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softhyungkyun · a day ago
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hyungkyun 🍷 chillax photoshoot
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sohnkissed · 2 days ago
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intimidated and intimidating: the duality of peter
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squishychae · 2 days ago
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i.m  ❤  mx university fancon vcr— i love you, you love me
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kibumkim · a day ago
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blu-joons · 2 days ago
Bail Out ~ Im Changkyun
Tumblr media
The busier the restaurant got, the harder you found it to sit at your table and look ahead at the empty chair in front of you. With each passing moment, you felt your heart race harder and harder, fretting as to where Changkyun could possibly be.
You had arrived early, admittedly, but after waiting over half an hour past the time that you agreed, you began to fear the worst. You were stuck, and alone, with plenty of happy couples around you almost as if they were placed there to remind you that you had been bailed on.
Every call that you tried to make to Changkyun went straight through to voicemail, however as the time neared an hour, you decided to ring the studio phone, with your call answered immediately. “Hello?” A familiar voice spoke.
You weren’t sure whether to be angry or relieved when you heard Changkyun’s voice. “W-where are you?” You stuttered.
“I’m at the studio, obviously,” he chuckled, “that’s why you’ve got me on this phone. Are you alright, you sound a little nervous?”
Your eyes looked down to the menu in front of you as you tried to keep your breathing steady, not wanting for Changkyun to hear how terrified you were. The place was getting busier, swallowing you in amongst the crowd.
“I’m here all alone,” you spoke, hoping that it would be enough for Changkyun to realise, “you forgot about me Changkyun, I don’t know what to do?”
You could hear in his voice that he had remembered straight away about your plans, glancing up at the clock on the wall in the studio with a disgruntled groan.
“I can’t get home,” you whispered, not wanting to attract the attention of other diners around you too, “my taxi driver left as soon as I got out of the car, and I can’t remember the way home, I’m really scared right now Changkyun.”
“I’m sorry,” was all that he could say, running his hand through his hair as several of the boys looked across at him too to see what was going on. “Do you reckon you can stay there for fifteen more minutes? I can come and get you and bring you home.”
A sigh came from you on the other end of the line, “you’re clearly too busy to be worrying about me at work,” you slightly harshly replied, letting go of some of your frustration.
You kept your voice quiet as several waitresses walked past you, feeling your stomach knot as their eyes continued to judge you, figuring out why someone would go to such a fancy restaurant to only sit by themselves.
“Don’t say that,” Changkyun sighed, fumbling around the studio to find his car keys, “just stay where you are and I promise that I’ll be there as soon as I can, just try not to worry.”
He knew you well enough to know that you were probably already terrified, being by yourself was one of your fears at the best of times, but being by yourself in such an extravagant, crowded place, you didn’t quite know what to do.
“You don’t get to just save the day,” you sighed, glancing out of the window, “I can’t even look anywhere without someone looking back at me right now and laughing, and that’s all your fault Changkyun.”
He had already apologised to the boys and made his way out of the studio as you spoke, running down the flights of stairs as quickly as he could. Most of his belongings were still at the studio, but none of them were as important as you.
“I know it’s my fault,” he frowned as he got into the car, “which is why I’m on my way to try and put things right, just please stay calm, I’ll be there soon.”
You went to speak, but the call ended as Changkyun threw his phone into the passenger’s seat, placing the key into the ignition. Thankfully, the city was quiet as the night came in, giving him empty road for most of the journey to the restaurant.
Whilst you waited, you continued to panic, doing as much as you could to distract yourself. Your hands tapped continuously over the top of the table to give yourself something to focus on, ignoring the stares from all around you.
You paid little attention to what was going on at all, until a pair of hands grabbed onto the chair in front of you. You tentatively looked up, letting go of a heavy sigh when you saw Changkyun staring back at you, relaxing into your seat.
“I am so sorry,” Changkyun whispered, giving you a moment before walking around the table to wrap his arms around you, instantly feeling the beat of your heart and how quick it was.
As your hands grabbed onto the material of his shirt, Changkyun could tell just how terrified you were. He held you closely, feeling the material of his shirt dampen too as you finally felt safe, letting go of everything that you had bottled up.
“I can’t tell you how sorry I am, I got my dates completely mixed up,” Changkyun explained, pressing a kiss to the top of your head, “I can’t begin to imagine how horrible all of this has been for you, I can’t apologise enough to you Y/N.”
“I can’t believe you forgot about me,” you whispered into his chest with several shaky breaths.
Despite the looks that the two of you were getting, Changkyun kept you held against his chest, shielding you from the attention that you were getting from around the restaurant.
“Let’s head home,” Changkyun suggested, carefully helping you rise to your feet, “I don’t think you need to be here anymore.”
“Everyone is looking at me,” you murmured, trying to look to the sides, but Changkyun quickly turned your head back, refusing to let you take a look at anyone around you.
With careful steps, Changkyun took you to the car, using the hem of his shirt to wipe underneath your eyes once you were sat down. He knelt down in the doorway, taking a hold of your hand, encouraging you to take a few deep breaths.
“You’re alright, I’m here with you now,” he reminded you with a smile, “we’re going to go home, and we’re going to try and forget about tonight, and I’ll make it up to you as well.”
“I don’t think I can just forget,” you admitted with a much calmer tone.
“I understand,” Changkyun hummed, letting go of your hand and walking around to sit in the driver’s seat. “I know that I’ve hurt you a lot by leaving you there by yourself tonight, you must be anxious and scared, but I’ll do whatever it takes to make it up to you and prove to you how much I care about you.”
“I know that you care,” you tried to assure him, “but you don’t care as much as you care about work sometimes, and that’s something that I’m alright with, just as long as you remember to think of me a little bit.”
“I care a lot about you, I forgot about you this once, but never again,” he assured you.
“I hope you’re right Changkyun.”
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monstax-info · a day ago
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211027 @OfficialMonstaX Twitter Update
BIG news is coming soon for MONBEBEs around the world. Stay tuned!
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dailykyun · 2 days ago
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© ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ғᴏʀ ɪ.ᴍ | do not edit
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echowriters · a day ago
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covert - yoo kihyun
pairing: tech specialist kihyun + tech specialist female reader
genre: fluff, spy, secret operations, gambler au
word count: 3k+
warnings: suggestive sexual content, cursing, mentions of creepy men, guns.
summary: you two are about to get caught in the middle of an operation, so kihyun decides to pull a little stunt that has you reeling.
author’s note: this is something that i’ve wanted to write ever since the gambler mv came out! it’s the aesthetic u know... so i decided to write something based on kiki’s roles in the mv. i hope u like it <3
[library] [monsta x library]
“Is it clear, Ki?” you ask quietly, pressing your back against the wall, wincing slightly at the cold concrete biting against your exposed skin. You really should’ve worn a more conservative dress; the extra fabric would have been much more useful in disguising extra tech and weaponry. But no, Minhyuk insisted on a silky backless number in red; your target’s favourite colour on a woman according to the intelligence collected by Hyungwon.
You wanted to scoff at your target’s interests. How original.
According to the group meeting hours before, Hyunwoo made it abundantly clear that capturing your target’s attention was of the highest degree is of importance tonight, as your target must be distracted to ensure the success of this operation. It was imperative that he is not present for the auction.
And the success of your first task was definitely achieved, as your target is currently situated in a hotel room numbered 489, waiting for you to join him for a quote on quote, night of fun. You shudder at the memory of your target smiling at you creepily from across the dining hall, lecherous eyes following wherever you went. The mere notion of anything happening with that repulsive man makes you want to gag, bones shivering at the idea of someone like that laying a single finger on your body.
The only man that you would even consider divulging such privileges to would be no other than-
“Ki? Yoo Kihyun? Hello? Give me an update,” you whisper impatiently, your voice echoing into his earpiece. He doesn’t respond as fast as you would like, causing you to sigh in dissatisfaction at how distracted and out-of-the-loop that he’s seemed for the mission so far. Kihyun normally isn’t like this. Perhaps, you should buy him a drink after this operation.
However, you don’t mention anything as Kihyun finally gives you a clear nod for you to begin. Satisfied with the confirmation, you lift the hem of your dress in a single, swift motion, removing the tools and gadgets that you’ve fastened to your legs before the operation. Working quickly, you attach the gadget to the main circuit board while alternating tools in your hands, eyes narrowing in intense concentration.
Steadying your breathing, you nearly complete your task without a hitch. That is, until a stray security guard begins wandering closer and closer to your vicinity. You don’t see him but you’re able to hear him, drunkenly babbling phrases of absolute nonsense and bumping into all the equipment on the other side clumsily. You’re caught off guard; no one is supposed to be in this room with you two. Hopefully, Kihyun can take care of this little complication without your help because you’re way too busy to be preoccupied with anything else but your current task.
Suddenly, the room becomes silent once again, causing you to believe that Kihyun has succeeded in neutralizing the drunk security guard. That’s your thinking until you hear him spit out in a hushed manner, “I thought that you handled security, Minhyuk!”
His irritated voice makes you jump slightly, echoing in your earpiece as your fingers fiddle with the coloured wires. You try to ignore the commotion to the best of your ability, but Minhyuk’s voice manages to reach your earpiece as well, “I thought that I handled it too!”
Minhyuk sounds equally as frustrated, slight panic overtaking his composure as he continues, “Just take care of it!”
“I’m trying, but he’s moving around too much!” Kihyun exclaims in a quiet voice, the aim of his tranquilizer gun wandering and unfocused. He tries leaning against the columns perpendicular to you, taking aim between the gaps of equipment, but he’s unable to get a clear shot.
Biting your bottom lip, you attempt to remain as calm as possible, remembering that Kihyun has gotten you both out of situations like this while working. Keeping that in mind, you finish your task, successfully installing it. Unfortunately, you still have a couple of tools in your hand. Cursing, you realize that your dress doesn’t have pockets, scratching out your plan to shove the tools into some fabric to conceal them.
The drunken voice is getting louder and louder with each passing second, and you’re beginning to shake. This cannot be happening. Even if you wanted to take him out, leaving an unconscious body behind would raise alarms in the building, no matter how inebriated the guard may seem. It would greatly jeopardize the operation. Looking around to the exits, your eyes dart around to assess the space. You chew on the inside of your cheek, displeased that door is much too far away for you two to make it there without getting caught.
And based on the volume of the guard’s clicking footsteps, caught is exactly how you’ll find yourselves if you don’t think of anything to do. You’re staring at Kihyun beside you, eyes intense with panic and hands moving in a quizzical gesture, attempting to wordlessly communicate the level of stress that you’re experiencing at the moment. Similarly, Kihyun is deep in thought, brows furrowing as he chews at his bottom lip. His brain is probably running a million miles a minute, scanning through all the possible actions to get you two out of this predicament.
Then, he gets that little glint in his eyes, a look that he always has when he thinks of a new idea or a fresh strategy. Strangely enough, the sight of it calms your racing heart; it means that he has a plan.
Kihyun grasps at your wrist, pulling you towards him with a swift tug. He’s so quick that you’re unable to keep up, recoiling in genuine confusion. Confusion continues when his head dips downward, bringing his lips to the shell of your ear, his breath fanning the skin just underneath.
“I apologize in advance,” he whispers lowly.
You don’t even have a chance to request a reason for his apology, because, in a blink of an eye, Kihyun is wrapping his arm around the curve of your hips, pulling you in for a kiss that has you gasping for breath.
Describing your current state as surprised would be an understatement because Kihyun is kissing you like his life depends on it, lips moving in such an impassioned manner that you can’t help but surrender yourself to the feeling, squeezing your eyes shut when his palm traces the line of your jaw.
So, this is his strategy, you realize when Kihyun pushes you against a piece of equipment, covering the gadget that you installed with your bodies. Your eyes snap open when you feel his fingers move up to the side of your face, grasping at your earpiece before pulling it out. Sliding his hand back down, he easily places it into his pocket with finesse, resuming the little make-out session like nothing is out of the ordinary. You believe that he’s using this opportunity to distract the security guard with a situation that’s deeply uncomfortable; walking into two people going at it.
Alright. Perhaps, it’s Kihyun’s unbridled confidence that’s egging you on, fueling that competitive fire inside you. He wants to put on a show? You’ll give him a show.
You shoot your hands out to reach for his hips, roaming the waistband of his slacks until you feel belt loops against your fingers. Wasting no time, you hook your fingers into the fabric, slotting your thigh in between his legs before tugging his body forward. You can tell that he’s caught off guard by that, gasping against your lips as his body stiffens upon contact. Taking his state of surprise as an opportunity, you press your thigh up against his crotch, parting his lips with your tongue before purposefully moaning into his mouth.
You’re not sure if he’s faking it, but Kihyun responds with a deep, strangled groan that has you shuddering, satisfying a part of yourself that you didn’t even know about. He’s making noises that you’ve only dreamt of hearing in your most explicit of dreams, lighting your heart aflame with need. It has you craving more, but Kihyun decides to pull away from your lips, disappointing you.
The guard must be gone, you think, just noticing how silent the room has become. You peek your head over his shoulder to avoid his gaze, unsure if you’re able to handle looking at him in the eye right now; not after making out in such a shameless fashion after you’ve been attracted to him for so long.
To your bewilderment, however, the guard isn’t gone. Rather, it’s the complete opposite, the person in question standing a couple of metres in front of you two, eyes wide and mouth gaping open at what they’re stumbling upon. You’re praying that the lighting is dim enough and that they have poor eyesight because you probably look like a deer in headlights.
“Ki…” you start, nudging Kihyun away in preparation for some sort of confrontation, believing that your little ruse has failed. That is, until he keeps his grip strong and firm, tucking his head underneath your chin to trace the line of your neck with the flat of his tongue. Eyes fluttering closed once again, your mind returns to Kihyun and nothing else, disregarding the point of the mission entirely.
What are you two even here for again? You wouldn’t be able to tell at this point because he’s starting to pepper kisses all over your sensitive spots, causing your mind to become hazy; your breathing to become laboured. Once he reaches an area that has you writhing against him, he unwraps his arm from your waist and migrates his hands to your hipbones, latches his lips to that same area, and gives it a harsh suck, forcing his thigh between your legs as his pushes your back into the equipment behind you.
If he wants you to moan for him, he’s definitely succeeding, because you’re barely registering how loud you’re gasping out, forgetting that there’s a possibility that Minhyuk might overhear. Your ears manage to catch the guard muttering fuckin’ kids under his breath before moving on, but you disregard it almost immediately. You should really be paying attention on the job but God, you couldn’t care less, not when Kihyun is doing that with his mouth, scattering marks across your skin and kissing you like he’s desperate for you to stay in his arms for the rest of his life.
You would gladly accept that idea but you should ask yourself if this is even real. But there’s no way that he can make you feel like this without being a hundred percent serious, right? You’ve had an interest in plenty of people but none of them ever made you feel like your heart was going to burst out of your chest from a mere makeout session.
“Ki…” you gasp out, clutching at the lapel of his blazer as you break the kiss, lungs burning for oxygen, “I… Mmph-”
Kihyun doesn’t give you a chance to talk, slamming his lips against yours once again. It’s starting to seem like he’s wholly preoccupied with making you lose it, your mind quickly becoming addicted to the pressure of his hands caressing the lines of your body through the silk of your dress.
But in the midst of it, you know that you need to stop this. Blackout procedures are timed and you have to get out of here before that happens. As if he can read your mind, Kihyun pulls away from your lips, panting heavily. You’re no better, tipping your head backward to rest against the cold metal of the equipment, only just taking note of how close Kihyun really is.
He’s pressed right up against you, so much so that you can feel the lines of his chest against your body, hips fitting together with his thigh between your legs. Peering into his eyes nervously, your breath catches in your throat, taken aback by how dazed he looks, pupils dilated and expression hazy. You have so many questions running through your brain that it feels like an eternity before you feel like you should say something, words beginning to leave your lips to break the silence.
You see Kihyun going in for another kiss but you halt his movements, cocking your head backward as you press your fingers against his lips.
“We need to go,” you whisper, noticing how hoarse your voice sounds.
“Huh?” Kihyun makes a noise in question, recoiling.
“The timer,” you stop, gulping for breath, “Gotta go before time’s up.”
It takes a second for Kihyun to collect his thoughts, but when he does, his eyes snap open, withdrawing from your body so quickly that you’re having doubts about what just transpired. Does he regret what he just did? The feeling of dread is starting to permeate into the forefront of your mind, even as you both successfully evacuate the premises.
The car ride back to headquarters is unsettlingly quiet. The uncomfortable silence is seemingly neverending, causing you to fiddle with the fabric of your dress to distract yourself. When Kihyun finally drives into the underground garage to park, the silence continues until he chooses to speak first.
“I’m sorry, Y/N. I got carried away and it made you uncomfortable. I’ll request Hyunwoo for you to get reassigned,” he says, giving you a single nod before reaching for the handle of the car door.
“Wait,” you try to stop him, wrapping your fingers around his wrist gingerly. You don’t pull or tug; Kihyun halts his movements out of his own volition, turning around with his left hand remaining on the handle of the car door.
Should you say something? you ask yourself, chewing at the inside of your left cheek. Even if you wanted to say something, nothing is translating into actual words. You should’ve planned something in advance before telling him to stop.
Ignoring your own thoughts, you decide to speak anyway. At least you’re trying to, but whatever you want to tell him gets stuck in your throat once Kihyun’s eyes lock with your own. He’s focused but there’s something else in the way that he’s staring at you; focused and heated; confused, yet hopeful. You might not be able to put your finger on it, but you’re able to tell that he’s probably feeling just as turbulent as you. His nose gets all scrunchy and his eyebrows always take on a slight furrow when he gets into his head for too long. It’s making you realize that you shouldn’t say anything at all.
Fuck it.
This time, you act first by closing the distance, swooping in to continue your business that was rudely interrupted by work. It takes him aback, his shoulders scrunching up as he flinches in surprise. Although, that doesn’t last long because before you know it, his palm reaches out to cup at your cheek softly, coaxing your lips to part with a swipe of his tongue, deepening the kiss.
Before, Kihyun was frantic, lips and hands moving roughly when he pushed your back into the cold metal. Although it was under the guise of a ruse, he had you practically burning with need anyway; his touch lighting you aflame with every single brush of his palms against your body. Presently, the same passion is there, but somehow, he’s gentler this time around, achingly tender and affectionate as his palm moves from your cheek to the back of your neck, pushing your lips harder against his. As cliché as it sounds, he has your stomach flipping and your heart fluttering at something as simple as a kiss.
Much too soon for your liking, he pulls away, resting his forehead against yours as his fingers splay out on the side of your neck, fingers brushing at the strands of hair that managed to escape your previously neat updo.
“I like you,” you whisper against his lips, peering into his eyes shyly.
Kihyun hums in response before smirking, “You don’t say.”
Feigning annoyance at his characteristically cocky comment, you retract from his touch, snapping your head to the side while pouting, “Okay, I don’t like you anymore.”
“Wait, I’m joking, I’m joking,” he laughs, placing his palm on your jaw. The pressure causes you to tilt your head towards his face, but your gaze remains downward out of pettiness. As if he requesting your forgiveness, he cants your head upward with a gentle nudge of your chin with his knuckle, causing you to lock eyes with his. Your breath hitches when Kihyun presses a chaste kiss to the corner of your lips, and the sweet gesture makes you forget why you were petty in the first place.
He really is handsome, you smile to yourself, unsure in the moment as to why it took so long for you to confess. Then, the reason comes flying back to you when a knock on the car window shocks you out of your daze.
You completely forgot that Minhyuk was part of this mission as well.
And judging by the look on Kihyun’s face, he forgot as well. Embarrassed that Minhyuk caught you two in the middle of a tender moment, he hides his face into your neck cutely, tucking himself underneath your chin. You giggle at this, Minhyuk also taking pleasure at Kihyun’s uncharacteristically bashful state.
But when Minhyuk starts talking, you frown, cocking your head to the side in confusion. Everything he’s saying is muffled, so you try to wordlessly gesture that you’re unable to hear him. Similarly, Minhyuk does the same by pointing upwards, mouthing what looks to be the word meeting with his lips.
“We have to go to a meeting,” Kihyun tells you after he turns toward the car window, but you shake your head.
“Let’s stay here for a little longer,” you say, kicking off your heels and shoving his seat backward, lifting your legs over the center console before curling into his lap. Minhyuk looks like he wants to gag but you pay him no attention, focusing on the sound of Kihyun’s steady breathing and heartbeat instead.
“Who knew that you’d be so clingy,” Kihyun whispers, teasing you.
“Do you want me to leave?” you retort sassily with a raise of your eyebrow, but he knows that you’re not being serious.
“Never,” he responds resolutely, kissing the crown of your head softly before wrapping his arms around your waist.
Work can wait, for now.
all rights reserved © 2021 echowriters
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timetohyungwon · a day ago
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monstax-info · 17 hours ago
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211028 Jooheon Instagram Update
joohoneywalker: HE HE😎
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