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#hq osamu
taeyamayang · a day ago
part 2
Tumblr media
part 1 focuses on the boys receiving a kiss from their s/o whereas part 2 focuses on the vice versa.
PAIRING: Miya Osamu x reader | Azumane Asahi x reader | Suna Rintarou x reader | Tendou Satori x reader
GENRE: fluff! | romance | intimacy | established relationship | AGED UP
WARNING: none? unless you're uncomfortable with intimacy
a/n: an impulsive idea just like part 1 hehe i hope enjoy reading as much as i enjoyed writing it (ノ´ з `)ノ
Tumblr media
Miya Osamu ㅡ inner thighs
Tumblr media
ive always had this idea that osamu fits the domestic boyfriend persona
like if he has to choose between hanging out with common friends like double dates vs cuddling next to you all day as you both binge watch netflix shows
i hc him choosing the latter
and that's exactly the case right now
as raindrops tap against the window of your shared apartment and the sky is painted in gravel-grey
both you and osamu decided to stay in for the day
and watch a rom-com movie at your living room
he has his head laid on your lap with his body spreaded across the expanse of the sofa
while you play with his hair, gently brushing your fingers through the strands as you both fixate your eyes at the flashing television screen
he slowly turns his head to the side making you feel the warmth of his breath against your skin as the the two leads of the movie exchange romantic dialogues
just as you are about to be immersed at scene, you feel a wet kiss on your thigh
you pull your gaze away from the tv and your hand, that was once busy with his hair, instantly stops
osamu slightly pushes himself up using his elbow to allow just enough space for him to move his head
he begins trailing kisses from the middle of your inner thighs down to the point near your knees
"osamu," his name rolls out of your mouth.
"hm?" he hums in question, briefly turning his head to face you
and when he sees your face tinted in deep crimson, he takes this as a cue for him to plant one more kiss
he's visibly proud of the effect he has on you
"i love you," he mumbles before laying down his head back to your lap thereafter focusing his attention back to the movie
you, on the other hand, is caught in daze
Azumane Asahi ㅡ tip of the nose
Tumblr media
it sucks that you and asahi have different universities to attend to
but you're lucky enough to have a lover that cares for you even if distance prevails
so nothing excites you more than looking forward to when the clock hits four and twelve
cause it only means one thing,
you finally get to see asahi
and when it's finally time
you rush to the gates of your uni and immediately spots a towering man with long hair tied in a bun, his one hand grasped on the strap of the messenger bag hung over his one shoulder
you run to him, shouting his name at a distance, with a smile so wide he could see the molars of your teeth
he welcomes you with his arms raised up waiting for you to collide
and when you do, he wraps his limbs around you into a tight embrace akin to a bear hug before gently lifting you up
after a few seconds of hug, he pushes you at an arm length
both of his hands automatically finds its way to your cheeks
he tilts your head up
ngl cos he's too damn tall
before his lips peck on the tip of your nose
a giggle escapes your mouth making him mirror your giddy smile
his eyes rally from your nose to your lips and you already know what's about to happen
he asks,
"can i kiss you?" his orbs never leaving your lips
your giggle turns into a laugh upon hearing his consent, you utter
"baby, we've been dating for five years. of course, you can do that!"
the smile grew on his face and the tone of his voice drops lower
"good, 'cause i missed you."
Suna Rintarou ㅡ chest
Tumblr media
it's the busiest time of the year for suna and his ever demanding job, so he texted you right off the bat that he will be home later than expected
since you wanted to do something nice for him when he gets home
you decided to cook for him
dinner is the only meal you both share for the entire day since both of you are occupied by your respective careers
after a couple of hours or so, with you wrapping up the final seasonings of the side dishes, the main door to your apartment opens to a zombie-looking suna
"hey, babe, how's work?" you ask though it's obvious how beat-up he looks
"tired." he grunts
his heavy feet takes him to the sofa, his knees unlocks as he lets the comfort of the furniture softly massage his muscles
the backrest of the sofa supports his head as he peers at you at the kitchen
"what are you doing?" he questions
"cooking a meal for you."
"no." he says making you turn your head to him
"huh?" you pull your eyebrows together in confusion
"you can continue with that later. come here, i need you."
he uses his hand to tap on his lap, the corner of his lips pulling upwards into a lazy smile
without thinking twice you make your way to him, standing in front of him for a moment before placing your knees at both sides of his hips
he likes it when you sit on top of him in this manner
well, it's obvious enough the smile on his face stretches
he dips his head at the space between your neck and shoulder
you can feel his nose slightly brushing against your collarbones
and without any warning, his one hand reaches for your nape, pulling you closer to him
he detaches his face from your neck before bringing his lips down to your chest at the spot below the center of your collarbones
you voice hitches when his other hand pulls the neck rim of your shirt down, exposing more of your skin to him
his other hand that was once cupping your nape leisurely travels down your spine, his action made you sit straight
he patterns out a trail of kisses down to your cleavage and stops when the outstretch of your shirt reaches its limit
he lays the side of his head next to your chest, fluttering his eyes close he takes a deep inhale
he mutters to himself,
"you smell like home."
Tendou Satori ㅡ eyes/eyelids
Tumblr media
you are, once again, awake at an ungodly hour
you've always had trouble with sleeping or keeping a consistent sleeping schedule
so you are often left to your thoughts at the middle of the night
just like now
and once your thoughts no longer entertain you, you shift your attention to the man lying next to you
his bare shoulder is facing you as he sleeps on the other side of the bed
he finds comfort in sleeping with no top on
and being cheeky that you are, you take the man lying next to you to your advantage
you bring your finger near his back before dragging it down to his spine
a satisfied smirk plays on your lips
not until the apple of your eye shifts his body when he senses your touch
he rolls to the other side, facing you
he blinks twice before squinting his eyes
he presses his eyebrows together as his pupils adjust to the dimmed lights of the room
"nightmare?" his voice hoarse from sleep
you almost feel bad for waking him up
"no, i can't sleep." you respond
a light groan echoes from his mouth, he stretches one arm out before tapping on it
you gladly scoot next to him, lying your head on his biceps. he folds his arm so you can be closer to him
his other hand gently hovers your face, the tip of his fingers grazing over your eyelids making you shut your eyes on purpose
with the same hand, he places it on your cheek as his thumb caresses the crest of your cheekbone in a back and forth manner
his lips find its way to your shut eyelids, placing one kiss on one eye and the same to the other
"goodnight, angel."
he mumbles before slowly drifting back to sleep
Tumblr media
a/n: HOLY FUCK I THINK I ENJOYED WRITING SUNA'S PART WAY TOO MUCH OHMYGOD WHAT IS THIS HELPPPP IM ABOUT TO COLLAPSE bye gsnshs i hope you enjoyed this one! rbs and likes are very much welcome ♡ stay safe and stay healthy~
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samusrin · 23 hours ago
# content warnings ! obsessive behavior, physical abuse, mental break, osamu being a total gaslighter, mentions of “laying” with oikawa, oikawa being a jerk,
# notes ! i rushed oikawa’s bc my brain went dead for a moment, so sorry
# characters ! atsumu miya, osamu miya, toru oikawa
Tumblr media
DUKE ATSUMU who fell for you immediately after seeing you for the first time. after that, he refused to take no as an answer. if you denied his request of meeting him, he’d go to you. if you dared to run away from him, he’d hunt you down and the punishment was never fun. you were his, and only his. he had it all— wealth, status and the looks. why would you ever want anyone else? no. he’d make sure you would never want anyone else. you belonged to him and he’d make sure you remembered that, even if he had to beat it into you.
GENERAL OSAMU who immediately took notice of how naive you were. you believed everything was all fairy tail, dreaming of the day your knight would save you. sadly, that knight never came and instead you were ‘saved’ by a horrifying monster. moving you away from friends and family as he claimed it was for “starting a family of your own.” the same man who made sure to cut off all ties with the outside world due to how “distasteful gossip and the jealousy of others were”. the one who held you a bit too tightly as you watched the servants lock up every window and door around you both. “it’s for your safety. you believe me, right?” and like the absolute fool you were, you nodded your head with a sweet smile. “of course i do.”
LORD TORU who watched in amusement as you begged him to help your poor, poor family. your eyes swelled with tears as you pleaded with him, declaring that you would do anything to help your parents. and as the kind lord that toru oikawa was, he agreed. and so you cleaned his mansion and cooked him dinner. you went out with him to social gatherings. you attended his every need, even laying with him whenever he desired. it wasn’t long until you once again broke down. you cried as you asked him why couldn’t you leave now that your debt had been paid? the question only confused the man as he looked at you with a horrifying look in his eyes. “paid? don’t you get it honey? by having me take care of your family, you’ve condemned yourself to a lifetime of being here…with me.”
Tumblr media
will def be making a sfw edition, for my soft royals <3 yes, akaashi will be one, just for you <3 @sunkeiji
taglist: @dollta , @matsuwhore
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kaitycole · 12 hours ago
as things my husband’s done
Tumblr media
Summary: HQ boys doing the things my husband has done this month
Word Count: 202
Warnings: Over the top sappy fluff, I guess? Domestic fluff.
A/N: Yes, my husband can be a cheesy dork, but I love it.
A/N 2: Also I can see them all more than one of these, so I just went with the first one that came to mind when I thought of them. As always, this is just my opinion.
Tumblr media
Wakes you up from the dead of sleep, ripping the warm blanket off of you followed by, “can you order me doordash?”
Tanaka, Hinata, Iwaizumi, Kindaichi, Kenma, Terushima, Osamu, Semi
Proceeds to compliment something you said you don’t like about yourself randomly.
Example: Me: “I think I want lip fillers.” 3 days later: Him: *runs thumb over lips before kissing me* “You know your lips are perfect.”
Daichi, Yamaguchi, Matsukawa, Lev, Inuoka, Kita, Sakusa, Hirugami, Shirabu
You simply ask him to get a package from outside and sit it on the counter, nothing more, but he decides to open it.
Example: Me: “Can you get the package and put it on the counter.” Him: “Yeah.” *box opening sounds* Me: “Wait! That’s your…” *sees he’s already torn the box opened* “...Christmas gift.”
Nishinoya, Kageyama, Kyotani, Yaku, Bokuto, Atsumu, Hoshiumi, Goshiki
Walks over to you with a Sharpie, asking if he can ‘color in your gray hairs’.
Tsukishima, Hanamaki, Kunimi, Yamamoto, Daishou, Suna, Futakuchi, Tendou
Completely shutting down negative thoughts about yourself.
Example: Me: “I’m sorry you don’t have a pretty wife.” Him: “I’m glad I don’t, that would be a downgrade from my beautiful wife.”
Asahi, Sugawara, Oikawa, Kuroo, Akaashi, Aone, Komori, Ushijima
Tumblr media
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ryoccoon · a month ago
What the Haikyuu boys (realistically) wear
Tumblr media
includes ; the twins, suna & sakusa
upcoming ;
x oikawa, iwaizumi, kageyama, hinata
x kuroo, kenma, bokuto, akaashi
x tanaka, nishinoya, tsukki, yamaguchi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Miya Twins: love Adidas, jogging shorts and joggers, block colored shirts (usually long and oversized), no patterns, big hoodies, very much airport vibes, Vans, Atsumu likes wearing his hood up, Osamu likes caps, 'Tsumu always wears lighter colors and has a collection of obnoxiously bright sweaters, 'Samu wears darker clothes, puffer jackets, is the more stylish twin ('Tsumu low-key got his fashion sense from him)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Suna: always in black, sometimes grey and even rarer in red, wears anthing comfy, easy to slip on, big but never so oversized it drowns him, never picks "outfits" in a store and never willingly goes out shopping, simply picks out an item when it catches his eye or wears stuff his friends or family buy him, is surprisingly good at matching clothings items and making outfits out of what he's got in his closet
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sakusa: one of the most stylish HQ boys, smart, expensive, always in black, only has like 2 colorful shirts at most, dress shoes, turtle necks, belts, long coats, straight legged pants, never in jeans, never wears sweats in public
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sunascumdoll · a month ago
pervert!osamu that is all
back to pervert!hc masterlist
Tumblr media
tw// DARK CONTENT. dubcon, power imbalance, blackmail, coercion, spanking, voyeurism, filming, throat fucking, male masturbation, dacryphilia, penetration.
just thinking about pervert!osamu has me screaming without the s, goodbye
pervert!osamu is so fucking mean. you recently started working at his restaurant. he knew you needed the extra money so he offered you a position, and it was a good way to be even closer to you. pervert!osamu gives you difficult/impossible tasks to complete, in hopes you mess up so he has a reason to punish you. he has you preparing food, attending to incoming customers, handling phone calls, AND cleaning.
he knows it's impossible to do that all at once, but he genuinely enjoys watching you run around the restaurant, trying your best to please him. but when expectations aren't met? tsk tsk. humiliation. he will bend you over the front counter, firmly pressing your chest against it, yank your pants down and spank you. he likes to listen to your cries and enjoys the way you tense whenever someone walks past the front door of his restaurant. you can only pray no one walks in on your boss discipling you
pervert!osamu has camera installed everywhere in his shop. you think they're just for security, to watch over the place. but he has them in unorthodox places. he has them in the break room, watching ever little move you make. but his favorite camera? is the camera he has installed in the employee bathroom. his cock twitches every time he sees you entering. he's laid back in his office chair, eyes glued to the computer screen that's playing the live footage of what's partaking in the bathroom. his hand is wrapped around his cock, thumbing rubbing over his leaking tip as he watches you in the bathroom.
pervert!osamu knows how bad you need this job, and knows you'll do anything to keep it. he'll call you into his office and talk about how your recent work has been piss poor. if you want to keep your job, you'll sit pretty on your knees in front of him. if you want another paycheck, you'll worship his cock. you look so pretty drooling on his cock, that's why he threatens you every week. he's not that mean though, he'll hold your hair back while you choke and gag on his shaft. <3
his favorite though? keeping you late at night to clean up the shop. pervert!osamu has you on your hands and knees, scrubbing the dirty floors all while he's behind you, driving his cock into your sloppy pussy. your body lunges forward with each snap of his hips. the sponge in your hand dripping soapy water from how hard you're squeezing it. heavy cum filled balls slap against your swollen pussy lips. he's brutal, takes his time to thoroughly fuck you. he won't stop until the floors are sparkly clean.. and that's why he aims to make your creamy pussy gush all over the floors.
Tumblr media
taglist: @shalnarkswhoree @ushijimasslut @kawaiikooki @fiona782 @yaqueerqueen @papitoshi @omiikeii @SATISFYINGLYBLUE @crapimahuman @shdwgarden @tirzamisu @booksweet @kisseswithkai @itsmeteiiteii @random-734 @matssuncxmslxt @tifhen @ryugamii
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kitasfox · a month ago
how do we feel about a threesome with osamu and atsumu 🤔
We feel very interested <3
a/n: So since this was gonna be dark content anyways as it's kind of incest, I said why not make it dark content if you have any other requests,,, pls send them in <3
warnings: incest, threesome, dub-con, non-con cuz reader is drunk, alcohol consumption, spitting,,, mentions of masturbation what else idk
Tumblr media
Suna had the prettiest little sister.
One the twins grew up with- they'd run from you at any chance they had, with your big brother, too, of course, the mean trio that loved to make fun of you when you were little.
As a kid, two year age difference you had with your big brother and his friends meant too much to both sides, you were seen as a baby to make fun of, and they were these celebrities in your eyes.
As the years went on, and age started to mean less, they started to let you in the little circle more, talking with you without the mocking tone or the babying words, letting you hang out with them, not minding your naive words.
Especially looking at you now- all grown and going to college, the two year difference felt like nothing at all.
You were visiting your big brother for the college break, and you just couldn't say no when the twins had invited you and your brother to this party they were throwing.
"Come on, babe," Atsumu had laughed when you gave him an hesitant look, throwing his arm over your shoulder and pulling you close to him, well aware of your breaths shortening with excitement.
It was no secret you had the biggest crush on the twins for years. You always seemed to favor Osamu just a bit, finding a way to be close to the more introverted twin, though it always took a few sweet words and a kiss on the chicken for Atsumu to lure you back and have your bright eyes and admiring gaze back on him.
"we'll catch up and everything." Atsumu almost mutters into your ear, making you shudder under his hold.
"We're gonna be there, anyway," Osamu had shrugged at you, quirking a brow as if to say, don't you trust us? "What are you worried bout?"
They were right, what were you worried about? They were who you grew up with, both of them you trusted with all your heart. And this was a chance to show them you had indeed grown up quite a lot, and no longer were the little girl they used to make cry.
Maybe— after all those years, wouldn't it be fun to find out if it was anything like all those nights you fantasized about?
Tumblr media
"Ah, I don't know about that, sweet girl," a familiar voice speaks right behind you just as you're about to take a sip of the beer you're holding.
Before Atsumu can lunge at it, you manage to take a big gulp of the tangy liquid, smiling when he gives you a dirty look. As he pulls the can from you hands, Atsumu brings his hand up so you can't reach.
As you're jumping to grab your drink back, you're not even aware how close you suddenly got at the blonde, your eyes wide as he coos at you, laughing as his eyes look for your big brother. "Oi, Rin!"
Suna seems busy with a girl, pushing her hands away from his chest when he hears his name being called. "Can your sister drink?"
Suna seems unphased by the question, looking at you and back at him and shrugging. "I don't care." He mutters, turning back at the whining girl sitting on his lap. "She's a big girl, she can do whatever she wants."
Maybe if you weren't so busy with getting your drink back, you would've seen the wolfish grin that had spread on Atsumu's face.
But instead, you give him your innocent eyes and an adorable pout. "See?" You say, "I can drink!"
Atsumu apologizes with a grin, looking at Osamu, who is coming towards the two of you with shot glasses between his fingers. "I'm sorry, pretty girl, you're right." He leans in to press a soft kiss on your cheek, pulling you maybe a bit too close. "You indeed are a big girl."
You were right, and to show them, prove them, you just had to drink more. Gulping down the constant shots being handed to you, even when you got dizzy.
You dance around the room with a certain blonde holding you close, giving you more to drink as soon as you took your last sip, pressing his body flush against your overheated one. "Ya got real pretty, ya know."
Your swaying body enclosed by strong arms, you can only giggle at his words. "Ya like it?" You laugh, showing off your tiny skirt, losing balance and falling against his chest.
In a whirl of a second, you find yourself somewhere else, nestled on a lap, Atsumu's lap; he feels warm and sturdy beneath you. You reach for another shot of glass, you don't know why, you're already in the dumb state where everything feels funny, your body feels jelly.
You can't even sit upright on Atsumu's lap without his arms keeping you up; but still, you have a point to make, after all.
"Hey, hey— why don't you slow down?" Oh, Osamu is here, sitting right next to you, pulling the glass from your hands.
"Don't wannaa!" You whine, not aware how you're pushing your ass right on Atsumu's cock when you squirm like a brat. "I wanna- drink more."
"Fuck- stop moving." He orders in your ear, you eyes fluttering closed at the sudden image of him groaning when he sinks into you popping in your mind and making you press your thighs together.
The whole night, both the twins never had left you alone, dancing with you or having you on their arms like a pretty doll.
"It's okay, sweet girl," Atsumu pats your head, fingers tracing the skin of your cheek and sending goosebumps down your body. "We already know you're a big girl."
"I am!" You say proudly, grinning so wide, it's quite cute, really. If only you didn't press your tits on his chest like that, Atsumu mightve been able to keep his mind on how pretty your smile was.
"Yes you are." Osamu laughs. "You grew quite a bit." .
Atsumu's touch on your cheek grazes your lips, tracing them, spreading the touch of drool around your pretty face. Your eyes flutter close at the touch, hips moving right on his cock without even realizing how you're humping him.
When the swollen head of his cock presses against your clothed clit, your face tilts up and a silent gasp leaves your lips. "Fuck- look at her, Samu," Atsumu laughs, gripping your face to turn it towards his brother. "Look how dumb she looks humping me like a bitch."
"Always knew she was a whore," Osamu mutters gruffly, his hands close around your dainty neck, thumb dipping between your lips. "But never got to see it so close, have we?"
You mouth hangs open as drool trickles from the corners, Osamu keeps pressing on your tongue and making your silent gasp turn into louder moans and needy pleas.
You find yourself trembling under the hold of both twins, it suddenly feels colder- when did you take you top off, you wonder. Still the feeling of Atsumu's lips around your nipples is enough to make you forget the embarrassment of having your tits out like this.
He keeps kneading them harshly, teeth grazing on your nipples to make you cry out, your hips rutting on his cock when he does that. Osamu keeps playing around on your face, smudging your drool around your skin, forcing your mouth open until you feel something wet dripping in it.
"Now swallow it, pretty girl. Show me you like me enough to swallow my spit."
You already feel so dizzy, so light-hwaded and so- so turned on, you can't keep up with the constant, teasing touches, moans and mewls falling from your lips.
"I remember when you were little," Osamu says, hands roaming around the skin your skirt can't cover, gripping your chin to have your face inches away from his. Your breaths become shallower, quick and kurt as you press your legs together, something that makes both of them laugh. "You used to have the biggest crush on us. Was s' cute."
Your eyes fly open, embarrasment in your gaze as you stutter. "You knew about that?!"
"Of course, we did." Atsumu laughs, "I actually been wondering this whole night," Atsumu sucks on the soft skin of your chest and neck, leaving dark bruises on your skin. "Do you still moan my name at nights?"
Your voice comes out as a mewl when he sinks his teeth, Osamu's fingers pulling on the skimpy material of your soaked panties. "Or do you scream mine, now?"
"I- ah!" Osamu pushes on the damp cloth, right on your clit, making you feel dizzier than you already are. When you squirm on his lap, the man behind you groans loudly. "Fuck babe-"
"Don't tell me you didn't know we could hear you. Each night Suna snuck out, you would be awake- both our names coming from your room."
"Still think of it when I'm jerking off, ya know. Sounded that sweet, begging for me when I wasn't even there." Atsumu grins, leaving a wet kiss on the corner of your mouth. "Never got to thank for that."
"Always wondered how you fucked yourself with your fingers, you know." Osamu laughs, his hand palming himself over his pants. "Fuck-"
"Should I just fuck her already?" Atsumu groans at your dumbed out face, body sprawled over his like a mindless toy. "Nah- let her pick who she wants." Osamu turns to you instead.
"You'll pick me, won't you, dolly?" Atsumu coos at you, patting your cheek, "I promise I'll be nice."
"Oh, come on," Osamu pulls your face towards his, grinning against you, "you just swallowed my spit. I'm pretty sure that means I get to fuck this pretty pussy, ain't it?" Just when he says pretty pussy, Osamu deliberately pinches your clit to make you shout.
"-Don't know-" you whine, you don't wanna pick, you just want this feeling in your pussy to go away!
"Come on, babe, don't make us wait-"
"Dont- I don't wanna choose!" You whine, not really aware of what you've said when Atsumu grins mischievously.
"Oh?" He mutters, "so you pick-"
"Both!" You mewl without a second thought, and maybe you would've felt embarrassed if it wasn't for Osamu pinching your clit and making you gasp and moan loudly.
"Hear that, Samu?" Atsumu laughs, lightly tapping your cheek. "She wants us both."
"Shouldn't be surprised from a slut like her," the said man speaks degradingly, "a cock wasn't enough, is that it? You really think you can take us both?"
"I can-" you mewl, back arching when he lanse a mildly harsh slap on your panties and making you cry out. "Can take you!"
You're jutting your hips up to meet his touch, head falling back on Atsumu's chest, drool falling from the corners of your mouth. "Dont say that, you got it wrong." The blonde speaks. "She's just too good, Samu." Atsumu cups your cheek, cooing at your dumb face. "Wants to make us both feel good, isn't that right, sweetheart?"
Atsumu's hands close around your waist, picking you up and putting you on the sofa on your back.
Osamu nudges your legs apart, pushing your skirt up, your clothed pussy finally visible to both of the man hard as fuck in their pants. The flimsy material stretching over your pussy, wet and sticky, Osamu pushes it aside, hearing your loud mewl when the pads of his fingers finally touch your skin.
"Will let us use you as we wish, is that right? Use you as our fuckhole? A worthless, idiotic little girl, tryna satiate both of us." He continues, words becoming sharper, kisses harder, your hands grabbing his wrists and sinking your nails in his skin with how overwhelming this all is.
"Yes! Yes I'll do anything-"
"How cute." He laughs as he works his pants off, ignoring your widening eyes look at his dripping cock and back at him, drunken mind trying to form words. "-'s too big!"
"I'm sure you'll be okay, dolly." Atsumu pumps his cock as he takes a step towards you, his cock head nudging against your lips, smearing precum and laughing when you open it to take him in.
Just as he does so, you feel prying hands around your waist, you can barely lift your head to see Osamu placing himself between your legs, his cock rubbing against your thigh.
"Aw, come on, babe," Atsumu laughs, "didn't you just say you'd help us?"
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meiansmistress · 5 months ago
Sweet Fillings
Tumblr media
Realizing he needs more help around the restaurant, Osamu Miya hires you as his store's new manager. He isn't sure if it's the best or worst mistake of his life.
Tumblr media
pairing: 40-year-old Osamu Miya x 18-year-old afab!reader, nsfw pwp, 5.3K
warnings: age gap (22 years), slight manipulation, degradation, creampie, exhibitionism, daddy kink, overstimulation, dacryphilia, mild facefucking, hair pulling, oral (f! receiving)
notes: written for the Decadence collab by @sugawara-sweetheart! masterpost can be found here!
please heed the warnings on this one. As usual, minors DNI, 18+. strap in folks, we're going in
thanks to: @anime-nymph, @ssrated1volleyballplayer, and @oneblonded for betaing this for me!! kisses for all of you, ty ty ty
Tumblr media
If someone had told Osamu Miya that he’d be divorced by 40, he wouldn’t have believed them. His long-term girlfriend had turned into his wife shortly after he’d turned 32, a few years after his second branch of Onigiri Miya opened in Tokyo. He’d been happy—well, as happy as he could have been, really. He loved her, cherished her, wanted a family with her.
Except she wanted a family with someone else, clearly evidenced by the fact that the kid in her stomach doesn’t belong to him.
You brought this on yourself, you know. You worked too much, Osamu. You loved Onigiri Miya more than me. You put off starting our family for too long.
All excuses. He knows that clearly. But her parting words echo in his head when he goes back to his new, empty apartment at the end of the day. A can of beer doesn’t help; neither does a bottle of sake. The only thing they give him is a nasty hangover at work the next day. As he tries not to throw up on his customer’s food, a thought crosses Osamu’s mind for the first time ever since he opened his restaurants.
He needs help running the place.
He sits on it for a couple of days, making sure it’s not his ex-wife’s taunting and what he truly wants. The thought sticks in his head until he’s putting a ‘Help Wanted’ sign on the door, looking for a manager to help him a few times during the week. The extra time might even give him an opportunity to get up to Tokyo to check on his other store more than once every few months too. It’s a win-win situation.
That is, until you walk in the door.
You look barely out of high school, smoothness in your cheeks and a youthfulness in your step that he hasn’t had in over a decade. You push your hair behind your ear before you bow to him, your manicured hands holding tightly to a flyer he had made just a day ago.
“I’d like to interview for the manager position,” you tell him very confidently.
He wants to ask if you’re joking (what kind of experience does a teenager have?) but your pretty little eyes bat at him and he loses his train of thought.
“Sure, we can do an interview.”
Osamu learns you’re a food service major at the local university in your first semester. You worked as manager of your family’s store back in your hometown before moving here to get your degree. You promise to take the job extremely seriously (as if it’s my own family’s business!) if he gives you the chance to prove yourself.
He knows he shouldn’t say yes. Someone else is bound to come along with more experience or more credentials, and none of your curves that he can’t stop staring at like a sick pervert. Yet, for some reason, “we can have a trial period” falls from his lips instead of letting you down gently. You practically beam at him, and when you bow goodbye, your shirt slips a little and he can clearly see your cleavage in your cute pink bra.
He watches you walk off through the front windows, a strange fire in his gut that he hasn’t felt since even before he met his ex-wife. He wants to call you back and tell you he made a mistake, but it’s too late to take it back now.
Tumblr media
Osamu has to admit you’re a very hard worker. You learn everything he teaches you very quickly, and after only a few weeks, you’re ordering stock, taking inventory, and doing paperwork without any of his help. Of course, he double checks your work but he hasn’t found a mistake yet. Still, he can’t help but be on edge around you—and it’s not because of your work.
It’s because you keep pushing his buttons, and the worst part is: he likes it.
Every time you come into work, your Onigiri Miya shirt gets tighter around your tits. Whenever you lean over him to check on the food or the computer or whatever else, your hand brushes along his spine and starts to creep lower. It’s summer sure, but you’ve traded in your pants for shorts or skirts that show off your thighs. Osamu is sure it’s intentional when you bend over to pick up something you dropped and flash him your cute little panties.
She’s 18, he tries to remind himself whenever you come to his mind but that doesn’t stop his dick from throbbing at the thought of fucking you. He can’t count how many times he’s palmed his hard cock, mind wandering to what you’d look like bent over a table in the back, screaming his name as he pounds into you. What your lips would look like around his dick, your eyes wet with tears as he fucks your mouth. What sounds you’d make when he thrusts his fingers deep inside of you, his tongue lapping at your clit as you cum over and over again. It’s enough to drive him mad.
You walk around like you don’t know what you’re doing to him, like you don’t have a care in the world when you press your tits against his arm to show him some paperwork. You bat your cute little eyes at him, your lips glossed and parted like you want his cock in your mouth, and maybe you do. Tonight you’re wearing one of your pleated skirts, your Onigiri Miya shirt tied up enough where he can get a glimpse of your stomach. It’s been a struggle not to touch you, especially when you ask to stay late because you’re behind on inventory ordering.
When he walks into the back after he cleans the front and locks the front door, Osamu sees you bent over one of his tables, fingers tapping away on your phone. Your skirt barely covers anything, and he can see the edges of your black panties clinging to the globes of your ass. He can feel his cock twitch in his pants and he clears his throat to catch your attention. You turn your head back to look at him but don’t bother straightening up, as if you want him to see this. You want him to stare at your ass. You want him to imagine pushing his cock into your cunt, bent over just like that, not even bothering to take off your clothes in his desperation.
“What are ya doin’?” he asks. His voice is strained with his want, and your lips fall open as your eyes roam down his body, landing on the growing tent in his slacks.
“Taking a break.”
“Ya think little sluts like ya deserve a break?”
You gasp at his question and he can see the shift in your eyes, the slight wiggle of your hips as you lean forward a little bit more. Your voice is breathless when you ask, “What did I do?”
“Ya know what the fuck ya did,” Osamu growls as he stalks closer, making sure he doesn’t touch you just yet. You look so fucking needy, shifting your body on the metal table so you can get a better view of him. “Always comin’ in here with yer tight shirts and little skirts. Hangin’ all over me like a bitch in heat. This what ya want?”
He grabs hold of your hips and grinds your hips together, groaning at the feeling of your cunt barely covered by your thin panties. You nod quickly, biting down into your knuckles to hide your moan. No, that won’t do. One of his hands immediately goes to your hair and he jerks your head up, forcing you to drop your hand and look at him.
“Don’t tell me yer shy now. I asked if this is what ya want.”
“Yes!” You whimper, rolling your hips back against his.
God, you really are a slut, aren’t you? Needy for his cock and he’s barely started with you. His dick throbs painfully in his pants but he ignores it, flipping your skirt up so he can get a better view of your ass. You wiggle at the rush of cold air and Osamu sends a hand straight down on your exposed ass cheek. You cry out at the sudden sting, trying to set your head down, but his grip in your hair tightens and keeps you upright.
“Too bad,” he mocks, pulling away from you. His hand in your hair lets go, trailing down to your back. With a hard push between your shoulder blades, he forces your chest down on the table, keeping you trapped with a strong hand.
“O-Osamu, please.”
“So fuckin’ needy,” Osamu laughs and drops down to his knees so he’s face-to-face with your barely covered cunt.
He can see the wet spot already staining the material, a slight glistening around the sides. With his free hand, he jerks your panties down to your knees and spreads your folds, mouth going dry with how wet you are. He smacks your ass again, smirking at the way you whine.
“Open yer legs and keep them open. I won’t ask twice.”
You immediately comply, spreading your legs wide enough to give him the perfect view of your dripping cunt. Fuck, it’s even better than he imagined. He leans forward and flattens his tongue, running it from your clit to the end of your cunt. You moan and try to push toward him, but he traps you against the table with a vice-like grip that makes you whimper in discomfort.
“Yer gonna stay still and be a good girl while I make ya cum. Is that clear?”
“Yes what?”
There’s a fraction of a section before your shy voice adds, “...Daddy.”
Oh fuck, that’s not what he was going for, but it goes straight to his cock and makes him throb anyway. He wastes no time diving into your cunt, tongue pushing inside of you and licking up all of your essence. When his tongue runs over your clit you squeal, and Osamu can feel you restraining yourself. You’re such a good girl, listening to him and taking what he gives you. He rewards you with a swirl of your clit, and you whimper his name into the table, the echo ringing in his ears.
It’s a fumble to get his dick out of his pants one-handed but he manages somehow. He pulls back enough to dig two fingers in your slick, using your juices as lubricant when he grabs his aching cock. He pumps in time with his quick flicks over your clit, sucking and running his teeth along your sensitive nub until you’re crying out Daddy, Daddy, again!
How is he supposed to last long when you’re grinding against his face, gasping for breath between moans of his name, and gushing all over his tongue? You taste sweet when he laps you up, and when his tongue hits a particularly sensitive spot and makes you shake, he does it again and again until your walls are clamping down around him. He can feel his orgasm rising, pleasure crawling up his spine, his balls tightening; he speeds up his hand and his tongue around your clit, the sounds of slapping skin and his sloppy sucking lost underneath your cries of pleasure.
“D-daddy, I’m—” you gasp before you’re chanting cumming, cumming! and god, do you cum for him, juices spilling down your inner thighs as you shake against the table. He’s right behind you, groaning into your heat as he spills over his hand, his milky cum shooting all over the floor in front of him.
He pulls back to take a breath, your taste still on his tongue when he remembers you’re 18-fucking-years-old and he just ate you out at his fucking business. Osamu stares at the drying cum on the floor and curses. He hastily stuffs his softened cock back in his pants and stands up, meeting your eyes for only a moment. You look so fucked out—sweat around your brow, glowing cheeks, half-lidded eyes staring at him—and he feels his dick twitch. He needs to get out of here before he really fucks you and makes an even bigger mess.
“Clean yer mess up,” he demands, stuffing his hands in his pockets and stalking out, leaving you there, still dripping and gasping on the kitchen table.
Tumblr media
How is he supposed to go to work, knowing that you’ll be coming in at the same time as him? Fuck, he feels like he’s back in high school again, stupidly considering skipping work so he doesn’t have to face what he did last night. He’s the adult in the situation—well, technically you’re an adult, but he’s old enough to be your fucking father, so he shouldn’t have given in to your advances.
Not that it keeps him from being hard as a rock as soon as he wakes up, your little mewls of Daddy! ringing in his ears until he’s fisting his hard cock, imaging his tongue buried deep inside your warm cunt. When he cums all over his hand, he imagines you there to clean him up, your little tongue running over his sensitive dick until you’re begging for more, begging for him to fill up your mouth like the good little slut you are.
Osamu knows then that he’s fucked.
The front door bell chimes when you open it, and he turns from his prep to greet you with a stiff nod. You smile at him like you usually do, and it looks like you haven’t learned your fucking lesson, because your Onigiri Miya shirt is tied above your short skater dress, and he can’t help but remember the feeling of your thighs underneath his hands, the way you spread yourself for him and—
“Good morning! I cleaned up everything last night,” you say as you set your bag down, like you’re discussing business and not that fact that “everything” includes his cum on the floor after he ate you out.
“Thanks,” he gruffly answers before he clears his throat. “Listen, about last night. It shouldn’t have happened.”
You freeze, hand over the checkout machine before you turn to him with a look he can’t place. “It shouldn’t have?”
“I’m yer boss and I’m old enough to be yer fuckin’ father.”
Your face holds a challenge—one he knows well from his years on the volleyball court, from his stupid twin over the years, from his ex-wife when she told him she was pregnant with another man’s baby. Osamu really fucking hates losing.
“So ya should find someone closer to yer age. We shouldn’t be doin’ this.”
There’s a lengthy pause in which your face flashes with your annoyance, but then you give him a sickeningly sweet smile and answer, “Sure, Boss.”
The rest of the day is spent ignoring each other other than for business, and Osamu only breathes a sigh of relief when you finish your shift, leaving Onigiri Miya with a coy “see you later.” It doesn’t register that ‘later’ means later today until you come in 20 minutes from closing time, your school bag strapped over your shoulder, a wide-eyed, dorky kid behind you.
“What are ya doin’ here?” he questions with a raised eyebrow. And who the fuck is this kid?
“The library was packed,” you lament as you set your bag down at the table closest to the kitchen area. The boy slips into the booth first and you turn to him with that saccharine smile that means nothing good can come of this. “I was hoping you’d let us work here? It’s for a project due at the end of the week.”
Osamu is ready to get home and do something to get his mind off of you, but when you pout your glossy bottom lip and bat your pretty eyes at him, he caves. He allows you only one hour after closing time and your smile grows wicked when you thank him and say,
“That will be plenty of time.”
Osamu sits at a chair behind the counter, watching you closely under the guise of flicking through his phone. You think you’re smarter than he is, don’t you? Not even ten minutes after you start “studying”, your hand brushes the kid’s and you lean into him to giggle at his stupid fucking joke. He realizes your game after you squeeze the kid’s non-existent biceps, marveling at how he must know so much about the human body which is perfect for the fitness brochure you’re working on. You don’t look at him as you shift closer, your bare legs practically draped over this poor kid’s, the boy blushing and stuttering as your fingers crawl up his arm to his neck.
He knows he shouldn’t let your stupid childish antics affect him like this, but anger simmers in his stomach and blooms into white-hot heat the minute to press your lips against his cheek. He stands before he knows it, quick steps and rough hands on your upper arm, tugging you to stand with a glare that could cut through the toughest of foods.
“Boss?” you gasp as he pulls you into the back, not letting go of your arm even when you collide painfully with the metal table you were bent over just last night.
“The fuck ya think yer doin’?” he whispers lowly—dangerously—as he looms over you, making you lean back.
“You told me to find someone my age,” you challenge, but there’s a waver in your voice. A little tremble that shows how excited you are, how much you want him to do this to you, how this was your obvious little plan from the beginning.
“Ya really think he can fuck ya like I could? Think he can make yer pretty pussy gush like I did?”
You whimper at his words, lip trembling with your hesitant head shake. He grabs onto your bottom lip, forcing your mouth open as he leans even closer, his warm breath fanning over your face as he stares down at you.
“Beg yer Daddy then, if yer that desperate.”
The way you squirm under his body and whine shouldn’t turn him on but it does, and fuck, you look so good with your flushed cheeks and blown out pupils, like you’re waiting for him to ruin you.
“Fuck me, Daddy. Need your cock in me so badly,” you whisper, opening your mouth and lolling out your tongue for him.
God, you’re going to be the end of him. The last little bit of restraint he has snaps and he grabs hold of your chin, forcing your mouth open even further. You’re like putty under his hands, easily so compliant as he leans down and forces his lips against yours. It’s all heat when he pushes his tongue into your mouth, easily flicking over yours and making you moan, the sound going straight to his cock. Your fingers cling to his belt, trying to scramble and tug it open, but he catches your hands, pulling away from you with a hard stare.
“I don’t fuckin’ think so,” he growls, forcing your hands back on the metal table so he can kiss you again, swirling, flicking, and sucking until you’re trying to push your hips into his for a little bit of friction he isn’t giving you.
A hard push and you’re on your back, legs dangling over the side of the table, eyes half-lidded and dark. The skirt of your skater dress rides up enough where he can see your panties—if he can even call them that with how thin they are, the material barely covering anything and giving you a clear view of your dripping cunt. You’re still in your Onigiri Miya shirt, and he forces it up so he can tug down the front of your dress, freeing your tits for him to stare at.
“Were ya walkin’ around all day without a bra on?” he questions as his hands roughly grab at your breasts, squeezing hard enough to make you gasp. It turns into a mewl when he pinches your nipples and tugs at them. “Showin’ yer tits off to anyone who asks?”
“No,” you whimper, back arching off the table as you bite your bottom lip. “Only for you, Daddy.”
Your words make his cock throb and he has to swallow back a groan before he leans down and takes a nipple into his mouth, sucking and pulling with his teeth until it’s hard and wet under his ministrations. With his hands, he forces your legs apart, ripping that little piece of fabric away from your body so easily that it should be a crime. His fingers find your cunt easily, trailing up and down your dripping folds before he pushes two inside.
You’re so wet and tight around his fingers, and you arch into his mouth with a cry when he bottoms them out. He drags them along your walls, pumping and curling until you’re a writhing mess beneath him, juices dripping down your slit and his hand. He switches nipples, making sure to bite and suck marks into your skin so whatever little kid thinks he can do better will know that you belong to him, just like you begged for.
When he curls his fingers and hits that spot in you that makes you cry out, he does it again and again, making your walls clamp down around him as he fucks you. He brushes his thumb against your clit once, twice, then pulls it away with a smirk. Your glossy eyes snap open, staring down at him as you plead, “Please Daddy, please, please, please.”
You look so fucking pretty begging for him like that. Osamu bites down into the top of your breast as he starts quick and firm circles on your clit, relishing in the way your head falls back and you cry out for him. He knows your orgasm is looming—walls so fucking tight around his fingers, your legs shaking with the effort to stay open, your chest heaving with your breaths—and sick satisfaction rises in his chest when he glances over and sees the kid is staring at you. His eyes are wide as he watches your body thrash against the table, his cheeks redder than a flame.
You squeal “Daddy!” as you clamp down around his fingers, moans loud and echoing in the room, cunt humping his digits to get him even deeper. His fingers don’t stop moving as you cum, and before you can even come down from your high, he’s on his knees, face buried deep inside your walls to lap up everything you give him.
“N-no, wait—” you cry out, fingers tangling in his hair to try and pull him away, but a sharp smack on your outer thigh and you stop complaining.
He licks you up like his life depends on it, running his tongue along your walls to swallow your juices before he circles your clit and makes you jolt. Your fingers thread tighter into his hair, hips grinding into his face as he pushes even deeper, moaning into your cunt. Your legs shake when he takes your swollen nub into his mouth, gasping for breath as you beg for another release. You’re such a greedy little slut, babbling for him to make you cream on his tongue again and again, your whole body shaking just for him.
Osamu sucks harder, flicking his tongue quickly, rolling and lightly dragging his teeth over your nub. It’s what sets you off—you’re tugging his hair painfully as you scream for him, your body thrashing on the table as your juices gush out of your folds. He keeps sucking until you squeal at him to stop, stop, please Daddy, too sensitive! and even then, his fingers run over your swollen folds, tongue lapping everything that dripped out of you and coated your inner thighs.
When he’s done, he stands up, and your watery eyes open and land on him. There’s streaks on your cheeks from where tears leaked out of your eyes and your bottom lip is swollen from where you bit it over and over. You look so pretty crying for him, your tits rising and falling with your breaths, your wet cunt glistening under the fluorescent lights of the kitchen.
His eyes flick up to the kid—who is still watching with wide eyes—and he can’t contain his smirk. You already look so fucked out and he hasn’t even given you his cock yet. Time to show the kid the finale.
“Think ya deserve this cock?”
“Yes, yes,” you babble, sitting up and spreading your legs even wider. Such a good girl. “Please Daddy, I want your cock.”
“Prove it then,” Osamu challenges, tugging his pants down in one swift motion. His hard cock springs up against his stomach, precum already leaking from the top and dipping down the side.
You slide to your knees so obediently and take him into your hand, a tentative lick to his head, a moan escaping you when you taste him for the first time. You bat your eyes at him and then open your mouth, and his eyes darken as he grabs your hair, forcing his cock into your mouth. God, it’s so warm and he can’t help but buck further into your mouth, thrusting shallowly to get you used to his fat cock.
“Take it,” he groans before speeding up, holding onto you so you have to swallow every single one of his thrusts. Tears line your eyes as he fucks your mouth, your fingers digging into his muscular thighs to pull him deeper.
He shivers at the look in your eyes—even as he ravages your mouth, you look so happy to be used like this, to be just a hole for him to fuck as he pleases. It sends a shiver down his spine and he has to pull out of your mouth so he can finally feel your pussy for himself.
“Come ‘ere.” He grabs your arm and jerks you to your feet, laying down on the table before gesturing you to climb on top. You start to face him but he grabs your hips and turns you to face the other way, your back and ass in perfect view as he grinds against your wet pussy. His hand moves to your hair and he jerks your head up, locking eyes with the kid outside who is practically vibrating in his seat. “Look at him lookin’ at ya. Gonna show him who this pussy belongs to? Gonna let him watch ya take my cock?”
“D-Daddy,” you whine as you grind down on him, your shaking hands landing on his thighs to steady yourself.
“Nn,” Osamu groans, holding onto your hips to run the red tip of his cock over your folds. You’re so wet that the tip slips in so easily—and your greedy cunt tries to suck him up with a few clenches but he won’t have it. Not yet. He pulls out and runs the length of your folds, gathering your slick with a smirk. “Call me Osamu so that fuckin’ kid knows who’s fuckin’ ya.”
“Osamu,” you immediately comply, whimpering as your hips shake for more. “Please, please fuck me.”
His name sounds so good slipping from your lips that he can’t help but comply, lifting your hips so you can slide down on his cock. Your tight heat sucks him deeper and he groans, eyes falling closed at how good you feel around him, how you squeeze him just right.
You don’t even need him to help you—you’re so determined to prove you deserve his cock that you lift and drop your hips on your own, moaning as you bounce up and down on his length. When your head dips down, he tugs on your hair again and makes you lift your head to keep eye contact with your friend.
“Show him,” Osamu demands, lifting his hips to hit you even deeper. “Tell him who is fuckin’ ya.”
“Osamu!” You squeal, riding him even faster, your fingers digging into his calves as you work.
Your babbling is nearly incoherent at this point, a mix of your moans, whimpers, and wanna cum so bad, Osamu, please. When he sees your stupid partner’s arm moving near his crotch, he smirks and reaches around with his free hand, fingers finding your swollen clit easily. You squeal and clench down around him so hard that he chokes out a groan, feet planting on the table so he leverage himself and fuck you properly.
His name is a stream pouring from your mouth, your fingers tugging on your hard nipples as you throw your head back, your body beginning to shake. Your pussy pulses around him, his quick strokes of your clit making you cry out, voice hoarse and shaky with the tears that leak from your eyes.
“Cum for me. Come on, cream around my cock like the good little slut ya are,” he orders breathlessly. The shiver down his spine and the tightening in his balls mark his own orgasm, but he’s determined to hold off until you’re cumming around him for the third time.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck!” you cry and squeeze him so hard that he swears he goes lightheaded for a second. You’re practically sobbing as you cum, your hips slamming into his to prolong your orgasm, your entire body shaking as you chant his name. Your velvety walls hugging him; the way you shiver and whimper for him; the way you’re so fucking obedient; your eyes still trained on your friend in the booth outside. It’s all too much—with a choked groan, he paints your walls white with his cum, goosebumps rising to his flesh as he shallowly thrusts to ride it out.
It’s hard to catch his breath, his body singing with the pleasure still running through his veins, and then you look over your shoulder at him with the most beautiful expression: sweaty, nearly drooling, cheeks tear-stained, lips split in a satisfied grin. He feels himself pulse inside you again and you whimper, sliding off of him on shaky legs, clinging to the table to keep yourself upright.
You both don’t say anything as you get re-dressed, and Osamu can’t help but smirk at the mess he made of your thighs. His cum dribbles out of you, coating your flesh even when you rub your thighs together with a whine. He’ll fill you up time and time again if it means he gets to see you wrecked and dripping with his seed.
“Ya should finish yer project,” he says when you’re all clean, and it’s sick how much pride swells in his chest when you wander back outside like nothing happened, like he didn’t just fuck you silly, like your project partner didn’t just jerk himself off while watching you get pounded by your middle-aged boss.
It’s only another few minutes before the boy says he has to get going, practically running out of the restaurant, trying to hide the stain in his pants. You follow shortly after, thanking Osamu for his hospitality, and he doesn’t miss the way your eyes glint mischievously as you bid him good night.
Tumblr media
Osamu can’t decide if hiring you was the best or worst mistake of his life. He knows it’s wrong, fucking the barely legal manager he just hired a few weeks ago, but he can’t stop. Not when you do your job perfectly then bend over the table as soon as you’re alone, flashing him your bare pussy under your skirt with a whimper of Daddy, I need you to fuck me.
So he does. He fucks you until you’re screaming his name loud enough for the frozen yogurt place next door to hear. He fucks you until his cum dribbles out of you and marks your pussy as his. He fucks you until you’re crying from the stimulation, bottom lip nearly bleeding with how hard you bite it.
You’re his good little slut, after all. Who is he to deny you what you deserve?
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whoreradio · 3 months ago
I fricking loved ur kids walking in on the act HQ boys. I died laughing! I’d love to see one with Osamu and Atsumu
HQ Boys Child Interrupting During The Act PT4
A/N: Im so happy you guys are enjoying the HQ boys children catching them in the act but this is going to be the last part in the series simply because I’m running out of ideas that aren’t repetitive so I’m so sorry to everyone who’s ask I didn’t get to about characters in this scenario but I do hope you guys enjoy this last part.
Characters: Ushijima + Atsumu + Osamu
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4
Tumblr media
↣ Ushijima usually has a deadpan expression but when he sees your small doe eyed child call out his name he almost looks like he’s seen a ghost
↣Ushijima is very straight forward and that forthrightness doesn’t end in situations like this please take over the explanation because Ushijima will attempt to explain sex
↣ You were caught in missionary, legs wrapped around Ushijima with his ass out in the open visible to anyone who walked in
↣Ushijima wants to call Tendou to ask for advice but you have to convince him that Tendou would be way worse in this situation
Ushijima grinded down into you, head in the crook of your neck as he sucked marks on your skin. You moaned at the feeling and wrapped your legs around him in an attempt to pull him closer needing him deeper inside of you. You hadn’t realized the small voice that came from the door frame unlike Ushijima who had stopped thrusting causing you to groan.
“Little baby why aren’t you in bed.” Ushijima said grabbing covers to hid his naked body. His face was covered pink and his eyes were wide. You looked up towards him confused
“What are you- oh my god” you yelp upon seeing your child finally. You hid your face behind a pillow too embarrassed to look at your child.
“What are you doing, you were so loud”
Ushijima rolled over from on top of you and grabbed his pants to put on.
“We were… well…” He sat down and folded his hand as he starred at your child with a look of shame mixed with his normal expressionless face.
“Let me tell you about the story of the birds and the bees”
“No!” you yelled shushing him before he could begin.
“We um… we were uh well my muscles were sore so daddy was helping me… a massage! Thats what it was” You said smiling at your explanation hoping for it to be believable.
“Daddy must be really good at massages. Feel better mommy” your child said as they closed the door heading back to bed.
“We could have told the truth” Ushijima turned towards you
“We were not going to tell them about ‘the birds and the bees’” you said putting air quotes around birds and the bees.
“I guess in a way I was giving you a massa-”
“Go to bed Toshi”
↣Atsumu was caught going down on you. Your legs were spread ankles on his shoulder while Atsumu hummed in satisfaction at your taste
↣Atsumu is a flustered mess, he’s stuttering so much and he almost walks over to your child still fully undressed, please help him
↣Atsumu is a terrible liar, his excuse almost makes you laugh because its so long and unbelievable, it’s either he’s telling a complete lie or blubbering out the truth like he’s confessing to a crime.
↣Atsumu has the nerve to ask ‘what are you doing here?’ like your child doesn’t live there
Atsumu licked relentlessly at your core humming to himself satsifyed with the moans you were releasing. His mind was so filled with lust and determination to make you cum that he didn’t hear the small tapping at the door, he didn’t realized that your hands were slapping his shoulder not because you were so engulfed in pleasure but because your sweet small child was creeping past the door rubbing their sleepy eyes calling out your name.
“Mommy?” their voice was soft.
Your eyes were wide as you tapped Atsumu’s shoulder with one hand and reached to grab covers to hide the two of you with the other.
Atsumu looked up at your child and jumped to his feet.
“Baby um-uh what-why are ya up?” Atsumu asked in the softest voice he could muster. You gathered clothes and began tossing them to Atsumu but he was already headed to your child bare ass still out.
“T’sumu! Clothes!” you yelled before he could continue stuttering out an excuse.
Atsumu stopped in his tracks and you didn’t know it was possible but his cheeks grew almost redder than a tomato.
Atsumu grabbed a pair of joggers and hopped on leg trying to get into them while simultaneously attempting to put together an explanation.
“We were just- um Mommy felt something crawl into her pajama’s and um ‘a was just checking to make sure we got whatever it was out… I had to take mine off too so that it didn’t get me” Atsumu turned to you with a confident smile only to see you holding your face in your hand shaking your head.
“Oh did ya find it ?” Your child said in an upbeat tone with a hint of worry laced in their voice.
“Yup we did now lets get you back to bed” Atsumu lifted your child up and making funny noises causing them to giggle.
When he came back you were sitting on the bed still in shock
“I cant believe that actually worked” Atsumu said sliding next to you
“I know I thought they had my brains but I guess their just like their daddy”
“Yup just like - wait what’s that supposed to mean?”
↣ Osamu is like Atsumu in terms of being flustered. He’s tripping over his words looking around the room trying to find an explanation as if it’ll be written on the walls
↣You were caught getting stretched out with Osamu at the edge of the bed holding your ankles up on his shoulder while he thrusted in and out of you
↣ It’s almost like Osamu is frozen because he just stares at the door mouth agape with a face filled with a combination of shock and horror
↣Osamu could melt at the scene with the amount of embarrassment that’s radiating through him
Osamu pace was fast as he thrusted into you kissing your calf that rested on his shoulder. You head was thrown back as you arched your back and gripped at the sheets. Your moans echoed through the room as you begged Osamu for more. You both were so immersed in pleasure that neither of you seemed to hear or recognize the door opening to a small child excitedly calling your name. You jumped at the voice quickly backing away from Osamu who was flushed red unable to look at your wide eyed child and the tall yellow haired figure that stood behind them with the same flushed look.
“W-what are ya doing back” Osamu asked confused his voice higher that usual. He had sent your child off to stay with Atsumu for the weekend yet, here they were watching as you and Osamu scurried to find clothes to cover your naked bodies.
“We ran outta snacks” Atsumu said in a nonchalant voice holding your child closed to his body to hide the scene from him. “Come on mini ‘samu we’ll let your parents finish… exercising” the smirk on his face was wide.
You groaned into the nearest pillow feeling embarrassment flood through you.
“Atsumu is dead” you both mumbled out simultaneously.
You gathered you clothes and both sheepishly walked into the kitchen where Atsumu had your child sitting on a counter and he rummaged through the cabinets searching for food.
“Atsumu I thought we banned you from the kitchen” Osamu grumbled
“Mommy how was your exercise” You almost froze at the question
“G-good” you said voice betraying you
Atsumu walked passed you towards the living room but not without one of his famous sarcastic comments
“I didn’t know you could bend like that Y/N”
“A dead man… Atsumu thats what you are” Osamu voice came booming behind him as he chased him to the living room and you were almost reminded of their high school antics.
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aikk00 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Quick doodle before i go to bed zzz
Also took a week break! Commissions reopen next week~ by this week id focus on making fanarts ive been thinking about recently🤔
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benaina · 2 months ago
you get accidentally hurt during an argument with them
a nishinoya for u @sleepingvalley
and an osamu for u @kannaizumi & anon
-> Akaashi -> Atsumu -> Sakusa -> Oikawa
Including: Nishinoya Yuu, Miya Osamu
Warnings: slight angst in osamu’s
Word count: 2k
Tumblr media
“Yuuuu.. it’s so hot and my feet hurt! Can’t we just take a break and chill for a while?” you whined while your boyfriend dragged you behind him to the volleyball net on the beach.
After his trip with Asahi in Egypt last year, Nishinoya was so overwhelmed with this oriental country’s beauty that he wanted to visit it a second time, but this time he convinced you to join him.
And it’s not that you didn’t enjoy it, in fact you thought it was an impressive country with fascinating history, but you just couldn’t compete with this energetic man, for whom breaks and resting were two foreign words.
In the morning, you had already visited the Pyramids of Giza, him of course non stop talking and bragging about all the random facts he already knew about the different monuments. After that, he insisted on visiting the beach and you already knew that it wouldn’t be about relaxing in the sun or a bit of splashing in the water, no, he wanted you to join him to play beach volleyball with some random people even though you were sleep deprived and tired as hell.
“Oh come on babe, you already spend enough of time being boring when we’re at home. Just have some fun for once.” Nishinoya teased, winking at you. 
“Boring? Yuu I’m tired. I’m not used to walk all day long, only to engage myself later in some stupid volleyball!” you spatted.
“Damn Y/n if I knew that you would only ruin this trip, I would have left you at home and come alone.” he snapped, leaving you back standing alone in the sand as he already befriended the strangers and joined them. Your shoulders slumped at his words, you would have never thought that you would be such a burden to him, but you had too much pride to act like a hurt, little baby.
You could be fun too, and you wanted to prove it to him. So you as well, made yourself on your way to the field, but instead of walking towards Nishinoya, you went to the other side and greeted your new teammates. The fact that on your side of the field were only boys went actually unnoticed by you, but not by Nishinoya, who immediately furrowed his eyebrows at the way you smiled and giggled at the tanned boys.
The game was going pretty well and since your boyfriend had taught you some basics long time ago, your teammates were quite impressed. 
You didn’t know how long you were already playing, but at the way your legs slowly got heavier, feeling a slight dull pain in your left ankle, and the way you always got dizzy when leaning down to pick up the ball, you knew that it must have been a good two hours.
Your extremely red face made Nishinoya wonder when you had drank something the last time, but, of course, he was too prideful to show that he cared and was worried about you. But soon, he would regret his ignorance.
As the ball was being tossed towards you, you jumped up to spike it as precisely as you could, but when you hit the ground again, an awful pain shot through your left foot, making you cry out. You sank down on the sand, clutching your knee in agony as you didn’t dare to touch your ankle, too scared that the pain would become even worse. 
One of your teammates tried to approach you, but was shoved away by Nishinoya who was immediately by your side. “Y/n! Babe what’s wrong?” he shouted, fear and worry adorning his face, as he fell to his knees and cradled your face in his hands. 
“I-I don’t know. My ankle.. it hurts.” you whimpered, the growing swelling making it obvious that it was sprained.
“Okay, okay don’t worry. Let’s just get you out of the sun, I don’t want you to get a sunstroke as well.” he spoke reassuringly, placing your arm around his shoulder, and draping his arm around your waist to carefully hoist you up.
Step by step, you finally made it to your sunshade and he gently sat you down on the sprawled towels, as you winced at the throbbing pain. “I’ll be back in a second, just let me get you some ice!” 
Not even two minutes later, you saw him running back towards you with two bottles of water and a bunch of popsicles in his hands.
“Yuu.. what is that?” you asked Nishinoya, who managed to get a giggle out of you despite the persistent pain in your ankle. 
“I’m sorry, that’s the only ice they had.” he awkwardly rubbed his neck and crouched beside you, holding the colourful, wrapped ice lollies against your swollen injury. “Oh, here, drink something.” he dropped the cooling sweets to get a water bottle and held it against your mouth to help you drink.
“I’m not that badly injured, I can manage to drink by myself.” you chuckled at your boyfriend’s exaggerated care, but your smile was immediately replaced by a frown. 
“You were right, I’m only holding you back from enjoying your time.” you pouted.
“No, no that’s not true. Bunny I’m sorry about what I said earlier.” he apologised, rubbing soothing circles over your thigh, “Do you know how much fun I had the last two days with you? Without you, this trip wouldn’t be even half as enjoyable!” he stated and placed gentle kisses over your leg, making you smile at his sweetness.
“Come on, let’s get you patched up. And when we’re back at the hotel, I’ll call the room service to order us some real ice cream!” Nishinoya cheerfully sang, as he squatted in front of you, so that you could get on his back and let him carry you to the car. 
And he kept his promise. After you got bandaged up at the hospital, you two sat on the balcony of your room, your head snuggled on his shoulder, eating ice cream and enjoying the wonderful view of the Egyptian skyline at night.
Tumblr media
Osamu was standing at the counter in front of the cash register, going over all the incomes he had made the last few days, and they were actually quiet satisfying since the business at his Onigri Shop has been booming. But it was also stressful as he had to work way more, due to the lack of workers he still had.
The ringing bell over the entrance door, as you were coming inside, didn’t even catch his attention, too lost in his own thoughts. After finishing your own work, you would often come over and help him to at least clean and lock the place up in the evening, and every time you came by, he called you his life saver, as he was grateful for every help he could get.
But today, he didn’t even notice you until you leaned over to place a kiss on his cheek, bringing him back to reality. “Oh, hey sweetie.” he boringly muttered, his eyes quickly shifting back to the papers lying across the counter.
“Hey... uhm ‘Samu are you okay?” you asked, a bit worried about his sluggish attitude.
“Hmm? Yeah, just lookin’ through the last intakes and bills.” he bluntly answered, still not convincing you that he was fine.
“Okayyy.. well, I figured that you maybe craved something sweet after this long week, so I bought us some muffins.” you smiled, placing the bag with sweets on the counter in front of him.
“Mhm, cool. Thanks.”
“Okay, baby what’s wrong. Did you fight with ‘Tsumu again?” you asked, getting unsettled over Osamu’s behaviour.
“For fucks sake, can’t ya see that I’m busy?! Do ya really think I have time ta chat with ya about irrelevant shit when I clearly have to plan my next expenses for the followin’ weeks? Look at all the orders I’ve got for next week! Instead of strollin’ around ta buy some shitty muffins, ya could have moved yer ass sooner over here ta help me!” he yelled, making you back off slightly at his loud, intimidating tone.
“But ‘Samu I-”
“Hey! There are my favourite Miyas!” shouted Atsumu cheerfully, interrupting your dispute, as he entered the shop with a grin on his face.
“God Y/n, just go ta the back and wash the dishes or somethin’“ Osamu scoffed, rolling his eyes at you.
“Woah ‘Samu, don’t be such an ass.” Atsumu spoke, furrowing his eyebrows and trying to defend his sister-in-law.
“It’s okay ‘Tsumu, I guess our dear Miya Osamu just needs some time alone.” you spatted with a wavering voice, hurt at the way your husband was treating you even though you tried your best to lighten up his day. You quickly rushed past Osamu to the door which was leading to the kitchen.
“Damn boy, ya know yer fucked when she calls ya by yer full name” Atsumu spoke to his twin, earning a threatening glare from him.
“Dumbass, just take yer food and leave!” Osamu yelled, throwing the paper bag with prepared food in his brother’s arms and shoving him out of the restaurant.
Meanwhile, you had already put the clean dishes away and prepared a tea for Osamu. You were obviously mad at him for treating you like that, but you also felt sorry for him as you knew how hard he had been working the last months.
Carefully, not wanting to spill the hot brewed drink, you stepped out of the kitchen an placed the mug next to him on the counter.
“Look, ‘Samu I-”
“What is it now Y/n?” Osamu groaned, wanting to shoo you away with his hand, but instead, he accidentally hit the mug, the hot liquid splattering on your thighs and making you hiss at the burning pain on your skin.
You quickly ran back to the kitchen, letting Osamu stand alone as he was still processing what actually happened.
Arrggh ‘Samu ya idiot he groaned to himself, before following you and seeing your sobbing form sitting on a chair, pressing your hands against the stained part of your jeans.
He immediately grabbed a towel, drenching it with ice cold water from the sink, and crouched in front of you. “Hold this.” he instructed, placing the wet towel in your hands, as he unbuttoned your pants, glad that you weren’t resisting, and motioned you to lift your bum so that he could lower the jeans to your knees.
Grasping the towel away from you, he gently put it on your thighs and leaned his forehead on your knees, wrapping his arms around your calves, not daring to look up in your eyes, as he knew that he would only see tears, which he had caused.
“ ‘M sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he muttered and tensed up when he felt your hand brush through his hair.
“I know ‘Samu. Just- Talk to me. Please..”
Letting out a sigh, he lifted his head up, leaning his chin on your knee “ ‘M not sure- I’ve been just thinkin’ so much lately… what if this whole onigri-thing-idea was a mistake? What if I overestimated myself and I won‘t be able to keep it goin’ ‘till the end?” he pouted, until you placed your hand on his face, your fingers tenderly trailing over his furrowed eyebrows.
“You have to talk to me when you’re having such doubts! Because they’re stupid and unnecessary. Baby look how far you’ve come. Why would you suddenly fail? And even if you do, I’m by your side, so no matter what happens, you are not alone! Please stop bottling up such thoughts inside you, and just let me know what‘s going on inside there..” you spoke, playfully poking his forehead with your index finger.
Your words made his eyes brim with tears as he took your wrist and placed kisses inside your palm. “What on earth have I idiot done ta deserve ya” he whined, making a blush creep up on your face.
His fingers carefully glided over the reddened skin on your thighs, guilt evident on his face, while he leaned his cheek against your knee and mouthed an I love you at which you let your hand glide trough his locks again.
“I love you too”
Tumblr media
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kumzume · 3 months ago
wanna make samu cum over n over just from sucking his tits😭
o oh god this hit something right in my guts, fuckin same | uh tiddy sucking , whiny/needy samu , not proofread , kinda ass ending lmfao, MINORS DNI
Tumblr media
the first time you did it, you swore it was an accident.
it was right after the opening of the third onigiri miya location in tokyo, the two of you riding off the high of osamu’s success.
you’d pushed him into his bedroom, lips attached to his as you peeled his layers off, one by one. he wouldn’t, couldn’t lie to himself and say that your forcefulness wasn’t the hottest thing he’d ever experienced, all his previous partners insisting on taking a more passive role.
not you though. you were a force, a gale wind in a hurricane, just waiting to sweep him up into you, to consume him. and he was going to enjoy ever second of it.
the backs of his knees hit the edge of the bed, sending him sprawling on his back, his nice shirt unbuttoned and his chest heaving for air as your lust-filled gaze traveled down his body, setting his face ablaze.
osamu reached for your hand pulling you down on top of him, his breath fanning across your face. “c’mere,” he muttered before pressing his mouth to yours.
your hands trailed down his torso, brushing past his hard nipples on your way to his pants, but the feeling sent a bolt of pleasure down his spine, his back arching into you and a raspy moan floating into the kiss.
you pulled back in surprise first before a mischievous smirk spread across your face. “oh, sorry,” you whispered, not sounding very sorry at all. then, you proceeded to suck his cock so hard, he passed out for a solid 2 minutes afterwards.
after that night, osamu forgot all about his extreme nipple sensitivity, the pair of you resorting to quickies and relatively vanilla sex. not bad, not bad at all, but something was missing for him.
that was until tonight.
“osamu,” you start, standing in front of the television, making your boyfriend miss the starting serve from his brother’s match, “i want to play with your tits.”
you what????
samu chokes on his soda, sputtering and coughing to get the remainder out of the wrong pipe. “ya what? i hate ta tell ya this babe, but i don’t have tits.”
you roll your eyes like he’s the dumbest person in the world before shoving his shirt up above his pecs and licking a firm stripe across one of his dark nipples.
the sound that leaves him is guttural, his eyes rolling back in his head as his dick hardens up faster than you can say “onigiri.” a grin lifts the corners of your mouth while you lower your head back to his chest.
“i’m gonna make you cum, just like this, okay?”
fuckin’ hell, you’re gonna be the death of him.
all osamu can do is nod vigorously, one of his hands coming to tangle in your hair, not pressing or guiding you but helping him stay on this plane of existence lest he ascend from all the pleasure you are bound to give him.
the smile is back as you lean back in, your lips wrapping around his hard bud and sucking, tongue flicking over and around it like your trying to suck his soul out through the skin. your other hand toys with the unoccupied nipple, pinching it on the right side of painful, making osamu buck his hips up against yours.
you hum your dissent at his movements, the vibrations causing him to whimper as you lift your crotch up and away from him. “i said, just like this,” your words are sharp and pointed and osamu swears he’s never been harder in his life.
unfortunately (or fortunately?), those are your last words before you really dive in, licking, sucking, and biting at his pecs like your starved of it, starved of him and he feels like he’s going to explode.
osamu’s body quivers and shakes beneath you, a symphony of his moans and the wet sounds of your tongue on him filling the room. they only add to the heat coiling in his gut, one that’s threatening to snap with every graze of your teeth against him.
“are you close?” your words are muffled but he hears you loud and clear. in the back of his head, he knows he’s about a second away from cumming, but the only thing that comes out of his mouth is babbles of your name. thankfully, you understand him and give one last hard suck, a twist of your fingers, and he’s gone, swept up into your hurricane and trusting you to guide him home.
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kiyoo-omi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
@/kurosukii dilf miya twins drabbles has me barking
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hqshine · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Sneaking into their room for cuddles
Tumblr media
characters: Bokuto, Sugawara, Osamu, Suna, Atsumu
genre: fluff
a/n: check this self introductory post here! want to know y’all better 2 :)
— Sugawara is sleeping soundly when he hears a small rustle and the door closing softly with a click sound. He blinks slowly, hazy eyes gaining back vision as he takes in a whiff of your body soap. “Y/n? sweetie is that you?” you nodded before slipping into the covers and snugging into his chest. Suga relaxes, hands finding your silky smooth hair and playing with the strands. “sorry suga, nightmare” you whisper, and he holds you closer. “Don’t worry, i’m here now” he replied back assuringly, hands rubbing up and down your back to calm you down. You fall asleep to the warmth suga radiates.
— Bokuto is sleeping, face planted into the mattress as he hugs his bolster. The door clicks open and you quietly tip toe into the room and raise his arm to crawl underneath it. Bokuto momentarily wakes up, “y-y/n?” he says hoarsely, arms pulling you close and turning the both of you around so you lay on his chest. “sorry bo, thunderstorm” you say, while listening to his steady heartbeat that about comfort for you. Bokuto kisses your forehead and take in a whiff of your shampoo. “go to sleep baby, it won’t hurt you cause i’m here” he whispers.
— Osamu cuddled into the warm blankets but stirs awake as he hears the sound of the door opening slightly. “samu?” you whisper into the darkness. Osamu turns to face you, blinking sleepy eyes, “baby? whatdya doin awake?” He lifts the blanket, welcoming you to join him. His warmth surrounds you and he encases you in his blanket. “couldn’t sleep, sorry” Osamu shakes his head and kisses the crown of your head. “it’s aight, sleep dreams ya?”
— Suna is still in deep sleep when you open the door to his room. Waddling to him and lifting his blanket, you slid into his arms and snuggle closer into his chest. He brings you in closer, unconsciously recognising your scent and your touch. “sleep with me pretty girl”
— Atsumu grumbles as he hears the door unlock. “who’s there?” he says, annoyed that someone woke him up. But he immediately relents as he hear your voice. “tsumu? sorry can i join ya?” you pad across the room and into his welcoming arms. “of course babygirl” he says, pulling you closer and snaking his arms around your waist.
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kshira · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
osamu has an unbearable thirst for innocent virgins, can you quench his gluttonous desires once and for all?
Tumblr media
18+ content//minors dni
wc: 2.2k
tw: f!reader, softest dom osamu, slight corruption kink, praise praise praise, fingering, virgin reader & virginity loss, virginity kink(?) body worship, creampie,
+ this is my piece for @onyxoverride 2k collab, congrats again my sweets & hellfire masterlist here to fully indulge <3
Tumblr media
“tell me, what’s ya name?” you look up from your phone, the strange voice both deep and sultry invaded your quiet space; your eyes snapping to the person behind the question.
you’d pick the tiny onigiri shop tucked neatly in your college campus for the convenience, the quiet atmosphere for studying and an added adorable rice balls for snacks.
“why do you want to know my name?” your face warms up immediately after seeing his face, he’s handsome—so fucking handsome.
“i need to match a name with a pretty face don't i?” he grins, his hand leveling his perfect face and the other flipping a chopstick between his fingers. “i’m osamu miya, the owner.”
you mumble your name, embarrassment flooding your body as osamu let out a chuckle he stopped twirling the chopstick “god, yer so cute”
you hadn’t realized how late it was until you finally were able to glance at your phone, the conversation you halfway stumbled through with osamu until he asked about your major.
osamu had an aura about him. he was so sweet, gentle and understanding about the things you weren’t sure about—it was like he knew exactly how to handle a college student.
in more particular the typical naive, virgin, inexperienced college girl. and he knew exactly how to sway you because that hunger deep in his stomach was never satisfied and like a predator hungry again, he doesn’t stop till his teeth are sunk in.
today is your lucky day.
“its getting late, i should be going” you lightly chuckle, excusing yourself from the table you’d share with osamu for what felt like hours and to be honest you wanted it to be longer.
“let me walk ya home, okay sweetheart?” osamu jumps up, helping the seat out from behind you and motioning you towards the shop's door.
from amidst your long talk about everything so comfortably, you hadn’t noticed the place empty now only you and osamu.
“no! you don’t have to do that, really i’ll be okay” you reassure him, grabbing your bag and walking to the door but as you reach the handle osamu grabs it “please pretty girl, it’s the least i can do for keeping ya after dark.”
you look up to meet his eyes, crinkling at the sight of you—so perfect, so innocent god was he lucky.
you mumble a sure and feel his arm carefully handle at your back motioning you outside with him into the darkness of the streets.
the sky swirls orange from the sunset dipping down, clouds collecting moisture before trickling down on your body.
the drops gather at your feet and your clothes are stained with water. you shift closer to osamu that has a smile plastered to his face, you’re becoming uncomfortable wet but with him the feeling washes away with the rain.
“we better run, yer gonna get..wet” his fingers interlock with yours and before you know it you’re running pace to pace with osamu, laughter rumbling from the both of you.
osamu was the perfect man, he had it all settled within his grasp— money, his dream job and from time to time; virgins.
he’s done this plenty of times, always buttering up the college girls in his shops, starting with a sweet word and ending the night with their cunt filled with his seed and of course his satisfaction filled as well.
“this is my place” you grin, letting go of his fingers and twisting the door open to let osamu right in behind you. his curious eyes take hold of your simple place, cute knick knacks scatter the rooms evenly and everything is perfectly set.
“i’m sorry, i should have asked before just intruding in— yer boyfriend doesn’t mind that i’m here?” osamu questions, a small shiver dances down his spine as he takes a step back into the rain from your door.
“oh—” you pause to swipe the soaked hair from your eyes, smiling a bit at the compliment “i don’t have a boyfriend.”
of course you don’t have a boyfriend.
osamu instinctively steps back in closing the door behind him, taking his muscled arms and wrapping them around himself for some warmth; you notice feeling your apartment air cooling you as well “i have some extra clothes you can wear and you can shower too, it’s the most i can do for letting you walk me home in the rain.”
“shower sounds great doll but you go first, don't want ya catching a cold now” osamu winks and of course you obliged because there's a cute guy in your house, soaking wet and it happens to be him.
soon enough you’re in the shower and as the water hits you with immediate relief feeling the water dripping down your tits rolling down to your stomach and finally your core, you’re caught in a thought—you wonder how he’d make you feel.
“doll, ya alright? been a minute now gettin’ kinda cold out here” osamu chuckles through the bathroom door, you feel your cheeks grow warm thinking how close he is to your naked body—just that paper thin door within the way.
it’s almost like he knew what you were thinking?
you mumble a quick response shutting the water off and heaving from the shower, steam casting through the room—fuck you didnt bring a towel.
“hey, miya-san—i um i’ve forgotten a towel, would you..?” you peep out, covering your body to the closet degree you can and cracking the door into your room.
“course pretty but i’ll need somethin’ in return” you hear osamu shuffle through your room, knowing where the towel was at exactly since he’d been mindlessly looking through your room, in curiosity he tells himself.
“what’s that exactly?” your question reaches osamu once he’s back between the space of the door, he covers the towel with his face “a kiss” he replies sliding the fabric down and you’re met with his eyes.
you’re hesitant at first, it’s a kiss—just a simple kiss, one single kiss and that’s all but as his eyes bore into your soul you think maybe you want more than just this kiss.
osamu takes your consent with his lips, pressing softly on yours—his playful lips sewed from yarn move away before they’re back with a second kiss.
it only lasts seconds yet it feels eternal, never have you felt like this with another—just a kiss and it sets your body on fire, embedding the flame to your core.
whatever osamu intentions were you didn't care anymore; you wanted more and more.
the door creaks open from the force of both of your bodies and there you are—naked, vulnerable and so pure.
“can i touch you?” osamu whispers, his breath fanning over your face picking up speed from looking at you, his fingertips slowly grazing your skin but leaving the contact still untouched.
“y-yes, please” you whine, taking your mouth back on his while osamu touches bases on your skin with his palms, the pads of his rough hands skim your silky skin as he creeps along your hips and towards your backside.
you press your naked body onto osamu with the heated kiss, your hands weaving into his hair as he takes his tongue inside your mouth, the feeling of knots in your stomach growing unbearable.
“can i touch you more?” he questions, pulling away from you to look deep within your eyes, pupils drawing nothing but a loving manor—for once osamu doesn’t want to tarnish someone but indulge his fixation on an innocent soul.
you nod in response feeling brave by pulling his wet clothes off of him until he has nothing left but damp briefs and a wicked smile.
your fingers trace his skin, familiarizing the muscles on his arms to the abs on his stomach—osamu watches your light touches letting out a relieved sigh when you reach his briefs.
“i’ve never done this but i want to try—with you” through your thick lashes you whisper the words, osamu watches as you grab hold of his cock gently jerking it.
“your hands look so good wrapped around my dick, don’t they?” he wraps his bigger hands around yours tight and guides a slow stroke.
“s-so big—” you mumble, eyes met at osamu, his mouth agape feeling both of your hands setting a pace on his throbbing cock.
osamu just can’t get enough, the purity flickering in your eyes fading away with lust—your body hoarding a flame ready to ignite and just like osamu you can’t get enough.
“get on the bed and spread yer legs for me, pretty girl—can ya do that?” osamu moans, feeling his climax come sooner than he wants, ceasing it with the grip of your wrist.
osamu watches you delicately crawl to the bed, flipping on your back and nervously propping up on the heaps of pillows—like he commands, you spread your legs.
he follows behind you, shedding his briefs and slowly climbing to you as he runs his hands up your goosebump filled legs—“look how fuckin’ beautiful ya are” he smiles, finally settling between your legs.
your eyes flicker between his sweetened smile, beautiful adorned body and finally his hard slightly leaned dick nestling between the both of you “cat got ya tongue?” he muses, drawing circles on your hips, the tip of his tongue dragging at his bottom lip.
“i-i’m just scared” you chuckle lightly, avoiding osamu’s intense gaze, his hand sneaks up to your chin snapping it back to him.
“shh, let me take care of ya—okay pretty girl?” osamu engulfs you in a kiss, his hands slowly caress down your legs till he reaches your aching cunt.
he keeps your mind on his tongue pressed to the inside of your cheek, his fingers gathering your slick between his fingers as osamu slowly sinks one finger in.
the pain you started to feel burned away once he kept a sweet rhythm, sliding a single finger in and out of you whilst osamu kept his lips on yours—breathless you pull away first.
“look at yer perfect pussy, it’s swallowing my finger so good—want me to put another one in ya, pretty baby?” osamu says, wiping the spit from his lips—you nod slowly, entranced by his large digits somehow going so smoothly into your messy hole.
“i want you” your voice is low, drugged with arousal “but you have me” he retorts, sliding another finger in.
“i want you to fuck me” the words stop osamu fingers from moving inside you, a smile growing on his face he pulls out and hovers over you “why didn’t you say so?”
osamu hovers over you, his eyes drinking in the mess he’s created—from sweat mixed with water from your shower glazed on your naked from to your quivering legs hiding the heap of wetness leaking from your puffy lips to finally your face— drowned in nothing but want and lust.
“ya ready pretty girl?” osamu questions lining his rigid cock with your untouched hole; the throb it holds is unimaginable.
you simply nod for the pure fact that you want him now and honestly no words can be put in a sentence to tell him what you want.
you spread your legs for him, his body pulling closer until your hands hold ground on his shoulders and with ease osamu starts stretching you.
to understand the loss of virginity you always thought it’d be painful and quick, but with the way his cock slowly inches it’s way in and how osamu kisses those painful tears away— it’s nothing compared to that.
osamu cages your face in with his larger palms, pulling you in for a kiss whilst his hips bounce on yours, soft moans lull from your mouth and in the midst of osamu takes your hands with his above your head to move faster.
“if anything hurts angel, tell me” he whispers in your ear, picking up the thrust and all you feel is the amount of slick seeping within your thighs and his cock hitting spots you never knew existed.
“feels good, more please!” you whine, digging in osamu's shoulders while he drags his cock deeper in you with a faster speed—he feels his release coming quicker than he thought but he doesn’t want to stop—not when you hadn’t come nor does he want to stop seeing your face twisted in pleasure.
you feel the warmness soaking in your tainted hole, the sticky substance gushing in and out of you and with how wet you feel builds the knot deep within your stomach.
without warning osamu lingers his hand between your both wet bodies to play with your untouched clit, the pleasure washes over you—tingling to your toes then finally your stomach; you come undone.
fidgeting as the orgasm flows through your body osamu finishes inside you again—fuck the things you’re doing to him.
it’s the moment post sex that osamu enjoys most, taking his belongings and leaving before the night escapes within his grasps, he doesn’t want to stay in place for two long—the newness of his toy would fade away.
you let sleep drug you, opening your eyes to the other side of the bed and seeing empty sheets beside you.
“hungry?” osamu questions, holding a tray of breakfast foods with a smile held up on his face, he sits beside you on the empty side of the bed holding up a strawberry.
“mm, hungry for you” you take the strawberry out of his hand and place his fingers in your mouth sucking on them.
Tumblr media
tagging- @hqintheclub @onyxoverride
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stationery-store · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
"okay samu, fun's over," you tug on osamu's arm, turning him on the bed to finally face you.
he looks at you displeased, "but we were cuddling!"
"how dare you cheat on me like this. i am literally here! beside you!" your voice comes out broken, light giggles escaping your throat as you tried reasoning with him.
it's been like this the whole week — spending late nights in the office, only to come home to your husband, snuggled up in your bed, and when you finally come to lay beside him, he refuses to hug you back.
it's also been a week since you two decided to adopt a small pup. osamu wasn't so fond of the idea because while you two did live in an apartment that supported having pets, it was still a restrictive environment for animals to live in.
and did he mention the mess it makes to live with a dog? — all the chewed up furniture and.. poo? and pee? only about a hundred times on the way to the store.
but this is where you're at now. touch starved and dog-less despite literally owning one.
"samu one of the many reasons i married you is because of the cuddling, now come do your job as my husband and hug me to sleep."
he finally fully turns to face you, arm cradling the dog letting loose, "you're so needy, geez."
"you bet i am!"
with muffled giggles, his arms come to wrap around your waist, the slight motion he made pulling you closer, "this okay?" osamu flashes you one of his warmest grins, no hints of sarcasm or playfulness behind it; just sincerity and love. and so much affection.
"i missed you," you silently mumble into his chest, his arms stiffening around your midsection at the sudden contact. "you're over reacting."
a couple of seconds pass, the two of you wallowing in the comfortable silence. he speaks up — voice shy and a little dodgy, "..i missed you too."
you're the one to giggle this time; head raising from his chest with a big, shit-eating grin on your face, "samu we're literally married — the knot has been tied! why's ma big, beefy man gettin' all flustered?"
he looks at you offended, "i do not speak like that."
"you're such a big baby samu, i think it's cute."
his gaze softens at your comment (he really is just an easy person), shifting in place to place a peck on your forehead, cheeks tinted a shade of pink all the way up to his ears.
you nuzzle your head back to rest on the crook of his neck, arms coming up to wrap around him.
the clock ticks and the room is silent; hints of light snoring coming from the small dog laying between the both of you and the fan engine playing in the background.
he smiles into the pillow, "sleep tight."
and you give him back a contented grin, "you too, samu."
Tumblr media
© stationery-store (2021). reblogs are appreciated ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
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kitasfox · a month ago
osamus innocent gf begging him to fuck her in the ass 👉👈
hayy- thank you for sending a request my love 🥴 pls send some more in y'all I'm thriving on these rn- taglist form
THIS POST IS NSFW! Minors do not interact or I'll bite.
also like,,, if you reblog it means ur hot
warnings: okay so,,, she doesn't get the peepee in the ass here more of a foreplay kinda fic bcs yall know my fav part is the begging and the teasing so not anal but mentions of it, mentions of pron <3 fingering idk man it's smut worst part is begging for anal not that DEEP
Tumblr media
You know; you're not very subtle.
For the entirety of the last week, you've been acting a little different.
It had all started that night you were nestled on your boyfriend's chest, shirt pulled over your tits, his fingers under your panties, soaked with how many times you came on Osamu's fingers.
The loud moans of a girl in the video playing on the computer before you muffles your quieter ones, shy and whiney. You squirm when Osamu presses harder on your already burning clit, making you take in a gasp of breath, nails digging in his smooth skin. "-Samu!"
Whenever you move even an inch, your ass pressing right over his groin grinds over his cock, straining against his boxers that are stained with a dark wet spot.
"Keep your eyes on the screen, baby," Osamu mutters against the shell of your ear, you can feel him smiling at your whines, "we're watching this for you, after all."
Its true, he's doing all this just for you. Your boyfriend is experienced, unlike you, who knows nothing herself. You were so sheltered growing up, your ears were deemed to innocent for conversations of sex, your parents had pulled you out of a social group as soon as they even thought things like these were spoken.
So, as a sheltered girl trying to learn and keep up with a Miya, Osamu had came up with the bright solution of watching porn together.
Of course, teaching your innocent, dumb little body things himself was Osamu's favorite thing to do, but as he couldn't explain everything one by one, having you tightening around his fingers whenever you saw something you liked and having you look at him with wide, embarrassed eyes, was another hobby your boyfriend had picked up with you.
And Osamu knew exactly what you were trying to do this whole week, bending over in front of him at any chance you had, wearing the shortest skirts you could find, always finding a way to sit on his lap and press your ass right on his cock.
After all, how could he forget her pretty girl tightening so much around his fingers that night, cumming so hard as the girl in the video gets pounded in her ass?
Oh, he knows very well what you want, but Osamu loves to see you try to tell him yourself.
You try to drop hints every day, try to get him interested in your ass, try and try so much to get thim to understand what you want- but he just wouldn't.
You get bratty as he keeps ignoring what you really want. Teasing him whenever you get the chance, hands always lingering around his cock and making him half-hard, going into the shower and making sure he hears your moans.
You get so whiny in times like this, so needy and so fucking horny. When somethings on your mind, it's always there- Osamu knows very well what you're thinking of whenever you zone out watching a Netflix show with him, your mouth gaping just a bit, your hips so subtly moving.
Soon enough you get all squirmy under the blanket, your hands on your boyfriend's chest starting to move lower and lower.
"Come on, babe, watch the show."
You ignore his warning, continuing to touch him, try to get close to him, rubbing your pussy on his jeans under the blanket. "-don't wanna." You pout when he pulls your hands away from him.
"Hm? Why is that?" Osamu leans forward, gripping your face with one hand. "You love this show. What do you want?"
"Yeah, but-" you bite your lip, "you know what I want!"
"I don't. Go on, tell me." When you keep your quiet, he quirks a brow at you, seemingly uninterested. "If you're not telling me what you want, I'll keep watching."
"-Samuu!" You whine into his neck, pulling your face away and hiding against his skin. Your hands fish around the blanket to find his larger ones, pulling it under your tiny skirt. "Please just help me."
You see the immediate grin that places on his lips as Osamu's fingers touch the damp material of your panties, fingers pushing in and making you gasp.
"Ah," he laughs, "so this was what you wanted? Can't go more than an hour without me fucking you, is that it?"
"Come on, doll, you've been so fucking bratty this whole week." His fingers push right on your clit to emphasize his words cruelly. "You have something else you wanna say, don't ya? Isn't that why you're acting like a little slut?"
"I'm not acting like a- mmh!" you try to object, but your words are immediately cut off with a loud whine as he sneaks his fingers in your panties to circle your clit.
"The truth now." He orders, he feels your pussy fluttering against this fingers.
"...Osamu, don't make me say it."
"Let me take a guess then," he mutters with a cruel laugh. His fingers against your pussy start to wander a bit, dipping a bit lower as if it's gonna- your eyes widening impossibly, hips starting to run against his fingers with the excitement.
"I bet you want me to play with this pretty ass," Osamu mutters, his free hand grips the flesh of your ass and squeezes to hear your soft moan. "isn't it true, doll?"
"S-samu!" You gasp, throwing your head back and arching your back to give him better access. "Do you want me to fuck it, too? Want my cock in your ass, isn't that right?"
"...please-!" It's almost impossible to hear, your embarrassed confession, but he does, and fuck is he excited.
"Fuck, I always knew you were a fucking whore, babe." Osamu laughs, fingers now grazing the ring of muscle you've never been touched before. "But this is new even for me."
"I'd you don't wanna-"
"Oh, don't worry, babe." Osamu laughs, pressing a simple kiss on your nose, his cock on your ass. You can feel how hard he is. "I wanna fuck your pretty little ass, and I'm gonna make sure you enjoy it."
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bemylord · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
ᴡʜᴀᴛ ʜᴀɪᴋʏᴜᴜ ʙᴏʏꜱ ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ᴘʀᴇꜰᴇʀ │ᴛɪᴛꜱ, ᴀꜱꜱ ᴏʀ ᴛʜɪɢʜꜱ
warnings: i didn't mean to hurt anyone and it's only my opinion. if you don't like - it's your choice, i'm not forcing you to read. kinda smut but sex not described.
Tumblr media
↠ ɴɪꜱʜɪɴᴏᴊᴀ ʏᴜᴜ:
in my previous post i mentioned that yuu would be into boobs - small or big, it doesn't matter. after every single practice when he gets home, the best treatment would be to lay on your chest. the boy could fall asleep by hearing your heartbeat. head massage? it'll knock him out.
↠ ᴋᴀɢᴇʏᴀᴍᴀ ᴛᴏʙɪᴏ:
ass plus thighs. doesn't mind leaving on your butt cheek the mark of his palm. accurate to 99% would smack your ass in the public if some boy stares at you longer than five seconds, sort of label for you on whom you've should be focusing on.
↠ ᴛꜱᴜᴋɪꜱʜɪᴍᴀ ᴋᴇɪ:
ass or boobs. if you've got a booty - would place his hands on it while cuddling. big/small tits - let 'em bounce while fucking you. tsukki would cup your breasts in his large palms if you feel pain while your period, massaging 'em. [boy into sucking tits]
↠ ʜɪɴᴀᴛᴀ ꜱʜᴏʏᴏ:
do you think he cares about the body? yeah, he cares if you've eaten well. other stuff - doesn't care. hinata loves you by the way you're, not because you've got big tits. your figure as an extra and sweet bonus but it isn't his priority.
↠ ᴛᴇᴛꜱᴜᴛᴏᴜ ᴋᴜʀᴏᴏ:
let me get it clear - everything. any female figure. small tits or big. if kuroo sees your pretty figure - he'll bound himself and yourself together. but i bet boy into chubby.
↠ ᴏɪᴋᴀᴡᴀ ᴛᴏᴏʀᴜ:
small tits but kinda thighs? quick explanation: oikawa likes to lay his head on your laps, kissing every area he can reach. belly or your palms when you tuck a strand of hair behind his ear.
↠ ᴜꜱʜɪᴊɪᴍᴀ ᴡᴀᴋᴀᴛᴏꜱʜɪ:
i've mentioned before that ushijima into spanking punishment, so, my answer is - ass. doesn't care about how big you've got, you couldn't have a way to escape if ushi wants to spank you.
↠ ᴋᴇɴᴍᴀ ᴋᴏᴢᴜᴍᴇ:
the gamer boy into tits. like nishinoya, would probably take a nap on 'em. kenma lives to touch your nipples and bring you to orgasm by licking 'em. squeezes one nipple while making caress your swollen clit - otherwise, you could call it squirt.
↠ ʙᴏᴋᴜᴛᴏ ᴋᴏᴜᴛᴀʀᴏᴜ:
uff, man doesn't care as hinata does, but. but. he's into thighs. grabbing your legs while sitting on the couch, placing 'em on his laps, just to squeeze 'em lightly or trace with his fingers on them.
↠ ꜱᴜɴᴀ ʀɪɴᴛᴀʀᴏᴜ:
ass and thighs. the perfect combo. he'd place on that area thousand of kisses before press his tongue into smth else. suna would promptly smack your butt as he sees you in the shorts.
↠ ꜱᴜɢᴀᴡᴀʀᴀ ᴋᴏᴜꜱʜɪ:
again, you think this sweet boy would care about what your mother gave you? i bet no. i guess suga didn't even think about what he likes in your body. i mean, he adores you all, like hinata - the body as a pleasant bonus but nothing more.
↠ ꜱᴀᴋᴜꜱᴀ ᴋɪʏᴏᴏᴍɪ:
give him your body, girl, he doesn't need anything.. besides your tits. again and again, the size doesn't matter. sakusa loves to leave on your sensitive skin a dozen of hickeys as a reminder of a spicy night you had.
↠ ᴀᴛꜱᴜᴍᴜ ᴍɪʏᴀ:
the first miya likes your booty so. much. one peel on that part when you're wearing skinny jeans or leggings - an overwhelming look. might be jealous but smug bc he knows to whom your body belongs.
↠ ᴏꜱᴀᴍᴜ ᴍɪʏᴀ:
the second miya into tits. small/big boy would grab 'em while you're cooking, keeping you from cooking. you allow him to place his palms as long as you feel his morning wood. [?]
↠ ɪᴡᴀɪᴢᴜᴍɪ ʜᴀᴊɪᴍᴇ:
tits and ass and thighs - all and everything. small/medium/big, he won't hold himself but cup his face your tits and grab your booty, carrying you to the bed, where iwa could cuddle you in that position.
* * *
ok, i knew this theme may hurt girls, but, ok. i'll do a part two with jjk or aot if you'll like it. |put more # if you can|
abt sugawara: of course, your mother can't give a figure. i meant the meme type.
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whoreradio · 2 months ago
bri ! who do you think has a breeding kink ? 👉🏻👈🏻
Ask game: here
Characters: Osamu + Oikawa + Bokuto + Atsumu + sometimes Ushijima
Your loud cries rang through the room as he thrusted roughly inside of you pushing your legs up to your chest. His eyes closed shut as he fucked your hole the sweet squelching sounds ringing through his ears like music.
"So good for me baby, I'm gonna fill this sweet little hole up for you okay ."
You moaned in reply barely able to form words as anything you attempted to say came out as incoherent mumbles.
"Come on doll, beg me to put a baby in you. Let me hear you beg to have my cum dripping from this hole.
His thrust became faster as he chased his orgasm smiling at your fucked out form.
"mmm please.. please... c-cum in-" your broken sentence was cut off by a loud moan as he thrusted in you fucking you into the creaking bed.
"What was that love? I couldn't quite hear you" he chuckled knowing full well you wouldn't be able to get the full sentence out.
"Mm f-fuck i'm gonna cum" he threw his head back as he came inside of you fucking his cum deeper inside of your hole. He slowed his thrust and pulled out watching as his cum dripped from your hole occasionally fingering some back in.
"Let me help clean you up."
You lifted your head barely able to sit up and watched as he leaned down dipping his tongue into your hole. From the look in his eyes as he watched your legs shake because of his tongue you could tell he wasn't done with you, he had a couple more loads to place in that sweet little hole of yours.
Tumblr media
side note lol i wanted to say Sakusa too but idk because i feel like Sakusa would have this mindset of where else is he going to cum? he’s not the type to make a mess and you know this so why wouldn’t he cum in you so technically yes Sakusa would have breeding link lol
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