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image credits: @/exoxoxoid (twitter)

Pairing: Criminal Psychologist Kyungsoo x Crime Reporter OC (Miss Jung) ft. Minseok, Jongin

Description: Much against your wishes, you are back in your hometown to write about the murders of two young women - your only ticket out is the criminal psychologist who has been assisting Superintendent Kim Minseok with offender profiling.

Inspired by: Sharp Objects, The Fall and this moodboard by @is-that-baekhyuns-shirt​ 

Tags/Warnings: Serial killer AU - angst, grief, loss, murders, descriptions of anxiety, reactive and attentive immobility, asphyxiation, indicative of humiliation, explicit and graphic situations. Please do not read onward if any of this triggers or upsets you!!!!

Word count: +3.7k

A/N: …i need to stop watching crime dramas. 



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Drawing Our Moments by Taeyeon

Like everything’s been emptied in my white heart, I tried drawing you.

What I was met with was more brilliant than the morning.

… I try drawing you.

~ Admin S

(I do not own the used pictures but did the edit.)

requested by: @allofmyfeelsicanteven

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My very first ever graphic illustration! I’m waiting on my Black Friday splurge where I’ll finally have a graphic art tablet to use but for this first drawing I used Adobe Fresco on my iPhone 11 with a makeshift stylus using a pen with a touch sensor cushion. I’m proud of this even though the lines aren’t perfect and some of the vector pen strokes aren’t the best (but hey I think this is pretty decent for using my fingers to free hand and a weird fake pencil)

This was my first time ever using any illustration programs/apps and learning how to use the pens and the brushes and the layers and masks was super fun!!

Hopefully I did Kyungsoo justice!

I was trying to go for this photo below 🤪

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I really love the concept and we have MV Teaser now!!!!!!I’m so excited😫🤩🤩🤩

Yassss👏KAI is GOD🤩🤍I agree with that this is new things in kpop😊And he is fashion genius👀👀👀


12 types of photocards… I bought 6 more copies😂9 PB ver. and 3 FB ver.🤣At least I have enough cards can exchange🤣

Love you too🤍❤️🤍❤️

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