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Wore it wrong 🤯

Often when ordering a shoot, people do not even think that, in principle, they have nothing at all to appear in front of the photographer, unless, of course, this is a nude shooting.

I have nothing to wear! 😱

And this is not only the phrase of women, but also of men that I often hear from my clients.

What should you dress up for shooting, what color is better to wear and how to combine it all.

In this post, I want to give some tips on what you should definitely not wear and how to choose the one from a huge number of things.

Dressing tips for the photo shoot:

1.clothes should not be with large labels and prints should not be too bright and colorful

3. if you come as a family, then you must look harmonious. Those. if you have an evening dress, the husband should not be wearing a T-shirt. In general, stick to one style and preferably color scheme.

4. Do not wear jeans or other tight-fitting clothing before the photo session, as this will leave imprints on your skin.

5.It’s better to bring more clothes and choose together than to underweight something and then worry about it the studio you need to take replacement shoes not forget about dress shoes (it seems obvious, but 30% of people forget about it)

Although I said obvious things to me, believe me they are not so obvious to many.

Photographer: Shevchenko Victoria

Mua: Mary Sallow

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The budget is limited, and the fantasy is still gushing?! 😱🤯

Most photo shoots make accessories and objects that you can interact with in the frame and they will help tell your story.

But it is very difficult when your imagination is limited by the budget.

Of course, some accessories, for example, draperies or paper balls for a photo shoot, can be made by hand.

But what about everything else?

The answer is obvious: “You can get it for rent!”

You can always find something suitable with me, be it blankets, lanterns or cute cups. And most importantly, most of these accessories can be used completely free of charge.

You can also look for a rental of dresses or suits, perhaps you will be lucky and you will find the outfit of your dreams that will help to realize such a desired image. By the way, these outfits are rented by most photographers.

You can purchase a package offer that will include ready-made images, besides, with the services of a make-up artist and stylist, which is quite profitable in pricing policy, and will save you from additional efforts.

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TOP tips for preparing for shooting .📸

In this post, I will cover my most frequent recommendations that I give to my clients before shooting.

✔️ Basic underwear is necessary for shooting, even if you plan to shoot outside of it (beige, black, white, pastel shades).

✔️Bring basic T-shirts and T-shirts with you, in any case they will not be superfluous.

✔️If photography involves exposed body parts, bring a body oil or cream with you to moisturize your skin. Then in the frame she will look sleek and well-groomed.

✔️On any shooting, you should feel comfortable, so in some cases, do not do make-up and styling with which you are not used to seeing yourself.

✔️And I also advise you not to use shoes (of course, if they do not play a certain role in the image), most often they shackle you. A bare foot always looks more sensual and gentle.

✔️ Choose clothes and create an image that will be as comfortable as possible, do not try to wear something flashy and bright, simplicity in the frame always looks more expensive, because the main character of the shooting is you.

I think my tips will help you get ready for shooting, but if you have any questions, ask me, I think I will find answers to them

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