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deadfruity · a day ago
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redraw of my redraw! the losers in one of the first fics i ever read in my current skill-level bc she's worth it!
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aralisjpeg · 2 days ago
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Richie & Eddie (IT 2 🤡) A little #drawthisinyourstyle from @sarcasticscribbles , perfect for pride month 🏳️‍🌈
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jazz-penguin · 2 days ago
The Duffers:
- Finn, there's gonna be a love triangle between Mike, Will and El, some intense romance in the next season, you should be prepared for this.
- OK.
*went to play gay Richie Tozier and gay/bi/whatever-that-diva-is Boris Pavlikovsky*
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seecarrun · 2 days ago
“Holy shit.”
Mike and Bill leaned forward to get a better look at the gift Eddie had just unwrapped. “What is it?” Mike asked.
“It’s…” Eddie started, pausing to fully remove the gift from the gift bag. “It’s a Broadway Limited Great Northern #2586.”
“Oh. Right, yeah. No one knows what that means, man,” Mike replied with a wry smile, making Bill snort next to him, but Eddie continued anyway.
“My dad collected these train cars,” he explained, turning the car over in his hands, reverently. “I told Richie about this one getting broken in the move from Derry, like, months ago. Fuck, this thing must have cost him a fortune. That’s why I never got it replaced in the first place.”
Mike whistled. “Damn. Didn’t realize ol’ Trashmouth had it in him.”
Bill scoffed. “C’mon Mikey, it’s Richie. Under that scruffy, borderline indecent exterior, he’s always been a hopeless romantic at heart. You know how he gets when it comes to Eddie.”
The room fell suddenly, devastatingly silent.
“Um,” Eddie squeaked, clearing his throat. “What was that?”
Bill’s eyes widened. “Uh,” he stammered. “Richie’s borderline indecency?”
“No, dumbass, the other thing. What do you mean he’s a romantic and ‘you know how he gets about Eddie’?”
Bill turned, still very wide-eyed to Mike, silently begging for help, so Mike sighed and rested a warm, comforting hand on Eddie’s shoulder.
“Eddie,” he began, almost apologetically, “you do know Richie is like, ridiculously in love with you, right?”
Eddie’s mouth fell open as his eyes widened comically. “…What?”
Well then. Guess that was a no.
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milkxcheese · a day ago
A completely Original Story (1)
Steve harrington x Tozier!reader
Summary: You've all read it 100 times before. Boy meets girl- they fall in love- fight inter-dimensional monsters together- Oh wait... (An IT/Stranger things cross-over in 2022? More likely than you'd think)
Word count: 1k
Tumblr media
She was trying to stop it. 
That was the whole reason they were down here in the first place right? 
To end the horror, the bloodbath that would happen every thirty years or so? 
They had gotten separated at some point, Bill, Bev and Stan were with her and she had no idea where the others are. 
“We have to find them!” Stan said, all but crying. 
“I know Stanley. But first, we need to figure out where we are,” She replied, pulling them down another tunnel as the sound of a little girl giggling. “Just trust me okay?” she whispered that last part. 
The four waited in the side tunnel until IT was gone. 
“What the fuck is that?” Bev gasped, moving forward eyes trained on something she couldn’t quite see.
“Beverly, we don’t walk towards mysterious things,” Y/n said, trailing after the younger girl. 
The group stopped, standing horrified at the sight before them. 
Whatever this ‘thing’ was, it looked like it was alive. A dull red light was emitting from it. 
“Wh-what do you think i-it is?” Bill questioned, eyes staring at it unblinkingly. 
Y/n pushed the kids behind her, bringing up the metal rod from her side and pushing it through. She almost vomited at the wet squelching sound that came from it. When she pulled it back they all audibly gagged at the slimy mucus that clung to the rod. 
“Oh my god!” Y/n gagged. 
“What the fuck is it?” Stan asked. 
“I don’t know but I think-” against her better judgment Y/n stuck her arm into it. She shivered at the sensation. “I think it’s a door or something.” 
They stayed silent as y/n pulled her arm out. 
“How do we know it’s not another one of IT’s tricks?” Bev questioned. 
“I mean, I still have my arm so like.” 
They watched the older girl, obviously unconvinced. She knew there was no reason for her to want to go through this ‘thing’, but there was something in the back of her mind that was yelling at her to go through, just to see what would happen. 
Maybe she should get some better impulse control. 
She was jerked from her thoughts by the sound of the clown calling for them. 
“I can smell you,” Its voice rang through the tunnels, now closer than it had been. “You can’t run forever.” 
“Shit!” Stan called, Y/n huddled the three kids behind her. 
“Okay,” Y/n whispered, “Follow after me.” She made her way towards the thing and shimmied her body through, suppressing her gags as the slime covered her body, pulling the kids through as well, just in time to see IT founding the corner, Sharp teeth bore claws out. 
She braced herself onslaught that she knew was inevitable, yet it never came. She watched in horror as the thing closed up. 
“Great, now we’re trapped in here.” Stan announced, turning to y/n “This is why we don’t listen to anyone with the last name Tozier.” 
“Shut up Uris,” Y/n snapped at the younger boy, turning away from the wall in search of literally anything to help. “I’ll figure something out okay.” 
As she scanned the surroundings she quickly realised that they were not in the sewers of Derry anymore. 
“Oh shit,” She said, walking to the edge of the forest line and towards a junkyard. “Where the fuck are we?” 
“Not in Kansas anymore, that’s for sure,” Beverly spoke, stopping beside her. 
This place looked oddly familiar to her, but there was something off. It was like someone had put a filter on the world, but the world had also been sitting in grandma's attic for six decades. 
“Y/n, look,” Bill pointed towards the pile of metal where a dull red light was being emitted. 
They all knelt around the fleshy mound, the sound of muffled birds could be heard from the other side. 
“Do you think this will get us out?” Stan asked. 
“There’s only one way to find out,” Y/n said, stabbing the membrane with her metal rod to create a hole. “Ladies first.” She said, turning to Beverly. 
She scrunched her face up at the older girl's words. 
“Age before beauty.” Bev shot back. 
Y/n shrugged, pushing her arms through. She couldn’t help the horrifying thought that she was being birthed once more. She was covered in slime and dirt, but she was on the other side and the other side was bright and less dusty. 
“Come on guys,” She called, pushing her hand through to help the others out. It was more of a struggle this time as gravity was not on their side this time around. 
By the time all four of them were safely out the other side, everyone was slimy and dirty. 
“Wh-what now?” Bill questioned. 
y/n paused. That was a good question. 
What now?
She looked around the junkyard, there was something so familiar about this place that she just couldn’t place her finger on. Until it clicked. 
“Holy shit!” She called, realising where they were. 
She ran over to the bus, crouching down and moving some overgrown grass to the side to expose some messy writing. 
Richie waz here ‘80
“What’s going on?” Stan called. 
y/n stood up, a grin plastered on her face. 
“I know where we are!” She called, gesturing for the kids to follow her as she began running back into the forest. “There’s a payphone around here somewhere. Does anyone have a quarter?” She asked, ducking and weaving through the overgrown brush. They were spat out right near a highway. 
“Y/n what’s happening?” Beverly asked, evidently distraught. 
“Okay, I don’t know how we got here or what the fuck that thing was. But we’re in Hawkins, and i know that because I’ve spent more summers at that junkyard than at my own house. Which means my cousins should be here, which means we can get some help.” she announced, stopping infront of the payphone. 
“Cough up.” She said, presenting the children her palm. They each handed her a quarter. 
She put the quarters into the phone and dialed the familiar phone number. 
It rang once…
Three times…
“Hello?” came the familiar voice of her cousin. 
She could have cried tears of joy at the sound. 
“Nancy? Holy shit you have no idea how happy I am to hear your voice.” 
“Y/n? What’s wrong?” 
“You’re never going to believe me-” She began. 
“Try me.” 
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liv45no · 2 days ago
Eddie: I hate you.
Richie, in his head: Enemies to Lovers, slowburn, angst with happy ending, 300k+ words.
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reddie-as-ill-ever-be · a day ago
Okay but you know how in IT chapter 2 after Stan dies he sends a letter to Richie that says “Be true to yourself” or something like that and it means “Be true to your queerness”
What if Max dies and her letter says something like that to Mike?????
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tonyofthetrees · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
inspired by @elliee-doodles thing of “characters wearing your clothes”
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Richie, thinking to himself: Wait, is Eddie actually into me? Quick, I’ll make a bad joke and see if he laughs.
Richie: Hey Eddie, did you hear that one about the skeleton who couldn’t go to a party? He had no BODY to go with!
Eddie: *laughs*
Richie, thinking to himself: Well that’s not a fair test— that joke’s hilarious!
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aphica · 21 hours ago
when will someone play with my hair like how eddie does to richie. when will someone be there for me like remus is there for sirius. when will someone love me even at my worst like james does with regulus. when will someone love me so purely like bill does to stan. when will someone admire me like dorcas does with marlene. when will someone have a soft spot for only me the way dean has with cas. when will someone steal my jewelry like steve does with eddie. when will someone admire every little thing i do the way neil does with todd. when. when. when. when. when.
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ask-eddiekasp · 5 hours ago
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I never got to wish you all a happy Father’s Day and Mother’s Day! I only ever see Mrs. Tozier for a hot second on Mother’s Day because ma would have a cow if I didn’t spend 99% of the day with her.
As for Father’s Day…Richie and his mom always invite me over for the day. I think they feel sorry for me. But…Mr. Tozier scares me. Just a little.
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awhphooey · 10 hours ago
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Am I posting this just because I want people to ask me stuff about this au? Yeah. I am not ashamed I really wanna talk about it.
Context: IT 2017 x Umbrella Academy au, the kids in order in the first image- Ben, Bill, Bev, Richie, Stan, Georgie, Mike. :)
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Hey y’all!
With July starting on Friday (Yay, Vol. 2 of Stranger Things 4!), that also means Camp NaNoWriMo begins! As I have in the past, I’ve solicited ideas from readers on fics to write. I’ve received several requests and I’m happy to share with you these 10 one-shots that will be written next month. I’m still taking ideas, so feel free to send them my way! I also have a longer form fic in my head that I also plan to write throughout July.
1. Glasses (Byler): Will discovers he needs glasses and is hesitant to get them. His fears seem to be confirmed when he’s bullied on the first day he wears glasses at school. But Mike helps him accept his new self.
2. The Interview (Byler): In an alternate universe, The Party was a band that was huge about 10 years earlier. Mike gives an interview with an entertainment reporter about the band’s reunion and why he left the band during its height in the middle of a tour, and how he shocked the world by announcing he was not pursuing a solo career.
3. Intentional (Byler) - Requested by @poweredbycreativityandcake: After the incident at the roller rink in Vol. 1, Will confronts Mike about forgetting his birthday. After his rant, Mike reveals a little truth about his visit to California, which takes Will by surprise, while reminding him just how much he means to Mike.
4. Together Again (Byler): After the main events of season one, Will doesn’t want Mike to leave him in the hospital, even though Joyce and Jonathan are there. Mike agrees to stay. That night, Will is awakened when he hears Mike having a nightmare and Mike opens up about some of what he went through when Will was in the Upside Down
5. Follow Your Heart ‘Til it Bleeds (Byler and Reddie): An alternate universe where Mike Wheeler and Richie Tozier are twins, and Will and Richie are in love with their respective friend. But Will and Richie are both convinced their love is unrequited. They bond over their perceived love woes. One day they had to Starcourt Mall and talk about their feelings with Robin, who encourages them to follow their hearts.
6. Father (Byler implied): In which Will goes to Hopper for love advice. Shortly after their talk, Lonnie arrives, claiming he wants to see Will and Jonathan. Hopper calls Joyce at work while Lonnie visits with Will, wondering why Will isn’t taking anyone to the Snowball. Push comes to shove and Hopper ends up punching Lonnie and telling him to stay away from Will.
7. First Day (Jopper; Byler implied): Will and El are twins by birth and both of them are nervous about starting school. Jim and Joyce sit them down and talk them through making friends. The next day, Will and El make friends with the other members of The Party, and Mike approaches Will at the swing sets.
8. It Can Grow in Darkness, Make Its Own Light (Reddie): During a fight with Bitchwise in Neibolt, Richie and Eddie are separated from the others. Richie discovers that his love for Eddie protects them, and tells the others to use love to their advantage. Later, Richie and Eddie have a heart-to-heart.
9. Family (Reddie): Sonia arrives to Richie’s birthday party, demanding that Eddie leave early, even though there is still a lot to do at the party. Maggie senses something is off with Sonia and pays a house visit, where she discovers just how bad Eddie’s home life is. Maggie decides to take matters into her own hands to help Eddie.
10. Gone - Requested by @hoppergoshipper (Jopper): During the finale of Stranger Things 3, Hopper and Joyce make their way to the gate. Joyce is captured and held at gunpoint and Hopper has to get creative with rescuing her. Later when she has to turn off the gate, knowing Hopper will likely die, Joyce reflects on the irony of Hopper saving her life earlier.
I still have a handful of fic requests to get to, but these are the ones I will start with! This isn’t necessarily the order I will write the stories in, although I do plan on writing Glasses first since that one has lived in my head for about two years now. I can’t wait to write these and share them with you all!
Tagging a few friends: @willthecleric @william-byers, @jesper-faheyss, @byliever @general-kj
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spahgetti-man · a day ago
this literally wouldnt make any sense with what we know abt the memory loss involving leaving derry but au where after leaving derry richie decides to either switch colleges or go to a college and happens to go to the same college as eddie and they basically remeet and fall in love all over again
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incorrect-losers · 2 days ago
You know what I will never get tired of? Single father Richie AU’s, the idea of this disaster of a man showing up 27 years later having like, a teenage daughter at home is my favorite thing
Like all the losers being like so what’ve you been up to? And he’s just like ‘Oh ya know constant harassment from my kid on how bad my comedy is and how hard schoolwork is nowadays.’
And the losers are all like, ‘YOU HAVE A KID???’
Peak concept
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liv45no · 2 days ago
Richie: *applies chapstick*
Eddie: What flavor is that?
Richie: Oh, it’s strawberry.
Eddie: Can I try it?
Richie, handing over chapstick: sure.
Eddie: *passionately kisses Richie*
Eddie: Holy shit it does!
Richie: *has stopped functioning*
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cosmicbrowniefan · 2 days ago
a concept for a fanfic: eddie is a selective mute and richie really wants to bond with him but doesn’t know how bc he never shuts the fuck up and worries that he’s annoying eddie but eddie actually loves hearing richie ramble more than anything <3
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sunshinereddie · a day ago
AAAHHHH reddie au where eddie is a firefighter and he gets called to put out a small fire at a local office building because some idiot didn’t put out his cigarette before throwing it into a paper-filled trash can. 
he’s helping escort people out, when he meets richie tozier, one of the office workers who started the fire by accident, but richie seems to be more interested in joking around and flirting with the very hot (pun intended) fireman at the scene instead of getting out of the building. 
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ryuichirou · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
in the tall grass
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Richie: You’re my closest friend. I mean, we share a toothbrush.
Stan: I was not aware of that.
Richie: We do.
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