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All of our fear and the fire
Of the end of the world
Happens each time a boy falls in love with a girl
Happens grace
Happens sweet
Happily, I’m unfazed here, too


Wasteland, baby
I’m in love
I’m in love with you

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white people (women ngl) squeeing over the white feminist capitalist in i care a lot bc shes a lesbian. gone girl 2

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Unusual Random Aesthetics for the Signs

Aries: Tattoos of Eyes on… unexpected places on your body.

Taurus: throwing a shopping bag out of the window for your sister that forgot it and doesn’t wanna walk all the way up to the 5th floor again

Gemini: carrying your cat in the front of your sweatshirt like a big baby.

Cancer: talking to your cactus so it grows taller and hoping the spikes get softer if you’re nice to them

Leo: crying while showering

Virgo: Buying ALL the marker colors and paper supplies. All the markers. Especially the pretty pink and purple ones.

Libra: using a fresh bar of soap for the very first time before it gets all soggy and soft

Scorpio: looking into the windows of houses from the train, and admiring people dancing all for themselves in front of the mirror. It gives you joy. It’s like a little secret.

Sagittarius: pigeons sitting on a rooftop in a perfect row as if they were some fancy ladies having their afternoon chat and tea~

Capricorn: when a cat sees a Christmas tree and that moment right before (!) they go completely feral

Aquarius: going to the woods just to pick up some pretty pebbles and showing them to your friends at home, and deciding which one is the prettiest. That one will be put on a pedestal in the bathroom.

Pisces: buying butt-ugly but matching necklaces for you and your best friend. They really aren’t pretty, but at least you both have to go through the same pain of wearing them.

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After swapping bases, Stress and Impulse learned a lot more about each other, including that they both play drum sets. Stress insisted that they jam out, but she mostly ended up playing while Impulse tried not to freak out over how cute and talented she is.

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making the trevor drawing a speed paint bcecause. im insane

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Daily Writing 2021: February 27th

Read it on AO3.

Submit a prompt for me to write! (I mostly do sapphic ships, especially Catradora, Supercorp, Harlivy, Pertrapta, and Dansen)

The gargoyle slept. As guardian of the castle, it had long ago developed an ability to sense dangers approaching, even while it was deep in slumber. The last time it detected such dangers, the gargoyle performed its job: alerting the castle, protecting the door. The would-be invaders dissolved into mist upon first strike, a curious reaction to hitting humans, the gargoyle thought, but at the same time, many things humans did were curious to the gargoyle. With the door secure, the gargoyle returned to its perch and slept, awaiting the next time it was needed.

The gargoyle tried to pay no attention to the commotion from within the castle that followed. After all, the humans were often noisy. That was the last time the humans were noisy. From then on a quiet had befallen the castle. The gargoyle thought it a peculiar, but not unwelcome, change of behaviour from its humans. The quiet stretched on much longer than the gargoyle had expected, and as the years passed, no dangers visited the castle.

So the gargoyle slept.

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~ Moon Dance ~

Sometimes I just wanna drive out

to an open flowery field somewhere

On a full moon

And wander around, dancing with you and only you,

As we bathe in the bliss of each other’s company,

Highlighted by pale moonlight~

No worries whatsoever;

Who cares if it starts to rain?

Or if our feet get muddy?

After all the earth is cleansing

Not only physically,

But for our souls~

And we’ll dance however long we please because we’re only a short drive away

From reality~

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Caution ⚠️

Been outta’ town for awhile, finally back home.

Follow the link.

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its very weird how marginalized people will accurately point out and complain about how people out of their group will often talk over/speak for them & then it gets taken and warped by people who are bigoted to the point where any person pointing out any issue (real or not) is accused of speaking over a group but then in turn, because bigots keep moving the goalpost of “real bigotry”, it gets applied to any instance of calling out. like a person whose username is “black and proud” pointing out that its important to actually draw 4c hair could be accused of being an “acab emily” by someone who believes blue lives matter because theyve Litrally appropriated genuine critiques lol

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-the absolute BIG D*CK ENERGY of this man. Seriously. You can tell it down to the very way he walks and we love to see it. might be attracted to men after all bc HOT DAMN
-the Dauphin is delightfully disturbing
-single combat single combat single combat I LOVE the vibe where like??? monarch really goes. this is my battle, I am gonna fight it myself thanks
-the overarching tragedy,,,
-the way he starts parroting back the same excuses/justifications that he had rejected initially to Catherine of Valois in the end of the movie… the absolute poetry of it… the parallels… 
-all of the absolute BANGERS of lines that Hal is constantly spitting,,, fr fr 
-man vs. self,,, my favorite type of conflict,,, spicy
-the Battle of Agincourt scene was ??????
-I feel like I have to reiterate just how much I liked Timothée Chalamet’s performance,,, I just,,, it was like. v… idk how to put this but a lot of actors are like. I am a Manly Man™ I will Talk Loud but like. King Henry in this is like. I will talk quietly but with intensity and it HITS DIFFERENT OKAY
-did I mention the cinematography
-Catherine of Valois,,, yes 

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“We [originally] had a structure of a demon ladder that was ultimately about letting Lucifer loose and having him take over Sam. The dark secret was always that Sam was going to be the vessel. Originally, it was just that Dean would then have to hunt down and kill his brother.” - Kripke

Chuck was the network, but also I keep finding ways that chuck was Kripke. … even though Chuck has always been John, even in season one, while Kripke was also John.

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<div> Probably Overheard At Hogwarts #51 </div>
Lily we're out of coffee
I hid it. It's been three days since you last slept and you need some rest!
Bold of you to assume it's only been three days-
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