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im-sakura · 14 minutes ago
relief & reassurance
Tumblr media
pairing: san x reader, wooyoung x reader (both san & wooyoung are doms, reader is sub)
genres: comfort, angst-ish, smut, completely self indulgence | rating: mature ! do not interact if a minor
word count: 3812
plot: you're feeling down, and your boyfriends try to make you feel better
warnings: depression, self hatred, skin picking disorder, body weight insecurity, polyamourous relationship, nipple/ breast play, fingering, sex toy usage, oral, bdsm themes, doms/sub relationships, orgasm denial & control, squirting, spanking, choking, biting/marking/slight scratching, a bit of hair pulling, slight teasing, use of pet names (princess, good girl), bulge kink, creampie, unprotected sex (please be safe!!), doggystyle, praise kink, multiple orgasm, pain kink(?), threesome, use of the color light system (just check-ins, no safe word use), subspace, and sweet sweet aftercare - as usual, let me know if I missed anything!
a/n: this is a very very self indulgent fic. a very special thanks to @sugasbabiie for beta reading this for me and pointing out some things that I needed to change 💜💜💜
You felt disgusting, broken, and just downright depressed. You were supposed to hang out with San for the night, but he was running late. So you went ahead and ordered takeout, getting his favorite. Ever since you started dating him and Wooyoung, you would take time to have a date night with them separately and together. That way, you wouldn't always be the victim of their teasing.
You hear San unlocking the door, so you do your best to act fine as you go over to greet him.
"I'm glad you're finally here!" You say, pulling him into a hug.
"Hi baby," he says, his dimples appearing as he hugs you back. "It smells delightful," San adds, pulling back and looking at you. His eyebrow twitches, and you're afraid he is going to ask what was wrong, but instead, he takes off his shoes.
"I'm glad! I bought your favorite barbecue, and I think it might still be warm," you tell him, clapping your hands once as you go to check, San trailing behind.
"Did you already eat?" He checks, looking at you sternly as he breaks the wooden chopsticks.
"Yes, and if you want proof, it's in the trash can," you say, looking down and away.
"Alright," he says, his voice softening immediately. "Go turn something you like on, okay? I'll eat and then clean up."
You nod and kiss his cheek, going back and turning on the show you've been marathoning. San comes and sits next to you, eating and half-heartedly paying attention.
You lean against his shoulder and curl up into your blanket, trying to relax. Your insecurities were getting the better of you.
When San finishes his food, he kisses your cheek. "I'll be back in a few," he says, and you know he is going to shower.
"Make sure to brush your teeth!"
"I will," San responds with a chuckle.
When San returns from cleaning up, you hadn't realized you zoned out from the show and started crying. He turns off the TV and pulls you into his lap slowly, giving you the opportunity to pull away.
You don't, so you end up letting out a soft sob against his chest. San soothingly plays with your hair and rubs your back, letting you cry while saying soothing words in your ear.
"It's okay baby, let it out. I'm here for you, don't worry. You can tell me anything; you know that, right?"
When you’ve calmed down enough, and you blow your nose, San finally asks, "What has you so worked up, Y/N?"
You sigh, looking away and shaking your head.
"I just want to help," he assures you, "So please, tell me."
He wipes your tears away with his thumb, his own eyes full of concern.
"I've just been… feeling really insecure and hating my body," you murmur, looking away. "I hate that I have a stupid skin picking disorder. I hate how fat I am. I hate my stretch marks and my stupid eyes. I hate that I have two incredibly attractive boyfriends, and I'm just a potato," you rant, getting overly worked up to the point you start crying again.
"No, no, no, no, precious no," San says, his heart breaking as he sends a quick text to Wooyoung (get your ass over here asap).
"You're so beautiful, okay? We are all humans with flaws. Woo and I are idols, so that's why you think that. Remember my high school and middle school photos? I'd probably look worse than that now if I weren't an idol and could spend lots of money on skincare," he says with a slight giggle, handing you tissues again.
You take it and blow your nose again, groaning slightly. He just had to be logical.
"And I love all of you. I love your sexy body. I love your personality. I love the way you think and talk; how you see the world. I love your pretty eyes. They can see, you know? So you can see me," he giggles at that a little, gently kissing each of your eyelids.
"I love your pretty lips," he says, running a thumb over them. "I love your body. There's so much to cuddle, and you're soft and even better to cuddle than shiber, but don't tell them." At this, San gently starts caressing your body.
"And you know, your sweet tummy isn't going to be flat like mine. It's hard work to keep abs, and I generally don't eat before we perform to keep them there. Because when I eat, bye bye abs," he tells you, pulling his shirt up to show you how his stomach was just smooth and soft.
"And for your tummy," San begins, laying you down on the couch and pulling your shirt up to kiss it. "Your pretty tummy holds your uterus and the most precious parts of the entire female reproductive system, your ovaries and eggs. And right here," he kisses under your belly button, getting closer to over your pubic bone, a very sensitive spot for you, "right here is where all the magic happens."
You quirk an eyebrow, waiting for him to explain as you feel your cheeks heating up.
"It's where a baby will grow, if we decide to have one, and it's where your body let's you know it's reproductively healthy," he starts, kissing lower and lower each time, until you're biting your tongue to hold back a moan. San picks up the change in your state, swallowing the need to smirk.
"And your legs, your beautiful legs," he murmurs, massaging your feet and up your calves. "They carry you around all day and are so pretty." San kisses your shins, then slowly up your inner thighs, making you squirm.
His strong hands hold you in place as he continues worshiping your body. "You're beautiful thighs," he murmurs, nipping them. "They hide something beautiful between them, but even on their own…" San tries not to groan, as he can tell he is growing hard by your soft gasps. "They're soft and lovely to rest my head on, like your breasts, and I could spend all day marking them up. I love the way they jiggle like your ass does when spanked," he adds, looking you in your eye as he rubs your thigh, what he normally would do before spanking you.
When you nod, he gives them a resounding smack. This time, you don't hold back your moan.
He takes your hands in his, kissing your palms. "Your beautiful hands are perfect to hold, and your arms giving the best hugs, but don't tell Wooyoung or really anyone I said that," San giggles a little again, kissing up your arms, nipping here and there on the soft flesh.
"I know you hate how you pick at your arms, and I know how hard it is for you to control that impulse. But I want to help you, and I assure you Wooyoung feels the same way, okay?" he assures you.
You look away, more embarrassed than aroused now. "Precious, I asked you a question," he says, turning your chin to make you look at him, his dominance coming out.
"Yes sir," you say, biting your lip.
"You don't have to call me sir right now. This is about you. Now, can I make you feel good?" He whispers, his thumb ghosting over your lip as his knee ruts into your core.
"Please," you sigh, wondering if he would ask first or if he would make you beg.
Your word pleased him, as he immediately picks you up and kisses you deeply, carrying you to your bed.
“I love you so much; you know that, right?” San asks as he sets you down on the bed, helping you out of your shirt.
“I do,” you say softly, looking down as your face heats up.
San plants another sweet kiss on your lips, then slowly down your neck.
“Your soft skin is so kissable,” he says with a little giggle, nipping and sucking lightly, just enough to leave slight marks for the day. He undoes your bra, laying you back on the bed as his mouth travels down your decolletage, his hands caressing your breasts.
“You’re so precious to me, and I love all of you,” San assures you. “Are you sure you’re okay? You’ll say yellow if you’re uncomfortable? Red if you want to stop?” he adds.
“I love you too,” you whisper, looking down at him lovingly. “And I always will,” you assure him.
He immediately takes one of your breasts in his mouth, his teeth lightly grazing your nipple, causing you to moan out his name.
He smiles against your skin, giving the same attention to the other breast. San begins to kiss down your stomach, humming while he does.
“I love your soft tummy,” he murmurs, looking up at you with utmost sincerity in his eyes. “It makes you extra cuddly,” he giggles.
You blush, not sure how to respond until he hooks his fingers beneath the waistband of your shorts.
“May I?” San asks, raising an eyebrow.
“Yes please,” you say, raising your hips to help him. He ends up taking your underwear off as well, a somewhat sheepish smirk on his face.
“Sorry,” he says, his tone rather unconvincing.
You roll your eyes as he spreads your legs, his eyes going face to face with your heat.
“Can I eat you out?” he bluntly asks, his warm fingers opening your folds.
“Please,” you say, letting him position your legs better as he immediately licks your folds, kissing your clit.
You let out a soft whine of pleasure, falling back onto your bed and allowing yourself to relax. San continues to suck on your clit, feeling your arousal start to drip onto his chin as you clench around nothing. Before you could beg for more, San’s tongue enters you, lapping up your arousal and easily hitting the spots that make your orgasm begin to quickly grow. San’s nose rubs against your clit, and he smirks as you grind against his face.
“San~ Sannie~ ah~” you moan, causing him to chuckle softly. The vibrations make your toes curl, and you gasp and grab the sheets.
San reaches up and takes one of your hands in his, gently squeezing it in reassurance as he continues his ministrations.
As you start feeling closer to your orgasm, San stops. He stands up, causing you to whine.
“Don’t worry, I’m not done yet,” he says with a gentle laugh. San opens the drawer where you kept your sex toys and lube, and he takes something out you can’t quite see.
“What color are you?” he asks.
“Still green,” you assure him, trying to smile for him.
San kisses your forehead before going back down on you, this time putting his fingers inside of you. He turns on the bullet vibrator he took on a low setting and presses it against your clit, smirking when you groan his name and buck your hips.
“God, you’re so sexy like this,” he murmurs, kissing your thigh.
You whimper in response, boosting his ego. San turns up the setting on the vibrator, relishing in the power he had over you. He was glad he could help you feel better, even if it was only temporary. Which he hoped it wouldn’t. He wanted his words to have comforted you.
“I’m close-” you begin, your toes curling and thighs shaking.
San immediately pulls his fingers out of you and turns off the vibrator.
“San, what the fuck?” you whine. You weren’t being bratty; you were just confused.
“I promise I am still doing this to make you feel good,” he assures you, setting down the vibrator. “What color are you?” San asks.
“Green,” you admit, causing him to smirk and go back down on you.
After being denied twice, the coil built into a strong pressure, causing you to furrow your brows and whine out his name, being more vocal than usual. You almost feel overstimulated, but he holds your hips in place with firm hands so you can’t escape.
“San, fuck, I’m gonna- fuck!” you nearly sob, suddenly orgasming harder than you have in the past.
He lets you ride his tongue through your orgasm before he pulls up, a confident smirk on his now rather wet face. “I made you squirt,” he says proudly.
“Squirted, yeah,” San smugly confirms, standing up and sauntering to the bathroom. You’re not sure what he is doing in there, but he soon comes back with a dried face and a damp washcloth.
“I want to keep going,” you sheepishly admit.
He nods and cleans off some of the mess, tossing the washcloth into the hamper. “Let's take off the blankets then, yeah?” San says, helping you stand as he strips off the blanket.
You sit back down and look up at him, pulling him in for a kiss when he comes back. “I want you inside me,” you say softly, tugging at his pants.
“Be patient, you will,” he assures you, pulling away to undress himself.
His self-control never failed to surprise you because as soon as he got rid of his clothes, his hard length stood erect.
He hovers back over you, laying you down and kissing you sweetly. San grinds against you to test how sensitive you were. When you shivered, he stopped, continuing to gently kiss you.
San pulls away after a moment in order to align himself with your entrance. “I love you so much,” he tells you, sliding his tip in.
“I love you too, San,” you assure him, gasping as he continues to enter you, stilling only when he was fully seated inside.
“See, your tummy is even bigger now,” San giggles, rubbing your tummy.
“Are you trying to get me to say you have a big cock?” you giggle.
“No, but I wouldn’t be offended if you did say that,” he responds with a giggle of his own.
“San, please move your big cock,” you tease a little, laughing softly.
“As you wish, princess,” San teases right back, beginning to move at a comfortable, intimate pace.
You move your hips in tandem to his thrusts, gasping softly as he brushes your g spot.
“I’m so lucky to have you in my life,” San says, praising you sweetly. “You’re an amazing person, and I can’t believe you love me back.”
You feel yourself blushing, unable to say anything besides soft moans and whines.
“You’re so beautiful. Like this and any other time. You’re always beautiful,” he assures you, reaching down to start rubbing your clit.
You grab onto his bicep that was holding him up, whimpering his name.
“Good girl,” San groans, reaching down to capture your lips in a kiss. “Go ahead and cum when you need to, don’t hold back,” he adds, picking up his pace ever so slightly, knowing you were growing close.
“I- oh, fuck,” you whine, your nails digging into his bicep as you orgasm.
He continues to thrust through yours, and San soon releases inside of you.
“You couldn’t wait for me to get here?” You hear Wooyoung cry indignantly.
“How long have you been there?” San asks, pulling out of you and cupping your cheek before rolling onto the bed next to you, giving you a view of a very irritated and flustered Wooyoung.
“Long enough to start getting hard,” Wooyoung complains. You glance down to his crotch, and there was a definite tent in his pants.
“Well, this wasn’t the original plan,” San begins, and you are quick to look at the floor, taking great interest in the carpet suddenly. “Y/N was feeling depressed and very insecure about her body, and it just happened to lead to this,” San explains, leaning back and crossing his arms.
“You did?” Wooyoung asks, his eyes snapping to you.
You don’t look up at him or say anything, but you nod a little.
Wooyoung doesn’t say anything, but you know he walks over in front of you. His fingers grip your chin and tilt your head up. “I asked you a question,” he says, his eyes hard.
“I… yes…” you say, sounding uncertain of yourself.
Wooyoung raises an eyebrow, waiting expectantly.
“I… don’t like myself?” you tell him, your words coming out as more of a question than a statement.
“Y/N,” Wooyoung says, trying his best not to sound disappointed. “You’re an amazing person. The best partner we could ask for. I don’t know what exactly is wrong, and I would love to talk about that later if you want. But I love you so fucking much, okay?” Wooyoung’s eyes were a little glossy, and you could tell how much he meant his words. He wanted you to feel better.
“I know… I love you both too…” You say, holding onto his arm before leaning up to give him a gentle kiss.
Wooyoung holds you close, deepening the kiss. “Is it okay if I have a turn?” he asks you, his hand resting on your hip.
“Yeah, I’d like that,” you whisper, rubbing your noses together.
“I love you so much,” Wooyoung says, mostly to himself. He then asks, “Can I be rough?”
“Yes, I’ll say if it’s too much,” you assure him, Wooyoung and San both nodding.
Wooyoung is quick to undress and is soon guiding you onto all fours. He spreads open your legs and cheeks, watching San’s cum drip out of you. “You didn’t use a condom with San?” he leans forward and whispers into your ear.
San shrugs, knowing it didn’t matter since you were all clean and you were not likely to get pregnant.
Wooyoung pulls back and smacks your ass. “I love the sight,” he groans to himself, teasing your entrance as he smacks your other cheek. “I love how your body reacts to me,” Wooyoung says, grinning as you arch your back up, trying to get him inside of you.
“You had San, and you need more?” Wooyoung teases, slowly entering you.
“Yes, I need you too,” you gasp out, getting fistfuls of the sheets as you hold them to keep yourself up.
“Good,” Wooyoung grunts, beginning to harshly thrust into you.
“You’re making such a mess with your pretty cunt,” Wooyoung laughs a bit sadistically.
“Just for you, just for you both,” you manage to get out, angling your hips so he would hit your g spot.
“You’re such a good girl for us both, and you’re so fucking perfect,” Wooyoung groans.
San scoots up closer to your face, tilting up your chin to look at you. “You okay?” he whispers. “Color?” He knows Wooyoung could get a bit carried away at times, so he wanted to check.
“Green,” you choke out, your arms giving in on a particularly strong thrust.
Wooyoung slows his thrusts and grabs your hair, pulling you up and moving his hand to your throat. “You’re beautiful, Y/N. We are so lucky to have you,” he whispers, rolling his hips into yours.
You nod a little, your orgasm building again. Wooyoung hums softly and starts thrusting faster, grunting softly in your ear before he decides to suck colorful marks onto your neck and shoulder.
“That’s our girl,” he murmurs, reaching down to rub your clit as he squeezes your neck.
You gasp, your thoughts going blank from the slight lack of oxygen to your brain.
“Go on and cum on my cock, princess,” Wooyoung urges you, biting down on your shoulder as he squeezes your neck a little more, searching for his release.
At the slight increase in pressure, your body explodes, and you cum, your fluttering walls encouraging Wooyoung’s orgasm.
He lets up on your throat and clit, thrusting a few more times to ride out your highs. Wooyoung pulls out of you and helps you lay down, cupping your cheeks.
“How are you feeling, baby?” Wooyoung asks, cupping your cheeks.
You’re zoned out, blissed expression was a dead giveaway of your state, as you felt high and floaty.
“Damn, if I had known you were going to come and fuck her like that, I wouldn’t have made her squirt,” San says with a sigh, getting up.
“You did? Without me here to watch?” Wooyoung groans.
San shrugs, heading into the bathroom and drawing a bath.
You watched the two, not quite able to make out their conversation.
When Wooyoung picks you up, you gladly lean against his chest and gently hold him. He leads you into the bathroom and sets you in the tub, which San had filled with a bubble bath. Wooyoung kisses your forehead, and San squeezes your hand, saying something.
San stands up and sighs, looking at Wooyoung. “Don’t leave her alone like this. I’ll wash the sheets,” he tells him.”
Wooyoung lets you play with the bubbles and soon gently washes your hair. “You’re doing so good,” he says, rinsing out your shampoo. “Our pretty girl,” Wooyoung adds, smiling. “Turn a little to face me, and I will wash off your makeup~” he says, putting the cleanser oil on his hands.
“Okay!” you giggle, turning and closing your eyes.
Wooyoung is gentle as he massages the oil into your skin, singing to you softly. You hum along with the tune, letting him rinse off the oil and use your regular cleanser.
“Are you ready to cuddle?” San asks, coming back into the bathroom and now fully dressed.
“Cuddles~!” you say, nodding immediately.
Wooyoung giggles and unplugs the drain, readying a towel.
“I have your favorite pajamas ready for you,” San says, smiling.
You let out an excited squeak, reaching out to Wooyoung to help you up. He gently grabs your arms, helping you find your footing before beginning to dry you off.
“Will you finish her up?” Wooyoung softly asks San, wrapping you in the towel before picking you up.
“Yeah, go clean yourself up,” San says.
Wooyoung kisses your temple and goes to the bathroom, and San helps you into your pajamas.
“You pretty princess,” he says, pulling on your pink pajamas.
“Mhm, your princess!!” you confirm, nodding.
San smiles, plugging in your hairdryer.
“You are the prettiest princess I have ever seen,” he assures you, brushing your hair before adding essence to it.
“Then you’re my… prince?” you ask, glancing up at San as he picks up the hairdryer.
“I’ll be whatever you want me to be,” San assures you, turning on the hairdryer and drying your hair.
Before San finishes drying your hair, Wooyoung returns and lays on the bed next to you, rubbing your back.
Once finished, San unplugs the hairdryer and turns off the light. Wooyoung pulls you under the covers, holding you in his arms. San joins you, kissing your cheek.
“I love you,” Wooyoung murmurs.
“We love you,” San corrects him, smiling.
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cherriki · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sunghoon in the shirt that makes me want to commit arson [210517 vlive + dive studios]
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for-yoongi0309 · 7 hours ago
– SUGA on weverse🌟
8주년 두둥~ 함께 해줘서 고마워요 아미! 오늘 머스터에서 달려보아요!
The 8th anniversary, wow~ thank you for being us for so long army! Let's have some fun at muster today!
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taeminnomuyeppeo · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kyungsoo // don't fight the feeling mv bts
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hwanjisung · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
xion vibin’ in his silver pants (ft. hwanwoong) ✨
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yunhwas · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝗠𝗩𝘀 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 𝗔 - 𝗭
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