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hajisbunny · 2 days ago
i'm thinking about fae!reader and feeble-minded faves
warnings: f!reader. medieval fantasy!au. fae reader (pixie, sylph, fairy, spriggan). one sex worker reader. implied smut. kinks included: size kink, monster-fucking, dacryphilia, cherry-chasing, prey-predator.
izuku. first set his eyes on you, a pixie with doughy thighs and wings almost too long for your 5ft tall body, the night you spent working the bar for the first time. men in town loved to gawk at new arrivals – especially the fae kind – so you knew what you were in for when you came in looking for the job, but the degree of it was unexpected. still, you were tough and you didn't take any shit – your fists had collided with many faces, your wings flared out many a time in warning when a repressed man overstepped his boundaries – so it was no surprise to izuku when he stepped up to the counter and took a seat, offered you a kind smile, and you immediately told him off. but, oh, how you gushed for him when he gripped a fork and shoved it straight into the hand of the disgusting prick who'd been eyeing you from the stool beside him. your flustered face, mouth agape, followed his bulging biceps as he grabbed his opponent and stood him up, the popping sound as his knuckles collided with the man's face sending blood rushing between your thighs, and then you understood: he's not like the others. so of course, you let him sit at the bar when he was done throwing the other guy out, enjoyed the adoring way he stared at you, flushed warm when he finally attempted to flirt with you, a low-born accent thick on his tongue and a mischievous glint in his gorgeous green eyes – and when your shift ended, and you took him upstairs to the small room your apprentice position at the bar paid for, it was his turn to gush, pretty face blood-red with blush that disappeared low onto his freckled skin, your tiny form awakening his body and making him absolutely feral when you finally let him lift your skirts and guided his big hand between your thighs.
bakugou. finds you in the woods while he's hunting, a beautiful form barely visible to the naked eye but nonetheless there, backed against a tree in fear of the bolt ready to fire from his crossbow. he spits on the ground in agitation as he sets his weapon down, rolls his ruby red eyes and mutters under his breath about how unbelievable he finds it that the townsfolk hadn't warned him about the faefolk in the woods; first, a fucking ridiculous goblin donned in a wedding dress stolen from a villager, and now you: a sylph. he sighs and stands awkwardly with a hand on his hip and calls for you, tells you that he can fucking see you standing there, and laughs when you make yourself visible, turning your head away and covering your face with your pretty hands despite all your decency – from your tits down to your cunt – being exposed to his sight. he warns you not to run, with a flush on his cheeks, and states that you should wear clothes, and grumbles under his breath when you say you feel more comfortable like this. he offers to let you hold his crossbow, lets you tell him stories about the woodland creatures, and tells you that he's been sent to take care of the goblins in the area; but then you notice the bulge in his pants and you giggle, asking him if he likes seeing you so vulnerable, wants to see more. and when your hand rests on his chest, slides down his abdomen over his thin vest, he shivers. of course, it's all the more shocking when you tell him he's not your first human, and your hand palms his aching cock so gently, so softly, and he lets out a soft groan. he'd let you do anything to him, let his guard down fully, if you just keep looking at him with those wide, gorgeous eyes. so you do.
gojo. finds himself admiring fairies from afar: wings, pointed ears, and those deadly claws, all features he'd absolutely love to have; or, alternatively, love to touch. and he has the money to do one of those things. so, when he finds himself standing at the door of a fae whore-house, he's not surprised by how quickly he walks in through the doors, admires the fae around him, and locks eyes with you. the madam quickly calls you over when he points you out at her request, and as soon as you take his hand with a gorgeous smile on your face and a naughty glint in your eyes, and your claws dig into his alabaster skin, he knows he's either in for the best time or the most danger he's ever been in his entire life. you lead him into a private room, and he can hear squealing, mewling, moaning, through the goddamn walls, but when you drop the silken robe that had been draped over your shoulders and your gorgeous wings are exposed to him, he's on his knees in mere seconds, feeling at the appendages with gentle hands, fingers running softly over the length of them and bringing soft sighs of pleasure to your lips as you lose a hand in his snow white locks and bring a pleasured gasp to his lips as you tug. the best time of his life, he decides, as you turn to face him with a look of lust and dark desire.
toji. finds the fae repulsive, but when he sees you he almost forgets about that; almost. you're so slight, your pixie figure almost too small, frightening to look at, frightening to touch. but when he grips your shoulder, he realizes that you're not. you've been crying for a while, seated on the stairs outside of a rather decrepit, old house that looks to have been burned halfway down, and when you apologize for annoying him with your sobbing, tell him it was your family's home but a human had burned it down because of some pathetic feud between your kind and his own – and, oh, the tears in your eyes spark some kind of fire in his loins. before you know it's happening, toji is using his wiles to extort your virtues, learning that you're a lady's maid to a rich family nearby, that you've come to your family home on your day off to grieve, and that you're a virginal pixie who's never belonged to a man because you've never been desired by one – and, oh, does his human heart beat wildly at the thought of you underneath him. before you know that he's planned it down to the last second, toji has you wrapped around his little finger, and he lures you like the unsuspecting prey you are into his home, and onto his bed, where he fucks tears of pleasure out of you, and offers you an ultimatum because he doesn't want another to have you like he's had you: become his, and he'll give you the moon. who are you to turn down his offer as he pulls climax after climax from your gushing core?
iwaizumi. is a humble butcher who sells his stock fresh every morning on the streets of the city you live in – and you, well, you're a simple being: a fairy born to a wealthy home, who likes to walk the streets and see the sights, to feel powerful amongst the powerless. and when you see him, all muscle and dripping sweat, dark hair and tanned flesh with arms that bulge and threaten to rip the fabric of the shirt he wears beneath a bloody apron. and you, with a predatory smirk that shows off sharp teeth and flashes of mischief in your eyes, approach him silently, digging a claw into a cooked and sliced steak set on a sampling tray. and as he looks up, the rare meat drips juice from the claw it's impaled on as you bring it to your lips. you watch him gulp as you rip it in half, hum appreciatively with fluttering lashes, and compliment the perfection with which he's prepared the meat. and a flustered, bashful iwaizumi thanks you before you say that you'd like to see what else he might be capable of – and with a stammer, he tries to list his talents and skills, before you chuckle and bite the rest of the meat off of your finger. "silly little human," you say, "i want to bed you." – and, oh, when he realizes that you're not joking, and he flushes pink, you only smirk wider, catching the scent of his arousal. that night, he comes to your home through the service door, and you show him how a fairy makes love – shamelessly, loudly, intensely – and he doesn't leave until you've fed him full at breakfast the next morning.
bokuto. is a squire who, with his knight and a hunting party, finds himself seated around a campfire one night when he sees you – a spriggan, glowing and gorgeous, with wide, curious eyes – stepping closer to the campsite but far away still, only trying to understand why the men have gathered around the woods. when he sees you, you know instantly, and you smile widely, beckoning him over with one hand, body covered in leafy, flowery clothing-looking vines that writhe as you move, and he flushes red in the light of the fire. of course, he excuses himself to piss, following you and trying to keep up as you walk away, leaving bushels of flowers in your wake in the shape of your footprints. he finds you in a clearing, kneeling at a riverbed with your hands dipping into the rushing water before you turn your head and greet him, voice sending shivers down his spine. and when he speaks to you, you smile wider at his stuttering, beckon him to sit beside you, ask him if you can touch him – but he requests that you don't, tells you that he's not sure it's a good idea, and you can tell from the shy pout he looks at the water with that he's new to this. so you offer him some lessons in life, tell him you can teach him things that the human women would be afraid to, promise him you'll be gentle. how can he say no, when you straddle his hips and the vines wrapping around your body like clothes shrink and vanish, leaving your beautiful body exposed?
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Tumblr media
They both held their gold that day 💛
A piece I drew for the Olympics section of the @iwaoilifezine!! This is the first zine I've ever applied to/joined. Really grateful to the mods and contributors for the wonderful experience!! 🥰
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amalasdraws · a month ago
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi Hajime (27) Athletic Trainer, keeping an observant eye on his athletes.
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nymphobunnie · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
+ drabble. 409 words.
+ contains. soft dom iwaizumi hajime.
+ warnings. breeding kink, fem reader, praise, dumbification, afab reader, slight possessiveness, dacryphilia.
Tumblr media
His eyes are trained on your face, watching each and every one of your expressions contort into one filled with pleasure.
He just can’t bring himself to look away, not with the way your eyes roll into the back of your head or when your tongue lulls out as he expertly grinds his cock against all your sensitive spots — the tip repeatedly prodding at your g-spot.
“You like that don’t you, princess?” He grunts out, desperately trying to hold back the urge to fill you up as he fucks your cunt at an animalistic pace.
It left you breathless, and you couldn’t do anything else but cling onto him, your head thrown back against the mattress while his heated gaze stayed glued to your pitiful expression.
You were a slobbering mess all for him, tears rolling down your flushed cheeks and drool seeping out the side of your mouth as he pulled yet another orgasm from you, the feeling making your back arch of the bed while your thighs twitched and quivered around his hips.
“Fuck.. clampin’ down on me so much, baby. it’s like you’re tryna milk my cock, is that what you want? You want me to fuck you full of my cum, pretty girl?”
The teasing was clear in his tone, but your head was too muddled to find any sort of witty retort.
On of your hands loosens it’s hold on your sheets to drape over your face and hide your flustered expression. But before you could move he already had them pinned to the bed, a dark look in his eyes as he grips your chin.
“Tsk, don’t try and hide from me, sweetheart.” He growls out.
“You know the rules, I want you to look at me — look at me while I fuck your pretty pussy, while I show you exactly who you belong too.”
Tumblr media
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sunarent · a month ago
[5:21pm] - iwaizumi hajime
Tumblr media
»well maybe people would actually stick with you if you weren‘t such a fucking bitch!«
and suddenly every word got stuck in your throat, your breath hitching. iwaizumi didn‘t seem to notice it however, not even sparing a glance into your direction as he went on.
»just fucking look at you!« he spat scoffing, throwing his hands in the air.
he was right, wasn’t he? he was always right.
it didn’t matter how much his words hurt you, because he was right, he was so right. it didn’t matter how you clenched your fists on your side, pressing your fingernails into your palm to stop the burning in your eyes. it didn’t matter how you were curling your toes and clenching your eyes shut, desperately trying to blend out what he said.
»how can you not fucking get how unlikable you are?« iwaizumi went on, by now he was screaming; his deep voice ringing in your ears.
»no wonder everybody leaves you!«
didn’t he say he loved you?
and suddenly it was like someone put wax into your ears, effectively drowning out everything what was happening around you.
what was even stopping you from leaving? no, what stopped him from leaving?
»do you need me to leave you too that you understand just how much of a fucking pain you are?«
and finally, oh finally, after what felt like hours of being yelled at over god knows what it even was, your flight instinct kicked in, making you turn immediately on your heels and rush out of the room, not caring how loud the door felt shut. you could only think about getting away, leaving this, leaving him behind.
so it seems like you drove him away too, huh?
after so many weeks, months, years of iwaizumi telling you that he loved you, that he cared for you, that you were his everything and that he would never leave you - you turned out to be right.
at the end, it didn’t matter what he said.
because you lost him like you had lost everybody else.
it was only when iwaizumi stopped suddenly in his tracks, finally noticing just how quiet you had gotten, that he replayed in his mind what he had said.
his throat immediately went dry as he ripped his eyes open, throwing his head around.
and it was only when he saw that you weren‘t here, that you had walked out and closed the door behind you, that he realized the impact of his words.
Tumblr media
a/n: @rinesei just found that one prompt u sent in my ask box lol | ✨projecting my insecurities onto my fictional husbandos✨
Tumblr media
© sunarent. all rights reserved. do not modify, copy or claim as your own. do not repost. reblogs are appreciated
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reineydraws · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hbd to the king of blue castle and his god-given face 🎂🎉💞
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iwachansarm · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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aikk00 · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Enough of the drivers, which mechanic?
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cloudyyangel · a month ago
Thinking about cockwarming Iwaizumi during scary movies….
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi Hajime sits you on his cock when watching scary movies. He noticed it early on, how you would jump at the slightest scare or gasp at a gory death- clinging tightly to his arm throughout the entire scene. It’s the best seat in the house, he jokes as his fingers grip your hips to lower you down onto him. His cock is half hard with just the thought of it, slipping into you snugly as he buries himself balls deep. He bites back a groan as you shift to get comfy, teeth worrying his lip with each rock of your hips. Your pussy grows wetter with every rub of his cock against your plush walls until his base is slick and your back is flushed against his toned chest. You let out a sigh as he starts the movie, trying to ignore the way his head pushes into your lower tummy.
It’s early in the movie when he feels the first squeeze, just a rise of your heart rate that has your body tensing. His strong thighs flex under you, his hands splayed over your own soft ones as you tense. “Aw princess, that wasn’t even the scary part.” He coos as you clench around him after a jump scare. He’s right, like always- he spent days going over horror movies to find one that was the darkest and goriest with quiet lulls and loud shrieks. You make a choked whimper and he shushes your whines by rubbing your thighs. “ ‘m right here, nothing big and bad is gonna hurt you.” He lulls you into a false sense of security and soon you’re loosening around him, warm walls releasing his now hard cock. He smirks against your temple and kisses you softly, so proud of how well you listen to him.
It’s only a few minutes later when you grip his cock so hard that he can’t help but thrust up a bit, his head rubbing against your g-spot in a way that has you letting out a shuddering gasp as both pleasure and fear wash over you. “C’mon, you didn’t see that coming?” Iwa chuckles breathlessly from the force. He swears he’s seeing stars from the hold you have on his cock as your pussy wildly pulses around him. The screams on the tv barely hide his low groan as he buries his face in your neck, biting the skin slightly. Sitting on his lap, you have no where to hide as you face the TV and are subjected to one of the scariest movies you’ve seen. You squeeze your eyes shut, refusing to see what cruel death is about to happen and wonder how Iwaizumi can gently thrust during a scene like this. Despite the horrors on tv, the feeling of his hard cock pushing against your front wall has you quietly whining. Your stomach is twisting, in both fear and the growing orgasm that he is somehow coaxing from you.
Iwaizumi frowns at the loss of pressure and shifts forward, cock going deeper into your tummy and you cover your face with your hands to stifle the moan as some poor lady dies in the movie. “That’s not playing fair, babydoll.” He croons in your ear as you continue to pulse around him. A large hand wraps around your neck, covering your throat. It forces you to grab at his wrist and uncover your reddening face just as blood splatters across the screen. It’s revolting but a slight graze against your clit has you gasping and arching against him as Iwaizumi hums into your neck. “Tell ya what,” he starts to slowly circle your clit, “if you can finish this movie, then I’ll let you finish.” He mutters and presses the pad of his finger hard against your clit, his hips rutting up slightly to bury himself further into you. His balls are dripping with your wetness now- even though the fear, the feeling of Iwaizumi’s thick cock stretching you open made you gush around him. He turns your face to him, a wide smirk on his face. You can’t help but compare his grin to that of the villain’s currently chopping up his victim “Sound like a deal sweetheart?”
Tumblr media
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araragomennnn · a month ago
[4:03 am] - IWAIZUMI
Tumblr media
Someone’s knocking on the door at an obnoxiously fast pace. It rings in your ears as your eyelids crack open. You twist in your sheets to check the time on your phone.
4:03 am.
Your eyebrows knit together in annoyance as you stuff your face in a pillow, deciding to ignore the knocking.
A couple of minutes go by.
It doesn’t stop.
Sitting up in your bed, you try to rub the sleep out of your eyes as you stumble out of your sheets and shuffle towards the door.
Sleep and tiredness still lingered in thoughts as you looked into the peephole.
A sharp breath of air enters your lungs, you’re wide awake now.
A familiar ache began to return to your chest and you’re unsure if your heart’s heavy with dread or hope. You stare at the closed door in front of you, the knocking has stopped but you didn’t need to check to know that he was still there.
With shaky hands, you reach for the door handle and slowly turn it open. The harsh glow emitting from the white lights in the lobby made you wince as your vision readjusted itself.
He’s standing before you, taller, more defined and skin tanner than you remembered.
You gulp thickly, unsure of what to say or do in this situation. It’s been a little bit over a year since iwaizumi left you for California, leaving you to pick up the remnants of your broken heart, alone. You can’t exactly trace back to when his love for you began to lag behind his love for volleyball.
Nevertheless, you had supported him. Excusing missed dinner after dinner, excusing the lack of ‘i love yous’ and goodnight kisses and excusing the empty space in your bed. You had supported him until you simply couldn’t anymore. The night you had finally announced your grievances was the night he announced that he would be leaving for California and the night he walked out of your door with a tear-stained face.
One year later and here he is again, fists clenched to his sides and chest tight as if he’s holding his breath. You open your mouth to say something but he beats you to it.
“It wasn’t worth it,”
You blink and a couple of beats pass in silence so he continues as if to fill in the blanks.
“California,” he pauses, “it wasn’t worth it,”
Your eyebrows knit together as a result of multiple emotions, primarily anger and confusion.
“What?” it comes out on edge and he winces slightly.
He visibly takes in a deep breath and there’s a slight tremble in his lower lip, “California wasn’t worth leaving you,”
There’s a pause, “volleyball wasn’t worth leaving you.”
Your eyes blow wide and a lump begins to build its way up your throat. The feeling of an old wound reopening consumes you.
You want to ask why but your voice fails you.
You want to ask so many questions but your voice fails you.
Your breathing stutters, he notices as you grit your teeth. You shift your gaze from the floor to him and he visibly swallows.
The look you give him is a pained one. A mix of anger and hurt.
“Why now?” you pause, “why after all this time?”
He doesn’t answer your question though, “I never stopped loving you,”
Your heart drops to your stomach at the time wasted wallowing in heartbreak, at the time wasted sobbing in your bed and at the time wasted missing him.
You bury the face in your hands, “stop,” you whisper and it makes his heart twist horribly in his chest.
He tentatively reaches for the hands hiding your face and gently moves them away.
You let him.
His eyes are glassy when you look at him and that’s when you notice the backpack resting by his feet. He answers your question for you.
“I came here straight from the airport,” he whispers sheepishly.
You blink, “why did you come back?”
Your heartbeat accelerates as the words leave your tongue and as he responds, he looks at ease as if a weight was released off of his shoulders.
“For you,”
Your eyes begin to turn glassy as you nibble at your lower lip, a part of you wants to tell him to get out, to go back to California and spare you the heartache but the wiser part of you knows that deep down that isn’t what you want.
His eyes are soft as he looks at you. Glassy, tired but soft and there’s a familiar glint in his eye.
A glint that meant taking you to brunch and feathering you with kisses, a glint you never thought you’d see again. A glint that meant ‘i love you’.
So you decide to take a leap of faith and move a step closer and so does he.
It’s 4 am in the morning, the sun isn’t out yet and your neighbours are asleep. You have work in a couple of hours and you’re in a crinkled shirt that plops over your entire figure. You’re sure you look like a disaster, hair all over the place but iwaizumi doesn’t seem to care as you pull him in by the collar of his shirt, pressing his lips against yours.
“I never stopped loving you either.”
Tumblr media
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kurosukii · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: iwaizumi hajime x f!reader
summary: your world turns upside down when you and your boyfriend get kidnapped in the dead of the night by japan’s leading mafia, and to your horror, it seems like their boss has taken a liking to you.
genre: smut, mafia au
warnings: 18+. noncon/dubcon, cnc, violence, gunplay, manipulation, mentions of blood, kidnapping, cheating (not on any hq character), unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, exhibitionism, voyeurism, choking, biting, nipple play, hair pulling, spanking, daddy kink, dacryphilia, degradation, fingering, pussy slaps, creampie, cumplay, doggy style
word count: 4.1k
author's note: for @inarizahki mafia collab! thanks for letting me join! (yeeaahh mind the warnings y'all PLS) (let me know if i missed some!) (MINORS DNI) @hqintheclub
º thank you @vanille--kiss for beta-ing this mwah <33
Tumblr media
[1:32 AM]
never in your life did you imagine your soft spoken and golden retriever of a boyfriend to get involved with very intimidating, heavily-tattooed, and gun-bearing men in all black suits.
and never in your life did you ever imagine sitting on the lap of a green-eyed mafia boss with the remains of your panties discarded on the black hardwood floor.
shaking like a leaf, scared whimpers leave your lips as fat tears roll down your warm cheeks. your fingers squeeze the armrest of the spacious throne-like chair as you attempt to break free from the ropes around your wrists and ankles.
it just so happens that the ropes are inconveniently tied to the legs of the chair, rendering your attempt at freeing yourself futile.
you feel the rumble of your captor’s chest, deep chuckles reverberating down your spine as his large hand lifts your tattered skirt up to your waist, baring your cunt for all the men in the room to see, including your beaten up boyfriend who’s bound to a chair.
you whimper when the men in the room wolf whistle and jeer, making comments about your dripping pussy, about how you’re soaking their boss’s lap, and if they can have a go at you.
the last comment makes the man behind you scowl menacingly and they immediately shut their mouths, leaving you and your boyfriend to be the only ones breaking the tense silence in what seemed to be their lounge room—you with your whimpering and your so-called-boyfriend’s heavy breathing.
“you’re such a fucking crybaby. shut up before i actually give you something to cry about.”
the harsh tone of their boss makes you wince and it only serves to make you cry even more, terror coursing through your body as you involuntarily disobeying his command.
iwaizumi hajime. the man your boyfriend is indebted to. you’ve always wondered how your boyfriend was able to afford such a lifestyle with his meager salary.
every time you asked him, he would be tight-lipped about it and immediately change the subject, acting like he didn’t even hear your question.
well, now you know why it was such a secret.
this man, this hauntingly beautiful man—as much as you absolutely hate to admit it—apparently owns pretty much half of japan. from what you had gathered on the less than pleasant ride on the way here, he’s untouchable, the law having no bearing on him and his underground organization.
if you were to use an analogy, then iwaizumi is the devil and your boyfriend is the naïve and foolish human being. didn’t he know that the devil would eventually come and collect his payment?
“i think you should play with her more, boss,” his right hand man hisses, brown eyes gleaming with malice as he nods to the gun resting inside the holster on iwaizumi’s waist.
iwaizumi’s lips stretch into a cruel smirk and although you can’t see him, you know he’s agreeing with whatever the man said. your shivering doesn’t stop, in fact it only increases when you feel two thick fingers slide inside your mouth, roughly pushing down on your tongue as your cries become muffled.
“good thinking, oikawa,” iwaizumi agrees, raspy voice tingling against your ear as you squirm around his lap. you stop when he growls, feeling a heavy and hard lump poke against your ass.
your boyfriend’s too incapacitated to even breathe out words. the sadistic men beat him to a pulp until he was bruised and broken, leaving just one eye that wasn’t swollen shut only so he could watch their boss toy with you.
he’s a sorry sight, right eye swollen shut as his mouth is covered with duct tape. bruises litter his body as his chest staggers from his heavy breaths, rendering him useless in saving you. as if he even could.
iwaizumi’s fingers leave your mouth and find your abused clit, rubbing it as you cry out, tasting the salt from your tears as you try to get away from the stimulation. his free hand fumbles with the holster on his belt, unclipping his gun from the leather.
iwaizumi grunts, slapping your pussy with more force than necessary. you let out a pained whimper, begging him to stop as loud smacks float around the room while his men look on with smirks and bared teeth, some even laughing at your pathetic cries.
“stop moving around, bitch,” he hisses, cold green eyes flashing at your disobedience. you follow him, whimpering quietly as you let him have his way with your body.
his fingers go back to playing with your cunt, and you’re truly ashamed at how your body is so responsive to his touches, like he knows your body like he knows the back of his hand. your skin crawls even more when the sounds of your slick meeting his digits reach your ears, making you bite your lip as you try to muffle your moans.
iwaizumi grips the handle of his nine millimeter, bringing the imposing weapon in front of your face, large hand waving it around as if it’s a mere toy.
you stop breathing as your eyes widen, lips parting with a loud yelp when iwaizumi curls his fingers against your walls before stopping his movements. he chuckles at your reaction, flicking the safety on the firearm.
the blood in your body drains as you finally realize what play meant as he brings the weapon closer to your mouth. your vision becomes blurry again as fat tears fill your eyes at what this vile man is going to do to you.
“open up—unless you want this inside of you dry? i mean, your cunt’s definitely wet and stretched enough, hm?” iwaizumi taunts you, deep voice chilling your spine as his fingers lazily move inside you again.
all of his men laugh while some of them yell crude comments, making your cheeks burn from humiliation. you open your mouth, and the younger men cheer as they watch their boss slowly insert the barrel of the gun.
“suck it like how you would suck my cock. show your boyfriend just how much of a whore you are.”
you can’t help but comply, you have no say in the matter anyway. humiliation courses through you, causing you to close your eyes tightly. fat tears escape your closed eyes, soaking your lashes and cheeks.
the cold barrel of the gun tastes metallic, and you gag when the acrid taste of gunpowder spreads on your tongue. you don’t even want to think about your boyfriend right now, too disgusted with yourself as you lick and suck away at the metal.
iwaizumi groans at the drool seeping out of your mouth, hips slightly bucking against your ass. his fingers scissor inside of you as he watches your pathetic self slobber all over his gun.
he pulls out his fingers, making you whine at the loss as he grips the roots of your hair, exposing your neck to the occupants of the room. it’s like a zoo in the lounge room, with the rowdy men cheering you on as if you’re chugging a drink.
he removes the gun from your mouth as well, spit and saliva covering the barrel as he lowers it between your legs. his hot breath ghosts over the shell of your ear, tongue slipping out to lick the sensitive skin.
“what do you think, baby? you gonna be a good slut and fuck my gun like you did with my fingers?”
iwaizumi whispers in your ear, laughing when you shake your head vigorously at what he’s saying. he can’t. it’s completely fucked up, but you’re a fool for thinking that there’s some sort of moral high ground among these men.
“c’mon, gotta give a good show to your boyfriend, remember?” he tuts, hiking your skirt further up your waist as he brings the gun dangerously close to your slit. “besides, it’s not like you got a choice anyway, right, sweetheart?”
it’s a miracle how you’re not passing out from dehydration, you must’ve cried your whole weight in water and yet you still have more to give. you know there’s no use in crying, these men don’t and won’t show any kind of mercy.
in fact, iwaizumi is a sick and twisted bastard. every time he sees fresh tears roll down your wet cheeks, his cock jumps and twitches in his pants.
you’re broken from your stupor when you feel the cold and wet barrel slide up and down your slit. the men stare intently, watching your soft and rosy colored folds greatly contrast against the hard and black metal of the gun.
your eyes are glassy and unseeing as iwaizumi’s free hand wraps around the column of your neck, long and thick fingers slightly squeezing your throat.
you have no defense against him, not with his dark aura and raw strength enveloping your entire body. iwaizumi strokes your slit a few more times before stopping to look around the room.
he smirks when he sees your boyfriend meekly fighting against his restraints before giving a stiff nod to a group of younger men to the side.
one guy immediately dashes over and iwaizumi sneers at the tent on his pants that he’s trying to cover. he’s definitely a runner, too scrawny to be the muscle to the organization.
greed fills his gaze as his wide eyes scrutinize your cunt and iwaizumi clicks his tongue to call the attention of the young man.
“hold the gun for her, won’t you? but don’t touch her or else i’ll blow your head off,” iwaizumi orders him, and the young man gulps and nods, his shaking hand reaching up to replace iwaizumi’s grip on the handle.
now that his hands are free to roam, iwaizumi takes the hem of your shirt, swiftly ripping it into two pieces and throwing it to the floor. your bra gets the same treatment, and he wastes no time in cupping the soft mounds on your chest, thumb and index finger pulling at your sensitive nipples.
your whine is loud and high pitched and your body jerks at the added stimulation. iwaizumi’s motions are rough, his calloused hands rub deliciously against the softness of your breasts.
“what are you waiting for? fuck my gun, slut.” he says harshly, pinching your nipples and you whimper loudly, squirming in his hold.
you exhale a loud breath as you look down at the man holding the gun, his head turned to the side as he gives you a warped sense of privacy.
the runner adjusts his grip, positioning the gun right in front of your hole. you bite your lip as your hips slowly roll towards the cold barrel, movements hindered by the ropes tied around your ankles.
you cry out when the barrel breaches past your pussy, making the men shift and adjust themselves as they watch the metal slowly disappear inside of you.
“bastard thinks i wasn’t serious when i told him his pretty little girlfriend would be the collateral if he didn’t pay me back,” iwaizumi hisses, and they all laugh and snicker. one guy kicks the back of the chair your boyfriend’s tied to.
you’re trembling and whimpering as you take the entire barrel, mind too numb to notice anything else. the wave of the cold and unfamiliar sensation makes you pause as you try to adjust to it—as much as you can.
iwaizumi’s not having it though, his jaw clenching in dismay as his fingertips twist your nipples roughly. you cry out at the sting, sniffling from his harsh treatment.
the man below you doesn’t move, as if he’s a statue, and he vehemently avoids looking at your naked and trembling body. iwaizumi clicks his tongue and tilts his head, and a pink haired man smirks slyly as he pulls out his own gun and stalks towards your boyfriend.
“if you don’t start moving your hips, makki here is going to shoot your boyfriend in the head,” iwaizumi whispers huskily in your ear, as if he’s your lover who’s saying all the sweet and dirty things to you.
you hiccup loudly as you watch the makki fellow dig his gun to your boyfriend’s temple with a sinister smile on his lips, sending tremors down your spine as you decide to heed the boss’s orders. if that’s the price to pay for you and your boyfriend to leave this place alive, then that’s what you’ll do.
you grip the armrests so hard that the skin on your knuckles becomes taut with tension as you breathe heavily through your tears. iwaizumi chuckles, his lips nipping at the skin of your neck as your hips begin to move slowly.
the barrel is so cold, so different from what you’re used to. the shape, obviously, is different and it’s so jarring that you can’t quite get the rhythm right.
but if you are going to survive, you have to get used to it and fast, because iwaizumi is impatiently huffing and his hands are becoming rough again.
your head falls on his shoulder as your hips roll and thrust against the gun, squelching sounds from your pussy making the rest of the men in the room hypnotized at how easily you’re taking it.
“look at him, all bloodied and bruised, watching his girl get fucked by my gun,” iwaizumi growls, hands leaving your aching tits as his hands guide your hips. he spits out curses under his breath as he feels the friction it brings on his clothed and throbbing cock.
“bet you’re squeezing the barrel like you squeezed my fingers, huh? fuckin’ whore.”
iwaizumi sneers, watching the unadulterated bliss on your face as you let him guide your wanton movements. you want to scream at yourself for enjoying this depravity, but the pleasure beats your logic and morals.
your cries and moans fill the stuffy room, and the young man holding the weapon in his shaking grip is red in the face with how lewd and needy you sound. you’re close, you can tell.
iwaizumi can too, seemingly in tune with your body’s response. his fingers travel to your pulsing clit, thick digits toying with the sensitive skin as the coarseness of the rope rubs on the skin of your wrist and ankles as you thrash around with limited movement.
“you’re really made for this shit. look at you making a mess on my lap, why don’t you cum for me?” he says in a tone meant to hypnotize you. your whine is high pitched as the deep rumble of his voice goes directly to your pussy and you can’t help but follow the movements of his fingers, lazily pinching and swirling circles on your clit.
“i-i can’t!” you scream, trying hard not to debase yourself even more as you lose control of your hips. iwaizumi has no problem moving you with one hand, clenching his jaw as your pitiful moans beg him to stop.
“you can.”
and so you do, throwing your head so far back that your neck is going to be sore later. iwaizumi pinches your clit just as he bites your neck, broken moans leaving you as your legs shake and toes curl.
your essence gushes out of you, drenching the barrel as the rest drips to the chair, soaking the velvet cushion. iwaizumi growls and the young man scampers away, leaving the gun inside your twitching walls.
he abruptly pulls it out of you and you whine, pussy dripping with more slick. iwaizumi quickly tucks it into his holster as he produces a sharp and gleaming knife from the other side, slicing away at the ropes like butter.
he pockets it as he carries your body with ease, long legs carrying you towards your boyfriend. you’re not sure, but it looks like he’s definitely crying, matching the tears and whimpers that are steadily coming from you.
“you think i’m done with you? that was just foreplay, sweetheart,” iwaizumi hisses, dropping your limp body to the floor as he manhandles you, bringing you on all fours as the men jeer and laugh.
you notice that they’re giving you a wide berth, as if they’re scared to get into yours and iwaizumi’s personal space. the imposing man kneels behind you, covered cock twitching against your ass.
he unbuckles his belt and the clank of metal is loud in the quiet room as they all watch. shame and embarrassment courses through your body from being so wantonly displayed, being the only naked person and right at the feet of your boyfriend.
you’re so humiliated that you lower your head and bite your lip to stifle the sobs threatening to burst out of you. the slight reprieve ends all too quickly when iwaizumi pulls your hair from the roots, earning a yelp from you as you wince at the abrupt stretch in your neck.
his knee nudges your thigh, spreading your legs further as you whimper at how exposed you are to him. his body leans forward, making you keenly aware of the heat and defined planes of his torso.
“keep your eyes on him while i fuck your slutty cunt. don’t even think about closing your eyes,” iwaizumi whispers menacingly as he rolls his hips, turning your head slightly so he can lick the tears off of your cheeks.
you let out a disgusted sound, trying to pull away but his grip on your hair is unyielding. he pulls away as he lowers his pants with his free hand, pulling his cock out and guiding it towards your hole.
iwaizumi’s movements are torturously slow as he slides the leaking tip along your slit before entering you with one swift thrust, making you jolt forward towards your boyfriend’s legs.
you scream as your nails claw against the floor from the sudden intrusion. if you hadn’t been thoroughly prepped beforehand, you’re sure that he would’ve split your body in half with how thick and long he is.
he only gives you a mere second to adjust his size before he pulls out again and thrusts back inside, harder and deeper this time as he throws his head back and groans loudly.
“fuck, that’s a good pussy,” he hisses, his hand finding purchase on your waist as his hips slap against your ass, setting a brutal pace that has your mind turning into mush.
your teary eyes find your boyfriend’s and because your traitorous body is enjoying the pleasure it’s being forcefully given, you can’t apologize to him, beg for his forgiveness for allowing yourself to be used like a sex object by this cruel man.
instead, sinful cries and moans fall from your lips and you can only show him how sorry you are through your glossy and blurry eyes.
“please...please...stop..." you beg in between moans, but iwaizumi only smirks, doing the exact opposite as he increases the force of his thrusts. how can he believe you? your body and face are betraying you.
his hand tugs harder on your roots as he turns your head towards him. his cold green eyes gleam upon seeing your expression of pure pleasure as your eyes flutter, face wet with tears and drool.
your pussy is basically suffocating his cock, as if you don’t want him to leave your tight walls. “better accept that you’re a whore, you know? stop pretending you don’t want this.”
he follows his statement with a loud smack, ass jiggling with his harsh movement. the sting of the slap makes you arch your back and you squeal, the new angle letting his cock repeatedly hit your sweet spot.
iwaizumi’s grip on your hair is painful, your hand flying to his wrist to ease his hold. coupled with his heavy and powerful thrusts and your unsteadiness—your upper body falls to the floor, breasts squished by the wood as his movements don’t falter. his hips continue their unforgiving pace as his hand spanks your ass in succession.
“my men wish they could fuck your tight pussy but they’ll rot knowing that only i can use your cunt.”
said men grumble and mutter amongst themselves but you don’t pay them any mind as your cheek rests on the floor, tears and drool staining the polished wood.
your broken and shaky cries—along with the loud and wet slapping of skin on skin—fill the room, making all the men, except for three, shift uncomfortably.
they would be touching themselves to the delicious sight of their boss fucking your sweet pussy but they’re not allowed to, only his three closest and high ranking are free to do what they desire.
“p-please!” you beg and iwaizumi leans over you again, shirt soaked with sweat. “please what?” he chuckles, grip loosening on your hair as his hand snakes around your stomach, already knowing what you’re going to ask for.
never in your life did you ever think you were going to beg a dangerous man to give you your release but it hurts. he’s far from gentle and with his size, the ache in your pussy and lower stomach is starting to prickle.
“m-make me c-cum, please,” you cry out, the dreaded words burning your throat but what can you do? you want this sweet torture to end so you can drop limply to the floor and rest.
you hate it, you hate him for making you feel good and acting like a common whore.
“as you wish, sweetheart,” iwaizumi says, tone uncharacteristically soft before straightening his body and thrusting even deeper and harder as his fingers furiously rub against your clit.
it’s too much and you can’t hold it anymore, the knot in your stomach snapping as a high pitched scream is ripped from you. you’re pretty sure you black out for a few seconds from the intense orgasm as your body shakes and convulses.
your velvet walls clamp down on him as he groans loudly, his hands gripping your hips as he thrusts so deep that his cock teases the entrance to your cervix.
spurts of his thick, hot cum shoots into your pussy as his hips slow down. his sharp eyes watching his thick length slowly fuck the overflowing cum back inside of you, creating a dense white ring around the base of his cock.
iwaizumi’s clothed chest heaves with every heavy exhale as he feels your mixed juices dripping down his balls. his thick fingers play with his cum, spreading it across your warm and sensitive ass.
eyes wide and glossy, you’re a shaking and writhing mess—completely fucked out with iwaizumi’s cock still inside of you. the grumbling and agitated men file out of the room, back to their duties as they leave you, your boyfriend, iwaizumi, and his three men.
after a few minutes of heavy breathing and tense silence, he kisses along your spine, going up until he reaches your head. he pulls you up so that your trembling and sensitive body is resting on his sweat soaked dress shirt.
iwaizumi grips your hair and gently turns your head towards him, sloppily kissing you before pulling away, pecking your lips.
“how was that, princess?” he says in a tone that's only reserved for you, his woman. his three closest friends are the only ones privy to the softer side of their usually cold and intimidating boss.
and you’re the only person in this entire world that knows iwaizumi, infamous mafia boss, inside and out.
“you were rougher than usual, daddy. you only fuck me with your gun when you’re angry, he really ticked you off, huh?” you question him in your sweet and saccharine voice, a complete 180 from the helpless girl you were before.
your finger traces his clenched jaw as your wet doe-eyes stare up at him, squirming slightly as you feel his cock twitch inside of you.
“of course, fucker was going to skip town with you in tow. not like i wouldn’t be able to find you,” he grumbles the last part as he nuzzles your neck, rising from his heels as he walks back to the throne.
“who knew my princess would be a slut for danger?”
his most trusted men groan and sigh, knowing that they’ll take over because they know the two of you are in your own world now. they try their best to ignore the slick sounds of you bouncing on their boss’s lap as you seductively moan his name in delight.
“you’re lucky he didn't shoot you on sight, man,” makki, the one who held the gun to your supposed boyfriend’s head, says as he tugs his pants up his messy thighs as he lazily smirks towards the sorry sight of the man tied to the chair.
“bet your beaten up brain’s wondering what’s going on, huh?” another guy—mattsun—says with his dark eyes focused on your bouncing ass.
“let me make it simple for you, you’re too fucked up to understand long sentences anyway,” oikawa says in his teasing voice, wiping his hand on a handkerchief as he stands over your “boyfriend”.
“you’re the poor and unsuspecting prey while the two of them are the predators, and you know what they say, right? predators love playing with their food.”
[2:56 AM]
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kairakeiji · a month ago
Tumblr media
“you’re calling me earlier than usual.”
“i just missed you that’s all,” and you swear you can just picture the smile on iwaizumi’s lips.
“isn’t it like,” you pause checking the time.
“four pm?”
you blink, doing a double take at the clock on your living room wall, “yeah,” you mumble. “how'd you know?”
“lucky guess,” he laughs.
“sure it was,” you rolled your eyes. iwaizumi’s always been quite an observing individual when it came to you. it was how he took care of you. after all, whether it be making sure you ate or slept properly, he always wanted you to be taken care of, and having the time differences nailed down in his head just seemed to be a part of that.
it was almost christmas time and after some unfortunate complications, neither of you could travel for the holidays, with your new job and some school issues neither of you could make the flight to go see each other. long distance was always quite rough and while this revelation took a toll on both of you, you two approached it the same way you did with everything else in your relationship, together.
“oh that reminds me,” your eyes widen. “i’m gonna send out your christmas present tomorrow.”
“and will you maybe give me a hint on what you got me?“ he asks. “you always give good gifts.”
“i just give you what i think you need,” you laugh.
“and that’s exactly why you give me good gifts.”
you roll your eyes at his response, “that’s not gonna get me to tell you.”
“worth a shot,” he huffs.
“good gifts always come as a surprise,” you tease.
iwaizumi sighs, “and because of that you won’t tell?”
you shake your head despite the fact that he can’t even see you, “i have a damn good present for you this year, i’m not saying shit.”
“oh really?” he questions. “i think i actually have the better present this year.”
“no you don’t,” you counter.
and you swear you can just picture the smirk on his lips, “i’m pretty sure i do.”
“let me guess you won’t tell me what it is?”
“i’m not saying a word.” he replies, “after all good gifts come as a surprise.”
you sigh, “using my words against me.”
he laughs, “you’ll love it i promise.”
and with that the doorbell to your apartment rings.
“hang on someone’s here,” you told him walking towards the door rather hesitantly.
“are you expecting anyone?” he asks.
“i’m not,” you hum.
“is it a package maybe?”
“could be,” you answer, “i did order gifts for other people the other day, but i didn’t think they’d come so soon.”
“maybe it’s a present for you,” he laughs.
“a week before christmas?” you question. “that’s a bit early.”
“maybe it’s my present” he reasons. “i did already send it out.”
a gasp leaves your lips, “ooh then i’ll stay on the line with you and get your reaction!”
“you’ll love it,” he says proudly. “i put a lot of effort into it.”
“i don’t think you’ll love it as much as you love mine,” you laugh walking towards the door.
“actually,” iwaizumi responds as your hand reaches the doorknob. “i think you’ll like mine more.” and you swing open the door, eyes widening at the sight of iwaizumi standing in front of you. the phone is still up to his ear, there’s a suitcase in his hand and a smile on his lips.
your arms instantly wrap around him, both of you completely forgetting to hang up the phones. “i thought you weren’t able to come,” you responded.
“well i spoke with my professors,” he explained, grip on you slightly tightening. “and i fixed my whole school issues.”
“i’m glad,” you hummed as you pressed a kiss to his cheek before you pulled away and met his gaze.
the smile on his lips is infectious.
“so,” he starts, “did you like your present?”
and you can only smile.
“i loved it.”
Tumblr media
hey besties i’m pulling out the christmas stuff now bc i’m done with school woot woot
thanks for reading! reblogs are so so appreciated <3
Tumblr media
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ozetia · 22 days ago
Where they like being touched
Tumblr media
Because men liked being touched too and let’s remember that all touching sexual or not feels nice!
He has no problem with being touched in public or private. He is a lusty love monster that love being lusted over. Slap his butt in public, hold hands whilst walking and hold his hand during sex. Even though he holds his image of being a tough loving dude he’s the complete opposite, he’ll melt as soon as your fingertips touch his skin. Touch is the most sensual act in his mind and makes his sexual performance 100% better,
- Tsukishima, Yaku, Iwaizumi, Semi, Akaashi, Osamu
Firstly he reminded you that in a relationship touch is important there are all different love languages but relationships are give and take. He hugs you from behind, running his hand down your bag when your making coffee and you scratch his back whilst laying down watching tv. Sometimes when he’s feeling cheesy he’ll promote his idea of missing back and head scratches over sex after work. He basically turns in a cat purring over the attention you’re giving him, luckily he has 9 lives. He loves the marks on his back that you leave after sex, it shows that he preformed well but after all the attention you give him you that’s the least he’ll do.
- Tendou, Suna, Bokuto, Oikawa, Kenma, Sugawara
He’s likes his butt being slapped end of story, he has a 6th sense for when you’re planning to slap his butt and he’s waiting for it. Sometimes he’ll clench so you hit his ass bone instead of his cheek and sometimes he give into you and pushes his butt out ready. When you randomly stroke his arm or leg whilst he’s driving he’ll reward you with his best move: putting his arm on your chair looking back whilst reversing. He can’t take his hands off you touching you boobs and using them as ‘heat warmers’ or ‘comfort.’ But feel him up shirtless and you’re looking for a free pass of 1 day in bed but that’s up to you.
- Kuroo, Yamaguchi, Konoha, Kita, Ushijima, Terushima
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sunascumdoll · 4 months ago
omg i loved the pervert!iwa hc could you spare some pervert!oikawa thoughts please 🥺
back to pervert!hc masterlist
tw// filming, dry humping, pantyshots, implied exhibitionism, penetration, somnophilia, male masturbation
pervert!oikawa? oh ho ho ho. yes i can.
pervert!oikawa is a perv just like his best friend but much much worse. iwaizumi is secretive about it, but oikawa? he lets it be known.
pervert!oikawa takes panty shots all the time. he has no shame in lifting your skirt up and snapping a picture. he always comments on how cute your panties look though <3
pervert!oikawa loves watching you bend over, whether its to grab something or over a desk. he can’t help but groan at that sight and imagine you even lewder positions. pervert!oikawa has no control when he grabs onto your hips and forcibly grinds his growing bulge against your heated core. you just sound so pretty when you’re whining and telling him to stop.
sleepovers with pervert!oikawa? the first few times he’s on his best behavior. he’ll give you break this time. but the next time? oh no. sitting in your bathroom jerking his precum coated cock isn’t enough for him. he wants more. so more is what he’s going to get. you’re sleeping so peacefully in your bed, your oversized shirt rising up to barely cover your thighs and tummy. the fabric of your panties cling to your pussy lips and oikawa can feel his mouth fill up with saliva. pervert!oikawa. can’t. control. himself.
somehow he finds his self between your legs, your panties pulled to the side, and his bare cock rubbing inbetween the lips of your cunt. he lets out the prettiest moans, hissing when the slit of his cock head brushes against your swollen clit. ‘i wont put it in. i won’t put it in.’ repeats in his head over and over. ‘then again.. the tip wouldn’t hurt.’
the tip turns to an inch, then another, until he’s bottoming out and fucking into you mercilessly. your soft snores switch to high pitched whines and moans as pervert!oikawa holds your legs open. your eyes squint when a sudden bright light illuminates the dark room. it’s a phone, his phone. and it’s aimed right where the two of you are connected.
he’s recording every second if his thick cock splitting you open. he has to. how else is he going to show his best friend how well you can take dick?
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haikyuu-incorrectquotes · 21 days ago
Iwaizumi: My husband and I have agreed to never go to bed angry at each other.
Iwaizumi: We’ve been awake since Friday.
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duino · 29 days ago
"ANOTHER NIGHT OF HOPING" Pairing: Iwaizumi x Fem!Reader
Rating/Warnings: T for Teen, there's talk of sex
Word Count: 2.3k
Summary: The old cliché is true. You either end up heartbroken or in love.
Note: Friends with Benefits to Lovers. Fluff. Fun fact: This dialogue is 100% realistic and I know this because it was SAID TO ME by my mans when we, too, were once living out our FwB to Lovers fanfic plot arc. Shoutout to him. Dreams do come true my honeys!!!
Tumblr media
“I don’t think I can do this,” Iwaizumi says, breathless. He’s hovering above your body, arms and thighs bracing on either side of you. Your hands, which had been stroking up his biceps and back, stop.
“I’m sorry?” Your voice is just as soundless. You think you must’ve misheard him —your heart is pounding, blood rushing, the long forgotten T.V. show still playing in the background. He was whispering sweet nothings in your ear just a minute ago.
“I…shit, I don’t think I can do this.” He pulls back only slightly.
Your brows furrow, mind still fuzzy from the sensation of his lips on your neck, your collarbone…His lips are a firm, regretful line now. The contrast between the two is a shock. Your thoughts are spinning to catch up, to find some eloquence.
“’This’ as in…?” You can still feel the weight of him pressing on you. Iwaizumi seems to realize this and pulls away completely, kneeling on the far end of the couch. You prop yourself up on your elbows to look at his conflicted face.
“You know what I mean,” he says. He’s drawing into himself. You raise your brows, half-amused, half-disappointed.
“I really don’t,” you say. You’re teasing him to buy yourself some mental recalibration time.
Iwaizumi scowls, colour splotching his cheekbones. “You’re really going to make me say it?” His bashfulness is a rare sight.
“Oooh,” you drawl, “you mean sex.” Despite yourself, you smile when he looks away from you, scowling, flustered at your frankness. You’ve never understood how someone you’ve seen naked, who’s seen you naked, can get so nervous when you say the word.
“You’re such a brat,” he breathes, but he’s fond. Underneath the fondness there’s something else, something he seems to be struggling with. You know him well enough to see that, at least. “Yeah. Sex.” He mumbles the word.
There’s a cool breeze where his body used to be, and you fight against the urge to cover yourself. You can see him trying hard not to look at you. You pause before smoothing away the line between your brows with a blasé smile. “Well, we can finally start paying attention to this movie, if you want.”
Iwaizumi quirks the smile you had been looking for, but it flickers away in an instant. A strange pressure fills your chest —the first inkling of what’s unspoken.
You had met Iwaizumi at some college part neither one of you had wanted to be at. He was leaning against a balcony railing, and you had gone out for some fresh air. Eyes had met; words were exchanged. The details of the memory are blurred, but the attraction had been vivid. It still is vivid. And though you had both been open (as open as young, stumbling hearts could be) and honest about keeping things casual (physical), you knew then —and know now— that there’s always an expiration date to these things.
You just didn’t think you’d feel as hurt as you did now, seeing the ending in his eyes. And it does hurt. A dull ache of anticipation and rejection blooms in your stomach. You’re starting to feel oddly defensive, or distant, as if in preparation. You really ought to have seen this coming. All your friends had. (“Friends with benefits never works out,” seemed to be the general consensus, “you either end up in love or heartbroken.”)
He’s fiddling with his hands, uncharacteristically nervous. You compose yourself. There’s no reason to get upset, your mind reasons, you had wanted things to be casual. Your heart is, well, your heart. You ignore it, because there had been an agreement between you and Iwaizumi, and you’ll be damned if you let any feelings muck things up. Your dignity is at stake, here.
So you tilt your head, expression unconcerned. You say, “I’m feeling a talk coming on.” You surprise yourself with how worldly and composed your voice sounds.
Iwaizumi looks at you sharply. His hair clings and sticks up as he runs a hand through it. The nighttime has made shadowed canvasses of your bodies, and the television projects blurred images and colours onto his bare arms and chest. You watch the patterns of light shift as he heaves a sigh and drops his tense shoulders. He says nothing.
“That bad?” you ask, gentle and teasing. Iwaizumi furrows his brow at your unaffected tone. He shakes his head.
“It’s not bad. It’s, well. It’s…”
You finally sit up. Reaching for your sweatshirt, which had been discarded to the floor, you clothe yourself. It could be anything, he could say anything. That this, this thing, has run its course. That he’s sorry, but he’s got to go, let’s still be friends. That he’s found someone else.
Now there’s a sour thought, though you try hard to ignore the sourness. In the back of your mind, it’s always been a possibility that one of you might find someone else. The two of you were just passing time, right? Burning through the spark of that first meeting, exploring, having fun. You don’t own him, and he doesn’t own you. You force your heart to be civil and calm.
“Hey,” you say, comforting as a friend might be. “What’s up?”
Iwaizumi readjusts himself on your couch, folding and refolding his limbs until he’s comfortable and then, unable to look directly at you, he shifts himself again. You watch him, hands clasped delicately in your lap, willing patience into yourself.
“You’re really breaking in my couch there,” you say after another minute of him refusing to sit still. You’ve never seen him so uncomfortable, and it sends another anxious pang through you.
“We’ve already broken it in,” he says, reflexively, flashing you a smile. “Many times.”
Your sharp breath of amusement seems to relax him a little. Iwaizumi has always been more earnest than flirtatious, but the past month or so he’s been different. He’s been more playful with you and more nervous at the same time. Somehow more comfortable and more unsure. It’s been equal parts charming and disconcerting, and the thought of it now mingles with the idea that maybe he has found someone else. It’s the surest explanation for his change in behaviour.
“Don’t be cute,” you say. “What’s up, let’s talk.”
He opens his mouth as if to speak and then shuts it. He runs a hand roughly over his face. “Ah, fuck,” he says, with feeling. “I really didn’t want to do this now.”
You keep a straight face. “Okay,” you say. “We don’t have to.”
Iwaizumi sighs. He can’t sit still. “But maybe —shit, I don’t know, maybe we should.”
“Yeah.” He doesn’t elaborate.
You take a long breath. “Okay. Do you, uh, want some water?”
He leans himself back on your couch. “Sure. Sure. Water sounds good.”
When you return with a glass of filtered tap, Iwaizumi has gone from fidgeting to stone still.
“You don’t have to be nervous,” you say, kindly, but the idea of you noticing how nervous he is only seems to make him more nervous. You place a hand on his arm. “It’s just me. I can be a friend.”
The word friend echoes through the room. It isn’t quite what the both of you are —friends— but there’s caring there, the first seeds of a true friendship. And there’s an intimacy, shared, of course. Iwaizumi looks relenting or resigned to something. His eyes look at you, and then they look through you, into the future of what he’s about to say.
You brace yourself.
He says, “I don’t think we can sleep together anymore.”
And there it is. You take a small moment to swallow the hard drop of disappointment his words bring. You recognize, in a small part of your mind, that your disappointment is more than just losing the sex. Of course it’s more. You plaster on an understanding smile anyways, because that’s what a friend would do.
“You don’t have to worry about that,” you say kindly. “And you can still crash here tonight, if you want. Or I can call you a car,” you amend quickly. You don’t know the protocol. Maybe it would be a bad thing to offer for him to stay. Is it worse to offer to get a car? Iwaizumi doesn’t seem to hear you either way.
“I just feel like I need to explain,” he says.
“You don’t have to,” you insist. You aren’t sure you’re entirely ready to hear the words, anyways. “If you don’t want. We can just be friends.”
Surprisingly, your reply only seems to frustrate him. Or, not quite frustrate. His brows are pinched in some kind of determination. “No, no. I want to. I need to.”
“Really,” you say, “I understand either way—”
“But you need—”
“I really don’t—”
“Please,” he says, and you think of how you’ve never heard him say the word, not like this anyhow. “Let me explain.”
You stare at him, preparing, and nod.
He takes a while to say anything. Even in the dim light, you can see his face getting hot and anxious. He’s rubbing his palms against his thighs, swallowing hard. The image of his apprehensiveness is making you even more apprehensive. Tentatively, you reach out to touch his shoulder. You think to yourself that this is the first time you’ve touched him without any intentions, without the drive of passion behind you, and you both grow still with the contact.
“Hey,” you say, and this time you swallow down the nerves just fine. “It’s just me. Whatever it is, it’ll be fine.”
His expression changes when he looks at you. This time, it’s not nervous or flirtatious or anything that you can read. It’s new.
Iwaizumi clears his throat. “We’ve been doing this, well, this thing for a while now,” he starts. He’s back to not looking at you. “And it’s been fun —it is fun.” He curses under his breath. You stare at him as blankly as you can. “Being with you is fun, but.”
But. You chew your lip. You mouth the word fun and somehow hate the feel of it on your tongue. You should want to be fun. Fun is a good thing! But it’s not the only thing, and it’s taken you until now to realize that there’s more here. “Okay,” you say, because you can’t manage anything else without your careful smile slipping.
“But there’s been this line between us the entire time, and,” he says and then stops. Your hand is still on his arm. You squeeze it. Iwaizumi rubs his palms over his thighs again. “And I don’t want it to be there anymore.”
You blink. “I’m sorry, what?”
The breath he takes in is shuddering. “I don’t want there to be this distance between us anymore.”
Suddenly you understand the way he looked at you. Your heart fills your entire chest and then fills your ears with its pounding. You don’t recognize your own voice when you speak. “I don’t know what you’re trying to say,” you murmur, but only because you need to hear him say it, to have it come from his lips and be true.
“I want more than just sex,” he says. “And I can’t keep sleeping with you without you knowing first because,” he struggles for a moment and heat in your stomach blooms. “Because I think…I think it would hurt me, after, if you didn’t feel the same.” His words get more and more hushed until they are barely a whisper, but you hear it. Somehow, over your jackhammer heart, through his fears, through your fears, you hear it.
“Are you kidding me?” you breathe. You almost don’t mean for the words to come out. You almost laugh. "Oh my god, I thought you were about to end things with me!"
When Iwaizumi meets his eyes with yours, they’re dark and flashing and intent as you’ve never seen him. “I want to be with you,” he says. The seriousness of his tone is offset only slightly by the redness of his cheeks. “I want more than just sex with you.”
You’re vaguely aware you’re gaping at him. “You do?” And before he can reply, before he can get flustered or drawn into himself again you lean forward and kiss him. It’s messy, a little misaligned, but he sighs into your lips and kisses you back and back and back, and shifts over you and is still kissing you. He pulls away gasping.
“Does this mean—?
“Yes,” you say immediately and pull him back down to you, desperate to have him against you again. “Yes,” you say, against his lips.
“Wait, wait,” he pulls away again and you stare up at him, incredulous. “You want more with me, too?” he asks. Your heart turns at his gentle question. You smile up at him, bright as can be.
“I want more with you,” you say. “You want more with me?” you ask, teasing but also because you have to hear it, just one more time.
He’s the one that dips and kisses you reckless this time, teeth clacking and humming against your mouth. “You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting more,” he admits, a little shy. You can’t take it. You can hardly believe it.
“Well then come get it,” you say, turning sly. You laugh at his expression and then let out a little yelp when he nips at your ear. But you’re still laughing and soon, like he can’t help himself, Iwaizumi is laughing, low and so openly pleased.
“I’ve been wanting this too,” you whisper, just so he knows, but Iwaizumi doesn’t reply. He just squeezes you tight and catches your lips in his again.
Later, you take his hand in yours. “So…does this mean we can have sex again?” you ask, coy.
Iwaizumi scoffs a laugh, shaking his head like, how is he ever going to manage you?
He does though. Of course he does.
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ohajime · 5 months ago
When you sleep on the couch after an argument PT 3(Iwaizumi)
Tumblr media
part one part two
genre: angst, fluff
AN: this is so dramatic and was longer then expected I’ve been writing this for like 5 hours (I’m a slow writer) but I hope you enjoy let me know what you think
word count: 2K
Reblogs are very appreciated
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi has never seen you cry before. In the years you’ve been dating he’s only known you to be the strong person that you are, never even batting an eye when he’d assume you to be upset.
So when you were crying in front of him, for the first time that he’d seen, it pained him deeply as he didn’t know how to comfort the tears that were streaming down your face especially when he knew his words, or lack thereof, was the cause.
Iwaizumi was irritated tonight, well more than usual, you could tell with how his arms never unfolded and his eyebrows stayed furrowed, rooted on his face with the frown he wore as he watched you and your friends enjoying yourselves at the bar you went to.
You were confused about your boyfriend's mood, as you thought he’d enjoy seeing his highschool friends, including Oikawa who flew in specifically just to see you guys. But no, Iwaizumi was mad for some reason and everyone could tell.
It was hard to know how Iwaizumi felt sometimes, as he was always prioritising your feeling trying to assure you were okay which was something you loved about Iwaizumi however, it did always mean that his feelings were never a topic of conversation and with the hard look on his face he always had you never knew how to read him well.
When you got home, he shut the door behind him with a slam bringing in the tense atmosphere that he brought out with you, straight into your home. “Babe? Are you okay?” you asked hesitantly trailing behind him as he went into your bedroom. He responds with a grunt and you roll your eyes at his brutish manner. 
You did want to know why Iwaizumi has been in a bad mood for the whole night but you didn’t want to waste your energy when you knew there was a chance for him to act like he was fine and not express what he’s feeling.
However, you knew that this issue would be better if it was sorted sooner rather than later so you approached your boyfriend as he stood by the wardrobe taking off the clothes he was wearing before. “Hajime,” you called trying to grasp his attention but he didn’t respond which did irk you but you weren’t going to give up so early so you tried again saying, “what’s wrong?” But you got nothing in response.
“Iwa,” you said a little forcefully, stepping over to him and your hand grips arm slightly trying to turn his body towards you.
“What,” he responded with his own aggression spitting out with the word as he jerks his arm out of your hand “you're dying for more attention, is that it?”  
You took a step back, shocked and confused at his words and the anger you knew was stirring inside of him now being projected at you. After getting over the initial stun of him lashing out on you, you realised what he said and your head turned in confusion.
“Dying for more attention,” you repeated with a scoff “what the fuck is that supposed to mean?”
“Oh don’t play dumb Y/N,” he said now giving you all the attention you wanted but not like this.
You didn’t say anything, just folded your arms and raised your eyebrows slightly amused as you waited for whatever explanation he was going to give you.
“You were the one who was basically flaunting your ass for Oikawa,” he said “and makki and mattsun too.”
“So you’re jealous” you said with a smirk forming on your face, “is that it?” You didn’t realise something so simple would arise such a problem and you thought that the usual teasing that you gave Iwaizumi would work in this situation, make him laugh and calm down his anger. But you realised how wrong you were as the frown on his face deepend and his eyes glared even harder at you.
“I’m not jealous, I just don’t want an attention whore for a girlfriend,” he didn’t even shout. His voice was quiet, soft even which made the words stung more as you could feel he really meant it. 
He was standing right in front of you, close enough for you to shove him away in reaction to his words and the impact of your arms pushing him away made Iwaizumi blink in thought, now realising how he just fucked up.
“Oh I see,” you said softly and you felt your voice break and heat run to your face indicating that the tears that were welling up in your eyes were about to fall. But you didn’t want him to know that his words actually hurt, so you forced a smile and headed to the doorway finishing with “I guess you aren’t jealous, you’re just insecure.”
He didn’t really register what you were saying until you muttered “I’m sleeping on the couch,” and he didn’t miss the stray tear that ran down your face which made him internally want to rush towards you but he was frozen in place not knowing what to do. 
Seeing you cry, even if it was just a tear, made him feel terrible and the last words you said to him he felt the most “you’re just insecure,” he knew that was true and that the frustrations he put in on you was all from him being insecure. Seeing you just laughing and having fun with his friends, seeming to be more fun than you had with him, just made him doubt himself, doubt how good of a boyfriend he was to you.
Iwaizumi stayed in your room for a bit, knowing you’d probably need a bit of space and because he couldn’t find the right form of comfort to fix the mistakes he’s just made. But when he leaves the bedroom, prepared to face the awkwardness of being around you he was surprised to see you were nowhere to be found.
Conveniently, his phone pinged and he had a single text message from you that read “I’m sleeping over at Oikawa’s.” He knew that you only went there, because of his actions but he couldn’t help but feel the self doubt he felt earlier watching you guys get along with each other. But he now realised that when you muttered “i’m sleeping at the couch,” with the tear streaking down your face, you didn’t mean his couch, you meant his best friend.
There were a few days of silence between you and Iwaizumi, you didn’t know what to say or how to approach the situation without breaking down in front of him. So you happily stayed in the comfort of Oikawa’s home, missing your boyfriend deeply but glad you got some space to step back and rethink the situation.
You questioned how you didn’t realise your boyfriend’s feelings before, as you thought back on the times when you’d see Iwaizumi shy away and revert back to grunting and glaring at people when you’d talk to another guy, a guy that was different to Iwaizumi someone that made him feel that he didn’t deserve you.
When you knocked on the door to your shared home with Iwaizumi you took a shaky breath, feeling anxious on how things were going to be on the other side of the door. You couldn’t even get your thoughts together properly as the running wild and before you could take another breath the door opened.
“Y/N,” he said his eyes fixated on the floor beneath him, he was nervous and that made you feel better that he was sharing the same feeling that you did. 
You stepped inside, and awkwardly shifted your feet not knowing where to go which felt unusual especially since it is your house after all but it reminded you of how you didn’t know if you even had a home anymore at least not with Iwaizumi.
He led you to the couch and you both sat next to each other giving an uneasy smile as your knees accidentally brushed together. “I’m sorry,” he spat out his eyes blurting and you could see him sigh as you presumed he probably had a bigger apology planned.
“Y/N I am really sorry and it’s just that I-” he sputtered out “I don’t and I just-”
“Hajime breathe,” you said and even if you didn’t want to you flashed him a gentle smile which you could see comforted to him as his breathing settled and he returned your smile with a shy one of his own.
“The words I used then, they were terrible,” he said, shaking his head at himself as he remembered what he called you and you didn’t respond, just humming in affirmation urging him to continue. “I didn’t mean to call you that.”
“Yes you did,” you interrupted “and it’s fine.”
He paused in confusion at your sudden “acceptance” of his apology until you jumped in again and said “well it’s not fine, not at all but I can see why you did it.”
Iwaizumi nodded slowly in somewhat of an understanding, “What you said really hurted me Iwa but I'm more upset at the fact that it had to get to that point, I just want to know why?”
“You were right with what you said you know,” he started off with “how i wasn’t jealous, i was ‘insecure’ or whatever, you were right I was insecure well I am I just feel like I’m not good enough for you and whenever I see you with someone better like your study partner or a random guy or even-”
“Oikawa,” you finished and he nodded
“Yeah with him, I just feel so self conscious about myself and what I bring to the relationship and I don’t want to lose that,” he said and you could see the remorse appearing all over his face “and when I called you that it was out of line definitely I just wanted you to feel the way I did even if it was for a second and I’m sorry I’m really really sorry.”
“I don’t fully forgive you yet,” you started off and you see him wince slightly at that “but I think I could eventually, only if you start talking to me more cause Iwaizumi sometimes you’re just so…” you said not being able to find the right words.
“So…” he tried to finish for you.
“Just emotionally constipated I don’t know,” you said confused by your own choice of words but continued, “it’s just sometimes I don’t know how you’re feeling and if you’re okay and when I can tell you’re not okay, you don’t want to talk to me so I just feel a bit sad and left out I guess.”
“Oh i didn’t know you felt this way”
“Well you would’ve done if you actually talked to me,” you muttered but then felt bad since you didn’t mean to be so harsh “I’m sorr-”
“It’s fine Y/N,” he said reassuringly “and you’re right and I’m sorry i’ve let this all happen but I do love you and I want you to know that and I promise you I’ll actually talk to you when I’m feeling insecure or angry or upset or whatever.”
“Okay,” you felt slightly better, feeling more assured that your relationship is now going in the right direction.
He pulled you into a hug and you sighed into his chest missing the comforting feeling you got whenever you had one of your boyfriends hugs. “I love you Hajime,” you mumbled and he kissed you on the forehead returning the adoration. 
Things didn’t go easy straight away, which was what you expected but you could see Iwaizumi trying. Whenever you knew he was visibly stressed you were happy when he would come to you to talk about what he was actually trying, he was trying not only because he knew you wanted to but because he wanted to for you.
Tumblr media
General taglist [1] [bold can’t be tagged]: @saxuui, @iimoonii i​ @hamdehlesmis​ @Shoyosupremacy, @iambashfulperson​ @kayleighbeccaa​ @bakugouswh0r3​ @xedspirits​ @borpcorp​ soft-angle-clouds @foxxtrot-116​ @Xogiaaa, @jesssobs​ @apple-poptarts @galagcica​ @letssssus​ @random-734​ @rinyx​ @rybunie​ @cant-think-of-a-username @kuroohoeee​ @kellesvt​ @jojowantstocry​ @shinsouscatpisssmell @succulentmom​ @jihyunieeee​ @mysterystarz @astroqphillic​ @tetsunarin @joyaphoria​ @elektrosonix​ @maizumis​ @fandomsgotmefucked​ @drageonix22​ @uwu-queen-420​ @crapimahuman​ @tesoromia​ @pelicanpizza @conchetucona​ @akaashis-wife​ @crystal-lilac​ @bokutoslittledoll​ @taro-im​ @asaitashi​ @arrogantsonofabiscuit​ @nouser @mariyeahh​ @milktyama​ @pansexualproblemchild​ @koushisbutterfly​ @erensnubs​ @danasaan​ @menheraryn​ @bucinhajime​ @primsonnn​ [join the taglist]
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iwachansarm · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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elfiore · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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shinomiis · 3 months ago
hq boys as cliche movie moments
includes: testuro kuroo, rintarō suna, hajime iwaizumi, keiji akaashi, tooru oikawa
warnings/contains: none
notes: kuroo one is inspired by my ‘enchanted’ fic 💪
Tumblr media
KUROO almost dropped his wine glass on the marbled floor, eyes in a trance once you walked into the ball room. he wasn’t the only one, either, it seemed the whole room stopped their chatter just to gaze lovingly at the elegance your presence carried. he strides with confidence oozing out of him, chest puffed and lips in a charming smirk when he asks for your hand. you couldn’t dance, and truthfully, neither could kuroo, but that didn’t stop you two from dominating the attention of the crowd, moving together in perfect harmony with his hand around your waist and yours around his neck.
SUNA drapes his jacket over your shaking form. it’s already wet from the rain, but he figures a little more layers would warm you up. he zips it up as he towers over you, the material obviously too many sizes too big when it covers your nimble fingers, giving your icy nose a quick peck with you giggling to yourself happily. it was your idea to run around in the heavy rain, dancing together as if you wouldn’t be soaking wet in meer seconds. suna was visibly disinterested in the idea, repeating that you’re going to catch a cold, but really, who could deny you with that pretty smile on your face?
IWAIZUMI finally understood why so many people were afraid of love. with you asleep on his chest, breath labored and cheeks smushed against him, he knows for a fact that he would do anything for you. he knows it’s dangerous to admit, dangerous to even realize the predicament he’s found himself in; but when your lashes flutter and your eyes open slowly, giving him a lazy smile, he knows he wouldn’t have it any other way. giving your head a little pat whilst moving you further up, he gives the crown of your head a tender kiss, letting his lips linger there for a moment longer.
AKAASHI didn’t realize how often he thought about you until he saw you in his dreams. when he wakes up, he writes you a little letter, wishing you have a good day. when he’s at the store, he looks for your favorite flowers to bring home. when he’s with his friends, he’s always wanting time to go by a little quicker so he can sleep in your arms. it was weird, how someone he dreamed about now dreams with him. souls entwined in one in the starry night, he pulls you a little closer to his beating heart.
OIKAWA knew he must look like a complete fool, staring at you while you try to catch your breath from his corny pick up lines. with your head rolled back, eyes crinkled, and your hand clutching your stomach, oikawa doesn’t think he’ll ever see a sight more beautiful. there’s nothing he hates more than people laughing at him, but with you, he thinks he’ll embarrass himself a couple hundred times more, never wanting to go without your contagious laughter if given the chance.
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