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Loved.  Microsoft Paint.

A personal drawing between tasks.  Life has been turned absolutely upside down - classes online, restaurants closing, empty shelves where toilet paper once sat.  This is one of those moments where I am confronted by the fact that I am extraordinarily blessed, and that there are many things I ought not to take for granted.

It’s also been a forced sabbatical of sorts - a realignment of priorities.  And a time of unexpected joys and blessings.

I drew this because I was feeling overwhelmed by the friendship I’ve been shown by housemates and friends over the last few weeks.  I also drew this because - well, I’m a little lovesick.  I’ve recently started a relationship with someone absolutely lovely, and the whole ordeal has been filled with a ton of new feelings and questions - a trust exercise with God.  I’m still learning how to feel comfortable with feeling so happy.  

But that’s enough chatter!  Stay safe, regularly wash your hands for 20 or more seconds, and God bless!

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