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Monsta X “Dudes*” Text imagine +15

If you send dudes please be careful and be 100% sure that the person that you’re sending that it’s of your total trust 💕

Genre: lightly smut

Note: Please leave feedback! You will help me a lot and I will appreciate it very much! Thank you!

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First we die with Monsta X’s Love Killa

Then they drop this japanese version of the track and expect us to still be BREATHING?!?!?

It’s not covid giving us breathing problems, it’s Love Killa era TT-TT

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Here are my top 2020 albums in no particular order:

-Taemin: Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2

-KAI: The First Mini Album

-GOT7: Breath of Love: Last Piece/ DYE

-Dreamcatcher: Dystopia: The Tree of Language 

-TWICE: Eyes Wide Open

-NCT 2020: Resonance 

-Monsta X: Fatal Love 

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No sé quién necesita leer esto pero lo escribiré de todas formas:

En otro momento de mi vida me atormentaría por no poder votar con más fuerza o hacer streaming y por la falta de apoyo brindado a estos kpop boys, pero bueno, ¿qué puedo hacer? Hace como tres meses que no tengo internet en casa y además tengo que estudiar para rendir mis últimos exámenes de la facultad, así que lo siento, pero en este momento no son prioridad y voy a hacer lo que pueda cuando pueda.

Lo que quiero decir con esto es que muchas veces veo en distintos fandoms que se intenta dar culpa a los fans por “no hacer lo suficiente” o por “no trabajar más duro” cuando hay un comeback o para promocionar X proyecto de sus favoritos; ¿qué quieren que les diga? No muchas veces se puede hacerlo, no todos están en condiciones de apoyar a sus favoritos como quisieran, existen más responsabilidades (cuando no dificultades técnicas), así que mejor tengan eso en cuenta la próxima vez cuando quieran hacer sentir culpa a alguien de su fandom porque creen que no se esfuerzan lo suficiente.

Entiendo esa sensación, muchas veces también pensé que alguno de los fandoms a los que pertenezco podría hacer un poquito más, pero no me voy a poner a señalar a nadie porque no sé efectivamente por lo que esa gente está pasando.

Se supone que es solo música, que estamos en esto para sentirnos mejor, no para estresarnos por votaciones o números de visitas en un vídeo, claro que esas cosas son importantes, pero aceptemos que hay muchas cosas que son mucho más importantes que eso.

Con eso no quiero tampoco juzgar a los que realmente se esfuerzan por apoyar a sus favoritos, bien por ellos, pero me parece que a veces se le da tanta importancia a los números que se pierde la alegría de disfrutar de la música por el simple placer de escuchar una canción que nos gusta… Obviamente que si son felices haciendo streaming de una canción o un vídeo háganlo, pero no jueguen a los que no se sienten de la misma manera o no pueden hacerlo.

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Genre: Fluff

Warning: None

Member: Shownu

Prompt: “There seems to be some mistletoe above us”

(Photo credit to jellyfishwater from vecteezy)


This Christmas was crazy weird. A good crazy weird. Everyone seemed to be having parties left and right and you and Shownu couldn’t keep up.

You groaned, throwing your head back on the back of the couch. You slammed your phone down beside you in a huff. “Minhyuk is inviting us to another party!” You grumbled. Shownu laughed, gently squeezing at your thigh where his hand rested.

“Do you think we should accept this one? It’s the third one this week,” he trailed. You crossed your arms in a pout, leaning over to your husband.

“Yea, but he knows us. They all know us. All of them know we like staying home, especially when it’s cold!”

“Maybe this once? We always go to at least one party for Christmas.”

“Mmhm. I guess so. He said it’s in an hour,” you laughed. Shownu’s eyes went wide.

“An hour?”

“Yep,” you popped the P.

“Well! Let’s go, baby girl! Let’s get dressed!” Shownu said, standing and pulling you with him.


You stood at Minhyuk and Jooheon’s front door, waiting for it to be opened. Suddenly it was being jerked open, Jooheon smiling and arms open for hugs.

“Y’all know the code, you can just come in! Let’s go party!” He said, turning to speak to some other guests. Shownu’s hand was resting on your lower back, your hands wringing in front of you.

“It’ll be okay. I’m here, baby girl,” he whispered, his hand rubbing your back gently. You smiled up at him, taking your shoes off and entering the apartment.

You never strayed from Shownu, but he floated from one person to the next. You were currently standing in a doorway with your husband, his point of view on Kihyun as they conversed. You looked up and spotted some mistletoe, your mouth smiling bright.

“Hey, babe,” you said, tapping at his hand wrapped around yours.

“Hmm?” His eyes drifted away from Kihyun, all attention on you now. You quietly cleared your throat.

“There seems to be mistletoe above us!” You said with a big smile. You knew Shownu wasn’t comfortable with a lot of pda, but hey. A girl could try. He looked up, noticed the mistletoe and looked down at you with a smile. He cupped your face and you felt yourself melting at the touch.

“That we are!” He spoke, before kissing you deeply. He took your breath away at the sudden action, your fingers grasping at his shirt. When the “hoots” and “hollers” started, you pulled away trying to catch your breath. You looked up at Shownu, seeing a slight smirk on his face.

“What?” You proded.

“That was the first time we’ve kissed like that in public,” he stated, eyes wide.

“Mmhm. And I’d do it again,” you chuckled, stepping back to admire your man. He laughed, his eyes crinkling, making your heart soar.

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