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I recolored the climbing wall, cuz, you know, ~*aesthetic*~.

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This is the Bunton family. Mother, aka Maci is the matriarch of this family. Which daughter will inherit the throne?

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I skipped her home tasks for her job, and went straight to her chatting with this strapping man named Clayton Wiseman. The talent in the game is lacking, so I called on the wonders of the Gallery to give me a spouse.


He also has a beautiful cat, this galaxy cat courtesy of BastingMammal21 on the gallery. He’s a beautiful and majestic kitty.



I spammed the friendly, then began on the flirty. And they had instant chemistry. She constantly rolls wants to interact with him. I think we have a keeper folks!


Around here I noticed something weird with her lifespan, and realized that from my own save, the lifespan was still on short. So, this Legacy is now officially a speed legacy! (Thank you game, like I needed more stress)

She swiftly proposed, because now time is crucial, and I’m beginning to regret giving them a cat because I don’t handle dying pets well.


They were not yet married, but she was tired so I sent her home. But not without a little…bunning of the oven. Gen 1 is officially on the way.


And with that, we have the first two days of the Flutterbee legacy. Ms Polya eating her onigiri bids you farewell. Until the next time <3

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Джейн 28 лет, а Рену 16. Она - учительница на замене, прибывшая в Японию для изучения языка, а он - ее ученик.

Их отношения начались очень просто: Рен ходил к Джейн на дополнительные занятия по математике и в один из таких дней, когда никого кроме них не было в кабинете - они набросились друг на друга, слившись в страстном поцелуе.

Для обоих подобные отношения были вновинку, но с самого первого дня их начала у ребят было лишь одно правило - никто не должен узнать об этом.

На протяжении года все было прекрасно и никто не знал о них, но однажды Рен случайно сболтнул лишнего свои друзьям, а те точно не смогут держать язык за зубами.

Джейн пришлось переехать в другой город, который находился за тысячи километров от того, в котором живет Рен, но они продолжают думать друг о друге каждый день.

Скоро день рождения парня. Ему исполняется 19 и он поедет к своей первой любви, мысли о которой не отпускают его даже спустя два года. Он должен ее увидеть, даже если она от него отвернется…

С К А Ч А Т Ь -

Все СС входят в архив, приятной игры! :)

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look at these proud parents… andromeda’s bassinet is located in mckenna and joey’s room, and both of them were enjoying snuggling and loving on their little girl.

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When you bind a voodoo doll to your mortal enemy right in front of their face… Classic.

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Chain trim low heeled sandals 01

  • 8 colors
  • Suitable for basic game
  • Have a custom thumbnail
  • Teen - Adult - Elder


Terms of Use

  1. Please do not modify my texture and mesh.
  2. Please do not claim my creation as yours.
  3. Please do not reupload my creation.
  4. Please do not convert my creation to other games.
  5. Recolor only applies to your personal use in the game.

Thank you!



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I would like you all to meet Ms Polya Flutterbee. She is a vegetarian who loves the outdoors and is adventurous. Though she does not reside there, she has the Mt. Komerabi Sightseer aspiration.


She resides on the 64x64 lot in Windenburg. Which she approves of. (Thank goodness she rolled Loves the Outdoors when I randomized her traits)


A short build later, and Ms Polya has the legacy basics+a roof (which you can’t see cause I suck at screenshots)

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I noticed a lot of the traits broke from the patch, so I have fixed each of mine. You can download from here:

Boughetto Trait 

Daddy’s Baby Trait 

OG Grandma Trait 

Pops Trait 

Granny Baby Trait (Will Be Released On 1.31.21)

Happy Simming!

P.S. If you are still having problems, let me know please. Thank you.

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