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declanismos · 2 minutes ago
shout out to male characters written by women gotta be one of my favorite genders🙏🏼
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inklingofadream · 2 minutes ago
outside of The Discourse, I did find OG!elias HIGHLY relatable because
1- “omg he knows I’m high”- I have had this experience! Even though I have never in my life taken recreational or illicit mind altering substances! Or anything more severe than the time when I was a kid i took sudafed and we found out I’m low key allergic and it makes me act Insane. and yet!
2- “what are you afraid of?”- I have actually also had this experience, only instead of a job interview it was a meeting with my bishopric and relief society president. Despite the fact that 3 of my roommates were also! in this meeting! only I was asked this question. Anyway, having had 4 years to mull over this bizarre incident, I can report that the correct answer is “People like you asking me that question in situations where it’s wildly inappropriate.” zag on em
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astra-crits · 3 minutes ago
Pros of this new banner,Caspar AND Ashe?! They are catching fish for their cat.
Cons? I despise HildaxMarianne so much,you can't spend every conversation telling Marianne she is useless without you and expect me to like you Hilda,you lack growth!
Plus the duo unit should've been Seteth and Flayn becuase they actually like the beach????
I am extremely happy that Caspar is finally in and I will try my best to +10 him. Luckily I had that dumb Fallen Edelgard which can clear all chain maps so I can get orbs lololol.
I was talking about it with my friend yesterday, as for Hilda I agree so much she’s one of the worst characters and I hate that a lot of ppl excuse her or don’t criticize her but go all out against others like Ingrid for example
I definitely didn’t like the inclusion of Hilda in the banner. They could’ve put Ignatz, he’s now the only character from base game that isn’t in feh yet, and honestly with Marianne being the winner of cyl I had thought she was going to have a full alt and not just being relegated to… not being the lead of the duo, I get their toxic relationship but if you’d taken Hilda out she could’ve been fine by herself.
I have no thoughts on other peeps being the duo lol I really thought it was gonna be Caspashe but Seteth in swim trunks? 👀👀👀
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asta-lily · 4 minutes ago
Lils, my love, my light.
It occurred to me today that I never wrote you a letter, and that is a goddamned travesty, because I love you, and you deserve to know exactly how much.
So please accept my most humble apologies and my most heartfelt praise.
Lilsian Elaine, I have never met a soul quite like yours. Even before I really knew you, I was drawn to you. You are just genuinely, unfailingly kind, a trait that is increasingly hard to come by. Articulate and soft spoken in a way that seems almost old-world, but in a very positive way. Every contribution you make to a conversation is insightful and uplifting, and I always look forward to hearing your take on anything, whether it’s fandom discourse, a fic reblog, or just headcanons with the wives. You have the sweetest spirit, always positive and thoughtful. You are a joy to be around, and you enrich my life just by being in it.
Also holy hell, I have rarely met somebody with such sheer, widespread talent as you. Writing, edits, art... and all of it fucking gold-tier! How do you do it? What is your secret?
*builds shrine, bows down*
It has been so fucking awesome to get to know you, to see you come out of your shell and watch you blossom. Seriously. Every time I see you drop a new fic, every every new follower milestone, every sweet message in your inbox - they all make my heart swell, because that’s my wife, and she’s thriving. I am so proud of you, and I am so proud to know you.
But now I’m getting sappy.
Tl;dr: I love you to the stars and home again, my sweet Angel. Thank you so much for swooping into my life. 😘
Jay - holy moly... where do I even start with this.
I literally sobbed at this, this morning, because I feel unworthy of such love and praise - of which I get consistently from you, and I am just in absolute love and adoration of you at all times.
I appreciate you more than I can ever say.
You were the one, the influence, the inspiration behind it all my wonderful wife - Better Love is what made me want to join Tumblr in the first place. Then through weeks and months of building up my confidence, you interacting with me, to us becoming closer than I'd ever imagined, I just feel as though I have bloomed so wonderfully in myself and under your expert friendship.
I am so honoured to know you like this, and will forever be grateful for the time you have spent in my life, even when I'm an old biddy and my grandbabies stumble across the smut archive I created in my 20's. I'll say "It's all Jay's fault - but have you read better love though?"
Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For everything. For being an inspiration, for being an incredible creative influence, for being the sweetest most understanding and ethereally emotionally intelligent person I know.
You fucking rock Jay. Rock this heart, rock this puthy with your smut (and your sexy bike pin-up shots) and hot damn, I love you so much <3
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an-angry-wolf · 5 minutes ago
🌺 send this to ten bloggers you think are wonderful! keep the game going. 🌺
All you cuties keep sending me these and I can't just send it to 10 people because there's SO MANY MORE and I have to SEND IT RIGHT BACK 😤😭
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vigilanteafterhours · 8 minutes ago
kissing. biting. tickling. cuddling. neck kissing. formal wear. underwear. comfy pyjamas. domination. submission. restraints. blindfolds. food in the bedroom. spanking. pain. blood. roleplaying. voyeurism. exhibitionism. vocal partners. luxury and decadence. wings. threesomes. fantasy fulfillment. hate-sex. scars. love. romance. intimacy. age difference. daddy/mommy kink. pegging. virginity. experience. bad boys/girls. the boy/girl next door.
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why-this-kolaveri-machi · 9 minutes ago
Rules: answer the questions and tag nine people you want to get to know better/catch up with!
tagged by the lovely @hippity-hoppity-brigade !
tagging: @sassydefendorflower, @superohclair, @cautiousamber, @katsidhe, @sternenblumen, @kattahj, @monicawoe, @franklyineedcoffee, @puppyloveblog24
Three relationships
Porthos and d’Artagnan
they’re the best, okay? their dynamics are a lot more complicated than they appear--clearly they have affection for each other from the start, but porthos’ trust in d’artagnan’s acumen as a warrior and strategist in his own right comes very, very late, and how can i forget d’artagnan believing for a hot minute that porthos was a criminal in s1? all this makes the quiet understanding and their bond in s3 that much sweeter, forged in the fires of war, where surely they spent much more time with each other than with athos.
Sam Winchester and Amelia
because fuck you, fandom, that’s why. 
i’m not much of a shipper, especially when it comes to sam. my only notp is sam/gabriel; everything else is fair game. but the only pairing i would genuinely be interested seeing a future play out for is sam/amelia. they are so interesting, their relationship so understated and prickly and unexpectedly profound!
Dick Grayson and Koriand’r (Titans ‘verse)
i love these two so much. they were destined for each other from moment 1 but i love the show’s restraint in having them actually in a relationship. even with the shifting loyalties on the show, the bedrock of their trust in each other and their willingness to give each other the space they need to grow and learn never changes <3
Last song: 
discovered Boney M’s Rasputin. can’t get enough.
Last movie: 
i started watching Karnan last night and i really ought to finish it. the last english movie i watched.... hm. i think it was the last time i rewatched Into the Spiderverse.
Currently watching: 
i was really obsessed with binge watching Superstore for a while until the hyperfixation dropped off somewhere halfway through the fourth season and i haven’t really gotten back to it. story of my life, honestly. it’s a charming show, though, and i would like to finish it.
my husband and i have also started watching Schitt’s Creek together though i have already seen it before. 
Currently reading: .
i’ve just started The Fifth Season by NK Jemisin and i’m already a little bit obsessed with her world. i’ve also been listening to history and non-fiction podcasts as i do so much walking and commuting everyday--right now my rabbithole is the Fall of Civilisations podcast channel, which is wonderfully researched and presented and just beautiful to listen to. i especially recommend the Easter Island episode, which blew my fucking mind. 
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ozwolff · 9 minutes ago
honestly i am this close to making a lorne, doyle and a clem and sticking them altogether
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ilovedirt · 12 minutes ago
More stress on top of stress so much for any kind of vacation when no one can keep their plans and no one can help me to make new ones to make up for it
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thyming · 13 minutes ago
it's 10:41 am on saturday & i am going to sleep because i have been up since 3:30 pm friday. i may have a cup of tea first but i am pretty sleepy so, perhaps we'll save it for when i wake up. - 🎀
Oh cottage, you have been up for so long! Then I wish you a great sleep and hope you will dream something as sweet as you are! A tea can be good in both situations - before bed and for starting the day. 🍯🌿
A fact about myself: I think I am running out of facts, oh no! 😳 I will try to think about more facts but if you like, just ask me things when sending me the ask. 😅
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maryjaneoliver · 14 minutes ago
trying to make a list of authors/thinkers whose perspectives i admire the most & want to learn the most from…. you know people like jenny odell, toni morrison, mary oliver, paulo freire, angela davis, robert sapolsky etc…. do any of u have a list like that? of thinkers & authors (across fields, cause it’s more about HOW they think). you know what i mean? anyway. if u have anyone like that, i’d love to know. like who can u draw a direct line from and say “this specific author changed how i look at xyz”?
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astra-crits · 14 minutes ago
Good for you, I just hope for Ash let’s hope he’s sword cav, but who I’m kidding; we always know that IS love shoving free generic lance cav to us.
Oop I forgot to answer this but by now the trailer has come in and we saw that Ashe is a Lance cav which is weird ig but it’s feh. At least he has a prf!! Also rip to all the Ashes that will die to give Reinhardts blue cav duel 4 lmao.
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040721 · 15 minutes ago
being bi is so exhausting
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torunarigha · 17 minutes ago
it feels wrong to have people discussing germany in english
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