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#she ra catra

Dog listen

I think

I think it started off as hordak just using her cause she’s smart


It’s so much more than that

She was a princess left behind (they thought she was dead not their fault) but she didn’t really have much to lose her kingdom was gone and she was just adapting to her surroundings

Scorpia was so nice to her and she had Emily so i don’t think anything she did was wrong like yes she did help the horde but they were the only people who truly understood her

Everyone else just thought she was a crazy princess that no one really liked before the alliance

But that isn’t what you asked

You asked about hordak and entrapta

Hordak and entraptas relationship started as merely lab partners but they both bounced ideas off of eachother and truly respected each other and grew closer through everything and I think they both honestly care for each other deeply

I love them and I think they love each other I don’t want to spoil anything but in later seasons you’ll see what I mean

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Bow to catra: you are a violent being.

Catra: yes, but im small so it’s adorable.


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she’s here!!!!! I wanted to do a Catra piece for quite some time now! hope you enjoy!

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I believe She-ra & The Princesses Of Power shows how low the standard for representation in media really is.

Whether in LGBT, endogeny, POC or Woman leadership.

Plan to elaborate soon. Stay tuned.

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Just found out people ship Entrapta and Mermista… 🤢

Yes, let’s ship a 30 year old and a teenager. That’s totally fine. Ship a fully grown adult with someone who wasn’t even alive when she was a teen. That’s great…

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Catra: wanna do something stupid and dangerous?

Glimmer: you know me too well

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Okay, so I had this dream where there were alternate endings to The Heart pt. 2.

I can only remember pieces so I’ll write them down before I forget.

Alternate ending 1:

Catra and Adora are in the heart of Etheria and Catra is trying to get Adora to wake up.

“I love you, I always have.”

“It’s too late.”

Adora believes she has failed and doesn’t wake up in time. The heart explodes and Etheria is destroyed.

But somehow, Catra and Adora are still alive.

Adora is still unconscious in her dream state and Catra is injured from the explosion.

Horde Prime takes Catra and Adora prisoner. They are brought to a building to be kept forever.

The building looks like an old farmhouse with a kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom downstairs with a loft upstairs. Actually I don’t think there were stairs, maybe a ladder?

Catra has bandages on one ear and Adora is still infected. Horde Prime is keeping her alive(?) for some reason with some tech, but she’s basically on life support.

The house is on a nice planet (Think Great Plateau from Breath of the Wild) but there is a force shield around the house about a mile around. (Think of the Wakanda shield) The shield is guarded from the outside by Horde clones.

Catra and Adora spend the rest of their lives in their prison.

Alternate ending 2:

In the future, Etheria looks like Coruscant from Star Wars.

And in the future, Etheria’s magic is made up of four elements.

So Avatar Aang and his friends were going on a class trip(?) with the rest of there school.

I could only tell it was Aang because of the blue arrow on his head. Otherwise, he was tall and wearing a leather jacket.

That’s it.

Alternate ending 3:

The rebellion lost the battle and now the best friend squad have to go undercover to take down the Horde.

Etheria looks like New York in the 1950’s.

The best friend squad is trying to figure out the best way to sneek into the Horde capital.

Catra has an actual cat now. I don’t know where Melog went but now Catra has an actual cat. He’s a nice cat to, a little cream and orange colored kitten.

That’s as far as this dream went.


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I drew four of my favourite spop-characters over the past days, a few more I wanna do.

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