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se-coregt · 2 days ago
Those 2 , are powerful
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smallpapers · 22 hours ago
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can’t sleep (willow breaks down)
You are so much stronger than you think.
(you.are.here comic series: tag/masterlist)
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lamelarts · 2 days ago
When autumn leaves start to fall… 🍁🍂✨
This is the second pic of my autumn art, this time with Hunter, Willow and Gus :>
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honorbestowsacrown · 2 days ago
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another screencap redraw of the moment ever
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merriclo · a day ago
hunter in canon: able to keep his cool, blushes very subtly and not for that long of a time, able to keep up conversations w willow
huntlow shippers: no actually he’s a fucking loser dork
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gravityfallsrockz · 2 days ago
Reblog if you miss them
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theaceofarrows · 23 hours ago
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boingaloings · 10 hours ago
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some well deserved rest!
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twogoldenflowers · a day ago
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Nose Boop!
I got the idea for this when I was at the Magic Kingdom Parade at Disneyworld a couple days back where Mickey and Minnie booped noses. Inspiration can come from the most random of things lmao.
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liceistrying · a day ago
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a hex squad summer day ☀️
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midwesterosi · 2 days ago
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i wanna be barely hanging on (when you make me lose control) 
((click for high quality))
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ookamihanta · 2 days ago
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last day of pride heres my version of the hexside squad <3
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giantrobotface · a day ago
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Random Owl house sketches
They LARP, but Luz and Amity cheat by using the “POWER OF LOVE” and win every time
They try virtual reality because I said so:
Gus: Chooses to play the gentle Ocean demo and is impressed with how humans created illusions without magic (first to try it)
Amity: Tries it and reacts pretty strongly to anything coming at her. Luz can’t resist taping her cute reactions
Hunter: Decides he wants to try something different and puts on Resident Evil 7 VR, despite Luz’s warnings. He freaks out.
Willow: Plays Resident Evil 7. Doesn’t even flinch.
Luz: Has played VR a lot, and is more amused by her friend’s reactions.
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tinysillylemonman · a day ago
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ostrichmonthly · a day ago
I don't really "ship" - not in the traditional sense of the word, however I can appreciate ships, and often have thoughts on them
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This is not the ship you deserve, but the one you need
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natflash · 19 hours ago
The current mood for today is imagining Willow and an ungloved Hunter doing the Hand Flex scene from Pride and Prejudice (2005) and crying about it
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jellyfishinajamjar · 17 hours ago
Headcanon that Belos knows he’s going to kill the next Grimwalker when he’s making them so he doesn’t bother to do that good of a job with them
Hunter needs glasses but doesn’t know it. He asks Willow why she’s wearing such fragile looking goggles and she has to explain what glasses are to a guy who thinks everything is supposed to be blurry
While they’re in the human realm Camila takes him to a checkup cause this boy has never been to a doctor except to fix obviously broken bones and he gets prescription lenses. Luz makes sure he gets the dilf frames (you know exactly the ones I’m taking about)
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ocreoart · a day ago
I'm going to start sharing art from my insta, so here's some TOH stuff
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erosarrows22 · a day ago
Luz shows everyone fireflies for the first time and they all have different reactions.
Amity is a little freaked out.
Willow is trying to catch them.
Hunter is just frozen in shock because h o w.
And Gus is trying to eat them.
Luz also takes them to the zoo and they all start screaming when they see giraffes.
Not Gus though he gets excited and tries to communicate with the giraffes.
They also find an opossum in the trash and just stand around it in awe.
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emeraldtriodaily · a day ago
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