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sweetest-devotion · 17 hours ago
I don't want to date guys I want to date some cute girl from tumblr who loves louis tomlinson to death and treats harry styles as her nephew and probably loves music more than anything
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caughtinprejudice · an hour ago
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alice-chan-chan · 22 hours ago
I have finally reached an important milestone: I’ve got 5k+ followers now.
It may be not that much compared to big blogs, but it means a lot to me. ^///^
I’d like to thank everyone for supporting me!
So, I decided to take some requests as a “thank you”. ^_^ I guess I’ll accept 5-10 requests for simple graphics (on first come - first served basis, of course XD). I may decline your request if I am not comfortable with the task. X) Please keep in mind that I have a limited amount of sources, a glitchy Photoshop and just a laptop atm. I miss my desktop, but I am at the countryside now and I will most likely stay here for one more month... If you’re OK with this, please send your requests. ^_^ I will make graphics with 1-2 characters per edit, if you can be specific about the color scheme, emotions, exact moment from the anime/manga, it’s even better. ^_^ (examples: Dabi + purple, Soukoku + looking in the opposite directions, etc)
Fandoms you can choose from: JJK, BSD and BNHA. Please send your requests as asks, I might not notice them other way (yes, my internet is quite glitchy too XD)
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ilovedirt · 21 hours ago
a moment of silence for all the users whose mains are getting shut down for the meme
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autumnslance · 19 hours ago
I've got a writing question that's been on my mind for a while: how do you keep your OCs from becoming self inserts? Every time I think of developing an OC I realize that it's attributes that I
Oops, you got cut off! But in general: all your OCs are going to have traits of yours; it’s inevitable. Sometimes big things, sometimes small things. It’s how we relate to them, and also just natural, I promise. We write what we know, and we know how we interact with ourselves and the world.
But there is a difference between sharing some traits with a character and making them a self-insert. It’s letting their life, their community and culture, their experiences, also influence their traits and thinking, in ways that might be different from how you would respond in a similar situation. Even if you share those attributes.
This is me so let’s go behind a cut shall we?
Dark Autumn is as introverted and solitary by nature as I am; she can and does interact in professional and friendly ways with people (as I try to do), but needs alone time to recharge. However, Dark also has a very different outlook and relationship with her family than I, since her family is large and supportive, very close knit. If family is a lottery, I got the $50 scratch off prize while she hit the Mega-Millions. So I take that into account when thinking of her relationships not just with family, but with friends and potential romantic interests; Dark sees things through a lens of positive, low-drama familial relationships that I can barely fathom. This also means she has a support network and resources myself and other characters don’t, so gets some wish fulfillment of working through issues with care and grace instead of remaining in unhealthy places. She is my “comfort OC” so gets a lot of good things I wish I had—which shapes how she responds to others, like taking care of a FCmate and becoming something of a big sister figure for him, or the responsible older sister figure of my group of OCs. Which is me, really, idealizing my own older sister tendencies into this giant woman who’s better at it.
Aeryn was written to be on the ace scale; not my first character to be so, but the first written that way as I began to realize where my own orientations lie and wanting to examine that through fiction. That she fell for a certain rogue in the process of playing through MSQ again was not at all intentional. I like Thancred as a character—he hits a lot of tropes I enjoy—but in my own mindset, he’s a frustrating younger brother. I didn’t think I’d do NPC x WoL shipping. But there it is, because in determining Aeryn’s own experiences and how those shaped her, it ended up working out that way (and I spent the better part of 2 years writing the characters separately to figure that out and if it could work before writing them together because it’s not something that comes naturally to me).
Aeryn’s internal anger is something I have a difficult time with; it’s outside my own nature to carry things like that. I have my angers, certainly, but they are different from hers. I tend to need a lot to set me off and then it burns out hot and quick. Aeryn’s more of a long boil she keeps bottled up. I’ve gotten a few things through various fics, I think, but it’s why I do things like reference arguments but rarely depict them. Being non-confrontational myself (I’m meek and have hangups thanks to my own life) it’s a challenge. Aeryn responded to childhood traumas (that I never dealt with), bullying (that I did), losses (that I haven’t yet), and the responsibility she’s been given (thank goodness I don’t) far differently than I. Maybe I’d be more volatile, too, if I had her life. But I understand where her anger comes from sharing some of the reasons, I just shape it differently than my own.
There’s a lot of things about Dark and Aeryn that are accidentally similar, just due to the timing of their character generation and other RP OCs made for other games along the way; “Oh I haven’t done X or Y in a character in awhile” sort of thing, but how each approaches those similarities and why—their quietness, their issues with using magic, their tendency to “adopt” others as family—all come from different places and resolve differently, too.
C’oretta comes from a part of me that doesn’t quite want to grow up. That wishes I had been more of the peppy, active, cheerful, risk-taking, live it up stereotypical party kid, that “popular girl” archetype I felt so often on the outside looking in about. As my second character, I wanted her to be different from Dark Autumn—visually, emotionally, mentally. Where Dark is steady, C’oretta is flighty. While Dark is people oriented, C’oretta’s a bit selfish (like I often feel). Dark’s introverted, C’oretta’s extroverted. Much of C’oretta’s attitude is a deflection against the hurts in her life, a way to fight back against some terrible things. It’s a way I could never react. But I also can’t get away from a character who loves to learn and wants to try new things—but where other characters gain the ability to stick with and see them through, C’oretta gets my easy frustration and boredom, and then the “ooh shiny” of a new interest. There’s a history of ADHD (or whatever the acronyms are now) and even autism and learning issues in my family; it’s possible I have some undiagnosed ND stuff going on, and people have noted these things in C’oretta that I’ve based on my own experiences and those of people very close to me.
Many of my characters have traits I wish I had, or were better at; patience, kindness, consideration, convictions, courage, thoughtfulness, and so on and etc. They’re good at skills I haven’t the knowledge in, or the ability to do. They’re certainly more active than I am, or could be! Because I can take the time to think and plan and research and write those things out better, and just maybe along the way not only learn something myself, but try to practice it better myself. I can even sometimes let them teach me what I can possibly do or be, not just imagine it as an ideal that’s out of reach.
I try to let my characters make mistakes I wouldn’t—or in some cases, have in my past, and that’s OK. Especially if I learned from them, but maybe the character does not. Maybe they do but it takes awhile, or repeated instances until it sinks in. Maybe I let them make errors I still make, as a way to puzzle out better solutions I should probably entertain for myself.
Character voice is something I’ve felt I struggled with in keeping my OCs distinct. Do characters ‘sound’ alike, in dialogue and prose? Having distinct ways of speaking helps; C’oretta’s breathless chatty run-ons are certainly different from Dark and Aeryn’s quieter tendencies. I have to remember to trim down Aeryn’s dialogue more often, say less aloud, add more gestures and facial expressions. I tend to be a talker, an over-explainer (if you can’t tell), while the only times she gets like that are specific. Dark’s somewhere in the middle of those two, like I am. A lot of the reason I like writing NPCs and try to keep them close to my interpretation of canon is to practice distinct character voice to get better at it in my OCs, so they don’t sound like me!
And something I’ve never admitted to before is that I think for me, it helps that from the time I was a kid watching various series of Star Trek, I always have had an in-my-own-head-only self-insert. She’s always a support character (that’s what I’m best at). She has cool and unusual abilities to help the actual heroes, cuz heck it’s my internal fantasy and that’s fun. She has traits I want to be better at or wish I had, developed over time with more energy and focus than I can actually muster in reality. As time’s gone on, she’s become more of a mentor and Mom Friend as I’m now older and see a lot of protagonist characters as “my kids” now. She appears in nearly every story I’ve loved over time, in one iteration or another. And because I have a headspace character where I can say “this is what I, ideally, would say and do and be capable of in this situation…” My other characters that I actually write about can vary between doing something similar (if it suits them) to doing something completely different (cuz darn kids never listen) as I can compare them to the self-insert and decide where to diverge.
So it’s a mix of myself and my traits and knowledge, but taking into account how each character would respond and use those same attributes differently than I do or would. Write what you know, write who you are—and then add in some wish fulfillment, some what ifs, some bad choices, some good choices, and shake things up. Give the characters tics and tricks different from yourself and let that shape them, too, by remembering to take those things into account (even if you have to tape a note to your monitor).
And finally, don’t be ashamed of your self-inserts; I’ve known some great characters that started as self-inserts and grew, through their experiences, into wholly different people than their writers over time. Heck, the epic romance my original WoW priest was part of was with a character that started as a self-insert; his player began the game knowing nothing of the lore or roleplaying, but as he learned the story and how to RP, and determined how his character fit into the world and how that shaped him, the character diverged over time, while still sharing some key traits (some endearing, some frustrating, as people are and all part of that friend). It’s not a bad starting point at all. The rest can come over time and practice, especially if you make a lot of OCs and try to make them different from each other while also being aspects of yourself.
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sonseulsoleil · 13 hours ago
Either just bought some sick trans pride converse or I just got ripped off by a shady online shop...who knows
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cafeadora · 13 hours ago
✨ Hello Everyone! ☕️
It’s Adora here with an announcement! 🌷
I wanted to make a post announcing that I made a Ko-fi! This is a website where you can support creators by buying them a kofi (coffee hehe aka making a donation) this is completely optional of course and all my PACS as well as my content and ask games is free but of course it would be nice to have some support because I’m a broke bitch lmao. If and when I decide to open up paid readings as well the payments will be made through here. Thank you everyone for your support and all my followers! 💗 have a nice day/night, love you all! ☺️
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gnatromanoff · 7 hours ago
rules: we’re snooping in your playlist. put your entire music library on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and then choose 10 victims.
tagged by: @justanalto !! my bestieeee ty <333
ok here are my songs from my “liked” songs on Spotify 😎 which means I probably don’t rly know all of them well
“over in no time” by babygirl
“warrior” by chloe x halle
“free fallin’” by tom petty
“feel alive” by katie herzig
“awoken” by glaze & wooden toaster yes this is brony music and yes it is good
“billie bossa nova” by billie eilish
“i ain’t ever loved no one” by donovan woods
“flowers on the grave” by the maine
“i ain’t going down” by eva noblezada and dale watson (for the yellow rose soundtrack!)
tagging (feel free to ignore!): @venums @mister-knight @widowsbelova @maygrant @bichellejones @yelenaabelovaa @bucky-nat @genyasafins @megfox @ironhusband
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justinabeana · 14 hours ago
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I rarely do my hair
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whiskey-cokenfanfic · 14 hours ago
So I may not be on here a lot for the next few weeks because school is starting back soon and I have to get my classroom and stuff together.
So if you tag me in something and I don't respond right away, that's why.
I'll most likely get to it during the weekend.
Anyway you guys wish me luck, I'll be teaching 2nd grade for the first time ever. So fingers crossed 🤞🏾 everything will go well this year.
Love y'all ❤️
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runbymachinesandclones · 10 hours ago
Things that bring me joy
I was tagged by @cryhardanddanceharder to make a list of things that bring me joy. Thanks a lot for tagging me, Pau! I love doing these!! 💜💜💜 Let’s see…
Watching sunsets/sunrises and taking pictures of them.
The smell of coffee in the mornings.
Having really long sobremesas with my sisters and my mom.
Going out with my friends to eat hot wings.
Baking and making desserts, decorating them.
Nailing a recipe in the first try!
Experiments turning out fine in the lab.
Reading books and fanfics while laying down in my bed.
Watching movies in the cinema, but also watching movies/series at home with my family or friends.
Listening to music, especially soundtracks composed for movies.
Learning new stuff.
Traveling to places where I can feel the wind rushing against my face.
Driving for long distances and listening to music along with the sound of the car on the road.
Eating a good ice cream or sorbet.
Listening to my cousin’s hilarious stories when we get together for family parties/dinners. I always end up with a bellyache!
Buffets! There’s always so much to choose from!
Winning bets/giveaways.
Tagging (no pressure, but I would love to read your own): @spacewitchqueen @nnicka @katt5673 @clockwork-silence @youknowthegirls @dumbfilmschoolkid @good-nightsocialite @sothischickshe @nicelytousled @quiquimora
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dreamdropxoxo · 20 hours ago
at this point the very decisive answer on my end to the question, Is there ever too much tea? is NO! 🫖 🍵
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robert-scott-audio · 22 hours ago
Hi, friends, a little about me....
I'm Aries and I am a spiritually minded person with a ton of passion. I'm an art lover. Love everything artistic. Take me to a museum or gallery and I’ll be happy. Love to appreciate music, film, books, poetry, especially. Grew up with European culture. That’s my sophisticated side. I used to think I was a fish out of water. Now I swim like one. That’s my poetic side.
I'm a voice actor, and some of my work can be found on Soundcloud at the link below.
I spent my youth traveling and reading, exploring. I believe in fairy tales and that dreams can come true. I believe in unconditional love. I'm a one woman man. That’s my romantic side. I'm in my fifties and single. I like cycling, fitness, and lifting weights. That’s my athletic side. I love being in nature, hiking, and camping. Would love to live in the woods or by the ocean one day. That’s my earthy side. I understand the positive value of people, and I'm generally welcoming/warm towards my fellow human beings. I value open-mindedness, honesty, integrity, intelligence, compassion, and family. I have a life-long preoccupation with "saving the planet". That’s my serious side. I'm an INFP.
I'm UK/Belgium based.
My blog promotes equality and diversity, and has a visceral dislike of anti vaxxers, social injustice, racism, authority, the Trump cult, Nazism and conspiracy peddlers. I'm a proud ally of BLM and the LGTBQ movement.
This blog is occasionally NSFW. Blogs from a past life were "Romantic Sir"' and "Sensual Aura". Friends lost along the way are welcomed! This bio was adapted from Sensual Aura.
For those with a poetic heart or if you want to know what my voice sounds like:
Thanks for reading. I'll keep this pinned for anyone new to my blog.
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backslashdelta · 12 hours ago
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First of all, I LOVE that you've created a chart for me and I LOVE that it is bi colours and I LOVE the three things that comprise it.
That being said... 25? 25*3=75, which is not 100, which is what I would expect a pie chart to consist of unless otherwise specified. So I guess my question is either,
What/where is the other 25%?
What does the total of 75% represent?
Genuinely thank you so much for the chart I am in love with it
Impersonate me in my inbox!
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ilovedirt · 22 hours ago
i need to gently rest my head on someone's shoulder or i am going to dissolve into a marsh
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arknights-imagines · 18 hours ago
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Exe's Navigation Center!
Tumblr media
Hiya, welcome to my blog for Arknights Imagines!! 🥺 You can call me Exe!
There's a huge lack of Arknights x reader stuff so that's how the creation of this blog came about! 💕
I hope that all your Arknights fantasies may be satisfied here lolol!! 🌸
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rules for requesting and etc are HERE!!
Read the rules page before requesting or interacting with the blog!! 😌
Tumblr media
Exe's Masterlist
Full list of all Imagines and Headcanons I've ever made HERE!!
This list includes all pieces of writing as well as posts from blog events and etc, it's updated every time I post content!! 🥳
*If you're on mobile, use the link in my blog description to get to the Masterlist!*
Tumblr media
About Exe
More about the blog creator (me!!) HERE!!
If you wanna learn a lil bit more about me then you can give that a read! 💕
Exe's Other Socials
Twitter where I retweet a lot of Arknights stuff I like and also post updates when I make new content HERE!!
I have yet to create it but eventually I'd like to make an A03 account so I can post all my writing from here there as well!!
Any socials related to this blog are above! 👉👈
Exe's Arknights Profile
My Arknights tag and ID is Naomi#0590! You can see my profile screenshot on my "About Myself 🥳" post HERE!
Feel free to friend me on Arknights 👉👈 I play all the time sgsjbshs!! If you want to be friends in-game you can send me a DM letting me know your tag and ID too 💕
I have quite a few Operators at E2 and S7, so if you need a certain support unit you want to use but are having trouble finding you can DM me about that too and I'll help you if I can! 🥺
Tumblr media
Exe's Favourites
Executor, SilverAsh and Hellagur with a Doctor who got turned into a child for the day HERE!!
Mostima taking the Doctor out to eat HERE!!
Executor and fem. Doctor spending time together in a flower field HERE!!
Ayerscarpe with an affectionate s/o HERE!!
Cliffheart and Gavial relationship headcanons with fem. Doctor HERE!!
Not sure where to start? Dw about it!! 🥺 Here's a mini list of a few pieces on the blog that I'm most proud of~ 💕 Maybe you'll like one of them? 👉👈
Tumblr media
*You can find all the Arknights stickers I used here on the fankit website HERE!!*
If you have anything to ask me my DMs and asks are always open!! 🥺👉👈 I hope you'll stick around!
Tysm and have a great day!! 💞
- Yours truly, Exe 🌸
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❝Maybe it's just my wishful thinking, but I hope Rhodes Island can be a second home to everyone...❞
Amiya, Arknights
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be-war-e · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Me dicen la desaparecida
La vida de adulta me está consumiendo
Compra mis fotos, envíame un dm 😽
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humunanunga · 22 hours ago
One of the perks about my creative motivation being a lot more finicky than it used to be is that it's trained me to be a lot more self-care conscious.
If I'm feeling present, productive and stimulated, but I still can't bring myself to go through plugging my tablet in, it's because I'm already anticipating the ordeal of putting it away to get up again, which means something else is pinging me. Am I hungry? Is my coffee cold? Do I need to pee? Am I looking forward to something in my watchlist? Am I tired? Do I want to switch to a different piece? Lo and behold, it's suddenly a lot easier to sit down and work on art or stories after clearing through other mental notifs.
If I catch myself drawing like I'm just looking for the next good stopping point, I take that as my cue for taking a break. If it's getting late, I know I'm reaching a point where my productivity's done for the day. I can't draw when I'm tired anymore, which works out cuz I used to hyperfixate way past exhaustion.
I'm not as productive as I used to be, and a lot of what I am working on use my simpler style or consist of long-term projects that I may or may not bring to completion (with help), but it's gotten a lot easier to keep myself interested in them this way.
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