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tagged by @marvellouslymadmim and @bgmoth

Slow burn or love at first sight?: With the exception of the first meeting between Lucille and Val in Call the Midwife, I don’t believe in the latter in fiction or life. Also as much as it is torture to write, slow burn is where I live. And I just ADORE the payoff when it’s done right and I’m reading it. 

Fake dating or secretly dating: Give me those fake dating fics ALWAYS

“Oh no, there’s only one bed” or long distance correspondence: CLASSIC

Hurt/comfort or amnesia: I have one exception in A Dark Ocean by @chilly-flame which I reread at least once a year but even that could fall under hurt/comfort. H/C just always gives SO MUCH and as a recent meme by @saltbroom attests, I love writing it just as much as I love reading it. 

Enemies to lovers or best friends to lovers: The former needs SO MANY stipulations for me to enjoy it but best friends to lovers I’m almost always 100% down for. 

Mutual pining or domestic bliss: I REFUSE TO CHOOSE. Also I up you domestic bliss while mutually pining. It’s beautiful. 

Smut or fluff. I mean if forced, I’ll choose fluff but listen I like my fluff smutty and my smut fluffy. 

Fantasy au or modern au: So many of my faves are already fantasy aus and so much of what I love is historical so I’ll take occasional modern takes.

Alternative universe or future fic: The art of a fantastic AU is hard to master but oh how I adore when it’s done well. Canon divergence one of my faves in terms of almost canon compliant and just off the wall/random but still well characterized verses on the other end of it. 

Kid fic or road trip fic: Minus canon parents, I can’t stand kid fic, even more now that I’m a parent. Also road trips can often include Mutual Pining, only one bed and slow burn. 

Canon compliant/missing scenes or fix-it: While I write a lot of ep tags and missing scenes, give me an epic or even small fix-it any day. 

Reincarnation or character death:  Nah. 

One-shot or multi chapter: I read everything but I always crave a good multichap to really dig into. 

Time travel or isolated together: Time travel makes my head hurt. 

High school romance or middle aged romance: Listen, I did my time and now I want people who have done the same. Middle age and late in life romance is my ABSOLUTE JAM

Arranged marriage or accidental marriage: I enjoy both when done well and the consent issues are dealt with. 

Sci-fi au or magic au: Magic always

Neighbours or roommates: I enjoy both but I like that neighbors gives someone more of their own space and that extra shade of familiar but mysterious. 

Body swap or gender-bend: I actively do not enjoy the first and have never felt an inkling for the second. 

Angst or crack: Make me laugh my ass off over breaking my heart unless the angst is CLEAR MUTUAL PINING. 

Apocalyptic or mundane: Even taking out current events, the first doesn’t really speak to me and the mundane is especially nice with people who exist in verses susceptible to apocalyptic circumstances. 

I’ll tag (though no pressure): @lezziemanville, @chocolate-cream-soldier, @chilly-flame, @chainofclovers, @meridelclarke, @rikubean, @ellydash and @yetanotherramblingfangirl

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Anyone else have a really specific irritation of that like… performative pet talking people do to talk to the actual person in the room

Like “Oh I know, puppy, I told her to feed you three times already!” just fucking say it to my face and give me a straight reminder like you want to Karen

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✨ 🍼 🐝 🌈

Thanks for asking Troi! <3

✨- which fictional character (book, show, or movie) do you relate to most?

Definitely Quentin from The Magicians. He for sure has a maladaptive daydreaming disorder like I do, and we’re both obsessed with books and magic /fantasy. We’re both awkward and never have any idea what is going on, and a matching moral clock that never stops fucking ticking, even when it means sacrificing ourselves for others. I had never encountered a character so much like him who just hyper focuses on shit people think is pointless. And of course, his depression and anxiety struck way too many chords within me. But I’ll stop now before I start crying.

🍼- what is your favorite memory?

My first visit to Florida when I was 15. I had never experienced anything outside Ohio, and it was literally a fresh of breath air. I remember crying and thinking, this is it, I know now that I can’t stay in Ohio and be truly happy. The seafood, the sunshine, the successful, motivated people, the SEA! I will never forget that trip.

🐝- describe your aesthetic in emojis


🌈- things I find attractive in girls/guys

I am instantly attracted to any guy that feels “low pressure”. Someone who doesn’t make me feel self-conscious, or like I need to filter my interests and what I want to talk about. I also love guys who are positive and calm. I can’t handle guys with short tempers or who panic easily. Basically, be a chill dude and I’m like instantly attracted to you lmao

send me sweet and pure asks!

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THE RAVEN CYCLE TAG GAME! Rules: bold/strikethrough everything that applies to you, and at the end?? tell us who you really are + tag 5 others! i was tagged by both @phoenixfeathr and @serpenttqueen

blue!! loves yogurt | under 5′5″ (165cm) | named after a color | non-clairvoyant | been suspended from school | only male friends | father left | has been called a raging feminist b4

gansey!! allergic to bees | persuasive af | has been on a varsity sports team | hair looks perfect effortlessly | good grades | has traveled to 3+ countries | needs glasses/contacts | gets compliments for smile

adam!! hard worker | bad parents | clairvoyant | scholarship student at a private school | bisexual | has gotten broken up with | spaced out 24/7 | hoh/partially deaf

ronan!! lucid dreamer | religious | Muscles™ or shaved head | middle child | has owned a pet bird | electronica 4 lyfe | has a BIG (!!) tattoo | reckless driver

noah!! loves glitter | socially anxious | finishes! every sentence! in an email! with exclamation points!! | eye bags 24/7 | near-death experience | always cold | natural blond | disappears for hours w/o anyone knowing where you are

i got: noah!! huh i guess i really am dead inside :)

tagging!! @wespers @panhansolo @alekmorozova @thorne @jsphkvnskys (feel free to ignore!)

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Tagged by both @songofsecondapril​ and @earlymodernlesbian!

♡ name: georgia

♡ nickname: g, peaches

♡ zodiac sign: gemini sun, scorpio moon, libra rising

♡ height: 5’5″

♡ nationality: american

♡ languages spoken: english and that’s it :/

♡ what time is it?: 8:18pm

♡ celebrity crush: amy acker, sandra oh, etc

♡ favorite fictional character: lol i won’t pick one but some faves are root, azula, and lara croft

♡ favorite musician: depends on what mood i’m in, but florence + the machine and delta rae never fail to make me Feel Things 

♡ favorite sports team: i’m genetically coded to root for the UT Longhorns football team and this fact hurts me

♡ favorite season: summer. gimme that sun and warmth please, i need to bask on a sun-baked rock like a reptile

♡ favorite flower: violets and sunflowers

♡ favorite scent: campfire smoke, honey, fresh earth

♡ favorite color: yellow or blue

♡ favorite animal: otters or cats

♡ favorite food: the first thing that came to mind is deviled eggs? and then pickled okra. not really sure what’s going on in there, but both sound tasty

♡ dream car: i’ve actually always wanted a motorcycle but i’m a basic bitch

♡ dream trip: god idk, so many things. right now i wanna go to big bend again, or check out the badlands and other cool features in that area

♡ instruments: lol none. taught myself some basic white-girl ukulele years ago but it’s all gone now

♡ coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: coffee pls

♡ dog or cat person: i love them both a lot, but i’d rather own a cat if i had to pick one

♡ following: 511 (though a number of those are probably dead by now, i just don’t have the energy to clean them out)

♡ followers: 322

♡ other blogs: technically i have other blogs but i don’t ever post anywhere else. sideblog whom?

♡ blog established: 2012??

♡ do you have a tumblr crush?: i like plenty of blogs i follow, but no? not at the moment

♡ do you get asks?: jen and sarah are nice and ask me things about my ocs when i reblog one of those posts, otherwise, very rarely

♡ what are you wearing rn?: winedale v-neck, gap lounge pants

♡ drink of choice: water, apple juice, beer, whiskey, g&t depending on the occasion

♡ number of blankets you sleep with: top sheet, duvet. technically there’s a blanket on the foot of my bed but i kick it off my feet every single night so…

♡ average # of sleep hours: like 7?

♡ random fact: i’ve been to all 50 states in the usa

Tagging @scarhoax you’re welcome

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so i said i’d do a face reveal at 50 followers so uh hi 👉🏽👈🏽 don’t bully haha i’m sensitive <33


about me !

  • my name is michelle but i don’t mind any nicknames :)
  • i’m mexican american
  • i speak english, spanish, and i’m learning french <3
  • i’m a full time student even tho it’s online thanks to corona lmao (high school not college)
  • i’m in dance and i dance 7 genres (ballet, contemporary, modern, lyrical, hip hop, jazz, and tap)
  • i’m currently on a break from dancing because i had surgery to repair my torn acl
  • i stan many other groups and soloists along with skz (ateez, nct, bts, rv, day6, the rose, bp, exo, got7, itzy, monsta x, shinee, mamamoo, twice, iu, chungha, alexa, zico, sunmi, hyuna, dean, heize, sam kim, colde, and more !!)
  • i’m vegetarian which is pretty random but i’m running out of interesting things about me aaah
  • i’m pretty friendly pls talk to me and request blurbs i’m lonely 💔
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Post your ten most used additional tags on AO3.

Tagged by @gra-sonas


This doesn’t feel entirely accurate to me, but I guess I trust AO3. I’m pretty proud of the fact that my Derek & Stiles POVs are even, since I make a conscious effort to balance this out. But I’ve posted 31 Sterek fics, not 16, so…I guess I don’t always tag the POV? Confusing. (When I clicked on those tags, it actually showed me 10 for each POV, so what is the truth here, huh.)

Also of note: there are so many holidays because that’s the only time I sign up for things that give me deadlines that I have to meet, haha. Whoops. Truly shocked pining isn’t higher up the list, and I’m back to thinking this count is totally off, because Fluff absolutely HAS to be in there somewhere, I tag basically everything I write with some fluffy variation because it’s my brand, I’ve accepted that reality.

I actually went and checked my pre-slash tag because I was genuinely shocked I’d apparently written 4 of these? I have no recollection of doing that! That’s what happens when you’ve finally hit 40 fics, you forget what you’ve written.

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tagged by @marysong most recently and other people too :) sorry I am very useless


i am over 5’5  // i wear glasses/contacts // i have blonde hair // i prefer loose clothing over tight clothing // i have one or more piercings // i have at least one tattoo // i have blue eyes // i have dyed or highlighted my hair // i have gotten plastic surgery // i have or had braces // i sunburn easily // i have freckles // i paint my nails // i typically wear makeup // i don’t often smile // i am pleased with how i look // i prefer nike to adidas // i wear baseball caps backwards


i play a sport // i can play an instrument // i am artistic // i know more than one language // i have won a trophy in some sort of competition // i can cook or bake without a recipe // i know how to swim // i enjoy writing // i can do origami // i prefer movies to tv shows // i can execute a perfect somersault // i enjoy singing // i could survive in the wild on my own // i have read a new book series this year // i enjoy spending time with my friends // i travel during school or work breaks // i can do a handstand


i am in a relationship // i have been single for over a year // i have a crush // i have a best friend i have known for ten years // my parents are together // i have hooked up with my best friend // i am adopted // my crush has confessed to me // i have had a long-distance relationship // i am an only child // i give advice to my friends // i have made an online friend // i met up with someone i have met online


i have heard the ocean in a conch shell // i have watched the sunrise // i enjoy rainy days // i have slept under the stars // i meditate outside // the sound of chirping calms me // i enjoy the smell of the beach // i know what snow tastes like // i listen to music to fall asleep // i enjoy thunderstorms // i enjoy cloud watching // i have attended a bonfire // i pay close attention to colours // i find mystery in the ocean // i enjoy hiking on nature paths // autumn is my favourite season


i can fall asleep in moving vehicles // i am the mom friend // i live by a certain quote(s) // i like the smell of sharpies // i am involved in extracurricular activities // i enjoy mexican food // i can drive a stick-shift // i believe in true love // i make up scenarios to fall asleep // i sing in the shower // i wish i lived in a video game // i have a canopy above my bed // i am multiracial // i am a redhead // i own at least 3 dogs

idk who to tag so if you wanna do this just say I tagged you!! 💕

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I was tagged by the lovely @tea-and-procrastination

Top Three Ships

  1. Ada Cackle/Hecate Hardbroom
  2. Millie Harcourt/Jean McBrian
  3. Lucille Anderson/Valerie Dyer

Lipstick or Chapstick

Chapstick most days and a lip balm lipstick combo when I’m feelin fancy. 


Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta

Last Song I Listened To

Killing Me Softly With His Song~Roberta Flack

Last Movie I Watched

Emma (2020)

Three Random Things that Make Me Happy

  1. Cookies (I’m stress baking to cope currently)
  2. Tiny human’s giggle
  3. Pretty bookmarks

Tagging @rikubean, @meridelclarke, @randomlygeeky, @flaming-toads, @saltghosts, and @amusedrhyme

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12 13 & 38?

12. What’s the most magical place you’ve ever been to?

Probably Hawaii? My dad had a business trip there when I was in middle school and so he brought us because. HAWAII. There was this one beach with black sand and black stones and little… Blow holes, I guess? I loved that place so much. I wish I remembered the name.

13. Would you rather have wings or a mermaid tail?

Wings. No question. I’m not a big fan of swimming in the first place (plus, I like to walk), and I think about flying a fair bit. I have had flying dreams and they’re my favorite, they are so vivid…

38. What’s your favorite word?

This is kind of embarrassing, but Lilligant. Is it a Pokemon? Yes. Do I still love saying that word? Yes. It’s a good word!

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i was tagged by @wintersoeldiers and @serpenttqueen to answer these questions! thank you lovelies!!

top three cities you want to visit cairo, venice and amsterdam
favorite marvel character steve rogers!
white chocolate: yea or nay? yea!
favorite board game monopoly (but only if it’s lord of the rings themed)
how many countries you’ve been to 1
favorite thing to do on a rainy day curl up with a good book, or a bingeable tv show, or a comfort movie!
your best friend’s middle name 
favorite holiday christmas!
pen or pencil? pencil
favorite kind of soup …i don’t like soup actually!
your typical order at a cafe or coffee shop um..a caramel milkshake?
favorite ride at an amusement park ferris wheel!!
the color of your sneakers black and blue
favorite pbs show (or little kids’ show if you didn’t have pbs) playschool!! or the wiggles (the original one, not the new one)
five blogs you think deserve some all the love @omensgood, @bellamy-blakez, @thesocialpariahtable, @newrcmantlcs and @wespers!!

tagging everyone above who hasn’t done it and @rhaenyra-snow, @half-ok, @czynchs and @darlingfeyree!!

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Thank you @alcego for tagging me! ❤️

Rules: Answer the 20 questions, then tag 20 blogs you’d like to know better!

  1. Name: Elizabeth
  2. Nickname: Ellie though my family and IRL friends call me Libby (I prefer Ellie for those who are wondering!)
  3. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio :>
  4. Height: 5′5″ish
  5. Languages: English though I’ve been considering picking Spanish up
  6. Nationality: American
  7. Favorite Season: Autumn and winter ❤️
  8. Favorite Flowers: Succulents since I’m allergic to most other plants/flowers
  9. Favorite Scent: Fresh laundry! The the air before/after it rains.
  10. Favorite Color: I can never choose but I love blush pinks, rose gold, soft blues and lavender.
  11. Favorite Animal: Cats, cows and chickens
  12. Favorite Fictional Characters: So I know the character is based of the diaries of the actual Anne Lister, but Anne Lister from Gentleman Jack. Nora and Luke from the lesbian romance Backwards to Oregon. I also apparently have a penchant for ~problematique~ character so I ain’t gonna say who lmao
  13. Coffee, Tea, Chocolate: Coffe blegh, tea with ice and a little sugar/sweetner, HOT CHOCOLATE
  14. Average Sleep Hours: things get chaotic so I either have insomnia and sleep 4/5 hours OR I get the opposite and my body will sleep for 10/12 hours. IDK if it’s ADHD or what but I’m a mess.
  15. Dogs or Cats: Cats! Dogs are sweet babies but a huge commitment. I’ve never had a dog before and I don’t think I ever will. I’m also incredibly allergic to dogs akdfl;aksdf
  16. Number of Blankets You Sleep With: I sleep with a quilt! And a throw blanket when it’s extra cold. Now if we’re talking stuffed animals, they have their own side of the bed.
  17. Dream Trip: I’ve always wanted to travel somewhere that has mountains. My part of Texas is so damn flat that I think the hills in central Texas are mountains. Maybe a nice cabin trip for a writing weekend??
  18. Blog Established: I made this blog Janurary 2019, but my OLD old blog [REDACTED] was made around October 2009
  19. Followers: Exactly 750 as of today which astounds me
  20. Random Fact: I’m secretly a grandma in the body of a 20-something. If I could get by baking bread, embroidering and gardening alone I would.

Tagging: YOU. If you’re reading this, you’re tagged. (jk only do it if you want to!)

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me: “that guy is kinda hot though….”

angel: “*unintelligable rage noises* I am begging you to be normal,, you’re like ‘oh this man looks..,,,. mentally unwell, I sure wish I could fuck him’”

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okay yikes I thought I sent these but then the app started mega glitching and showing me errors idk!! so 38, 56, 98 😌

I hate when tumblr is being stupid lmao

38. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep?

Honestly prolly like 10 hours lol I partied a lot in my late teen years and went to work while hungover. Not fun.

56. Most used word?

Love (it) [its a phrase I picked up on from my best friend lol]

98. Do you have any scars?

Yes. I self harmed when I was younger. The ones that have stayed are on my left arm, wrist, stomach and one on my ankle

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y’know what. with quarantine meaning that i don’t have to leave the house much…. and also when if i end up applying for jobs and getting knocked back bc of laying off workers bc of the pandemic (like idk let me life) i might as well take this time to go absolutely batshit and either:

(A.) dye my hair as the scene hair is always wanted in high school


(B.) dye my hair the classic hayley williams mid2000s fire orange hair (or the bright red she had for a while) that i’ve wanted to do literally since 2007

bc if i stuff either of them up when doing them myself, at least no one will see it lmao 😂

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