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Puddle of Love ‖ twelve
Tumblr media
You spend some time healing with the help of a... friend.
⤑ word count:  10.5k ⤑ genre: angst, strangers to lovers, rockstar!au, slow burn ⤑ pairing:  jungkook x reader ⤑ warnings: mentions of death, grief, mentions of rehab and drug use ⤑ rating: 18+ ⤑ prev. chapter ‖ final chapter ‖ series masterpost ‖ playlist ⤑ read on AO3 ⤑ reblogs and feedback are always appreciated! we have one more chapter left :)
Tumblr media
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Waking up next to Jungkook wasn’t exactly a new experience. At that point, you’d lived through it twice already, but the new element of it was that there was no hurry this time. He didn’t have to rush somewhere and leave as soon as possible, there was no deadline to meet, no manager who was waiting—it was just the two of you in his bed, woken up by the sunrise in the early hours of the morning. 
You expected Jungkook to get up right away and make breakfast or something else he thought you’d like. The only thing you weren’t expecting him to do was to pull you in closer so he could spoon you, nuzzle his face between your neck and shoulder, and fall asleep again with his arm around you—but that was exactly what he’d decided to do. You didn’t mind at all. In fact, his arm around you gave you a sense of comfort and safety, even if these were fleeting feelings, and that meant a lot that morning. 
You couldn’t sleep anymore, not when all you thought about were your friends and how they were doing, your friend’s family, how everyone was holding up, and all the things you had no control over. For a while, you did manage to focus on something other than that, which was Jungkook and this closeness you two felt when around each other. He was holding onto you and sleeping, his body keeping yours heated, his hands making you feel safe, the sound of his breathing calming you down. 
Once you couldn’t control your thoughts anymore, you gently moved his arm away from your body so you could get up, take a shower and get back into the clothes you wore when you first came there, which were now washed and dried. You went downstairs, wanting to make breakfast for Jungkook since he’d done so much for you. There was a chance you would run into someone at the house, but you’d mentally prepared for it under the shower, hoping nobody would ask too many questions about you two. 
Besides, talking to someone would stop you from having depressing thoughts that didn’t seem to let you be. There was no one downstairs, though. Take-out boxes and empty beer cans served as proof that someone had been there last night, but they were all gone, probably sleeping in the other rooms upstairs.
The breakfast didn’t take long—it was just some toast with scrambled eggs and coffee, but it made you feel productive, like you were able to do something for Jungkook. You brought the tray with food upstairs, just to find him brushing his teeth. His head peeked through the door and he grinned when he saw it was you, mumbling that he’d be right there. Jungkook seemed to be in a great mood, which made you feel a bit lighter.
You ate together on the balcony, enjoying the view of the sun shining over the forest behind their house, warming both of you. Despite the sad thoughts rummaging through your head, you could describe the moment as peaceful. And that was what it was all about—having good moments, and not expecting to feel good 24/7. Well, at least that’s what you told yourself as you tried to find happiness in things like watching the sunrise with the man you really cared about.
“It’s going to be a nice day today,” Jungkook said, sipping on his coffee, having finished his breakfast while you were still on your third bite, struggling to finish. “Do you want to do something today?”
“Maybe we can go for a walk,” you suggested, feeling like it would be better to spend time with him, hang out, and go somewhere than stay in one place and get overwhelmed with thoughts. “Actually, if you don’t mind, I’d like to go home.”
“Not a problem,” Jungkook said, but you could see his jaw clenching as he looked away. He spoke slowly and quietly as if he was trying to make sure you understood. “I can take you right after you finish your meal if you want to leave right away. But of course, you can stay here for as long as you want, like I’ve said.”
“Thank you,” you said, wiping your mouth, realizing you couldn’t eat anything. Your stomach was in knots, and you didn’t feel like eating at all. Coffee, on the other hand, was doing you good. “For everything, the conversations, letting me stay here, your company… Everything.” You meant it—all of it and a lot more—but it was hard to put these feelings into words when you felt so many good and bad things at once.
“You’re always welcome.” Jungkook shot a look at you and smiled warmly, once gain reminding you of how much you enjoyed being in his presence. “I’m glad you came to see me.”
“Me too,” you said, in all honesty, knowing very well you’d made the right call by coming here, even if you ended up crossing some boundaries and rushing into things. Those things didn’t seem to be irreparable, and that was the only thing that mattered. “I’ve missed hanging out with you. You always know the right things to say.”
“Somehow!” He grinned with a shrug. Of course, Jungkook wasn’t saying anything groundbreaking, but he always managed to say the right things exactly when you needed to hear them. He understood you even when you acted irrational and cried, which most men didn’t seem equipped to deal with. 
“We get along well, maybe that’s why,” you suggested, drinking the last of your coffee and getting up, which brought out a frown out of Jungkook, even though he recovered quickly. “Let’s go.”
The only thing that you brought with you was your bag, so when you got that, you were good to go. Your clothes were on you, your phone in your bag, on silent mode. You didn’t feel like going through the texts and calls, you didn’t feel like facing anything else. Jungkook grabbed his wallet and phone and walked out of the room right after you, which made you stop walking and look at him in surprise.
“You won’t take anything else with you?” you asked, confused as to why he wasn’t taking any of his clothes or other stuff he needed if he was going to join you at your place. Wasn’t that where you two were headed?
“What do you mean?” Jungkook wondered, clearly not getting your point. “What else do I need?”
You realized you’ve never explicitly told Jungkook you wanted him to come with you, and that he was probably thinking he was just driving you home. “Uh… Are you going to stay at my place?” 
It was just more private there, it could be just the two of you without the fear of one of his bandmates deciding to join you, and you could relax a bit more when you were on your turf. Besides, you didn’t want to say goodbye to him. The fear of losing him too was just too strong to deal with.
“Oh, uh, yeah…” Jungkook looked around and then nodded, chuckling. “Let me get some stuff then.”
“I’ll wait for you outside,” you said, excited that he was willing to do that for you. He surely had better plans now that he was out of rehab, doing well, and could do whatever he wanted. 
You sat in the garden for a minute or two before Jungkook joined you with a sports bag over his shoulder. “I wasn’t sure how long you wanted me there, so I took some stuff just in case,” he informed you as you walked over to the car. “At first, I thought you just wanted to go home. Without me.”
“No,” you said, unlocking the car, “I want to go home to change, but I thought it might be… nice to be there alone. Just us.”
Jungkook shot you a glance and smiled as he threw his bag in the backseat. You let him drive, preferring it that way. He’d never been to your place before, so you navigated him there and Jungkook seemed to like your neighborhood. 
It was quiet and peaceful, even though a lot of famous people lived around there, so there were always some reporters around the gates. Nobody came all the way down to the river, though, so you thought it would be nice to take Jungkook there, but first, you wanted to change into something more fitting for a walk.
While you were changing, Jungkook took a tour of your home and garden, like you asked him to. If he was going to be staying there for a while, he had to know where things were. Besides, you never wanted him to leave, not after you’d discussed it all. Would all the bad feelings return after he left? You didn’t want to find out—you couldn’t.
You walked downstairs and found Jungkook on the porch, sitting in a rocking chair in the shade, enjoying the view.
“Sit down for a second,” Jungkook told you, which instantly worried you because of the tone he used and the expression on his face. You did what he asked of you and waited for him to explain, hoping you weren’t about to be hit with even worse news.
“I have some possibly bad news. Some reporter took a picture of us in the car earlier, when we were by the first gate,” he explained and you knew exactly what he meant. Sometimes, a reporter or two would lurk in the bushes by the entrance to the double-gated community, eager to catch something illicit going on. Jungkook and you weren’t doing anything bad in any sense of the word, but you still didn’t want the old rumors to be brought up again. “It’s online already. Actually, Andre called me, you know I’m not on my phone a lot, so I didn’t see it earlier. He wanted to check on you since you hadn’t answered his texts, but he also told me about the picture.”
“How great,” you said, huffing. Would you ever be able to lead a normal life, away from people who always seemed to have something to say about your life? “They really need to get a life.”
Jungkook nodded in agreement before sighing. “It sucks that we can’t even drive to your house without these people following, but that’s what this life is. We can’t let this shit get to us. Are you okay?”
“Jungkook, don’t worry. I mean, after the first picture, can it really get any worse? Besides, who cares? This is old news. People will start talking again, but that’s it. I really don’t want to worry about that as well when there’s… more serious stuff going on.” With that, you got up and looked around, once again admiring the beauty of the day, the birds chirping happily, unaware of the passage of time and life.
Jungkook got up too, nodding at your response. “You’re right. They can’t prove anything and even if they could, it doesn’t matter.”
“Exactly. I was thinking we can go to the river and then up the hill, the view is amazing.”
Tumblr media
Jungkook enjoyed the river and the hill as much as you did and he didn’t complain about all the walking, not even once, even though it got hot on the way back since you stayed a bit longer than you intended to. It did feel a bit strange to see him there because you’d never imagined you two would get there. You’d spent numerous hours sitting by the shore and thinking about him, and now he was there with you. The thought comforted you.
Even if the world seemed to be falling apart right then, at least you had Jungkook by your side. The thought was comforting. Back when you two were at the villa, you often thought about him, and how you two were self-sufficient people who just made each other’s lives better when it was just the two of you and your honest conversation, no information held back from the other. That morning, you felt the same way, even if it wasn’t just the two of you. You had more people to think about, the entire public knowing about you two and offering their thoughts, your managers, his bandmates, all the fans… Yet, their importance faded in comparison with the importance of the relationship you two had.
Neither one of you felt the need to check your social media or read the comments on all the posts about you two being a thing. It didn’t matter, actually. What new thing would you actually read? There were people who liked the idea, people who hated it because they despised one or both of you, and there were those who were indifferent. None of their opinions would change what you two had, so there was no use in reading it.
Besides, you didn’t want to know what kind of a story the media was trying to sell. It would be lies meant to attract more readers or shady titles of articles with no substance. They didn’t know how either of you felt, they didn’t know about your friend, or how Jungkook managed to help you. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook stayed with you for a grand total of five days, which seemed insufficient. His stay could be called platonic, save for the kisses you two exchanged. Friends don’t kiss, and you two kissed more than once, but the kisses weren’t make-out sessions or anything of the sort, despite you crossing the line back at his place.  The kisses were comforting and they happened when you really felt you needed them.
Were you selfish for kissing Jungkook when he was there to try to make you feel better? Maybe. But, it wasn’t like you’d promised him anything. Besides, you did care about him too, and he knew that. The timing just wasn’t right to try to make sense of the two of you or to make big decisions.
The first kiss happened the second night when Jungkook noticed you couldn’t fall asleep. The two of you were watching movies in your living room because you thought that activity would tire you out and allow you to get a good night’s sleep, but it just wasn’t happening. 
“Your eyes are so open I can almost see your brain,” Jungkook joked, nudging you, to which you scoffed and kicked your head back into the sofa.
“I know, I just can’t sleep,” you groaned, feeling a bit desperate by that point. It was already 1 am, and you felt wide awake despite waking up at 6 that morning. “If you’re tired, please go to bed, don’t stay up because of me.”
“Go to bed without you?” Jungkook looked at you like you were talking nonsense. “No way… I want to spend as much time with you as possible.”
You thought it was sweet, just like everything else he’d told you since you two met up. Jungkook was always so thoughtful around you, and you noticed it even more when you were on your turf, in your own home, and when you realized he was doing everything possible to make you happy and steer your thoughts away from really depressing things that dragged you down every time.
“Hey, listen,” he said after a couple of more minutes of staring at the screen. “Why don’t we go get McDonald’s, or something?”
“McDonald’s?” Your head snapped in his direction as this was completely unexpected from him. “Now?”
“Yeah, why not?” Jungkook shrugged and leaned more towards you to explain his intentions. “It’s not about food, but about getting to drive around town. It’s night, no one will see us, so we can blast some music and just drive. I know you like their shakes so I thought it could be fun.”
And that was how you found yourself in your car with a shake in your hand, music blasting from the speakers, windows rolled down, and Jungkook driving. He was right, there was no one around.  You got some food as well and were trying to find a good place to sit down and eat, refusing to do it at your house. The city looked so tempting when there were no people outside, as if it was inviting you two to explore it.
“Why don’t we eat outside?” you responded to his suggestion with one of your own. “Everyone else does it.”
“Usually, because people wouldn’t leave you alone,” Jungkook reminded you with a chuckle. “But now, there’s no one around, and I’m here to tell them to let you be.”
“Let’s find the spot,” you agreed, happy with the fact that Jungkook once again found a way to make something so ordinary seem new and exciting.
That’s how you ended up on the bridge downtown, sitting on the floor with your legs hanging, squeezed in between the fence railing, eating and watching cars rush by. 
“This feels a lot more relaxing than I thought it would,” you had to admit after a while, even though you usually hated noise.
The thing was, it wasn’t even that noisy because there weren’t that many cars. They’d just appear, speed by, and would be gone in a couple of seconds, leaving you and Jungkook to sit there with your fries and look down at all the lights that slowly shrunk and disappeared.
“I’m glad it does.”
You could stay up all night if you wanted to and nothing would happen. You were both free, even if for a little while, so you decided to share and enjoy the freedom you had with Jungkook.
At one point, you turned to face each other at the exact same time and your heart was so full of emotions for him, so you leaned in and kissed him. Jungkook went stiff at the touch of your lips, but he relaxed a second in and kissed you back, letting you feel his smooth lips on yours and his breath on your face. It wasn’t a needy kiss nor a sexual one: it was a kiss you shared with someone you really cared about. What better way to show it? Words couldn’t do the moment justice—you could never put into words how thankful you were for his company that night, for him taking your mind off of things, and for showing you something you saw every day in a new light.
Once you pulled away, neither one of you said a thing for a while. You continued to watch the cars moving below you as if the kiss was something that you didn’t even have to discuss. So, you didn’t. 
The second kiss happened when you took your daily walk by the river. Somehow, Jungkook seemed to enjoy these walks as much as you, so you went together every morning, as early as possible to avoid running into everyone. That time you packed some food and coffee as you two decided to sit under a tree, in the shade, and watch the river flow. 
You did exactly that, enjoying the peace and quiet, nibbling on your sandwich, enjoying your coffee, and the sight of Jungkook so immersed in nature, loving everything he saw right in front of him. A butterfly landed on his hand and he got as thrilled as a child would, which made your heart swell for some reason. 
He was a child at heart, you realized, and he had a good one. No matter what happened and how harshly you treated him, Jungkook was right there for you when you needed him, no questions asked. You were sure he’d much rather be surrounded by his friends or partying or doing whatever else, but he decided to spend time with you, sit by the river in silence, and enjoy nature.
“I really like spending time with you,” you decided to tell him an hour in, thinking he deserved to know.
“I’m happy about that.” Jungkook turned to face you with a grin. “It was my favorite part of last summer… Getting to spend time with you. Just staring at the stars, not worrying about anything else.”
“It was nice,” you said, nodding in agreement as your mind took you back to your pavilion. “And this is nice too.”
Jungkook reached out to rub your shoulder gently, and even that was enough to get you to feel warm all over, mostly because of the way his eyes looked at you like nothing else existed. That’s how you felt too—there was just the two of you, and nothing else mattered.
After a while, Jungkook lay down on the blanket and shifted his focus to the tree under which you were resting, enjoying the sounds of chirping birds and other animals hiding around the field. Not long after, you joined him, resting your head right next to his shoulder and enjoying his presence. 
“I wish we didn’t have to go back to our lives,” Jungkook said in a low tone, so quiet you almost didn’t catch it.
You understood exactly what he meant. If you two could live in this little fairytale of yours forever, you’d sign right then and there and never want for anything else. You had it all when you were with Jungkook—laughter, fun, feelings, love, joy. But, it couldn’t last, this time of peace. You both had work commitments, so the fact that he was wasting his time off to be with you meant a lot.
“Me too,” you responded, finding his palm to squeeze it reassuringly. “Thanks for being here.”
“You don’t have to thank me.” Jungkook turned to face you. “This isn’t a favor. For me, this is a mutual decision to spend time together, not something I’m doing for you.”
“Still, thank you,” you told him, staring right into his eyes, noticing how lighter his face seemed this time around. Jungkook no longer looked worried and distressed. Instead, he seemed carefree. 
You propped yourself up on your elbow and placed a hand on his chest, feeling his heart beat against it. It was weird of you to do that, but it felt normal with Jungkook—just the two of you, lying on a blanket in the middle of a field, your hand on his chest, staring right into each other’s eyes.
“Is this peace?” Jungkook asked, frowning for a second. “When people say they feel at peace, is that it?”
“I think so,” you nodded without having to stop to think about it. Why would you even think about this when you were sure of your feelings? “It sure feels like it.”
Jungkook placed his warm hand over yours and pressed it against his chest. “I’ve waited to feel it for what seems like forever.”
Your eyes watered at his confession, mostly because you knew it was true. It wasn’t just something he said to win you over or because he thought it sounded nice—Jungkook meant it. He was always restless, never fitting in, always doubting himself and his place in the world, which caused him so many problems. Jungkook seemed one of those people who could rarely feel peaceful, so hearing him say that he finally had, even if only for a little while, made you ecstatic for him.
“Me too.” You nodded, understanding him completely. Feeling at peace was feeling understood, in your book, and you’d never felt that way until you spoke to Jungkook and let him hear everything you were hiding from others. You sighed loudly, afraid of what was to follow. “I’m afraid of it ending.”
“Ending how?” Jungkook cocked his head to the side and looked up at you, a smile still plastered across his face. 
“One of us has to leave eventually,” you stated the obvious, and it hurt a lot more than you expected it to. It was the truth, though, and there was no use in trying to pretend you could avoid it.
Jungkook looked at you for a while and, for a second, you could swear he looked hurt. “My mother… Just recently… We spoke about that. People leaving. Her leaving.”
“Oh,” you mouthed, feeling sorrow take over you. You knew how much it hurt to lose someone close, but never that close. She was the only family Jungkook had, someone who loved him unconditionally and always had his back, someone he could always come back to. Losing that would be really tough on him, you could tell.
“And she said this thing that really made me feel better,” Jungkook said, his eyes welling up with tears, but he fought them away. “You have to think of every experience, person, everything in your life as a gift. You get it from life. Not all gifts are nice. Some of them hurt you, some let you down, and some… traumatize you. But then again, there are some that are so good that they make everything else fade in comparison.”
You nodded, thinking about whether you could apply that to your life. His mother was a wise woman.
“And the thing is, you just have to understand and make peace with the fact that they’re all temporary. Some last longer than others, but they’re all here for a while. So, if you’ve received a bad gift, accept that you have to hold onto it for a while, but keep reminding yourself it’s temporary, whether it’s other people, an event, a feeling. If it’s a good one, like this, enjoy it but know that it’s also temporary. While that really sucks, it makes you appreciate the good ones a lot more. You don’t know how long you’ll have them, but you care about them even more knowing you might not get to have them much longer.”
“That’s a comforting way to think about things,” you told him with a sigh, realizing that his mother was right about it. The only thing you could do was enjoy the time you had with Jungkook while you had it. It was the same with everything else. The bad things that happened were just gifts you didn’t want to hold on to. Thankfully, most of them passed quickly, even if they left a scar or two. So would your sorrow, you were certain. It would just take time.
“But you don’t have to worry about me, this, us, being temporary. I told you I will be around whenever you want me to.” Jungkook smiled at you warmly, his expression softening. “Even if I’m on a different continent, you can just call. I might not be able to come see you, but...” he sighed, “even talking is something, right?”
Instead of responding, you cupped his cheek and rubbed it with your thumb, enjoying the way his skin felt under your fingers and the way he smiled when he felt you do that. “Yes, even that is something. With you.”
“You’ll make me blush…” Jungkook grinned so hard you couldn’t see his eyes for a second, and he seemed truly happy for the first time in a long time.
Maybe that’s why you felt it would be a good idea to lean in and kiss him, feel his mouth on yours, inhale his scent and enjoy being the one who controlled the kiss. Maybe that was why Jungkook just lay there and let you kiss him, enjoying the fleeting moments of happiness you stole from the rest of the world.
Tumblr media
Not every day was a good day—not because of Jungkook, but because of everything that had happened. Even when you were having a hard time, he was able to make you feel better just by being there. Instead of trying to distract you from bad thoughts when you were crying, he hugged you and let you cry it out. You’d often fall asleep in his arms right after, exhausted from crying and feeling hollowness in your chest, and Jungkook would stay there with you, graze your back with his fingers, caress your hair, and hold you tight, so you’d have someone next to you when you woke up.
Other days were good, you’d even dare say. You’d spend time with Jungkook, do whatever you felt like doing, and just be around him, listen to him speak or sing, watch him make a fool out of himself to make you laugh. The days with him felt filled, even if you two didn’t have any plans. There were always things to talk about, things to try, things to go see and do. 
Nothing with Jungkook was boring, even if it was just plain sitting in the garden and staring at trees, which a lot of people would feel bored by. No, Jungkook made this activity of yours even more interesting just by being there when you needed him. You couldn’t even tell how many hours you’d spent together in the hammock, just swaying and enjoying the fact that you were there together. No words were necessary—you knew you both felt the same way.
You’d alienated yourself from your friends and manager, so you didn’t talk to anyone about a lot of things related to your friend, even if you wanted to. You felt that it might hurt too much to mention him, and it did. 
You’d tell Jungkook a funny story about him from back in the day and you’d end up crying, and Jungkook would be there for you. You’d show him some old photos and laugh about them, and the laughter would turn into tears when you’d realize the person in them was no longer there and you could never get any new memories with him. It was a hard thing to grasp and accept considering he was so young and he had his whole life ahead of him, but it was the truth that couldn’t be altered in any way.
One day, a friend of yours sent you a short video they made of all the pictures and videos they had of your friend, which made you cry all over again—it contained so many pictures you’d forgotten about, from birthday parties, New Year’s Eve celebrations, random parties you attended together, barbecues, and quiet hangouts. A video filled to the brim with memories and sadness, so much so that it made you burst in tears when you’d first seen it and then again when you showed it to Jungkook in your backyard while you two sat there in the shade in your rocking chairs. Jungkook thought the compilation was a great way to remember a friend.
“It really is,” you agreed once you were finally calm enough to speak. “I wish I could do something like this for him. I already know I should have done more while he was alive, but even now, I feel like I can’t do anything.”
“Maybe you don’t have that many pictures or videos or things like that, but you know what you’re great at?” Jungkook cocked an eyebrow and looked at you. “Writing. That’s what you do for a living. Writing music, making music.”
You smiled, realizing Jungkook thought very highly of you. “I don’t know how I’d write about this.”
“Well, you don’t,” he explained again, grabbing the notebook you used for writing, which was sitting on the table in the garden. Jungkook had asked for it earlier and wanted to go through it so you could work on some music together, but the idea got lost along the way. “Tell me more about your friend.”
“He’s dead,” you said, admitting the cold, hard truth. “And that's hard to accept. He was a funny guy. Always knew how to make you laugh, even when you felt like shit. He had this weird sense of humor, but it was enough to make everyone laugh, even those he wasn’t close with. You know that feeling when you’re new in a group of people and they all have inside jokes and you feel left out? He was that one person who would always crack jokes and include you, even if he didn’t know you.”
Jungkook seemed to be scribbling things down as you spoke about your friend, so you kept on talking. You told him all about the time you guys went hiking and got lost, and about the time you drove a boat to a nearby island and ran out of fuel on the way back, and about all the times you guys spent together on a bench in the middle of nowhere, overlooking the ocean, talking about all the things you would do if you had enough money to do them. 
You spoke for what seemed like hours, tears streaming down your face at certain points, once or twice making you stop talking so you could sob instead, and Jungkook just sat there and scribbled stuff in your notebook, looking at you gently, nodding when you’d get stuck. 
You thought he was working on some songs, even though the song would suck based on the material you gave him, but he handed you a sort of an essay, which you found beautiful. It was an essay on your friend, and Jungkook managed to somehow bring all the things you told him into one coherent whole, into something that made sense. 
He added things that you didn’t tell him but felt—love, respect, admiration for your friend and his humor and the way he brightened everyone’s day, the way he looked out for people even if his life wasn’t that easy. It was beautiful to read. While it made you sad, it also celebrated your friend in a way.
Days with Jungkook were spent like that—talking about feelings, accepting them, getting over them. You tried not to drink in front of Jungkook, knowing he had to steer clear from drinks and drugs, even though you felt like wine would make you feel better. But, you’d be doing the same thing you gave him a hard time about. Drowning your feelings in alcohol wasn’t going to help you figure them out and deal with them. Spending time with Jungkook would. 
And then Jungkook got a call from Kijung, who informed him that Puddle of Love would be performing at a charity event in New York in two days time, which meant Jungkook had to go back home and get on a plane the next morning. 
Puddle of Love, including Jungkook, had to be there on time for the rehearsals for tomorrow’s concert. The fact that you had to be apart after spending almost a week together was terrible, and it felt even worse because it was on such short notice. But, you didn’t want to complain, fearing that it would make Jungkook feel guilty, which he wasn’t by any means. 
You both knew it would happen. It was inevitable with your lifestyles and occupations—one of you would have to leave. Jungkook managed to take your mind off of his departure during the day, so it didn’t hurt as much as you thought it would.
After having dinner, you two went out in the garden and danced in circles for what seemed like forever, listening to the music and letting the rhythm take over you. You, for one, were thinking about how much you enjoyed being with him and how good it felt to have his body so close to yours. You weren’t thinking about sex at all, mostly because you focused on your friend a lot, and that kind of stopped you from thinking about your sexual needs, but when you danced so closely together, you felt Jungkook’s body pressed against yours, his big hands on your waist, and his deep eyes watching you intently, taking your features in. 
When it was time to bed, you both turned the bedside lights off with a heavy heart. It was maybe the last time you’d sleep next to each other. God knew when it would happen again, when you’d both be free, when the timing would be just right.
Jungkook pulled you in closer by wrapping his arm around your waist and he looked down at you, propped up on his elbow. He didn’t say a word, just took in your features, giving you a smile that told you he was hurt by it all too. You weren’t sure what to tell him. That you’d miss him? He knew that. Saying it out loud would have probably hurt even more, so you kept it for yourself.
Instead of saying anything, Jungkook cupped your cheek and started to trace the outlines of your face with his fingers. It was such a normal action, nothing sexual, but it felt like the most intimate moment you’ve ever shared with anyone, including him. The way Jungkook looked at you told you just how he felt about you—his brown eyes were glued to your face, inspecting every inch of it carefully, slowly, as if he was afraid of missing a thing. 
“You are like a bird on my palm,” Jungkook whispered, alluding to the song he wrote about you. Just hearing a reference to it was enough to get your heart to start beating faster, louder. You haven’t really thought about how special it was to have someone write a song for you, turn you into something eternal. People would listen to that songs for decades, and not know the story behind it—but did they have to? All that mattered was that you two knew.
You chuckled at the notion, though, because you felt nothing like it. Birds were free to do as they pleased.
“Don’t laugh, it’s true,” Jungkook kept his voice down and continued to caress your face after moving your hair away from it. There was a slight pout on his face, which just made him even more adorable.
“What do you mean by that?” aou asked, realizing you’d never asked him to explain any of the songs he wrote. Wasn’t that the magic of music—getting to assign meaning to it?
“Did a bird ever land on your hand?” He cocked an eyebrow up. “If it did, you’ll know that they’re very frightened. One wrong move, and they fly away and they might never come back to you because they’re afraid you’ll hurt them.”
Jungkook gave you a meaningful look, and you understood his reference. After all, you were the one who told him you were scared you’d end up getting hurt. And of course, who else was there to hurt you other than Jungkook? 
“But if you’re nice to the birds, have patience with them, let them know you really don’t want to do anything to them other than admire them, they stay,” he nodded at the end, his thumb brushing against your lips, making your stomach turn with excitement. You weren’t sure how he had that kind of an effect on you, but it was undeniably. You got goosebumps the second his thumb touched your lips. “But only if you take your time, don’t do anything stupid, and keep your palm open.”
Your eyes welled up with hot tears even though what Jungkook was saying wasn’t sad at all. In fact, it was something that should have made you happy—someone cared about you and thought about you that much. But, that was exactly why you felt like crying: someone cared about you in such a pure, innocent way. Despite everything that you thought about Jungkook in the last year, there was one thing that was true all along: he truly cared. He was always there for you, he had your back, and he tried to prove to you time and time again that he was just a phone call away. You were the one who refused to believe that, diminished his feelings, wanting to believe he couldn’t be serious about any of it. And yet, he was there with you.
“Hey, don’t cry,” Jungkook rubbed your cheek gently, watching a tear spill from your eye and down the side of your face, wiping it away. “Did I say something wrong?”
When you needed him the most, he didn’t give up on you. Instead, he kept contacting you until you went out to look for him, and he hadn’t stopped looking after you since, even though he could have been doing so many other, more interesting things. Jungkook could have given up on you every step of the way—wasn’t that what you did to him?
“No!” You sniffed and reached out to cup his face with both your hands. “You’re always so nice to me.”
“Why are you crying then?” Jungkook asked, scoffing when he saw you smile through the tears. 
“Your words mean a lot,” you admitted, which made Jungkook nod knowingly as if he understood exactly how you felt. You felt guilty because you’d never told him anything like that, you never told him you loved him or that you thought about him all the time, or how much you wanted to be with him. You kept these things inside while Jungkook took every chance he could to let you know he cared. “And I’m happy you’re here, even if it’s a temporary gift.”
Jungkook leaned in and pecked your forehead. The second you felt his warm breath on your face and his body so close to yours, you knew it would be okay. It was Jungkook—it had to work out, somehow.
“And I’m happy to be here.”
“Kiss me,” you asked, which he did without hesitation.
His lips didn’t crash into yours, it wasn’t fierce or needy like they always showed in movies. Instead, the kiss was slow, gentle, with your hands holding his face while his hand played with your hair, both of you trying to kiss each other as much as you could so you could hold onto the feeling even after Jungkook left. The third kiss lasted a while, so long you couldn’t even give an approximation.
By the end of it, Jungkook’s chest was pressed against yours, but his tongue still wasn’t in your mouth. There was nothing sexual about that kiss, but it showed you exactly how he felt, and you hoped it did the same for him. 
You fell asleep in Jungkook’s arms, hoping that the time you’d have to spend away wouldn’t be as long as the last time.
Tumblr media
Two weeks prior, spending that much time with Jungkook could happen only in your dreams, so you needed to be thankful that you got that much time with him in the first place. That thought was what helped you get up in the morning and make breakfast for the two of you. It helped you get through that breakfast and walk Jungkook to the door.
It was early, but he had to go to their house to get some stuff and hop on the plane with Puddle of Love. Jungkook was reluctant to leave and asked you over and over again if you were sure you were okay with him leaving.
“I can tell them I’m not doing well,” he suggested as he waited for his driver to come pick him up. You stood side by side, watching the road, waiting for the car to appear. Kijung thought it would be the best way of getting back as opposed to you driving him back home and risking the media having another field day with rumors about you two. The charity concert couldn’t be overshadowed by Jungkook’s personal life, yet again. “I’m fresh out of rehab, they should understand.”
“Jungkook…” You patted his shoulder as if he was the one who needed consolation, but you wanted to assure him you’d be fine. “You’re not going to lie for me. You have to do your job and show up for the band. I’ll be good.”
“Can I call you and stuff?” He looked to the side to face you, just to find you already looking at him. Was he really asking this? You clearly weren’t as good at expressing your emotions as you thought.
“Of course you can,” you said, which instantly made Jungkook smile, something he couldn’t hide even if he tried. “I’d love to hear from you, and I’d love to know when you get back.”
“You would?” Jungkook seemed surprised as if he thought you would just let him leave and never talk to him again after that. 
Everything that had happened managed to change your mind about the whole thing. It was time for you to start living the life you wanted instead of waiting for the time to be right. Why should you waste your feelings and the time you could spend with Jungkook, waiting for both of you to be in this magical “better place”? This was something that you couldn’t count on, and that was something that life taught you the hard way.
“I would,” you admitted, unable to control your smile either. “The whole not talking to each other, staying away idea? It was stupid, you were right about that. This feels a lot nicer.”
“More peaceful,” Jungkook said, now grinning. “I’m glad you feel that way. I’ll let you know once I get there.”
“Please do,” you nodded, noticing his driver pulled up. That’s when him leaving became a real thing. “I had a great time with you. Thank you for that, and everything else.”
“Thank you,” he leaned in for a hug and held you for a couple of seconds, long enough for you to want to stay in his arms forever and ask him not to leave. “For giving me a second chance, as a friend, or whatever we are. I appreciate it.”
“Always.” The word sounded so simple, but it held a lot of meaning for both of you. Jungkook nodded and gulped, and you knew he had to leave.
“Good luck with everything… Stay away from the things you should be staying away from.” He’d be going somewhere to perform, and you knew backstage was always full of drugs and alcohol. Even if no one close to the bands brought these things in, one of the “guests” would. The temptation would be serious, and you didn’t want to see him fail again—not because of you, but because it would crush Jungkook.
“Like mayors’ wives?” he joked and tongued his cheek before you both laughed, remembering the incident that practically started the whole thing between you.
“Oh, that too,” you said, announcing your intentions for the first time, even if not openly. If you were going to do any of it with him, you wanted it to be just the two of you. You wouldn’t compete with random strangers and one-night stands, and you weren’t planning on doing it, not even for him. But, you had a feeling he understood that. 
“Don’t worry, I’m staying away from drugs, alcohol, and women,” Jungkook promised, leaning in to peck your cheek softly. “Except you.”
With that, Jungkook had to leave, even though you wanted to hug him for another hour or two, just to get it out of your system. It was sad, you had to admit. But, it wasn’t as devastating as you thought because you were finally at peace with whatever you guys had.
Jungkook wasn’t a bad guy and he wasn’t out to hurt you, just like you weren’t out to hurt him. You both wanted to try and be there for each other, and why not? What was the worst that could happen? You could disappoint one another, but that was something you could live with. Temporary gifts and all that.
Tumblr media
Jungkook made good on his promise of letting you know when they landed there late that night, and you exchanged a couple of texts but didn’t talk a lot. He was tired and busy, and you wanted him to rest before the show tomorrow. Besides, he hadn’t spent any time with his bandmates because of you, and you didn’t want to keep him away from his friends longer than you already had.
Jungkook texted you the next morning as well, wishing you a good day and telling you to let Andre and your friends know you’re okay. You chuckled when you read the text because he knew you too well. You still hadn’t talked to anyone, other than him, and it was time you did that. 
Jungkook: you call andre and let him know you’re alright, okay? he’s worried
Jungkook was right, you had to get back to reality and talk to people and go on with your life. 
Andre came over that day, and you two took a walk by the river where you explained to him why you were seen with Jungkook again. It seemed that the rough period had changed Andre as well since he didn’t sound as opposed to you spending time with Jungkook as you expected. 
His main focus was your mental and physical health, it seemed, and the second point he cared about was your image in the media. Apparently, that new image of you and Jungkook was everywhere,and there were theories of you getting back together after he went to rehab. 
Some went as far as to say that you had blackmailed him into going to rehab, giving him an ultimatum of doing that or losing you, which wasn’t like you at all. You wondered how these people lived with themselves, knowing that they made up stories about people for living, seemingly not caring what kind of damage these stories caused. 
Andre suggested going public with your pseudonym that you used on their new album, so you had proof that you two worked on songs together, which would also explain the picture of you two in the hospital a bit better. He wanted to publish a statement that would explain that your relationship was professional and that the products of this relationship could be heard on your last albums and possibly, future ones. Those who wanted to believe it would, those who didn’t wouldn’t never believe it anyway.
“Fine by me,” you told him, not really caring about it. If it were up to you, you’d let them speculate forever, but it was Andre’s job to keep your image squeaky clean, and some sort of a love affair with a man who’d just got out of rehab wasn’t working out well for him. “You and Kijung can decide on that. I honestly can’t get myself to care about these rumors.”
“I can tell, but I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad sign,” he noted, letting you think about it. “Because of this terrible thing with your friend, maybe you’ve just stopped caring about things. It put a lot of things in perspective for you, made you realize what’s important, but sooner or later, you’ll go back to caring about your career, and I wouldn’t want you to come back to a mess.”
“If someone’s going to hate me because I’m seen with Jungkook, I don’t care about their opinion.” You shot Andre a glance, to make sure he took you seriously. “You’re right, I am thinking about things differently now, but what I know is that Jungkook has helped a lot even though he didn’t have to. You know I walked out on him at the hospital and we didn’t talk to each other for a while, while he was acting the way he did. I could have reached out, but I didn’t, which means I wasn’t there for him. He was there for me, he still is. So, I really don’t care about people who have a problem with us spending time together.”
“And it should be that way.” Andre’s agreement with you surprised you. He wasn’t usually the one to support you in making decisions like that one. “If someone’s good for you and they make you feel better, then you have to keep them around. If your fans hate that, are they really there for you? Or just for this fake image you put on?”
“Exactly,” you agreed, happy that you were seeing eye to eye on this thing. “Jungkook isn’t as bad as you think, you know.”
“I know,” Andre agreed, though reluctantly. You couldn’t hide your surprise and he noticed that on your face immediately. “I don’t think he’s the best influence, but… I do think you work well together, and I’m not blind or stupid, I see that being around him helps you deal with things. He’s been to rehab, and Kijung said the people at the center were happy with his progress, which means he's working on his issues. Other than the drug use, he’s a good kid, and it’s clear to us he cares about you. He stood up to the company for you, to save your reputation, even though he could have just shrugged it off. So, I have to give him credit for that. Can I ask you something?”
“Sure,” you nodded, still processing his opinion on Jungkook. You were glad he was seeing the side of his that most people never got to see. 
“Are you two together?” He stopped walking, looked at you, and then quickly continued. “It’s none of my business, of course, as a manager. I’m asking as a friend.”
“I don’t know,” you said, chuckling at how ridiculous your statement must have seemed to him. “I’m not lying, I swear, it’s just… A strange situation. We’re acting like friends, he’s helped me out a lot, and we have a great time together, but I don’t know where we stand. We haven't discussed that yet. He thinks it’s better to leave that conversation for another time when I feel better.”
“That sounds smart. I do think you’re still hurt and upset over your friend and you need time to process that. After that, you can think of things that could affect you in the long run, and I don’t mean your career or anything like that. I mean you getting attached to him, getting involved in something when you both have crazy schedules and are artists, and all that.” Andre patted your back with a sigh. “It must suck for you guys.”
“It does, but then again, it doesn’t suck that much,” you said, realizing that you now had a chance to discuss this with someone who knew you well, and who knew exactly where you stood in your career and how tough it got from time to time. “It’s a job that takes a lot of time and energy, that’s true, but it also allows me to travel wherever I want. I got to spend the whole week with Jungkook. I’m sure I’ll get to do it again sometime. Maybe not the whole week, but we can find time for it because we can afford to travel to a different state over the weekend, and not many people can, so it’s a good thing. The lack of privacy is the worst part of it, but even that can be handled.”
“I like the positivity, it looks good on you,” Andre chuckled, “and you’re right, there are a lot of benefits to it. I hope the statement from the company will turn the conversation about the two of you in a different direction.”
“Me too, but even if it doesn’t, don’t worry about it too much,” you advised, patting him on the shoulder. “I’m good. Now that I’m talking to Jungkook, I feel a lot better about that, actually.”
“His company is good for you, even though I never thought I’d have to admit this.”
Since Andre had such a positive reaction to your news about your rekindled friendship with Jungkook, you felt like nothing was standing in your way, and you thought about you two a lot. 
Tumblr media
You watched their guest performance on the late-night show live and thought Jungkook looked really great and handled the questions about rehab exceptionally well. Of course, Kijung had probably prepared him and told him what to say, but you were sure there were a lot of his words there too.
The host asked him about you, which had the potential of making things awkward, but it didn’t.
“And what exactly do you want to know?” Jungkook asked right back with a smile on his face. He didn't let it phase him, not one bit. 
“You were seen together twice and, while we all know that being seen together doesn’t mean anything, we can’t help but wonder if there’s something more there!” The host grinned, looking at Jungkook and then at the camera suggestively, while the audience cheered. 
“Is being seen together such a strange thing?” Jungkook looked confused, and his members supported him with this by nodding. “Dawn is a great artist, we’ve heard her perform many times, we performed at the same events even. We worked on some things together, she’s a really cool person, and that’s that.”
“Just earlier, Dawn’s company issued a statement, claiming that Dawn actually helped you guys with the last album, which was something the public didn’t know,” the host explained and looked at Jungkook questioningly. “Maybe people are confused since it was kept private.”
“Probably!” Jungkook leaned back into the chair and smiled. “The companies thought people would react to seeing her with any of us exactly how they did, so they wanted to avoid it. Since people saw me and Dawn together and had a lot to say about it, the cat’s already out of the bag, so they just explained the situation.”
“We spent some time working on music with her, but she and Jungkook mostly wrote together,” Jimin added, smiling at the host. “The two of them have similar writing styles, so they work well together, the songs they wrote are hits on both albums. Maybe people are reading too much into it, but hey, a story’s a story, right?”
You were happy that someone had his back and spoke up for Jungkook, instead of letting him take the heat on his own, even though nobody was attacking him in this case. They were just being too nosy.
“You’re absolutely right,” the host agreed with Jimin. “People see something and run along with it, without fact-checking, which is why I wanted to ask. Ever since we confirmed that Puddle of Love would be joining us in the studio, we’ve been receiving questions about it from people who wanted to find out the truth, especially because of Jungkook’s recent medical problems.”
“Maybe now’s not the right time to discuss this,” Namjoon interfered, glancing at Jungkook as if he was trying to protect him—it seemed like that part of the interview wasn’t exactly scripted.
“No, don’t worry…” Jungkook grinned at Namjoon and then looked back at the host. “I am doing better than ever, trust me, so there is no reason to worry. There is also no reason to attack Dawn or any other female that is seen in our company. It makes people feel uncomfortable and it brings tension into things. Thank you.”
You thought Jungkook did well, and he performed even better—his voice didn’t give out, he was trying not to scream out the words, even though that brought even more emotion out of him, and he didn’t seem drunk or high, but none of them did. They were live on national TV, there was no room for error, and they didn’t make any. 
As soon as they got back to the hotel, Jungkook called you to let you know he’d have to stay there for a week or two, depending on what else Kijung had planned for them. “I didn’t know about it, he’s now saying we’re shooting some videos for different YouTube news channels, playing some games, and stuff like that. Next week, there’s a podcast we need to be on, and I’m not sure exactly when we’ll be back.”
“That’s okay, don’t worry about it!” You hoped that would be enough for him to stop worrying about this so much. “You’ll be here when you can. I watched you live, you were great!”
“Really?” You weren’t sure if Jungkook was surprised you’d watched them or that you thought he sounded great. “I’m glad you liked it.”
“I did, I thought the interview was a lot of fun, but the performance blew me away. You sounded great, in control of your voice completely, calmed down somehow,” you complimented him, hoping he knew you meant it.
“Thanks, really,” he said with a chuckle. “That’s good to hear. I’m sorry if our mentioning you made you awkward or something, I wasn’t sure what I was allowed to say. If it were up to me, I’d tell him I’m crazy about you and that they can all go to hell, but what can you do?”
You couldn’t help but laugh. Even though it was said in a joking manner, you could feel your cheeks blushing because you knew Jungkook meant it. You were sure he’d say something like that if it were okay with you, but you weren’t sure where you two stood yet. “It didn’t make me feel bad at all. I think you explained it well. The people who don’t want to believe it won’t believe it anyway, so there’s no point in worrying.”
“You sound a lot laxer than before. Are you sure you’re okay?” He joked again, but you could tell a part of him was serious.
“Of course. I saw Andre today, so I feel a bit better. I thought he’d be upset over us being seen together and all that, but he wasn’t, so I feel good about that,” you admitted, even though Jungkook was also a reason for your good mood that day. “And it’s nice to talk to you.”
“You too,” he admitted right away, without skipping a beat. “I’m sorry I won’t be back soon, but I know you’ll be fine either way.”
“We’ll see each other when you’re back,” you told him, hoping you would.
Puddle of Love had to stay in New York for sixteen days. The days you’d spent without Jungkook were long, boring days, days during which you were stuck at home with your own thoughts, and you tried to keep yourself occupied. You didn’t want to go back to volunteering or doing any activity that included other people, not until you actually felt better. 
Some days were harder than others, but you kept yourself busy with writing, playing music, learning how to cook, cleaning, working in the garden, basically doing everything you could do on your own to stop yourself from thinking. 
Jungkook called you as soon as he found out that they’d have to stay there for two more weeks, but you told him he shouldn’t worry, again. It seemed like he felt that he was letting you down whenever he had to postpone coming to see you, but it wasn’t a problem. It was easier to wait when you knew that he’d be coming back. 
Time was slowly, but surely passing, and you felt relief when you noticed that there were only 7 days left. Seven. You’d gone on for months without talking to him, you could go on for another seven days without seeing him.
Tumblr media
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bon appétit 🦟
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# H A P P Y H O S E O K D A Y !
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maknae line ♡ playing games and laughing together in hotel rooms ∷ 160113 bangtan bomb ⇢ 211128 vlive
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B T S   x   Y E T   T O   C O M E  🌹 ~ © : Hybe / Bighit - BTS, misc korean newspaper that i’m too lazy to mention, pexels.  ~ © Textures: (see my credits post) mine, hand-drawn stuff, scans and pics of mine, Viky-vampirs90, Ravenorlov, Kaleidoscopeeye, indieground, Erenaeerae
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11 days of yoongi
favorite relationship: the eternal roommates (cr2)
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This fit.... he’s so... wow
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my heart is so full 😔 [cr. wind2song]
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i am entirely infatuated with him [cr. dwellingsouls]
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Bunny ‖ four
Tumblr media
After your third encounter with Jungkook, he finally asks you out.
⤑ word count:  11.7k ⤑ genre: smut [intercourse, masturbation], camboy!jk, angst, friends to lovers ⤑ pairing:  jungkook x reader ⤑ warnings: smut [oral (m. receiving), fingering, unprotected intercourse, creampie, lots of dirty talk], mentions of live stream sex ⤑ rating: 18+, minors DNI ⤑ read on AO3 ⤑ prev. chapter ‖ next chapter ‖ masterlist ‖ bunny masterpost ‖ updates
Tumblr media
you can find the masterlist here and share your feedback with me here, if you want to. if you enjoy reading my stories, please consider supporting me using buymeacoffee. thank you! :)
Tumblr media
You decided to do things a little differently this time. Instead of running away the first thing in the morning—which was a total mistake on your part when it first happened—you chose to stay. 
Jungkook seemed happy with your decision because he pulled you in closer to cuddle the second he realized you were still in bed next to him. You figured he was still sleepy and wasn’t completely aware of what was going on, but you let him nuzzle up to your neck and wrap his warm hands around you, spooning you. What was the worst thing that could happen, you could actually start to like the guy?
You already did, at least physically. His intentions seemed pure, all things considered. Jungkook obviously wasn’t a player or a liar, and that was all that really mattered here. You didn’t know what you were looking for and whether you were even looking for something, so you were down to see where this thing could go. You enjoyed the sex, and Jungkook was a very interesting guy, so there was nothing for you to lose. Even if things fizzled out, that fact wouldn’t compromise your friendship with Taehyung or his friendship with Jungkook—or so you hoped—so there was really nothing to worry about.
A while later, after cleaning up, you joined Jungkook in the kitchen to find him busy preparing breakfast for you two. You told him you were fine with whatever earlier, which clearly confused him so he chose not to limit himself to one type of food. By the time you got there, he already had the toast, eggs, and cereal ready, and seemed to be working on pancakes. 
You found his worry and desire to make you feel good cute, especially since most men were the exact opposite—they didn’t want women to be there when they woke up, unless they were in the mood for some more sex before sending you on your way. Jungkook, on the other hand, seemed happy that you decided to stay, and his mood was entirely different than the previous night. 
He turned on the radio and hummed while cooking, wearing boxers and a loose-fitting white T-shirt, but even that made you almost drool. Maybe that happened because he was a guy who was cooking for you, or because he made you feel amazing last night, or because you were into him, but whatever it was, you weren’t about to question it. So, you ate the breakfast he served and enjoyed watching him cook and hum, bobbing his head to the rhythm of the song, his curls falling over his eyes every so often, making him look even sweeter. 
“Are you always this cheerful in the morning?” you couldn’t help but ask after a while, wondering how much you didn’t know about him. Jungkook was always around, but you never really took the time to get to know him better or pay attention to him. All you knew were the couple of things he himself told you or a bit more things Taehyung told you.
The question made Jungkook chuckle and turn around to face you, this time completely confident when he looked you in the eye. “Only when I’m in such good company.”
“Oh,” you hummed, taken aback by his straightforwardness. “Nice.”
“Do you like the food? Sorry about the wait, I fucked up the first pancake!” Jungkook grimaced and looked at you apologetically like you were going to scold him for it. There was enough food for four people already, but you didn’t have the heart to tell him that since he seemed to be trying hard.
“Please, don’t worry about it, sit down and eat with me,” you requested, pointing to the chair next to you. “I love everything you made, you really don’t have to make any more food if you’re doing it just for me.”
“Just the pancakes, and then I’ll eat.” Jungkook nodded and went back to making them, while you ate the toast and wondered how you even ended up there in the first place. Last night, you were annoyed with Jungkook, and now he was making you breakfast and treating you like a queen.
Going home was the hard part, surprisingly. The last time this happened, you rushed home even though you knew Taehyung could be there, armed with information about your sex life that you just didn’t want to discuss that early on. This time, you didn’t even care about that. Still, leaving Jungkook’s place was difficult. 
The thing was, you were scared he wouldn’t text again. He clearly liked you, Taehyung insinuated it more than once, Jungkook told you so himself, but when it came to holding a conversation, he was just lacking. It wasn’t that he wasn’t funny or interesting, it was just that he seemed to be questioning everything he said so he didn’t say much, to begin with. 
However, Jungkook let you talk and listened with what seemed like genuine interest, which is partly what made a good conversationalist, so he had that going for him. The point was that his behavior around you when things were sexual was the exact opposite of how he acted in non-sexual settings, such as having breakfast or hanging out around other people. Maybe it was just peer pressure and the fact that his friends always made it seem like he couldn’t get a word out around women. If Jungkook took their criticism to heart, maybe that was what had convinced the guy he was bad at talking to women when, in your experience, he really wasn’t. 
Tumblr media
You breathed out a sigh of relief when you realized Taehyung had already gone out for the day, which meant you wouldn’t have to explain where you were and what happened the night before. However, you had a feeling he would know—he always did. It was like the guy could sense when people around him had sex, could smell it in the air. It was a gift, but in this case, a curse, as far as you were considered. 
Not finding Taehyung at home was surprising, but the biggest surprise of them all arrived two hours later, while you were in the gym working out and trying to get yourself to stop thinking about everything. Jungkook texted you, despite you being convinced he wouldn’t. 
Jungkook: Hey! I don’t want to make the same mistake three times in a row. Do you want to go out sometime?
It was a big step for Jungkook, so you didn’t want to tease him or make a joke of any sort, even though you wanted to. It could give off the wrong impression, and you didn’t want to scare the poor guy away, even if watching him squirm would be kind of fun.
You: Hi, Jungkook! I’d love to :)
Jungkook: Is there something you’d like to do? Go out to eat, get drinks, movie, theater, museum? Whatever you want
Oh, he moved fast, which was something you didn’t know about him. Usually, guys would ask you out and then wait for the weekend to make plans, and it always ended up being a date at a party or bar, which wasn’t dating. Getting drinks before going partying didn’t count as a date in your book, especially if the point was to get you drunk so they could get into your pants. So far, so good, Jungkook.
You: I was supposed to watch Venom with my friend on Friday, but she canceled. Do you want to watch it with me?
Tumblr media
The cute thing about Jungkook was that he sounded strange when responding—he didn’t talk to you over text like he talked to you in person—but he still texted every day to see how you were doing. 
If Jungkook happened to text in the morning, he’d wish you a great day and ask about your plans, which he’s never done in person. All you usually got from him if you saw him was a quick ‘hi, how are you’ and eyes that would wander in your direction when he thought you weren’t looking.
If Jungkook texted at night, he would ask about your day and wish you a good night. You never had long texting sessions, but it didn’t matter—it was short and sweet this way. The point of his texts was, in your opinion, to let you know he was thinking about you, which was so unlike the majority of men you’ve dated and also cute coming from the guy who’s managed to get you to act like a cock-hungry slut, for lack of a better term.
Talking to him was like a refreshing surprise, and you wondered how come you’d never heard about him being that sweet and thoughtful. Then you remembered that Taehyung probably didn’t know about this and only judged Jungkook by the number of girls he’d fucked, which did sound a lot like your roommate.
The third time Jungkook texted, you decided to ask him to drop all the pretense, so he could finally relax. It felt like he was overthinking every word and taking a long time to respond just because he was rereading it before hitting send. 
You: Stop being so formal, Bunny :) You can speak to me the same way you do when I’m around
You used his alias just so he’d understand that you meant it and that you wanted him to be the guy he was when you two were alone, which was something you haven’t been able to stop thinking about. Bunny. You fucked Jungkook on a live stream that anyone could have been watching. 
The worst part about it? You didn’t feel regret at all, knowing very well Bunny always made sure his head was out of frame. Nobody could recognize you and you got the best sex of your life, probably, sparked by the fear of being recognized, by the taboo of what he was doing and what you were helping him do. 
Jungkook: The context is kind of different in those situations…
You: It’s still me, though
Jungkook: Is that supposed to make me feel any better? 💀
It was some kind of progress. You thought you’d maybe be able to get him to sext you in a year's time, at that pace.
You: finally, an emoji haha
You: I just mean, be yourself
Jungkook: Is that really going to work on anyone?
You: well, I already like you so I guess yes 😏
After that text conversation, Jungkook did seem a bit more relaxed when talking to you: he’d use emojis, wouldn’t sound so formal, and would even offer some information on his day, as well, so you didn’t feel like the whole thing was so one-sided and focused solely on you. You wanted to know more about him, too.
The thing is, you two weren’t friends before this whole thing. You knew a lot more about Jimin than you did him, and if you wanted this thing to continue, you felt like you two just had to get to know each other better on a personal level—and not the way you’ve been doing it so far. 
Tumblr media
When date night rolled around, instead of feeling either anxious or completely unmoved, you felt a new kind of feeling. A part of you was nervous because, even though you found it easy to talk to Jungkook, you still didn’t want to say something to mess this whole thing up because you really, really enjoyed having sex with him. 
On the other hand, you didn’t feel knots in your stomach that made you want to think of a reason not to go. Quite the opposite, you found yourself wishing for time to fly by so Jungkook would be there with you and you could finally see him in person, even if he’d get all shy around you and not say much.
Jungkook showed up an hour early. The movie was at nine, so you thought he would pick you up at eight, and you’d have a quick drink before the movie. Jungkook, on the other hand, seemed to have misunderstood. You found that out the second you opened the door for him in your robe, your hair still damp from the shower you’d just taken. Jungkook was standing in the hallway with a smile on his face, in his black button-up dress shirt and jeans, hands behind his back. 
Did he really dress up to take you to the movies? You could feel yourself grinning at the idea, and he looked so sweet standing there all confused.
“Oh, hey!” You stared at Jungkook for a second and then quickly checked your watch to see if it was already that late. “Wait, it’s not eight yet!”
“It’s seven,” Jungkook mumbled at you in confusion. “Did you forget?”
“No! Come on in,” you shook your head, moving to the side and letting him into the apartment. The reason why you asked him to meet you on Friday was that Taehyung was on a work trip and would be coming home on Monday, which meant Jungkook wouldn’t run into him even if he decided to stay over, which you hoped he would. “I’m getting ready, maybe I got the time mixed up. I thought we said eight.”
“Eight?” Jungkook seemed nervous now, so nervous that he forgot to hand you the flowers he was holding in his hand behind his back, which you also found adorable. “But we can’t get drinks if we leave at eight.”
“I thought we were getting a quick drink before the movie starts. Sorry, my bad. It’s okay, don’t worry about it, I guess we didn’t specify,” you said with a shrug, walking towards your bedroom. “Come.”
Jungkook followed you slowly, and that was when he realized he still had the flowers in his hand. “I’m sorry, you confused me just now,” he mumbled, shaking his head with an embarrassed chuckle. “These are for you.”
You turned around to face him and take the flowers from his hands. They were beautiful, colorful tulips, and you had to admit that the gesture was completely sweet. Maybe dating younger guys was the key to happiness after all. You couldn’t remember who was the last person to give you flowers since it happened years ago, and the gesture was sweet. “Thank you, Jungkook, they’re beautiful,” you thanked him sincerely before you leaned in and pecked his cheek, enjoying the feeling of his warm skin against yours, even if just for a second.
Jungkook cleared his throat and looked around. “I didn’t know if they’re the right choice. Is that what guys get women? Or would a bottle of alcohol be better? Or some chocolates, too?”
“Hey, it’s fine!” You patted his shoulder, hoping your touch wouldn’t make him feel even more nervous. “It’s just me, relax.”
“I haven’t been on a date in so long, I forgot how all of this works,” Jungkook admitted before sighing. Even that was some sort of progress in your book—he was at least ready to tell you how he felt. “Sorry.”
“Me too,” you offered a confession of your own, hoping that would get him to feel better. And it was true, you hadn’t been on a real date in years, let alone with a guy you found as attractive as Jungkook. “Let’s go put these in a vase, and you can pour yourself a drink so you have something to do while I get ready, okay?”
Jungkook followed you to the kitchen without a word and poured himself a drink, like you asked him to, while you filled a vase with water. He seemed extremely nervous, so much so that you noticed his hands shaking as you watched him pour the alcohol. 
“Jungkook, what’s wrong?” you asked, walking over to him until you were standing right next to him, your hip almost touching his from the side, both of you staring out the window right above the counter.
With a gulp, he responded, “Nothing’s wrong. I’m just… weird,” Jungkook chuckled at himself. “You know this.”
“You weren’t weird last Friday…” You cocked your head to the side and grinned at him, but he couldn’t see it—he wasn’t even looking at you. “You seemed really confident back then, with good reason.”
“It was different. We were… Doing sexual stuff.”
“So, you’re trying to say that you’re confident in your sexual abilities but not your interpersonal ones?” you suggested, placing your hand on his back and rubbing it. You already figured this out, but you felt like this was as good of a time to talk about it as any. “You’ll get there.”
“I guess so,” Jungkook nodded and cleared his throat, uneasiness oozing out of his every pore. “That makes sense. I think I know what I’m doing when we, uh, have sex…” He shot a glance your way and for a second, you saw that look in his eyes, the one that always managed to drive you wild. “I don’t know what I’m doing here.”
“It’s just me,” you said with a shrug. Were you nervous about the date? Of course, but you didn’t think too much into it. “What’s the worst that can happen?
“You might realize I’m out of my depth here and lose all interest in me?” Jungkook suggested with a scoff, as that was supposed to be the obvious answer. “Or something like that.”
“Jungkook, I don’t date that often. I said yes to you because I want to get to know you better,” you admitted, feeling the need to open up to him for some reason. If he was being vulnerable, you could too. “So, there’s really nothing to worry about here. I’m into you and I will continue to be. Unless you turn out to be a liar or a manipulator, which I sincerely doubt you are. There’s just no way. So, it’s all good,” you said with a grin. “Okay?”
“I feel like somehow I’ve received double sex skills but zero social ones,” Jungkook admitted with a chuckle, bringing the glass up to his mouth to take a sip. “Dating is a lot harder than sleeping with someone.”
Oh, if he only knew how many men were great conversationalists, funny, sweet, and charming, but total crap in bed. You didn’t think someone couldn’t learn how to be good in bed, but the guys you had the misfortune of running into weren’t exactly interested in that. They thought what they were doing was good and that it was your problem they couldn’t make you feel good. So, at the end of the day, their social skills didn’t really get them far. 
“Wait, you’re worried that you’ll say or do something that will make me stop wanting to sleep with you?” you repeated his thought from earlier because it didn’t click right away. 
He was hot through and through. The whole live-streaming-himself-while-jerking-off wasn’t your thing per se, but then again, you were his target audience, so you couldn’t exactly be against it. Jungkook was a bit nervous, but he was also younger and more inexperienced than you in that regard, so there was really nothing bad you could think about him.
“Kind of,” Jungkook admitted, turning to face you. “It is possible.”
“Jungkook, you do know that I find you insanely attractive, right?” Maybe you were being a bit too straightforward, maybe you were giving too many compliments, but you wanted the guy to realize he couldn’t screw things up here. 
“I, uh, I guess…” He seemed to get flustered all of a sudden, looking down at the glass in his hand. “Yeah.”
“Hm… You don’t sound that convinced,” you couldn’t help but notice. Wasn’t your behavior last week obvious? You’d never even filmed yourself for a boyfriend, and Jungkook got you to ride him on camera on a live stream. If that didn’t convince him, nothing would.
“Uh, it’s… I mean, last Friday, it was pretty obvious once we were at my place, but we were both naked and doing nasty shit, so it was kind of expected,” Jungkook said that matter-of-factly as if the fact that you even went to his place and got naked for him wasn’t important. “I‘m not sure what I can say and what I can’t. The mood is different now.”
“Because you made it all formal with your texts and the date invitation and the flowers and all this pressure you’re putting on yourself,” you breathed at him, not understanding how he failed to realize these things. But then again, maybe you were being too harsh to Jungkook. He definitely knew what he was doing in other fields of life. “I do agree, the mood is different, but it’s still us. What are you even worried about, that I’ll stop being attracted to you after this date because you might not know the right thing to say or take a while to come up with a response? You can say whatever you want around me.”
“Yeah, something like that…” Jungkook cleared his throat and took a big sip of the drink. Once he gulped, he looked at you for a second, eyebrows slightly scrunching over his face. “I don’t want to ruin my chance with you.”
“Jungkook, I don’t know how to put this nicely, so I’ll just go ahead and say it,” you leaned in, which made Jungkook shudder, even though he was no longer looking at you. “You’re getting laid tonight, so stop worrying, if that’s what’s on your mind.”
“I-I am?” Jungkook seemed genuinely surprised by your admission, and you were perplexed at that point.
With a sigh, you started explaining, “I really want to go see Venom. I mean, Marvel and Tom Hardy, can it get any better? But, ever since you walked in, I keep thinking about just staying in with you. That’s how you make me feel, so stop worrying about trying to impress me with your conversational skills. Trust me, I’m already impressed.”
This got Jungkook’s attention because he turned around to face you before you could even blink. “You’re really doing wonders for my ego. I know you want to go watch the movie, and we will, but you shouldn’t have told me about what you want to do with me… Now you got me all hard.”
That was enough for you to look down at Jungkook’s jean-clad crotch and notice his erect cock’s outline. It was right there, you could just reach in and touch it, rub your hand all over it, get down on your knees for Jungkook… You looked up at his eyes again and smirked. For the first time that night, you realized how good your silk robe felt against your skin—you got goosebumps all over and your nipples hardened, the soft material only making it feel better, which Jungkook seemed to notice instantly. 
“Don’t tell me you’re naked underneath,” Jungkook grunted, kicking his head back. “And I’m supposed to watch you get ready?”
“I mean, you can stay here and have a drink or two, I shouldn’t take long…” You licked your lips and started making your way to the bedroom, unsure of whether Jungkook would choose to stay in the kitchen, far away from temptation, or if he’d follow you to your room, wanting to torture himself a bit more.
It seemed like Jungkook was more of a masochist than you knew because he joined you not even a minute later, sitting down on the small sofa in your bedroom while you put on your makeup. He didn’t say anything—he just sat on the sofa, sipped on his drink, and watched you put on your mascara, do your eyebrows, apply blush, and brush your hair. 
You felt his eyes on you, but neither one of you said a thing for a while. You, for one, were too focused on getting ready so you two could leave, even though you toyed with the idea of teasing him. Jungkook was busy staring at you.
“Cat got your tongue?” you asked when you caught his glance in the mirror, which made him smirk at you.
“I don’t know if this is an appropriate thing to say on the first date and all that, but since you want me to be honest…” He cocked his head to the side and stuck his tongue out to lick his bottom lip before continuing. “I’m just enjoying the view.”
“What about it?” you asked teasingly while you did your hair, eyes flickering to Jungkook’s frame here and there just to gloat in the way he was staring. He wasn’t even trying to hide it. 
“The way your ass looks in that robe,” Jungkook admitted. The sudden rush of confidence surprised you, but you figured your compliments and the drink had a bit to do with it. It might have been the fact that only a layer of silk was separating him from your naked body, and you knew how Jungkook got when you were naked around him. “You don’t mind me saying that?”
“I told you you can say anything…” You turned to face him with a grin, crossing your legs at your ankles as you leaned back against the desk, the robe moving to the side to expose even more of your thigh. “Why would I mind you being honest? It beats you being quiet and keeping to yourself all night.”
Jungkook moved his hand down to his crotch and adjusted his cock. He was still erect, from the look of it, and the pants seemed tight. He was just shifting it a bit to be more comfortable, but your eyes flew down to inspect the situation, mouth salivating at the memories of what he did to you with that same cock. 
Of course, he caught you staring. “Sorry… I just keep remembering how good you look naked, so it’s not going down anytime soon.”
“Mhm,” you hummed happily, turning around to face the mirror again, aware of Jungkook’s eyes on you. “That makes two of us.”
Being as mean as you were, you pulled on the string of your robe, undoing the bow instantly, which made the robe fly around your body, revealing your naked front to Jungkook. Well, at least in the mirror, but he couldn’t help but gawk at your naked reflection, not even trying to hide his excitement over this turn of events.
After a loud gulp, he spoke up, “You really want to mess with me today.” The way he said it made it seem like he didn’t mind it at all.
“So you like watching, too?” you questioned with a smirk, realizing you two had a lot more in common than you originally thought. The only difference was that you were a bit more straightforward and shameless when it came to getting what you want.
“Fucking love it,” Jungkook quickly found his words, now placing his palm over his cock. Was he going to put on a show for you? The idea made you slightly dizzy, the movie suddenly forgotten.
“Then I should give you something to look at while you wait,” you said, letting the robe fall down to the floor. It wasn’t like you to act that confident, but it seemed like you were the more confident one in this thing of yours, so why not use it? Besides, Jungkook seemed to be hooked.
“Jesus!” Jungkook grunted, biting his bottom lip as his eyes moved over your back, focusing on your ass before they shifted to the mirror, staring you down from head to toe, taking every inch of your skin in. “I’ll have to rub one out before we leave if you keep doing this to me.”
“Maybe that’s what I want,” you teased him, but the thing was, you wanted to see it happen. Did you really want to see Venom that much? You could watch Tom Hardy on the big screen, but did that beat watching Jungkook in person, getting to touch him, or, even better, feel him? “You know I really like watching you.”
“All these compliments will get to my head eventually,” Jungkook noted, and the idea made you laugh. 
You had a feeling that no matter how many times you complimented Jungkook, his stance on himself wouldn’t change. If there was a chance for that, he’d already be full of himself, based on the number of comments he was getting from total strangers who found him attractive. Anyone would be stuck up and overly confident after having women give them money for just showing up and jerking off, but not Jungkook.
“So what?” You shrugged, applying highlighter, but watching Jungkook in the reflection, mesmerized by the fact that he seemed to be stroking himself over his jeans. The sight of his big hand going up and down his clothed erection was enough to make your mouth water. “Y-you should own it.”
“Own what?” Jungkook cocked his head to the side and smirked. He clearly switched to his Bunny personality at that point—you could tell by the way his body relaxed and he started to tease you and play along, eyes not moving away from yours even when you made eye contact.
“Being attractive,” you played along with a grin. You wanted him to know. “Women liking you.”
“Women liking my body,” Jungkook corrected you after clearing his throat. 
“Well, to be fair, you didn’t really give them much else to like.” With that, you shrugged and looked right at his reflection in the mirror. “They don’t know anything about you except what your body looks like and how dirty you talk to them.”
“And do you?” The look in Jungkook’s eyes changed when he asked that, the confidence disappearing as fast as it appeared. 
You had to turn around to look at him before responding. “I think I’m starting to see a lot more of it,” you admitted, feeling like you’ve been holding your breath for minutes. 
Was that the right answer? It was the truth. You didn’t want to lie to Jungkook and tell him you were totally into his personality and who he was as a person when you didn’t actually know him that well, not as a partner anyway. You did like what you saw so far. 
“Hmm,” Jungkook hummed and kept watching you as you put away your makeup and cleared your dressing table, seemingly mesmerized by the way your naked body moved. “Like what?”
“What do you mean?” The question was a bit surprising because you weren’t sure what he was getting at. 
Was he trying to turn things sexual or was he trying to have some sort of a conversation about the two of you? Judging by the fact that he was grabbing his erection over his jeans, you thought he opted for the former.
“You don’t believe me?” You turned around and rested your palms on the dressing table behind you, leaning against it while staring right into Jungkook’s eyes. Then, his hand moved across his crotch again and you couldn’t help but look down.
“I just don’t think I’ve shown much to you,” Jungkook said with a shrug. “Except what you already saw online.”
“Hm,” you said, taking a couple of steps towards him, stopping right when you reached the sofa he was practically sprawled across, thighs spread. “I think you’re wrong.”
“How?” Jungkook questioned, clearly not wanting to drop it. There was a playful smirk on his face, one that told you he wasn’t taking the conversation as seriously as you thought, but his insistence on getting an answer made you believe that he did want to know.
Venom could wait, right? You had almost two hours until the movie and, if you were quick, you’d even get to have drinks before the movie like you originally planned. Maybe it was a good thing that Jungkook arrived early. Maybe hanging out like was going to help you two relax before the movie.
So, with that in mind, you dropped down to your knees and placed your hands on Jungkook’s thighs, looking up at him, which made him grunt and then chuckle. “Really?”
You hummed in response and dragged your fingernails up his thighs to his crotch, which made Jungkook move his hand away instantly, letting you do whatever you wanted. His cock was hard under his jeans, straining against the fabric, and Jungkook mewled when you ran your palm over it, wanting to tease him a bit.
“You showed me you’re the type of guy who puts in effort… You asked me to stay over, made breakfast in the morning,” you pointed out as your hands found their way to the button of his jeans, which quickly came undone.
Jungkook’s stomach tensed as that happened, teeth digging into his bottom lip as he tried to calm himself down with a deep exhale. Wanting to enjoy it even more, you grabbed the hem of his shirt and pushed it up his torso, revealing his naked stomach.
“You offered to walk me home or get me an Uber so I wouldn’t go alone, which was also really sweet,” you said sweetly, unzipping his jeans. 
Then, you sneaked your fingers underneath the hem of his jeans and underwear and looked into his eyes. Jungkook took the hint and lifted his hips, letting you pull the clothes down to his thighs, which let his cock spring free and smack against his stomach, loud and heavy.
“You’re so fucking hot,” Jungkook grunted, placing his hands on the armrest and looking at you with excitement, wondering what you were going to do next.
“What else?” You pretended to be lost in thought for a second before grinning at him. “You arrived an hour early for the date. Eager, but it’s something I like.”
With that, you leaned in, stuck your tongue out, and licked a strip across the bottom of his balls, earning a hiss of pleasure from Jungkook. “You also brought me flowers, which hasn’t happened to me in a long time.”
Jungkook nodded and breathed in loudly when you sucked one of the balls into your mouth and chased it around with your tongue, getting it all wet, which he seemed to really like. Then, you released it with a pop and looked into Jungkook’s eyes. “You also showed me that you’re the type of guy who takes the time to text me every day.”
Now, you took his other ball into your mouth and showed it the same attention you did to the first one, making Jungkook kick his head back and enjoy the warmth of your tongue on him. “And I’m just a girl you slept with… So, based on that, I think you’d be an amazing guy to date…”  
It was time for you to lick a strip from the base of his cock up to its tip, teasing the already leaking hole with the tip of your tongue before running it back down to the base. Jungkook’s abs spasmed at your touch and the fact that you were leaving a wet trail behind when you licked him. 
“Ah, fuck,” Jungkook grunted, voice sounding coarse and muffled. His knuckles were white because of how hard he was gripping the armrest. “I know you’re being all nice to me, but it’s so hard to focus when your mouth is on me like that.”
“Who said you should focus?” You pretended to frown and then took his tip in your mouth while looking straight into Jungkook’s eyes, which made him grunt. With a swirl of your tongue, you got him to kick his head back and moan, thighs spreading even more for you, allowing you better access.
“Trying to be respectful,” Jungkook informed you, and you did think it was sweet. However, he didn’t have to be sweet when you had a mouth full of his cock. “Want to talk to you.”
You let his cock out of your mouth, fingers wrapped around its base as you looked up at him. “Just let go… Let me play with you, enjoy it, Jungkook.”
“Oh, I’m enjoying alright…” He chuckled, hand moving down, fingers wrapping around yours, which were still holding his dick tight. “Want to play with you too.”
“It’s your turn now!” You shrugged and stuck your tongue out, smacking it with his cock, which got Jungkook’s breath to hitch, teeth sinking into his bottom lip. 
“Fuck!” he grunted, hand moving up to cup your cheek. “You’ll spoil me.”
That wasn’t something you were completely opposed to, especially when Jungkook treated you nicely. So, you shrugged and took his tip in your mouth instead of responding. With a wink, you started to bob your head, taking more of his cock in with each move forward, causing Jungkook to hiss not even a minute in. “Fuck, right like that,” he groaned, hand still cupping your face while the other moved to your hair, grabbing a fistful of it. “Want to fuck you so bad.”
You hummed around his cock, enjoying the way he was already getting lost in it, eyes closing as he groaned lowly, firm thighs spreading for you even more. Your hand continued to tug at the part of his cock that didn’t fit in your mouth, your other hand cupping and playing with his balls. 
You didn’t care if Jungkook came in your mouth early on, you really didn’t—you wanted to get him off and didn’t mind if it didn’t last long. Seeing his erection straining against his jeans earlier made you want to get him off, and that was your only goal.
“You should stop now if you don’t want me to come in your throat,” Jungkook warned you with a smirk on his face. “And if you don’t want me to fuck you. If you do, come over here.”
You didn’t have to be told twice. As much as you wanted Jungkook to lose control and come in your mouth as he fucked it, you also needed to get railed. You forgot how addicting good sex was, and now you wanted to have it non-stop. Before Jungkook could blink, you were up on your feet, knees sliding over his thighs to his side as you straddled him, his cock right under your crotch. “Can’t wait,” you told him, wiping your mouth and chin. 
“No foreplay?” Jungkook asked with a frown, shifting slightly in his seat.
You shook your head at him as you placed your hands on his shoulders and slid even further down his thighs until your chests were touching, until your mouth was practically on his. “I just want you.”
The compliment did go to his head a bit—he tried to hide a smirk, but failed, the corners of his lips quivering upwards as he looked to the side for a second. Good. You were happy he was starting to realize what kind of an effect he had on you. “Here, let me at least stretch you a bit,” Jungkook offered, fingers moving down to your slit before you could even react, finding you soaked.
“Don’t worry, I can go right now,” you confessed without any shame. Why lie? You were hot and bothered ever since you noticed he was hard, and you didn’t care if that made you seem desperate. Yes, the guy had a great cock and knew how to use it, why not say it out loud? “I can’t wait to feel you.”
Your mouth searched for his hungrily, both of you breathing heavily as your crotch hovered over his, Jungkook’s fingers sliding up and down your slit a couple of times before two fingers sneaked inside, making you grunt with pleasure. “Fuck,” you muttered, clenching around him as hard as you could. “You can just fuck me.”
Jungkook nodded, his other hand moving up to cup your face, lips an inch away from yours. 
“I know,” he told you with a sheepish smile as if he was trying to convince himself that he was as confident as he was acting. “It’s just that once I’m inside of you, I’m going to fuck you real hard, and you have to be stretched out for that, okay? Don’t want to hurt you… So, please, let me stretch you if you’re not going to let me eat you out.”
“Okay,” you gave in, heart and pussy fluttering at his words. To hide the grin that was threatening to spread over your face, you kissed him again. You thought it was sweet of Jungkook to care about that when you clearly didn’t. At the same time, the promise of getting fucked hard made you clamp around his fingers, wanting more. “Do it then… Want to feel you.”
“I can tell,” Jungkook pointed out, alluding to the fact that you were so wet you could both hear it. “You’re swallowing my fingers perfectly.” 
To prove his point, Jungkook pulled his fingers all the way out and pushed three of them in gently on the next go, hissing as you moaned and arched your back, your fingers digging into his chest and shoulder over his shirt. “Oh fuck…”
“See? You take them so well,” he hummed into your mouth and started to kiss his way down your chin to your jaw until he finally reached your neck, which he licked. “Just want you to get used to it,” Jungkook paused to hiss as his fingers pushed into you up to the knuckles, “so you can take all of it… Let me fuck into you… Like the other night on the stream.”
When he mentioned the stream and the absolutely nasty thing you did, your body betrayed you, walls clenching around his three fingers, trapping them in place. “You were just too hot,” you admitted, looking down at him as he made his way to your tits, sucking one nipple into his mouth, fingers slowly moving. 
“I had to have you,” Jungkook told you, his other hand moving from your waist down to your ass, giving it a slight spank before squeezing it hard. “You have no idea how good you look when you get yourself off… You have such a pretty cunt. I could watch fingers disappear in it for hours. Too bad I can’t see it right now.”
“There’s time,” you mumbled, getting a bit lightheaded from everything he was saying. It was all turning you on a bit more than you were used to, his words messing with your head. For someone so shy, he really had a lot to say when it came to dirty talk. “You can watch all you want.”
“You can too,” Jungkook reciprocated, sticking his tongue out to lick your nipple, sucking it in again before releasing it with a loud pop. “But I prefer fucking you over watching.”
It didn’t take you long to agree with him through a grunt, his thumb lightly tapping against your clit while his fingers moved up and down, stretching you for his cock. “Did you watch?” “What?” 
“Us fucking,” you explained, feeling blood rush to your cheeks. You felt shame whenever you thought about what you’d done, but at the same time, you had a blast with him, and that was probably the hottest thing you’ve ever done. It felt risky, it felt new, and so unlike you.
“Fuck yes,” Jungkook said matter-of-factly, fingers starting to move in and out faster, spreading slightly when they were all the way in. “Watch it all the time.”
You shivered at his words, turned on by the fact he watched you two fuck, watch you sit on him, letting him fill you up in front of all his viewers. You could have easily imagined him in his bed or on his chair, hand full of cock while he watched you two fuck, coming all over his pretty thighs and stomach at the sight of your cunt milking him dry.
“Have you?” Jungkook asked when he realized you weren’t going to say a thing. In your defense, you were too busy pushing your hips down into his hand, wanting more of his fingers. 
“No,” you said with a grunt. “Too embarrassed.”
It was funny how you two were wildly different, yet similar. You were ashamed but of completely different things. You had no problem talking to him or flirting with him but felt shame wash over you at the memory of you fucking him on stream while Jungkook was the exact opposite. Being naked on camera was like second nature to him. 
“You shouldn’t be. You were perfect,” Jungkook told you, easing his fingers out of you. “Can I put it in now?”
“Mhm,” you hummed and lifted your hips slightly, waiting for Jungkook to position his cock at your entrance. When he did, you sank down onto it until you were sitting on him, the stretch somehow feeling perfect. “So fucking good.”
“So are you,” Jungkook informed you before he spat on his hand. You watched him move the hand down to your clit, starting to rub it while his hips started to move slowly, up and down, cock entering you all the way and sliding almost all the way out. “You looked perfect on stream, too, just so you know… Wet dream. You should watch it too… Maybe we should do it together.”
“Watch us fucking instead of just fucking?” you asked with a chuckle, walls fluttering around his cock as you laughed. When Jungkook applied more pressure to your clit, the laughter was replaced by hisses. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…”
“It looks so good, though,” he pointed out, smirking at you when he realized how much you were enjoying the way he was rubbing you. Jungkook’s cock continued moving in and out languidly, the focus being on your clit for the moment. “I told you you have a pretty cunt, and I meant it… You should see how nice it looks when it’s stretched by my cock…”
“Stop,” you grunted, rolling your hips into him. Your body language was encouraging him to go on while your mouth was doing the exact opposite. It was embarrassing to know so many people have seen what Jungkook was describing, but at the same time, it was hot to hear how much he liked it, that he watched it daily, and got off on you. 
Jungkook started to rub your clit faster, his other hand moving up to the back of your neck, pulling you in closer, letting you feel his hot breath fan your face. “Don’t be ashamed, pretty, you were perfect. I privated the stream so it’s for my eyes only. And yours, if you want to watch. But even after seeing you once, people want you again…”
“They do?” you asked, even though you couldn’t fully concentrate on the conversation, not when Jungkook was staring right into your eyes as his fingers worked on getting you off, his cock only helping propel you into your orgasm. “Fuck!”
“Right there?” he asked, repeating the same motion with his hips, finding the perfect angle for fucking into you from below. When you nodded, Jungkook started pistoning into you, hand still working your clit, eyes glaring into yours. “Yeah, they—fuck!—they want to see you again… Say you moan so nicely and take my dick well and make me blow a big load. Makes it, shit!, easier to get into it and imagine it’s them… Said I sound a lot more turned on when you’re there.”
His words and his touch quickly sent you over the edge. You couldn’t even warn him, other than the ungodly moaning you let out after every desperate inhale, body spasming as Jungkook made you come all over his cock. He kept pumping you full of dick to help you ride it out, finger staying pressed into your clit until you gently shoved his hand away and leaned in to kiss him, tongue searching for his. “That one was too good,” you mumbled into his mouth, pulling away slightly. 
“It’s because you like hearing it, it turns you on,” Jungkook pointed out with a smug look on his face, acting like he’d just discovered a big kink of yours. What he didn’t know was that you weren’t turned on by the fact that other people were watching. Other people didn’t make any difference—he did.
“It’s you,” you admitted, not even caring if it gave him another confidence boost. The guy deserved it. “Not the people…”
Jungkook chuckled happily, hands moving to your ass, gently rubbing up and down before he gripped it hard and started fucking into you hard, entering you all the way, eyes narrowing and staring right at you. “You like knowing I watch?” 
“Mhm,” you hummed, holding onto his shoulders so you don’t fall off—he was going that fast. “Fuck!”
“I watch it every fucking day at least once,” Jungkook continued, tongue suddenly loose as he lost control of himself and slammed his dick into you. “Can’t believe I got to fuck you like that… Got to fill your pretty little cunt. You did sound so perfect for me, you have no idea… All the moaning and whining, fuck— Makes me come every time. So fucking good.”
His words turned you on even more, so you started to use your knees to push yourself up and fall down on his cock, allowing it to enter you further. “Keep going,” you told him, wanting to listen to Jungkook talk dirty to you, tell you how much he enjoyed all of it. “Want to hear you.”
“If you keep moving like that, you’re gonna be full of cum again,” Jungkook warned you through gritted teeth, body sweaty, neck exposed to you as he kicked his head back and grunted loudly. “Such a sweet, tight pussy… We really need to watch it together. I’m sure you’ll love watching me fuck you… Wish it lasted longer. Want to do all kinds of things to you. Want to make you scream for me, not bite your tongue and pray I finish fast so nobody hears you moan for me.”
You thought you were clenching before, but the more Jungkook talked, the more your walls clamped around him, hips working overtime to slide up and down his cock, juices dripping down with every slide of your cunt. It was funny how he had no problem talking about such explicit, dirty things to you while looking straight into your eyes, not even blinking. “You’re so good I might let you do all those things to me.”
“All of them?” Jungkook repeated with a smirk, even though you wiped it off with the next slam of your hips into his. “Shit, you’ll kill me if you keep this up. I’ll come so fast.”
“Do it then,” you encouraged with a loud moan, the thought of him losing control and filling you up again making you even hornier. “We’ll fuck more anyway. Don’t want to stop.”
The grunt Jungkook let out was almost animalistic, primal, his fingers digging into your ass as he let his body fall down on the sofa, handing you control. “Make me come then, I know you can… Fill yourself up with it, come on, show me how much you like it.”
For some reason, his words woke something inside of you up, something you weren’t aware was there. You never moved the way you did just then, hooking your feet against his knees so you could push yourself up with even more force and slam your hips against his, clenching on your way up, tits jiggling with every move. 
Jungkook wasn’t sure where to look, eyes flying down to his hips where your bodies met, then up to your chest, and finally to your face, where they stayed the longest as he gulped and groaned. His large hand smacked your ass a couple of times before he warned you, “I’m c-close, fuck, fu-fu-fuck, I’ll do it—”
“Do it then,” you repeated yourself, giggling as you watched his expression turn from a frown to something a lot more blissful, a string of curse words leaving his mouth as Jungkook’s hands wrapped around you, pulled you into his chest so he could give you a couple of more pumps and get himself off inside of you. “Just like that, baby, give it to me.”
His mouth was close to your ear, allowing you to hear his hisses and moans even better. “So fucking good—fuck!—tight and wet, all for me, take all my cum so well… Mhm, fuck!”
Tumblr media
Because you both had to take a quick shower again to wash the scent of sex away, you didn’t have enough time to grab drinks before the movie. Instead, you decided to enter the cinema, get popcorn and drinks, and sit around until the movie starts, both buzzing from your orgasms. Even if you forgot about it for a second, the slight soreness between your legs served as a reminder that his cock was inside of you not that long ago, slamming into your walls, desperate for release.
As you waited around the register, you both reached for your wallets. “Oh, no! I’m buying,” he told you, shaking his head to get a strand of hair out of his eyes.
“Wait, why are you buying?” you asked with a chuckle, wondering how far his sweetness went. “Are you one of those guys who always have to pay?”
“No, it’s your treat,” Jungkook explained, pointing his card at you with a smirk.
“Good, I want to pay,” you nodded, happy that he was actually going to let you do it, but Jungkook placed his hand over yours.
“No, I meant, it’s your treat. It’s stream money you don’t want to take, so I’ll spend it on you,” he said with a giggle, handing the attendant his card before you could protest. 
“Jungkook!” you hissed at him, looking around nervously. Hopefully, no one heard his remark. Jungkook had contacted you offering to give you half of the money from the stream that night. In fact, he first offered you to take the whole thing, saying he broke a viewership record because of you and got a lot more exclusive subscribers.
You, of course, turned it down, feeling embarrassed just thinking about it. Jungkook then offered to split it 50/50, thinking you were just being humble. But, you didn’t want any stream money—it wasn’t why you showed up on stream. It was a moment of weakness and a lot of attraction toward Jungkook.
“What?” the culprit laughed, nudging you, and you suddenly felt like the roles had reversed. You were now the one who got flustered and he seemed to be doing just fine, even though he was mentioning streams and money in public. “Everyone streams on Twitch nowadays, relax.” 
“Kids these days!” you mumbled, shaking your head at him.
“What can I say?” Jungkook shrugged, looking down at you with a smirk. “You were a hit.”
“Stop,” you mouthed and took the popcorn and drink from the attendant’s hand, making your way over to the empty seating area.
When Jungkook joined you, you talked a bit about the movie, but soon enough, silence ensued. Both of you ate your popcorn in silence, seemingly lost in thought. You were thinking about how the date was the exact opposite of what you expected, but in a good way. Not many guys out there made you feel comfortable enough to sleep with them before you even go out and spend time with them. Jungkook always seemed to be the exception.
“When was your last date?” you asked, telling yourself it was just to keep the conversation going. A part of you knew you were trying to get Jungkook to open up a bit more. The more he opened up, the closer you two would get, and the closer you got… Well, the more sex you could have without being awkward about it, and wasn’t that what it was all about?
Jungkook took a big sip of his drink and sighed before responding. “Oh… A long time ago. Maybe a year? I don't know.”
A year wasn’t that bad, you thought. Of course, a guy like him could have a different day every night if he just put himself out there a bit more, but Jungkook wasn’t in the right headspace for that right then. “How’d it go?”
Jungkook scoffed before bursting into laughter as if the whole premise was funny to him. “It’s me. What do you think?”
Self-deprecating humor was his thing, but you were starting to think he really meant a lot of the things he said. For example, his opinion about his abilities was completely wrong, and anyone who knew him could tell him that. “I don’t know,” you shrugged and gave him a smile, which made him look away, the corners of his mouth turning upward as he tried hard not to smile back. “I think this one’s going great.”
Your confession made Jungkook gulp, eyes still focused on the floor in front of you rather than you. “This one got a bit twisted,” he quickly found an excuse for his apparent success, glossing over your sincere compliment. “Nothing’s linear.”
“You mean, we should have gone out first and then had sex?” you suggested with a grin, and Jungkook couldn’t contain his smile now. That time, he looked at you when he smiled, giving you a quick nod before explaining, “Yeah, something like that.”
“Hm. I figured you’d be more at ease if he got that done first.” It was true, and it worked. Jungkook did seem a lot more comfortable at the cinema than he was when he’d first arrived at your place with clammy hands and a shaky voice. Sure, he still wasn’t great at maintaining eye contact, but you were sure he’d get there.
“Smart thinking,” Jungkook raised his soft drink and chuckled, shaking his head. A tinge of pink flushed his cheeks, and you got a sudden urge to kiss him. You didn’t act on it, thinking it would be too weird to do that in public, or anywhere for that matter.
“So, how did the date go?” you asked just to say something and stop feeling weird about wanting to touch him.
Jungkook didn’t even have to think before responding with a scoff, “Not good.”
“Why?” You felt a bad invasive with all the questions, but it was the only way you could get inside his head, even for a little bit. If he’d asked you something, you would have gone on for as long as he wanted you to. Jungkook was just a tough nut to crack, which didn’t mean he was uncrackable.
He faced you again, this time with a smirk and a cocked-up eyebrow. “Do you really want to know this or are you trying to get me to talk more?”
Caught red-handed, you chuckled. “A bit of both. I’m just curious. I want to… Know more about you.”
Jungkook sighed deeply, a sign of surrender “It sucked, actually. I liked this girl, but I… Didn’t really talk to her, so she was the one who asked me out, which already made me feel like an idiot, and then she chose a restaurant for a date, and I really hate eating around people, especially on dates,” Jungkook rambled, pausing only to grimace. “I knew her from class, but didn’t actually know her, so having dinner with her, trying to talk and eat… It was, uh, a mess.”
“But you liked her!” you pointed out, unsure of why Jungkook thought it was such a bad date. Okay, the eating in public thing could be a problem, but he got to take out someone he liked and who clearly liked him enough to ask him out first.
“Yeah…” Jungkook’s tone of voice told you it wasn’t that simple. “I mean, I liked the way she looked. And she seemed nice, but I could see her interest dropping as time passed and she realized I wasn’t as talkative as she needed me to be.”
For a second or two, you didn’t know what to say, finding his conclusion sad. That was what it was—plain sad. Being young had its perks, but one of the worst things about it—from your experience at least—was that nobody knew what they were looking for, everyone was afraid to ask for it, and most people were wondering if they were strange.
This girl was visibly losing interest during their date, and Jungkook could notice it, which probably made him feel like shit. You could only imagine how he felt when he went home after the date and blamed his awkwardness for ruining the whole thing. Stuff like that had happened to you before, but you never went home thinking it was your fault—it was just that you two weren’t compatible. Just like your date had certain expectations and requirements, so did you. 
Jungkook focused too much on what other people wanted, and not enough on what he wanted. You wanted to know more, so you asked, “Did you ever ask her out again?”
“No. It felt awkward and by the time we were done, she just wanted to go home as fast as possible,” he explained, which was kind of what you expected to hear. “Later, her friend told me she got the feeling I was uninterested in her, which I don’t know how.”
“You don’t?” You cocked your head to the side and asked Jungkook while hoping you weren’t making him uncomfortable. “You don’t really give the I’m interested vibe often if I’m being honest.”
“Wait,” Jungkook now turned his chest towards you, looking right at you with a worried expression. “Do you think I’m not interested?”
“No, I’m just saying I get how she could get that impression,” you stressed. 
“You do?” Once again, Jungkook seemed surprised.
You wanted to be honest with him, but you weren’t there with the intention of hurting his feelings. It seemed like he had a distorted perception of how others saw him and his behavior. He thought he was being too obvious while others thought he was being cold. “If you weren’t friends with Taehyung and I didn’t know at least something about you, including the fact that you’re not great at talking to women, I would definitely think you weren’t interested in me.” 
Jungkook groaned, rubbing the inner corners of his eyes out of frustration. “I can’t take my eyes off of you whenever we’re together, what do you mean?”
“You’re cute,” you said with a grin, unable to keep focused on what you wanted to say when Jugngkook was being so sweet without even realizing. The exasperated tone he used just made it even cuter in your book. “Like you said, things weren’t really linear here. If I met you on a date for the first time, you probably wouldn’t talk to me as much as you do now, and I wouldn’t get to see the other side of you—the way you act when we’re alone and things get sexual,” you lowered your voice when you spoke, not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable. “Just think about it, this girl was into you, asked you out, and then you stayed silent most of the night. Of course she thought you’re not into her and wouldn’t want to see you again, it’s embarrassing.”
Jungkook thought about it for a while, nodding as his eyes wandered around the room, eyebrows scrunched over his eyes. “You’re right, I guess. I just thought she was totally put off by my personality.”
“You’re a fool, stop saying that!” You smacked his thigh playfully, but you meant it. “Just because Taehyung says something, doesn’t make it true. He’s a very open and talkative person, but he bullshits a lot. If I went on a date with Taehyung, he’d never get laid just because he acts greasy around the women he likes, and he’s so sweet to all the girls out there. Not everyone is into that. Him saying you should be more like him isn’t the best advice out there, let’s just say that.”
“His loss, my gain,” Jungkook mumbled, chuckling when your eyes met. “You know what I mean.”
“Yes, exactly. I mean, I’m more like you than Taehyung.”
Your confession got Jungkook to look at you with his mouth open before he scoffed. “You? No way. If you weren’t as talkative and nice and welcoming as you are, our conversations would get boring, fast.”
“But I’m only that way with you because we know each other,” you pointed out. It was true. You weren’t the most outgoing person out there, either, especially not when it came to personal things. “Now we know each other in a different way too, but I know who you are, what kind of person you are, and I feel comfortable around you, so I can talk a lot and share things with you.”
“That’s good. I should look at this that way too.”
“You should, there’s really nothing to lose,” you leaned in to whisper the last part, not wanting to embarrass Jungkook in public. “You already got laid, so you can’t fuck anything up.”
The thought made him gulp loudly before he side-eyed you. That simple movement told you Jungkook still wasn’t convinced. “I can’t lose the chance of it happening again?”
You shook your head at him with a snicker. Clearly, it was time for you to be blunt again, even if it made him get all flustered. “With that dick? Please.”
“Oh, so that’s what you’re here for?” His tone was playful, but you could tell it wasn’t all fun and games for Jungkook. 
“Yeah, definitely,” you responded sarcastically. If anything, you thought it was pretty clear you couldn’t stop staring at the guy. But, he was too busy hiding from your gaze to notice. “It’s not like I have been laughing half of the night or anything like that.”
“To be fair, you laugh at your own jokes more than you do mine,” Jungkook pointed out, but his smile told you he enjoyed the compliment. 
“Can’t help being funny, what can I say?” 
Jungkook laughed, tonguing his cheek before he responded. “You really are Taehyung’s roommate, aren’t you?”
Tumblr media
After the movie, Jungkook got you two an Uber and walked out of it with you, wanting to walk you home. For someone who kept saying he sucked at dating and didn’t know what he was doing, Jungkook was doing just fine.
Once you walked up to the door and unlocked it, you faced him just to find him smiling at you softly.
“Thanks for a really fun night,” Jungkook told you, his hands stuck into the pocket of his jeans as he looked around and sighed deeply. “I had a great time. Sorry about being early and all that.”
“Thank you, I can’t remember the last time I even went on a date, let alone liked it,” you admitted. Jungkook maybe didn’t get that people your age didn’t really go out on dates anymore. It was all one-night stands or dates that weren’t exactly dates but more of sex prep, and you forgot the last time someone actually put some effort into getting to know you better. “And it’s good that you came earlier, right? We had some time to have fun.”
His hand flew to the back of his head of curls and scratched it, his face giving off just how uncomfortable he felt. “I, uh, this is gonna sound stupid, but I don’t want you to think I came here with the intention to fuck,” Jungkook mumbled. You could tell it wasn’t his favorite topic to discuss, but he kept on talking. “I didn’t have any expectations and I just really wanted to go on a real date with you.”
“I know,” you responded right away, hoping that would help Jungkook relax. “I’m glad we did that too.”
“Which of these things exactly?”
“Both,” you confessed, fighting the urge to chuckle nervously. “I know you didn’t expect anything, neither did I, if I’m being honest, but… It happened. Somehow, it always does around you.”
Jungkook hummed, nodding slowly. “I’m taking that as a good sign.”
“You should. It means I find you extremely attractive,” you complimented him, knowing it would get Jungkook all flustered, which it did.
However, he quickly recovered. “Trust me, the feeling’s mutual.”
“Great then. Good to know.” You sighed, realizing you could stand outside and talk to him for hours. “I’d invite you in, but I’m too tired to fool around or do anything like that.”
“Don’t worry about it.” Jungkook shook his head, making it clear he wasn’t trying to linger around until you let him. “I’m not that greedy. Or confident.”
“You should be,” you said with a shrug. If there was a guy who deserved to feel good about himself, it was Jungkook. “Thanks for walking me home, Jungkook, and for the date, and everything before, including the flowers. You’re really sweet.”
“It’s really not a problem. Thank you for letting me take you out.”
You felt like Jungkook was lingering because he wanted to kiss you but wasn’t sure if that was appropriate or welcomed, so instead of letting him torture himself like that, you leaned in for a hug, which he gladly accepted. Then, you moved your head a bit back so you could face him, and let him take the lead if he wanted to.
As expected, Jungkook leaned in and gave you a soft kiss. It wasn’t a peck, it was a real kiss, his lips pressed against yours for longer than just a couple of seconds while he held his breath and his arms around you. 
After a while, Jungkook moved away and breathed out loudly, looking right into your eyes. “I… I am interested in you, you know. Just want to put that out there in case I gave off the wrong impression.”
“Jungkook, I know,” you told him softly, nodding, trying not to laugh at his cuteness. “I’m interested in you too.”
“Right,” Jungkook nodded, taking a step back, “I… Good, then. Things are good. I’ll see you soon.” With that, he leaned in and kissed you again, this time keeping your lips pressed together for even longer. “Thanks for everything. Have a good night.”
Tumblr media
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jimin ❃ "7fates: chakho" story film behind
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BTS (방탄소년단) @ The White House for a press conference of anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room, Washington, D.C., US on Tuesday, May 31, 2022.
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