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perspectiive · 3 days ago
What is happening in Turkey?! 🇹🇷
There are several fires happening in the south of Turkey, many people and wild animals are in danger and have been hurt!
Turkey is burning! Please spread the word and use the hastag! #TurkeyIsOnFire #PrayForTurkey
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After long 4 days these are the only times firefighters can sleep
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emirkocturk · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Ne acı değil mi yıllarca papatyalarla sevginizi sunduğunuz insanlar ufacık bir papatya yaprağı kadar bile sevmedi hiç kimseyi.. 
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vilaleptirica · 3 months ago
Da ostanemo ovo što smo. Sutra. I uvijek. Djeca. Ne veliki, ne odrasli. Da se ne zavlačimo svako u svoju ljusku, da jedno drugom ne dopustimo da budemo ono što nismo.
— Meša Selimović
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emirkocturk · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gidin benden beni yalnızlığımla sessizliğimle bırakın çünkü istesem de mutluluğu konuşacak hiçbir kelamım yok zaten..
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unstoppables-world · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Kaç yaşında olursan ol,uyuyunca geçecekmis gibi gelecek.
Kaç yaşında olursan ol uyuyunca geçmeyecek...
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mysticalrambling · 6 days ago
Love Eventually Wins (A.B) Part 1
Andy Barber Fanfiction (Fanfiction Master List)
Warnings: Angst but eventual fluff.
Summary: dad! Andy Barber x female reader. You are having the worst day of your life and you just needed your husband. Andy and you get in to a fight and your ten month old is sick. But it is all eventual fluff.
"Where were you?" You silently spoke out from the couch as you saw your husband enter the living room with his jacket slung over his shoulder.
"Just out with some friends." He was not in a mood to talk right now so he started going towards their shared bedroom.
"You could have at least texted me that you were going to be late. I was getting worried." You hated fighting but most of all, you hated fighting with Andy. You both have always been the ones to resolve issues peacefully but you had a gut feeling that this interaction was going to be different.
"Well, I am here now so I am obviously fine." He snapped, clearly irritated by your complaints, which he subconsciously knew were right. You were taken aback by his tone because you didn't know what was going on his mind.
"Can you please keep your voice in check? I just put Gabriel to sleep." "So now I am the one causing the problems? Great." He frustratedly ran his hands through his dirty blonde hair.
"I did not-"
"I am tired and I am done arguing with you." Andy turned his back around but was stopped by your frail hands on his arms.
"I am also tired, you know. Gabriel was sick today and he did not stop crying the whole day." Your six month old son was not feeling well when he woke up this morning. He had a sore throat and a high fever so he wasn't able to eat any food or drink milk. At one point, it got too much for you and you started crying with him.
"I didn't told you to take care of him."
"What do you mean? He is our son. Of course, I will take care of him." You were offended when he started speaking like he didn't even know you, like you were a burden to him. "I have had the worst day of my life and I just needed you."
"What could have possibly been that bad about your day? You just had to take care of a child and it's not as if you had something else to do." This was the last straw because he could not just throw that in your face.
"I had something else to do and I quit my job as a lawyer to take care of our son." You could not just stand there and let him throw insults to your face. It was both your decision that you will take sometime off from work till Gabriel was a little bit older. Andy was a little bit hesitant to agree with you first but then you both thought it was for the best. He was the assistant district attorney so the job wouldn't be waiting for him after six months of leave. It just made sense for you to be the one to take a step back.
"It was your decision so don't blame it on me. God, I just need a break." Your husband looked like a whole different person right now. Gone was the caring man that brought you ice cream at four in the morning because you were craving it or who gave you foot massages after a tiring day. You did not what caused him to be this way but he had absolutely no right to talk to you like this.
"From what? You need a break from what?" Both your voices were slowly rising and you unintentionally stepped closer to one another that you were now face to face. Tears were pooling in your eyes but Andy did not take a notice of it. It was as if he was in a haze and he didn't care who he was hurting in the process.
"From you, god dammit. Can you please get off my case?" The moment those words left his mouth, it was as if he stabbed you with a knife.
He had a bad day at work today because he lost a major case today because the witness did not show up and that murderer was proven innocent. The district attorney was not happy with him and laid it out on him good. She even gave one of Andy's most important case to his work enemy, Carter. Taking him to a bar at the end of the day, his friends tried to cheer him up but nothing worked. He was a little tipsy when he got home and when you told him that he was not even there for his family, he felt like a failure. Andy turned his guilt in to anger and took it all out on you.
"Well, if that's what you want-" Before you could say something else, your son woke up from all the commotion that you were making in the living room. The look that you gave him was one of hate and loathing and you did not want to see his face right now. Racing towards the nursery, you took him in your arms and noticed that the fever was back. You cuddled with the baby and shed a few tears of your own. Your life was a mess right now and you didn't know what to do with yourself.
Meanwhile, Andy was angrier than ever. He pored himself a glass of whiskey and was about to drown it in a go, when a ringtone interrupted him. You and Andy have always kept the same phone and ringtones. It was their thing. So he didn't realise that it was your phone when he picked it up.
"What?" He snapped.
"Andy? Is that you?" a hoarse voice questioned with uncertainty.
"Yes." Quickly checking the phone screen, he realised that it was your phone and it was your sister, Josie calling.
"Are you guys on your way now?"
"What? What are you talking about?" Confusion clouded his brain as the anger slowly started to dissolve.
"Dad had a heart attack today and he is about to go into surgery. They are saying that it is a risky one and he wants to meet (Y/N) before it. Realisation slowly started to seep in him as he recalled about what you said. "I thought you guys would already be on the plane."
"Yeah yeah. We are about too." Putting the phone down, he closed his eyes tightly and contemplated on the fact that he ruined everything. Andy knew that he was selfish and a little bit narcissistic. You always tolerated these little tweaks in his personality but it got out of hand today. He knew he screwed up big time and he just wanted to fix it immediately.
He could hear you gently humming to the baby and the little sniffles along with it. His heart broke a little because he was the cause of your misery. Quickly packing your bags, he booked three seats to Los Angeles and then made his way towards the nursery.
"Hey. Uhm, I packed our bags and booked our seats. We can leave right now." Your back was turned to him as you kept rocking Gabriel to sleep. You couldn't bare to look at him right now. The things he said hurt you too much because you did not even deserve it. "(Y/N), I am sorry."
"Andy, I can't do this right now."
"Baby, I did not mean a word I said. I was having a bad day and I just took it all out on you." He wanted to take you in his arms but he knew that he should not push his luck right now.
"Can we please not talk about this right now? Gabriel's fever is spiking up."
"Let me see him and (Y/N) I am so sorry. I will make it all up to you, I promise." Andy took his son in his arms and gently started to sway him.
"What happened at work today?" You knew that he would not have behaved like this without a reason so you tried to become the bigger person. Your husband was quick to explain everything and you understood because you have been in that position once or twice. "But this does not justify your actions."
"I know and I am so sorry. I will make it up to you, I promise."
"Andy, if you really need a break from us, you can-"
"No, I don't. I didn't mean any of it. It was all out of anger." His heart broke when he saw you doubting their eight years relationship because of his stupid words. His gut twisted and he just wished that he could go back in time and smack himself.
"Oh okay. I suppose it's okay then but you can not do this again."
"I promise." Pecking you on the lips as a silent gratitude and took you in his other arms. "I am sorry about your dad. Let's go meet him."
"Okay. Can you pack Gabriel's toys and pacifiers? I am going to change my clothes." Andy nodded his head and got to work as Gabriel started to play with his stuffed toy. Meanwhile, you changed in to a simple sweater and leggings.
Your dad was one of the most important person in your life and you can't imagine a life without him. He was the first man who got you bouquets and took you out on a date. Your dad was always their for you to help you make important decisions in your life like when Andy asked you to marry him, you first asked your dad's opinion and then said yes. You couldn't imagine him as a sick person because he was the definition of health. You silently prayed that he was going to be okay.
"Ready to go, babe?"
"Yeah, let me just switch off all the lights."
"Okay. I was thinking that I can get Gabriel checked up when you go to your dad's room."
"I will come with you, honey." You watched as he strapped the toddler in to the baby carrier and kissed him on the forehead. At that moment, you knew that no matter what happens, you will always love him.
"No, it's okay. I will take care of it. You spend time with your dad when you get there. I love you."
"I love you too." Taking his hand, you both stepped out of the house together and you knew that no matter what happens, you will be alright because your husband was with you.
Hope you guys enjoyed it!! Here’s a link to Part 2
A/N: I loved watching Defending Jacob so I came up with this plot. Andy Barber has my whole heart and I hope you guys liked it. Tell me what you think and message me if you want to be added to the tag list.
Like, comment and reblog.
P.S. There is a part 2 as well:)
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iwilleaturkidneys · 21 days ago
what do you MEAN wanting a rival slowly fall in love with me as we encounter challenges we absolutely have to cooperate in to get out of is unrealistic? i am LIVID. FUUUUUUUUURIOUS
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