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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Rena Rouge: you know, before I got a Miraculous, I assumed that Ladybug and Chat Noir May have been a little goofy occasionally but they were still mostly competent and professional.

Ladybug, flinging Chat across the city for no reason: HE MAKE AN BIG STEPPY

Rena: …I miss those days.

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So a week ago, give or take, I replied to a post on another website which basically asked “if you were given the job of rebuilding Disneyland, would you change anything?” The question got me thinking a fair bit about the Anaheim Disney resort’s overarching themes, and where they work or don’t work, resulting in a giant three-part comment to fully explain my redesign.

Today, I feel like sharing those ideas with y'all over here, too!

Let’s begin with the assumptions that…

  1. we can get permits in Anaheim but no new land…
  2. we have a budget that could theoretically rebuild the whole park if it had to but not too much beyond that, and…
  3. original Walt-era Disneyland stuff may be difficult to move without damaging or destroying, and deliberately destroying and rebuilding it, while allowed, may not be desirable for reasons of preserving park history.

Given that, my high-level approach would be a refocusing of each park’s experience on its core concept. I envision three parks:

  • Disneyland - worlds of “yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy” - embodied by the genres Walt himself grew up with.
  • A reimagining of California Adventure that synthesizes the original idea of “Califorina, the real place you are visiting right now, presented as a fictional place to explore” with the running Pixar theme of “secret peoples and communities that live alongside humanity, in the here and now, just outside our line of sight”.
  • A new third gate that focuses on stories of larger-than-life heroism and villainy - the native park of Star Wars, MCU, Pirates-the-movie-series, and other similar properties.

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the people who hold animals lives over humans (usually poc) with the defense that “an animal cant abuse you” clearly do not remember the existence of police dogs outside of fucking paw patrol

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Chapter Summary:  The party decides to take their quest one step further and infiltrate the base of a criminal empire.

Note for this and future(or past) chapters: If any of the content/subject matter makes you uncomfortable, tell me and I’ll make sure to tag it! 

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The Goldbag shop wasn’t difficult to find, mostly due to the symbol on its storefront. Entirely due to the symbol on the storefront.

“Hello!” Jared greeted. He was elected as their spokesperson on the way there, so of course he put enthusiasm into his performance. “I’d like to speak to the owner of this place?”

“And why would that be?” The man behind the counter’s question appeared to catch Jared off guard. “Did you buy something? We have a no refunds policy.”

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