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Fiiiiiiiiiiinished!! (Nov 23, 2020)

I draped it over my dog to take a pic, lol. I *just* noticed on the left that there’s a couple of the Rex’s fingers peeking up from behind the title.

Now I just have to find a frame and decide if I want to attempt to mat it (probably no). Washing, stretching and ironing come first though. Stretching will be a first for me though. I’ve never done that. My grandma always did it for me, but she passed in April.

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idk why i’m so chatty lately i’ve been feeling inspired and excited and i’ve been getting some good advice but like all of a sudden everyone’s dealing wit something and i been talking to [redacted] too much lol i need to give it a break. omg i wanna chat so bad SO BAD i needa restrain myself

well if anyone here wants to talk about this tattoo idea msg me ig lmao

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We get So used to life being a routine until it’s just Different one day. . Everyday isn’t what “everyday”was… and some days, these days remembering those days are days where you can be really upset, be really frustrated, or be really grateful. Depending on your experience and attitude.

Life happens and there were days..(insert your feels)

Days turn into memories, memories playback in dreams, dreams awaken in us a New hopes, new fears, new purpose.

New perspective, new experiences, new chances.

Welcome to New days sleeper.

Where if you can accept where you are right now. Moving forward is the new routine. It’s not what you’re used too, but it’s still your life. It’s still your path. Have faith and Keep Going



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I’m so fucking done with my useless mother and her piss-poor ‘parenting’. I’m literally going through a period of crying my eyes out and getting all of my stress and anger off of my chest, but this useless fucking bitch threatens to fucking leave me alone so she can go outside on a stupid walk, and then says that my anger/yelling at her is ‘uncalled for’, as if she isn’t the cause of it (which she denies).

I’m sick of it.

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Watch “Finally Accepting Who I Am. Part 1.” on YouTube

So yeah. Thanks for the people who actually followed or gave a damn. Got rest. Doing okay. Let go of past glory. By Luna’s Request. I am getting rid of that past bullshit.

Special Thanks to These People:



Luna Yoshi

Martha J.



and everyone else scared shitless….

Urgh. So sorry. XD


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Her hand was warm. Scout’s tears still running down her face, she looked like a mess, snot all on the edge of her woolen sweater, and her cheeks were red. Alex was calm and rubbed her thumb slowly on Scout’s. There was fog drifting close to the ground and the sun slowly set over the skyscrapers and buildings. The luminescent yellow, pink, and blue neon lights started to come to life. The colors all blended in Scout’s eyes just feeling her body go numb and relax. Yet, millions of thoughts raced through her head about her home, her life, and Alex.
“I don’t deserve her, but she is here with me now,  … I think I’m in…”
“Are you ok? How are you feeling?”
Scout snapped back into reality. Noticing she let go of Alex’s hand. Alex’s freckles crinkled making almost a nebula on her face as she smiled. Scout could barely speak.
“Oh… yeah I’m ok!” Scout quickly snatched Alex’s hand back into her’s.
There was silence between the two as they entered the building and started climbing the stairs towards the top of Alex’s studio. She worked there after school during the week, drawing, animating, and working on small errands for her co-workers. They eventually reached the top and Alex pulled out the key to unlock the door. She turned towards Scout and smirked.
“Watch this.”
She unlocked the door and a cool breeze shifted Scout’s hair as she looked at the specter in front of her. The orange sun was almost under the horizon, still emitting its last rays of light causing the sky and clouds to become a pink and purple hue. The city around them was just starting the light up creating a galaxy of mixed colors and hues. The light gleamed against Scout’s glasses, her mouth wide open as she marveled at the beauty in front of her.  
Alex sighed as if she had seen this a multitude of times, her long hair flowing in the wind. She sauntered towards the edge of the roof and sat on the edge, her long legs dangling over the edge. She tucked her purple studded bangs behind her ear. It held little dragons as earrings. Scout hurried after her and clutched Alex’s hand as she sat down. Alex put her head on Scout’s shoulder squeezing her hand. “You know I’ll always be here for you right?”
“Yes, of course, you’re my…best friend!” Scout replied suddenly flustered feeling her cheeks burn as she stuttered to say something. She grabbed a piece of her hair and twirled it around her finger. Silence again
“I’m going to do this, thought Scout, just do it, I’ll just do it quickly, she probably forgot about it, just lean in and…”   Scout’s phone buzzed. Her father wanted her home, now. Scout groaned, Alex picked herself up and stared at the ground and her face clearly showed a look of disappointment.
“So, I have to go,” explained Scout, waving her phone back and forth, “You know how my father is, he is crazy if I come home after curfew.”
She started heading towards the stairs when Alex grabbed her wrist and pulled Scout towards her. Alex grabbed her cheeks, she quickly placed her lips onto Scout’s. She slowly pulled away from her face as red as a strawberry.
“Please stay, he won’t know, you’ll only be gone for a few extra minutes…Scout, are you ok?”
Scout stood there, her mouth gaped open like a fish, her face flustered and pink as her newly dyed hair.
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