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Caesar Zeppeli x female reader

Requested by: anonymous


Please enjoy.


Originally posted by aesthetics-of-anime

“Caesar, watch out!” the blonde Italian leaped out of the way of the incoming attack, missing the strike and landing beside his lover. Their unexpected opponent was strong, they had to admit that much, but he was no Pillarman by the looks of it.

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Funny Valentine x Personality disordered daughter reader

Warnings: bit of angst, bit of blood, bit of fluff

I was inspired to write this after seeing a clip of Doppio and Diavolo. Please enjoy.


People often said there was always two sides to every person in the world. The side of them that they presented around others and to the public and the other they only revealed around those they cherished or when alone. 

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Dio would try to get custody of giorno but cps would see he lives in a whore house and say no

Like social workers enter dios mansion and are greeted by terance and vanilla ice and are immediately like no.

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Can you do headcanons for Fugo, Giorno, and Narancia getting to see their crush's face outside of a mask or helmet for the first time. Maybe it's broken or ripped, so they can't wear it anymore. I just adore the trope, and I know it's definitely something I'd do, because my face is very expressive, and often seen as cute, so no one would take me seriously. Bonus points if they've come off as kind of intimidating or creepy, due to their lack of expression.

someone asked for a very similar request so i hope y’all don’t mind me combining the two requests into one!!

Seeing S/O’s Face for the First Time HC’s

Pannacotta Fugo:

  • Fugo was originally wary of you. You never wanted to reveal your face and sometimes, he had the urge to just punch it off of you. But he kept his cool. He just didn’t trust you since you face was too secretive to reveal. What if you were working for the enemy or a close associate to the boss? Bruno had to reason with him, saying there might be a good reason for it.
  • Eventually, Fugo just assumed you wanted to lead a normal life and not get your true identity into the mix of it all. It makes sense, considering everyone seemed to know his face and his association with Bruno and the others. He slowly starts to let his guard down around you but he still feels tension. What if Fugo said something rude but he wouldn’t know.
  • It’s not that you’re creepy but the fact that you have obscured all your emotions and hid them behind a mask bothered him slightly. Who knows what you were thinking. While he now thought of you as trustworthy, the looming fear of betrayal still would cross his mind when interacting with you. The fact you may never know who you’re truly are bothered him…
  • But was it because of how easy it was for you to slip from Passione’s grasp if things got busy? Or was it maybe the fact that if you were to leave one day, he would never know who you were. No name to put, no identifiable feature besides your height and weight (he had no idea what gender you were either)… just another person, lost in the sea of bodies.
  • Eventually, like it was fate, Fugo had finally seen your face when your mask was cracked from old age and tear during a fight. Your large eyes showed your focus with brows furrowed and your face contorted with fiery anger and hints of revenge. It was weird, to finally have a face for you. But he thought you had a lovely face with expressive details.
  • After you were done kicking ass, your face flushed when you noticed Fugo was just… staring at you. It made sense, considering this was his first time seeing you. But he seemed to be captivated by your beauty and how easily you expressed yourself. It was definitely weird but you were cute. “Q-Quit staring” you said. “Oh, right! My apologies.”

Giorno Giovanna: 

  • Giorno always wondered why you wore your mask. He wondered about it to himself, trying to come up with logical explanations. Did you lead a double life? Perhaps some sort of old scar covered your face? The young boy would try to gain your trust and investigate on his own. He tried to make small talk with you and eventually, you thought he was trustworthy.
  • You admired Giorno’s skills and how his Stand could essentially bring life to inanimate objects. It was truly something to marvel over, and you were impressed with his deductive abilities. You would talk to him about his thought process and what was going through his head. Well, he couldn’t tell you his true intentions, but he can tell your his sense of logic. 
  • Eventually, you learned a bit more about his past and how he came to Bruno’s gang. You apologized for his pain. But Giorno couldn’t tell if you were being sympathetic or uncaring of his past struggles since the mask did obscure your features. He realized you had the upper hand in risky situation: no one can see your fear, anger, or doubt.
  • Your voice never showed emotion and that had a him bit frightened but he was determined. If he was going to be your new don in the the near future, he would demand to see your face. Partly to confirm your identity but somewhat out of curiosity. Did you have a pretty face, that was just as calm and composed as your voice? He was determined to find out.
  • During the final showdown with the boss, a particular slap to face by a certain enemy knocked you to the ground. It had also cracked your mask and broke. Giorno was too busy to notice the shock read in your visage, the wide eyes of surprise, and how your lips parted in a gasp. No one would have known how truly expressive you were. 
  • After everything is said and done, Giorno takes a moment to admire your face. It’s almost too cute. He questions why you hid your face. It was somewhat to protect your identity since it was hard to trust anyone but mostly because you don’t want people to read you like an open book. The blonde laughs and you can’t help but blush when Giorno calls you cute. 

Narancia Ghirga:

  • Narancia seriously thinks you look like a badass with your mask on. He’s impressed by the intricate design of it, believing it gives you specks of personality. He’ll always ask to touch it and will be the one to constantly ask you to remove it. Of course, you outright refuse to and usually tell Narancia to fuck off, albeit playfully. But it would come out the wrong way.
  • He can’t tell if you like him or if you’re annoyed by his presence. Sometimes, the tone of your voice just sounds too cold, causing shivers to go down his spine. Usually when you have someone held captive, you’ll be the one in charge of investigation. You had a cruel way with words and how you would articulate them to your prisoners…
  • And while he found that also very badass of you, he couldn’t help but be slightly intimidated by you when he accidentally angered you. For all he knew, you could be a sadist. You could have hated him, Mista, Fugo, and the rest of gang but he wouldn’t be able to tell. Only Bruno had gotten a glimpse of your face but never gave out your real name.
  • It was terrifying to know what you might be and that scared him. But Narancia being Narancia, would quickly brush away the dark thoughts and doubts. Clearly, if you were looking to fuck up Bucciarati’s gang, it was one versus six. Even thought your stand was quite powerful, he’s pretty convinced Aerosmith could do some damage if needed.
  • But you seemed trustworthy, so hopefully a traitor was nothing to fret over. During one mission, after the betrayal of the boss, you had your mask shot off your face. Narancia was there to witness the entire thing and gasped upon seeing the flowing hair be set free. Your eyes, with blood trickling down and obscuring your vision, was also on guard.
  • Luckily, Narancia’s stand discovered the assailant and shot him down before he could do any more damage. Afterwards, he was teasing you about finally seeing your face and laughed when your face was heated up by the red blush that couldn’t be contained. He reassured you that you had an adorable face. You can’t tell if you wanted to punch or kiss him. 

Guido Mista:

  • You had long ago been incorporated into Mista’s friend group consisting of you, Narancia, and Fugo. Aside from Fugo, the gunslinger had deemed as being the serious one. You would constantly chide them for their childish behavior, lecture them for whenever they did something risky, and was very open about your concerns when bantering went on.
  • But what you more scary to Mista was the lack of expression. Your body language didn’t have a lot to say, you always balanced and composed during combat. Never letting the enemy get the upper hand. Your abilities were incredible and Mista wondered, how you truly were behind that mask of yours. Probably a hardened person, like Abbacchio.
  • Sometimes, he couldn’t tell when you were joking or being serious. You would tease him but sometimes, he would catch it as some form of mockery and be hurt by your words. You tried to tell him it was just playful banter. But he had already built up this image of you and what your face might have been: cold, distant, and stunningly intimidating.
  • And it was hard to replace that image; you, a seemingly playful person that was actually nice? No, never. That caused the two of you to get into little arguments when misinterpretation occurred. Mista was brutally honest. The two of you bickering was an almost everyday occurrence and if the two of you weren’t, then something must have been wrong.
  • However, all that would come to an end when the enemy had ripped off your mask. Your were wide-eyed, like a deer caught in headlights. A grimace appeared on your face, contorting the soft lines and hardening them with boiling anger. Without a second thought, you fought the enemy and gave him punch. Mista couldn’t help but whistle.
  • And you heard it! You turned toward him with a bright red face, about ready to punch him too. Cue your usual bantering but this time, Mista is teasing how easily red you get. “I didn’t know you were such a cute person behind that stupid mask of yours.” Even the Sex Pistols chirped in argument, showing how eager they were to see your flustered face. 
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Simple matching pride icons! They’re all my headcanons,,, (Avdol wears lipstick while Jean and Kak freckles!! Let’s not forget Jotaro’s lil beauty mark!!!)


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