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I was talking to a friend about the new Avatar Studio and realized just how important this could be.

The last episode of LOK aired in December 2014.  And with it, Korrasami became canon. I remember the joy of seeing two women in an implied relationship for just a few seconds.  And now a few years later we can watch entire shows about queer people.  I’ve forgotten what it was like to not have this level of representation that we have today, but in my mind, Legend of Korra was the start of this shift. 

That story was continued in comics and books, but hasn’t been able to take advantage of the shift that followed that airing in its original medium.  And now we have an opportunity for that.  I don’t know whose stories we will see, I don’t know if Nick will actually treat these creators with respect this time around, but whatever happens I know it’s going to feel like home.  It’s going to be the stories and world that I love, with representation that makes me feel seen.

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I only hope we get high quality Avatar content from Avatar Studios. I’m kind of hyped.

I want more Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra content more than anything. And it would be awesome if they could turn into a series or movies the Kyoshi novels. I honestly would love to know more of Kuruk, Yangchen, and Szeto. Let’s explore past Avatars. For the love of Raava though, don’t go creating a new Avatar just yet…

Above all else I want more The Legend of Korra content. And yes, judge me all you want but I want Korrasami content the most. The whole TLOK has still a lot to offer (ATLA too) and I’m not ready to get into a new show where Korrasami is possibly gone and I haven’t seen their life on display.

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by ThatOneGuy56

Naga brings home a surprise.

Words: 1773, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 27 of My Works

from AO3 works tagged ‘Avatar: Legend of Korra’
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if we don’t get a korrasami kiss in the new avatar series or whatever it is that they’re making, i don’t want it🙄✋🏻

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Asami nearly choked on an expensive glass of champagne when her girlfriend took of her coat and revealed her new dress. Korra has always been into more practical clothes, and with a few exceptions of her water tribe dresses, she never wore them. 

But she evidently broke that streak with her new blue dress that didn’t even try to hide her breasts. Two strips of material covered her nipples and most of her bosom, but leaving cuts to the side and in the middle that revealed exactly what the rest of material was hiding. 

Korra saw the widened eyes of her girlfriend and slowly walked towards her, watching as her eyes move from side to side. As Korra got closer, Asami saw the details on the dress and how the strips joined around her neck  with just one ornamental button. She was one flicker of her finger away from disrobing herself right here and now…

But instead, she asked her to dance and let Asami hide her reddened face against her bosom, which didn’t exactly help her condition, but allowed her to sneak a few kisses to her exposed skin.  

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Okay so I obviously have so much work to do, so what I’m gonna do is rate ships from tLOK, feel free to add your opinion or comment on mine!

  • linzin (Lin x Tenzin), 10/10, I love those two so much, they have amazing dynamic and I feel they were such a power couple, definitely would like to see them together
  • pemzin (Tenzin x Pema), 3/10, so I personally don’t really like Pema cuz she doesn’t have much personality imo, basically her only trait is being a mother (which, I believe, is hard enough but shouldn’t be treated as a character trait) and being harsh to Lin. definitely loving linzin more.
  • masami (Mako x Asami), 9/10, yeah their relationship actually made a lot of sense, later on it was based on friendship and overall was very sweet and I think it had a lot potential but yeah, we got what we got and obviously love triangle had to be involved
  • kainora (Kai x Jinora), 10/10, hjwuagjd they were so sweet, I loved them together, too bad they didn’t get much screen time in s4 because they were perfect representation of first love and how it lasts, just fluff
  • makorra (mako x korra), 0/10, now wth happened there?? this was shitty, toxic and undeveloped thing added imo just to spice things up so as to have cOmPlIcAtEd ReLaTiOnShIpS, which, big surprise, didn’t work at all and only made people hate mako (if that was the goal, well done then). as it turned out tho, they worked much better as friends
  • bopal (Bolin x Opal), 6/10, kinda cute but nothing special, it was nice to see Bolin getting some love after his adventures with korra (1/10, they had fun together but getting him into this mess would just made him even more broken than he already was, thank goodness he got over korra quickly and just stayed friends with her), eska (2/10, i don’t even know what to rate here, this relationship was obviously introduced as comedic relief (which, tbh, worked)) and ginger (0/10, yeah, girl, he’s definitely gonna be your bf now that he’s famous, that’s so nice you see him! cmon). opal being a strong young woman certainly helped him overcome his insecurities and he didn’t have to worry about getting out of toxic relationship (again)
  • korrasami (korra x asami), 5/10, I honestly couldn’t care less
  • baayin (baatar x suyin), 4/10, not much to rate here either because baatar also didn’t have much personality but it was nice seeing him staying by her side always, no matter what (even standing up to kuvira for su)
  • zhurrick (zhu li x varrick), 6/10, I really liked that it was kinda hinted from the beginning, it also made sense they got married so quickly but zhu li changing out of nowhere to whole other person?? like, what??
  • baavira (baatar jr x kuvira), 6/10, I feel kuvira really did love baatar but was just blinded by possibilities of power (and, well, power itself), I think it’s just tragic history they built for years and then destroyed basically together, breaking each other’s hearts
  • pheer (p’li x zaheer), 8/10, I WANNA KNOW THEIR BACKSTORY!! what happened there? how did it happen? so many questions ygh! but they worked great together, good thing they didn’t make zaheer indifferent villain without feelings, his ship with p’li was so great.
  • mingzan (ghazan x ming-hua), 10/10, I consider this canon, sorry not sorry, they had amazing dynamic and it was so obvious they had a crush on each other (remember that scene with Bolin guessing three things about them? do you? huh??), I feel they’d be great together as their relationship is also built on a strong friendship

BONUS (non-canon ships):

  • wuko (wu x mako), 0/10, yeah, another ship ppl created out of nowhere just to have mlm ship with two handsome guys in the show, same story as with zukka (okay maybe wuko has a bit more basis than zukka but still). I think they’re great friends, learning from each other but would be terrible in romantic relationship (just imagine mako getting so frustrated and angry nearly every time they interact, please, just give him a rest)
  • kylin (kya x lin), 6/10, for me they have more sibling-like relationship and yeah, I’m a big linzin stan, but i think if I ignored this for a sec, they would be a couple I’d ship, just imagine the sass and power of those two being so badass
  • amorra (amon x korra), -1/10, why the hell this even exists
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I call this “The many faces of Asami Sato”.

Might colour it in eventually.

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oc trope challenge feb 25- grand romantic gesture
by Paranormal ink 96

After Korra Asami and Nova help Bolin out of a jam he tries to think of a way to repay them. Nova helps.

Words: 983, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 11 of oc trope challenge 2021, Part 6 of Ba Sing Se University

Read Here:

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I really need a good Korrasami fanfiction right now. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Korra haters be like:

-We hate her because she is arrogant - Just Like Toph right? She is pretty arrogant and you guys love her

-We hate her because she had no development - She development actually mirrors Azula and Zuko development arc. So when you say things like this, you’re also talking shit about Azula and Zuko developments arc

- We hate her because she is weak, she always need help - Just like Aang right?! If it wasn’t for Katara, Aang would still be in the iceberg. If it wasn’t for her, Aang would have died in the end of book2. An if it wasn’t for her again Zuko would have died and Azula would be FireLord and the war would be far from over. If it wasn’t for Toph, Sokka and Suki, Aang may have had lost the battle since he would fight both the powerfull Ozai and his fleet.

-The characters in TLOK are to overpowered, they convenient discover new abilities - Just like how convenient it was for Toph, the new gaang member, be the one who invented metal bending? And how convenient was that Katara was able to bloodbend, a ability she have just discovered, the woman who pretty much mastered and spend most of her life developing and using this skill

-The Legend of Korra is terrible, to many god ex machina moments- Because that Lion Turtle convenient appearing just in time to give Aang the answer he was looking for since book1 and the power to do what he wanted since he had no intention to kill Ozai. Oh and how convenient it was that Aang hit his back scar in that pointed rock just in time to enter in Avatar State, and how dafuck that was able to restore his chakras?

Hate The Legend of Korra is hate The Last Airbender because even being two very different shows, they share so much, they mirrors and complete each other.

That’s why 90% of the haters are straight males, because the truth about why they hate her show and her character is way more simple : They hate Korra because she is a lgbt poc woman who doesn’t take any crap from any men.

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Re: The expansion of the Avatar franchise - 

Wouldn’t it be the best thing ever if thanks to Korra’s subtle ending, SheRa could get the ending it did, but now thanks to how popular SheRa’s ending was, future stories of Korra would be completely explicit, Korrasami wise?

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Whenever Asami is stressed out and can’t fall asleep because of it, Korra strokes her hair to make her feel safe and relaxed.

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Korra: There are no snacks left in the kitchen.

Asami: I am literally right here.


Korra: I said in the kitchen. Not in the bedroom.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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