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taeyungie · 23 days ago
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He is just too cute ;;
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ofkimtaehyung · 4 days ago
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# H A P P Y N A M J O O N D A Y credits.
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springdqy · 4 days ago
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happy birthday to the leader of our lives, the man who believed in bangtan before any of us did, kim namjoon! ❍ 940912 ↳ #aRMysEternalLove #NamjooningDay cr.: namuspromised (memories 2020 & sy japan) & jeonxm (in the soop 1)
“In the end, it’s really important for me to ask about who I am, and I want to express who I found myself out to be, but I’m having a really difficult time because I don’t know if what I found is right. So for now, 'Bicycle' is also the result of collecting the selves I found who I think represent the best of me. Even while making a song like 'Bicycle,' I have to convey – how do I put this? It’s just about me, this kid from outside the big city – an essence that I can’t get rid of, I guess. I can’t let go of the kid who used to perform in Hongdae. It’s not really something I want to express or hold onto; it’s my essence, so I don’t really have a choice. (laughs)” — RM, 2021
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taehyungland · 10 months ago
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yoongi pretending to hate taehyung’s affection (*˘︶˘*).。*♡
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btssmutgalore · 25 days ago
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Your two friends are back in town just in time for your mini-vacation.
⤑ word count: 11.7 k ⤑ genre: smut [threesome, oral (m. & f. receiving), cum play, rimming, anal sex, unprotected sex] ⤑ warnings: 18+!, smut, dirty talk ⤑ pairing: taehyung x jungkook x reader ⤑ playlist: [kpop songs I listen to seduce the devil]
» Business [+Jungkook] – one | two | three | four
Another day, another work conference. You were starting to get suffocated with work—it seemed like it consumed every minute of every single day, and you were beginning to understand that you needed a break if you didn’t want to completely lose it. Your father wouldn’t be happy with your decision since he was one of those people who always put work first and who saw taking time off work to get yourself together as a sign of weakness, so you kept delaying the conversation.
Of course, it was important for a company executive to be present at all these meetings and conferences, but you felt like you couldn’t be that person anymore, not for a while.
“That’s ridiculous,” your father scoffed after listening to your five-minute monologue on why this break would be beneficial not only to you but to him and the company. The stern look on his face was a clear indication of how he felt about this but he still needed to explain it. “You know what? It sounds to me like you are looking for a way out. Is that it? Do you want to stop working in this world of men and go do something easier? Be a housewife?”
The fact that he thought being a housewife was easy was the real ridiculous thing here, but you didn’t want to get into that. He paid people to do everything for him, so of course, he didn’t know the real value and effort of anything other than his work.
“No, father, I just need to take a couple of days off, as I’ve explained,” you cleared your throat and got up, wanting the conversation to end without any more insults.
“A couple of days off, huh?” He shook his head and glared at you. “When did I ask for days off?”
You knew this was a rhetorical question and you didn’t want to answer it because he’d surely make all of this about himself when it clearly wasn’t—for once, it was about you.
“Never!” He spat the word out when he realized you wouldn’t be indulging him. “Men don’t have this need to take time off work to go do nothing. If you want to make it big, you won’t with that attitude. You can’t run a company if meetings are too much for you. What if Brian decided to take a day off too? And what if Walter felt a bit anxious so he went home too? Who would attend the meetings? Who would get things done?”
“I don’t know, father, but I feel it’s important for people to be able to rest and have some time for themselves,” you said, against your better judgment.
“Women!” He shook his head. “I’ve never taken a single day off and that’s why I’m here and why we have what we have.”
“A huge company and terrible family relationships?” You suggested, knowing this would enrage him, but unable to control yourself.
Your father thought that what he was saying served as some sort of a mark of greatness, while you knew it was just one of the reasons why he didn’t have any close friends and wasn’t on good terms with his family. He didn’t even know you, and you were the closest to him.
“You say your mind is hazy, but that tongue seems as sharp as ever,” he grunted at you. “Look, take all the time off you need. If someone else steps in and does your job better, you’ll work as their secretary when you get back.”
“Great, thank you”, you scoffed, knowing nobody would be able to take your place in a couple of days. Besides, you were sure your father knew that as well. Whatever his feelings were towards you, he couldn’t deny that you were good at doing business with younger businesspeople. Old school just wasn’t your thing and you rarely connected to such people, but the younger ones were right up your alley. You understood how people functioned nowadays and they understood you. Unfortunately, your father was old school and didn’t care to understand the younger generations. “See you on Monday.”
“Oh no,” he shook his finger at you. “You have a conference this afternoon. After that, take your time off. I can’t find anyone to replace you on such short notice. Besides, it’s with the company you’ve made deals with before.”
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
The conference didn’t last as long as you dreaded it would, and the time spent there flew by because you were seated next to your old friends, Taehyung and Jungkook. They didn’t seem surprised to see you there, so you figured they probably went through the attendance list and all the bullet points for the meeting, unlike you. There were so many meetings that you stopped reading the materials that were sent to you in fear of having an actual mental breakdown. There was no way to keep up with everything.
“Lovely to see you here,” Taehyung grinned at you, leaning back into his chair, his elbow resting on the back of your seat, his legs spread. So fucking inviting. “Long time, no see.”
You were in a room full of business people—the serious, old school type—and here you were, staring at his crotch, knowing very well what kind of a treat was hiding underneath his suit.
“Indeed,” you nodded, grinning at him before turning your attention to Jungkook. “You didn’t let me know you were coming.”
“We were wondering if you could… show us around,” Jungkook added with a smile, this time seeming more comfortable around you. You’d be surprised if he were still shy after everything if you were being honest. “We’re two strangers in the city, looking for a good time.”
“When do you have to leave?” You asked, hoping you weren’t sounding as desperate for a good time as you were.
You couldn’t remember the last time you’ve slept with someone, or just had fun in general, and the fact that you got some time off just before running into them was too good to not use.
“Our next meeting is scheduled on…” Taehyung said and went through his phone until he found what he was looking for. “Wednesday. We’re free until then.”
“How great,” you nodded in approval, happy that they had a clear schedule. “Are you enjoying the presentation so far?”
“No,” Jungkook said bluntly, making you chuckle. “Is this what it’s really like? I’m already sick and tired of meetings and we’ve only had four this month. It’s the same thing all over again at every one of these things.”
You nodded, completely understanding his point. You were a lot more like the two of them than your father. “You’d better get used to it if you want to make more business connections. If I'm being honest, I don’t think you need them. You two are doing so good that people will be coming to you, and not the other way.”
Taehyung chuckled softly. “Will you be coming?” He asked, smacking his lips at the end of the question.
“Knowing the two of you, definitely,” you responded, making Jungkook cackle.
“Love to hear it,” he whispered and turned his attention to the man who started giving his presentation.
To say you weren’t focusing would be an understatement. Not only were you overwhelmed with work and obligations but you were having a hard time keeping your mind off the fact that you were a word away from having the best sex of your life again with two of the most handsome men you’ve met.
Just a single word away.
Your phone’s screen kept lighting up every couple of seconds as your business partners and colleagues texted, which was probably the worst part of your workday. It never ended, this constant barrage of questions, requests, assignments, and pointless discussions. You noticed Jungkook frowning whenever the screen would light up and you completely understood him—it was disturbing. The fact that you had to respond to them sooner or later was even more annoying.
You reached for your phone, but Jungkook beat you to it, grabbing it first. Instead of handing it to you, he placed it in your bag which was hanging on your chair. “Don’t do it,” he leaned in and whispered. “Relax.”
His voice had its usual sweetness, but you could sense some of the authority you usually heard from Taehyung, so you did what he said and just left it. After all, why not? Your father said you should go to the conference and come back on Monday. Of course, that meant you wouldn’t be available for texts, calls, or meetings until then. Jungkook was right, why ruin your day even more?
It was your right to ignore the messages but a part of you couldn’t let them go.
You fiddled with your fingers, played with a pen, scribbled on paper, and chewed on the inside of your cheek with all those notifications on your mind. Then, you felt Jungkook’s reassuring touch on your thigh and for a second, you feared that he was about to initiate something during the conference.
Luckily, that wasn’t his intention—the sweet Jungkook was simply rubbing your thigh with his thumb to get you to relax and stop worrying about the phone. “They can survive without you for a day or two,” he smiled at you, keeping his voice low.
And he was right about that. The second that conference ended, you shut your phone off and asked them if they wanted to come to your place.
It was stupid, you knew, but you didn’t want to go to some random hotel and worry about coming home in the morning. No, you wanted to relax because you weren’t lying when you said you needed time to clear your mind. You really did, and what better way to do that than to have some fun with two men you already knew so well?
“Should we, uh, get some of our stuff?” Jungkook suggested. “We’re staying in a hotel close by.”
“Sure,” you nodded. “You guys go get your stuff and I’ll have a drink.”
“Don’t even look at that phone,” Taehyung growled at you before chuckling. “I mean, do what you want, but let’s start unwinding right now, huh?”
You nodded, desperately needing to get away from all the stuck-up business people, the suits, work talk, and everything else that reminded you that you had to go to work again in a couple of days. You had a shot and a cocktail while you waited for them, even though they didn’t take long.
“What do you have in mind?” Taehyung asked as you three got out of the taxi in front of your building. “A quiet night?”
“I have excellent Italian wine, some food, a lot of free time, and a bathtub that can definitely fit three people. Are you in?” You stopped to see his reaction and the smirk on his face told you everything you needed to know.
“Good thing we brought some extra clothes,” Jungkook said, chuckling and opening the door for you, like a real gentleman.
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
The second you stepped into the apartment, you felt a lot closer to real freedom. Taehyung and Jungkook felt like two close friends—after all, after the things you’ve done together, how could they not? Anyway, you felt at ease with them, especially now that you were so far away from the company and everything related to it.
The guys helped themselves to the food and wine and made themselves feel at home like you suggested. While they were doing that, you took a shower and filled up the bathtub, determined to end the day right. You weren’t joking when you said your bathtub could fit three, but you didn’t have anything sexual in mind—you really needed to relax. The guys seemed to understand that.
Taehyung walked in a second after you finally got in the bathtub, carrying a tray of cheeses and some fruit, which the two of them put together. He placed it right next to you. “Hope you don’t mind we ate half of your fridge.”
“Please, help yourselves,” you waved it off. “What’s mine is yours.”
Taehyung surprised you by leaning in and kissing you—slowly, gently, sensually. At first, he didn’t use tongue, but when he felt you kissing back, he slipped it in. Still, it didn’t feel like he was trying to get it on with you. “That’s what I love to hear. Now, relax. Jungkook’s bringing you some wine, and you just enjoy it.”
With that, Taehyung got up and left, and you just then noticed that he was still in his white button-up, but managed to lose his suit pants somewhere in your apartment. Jungkook walked in a couple of seconds later, still wearing his suit, obviously not feeling as comfortable as Taehyung. He brought you the wine with a big grin, sitting down, careful not to get wet.
“How are you feeling?” Jungkook asked, handing you a glass of rosé.
“Do I look that bad?” You joked, taking a sip of the wine. “I’m exhausted. I guess all the overtime finally caught up with me. I’m sorry I’m not better company.”
“Oh, come on,” he shook his head at you and frowned. “While I really like fucking you, and I know Taehyung feels the same, not everything has to be about that. Like it or not, I was genuinely happy to see you there after staring at so many boring faces with the same stories and thinking of simply running away. What I’m trying to say is that it is nice to see you and that it’s not strictly sex-related.”
“So you’re not here to fuck my brains out?” You pretended to be confused, which made him laugh.
“Listen, would I complain?” He spread his arms out, still chuckling. “No, I’m serious. Not everything has to be about it.”
“I know,” you nodded, appreciating him a lot more than he understood. “And I’m thankful. I was really happy to see you guys too, also not just because of sex. I’m always happy to see you.”
Jungkook grinned, suddenly looking a lot happier. “That’s great! I’m glad you fought off the urge to stare at your phone and handle absolutely everything right away. Doesn’t this feel better?”
“Absolutely,” you agreed, even though you had at least 50 unread messages by then. It wasn’t your problem, not until you came back to the office.
“How about I leave you to it?”Jungkook suggested. “Drink, eat, relax.”
“Do you guys want to join me?” You suggested, knowing you couldn’t have sex even if you tried—you’d probably fall asleep in the middle of it.
“Maybe later, once you get some rest,” he said, reaching to cup your face. “Call me if you need me to get you something.”
The two of them turned on the TV and watched it while joking about something, you could hear them from the bathroom. It was kind of refreshing to be home and hear someone’s laughter instead of the complete silence you were used to. For the first time in a long time, it felt like you weren’t alone.
Also, it was nice to be in the bathtub, sipping on wine, instead of having your usual afternoon headache which could only get better if you slept it off. Before you knew it, though, you dozed off, and you figured the wine had something to do with it.
When you woke up, you were in your bed, dry and covered with a duvet. At first, you forgot where you were and who you were with. Then, a half-naked Taehyung walked out of your bathroom, a towel wrapped around his hips as he dried his hair with another towel.
“Look who’s up,” Taehyung grinned and stopped dead in his tracks, turning his attention to you. “Feeling any better?”
You sat up to stretch, which allowed the duvet to slip down to your thighs, revealing the fact that you were naked. However, since it was Taehyung that was in your room, you didn’t try to cover yourself up. “Surprisingly, I feel well-rested. What time is it?”
“Midnight, more or less,” Taehyung said with a grin. You forgot just how stunning he looked naked. “Want to join us? Or do you want to rest?”
“I’ll come in a second,” you said as you got out of bed. “I should put something on.”
“If you’re not trying to get fucked, you should,” he mumbled, walking out of the room and letting Jungkook know you were awake.
You followed not long after, finding Jungkook in one of your bathrobes on the sofa, his hair still damp from a shower. “Hey there!” The thing you liked about him a lot was that he always looked so excited to see you. “Hope you don’t mind, I borrowed your robe. Figured you wouldn’t want my ballsack print on this nice couch.”
“If it was in my mouth, it can be on the couch,” you shrugged, making them both chuckle. “As I said, make yourselves at home, take whatever you want.”
“Want to watch something?”
Taehyung turned the lights off, Jungkook flicked through the channels, and you sat right next to him, leaving the room on your right for Taehyung. When he sat down as well, you suddenly felt shivers run down your spine—you were seated between them, all three of you naked under the one piece of clothing you had on, all three wanting to fuck. It’s been a while since anything as exciting as this happened to you, and you’d be a fool not to use it.
Clearly, your nap was great—you were now more focused on sex than anything else.
“Boring,” Taehyung said when Jungkook stopped on a channel playing a movie he found interesting.
“I can’t watch an action movie, I really can’t,” you spoke when he suggested the next thing.
“Here, you find something,” he handed you the remote, but you had tough luck too.
The shows were too loud, the movies either too engaging or not engaging enough, and you had a feeling not one of you actually wanted to watch something. You were already getting to the double-digit channels and still didn’t find anything.
“Taehyung, do the honors,” you threw the remote in his lap. “We’re doomed.”
“We can make a movie,” Jungkook joked, but didn’t laugh, which made you look at him. “I’m joking,” he mouthed when he noticed the look you gave him.
“Perv,” Taehyung, of all people, mumbled.
“Oh, please, Mr. I love cum,” Jungkook rolled his eyes jokingly. “Besides, tell me you wouldn’t want to film this to jerk off to it later. I dare you.”
It was your turn to look at Taehyung now, just to see how he’d react. Filming was out of the question, clearly, but the discussion was interesting.
“When have I ever said that?” Taehyung shook his head and continued to change the channels.
“Here’s some free business advice: people in our positions shouldn’t make sex tapes,” you looked at one and then the other. “You’re welcome.”
“Well, there goes my date plan,” Jungkook chuckled, making you nudge him with your thigh.
Suddenly, loud moaning interrupted your conversation and you noticed that Taehyung has wandered into the porn categories. There was literally nothing on TV if he managed to get to the hundredth channel. “If we can’t make one of our own, we can watch one,” Taehyung suggested after a couple of seconds.
“Why watch other people when we can watch each other?” Jungkook said, his head turning in your direction slowly as his hand made its way to your thigh. Feeling his warm hand on your skin made you clench and look at him.
Before you could respond, Taehyung’s hand was on your other thigh, having the same effect. “Hm?” He hummed questioningly, and you weren’t sure which one of them to look at.
The movie continued playing in the background and the woman was now being bathed by a guy who was rubbing her all over. Instead of looking at either one of them, you looked at the screen and gulped. Why not? You weren’t that tired.
A slow nod was all it took for the two of them to start.
Jungkook pulled your leg between his and let his hand wander down your thigh gently, teasing your skin until it reached your now bare crotch. Taehyung quickly followed suit and you found yourself practically lying on the sofa, your legs trapped between their thighs, your naked crotch out in the open, their hands inches away from your heat.
“I love where this is going,” Taehyung mumbled and brought his hand up to his mouth just to spit on it. Then, he quickly moved it back down to your crotch and started to rub your clit gently, slowly, taking his time to get you to relax.
You were enjoying his touch a lot more than he probably knew—it’s been a while since anyone touched you. You were too busy, too stressed, too overwhelmed to even think about meeting someone new and sleeping with them. What if they sucked at it? What if they caught feelings? What if they didn’t know what you liked and didn’t care to learn? There were too many “what ifs” for comfort and the final result wouldn’t be worth it.
This, however, was a whole different story. The two men next to you knew exactly what they were doing.
Jungkook’s slender fingers circled your entrance, careful not to get wet, and you knew he was doing it to get you to beg. Yes, Taehyung’s fingers on your clit felt wonderful, but you didn’t feel full, and Jungkook knew that very well. You weren’t going to beg, though. Instead, you’d let him come to you when he was too tempted to stop.
“Ah, fuck,” you hissed. “I forgot how great you guys were at this.”
“Oh, don’t worry,” Jungkook grunted and tapped his fingers against your entrance, causing you to grunt. “We’re here to remind you.”
“Can’t fucking wait,” Taehyung added, starting to move his fingers up and down your clit quickly, causing just the right amount of friction.
When Jungkook saw that, he eased his middle finger inside of you, buried it in your heat up to his knuckle, and feasted on the sounds of your moan. “Good?”
“Amazing,” you mumbled and reached out to grab both their cocks at the same time, but you failed.
Jungkook was still in the robe and Taehyung was wrapped in the towel from the waist down and it was hard to focus on grabbing both of them with two hands on your crotch—one on you, the other one inside.
Jungkook swatted your hand away with a loud “tsk”. “No, this is about you,” he said, adding another finger and curling them both while inside.
“But I want to touch you too,” you whined, grabbing his chin and pulling him forward so you could finally kiss him. You forgot how nice it felt to kiss them, even though you weren’t that big on kissing, to begin with. Jungkook was as gentle as always and his kisses always started as soft pecks. When he added tongue, he started to move his fingers in and out faster, making you arch your back and swear.
“We can wait,” Taehyung added, slapping your clit, which got you to stop kissing Jungkook and turn around to kiss him instead. His kissing style was the exact opposite—from the second he touched you, you knew he wanted to fuck and that much was clear from his kiss, as well.
Taehyung’s hand was now in your hair and he gripped it tight and kissed you, licking your lips, biting on them, shoving his tongue inside of your mouth, showing you that you belonged to them tonight and not the other way around.
While you kissed Taehyung, Jungkook continued to finger you and leaned down to move your bathrobe to the side so he could gain access to your breast. You grunted into the kiss the second he touched it, so Jungkook took that as a sign to lean down and start suckling on it, which made you tangle your fingers into his hair and graze his scalp, loving the feeling of having him so close to you, pleasuring you, while his friend played with your tongue.
Suddenly, Taehyung pulled your hair back and moved his hand away from your clit. By gripping your hair, he directed your head towards what he wanted you to watch, which happened to be his hand grabbing Jungkook’s hair and pushing it down to your clit.
You watched with excitement as Jungkook’s mouth latched onto your clit while his fingers still played with your pussy. The fact that Taehyung’s hand was on Jungkook’s head, navigating him, added an extra layer of excitement in your book.
You spread your legs even wider, allowing Jungkook better access, so he hummed against your clit in approval, his fingers now moving in and out at a steady pace.
“Is he eating you out just right?” Taehyung grunted into your ear before licking a strip up your neck. “You always moan so sweetly when he does it.”
“He’s so fucking good at it,” you agreed, trying to nod, but Taehyung’s hand was still gripping you tight.
Jungkook hummed happily when he heard that and started to move his nimble tongue faster, getting you all wet and ready for him. You hoped he’d just shove his dick right in, or that Taehyung would. Either option was more than enjoyable.
Suddenly, Taehyung let go of your hair, pushed Jungkook’s head towards your entrance, and bent down to start sucking on your clit. The sensation of having two warm mouths on your pussy was more than enough to get you to groan and moan, kicking your head back and grabbing onto both of the men who seemed so eager to get you to feel good.
It all happened so fast—Taehyung’s tongue moving in circles around your clit, getting you more excited with each second; Jungkook’s tongue entering your pussy and then coming back out to lick your entrance and everything around it before diving right back in. You felt like you were dripping all over the sofa, and all over their mouths, but they didn’t seem to care.
Before you knew it, you were coming, and Jungkook quickly stuck two fingers inside of you, both of you moaning as your walls clenched and relaxed around his fingers, covering them in your juices.
Jungkook straightened his back, still kneeling in front of you, and gently pulled his fingers out, the remnants of your orgasm clearly glistening on them. He then stared right into your eyes, licked one side of the fingers, and offered them to Taehyung, whose head was still right above your crotch. Without thinking about it, Taehyung sucked Jungkook’s fingers clean, knowing how much it would turn you on.
“That was amazing,” you told them, sorry you weren’t as vocal as they liked. You just felt so overwhelmed with good feelings that you found it impossible to speak. Now that you were content, you found it easier to speak, so you sat back up. “What next?”
“Bedroom,” Taehyung said, getting up and offering you his hand.
You took it and led both men to your bedroom, hearing them throw away the robe and the towel on the floor on their way. When you reached the bed, you turned around and enjoyed the sight.
They have both been working out—that much was clear from a single glance in their direction. Jungkook’s thighs seemed more defined and so did Taehyung’s chest. Jungkook also added a couple of more tattoos to his right arm, making him seem so dangerous, which was somehow endearing because you knew he was the definition of a switch.
Seeing a guy who had no problem with being babied look so tough would be funny, had you not known he could also make you do whatever he felt like doing.
Everything about them seemed just as attractive as always—they were both trimmed, neat, clean, warm, and welcoming. You wished you three lived in the same city. You’d offer them to move in if you could have sex with them whenever you liked, you really would. Fuck the company and what people would say.
Sadly, this day was an anomaly in your life and you needed to make the most out of it. As you lay there on the bed and inspected their naked bodies, the two of them whispered at each other while staring right back at you. Taehyung cocked an eyebrow up and looked at Jungkook questioningly, to which the younger man eagerly nodded in agreement. That was all it took for Taehyung to walk over to the bed and straddle your chest.
This would have felt suffocating had it been anybody else—you practically couldn’t move with a grown man kneeling over your chest, back straight, cock in hand as he looked down at you with a smirk on his face. Thankfully, it didn’t feel intimidating because it was Taehyung and you knew he only had mutual pleasure in mind.
“Hey there, pretty,” Taehyung said with a grin and pointed his cock right at your face. “Suck.”
You didn't need to be told twice—you took his tip in your mouth and swirled your tongue around it while staring right into his eyes which widened with every move of your tongue. It felt good to know you could make him feel weak too, just like he made you. Taehyung kicked his head back and groaned when you moved your head forward, allowing him to hit the back of your throat.
That's when you felt Jungkook getting on the bed and kneeling between your legs. It was strange to feel someone touch you but not see them, but since it was Jungkook, you couldn’t mind. As soon as you felt his palms touch your thighs, you moaned against Taehyung’s cock and took more of it in. Then, Jungkook spread your legs and leaned in, his hot breath fanning your soaking pussy, fingers digging into your skin.
You could hear Jungkook hiss at the sight in front of him and Taehyung grinned at you even wider. “Take some more of it huh? Be a good girl,” he whispered at you, and you instantly did what he asked, coating his entire cock with your saliva, hoping he’d put it in soon.
Jungkook hummed in approval and leaned in, his tongue licking circles around your clit before he sucked it in. That made you moan and wince—you needed him badly by that point, the entire situation was already turning you on so much and you’d just come earlier.
Taehyung, as always, didn’t like to be excluded, so he decided to find out what he could. “What is he doing to you?” He asked, reaching down to cup your face. “Treating you well?”
“Mhmm,” you hummed against him, trying to nod but failing because of his dick in your mouth.
“Jungkookie is making you feel so good,” Taehyung grinned and pinched your nipple, which got hard the second Jungkook touched you. “And you’re making me feel amazing. That tongue of yours will be the death of me.”
This made you gulp down on his cock and move your head faster, wanting to please him as much as you could, while Jungkook played with your clit and got you ready for his fingers, or better yet, his cock. Either way, you wouldn’t complain. Jungkook pulled away from your clit just to bring his arm down against it with a little bit of force and the slap felt so gentle yet so hard, and it made you almost scream out. Thankfully, the cock in your mouth stopped you from doing it.
“You’re really loving Jungkook’s touch,” Taehyung noted, petting your head. “I bet he is doing it right…” You nodded to that because you couldn’t have agreed more—he was perfect at this. “You know what his weak spot is?”
Now, this was something you wanted to know, just like you wanted to know more about Taehyung’s weak spots. The two of them always managed to make you end the night feeling like a sweaty, worn-out mess, so you wanted to know more about what gets them weak, too. What’s fair is fair.
You shook your head with a mouth full of cock, and waited for Taehyung to explain.
“Ass,” Taehyung whispered the word and it made you clench around nothing. “I'm sure Jungkook will lick both your holes if you want him to…”
Without giving it a second thought, you nodded. “Amazing,” Taehyung said, which Jungkook clearly took as a sign to do it.
You felt him stick his tongue inside your pussy and then drag it back up to your clit before repeating the same thing and making your hips buck into his face, desperate to feel more.
“Don't you like sucking cock while someone is treating you so well?” Taehyung said with a low chuckle and you let his cock fall out of your mouth to respond.
“I fucking love it,” you said with a grin before taking his tip in and swirling your tongue around it while staring right into his eyes, which seemed so focused on you like nothing else existed. Jungkook reminded you he was there by moving his tongue in circles around your clit.
“I know you do,” Taehyung grinned and wrapped his fingers into your hair, helping you move your head to take more of him in.
That’s when you felt Jungkook’s tongue circle around your asshole, and the feeling made you gasp for air. It’s been a while since you’ve taken part in ass play, so you couldn’t wait for it. Besides, it was the two of them—what could go wrong? If there’s anyone you trusted for this, it was them, which was funny considering this was your fourth time sleeping with the two guys in your room.
Jungkook hummed against your skin and continued to lick your hole, which made your entire body stiffen and hips buck into him again. Luckily, his hands were on your thighs, holding them open and pressing them against the bed.
“Like having a tongue up your ass, huh?” Taehyung teased, pulling his cock out just to smack it against your lips, clearly enjoying the view. “Didn't know that.”
“Fuck yes,” you grunted with a chuckle which died down as soon as you felt Jungkook’s tongue twirling around your hole, making you kick your head back.
“What about cock?” Jungkook asked, finally saying something, and his words made your breath hitch in your throat.
“Only if you're nice to it,” you responded, teasing him.
The words made him chuckle before he dove right back in and licked a strip up to your clit and then back down to your ass. The feeling of his wet, warm, and nimble tongue all over your crotch made you gasp for air and choke on Taehyung’s cock. You forgot how good it felt to do this with two people at once, to focus on your own and someone else’s pleasure at the same time.
The sounds you were making encouraged Jungkook to go harder on you, and now all three of you seemed to be enjoying it. You could hear the sounds of Jungkook's hand jerking him off and you wished you were closer to give him a hand. After all, that was the least you could do for him.
“Are you gonna let us use all your holes?” Taehyung asked you gently, tugging at your hair, and you nodded instantly, which made him groan in response.
“Good girl,” Jungkook said, pulling away from your crotch for a second to speak and then diving right back in.
You let go of Taehyung’s cock and muttered the words. “I forgot how fucking good this felt.”
Suddenly, you became aware that Jungkook wasn’t going to take it slow—you felt his tip smack against your clit, and then your pussy. Finally, it circled your ass. It made you clench both holes and shiver in anticipation, wanting to feel him inside of you. “Don't worry, I won't do it yet,” Jungkook patted your thigh reassuringly, sounding like he thought you’d be against the idea. “Just wanted to touch you.”
“That’s the thing with him,” Taehyung looked down at you with a smirk. “Always so impatient.”
“Can’t resist,” Jungkook chuckled and got down on his knees again.
His mouth found your clit before you could come up with a response and you let go completely, allowing him to lick wherever and however he wanted to. Jungkook’s tongue quickly circled your clitoris and then slowly dragged its way down to your pussy. The second you felt Jungkook stick his tongue inside of you, you clenched your walls and moaned around Taehyung’s cock.
He seemed to be enjoying it as much as you were, you could tell by the cocky look on his face. “Oh, Jungkookie knows what he’s doing,” he mumbled at you and shoved his dick a bit deeper into your mouth. “Just relax, let him get you there.”
Jungkook dove in, licking one and then the other hole, getting you to clench everything and then relax. Every time his tongue would enter one of your holes, your entire body would stiffen and you’d clench around his tongue, enjoying the sensation of having him inside of you that way.
The more Jungkook touched you, the less you could focus on Taehyung’s cock, even though you wanted to. He was smooth and hard and it felt so easy to move your head up and down, pursing your lips to get the skin to glide over his tip every time, earning you low grunts from the man towering over you. However, when Jungkook started to focus on your clit and shoved two of his long fingers inside of you, it became impossible to keep going with the same determination. Well, you could have done it, but then you wouldn’t have enjoyed Jungkook’s touch as much.
Luckily, Taehyung didn’t seem to mind. “It’s that good, huh?” He asked with a grin and pulled his cock out of your mouth, enjoying the sight of your saliva all over him and your lips. Taehyung then started to jerk himself off while moving his hip towards your head even more. “Lick.”
Now, this suited you a lot better—you could rest your head on the pillow and suck on his balls while Jungkook did his thing and got you off, and you were sure he would do it.
By the time his ring finger started pressing against your asshole, you were already moaning. You couldn’t help yourself, though, not when he was sucking on your clit and letting his tongue graze against it quickly, sending shivers down your spine, while his fingers moved in and out of you slowly, getting you closer to climax with each move.
“Just like that, yes,” Taehyung grunted, moving his hand faster, and using the other one to grip your hair tight and pull you in closer so you could take both of his balls into your mouth and suck on them.
Since your moans were loud even though they were muffled by Taehyung’s balls in your mouth, Jungkook was getting excited himself. You knew he was into it when he lifted both your legs in the air, grabbing you by the thighs and holding them up so he could have full access to you. At first, you winced at the loss of his fingers, but it got so much better—his tongue circled your clit, licked your pussy and then your ass, and then did the full circle again, making you almost scream with pleasure.
Luckily, Taehyung’s balls stopped you from sounding that desperate. There was just something about feeling so vulnerable, which was exactly what Jungkook managed to do. Clearly, you were pinned to the bed by the weight of Taehyung’s body on your chest, even though he wasn’t sitting on you. You still couldn’t move away, not unless he moved first.
That, topped with the fact that your feet were up in the air and that Jungkook was holding them there, allowing you to focus on his mouth alone, made you feel like you submitted to them completely. Still, that wasn’t frightening at all—you three had a mutual trust, despite not knowing each other that long. You trusted them not to cross your boundaries, and they trusted you to do the same.
That’s why it didn’t surprise you when you felt your orgasm starting to build up deep in your lower stomach, legs up, Jungkook’s mouth focusing on your clit, your walls clenching around nothing, eager to feel him, but enjoying his touch nonetheless.
At that point, Jungkook’s grunt became almost louder than yours, and Taehyung swore now and then. Whenever Jungkook sucked on your clit, you’d suck on Taehyung’s balls some more and swirl your tongue around them, which would make him grunt and pull your hair. If you had one weakness, it would be very handsome men pulling on your hair and moaning because of you, and that was exactly what Taehyung was giving you.
“Fuck, you’re good,” he mumbled and spit on his cock so he could continue to jerk it as fast as he wanted. “That mouth can fit both of them in… Maybe it could fit both me and Jungkook at the same time.”
You hummed in agreement, feeling the urge to wrap your thighs around Jungkook’s head and pull him closer in so he couldn’t move away from your crotch. Sadly, his hands were stopping your thighs from moving. All you could do was let your legs hang freely as he continued to hold them up. You were sad because you couldn’t see his face or grab him by the hair, but there’d be time for that, you were sure.
So, instead of dwelling on that, you relaxed and let your orgasm wash over you. You quickly let go of Taehyung’s balls, not wanting to tug on them too hard while coming. It felt like your body was spasming while you came, mostly because Jungkook wasn’t moving away—he kept playing with your clit even though it was clear he’d managed to bring you over the edge.
You knew he could tell you were coming, but instead of moving away, he dove right in even more, sucking as much as he could while your knees shook, his hands still holding them up. All you could do was moan his name with your head kicked back, which earned you a satisfied smirk from Taehyung.
“You look so pretty when you come,” he added after you calmed down. “In fact, when you’re enjoying yourself.”
You hummed in response, still trying to calm your breathing down. When you felt stable again, you opened your mouth for Taehyung to stick his cock inside, which he did with a huge grin.
“Mhm, fuck,” he grunted and patted your cheek, clearly enjoying the feeling of your tongue on his dick again.
Jungkook moved away for a couple of seconds, but as soon as he heard that Taehyung was enjoying himself again, Jungkook started to play with you again, still holding your legs up by the thighs.
You were sensitive now, maybe even too much, but Jungkook knew how to handle it well. Instead of applying a lot of pressure with his tongue or sucking your clit in, he was slowly dragging his tongue up and down your slit, careful to circle it around both your holes each time, getting you to clench every time he did it.
Soon enough, all three of you were grunting lowly, Taehyung most of all. It didn’t take you by surprise, not when you were taking more of his cock than before and feeling it hit the back of your throat. Still, you kept your pace and tried to breathe despite him blocking your airway every couple of seconds.
Jungkook was enjoying eating you out a lot more than you remembered him doing before, and you felt bad about not being able to touch him back. The orgasm he gave you was short but sweet, and you at least wanted to repay him. However, Taehyung kneeling over you stopped you from doing that.
It went on for a while, this little game of yours where Jungkook worked hard to please you and you did the same to get Taehyung to come. And then, Jungkook stopped.
“I’ll come,” you could hear him say, followed by a loud hiss, and the fact that he could come just by eating you out turned you on a lot more than you were willing to admit to either one of them. Jungkook finally let go of your thighs and you propped your legs up on your feet, leaving them spread.
“Where can he come?” Taehyung asked smugly, enjoying the fact that he was the one doing most of the talking. He helped you speak by pulling his cock out of your mouth.
“Wherever he wants,” you responded right away, hoping Jungkook would listen. If you couldn’t touch him, you could at least offer him that.
It was Taehyung's turn to hiss before turning to face Jungkook. “Get both.”
A second later, Jungkook pushed one of your thighs to the side and continued to hold it down while he used the other to get himself off. Not long after, you could feel his cum spray all over your crotch, covering both holes. You knew that was exactly what Taehyung wanted—to see both your holes covered in cum. Jungkook was just nice enough to indulge him.
“Fuck, ah!” Jungkook mumbled and kept milking his cock until the very last drop. You could feel it all but you couldn’t see any of it. In fact, all you could do was take more of Taehyung’s hard cock and hope that you’d get to do the same to Taehyung.
Then, Taehyung pulled his cock out and grinned. “My turn,” he cocked his head to the side. “You, all fours.”
It was a command, you realized when he pushed himself off of you, and Jungkook stood up as well, leaving you lying on the bed with your legs spread, his cum all over you. Jungkook stood right next to the bed, enjoying the mess he left behind, you could tell by the smug look on his face.
Since they were waiting for you to make a move, you got on all fours, like Taehyung instructed, careful to do it in the middle of the bed so they both had enough room. You weren’t sure what exactly they had in mind, but you were down for it.
Taehyung got behind you right away, staring at your crotch as semen started to drip down the inside of your thighs. Since you knew he was enjoying it, you arched your back, perking your ass even higher up so he could get a better look, which made Taehyung chuckle and spank your ass.
YOu could hear Jungkook grunting too before his palm landed on your asscheek as well, taking you by surprise. Then, Jungkook moved to the other side of the bed and sat down right in front of you, which made you move your head down so you could pay him back.
“What a fucking view,” Taehyung said, probably to himself. “Drenched in fucking cum.”
“There was a lot,” Jungkook cocked his head to the side and grinned. “I was excited about this.”
“Me too,” you admitted, staring right into his eyes. It made him reach down and tangle both hands into your hair, gently stroking your head as you stuck your tongue out to lick his balls.
That’s exactly when you felt the tips of Taehyung’s fingers circling both of your holes, playing with cum. “Good?”
You hummed in agreement and sucked one of Jungkook’s balls into your mouth, rolling it around with your tongue. Taehyung started to slowly ease his fingers inside of you—one in each hole—which made you clench tight.
His hand grabbed your ass and squeezed it gently as if he was trying to get you to relax. “Mhm, good girl,” he said when he felt your walls releasing his fingers, letting them go deeper inside.
Jungkook kept caressing your hair with a smile on his face, clearly enjoying everything that was going on right in front of him—you sucking on his balls, ass in the air while Taehyung fingered both your holes. He was liking it so much that he started to jerk himself off gently, as he still wasn’t fully hard.
When you noticed that, you stuck your tongue out and ran it up and down his balls, wanting to please him as much as he did you. That’s when Taehyung’s fingers entered you and you could feel them both inside, knuckles deep, so you clenched and relaxed, excited to hear Taehyung grunt in response.
“So fucking tight,” he mumbled. “Jungkookie, she’s so tight.”
Jungkook hummed in response, one of his hands still playing with your hair while the other was wrapped around his tip, pulling the skin over it, slowly getting him off. That’s when you decided you wanted to taste him, so you licked a strip up to his tip and took it in your mouth, earning a loud groan for him, followed by Jungkook kicking his head back and sighing deeply. “Fuck. Such a warm little mouth.”
“And cunt,” Taehyung added from behind. “And ass.”
Jungkook nodded in agreement and looked down at you, staring at your face while you circled your tongue around his tip, enjoying the feeling of his cock getting hard under your touch.
Gently, Taehyung pulled both fingers out, which made you wince. “Oh, you want to get filled up?” He chuckled when he realized you were reacting to the loss of his fingers.
Then, you felt his tongue circle around your ass. His eating-out style was different from Jungkook’s—he acted like it was a buffet and he had to get everything before someone else came and took some. Taehyung laid his tongue flat on your ass and licked up and down, then from side to side, then in circles until he reached your pussy and gave it the same treatment, which made your legs shake. Taehyung’s fingers dug deep into the flesh of your ass as he held you in place and licked you in long strips from your clit up to your asshole, leaving a wet trail behind.
“You like it when someone plays with that tight ass of yours?” Jungkook said, to which you immediately hummed in agreement around his cock. That made him thrust his hips into your face, his cock entering your throat. “I knew you would…”
“Of course she does,” Taehyung moved away from your crotch for a second to respond. “She’s so eager to get fucked, arching her back like that… Aren’t you?”
You let go of Jungkook’s cock to respond. “Fuck yeah… Fuck me, Taehyung.”
That was all Taehyung needed to hear to do it. He quickly moved away, spit on his cock, and lined it up with your entrance. A second later, he was deep inside your pussy, holding onto your hips and staying still for a while, letting you get used to having a dick inside of you.
It stung for a second or two, but you were already soaking wet and so ready to feel him inside of you, so it wasn’t that much of a shock.
Jungkook moved your hair away from your face and gripped it, enjoying the view. “You take cock so well,” he hummed at you.
“So fucking well,” Taehyung agreed and started to move his hips slowly.
You forgot how good they were at this, at getting you to feel like a toy, but at the same time, treating you so well, at knowing exactly how and where to touch you to get you to enjoy every second of it. Once again, you wished they were staying in town longer so you could have more fun.
“Is that all you’ve got?” You teased, knowing your words would get Taehyung riled up.
The look on Jungkook’s face told you he enjoyed hearing you talk back to Taehyung, who grabbed your hips firmly and started to thrust. He went hard and deep, grunting. “Is it okay now, huh?”
“Yeah,” you said, trying to arch your back even more while still focusing on sucking Jungkook’s cock.
But, as always, it all became too much and you couldn’t do it right—Taehyung was slamming himself into you from behind, touching all the right places, spanking your ass, telling you how good you felt, and all you could do was hold Jungkook’s cock in your mouth and try to move your head. It all felt too good and you just couldn’t focus on the blowjob, which Jungkook quickly noticed.
He pulled his cock out, kept jerking himself off with one hand while continuing to play with your hair with the other, pushing you down to rest on his thigh and enjoy Taehyung’s cock, which you gladly accepted. However, you made a mental note to be extremely generous to Jungkook who was trying so hard to please you.
Taehyung, on the other hand, seemed to be a bit more focused on himself, but you couldn’t blame him. It was his favorite thing—a cum-covered woman on all fours, letting him fuck hard, allowing him to come inside. You knew he couldn’t wait to get to spray you with cum, that was his favorite part.
You weren’t sure which part was your favorite since you genuinely enjoyed each one, starting from the dirty talk, the spanking, the sight of them naked, how good their dicks felt, and everything that came after. There wasn’t a single thing you’d change except it happening more often.
“Jungkookie was… so good… to you,” Taehyung said in between thrusts, and you felt he was getting closer to release. “And you’re not… sucking him off?”
“It feels so good,” you responded, looking up at Jungkook. “I’m sorry.”
“No worries,” Jungkook grinned. “It’s my turn after.”
“Yes,” you nodded, which made Taehyung happy.
“Good,” he said, continuing to thrust hard and make your insides turn and your walls clench with every inch he gave you. “He deserves a good suck.”
“And fuck,” you said, instantly making Jungkook grin.
“That’s a good girl,” Taehyung smacked your ass lightly a couple of times. “Can I come inside?”
“Yes, please,” as soon as the words left your mouth, Taehyung started to thrust a lot harder than before, jerking you onto Jungkook, who helped you stay put.
It was all about coming for him, and it turned you on so much—being on all fours, allowing this guy who towered over you to fuck you hard and get himself off using you, come inside you, and enjoy the sight of his cum seeping out of you. It felt like he was going for hours, but it was a couple of minutes tops, especially when he was going that hard.
Then, his loud groan and the fact that buried his cock deep inside of you told you he was shooting his load and letting you take all of his cum. Before he was finished, though, he pulled out and let some of it hit your wet pussy and ass, since he enjoyed the sight so much.
“This was so fucking good,” Taehyung grunted, still not letting go of your hips. He first took a deep breath, patted your ass, and then moved to the side. “Jungkook’s turn.”
Instead of staying on all fours, you plopped down on your stomach and spread your legs, hoping the pose would please Jungkook. At that point, you felt like you couldn’t stay on your knees anymore—Taehyung had worn you down in the best way possible. Still, you weren’t about to tap out.
Jungkook quickly got up on the bed and kneeled over your thighs—you felt his skin against yours, warm and smooth. His hands flew to your ass and he started to grope your cheeks, but he did it gently, and he took his time.
You enjoyed it, you couldn’t lie. These two gorgeous men were completely naked in your bed, watching you like they couldn’t get enough of you, ready to do whatever you asked. Yes, you were playing by their rules and doing what they wanted, but you knew you could get whatever you asked for. Even Taehyung would be willing to please you however you wished, and this kind of agreement not only did wonders for your ego but helped you finally relax and forget about everything else.
“God, this is perfect,” Jungkook said, giving your ass a soft smack. “I could go on all day.”
“Right?” Taehyung agreed, sitting down on the bed next to you, giving you a warm smile. He was worn out too, his hair stuck to the sides of his face, his skin hot and sweaty, a look of complete content on his pretty face. “Thank God we have all day.”
“Exactly,” you couldn’t help but agree. The fact that you hadn’t even thought about the company and all the things waiting for you when you got back was a clear sign of how good they were treating you. That’s exactly what you wanted from a date—for someone so interesting they would make you forget your responsibilities, even if for a little while. With the two of them, it happened every time. “Couldn’t have found a better time to ask for some vacation days.”
“Oh, man, I almost forgot about that,” Jungkook said, grabbing your buttcheeks and starting to mush them, spread them apart, and then smack them together, clearly fascinated by your flesh. His touch turned you on even more because his fingers were so close, but at the same time, so far. “We have so much time. Of course, if you’re into seeing us again.”
“A girl offers her ass to you and you think she doesn’t want to see you again?” Taehyung looked at Jungkook with a raised eyebrow and then looked back down at you. “He has a lot to learn, clearly.”
“I’d say he’s good,” you contradicted Taehyung mostly for the fun of it, but partly because you enjoyed Jungkook’s personality too. He was polite and didn’t take the liberty to assume anything, which you greatly appreciated. On the other hand, you also appreciated the cockiness Taehyung exuded.
Jungkook seemed to like hearing that, you could tell by the way he squeezed both your ass cheeks and chuckled. “Let me show you then.”
In a matter of seconds, you felt his fingers circling your ass. It was wet enough, but Jungkook wanted to make sure so he spat on it and spread the saliva with his digits, clearly enjoying the whole process. Taehyung looked around your bedroom and then gave up and simply asked.
“The first drawer,” you pointed to the nightstand where you kept the lubricant for your lonely nights and not for use with partners. You couldn’t remember the last time you had any, other than the two men on your bed.
Before you knew it, Taehyung was throwing the bottle to Jungkook, who squirted a really generous amount and gently inserted two of his long fingers into your ass, making you grunt and kick your head back. It felt great, but you knew his cock would feel even better.
A second later, you felt Jungkook grunting as he placed the tip of his cock against your asshole and smacked against it, making a loud sound that sent shivers down your spine and made your pussy clench. Fuck, you wanted him bad. Sadly, you couldn’t see him, but you were still enjoying the touch of his thighs against yours, one hand massaging your ass while the other tried to slowly get his cock to enter you.
“Is she ready for you?” Taehyung asked, his hand fondling his balls while the other was tugging at your hair gently. “Do you want to take that big dick up your ass?”
“Mhm,” you hummed, smiling at him. “I can’t wait for Jungkook to fuck me.”
“Fuck,” you could hear him mutter behind you, clearly not immune to these comments of yours. Gently, his tip entered your ass and it took a while for your muscles to relax and let him inside.
Tons of women don’t like anal. In fact, many of them despise it and don’t even want to try it. You, on the other hand, loved it. When you were younger, the thought of it was repulsive, but then you tried it once, with someone who knew what they were doing, and you realized that there was something amazing about it, even though the feeling was completely different than the one sex usually gave you. Since Jungkook seemed so into ass, you didn’t see a reason why not let him fuck you.
“So tight,” he muttered through clenched teeth, which made Taehyung chuckle and lean against the bed frame. If you knew anything about Jungkook, it was that he knew how to be extremely gentle when he wanted to, so you had complete trust in him.
Taehyung kept playing with your hair, trying to distract you while Jungkook eased himself inside of you. He was stuck now as your muscles clenched around him, trapping him. “Relax, baby,” Jungkook practically purred as he lay on top of you from behind, allowing you to feel the weight of his body on yours, his mouth on the side of your face. “It won’t hurt.”
“Just go slow,” you said and unclenched your jaw, hoping your body would unclench too and let Jungkook enter you fully. He was going slow, used a lot of lube, and was as thoughtful as always, so your body listened and let him penetrate you a bit more, which made him grunt right next to your ear. “Fuck.”
“You feel so fucking good,” Jungkook whispered into your ear before softly biting into your earlobe. “I bet my cock feels huge now.”
“It always feels huge,” you complimented him, knowing it would make him happy, which his grin proved. “But especially now.”
“Can I go deeper?” He asked, still stuck in the same place, inside you by maybe two inches.
“We should have done this differently,” Taehyung said, which made you both look up at him. He was still leaning against the bedframe and tugging at your hair. “It would go easier if you had a mouth on your pussy while Jungkook stretched you out.”
Your pussy throbbed at the idea of having Taehyung eat you out while Jungkook fucked your ass, but it was too late now—Jungkook was already inside of you and if you switched positions and started over, it would undo the prep he’d already done.
“We’re doing that next time,” you said and chuckled, which made Jungkook sigh with relief and latch his mouth onto your neck.
The way he kissed you made you relax, it made you spread your thighs a bit more, allowing him more access as his tongue got you even wetter. He kissed your neck like he kissed your pussy—wet, sloppy, his tongue all over the place, and it felt fucking amazing. By the end of the first kiss, it felt like you were about to explode all over him and he wasn’t even though your pussy.
“I wish I could stuff your cunt while he fucks your tight little ass,” Taehyung said, pulling your hair to get you to open your eyes and look at him. Up until that point, you were trying to relax so you closed your eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Jungkook’s cock inside of you and his tongue on your neck. “I bet it would feel amazing.”
“I bet it would,” you agreed with a moan as Jungkook pulled his cock out and then slowly entered you again, trying to get you used to his girth.
“Good?” He asked, kissing your shoulder.
You hummed in response and prepared yourself for another slow thrust of his. Taehyung pulled your hair again, continuing to call you a good little slut for letting Jungkook use your ass like that, and his words made you clench your pussy around nothing. Jungkook could feel you clench, you knew by the way he grunted every couple of seconds and you knew it felt amazing for him—you were already tight enough. The additional clenching probably squeezed him so hard he could barely move.
“Jesus!” He grunted with a chuckle. “You’ll make me come.”
“So fast?” You tried to face him, but Taehyung pulled your hair.
“So rude,” Taehyung smirked at you.
“I know it’s fucking fast,” Jungkook grunted, latching his lips onto your neck and sucking the skin in. “I can’t help it, your ass is really, really tight... And I know you want me to come inside of you.”
“I do,” you whispered, still staring right into Taehyung’s eyes, enjoying the looks he was giving you. “Turned on?”
“When am I not turned on around you?” Taehyung asked back, licking his lips. You were asking because you saw how hard he was, but he wasn’t touching himself. Instead, he lay there gripping your hair and staring at you getting fucked from behind. YOu could tell he was just waiting for his turn, so you decided to help him out and motioned for him to come closer.
When he did, you took his cock in your mouth, which instantly made him hiss. Taehyung quickly regained his composure and continued to play with your hair while you took more of his cock in, which encouraged Jungkook to start moving faster.
The more you got into sucking Taehyung’s cock, the faster Jungkook went, still kissing your neck. It felt fucking amazing, and you could feel yourself dripping all over the sheets, dying for him to stick it in your pussy too, but Jungkook was enjoying your ass too much for that.
“I’ll fucking come,” he grunted at you, seemingly breathless.
At the sounds of that, Taehyung bucked his hips into your face, making you choke on his dick, probably overly excited about the idea of Jungkook filling up your ass. The room was suddenly filled with groans and moaning coming from all three of you.
The more Jungkook groaned and swore at you, the harder the fucked you, even though he was careful not to go too hard or enter you all the way. That, in turn, made you moan and gulp Taehyung’s cock, letting it enter your throat, coating it with your saliva, eager to get him to come too. All Taehyung could do was tell you how good your mouth felt and grip your hair tighter.
Suddenly, Jungkook pushed himself up on his knees, careful to keep his dick inside of you. With a loud grunt, he came inside of you, holding onto your asscheek. “Take that up this pretty little ass,” he said, out of breath. “Fuck, this was good.”
He remained inside of you for a while until his breathing calmed down and his cock started to soften. Jungkook pulled out of you gently, pecked your back, shoulder, and then cheek before pushing himself off and lying down right next to you and closing his eyes for a second, his hand petting your asscheek gently.
Taehyung took the opportunity to smirk at you as you sucked on his tip. “Up for a bit more?”
“Always,” you told him and your words instantly made him grin.
In a matter of seconds, Taehyung was kneeling behind you, spreading your asscheeks with his hand and enjoying the sight of Jungkook’s cum seeping out of you. You could hear Taehyung stroking himself and then you felt him press his tip against your entrance.
Jungkook was lying next to you, his head turned in your direction with a warm, fucked-out look on his face. He moved a strand of your hair from your face and smiled at you. “You’re fucking great, I hope you know that.”
The compliment was heart-warming, despite the whole situation, so it made you smile at him. Taehyung wasn’t feeling the new, mellow mood.
“What a tight fucking ass,” he said before slamming his palm against your asscheek, his tip right at your entrance. “Can I fill it up?”
“Mhm,” you said, perking it up in the air for easier access. “Come all over me, Taehyung… Let me feel you.”
The deep grunt that left Taehyung’s mouth told you he was enjoying your words. You heard his hand moving across his length, his cock still pressed against your asshole, and in a couple of swift strokes, cum came gushing out of him. “Fucking hell!” Taehyung muttered and kept jerking himself off, letting his cum enter your ass. Then, he pulled away, letting it shower your ass, and he stayed like that for a while, even when the last drop fell on your body, enjoying the mess he made.
“You should let us play with your ass more often,” Taehyung finally said, getting up after giving your ass a loud smack.
“You should let me do that to you,” you muttered back, which made Jungkook’s head snap in your direction. When he saw the look on your face, he giggled.
“Don’t test him,” Jungkook suggested, getting up too, and offering you a hand to help you do the same.
“It wasn’t a threat,” you said, chuckling.
The three of you took a shower together and you wondered how come you felt that comfortable around them. You’ve seen them a handful of times yet you had no problem inviting them to your place, letting them stay if they wanted, showering with them, falling asleep next to them.
Before you drifted to sleep with Jungkook on one side and Taehyung on the other, you wished that they’d come by more often. If anything, it would make you forget about your responsibilities for a while and focus on pure and utter pleasure.
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
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for kim taehyung, sunflower that was born in winter
for the one who’s delicate, beautiful, thoughtful, talented and so hardworking. thank you for teaching us how to not lose ourselves. thank you for being you, for being the embodiment of everything that’s beautiful in this world, for having so much love within yourself for everything and everyone around you. thank you for teaching us how to love. may all your deepest dreams come true. may you know how loved, appreciated and important you are, how many people you saved. i want to wish you all-embracing health, success and happiness. we love you to the moon and back, happy birthday! ♡
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happy 8th year anniversary to bangtan! ♡ 130613 cr.: namuspromised (5th muster busan), qdeoks (sy tour seoul) & miintae (sy tour são paulo)
"I don’t think I’ve ever really thought of being not a part of this group. I can’t imagine what I would do on my own, what I would do without the team. Even before we debuted my goal was to continue to work with these people, to continue to sing with these people. I think when I become older, and I grow my own beard, I would like to think that at the end, when I’m too old to dance, I would just like to sit onstage with the other members and sing and engage with the fans. And communicate with the fans. I think that would be great, too. So I’d like to keep this going as long as I possibly can." – Jimin, 2021
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