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#tomorrow x together
tyunderea day ago
Tumblr media
content. fluff, mini blurbs, friends to lovers au, 2.0k words, not proofread.
note. repost from my old blog @lipbeom; lowercase intended.
Tumblr media
yeonjun insisted that he wasn鈥檛 tired as he made his way over to you on the couch, snacks in hand. but you knew him well enough to know that he could very well be saying that for your sake. if鈥攍ike tonight鈥攜ou wanted to binge watch a new show that came out, yeonjun would gladly drop everything to do just that. even if it meant saying he wasn鈥檛 tired when he in fact was.
once yeonjun sat down you trapped him between your arms, each hand placed on opposite sides of him resting on the cushions, you peered up at him looking directly into his eyes. 鈥測ou鈥檙e tired鈥 you concluded 鈥渋 can see it in your eyes鈥 you returned to your normal seated position.
鈥渃ould you now?鈥
鈥測ep鈥 you replied quickly 鈥渋 just know you that well鈥 you stated 鈥渋 can read the language of your eyes,鈥
鈥渉m, you know me so well鈥 he repeated in a mumble 鈥渕aybe that鈥檚 why i like you so much鈥 he thought aloud, and yeonjun only noticed he had said said confession out loud by the way that your eyes widened in response.
at this moment, yeonjun knew that confidence was key. he was just going to play it off that he meant to say it. 鈥渋鈥檝e been waiting for the perfect time to tell you this鈥 yeonjun started, shifting to face you as you did the same 鈥渂ut i guess that was silly of me because every moment spent with you is perfect. i really like you (y/n) probably more than you think.鈥
his confession鈥攖hough slightly cheesy鈥 meant a lot to you, and it was enough to bring an overwhelming smile to your face, 鈥渨ow, i don鈥檛 know how anyone could out do that鈥 you began 鈥渂ut i guess nobody has to鈥 yeonjun raised an eyebrow to your response 鈥渂ecause i like you too yeonjun. probably more than you think.鈥
plausible deniability. that was the route soobin settled for after letting his true feelings for you slip out. sure, you might have heard the words clearly leave his mouth and follow suit to your ears, but did you have video evidence? could you role the tapes back and prove that he had said it? no, therefore it didn鈥檛 happen and soobin was sticking to that line of thought.
so, now you were staring at soobin who sat next to you on the couch waiting for him to say something while a movie played in the background. to you, the movie had become long forgotten, more focused now on soobin鈥檚 confession that he refuses to admit he said. to soobin, the movie was the most interesting thing he had seen in a while, maybe in his life.
his eyes refused to meet yours, being stuck on the screen instead. he tried so desperately to get your attention to turn back onto the movie and not on him, pointing to the TV while commentating on how 鈥渋nteresting and engaging鈥 the scene was.
but when you briefly turned your attention back to the movie, the scene was neither interesting nor engaging. it was a filler scene, no action, or important conversations, or confessions鈥 just a way to move the plot along. nothing that was happening in the scene was nearly as important as what was going on between the two of you.
when you realized that he wasn鈥檛 going to address it, you sunk into the cushions of the couch in a combination of a pout and sulk.
鈥渨hat?鈥 soobin saw your form out of the corner of his eye.
鈥渃an i confide in you about something鈥
鈥渦m sure i guess鈥
鈥渟o there鈥檚 this guy I like鈥 you started. soobin felt his breath hitch as the sound of your words. were you really doing this? right after he told you how he felt. sure, he pretending like it didn鈥檛 happen but still you should have mercy on him. 鈥渁nd he just confessed to me, but now he鈥檚 acting like it didn鈥檛 happen, i hope he meant it but i鈥檓 not sure.鈥
鈥淚 meant it鈥 Soobin blurted out 鈥渙r um he meant it, i can guarantee he meant it鈥
鈥渋鈥檓 glad鈥 you giggled 鈥渂ecause i really like him, or should i say i really like you.鈥
you laughed as beomgyu pouted beside you, your backs leaning against the bottom of the couch, controllers in your hand, and mario kart on the screen.
鈥渋 can鈥檛 believe you鈥 beomgyu whined 鈥測ou were saving that red shell the whole time, i should have known you were going to use it on me, i ended up in seventh place because of you鈥
鈥渋 had to use it on you, you鈥檙e my only competition really鈥 you patted him on the head lightly 鈥渋 hope you鈥檙e not too mad.鈥
鈥渨ell you鈥檙e lucky i like you,鈥 he told you 鈥渙therwise i would be.鈥
the word 鈥榣ike鈥 made your heart jump of bit, but you were quick to tell yourself to calm down. you were sure that he didn鈥檛 like you in that way, that was until he continued talking.
beomgyu was sure that he had just confessed to you, and in order to not leave it so open ended, he kept talking. 鈥渋 mean your really great so it would be hard to be mad at you,鈥 he added 鈥渁nd impossible to stay mad at you because i love hanging out with you鈥 he laughed between each addition to his confession 鈥渁nd you鈥檙e also really cute when you do your puppy dog eyes and just in general. there鈥檚 really no point in getting mad if i鈥檓 going to end up forgiving you in .2 seconds anyways.鈥
by the end of his rambling both of you were red in the face, 鈥渟o you do like me in that way鈥 you asked, but mostly as clarification for yourself.
鈥渦h yeah鈥
鈥渋 like you too鈥 you smiled 鈥渁nd in the same way鈥 you clarified 鈥渁nd also if there is anyone who鈥檚 impossible to stay mad at it鈥檚 you鈥 you argued.
鈥渉ow so鈥
鈥渏ust last week while playing you purposely bumped me off a cliff and then laughed about it for ten minutes鈥 you brought up 鈥測ou鈥檙e lucky that i like you or i would have cut off all contact.鈥
beomgyu hummed in response, smiling back at you 鈥渋 think i鈥檓 lucky in a lot of ways.鈥
鈥渢aehyun,鈥 you plopped down at the seat across from him, head resting on your hands that laid on the table, 鈥渋 think i鈥檓 going through a crisis,鈥 you stated lifting your head briefly to look at him.
鈥渢hat鈥檚 a little dramatic.鈥
the lunch table the two of you resided at was empty save for the two of you, his friends having yet to arrive. you usually sat at a different table having a separate friend group of your own, but, differing friend groups aside, the two of you were really good friends. good enough for you to refer to taehyun as your 鈥榞o-to鈥 person鈥 an emergency contact per-say鈥 your confidant, and someone who you might have a slight crush on. though you never tell taehyun anything of the above.
鈥渋t鈥檚 not鈥 you insisted 鈥渋t鈥檚 actually very serious鈥
鈥渙kay鈥 he looked at you skeptically 鈥渢ell me about this 鈥榗risis鈥 of yours鈥
鈥渟o you know how all my friends are in relationship?鈥
鈥渨ell i鈥檓 starting to wonder what鈥檚 going wrong with me鈥 you started, head now completely lifted off the table 鈥渓ike i鈥檓 the only one not in a relationship鈥 you continued 鈥渁m i unlikeable or something?鈥
鈥測ou鈥檙e not unlikeable鈥 taehyun assured you immediately. his response was short but effective. 鈥渋 like you鈥 his last statement came out matter-of-factly though he hadn鈥檛 really intended on saying it. it more or less came out on it鈥檚 own, like reaching into a bag of chips expecting to get one but ending up with two.
there was a silence that fell between the two of you, as both of you stared at the other seated across the table. taehyun wasn鈥檛 planning on saying anything. there was nothing that he could really do, he had said his piece, the ball was pretty much in your court now. you, on the other hand, were still processing what had been said.
the silence finally stopped once you started giggling in your giddiness of returned feelings. 鈥渨ow鈥 you breathed 鈥渢o think that i thought i was unlikeable to only find out that the best possible person likes me鈥 you looked around 鈥渋 must be in a movie or something, the director must be waiting in the corner to jump out and say cut鈥 you turned your attention back to taehyun 鈥渙r maybe i鈥檓 dreaming鈥 you reached your arm towards him 鈥減inch me.鈥
鈥渋鈥檓 not going to pinch you鈥
taehyun was right in his assessment of you being dramatic. even still, there was a slight blush left on his face at the fact that you were so happy that he liked you, it could only mean that you liked him back.
鈥渟he definitely likes you鈥 you stated peering over Kai鈥檚 shoulder at his phone screen which displayed a series of messages from a mutual classmate.
鈥渨hat? no.鈥 he brushed off your observation.
鈥渨hat do you mean no?鈥 you pointed to specific messages that lit up on the screen 鈥渟he鈥檚 definitely flirting with you.鈥
鈥渆h鈥 you repeated 鈥渢hat鈥檚 all you have to say.鈥
鈥渨ell, I kinda like someone else, so i guess it鈥檚 not that important to me.鈥
鈥渞eally?鈥 in all honesty, you didn鈥檛 want to know who kai liked less you melt into a puddle of jealousy. but, you were playing the role of a best friend and you were going to play it well. 鈥渨ho?鈥
if kai could press control z on the conversation he would, or he would at least do an edit undo. conversations with you just came so easily to the point where he didn鈥檛 really need to think all that much, he just said, and this time he wish he hadn鈥檛. the only thing he could do was laugh away the awkwardness he thought he created.
though kai鈥檚 laughter usually made you happy, this time it did just the opposite. the longer it went on the more you felt your mood dampen. was it all a joke to him? because you liked him, and it was definitely not a joke. and the more the laughter continued the more your resolve to keep the tears that had welded up from falling lessen. you didn鈥檛 want to cry鈥攖hat would be embarrassing鈥攂ut you were sensitive and your feelings were hurt.
鈥渟o you were joking鈥 you said causing kai forced laughter to stop. there was a distinct sadness in your voice, and also a distinct sense of disappointment. which caused kai to panic
鈥渘o鈥 kai waved his hands rapidly as if dismissing the idea altogether 鈥渋 wasn鈥檛 joking, i was just um a little embarrassed.鈥
鈥渙h.鈥 your response was short in effort to hide the fact that you were on the verge of tears.
鈥渁re you crying?鈥
鈥渘o鈥 you responded quickly, arm reaching up to your eyes in effort to hide the evidence 鈥渢here was just something in my eye鈥
鈥渄o you want me to get it for you?鈥
鈥渘o it鈥檚 fine鈥 you turned away attempting to wipe away the remnants of tears secretly. you began to collect yourself. kai had caught you in a moment of weakness but you were set on ending on a high note, display a cooler side of yourself.
you turned around with a small smile on your face, 鈥渋 guess i have to tell a certain someone that you鈥檙e taken.鈥
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muselina day ago
Kinktober 2021 Day 20
A Little Longer - TXT Yeonjun
Tumblr media
Who: TXT Yeonjun x f!reader
What: 鉀旔煔玸mut, no plot in sight and we like it that way sometimes
Word count: 776
"Mmmm, wait, stay there a little longer," Yeonjun purred behind you.
You were sitting in his lap facing away from him, catching your breath as you had just ridden him into a whiny, gaspy orgasm. Sometimes Yeonjun just couldn't get out of the headspace that sex put him in.
"Come here, turn around," he rasped as he manhandled you in his lap, turning you around as his softening cock slipped from you.
"You felt so fucking good, I'm shaking," his voice was muffled as he buried his face in your chest, kissing and massaging your breasts. He sucked on your nipples in turn, biting one lightly as his fingers rolled the other, making you moan for him. He didn't seem to care that you were spilling cum over his lap.
His hums and gasps were filthy as he lavished attention on your breasts, licking and sucking little marks here and there. His plush lips never peeled away from you for a second.
"God, you could smother me with these and I'd die happy," he sighed.
Something moved against your inner thighs and you noticed that Yeonjun was hard again.
"I can't wait to watch them bounce while I'm fucking you. You ready to go again?"
His fingers, sneaking between your legs to ghost along your oversensitive clit, left you speechless and you could only nod and hum in agreement. Yeonjun hugged you to his body tightly as he raised you up and aligned his cock with your soaked entrance.
"Fuck, Yeonjun!"
You whimpered as he sat you down on his cock again. You were still slippery with his cum and sensitive, and it was a different kind of satisfaction to feel him inside you again, so hard and unforgiving against your softness. He groaned as he bottomed out inside you and guided you in a slow rhythm, thrusting into you from below.
Your head was swimming, not quite past the orgasmic haze from the first round but already feeling the pleasure expanding in your perception, reducing your senses to just Yeonjun under you, around you. His soft hair between your fingers as you tugged on it lightly, the faint scent of his cologne, the beautiful expressions on his face as he shut his eyes in pleasure, his thighs flexing beneath yours as he rolled you into him.
He buried his face against your neck, open-mouthed kisses and nips along your skin as his hands cupped your breasts again, holding firmly and his fingertips dragging over your nipples. He pulled back from you and increased his pace.
"Gorgeous," he smirked and bit his lip as he watched your breasts bounce in time with his thrusts. But two could play at this game.
You clenched your walls around his cock deliberately and he hissed, full lips falling open as he lost his rhythm and his hands squeezed your hips tighter. You arched your back and took charge, changing up the angle and making his cock rub against your walls with more friction. Yeonjun moaned for you in that way that told you that it was you calling the shots now.
You reached down to rub your clit and help yourself along. You could sense that with how good he felt inside you and how sensitive you were it wouldn't take long. You continued to clench around his hard cock and felt him swell another little bit inside you as his head fell back.
"Look at me," you ordered him quietly and waited for his hazy eyes to meet yours. "Are you gonna fill me up again, baby?"
He groaned at your breathy words and bucked his hips harder into you.
You pulled him closer using your grip on his hair and sunk your teeth into his pillowy lower lip. You swallowed his moans as you pushed down onto him and rolled your hips to take him in as deep as you could. You felt him twitch and he slammed into you powerfully from below. Yeonjun's hands dug into your hips harshly and he rutted into you as his cock started to spasm and he milked himself inside you again. The new sensation overwhelmed you and your fingers on your clit pushed you into another orgasm. Your walls tightened up on his cock, sucking the last droplets of his warm cum out.
You released his lip and he cupped your face with both hands, kissing you passionately and breathlessly as he tried to calm his senses. He was still holding you close and in the aftershocks of your shared pleasure he dropped his head onto your shoulder. Nothing except his laboured breaths interrupted the quiet bliss in your hotel room.
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heenunaa day ago
銆 馃枻 銆 锛歝ould you kiss me one more time?
genre: fluffy smut 鉅(鈽 嗖燺嗖)鈽 18+ only
pairing: dom!reader x sub!beomgyu
warnings: dom/sub, worshipping (?)
soft, not yet blinding sunlight meekly makes its way through the windows into houses, rooms, halls. everything around is still asleep, and it seems that even the world has not yet woken up. it's so great to be the only (not true) awake person, to listen to the silence and just hear the sounds of your breathing and heartbeat. or not only your own?
you slowly stretch out, yawning, before turning your head and lowering your eyes to the most beautiful boy, you believe, in the whole universe. his long eyelashes gently fell down, his breathing was even and quiet, a peaceful expression on his face. does he have dreams? and what are they like?
are you studying your sleeping boyfriend, trying to figure out how such an incredible boy ended up here in your small, dark apartment when he should have been somewhere else, more luxurious? this question will remain unanswered, because who cares about logic when it comes to love?
a short laugh falls from your lips and you lean back against the pillows, relaxing. your hand runs weightlessly through his hair, slightly ruffling his lowered bangs and forcing the sleeping guy to move a little through his sleep. he's so wonderful and adorable when he sleeps.
your face unwittingly breaks into a smile when the boy in front of you wakes up, lifts himself up on his hands, and, without opening his eyes, places his head on your chest, hugging you like a teddy bear. his grip is strong, warm and so pleasant to the pain in your heart that you even freeze for a while, not understanding what is happening. however, your boy just mumbles something and falls asleep again, and you, not knowing what to do, just hug him back. your free palm strokes his head, and you feel the tip of his nose twitching against your neck.
his breathing is so ticklish.
you gently kiss his forehead, burying your nose in it, and also close your eyes, falling into sweet oblivion, full of some gentle, warm dreams. however..
soon you wake up from the feeling of something warm and soft on your face, and, opening one eye, you realize that your sun has woken up. beomgyu, it seems, is still half asleep himself, but this doesn't prevent him from wrapping his arms around your neck and kissing your face: cheeks, temples, lips. he smells pleasantly of bed linen and warmth, and you hug him back when he somehow clumsily climbs on top of you to hug you even tighter.
鈥済ood morning,鈥 he whispers before kissing the tip of your nose and blushing slightly.
you nod but in the depths of your soul you wonder terribly what happened to your bratty beomgyu that he is now more tender than usual. while you are thinking, your hands slowly stroke his waist, pass along the spine and down again, along the trajectory. he's pretty mooing.
鈥渋 missed you.鈥
oh, you too. his sleepy voice, the notes of which are so ready to turn into the music of your soul, sounds so attractive that you gently kiss his cheek in response and smile, 鈥済ood morning, baby.鈥
every morning seems to be equally lazy: you wake up at almost the same time, spend about an hour kissing and hugging, and only after that you get up. this morning looks like it will be the same.
鈥渉ow did you sleep?鈥
your question makes him think for a while, and later he nods, 鈥渘ice, i always feel good when I sleep in your arms.鈥
you kiss his forehead again, and he sighs excitedly, starting to lean to you like a kitten. the heaviness of his body, the tenderness of his skin and his kind, sleepy eyes.. how can you resist?
you kiss his nose, lips, chin, and he sighs, starting to squirm on you, 鈥渉mm, let's..?鈥
鈥渃ome on.鈥
you settle back comfortably on the pillows behind you, and beomgyu settles between your legs and leans on you, so he has to turn his head back to be able to put his lips to yours. your kisses, especially in the morning, are always soft and measured, and, in general, ideal for a morning warm-up. beomie especially likes to feel so protected when your arms slowly wrap around him, getting under the fabric of his pajamas or T-shirt in which he sleeps to feel the warmth of his skin.
your skill has surpassed itself, and even now, without making much effort, you make beomie's heart miss a couple of beats, and raise your hands up to hug you around the neck, clumsily. your little bear.
鈥渕mm, neck, please.." beom barely whispers, tearing himself away from your lips, when he feels that his stomach and thighs begin to contract suspiciously often. damn morning sensitivity, turning your baby into a mess. he instantly melts from the feeling of your warm lips on his erogenous zones, and becomes so sonorous when you put your palms on his stomach, as if hinting that you know what's going on.
while your lips and tongue are slowly exploring your boy's body, your fingers are already doing countless rituals over the buttons of his nightgown, unbuttoning them one by one so that you can finally open it, and only then - let it down from his wide, but such gentle shoulders. beomgyu's honey-colored skin really looks better without clothes.
鈥測ou're so handsome, like you just escaped from Eden,鈥 you whisper in his ear, leaving a few warm kisses on him. Bomgu would like to answer once, but every time he opens his mouth, he can only exhale in a strangled way, trying to restrain such shameful, loud, completely dissolute moans.
鈥渁re you saying i'm a fallen angel?鈥
鈥減robably, yes.鈥
鈥渋 wanna sin,鈥 beom's voice trembles a little, but he speaks confidently, raising his crystal clear, shining eyes to your face. you stare at them, seeing millions of small stars, planets, galaxies, and it fascinates you, as if the remnants of stardust have not dissolved in it. it's magical.
after a while, you nod and, smiling, kiss the tip of his nose, 鈥渢hen let's try.鈥
your hand slides possessively along his ribs to his stomach, and then under the hem of his underwear. fingers quickly, without a miss, find his already excited member, and you smile to yourself, kissing his cheek, 鈥渁lready so wet just from my kisses.鈥
beom is embarrassed, blushing, because he's not a puberty boy anymore, but his body just can't resist you, it's used to you, to your pace, to the tenderness that you give him, and this is a kind of drug. damn, you've gone too deep, so deep that it looks like a little more and you'll become one. or have you already become?
while you kiss your boy on the temple, your fingers begin to slowly circle around his tip, collecting every drop of precum and smearing it along the entire length, grinning. beomie himself, out of desperation, can only spread his legs for your convenience, tucking them in his knees, and grab your hand like a lifeline, squeezing his fingers around it every time a wave of excitement runs through his skin.
鈥渉mm, can i take off my underwear?鈥
his question sounds more like a request, and who are you to refuse your miracle? together, you get rid of an unnecessary piece of clothing, and you smile when his cock finally rises freely above his stomach and sways seductively from side to side. has it always been this big?
鈥渨ow, look, beomie, you're so beautiful everywhere,鈥 your lips give him a gentle kiss on the cheek again, and he smiles, but.. look, a small drop of preeculate is formed on his head for the next time! you knew this would happen, so today, this early morning, you will definitely try to test one of your old theories.
first, your hand slowly moves away from his most sensitive spot, and now both palms are placed on his ribs right under his chest, holding him. his head is on your shoulder, and he looks at you with his doe eyes in bewilderment, not understanding why you don't want to touch him anymore.
鈥減lease, y/n, why don't you..?鈥 you don't let him finish the sentence, shutting him up with another kiss. this time, your tongue slips briskly inside his mouth and hosts there in full force, playing with the boy as you like. your fingers gently squeeze his flesh, massage and play with it in a way you've never done, usually all your touches are incredibly gentle.
because of this, a whole storm occurs inside of beom, the precum falls down with incredible speed and spreads over the skin, the tip turns red, and each vein swells. he is so hungry for at least some small, gentle touch. why are you so cruel?
breaking away from his wide, soft lips, you lick yours a little and, smiling, lean your forehead against his one, lowering your hands from his chest to his stomach to start gently scratching him as gently as you can. beom moans a little, his sensitivity grows, and you realize how much he needs to cum, so..
鈥渂eomie, look into my eyes and don't you dare turn away, understand?鈥
this command, albeit given in a gentle, soothing voice, hypnotizes him, and he nods approvingly. he stares at you, and you nod back, squinting your eyes approvingly. beomgyu is such a good boy today.
鈥渂eomie, you know i love you so much that it seems my heart is about to explode. every day, waking up next to you, i don't believe it's true that you, my beloved, the best and most beautiful boy, really exist. you are my dream,鈥 even though you let him know how you feel every day, now your words seem completely new, which makes beom only stare at you and bite his lip.
unable to stop at the sight of such a reaction, you continue, 鈥渕y multi-talented beomie, so kind, gentle, only mine and no one else's. you're only mine, you know that?鈥
he knows for sure, it can't be otherwise, because now he's literally dripping with cum only thanks to you, or rather, because of you. because of you, he exhales noisily, because of you, his heart beats faster, because of you, his whole body seems to burn, because of you, he beats in this sinful agony. so wonderful.
鈥渋 love you,鈥 you kiss his forehead and look into his eyes again, and they are so beautiful. he looks back at you, lost both from the endless love for you and from the excitement overflowing him. his fingers squeeze your hand again.
鈥渋-i love you so much, and i n-need you so much..鈥 it's his turn to kiss you now, and it's definitely the best decision. he barely passes his lips along your chin line to your cheek and mumbles quite, feeling how excited he is even more.
you also feel that he is slowly reaching his limit, so you decide to wrap one of your arms around his neck so that you can put his head on your palm and pull him to you for another kiss. the tips of your fingers stroke his jaw, and your other hand finally wraps around his trunk, 鈥渕y precious, i'll kiss you until you cum.鈥
such direct words manage to revive even more butterflies in his stomach, and he nods, giving his permission. in no time, you pull him into a new, heated kiss, while your palm slides up and down in a steady rhythm, now and then touching the sensitive tip. beom moans and squirms, turning the kiss into a kind of clumsy collision, and arches her back, looking up on you to make quite pornographic sigh, 鈥渋... i...鈥
the way his body bends, his skin is shiny from sweat, everything about him is perfect and you'd give anything to see him like this every day, to kiss him and feel like his aura, the sweet smell envelops you. without a doubt, he is your angel.
"c-can i..?鈥 he barely pronounces each letter with an already numb tongue, and you nod, kissing his temple for the umpteenth time this morning. 鈥渃um.鈥
a short but clear command. three letters.
and beomgyu, without delay, does what you say. his whole body goes limp and his mind flies far away, lost in the fog of pleasure. he does not feel how you continue to move your hand, riding his orgasm out, how you reach for napkins to wipe his sperm from his stomach, how you kiss his head, not sparing praise. his eyes are closed, he hears nothing and can only calmly restore breathing, licking his dry lips.
鈥渕y boy, you did so well. i'm so proud of you,鈥 you whisper, nuzzling into him and kissing his cheek.
鈥渋t was magical, but now it's time for us to go to the shower.鈥
beomgyu finally opens his eyes and immediately meets your warm, loving gaze, intended only for him. this look relaxes him even more and he smiles, slightly squinting, 鈥渃ould you kiss me one more time?鈥
his slightly hoarse voice penetrates into your very heart and you kiss him again, again and again, as much as the air in your lungs allows.
nice morning.
for @fallinforgyu 馃馃Ц馃崪
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