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#sims 4
dogsill20 hours ago
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Tumblr media
bella hair
made a hair i thought would look good on my bella goth sim :+)
hat compatible
all 24 ea swatches
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aharris00britney19 hours ago
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Nezuko Hair
Tumblr media
Hat Compatible
24 EA Colors
Custom Thumbnail
The little ribbon comes in 25 swatches, found in hats
Terms Of Use
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DOWNLOAD 聽(free on patreon)
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candysims421 hours ago
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A simple recolor of Base Game's nails in my 55 swatch colors palette.
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55 SWATCH COLORS - All plain colors
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Tumblr media
MY SITE (NO AD.FLY) - Free release at 28th September 2021 PATREON EARLY ACCESS
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Thanks to all cc creators that I used in the pic. And thanks for @maxismatchccworld, @simblrcollective, @love4sims4, @s4library鈥 and everybody who reblog this post! With your help more people are able to know my work! 馃挅
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sheabuttyr19 hours ago
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Tumblr media
This new hair is sooo cute 馃
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aveirasims22 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Submerged Eyes
New default eyes for your mermaid Sims. The non defaults are available for humans and all occults. You can choose between聽鈥淎ll鈥 or, if you have downloaded the defaults for mermaids, individual files for humans and each occult.聽 I hope you like them! 馃槉
9 Colors
Available as Defaults for mermaids and Non Defaults for everyone
All Genders
Toddler to Elder (non defaults)
Recoloring is allowed!聽Using my sclera is allowed! All I鈥檓 asking for is a credit and a link back to this post. Also please don鈥檛 put your links behind adfly or any kind of paywall. Thank you! 馃А
Download Links under the cut!
DOWNLOAD Defaults: SimFileShare DOWNLOAD Non Defaults: SimFileShare DOWNLOAD PSD Files for recoloring: SimFileShare
All links are Ad Free!
@maxismatchccworld聽 @sssvitlanz聽
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aniraklova12 hours ago
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鈩 饾晲 饾敼 饾敿 鈩 鈩 饾晫 鈩 饾晜聽 饾煔 饾煒 饾煙 饾煙
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dogsill18 hours ago
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i approve.
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mousysims15 hours ago
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Tumblr media
because i鈥檓 still in love with you, on this harvest moon 鈼
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ladykendalsims28 minutes ago
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Zombie鈥檚 Nightmare 2/4
The undead.
Music 馃幍
part 1 / part 3
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darthmol20 hours ago
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This is a Base Game version of 10 Pembrook Drive that will be included in my Willow Creek Save File (Unfurnished homes). You can check out the floor plan on my insta : dvrthmol
Origin ID: dvrthmol
TOU: Please do not re-upload my content (Gallery, external download, etc). This includes edits, renos, furnishing, etc.
**Please make sure you have moveobjects on (ctrl + C, type in testingcheats true then click enter, type in bb.moveobjects on then click enter)**
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thesensemedieval17 hours ago
TheSenseMedieval - 1200 Followers Gift | The Witcher 3 Heart of Stone : Auction House Windows Set 1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Witcher 3 Heart Of Stone | Auction House Windows Set 1
Before doing anything, I remind you the conditions to use my cc : termsofuse
Another one to thank you all for following and supporting me c: | Thank you so much ! 馃グ馃グ馃グ
This one is 2K texture only for now because I'm having huge troubles making it 4k (s4s issues I don't know how to deal with) but if it gets to finally work properly with 4k textures I will make an update for it ;)
What's in this Set ?
6 Different Windows
Small single
Small single but taller
Small double
Small double but taller
Medium (large)
Tall (large)
As shown in the pictures
Features :
15 swatches :
There are 5 different colors for the window and then 3 different that determines the opacity of the glass (light, neutral, dark)
Custom thumbnails
Base game
Find them in the Small and Medium Windows sections or search 鈥渢hesense4鈥 / 鈥渢w3鈥 or 鈥淎uction鈥 to find them as well !
(Mediafire) Don鈥檛 forget to tag me if you use my cc on your tumblr! :) Converted from the Witcher 3, all credits to CD Projeckt Red.
Un autre cadeau pour vous remercier tous de me suivre et me soutenir, je vous en suis tr猫s reconnaissante, merci beaucoup ! 馃グ馃グ馃グ
Ce pack n'est en version 2k pour le moment car je rencontre des difficult茅s 脿 int茅grer mes textures 4k dans s4s (je ne sais pas trop pourquoi) mais si d'aventure je trouve une solution pour que 莽a marche de nouveau je ferai une mise 脿 jour pour ce contenu ;)
Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans ce pack ?
6 Fen锚tres diff茅rentes
Petite 茅troite
Small 茅troite mais en plus grand
Petite double
Petite double mais en plus grand
Moyenne (large)
Grande (large)
C'est exactement comme montr茅 sur les images ci-dessus
Caract茅ristiques :
15 couleurs :
Il y a 5 couleurs diff茅rentes pour les fen锚tres et 3 diff茅rentes pour l'opacit茅 de la vitre (clair, moyen, sombre)
Miniatures personnalis茅es
Jeu de base
Vous pouvez les trouver dans les sections 鈥淧etites et Grandes fen锚tres鈥 ou alors chercher 鈥渢hesense4鈥 / 鈥渢w3鈥 ou encore 鈥淎uction鈥
N'oubliez pas de me taguer ou/mentionner si vous utilisez mes cc sur votre tumblr ! :)
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samssims9 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Blood Spots local hangout circe 1957
An immortal (deadly) woman hangout featuring characters from @simblrinterests and @simmancy
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berrysweetboutique13 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lace had the day off, so they went on an ice skating date.
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jwofles-sims15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aimee Set聽
- dress (4 colours) & ring (3 metals)
- specular/normal/shadow maps + custom thumbnails
- dress has adjustable transparency
- designs inspired by Reem Acra & Tiffany
(download under the cut)
* there are minor clipping issues on the transparent swatches on some poses
.psd (for dress recolours)
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thesims4blogger19 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Sims 4: New Game Patch (September 21st, 2021)
There鈥檚 a new Sims 4 update available for PC/Mac and Consoles.聽
PC: / Mac:
Console: Version 1.48
Hello Simmers!
We hope this Game Update finds you well!
As Summer has ended and the Pumpkin Spice season starts (you all know I鈥檓 ready for my pumpkin spiced coffee!), our Art Team has a treat for Simmers that love to build. If you are not an expert builder that is quite alright, I鈥檓 not either, but I do enjoy trying a few styles and choices so no worries in that regard.
Thanks again for your continued support, we truly appreciate it!
Over 1000 new swatches for over 100 base game items!!
鈥 LlamaGuruFrost (@SimGuruFrost) September 21, 2021
What鈥檚 New? 149 assets 鈥 1,200 vaaariants
149 assets 鈥 1,200 variants to enjoy so dear
149 assets 鈥 1,200 vaaariants
How do we tell you about these鈥 easily?
In pictures, in writing, in cups of coffee.
In gameplay, in video, in pictures, in laughter.
In 149 items 鈥 1,200 variants 鈥 how do you measure this new thing we did with this in hand?
How about you just show? Yes, how about you just show?
Don鈥檛 measure at all, just show.
Our art team took over this Game Update and they have added about 1,200 new variants (yes, you read me correctly, about 1,200 variants) to 149 Base Game items in Build Mode. The Art Team鈥檚 vision was to complement and enhance these assets so Simmers have more choices and have more use out of them. Also, why not?
I will list the names of the assets, with images, that we have added variants to. Huge props to SimGuruBeth for providing these fabulous screenshots! In these screenshots you will notice some arrows and green dots, those represent the new additions.
Ok 鈥 enough of me rambling about, are you all ready? <takes deep breath>
Illusion Shades
Flaunting Flounces Panels
Minimalist Drapes
Sooner or Ladder Contemporary Dining Chair
Tabula Rasa Coffee Table
Tabula Rasa End Table
Tabula Rasa Console Table
Grand Hall Dining Table
Grand Designs Dining Table
Simplicity Dining Table
Square Meals Dining Table
Floored by Symmetry Standing Mirror
Carina Dining Hutch
Simple Symmetry Bookcase
Intellectual Illusion Wall-Mounted Bookshelves
Great Wall Mirror
Capped Wall Plank
Dodecagon Contemporary Clock
Honeycomb Bottle Holder
On Phantom Wing Framed Art
Apple of Your Eye Framed Watercolor
Pear Essentials Framed Watercolor
Terminus Reclaimed Pipe Towel Rack
RAW Bookshelf
Reclaimed Plank Shelf
Wainscott Gardens Dining Cabinet
Form & Function Industrial Coffee Table
The Barnish Bed
Boardwalk Trashcan
CONCEPT Coffee Mug Rack
Cluttered Mind Box Set
GrammyFone Old-Fashioned Music Player
In Session Novelty Chalkboard
Three Framed Skeleton Keys
Ordinary Things Shadowbox Display
Cooking-U Pro
Crisponix Ultragreat w/ Deluxe Crisper
The Omniwaver
Caf茅 Immod茅r茅
London鈥檚 Choice
The YumCooker
The Schmapple Oven
The Schmapple Coffee
Garbelle Wastebasket
Popped Color Curtains 鈥 Left
Popped Color Curtains 鈥 Right
Sunny Shades 鈥 Left
Sunny Shades 鈥 Right
Junior Wizard Starter Set
Mega Couple Of Books
The Purple Protector Action Figure
The Purple Pursuer Action Figure
The Chessmaster
Chess under the Stars Patio Table
Grand Plans Chess Table
Cabin Slats
Simplicity Shade
Limber Lumber Traditional Hardwoods
Rustic Subfloor Slats
Eco-Craft Hardwood Flooring
ForestFine Wood Flooring
Old World Wide Plank Flooring
Herringbone Hardwood Flooring
VAULT Modular Counter
VAULT Modular Island
VAULT Wall Cabinets
VAULT Pro-Level Bar
BlandCo Contemporary Counter
BlandCo Contemporary Counter Island
BlandCo Contemporary Cabinet
Country Fieldstone
Mega Stacked Stone
Windowbox of Superiority
Neighborly Windowbox
Garden Planter Box
Garden Pot
Bonsai Tree
Oopsa Daisies
Red, Red Shrub
Pink Aster Nots
Purple Perennial Flowers
Passion鈥檚 Kiss
Baby鈥檚 Bottom Rose Bush
Red, Red Rose Bush
And all 64 windows present in Base Game!
Whew, that was quite the list! And now to our bug fix of this Update.
Bug Fixes The Sims 4
Sims living that career lifestyle but their outfits were鈥 not up to par? Were your Sims鈥 career wardrobe a bit stale as you moved up that career ladder? Not exactly dressing for success, right? No worries, we have fixed that issue and now all career levels should have appropriate outfits. Go you, good luck!
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pixelette-cc6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Spellbound Blouse
Part of the Arcane Illusions collab at TSR!
New mesh / EA mesh edit
All LODs
24 swatches
3k polys
Disallowed for random
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zurkdesign20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Yuki Hairstyle + Hair Accessory
(early access)
Download (Patreon)
Download (My Site)
Available to the public on October 11, 2021
New hair for the little little girls. I hope you like!
Available in default textures, 24 colors (work with genetics).
The Hair Accessory was intended for use in combination with this hair 聽, the Hair Accessory are available in casual, formal and party in the 聽hats category, with 20 options.
For the base game.
Please leave a comment.
Please respect my policy
No Ads/ No Adfly
Follow me on Twitter 聽| Like my Facebook 聽| Subscribe to me on YouTube
Follow me on 聽Instagram 聽 聽| 聽 聽 Support my work on Patreon
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radioactivedotcom13 hours ago
Tumblr media
鈥渨oah dude, chill. it鈥檚 just me.鈥
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