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#about me

one of those “meet the artist” memes but its WAY tmi. but also like not really cause this isnt any information you wouldnt get in normal conversation with my over-talkitive ass. 

made this cause im putting myself as an option for a character to draw on my artfight, lol. 

also its says “18(ish)” cause im turning 18 soon and i dont want to have to edit this or make a new one any time soon

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55. tumblr friends

@spicycal @cxddlyash @sexgodashton @calpops @sadistmichael @frontmanash @galcalirwin @philthepegacorn @myloverboyash @gosh-im-short @normani-kordei @mindkaleidoscope @outerspaceisbetterthannothing @thew0rldneedsmcreycghurt I love each and every one of you very dearly💕💜💕💜 (this is also in no particular order)

56. favourite food(s)

Chicken, fish, shrimp, pork chops and dumplings, chicken Caesar salad, brownies, fruit, goldfish crackers uhh that’s all I can think of right now haha

57. favourite animal(s)

polar bears, elephants, sharks, dogs🥰

Thanks for asking!💕

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Tagged by: @saeyoungchoismaid

Name: Morgan

Sexuality: Bisexual🥴

Gender: Female


Current Time: 11:04pm

Cats or Dogs: Both, I used to have a few cats but now I have two dogs:)

Favorite Animals: Idk if dragons count??? But I really like giraffes and ducks, I’m tall so it works

Dream Job: I want to be able to travel, but I also wanna work with diseases lmaooo

When I made this blog: omg ummm? I think around late 2016-early 2017??

The reason behind my url: ok yes, when I first made this blog I was one of those like Julian Devorak role playing accounts and I had tons of traction, but it’s slacked off the past year as I haven’t been as active!

Feel free to do this yourself🥺🥺🥺

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Tagged by @fictionandtheatre thanks love :)

1. what color is your hair brush?

she’s pink

2. a food you never eat?

onions, i can’t stand them

3. are you typically too warm or too cold?

too warm and it sucks

4. what were you doing 45 minutes ago?

playing animal crossing

5. what is your favorite candy bar?

kit kat

6. have you ever been to a professional sporting event?

yeah i went to a baseball game with a friend in middle school (god that sounds kinda lame)

7. what was the last thing you said out loud?

i was talking to myself about what it would be like to  be on queer eye lol

8. what is your favorite ice cream?

cookies ‘n cream you can’t beat it

9. what was the last thing you had to drink?

this cranberry and raspberry juice mix that i’m currently in love with

10. do you like your wallet?

i guess it’s ok. i don’t really use it that often since i have a credit card slip on my phone

11. what was the last thing you ate?

some beef tacos my mom made

12. did you buy any new clothes last weekend?


13. the last sporting event you watched?

women’s fifa world cup last year

14. what is your favorite flavor of popcorn?

uh i guess just regular salted popcorn

15. who was the last person you sent a text message to?

my roommate <3

16. ever go camping?


17. do you take vitamins?


18. do you go to church every sunday?

no i’m not religious

19. do you have a tan?

technically no but i have tanned on my arms where i got a sunburn a few weeks ago

20. do you prefer chinese food or pizza?

dude it totally depends on the situation and what mood i’m in

21. do you drink your soda with a straw?

if its in a cup yeah. bottled depends on the soda tbh

22. what color socks do you usually wear?

i have many patterned socks so it changes from day to day

23. ever drive above the speed limit?

literally always

24. what terrifies you?

i have anxiety so that list is very long my friend

25. look to your left, what do you see?

my bookshelf 

26. what chore do you hate?

idk i don’t mind cleaning and chores when i do them one at a time but when i force myself to do a bunch in one day i feel like dying

27. what do you think of when you hear an australian accent?

steve irwin :’)

28. what is your favorite soda?

this central american drink called rojita

29. do you go to a fast food place or just hit the drive through?

usually the drive through

30. who was the last person you talked to?

like face-to-face? my parents. if you mean in general then my roommate

31. favorite cut of beef?


32. last song you listened to?

Sleepover by Hayley Kiyoko

33. last book you read?

Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins

34. favorite day of the week?


35. can you say the alphabet backwards?

no i get too confused

36. how do you like your coffee?

so sweet and flavored its not coffee

37. favorite pair of shoes?

either my boots or these funky cleat-like shoes my mom got me

38. at what time do you usually go to bed?

between 10 and 11 

39. at what time do you usually get up?

like 7:30 to 8 (don’t ask i dont know why)

40. what do you prefer: sunrises or sunsets?


41. how many blankets are on your bed?


42. describe your kitchen plates?

they’re really my parents’ but they’re white with two blue outlines circling the rim

43. do you have a favorite alcoholic beverage?

i’m not 21

44. do you play cards?


45. what color is your car?

dark blue

46. can you change a tire?


47. what is your favorite province?

of where?

48. favorite job you ever had?

i haven’t been employed yet (though not for lack of trying)

49. how did you get your biggest scar?

i tripped at the beginning of a mile run in middle school, ran the whole thing unaware there was blood running down my leg, and had to clean it off when i got home

50. what did you do today that made someone happy?

i joked around with my dad about how pissed out dogs must be since we got them those slow eating dog bowls

I’m tagging @aoskirk @heath-martini and anyone interested :)

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thank you for asking!! 💖

cherry: are you big on first impressions?

I am! I think they say a lot, but I’m pretty open so I won’t think that that one impression I had of anyone is representative of who they are. I usually wait and see what their behavior is like later on, especially when they think no one’s watching.

sammi: what’s the craziest thing you’ve done to yourself?

I’m not that crazy lol, I’ve only dyed my hair crazy colors and such. I’ve never gotten like tattoos or piercings some drunken night or whatever LOL

the craziest thing i’ve done is cliff diving?? still don’t know if that counts lol

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hello! thank you for asking 💖

talia: what are you high maintenance about?

i guess.. clothes?? i really hate cheap clothes because they’ll usually break in a couple of uses and i find that such a waste, so if it’s a choice between buying a bunch of cheap things or one expensive thing, i’ll go with one expensive thing lol

i’m also pretty high maintenance about my skin. i had really bad acne as a teenager, so i make sure i use good products 

sammi: what’s the craziest thing you’ve done to yourself?

uh…… the craziest thing is like cutting and dying my hair green LOL not that crazy

I went cliff diving before??? I also blacked out while drunk once lmao

reese: what’s something no one knows about you?

honestly i don’t even know?? generally if you ask i’ll tell you?? 

hmm i guess a little known fact is that i used to sing a lot, like i was in the choice and i also wanted to go on broadway for a hot second but eventually i got made fun of for being in the choice and i got really scared/nervous to go back on stage so i’ve never gone back

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Thank you so much for the asks! ❤️ These really made me think lol

english red; what animal do you relate to most?

  • I think I relate most to a cat. I want love and attention but I also want to be able to just kind of chill on my own too lol (I’m sorry it’s so basic but that’s all I could think of in the moment)

sepia; name five things that always make you happy.

  1. The rain and rainbows that follow after
  2. Wrapping up in a blanket right after I pull it from the dryer
  3. Good food
  4. Interacting with everyone on here
  5. Hot baths with music

mars brown; what’s a movie that always puts a smile on your face/makes you laugh?

  • The Road to El Dorado 💕
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somehow I’m always filled with deep existential dread and unfettered optimism all at once, and it’s honestly extremely exhausting.

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I was tagged by @phantomness tysm <3 

name: em

sexuality: queer (probably gay) 

gender: female

hogwarts house: slytherin

current time: 10:28 pm

cats or dogs: cats cats cats cats cats 

favorite animals: cats!!!!! and also otters 

dream job: human rights attorney! 

reason for my url: kady grant I would die for thee. illuminae is an amazing series, kay is far and away my favorite character from the series, and it’s close to canon! how could I resist lmfao 

tagging: @arithmancy @kayascodelorio @jedikencbi @illusionofmyself @seamusfnngan and anyone else interested! 

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