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4. a song you haven’t heard in years

this is the first one that came to mind! I used to listen to ptv quite a bit when I was like,, 12 n max mentioned them recently n I my brain went 👀👀

30. a song with really good lyrics

maybe I just relate to the lyrics a lil too much but it’s still a bop so 👌

39. a song you always sing along to

it’s so iconic how could you not always sing along when it comes on??

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health update:

more GISTy business:

so today i met with the surgeon who’ll remove the benign GIST tumour in my small intestine/duodenum. it turns out that it must be removed within the next month before it starts seriously obstructing my digestive system. also, it could easily turn into a bigger surgery if they can’t cleanly cut it out, meaning they might have to reconnect my small intestine to another part of my stomach, so that food can pass through better.

one side of my lower abdomen is physically harder than the other, meaning that you can PHYSICALLY feel the GIST tumour through my skin, in a sense. though it’s more obvious when someone is who is trained to find it, finds it and it’s not just me poking around to find it (it’s a bit pesky like that tbh). on the upside though, i’ve finally found out why i’m starting to get a bit of a paunch and why i no longer fit into size 6 jeans anymore (shock! horror! unexpected!).

please again: always investigate any of your health problems that are persistent and are really affecting your everyday life and activities. because you don’t want it to get to the stage where it can obstruct important organs.

well, this isn’t the quarter life crisis i would have expected to have, but here we are.

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I was tagged by @rainhadaenerys Thanks :)

Tag 9 people you’d like to get to know/catch up with

Six ships:

Yennefer/Geralt (The Witcher)

Tic/Leti (Lovecraft Country)

Vin/Elend (Mistborn)

Michael/Ash (Star Trek)

Padme/Anakin (Star Wars)

Lancelot/Guinevere/Arthur (Arthuriana)

Last song I listened to: The Greatest Showman soundtrack

Last movie: Rebecca (2020)

Currently watching: Star Trek Discovery

Currently eating: nothing

Currently craving: Sleep

I’m tagging: @insomniarama, @theblackpearlofwakanda, @madaboutasoiaf, @aryaarianne, @stoneteapot, @quellcrist, @arwenevenstar, @daenerys-targaryen, @sharisfootly

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10. a song that makes you feel young

basically all of a fever you cant sweat out, it was the first album I was ever obsessed with, but specifically this!! I was like,, 7 out here screaming this song in my moms car n it’s the first album I ever bought

15. a song to listen to on rainy days

maybe its bc it’s literally related to water?? but it’s also just a bop

22. a song by your favorite artist/band

I have 3 artists are basically tied as faves so u get multiple songs for this one

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Candle: if you could pick any time period to live in (for the aesthetic), what would it be?

I kind of feel the like post war 1940s/early 1950s? Mostly for the fashion. But if we’re talking interior design I need to go more grand and dramatic, but I don’t know exactly when. Some time with lots of guilding and chandeliers.

Ribbons: hair up or down? 

Hair down. Unless I’m cooking.

Actually one of my fidget habits is to take my hair down and put it back up repeatedly. Which probably isn’t great for my hair…

Midnight: what is your favorite time of day?

I really enjoy pre-dawn mornings. Like where the sky is just starting to lighten and the the air is still dewy/foggy. If I remove the context of why I am awake for them. 

Chaotic Academia Asks

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thank you for the ask! 💖

6. a song that reminds you of your favorite book

young god by halsey because she said percy jackson rights

no but seriously this is difficult and so since the percy jackson series is my favorite and percy jackson and dick grayson are similar characters to me i’m going to pick from my dick grayson playlist and go with idle worship by paramore

15. a song you listen to on rainy days

paper houses by make out monday

19. your favorite song from a movie

half way from the half of it (i prefer the movie version but the demo is on spotify)

20. your favorite song from a musical

the dear evan hansen soundtrack LOL

i guess between for forever, only us, disappear, good for you, words fail, and so big/so small

22. a song by your favorite artist/band

for the sake of not using the same song again i’ll go with over and over by 5sos aka the greatest unreleased 5sos track that i will never forgive them for letting die

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Hubby and I have been talking about selling our saxes. We’ve officially agreed if we sell one it’s going to be mine because I’m the one that plays the saxes still (on very very rare occasions) and I love his compared to mine. Mine sucks.

So yeah, we’ll have like 2 basses (his), an electric guitar (mine), a saxophone (will be both of ours at that point, but we each have one alto sax right now) and a keyboard. I’ve been keeping my eye on his work for more instruments. I want to collect all of the instruments I play eventually.

I think I want a tenor sax next. Even though alto will forever be my baby since it was the first sax I played, tenor is my favorite. I love jazz music on the saxophone and imo tenor has the best sound for jazz.

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Heyy :)

Uranus: What’s your hobby? 

Calligraphy! I usually have a few brush markers lying around and I would pick them up to write random words when I’m bored.

Betelgeuse: What’s something you can never forget about?

There are so many…

I suppose that time I was an exchange student in Canada? It’s been a while so it all feels like it happened in a dream. But so many things from those few months have just stuck with me; the people I’ve met, the classes I’ve taken and all the new stuff I’ve learnt, the nature… ah <3

Pegasus: Favorite place to be? 

Right now? My room :P I didn’t used to like staying still this much, but the pandemic means that while we’ve never had lockdowns here, I have been going out much less (partly to stay safe, partly because every time I come home I have to sanitize everything and it just gets tedious).

Pre-plague and/or if the virus wasn’t a thing? I really liked long bus/train rides. It’s quiet and liminal in a very soothing way.

Send a space thing for questions

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Hey :)

Jupiter: Do you have any siblings?

Yup! I have a brother

Neptune: When’s your birthday? 

17 April

Libra: Favourite colour? 

It’s a toss up between navy blue and red… though lately I’ve been quite into black because AestheticTM

Aries: Favourite movie? 

Is it boring if I say CATWS?

I don’t actually watch that many movies, but CATWS is really good and stands up to so many rewatch.

Asteroid: What does your dream life look like? 

I used to have very clear visions of what (I thought) I want, but now I just… don’t know. My job right now is… comfortable enough, though I feel a little insecure about how long I can keep doing it. I don’t want a partner and I’m not that fussed about interior decor and fancy housing so… I don’t know.

I guess the biggest wish is I can go on living in this city. It’s a pretty cool place so long as things don’t take too bad a left turn.

Send a space thing for questions

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6. a song that reminds you of your favorite book

^ one of my favourite books is Ember by Molly Ringle and features my perfect car boyfriend (Kai)

8. the best song from your favorite album

^ one of my favourite artists, one of my favourite albums (Fight Like a Girl). Her character work has always been a draw for me and this is the perfect example of it.

20. your favorite song from a musical


^ this not my favourite song from a musical (I don’t think it’s possible. I could list my favourite song from each decade or one for each letter of the alphabet MAYBE) but I love this song because it is built for a community of singers as opposed to a solo where the poor altos and baris are forced to strain. Plus, there are a lot of communally fond memories of trying to sing all the parts. To me, this is the ultimate theatre kid/Broadway nerd song.

Song Ask

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