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theauspolchronicles · 9 hours ago
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Congratulations Victoria on ZERO new COVID cases!
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mysharona1987 · 2 hours ago
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marvelsmostwanted · 16 hours ago
Alright so I think it’s officially time to head over to, schedule an appointment for your unvaccinated relative(s), drive them to CVS without telling them what it’s for, and get this shit done
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xx-thedarklord-xx · 22 hours ago
I’ve been the only one at my work to wear a mask for about a month now. People always ask why and whether I’m vaccinated—I am. ‘Just get vaccinated and you’ll never need a mask’
…That’s not how that works.
Anyway guess whose county is back in high transmission and is requiring masks? Now my work sent out mandatory mask requirements this morning.
Interesting how anyone with common sense could have seen this coming and would have been wearing their mask 😷
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thedaddycomplex · 15 hours ago
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werelivingarts · 5 hours ago
some stickers i recently made
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Tumblr media
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This is a series of stickers I recently made inspired by social distancing during COVID-19 and back to school season! Hope you like it hehe ❤️🙏🏻 P/s: What are some contents (relating to studying and lifestyle) that you guys want to see more? Please feel free to share down below UwU
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auroraluciferi · 11 hours ago
literally millions of Americans are on the eve of being forced into homelessness
working families, jobless, sick and traumatized
18 months behind in rent
old people and young people and disabled people
in every county and municipality of the United States
during what is clearly worsening pandemic, here and across the world
and literally hundreds of politicians and officials from both parties are just totally oblivious
posting on instagram, twitter, or just checking out for the summer without any real sense of gravity or shame at their failure to extend the eviction moratorium
“So sorry Darling, love to chat but we simply must catch a plane - we’re staying at the Hamptons with my in-laws and have a reservation for 7 at Fresno”
“Traffic will be dreadful of course...” 
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there will be deaths because of this
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wangxianficrecs · 23 hours ago
Mojo, how’re you doing? And how’s your sick son doing? Neither of you needed to contend with COVID—this long into the ordeal—on top of all the other *history* these past couple years have been dealing out.
Hahaha, these have, indeed, been momentous times, and I'd rather be in one of the periods that history books skip over because they're boring. Too bad we don't get to choose, huh?
We're out of quarantine, and my son is better (except he still can't smell). It's ironic that the person who is arguably the healthiest in our house is the one that got covid. But he was only down for a week and the rest of us were spared.
mojo how is mini mojo doing? is he feeling better? <3
I'm just laughing, because mini-mojo is about 6'4" these days. Ah, it's really weird to look up at your own kid! He's back to uni this week... with masks!
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thenib · 16 hours ago
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Tom Tomorrow.
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fatmaninalittlesuit · 11 hours ago
Local HS Football team just had a covid outbreak. (Who could have seen that coming? )
School hasn't ever stated and already were having issues. 🤬
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vintagraphblog · 18 hours ago
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Are you vaccinated? Vaccination prevents Covid-19.
Derived from a WPA Art Project poster for smallpox vaccination, this custom poster encourages vaccination to fight Covid-19. Original WPA poster, circa 1941.
Buy Are You Vaccinated, Vaccination Prevents Covid-19 poster | Health and Safety posters
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dostoyevsky-official · 11 hours ago
Dr. Brytney Cobia, a physician at Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham, says that with the spread of the delta variant she has lately been admitting “young healthy people” with very serious coronavirus infections.
“One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for the vaccine,” Cobia wrote on Facebook. “I hold their hand and tell them that I’m sorry, but it’s too late. A few days later when I call time of death, I hug their family members and I tell them the best way to honor their loved one is to go get vaccinated and encourage everyone they know to do the same.”
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more-flotsam-and-jetsam · 18 hours ago
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Share of U.S. Population Who Have Been Vaccinated 
(as of Aug 1, 2021)
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macadventure · 17 hours ago
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This was a polio vaccine advertisement updated to fit current events. Don't get bent it's not propaganda. It's art.
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thebibliosphere · 7 days ago
Do you know what one of the starkest thing about Covid for me is?
The sheer number of physicians who now know what MCAS is. 
Just over a year ago I could say “MCAS” or “mast cell dysfunction” and most doctors/nurses would either blink at me and ask “what’s that?” or roll their eyes because it’s another one of those “yuppy” illnesses that they suspect everyone is making up because surely the body can’t do that. Surely your mast cells which regulate nearly every facet of your immune system can’t just go rogue and start killing you. Right? I mean... what... what could cause that? A virus? Haha. Yeah, right... Oh.
And now I can mention it off handedly at a pap smear appointment and the OB/GYN looks at me with profound sympathy and asks “did you get that from Covid too?” 
My PCP who was always compassionate but didn’t really know much about it beyond “it’s a thing that exists” now knows what a cytokine storm is and winces with sympathy when we talk about my lungs attacking themselves.
My neurologist sympathetically clucks her tongue and sends me follow up emails about the new research coming out about the effect of mast cell dysregulation in migraines. That this research is frantically being churned out because of the number of people getting sick with covid and developing debilitating migraines in the aftermath is politely glossed over.
Every time I’ve walked into the ER since the pandemic started and uttered the words “mast cell activation syndrome” everyone knows what it means. Everyone. I mean, fuck. I had blood drawn, and I reacted to the needle, and the phlebotomist asked me if I normally break out from hives from needles, or if I started experiencing mast cell problems since getting covid.
And no. It wasn’t covid that gave me this. It wasn’t covid that gave me POTS either. Something else did. Something on par with an illness like covid that ripped my body to shreds while countless doctors looked the other way and tutted under their breath about anxiety and “if you hear hooves, look for horses not zebras.” And yes, I’m bitter and so full of rage that it took a global pandemic for illnesses like MCAS, POTS, ME/CFS and Fibro, etc. to finally gain research funding and recognition. I’m so fucking gutted and angry at the state of the world because more people are suffering and I hate it, I hate all of it. And I hate that I’m also relieved because after years of battling for help I can say the words “I have a mast cell dysfunction disorder” and the attending physician replies “oh, you know, I’ve heard of that...”
So for the love of yourself and those around you, if you’re one of the people who reads my blog and knows the absolute hell my life has been over the last few years and you’re still undecided about getting the vaccine: Get the Fucking Vaccine. You don’t want this aftermath.
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