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Hi Bean~ and thank you! I have sketched out the internal anatomy. It’s not perfect as my anatomy/proportions are wonky at best. :,) He only has one kidney yes! It’s a reniculate kidney; a multilobed kidney that marine mammals have that’s more efficient at removing toxins from the body. I had to throw this info out I’m sorry. His lungs are about 21ft long, kinda oval as they take up most of his ribcage space (along with the heart). No swimbladder, just a huge, long, liver~ As… for if he was born. Yes but also no. ;) And he doesn’t have the shark’s electro-sensory system. He would’ve had an easier time if he did. As is, he’s stuck with sight and sound only when hunting. :,)

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Love & hate relationship when it comes to art and anatomy (because tbh, a lot of those who are practicing the art LOVE to draw, but HATE when being asked to draw lmao) but here are some of my favorite works for our Anatomy class (from first sem) and Phlebotomy class (second sem!!! BEST PART of second sem). I really had so much fun when I did both! 🤗
— only happens when I have so much time to waste, but I swear my laboratory manual in Anatomy’s a mess because we literally had to rush that one before the moving exams lol
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        You were my heart

        you still are

        Your well-being filled

        my chest with so much joy

 5     that I could barely handle

        the amount of branches

        growing from the stems of

        my blooming bronchi;

        And all I see is

10    that you have outgrown me.

        And all you leave behind

        are my perforated heart

        and lungs, both bleeding 

        dry from the pores

15    that you needed to breathe 

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