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apiscesthing · a minute ago
Pisces Advice
Dear Pisces,
You will not find “happily ever after” through living the same chapter again and again. You’ve learned all you can from this chapter so move forward (you owe the past nothing.)
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janila-luzon · 3 minutes ago
I lowkey ship RoseSport / JanSé or whatever you call it until now. In fact, I already made a fanfic of them on my mind. These photos I found, intensifies it even more. 😆😆
I love them so much!!
📸 IG: _omgheygrace_
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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caffeine-catastrophe · 4 minutes ago
Chapters: 9/9 Fandom: Julie and The Phantoms (TV) Rating: Mature Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Julie Molina/Luke Patterson, Alex & Willie (Julie and The Phantoms) Characters: Reggie Peters (Julie and The Phantoms), Ray Molina, Carlos Molina, Flynn (Julie and The Phantoms), Carrie Wilson, Nick (Julie and The Phantoms), Julie Molina, Kayla (Julie and The Phantoms), Luke Patterson (Julie and The Phantoms) Additional Tags: home for the holidays!au, Alternate Universe - Human, Christmas, I swear a lot so they do too, I have been consumed by this fandom, Slow Burn, Found Family, no beta we die like men Summary:
There’s nothing like coming home the week of Christmas and discovering you’re still in love with a worm-eater. OR: the Home for the Holidays!AU that no one asked for
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caffeine-catastrophe · 5 minutes ago
I– I can’t believe it. I just posted the last chapter of TTDS!! Thank you so much to everyone who has been supporting me and my baby fic thus far!! This is for you guys❤️❤️
Last chapter is available on my A03 now!
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honknews · 6 minutes ago
Perry Mason Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More Information !!!
Perry Mason Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More Information !!!
Sister Alice, played by Tatiana Maslany, will not return for Season 2 of HBO’s grim and gritty Matthew Rhys-led Perry Mason movie TV show. Sister Alice, performed by Tatiana Maslany, will not be returning for Season 2. When Raymond Burr portrayed the hero attorney built by author Erle Stanley Gardner from the iconic CBS series Perry Mason, that aired from 1957 to 1966, he became a TV star. Mason…
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cashewsaremyfavoritetho · 6 minutes ago
buzzcut season by lorde = wandavision and johnlock
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apiscesthing · 7 minutes ago
Pisces Today - April 20, 2021
There are some strong connections with the outer planets affecting your sign today, which may feel intense or even overwhelming at times. Keep yourself grounded in your everyday reality and make sure you've got somegentle inner boundaries in place. Focusing on what is most meaningful to you will help you bring together the ideal and the reality.
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devilsskettle · 10 minutes ago
the only interesting modern novel adaption of a greek myth that i’ve ever read was bone gap by laura ruby and i didn’t even realize it was an adaption of the abduction of persephone and the orpheus & eurydice myths until halfway through. it was new! it was different! it was interesting! it was only loosely based on these myths to explore certain themes about identity and freedom and consent and love and losing a loved one and BEES and social norms and beauty standards and navigating living with a disability etc etc etc!! another example of a story that can stand alone but is only improved by deeper exploration when you consider the source material! it was such an unexpected story too, i could hardly predict a single thing that happened despite it being a partial adaption because it really was doing something original with those myths. like if you really insist on reading exclusively ya, that’s a good one to try! sure it’s not lgbt but it explores a lot of other important topics and anyway that’s not necessarily a good way of choosing what you read (call me by your name is also myth-reference-heavy lgbt book that emulates an eromenos/erastes relationship and we know how this website feels about that so....)(also if you don’t have an opinion about whether achilles was the eromenos or erastes or neither in their relationship i don’t particularly care about your thoughts on his and patroclus’ relationship. sorry)(i think achilles was the eromenos to patroclus’ erastes role and i will die on that hill unless presented with a very compelling counter argument). also for queer ya, aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe – not classic lit related as the name implies but gay and very good. gay fantasy? carry on. gay sci-fi? we are the ants. more ya high school gay drama? simon vs the homo sapien agenda. not to mention all the other ya gay lit you can find recommendations for on the internet with a quick google search. hit up goodreads or something. anyway in terms of other adaptions that i liked: hadestown i also enjoyed even though it was more of a straight adaption and the game hades looks promising and fun to me too, but i think i will give ursula le guin’s lavinia a try at some point, and of course mythology island on poptropica is a classic, but yeah for the most part modern adaptions of mythology don’t resonate with me, maybe because the language is less interesting? maybe because it feels trite? i don’t know, maybe it’s minor heresy not to spend more time on modern applications of myth but i simply do not enjoy it
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teeshann · 18 minutes ago
You Gotta Get Schwifty Hoodie
#yougottagetschwifty #schwifty #animation #sitcom #televisionseries #rickandmorty #mortysmith #rick #ricksanchez #morty #rickandmortymerch #justinroiland #danharmon #wubbalubbadubdub #americananimatedcomedy You Gotta Get Schwifty Hoodie Available in Size S-3XL. Cool Hoodie Designs with low price and with very good quality only at Teeshann.  
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Product Description:
Material – 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester-Preshrunk custom hoodie
270 g/m2 (7.75 oz)
Air jet yarn = softer feeling with no annoying pilling
Quality Double-lined hood with matching drawstring – looks good on and off
Double-needle stitching for strength and durability
The custom hoodie has Cool Pouch pocket to keep your hands warm
1×1 athletic rib with spandex
Thank you for buying “You Gotta Get Schwifty Hoodie” at Teeshann
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honknews · 22 minutes ago
What To Expect From The Masked Singer Season 5
What To Expect From The Masked Singer Season 5
On Sunday, it had been declared that Alma Wahlberg, the mum of Donnie and Mark Wahlberg, passed away. In light of that heartbreaking news, there’s some speculation concerning whether Jenny McCarthy, who’s wed to Donnie Wahlberg, will get involved in Wednesday night’s episode of The Masked Singer. So, will McCarthy be behind the judges’ panel on Wednesday? Since filming for The Masked Singer…
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littlesugarwords · 23 minutes ago
Hey!! Can I get some modern hc for Brody and her s/o sneaking out of Ericson to go on a date?
THIS IS SO PRECIOUSSSSS I’m so excited for this one yay yay
Brody knew the guards schedule like it was the back of her hand.
That was only thanks to Mitch,
God bless him,
Who was spearheading their escape plan.
“Here’s what you need to do.” He said,
Outside one day,
Sliding a folded piece of paper into Brody’s hand.
Brody raised a brow as she opened it.
“Why do you have this ready?” She asked.
Mitch blinked.
“You never know when you’ll need it.”
Brody didn’t question him further.
The plan seemed simple on a first glance.
It had timed the exact schedule of the hall monitor team.
‘John walks slow. That’s the window.’ was written at the bottom of the page.
In crayon, it seemed.
Brody chuckled, but noted it.
It was useful.
And needed.
She slid a note into her partner’s hand one day while outside.
The two smiled,
Exchanging silent sweet nothings,
Then parting ways.
Brody brought a stopwatch to time everything,
And it worked.
Down to John’s slow walking.
“Impressive.” Brody hushed to herself.
As instructed, she went to an unmonitored corner behind the school,
Near the trash bins,
Without security cameras.
She shimmied up one of the garbage cans,
Then hopped the fence,
Shuffling on overgrown vines to get down.
Officially, she was out of Ericson territory.
“You’re here!” A whispered voice said,
A spark in the still night.
Turning around, Brody spotted Y/N,
Smiles and all,
Immediately reaching for Brody’s hands.
“You beat me?” Brody scoffed.
She giggled, but stopped feeling them kiss her cheek,
Flushing red.
“Reggie took a smoking break.”
Brody smirked. “Bonus timing.”
“Mitch’s plan was alarmingly thorough.”
“I know. It freaked me out a little.” Brody whispered through giggles,
Giddy at the mere sight of them.
They did it.
They snuck out.
They were there, together.
“So, what’s the plan?”
Brody was so mesmerized in the thrill she forgot until Y/N spoke.
They were there to go on a date.
“Oh,” she whispered, jaw agape.
Y/N smiled and brushed at her cheek,
Smitten by her adoration.
Brody gently took Y/N’s hand,
Pulling them away from the Ericson gates.
Off to the side, curled into the nook of a tree.
It was the nearest, safest space.
The moment they sat down, Brody swung her backpack around.
She pressed her finger against the zipper to quietly open it.
Inside were two sodas,
A few chocolate covered granola bars,
And some pretzels.
Y/N gawked.
“How did you even get these?” They squeaked,
Excitedly taking one of everything out.
“I’ve been saving them.” Brody said.
It took her weeks.
But it was worth it.
The awe in their eyes was worth it,
And kissing them between sips of soda underneath the stars was priceless.
It was their new favourite date.
They made a point to do it every month:
As frequently as they safely could.
𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘬 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘮 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘨 💌☕️♡
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finnnguyenssecretdoublelife · 25 minutes ago
absolutely love yasmina’s skinny house
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skam-wtfock-sobbe · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
What's with the new Banner ? It looks so different compared to the others 😳 But I do like it. Yasmina looks amazing in the banner..Two sides of a coin..Love this idea..The colours (reds, oranges & blacks) looks AWESOME ❤ 🧡 🖤..I guess all will be revealed (Yasmina's story) as the clips continue 😋❤ Can't exciting 🤩💯❤
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olivialuxs · 38 minutes ago
i lied in the tags of my last post. i forgot about rosé being asked who the love interest of the season would be and her going “den-” 
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idkjusttrash · 40 minutes ago
can a make-a-wish kid take one for the team and ask for ouran season 2
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purplejeanny · 40 minutes ago
So I was rewatching Miraculous Ladybug on Disney Channel and I noticed on the episode Feast, why is Audrey shown watching the news of the reappearance of the temple? Well I already heard about Kagami's mom theory being involve in some schemes of Gabriel/Hawkmoth so maybe that's understandable but Audrey? Why? Or am I just making it a big deal.
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