw between his thumb and forefinger, pulling you into a place a hungry kiss upon your lips. It’s your first kiss and it’s nothing short of ravenous greed as he urges your legs up before he’s lining himself up to your sex so he can finally feel you. Holding his cock, the pressure of the tip against you is already too much. You’re already clenching, arms finding space around his neck as you wait for the familiar pinch. Seokjin rubs his head over your arousal, resting preparing, hoping that you’d be able to take all of his throbbing cock. He kisses your jaw, short and sweet before catching the gasp that falls past your lips with his own when he slowly pushes in. You. Are. So Tight.
“Oh my god,” you let out, eyes squeezing shut as your head falls into the crook of Seokjin’s neck. You’re thankful for the remaining arousal that clings against you, alleviating the sting as he goes further.
He stops and you immediately let out a muffled whine in protest. “Are you okay?” You nod vigorously against his shoulder.
“Please, don’t stop.” How could he say no to that? “Oh my god, oh my god...oh fuck,” it’s so delicious and Seokjin groans with you, circling his arms around your waist as the feel of your cunt invites him all too eagerly. His girth, his length, each ridge of his cock is squeezed against your walls and it’s when you take him to the hilt that he puffs a breath. You can feel him hit the top of your cervix, resting just against your g-spot. You’re afraid you’ll squirt all over again.
“Where have you been all my life?” He moans, tightening his arms around you as he rolls his hips out. You pick your head off his shoulder and lock your gaze with him before your mouth leaves kisses against his cheek.
“Next door, I suppose,” you two share a moment of breathless laughs before they’re turned into wanton whines when he inches back into you. Once the pinch of the stretch is eased, he’s moving again, a slow pace, leaving you writhing in his arms. You already want more. As he bucks his hips into you, you match his pace with a steady rock of your own. Seokjin doesn’t know whether he should be crying or coming already from the way your cunt takes all of him in. Gently, he quickens his pace and your arousal keenly pulls him in, deeper and harder. Each pump drives both of you closer, his head prompting against your cervix and your sex squeezing him exquisitely. Your calves burn from holding yourself up, letting Seokjin thrust himself into you as you both let out cries of pure ecstasy.
“Fuck, that’s so good, _____ — so fucking good. So tight, so wet.” You’re both close, shamelessly rocking into each other as you find a balanced pace. Your orgasm borders against each thrust of his hips, each stroke hitting against the one spot that tumbles you over the edge.
“P-please, come in me, Seokjin,” you whimper, grasping your bottom lip with your teeth.
“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Fuck, I’m going to-” And with one slam of his hips, you’re both crying out. Your second orgasm burns through you. It’s an inferno, the jolts of current racing through you as you desperately fuck into him to chase after the molten lava in your veins. Seokjin does the same, milking out every last drop of his cum into you as he catches your lips against his own. His fingers thread into your hair as he pulls you in deeper, saliva sloppily coating your mouths as you both ride out your highs. The air smells of sex and sweat as the sounds of your panting fill the space. Even as Seokjin softens in you, he’s still much more massive than any other dick you’ve experienced.
“Fuck Seokjin, where the hell have you been hiding that?” He chuckles. Your chests press together as you both heave. When he pulls out of you, his cum dribbles just past the outer lips of your cunt and Seokjin can feel his cock already wanting more just from the sight alone. You let yourself off of him, just now noticing the film of sweat covering you both.
He gets up off the couch after you, holding his softened cock in one arm as the other searches for his boxers. It’s then that you observe his body, broad shoulders, chest gleaming with his sweat and your multiple orgasms. You’re both still panting, heads aching with an overload of sensation. Seokjin licks his lips and turns towards you, cocking his head to the side, he asks, “ you want to play some Mortal Kombat?”
Tumblr media
all rights reserved © jeongi
a/n: this one...this one really got me feeling things for Seokjin oh my god. call me boo boo the whore, ive cheated on namjoon, yoongi & jungkook. anyway, i hope you guys liked it!! thank you so much for reading, im lov u
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baehyukng · 3 years ago
That bts scenario with the pets was too cute! Can you do a hybrid scenario where he's someone else's hybrid but he reeaalllyyy likes (loves it) when you come over?
A/N: Wowie, I got so many requests for Hybrid AUs! I don’t mind tho, I love BTS as Hybrids! They’re so cuuteee - Sunflower
Tumblr media
Namjoon had invited you to a movie marathon with his roommate hybrid Jin. He insisted that you come over because apparently, Jin had been whining about wanting to see you. When you knocked on Namjoon’s front door you were instantly greeted by an overexcited pink fox.
“Y/n! You’re here!” He said, his tail perking up and a wide smile on his face.
You nodded, “I’m here! And I have food!” You said as you lifted up the bag of junk food that you carried.
Namjoon appeared from behind and smiled at you, “Hey y/n, I put on that movie with that clown everyone thinks is hot. I hope you don’t mind.”
“It? No, I don’t mind.” You smiled as you and Jin made your way to the couch.
Namjoon brought over bowls of popcorn and chips and bottles of soda and soon the three of you were lost in the world of Stephen King’s it.
Jin had gotten scared halfway through and had cuddled into you. You were gently scratching his ears and running your fingers through his pink hair calmingly and soon you felt him softly snoring next to you.
“Thanks for coming over, y/n. He’s been whining all week. It’s good seeing him smile again now that you’re here,” Namjoon chuckles.
Tumblr media
“I-Is that y/n?” Yoongi says, his soft kitten ears perking up as he heard the familiar jingle of her car keys.
Hoseok nodded, “Yeah! She’s coming over to help us bake a cake for Jimin’s birthday!”
Yoongi quickly made his way to the door and waited patiently for you to get there. He ran a hand through his hair as his fluffy tail swung gently behind him.
He heard the knock on the door and it instantly brought a smile to his face, “She’s here!”
Yoongi opened the door and instantly engulfed y/n in a big hug, “Y/n! I’ve missed you!”
Tumblr media
“Y/n! Y/n! Y/n!” Hoseok jumped up and down and whined, “Please don’t go! You just got here!”
You obviously had to go but seeing the puppy beg for you to stay made your heart melt.
“Hobi, you know I have to go,” You said as you petted him behind the ears.
He melted under your touch and whimpered, “Please, please, please! Stay y/n!”
Tumblr media
Namjoon had been sad and Jin had called you over because he knew you would cheer him up.
“Joonie? What’s wrong?” You asked as you gently caressed his wolf ears.
Namjoon whimpered and whined as he shuffled and put his head in your lap.
You looked up at Jin and tilted your head at him, “What’s up with him?”
Jin shrugged and sighed, “He’s been like that all week.”
“Joonie. Talk to me honey,” You said calmingly as you petted him.
The wolf hybrid sighed in content as you continued to pet him. Then a small smile appeared on his face and he cuddled into you. You decided to give him a small kiss on his forehead and Namjoon blushed.
“That made me feel better, maybe you could do that again y/n?”
Tumblr media
“Y/n! You’re finally here!” Jimin said as he appeared from under his blankets.
He scooted over and patted the space next to him, “Yoongi won’t let me cuddle him. He’s a brat.”
Jimin pulled you into a cuddle but soon found himself turning into the small spoon. He purred softly and cuddled into you.
Tumblr media
The tiger gave you a boxy smile as he spun you around looking at the dress he’d just put you in. It was a small red dress that he made you wear with a black beret and a dainty velvet choker. You went over to Kim Household (Seokjin, Namjoon and Taehyung) every weekend let Taehyung dress you up.
“You look so pretty y/n!” He beamed, flashing a toothy grin.
You blushed, “I only look pretty because you have a knack for fashion.”
Taehyung the Tiger pouted, “Why do you think you’re not pretty? You’re absolutely beautiful!”
“Stop it Tae,” You giggled as you hid your face in his chest.
He chuckled and moved to nuzzle his head in the crook of your neck, “I can’t help it y/n! You’re just so cute!”
Tumblr media
“Y/n! Thank god you’re here!” Jimin said hurriedly rushing you inside.
Jimin pushed you quickly into Jungkook the Bunny’s room, “W-What’s wrong?“ 
Jungkook had his knees pulled up to his chest and small tears threatening to spill out of his eyes. Another shock of thunder ran through the house and Jungkook whimpered.
“Oh, bunny…” You sighed as you looked from Jungkook to Jimin.
“I already tried cuddling him, he said he wanted you,” Jimin said as he rubbed the back of his neck.
“Kookie?” You asked softly as you made your way to him.
The bunny sniffed and moved closer to you, his ears droopy and his cotton tail matching the colour of the white sheets. You pulled him into a hug and kissed his nose.
“Don’t worry Bunny,” You said, “It’s okay.”
“I-I’m okay now that you’re here,” Jungkook sniffed and buried his face into your chest.
Masterlists: BTS  // ASTRO
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jincherie · 2 years ago
florescence | i
Tumblr media
❀ — pairing: taehyung x reader x seokjin ❀ — genre: hybrid au, hybrid tae, hybrid jin, poly, fluff, smut (future), angst  ❀ — words: 4.7k+ ❀ — rating: sfw ❀ — warnings: lowkey highkey threat of euthanisation (wooo dystopian hybrid elements!), shy and blushing boys prepare your hearts ❀ — notes: this is written for an old old old old request! you can find it here for now, but I’ll make a post for more convenience later. besides that, I already have about 18k written for this and have barely dented what I want to include so... guess we’re in this for a bit of a long haul! I’m still in the process of guiding where I want this to go, but until then... I’m eager to kick-start it! Since I technically already posted this, I’ll post the second part relatively soon. Please enjoy! lmk what u think!!! love u!!
Okay, so maybe you’re lonely, and maybe there is something missing in your life, a void that you maybe want to fill with a companion that may or may not be of human origin... You’re perfectly content not doing anything about it though, until your best friend calls you in desperate need for your help and you suddenly end up coming home with not one, but two hybrids that may or may not have been on the way to the chopping block had you not taken them in. They’re more than a little rough around the edges, and the situation is less than ideal but... maybe the best things don’t always come in perfect, shiny packages. Maybe they just need a little time to bloom.
— posted; 28.07.2019 // masterlist || next.
Tumblr media
Nerves have your knees wobbling slightly as you stand in place, the impressive height of the B.H. Laboratories building looming over you. Really, you’re not that anxious about what you’re about to do, yet your knee still feel slightly weak and your shoulders pinch with minute tension. Your body might be a little out of tune with your brain, you think, or perhaps the emotions attached to the physical reactions just haven’t hit you yet.
You waver in your spot, finally deciding to bite the bullet and take the handle into your grasp. It’s cool against your palm and smooth to the touch, if slightly worn. As you shift your wrist and twist the bolt, you recall the panicked and desperate voice of your friend as she’d called you barely half an hour ago. Seulgi is hardly the type to get worked up over nothing, so when you’d answered the phone to the sound of nothing but fear and urgency in her tone you’d been instantly at attention.
Your raven-haired best friend works at the massive Lab currently in front of you, filling in the role of the receptionist and taking her placements here as she completes her degree. Her ideal career path is one of science, but one of her passions and interests lies in the complex matter of hybrids. Really, this job is perfect for her—B.H. Laboratories specialise in genetic matters and in the creation of hybrids, most specifically those made to be companions. Long since passed are the days where hybrids were still new and shiny and held under the most barbaric of laws, if any. For some the strangeness and novelty has worn off since then, yet that doesn’t mean that the laws regarding hybrids have kept up with the shift in the population.
B.H. Labs, from the very beginning, have been pioneers of sorts in the field. Always pushing the limits, extending past perceived boundaries and paving the way. A lot of what Seulgi gets glimpses of is new hybrids, new combinations and variations. The goal of the company is to achieve the perfect companion for the people and the individual, and they work hard in their efforts to create such a thing.
This means that new lines and batches of hybrids are always being created, prototypes always being tested and tried out. Usually, the hybrids pass and go on to the next stage—they go to shelters for adoption while the data recorded from their stay goes towards the creation of the next batch. Usually, this is how it goes. However, there are the rare exceptions—batches that begin to vary and differ as they grow, turning out nothing like intended. Batches that don’t meet the goal of the experiment or that are lacking in some way or another, are marked as failures. If even a single hybrid of the bunch is deemed unfit, the rest are scrutinised brutally and received the blemish on their records as well. This, actually, is a topic that sparks heated debate in the community— because it’s common knowledge that at most hybrid facilities, failed batches aren’t sent to shelters like their predecessors, but instead are put down, like nothing more than the animals they are spliced with. They don’t have the opportunity to make connections for a possible home, and so the only destination that awaits them is the gallows. B.H Labs stand out from the rest here, due to their spotless record of product success. Never have they euthanised a hybrid of their making, and never has a batch or single hybrid been deemed a failure. However records and streaks of success, like all things, must come to an end eventually.
This… is why Seulgi had called you in such a frantic manner earlier.
She’d caught wind of a last-minute decision that had been made about two hybrids who had been deemed ‘failures’ for whatever reasons. They were being moved from their quarters as she spoke and are scheduled for the chopping block tonight. Seulgi is far too good a person to just stand by and just let it happen, and while floundering for any possible solution she’d come across you.
You can’t believe she remembered it, but one time you’d confessed to her while blind-rotten drunk that you were actually a little bit lonely, living by yourself in your large two-bedroom apartment as you were, and kind of longed for a companion. You’d never ever meant to let slip that you’d considered getting a hybrid, because you both held very similar views regarding them, but it had tumbled from your pouting lips nonetheless and now Seulgi is privy to one of your most embarrassing secrets. If she wasn’t your best friend and didn’t know that you’d rather cut off all four of your limbs than mistreat a hybrid, then your drunken confession might have earnt you a potent smack and the cold shoulder. As it is, all you can remember receiving was a drunk laugh and sly smile.
You didn’t think she would remember it, but clearly you were wrong because here you are now, all of a sudden about to receive not one but two hybrids in one go.
The second you step foot into the reception area your presence is noticed and a high tone pierces the air, stationery and folders cluttering against a desk along with the familiar sound of small wheels sliding across the linoleum.
“Oh, y/n, thank god you’re here.”
You turn, catching sight of Seulgi as she bolts up from her position behind the counter and darts around the desk, heading straight for you. She might have slammed straight into you if she didn’t catch herself a little before she arrived.
“I’d give you more info but we really don’t have time, they’re going to move them soon so we need to get our asses going.” She’s speaking so fast you can barely keep up and if you didn’t know her so well then you might not have understood what she was saying at all. She grips your hand and begins down the stark white and light blue hall, tugging you behind her. Fuck, okay, this is going much faster than you prepared yourself for. “Thank you so much for coming, y/n. I know you were kind of thinking of adopting only one, and from a shelter, and this is way out of the ball park of what you ever imagined but… thank you.”
At the mention of the other details you’d accidentally confessed to her while drunk that time, you blush, but choose to let it go for now. You aren’t sure why it embarrasses you exactly, but you know she doesn’t say it with ill intent and that she is stressed to high hell right now so you’re willing to ignore it.
“It’s no problem,” you say, shooting her a reassuring smile when she turns to catch your gaze. “I couldn’t live with myself if I said no, knowing what will happen if we don’t…”
Seulgi doesn’t say anything but the way her features twist into a grimace are telling enough that she knows what you mean.
“I asked them earlier if they could be spared if someone was interested in them, and they said yes but since they don’t know anyone, they’re still going ahead as per normal procedure,” the raven-haired female informs you, the two of you hastening your pace down the winding halls. Deeper into the bowels of the building you venture, Seulgi navigating with so much ease that you are sure she could do it with her eyes closed. “So long as we get there before they start the final part of the procedure, we should be good.”
Everything has gone so fast since Seulgi first called you over half an hour ago, and it continues to do so as you round corners and duck down halls. Eventually you reach a wing with walls painted pastel red instead of soft blue and your stomach churns and dips as the situation suddenly becomes much, much more real to you. Are you actually ready for the way your life is going to change in just a few short minutes? What if things go wrong, or they hate you and—
Seulgi stops suddenly, turning to you with wide eyes. “Oh, shit. I almost forgot—I should tell you before we go in there, they aren’t… from a batch that was deemed a failure.”
Your brows furrow before you can stop them, confusion on your face plain for her to see. She hurries to explain, “They’re… they’re from two previous batches. The rest of their batches were fine, but these two… something about them deemed them unfit to be pushed forward to the next stage.”
You can see the embitterment on her features as she continues, lips tugging down, “They… they were kept for a while, observed a little, but they… the next batch is larger than the last ones, and they’re clearing out the block to use all the room they have available. And with nowhere else to send them, since they weren’t ever officially cleared for release from the lab like the others that go to shelters and sellers…”
You’d come here already empathising with the poor hybrids, but your chest aches and your heart throbs even more now. It saddens you that this is happening to them, that this is their reality. The idea of how powerless and scared they must feel right now… it makes your lungs pinch and constrict in sorrow.
Seulgi swallows, turning her gaze to the side; you hadn’t noticed before but she’d stopped you right outside a frosted glass door, and if you strain your ears you can just barely hear the low tone of male voices on the other side.  The shorter female seems hesitant as she glances back to you, as though concerned that your mind has suddenly changed or something along those lines.
“Stop stressing,” you smile, pushing down the incriminatingly thick, wriggling bundle of nerves in your stomach. “I already agreed, I’m not going to turn back now. I want to help them.”
Your words ease her worries instantly, and she appears sheepish for a moment as she averts her gaze. “No, I know, I just… the thought of what would happen if I didn’t know you…”
She trails off, shaking her head before catching the reassuring gaze you send her. “Alright, let’s go in. We can’t afford to waste any more time.”
With that, she reaches for the handle of the door, swiping her personal card on the scanner beside the frame with her other hand. A beep permeates the air and the light flicks from red to green, lock clicking open. She’s quick to act, twisting the handle and bursting into the room with you hot on her heels, acting in the moment before your nerves can catch up to you.
“Wait, please wait! I brought her, I brought someone who will take them, please wait!”
The sight that greets you as you enter the room is one that you should have expected yet it still comes as a surprise. Three people dressed in slacks and button-ups with clinical coats over the top turn to face you in shock; one is by the door on the other side of the room, hand poised by the handle, and the other two are stationed either side of the remaining two figures in the room.
The hybrids, you realise instantly. You feel the breath whoosh from your lungs suddenly as they spin in place with wide, fearful eyes and you catch sight of them in all their beautiful glory.
They’re about the same height, with the same golden skin that glows nicer than it should beneath the unforgiving fluorescent lights of the lab. That is where their similarities end for the most part though, as they appear to be different hybrid types altogether, something that is consistent with what Seulgi said to you earlier. The one to the left has soft, pale reddish-coloured hair and large triangular ears with thick tufts of white on the inside. His eyes are rimmed by long, dark lashes and the iris swims citrine green-gold with dustings of cocoa by the pupil. His hips are narrower than the hybrid beside him, his posture drawn in as he hugs himself and his tail, deep russet and incredibly fluffy and thick, wraps around his long legs.
The male beside him sports soft charcoal hair, the ears settled amongst the strands speckled grey and black to match the fluffy, white-tipped tail that brushes his calves. His eyes are deep amber, gleaming gold in the light, and rimmed with dark lashes that only serve to emphasise the contrast of his irises. His shoulders are impossibly broad and his upper body tapers into hips that, while aren’t as narrow as the male beside him, are still slim and give way to long legs. Both of the hybrids are wearing the standard loose white clothes that come complimentary from the lab, and both are looking at you with mixed emotions playing on their features.
“Seulgi,” the male by the door lets out a heavy breath of relief, hand dropping from the handle completely. “Thank god, I thought you weren’t going to come—I tried to take as long as possible but there’s only so much I can stall when I have orders from the higher-ups, you know?”
Seulgi nods, her gaze flitting from the hybrids in question to the male’s face. “I know, I’m sorry I took so long, Jooheon. Are these the ones?”
The male, Jooheon, nods and begins walking over to where you are, reaching into the deep pockets of his lab coat. The other two humans in the room visibly relax at the turn the situation has taken for them.
“They are,” he affirms, gaze falling to you with what you swear is a hint of gratitude. “And this is your friend, y/n? The one who offered to take them?”
You nod along with Seulgi, and Jooheon lets out another huff of relief. “Thank god. Okay, I brought the release forms down so all you will have to do is sign and then the three of you can be out of here.”
He pulls a folded bunch of papers from the pocket, placing it along with a pen on the desk to your side that you in all honesty didn’t even notice until now. He then turns to the two hybrids, who are looking frantically from you to him with wide, confused yet somewhat hopeful eyes. Your heart gives a painful throb as you see the glossy sheen beginning to gather over them.
“You’re saved,” Jooheon breathes, and you watch as the hybrids seem to shake slightly. “This is y/n, she agreed to be your owner and take you two home to take care of you from now on. You’re safe now, you won’t need to worry about… what we talked about earlier, anymore. Okay?”
The two hybrids look like they’re about to cry, chins wobbling and lips trembling, but they manage to keep the tears at bay just a little longer. They turn to you, appearing as though they want to say something, but Jooheon takes your attention again before they get the chance.
“Alright, y/n I need you to sign here and here, on both forms,” he instructs you, holding the paper open and pointing to the areas amongst the lines of fine print that needed your signature. You take the pen and do as told, and once he is satisfied with your progress, he turns to the other two staff members that were in the room. “Hyungwon, Changkyun, you can take their wristbands off. They won’t need them. Did you bring the collars?”
They both nod, the taller one reaching into his coat pocket while the other goes about removing two thick bands from the hybrids with a tiny, specialised key. You finish scribbling your signature where it’s required just in time to receive the two simple leather collars that the tall one is holding out to you.
Now that what you guess to be the ownership forms are signed, Seulgi has visibly sagged in a combination of relief and exhaustion—she did stay here well after her shift ended to sort this all out, after all. She isn’t normally here until almost nine o’clock at night.
“Thank you, Jooheon, Hyungwon, Changkyun,” she breathes, striding forward to grasp the papers and fold them neatly. “Thank you for letting us do this.”
Jooheon shakes his head, a fond, thankful smile tugging his lips and making dimples appear on his cheeks. “No, thank you. I… I don’t know what we would have done if you two didn’t…”
The silence that falls at his words is heavy, and you look to the two hybrids to see their gazes directed at the ground, forms trembling. You want so badly to comfort them and reassure them that everything is going to be okay, that you’ll keep them safe and do everything in your power to make them happy, but you can’t bring yourself to overstep that boundary. You’re new to them, they don’t know you. The recollection of that fact makes your face heat in embarrassment at the nature of your instincts in this situation.
“It’s no problem,” you say, the first words you’ve uttered so far in this room—every gaze whips to you accordingly. You shoot Jooheon and the two hybrids a smile. “I’m happy to help. I promise to do my best.”
The male nods at that, relieved, and he turns to the two hybrids.
“Alright, you two come with me. We’ll go grab your things and make sure you have everything ready to go.” He turns to Seulgi now, “We’ll meet you at the front of the building in a few minutes, make sure to grab the guidebooks for her.”
And with that he’s grasping the two hybrids gently and leading them down the hall, disappearing from sight within moments. You don’t even notice the other two lab employees bidding you farewell until Seulgi is tugging at your arm and leading you in the direction you came from.
“Come on, let’s go,” she says, a smile tugging her lips to replace the stressed frown from earlier. You’re glad to see a brighter expression on her face. “I’ll grab those guidebooks for you then we’ll meet them out front. You caught the bus here right? I’ll drop you three home.”
x     +     x     +     x  
Barely half an hour later finds you standing on the footpath outside your unit complex, waving to a grinning Seulgi as she pulls from the curb and toots her horn in farewell. Something that you probably could have gone without, if the way the two hybrids by your side flinch is anything to go by. Silence drifts over the three of you as you watch her car disappear into the night, taillights flashing before she rounds a corner and is gone form your view. The short trip to your house was spent much in the same manner, Seulgi the main perpetrator driving the conversation as you respond occasionally from the front seat, the hybrids bunched together in the back with their tiny amounts of luggage. You’re not really a quiet person— quite the opposite, really— but you don’t want to overwhelm and intimidate your new housemates more than they already are. Thus, a majority of the trip was spent in silence.
You realise as you’re standing there that you know little to nothing about these two hybrids—there was no ‘getting to know them’ process as there might have been at a proper shelter. Normally, the procedure is that you enter the shelter, fill in application forms and tell the clerk what you’re looking for—they direct you to hybrids they think will be suitable, and then you spend some time with the hybrid to get to know them a little. Obviously, nothing like that happened tonight; actually, you’re still reeling a bit and the events that have occurred so far haven’t even caught up with you yet. You can’t find it in you to complain though, not when you know that choosing them meant that you saved them from a fate more befitting to an animal.
“Do you two have everything?” you ask suddenly, doing your best to make your voice as gentle and nonthreatening as possible. It still startles them though, and they flinch before their attention whips to you, their eyes wide—both are taller than you so it’s almost kind of comical, the way they react. When they nod you let out a hum and send them each what you hope comes across as a reassuring smile. “Excellent, please follow me and we’ll go inside.”
They do so without qualm, and you can’t help but wonder as you turn on your heel and begin to walk towards your unit—sat on the ground floor to the front of the complex and hidden behind a tiny courtyard—what exactly was quote-unquote wrong with them for them to have been marked as failures and lined up for the fate they almost faced tonight. You climb the few steps that lead to the courtyard with them in tow, making it to your front door and unlocking it with speed and practiced ease. You hold the door open for them, closing it softly after they file in.
“Alright,” you hum to yourself, moving to slip your shoes off and deposit your bag to the small table to the side. You go to face them, about to ask them what they would like to do first, when you come to a startling and embarrassing realisation.
You don’t even know their names.
The two hybrids are already looking at you as you turn to face them, soft smile on your face.
“I’m sorry,” you apologise, hands wringing somewhat nervously. The events of the past hour are only just sinking in, a jumbled mess your mind is struggling to disentangle, and it all feels so….surreal. “This has all gone pretty fast, huh? I just realised I never asked your names. I’m y/n, as you probably already guessed. And you…?”
The two of them share a glance before the one to your left, the one with raven hair and bright amber eyes, speaks first—the other shifts behind him, cheeks dusting pink as he ducks his head a little, russet-coloured strands hanging over his forehead.  
“I am Seokjin,” the male speaks clearly, but you can hear the tremble in his tone that betrays just how nervous and on edge he still is. “This is Taehyung. Th-thank you for taking us in, mistress.”
At the title he attaches to the end of his sentence you blanche, shoulders pinching in discomfort as a squeak escapes you. You reach and take his hands into yours without thinking, desperate to reassure him.
“No, please! You don’t have to call me that. I don’t know what you’ve been taught but we’re equals in this house, just y/n is fine,” you inform them, gaze flicking from one face to another. “Okay?”
The second your hands grasped his a deep blush stains Seokjin’s cheeks, his eyes wide and ears slightly pressed to his skull in what you guess is fluster. He nods when you send him a prompting look, Taehyung following suit from next to him. You allow your eyes to scan their trembling forms for a moment, taking in the way their tails press tightly to them and wind around their legs, ears half lowered. You’ve barely recovered from what almost happened to them, so you don’t doubt that they’re still caught up on the fate they oh so narrowly missed. Your heart goes out to them.
“You’re still a little shaken up, huh,” you murmur in observation, brushing your thumbs over the knuckles of the hands in your grasp before you realise what you’re doing and gently let go. You do your absolute best to fight the embarrassed flush trying to colour your cheeks as a result. “I’ll show you to your room, then you can decide if you would like to shower and freshen up or have something to eat first. Is that okay?”
Seokjin’s eyes are wide as he regards you with something akin to shock, plush lips falling open before he musters an answer for you in the form of a nod. You turn and see Taehyung shyly nodding as well, a hand reaching to grip the back of the other hybrid’s shirt as he shuffles slightly behind him. You suppress the urge to raise your brows—wow, he’s a shy one, huh? You’re a little taken aback but it’s honestly a little endearing.
“Okay, let’s go,” you say, offering them a smile again. Seokjin attempts to return it, but Taehyung is too busy staring at the floor to catch it. “My house isn’t very big, but I’ll point out places as we go.”
The two hybrids trail after you as you proceed to give them a makeshift tour, pointing out the main rooms and adding little comments of what you liked to do in there or what you use certain things for. They observe their surroundings with wide, inquisitive eyes, and the further into the house you delve you catch them sniffing subtly as they take in the different scents in your home, tails unwinding from their legs to tentatively brush wall corners and furniture. Bit by bit they seem to ease, tension fleeing their forms somewhat, and you’re glad for it. You don’t want them to be on edge for the whole night, and you don’t want them to feel uncomfortable for longer than is normal.
“—this one is my room, and this one here is yours. I’m sorry, you have to share a bed for now but I will be able to get two separate ones soon.” You run your hands through your hair sheepishly, eyes sweeping over the room for anything that shouldn’t be there. You duck in and grab a box of paints you left to the side, offering the two hybrids an embarrassed grin. “I promise I will get all this stuff out of here as soon as possible, too. Ideally I would have cleared it before you got here, but tonight was a little short-notice so… yeah.”
Taehyung is hiding behind the other male but is watching you with rapt attention over his shoulder, absorbing everything you say even if the blush on his cheeks betrays that he’d rather be averting his gaze right now. Your eyes flick to Seokjin and you catch him chewing his lip as he processes your words, amber hues flitting about the room and taking everything in.
“It is fine,” he says, offering you a small smile in reassurance. “We will be okay. You have already been more than generous enough.”
You shake your head at him, attempting to smile though it doesn’t reach your eyes. “I appreciate that, but you guys deserve better than the state of the room as it is right now. I want the two of you to be happy , so… as soon as we can, we’ll get some stuff for you to decorate and make it your own… okay?”
You swear his eyes are shining as they whip and meet yours, his mouth falling open once more as he struggles to form a response. You clear your throat, speaking so he doesn’t have to.
“Just there is your bathroom. I have one attached to my room, so that one is just for you two,” you inform them, fingers wringing nervously again. “We can maybe go tomorrow and get everything we need, but it would be really helpful if you guys thought about what you want and maybe make a list? I’m happy to get whatever.”
They seem taken aback at your words, not for the first time tonight, but nod nonetheless. You let a bright smile onto your face. “Awesome, thanks. You can pop your bags in here—would you like to shower and freshen up first, or do you want some food?”
The hybrids share a look, and Seokjin turns back, opening his mouth to answer when two loud grumbles pierce the air. Both hybrids flush bright pink, mortified, but you just laugh.
Guess that answers your question, then.
Tumblr media
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thewanderingalias · 3 years ago
Heat (M)
Tumblr media
He was there when you needed him most, and now, he needs you.
Seokjin x Reader
A/B/O dynamics, smut, voyeurism, exhibitionism, breeding kink, mating, knotting, dom!Seokjin, fluff and plot if you squint haha
Word count: 10k
The sky shone a radiant hue, crystal waters shimmering against the spring blues. It was a delightful day, a delightful season, where the greens of trees grew and winds blew your unruly tendrils around your face.
You grimaced. You fucking hated this time of year.
Sure, it was visually appealing and abuzz with liveliness, but you knew your heat was fast approaching, and with every whiff caught in every wind—an overwhelming scent of a nearby male who could possibly tame your desires—you had to fight the beast within not to take control. The last thing you needed was to top just anybody in public.
Well, it was your own stupid decision not to stay home. You were risking so much being out and about with your urges fluctuating, especially since you lived in a thriving urban area on the coast, where foot traffic never ceased; you were constantly surrounded every second spent beyond the confines of your apartment.
Normally you acted more responsibly, keeping away from the public. But for some reason, your legs carried you to the beach this blue afternoon where children laughed and sand scuttled beneath your toenails; a reason unbeknownst to you.
This would mark your forth heat at ripe young age of twenty-one, all the while you still managed to keep an innocent tail tucked between your legs. Virginal, yes, but that didn’t mean you were undesiring of physical attention. Truth be told, you kept to yourself because you were mate-less, and finding someone entirely complacent with sating your heat with no strings attached seemed difficult and frankly—too time-consuming. You made do with your own pleasures since the age of 18—the age where people presented. Alpha, beta, or, in your unfortunate case, omega.
You sighed, turning your head away from where the wind carried a tempting aroma across the sands, and dug your free toes against the grains. “This is dumb.” You announced lowly, standing to your feet. Of course it was. That night would probably be your most painfully endured since your last heat and there you were—kicking your feet around at the beach. You were only causing yourself more suffering with the exposure, every little scent carried your way making your throat tighten just a bit more.
I should get home…
You turned around. After ensuring the back of your skirt was free of granules, you slipped on your sandals and trudged away from the crashing waves. Your ears twitched with every jeer and splash of kids playing with their families beneath the blazing sun. If only your heat didn’t occur during such a nice time of year…
You sighed again, lips in a tight line, and you cautiously took back roads towards the station.
With eyes closed and earbuds tucked in, you willed yourself to ignore the people around you. Actually, there were very few aboard the train. It must have had something to do with the time of day—everyone was already where they needed to be at four o’clock, and the trains wouldn’t be bustling until rush hour later that evening.
A few middle-aged betas gave you nervous glances from the seats across, and you couldn’t blame them—it was only natural to. You were an omega going into heat. Really, though, the only ones holding liberty over you were alphas, and you’d been lucky not to have confrontations with any. The idea of feeling the physical desire to bow down just because of an overwhelming sense of submission seemed odd to you. You were too prideful to bow down to just anyone. But with your heat approaching… you weren’t sure how you’d react if you were to come into contact with one.
The betas whispered to each other with wary eyes. You figured, at this point, your raging hormones could probably be sensed meters away. Anyone could tell you were going into heat, and they either pitied you for being alone, or feared what you would become when it hit.
And of course you wouldn’t force yourself onto a couple of old, mated betas; that would do no justice—they wouldn’t satisfy your desires at all.
But when a tall, dark, and handsome male—an alpha with golden eyes—passed by, you had to wring your hands around the support handle and swipe the drool from your lip. It took almost all your strength not to follow him out to his stop, and you cursed yourself, again, for being so careless.
The betas scampered off quickly and soon you were left alone in the compartment. This is so shitty.
You attempted a few calming breaths now that you were the sole passenger in the train car, your head falling back against the window. Thank God I called out of work for a week… suddenly you were hoping a week was long enough. You had been lucky the past few years, sating your desires within the short time span. Something’s different this time. You shook your head, worried. It felt stronger, more uncontrollable.
Your thoughts were disrupted several minutes later when the doors opened at a new station and you immediately flinched in your seat. Oh no…
Your nose sought the air even before your eyes opened, and the most delicious aromas cascaded through the compartment. Alphas. You salivated, and quickly shook your head. Unmated, from the smell of it.
Being mated provided a unique scent—it deterred one from being attracted to anyone other than their mate. Lucky for you, that tall, dark, and handsome alpha you saw earlier had been mated—otherwise he would surely have acted upon your spreading scent. However, given that none of these alphas were mated—and neither were you—anxiety blossomed within you as your thoughts raced.
“Shit,” You whispered, eyes flying open to take in the newcomers. Your hand was already digging around your purse in search for a familiar spray bottle, and when you found it, you quickly spritzed the scent several times. It would provide a bubble, a barrier, and hopefully it would prevent the three young men from catching your horridly sinful scent. That would be embarrassing, almost on par with being publicly nude. They seemed not to take notice of you right away, and you breathed a sigh of relief, thighs squeezing together in hopes your efforts were not fruitless.
Alas, the three took their seats, a little ways away from you on the opposite side of the train car, and continued their discussions privately.
That was too close…
You closed your eyes again and brought your music to full volume, breathing only with your mouth because lord knows what’ll happen if you sniff them out for too long.
No one else had boarded, and you still had another twenty minutes minimum before your stop.
Eight minutes in, there was an obnoxiously alarming screech of metal, and the train car shook ferociously. Your eyes shot open and you tore the buds from your ears just in time to catch the conductor’s voice on the PA.
“Errr, sorry for the interruption folks, but it looks like we have some debris on the bridge ahead of us.” You peered out the window behind you, squinting against the sun, as the train slowed to a halt. “We’ll alert the authorities to remove it… For your safety, please remain calm, ladies and gentlemen, and remain within your compartment. For safety reasons, we cannot allow anyone to leave, so please be patient…” Oh great.
You could tell the conductor was trying his best to ease the passengers’ tensions, and that he was genuinely apologetic, but that really didn’t help your situation.
You shifted again, away from where the three males complained amongst themselves. Through the window, you overlooked the sea, having been stopped right in the middle of a one-way bridge, and the height made you nauseous, so you turned away. It normally was quite a pretty sight, however, you felt only discomfort when you realized you were trapped that that high off the ground. Yikes. You faced forward, calming yourself.
And then, after a few minutes of easy breathing, it hit you, like a tidal wave. You almost lurched forward off the seat, sweat breaking out immediately on your brow. Your body was hot, fiery, and needy as all hell. The first thought to cross your mind was escape, and you took to your feet, scampering down the compartment towards the bathroom stall. Fuck, fuck, fuck—You thought, the ability to maintain control wavering. You could feel your breath hitching and your motor senses fighting back. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK— you were so close, until—
Uh-oh. That didn’t come from you.
You discovered your eyes had been closed during your brief and unstable trek, so when you opened them, you were surprised to find there was a body beneath you.
There was surprise in the crystal eyes of the alpha. His face was gentle, awestruck, like a child gazing wondrously inside a candy store. And you saw his nose twitch, and then, everything changed.
You tried reeling back, but your body responded to his, and you only found yourself inching closer. His eyes, those once innocent orbs, were blown-out as he easily caught your scent cascading around him.
You trembled, swallowing thickly, before finding just enough willpower to heave yourself odd the sturdy man to remember he was a stranger.
“S-s-sorry!” You hissed out, your head pounding, like your body was punishing you for disobeying its desires.
You scrambled to your feet, only to trip and fall back onto the opposing seats again.
As your vision cleared somewhat, you took note of the three staring at you. There was a similar expression on all their faces, though, the older one seemed to have the most sense in his daunting black eyes.
“Are you okay?” He questioned carefully, calm and collected, though you could see the vein in his neck straining as his nostrils sought your sweet scent.
You gasped once under his gaze, nodding shyly a few times before eyeing the other two, the younger alphas.
The one beside the elder held a blank expression, but his dark eyes were fixed on you as his jaw was working like some mechanism. As for the one you managed to topple over, his fists clenched around the material of his jeans while his eyes trained on the sensitive part of your neck, as though it were a tasteful fruit he wanted to take a bite from.
They all appeared to be quite different in age, though, that did nothing to discern the lusts burning in their eyes.
You swallowed thickly, submit, and then eyed the end of the car again, seeking the restroom.
“S-sorry, again.” With a light bow, you clapped a hand over your lips and nostrils and staggered away from them, tearing through the door to the small compartment separating cars. The bathroom was at your left, and without hesitation, and with a small whine, you flung the door open and locked yourself inside.
After about ten minutes of hyperventilating in the tiny, cubical of a bathroom, you stared at yourself in the mirror and decided you were back in control. The pain subsided, for now, but you knew you couldn’t hole out in the restroom until rescue arrived to clear the track. It was becoming too stuffy, too hot, and that only muddled your fuzzy brain.
With a deep inhale, you nervously opened the door, unprepared for what to expect back in the train car.
When you entered the compartment again, your footfalls were timid, slow, and you kept your eyes at your toes while streaks of an orange sun shone through the windows. Even though you didn’t see much of a point in using your scent-repressing spray, now that it was obvious you were in heat, you chanced a few spritzes. Hopefully it’d mask some evident traces of… that damnable musk.
Instead of returning back to your normal spot on the bench, you chose the seat closest to the doors leading to the bathroom. Just in case there was another emergency.  
And in sitting down shamefully, you peered through the tendrils of hair draping before your face; you caught the three of them, their figures huddled together in silence.
They were watching you.
You felt embarrassment flush your features and hastily felt around your bag for your headphones. You wondered how long the train would remain at standstill, desperation in your clutches as you squeezed your handbag to your chest.
Sixteen minutes passed. Sixteen minutes in peace.
Then seventeen minutes came around, and it was as unexpected and horrendous as the first.
You cried into your shoulder, having harshly bitten into the flesh, as your miserable orgasm finally approached. But it was cut short—because your fingers were not enough to sate your thirst. You were so dizzy, so light-headed, and so fucking pissed that you couldn’t reach your end. You were so close! And then, the tension just—snapped. And not in the good way.
You dragged your soaked fingers from your core as you whined again, your head rolling back onto the mirror you’ve propped yourself up against. Stroking your tender nub, in hopes to reignite that flame you lost so suddenly, you released an airy breath, trying so hard to keep your whimpers at bay.
“Fuck,” a tear clambered down your cheek. Your slick was melting through your fingertips; hot and heavy in your palm. You should’ve cared more about the stickiness dribbling down your legs and onto the floor—but in the moment, the disgusting mess you’ve made strayed from your thoughts. It was hardly a priority.
In the haze of your heat, you barely heard the knock on the bathroom door. “Are you okay?”
Him; it was the voice belonging to the older alpha from the train car, and you barely stifled the whine emitting from your throat at the scent emerging from the gap underneath the door. And judging from his sharp intake of breath, you gathered he probably got a good whiff of you as well.
All rationale escaping you, a cry tore from your throat as you lurched forward and unlocked the door, your scent barreling through the frame as you swung it open. The broad man’s face was contorted in an expression you didn’t care to decipher, but his aroma—his delicious scent—had you intoxicated and throwing your arms around his neck.
“Alpha, please,” you begged to the stranger as he stiffened and gulped. His arms made purchase on your hips, and instead of pulling you closer like you wanted, the tall man resorted to distancing you.
“Look,” He groaned as you whined and protested the increased proximity. “It’s… dangerous for you to be here, and god you smell so fucking good,” he made to bury his nose in your neck, and you presented it for him desperately fast, but he caught himself with a cleared throat. “But I can’t let you suffer in here alone.”
“It… it hurts so much!” You whined, your core clenching around nothing, struggling against the hands clasping your wrists at your sides. “Please just fuck me! Please!”
You glanced up to see a flash in his eyes, and you’re certain you’ve convinced him—until he shook his head and tore his eyes away. “I’m not going to take advantage of you like that. I only came to calm you down and bring you some pain meds. Plus I’m trying to keep you from my friends, in case you were planning on wandering out again—they don’t have the kind of tolerance I have.” There was a wry smile at his lips but you lacked the mental capacity to admire it.
“Please…” you tiredly flung yourself at him again, to no avail—the gentle alpha had the upper hand in strength. You were no match to his size, and although that notion turned you on, the heat clouding your rationale was suddenly dissipating.
In an instant, the pain in your abdomen subsided enough for your mind to clear. You stepped away, the second wave of your heat taking its exit, shame in your eyes.
“I-I’m sorr—”
“Don’t apologize.” He smiled. “I don’t mind. Here—you left this behind.” Your eyes shot down to his hands, which had since released your wrists and now beheld your forgotten handbag. You must have been too quick to make a break for the restroom at the onslaught of your second heat wave.
The man had the decency to place the thing atop the sink of the stall-like restroom. You flushed at the realization that your hands were still too sticky and overwhelmed with your lubricant to be comfortable, and you were quick to rearrange your skirt.
“I’ll give you a minute to clean up.” He turned away, grasping the door handle. You paused.
“You’re staying?” You winced at your tone, but instead of being offended, the handsome man simply nodded.
“I told you; you’re staying here until we’re off this train. And I’ll be here to give you company so you’re not alone.”
Your heart throbbed after his words, and you felt a gush of warmth expelling into your panties. You frowned, because at the sound of his prying nostrils seeking the air, you realized that he had noticed. Then you bit your lip, anticipating his alpha instincts to kick in. To turn around and ravage you like an animal. A pinprick of fear consumed you.
But, alas, he turned away. “Knock when you’re ready.” His tone was light. You relaxed.
“Thank you…” you whispered after him, a gentle hum leaving his throat in return as he closed the door behind him.
You made haste in rinsing off your hands. Then, you ran damp paper towels down the insides of your thighs, mopping the streaks of lubricant from your legs. You sighed, noticing the puddle of accumulated liquid on the floor. With a fresh batch of towels, you carefully scooped it up and deposited it into the bin. Unfortunately, the smell would permeate in the small room for the next several days. You felt for the person who would eventually have to dispose of the garbage.
It only took a few moments to become decent. With a shaky breath, you knocked on the door, and the tall alpha was opening it almost instantly. A shy smile was on his face, and he probably smelled that your aroma had been somewhat contained.
“Hey,” He said, dark hair falling into his brows.
You nod at him and let him in. The room felt too small for the two of you, and anxiety swept through you at the thought of sharing the space for god knew how long until the train track was cleared of debris and you were free to leave.
“What’s your name?” Your thoughts were disrupted by his low, sweet voice. You glanced his way. Oh, I didn’t even realize we hadn’t introduced ourselves.
“Y/N,” you looked down and played with the hem of your skirt. “My name is Y/N.” Embarrassment still washed over you as you thought back to your previous actions.
The man made a noise and dug into his back pocket. “Well, Y/N.” Your name sounded wonderful on his lips. “My name is Seokjin. Here; ibuprofen—they’ll help with the pain when your next wave hits.”
Seokjin released two capsules of pain relief into your palm, a pleasant smile on his face as you thanked him and accepted the water bottle he had brought.
You downed them quickly, your gaze falling away from the man once again. There was one thought that kept bugging you, but you weren’t sure how to inquire it. So, you deposited the bottle atop the sink and shifted on your feet. An awkward silence swallowed you.
However, it seemed as though the kind Seokjin would have none of that. “So, Y/N… why were you out and about during your heat?” There was a lilt in his words that eased the tension in the room.
You paused and released a shaky breath, feeling almost idiotic as you pondered the answer. “I… I wanted to enjoy the weather before being locked away for a week. I thought I’d have enough time, but my heat came early. And what’s worse is that it’s never been this strong. I can’t even…” you frowned, “I can’t even get off, by myself.” You flushed under his gaze, but Seokjin seemed unphased.
“How old are you?” He asked thoughtfully.
Then he hummed, crossing his arms over his chest, his gentle blue sweater tightening around his shoulders. “So, this is your forth heat?”
You nodded after him, observing his puzzled expression. Seokjin quirked his lips, “I heard that heats come early sometimes for omegas if they’re under a lot of stress. Same goes for not being able to self-stimulate.” He paused for the dramatics as you flushed and took in the information with a frown. Then he continued, “Are you stressed?”
Sure, you had to take a week off work in the busiest time of the year. And sure, due to the leave of absence, you were setting yourself up for an intense return filled with cramming projects to meet a nearing deadline. So yeah, stressed was an understatement. For the past month, your office job had you fucking up your sleep schedule and contemplating alcoholism.
You nodded after him, eyes meeting his large, wise ones. Seokjin leaned against the door frame, some feet away, as you stationed yourself atop the closed toilet seat. “Work has been hectic lately.”
“Ah, then my presumption is probably right.” Insightful eyes danced towards yours and you suddenly felt relaxed in his presence.
“Why do you know so much about the female heat?” You found yourself pondering aloud after a few moments of comfortable silence.
“I have an older sister. She would always demand pain pills before locking herself up.” He scuffed his shoe against the flooring, the distant creak of metal sounding some ways away. “Guess I’m just used to it.”
You cocked your head. “Is that why you have a…” a breath released from you, “high tolerance for omegas in heat?”
Seokjin stiffened slightly at that, his eyes flashing so suddenly as though a sinful thought had infiltrated his defenses. But it was gone as quick as it came. “Probably. I’ve always just been more mature too, unlike Taehyung and Jungkook out there. I’m a few years older than them, so I’ve had more time to learn to control myself, no matter how—” His eyes dart from your toes to your neck, “tempting an omega’s heat is.”
You admired his self-control. Even though it still appeared as though tidbits of his dominating alpha gene made a brief appearance, any other alpha male would have given into temptation and had you their way. The worst part is that you would’ve let them.
It was remarkable, really. Your whole life since presenting as an omega, a somewhat rare feat, had been hellish during your heats and endlessly bothersome during male’s ruts. Males were supposed to lock themselves away during their ruts, but there were still the reckless handful who marched around and preyed on unsuspecting betas or uncommon omegas.
You really wished that you had presented as a beta—the only one in the hierarchy that didn’t have to face a rut or heat. They were the median who lived peacefully without preference to a mate’s rank. But no, you just had to be the ultimate sub—an omega, whose kind crumbled at the feet of any alpha. And though alphas could take anyone they wanted—other alphas, betas, or omegas—during their heats or ruts, omegas were the sweetest tasting in the bunch. The ones they could easily dominate.
You frowned at the thought, gaze gliding over to scan the side profile of Seokjin. He was devilishly handsome, and you wondered if he would be as kind as he was now during his rut—the male version of a heat. That’s when alphas are at their least controllable state.
“Ah,” you released a tiny gasp, knees locking beneath you. No, not again. You silently cursed and chided yourself for returning to your vulnerable state. “Se-Seokjin, I’m—”
He had braced himself at the door even before you began speaking, the atmosphere having shifted around you. His nose sought the air, his tongue wetting his lip quickly, before he made to pile a stack of paper towels beside the sink.
“I know, Y/N, just relax. Breathe easy. Take your time, I’ll be outside the door.” Quickly, he turned. But you were quicker, a whine building in your throat. You snagged the sleeve of his sweatshirt with a clammy palm, thighs rubbing against one another as you became entirely consumed by your heat again.
“Please don’t leave me,” you tucked your nose against his spine, and Seokjin ceased in the frame. “If you’re here, it might help me—” get off, you wanted to say, before a whine spilled from your throat. You could feel him contemplating, before he walked backward, your chest pressing into his mid-back. He back-peddled until your tail bone met the opposing wall, his masculine aroma bombarding your senses.
“Okay, okay.” He turned, eyes wavering as he scanned your form. His were a mix between dazed and calculating, while yours were a concoction of glazed and longing.
Your head rolled back against the wall as Seokjin took a step away, your eyes cinching closed as you breathed in the alpha in the air. His very presence brought about enough slick to become embarrassed by. You didn’t care, though. Your omega had something else in mind.
He silently stationed himself at the door, like a knight guarding his queen’s quarters, keeping you under his watchful eyes. He had no idea what he just agreed to.
Your legs spread on their own accord, your knee buckling under the anticipation, and the wall was forced to support you. With a trembling hand, your fingers dipped underneath your skirt, dancing along the curve of your thigh before they were nimbly pressed against your destroyed panties. The wetness had you groaning, your sensitive clit reacting immediately to the touch. With haste, you pushed the soaking underwear to the side and played with your tender folds, nearly forgetting about your audience until an audible growl emitted from his throat.
You whined, submit, your eyes flinging open to take in his heated form. He was clearly enjoying the show; his palm pressed flat against the cock straining in his jeans. “S-Seokjin,” you whimpered, fingers rolling against your nub with more vigor now that you had him in your sight.
“Go on, Y/N, touch yourself like the little omega you are.” He encouraged through his teeth, eyes dark, but legs motionless. He wouldn’t give in—no matter how much he wanted you, he was rooted in place.
So, you obeyed, ears seeking the little breathes of exertion he released with every stroke of his palm against himself.
Your folds were like silk in your hand, and you were quick to match the rhythm of his distant strokes. He groaned at the notion, excitement exploding within you as you watched with heavy lids as he undid his pants and snaked a hand in.
He didn’t reveal his length, but the visual already had you squirming under his gaze, slick coasting down your legs to settle into your sandals. A finger entered you, and another one followed, and you pumped in—and out, and in, and out, and—tears escaping your eyes as his were glued to your brutal ministrations.
“Stay there,” He warned darkly as you took an unwarranted step towards him. You veered back immediately, whining lowly. It was his alpha voice—the commands lacing alpha’s syllables that omegas couldn’t refuse to obey. It was a physical response as much as it was a mental one, so you remained latched to the wall as you pierced your core deeper.
The scent of his precum permeated your nostrils and you suddenly collapsed to your knees, heaving aloud but insistently fingering yourself. With your knees spread beneath you, your bum raised in the air, wiggling under the assault of your digits.
“Oh fuck, Y/N, just like that,” Seokjin breathed out, his hand moving faster in his jeans. You chanced a look at his features—fucked out; sweaty; pupils blown to their limits. In any other circumstance you would’ve wondered how it was possible he maintained such control—but you were too focused on meeting your end.
Now that the pain medicine had kicked in, your headache was dissipating, and your stomach was churning for a new reason. “I’m gonna cum!” You choked out, inserting a third finger to the mix. “Can I cum, alpha?” You were on the verge of crying in desperation for release, your eyes pleading for his permission because it was only natural to obey an alpha.
Seokjin chuckled darkly, his pumping hand stuttering as his free one clenched the denim of his jeans. “Cum for me, Y/N. Cum all over the floor.”
And that was all it took; your forehead fell against the tile and you bit back extremities, whimpering and crumbling under the weight of the most intense orgasm of your life.
White clouded your eyes, your body collapsing like dead weight, and you heard the end of Seokjin’s release into his palm, the new scent mingling with yours.
It felt as though several minutes had passed, but it couldn’t have been more than a few moments when you were being carefully lifted from the floor and gently placed atop the toilet seat. You slumped against the wall with a satisfied sigh, leaning into the warm hand pressed against your brow.
“You did so well, Y/N.” His voice was but a mere whisper, tickling your cheek as you felt the dampness of a towel slide against your heel. You let him clean you, and the act felt so intimate that when your orgasmic bliss evanesced, you couldn’t battle the racing of your heart for the man.
Technically, he wasn’t a stranger—but you didn’t know him well enough to call him anything else. The thrumming in your chest only served to remind you that you were probably just extremely hormonal because of your heat. You couldn’t actually be falling for him.
The towel ceased at the apex of your thighs, and your eyes fluttered open to take in the breathtaking sight of the man on his knees before you.
You whined, clapping a hand over your mouth just after; embarrassed.
Seokjin just smiled, his eyes clear of lust, and looked between your exposed panties and your expression; he was asking for permission.
And before you could think it over—realize what it would entail—you were nodding like a shy idiot, and he was swiping the material over your exposed folds.
You kicked a leg out on accident, wincing at the overstimulation. “Sorry, I just need to get you clean,” he spoke softly, like washing you was his obligation.
It took a few embarrassing minutes until all the slick had been dumped away, Seokjin having taken care of his mess shortly after. You gave him privacy as he reached within the confines of his boxers to wipe himself, to which he laughed at, calling your actions cute.
“Done,” he smirked, tying the full garbage bag at the top to contain the smell. He turned to you, his eyes twinkling and playful, as though the recent explicit event had not occurred. “That should tide you over for a bit.”
His nose pointed in the air, suddenly, and his face shifted to the door, eyes slanting. A frown pulled on his cheeks. Before you could question him, in your hazy state, there was a knock against the slab. You bit back a whimper at the intruding scent of an alpha, overwhelming your heightened senses. You cowered back behind Seokjin on instinct, tucking yourself into the back corner with your legs squeezed shut.
The broad man hesitated at the frame, fingering the locking mechanism before unengaging it and opening it just enough to poke his head out.
“Jungkook, what is it?”
You recognized the name, and the scent—it belonged to the young alpha you ran into earlier, with his doe-like eyes and pouty lips. Both features had turned sinful the moment your heat made itself known. A twinge of fear bubbled within you as you watched on.
“Hyung, the debris has been moved.”
“We’ll be leaving soon.” Another velvety voice added. The blank-faced alpha with dangerous eyes must have joined them. Their domineering presence made you nervous, but the good news hit you hard; the train would be moving soon.
You must not have heard the announcement during your… escapades, and relief filled you upon the notion you would be home soon.
Seokjin nodded after the younger alphas, still holding the door closed enough for you not to see the other males. “Okay. You guys go on without me. I’ll be taking Y/N home.”
The other alpha was silent, but you could almost hear the working of his jaw in the air. “No, hyung, we’ll go with you.” There was a hard rasp to his voice, causing you to tighten your arms around yourself.
It was Seokjin’s turn to grow quiet, his fist gripping around the door frame harder. The vein in his hand was raised and angry, the tension from him making you anxious.
At that moment, the compartment lurched forward, the train beginning to chug on. Seokjin toppled into the door at the sudden movement, leaving it swinging open and revealing the other alphas to you.
Immediately, their dark eyes burned into your form. You squirmed under their intense gaze, a warmth bubbling in your stomach.
“Fuck,” Jungkook pushed forward.
“She smells so good.” The other one caught his arm to fight his way through the entrance. They were pushing against each other, light growls leaving their throats, but Seokjin was quick to recover and force them back, a vicious growl erupting from his chest.
You sunk under the sound, submitting to his assertion of dominance even though it wasn’t directed towards you.
“Jungkook, Taehyung—” His voice was scarily deep and so unlike anything you’d heard from him before. “Back off, she isn’t yours.”
“And she isn’t yours either. She’s unmated.” The one with shaggy ash-blond hair bit out, a firm hand bracing the door open, against his elder’s wishes.
“No, she isn’t. I’m not taking care of her heat. I’m keeping her away from you two.” They were having a silent show-down, blown eyes staring one another down—a battle that would dictate the alpha male of the bunch.
Somewhere inside of you didn’t want the group of friends fighting over something as mere as an omega, but there was no way you could have intervened without facing consequences.
After a minute, Seokjin still standing firm, the darkness in the younger alphas’ eyes lightened, and they were stepping away with lightly bowed heads.
“Fine. We’ll see you later then,” Taehyung grabbed Jungkook’s arm, pulling the slightly more stubborn male away and out of the compartment.
You released a breath you hadn’t realized you’d been holding in, heart hammering in your chest. The click of the door registered in the back of your mind, your abdomen swimming with arousal and fear simultaneously, and you were grateful another wave hadn’t appeared during the confrontation.
“Are you okay?” And in an instant, you were relaxed. You glanced up from your feet and into the warm brown eyes of Seokjin, his tone kind and honey-like.
You nodded, and he held an arm out for you. When he grasped your hand, he lifted you from the floor, placing you on the toilet seat gently. “We’ll be off soon,” there was an unidentifiable lilt to his voice.
You nodded again, brushing your hair from your eyes as he stuffed his hands into his pockets. You thought back to what he had said to the younger alphas. “Thank you for defending me. You didn’t have to.” You whispered barely loud enough for him to understand. His chest hurt at the sight of you so small and omega-like.
“I didn’t have to. But I wanted to.” He smiled. “And I hope you don’t mind, but I’ll be walking you home.”
Your heart skipped a beat, eyes widening as you began shaking your head. “I don’t mind.” He grinned, plopping a large, crooked hand atop your head, ruffling your hair adoringly.
“Good,” then his lips tightened into a line. “I’m afraid of what could happen if I left you alone.”
The realization dawned on you then that this journey was not yet over—that you wouldn’t be truly safe from hungry alphas until you were home. Seokjin’s reassurance lifted a weight off your shoulders, and for the first time that day, your cheeks pulled a genuine smile.
“Thank you so much—for everything, Seokjin.”
Your head cocked in question. The handsome man only repeated himself. “Jin. Seokjin is fine and all but my friends call me Jin.”
Your smile only faltered a second before you tested the name on your tongue. “Okay, Jin. Thank you.”
He nodded at you and leaned against the sink. The remainder of the ride was spent casually conversing, but something nagged the back of your mind.
Perhaps that’s why he didn’t try topping you. He didn’t even see you as a potential mate. The thought made your chest hurt, but as you gazed at the man cackling after cracking some wicked dad joke, you figured you’d take what you could get.
One year later
“My heat’s coming up.”
Jin looked up from his meatloaf, eyebrows darting to his bangs. You wanted to laugh at him, with his cheeks stuffed and eyes widened to the max.
He gobbled down the meat suddenly, glancing around the restaurant for any bystanders. “Already? Man, it’s already been a year?”
You smiled at him, thinking back to the time that’s passed so quickly. After that eventful train ride nearly a year before, Seokjin did as he said and walked you home, his eyes assaulting any alphas on the street that looked at you the wrong way. With his domineering presence, you arrived home safely and parted ways with the male, but not before he promised to check back at the end of the week.
True to his words, he knocked at your front door the morning after your heat ended and treated you to a celebratory breakfast. And it didn’t end there; you would see each other every few weeks, bonding over common interests, and before you knew it, you had forged a companionship with the man that your friends couldn’t help but to question.
He’d seen you and you trusted him at your worst—which really helped to bring you together. And not only just that; his friends became yours.
Jungkook and Taehyung had apologized for their behavior, and you were undoubtedly closest to them after sharing a big laugh in the aftermath of last year’s events.
Along the way you were introduced to various other members of the friend group, all of whom were either beta or alpha, a notion that would’ve made you slightly nervous hanging around with them until they wholeheartedly welcomed you to the mix with open arms. Hoseok and Namjoon were the only mated ones, the former a beta and the latter an alpha. You met their mates—lovely queens named Wheein and Hwasa. The rest, Jimin, a beta, and Yoongi, an alpha, were as kind and welcoming as the others. You fit into the family seamlessly.
You nodded, stabbing a fork into steamed vegetables. “Time flies,” the carrots met your taste buds in a savory manner, and you cooed into the plate.
“Well I can bring you some supplies like last time, if you want.” Seokjin offered, taking another bite. At this, you were quick to shake your head.
“Thanks, but that won’t be necessary,” a quick swig of water. You licked your lips and prepared to gauge his reaction. “I’m thinking of asking Taehyung to be my heat partner.”
A metallic ring echoed in the restaurant as his fork clashed against his plate. Jin choked on his food once, managing a few gulps of water to force the chunks down. You offered apologetic eyes to the passing wait staff and fellow customers who turned at the noise.
When he recovered, Seokjin patted his lips dry with a napkin and met your gaze—his filled with an unreadable haze. “Taehyung? Why do you suddenly want a heat partner?”
You shrugged. “I think it’s about time I have someone instead of taking care of business myself. Last year was rough on my own,” because you could’ve helped me but you friend-zoned me, you dunce. You frowned at the thought, quickly shaking it away. “And Taehyung? Well, he’s attractive. We’re comfortable with each other. I’m sure he’ll agree.”
You waited for his response and were kept waiting quite some time. The silence was almost unbearably awkward. “Jin? You good?” you cocked your head cutely at him, and the alpha flushed, tearing his eyes away and forcing down another slice of meat.
“I’m good. You haven’t talked with him about it yet? When do you start your cycle?”
“I’ll talk with him today after I meet up with Solar and Byulie,” Solar and Moonbyul were a mated pair you befriended through Hwasa and Wheein. You were especially fond of Solar—the only other omega in the bunch—and related with her like none other. “It starts in four days.”
The man before you nodded knowingly, eyeing his meal as though he was disinterested in it now. “Well, it’s good you’ve it planned out. Hopefully it goes well for you.”
The conversation somewhat died there, and disappointment filled you. You wanted him to say something—to encourage not choosing Taehyung as a heat partner. To, instead, volunteer himself. You weren’t really planning to ask for Taehyung’s assistance. Sure, the idea appealed to you at first, but the more you thought about it, the more you realized it wasn’t his help that you wanted.
It was troublesome being Seokjin’s friend when you liked him far more than that.
The day of your heat found you standing outside of your friend’s door. As it occurred, Taehyung wouldn’t have even been able to help you had you asked; he and Jungkook went on a camping trip, meant to be absent from town for several days.
Seokjin must have discovered it eventually too, but you hadn’t been able to contact him since the day at the restaurant. You frowned, knocking on the door again. You wanted him to be the one who checked in on you during your leave. The one who supplied you with medication and food and moral support. Also, you left your laptop at his place the last time you visited, and that’s something you really needed if you were going to be trapped at home for a week.
You huffed, tapping your foot against the concrete. You wouldn’t have risked going to anyone else the day of your heat’s arrival. You trusted Seokjin, because he was there for you last year. But you weren’t sure how the others would respond and you weren’t nearly as close to them.
“Come on, Jin. I wouldn’t have had to come if you answered your phone.” The outside temperature was getting to you, a sweat forming on your brow when the door suddenly opened.
You jumped at the noise, eyes darting up to meet the… frenzied, dark ones of Kim Seokjin. “Jin?” You voice was but a mere whimper when an unfamiliar scent met your nostrils. He didn’t smell like your Jin. He was dressed loosely, his hair wild and unruly atop his hand, lips pulled tightly into a line as he looked you up and down.
“You can’t be here.” Hurt filled you at the maliciousness of his words, and you went to respond when he continued. “Leave now, Y/N.”
Shit. A tear pricked at the corner of your eye. He never used his alpha voice on you. You cowered immediately, eyeing your feet as your fingers clenched. Your body reacted subconsciously, turning, before you caught yourself, a sudden flare of frustration slicing through you.
“No. What’s wrong with you? I just came for my laptop.” You bit out, confidence seeping from your being like sap oozing from a tree. His gaze was as hard and intense as when he first opened the door. Then, without a warning, he opened it entirely and beckoned you inside.
“Hurry.” He demanded lowly, and you shivered. It looked as though he was holding his breath, sweating, and you worried for him, wondering if he grew ill in the time since the restaurant. That or you did something wrong and he was avoiding you at all costs. The thought made you simmer with anxiety—what did you do?
You were quick to rush into his living room and retrieve your PC from beneath the sofa, where you had hidden it during an instance in which Jungkook began shooting a water gun at everyone. You had forgotten it there and grasped it firmly before turning back to where Seokjin was standing before the door, his eyes trained on your being as though he had been intensely staring the whole time. Your cheeks warmed at the thought.
“Jin, what’s wrong?” You asked again, softer.
You could almost hear the gears turning in his head, and you saw the bobble of his adam’s apple as he swallowed thickly. His pupils were blown. The unfamiliar scent from earlier hit you like a freight train.
And so did your heat.
Instantly, you were bending forward, laptop clattering to the floor as you grasped your abdomen. The pain erupted within you, and you could feel the buildup of warmth in your core, the accumulation of liquid seeping into your underwear. A whine escaped you, and the scent permeating from your friend intoxicated you.
“J-Jin?” You looked up at him, almost falling to your knees while meeting his hungry gaze. It suddenly all clicked for you.
Jin was experiencing his rut.
And his rut encouraged the onslaught of your heat.
It was a textbook mating ritual.
The prime time for breeding—when a heat and a rut run the same course, it’s basically fated for the affiliated parties to mate.
Your thoughts consumed you, and you only grew more aroused.
“Y/N, fuck, you need to go right now before fuck you right here.” There was a growl riding off each syllable, a whimper tearing from you after each one.
“I can’t Jin—I need you.” Your own voice was unfamiliar to your ears, and you could see the final remnants of his resolve leave his expression as he took a great whiff of your aroma. His eyes fluttered shut as he breathed in your delicacy, chest expanding against his loose T shirt.
Then, he took wide steps towards you, a hand grasping your arm firmly. He dragged you—manhandled you—all the way to his bed room, an unforgiving hold so unlike the tenderness you were accustomed to from the man.
Next found you plopped atop the king mattress, fitted with black, silky sheets. The chill of them coaxed your bare legs, having donned capri leggings, and you gasped out.
“I’ve been wanting to do this for so long.” Seokjin’s voice was husky, almost as though he had just awoken. It made you squeeze your thighs together, a desperate attempt to relieve yourself. His words just barely passed through your comprehension, and his confession had you squirming in place.
“Please,” you weren’t sure what you were begging for, but it certainly had something to do with extinguishing the fire in your loins. It was a waste to wait for his next move, so your fingers pinched the bottom of your camisole, tossing the material overhead without regard for where it landed. Seokjin topped you in an instant, groaning at the sight of your breasts confined in a simple white bra.
His hot hands fell heavy at your sides, roaming over the exposed skin as though he was exploring it to remember the feeling of every curve. Your ribs; your hips; your ample tits. He tore the material from your skin, a hiss flowing from your lips as the chill of the room tightened your nipples into perked peaks.
“God, you’re so beautiful.” He whispered lowly, mouthing at your ear lobe. “I can’t wait to fuck you full of cum.”
A groan escaped from your throat at the thought—him filling you to the brim, a knot securing his load, breeding you full of his children.
“Oh, you like that?” He teased, hands roaming to massage your ass. “you like the thought of me impregnating you? You want me to fuck you full of my kids?” At the increase of slick seeping from the apex of your legs and the stuttering of your heart rate, Seokjin knew he was right.
He smirked, pulling back to stare you down, “I guess I’ll give you what we both want, omega.” You nodded hastily, a buzz in your brain preventing any words from forming. Seokjin leaned back just enough to wring his shirt over his head, his hands going to his sweatpants. During his distraction, you pulled from beneath him, just enough to turn over. Your bare breasts and sensitive nipples met the cold silk, your body assuming its natural position; rear in the air, your cheek pressed against the bed, hands grasping the headboard as your knees supported your weight.
“Y/N, you were born to bend over for me…” you whined as his hand came down to stroke your ass through the stretchy material. Then he stopped, and you peered over your shoulder in question. The blackness of his orbs was momentarily lessened as he looked down at you before him.
“I want to worship you and make love to you, but that will have to wait until after I’ve had my way with you.”
And then it was back, and he ripped the material from your covered wet parts, exposing your dripping flesh right before his eyes. You gasped at the feeling, eyes cinching shut as your head rolled into the bed. Slick had decorated your thighs, causing them to glisten in the dim lighting. Seokjin admired the view briefly, stroking his bare manhood as he took into consideration how needy you were.
Then, with a solid slam of his hips, he sheathed his masterful dick within you, a cry tearing from your lips. The fit was tight, and Seokjin didn’t stop—he released a hefty growl, finally feeling you like he’s wanted to all this time. You were more than ready for him; seeping lubrication, but that didn’t help the initial sting upon his infiltration.
“Fuck!” He hoarsely gritted, his teeth snapping at your shoulder blades. “You’re so tight, omega.” The name had you heaving a whine, back arching to meet his every thrust. He was relentless. With each maneuver, an explosion of pleasure combusted inside you, a spray of mixed juices meeting your legs.
“Alpha, harder!” The shell of your body pleaded, your consciousness having drifted from your being. You caved into his ministrations, and he chuckled in your ear. “Can you take it, Y/N, my sweet omega? Can you take me fucking the life out of you?”
Your response was a mere sigh, eyes rolling back into your head as his thighs slammed the back of yours, the bone of his pelvis bruising your ass. You could feel every thick vein and fold forging his massive dick. They brushed your velvety walls, pistoning in and out as though the alpha’s life depended on it.
Seokjin suddenly shifted, though, without pausing his berating assault. His feet flexed against the mattress, a heavy sigh leaving his plush lips as he brought your hips higher and angled downward into your pussy. “Ah!” You cried out beneath him, his chest pressed to your back, possessively holding you against him.
“Y/N, you’re taking me so well. You’re my bitch.” His compliments went unnoticed as you felt the build up in your abdomen. While his balls slammed against you, beating against your clit, you fought your orgasm, wanting to prolong the moment as long as possible.
“Alpha, I—”
“Me too, baby, me too.” His hips had begun to stutter, the rhythm he’d maintained for so long finally meeting a bridge that would surely be emphasized with a knot you were more than excited to receive.
Without notice, a strong arm secured itself around your abdomen, pulling you upright. You wobbled at the sway of gravity, body close to giving out and slouching if not for Seokjin holding you firmly against him. His grunts were in your ear, his tongue teasing at the side of your neck. You knew what he wanted, and you wanted just the same.
“D-do it, please.” You whined out, like you were pleading for your life. “Please, mate me.” Your voice was drowned out by the growl emanating from his chest, as his free hand went around to tear the remaining legging and panty material from your thighs, leaving you entirely bare.
He fingered your clit with immense vigor, drawing a keening noise from you. And his lips brushed the joining part of your shoulder and neck. And his teeth played with the skin there just enough for your orgasm to wash over you.
“You’re mine.”
His teeth sank into the flesh, a pain unlike any other exploding from within you. But with it; a pleasure, one you could seamlessly ride out your high in as his hips stilled to mere grinding and a swell formed at the base of his cock.
His seed pumped into you, rocketing within your tender walls, sealing himself inside you. When he could move no longer, his formidable knot breaching your core, he released a string of groans and curses and gently laid you onto the bed, his chest not leaving your back as he situated the both of you on your sides.
When you came to, the cloud shifting from your mind, it was with a giggle. His hair had been tickling the back of your neck as he peppered kisses against the mark he imprinted on your skin.
“Seokjin…” your voice was light, like a quiet whistle, and he stopped his ministrations to place his chin on your shoulder.
You felt all of him, and now that your haze was drifting, you finally became embarrassed by the situation and intimacy you shared. But as he hummed a familiar tune, you giggled again, not regretting it one bit.
“Hi.” You smiled, and it was a pain to twist your neck around to meet his gaze. But with the glint of adoration in his warm orbs, there was nowhere else you’d rather be looking.
“Hello.” He grinned, planting a solid kiss atop your nose. The discomfort from your joined regions was slightly alleviated as he tucked his legs between yours—the tug less overbearing. You thanked him with a sigh.
The sun had shifted since last you were outside, and you couldn’t even begin to fathom the passage of time as you glanced to Jin’s wall clock and realized you’d fucked for almost an hour.
Time really does fly.
It was minutes before Seokjin’s knot loosened and you could finally relax, free from the pull. But his soft dick remained within you as he held you close, and you thought what this would entail for you now. You were mated. For life. Which means you were wrong about Seokjin just thinking of you as a friend. No, he wouldn’t waste his bite on someone he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life with.
The thought warmed your heart, and, still managing to remain connected, you faced him, swinging a leg over his hip as he let you adjust. Silence breathed in the air.
Seokjin, with his large, encompassing hands, stroked your cheek, thumb parting your lips for him. “I’m really glad you came.” He said.
You wanted to laugh, your eyes rolling. “And there you were, telling me to leave.”
He shrugged his shoulders at first, running a hand over your side. “That was before I figured out you wanted me as much as I wanted you. I didn’t want you to give into your omega instincts or my alpha commands. I wanted you to like me on your own.”
You gasped playfully, “I never told you I liked you!”
Seokjin then faked a hurt expression, clutching his heart, and you took the time to browse his toned chest and stomach with a smirk. “Oh, but I knew it the second you told me to mate you. I’ve never heard such wonderful words come from your mouth.” He sighed out, as though recalling the cheesy heat of the moment.
“Yeah, yeah, maybe I do like you.” You gave in, tucking your head against his chest to breath him in. He had that mated smell you’ve always wondered about. It made you smile victoriously. He was yours, too. Anyone would be able to tell.  
“Y/N, you’re on the pill right?” The sudden shift in the conversation had you pulling back with question in your eyes. Then you flushed at the realization of how easy you were to risk pregnancy just minutes before.
“Yeah, I’m surprised you remembered.” He looked relieved after you said that, swiping sweat from his brow.
“Great, because as much as I want you to have our children, I don’t think either of us are prepared for that yet.”
You laughed after him, agreeing. It’d be disastrous... but yes, eventually, you saw yourself with your man and your kids. Thoughts of the future had you grinning madly.
“We can wait.” You relented, nimble fingers coming up to play with his bangs as he watched amusedly. Seokjin finally pulled out of you, a simultaneous groan sounding between you. A gush of juices swam from your core. It felt hot and disgusting, and dammit, you were already feeling a new wave of arousal form.
Seokjin caught wind of this, a brow raising. “You’re insatiable,” he pecked your cheeks lovingly, rolling over top of you.
“Maybe you’re just getting too old to keep up.” You teased as he prodded you with his tongue. He pulled away, hair falling into his face. Jin looked offended and you bit your lip to contain your laughter. His hands spread your legs, and his fingers scooped up some of the mixed liquid embedded into the sheets before pressing it back within your tender core, a gasp leaving your lips.
“Now that your heat and my rut has synced up, you’d better be ready to eat your words... well, if you’re not already choking on my dick.”
The beginnings of a swirling sensation filled your stomach and you squirmed under his playfully heated stare. “We’ll have plenty of time to play this week.” You whispered, barely maintaining the tease lacing your tone.
Seokjin smirked from above you, his hands smoothing down your arms to tangle his fingers with yours, pressing his already semi-hard dick against you.
“It’s going to be a long week, baby.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis. as part of a special valentines day sale, you make a bid in hopes to get a special discounted date with one of the dreamy bachelors of club ardor. you decide to choose The Romantic. 
Tumblr media
pairing. seokjin/reader genre. angst, fluff, smut au. fake dating!au, date-for-hire!au wordcount. 6,171 contents. sad!seokjin, lonely!seokjin, light pining, teasing, protected sex, breast play, fingering, size kink (?), scratching, overstimulation, doggy style, pet names, light aftercare note. seokjins was by far the hardest to write. i have such a difficult time writing him ): i apologize, i did my best for him!
Tumblr media
— club ardor masterlist.
Tumblr media
© httpjeon 2020. do not repost, modify, or translate.
Tumblr media
Your phone let out a startling ding, making you jump as you hadn't realized you'd forgotten to silence it. Taking a look around your cubicle, you made sure no one had noticed before you pulled it out and went to put in do not disturb mode. Before you did, however, the preview notification caught your attention.
As you were about to unlock your phone to take a look, you heard the light clicks of your boss's heels coming towards you. You quickly slid your phone back into your drawer and turned your attention to your screen, feigning reading something.
Her footsteps paused outside of your cubicle before she called your name. You spun around in your chair to meet her gaze curiously.
"I really need those expense reports within the next hour, can you do that?" she asked.
"Oh yeah," you nodded, turning around once again to face your desk, "I'm actually almost done, I can probably have them on your desk in 30 minutes."
"That's perfect," she smiled, "Thank you."
You returned her smile and let out a sigh once you heard her footsteps disappear. Shaking your head, you let yourself become absorbed in your work once again -- forgetting about that email you'd received.
You caught a taxi to head home, not feeling like walking even though your apartment was only 5 minutes away. Your feet were aching and you just desperately wanted to take a shower and eat dinner as you'd accidentally missed your lunch break by working through it.
It wasn't the first time you'd considered yourself a bit too much of a workaholic.
It was nearing 11PM by the time you finally were able to settle down on the couch. Your hair was freshly washed and you were wrapped in a soft bathrobe with a nice face mask.
Reclining as the TV played in the background, you unlocked your phone to check after spending most of the day without. You responded to texts and checked your social media before suddenly remembered the email you had received earlier.
It sat at the top of your emails and when you opened it, you were greeted with an image similar to a party invite. In pretty, cursive font it was written; "Once in a lifetime chance to meet the man of your dreams!"
There was a link beneath it that you clicked, causing it to open a new Safari page. The search bar indicated it had taken you to It wasn't the first time you'd been on the website.
You heard of it's grand opening half a year ago and went to check it out. Unfortunately, you discovered that even the most basic package was 2 grand for 12 hours. The deluxe had a price that nearly sent you into cardiac arrest.
In the end, you just signed up for newsletters and things to be sent by email.
It seemed it paid off, as you found yourself on a page detailing a Valentine's special.
For the entire month of February, they were hosting a giveaway. According to each Date's schedule, a lucky woman would be chosen from a lottery to get a date with them for just $500 instead of $2,000. The insane discount had your jaw dropping.
You weren't embarrassed to admit that you were curious about the date-for-hire service. Biting your lip, you decided to throw your hat into the ring and place a bid on the special.
"Full money-back guarantee if you're not chosen!" was written in bold letters above the credit card input.
You had no worry about being scammed, Club Ardor had risen to the top in terms of dating services in the country -- after just 6 months of activity and just 7 bachelors available. They had an excellent reputation and were known for having an extremely high-class clientele.
With your lip caught between your teeth, an excited smile on your face, you put your payment information in and hit 'Enter'.
"Thank you for your bid! Please keep an eye on your email within the next week to determine if you've been chosen! Your lottery number is 1-241-994."
You opened up your note app and typed down the number on a blank note for safe keeping.
Returning to the website, you began to do some digging into each of the men available to hire. While their pictures weren't viewable -- for safety reasons, you supposed, there was plenty of information about them.
"Each Date has full control over creating his own scene. Location, dynamic, and length of time will vary. Please speak to your Date for more information on his plans to be sure you have allotted the correct time-frame. Abide by rules and limits he sets."
You flicked through the profiles of each man, eying their listed physical and emotional qualities.
That night, you went to sleep with excitement stirring in your heart.
Somehow, you managed to work through a couple days and ended up forgetting about even signing up for it. You were working so hard to get a promotion so you could escape the shitty cubicle that somehow spending $500 completely slipped your mind.
At least, that was until you were eating a bowl of cereal at nearly 3 in the morning on a Friday night -- 6 days after you had signed up, and your phone pinged with the alert of an email. Holding the spoon in your mouth, you picked up the device and unlocked it without even looking at the notification.
You went to your email and paused when you saw the email was from Club Ardor.
With shaking fingers, you opened it.
"Below are the applicants who filed for the lottery that won. If you do not see your number, expect a monetary refund within the next 24 hours."
You clicked out and went to your note app to check the number you had gotten. Refreshing your memory, you returned to the email and scanned down the list. There were a lot of numbers listed, you quickly realized. But by some miracle, you spotted your own number listed there in the middle.
"If your number is listed, please check your email for further instructions."
You backed out of the email and refreshed, sitting up straight when you realized you had a new one from Club Ardor.
"Congratulations on winning a special night, please follow this link to register for a date with the man of your choice!"
Clicking the bright red hyperlink, you watched the screen load for several seconds and go from white to black.
You flicked through all seven of the men passing the boyfriend, the romantic, the quiet one, the playboy, the softy, the bad boy, and the alpha male. It was easy to rule out the playboy, bad boy, and alpha male -- deeming them a little too hard of scenes than what you would be able to handle.
After a bit of deliberating, you decided on the romantic. He seemed to be the oldest at 26 years old and from the silhouette of his picture, you could see he had a very nice build with hide shoulders and pretty, thin waist. You assumed he would be closer to your type and you did enjoy romance so with a couple of clicks, you were registered for a date with him.
You were brought to another page which held instructions for downloading an application called Club Ardor along with a code it told you to input.
You did as you were instructed, highly impressed with the company's extensive work on the hiring process. It was very obvious to you that Club Ardor was, in fact, suited for those of high class. The service held an obviously high regard for discretion and safety for both its bachelors and clients.
Once the app was downloaded, you opened it and found a box to enter the code you'd been given.
You were then brought to a page to input information such as your name, age, height, likes, dislikes, and preferences. After entering it all, you were brought to an empty text message thread.
Before you could attempt to look around, your phone let out a jingle and a new text message popped up.
From: Seokjin Hi cutie! Our date is set for tomorrow night. Meet me at the Club Ardor building at 7PM sharp. Wear something nice and pretty, but comfortable. Can't wait to see you!
You read the text several times, surprised by the quick work he made before typing out a response letting him know you understood. The final thing he texted was a an address to the building you would meet him at.
Thankfully, your job has required you to dress nicely for business dinners in the past so you had a decent amount of things to wear. You decided on just a flowing dress that was breathable but complimented your figure. Placing it in the front of your closet for easy access, you went through your nightly routine and got into bed.
You worked through the day, it was a Friday so you compiled the information of the entire week and input it into the data system. It kept you busy and the hours passed by quickly.
You got off at 5, having made sure you finished everything as quickly as possible so you wouldn't have to work over time.
"You're in a rush today, _____," your boss smiled as she met you in the elevator, carrying a couple files.
"I um...I have a date tonight," you confessed sheepishly, face flushing when she gasped.
"Congratulations, I hope you have a wonderful time," she said, patting you on the back, "Stay safe, I'll see you on Monday."
The elevator opened to the 3rd floor and she got off, shooting you a little wave before the doors closed again. You were dropped off at the lobby and you adjusted your bag on your shoulder, bidding a goodbye to the receptionist as you exited your building.
Grabbing a taxi, you made your way home.
As soon as you stepped out of the shower, you heard your phone go off from your bedroom. The notification bell for the Club Ardor app was extremely hard to miss.
Wrapping a towel around yourself, you wandered into your bedroom and picked the device up.
From: Seokjin [5:45PM] Super excited, cutie! Can't wait to see you!
You smiled, typing out your response immediately, "Me either! See you soon!".
You were ready earlier than you would have liked. There were still 20 minutes until you could leave and be at Club Ardor on time. You didn't want to be too early or too late.
Timing it just right, you grabbed your purse and slipped your phone into the side pocket before slipping your heels on. The Uber you called pulled up right on time as you exited the lobby of your apartment complex.
Exchanging pleasantries, you crawled into the back seat and let out a nervous breath. Of course it wasn't until you were literally on your way that the nerves would kick in.
Club Ardor came into view at precisely 6:58PM.
The building was a huge high rise building with several floors. Club Ardor was a brightly lit neon sign atop the building. The Uber pulled up to the front curb and you stepped out, checking the time to see it was 6:59PM.
As the Uber sped away, you stepped up to the door, unsure of what to do. Deciding that you should probably let him know you were there, but as you unlocked your phone, the lobby door opened and a man stepped out.
He was dressed in a tux with a bowtie and he looked around for a second before his eyes landed on you.
"_____?" he smiled, walking up to you with his hand out, "It's nice to meet you, I'm Seokjin."
"Hi, Seokjin," you greeted, noting how big his hand was in yours before he pulled away.
"My cars in the garage," he jerked his head in the direction around the building, "Do you want to come or I can pull up."
"I'll...wait here," you said, making him laugh before nodding his head.
"I get it," he waved it off and began to jog around the building.
You could hear the rev of a car engine echo from the garage before a sleek white car came into view. Seokjin got out and jogged around the car to open the door for you.
You thanked him with a soft smile before getting in, pulling the seat belt on as he slammed the door shut.
Once in an enclosed space with him, you were immediately aware of how good he smelled. An almost sweet, fruity perfume wafted off of him and if you looked closely you could see he had a lip tint on.
"So, what's the plan?" you asked, breaking the silence that had settled.
"A romantic date on the water for two," he sighed, almost dreamily.
It couldn't help but laugh, which in turn brought a bright smile onto his face. The atmosphere became increasingly less tense as Seokjin drove to somewhere unknown.
"I'm so hungry," he complained from the driver's seat, making a turn onto a less populated road, "The food is honestly to die for."
"Whoa, what is this place?" you asked, not fully hearing his comment as you watched him pull up at a parking lot near a huge lake.
"This is where our date is, silly!" he grinned, getting out of the car and rounding to open your door for you.
He took your hand, escorting you towards a pier where there was a large boat bobbing with the waters natural movement.
"Hop aboard, lovely," he kept h is hold on your hand as you got onto the boat. He followed you and tugged your hand to get you to follow him.
Your body wavered as the boat suddenly took off but Seokjin was there to steady you with a broad grin.
"Have a seat," he motioned to a small table with two chairs across from one another.
"So," you huffed a laugh as you took a seat, "When you said...dinner on the water."
"I meant it literally," he shrugged, reaching over to click a button and several strings of white fairy lights illuminated everything around you.
"Whoa," you gasped, looking around.
You could see the lights from the buildings on shore and there was a beautiful cast of the moon shining over the water. It was beautiful and as you turned your gaze back to Seokjin, you were surprised to find him leaning his chin on his hand as he watched you.
"Your eyes are sparkling," he said, an almost serene smile on his lips.
In more proper light, you could make out his features more. He had wide shoulders, pretty, plump lips and flawless skin. His eyes were sparkling as well, the dark irises looking like stars were shining within them.
"Would you like to start eating?" he asked, reaching across the table to place his hand over yours. His skin was soft and warm and it made you smile as you nodded.
Dinner was a blur, he had a few dishes available to choose from since he didn't know exactly what you would like. You chose the steak, which seemed to make Seokjin quite happy as he ordered the same thing.
You could see where his romantic title came from as he reached across the table to feed you a couple bites every once in a while. Once the main course was over, the two of you shared a strawberry cheesecake slice after he lit the candle at the end of the table.
You had a good laugh when he failed to light it a few times because the breeze kept blowing it out.
"Now, the next portion of our date I'll's a little lame," he confessed sheepishly as he walked you back to the car.
"Oh?" you climbed into the seat after he opened the door for you.
"We're going to head back to Club Ardor, drink, and watch movies," he said, turning the key in the ignition.
"It's not lame," you giggled, resting your head back on the seat, "I think it's a great way to unwind."
"I'm glad you feel that way," he said, sounding relieved.
When you finally pulled back up to Club Ardor, Seokjin was blasting music and singing obnoxiously to it. You had your hand over your mouth to keep from laughing too much. Every once in a while, he'd take a look at you and end up laughing midway through his singing.
He pulled into the garage and pulled into a parking spot that had his name on a sign in front of it.
There was a door that he had to scan a card to unlock which led into what appeared to be a lounge room. He didn't waste any time in clicking the button to call the elevator.
Seokjin was comfortable. He had such a calm, relaxing demeanor that it put you at ease.
The two of you sat on the couch and clinked your glasses together before you both downed the shot he had poured. You cringed as it burned going down your throat, leaving a horrible taste in your mouth.
A bit of a lightweight, it didn't take much to get you tipsy and soon you were both losing it over some horrible movie he had accidentally picked.
"I swear it looked good in the previews!" he argued through laughter when you teased him about his choice.
"I'm picking the next one, you've lost movie-picking privileges!" you laughed, stealing the remote from his hands, making him gasp in shock.
He immediately began to try and get it back from you, his body pressed against yours. His perfume once again and it made your eyes flutter.
Pressed against the arm of the couch with Seokjin's body dangerously close to yours, you both paused. He met your eyes, seemingly searching for something in your gaze. As you searched his, you couldn't deny how...sad they looked.
Your breath began to quicken when his face slowly got closer to yours. You could feel his breath against your lips but before they could meet, he was pulling away. He took the remote with him and took his seat beside you once again, leaving you pressing your hand to your chest as your heart raced almost painfully.
Tumblr media
There was a terrifyingly loud alarm that rang throughout the room, making you jolt awake.
Looking at the clock, you were disgruntled to see that it was 7 in the morning. Sitting up, you realized you were in bed when you were positive you fell asleep with Seokjin on the couch.
"Hey," he said, making you jump as he suddenly appeared in the doorway, "It's 7am."
"I see that," you mumbled, sliding out of bed, still sleepy.
"Our 12 hours are up."
And just like that it was over.
However, Seokjin didn't leave your mind after that though. Even when you stepped into your apartment, you couldn't stop thinking about him.
Especially how you almost kissed.
You were, of course, aware that Club Ardor dates would occasionally participate in physical intimacy. You hadn't expected it to happen to though. You could still remember the way his scent wafted around you and how close his lips were to yours or that sad look in his eyes.
A week passed by quickly and painlessly. You fell back into a rhythm with work, giving vague replies to your boss when she asked about how it went.
Somehow, Seokjin kept slipping into your mind. You couldn't shake him.
A measly 12 hours with a man you had only just met, and he seemed to have invaded your very subconscious.
That day, after work, you decided to take a detour to a local bar. It wasn't a very big, popular bar but the people in your neighborhood frequented it quite often. The atmosphere was buzzing inside and you made to take a seat at the bar but paused when you spotted a figure you recognized. You blinked several times, making sure you weren't hallucinating him.
"Seokjin?" you asked, making him jump.
His head snapped over to look at you, his eyes wide. He took you in for a second before his face morphed into confusion.
"What're you doing here? How'd you know I was here?" he sounded defensive and it made you frown, shaking your head.
"I live in the apartment complex down the street, I stopped here after work for a nice Friday drink," you motioned to your work attire and he seemed to relax. Part of you was offended that he thought you were some kind of stalker but you supposed in his line of work, it wasn't out of the realm of possibility.
He was drinking a beer slowly, seemingly lost in his own little world as he turned away from you. You got the hint, and went to walk away from him but you stopped when he called your name.
"Um...why don't you sit with me?" he asked, motioning to the empty stool beside him.
You were relieved he asked you to join him because that's all you wanted. You took the seat and he ordered you a drink, for which you thanked him. Being in his presence again felt nice and you already began to relax.
It seemed Seokjin had been drinking there for a while. His face was a little red and he was openly giggly and friendly -- a complete difference than what he was when you first sat him sitting there.
Time flew by with him but eventually you realized it had gotten dark outside and you'd stayed far longer than you had intended.
"I really need to be going," you sighed, the words painful as they slipped out of your mouth. You didn't want to leave him, you'd thought about him so long.
"Wait!" he cried, grabbing a hold of your blouse sleeve, effectively halting you.
"What is it?" you asked, alarmed by the saddened look on his face.
"I...Can't you stay?" he asked, voice soft.
"I...I really need to get home...I've got some reports to go over for work..." you explained, wincing when you watched him visibly deflate, " can come over, if you want?"
"Really?" he looked hopeful again as he hopped off the stool.
He wobbled a bit and you laughed, reaching out to steady him even though you were a little tipsy yourself.
The two of you walked outside, the cool night air hitting your heated skin and making you shiver.
"I really...I'm not supposed to go home with clients..." he mumbled, as if talking to himself, "But I guess you're not technically a client anymore, right?"
You chuckled, cheeks burning when he pulled you close against him, "I guess I'm not."
"Yeah, so it's fine!" he chuckled.
Once the two of you stepped into your apartment, things seemed to shift. He took a seat on the couch and relaxed.
It gave you a moment to take him in; he wore jeans and a t-shirt, looking even better in casual clothes than he did in formal wear.
"Do you want some hot chocolate?" you asked suddenly, unable to hold back your smile when he visibly perked up, "I'll make you some."
You disappeared into the kitchen, letting out a deep breath as you realized your heart was racing. Seokjin seemed to have the effect. He didn't even do anything and he had you flustered.
You heated up some milk in the microwave, not wanting to bother with stove top. Pouring the powder into the cup you stood and waited for the milk to be done.
Before it could finish, you felt a presence behind you that had you jumping out of your skin. Turning around, you were face to face with Seokjin's incredible visage. His brown eyes were wide, almost curious and a smile lingered on his pretty lips.
You subconsciously licked your own lips and you swear your saw his own eyes drop to your lips. The energy was tense between the two of you and his perfume was permeating off of him once again. Seokjin opened his mouth to say something but before he could the microwave beeped.
The spell was broken and he backed off, wandering back into the kitchen as you began to mix the powder and milk in the cup.
You took a seat beside him, handing him the cup before turning the TV on. The two of you relaxed, you pulled your throw blanket over you shoulders as Seokjin sipped on his hot chocolate.
As you watched him, you couldn't help but find him cute.
"Hey Seokjin?" you asked, earning a hum from him, "How come you work at Club Ardor?"
"Why do you ask that?" he questioned, frowning as he sat up straighter.
You followed suit, shrugging your shoulders, "I mean surely being a date-for-hire wasn't the job you dreamed of," your words brought a smile to his face and he let out a soft chuckle, "Plus, you're crazy good looking, funny, and charming...I'd expect someone like you to be a model or something."
"Well...thanks..." he smiled, cheeks a little red, "To tell you the truth...I've dated quite a bit but..." he seemed to deflate as he spoke, "It never worked out, they all just wanted me for my money and looks."
"How shallow..." you sighed, shaking your head in dismay.
"Eventually, I just decided to stop trying but...if I'm honest I get so lonely," his confession made you frown, "But I just...don't want to be open to anyone so...this job makes me feel loved, even if it's fake."
"You won't even try to find a girlfriend again or something?" you asked, pained at the idea of him just giving up.
He shook his head, "No one ever wants me for me. Do you think I haven't tried my hardest? It never works, I'm sick of feeling left like I'm worth less than I am."
"Seokjin..." you muttered, reaching over to place your hand over his that was curled up in a fist on his knee, "You...deserve to have someone genuinely love you. It seems impossible can't be like this forever. Someone will come along that will see you for you but you can't just...shut down. You should keep trying," you squeezed his hand, feeling it relax from the fist, "Maybe you've been dating the wrong women!"
"You're right," he mumbled, surprising you, "I think someone more like you is my type."
It took a second for those words to sink in,"Wha--" you shook your head, letting out a soft laugh, "Don't tease me like that!"
"No, I really mean it, _____," he whispered, meeting your gaze. It held such conviction and sincerity that you felt your heart speed up, "I think you're beautiful and you're so sincere. When we had our date," he paused after saying the word before sighing, "I had never wanted to kiss or touch someone more than I wanted to with you. You are absolutely captivating and you don't even know it."
He shifted on the couch, turning to face his body towards you. Your proximity was closer than you expected once he faced you, if you leaned in just a bit more your noses would touch.
The tension between you rose, something hot building that neither of you could deny.
Then, his lips were on yours -- soft and warm with the taste of hot chocolate lingering on them. It wasn't even a thought to hesitate, you were immediately returning the kiss.
It became more heated as the seconds ticked by. You found yourself pinned to the couch with him above you, never breaking the kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck, tangling your fingers in his hair. Whimpering, you felt a shiver go down your spine when he softly nipped at your bottom lip.
When you pulled away, there was a minuscule thread of saliva connecting your lips. Once you met his heated gaze, you both knew what the other wanted.
The walk to the bedroom was a blur of shared kisses and wandering hands pushing clothes off. By the time you were pinned to the bed, you were both naked. 
Seokjin's pretty, plump lips found purchase on your neck, making you shiver as his breath fanned over the sensitive skin. Kisses trailed down to your chest, over your collarbones and sternum before reaching the gentle swell of your breasts. 
Your chest rose as you inhaled sharply at the feeling of his warm lips enveloping a perked nipple. His fingers caressed your skin so delicately you could almost miss it completely  
His digits dipped between your thighs to find your folds already wet. He groaned, lightly grazing his teeth against your nipple before looking up at you through his lashes.
“All this because of some kissing?” he teased, making your cheeks burn.
He huffed a laugh and moved to take your other nipple into his mouth. At that same moment, his fingers parted your folds and found your clit. You gasped, spreading your legs further for his access. 
His digits were skilled and graceful, circling your clit to make you whimper before dipping into your entrance. His fingers were long and found your sweet spot quickly, chuckling when your hips twitched upwards at the stimulation. 
He sat up, pulling away from you as he sat back on his heels. His fingers were still inside you and he eagerly watched the way your entrance stretched to accommodate his two — three fingers. 
Your eyes fluttered, rolling back in your head as he fucked you with his fingers. As a result, you missed him wrapping his left hand around his own cock, biting his lip as he finally got the stimulant he needed. 
Precum dripped down his shaft and he eagerly used it to lubricate his movements. He scissored his fingers inside you, making sure you were stretched enough to take him. 
When he pulled out, you whined at how empty you felt. 
“Have you got a condom?” he breathed, tightening his fist around his cock when you reached into your bedside drawer and pulled one out. 
You settled back, spreading your legs once again. He groaned, shuffling forward to cover your body with his. Your eyes met as the tip of this cock kissed your entrance. 
Both your mouths fell open as he sunk into you. Your tight walls squeezed him so wonderfully that he groaned. He stretched you open even more than his fingers had, giving you that wonderful burn you needed. 
He met your lips in a sweet kiss as he angled his hips toward your sweet spot. You whimpered, wrapping your arms around his shoulders to ground you as the pleasure ran rampant. He hissed, cock twitching at the sting of your nails on his back. 
His pelvic bone ground against your clit every time he sunk in, edging you closer and closer to release. Seokjin could feel the way you fluttered around him and he groaned.
Sliding a hand between your bodies, he circled the bud until you arched with a cry of pleasure. 
He eased you through the high, grinning when you trembled through the overstimulation. Finally, he slowed to a stop and pulled out. You whimpered, feeling your hole clench around nothing. 
“Roll over,” he breathed, cupping your hip to urge you onto your front.
With your face buried in the pillow and your ass in the air, you looked like a delectable treat for him. Standing on his knees, he sunk his cock back into your cunt. 
You both groaned. The angle had him hitting your spot with painful accuracy. You cried out, muffled in the fabric of the pillow, as he fucked you into even more overstimulation. Your recent orgasm had you much more sensitive and this position allowed him to abuse that. 
An almost sadistic grin crossed over his face as he enjoyed the little cries and whimpers you released the harder he fucked his cock into you. 
Reaching down, he tangled his hand in your hair. You gasped as he tugged until you were up on your knees as well. Your back was against his chest and you could feel him panting against your neck.
His lips found the junction of your neck and shoulder, nipping at the skin there. Your walls fluttered around him and he released your hair to reach around and cup your breast. 
“Fuck,” you gasped as he pinched your nipple, making your eyes roll back in your head.
“What is it, baby?” he groaned, the pet name making you flutter around him again. 
“M-Make me cum, please,” you begging, making him groan once more.
He didn't say anything further, simply slid his hand down your body until he found your swollen clit. The second his fingers touched the bud, you clenched tight around him in sensitivity. 
He circled the bud until you were trembling and gushing around him. You cried out his name as pleasure coursed through your body from your high. Seokjin didn't stop circling your clit and fucking his cock into your spasming walls until you were near tears.
He finally let you fall back down to the bed and began to chase his own high. He spread your ass cheeks apart, getting a good view of the way your cunt tried to suck him back in on every out stroke. The sight made him groan. 
It took you deliberately squeezing tightly around him tightly for him to cum. It was sudden and knocked the air out of him. He gripped your hips tightly as he spilled into the condom, his cock twitching the entire time.
Everything was still for several seconds before he pulled out. 
You rolled over to lay on your side as Seokjin got up and went into the bathroom. He came out a moment later with a wet cloth that he used to clean your thighs and folds with, laughing when you playfully smacked his shoulder from the oversensitivity. 
He finally crawled into the bed, the two of you wiggling until you were comfortable. 
You laid with Seokjin's chest beneath your head, the gentle rhythm of his heartbeat the only thing you heard. His hand softly combed through your hair and you smiled.
"This...This is what I've been needing for so long," he whispered, "No one trying to get something out of being with me. Just a sincere...caring touch."
"This is what you deserve, Seokjin," you sitting up to look at him. His hair was messed up in an adorable way that made you smile, "You can have so much more if you yourself to it again."
Seokjin's gaze turns glassy as he opened his mouth to speak, "I'm just...scared."
Your heart ached when you saw a tear trickle from his eye. Reaching up, you swiped it away, "I know deserve to be loved, Seokjin."
He didn't reply, simply reaching up to pull you back down into his arms. You held him in return, running your fingertips over his skin until you felt him relax as sleep finally overcame him. Adjusting yourself more comfortably, you let yourself fall asleep in his arms.
You opened your eyes to the morning sun shining into your bedroom. You licked your lips as your mouth felt dry and moved to sit up. As you did, you remembered what happened last night.
Looking beside you, you realized he wasn't in bed and the sheets were cold. Standing up, you wrapped your fuzzy robe around you and crept out of the bedroom.
"Seokjin?" you called, frowning when you received no reply.
Your heart was pounding as you made a round around the apartment to see if he left a note of anything. When you couldn't find anything, you returned to your bedroom to pick up your phone.
You froze, realizing you never actually got his phone number. You'd only communicated through the Club Ardor app.
Clicking on the icon, you waited for it to load.
Instead of being brought to your profile, you reached a page with a simple notice on it.
"Your date has filed a report, you are now blocked from using the Club Ardor service. If further contact is attempted, Club Ardor will be forced to take legal matters."
You stared at your phone for several seconds.
Everything that happened flashed through your mind -- the way he kissed you and confessed his feelings of loneliness and hurt to you. You wondered if any of it was true. Were you a game to him?
Your view of the notice on your screen became blurry as you realized you would never know.
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