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justbeingivy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Back to basics 💖
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slvtty-baby · a month ago
i wish i was being forced to suck dick rn, being held down and made to choke and gag. i wanna hear how my struggling and tears turn you on, that i’m just a convenient hole for you to use.
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nickyforyou · a month ago
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bimbobunnie1 · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
I just wanted to show off a little more of my chest. I'm so obsessed. Literally I wish I went the biggest size possible. I can't wait to see what they look like all healed. I'm hoping they don't get smaller lol. (I very much doubt it tho.) currently my phone camera roll is covered in pics of my breasts. All I want to do is oil and moisturize them all day long. I can't wait till I get to the massage phase. Day 6 on my 450 cc high implant journey. They're super round and hard still
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kittencalypso · 22 days ago
Please brainwash me, Sir. Make me your pretty little doll. Your brainless little toy. Gaslight me, manipulate me, hypnotize me, whatever you need to do to wipe my mind clean. No thoughts, only serve my Master.
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sub-wayeatfresh · a month ago
Make Me Your Doll
You gave me specific instructions on how I was to dress. How I should do my hair, my makeup. I know to stand in the middle of the room and wait for you. No talking.
You start with an inspection. Making sure your doll came exactly how you ordered it. You pinch my nipples through my clothing to test their responsiveness. You pull my chin down and stick your fingers down my throat. I work so hard not to gag that tears run down my face, smearing my makeup. You reach in between my legs to inspect those holes as well.
You place me exactly how you want me, my only job is to be a pliant, brainless doll. A toy for you to play with. Dolls don’t moan, dolls don’t scream, they just take what’s given to them.
How would you use me as your doll?
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hypnobun · 5 months ago
I seriously am interested in becoming a full time house wife, Stepford hypno fuckdoll style. Would even consider bearing children for the right man. I will relocate happily.
Have questions? Send me a DM.
Interested and want to talk expectations? Send me a DM.
Want to tease me for being such an eager slut to give up a life I worked hard for with a life of feeling good in servitude?
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neuralnets · 9 months ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It only took one trigger to make her a perfect plaything.
Dolly blanks out every time she hears it or feels it. She only wakes back up when she’s the next Dolly. The new Dolly.
She’s a whole shelf of different dollies now.
You can see her. You can stare. But if you want to make sure you don’t end up a Dolly too - you have to be careful.
There is one thing you must not do. You already know what it is.
(Images from Vai Monroe)
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rickpatterhypno · a month ago
[M4F] Drooling Mindless Fuckdoll [Request-Fill] [for Dreamykittenn] [Hypnosis] [DD/lg] [Drooling Induction] [Dollification] [Squirting] [Creampie] [Good Girls] [Snaps] [BDSM] [Bondage] due to [Plastic Form] [Mild Degradation][Triggers] [Gush] [Dolleyes] [Confusion] [Whispered Layers] [Loops] [Fractionation] [HFO] [Man Moans] [Multiple Orgasms for Listener] [Mentions of Oral on Speaker] [Aftercare] [Petting] [Sleep Aid] [73:46]
*This is my first post here on Tumblr.
Part 1 - Drooling Induction
Basically - You let all of your sense dribble out of that mouth
Part 2 - Doll Trance-formation
You become a blank mindless doll
Part 3 - A Loaded Bet (Squirting Aspect)
The most intense part, this is 26 minutes of being toyed with into mindless squirting
Part 4 - Melting In My Hands Aftercare
and after intense play you will need some soft stroking to help you drift off to sleep
This file was made to fulfill a request to combine some of my previous files!
Thank you to @dreamykittenn for your amazing request and absolute credit to you for imagining how these could all melt together like this!
NB - it's advisable to be hydrated prior to and after listening to this audio as this will be a wet experience!
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slvtty-baby · a month ago
make me wear something super small n slutty, and position me however you want. make me your cute dumb little doll, ready for you whenever you need. maybe stick a big vibrator in me, so i’m always ready for you~
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fr-ee-use-cxm-dump · 18 days ago
i want to be brainwashed into a bimbo cumdump
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xsilly-dogx · 2 months ago
➡️ CW: monster fucking // Mommy // dubcon // hypnosis // paralysis // dollification ⬅️
You knew better than to walk this far into the forest. There were too many stories of people going missing in these woods, yet you went in anyway. All you had wanted was to catch another glimpse of that fox you had seen the day before. It was such a rare sight that you couldn't resist the chance of getting one more look.
However, the fox is nowhere to be found and now you were lost. Without any distinguishing landmarks around, you weren't able to find the path home.
• • • • • • • • • •
The sun is starting to set which doesn't help matters at all. The shadows cast by the trees grow longer with each passing minute. Eventually you make your way over to a nearby tree to rest. Walking for a couple hours has left your legs beyond tired. You plop down with a huge sigh, letting your back hit the tree trunk. You only meant to stay a while, but within seconds your eyes close. A peaceful sleepiness fueled by the sounds of the forest overtakes your body... until a menacing chuckle awakens you.
Your eyes snap open. You quickly scan your surroundings trying to find the source of the noise. It is now completely dark out with only speckled moonlight falling through the thick canopy of leaves.
"Looking for me?" a honey-coated voice asks.
The figure that comes out from behind the tree in front of you is just another shadow at first. Once they move closer, you are surprised to see what appears to be an incredibly tall snake woman. Her whole body is that of a snake's except for her arms and huge human-like breasts. She is fully naked; her beautiful black scales sparkle with bursts of color when the moonlight hits them just right.
Your mouth drops open in pure shock. The woman, hips swaying side to side, slithers closer until she is towering directly over you. She leans down so that her face is right next to your ear before she speaks again. "You really shouldn't be out here alone so late, y'know? A tiny human like you could get into so much trouble."
You can't even make a sound. Fear coursing through your veins keeps you frozen. The naga's tongue flicks out to graze your cheek. This brings you back to your senses and you try to scramble to your feet. However, you don't make it very far because the naga's eyes lock onto yours with a threatening glare.
"Nuh uh," she says quietly. Immediately all your thoughts melt away. Unsure why you were trying to run in the first place, you sit back down. "That's right little one.. you're not going anywhere. You're staying right here for Mommy~"
All you can do is stare up into her hypnotic eyes. There is no way you are escaping her clutches until she is done with you. It doesn't even hurt much when her fangs sink into your shoulder. The venom flowing from them feels like warm sunlight making it's way into your bloodstream. Your body seems heavier as it relaxes. Something in the back of your mind tells you that you should be fighting this, but it is hard to imagine why you would need to when it feels this good. As your head leans back against the tree, the naga's teeth leave your shoulder.
"Don't worry little one. My venom will only paralyze you for a while without any damage. It will also help you feel a lot better while we play together."
She then uses her tongue to lick your exposed neck which causes shivers to run through you. "Mmm, you're gonna make the perfect toy," she says, breathing in your scent. "What shall I do with you first?"
Her words fill your head with fresh thoughts of being used. You think about how good it would feel to fill this naga's cunt. The overwhelming sensation of wanting to satisfy all of her desires hits you like a truck. You can feel your cock starting to harden and strain against your pants.
The naga notices this too. She chuckles again. "Ah so you're ready to play, hm? Let me just get that out for you then."
Her hands work the zipper on your pants without hesitation. The action is so fluid it seems like she has had a lot of practice. You briefly wonder how many victims there were before you, but that thought disappears as soon as it came. The naga has already taken off your pants and is reaching for your fully hard cock. An intense jolt of pleasure unlike any you have ever felt runs through your whole body the moment the naga's fingers graze the tip.
"Looks like someone is excited," she drawls. "Be good and don't cum until I allow you to." Her hand slowly pumps your entire length from base to tip. You can't stop the muffled groan that comes from deep in your throat. Precum oozes out of your cock. She leans down to flick her tongue over your slit, tasting your arousal. Instinctively your hands want to reach out to grab her head, but her venom does a good job at keeping you fully immobile. A whine tries to make its way out of your lips when she opens her mouth to suck your tip. Her hand picks up the pace on your shaft.
It only took a few seconds for your cock to twitch from an approaching orgasm. You manage to let out a barely intelligible "oh yes" as your cum coats the naga's tongue and face.
She lets go of you and stands up. Her tongue flicks out to clean your cum off her face. "I didn't give you permission to cum yet little one. Mommy doesn't like when her toys don't play by the rules. I guess I'll just have to punish you then."
You wonder what she will want to do to you next. You don't have to wait long. The naga wraps her hands around your hips, easily hoisting you up so your bare back is pressed against the middle of the tree's trunk. Your eyes wander down the naga's body which gives you a perfect view of the slit that appeared on her lower abdomen. The light gray scales on her stomach opened up to reveal a fleshy pink cavern. Your cock twitches again at the sight of it dripping with her own arousal.
She adjusts your position to be at the perfect angle and pushes her hips forward. She hisses in pleasure as she slides you all the way inside. "Fuck yesss... You humans always feel so good even though you're a lot smaller than what I'm used to." Her hips begin to gently thrust and grind against yours. Both of your moans blend into one lewd harmony. The thrusting of her hips quickens. "Ugh you feel so good little one...," she groans. The walls of her cunt flutter around you.
"I want to try something with you. It might hurt, but you'll just have to deal with it since you're my toy to play with."
One of her hands moves around to cradle your back and keep you supported. Her other hand comes up to your face. You are able to get a good look at them for the first time. Each one of her fingers ends in sharp, slightly curved, claw-like fingernails. They aren't too long, but they aren't really short either. The tips of her claws run along your bottom lip. They pry it open to probe the inside of your mouth. Your tongue is being caressed and prodded as the naga slicks up her fingers with your spit. Three fingers suddenly force their way into the back of your throat. The intrusion has you gagging because your throat isn't used to getting filled. You can feel her claws pinching uncomfortably at the flesh of your throat.
A movement below you has you glancing down. Her tail is making its way closer to you. Before you even have time to wonder where it is headed, you feel the tip of it brushing your ass cheek. You try to yell at her to stop, but of course all that comes out is a strangled cry.
"Hush now. I told you I'll do as I please. Just relax and it won't be so bad." Her tail slides along further until it is right at the entrance to your ass. This snake lady is going to fuck your ass for the first time. She caught you and there is no way in hell you will be getting away. You watch helplessly knowing there is nothing you can do to stop her. Gently, her tail pushes past your entrance and makes its way into you. At first, pained tears spring to your eyes. The naga's tail stretches your unlubed ass to the point where you feel as though it will break. Her tail keeps going, only stopping once it is several inches deep. She wiggles her tail which hits the perfect spot inside you. The feeling of it has your eyes half closing in pleasure and an involuntary moan bubbles up.
"Ah, you do like it then. Good because you look so good taking all this for Mommy~" She thrusts her tail so it is in sync with the movement of her hips. At this point you are an absolute mess with constant moans and drool falling from your mouth. You feel so full having yourself double penetrated while you are balls deep inside her cunt. The high of your second orgasm is building and the twitching of your cock becomes more apparent.
"Are you going to cum for me little one? Would you like to cum inside Mommy?" You can feel the venom's paralysis gradually loosening its grip, but you are still unable to speak. You lock eyes with the naga hoping she can understand that you want nothing more in this moment. She seems to get the message because she says "Go ahead. Fill Mommy up."
Those words make you lose all control. Your moans turn into needy whimpers as you spill your load deep inside of the naga. She hits her climax at the same time. With a loud moan, she throws her head back in pure ecstasy. Her pussy clenches onto your cock and her hips stutter a bit but continue fucking you sloppily. Cum from the both of you mixes together and drips down her lower body. When both of you have caught your breath, the naga pulls herself off of your cock. She slides her tail out of your ass. Her fingers leave your mouth as she lowers you to the ground. Your body feels too empty and cold without all of the wonderfully new sensations she brought to you. You want them back. You want to feel all of her again.
"Thank you for the good time baby, but Mommy has to go now," she says. The naga turns around to head back in the direction she had come from earlier. Sunlight is already starting to peek its rays over the horizon. You are now fully recovered from the venom's control, so you speak up.
"W-wait!" you call to her.
She turns her head to look over her shoulder at you. You know this is your only chance. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you pull yourself to your feet.
"I... I don't want you to go. You made me feel so good..." Your cheeks burn with embarrassment when you realize how childish you sound.
The naga mulls over your words for a moment. You wait anxiously to hear her answer.
"Well then. Come with me little one. I guess I wouldn't mind keeping you around as my personal plaything~"
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thehypnowitch · a month ago
Tumblr media
you’ve come to the right place
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moonybubs · 10 months ago
i don’t think i’ll ever cum again. edging feels so much better. edging is better. rubbing your brain away is better. drooling is better. brainless is better. dumb is better. hypnotized is better. it’s all better.
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