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I fall into the passenger side seat of my roommates car. I take a deep breath and try to relax into the familiar feeling of the leather. I breathe in deeply again, this time to try and ease away the knot that formed in my chest as soon as I walked through security.

I can distantly hear her study playlist playing through the speakers. She knew that I couldn’t focus on my school work while she was playing it, but it did calm me down. “Thank you.” I whisper. I couldn’t make my voice any louder, not with how loud and chaotic my head already was.

“How was the flight?” She asked, keeping her eyes on the road and her voice just as soft.

“I half managed to distract myself with Netflix.” I closed my eyes and sighed. “I want to go home.”

“Back to Arizona?” She sounded confused. I couldn’t blame her. I would talk about growing up in Arizona sometimes, but never once did I call it home.

“Back to him. Back to Pennsylvania.” I didn’t have many friends, but the ones I did have knew that I never felt safe in places, I felt safe with them. They knew I only relaxed when I was around at least one of them and nowhere else. But none of them made me feel safer than when I was with him, even if it was only through the phone.

She let the silence sit for a few minutes before asking more about my trip. I had known her the longest, and she knew how best to distract me. 

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My throat hurt- I was choking, smothering, holding back on him- my insides were churning in blind jealousy, and I didn’t even see it coming. Oh Lord, how I wish he had written a farewell note, or maybe I just want him to walk through the door.

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5 Dec, 2020

Around a year ago, when things were good life was EASY, I started to write what I thought as a general experiment of what I say as my calibre of writing .

As we close the book for this year, the same has to be with you and me .

A year that was too hard for me, realized that . .

“Everything has to come to an end even our joy and even our sorrow”

. . But still trying to find the inner me that I lost once and can be found but it’s hard and fast

Learnt life lessons, gathered more experience developed a sense of responsibility and manor.

As of me . .

“It was a year NOT to remember but TO learn what is NECESSARY”

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Thank you, SLA! I’m thinking of ways to share my original/not K-Pop related works. I’ll let you known if/when I come up with something!

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***Headphones Recommended***
Style: old-timey, nostalgic guitar
Notes: enjoying the winter holidays with those that you love (montage), as a wonderful dance teeters out from the radio

A very modern AU with invites and concord — the old radio eeks out a delightful, little tune as Geralt and Jaskier decorate for the holidays, bake a few pastries with messes on the way, and are dancing like no one’s watching as they rock along each other’s heels, finding themselves tangled in tinsel.

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Tongues moved together as the storm raged, thunder and rain muffling soft moans. Legs wrapping and pulling deeper, bodies grinding, pleading for more. Passion builds with the storm, cresting on a primal roar, collapsing into a sweaty mess, tangled together. Dozing to a light rain.


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