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#yamaguchi x reader
smolchildlevy · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Haikyuu boys being jealous
(pt 3.)
Characters: Bokuto, Hinata, Yamaguchi
Warnings: fluff :)
Tumblr media
Bokuto Kotaro:
Tumblr media
-Ok, so you were at a training camp because you’re Fukurōdani’s third manager.
-(Bokuto BEGGED them to let you be on the team-)
-You had strayed away from your team to lean on the wall.
-Kuroo spotted you during one of the breaks and went over to talk flirt with you.
-So here’s what happened: he walks up to you, says a few dumb pickup lines and jokes, they make you laugh a bit and he continues on talking to you.
-Now Bokuto is also on break so he’s walking around chatting.
-He scans the room to find you. Akaashi helps him by pointing in yours and Kuroo’s direction.
-He sees you talking with one of his close friends and he starts to go into his emo mode, where he just sulks in a corner.
-So, Akaashi has to go up to you and tell you that he refuses to play now.
-“Y/N, I need your help. Do you have a moment?”
-“Oh! Yeah sure, I’ll talk to you later Kuroo-san.”
-You go with Akaashi to see what’s going on.
-“So what do you need me for?”
-“Bokuto’s in his emo mode again..” he sighed.
-“Alright, I’ll go see what’s up.”
-You see Bokuto in the corner, looking dejected.
-“Baby? What’s wrong?” You say.
-“I thought you like Kuroo now..”
-“You seemed to be having sooo much fun with him.”
-“Bokuto, you know I only love you. He was just telling me cheesy jokes, nothing more.”
-His hair spikes back up.
-“Really?” He looks up to you.
-“Of course. Now, I wanna see my strong owl playing out there!” You kiss his cheek.
-He stands up tall.
-“Hey hey hey! Anything for my baby owl!”
Hinata Shoyo:
Tumblr media
-Def a very jealous boy indeed.
-Okay so one time Kageyama was asking you about something in class.
-And that caught Hinata’s attention.
-I mean, Kageyama was his best friend and rival, and you’re his gf
-He is immediately upset and stomps over like a little kid to you.
-“Y/NNN come with me to lunch!” He says, dragging you with him.
-You chuckle. “Bye Kageyama, I guess”
-Once you guys get to your destination, he turns back to you.
-“Why were you with Bakayama and not me??” He pouts.
-“He was asking about an assignment silly! I was going to go straight to you after I explained it-“
-“I wouldn’t want my sunshine to go to lunch alone, now would I?”
-“You’re right! Let’s go eat now then!” He gives his winning smile as he leads you to go order.
Yamaguchi Tadashi:
Tumblr media
-Probably sulks tbh.
-You were at the park.
-When he went off to go to the nearest restroom, someone familiar came up to you.
-“Y/N? Is that you?” He says.
-“Oh my god, C/N!” (C/N means cousin’s name)
-“It’s been too long. How have you been?”
-“Amazing, and you?”
-“I’m doing well myself!”
-Yamaguchi comes out the bathroom and immediately looks for you only to see you with an unknown guy.
-He has an internal argument with himself about whether or not to go over there or stay back.
-He ultimately decides to stay where he’s at because he doesn’t want to interrupt you.
-So when you get done talking with your cousin, you see Yamaguchi and run to him.
-“Hey..” He has a visible frown on his face.
-“Hm? What’s wrong?”
-“That person you were talking with.. who was that?” He asks, not looking you in the eye.
-“Oh, him? That’s my cousin. I haven’t seen in in years.”
-He goes silent, finally looking at your e/c eyes.
-“Baby, were you.. jealous?” You smirk.
-“I- uhh.. well yeah I guess I was.”
-“You’re so cute!” You giggle.
-You pepper small kisses on his freckled face. “I love you and only you, don’t forget that.”
-“I won’t.” He laughs with you blushing a lot in the process.
Tumblr media
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christeningsakusa · 10 hours ago
[karasuno] what type of dog they own
Warnings: none, fluff
ᥫ᭡ Hinata: Fell in love with a stray he found on the streets of Brazil and doesn’t know/care the breed. He’s an active dog, rivaling Hinata when it comes to stamina on their morning and evening jogs. The dog has a beautiful multi-colored coat that Hinata keeps well brushed and fluffy. Will get stopped by ladies, babies, and everyone in between for a pat.
ᥫ᭡ Kageyama: A big fluffy samoyed! but he didn’t know the name of his dog’s breed until someone commented it on an insta post of his. He just really enjoys how the smiley face of his dog contrasts his seemingly cold demeanor, and how smart she is. Does struggle to keep her coat nice and white though.
ᥫ᭡ Yamaguchi: He keeps a quiet life and wanted a dog that would easily fit in with his routine. His english cocker spaniel was a perfect fit into his daily routine. The two spend afternoons curled up on the couch, or enjoying a nice stroll to the convince store nearby. Frequently buys new sweaters or bandanas for his good boy.
ᥫ᭡ Tsukishima: Crusty white dog energy. She’s a maltese but kept with a puppy cut- named her sue after the largest t-rex skeleton ever found. Neither of them are very high energy and she doesn’t need out that frequently. Sweet girl is often sleeping in his lap while he works in his office.
ᥫ᭡ Yachi: Fell for the golden doodle trend but who can blame her. She runs a doggie Instagram for him that is actually quite popular and will get stopped on the street when they frequent dog friendly cafes. He’s a sweet boy but incredibly protective of Yachi and will bark at any one who he senses is making her nervous.
ᥫ᭡ Tanaka: Street pit bull to sweater baby pipeline at its finest. One of the first things he did when he moved out is rescue this sweet baby boy. Tanaka uses this as an excuse to stay fit, and will frequently take him for walks/jogs. Fully convinced the matching sweaters they have on are a ladies magnet.
ᥫ᭡ Noya: Small man: big dog. He just thinks english mastiffs are really rad. The two are quite the sight out on the town, mostly because people are amazed at how his dog isn’t pulling him off of his feet. The size of him does make it difficult for Noya’s frequent travel but he makes it work. The two are often found on his boat.
ᥫ᭡ Asahi: Large man: tiny dog. The embodiment of a lap dog, his yorkie terrier is spoiled to the max. Asahi’s career in fashion design actually allows him to bring her with him most days complete with small bag and everything. When him and Noya meet up, people think their dogs are switched and a few heads turn when it’s Asahi picking up the handbag.
ᥫ᭡ Suga: French bulldog lover, has been dreaming about owning one since primary school. Him and his handsome boy match well with their contrasting grey hair. Will use bringing his dog into school as a bribe for his students good behavior. Suga is really into dog training, and this good boy knows many tricks- makes the kids go crazy with play dead for hours.
ᥫ᭡ Daichi: No, he doesn’t have a German Shepard. His boxer was the family dog back in high school but he is so attached to the sweet girl he snuck her to his apartment as soon as he was done with the Academy. The two have a strict walk routine even at her older age, and will jog for long distances around the neighborhood every morning. She has the shiniest coat from her incredibly well rounded diet.
ᥫ᭡ Kiyoko: A Pomeranian that thinks it’s a cat. She had two cats when she decided to adopt her dog as a puppy. Poor thing doesn’t understand why it can’t jump as far her brother and sister. Similarly to Yachi she owns a popular Instagram for her dog and the two will frequently collab for photo shoots.
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tetszume · 9 hours ago
haikyuu boys things my guy bestfriends did pt. 2
★warnings/genre: FLUFF,some mutual pining, crack lots of it
★a/n:hello beutiful peeps i'm back once again with some content (.^◡^.) sorry this took a bit longer than i expected ෆ¯ࡇ¯ෆ i had to recall some stupid/sweet things my idiotic guys friends did for me
⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。 ⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。 ⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。 ⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。 ⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。 ⋆
※ he barged in your classroom in the middle of a lecture and asked the teacher if he could say "hi" to you,then all of your classmates started "OoOOOooOooohhhhing" and shipped you two together. you punched him after class tho.
hinata,KOMORI,hirugami,kunimi,KITA,hanamakki,suna(you- "i hate you" suna- "yeah sure you do sunshine")
※ you told him you forgot your lunch and he took you to his house and cooked food for the both of you then refused to let you feed yourself and handfed you♡.
KITA,iwaizumi,yaku,OSAMU,sugawara,akaashi,goshiki,daichi(you- "daichi i can feed my se-" daichi-"nope")
※ this trio shamelessly performed "candy store from heathers the musical" as a birthday present for your birthday,IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE TEAM
tanaka nishinoya and hinata,bokuto kuroo and lev, the twins and suna(atsumu's voice cracks at the final "candy store" part), the karasuno third years(apart from kiyoko),tendo kawanishi and goshiki
※ drank holy water he got from the church and went into a haunted house infested by demons because he was "pured by the holy water of thy father" and cause he was watching too much buzzfeed unsolved
yamaguchi,KENMA,shirabu,NISHINOYA("come out demons,i see jesus everyday i ain't afraid of ya-"),akagi
※ contacted 911 to ask if covid-19 was a girl or a boy
BOKUTO,ushijima,kageyama,GAO(the whole kamomedai-*face palm*),kindaichi
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215-luv · 2 months ago
OPENING YOUR MOUTH INFRONT OF THEM (Tiktok Trend) // tw: slightly suggestive
SUNA: holds your jaw and stuffs his tongue in your mouth, full on make out session with you before pulling away with a smirk. “is that what you wanted?”
SAKUSA: stares at you in confusion and disinterest, eyebrows furrowing as he looks at you like what’s he supposed to do?
KAGEYAMA: blinks in thought before gently moving the tip of the straw of his milk carton on your bottom lip. “do you want some?”
KUROO: looks at you in curiosity, leaving you open-mouthed before he caught you off guard as he shoves a ballpen on top of your tongue. the action immediately making you jump away as your boyfriend cackles out loud. “do you need attention? is that what you want, kitten? hm?”
KONOHA: dips two of his fingers into your mouth, lips turning into a smirk as his facial expression screams ‘suck my fingers.’
TSUKISHIMA: looks at you in question before turning away to ignore you, eyes focused on the manga he was reading as his hand reaches to your chin to close your mouth at the same time. “just what the hell are you doing? a fly could go in your mouth, dumbass.”
BOKUTO: tilts his head in confusion. “are you hungry?” he asks, earning no answer from you as you look at him as if to usher to do something with your mouth open. though, the only thing he did was slowly tap your tongue with his pointing finger in confusion. “kotaro!” “what?! baby, i didn’t know what to do!”
AKAASHI: was eating a piece of candy when you opened your mouth out of nowhere infront of him. he looks at you curiously before holding onto your neck gently, leaning down to connect his lips with yours, shocking you when he used his tongue to push the mint flavored candy into your mouth with force. he smiles as he pulls away. “how does it taste, love?”
IWAIZUMI: is half confused as he raises an eyebrow at you. “what are you doing?” and a few seconds passes by before he decides to raise his hand to close your mouth gently, peering at you suspiciously as you go on your day as if nothing had happened.
OIKAWA: “what?” your boyfriend raised an eyebrow at the sight of your open mouth, before morphing his lips into a smirk. “ooh, is that it? do you want me to put something in there?” he coos, “tell me, darling. what do you exactly need?”
USHIJIMA: “y/n..??” he stares at you stoic. kinda just stares at you waiting patiently if you wanted him to do something cause; following his motto in life - whatever y/n wants, y/n gets.
KENMA: quickly shoves a piece of chip on your mouth, assuming you were hungry cause his eyes were pierced through the screen, continuing his game as if you aren’t next to him shooting daggers at his side profile.
KITA: he’s.. i don’t know.. his nonchalant expression takes in sight of your open mouth, eyes raking over your figure as if he’s telepathically asking what’s up. he just stays like that the whole time to wait for you, no questions asked. your boyfriend is a patient man.
SUGAWARA: you open your mouth, and he gets the tingling signal that you’re hungry. and so there he goes, opening a bag of your favorite snack and feeding you just the way you like it. <3
TENDOU: goes all giggly like, “what are you doinggg??~~” before slightly lifting your chin to close your mouth a bit, giving him a much comfortable position to kiss you tenderly.
TANAKA: blinks at you, confused as hell though a million thoughts were running to his mind. unfortunately, some of those thoughts weren’t so innocent. he instead closes your mouth in an immediate. looking away from you as he scratches the back of his head. “w-would you look at that babe! i gotta finish my homework now before it gets late- haha…”
YAMAGUCHI: “why? what are you doing? are you hungry?” he inquired genuinely, eyeing your expression as if he’s looking for any sign of hunger from you. he pats your head with a look of sadness on his face. “i don’t really have any food with me right now.. would you mind if i leave you for a while to go buy your favourites?”
ATSUMU: “huh? what’s this?” he raised an eyebrow in curiosity, looking at you suspiciously before he’s finally got an idea. lips turning into a smirk, he leans down to your level, nose in touch with yours as he lowly mutters. “now, what’s this all about babe?”
OSAMU: also one to raise an eyebrow at you. “are ya hungry?” he tilts his head in confusion. letting out a sigh when you don’t reply, he gently shuts your mouth with a hand under your chin. he kisses your forehead as he says. “fine, i’ll cook ya up somethin’ okay? just wait here and lay pretty.”
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tomankitten · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
my loves: everyone// karasuno, nekoma, fukurodani, inarizaki, seijoh + itachiyama. <333
key to my heart: idk what this is ok it started out with me picturing tobio sleeping in an old volleyball tee + sweatpants ‘n looking so cute then it just spiraled out of control agghhh. also this is a bit suggestive fyi.
Tumblr media
asahi doesn’t care what he wears to bed, it’s sweatpants and a sweatshirt when he’s cold, no shirt and just boxers when he’s warm. he mostly just cares about what you wear, melts when he sees you in one of those cute matching pajama sets, the ones with the silky top that buttons in the front with matching shorts and a sleep mask that comes with it. likes it when you wear fuzzy socks too cus he likes to find your feet under the covers when he’s cold.
daichi sleeps with either nothing on or shirtless with those tight black spandex shorts that make your eyes bug out as soon as he walks into the room. man is a literal heater and always runs hot. you’re fine with it tho cus whenever you’re freezing he instinctively lifts his arm up so you can crawl under it even when he’s half asleep. loves it when you sleep in his clothes, doesn’t matter what it is: old tees, sweatshirts, his sweatpants, anything.
hinata still wears those old tees from his childhood that everyone always made fun of him for. worn out basketball shorts and plain white ankle socks. sweatpants if he’s a little cold. panics when he can’t find one of his favorite tees and you have to calm him down and gently explain it’s in the wash and not going anywhere. he’s attached to those old shirts ok it’s sentimental, a reminder of his high school days when he used to wear them to warm-ups and practices.
kageyama just wants to be comfortable after a long day. he’s got a drawer full of old volleyball tees and worn out sweatpants that hang low on his hips and refuses to wear anything else to bed. bonus if you leave them folded and waiting out for him when he gets out of the shower. he appreciates little things like that. bonus: can’t sleep without you & can’t sleep with socks on, don’t ask why cus i can’t tell you why.
tadashi keeps it simple when he gets ready for bed, a plain solid colored tee and sweatpants or regular cotton shorts. he’s not much into clothes and doesn’t really care what he looks like when he sleeps. thinks about sleeping shirtless sometimes when he’s hot but doesn’t want you to think he’s hinting at something so he lays in bed sweating until you slip your hands under his shirt and take it off for him. boy is so shy and still feels flustered when you do it as if you’ve never been intimate before. his shyness knows no limits.
kuroo sleeps in a sweatshirt and basketball shorts. it’s a bit of a paradox, mb his arms get cold but his legs are always hot? answers aren’t necessary tho when you see how hot he looks in his old university sweatshirts, his favorite one has a clean looking university logo on the front with those shoelace-style hockey strings on it & a broken-in hood that fits perfectly. still sleeps with the pillow wrapped around his head cus the rooster hair will never die.
kenma sleeps in sweatpants and a sweatshirt every night. you don’t get it cus he sleeps with the window open every night and you lay there freezing until he pulls you into him and wraps the blankets tighter around you. you’ve not figured it out yet even after months of dating but it’s really just an excuse to snuggle you tighter cus he’s too shy to ask for cuddles himself. bonus: if you go to bed before him he’ll tuck you in and kiss your forehead before sneaking out into the living room to play video games.
bokuto sleeps in boxer briefs and nothing else. you know those skin tight ones with the name brand printed on the band. black or dark gray. he’s so fit and toned you can’t even believe he’s real and he knows you’re staring shamelessly respectfully when he crawls into bed to kiss your forehead. his hair is so soft when he’s fresh out of the shower, loves it when you run your fingers through his hair when your arms are wrapped around him cus it’s the only way he can fall asleep.
akaashi couldn’t care less what he wears to bed. usually it’s the same solid colored tees and plain shorts or sweatpants. when he’s cold he wears a hoodie that’s oversized and zips up in the front. never zips it tho, it’s casual and grungy and hangs off his shoulder when he stands next to the bed to set his phone alarm before crawling in with you. bonus: never brings his phone to bed cus he thinks it’s rude to you, kisses your wrist before he falls asleep every night.
suna wears grungy tees and sweatpants that are a little loose at the bottom. if you’re lucky and it’s hot he’ll sleep shirtless. only wears briefs, never boxers. comes to bed with his hair wet and slicked down, teases you every night by snuggling into you and getting you a little wet (from his hair you guys, from the hair). looks into your eyes and laces your fingers with his when he tells you goodnight and he’ll see you in the morning.
kita is another one who wears no shirt and loose sweatpants. his chest is so toned with the perfect golden tan from time spent working outside yet you’re pretty sure he has no idea how gorgeous he is. always chuckles when he notices you staring, “gonna make me blush, sweetheart.” gets really hot so you end up on opposite sides of the bed in the middle of the night but he always keeps one hand on you, tracing his fingers over your back as you sleep.
atsumu is so predictable. no shirt, just sweatpants that hang low on his hips cus he likes to watch you ogle him. enjoys it a little too much when you shyly look away as soon as he walks into the room, a cocky smile on his lips. brings two glasses of water from the kitchen each night and sets them on the nightstand before leaning over to cup your face and kiss you. he’s so smug when he pulls back, “what are ya lookin’ at, darlin?” *rolls eyes* “i’m looking at you, dummy.”
oikawa wears his old seijoh sweatpants and no shirt, his pale skin decorated with a few dark moles next to his bellybutton and one on his lower back. comes to bed with his hair a mess and you think it’s the most beautiful you’ve seen him cus he never lets himself be seen less than perfect by anyone but you. gets hot in the middle of the night and strips his sweatpants off so he’s only in his briefs. hates wearing socks cus he thinks his feet are pretty and everyone should see them.
iwaizumi wears loose cotton pajama pants. no shirt, no socks. has the smoothest skin, it’s so soft when your bodies are pressed up against one another when you’re wrapped up in blankets. loves it when you’re snuggled up in his arms, one of your hands gently stroking his cheek or your fingers tracing over his bare arm. with your soft touches his eyes flutter closed so easily, he lets out a sigh as he drifts off keeping you safe in his arms. bonus: has really nice feet cus he gets pedicures on a weekly basis.
sakusa wears track pants and short-sleeved undershirts. he’s more comfortable when he has more clothes on, and that’s fine with you. he’s more focused on what you’re wearing... if it’s his MSBY sweatshirt that you’ve broken in to perfection he swoons. he’s not much into being possessive and tries to keep his jealousy in check, but the way you look snuggled up in his sweatshirt when you’re asleep in his arms makes him smile, a little reminder that you’re his.
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bratinc · 13 days ago
thoughts on what kind of porn the hq guys watch/jerk off too?
Tumblr media
+ headcanons. 644 words.
+ contains. various.
+ note. please don’t hate me for partially shitting on some of your faves, this is.. for shits and giggles.
Tumblr media
$. HINATA SHOYO — mainstream porn.
you know what I’m talking about.
those videos with the terrible acting and unnatural lighting.
they’re named something basic too like, “hot cheating milf fucked by coworker”
someone—anyone please teach this man about twitter porn, please.
$. TOBIO KAGEYAMA — amateur blowjobs.
he likes the ones where it’s just the girl’s face in view, especially really messy ones.
it’s not the best quality but they do the job.
whenever he finds the ones with actual dirty talk in them he’s done for, it turns him into a blushing mess.
likes the part where the guy slaps his dick on her tongue too, he just doesn’t know why.
$. KOUSHI SUGAWARA — camgirls.
this man has taste.
wants to watch porn without having to hear the annoying grunts and weird attempts at dirty talk of regular videos.
he likes to stroke his cock in time with her movements, whether she’s fucking herself with her fingers or a toy.
probably the type to mumble praise under his breath, “fuck, pretty girl..”
$. DAICHI SAWAMURA — soft dom porn
amateur ones, preferably.
just videos where the woman is being taken care of and just praised.
he’s dominant in bed so it’s not really surprising he’d like this too.
likes the ones that have clear views of her face because he imagines it’s his cock making her feel good with him.
$. NISHINOYA YUU — trending porn
not picky at all, he finds a way to get off to anything and everything.
you know those videos you see as soon as you’re on the hub? that’s good enough for him.
somehow likes the exaggerated moans, he knows it’s fake but he doesn’t really mind.
he probably thinks about how the moans would be real if he was the one fucking her.
$. AZUMANE ASAHI — ‘mature women’
yes, you heard me.
azumane asahi is — a local milf enthusiast.
part of it is because he just thinks they look good, loves to think about how soft they’d feel.
and he also wants to be coddled and buried in someone’s tits, which is a mood.
$. TSUKISHIMA KEI — jerk-off instructions
he can’t help himself, just found out one day that that have a certain effect on him.
loves hearing their soothing voices through the screen while he strokes his cock.
the videos leave him frustrated at first but ultimately satisfied when the countdown finally finishes.
probably just makes a mess and blows his load all over his stomach.
he focuses on the way they’re being treated.
the videos show him exactly what he wants,
just a pretty boy getting pleasured and fucked by their mommy, he needs that for himself.
definitely blushes everytime he hears the dom speak and replies as well as follows their instructions like a good boy.
those ‘accidental anal videos’ yeah, he’s into that type of stuff.
he knows that it’s definitely not an accident but he’s mostly just in love with the idea of it.
loves watching their holes still stretched out while the guys pulls out.
bonus points if you get to see them creampied too, then he’s a fucking goner.
Tumblr media
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haikyuu-boys-headcanons · 10 months ago
hehe, i’m back at it again with one of these long ass posts but this idea’s literally been in my head all day long so here you go !! obvious nsfw warning :)
tw: this whole post is just nsfw and embarrassing to read so read at your own risk >:)
𝙳𝙰𝙸𝙲𝙷𝙸 » during a super intense and loud session, his voice cracked as he asked you “does that feel goOD- good baby?” to this day, he still prays that you couldn’t hear him over the sound of your own moans
𝚂𝚄𝙶𝙰𝚆𝙰𝚁𝙰 » you were riding him and he went to slap your ass, but something went wrong either because you were riding too quickly or he was shaking too much, boy ended up slapping himself in the balls. you’ve never heard that boy scream that loud in your life
𝙰𝚂𝙰𝙷𝙸 » literally pulled out in the middle of sex to get up and rush to the corner of his room to flip around his childhood teddy bears. your just laying there with your tiddies and coochie out waiting for asahi to shield the eyes of mr. wiggles
𝚃𝙰𝙽𝙰𝙺𝙰 » you two were having pretty intense shower sex until tanaka did the number one thing your not supposed to do during shower sex; this muthafucker slipped while holding you. long story short, y’all were okay but just ended up having nasty shower floor sex??
𝙽𝙸𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙽𝙾𝚈𝙰 » this tiny ass 5′2 man was unconsciously humping your leg while you were both asleep?? his presumably pleasurable wet dream had turned into a sudden nightmare when you literally had to KICK him off you to stop the humping. bad nishinoya, bad!
𝙺𝙰𝙶𝙴𝚈𝙰𝙼𝙰 » came WAYYY too early inside you, but he was too embarrassed to say anything so he just... kept going. sadly, no one had warned kageyama of the intense effects of overstimulation. he was shaking and whimpering so badly behind you to the point where you had to ask him to pull out and bring him a glass of water to calm down
𝙷𝙸𝙽𝙰𝚃𝙰 » the first time you squirted on him, he just blatantly asked you these exact few words that left you feeling mortified: “did you just piss on me?” nuh uh hinata, this water fountain ain’t yours to drown in anymore >:( 
𝚃𝚂𝚄𝙺𝙸𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙼𝙰 » kei was hitting it from the back pretty hard this time, so hard that you were suddenly... on an angle? suddenly, now you two were much closer to the floor than before. the bed ended up collapsing, yes literally collapsing due to kei’s powerful thrusts. worst part is, nobody got to finish since kei dragged you to ikea to grumpily buy a new bedframe. but hey, he bought you ikea meatballs; that shit hits so different
𝚈𝙰𝙼𝙰𝙶𝚄𝙲𝙷𝙸 » one super duper intense night, he passed out the SECOND he came. no matter how much you flicked the temple of his forehead, yamaguchi was dead asleep. you had to literally slap him awake to get him to clean up, you ain’t risking a ranky stanky UTI puthy in the morning
𝙾𝙸𝙺𝙰𝚆𝙰 » kept calling himself a sex machine during the act. i don’t know if it was due to the 6 tequila shots he had beforehand or just his inner ego revealing, whatever it was it was about to make your pussy close
𝙸𝚆𝙰𝚉𝚄𝙼𝙸 » this one time, he kept going in at a weird angle which caused you to repeatedly queef for 7 minutes straight. every time you told him to pull out and go in properly, he laughed and kept going in at that one weird angle!! was your embarrassment a turn on for him?? maybe!! but were you mortified? absolutely!!
𝙼𝙰𝚃𝚃𝚂𝚄𝙽 » i’m sorry to have to be the one to announce this, but this man had the worst case of full blown bush you’ve ever seen. like, he didn’t even try to manscape or anything at all. you ended up begging him to trim just a tiny bit because you weren’t gonna risk choking on a pube whilst your going down on him
𝙷𝙰𝙽𝙰𝙼𝙰𝙺𝙸 » rubbed your left labia thinking it was your clit. and he kept doing that. the whole. fucking. time. even when you subtly moved his fingers towards your clit, he just kept going back to the left lip.
𝙺𝚄𝙽𝙸𝙼𝙸 » had the most dry and dull dirty talk you’ve ever heard. like, it’s not even dirty talk at this point; it’s just clean talk. there’s no passion when he talks! he uses the same tone he would use for anyone else at any other moment. to paint the picture, imagine riding kunimi and he’s just there with a furrowed expression like “yup, that feels really good”
𝙺𝚈𝙾𝚃𝙰𝙽𝙸 » tried to pull one of those unexpected anal scenes that he saw from a porno, without telling you beforehand. life lesson here; if you party at shit's house, don't be surprised if shit's at the party
𝙺𝚄𝚁𝙾𝙾 » you two were looking to get a little more kinky in terms of BDSM, so kuroo watched like 30 tutorials on youtube on how to safely tie you up so you won’t fall or anything. this bitch ended up tying rope knots that were practically impossible to undo, which resulted in you hanging from the ceiling for approximately 2 hours pussy-ass naked while kuroo tried to cut you down with a kitchen knife
𝙺𝙴𝙽𝙼𝙰 » wanted to spice things up with some dirty talk, like the real nasty talk they use in pornos but not the normal pornos; the shitty company ones with horrific acting. he really ended up announcing that he was going to “fuck your fucking fanny off, you twat”
𝙻𝙴𝚅 » got super excited while he was opening the lube since he hadn’t gotten to fuck you in a WHILE, which resulted the lube leaked everywhere and a giant 6′5 man slipping and hitting his head on the bed frame. worst part is; he had to go to the ER with a hard on that refused to go away
𝙱𝙾𝙺𝚄𝚃𝙾 » speaking of boners that wouldn’t go away, let’s not forget that one time bokuto took two viagras when you texted him to come over for a special occasion. he horribly misinterpreted the ‘special occasion’ text, because he showed up to your house with a huge buldge in his pants as your parents stand before him holding anniversary cards, completely horrified
𝙰𝙺𝙰𝙰𝚂𝙷𝙸 » wanted to make valentines day sex as romantic as he could, so he did the classic lighting candles and giving roses. everything was beautiful, until he accidently knocked one of the bigger candles over during missionary. this not only caused a huge ass fire in your bedroom, but he came right as the fire began to spread. boy was debating on whether his orgasm was to die for or not
𝙺𝙾𝙽𝙾𝙷𝙰 » had a nose bleed when he was going down on you and you both were immediately horrified, you thinking it was your period and him thinking he just ate coochie blood. yet as you went to go clean up, you realized his face had much more blood on it than your coochie did. to this day, he still blames it on your period 
𝚄𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙹𝙸𝙼𝙰 » threw you onto the bed and your head went through the wall. he didn’t even bother to ask you if you were okay, he just sighed and went “well, now i have to make a call to the construction guy. excuse me” and he left you and your concussed ass head sit there once again, pussy ass naked
𝚃𝙴𝙽𝙳𝙾𝚄 » during a blowjob, he held your head down right as he was coming causing the cum to shoot up your throat and somehow pour out of your nose. by the time he pulled out, he could barely breath from laughing at you. sure, the classic ‘milk shooting out of nose’ thing was funny at first until you got a sinus infection and had to breath out of your mouth for the next three days
𝚂𝙴𝙼𝙸 » always insists having sex in the most inconvenient places?? like he would pull you to side while grocery shopping and start grinding up against you as you pick which brand of cheese would be better??
𝙶𝙾𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙺𝙸 » he kept getting frustrated that his bangs were clouding his field of vision, so he irritably grabbed a hair tie and frantically tied up the sides of his bangs while he was fucking you. you immediately burst out laughing since he looked exactly like boo from monsters inc. 
𝚃𝙴𝚁𝚄𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙼𝙰 » got so drunk that he ended up fucking the couch. like he was just there on top of you, and his dick was just sliding between the folds of the leather couch. you decided to let him finish like that
𝚂𝙰𝙺𝚄𝚂𝙰 » had a really bad reaction to one of the products he used while shaving and ended up getting super irritated down there so he kept having to pull out in-between thrusts to itch his crotch. to make things worse, you joking suggested that he looked like he had syphilis and he got so disgusted at the idea of that thought that he literally had to pull out and take a breather 
𝙾𝚂𝙰𝙼𝚄 » drizzled ‘warm’ chocolate down your chest and was about to seductively lick it off until you screamed in pain and horror as the chocolate was literally burning your skin off. osamu panicked, obviously not knowing what to do if chocolate was burning his partners skin off so he just... frantically licked it off. you still had to go to the ER afterwards to get treated for mild burns
𝙰𝚂𝚃𝚄𝙼𝚄 » didn’t know what a hymen was until the first time he tried to have sex with you. no matter how much he tried to shove his schlong in, it really just wasn’t working + “yer puss is broken”
𝚂𝚄𝙽𝙰 » pinched your nipples so fucking hard to the point where you started crying. he thoughts these were tears of pleasure until you literally had to kick him off you. but hey, he gave you ice for your sore nipples and mcdonalds! what more could a girl possibly want :)
uh the end lol
also, this idea was inspired by the first haikyuu headcanon i ever read, “awkward sex moments” by @bbytetsu <3
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iwasbunny · a month ago
Tumblr media
# headcanons. 764 words.
# warnings. none!
# contains. ushijima, atsumu, kuroo, yamaguchi, nishinoya, bokuto, iwaizumi, sakusa, suna.
Tumblr media
he likes to keep a picture of you in his wallet, it’s probably old and worn out but he treats it like a good luck charm.
before every game he’ll just give himself a pep talk and smile down at your photo for a moment, reminding himself that someone was watching him so absolutely he had to do his best.
but it was also a gentle reminder that no matter what the results of the game were, he’d always have someone to come home to.
this man has a picture of you as his wallpaper, part of it because he just takes every opportunity to brag about you and make his teammates jealous.
and it also just brightens up his mood, he could be a nervous wreck right before a big game.
but seeing your smiling face along with that notification that reads ‘good luck, tsumu. i know you’ll do amazing, i love you.’ he feels like there isn’t anything he can’t do.
his entire gallery is filled with you, what’s the catch, you ask? they’re all terrible photos.
literally has the worst camera quality and are so blurry not to mention you look like a mess in every single one.
but he always tells you about how they’re his favourites, and no matter how many times you beg him to delete them that’s never happening.
he has a whole corner of his room dedicated to pictures of you.
yamaguchi likes to hang up little printed out photos of the both of you and make them look nice and pretty.
he’ll even go the extra mile and add some fairy lights or little doodles to make them more unique and special for him.
nishinoya keeps a photo of you on the back on his phone, through a clear case like a basic bitch.
he likes it because he’ll purposely put his phone face down just so people will ask about you which gets them stuck in a 4-hour ramble about his amazing girlfriend.
also, he definitely kisses that photo and he does not care how many people tell him it’s dirty, he’s still going to do it.
your pictures are plastered all over this mans social media; instagram, twitter, snapchat, everything.
there is literally not one fan of his that doesn’t know who you are because he will take every chance he gets to show you off.
bokuto just feels so proud to have someone like you in his life which is why he’s not ashamed to let everyone see how much he loves you.
he doesn’t want to admit it because he’s ‘not a simp’ but on his phone, there’s an entire album dedicated to just pictures of you.
they’re a mix of different things, mostly ones he took of you when he thought you weren’t looking to pictures of you guys on all the dates you’ve been on.
sometimes he just likes to look through them and reminisce, especially when he’s on a trip and missing you.
sakusa isn’t the type to take photos of you, but what usually happens is he gets his phone stolen by you and atsumu.
and you both fill and spam his gallery with terrible photos of the two of you, every time sakusa gets his phone back he’ll give you an annoyed sigh knowing exactly what you did
yet he can’t find himself getting mad when you look so cute in them, he also only deletes the ones with atsumu’s face on them and keeps yours.
most of your photos are on his snapchat memories but what suna really likes taking are videos of the two of you.
it literally eats up all of his phone’s storage but he just can’t delete any of them because he’s horribly attached to them
they’re full of fun memories with you, so, how could he possibly just get rid of them?
Tumblr media
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haikyuuphilia · 11 months ago
hi! can you do hcs of what type of romance tropes (like for example; enemies to lovers or childhood friends to lovers etc) would you expirence with some of the hq boys please 🥰
oh i love this kind of thing! <3
haikyuu boys as romance tropes ♡
→  HINATA is the friends to lovers trope. your relationship slips from platonic to romantic so naturally; either way, he’s the closest person to you in your life.
→  KAGEYAMA is the fake relationship trope. you two “date” out of mutual convenience, not actual feelings, but why does it start to feel so real?
→  TSUKISHIMA is the school/office romance trope. you two work well together, but soon your partner dynamic becomes more like a relationship, and budding feelings sprout on both sides.
→  YAMAGUCHI is the childhood sweethearts trope. you two were one another’s first loves, first everything, and now you get to be one another’s lasts as well.
→  OIKAWA is the mutual pining and slow burn trope. with him, things are drawn out and frustrating and painful, but true love wins out in the end, and it’s all worth it for both of you.
→  IWAIZUMI is the “only one bed” trope. he wants to take the floor; you insist on sharing; he gives in. his back is warm, you notice, and neither of you can fall asleep that night.
→  KUROO is the best friend’s brother trope. you like his younger sibling as a friend, but the feelings you harbor for the older brother are a little bit different, and it’s hard for him to cover up his crush, too.
→  KENMA is the secret billionaire trope. you never realized he was rich until he paid for your meal and then your debt before casually sweeping you away to his penthouse suite.
→  BOKUTO is the love at first sight trope. it’s a normal day until you spot one another, complete strangers still, and instantly – simultaneously – think to yourself, that’s the one.
→  AKAASHI is the soulmates trope. fate dictates it, but you have no complaints. he’s the only person you’ll ever love, and you’re a one in a billion match, two halves made whole.
→  ATSUMU is the enemies to lovers trope. you absolutely hated his guts, you were the bane of his existence, and somehow through all the tension, you both fall in love along the way.
→  OSAMU is the opposites attract trope. he’s relaxed where you’re hotheaded and he’s careless where you’re cautious, but you complement one another perfectly.
→  SAKUSA is the stuck together trope. it’s a bad situation and neither of you really want to be there until suddenly, you almost wish you’d be stuck with each other forever.
→  KITA is the forbidden love trope. he knows he can’t be with you, and the entire world’s working against you two, but star-crossed lovers are still lovers for a reason.
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nishiannoya · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
ɪɴ ᴏʀᴅᴇʀ ғʀᴏᴍ ʟᴇᴀsᴛ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴏsᴛ ᴅᴇɴsᴇ ᴡʜᴇɴ ɪᴛ ᴄᴏᴍᴇs ᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜ ʙᴇɪɴɢ ʜᴏʀɴʏ
ft. Daichi, Suga, Asahi, Noya, Ryuu, Kageyama, Hinata, Tsukki, Yamaguchi (not in order)
18+ only - Minors DNI
f!reader, time skip/college au ages, smut, light degradation from tsukishima, 'princess,' 'baby,' 'baby girl', lots of dirty talk (2.2k wc)
۞ exactly as the title says. is your man tuned in to you? or is he dumb? find out where he falls on the list. 
Tumblr media
1. Tsukki
Can tell just by looking at you before you even say anything or approach him
Is a huge asshole about it
Kind of just assumes you’re horny all the time 
Will smirk at you and send you a teasing text if you're in public, or straight up pretend to ignore you when you're alone.
Tone it down, I can practically see your pussy leaking from over here.
If you weren't so goddamn worked up, you'd roll your eyes at the text from Kei. You're studying with your friends at the library and keep looking up at the second floor to see him working on homework by himself. You should be concentrating, but all you can think about is dragging him behind the rows of books and shoving his cock down your throat.
I bet everyone around you knows. You're so obvious when you're feeling slutty.
You nervously look at your friends and surrounding peers who are all focused on their books and notes. Maybe you were squeezing your thighs together just a bit, and you'd let out an occasional small huff, but maybe you were just working through a difficult math problem. Kei is such an asshole.
Meet me in the biography section in 10 minutes. Better keep quiet or else I'll make sure we get caught.
2. Suga
If he can’t tell just by looking at you, he knows instantly by the subtle way your knee and shoulder brush against his, or your fingertips gently touching his arm
Can be a bit of a tease
Totally pretends to not get it, knowing exactly what he's doing
Loves hearing you say that you're needy
"Oh? Do you want something?" He asks with a cheeky smile as he looks to you sitting next to him. All you were doing was drawing your fingers in short slow lines on his thigh.
You pout at him, knowing that he knows he's teasing you. You rub your cheek into his shoulder and grumble something unintelligible.
"You just want to cuddle?" He teases as he wraps his arms around you in a suffocating squeeze.
"Koushiii~" You coo through giggles, a little huff escaping your lips as you clutch onto his shirt. His affection only makes your chest feel like it's burning even more than before.
"What is it, princess? Just ask and I'll give it to you," he coaxes and brushes your hair out of your face so he can see your dilated pupils and parted lips. You think it's too embarrassing to say, but you feel yourself starting to squirm in his hold.
"Want you to suck on my nipples while I ride your thigh," you say shyly as you look up at him with your best pleading eyes, knowing that his cock just twitched against your leg.
"Good girl," he praises, his fingers are already working their way up your shirt. "I think I can do that for you."
3. Daichi
Sometimes he's a little too focused to immediately register that you want him
But as soon as he realizes it, he's pretty keen to take care of you right away.
Very rarely do you ever have to whine or beg
"Hm? You want that right now?" He laughs as you drape you arms around his neck from behind and kiss him behind the ear. He didn't notice you hiking your skirt up more and more as you switched reading positions on his bed, too immersed in his police academy handbook, so you forced him to pay at least a little attention to you.
"Just want you to notice how cute I look," you murmur into his skin. He chuckles at you and beckons you to come around and sit on his lap.
"Who let you be so sexy, hm?" He purrs in your ear and wraps his arms around you, hands resting between your thighs and fingers subtly feeling your soft skin. His words have you clutching at his hoodie and squeezing his hands with your legs. He nibbles your ear as his hands move up further and further until you let out a cry when his finger brushes against your clit through your underwear.
"Looks like someone really is in the mood," he teases in a low voice that usually would have you feeling shy, but all you can focus on are his fingers spreading your juices and soaking your panties.
4. Ryuu
Will wonder a little why you're being so touchy with him, but it clicks pretty fast if you put your hand on his knee or thigh and give a gentle squeeze
Might get a little embarrassed, but he's eager to please you after he quickly makes sure he's not reading into it wrong
Gets kind of quiet because he's afraid he'll say something to kill the mood
"Heyy- what's up with you," he laughs as you climb into his lap on the couch and straddle his lap to face him. You grab his face and plant a short and sweet kiss on him before wiggling your hips just a little bit.
"Oh! Okay," he says with a sharky grin as his hands grab your ass with a loud SMACK!, making you yelp in surprise as you feel a jolt of pain and something else tingling through your skin. 
"Sorry, I thought you're in the mood!" He cries as his hands fly up above his head.
"I am, dummy. You just surprised me," you giggle as you grab his wrists and pull his arms down, looking into his eyes with a mischievous smile. "Do it again. But harder."
5. Noya
It's not that he really knows when you're horny, but moreso you have no choice but to give in to his horniness
Like all it takes is a kiss or touch on his arm to get him riled up, so if you give him any kind of signal, he's on you within a second 
But not because he actually noticed
All you did was sit down next to him on the couch and curl up next to him, and now you're underneath him pinned to the cushions with his hands holding your wrists above your head as he bites at your lips.
"Yuu~" You whine when he moves his hungry kisses down the side of your neck. You'll definitely be full of marks tomorrow.
"Shhhh," he shushes you by pressing his thumb into your lower lip, which you instinctively lick with the tip of your tongue.
"I need you so fucking bad baby girl - I'm sorry," he apologizes as he throws off his shirt and works to get yours off as well. His mouth immediately finding your mounds, lost in his want for you and blind to how much you need him too.
6. Hinata
Thinks you're just being really affectionate and honestly is totally down for some cuddles
Will get a little excited when you start tracing your fingers over his clothes, but doesn't even imagine that you're doing it on purpose
A kiss will do it for him, but only if you go in deep
You climb into his bed and immediately snuggle up to him, throwing your arm and leg over him and squeezing him right. He laughs and flips around to wrap himself around you as well.
Your body feels flush as you're held against his warmth, drawing little hearts with your fingertips over the fabric of his hoodie and poking at the sunspots on his neck.
"So cuddly tonight," he sighs happily and rubs your back affectionately. You purse your lips, unsatisfied with just cuddles and pull his face to yours, making sure to fully capture his lips and slowly roll your body against his.
"Oh?" He says with smirk when your lips pull away from his. A dusting of pink sits in his cheeks as he looks at you through hooded eyes. He doesn’t want to assume...
"Please Shoyo," you whine as you run the side of your foot up his calf and look at him with big, needy eyes.
You don't have to beg him twice. He grabs the back of your thighs and flips himself onto his back you that you're straddling his stomach. He seductively squeezes his bottom lip and smiles lazily at you.
"Get those shorts off and come sit."
7. Asahi
Thinks you're teasing him even when you're being direct
He knows, he just has to know for sure in order for him to feel good about giving in
Responds well to vocal affirmation paired with physical affirmation
You're cuddling in bed trying to take a nap, but all you can focus on is the heat of your boyfriend's spooning embrace on your back. His strong arms are wrapped around your waist and all you want is for him to grab your flesh and just take you from behind.
You shimmy your hips back into his and sensually roll your ass into his groin, making sure to let out a small moan to bait your shy man.
"Baby..." He groans as his large hands hold your hips still. "You can tease me after a nap."
"Not teasing," you pant as you force his hands up to your breasts that he squeezes instinctively, making his dick twitch against your bottom.
"Is that so?" He says. You can hear the restraint in his voice as his hands stop massaging your boobs.
"Asahiii~ please don't make me beg. I need to feel you inside me," you whimper, making sure to sound pathetic as possible, though the tightness in your stomach is actually starting to get painful. You smile when you feel his hands drop down to your hips and pulls your ass back into his growing hardness. A shiver crawls up your neck when you feel his breath in your ear.
"Sorry baby, I just want to be sure. It feels so good when I know you really want it."
8. Kageyama
This mf is so dense
Zero response to you stripping right in front of him. Dumbass thinks you got too warm and offers to open up a window
Direct and concise verbal communication is key
"Tobio," you call softly from the bed. You're laid out in nothing but a cami and undies, though your man doesn't even look back from watching volleyball videos at his desk. "You should come to bed."
He sighs and shuts his laptop. Blue eyes flash wide for just a moment when he turns around to see you, but then quickly look for somewhere else to focus on.
"Aren't you cold like that?" He mutters as he strips off his shirt, unknowingly giving you more fuel for the fire burning in the pit of your stomach.
"Well you can always keep me warm," you say coyly and wrap your arms around him from behind when he sits on the edge of the mattress.
"Hm? I don't have a fever," he says with a confused frown on his handsome face. Part of you wants to smack your face against the wall, while the other wants to cover his face in kisses for being the absolute cutest.
"Tobio," you sigh and then grab his face to force him to stare directly into your eyes. "I want you to fuck me until I'm crying and unable to speak."
You smile as you watch his pupils bloom open and an attractive smirk pulls at his lips. In an instant you're being pushed onto your back with his muscular form looming over you.
"Should have just said so."
9. Yamaguchi
Jesus Christ even when he KNOWS this man still needs a fucking flashing neon sign and a 25-page contract just to be sure
Like you could point blank say "babe I'm horny" while pawing at his dick and he's like "wait, really?!"
Is he being a tease or his he serious?
But he's so cute you don't mind begging
"Tadashi," you say in a low voice as you lean over and brush your hand over the crotch of his shorts. You bring your face just centimeters away from his, giving him your best wanton look with parted lips and heavy lidded eyes.
"y/n, y-your hand," he gasps with a blush. He's too cute, acting all flustered even though sexy time is a pretty regular occurrence for you two.
"Need you so bad, Tadashi," you whine knowing that the virtue of patience goes unrewarded in this regard.
"Are you sure?" He asks even though you're fully grabbing his hardening cock through his clothes, making small strokes as you feel a jolt of need run through you just from touching him.
You whimper his name again and slump your face into his neck, burying your breath into his sensitive freckled skin.
"I don't want to be pushy," he says even though you're the one swinging your leg over his hips to straddle his waist.
"Tadashi, please," you beg as you begin to roll your hips against him - a moan escaping your lips when you feel his bulge through your panties.
"I'm not sure if you're thinking clearlyy~ahhh!" He moans, clearly just as turned on as you are.
"You're so cruel," you cry as you lean into him and wrap your arms around his neck. You grind yourself into his lap more, hoping that you can both last long enough to get your clothes off this time.
Tumblr media
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elysianslove · 9 months ago
Out of all the Haikyuu bois, who you think are the three who would moan the prettiest? 👀
THIS IS THE ASK IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR ANON MARRY ME RFN also forgive me but i made them five because i have many Thoughts. ALSO! i wanna do this with every haikyuu boy and what they sound like when they fuck you but idk 🤔 should i 🤔
at number five we have yamaguchi tadashi, who has the sweetest moans ever. they’re more of whimpers and whines, whether he’s topping or bottoming. he always sounds so desperate, so needy, panting and whining and gasping out broken, choked sobs and moans. he’ll be shuddering against you, his hair, now longer, lightly obstructing his view, cheeks flushed and the stars of freckles highlighted. the more he loses himself in the moment, the louder he is. you can hear just how much he wants you from the sounds he makes. it’s just so cute. 
for number four we have sakusa kiyoomi. can’t convince me omi wouldn’t sound gorgeous, and look gorgeous, when your face is buried in his lap and your mouth is stuffed with his cock, or when he’s buried inside of you, or if he’s bottoming for you and you’re filling him up so good. he always tries to muffle his sounds, but it only makes it a thousand times more arousing, feeling as he buries his face in the crook of your neck and moans against your skin or throwing his head back and groaning as quietly as he can. it’s a lot of deep gasps and groans, and it’s so encouraging when he stops trying to hold back. 
number three belongs to pretty boy suna rintarō. when suna really gets into it, he is very vocal, whether with just sounds or words too, but whatever it is, he sounds so pretty. it’s even better when his words dissolve into moans or gasps, like, “take me so well don’t you— oh, oh fuck.” when it’s really heated he gasps and whines a lot, and it’s so delicious hearing him chant curses and your name as his chest heaves. like i said, lots of words and moans mixed. things like, “mmph, fuck,” and a gasping, “yes, bunny, like that.” suna’s moans are always very low and deep, and he loves whispering it directly by your ear if he can, just cause he loves the way you shiver and moan for him.
number two, of course, goes to akaashi keiji. like tadashi, he whimpers a lot, but my god is it beautiful. he’s mostly quiet during sex, unless the occasion calls for a lot of dirty talk or something, but he’s very vocal moans wise. lots of broken moans and endless gasps and panting, interrupted by his wet kisses along your skin. he sighs a lot too, especially at the start, if you’re sucking his cock and just kissing, licking and sucking at the tip, or when he first sinks into you, or you into him. his breathing starts to get really erratic as things speed up, and that’s when he starts to let loose with all his moans. throws his head back or buries his face and is really loud against your skin. like it’s so embarrassingly hot. 
and obviously, obviously, oikawa tōru places at number one. who else? he’s so shameless about it too. his mouth will fall open as you’re sucking his cock and he’ll gasp and moan, and it’s throaty and loud and a little high pitched. or he’ll grit his teeth and moan and whine, and he’ll repeatedly mutter, “fuck, fuck, fuck,” as he bucks up into you and arches his back slightly. or if he’s fucking you, or you’re fucking him, there’s a lot of gasping and deep groans and desperate, pretty pants. even if he’s just masturbating, he’ll be fucking up into his fist, his hips raised slightly, finger’s knuckle between his teeth and hair messy, moaning so deeply and needy. and i just know he looks so pretty too!!! eyes fluttering shut and mouth falling open when he cums, shuddering and trembling as he hums delightfully when his hips settle —
as always, HONORARY MENTIONS; semi eita, miya atsumu, and terushima yuuji
there’s definitely more to this, and more to boys that don’t just sound pretty but are just  delicious to listen to in general pls i just want to hear them pls 🤲🏼
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takemittchy · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ft. Akaashi Keiji, Terushima Yuji, Ushijima Wakatoshi, Kageyama Tobio, Hanamaki Takahiro, Yamaguchi Tadashi
genre: fluff / slice of life
⚠️ warning: suggestive
a/n: repost & edited from Fushiguroll. part 3 coming soon ft. Kenma, Sakusa + more
Tumblr media
AKAASHI KEIJI | as your husband lowers himself up and down, you couldn’t help but think it unfair for someone to still be this pretty while working out. You stand up and walk over, waiting for the right moment to slide yourself under him. Akaashi gives you a small smile as you make yourself comfortable on the hard floor. “hey princess,” he says softly, “I'm almost done, you know?” You brush away a piece of stray hair that obscured his eyes and ignored his question. “you’re being very unfair, Keiji.” He continues staying in a planked position and knits his brows together in confusion, “how so?” “it’s so unfair you’re prettier than me, even when you’re working out.” Akaashi laughs before lowering himself and stopping just a little before your face before planting a light kiss on your lips, “princess, I hate saying “no” to you, but you’re wrong, because you’re the prettiest of us all.”
TERUSHIMA YUJI | “Ayo, Y/N!” You walk into the living room when you hear Terushima’s voice. “why are still so loud while working out?” He grins up at you, “wanna be under me?” The expression on your face prompts him to pouts as he quickly explains, “no! not that kind of way. You nasty. I just need a little motivation. Give me kisses every time I complete a push-up, okay?” You couldn’t help but smile at his proposal and make yourself comfortable under him. “one!” a kiss. “two!” another. “three!” This time he doesn’t rush to push himself back up, instead, lets himself enjoy the movement of his lips against yours. “I thought you needed help working out?” you murmur. “kissing is a workout too, haven’t you heard?”
USHIJIMA WAKATOSHI | stops mid-push-up and looks down at you as you smile up at him. “what is this, Y/N?” He asks, voice full of concern and confusion, mostly confusion because he couldn’t think of a valid reason as to why you’d disrupt his workout so suddenly and so randomly. “I missed you.” His eyes were full of intense concentration as he tries to interpret the meaning behind your words. “I am right here...?” You laugh, “I wanted to give a little rewards for working so hard.” “what kind of rewards?” “just do another pushup and you’ll see.” The moment he’s close enough to your face, you lift yourself up a little and plant a light kiss on him. your giant of a husband was stunned by your little action. He clears his throat and asks, almost shyly, “thank you Y/N. You think you can give me rewards every time from now on?” “I'd love to.”
KAGEYAMA TOBIO | “what do you want?” he asks, almost angry that you’ve disturbed his workout. It also didn’t help that as you were trying to slide in under him, you accidentally kicked his left arm, making him buckle just a bit. “I want to kiss you.” Kageyama is so confused. “why of all times? do you not have eyes? I’m working out now.” “so? just kiss me while you’re going down on your push-up. I heard it helps with your form.” He looks down at your suspiciously but nonetheless follows your direction. He didn’t expect you to kiss him so hard and this little surprise threw off his entire form. He kisses you back but asks you to leave. “don’t ever do that again, you’re messing up my push-ups,” he exclaims before adding a soft, “but I can kiss you later.”
HANAMAKI TAKAHIRO | another guy who suggests you to lie under him as he’s doing these push-ups. You agree enthusiastically because...why not? It’s you, under your very attractive husband, who gives you a kiss every time he lowers himself and you don’t even have to do anything except lie there, looking so pretty. “where’d you even get this idea?” you ask. “from my own big brain,” he grins down at you. “now that can’t be true, because both you and I know you don’t even have a brain, let alone a big one.” He laughs and lowers himself down before lifting himself back up, leaving your lips feeling oddly light without the pressure of his on yours. “hey, you forgot to give me a kiss.” “say I have a big brain.” “fine. You have the biggest brain I've ever seen, Makki.” His lips find yours before he pushes the floor away again, “good girl.”
YAMAGUCHI TADASHI | is a blushing mess at the sight of you under him. Suddenly, he has a hard time looking you in the eyes, opting instead to look at the wooden floor next to your head. “why so shy, baby? It’s not like this is the first time you’ve seen me in this position.” At your words he looks at you before looking away again, mumbling a quiet, “why do you like distracting me from my workout?” “I'm not distracting, I'm motivating.” You surprise him again with a kiss on the lips when he lowers himself down to you. He looks at you and smiles, “yeah I guess this is pretty motivating. stay?” “of course.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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lilies-and-rosies · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
with . . . ⇢ all haikyuu characters
warnings . . . ⇢ swearing ! & you r comfortable changing in front of them
note . . . ⇢ thanks to my 4liferrr @keiwaizumi for sharing your idea <3 reblogs r very appreciated, they truly help a lot !
Tumblr media
Turns their head in the opposite direction because they were probably taken off guard, but occasionally gives you a sidelong glance
+ Iwaizumi, Kageyama, Yamaguchi, Semi, Kita, Akaashi, Daishou, Osamu
They’ll change with you just cuz
+ Tendo, Nishinoya, Kuroo, Bokuto, Terushima
They hype the shit out of you, you’ll hear nothing but praises coming from their mouth
+ Nishinoya, Tanaka, Oikawa, Terushima, Matsukawa, Alisa, Bokuto, Kuroo, Konoha, Atsumu
Looks at you with gentle eyes, admiring your beauty and how lucky they are to have you
+ Daichi, Ushijima, Akaashi, Kita, Aone, Sugawara
On the outside they look unfazed but inside they are screaming out of joy that you feel comfortable with them
+ Sakusa, Tsukishima, Suna, Iwaizumi, Kyotani, Kageyama, Semi
Will not look, even if you feel comfortable with them, they feel like they’re violating your privacy by looking
+ Yachi, Yamaguchi, Goshiki, Akaashi, Hinata
They’re probably too busy talking or doing something else that they don’t notice that you are changing
+ Kenma, Suna, Tsukishima, Kunimi, Ushijima
Tumblr media
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screamin-abt-haikyuu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
You're jealous but you can't do anything because you're not dating him - Part 3
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5
Pairings: Aone x Fem! Reader | Yamaguchi x Fem! Reader
Genre: Angst to Fluff
Warnings: One (1) mention of death in Yamaguchi's scenario. Reader takes a painkiller.
Request: Hi! I absolutely love all of your Asahi content, and I definitely loved the 'Jealous' drabble you recently did, especially because it was about two of my favorite characters! I was curious if you would be willing to do the same prompt for Aone and / or Yamaguchi? I totally understand if not, since not everyone writes for them. But they're my two other favorite characters so I figured I would ask! Thank you either way <3
Requested by: @kitsu-writes
A/N: Thank you for 500 followers!! So happy you're all enjoying this series so much. Since Aone is such a quiet person, I wanted to respect that personality trait of his. I hope I did these characters justice. I just love both of these gentle sweethearts so much.
Tumblr media
Aone Takanobu
As the manager of Date Tech Volleyball Club, you sometimes feel like you shouldn't have favourites among the boys. Yet, you do. You have a clear favourite and that person is Aone Takanobu.
Aone. Gentle, sweet, quiet Aone. He is always such a comforting presence to be around. It surprises you how protective and considerate he is towards you. He silences anyone who makes fun of you by glaring at them. He never lets you be the last person to leave the gym. He always stays back until you are ready to leave and walks with you until the junction where you part ways to go to your respective homes. He is not much of a talker so you're usually the one who is chittering about something or the other and he just nods his head at you as he listens. Sometimes you say something that makes him smile and that smile is so beautiful that it turns your heart to mush. Needless to say, you always try your best to say or do something just so you can see his pretty and rare smile again.
But, unfortunately for you, that is the extent of it. You cannot, for the life of you, figure out if he has feelings for you or if it is just his nature. He does not really interact with any other girl so you cannot even compare his behaviour towards other girls to know if you're special to him. However, for the time being, you are perfectly content with your interactions during practice and your walks home.
It's Halloween season and the Date Tech VBC have all decided to go to a Halloween themed carnival together. You're meeting up with the rest of the team at a meetup point from where you will all go to the venue together.
"Hey, Y/N-san!" Koganegawa waves at you with a wide-toothed smile as you approach them.
"Hey, everyone! I hope I am not late," you say waving and sprinting towards them.
"No, not at all. We're still waiting for Aone and Futakuchi and his sister," Kamasaki says.
You frown a little. Aone is late? That almost never happens.
"Oooooh, the same sister who has a crush on Aone-san?" Koganegawa pipes up.
You feel a tiny pang in your heart at his words. You've never seen Kenji's sister. All you know about her is that she is a year younger than you and goes to a different school.
"She does?" you ask him, trying to sound as casual as you can.
"Oh, yeah! You should have seen her during the study session we held at Futakuchi-senpai's place. She wouldn't stop giggling and smiling at him," Koganegawa replies.
"I think it's the height. The Futakuchis are all really tall and she goes to an all-girls school. I think she was just happy to see someone taller than her," Obara joins in, chuckling
"Don't let Futakuchi hear you all," Moniwa warns.
"I don't think he minds," Obara laughs.
It's getting harder to keep the fake smile plastered on your face.
"Ah, there they are!"
You turn around and see Futakuchi approaching the group with a girl who could only be his sister. She's almost as tall as him and her long hair is the same shade of brown as her brother. You can't help but think how cute she looks as she waves excitedly at everyone and shouts greetings, her painted lips curved up in an adorable smile.
"Ah, you must be the manager I have heard so much about. Hi! I'm Futakuchi Mei! You can call me Mei. It is nice to meet you," she says, smiling brightly at you.
"L/N Y/N," you say, smiling genuinely this time, "It is nice to meet you too."
"Sorry for the delay. This one took a long time to decide her outfit," Futakuchi says, feigning disapproval.
"Don't worry, we're still waiting on Aone."
"Speak of the devil- Aone is here," Kamasaki says and nods towards the tall figure approaching the group.
You can instantly see Aone has put extra effort into getting ready today. His hair is neater and looks like it has been set with hair gel. He is also wearing a wristband and a maroon jacket over a plain black t-shirt. You've never seen him dress up like this and you can't believe how well it suits him.
"He looks so good," Mei whispers to her brother but she's close enough for you to be able to hear.
"Behave yourself," Kenji whispers back, rolling his eyes at her.
As he reaches the group, Aone stops and starts bowing repeatedly.
"Aone! It's all right! The others just got here too! You don't have to apologize!," Moniwa interjects, panicking at how close Aone's head gets to the ground as he bows.
He finally stops and nods, the expression on his face still apologetic.
The walk to the carnival is pleasant and full of laughter and conversation. However, you're rather quiet, trying to ignore the knot that seems to be growing in your stomach as you watch Mei walk beside Aone, chatting animatedly. She is really tall and her black dress complements his outfit, making them look like one of those picture-perfect power couples you see in magazines. Aone, as usual, is simply nodding along to the conversation around him.
The sun has almost set by the time you reach the venue. Moniwa suggests going straight to the haunted house before trying other activities.
"We're right on time. It will get crowded later."
You have never really been scared of ghosts or haunted houses but you can sense how nervous some of the others are, especially Koganegawa and Mei.
You were right. As soon as the first ghost appeared, Mei screeched and Koganegawa screamed a really high pitched scream and ran ahead blindly, causing Futakuchi and the third years to run after him. Now it's just you, Aone, Obara and a very scared Mei who is refusing to move ahead. You and Obara try to encourage her and she finally starts moving a little.
Unfortunately, the second jump-scare ghost appears a little too close for comfort. Mei screams bloody murder and flings herself right onto Aone, wrapping her arms around him and burying her face in his chest, trembling with fear.
Once he recovers from his initial shock, Aone is at a loss as to what to do. He pats her shoulder awkwardly.
"I'm sorry, Aone-san. I'm really scared of these things and my brother isn't here either. Can I just hang on to you like this until we are out of this place?" she says, her eyes pleading.
Aone nods and puts his arm around her, allowing her to hold on to him comfortably as she closes her eyes and buries her face into his chest again.
You don't want to feel this way. You really don't. She is scared and she is just hugging him out of fear. You know that. So why does it feel like someone is twisting your insides with an iron claw? You just want to get out of this place as soon as possible.
After what feels like an eternity, you finally step out of the haunted house, welcoming the feeling of the cool evening air hitting your face. You had started to feel suffocated in there. Behind you, Mei is still clinging on to Aone as they step out together, him almost carrying her on one arm at this point.
Futakuchi spots them and runs over, apologizing profusely to Aone for leaving Mei behind and for him having to take care of her.
"It was no problem. She was scared," Aone finally speaks his first words of the night.
"Aone-san. Thank you so much," Mei says, bowing over and over, "Please let me make it up to you. Please let me buy you anything you want to eat as a thank you."
Aone looks awkward as he says, "There's no need-"
"Please, you have been very helpful. I won't take no for an answer. Please let me repay you," she says, still bowing repeatedly.
He finally nods. Before he can say anything, she grabs his hand and drags him away towards the stalls, leaving you behind.
You don't make an effort to catch up to them. You just watch them as you fall to the very back of the group, idly chatting with Koganegawa, hoping he will be too distracted to notice the worry on your face as he tells you about how scary the haunted house was.
As you watch, Mei says something to Aone and he nods at her and smiles. The very smile that makes your heart soar. Except, this time, it feels like it is breaking.
"Ooo Aone-san is having snacks with Mei-chan! and they also came out of the haunted house together! I knew it! I knew she liked him! Maybe he likes her back too! I wonder if they will also go on the Ferris wheel ride together?" Koganegawa whispers excitedly, voicing out every worry that is gnawing at your heart currently.
You excuse yourself at the pretext of going to the restroom and dash away, hoping to distance yourself from everyone as quickly as you can so they don't see the tears falling from your eyes.
You weren't special to him after all. All this while, it was just him being... him. Kind, sweet, protective. Like he was to Mei today. Mei, who seems so much better for him. It didn't even take too long for her to make him smile.
You splash water on your face repeatedly, trying to hide your tears and soft sobs behind it as ladies flit in and out of the restroom.
Playing carnival games, eating your favourite snacks, looking at spooky exhibitions together and finally the Ferris wheel, you'd be lying if you said you hadn't fantasized about spending this day with Aone. Even if it was just as friends.
You just want to go home now but you cannot do that without spoiling the fun for others. You just need to suck it up and pretend to enjoy yourself. You take a few deep breaths to calm yourself down and make your way back to the others.
As you come into view, Koganegawa spots you and waves at you to come over. You're afraid they will notice your bloodshot eyes straightaway so you point towards a nearby Taiyaki stall and walk towards it instead, hoping to buy some time for your eyes to return back to normal.
Taiyaki is one of your favourite foods and your mouth starts to water as you watch it being cooked, breathing in the most delicious smells wafting from it.
"You're quiet today."
You had been so distracted by the Taiyaki that you did not notice Aone walk up behind you. He looks more serious than usual.
"You're one to talk," you say with a smirk, trying to lighten the mood.
"But I'm always quiet. You're not," he says.
Why is he asking you this? How do you even reply to this?
At that moment, the shopkeeper calls you to hand you the Taiyaki you ordered, giving you a few seconds to think of your answer.
"Uhh, I mean I have been talking, maybe you just didn't notice because you were busy with other people," you say.
"But I always notice you," he says, looking straight at you.
Now you definitely don't know how to reply. Your heart soars for a second. Did he just-?
He points to his jacket, "I thought you would say something about it."
Oh. He just wanted you to compliment his jacket. You try to hide your disappointment behind a smile.
"It's really nice, the colour really suits you. I thought that the moment I saw you but didn't get a chance to say it. Also, that wristband is a really nice touch!," you say, truthfully.
He smiles, the lightest shade of pink dusting his cheeks. It makes your heart do backflips.
"Your favourite colour. I thought you'd like it," he says, looking at the jacket. His tone and expression reflect the subtlest sense of pride and victory now that you've validated his choice.
He wore it for you?!??
"I- You wore it for me?" you say, eyes wide with surprise.
He nods quietly.
He doesn't answer straight away. Instead, he looks at the ground and thinks for a few seconds before finally looking up at you.
"I wanted to impress you. I thought if I looked extra good today, you would say yes to a date with me," he says, his eyes never leaving yours, "But when you didn't say anything and were generally quiet the entire time, I got worried that maybe you didn't like it. Or me."
He put in all this effort to impress you? While you were crying about not being good enough for him, he was trying to make you notice him?
Your eyes well up again.
"You look absolutely amazing. But you know that you don't have to change anything for me to like you, right? You don't need to impress me. I like you just the way you are and I always have."
His expression softens into one of slight surprise and delight.
"Really? Does that mean you will go on a date with me?"
"Yes!" you say, smiling softly at him.
You take his hand in yours and lace your fingers with his. "You wanna go on that Ferris Wheel ride with me?"
He nods.
As you both walk hand-in-hand towards the ride, you glance sideways at him and see that he is smiling the biggest, most beautiful smile you have seen till now.
Tumblr media
Yamaguchi Tadashi
When your best friend Yachi asked you to come with her to the Volleyball Club as her moral support after Kiyoko graduated, you did not expect to run into the cute boy you had seen around school but never spoken to. And that was the beginning of your friendship with Yamaguchi Tadashi, a boy who is as kind and sweet as he is good looking.
Even though Yachi does not need your moral support anymore, you still accompany her to practices almost every day. It started out as an excuse to be around Tadashi but as you interacted more and more with the other Karasuno members, you began to actually enjoy spending time with your newfound friends.
Before you knew it, you and Yachi were spending almost all of your time with him and Tsukki, occasionally joined by the other VBC members. Lunch breaks, volleyball practice, study sessions before exams, walking home together, any opportunity you get to spend time with Tadashi, you take it. He is just so caring and supportive and such a pleasant person to be around that you can't help but soak in every moment you get with him.
Of course, no one knows about your crush on him. Not even Yachi. There are a lot of reasons for this. But the main reason is that you do not want to destroy your friend group with awkwardness in case he doesn't reciprocate. Even though Tsukki might be a pain in the ass sometimes, you have grown to enjoy the company of all your Volleyball friends.
That is why you have been pretty good at not letting your feelings show till now. A fact that is about to come back to bite you in the butt as you make your way to the gym.
Nishinoya had sent you a rather confusing message this morning and you are curious to find out what he meant.
Come to the gym right after school ends. Alone. Don't tell anyone. Especially Yachi.
As ominous as the message sounded, you are pretty sure it is about something harmless.
You peek inside the gym and see that Tanaka and Nishinoya are already here. Nishinoya spots you and waves you over.
"Y/N! You got my message!"
"I did, Noya senpai. Why did you call me here?"
"It's Valentine's Day tomorrow and since you're Yachi's best friend we thought we'd ask for your help."
"Help with what?"
"Help with setting her up with Yamaguchi."
The sentence hits you like a ton of bricks.
"I- what? Do they like each other?"
"Well, we don't know about Yachi but Yamaguchi sure seems extra smiley and shy around her. Haven't you noticed? You're always with them."
"Not," you say, trying to think back to your interactions. Were you that blinded by your liking for him that you didn't realize he had feelings for your best friend?
"So, will you help us?" Nishinoya's words pull you out of your thoughts.
"Uh... I'm not sure. I don't even know if Yachi likes him back. I don't think we should meddle in their business. Also, why isn't Tsukishima here? He's Tadashi's best friend, isn't he?"
"Tsukki already agreed to participate," Noya says.
"Of course he did. We came up with the perfect plan for them to spend time together without too much meddling. If they end up getting together, we'll have fulfilled our duty as the best senpai," Tanaka says, proudly.
Tsukki agreed to the plan? It must be true, then.
Tadashi likes Yachi.
This information is hitting you harder than you could have anticipated. It feels like all the air has been knocked out of your lungs.
The others are looking at you expectantly and it is taking all you have to not burst into tears right then. You need to hold out for a little longer.
"All right. I'll help you out. What's the plan?."
The plan, much to your surprise, is actually simple. You will all make plans to watch a movie (romantic, of course!) tomorrow. Then, at the last moment, everyone will come up with an excuse to not be able to attend the movie, leaving Yachi and Yamaguchi alone to watch it together. All you have to do is convince Yachi to come to the movie and then back out at the last second. Tsukki will do the same for Yamaguchi.
After bidding everyone farewell, as soon as you step out of the gym, you break into a run and you don't stop running until you're home. You run straight to your bedroom and slam the door shut.
It takes a minute for the events of the day to sink in and when they do, your knees buckle and you use the edge of your bed for support, sinking to the floor. You let yourself cry until you can't cry anymore.
He doesn't like you, he likes your best friend.
Your best friend.
Your best friend who is like a sister to you.
She is someone you know would do anything for you. And you would do anything for her too.
If Yamaguchi is an angel, so is Yachi. They're both so nice and genuine and kind and smart. Looking at it objectively, they're perfect for each other. And if it can't be you, then you can't think of a better person for Yamaguchi than Yachi.
Will you be able to see them together? Well, not unless you want to die a thousand deaths every day.
But for two of your favourite people in the world, you are ready to face even that.
You text Yachi and get her confirmation for the movie. Noya informs you of Yamaguchi's confirmation as well.
Sleep seems to have eluded you completely tonight as you toss and turn in your bed, trying to console yourself over and over again.
Maybe Yachi doesn't like him back? She certainly hasn't told you anything. But then, neither have you said anything to her about your own feelings. Although, who wouldn't like a person like Yamaguchi after knowing him so closely? Even if she doesn't like him, he likes her. Tsukki agreeing to help with the plan proves just that.
By the time it is time for you to call Yachi with an excuse of being sick, you actually do feel sick. You have a raging headache from the lack of sleep and excessive crying. It also doesn't help that every time you think of Yachi and Yamaguchi on the date, your stomach starts to do flips, threatening to throw up the measly breakfast you forced yourself to have.
Yachi gets really worried and disappointed that you can't come for the movie.
"Y/N! Are you okay? What's wrong?! Is it serious? Should I come over? Do we need to take you to the hospital??" she sounds almost hysterical and it takes you a while to console her and tell her it is just a headache and you'll go to the doctor later if it gets worse.
"But your parents would be at work! Who will take you to the doctor then? I'm coming over, we can watch the movie together some other day!" she says and it takes you another fifteen minutes to come up with a foolproof plan of taking care of yourself that cannot result in your death.
Begrudgingly, she finally agrees to go to the movie without you.
You cut the call and sigh. Your head feels like someone is hitting it with a jackhammer so you pop a painkiller and try to sleep again. Thankfully, it works this time and you finally drift off into a dreamless sleep.
You are woken up to the sound of the doorbell ringing continuously. Groaning, you get up and make your way to the front door.
"Coming- I'M COMING!" you shout as the bell keeps ringing.
You open the door and are extremely surprised to see Yamaguchi standing there, huffing and panting.
"Tadashi? What- what are you doing here?"
"I- Tsukki he- told me- They- all wrong- I-" Yamaguchi sputters in between gasps.
"You're completely out of breath! Did you run all the way here!? Come- come inside first," you say, gesturing him inside.
Yamaguchi is still babbling half-broken sentences at you as you make your way inside. You try to calm him down but he doesn't seem to hear you. You grab both his shoulders and raise your voice a little.
"Tadashi!" you say, your voice loud but tone gentle. He finally stops talking and looks at you, worry etched on his face.
"What's wrong?" you ask him calmly, looking straight into his eyes, encouraging him to speak his mind.
He swallows thickly before responding.
"I like you."
It is like a dam bursts and all the frustration, worry and sadness you've been storing since yesterday comes pouring out in the form of tears and loud sobs.
You feel his strong arms wrap around you and you pull him in tighter, burying your face in his chest, not caring about the way your tears are wetting his t-shirt.
He rubs circles on your back, mumbling words of comfort in your ear until you let everything out. Once you've finally calmed down, he hands you his handkerchief and you use it to wipe the remaining tears on your face before finally meeting his gaze again.
"Do you really like me?" you ask softly, scared that you heard him wrong the first time.
He nods, his brows still raised in worry for you.
"But Noya- and Tanaka senp-"
"They were wrong. It was never behaving that way for Yachi. It was always you."
"But Tsukki agreed to the plan so I thought-"
"He only agreed because he was tired of us not acting on our feelings. He thought you would say no to the plan and perhaps be motivated to confess to me. And on the off chance that you agreed to the plan, he meant to tell me the truth all along. Which he did."
"Oh," you say, relief flooding over you, "The entire reason I agreed was because he did too. It was basically like confirmation that you like Yachi- wait! speaking of Yachi, does she know? About everything? and where is she?"
"She doesn't. I wouldn't even know how to explain it to her. As soon as Tsukki told me the truth, I just ran here instead. But I called everyone involved and I might or might not have yelled at them to go to the cinema and watch the movie with her," he says, sheepishly.
You can't help but laugh at the image of Tadashi yelling at Tanaka and Noya.
"This entire thing is a giant mess," you say, smiling at him.
"Yeah, it is," he smiles and rests his forehead against yours, "I'm sorry it took me so long to tell you. Maybe if I had confessed earlier, you wouldn't have had to cry so much-"
"Hey, I didn't confess either. And I agreed to go ahead with the plan. Honestly, I'm just glad you feel the same way."
"Can't believe you were willing to go that far. You're incredible," he says.
You don't say anything. You just pull him in for a hug again and you both stay that way for a long time, just enjoying being with each other in silence.
Tumblr media
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how they react when you whisper dirty things in their ear in front of their friends
Tumblr media
character(s): multiple
warnings: suggestive (obviously)
notes: first post let’s play it safe ig lmao
Tumblr media
immediately stiffens in his seat, eyes blowing wide, swallowing the saliva in his mouth down. he’s looking around to make sure no one else heard. avoids eye contact with you for the rest of the night but other than that he acts pretty normal.
aran, kageyama, KENMA, aone, akaashi, bokuto, YAMAMOTO, komori, asahi
he just smiles as he listens to you, acts as if it doesn’t phase him but fails miserably at it. the tips of his ears turn red and he either pulls you into his lap to hide the tent in his pants or excuses himself to the restroom for a few minutes.
SUGAWARA, oikawa, matsukawa, TENDOU, kita, kuroo, semi, NOYA
oh god, poor boy. he is red red. jumps out of his seat instantly and is running to the bathroom. locks himself in there for a good twenty minutes just trying to calm down enough to walk out. you better be sweet to him later.
tanaka, YAMAGUCHI, kyotani, LEV, koganegawa, hinata, goshiki
literally does not even make him blush? you could be saying the nastiest shit and the most you might get out of him is an “okay” before he joins back in the conversation with his friends. absolutely terrible reaction, a total let down.
ushijima, SAKUSA, osamu, kunimi, SHIRABU, daichi, yaku
a menace. you wanna whisper dirty things into his ear? he cups the back of your neck and whispers out things ten times worse so now you’re the one blushing. he doesn’t let you run away either, you get to squirm beside him the rest of the night.
tsukki, ATSUMU, suna, IWAIZUMI, terushima, hoshiumi
Tumblr media
reblogs are hot!
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tomankitten · a month ago
Tumblr media
my loves: inarizaki, karasuno, seijoh + itachiyama.
key to my heart: i hope everyone finds a little piece of comfort here— also this is the longest post i’ve ever written lol sry i’m just in love. <3
Tumblr media
kita loves you like he’s gonna lose you; every day feels like the last day with you, but in all of the best ways. he kisses you like it’s his last chance every time, holds you so tight as though you’ll slip away if he doesn’t keep you close. he’s just so in love with you and his protective nature comes out the most when you’re lying there by his side— all nuzzled up in his old volleyball sweatshirt, looking so cute and fragile and innocent. his love is like the warm blanket he pulls over you when you rest your head on his lap, watching some cheesy romance movie he picked out just for you even though he knows you’ll fall asleep every time he places a warm hand on your back.
suna loves you at your worst; he’s a warm shoulder to cry on when you’ve had an awful day, a whisper in your ear that everything’s going to be alright when you feel like you can’t live up to your own expectations again. he’s the sun— the one who greets you when you walk through the front door, green eyes lighting up with a cocky smile as he pulls you into him, knowing you’ve missed him just as much as he did you. he loves you like you’re the best version of yourself, because everything about you is perfect in his eyes. the way suna loves you makes you want to try to be everything you’re afraid of— the way he loves you makes you want to love yourself just as much.
atsumu loves the way you make him feel; being by your side makes him feel like he can do anything. he’s never had a problem with confidence, but the way you make him feel is next level— it’s something he can’t quite put into words. he loves the way you love him, the way you accept him for who he is, all excited energy and cheesy jokes and shameless flirting with you when you’re having a bad day. tsumu never stops trying to be your dream guy, bringing you coffee at work when you run out of time, trying to make your favorite desserts and almost burning the house down, swearing he’ll get it right the next time because he finally learned how to measure out the ingredients just right.
osamu loves you calmly; his eyes tell you you’re the most beautiful person in the world before his lips can start moving. his love speaks through small comforts— a kiss to the forehead when you’re sad, a plate of dinner left on your desk when you’ve been too busy studying to eat, a hand running through your hair massaging your scalp when you have a headache. osamu loves without speaking. his feet find yours under the covers and as soon as he feels the chill on the tips of your toes he’s pulling you into him, tucking you under his arm and hiding you both under the covers. osamu is the kind of love that keeps you warm, the kind you don’t have to ask for— the kind that just is.
asahi loves the way you make him brave; everything in him wants to be strong for you— to hold you at night and keep you safe. he wants to be the person you run to when you’re scared, the one who wraps you up in his arms and carries you away from the world when you’re struggling to take a breath, overwhelmed by everything in the world that wants to bring you down. when you’re weak, he’s there to be strong for you— and when he needs someone to remind him that being gentle isn’t a weakness, but a strength, you’re there to run your fingers through his hair and kiss his lips softly, reminding him of all the little ways his gentle heart is a gift to the world.
daichi loves you in a way that pushes you; he’s a tough love kind of person, but it’s worth it when you’re swimming in the euphoria of all the things you never knew you could accomplish. daichi loves you in a way that inspires you to work harder, be kinder, show more compassion. you never knew there were so many ways to grow before you met him— inwards, outwards, down into the ground, rooting yourself into who you were truly meant to be. when you look at him, you see the future in his eyes, and when he kisses you, you know everything will always work out as it’s meant to— because that’s just who daichi is, he’s the one you can always trust to keep your heart safe.
kageyama loves you like he loves volleyball; it’s a love that ignites his soul, something he breathes and craves and strives for with every cell in his body— you’re his inspiration. you’re home, the quiet place he runs to when he needs to clear his head and think things through at the end of the day. you’re his safe space, the only one who gets to see him cry when he’s frustrated, the one person who can make a horrible day better with a simple kiss on the cheek and a few kind words of encouragement. kageyama loves you like your presence is a gift, because that’s just what you are— you’re a treasure and something he’ll never stop thanking the universe for.
tadashi loves you with humility; it’s a love that doesn’t beg for attention, because simply being with you is enough. he’s taught you to love the simple moments, that those are the most important. he’s taught you that flowers only bloom in the sun, and good things only happen when you let the bad ones fade away. tadashi loves you in a way that has you leaning into everything you are— yet somehow, he embraces your flaws and loves them all the same. when he touches you, the harshness of the world is suddenly sized down to nothing compared to the strong arms wrapped around you. and suddenly, you find yourself striving to love everyone in the world the same way he loves you— selflessly.
hinata loves you like a little kid in a candy store; every day feels like Christmas when he’s with you. his love is a lazy afternoon off, a chance to sleep in on a rainy monday morning, a mug of hot cocoa during a blizzard. his love is confidence— it’s a book written on all of the ways it’s impossible not to love you. hinata loves you like you’re the only one, like there’s no one else in the world but you two. when your eyes are locked onto one another as he traces his fingertips over the soft skin of your cheeks, he still struggles to believe you’re real, because your existence alone is enough to have him believing in something greater than himself— something that would bring you to him.
oikawa loves all of the little pieces of you; he loves all of the ways you smile at him with your eyes, the way you trust him with your heart, the little parts of your day no one else gets to see as you’re getting ready for bed at night. oiikawa never thought he could love anything more than he loves volleyball, but you showed him there are things that matter more than what the scoreboard says— and for him, that’s you. you’re the one who motivates him to keep going because you love him for who he is, every little piece of the dorky, egocentric, utterly adorable and lovable tōru oikawa. but the truth is, in his eyes, the most lovable piece of him is you.
iwaizumi loves you as himself; he knows you deserve the world and that means loving you with every bit of honesty he can find within himself— no playing hard to get or mind games like he did in high school; he’ll never give you a reason to doubt his love for you. it’s his job to make sure you know how loved you are, and if you don’t, how can he call himself yours? iwa has a way of making you believe you’re the most beautiful person on the planet because it’s the only way he feels like he deserves you. his random compliments and sweet kisses always make you smile bcus they’re never forced— he loves you exactly as he is. he embraces his feelings as they come, because he knows his heart will always be yours and only yours.
kyotani loves you until you’re breathless; his passion for you is something you couldn’t quite understand until you learned how fragile he truly is. kentarō loves with his whole heart, that’s just who he is— that’s what makes him beautiful. to him, the only option is to love you, because he’s seen all of the parts of you you’ve been afraid to show in the past. he just sees you as one flawed person loving another, doing the best you can in a confusing world & inspiring you with the way he embraces every part of himself. he’s something you never expected, someone who isn’t afraid to admit he’s so grateful to have you by his side, to have you love him the way you do.
sakusa loves the way you feel like home; he loves the way you hold him at night, letting him be vulnerable and show his greatest weaknesses to you. he loves the way you broke through every barrier, letting you love him in a way that makes him think maybe it’s ok to be a little rough around the edges, to not be so perfectly put together all the time. he’s messy with his feelings because he knows they’re real. he loves you like he’s grateful— because he’s never had someone who understands him so well, who has an endless amount of patience while letting him ease into all of the first times he wants to experience with you.
komori loves the way you laugh; to him, there’s nothing that isn’t worth seeing you smile. he knows all your favorite things— the way you like your coffee warm but not too hot, the way your eyes light up when you see him roll over and smile at you in the mornings, the way his hand placed on top of yours is all you need to calm down when you’re feeling anxious. he knows you’re afraid of falling in love alone, so he holds you close each night and whispers in your ear, gentle words about how pretty and lovely you are until you’re giggling uncontrollably at how cheesy he is. he doesn’t mind though, he just loves the sound of your laugh.
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bratinc · 8 days ago
more awkward sex scenarios val !!!
Tumblr media
+ headcanons. 743 words.
+ contains. various.
+ note. your wish is my command, babe.
Tumblr media
he was watching porn, and saw this guy spit in someone’s mouth so he decided to try it with you. however, he completely missed and the spit just got soak up by the sheets — then you both kind of blankly stared at each other like.. what now?
he wanted to fuck you so bad that he tried to do you against the wall, struggled to pick you up since he was in such a rush, and dropped you, before then proceeded to just try and fuck you right there on floor.
you were sucking him off, and he just awkwardly looked down at you and waved. you didn’t know what to do since you had his cock in your mouth so you just gave him a little wave back.
he gave you a bloody nose by accidentally thrusting up into your mouth when he came and hit your nose really hard against his pelvis, felt super bad about it and helped you stop the bleeding before offering to return the favour as an apology.
you were listening to his spotify playlist while doing the dirty and the ads came on. he started talking along with it, and pretty much killed the mood — he just stopped mid-thrustand went “watch this short video to get 30 minutes of uninterrupted listening-”
was too excited one time and lined up his cock to thrust into you, only to completely miss. it was your first and only anal experience with him and it was not very pleasant to say the least.
kissed you after you sucked his dick and pulled away with a disgusted look, straight up asked you, “is that my cum?” somehow had the audacity to tell you to drink some water cause it tasted gross.
you told him you liked getting slapped and you probably should’ve specified because you were fucking in the missionary position and you said, “hit me” he just winded up and full on smacked you in the face.
in the heat of the moment he started ripping off your clothes but you had this really stretchy shirt on and it just would not tear. you had to take it off the normal way and he was embarrassed as hell.
he started fingering you and he was very new to all of it so you were extremely understanding but he noticed you weren’t moaning or anything so he asked if you were feeling good to which you responded with, “that’s my asshole, babe”
Tumblr media
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aestosia · 5 months ago
haikyuu boys reacting to getting flashed by their s/o . . !
Tumblr media
he’s so fucking blunt “i want to fuck you tonight.” - USHIJIMA, sakusa, tanaka, iwaizumi, DAISHOU, tendou, TERUSHIMA, KUROO, suna KYOTANI
doesn’t act anything of it, “you look very good today.” - USHIJIMA, kita, osamu, kageyama, tsukishima, SAKUSA, tendou, semi, KENMA
shocked, unsure what to do. he’s kinda just clueless. - HINATA, kageyama YAMAGUCHI, TANAKA, nishinoya, kenma, sugawara, ASAHI, oikawa, GOSHIKI
lowkey turned on, his brain is filled with so many unholy thoughts. - TERUSHIMA, DAISHOU, atsumu, kyotani, kuroo, BOKUTO, akaashi, suna
praises the shit out of you, compliments your body and how gorgeous you look. he feels blessed. - ASAHI, BOKUTO, nishinoya, yamamoto, TANAKA, goshiki, shirabu
Tumblr media
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meiansmistress · 4 months ago
It Takes Two
Tumblr media
doctor yamaguchi may be your niece's pediatrician, but that's not all he wants to be.
Tumblr media
pairing: pediatrician!yamaguchi tadashi x f!reader, 6.5k, dark content nsfw (minors dni)
warnings: non/dubcon, manipulative yandere, breeding and pregnancy kink, creampie, implied stalking, quasi-public sex, oral (f!receiving), overstimulation, multiple orgasms
betaed by: @anime-nymph and @ssrated ty bbs so much ily and am always grateful <333 also shoutout to yuli for the title and everyone who helped me with the banner!
written for: the "men at work" collab by @dilfhub! go check out everyone else's amazing works there
im also part of the @hqintheclub network
Tumblr media
Whatever you were expecting your niece’s pediatrician to look like, Yamaguchi Tadashi is certainly not it.
You always figured doctors were old with decades of seasoned practice under their belts, especially with a business in their own name. But Yamaguchi is young, the pretty freckles dotting his face making him look even younger, a youthfulness evident in the bright smile he gives you that makes his eyes disappear. Your niece Midori sits on your lap, chubby little fingers clinging to your blouse, head buried into your chest to avoid the small flashlight the doctor holds in his hands. Yamaguchi sits awkwardly close to you, leaning over with a light laugh, trying to look into Midori’s throat to no avail.
“Micchan.” You frown, trying to pull her away from your chest. It only makes her cling harder, her little head shaking as she holds onto you. “Micchan, don’t you want to get better?”
“Honey, you have to let Dr. Yamaguchi look at you.” Your cooing makes her stop moving for just a second, and you run a gentle hand down her hair as you hold her close. “Your nose feels funny, right?” She nods. “And your throat hurts a little bit?” She nods again. “Dr. Yamaguchi can make it all better if you’ll let him look.”
She whines again but lifts her head to look at you, watery little eyes making your heart flutter. “Auntie.”
“You’re just like your mom,” you laugh, tapping her on the nose. “How about this? If you let Dr. Yamaguchi look at you, I’ll take you for mint chocolate ice cream. Our secret.”
It’s reluctant, but Midori finally turns and, though she still clings to your blouse with one hand, she lets the doctor peer into her mouth and check her clogged nose with no extra fuss. When he’s done, he leans back in his rolling stool and you shoot him an apologetic smile.
“Sorry. She doesn’t like hospitals much, not after her father…”
You trail off, not wanting to burden the doctor with the trauma of your brother-in-law’s accident. He shakes his head, the smile on his face warm and inviting.
“Don’t worry. I don’t think anyone likes the hospital.”
He turns and types something into his computer, and you stroke Midori’s hair as you wait for him to finish.
“It seems like a simple cold, so I’ll prescribe some medicine and hopefully it will clear up soon.”
“Thank you so much,” you gush before looking down at Midori, pinching her chubby little cheek between your fingers. “What do we say to the nice doctor, Micchan?”
“Danku.” Her thanks is muffled into your chest and you can’t stop the giggle that slips from your lips.
“You’re really good with her,” Yamaguchi compliments as he turns back, then he looks down at Midori then back up at you. “If I didn’t know she was Yuna-san’s daughter, I would have thought she was yours.”
“Oh,” you laugh, blush lightly covering your cheeks as you stroke Midori’s hair. “I try to help my sister out as much as possible since she works a lot.”
“What do you do?”
“I’m a university student.”
“Ah,” he grins as he stands up, opening the door for you to lift Midori in your arms and exit. “I don’t envy you. I remember how hard it was.”
“I’m sure your workload was much harder, doctor.”
“But I’m sure you are much smarter than I was, you know.”
The ease in which he gives his compliments sends your heart fluttering, and you have to hoist Midori back up in your arms when she starts to slip with how clammy your hands get. When you make it back to the lobby where a few other children wait to see him, Yamaguchi turns to you with the sun in his smile, eyes nearly disappearing.
“I hope she feels better soon.”
“Thank you so much,” you respond, bowing your head so he can’t see how your cheeks burn. He’s so cute—how is that possible? “Hopefully we won’t be back for a while.”
Yamaguchi looks like he wants to say something, lips opening then closing again before he nods and sends you away with a simple, have a great day.
Maybe you are thinking too much into it. Maybe he’s that nice to everyone. But Yamaguchi’s smile stays on your mind for the next few days until you go over to your sister’s house for dinner, keeping Midori occupied while Yuna flits around the kitchen making pasta.
“Oh, thank you again for taking Midori to the doctor,” she says as she stirs the sauce.
Thank you Yuna, you say in your mind before pretending you weren’t waiting for your sister to bring the topic up all night. “It was no problem! Dr. Yamaguchi was really nice.”
“Isn’t he?” Yuna grins as she turns the stove off. “He always says how well-behaved Midori is.”
You want to press her even further. Ask if he compliments her, or gives her little smiles, or tells her she’s a good mother. But you don’t. You keep your mouth shut all throughout dinner, stewing in your own worry, listening to your sister talk about work troubles and issues with some project she’s spearheading at the moment.
“Actually, Midori has a class picnic on Wednesday but I don’t think I can let her go,” Yuna laments as she leans back in her chair. “It’s like a mommy-and-me date but I have to work.”
“I’ll take her. I get off early on Wednesdays, remember?”
“I know, but…”
Your sister sighs, watching Midori play with the little fork in her hand, banging it against the table as she laughs. It makes you both grin as you watch her play without a care in the world. You know that being a single mom but also a working professional is hard on Yuna, which is why you transferred schools to be closer to home when your brother-in-law passed away. Anything to help, you’d said when you first moved back, even though you had to uproot your entire life and future to be there for her when no one else was.
“I’ll take so many pictures and videos that you’ll be begging me to stop,” you smile, setting a hand over Yuna’s. It makes her relax slightly as she thanks you.
You’re true to your word, acting like a little photographer as Midori plays with her friends at the park that Wednesday. The other mothers are nice but a bit standoffish, points clearly made when they say “well, my child” for the hundredth time. While Midori might not be yours and you don’t plan to have children for a long time, she’s still your family and an important part of your life.
It’s nearing 3PM and you’re talking to the daycare teacher, watching Midori run after her little friend, when she trips on her light-up shoes. It’s like slow motion, watching her little body tumble to the pavement and collide painfully, and you’re at her side in a second. She wails as she clings to you, blood already gushing from a cut on her chin, and your hands shake as you use tissues one of the moms passes your way to make the bleeding stop.
“It’s okay! It’s okay, Micchan, shh, baby, it’s fine.”
But it’s not fine. It becomes apparent after a bit that the wound is much deeper than you thought, so you’re in the next taxi to Dr. Yamaguchi’s office, waiting in the lobby to get stitches for your poor niece. You get so many side-eyes as you sit there, trying to calm her down to no avail as you wait, and luckily you’re called back to his office not long after you arrive.
There are tears in your eyes as you watch her cry, soothing words on your lips as Dr. Yamaguchi stitches her up, a nurse watching over his shoulder. You’re going to buy her so much ice cream on the way home, you decide as he presses and tapes gauze over her wound. The nurse leaves the room and you hug the still sniffling Midori to your chest as Yamaguchi throws away his gloves then digs around in his desk, pulling out a cherry lollipop.
“For the good girl,” he compliments before ruffling her hair. She takes it with a watery thank you and bow of her head. Yamaguchi looks up at you before giving you a lopsided smile. “Would you like one, too?”
“Oh no, I’m okay.”
“How about a tissue?”
You didn’t realize tears had escaped your eyes until a tissue is passed your way, and you thank him quietly, cheeks pink from embarrassment.
“Sorry,” you mumble quietly as you dab at your bottom eyelids.
“There’s no reason to apologize,” he placates you as he stands, putting his hands in his white coat. “No one can prevent accidents.”
“I know, but…”
“What you did was downright motherly,” he smiles, eyes twinkling as he watches Midori starting to fall asleep against your chest. “Do you want children?”
“Someday,” you answer, looking down at Midori with a small grin. “I think I’d need a husband first, you know? Even a boyfriend will do.”
Is this appropriate to be talking about with a doctor? Probably not, and regret floods you immediately, but his happy little chuckle makes you look back up at him anyway.
“I’m sure you’ll find the right person. You seem like a good girl.”
“Oh, um, thank you.” The compliment makes your chest warm and you have to look down at the top of Midori’s head to keep yourself from smiling. “I’m sure someone like you is already taken.”
“My job keeps me a bit busy,” he shrugs, eyes flicking between you and the girl now sleeping against you. “Bring her back on Tuesday, I’ll take the stitches out then.”
“I think Yuna might be able to come then,” you muse as you pick Midori up, settling her against your shoulder as you hold her close. You look up at Yamaguchi and his lips are set in a thin line, eyes darker than you’ve ever seen them. It makes your stomach flip. “Doctor?”
“Oh, sorry,” he laughs, and his darkness disappears almost immediately as he rubs the back of his head. “I was just thinking. Monday should be alright too.”
“I’ll check with my sister.”
“Oh good,” Yamaguchi smiles as he sets a hand on your back, escorting you out of the room. His touch is warm, lighting a fire on your skin that spreads through your back and straight down to places it shouldn’t. “I’m sure it will ease your mind to see Midori-chan all better.”
Something in you relaxes at his statement. It’s true. You’ve been wound up since you saw Midori start to fall over at the park, and between his touch and his soothing voice, you’re finally able to let out a soft breath.
“Yes, doctor, thank you.”
Midori is a little champion over the next few days, not touching her injury and running around the daycare like she never got hurt in the first place. Four days pass quickly, and Yuna is adamant about being the one to take Midori back to see Dr. Yamaguchi. For some reason, it makes you anxious. Obviously Midori isn’t your child so there’s no real reason why you should want to go, but after your classes on Monday, you shoot your sister a text anyway asking if she wants to get dinner.
After Midori’s appointment, she texts back and gives you a perfect excuse to go to Dr. Yamaguchi’s office.
I’ll meet you there then! You text back and hurry to catch the bus, hopeful that you’ll get a glimpse of the cute young doctor before Midori finishes. You know it’s silly to have a small crush on your niece’s pediatrician but you can’t help it. He’s kind, comforting, good looking—and after your first and only boyfriend dumped you at the end of freshman year, you've been admittedly lonely. It’s nice to have someone be kind to you, and it’s not like you’ll see him much more after this anyway. What harm is a last peek?
Yuna and Midori are still in the lobby when you arrive, though Yuna looks none-too-pleased as she watches Midori play with some blocks at a table. You take a seat next to her and she sighs, checking her phone with a grumble.
“We’ve been waiting 45 minutes. I have an important phone call soon and if we aren’t done…”
“I’m sure the doctor’s just busy,” you calm her, patting her arm with a smile. There are a handful of other families in the waiting room after all. “He’ll come soon.”
Not even five minutes later, your words come true. Dr. Yamaguchi walks into the lobby with an apologetic smile and a call for Midori to come back to his office. You don’t go with them, but Yamaguchi’s eyes land on you before he goes, a strange look in them before he bows his head. What was that?
You fidget on your phone, made worse because you can hear Midori’s cries from the back office. Is everything okay? It’s a simple removal of stitches, so why is she crying? Yuna comes out a few minutes later, looking extremely flustered as Midori clings to her arms. She approaches you, trying to pass Midori off to you but the little girl won’t budge.
“Midori, sweetheart, mommy has a phone call—”
“No!” The baby yells, clinging tighter to Yuna’s arms. “I want mommy!”
“Micchan—” You try next but she shakes her little head.
Yuna groans as her phone vibrates, looking at you pleadingly. “Can you handle the payment and meet me outside? I’ll pay you back.”
“Sure, sure,” you placate her and shoo her out the door before the other moms can judge Yuna any more harshly.
You pay and try to listen to the nurse talk about scar creams for Midori’s chin, but you’re distracted the moment Yamaguchi steps into your field of vision. He’s smiling as you pocket your credit card, and before you can even greet him, he speaks.
“Do you have a moment? There’s something I’d like to discuss with you.”
“Oh,” you breathe, worry immediately flooding your system. “Is it about Midori?”
“A bit. Don’t worry.”
“Should I get Yuna?”
“No.” He responds so harshly that you blink in surprise, but then he’s smiling that calming smile again, the skin around his freckles going the lightest shade of pink as he gestures towards his office. “Come with me.”
You follow him quietly, peeking back to the other families waiting in the waiting room. Shouldn’t he see them first? Anxiety spikes in your nerves, feeling like pin pricks against your skin as you slip into Yamaguchi’s office. You hear something click behind you and you assume it’s the door closing as you turn back to face the doctor.
“Is Midori okay?”
“Did you know,” he begins instead, completely ignoring your question. The only light in the room comes from a lamp in the corner, and he doesn’t move to turn on the overhead lights before he starts stalking closer. It makes you back up into the desk, hips bumping against the hardwood. “That when Midori-chan was getting her sutures out, she was crying for you?”
Huh? But she was crying for Yuna earlier, clinging to her chest and refusing to let go.
“I’ve seen you with her. You’re so calm and collected.” He walks even closer, so close that you can feel his coat brush up against your leg, and your breath hitches in your throat. “You’d be such a good mother.”
What is happening? Your head is spinning as you stare at him, mouth going dry at the sudden shift in demeanor. You push off the desk to try and step away, but Yamaguchi intercepts you, his hand on your shoulder forcing you back to his desk. A hiss escapes you at the contact, but it turns into a gasp when Yamaguchi grabs onto your hip and pushes himself closer.
“Have you thought about it?” He whispers, leaning forward, his nose bumping your exposed neck. A strange feeling crawls its way into your gut, a mix of apprehensiveness and pure, sick want. The lightest flick of his tongue against your skin makes you shiver and try to push him away again, but he doesn’t budge.
Yamaguchi pulls back and shuts you up with hasty lips against your own, cradling you close with a firm hand on your neck. It makes you squeak, hands pushing against his shoulders even though your body flushes with the contact.
It’s been so long since you’ve felt someone else’s body on your own, years of being single and caring for Midori taking its sad toll on your love life, but this is all too much. He pulls away only enough to let his hot breath fan across your face, two of his fingers coming up to rest on your bottom lip. As soon as you crack your lips open the slightest, he uses them to pull your mouth open before diving in again. His grip keeps your mouth parted as he explores with his tongue, slowly coaxing yours to move back against his.
Drool drips down the side of your mouth as your tongues move together and Yamaguchi spreads it into your skin as he lets go of your lips, fingers trailing down your throat. His other hand starts to move up your thigh, making you jerk back to the reality of who you’re kissing and where the hell you are.
“We can’t,” you breathe unevenly, intaking a harsh breath when Yamaguchi’s dark eyes land on you. His hand keeps moving up further, even when your legs clamp together to keep him from pushing under your skirt. It’s futile; with barely a push, his hand disappears under the fabric, cupping your cunt in his hands.
“I can’t stop thinking about you,” he whispers between flicks of his tongue over yours, fingers rubbing up and down your covered slit. It makes you light-headed, and he takes the push back of your tongue as an invitation to keep going. “God,” he pants as his knee nudges your legs further apart, fingers pushing down the waistband of your panties to run his fingers over your slit. “Your pretty little cheeks, my freckles, your smile, and my hair.”
“What are—ugh.” You can’t finish your thought, not with the way his tongue moves down your neck and the way his finger starts to circle over your clit. Your stomach floods with heat and the moment you shift on the desk—whether to get closer or further away, you aren’t sure—he presses between your legs with a grunt.
One of his fingers circles your entrance and slowly pushes in, and you keen, fingers tightening on his lab jacket. You try to push him away but it only makes him press closer to you, makes his finger start to thrust in and out of you. Yamaguchi’s hard cock sits against your thigh, brushing against it over and over as he rocks his hips into yours in time with the thrust of his fingers.
“Y-Yamaguchi-san,” you whine with a head shake. Even though your cunt pulses from his ministrations, even though your thighs tremble from the swipes of his thumb on your clit—you can’t do this here. You barely know him and other families are literally sitting in the lobby, waiting for him to see their sick children. You put one hand on his wrist, trying to tug him away with another shake of your head. “Stop, please, not here.”
“Call me Tadashi, please,” he practically begs, pushing another finger into your wet pussy as he pushes your bodies together. His panting breaths are hot on your neck and his fingers only speed up, even though you’re holding onto his wrist so tightly you’ll probably bruise him. “Please, I want to hear it so badly.”
“No,” you whimper. You see a flash of something on his face before he leans in, pushing your body down onto his desk. Something falls over; papers scatter onto the floor; his computer monitor is only inches away from your face, your head barely staying on the edge of the desk as it threatens to fall off.
“Come on sweetheart, don’t be like that,” he chides playfully and it makes your head spin. He looks the same as usual—freckles pronounced against his flush, little smile on his lips, youthfulness present the crinkle of his eyes—but the heel of his hand circles around your clit, fingers curling and hitting a spot inside you that makes you gasp and dig your nails into his wrist.
Heat bursts in your stomach, legs twitching as your orgasm rises quickly after such a long time of not being touched. You stare up at him with half-lidded eyes, and when your hips involuntarily grind into his hand, his smile grows wider, deadlier.
“That’s it,” he encourages you as he fucks you even faster, the squelching sound of your juices making you moan. “That’s it good girl, you know you want this.”
You want to deny it—want to tell him to stop one last time, want to fight for your freedom, but pleasure builds and builds, and when he presses on your clit and curls his fingers just right, it’s too late. You cry out with your release, head thrown back and dipping over the edge of his desk, your shoes banging against the wood. His fingers fuck you through it, heel of his hand continuously rubbing your pulsing clit, and you hump his digits as if you weren’t denying yourself the pleasure just a moment ago. Your juices drip down your folds, and you feel his wet fingers on your thighs before you’re tugged to the edge of the desk with a squeak.
“Y-Yamaguchi-san!” is the only thing you manage to say before your panties are ripped to your ankles and he’s kneeling before you.
His mess of hair disappears under your skirt and his tongue wastes no time licking up the juices on your folds. With strong arms, he parts your legs even more so he can run his tongue up and down your slit just before he pushes inside. Your clit is still pulsing, walls still fluttering when he runs his tongue over them, and your denial dies on your tongue just as fast as it rises. You know you shouldn’t do this—Yuna and Midori are probably waiting for you, wondering where you are, oblivious to the fact that the pediatrician’s head is between your legs, running along your walls and making you whine.
Your thighs shake by his head, his fingernails digging into your flesh and leaving imprints you know will linger. Yamaguchi is careful not to flick over your clit just yet, circling the swollen nub until you let out the breathiest “please.” It’s so faint that you can barely tell you even said it, but he must hear it loud and clear because he immediately takes your clit into his mouth and sucks. Your toes curl in your shoes as your fingers scratch at his desk.
It feels so good that all thoughts of wrongness leave your mind immediately. All you know is the quick flicks of his tongue, the harsh sucks he gives your pulsing clit, the way he runs his tongue ferociously all over your walls like he can’t get enough. You try to jerk away from him because of the sensitivity, but Yamaguchi slaps your outer thigh hard enough that the sound rings in the room. You squeal, shifting on the desk, walls pulsing at the absolutely lewd sounds coming from underneath your skirt.
“So… so—” You pant out, and Yamaguchi groans into your heat, sending a chill down your spine.
You can feel your second orgasm rising, hips grinding into his incessant tongue and fingers as he holds open your folds to push even deeper. Pleasure crawls through your nerves until it bursts behind your eyes, and you cry out, hand dropping to his head to keep him close as you cum. Your back arches off the desk, hips rising to meet his mouth as he continues sucking your clit, tongue running circles around the nub to prolong your orgasm. Only when you tap on his head, trying to pull away with a whine, does he stand up. You can see your juices glistening around his mouth, your body trembling with the remnants of your release as he quickly unbuckles his belt.
“Wait—” You gasp, squirming on the desk before trying to sit up. Surely he doesn’t mean—
He pushes you back down with a firm hand on your chest, holding you there as he unbuttons and unzips his slacks with one hand. He tugs his underwear down just enough to pull out his hard cock, and your eyes widen as he begins to line up with your cunt.
“Y-Yamaguchi-san, I’m not—”
On birth control, ready, sure about this. Whatever you’d planned to say dies on your lips the moment he pushes his cock into your pussy. It’s been so long since you’ve slept with anyone that you have to take a breath, discomfort present with the way he stretches your insides. His lips fall open with a moan, his hips jerking a few times to get even closer, to push even deeper.
“You’re so tight,” he chuckles breathlessly, that cheesy smile on his face even as his hips rut even deeper, as he pulls his cock out and impales you with one sharp thrust.
“Nn,” you shake your head, cheeks flushed as you stare up at him. There’s a strange look on his face as his fingers run all over your skin, tugging up your shirt so he can paw at the flesh of your stomach. His nails dig into your sides, his eyes focused on the way your breasts bounce with each of his thrusts.
“So good for me, sweetheart,” he pants, rolling his hips and making you whine. You set his hands on his chest, fingers grabbing onto the lapels of his coat as he fucks you into the desk. “So good for us.”
“U-Us?” You ask between whimpers but he doesn’t answer. Yamaguchi grabs onto the back of your legs, pressing your thighs to your stomach and hitting so deep that you cry out. Your fingers tug at his coat as he leans down, tongue messy as it tangles with your own, teeth running over your bottom lip.
“Gonna look so beautiful,” he whispers, barely audible over the creak of his desk and your moans as he hits near your cervix over and over. One of his hands runs up and down your stomach before it inches down to your pussy again. As soon as his thumb touches your clit, you jerk, shaking your head adamantly.
“I can’t, I can’t, it’s too much.”
“Yes you can, sweetheart,” he encourages you, rubbing fast circles on your nub. Everything is overwhelming—you’re dizzy with pleasure, cunt squeezing him so hard that he gasps against your lips, shifting his hips so he keeps fucking you mercilessly into the desk. “Yes you can. Go on.”
“No, no, Tadashi—”
He rewards you for using his name with an extra sharp thrust of his hips, a faster roll of your clit. Your head lolls back with a whimper, eyes closed tight as your third orgasm threatens to swallow you, your entire body tensing and holding him close as it crests. You think you hear him say, gonna fill you up sweetheart, but it’s lost as soon as you cum for the third time. You shudder so much you’re afraid the desk might break, your nails digging into his chest as you whimper and moan, and then you feel warmth spread throughout your cunt and Yamaguchi’s thrusts stop.
Even in your haze, alarm spears through you, and you open your eyes to stare at him. His eyes are closed, sweat dripping down his temples, breath harsh as he tries to catch it. You try to push him away again and his eyes snap open, making you shiver with how he looks at you like he owns you.
“What is it, sweetheart?”
“I’m not—I’m not on birth control, and you—”
Tears spring to your eyes in your panic, fingers shaking as you try to get him off of you again, but he soothes you with soft coos and brushing back your hair. He pulls his softened cock from your core, rummaging around on his desk for tissues to clean you with as he tries to comfort you. I’m sorry, I should have asked, It’s alright, don’t cry. His soft voice makes you calmer, and his touch is gentle as he helps you up before fixing your skirt.
He leaves a lingering kiss on your forehead before he mumbles, “You leave first, okay? I’ll see you soon.”
You barely give a nod before you’re at the door, trying to open it. The first twist doesn’t work, and you realize it’s because he locked the door when he came in. Your stomach brews with something you don’t want to think about as you unlock the door and race out, avoiding the eyes of the angry-looking mothers in the lobby. Yuna is one of them, face set in annoyance as she holds onto a sleeping Midori.
“Where have you been? I’ve been waiting forever.”
“Dr. Yamaguchi wanted to talk,” you mumble, cheeks flooding with a mix of your shame and embarrassment. “Let’s go.”
You let Yuna grumble as she leaves the hospital and it takes a moment for you to realize why something seems so off as you walk out. Yamaguchi’s cum drips down your folds as you move, and your panties are somewhere on his office floor after you forgot to put them back on in your haste.
At least you don’t have to see him again, you think as Monday stretches into Tuesday, then the rest of the week. Thinking about what happened makes your cheeks flood with embarrassment. It didn’t help that his cum still trickled out of you for the few days after, reminding you of the mistake you had made in his office. You’d been too caught up in the feeling to tell Yamaguchi to stop, and even though you lingered outside your university nurse’s office a few times before shuffling home, shame kept you from asking for Plan B.
Thankfully Yuna asks you over for dinner on Friday so you can get your mind off of everything. A night of bad comedy movies and junk food is just what you need, but not even five minutes after Yuna preheats the oven, the doorbell rings. Yuna shuffles to go get it while you keep Midori occupied, but your body tenses the second you hear your sister speak.
“Dr. Yamaguchi! What a surprise.”
What is he doing here? You pause for so long that Midori tugs on your sleeve, saying ‘doctor is here! Doctor is here!’ before she runs off toward the front door. Yuna laughs, saying something like oh, I think she likes you, and your legs feel as heavy as lead as you go to join them in the foyer.
Yamaguchi stands in the doorway, a large smile on his face as he pulls a lollipop from his coat’s pocket. When he stands and looks at you, there’s a fire in his eyes that you remember from Monday. It makes you shiver and shift on your legs, wetting your dry lips when you ask,
“What are you doing here?”
“You left something in my office.” His excuse is smooth, accented by his innocent chuckle. “I was in the neighborhood so I thought I’d drop it off before going.”
“You should stay for dinner! We have plenty of pizza,” Yuna says, and you want to scream. You can’t be around him right now, your mind too jumbled with conflicting thoughts about the doctor.
Luckily Yamaguchi waves his hands though his eyes haven’t left you the entire exchange. “I’ll be on my way, though could I use your bathroom first?”
“Sure!” Yuna chirps. Midori runs off toward the kitchen and starts zooming around the living room, and your sister heaves a sigh, looking back at you. “Can you show him where it is?”
There’s no way you can refuse. Yuna runs off after Midori, telling her to calm down before she falls over and hurts herself again, and you’re left standing with the doctor in the foyer, an awkward silence falling over you both. You clear your throat and gesture toward the hallway, walking quietly as you lead him toward the bathroom at the back of the house. As soon as you arrive and turn around, your back is pressed against the wall.
“T-Tadashi-san!” You barely manage to squeak before he’s kissing you again, rough fingers digging into your hips as he holds you tightly to the wall. You forgot how good his kisses feel, how easy it is to drown in the feeling of his tongue sliding against yours, but a noise from the kitchen on the other side of the wall brings you back to reality.
“You know what you forgot?” Yamaguchi whispers against your lips, digging into his jacket.
Your cotton panties are stuffed into your mouth before you can close it, and you squeal in protest as he forces you to turn around, placing your hands on the wall. You try to struggle against him, try to push the panties out of your mouth with your tongue, but he holds you steady, grinding his already hard cock into your covered pussy. Fuck, it feels so good. Why does it feel so good? Hot tears of shame burn at your eyelids as you glance back at him, and your body trembles as he pulls down your sweatpants, exposing your lower half to the warm air.
“You’re so beautiful,” he whispers as his hand runs over your slit, low groan right in your ear when he spreads your folds. “Already so wet. You want me so badly.”
As much as you want to, you can’t deny it. You’ve been wet for him all week, even when you don’t exactly want to be, memories of him underneath your skirt, his tongue buried in your cunt flooding your mind and making you shift during your classes. There’s a quick sound of shuffling and then his hand moves, replaced with his hard cock as it slides up and down your folds. You gasp into the panties, body jerking as he palms your breasts through your shirt.
“You have to be quiet, sweetheart,” he whispers into your ear before he positions himself and slides in. It burns and takes a few thrusts thanks to the lack of preparation, but soon he’s buried inside of you and rocking quickly.
It’s dizzying how fast he moves, how good his hands feel all over your body. You can hear Yuna and Midori laughing on the other side of the wall and it makes your pussy clench down on him, pulling a grunt from his lips. A hand pushes under your shirt and grabs onto your tit, squeezing and tugging at your nipple for leverage; the other moves around your stomach as he fucks you hard and fast.
“You forgot something else,” he murmurs into your ear before his hand slaps down on your clit. It makes you cry out, the sound muffled by your panties. “You’re gonna have my babies, aren’t you sweetheart?” His hand runs over your stomach again, nails digging into your flesh as he breathes heavily with the effort. “Gonna breed you until you’re swollen with my child. Shit, you’ll look so good.”
Though you shake your head with a whine, your pussy clenches around him, his fingers starting to rub quick circles on your swollen clit. Your legs tremble with the effort to keep upright, especially with how roughly he slams his hips into yours, how tightly he holds onto your tit to force you back into him.
Yuna says something to Midori in the other room; you mind swims with the pleasure running through you; Yamaguchi whispers into your neck that he’s gonna cum, his hips growing jerky and stuttering as he continues to slam into you. You feel warmth begin to fill your cunt before he pulls out, half-filling you up, half-painting your inner thighs with his seed. With a whine, your hips grind into his fingers, and you feel him press open-mouth kisses along the back of your neck as his fingers work you to completion. You’re thankful the panties are still in your mouth because the cry you let out is loud even though it’s muffled. Your body jerks and pushes back into his, his cum dripping down your flesh as you ride out your high.
It takes you a moment to calm down, and when you finally open your eyes and push the panties out of your mouth to breathe, you hear Yamaguchi whispering into your back. So good, so good for me, he compliments you, flooding your stomach with heat as he rubs his hand up and down your warm flesh. A sound from the kitchen makes you both jump apart, and you use the panties from the floor to clean yourself up before tugging your pants back on.
You try not to think about it as you walk Yamaguchi to the front door. Try not to think about the fact that you let him fuck you again; try not to think about the fact that, even though he pulled out, some of his cum still fills your cunt one more time; try not to think about how passionate he sounded when he promised to get you pregnant. You expect him to leave without fuss but then he turns around and kisses you, hand on the back of your head to keep you close. You hate how easily you melt into him, fingers tangling in his messy hair as you kiss him back, mind clouded with so many different emotions that all you can focus on is the warm feeling that floods you at finally being wanted.
“We’ll keep trying. I promise,” he murmurs before parting, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he walks to his car without looking back.
“Oh, did Dr. Yamaguchi leave?” Yuna calls from the kitchen, and you nod as if she can see you.
Your eyes don’t leave the little hybrid van as it pulls off your street, and it’s only when the black car turns onto the main road and disappears that it hits you.
How did he know where to find you?
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