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twogoldenflowers · 2 days ago
Something always struck me about Hunter's eyes, and it wasn't his eye color, but I could never put my finger on what is was. Now I've finally realized it was the look of constant sadness in his eyes.
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bug-ju1c3 · 2 days ago
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I really hope no one has made this yet LMAO
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memorywitches · 16 hours ago
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Happy anniversary eclipse lake! and happy anniversary since this episode forever changed my brain chemistry
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emerald-entrails-hunter · 2 days ago
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WitteDad Timepool AU: Dad's Photo Collection: Shh...
Mr. Noceda captured this one evening when Hunter had gotten rather fussy. It never gets old to see a baby calm down the second they get a bottle of milk.
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bees-throne · 2 days ago
This contains spoilers to Season 2 of The Owl House!
Ok, I don't know if I'm the first person who's realized this but I still felt like I should bring it up. So, we all know the theory about Hunter's gloves. He always wears them, and we've NEVER seen him take them off. Not even once, with is kind of strange behavior. Additionally, in multiple clips it has been shown that Hunter's seems abnormally sensitive to physical touch with his hands.
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You can see that Hunter acts as if Willow's handshake or Gus's high-five hurts his hand physically. Which could be true, and it's even more suspicious that Hunter is NEVER seen taking off his gloves.
Now, I want you to look at these pictures of the past golden guards, compared to hunter.
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We can see here, that of course they look a little different. Due to them being in different time periods, but if you look closer you can see that their all wearing the same gloves.
I know this could just be because it was for the uniform but still. What if that problem Hunter has with his hands has also affected all of the past grimwalkers or past golden guards? And why?
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mizuki2hot · 6 hours ago
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Mutual feelings 🤔
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jadenscr1p · 23 hours ago
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ilovellamasfrfr · 15 hours ago
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Hollow worm (mind) redraw
This trend is driving me insane help 😭
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haruyukihana · 2 days ago
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"Out of all the Grimwalkers, you looked the most like him"
What a nice show.
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the-nerd · a day ago
Love this drabbles of the hexquad in the human realm, Just like I did with Hunter, now it's willow's turn to feel embarrassed with her feelings and her thoughts.
So here we go, more hormonal and puberty teenagers, this was based on a fanart of @omychan2 on Twitter
Morning surprise
As the days went by, the group got used to living together in the same space, it was difficult with four girls and only two boys, but in the end it became a routine.
What was sometimes still weird, was seeing the guys first thing in the morning, willow saw it very interesting.
The first one to wake up that morning was Gus, even after what happened, when you saw it in the morning, you could only see a child still trying to wake up, rubbing his eyes with his fist and yawning.
The second one who woke up was Hunter and that's when Willow realized the big age difference between them, she couldn't deny that Hunter was attractive, but seeing him with his hair undone, with those sweatpants that were too big for him and that let show part of his underwear just.... Just hit different and wake inside of her an impulse of.... Of...
Aaaaaah! She felt her face burning with the realization of what she was thinking and what she was looking at, hiding her face between her hands.
Hunter, at that moment, was oblivious of what was happening on the other side of the kitchen, he only wanted to start the coffee machine to make himself a big mug of that marvelous concoction. As he yawned and scratched a part of his chest that bothered him, not realizing he was showing part of his tors to a pair of curious eyes.
G... Good morning!! - That sudden sound made Hunter jump, until he realized the origin - w... Willow... Good morning, how long have you been there?! - he said a bit too loud, Showing his nervousness.
N....Not too much, don't worry, I was just preparing to train a bit- she lied, but she wasn't going to admit that she was watching him all that morning.
Oh!! Good good- He was trying to put on a casual pose while he said that, but failed abruptly.
Well, I will leave you now... Bye! - willow ran as fast as nobody could see her tomato red face.
Hunter was left alone in the kitchen, as red and as embarrassed as her, because she saw him without his hair combed, with these sweatpants that were too big for him and without even time to wash his face, she would think he is some kind of untidy guy!!!! He was freaking out!! not knowing the girl in question was quite endearing with that morning surprise.
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lemkid · 2 months ago
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gen z's zuko is so important to me.......
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twogoldenflowers · 18 hours ago
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Happy Anniversary to Eclipse Lake! Where we got to see Hunter literally dig his own grave and got one of the best fight scenes in the entire show. Including, what is, in my opinion, the best soundtrack that has ever come out of this show, the Amity VS Hunter Theme.
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feralratsoup · 18 days ago
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A day where everyone's happy and nothing happened and they're all just being funky little teens in the human realm🥲
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birdiebrunch · 2 months ago
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toh dump. new ep so fawking goooood .. also Hunter and luz are bffls besties even tbh
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lifedreaming · 3 months ago
Seeing the TOH cast as kids is so cute <3
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purble-sarah · a month ago
inspired by @anglerflsh 's teen outfit designs
i didnt know how to add the jacket sry :(
open the image for better quality
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this was just gonna be a lil sketch but i liked it too much so i fully rendered it
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solspurv · 2 months ago
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they look out for each other
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