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y/n: Stop messing with your tie
Fred: Ugh, fuck you
y/n gasps: Fuck me?
Fred: Alright. If you insist, darling *wink*
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Waited Too Long | F.W.
fandom: Harry Potter
pairings: Fred Weasley x Fem!Reader
WARNINGS: smut mixed with fluff. unprotected sex ‘cause she on the pill, filthy filthy nasty disgusting smut. BUT ALSO SOFT SEX YASS, praise kink, slight edging, oral (both f and m receiving), fingering, p in v, breeding kink, size kink, kind of a switch situation, some sub Fred ;))
summary: Fred realizes he should have pleased you sooner.
A/N: This is like my first completed fic so tell me if I did any good! Proofread but there’s probably still some mistakes. I will surely edit it later, sorry! Please let me know if you have any requests, I’ll be happy to write them <33 also enjoy, nasty fucks ;)
Tumblr media
gif by me!!! 😏😏
NOT intended for minors under 16! i already warned you, read at your own risk.
You and Fred had been dating for about six months now. Nothing explicit or intimate has happened between you yet, but you have been dying for him to make some sort of move for the past two months.
Now of course Fred wants to do things with you too, but unfortunately he’s been too afraid you might not want him like that yet, or worse, you’ll be creeped out or uncomfortable.
A towel changed that.
You were in your dorm as usual on a Friday night drying yourself after taking a shower in your bathroom when you heard your dorm door open. Assuming it was just Angela or maybe even Hermione, you thought nothing of it.
Maybe two or three minutes had passed and you wrapped a towel around your chest in order to step out, not wanting to keep your friend waiting too long.
Opening the door, you saw an orangey red head on your bed and automatically knew it was Fred. But unlucky for you, he whipped his head around to look at you and all the blood from your body quickly rushed to your face, almost making you look purple.
“Erm- F-Fred!… What uh.. W-what are you doing here?..”
Fred’s mouth was slightly agape, and with no capability to show any emotion upon his face, he spoke.
“Erm.. I-I didn’t know you were… showering..”
He was trying his hardest to keep his eyes on your face, but he couldn’t control how they ran lower onto your chest and then to your legs. He gulped as he shot them back up to your face.
A minute had passed full of the most awkward staring contest when he decided to speak up again.
“Uh I should probably-“ Fred began his sentence as he started to get up, his eyes still awkwardly on yours, and just your luck, you felt something slip out of place as your entire towel loosened over your body.
You had nearly no time to react due to your state of shock and embarrassment, and your towel fell to the floor.
“-go…” Fred finished his sentence as his eyes widened and ran over your breasts and onto your stomach, slowly trailing down to the one place you’d always wished for him to see and feel.
His jaw was on the floor as he kept staring at you until he realized how uncomfortable you must feel with his eyes all over your exposed body.
“Oh my god! I am so sorry!” his hands flew to his face to cover his eyes and he turned around.
“Fuck! I’m so embarrassed, I- you have no idea, I-I shouldn’t have kept looking, I’m so sorry!”
Fred uncovered his face and turned back around when he felt your tap on his shoulder.
His face became beet red when he saw you still didn’t have any clothes on.
“It’s okay Freddie, it’s not your fault… but I’ve been waiting too goddamn long for you to see me like this and I just can’t wait any longer.” You moved your arms up his chest and to the back if his neck
“Wait wh-“ Fred was cut off when he felt your lips on his, he closed his eyes and savored it, his hands running to your waist.
As you pulled away, he mumbled,
“Are you… Are you sure..?” he said nervously.
You leaned your forehead against his and whispered,
“Get on the bed, Freddie.”
There was a slight glint in his eyes as he heard the tone of command in your voice, like a dog getting excited for a treat after doing what his master told him.
You stood at the end of the bed, him against the headboard, waiting for your next wish.
“Strip.” You only looked at him with dark eyes now.
Quickly and clumsily, Fred pulled off his shirt and trousers and tossed them somewhere by the bed as he lied back down, a tent growing in his boxers.
You slowly climbed onto the bed with him, your body hovering right over his, causing his breath to hitch.
You planted a small kiss on his lips again, his eyes staying on yours as you spoke again.
“I said…”
A small gasp escaped his throat as you ran your hand down his torso and lower to his underwear.
You tugged on the hem of his boxers and let go, causing them to smack back into place.
Leaning back, you watched Fred as he slowly leaned forward and tugged his boxers down, lifting his hips to pull them all the way off.
Your eyes moved to his dick as it sprang free, a small whimper escaping your lips.
Fred smirked to himself when he heard the sound.
Your hand moved down to touch yourself as you stared at Fred in this state, not realizing that you could just have him touch you himself.
A quiet gasp escaped you as you rubbed small circles over your own clit.
Fred enjoyed watching you touch yourself, it amused him how you didn’t even think of asking him to do it for you. His hands moved behind his head, a smirk splayed across his face.
Another moan came out of you as you slipped your finger in, causing Fred’s smirk to fade and whisper to himself, “Bloody hell.” His lip got caught between his teeth, his right hand moving to touch his now swollen and red cock.
But before he could even get within an inch of it, you spoke up, “No, Freddie, don’t you dare touch yourself.” Now you sounded like a hypocrite, but you didn’t care. A groan caught itself in his throat,
“Please?” he moaned. He was getting desperate. His cock really needed to be touched and relieved, hopefully by you. If not, he swore he could just cum on himself from the sounds you made.
“Mm- no.. No, Freddie.” you told him.
You removed your fingers from yourself and brought the slimy substance to his tip, slowly mixing it with his precum and running it up and down his length.
A long breathy moan fell from his mouth as his eyebrows knitted together, his eyes not moving from your hand. it was a different kind of feeling from his own hands, yours were slightly smaller and softer, and you knew exactly what to do to make him feel good.
“That-“ he cut himself off with a groan of your name when you ran your thumb over the tip. His head falling back with a thud as it hit the headboard.
“Ow.” He pulled his head back up, his eyes closed as he rubbed the back of his head with his left hand.
A chuckle erupted from your lips as you pulled your hand away from him, his eyes shot open at the loss of contact in slight disappointment, but smiled when he saw you laughing, fireworks exploding in his stomach.
His smile widened when your eyes met his. He only realized it just now how lucky he was to have you. How he didn’t even deserve you, but he had you.
He leaned forward and held you by your hands to pull you closer to him. With his left hand holding your right one, he brought it up to his mouth and licked a stripe from your palm to the tips of your fingers.
With his eyes still on yours and a small mischievous smile still on his lips, he put your fingers in his mouth, sucking all the juices off of them.
“We even taste good together.” He said lowly, that stupid smile still on his face.
A pink dusted your cheeks as he cupped them and pulled your face closer to his and kissed you.
It was soft and sweet, but still, you were desperate so you made it hot and passionate.
Fred let out a groan when he realized what you were doing.
None of this was really what he had in mind when he thought of your first time together. It’s ironic really, he wanted to take things slow with you, not pull you into anything you didn’t want to do.
But you wanted to go a little faster, rougher. Maybe because he’d taken too long. Otherwise you’d also be wanting to take things slow as well.
You moved your kisses to his jawline and slowly trailed them down to his neck. Looking for the one weak spot on it.
When you reached a spot right above his collarbone, a breath caught in his throat. That’s where you decided to leave a wet and sloppy kiss. Nipping and sucking on it caused Fred to whimper.
“Hey, honey you have no idea how you’re making me feel right now,” he spoke but it was breathy,
“Please stop teasing me.”
You smiled against his skin and pulled back to look at him. His eyebrows were slightly curved upwards, his mouth slightly open. But what stood out the most were those desperate, nervous puppy eyes. He was begging. With his eyes. Like a fucking dog.
A light scoff is all you let out, moving back to kiss the now red mark on his neck, then trailing back down his chest, kissing both his muscular pecks then moving lower to kiss each of his lightly defined abs.
When you got to his V-line, you couldn’t resist but to leave another mark, making a grunt come from Fred’s mouth.
“M-Fuck! Please, love, don’t do this. Don’t be like that,” his pleas meant nothing to you, you would give him what he wanted. Only after the teasing, since that what he did to you on a weekly basis.
Studying in either of your dorms, he’d occasionally be shirtless, his muscular body splayed all over your bed just for you to gawk at while you tried to write in your notes without breaking your quill.
Your kisses got closer to where he needed you to be, and a sigh of relief came from his lips when you moved your mouth close to the tip and wet your lips.
His eyes watched you, waiting for your next move.
Parting your lips, you opened enough to take him in your mouth, going as far down as you could without gagging, and you brought your right hand to squeeze his base as you sucked him off.
“Thank you, baby,” Fred sighed, “Makin’ me feel so good right now.”
Your hand began moving up and down, and twisting side to side.
Fred let out another hard breath and closed his eyes, slowly leaning his head back, so not to hit it against the headboard again and ruin the moment.
You began bobbing your head faster and Fred’s eyes shot open, they were on the ceiling, but he was seeing stars.
“Godric, honey, that’s so good! Oh my god you’re doing so fucking good.” he groaned, “You’re so perfect.” Fred moved his hand to your head to grab a fistfull of your hair, only resting it on top.
He tried to be slick, and subtly pushed your head down a little further as you moved it down, but you let go and brought your mouth back up to only the tip, swirling your tongue around it then moving off it with a ‘pop.’
“No, no, no! Please keep going, I was almost there,” he whimpered.
“You took far too long to touch me, Freddie, and now you want me to get you off so quickly?” you questioned,
“Look, I’m so sorry for that, love, I didn’t think you wanted to just yet, and I didn’t want to push you into it and make you think I’m some creep or pervert that just wants your body! I care about you too much to let you see me that way.”
There they were, the butterflies in your stomach, they came back because Fred actually cares about you. As a person, not an object.
You only stared at him in awe and he thought he said something wrong so he spoke up again.
“Okay… If you were really that desperate, lovely, you could have just told me and I would have tended to your needs. I would do anything for you.”
Groaning at him, you talked, “But it’s embarrassing! How could I tell you that I’m… horny… and make you think I’m a whore? No way! I tried hinting it to you Freddie…” You sighed, looking off into the corner of the room, about to reveal some serious secrets.
“You were just so damn oblivious. I would do that sighing thing when you and I were close, and yeah I know. Not that obvious. But.. I would literally squeeze my legs together when we would be studying… because you didn’t have a shirt on.. And you just looked so fucking hot and I just-” You stopped yourself as you realized you were rambling and continuously embarrassing yourself so you just stared at him for a reaction.
Fred only smiled. “You’ve been giving yourself relief right in front of me.. because i didn’t have a shirt on?” he scoffed and moved his head back, looking at you confused, but he wasn’t confused in the slightest.
“..Yes…” you spoke shyly.
He laughed lightly, “I- wow. I don’t know what to say.. How flattering?” he chuckled again.
You loved that sound. But he was being a prick. “Shut it!” you pulled your eyes down with your hands.
“I’m just teasing, love!” he laughed again,
“But hey… If it makes you feel any better… I’ve touched myself... while thinking about you…”
Your face turned a nice shade of crimson red.
“A lot.”
At this point you could pass out from the amount of blood going to your head.
“Let me make love to you tonight then, yeah?” he leaned over closer to you.
“And since I’ve made you wait so long, I’m going to give you so much.” he pulled you closer and whispered the next part in your ear,
“And you’re going to take all of it. Every last drop. You’re gonna come three times just for me.”
You could have sworn your heart stopped beating in your chest.
Fred pulled back to look you in the eyes,
“Sound good?”
All you could do was gulp and nod, but it wasn’t enough for Fred.
“Words, love, I need to hear that pretty voice.”
“Yes,” you answered,
“Yes what?”
“Yes, th-that sounds good Freddie…”
“Good. Now I’m gonna need you to lie down, princess.”
You did as you were told and immediately switched places with Fred.
He hovered over you, placing sweet kisses all over your face, making you smile, him pulling away to look at your lips, and smile himself, but it’s like it was just wiped off and he kissed your lips harder, moving his left hand to squeeze your waist.
You gasped and he took the advantage to slip his tongue into your mouth, slowly pushing it further to swirl it around yours. The taste of his own dick still in your mouth made his cock even harder than before.
“I can taste myself.” he mumbled into the kiss.
He bit your bottom lip and watched it smack back into place as he let go. Fred moved down, leaving small sweet kisses on your neck, starting from below your ear all the way down to your chest.
He brought his face back up to yours to kiss you on the lips one more time, then he looked down at your breasts.
“Fuck, so fucking pretty.” his lips moved down to your left breast and started leaving wet kisses all around it until he caught your nipple in his mouth, lightly sucking on it.
He stayed busy with that until he popped his mouth off it and swirled his tongue around it, his left hand playing and kneading your other breast.
Fred pulled you to the edge of the bed, sitting you up. Of course, he left a mark on you before moving down and trailing kisses from the valley in between your tits to the spot right above where you wanted him to be so badly.
As he kneeled right in front of you, he began,
“You ready, honey?” he moved his face right in front of your pussy but his eyes were glued to yours.
“Yes, Freddie.” you whispered.
He smirked and ran his tongue from your slit all the way up to your clit and swirled his tongue around it, lightly biting it, earning the highest gasp to fall from your lips.
He slipped his tongue in and out, the flat of his tongue pressing onto your bundle of nerves once again.
Fred continued eating you out, also using the tip of his nose to help you finish quicker.
“Freddie!” you moaned as you felt the knot in your intestines tightening.
Fred groaned when he heard you say his name with that tone. The vibrations of his voice sending new and completely different waves of pleasure coursing through your body.
“M’so close Fred! Almost there, please don’t stop!”
His hands pushed your legs further apart, squeezing your thighs as he basically fucked you with his tongue.
Your hips bucked up in a desperate attempt to get there faster and your hands moved to his fiery hair, tugging on it and guiding his mouth to help you come quicker.
The sting on his scalp from you pulling his hair made him growl lowly, and it helped you finally get there, but you held it in.
“Can I cum Freddie? Can you please let me cum?” you whimpered as you tried to hold it in,
“Of course, my love.” And with that, you let go, the juices spilling out of your pussy and Fred feeding on every last drop.
“You don’t have to ask me princess,” he smiled up at you, “you can come whenever you want.”
You smiled back at him, breathing heavily, almost out of breath. He leaned up, hoisting himself with his right hand and kissed you again, his soft lips saturated with your juices.
“No matter where I taste you, you’re so sweet.” Fred confessed.
He continued to kiss you, like he was intoxicated and couldn’t get enough, like you were a drug.
“Hey…” he began again, “you know I… absolutely love you right?” Fred really couldn’t wait any longer and he needed to tell you how he really felt about you.
You looked up at him, eyes wide until you heard your name again.
“I love you.”
Hearing it again helped it sink in more, and the smile finally start to grow on your face.
“You do?” you asked, just to be sure.
“Yes.” he smiled back, relieved that it didn’t ruin anything. “Yes, I love you.”
He said it again and you couldn’t help but pout at the cuteness. “I love you even more, Freddie.”
He scoffed, “Okay no, we’re not starting this argument now. Let me make you come again.”
Your heart skipped a beat at his words, particularly the last six.
Fred slid his left hand down your torso to your clit again, only brushing his fingers over it with no pressure, another high pitched gasp leaving your mouth as his face remained inches from yours.
He smirked when he heard the sound and moved his fingers down further to your hole.
“Merlin-“ you moaned as he started applying pressure, drawing small figure-8’s on your sensitive bud.
“Come on.” he whispered, “Say my name, baby.”
“Freddie” you murmured.
“Louder.” He spoke up this time, pushing his fingers into you without warning.
You let out a loud groan, “Freddie!” you finally yelped.
“That’s it, love. Scream my name.”
Fred continued to pump his fingers in and out of you at a fast pace, using his thumb to rub your clit. He kept his eyes on yours, not even looking at what he was doing but still doing an extraordinary job at pleasing you.
You came a little faster this time, still sensitive from your last orgasm.
“I’m there, Freddie!“ you informed him,
“Just let go honey, it’s okay.”
And so you did, your liquids drenching Fred’s fingers and hand. He pulled his fingers out, a string of the slime sticking to his fingers and he smirked, proud of himself.
“Open up,” he brought his hand up to your mouth, urging for you to suck his fingers clean, and of course you obeyed. He pulled them out with a light ‘pop,’ and you sighed, out of breath again.
“So good, Freddie.” you kept breathing hard, trying to catch your breath.
“Now my cock has been aching to be inside of you all this time,” he pushed you against the bed, laying you down in the middle, moved himself to crawl and hover right over you, “do you think you can take it?”
You looked down, his dick was probably harder than before and it was swollen with all the blood rushed to it. You hoped it wouldn’t rip you in half from its size.
“Yes Freddie, give it to me.” you told him.
He smirked again, “Kinky.”
His lips met yours one more time as he moved his left hand down to grab his tip and slide it up and down your slick.
“Don’t-! Fucking tease me.” you told him, he chuckled at the sudden outburst.
“Fine.” he looked at you, his dumb lopsided smile still on his face for you.
“Ready?” he asked again.
“Always ready for you, Fred.”
Fred took that as his queue to start pushing into you. Even starting off slow, he managed to make you moan, your hands finding their way to his shoulders, trying not to claw his skin off.
“That’s okay, love, scratch me up, I want everyone to know I’m yours.”
You took no second thought and immediately dug your nails into his shoulders making him hiss.
“Fuck,” he cursed not only from the pain on his shoulders but the tightness around his cock.
“You’re.. So tight… You’re so damn tight princess, so perfect.” He pushed himself all the way into you, waiting for you to tell him it was okay to move.
“You ever think.. maybe you just have a big dick, and everything is tight?” you joked,
“I’m not that self absorbed, hon” he told you.
The small nod of your head told him he could move. He began moving in and out at a slow pace, getting himself used to how you felt around him, until he remembered he wanted to make you come again so he picked up his pace a little more.
“Freddie! That’s so good!” you whimpered again.
“It should be,” he said, “Pretty, you’re so tight, I don’t think I’ll last that long,” he grunted.
He put his lips on yours as his hips kept hitting your sweet spot, causing the kiss to be really sloppy, but he couldn’t care less.
He brought himself closer to the edge as your hands moved to the back of his neck, tugging on his hair, finally letting moans fall from his mouth into yours, but he was determined to have you finish before him.
“M’getting close-“ he told you,
“Then let go, Freddie.”
“Mm, no,” he pulled away from the kiss, still thrusting into you at a smooth pace, heavy breaths falling from his lips from pleasure and tiredness.
“Not until you come first.” He tried to go faster but it didn’t last long and he eventually fell on top of you from the same tiredness, yet he was still inside you.
You ran your fingers through his hair comfortingly, his hair being damp from sweat, and heard him talk against your skin.
“I’m sorry”
You let out a tsk and flipped you both over so you were on top.
“Better?” you asked, his eyes wide with surprise.
Slowly, you pushed yourself up his shaft, holding onto his chest for balance.
It didn’t take much for you to start bouncing on him, his hands flying to your hips squeezing them, most likely leaving bruises.
You watched his face as you moved, brows knitted together, his eyes rolled back and closed while his mouth formed and ‘O’ shape.
A long breathy moan came from him, and you felt yourself getting closer, wanting to get there faster but not knowing what else to do.
Fred saw this and moved his right hand to rub small circles on your clit to get you there faster.
“Almost there,” you said, still watching him as you bounced on him.
He watched your face and moved to your lips, then back down to your breasts, he was mesmerized by the way they moved up and down, and whimpered at the sight of you getting off on him.
You were finally at the edge, literally riding out your high on Fred as he helped you with his thumb. You came for the third time now without warning him, but kept on going just so he could finish.
“Don’t worry, love, I’m almost there-“
“Just fill me up Freddie!” you moaned, and Fred couldn’t hold it in any longer, ropes of his cum shooting inside you, making you scream his name again, and him to let out a satisfying high pitched moan. You helped him ride out his high and collapsed on his glistening sweaty chest.
You both sat there out of breath and in awe, his left hand caressing your back.
“That was the best sex I’ve ever had and probably will ever have.” you said.
“Only with me, baby,” he replied as he smiled down at you, flipping you two over again in order to pull out and get up, the sensitivity in the two of you made you both lightly whimper as he pulled out a little too quick.
Fred walked to the bathroom and got a small towel wet with warm water, and came back to clean you two up.
“M’so glad I could make you come three times for me.” he chuckled mostly to himself.
“I love you.” you said
He smiled and looked back at you “I also may have made that shower you just took a complete waste, but I assure you, lovely, I love you too.” he smiled goofily as he put the towel away, coming back to lay his head on your chest, you running your hands through his orange hair.
“And I will, for as long as I live.”
a/n: that’s all folks 😪 might make a part 2 tho, thank you for reading!!!
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Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate the fact that Fred and George Weasley threw snowballs at Voldemorts face when it was attached to the back of Quirrells head. Like that’s something they did. What fucking legends.
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𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐞, george weasley
summary: in which, george finds it a little hard to control himself when it comes to y/n’s pleasure
pairing: fem!reader x george weasley. use of she/her pronouns. 
contains: inexperienced reader and inexperienced george, established relationship, oral (f recieving)
notes: all acts are consensual. characters are of age.
Tumblr media
A cold December night chilled the edges of the castle around them, frosty air and flakes of snow whirring outside of the windows. Winter had struck at Hogwarts, and the days began to grow unbearably cold. Hats, mittens and scarves adorned the students but even that wasn’t enough to combat the harsh temperatures.
The dorms grew unforgivingly cold during at night, even under layers of handmade quilts and sweaters carefully knitted by Molly. So more nights than not, George found himself sneaking into his girlfriend’s dorm.
Was it because of the cold? Of course, that’s the excuse he’d give. The (your house) dorms were always warmer, he claimed. But really, it was the way her body touched his, igniting flames into his freckled skin. It was the way she’d surrender herself into him, inching closer and closer until there was no more space between them. As much as he knew he was truly in love with her and infatuated with her in so many ways that weren’t just sexual, George couldn’t lie. It was also the way their light kisses had started turning into intense make out sessions. 
In comparison to the freezing cold winter outside, they found warmth in each other. Bodies pressed against each other, in a heated kiss. George’s hands placed strongly on y/n’s hips rolling them against his growing erection. 
She broke their kiss just for a moment, looking into his eyes. Noses touching each other, she whispered “Please, I want more.” Her fingertips trailed over his jawline admiring his flushed skin. Rocking against his hips gently, trying to soothe the almost painful ache between her legs. 
“A-are you sure?” he said back, through hushed whines from her previous action. Hips still locked together.
“Yes,” she whispered against his neck. She kissed down agonizingly slow, earning a breathy moan from George. She moved herself back a little bit so she could get at his jeans, trying to zip them down.
“Hold on.” He said, putting his hand on top of hers. She pulled them back quickly, did she do something wrong?
“I’m sorry. I- I’m sorry,”
“No! No,” He hushed. “It’s not, I want, okay. Fuck.”
She looked back at him, confused as to what he was trying to say. His hand trailed up her thigh to the top of her shorts. “I wanted to uh,” he slipped his thumb into the waistband. “You know.” He said the last part directly looking into her eyes. 
This had never happened before, nothing past the usual makeout session. The thought of George between her legs made her head spin with anxiety and need.
“Yeah, okay, yeah,” she shifted off of him for a second so she could take off her shorts. Both of their needy hands meeting eachother to remove the clothing made them both laugh. She pressed a quick kiss to his jaw and got the shorts off, tossing them carelessly to the ground.
“Switch spots with me, love.” He said, sitting up from his position at the top of the bed.
She complied, sitting down in the spot he was just sitting in. His eyes roamed the span of her body, and she felt her cheeks grow hot and her knees draw together in slight embarrassment and insecurity. She had never been this exposed before.
“Hey, it’s okay,” he reassured. “We can stop now. Or whenever, you look beautiful by the way.”
She smiled, cheeks still warm in praise. “No, I want to. I want you to.”
Before he could let insecure thoughts take over his concious, ‘would it be good enough for her?’ or, ‘what if I’m bad at this?’, he decided to play the confidence card. Anytime he did this, he relished in the way blush would paint her cheeks.
His hand slipped down the skin of her thigh and pressed her legs apart, putting the wet spot on her underwear on display right in front of him.
“Thought about this,” he whispered, as he inched his legs back so he could lay down on his stomach. “Always thinking about this.”
From her propped up position she looked down at her boyfriend, not even attempting to hide the prominent glow on her cheeks. Being so exposed in front of him was new, exciting, and it really turned her on. She let out a breath she didn’t even know she was holding in and let herself go in front of him, ready to be vulnerable and let him make her feel good.
Before she could say anything else in respose, George pressed a thumb down onto the wet spot, swiping it up and down lightly, applying as little pressure as he could leaving her needy and just wanting more and more. He was unknowingly teasing her, letting his transfixion with her clothed cunt take over his mind. She pressed her hips up onto his touch, and shut her eyes, basking in the new found pleasure.
“Yeah? Feel good?” he said sweetly, thickly, watching her intently. His hand trailed above the hem of her underwear, sliding two fingers across the top, locking eyes with her. He slid a finger up the side and hooked it around the cloth, pulling down.
“Lift up your legs,” he breathed, eyes immediately caught on her dripping cunt in front of him.
She did as she was told, and he slid it down as far as he could, not wasting time sitting up and taking them off completely. In a dazed haze of desire, he didn’t think twice before connecting his mouth onto her.
“Ah, oh fuck,” her voice barely above a whisper.
He licked up the entirety of her, working at her clit. Drawing out moans that were soaked with ecstasy was his new found hobby. He pulled back just for a second to admire her, and lifted up his hand. He traced his finger down, stopping at her entrance.
“Please, yeah,” she panted. Barely touched and already begging for more.
“Didn’t even get a word out baby.” He said antagonizingly. He pressed his finger into her, earning a louder, more drawn out moan.
The sight in front of him had him more turned on than he ever had in his life. Countless nights with his hand under the covers thinking of her could never amount to this. His lips were attached to her clit, and his finger was working in and out of her. George found it so hot it was absolutely sickening.
He became aware of his own arousal, and couldn’t ignore the prominent buldge in his pants, that was pressed against the bedsheets with his pants that were still on and growing oh so tight. He absent-mindedly pressed his erection down onto the bedsheets, moaning into her cunt.
He didn’t know how much her pleasure would affect him. Drunk off the sounds she was making and the way she was pressing her body further into him, searching for more. Making her feel good made him harder, more turned on than he ever had in his entire life.
Following the pleasure, he kept rutting his own hips onto the bed and getting himself off while listening to her moaning.
He never considered himself someone who would be good at multitasking, but currently both of them were on the brink of cumming together.
Her hands trailed up and caught themselves in his hair. She pressed his head further into her cunt mindlessly. It was undeniably hot that he was moaning into her pussy, the vibrations mixed with his finger deep inside her and his tongue working right on her clit brought her impossibly close.
“Oh my god, Fuck George, I’m gonna cum,” with that, and her clenching around him brought him over the edge.
He came into his pants, untouched, and before embarrassment could find him fully, so did she. He wiped his mouth and looked up at her chest arching while she shut her eyes tight. It was the hottest thing he’d ever seen. He made a mental note to remember it for the next time he found himself needy and she wasn’t there.
“Fuck,” he whispered while pulling out of her. “You’re so hot, that was so hot,” he said while finding her eyes.
She sat up, and kissed him. Pulling him closer by his jaw to deepen the kiss. He thought about how she was kissing him so deeply with her underwear down by her knees and almost got hard again. But the inevitable embarrassment found him, and he pulled away.
She looked at him confused, and trailed her hand down his chest.
“Your turn, switch.” She said matter of factly. She didn’t know he’d already came. He was incredibly red, and looked uncomfortable.
“Uh no, that’s okay, um- I’m gonna shower I think? Want to join me in, uh a few minutes?”
“What? What do you mean?” She looked down and saw a pillow covering his groin topped with a strong hand guarding the pillow from moving. “I want to do the same, come on, just lay down.”
“No really, it’s fine, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to.” He stammered, looking anywhere but her eyes.
“Like I said, I want to. Come on-“ she put her hand on the pillow to grab it away from him.
Before thinking, he put both of his hands on top cover it from her, making it extremely obvious what he was covering up.
Her eyes raised from his lap up to his face. “Did you…?” She stammered off, honestly trying to ignore the newfound arousal between her legs.
“Um,” he took his hand off and placed it onto the bed, leaning into it. “Yeah. Look I know it’s embarrassing, I don’t know, You just looked so pretty for me. And I’ve thought about that for awhile so-“
“George,” she soothed, placing her hand on his wrist. “It’s fine. It’s actually really hot, not gonna lie.”
His eyes met hers, a look of somewhat relief on his face. “Really?”
“Yeah. The fact that you would get off to me getting off is, just really hot.” Looking down af the pillow she said, “Move this,”
He nervously obliged, revealing the wet spot to his girlfriend. He felt like everything in his life had led up to this very moment, and his head spiraled with every thing he’d ever done possibly wrong to deserve this level of embarrassment in front of his girlfriend.
“Stop worrying about this,” she kissed him on the cheek. “Still on for that shower?”
He rubbed his eye and laughed into his palm, and stood up. “Obviously. Meet me in there.” He figured helping her standup with her underwear at her knees and no shirt would add to the awkwardness of the situation, and frankly, he wanted to text Fred about what had just happened, just to prove to his brother that he could “get some.”
a/n: this feels unfinished to me but ive had this idea for like 4 months so i just need to be done w it lol, lmk ur thoughts!
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saintlike78 · 9 months ago
I hate you [F.W.]
A/N: I love me some good enemies to lovers, and I saw this concept in a Tiktok once and it’s been stuck in my head ever since.
Pairings: Fred Weasley x fem! Gryffindor prefect reader
Summary: You and Fred hate each other – but do you really? You come back to the common room one night all beat and bloody, and your true feelings come out. "Y/l/n" means "Your last name".
Words: 3.9k
Warnings: Slight angst to fluff, enemies to lovers, Fred being stupid, mean comments, mentions of blood and bruises, crying, fluff at the end. As always lmk if I missed anything.
Tumblr media
“Out of my way, Weasley,” a scowl decorated your face as you tried to push past the annoyingly tall ginger and his less annoying twin who were taking up half the doorway out of the common room.
“And good morning to you too, princess, did you sleep well?” he smirked, all you wanted was to slap the sly smirk off his face or just make him disappear completely - the last option intriguing you more than you’d like to admit.
“Move and stop bothering me,” you pushed his chest for him to move, which he did, but because it’s Fred he didn’t do so without dramatically clutching his stomach and falling into George.
Your eyes made a full rotation, a displeased huff was the last they heard before you were out the door.
“You could cut the sexual tension with a knife,” George smirked knowingly as Fred found his footing again, but he just scoffed at his words.
“You’re delusional, Georgie, y/l/n is the most annoying, stuck up person in the whole of Hogwarts, she’s just fun to mess with,” Fred crossed his arms over his chest, annoyed that his own brother could even think that he could have a thing for you… you were annoying and rude, and attractive… no, maybe, just a little; Fred shook his head at the thought, his mind set - you were just annoying.
“She really only acts that way in front of you, you know, from what I’ve gathered she’s pretty nice… you could’ve just apologized after that accident,” George spoke hesitantly, but Fred just shook his head once more.
“Come on, let’s go get breakfast, we have a lot on our “agenda”.”
Your problem with Fred had started your second year of Hogwarts, before then you had no relation with him or George, just hearing the stories or seeing them in the common room briefly, no doubt planning pranks.
A prank that they tried to pull on a Slytherin from your potions class had misfired and unfortunately made you the unsuspecting victim; your work, school satchel which was carrying a week’s worth of finished homework, and uniform completely ruined.
Instead of apologizing, Fred had just laughed, not even caring that their prank had hit a fellow Gryffindor instead of a Slytherin. You had left the class so none of your classmates could see you cry, the tears streaming down your face as you angrily made your way back to your dorm to change and restart all your homework.
All you wanted was an apology, but you never got one, all you got was more pranks targeting you; it was as if the first prank opened Fred’s eyes to the possibility of annoying you specifically.
To say you were well annoyed by him was an understatement and you tried ever since then to avoid him, which was much harder being in the same house as him.
Making their way into the Great Hall, Fred quickly spotted you at the long table, you were conversing gently with some of your friends, a smile on your face, one he didn’t often see. He subconsciously sat himself down at a spot where he would be able to look at you with nothing blocking his view, to which George just smirked knowingly, but kept his mouth shut.
Throughout breakfast Fred kept stealing glances your way, as he always did, looking at the way you laughed, the gentleness in your eyes, he felt calm looking at you - not that he’d ever admit that.
You felt his stare, but when your eyes landed on his, Fred quickly picked up a piece of toast and chugged it your way, hitting you square in the face, a loud laugh following.
You stood from your seat, your face red and hot as you stared daggers into his laughing visage.
“What the hell, Weasley! Godric, you’re so immature, why don’t you grow up?!” You yelled across the table, your finger wagging as you pointed at him, the conversation at the table ceasing, all eyes looking between you and Fred.
“Why can’t you just learn to take a joke, y/l/n?” he said with a scoff, crossing his arms as he stood himself.
“I’ll take a joke when you make an actual funny one! The only joke here is you!” you got out from behind the bench, your legs moving you fast towards the exit, your fellow students jaw on the floor as they followed the drama as if it was a soap opera.
“Oh, that’s rich,” Fred got out as well, following you out of the door, “you’re just too stuck up to actually appreciate comedy.”
You let out a humourless laugh, stopping your angry pacing to face him, his own pace coming to a halt in front of you.
You pointed your finger poking it into his chest, “you are a self-centred, egotistical narcissist! You’re horrible…,” your voice turned to a whisper, “I hate you.”
He was taken aback, trying his hardest to not let show how much your words hurt, but instead, he leaned down to look in your eyes, “well, princess, I hate you too.”
You just frowned, turning your back to him, and headed towards class without another word. You knew that you were the first to say it, but you didn’t mean it and it stung deep within you to hear it said back to you.
You were so confused, and so was he; he stared at your figure as it grew smaller the further away from him you got, a long shaky breath escaping him as he went back to join George for their first class of the day.
“Wow, you’re really good at this, y/n,” the sweet voice of Daniel said from beside you, as you chuckled at his compliment.
Daniel was one of the, - or actually the only, nice Slytherin boy you’d meet in all your years at Hogwarts, and he just so happened to be your potions partner this week, your last class of the day suddenly less dull.
“Says you, you’re like a potions master!” You joked, jabbing his side as he took over stirring the potion you were working on, giving you an amused smile.
You talked quietly amongst yourselves, Daniel was a good friend, and he was pleasant to be around.
Your peace was stolen from you as quickly as you had gotten it; a Slytherin girl and her friends approaching your workstation, her disruption “unnoticed” by Professor Snape.
She, not so subtlety, merged her way in between yourself and Daniel, twisting her hair as she looked up at him.
“Hey, Dan,” her smile was sickly sweet, completely ignoring your presence even though you were practically breathing at the side of her head.
“Are we still hanging out later,” you rolled your eyes at her interruption and how she wanted to make it a point to inform you of their plans, even though all yours and Daniel’s relationship was was friendly.
“Yeah, sure,” he smiled making a pleased look appear on her smug-looking face, “I’ll be right back, I need to get more lavender for our potion,” Daniel pointed at the cauldron while looking at you, giving you a quick nod before he was off to find the ingredient.
Your presence was finally acknowledged by the girl, her face turning to look at you with a scowl.
“I would appreciate it if you left my boyfriend alone,” she snapped, her arms folded over her chest.
Your eyebrow lifted, confusion clear on your face, “Uhm, we’re potions partners, I’m not sure what you want me to do about that… I’m not trying to steal your boyfriend or anything, it’s just a partners assignment.”
You couldn’t understand why she was angry, your argument completely logical, but flying straight over her head as her scowl deepened.
“You’re standing too close to him, you’re practically throwing yourself at him… ugh I don’t want to talk to you anymore… just leave him alone or you’re going to regret it,” an angry breath left her lips, her voice turning to a whisper as she noticed Daniel returning. She huffed before flipping her hair and walking off, but not without eyeing you down with an angry look.
You let out a breath but put on a smile as Daniel placed the ingredient by your hand.
“So, let’s continue,” your hands clapped together, trying to push past the somewhat threatening encounter you’d just had.
Your feet ached slightly as you made your way up towards Gryffindor tower, your prefect rounds finished for the night.
You were tired, yet you were mentally preparing yourself to see Fred in the common room - he was always there; no matter how late you got back, he was sat on the couch or around a table working on some prank item, often alone and you never understood why.
As predicted, Fred was sat on the couch, fiddling with some trinket, possibly an item that would annoy you dearly.
His head turned at the sound of you entering, your eyes briefly meeting, but just as quick your focus was in front of you, hurrying up the stairs and into your prefect’s dorm.
As soon as your door was closed, Fred let out a breath and packed up his things before heading to bed himself.
He let out a groan as his back hit his mattress, snuggling under the blankets, trying to get comfortable, not even worried that he was disturbing George and Lee.
George turned, smirking sleepily even though Fred couldn’t see him.
“Did y/n make it back safely?” he teased, very much aware of the reason for Fred’s late nights, even if Fred wasn’t completely aware himself.
Fred just rolled his eyes, “shut up,” he muttered before turning and shutting his eyes.
You thought your day would be good; you had had a peaceful day of classes, then studied for your potions test with Daniel (with an interruption from his displeased girlfriend, but she was quickly forgotten again).
You had hardly seen Fred, due to the harsh words spoken from both of you the day prior; it felt off to not see him or be annoyed by him, but you shrugged it off - you were glad to be rid of him, you tried telling yourself.
The last thing to do was your prefect rounds, which was hardly a challenge, the children of Hogwarts were hardly ones to be energetic enough to be out past curfew - all except the Weasley twins of course.
Your shoe-clad feet trudged down the quiet hallways and corridors, the sound of snoring portraits filling the peaceful night.
Your ears perked up when you suddenly heard not one set of shoes heading your way, but a whole group. Your initial thought was that it was a professor on their nightly shift as well, but the amount of people coming your way was a clear indication that it wasn’t.
The noises drew closer, hushed voices accompanying the footsteps. You suddenly spotted Daniel’s girlfriend with five other Slytherin girls in tow, a mischievous smirk on each of their faces.
“Ah, just the person we were looking for,” you drew your wand, knowing you were overpowered, but one of the other girls was quicker, your wand flying out of your hand and landing on the floor by their feet.
“You’re out past curfew, I’m obligated to take house points,” your breathing was shaky as you looked at them, they looked threatening - even more now that you were unarmed.
“That won’t be necessary,” Daniel’s girlfriend, Sophie, said whilst picking at her nails. “I told you to stay away from Daniel and yet I still see you with him in the library.”
You forced yourself to not roll your eyes, her jealousy completely insane, “it was school-related! We don’t choose our own potions partners and you know that you’re in the same class,” your argued trying to turn to make a run for it, but you didn’t make it far before you were hit by ‘incarcerous’, your body falling forward and landing hard on the stone floor with a ‘thump’.
“But studying in the library isn’t mandatory,” she smirked, all of them making their way to you, circling you as you laid bound on the floor.
You just ducked your head and waited for the impact, the first blow landing right in your stomach knocking all the air out of you.
You shakily picked up your wand, wincing at the pain of just bending down.
Your legs struggled to carry you the long way up to the Gryffindor common room, your steps slow as you limped your way up the stairs.
Bruises littered your body and face, blood dripped from your nose and a gash above your left eyebrow. All you wanted was to clean your wounds and go to sleep, hopefully, you could forget about this terrible night, though you doubt the bruises and cuts would be helpful.
After a long hike, you finally stepped through the portrait hole, the fat lady giving you a concerned look, but you waved her off quickly and entered, hopefully, you could make it up the stairs to your dorm without too much of a struggle.
As the couch came into view you remembered one very important variable, Fred Weasley, he was always there when you came back from rounds, and you cursed yourself for forgetting.
“Quite a late night for you, isn’t it y/l/n?” he smirked, his smug tone hitting you right in your chest.
Your recently dry eyes filling with tears again as the events of the night finally hit you.
A sob tore through your throat, “Freddie,” you whimpered as you stood by the arched doorway, the tears leaking out of your eyes.
The sound of your sob and the use of his nickname caused Fred to finally turn his head, the smug look on his face evaporating as soon as he saw the blood, bruises and tears, your figure crumbled and shaking.
“Oh Godric, y/n,” he quickly stood from the couch, his long legs carrying him to you in less than a couple of seconds, “who did this to you?”
He grabbed your face, careful not to touch your cuts or bruises, tilting it up so you were forced to look in his eyes.
His eyes were full of concern a frown pulling at his lips as he looked at your tired tear-filled eyes, your sobs not ceasing.
“Ple-ase, I w-wanna go to my room,” you hiccupped through your sentence, but he understood, nevertheless.
His things were long forgotten as he quickly, much to your surprise, picked you up causing your limbs to wrap around him, but the action caused a small whimper to leave your mouth at the pain.
“Sorry, princess, I’ll be quick,” he quickly ascended the stairs, holding you close to him as he tried to be as fast as possible. Your head fell onto his shoulder, your tears wetting his wool sweater.
Making his way into your prefect dorm, he shut the door quickly before setting you down on the bed, looking you over to make sure he hadn’t hurt you more.
“Don’t move, I’ll clean you up,” his words were quick as he scurried into your bathroom, finding a cloth along with Band-Aids and the proper elements to clean your wounds.
Fred’s arms were full, carrying all the things he deemed necessary to make sure you would be completely fine.
He placed them beside you on the bed before urging you to stand up, which you did, barely by yourself as Fred wouldn’t let you go completely.
“I’m going to remove some of your clothes now, is that okay, darling?” His voice was quiet, he was bursting with need to help you but wanted to make sure you were 100% comfortable with him helping you before he even thought of doing anything.
You nodded, not finding your voice strong enough to answer verbally.
Fred nodded to himself at your given consent as he helped you rid yourself of your robe, quickly undoing the buttons on your blood-stained shirt and accessing the damage.
He saw all the forming bruises, his stomach twisting in anger, wanting nothing more than to hex the living daylights out of whoever did this to you.
There was no blood to clean on your upper body and he still needed to cover you up, your bra being the only thing shrilling your bare figure from his concerned gaze.
He pulled off his sweater, turning your back to him so he could unclasp your bra and toss it aside, purposely angling you so he couldn’t see anything, wanting to spare your dignity. Fred then helped his sweater over your head, making sure it didn’t rub against your face or press on any of your bruises. You inhaled, your nose filling with the scent of cologne, fireworks and cinnamon, the scent calming your racing mind.
He turned your body back, aiding you to sit on the bed once more before kneeling in front of you, using the items to clean the blood off of your face and fix your wounds.
You winced, eyes closing as pain bled through your face, but you kept your mouth shut, knowing that your whining wouldn’t help.
“There we go, almost done, darling,” Fred worked as fast as he could without hurting you too much and be thorough.
You nodded, keeping your eyes closed, your face scrunching up, waiting for him to be finished.
After having cleaned everything, he removed your shoes and socks, tossing them aside before standing again, leaning down to kiss your forehead.
“You did so good, my good girl, but now you have to sleep, tomorrow I’ll bring you a new cream George and I have been working on to get rid of those pesky bruises,” he helped you up the bed and under the covers, making sure you were comfortable before he very hesitantly headed for the door.
A whine left your lips, one hand reaching out for him, “no, please stay with me.”
His heart ached at how broken and hoarse your voice sounded; he wouldn’t be able to leave you even if he wanted to.
His feet carried his body back to your bed, crawling under the covers you had lifted for him and got comfortable before gently pulling your body close to his, almost laying you on top of him.
He noted the sigh that left your lips, the way your body relaxed against his, snuggling closer to him as if you hadn’t yelled that you hated each other just the day before.
For Fred it was as if everything finally clicked into place, your body fit so perfectly against his, it was as if he’d found the missing piece; he couldn’t believe how many years he had spent tormenting you when all he needed was for you to be close to him.
There was a comfortable silence floating around the room, leaving you unable to fall completely asleep, you were too focused listening to Fred’s steady heartbeat and breathing, his arms snugly around you.
“I’m sorry,” Fred’s whispered voice broke the silence, your eyes snapping open and angling your head to look at his face, his eyes staring right back at you.
“For what?” You already knew the answer, yet you weren’t certain, you wanted to hear the words from him.
“For everything… for the first prank and all those that followed, all I wanted was to see you smile at me, I was just too stupid to do it properly, - I don’t hate you,” his eyes stared into yours, making sure that you knew that everything he said was true and that he meant every word.
“I don’t hate you either… I was just angry and upset… thank you for the apology,” Fred thought he could die of happiness when your lips finally turned up into a gentle smile, a smile for him and only him.
He placed a gentle hand on your cheek, his smile replaced by a frown as he looked over the forming bruise around your eye, his mind listing all the things he would do to whoever caused this.
You leaned further into his touch, raising an eyebrow at his frowning face, using your thumb to smooth out the crease between his brows.
“What are you thinking about?” you asked, his eyes refocusing on you after having zoned out in thought, a serious look on his face.
“Are you going to tell me who did this to you?” his touch on your cheek was still gentle but was now also a way to keep your gaze on him.
The way he looked at you let you know that he wasn’t going to let it go and that he expected an answer, a sigh of defeat leaving your lips.
“You know my potions partner?”
“Daniel,” Fred answered way too quick, which he realized, a bashful expression overtook his face.
“Uhm, yeah, Daniel… well, he has a girlfriend who has some jealousy issues and she wanted me to stay away from him, I think she got her point across,” you tried joking to lighten the mood, but Fred was silently fuming, he was using all his self-control from going to grab George and head down to the Slytherin common room to find a certain girl to hex.
“Don’t worry, I’m okay now… thanks to you,” you cradled his cheek with one hand, trying to put him at ease, which it mostly did; his eyes closed as he leaned into your touch, a frown still prominent on his face.
You decided to try something that you’d subconsciously wanted to for many years and now had been craving for most of the time spent with him; slowly you moved a little more up before you put your lips on his, letting your body rest against his.
It took him less than a second to kiss back, his arms around you keeping you close to him as your mouths moved against each other.
The kiss was passionate yet slow, yet it held so much emotion - all the years of frustration pent up and let out through to one another.
His tongue snuck into your mouth to prolonging the kiss, none of you wanted it to end even though you were losing oxygen.
Finally, you pulled apart, your lungs straining too much to ignore; your forehead rested against his as you both took deep breaths.
“You’re so beautiful,” Fred breathed, staring into your eyes, “I’ll spend every day proving to you how sorry I am and make that girl wish she could leave Hogwarts.”
An amused grin decorated your face, “as long as you’re not such a sap every day,” you giggled as you quickly pecked his lips. As you pulled back you saw how his own face was now equipped with a smirk, a small laugh leaving his mouth.
“You’re a little jokester aren’t you, princess?”
You giggled again, burying your face in the crook of his neck, causing Fred to laugh again.
“Get some sleep now, darling,” he whispered when you let out a yawn, a smile on your tired face.
“Only if you’re here when I wake up.”
“I’ll always be here,” he promised, which was enough confirmation for you to finally let sleep overtake you.
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comfortscripts · 6 months ago
Still hate me? ¬ Fred Weasley
Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 6
Plot - You hated him. He hated you. But the line between normal tension and sexual tension is often hard to distinguish Genre - Smut ♧ {16+ Only} Pairing - Fred Weasley x Non-Gryffindor!Fem!reader Notes/Warnings - Hate sex (But like hate to cover up feelings), oral (female receiving), Fred is just cocky as hell, overstimulation, a height difference is in play, female masturbation kinda, its a bit of a dub-con as he walks in on her but all acts are consensual. This gets worst as it goes along, I'm sorry. Word Count - 2.6k
Identifying the exact moment you realised your hatred for the mischievous redhead was difficult. Maybe it was the time he charmed your hair with streaks of red and gold. Or could have been the time he broke your nose during a Quidditch match due to his reckless flying. Perhaps, it was how he constantly sought you out with the sole purpose of getting underneath your skin, and unfortunately, he always managed to rile you up.
Quidditch was like religion to many at Hogwarts and the final match was an epic showdown that no one dared to miss. Every student, teacher and creature watched anxiously from the stands as the two houses clashed with such passion and competition. The gaudy Gryffindors were always the favourites but no one could doubt that with a captain such as you, the newly revamped team was formidable.
The match felt like a blur of adrenaline for you. Shouts of strategy, quick manoeuvres and the childish remarks from a certain Gryffindor all muddled together in the giant portrait of your victory. The snitch was caught, the goals were scored and the House of Gold and Red sulked in their loss as your teammates burst into cheers of joy.
Cheering died down as the team gathered their gear in the desperate attempt to go party with their 'adoring fans'. Leaving you to enjoy the steaming showers in peace as you let the dirt of your victory wash away with the refreshing water, allowing your hands to roam your body to gently alleviate some of the ache dwelling in your muscles. The relief flooded your being as your body craved a different type of relief all together, the high of the win begging you to reach another kind of high.
Delicate digits slipped between your folds as you carefully pumped your fingers inside your tight hole, letting gentle moans fall from your lips as you grazed the needy nub. Thoughts of your pleasure and fantasies clouded your mind, so much so, that you didn't hear the stomping steps of a certain frustrated wizard. But he had heard all your pretty little moans.
Fred Weasley wasn't a saint. His mind had conjured up all types of images in the late nights as he hastily pumped his aching cock in search of release, but this, this image was enough to make him fall apart from just the sight. Soaked hair framed your face that depicted such pleasure, lower lip held tightly between your teeth as the strangled moans threaten to escape. Your figure leant against the wall as if needing the support as your fingers toyed with your perky nipples. Daring his eyes further, he watched as your small digits tirelessly thrusted into your pretty little pussy, the scene was enchanting but he knew, he couldn't just watch.
The dance your digits preformed became more sporadic as you felt the knot in your stomach begin to tighten, aching for the push of pleasure to help release your much needed orgasm. Both hands now focused on the heat between your thighs as the combination of the vicious assault on your clit was amplified by the rapid thrusts into your clenching warmth. Your eyes flung open as you felt the cord snap and the waves of pleasure crashed over your wet and needy body, shameless moans freely flowing.
Your foggy mind seemed to be playing tricks on you as the image of a certain redhead prankster appeared in your sights. Freshly washed hair darken the vibrant orange, his lean torso littered with tender freckles and those baggy sweatpants that hung loosely on his hips, allowing his rock-hard length to take form. Fred Weasley was indeed standing in front of you.
Suddenly recognising the situation, your small hands wrapped around your breasts as your legs crossed to in an attempt to retain some modesty. Already flushed cheeks now glowed with embarrassment but also with anger, directed at him and at yourself.
"Oh come on love, not like I didn't just see it all" The wizard smirked as he watched your flustered figure, trying to harness some self-control and act like the enemy he was meant to.
"What the fuck are you doing in here, Weasel?" As hard as you tried to keep your eyes planted on his, the prominent erection and chiselled body were pulling your attention and bringing back the bubbling need in your core.
Stalking closer with feigned nonchalance, the masterful trickster lined up his words carefully. "Well I was coming to congratulate you on your sub-par win. But after that little show, I think it would be better for me to show my congratulations a bit differently."
His large hand encompassed the shower handle and with a violent tug, the deafening sound of the rushing water disappeared. Heavy breaths and needy heartbeats filled the small gap between the two rivals as Fred ran his rough thumb across your lips before leaning closer to begin a deceivingly delicate dance of kisses against your glistening neck. Warmth radiated from his lips as he nibbled and sucked against your feverish skin, eliciting quiet whimpers that you willed to keep at bay.
"Aww those pretty little sounds for me?"
Defiance rattled your bones, "For you? Oh please, I hate you."
All the playful spirit vanished from his brown orbs, replaced by the competitive spark he held only for rivalling you. Standing to loom over your exposed figure, Fred couldn't help but chuckle at your lust-blown eyes. Letting his hands fall against your hips as he felt the goose-bumps reluctantly rise on your skin upon his contact. "See, I'm beginning to wonder. Do you actually hate me? Or are you just hiding your desire to be fucked?"
Swallowing a gasp, you allow your mind to run with the accusation as your memories flood with late night fantasies involving the arrogant redhead. "Nuh-uh, no, it's hate. Sorry but you have no effect on my desires." A pathetic poker face disguises your lie but a Gryffindor never turns down a challenge, especially one that he craves.
Sinking to his knees as his fingertips trail down your curves towards your glistening core, teasing the flesh of your inner thighs with chaste kisses and traced patterns. Anticipation built in your body as you felt heat rush to your pulsing warmth, refuelling your desire and the arrogant redhead was just amplifying your need.
Almost instinctively, you separated your legs, allowing your juices to coat the inside of your thighs and giving the lust-driven wizard complete access. Sliding a single digit through your slick folds before toying lightly with your plump clit, causing a strangled groan to tumble out.
"Already soaked for someone you hate apparently, can't wait to see how you are when you love me."
As the words left his lips, the slender digits entered your tight walls and began to stretch you out further than your fingers ever could. Leaning closer to lap up your delicious taste, Fred's mouth attached to your pulsing clit, sucking and flicking the sensitive nub with the rough of his tongue. The combination had you writhing in pleasure, your previous orgasm had left your senses fried and now, everything was filled with intensity.
Your fingers tangled into his fiery hair as you urged him for more. Moans of his name fell from your mouth in a string of chants, only to be broken by the strangled gasps he would pull from you when his long digits curled to reach that sweet spot. Your walls began to clench around him as you struggled to hold of your climax, trying to prolong the embarrassingly inevitable feeling. But Fred needed you to cum.
Knees weakened as the tsunami of ecstasy washed over you, Fred lapping up your sweetness as he steadied your hips. Lidded eyes watched as the redhead milked every last second of your climax, taking advantage of the overly sensitive little bud. Watching his confidence grow as his ego swelled from the thought of making you fall apart.
The calloused hands of the beater never left your trembling body as he rose to your level once again, smirk framed by the glisten of your undoing and eyes communicating the desperation he held for you. The imprint of his painfully hard cock now exigent, commanding your attention.
"For such a bitter girl, you taste so sweet." You fight the urge to roll your eyes at his teasing words but you can't contain the blush that rises. "So sweetheart, still hate me? Or wanna admit the truth?"
You didn't hate him. You wished you did but you truly never had, it was just easier to pretend. The realisation of the truth had lit up in your mind, but he didn't need to know that.
Puffing out your chest a little as you absentmindedly traced haphazard designs on his bare chest. "I have to admit Weasley, that mouth is good for something other than terrible pick-up lines but, I still hate you."
"I was hoping you'd say that"
Colliding his lips with your plump ones, the taste of yourself swirled on your tongue as the two of you competed for leadership within the battle of teeth and tongues. Fred took control quickly, he had waited too long to kiss you and he knew he wanted to explore everything. The hidden desires, the tension had all been thrusted into the kiss as if it was the stage in which everything would be resolved.
Your hand maneuvered down to caress the redheads impressive length through the strained fabric, your touch sent shivers down his spine as he released a groan that you so willingly drank in. Tugging at the waistline desperately, you muttered a plea "take these off please" and Fred was in no position to deny such a request.
The tall man unclothed himself quicker than you'd expected, the slap of his intimidating cock against his pale toned stomach rumbled through the room and the sight of his sheer size had you practically salivating. Your widened eyes had acted as an ego boost for the cocky man, taking you in his arms once again as he felt incomplete without your touch.
Sliding his erection between your slickened thighs, coating him in your juices as the thick length grazed your overworked nub. Anticipation bubbled up inside of you as you felt his engorged tip breach your entrance, causing you to grind against the teasing touch, but you released annoyed whimpers when the trickster halts your movements.
"God, you're desperate but don't worry baby, I'll give you my cock. As soon as you admit you don't hate me."
Shaking your head adamantly as you refuse to meet his gaze, knowing that those chocolatey orbs would unravel you. A sharp grasp of your breast caused a moan to erupt from your chest as the patient man toyed with your nipple, waiting for your answer.
"Please! Come on, you want this too"
"Yeah but I don't fuck liars. Admit you like me."
An internal battle took over as your heart fought with your head. Entire being begging to admit your affection for the tall redhead and to consummate this admission but your logic said no. What if this was another one of his elaborate pranks? Just wanted to hear me say it so he could fuck me then laugh. Your eyes accidently locked with his and before you could spend another second on debating, you spoke.
"Fine! I like you, a lot. Now please Freddie, fuck me"
His heart raced faster than possible at your words and his mind clouded at the nickname, it was the only thing he wanted to hear from your lips. Pressing a kiss against your lips, filling your body with passion and intimacy as he impaled you on his aching length.
The stretch sent pains of pleasure through your body as he ever-slowly began to speed up. Every thrust hit perfectly, as if the two of you were made for each other. Your walls squeezed around him as he hit your sweet spot in rhythm, his hand hoisting your leg further onto his waist so to reach deeper.
The remnants of your previous orgasms haunted you as your felt the sensitivity shake your being, climax already building with the smallest of movements. The feeling of intimacy and relief heightened every sense in you; the smell of cinnamon engulfed your nose as you leant closer to him, the symphony of your moans mixing together was better than any hymn, his touches were electric on your blazing skin.
"Holy fuck! Freddie, I'm gonna cum"
"That's it pretty girl, cum over my cock"
Your body took the permission he granted and released. Embarrassment at your rapid climax quickly faded as the shattering feeling of pleasure washing over you took hold, buckling your knees as Fred vigorously rubbed your puffy nub. Screams of his name bounced of the walls of the showers as the height of it ripped through you.
The beaters pace continued at a punishing speed as he thrust into your overworked hole with power fuelled by years of wanting. Not allowing your orgasm to wash away as you feel the cord begin to tighten, almost as if you had faced no release just moments before. Sobs of pained pleasure fell from you as Fred chased his orgasm and made it his mission to give you one more, to feel your cum around him again.
"I know you've got one more in there for me. Just hold it"
"It's too much! Please Freddie, let me cum"
Any semblance of self-control the Gryffindor had was gone. Thrusts doubled in speed as his assault on your aching clit increased, causing you to release moans and whimpers that only spurred him. Feeling his own knot begin to rattle, trying to break free and take over. Freddie leant into the crook of your neck and began to detail little marks of the affection they shared before a commanding whisper "Cum for me"
The two lovers melted into one another as their orgasms tore through. Fred's erratic ruts had stilled in your tight walls as you milked him for all he had. Chants of your name muffled into your neck as the moans of his name reverberated off the walls. Your convulsing figure shook at the final release, the overstimulation had left your bones feeling as if they had been jellified but somehow, you felt protected in his freckled arms.
The tall man's cock softly slipped out of you as the Weasley stood straight to truly look at you. Flushed cheeks, neck decorated, shaking legs and it was all his doing. He managed to get the girl after all these years of acting and hiding, it had worked out and there was no more dancing around with harsh insults and petty competitions.
Basking in the glow for just a few more moments, you began to laugh. Hand on chest, head thrown back laugher and it concerned Fred, sending worries to flourish in his mind, "What's so funny missy?"
"Only an hour ago we were hurling insults at each other and now look at us." Locking eyes with his as you noticed a loving glint sneak through the lush colour of his orbs. A beaming smile grace your face as you gazed upon the man.
Throwing a loose arm around your waist as his permanent grin returned, "Well Quidditch is different. Even now, don't expect me to go easy on you, I'm a romantic that way"
"Romantic, huh? Well let's see if you are as good at romance as you are at fucking my brains out."
"So, still hate me?"
"Depends on how well our date goes, Lover Boy"
Unable to contain the glowing smile any longer, Fred leaned in to embrace your plump lips in his once more. Lust had dissolved and now, all that was communicated was tender love.
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overheard-at-hogwarts · a month ago
Fred: Hey, Lee, we need your help with an April Fools' Day prank.
Lee: But April Fools' Day was yesterday...
George: Those were just your generic, perfunctory, run-of-the-mill April Fools' Day pranks.
Fred: We're pulling all our real pranks today, now that everyone's guard is down.
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saliechelon255 · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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incorrectquotesharrypotterv · 6 months ago
Y/n: Two years ago, I married my best friend.
Y/n: Bill is still mad about it, but me and George were drunk and thought it was funny.
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rosaline-black · a month ago
𝙱𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚍 𝚝𝚘 𝚊 𝚆𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚕𝚎𝚢-𝙵𝚛𝚎𝚍 𝚆𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚕𝚎𝚢
Tumblr media
summary: in an au where every witch & wizard has a soulmate, you find yours in a rather unconventional way
category: Fred Weasley X Fem!reader
Tumblr media
Finding your soulmate was meant to be a cathartic experience. Many described it as the making of you. So if you were told that you'd meet your soulmate in the middle of a fistfight, it would sound almost unbelievable right? Wrong.
Quidditch had always been a menacing sport. It fuelled the animosity between houses while bringing out arguably the worst in people. This was very evident on the day you met your soulmate.
Although you could still only see black and white, making your way to the quidditch pitch as a stand-in felt almost fraudulent. You'd had to wear the Gryffindor colours without seeing them, pose as a chaser because many students had been caught in detention by dictator Umbridge.
You weren't even used to practising with the team, so when Angelina approached you and convinced you to fill in, it just felt wrong. But here you were.
The rain was battering you already, you were so focused on calming your nerves you could hardly hear the taunting from the Slytherin teammates. Predominantly the almighty prick, Draco Malfoy.
"Good luck l/n your gonna need it... I'm surprised they let you on the pitch..."
You ignored the comment and got in your position as you mounted your broom. Truthfully you weren't a bad player, you just didn't have time being in your last year at Hogwarts. Newts were a bitch. You were snapped from your thoughts when the match finally commenced. Draco and his closest friends were playing rough like always, coaxing the other Slytherins into singing a cruel song about Ron.
However, it wasn't until the end of the match that everything grew worse. You could sense the tension between the Weasleys on your team and Malfoy who had been making jabs throughout.
When his feet met the ground however was when everything went to shit.
"Such a sore loser Malfoy..." Harry shouted as a few of the other Gryffindor boys landed on the ground beside him. Ron and his two brothers were in the group, and you soon landed also keeping your distance. The storm was still far too distracting.
"I've never seen a worse keeper in my life.. how about we shed light on the other Weasleys... maybe their filthy mother.." Draco sneered as he stared Ron down.
And that was it. In seconds one of the twins had pounced on the blonde boy beating him senselessly. Although you weren't all that familiar with that family, you didn't feel sorry for him. Going for someone's family was disgusting.
Soon things escalated. Malfoy continued to spew shit about Harry who then joined in on the fighting. It was only when the third boy, the other twin, got involved did you go to pull one of them off.
And then it happened. Your hand went to grab his arm and soon everything began to glow. The grass that was usually a greyish hue could now be identified as a vibrant green. The colours of all the houses you'd only heard about could be seen from all the stands surrounding the pitch. It was beautiful.
He was staring right back into your eyes in complete shock. Amid the chaos, nothing seemed to matter. Just you and your soulmate taking each other In. He was panting and his brown eyes seemed to glimmer with something you couldn't detect.
You'd never had that much contact with the Weasley twins before. Other than them dumping a bucket of slime on you and a couple of other people in the third year, you barely spoke two words to each other. The worst part was you hardly knew which one it was.
"Fred... or George...?" You asked still staring back into his eyes.
"Fred..." he muttered lowly. He was trying to grasp your reaction. Were you upset? Were you disappointed? He couldn't tell.
"I'm y/n..."
"I know who you are..."
"Well, I-"
"STOP THIS INSTANT!" Madame hooches shrill voice called out pulling you away from the intense staring match you were having with your soulmate. The Gryffindor boys who were still fighting, and Fred, were soon ushered away leaving you completely baffled.
Tumblr media
The following week was rather awkward. You wanted to approach Fred but every time you gathered the courage something just seemed to be holding you back. Maybe he was repulsed at the thought of being your soulmate? It's not like you were close or anything. Maybe he had been avoiding you for a reason?
However, all those thoughts seemed to wash away one day when Fred Weasley was walking toward you. You were sat at the end of the Gryffindor table and nearly wretched with nerves at the sight of him.
His hair was damp from the rain and he looked so rugged yet perfect, it was surprising how you'd never taken interest in him before.
"Can we talk please?"
You were so enraptured in gawking at him that you'd hardly registered the fact that he was standing right in front of you. He looked angry, almost upset and that made you even more nervous. Was he angry he'd been stuck with you as a soulmate?
You meekly nodded and left the table following him from the hall, avoiding the stares from his friends who looked just as confused as you.
"Look I get your avoiding me... and you’re probably disappointed that it's me... but we can't just ignore this y/n, you can't shut me out completely-"
The words practically tumbled from Fred's mouth and you were in complete shock. He thought YOU were disappointed?
"I wasn't avoiding you... and I'm certainly not... I thought you were the one who was disappointed..." you muttered looking up at him.
It was now his turn to look at you in shock "No I'm not... in fact I uh... I've liked you for a little while I just wasn't too sure how to go about it..."
You blushed softly and trained your eyes on your shoes. Fred Weasley liked you.
"So uh... how do we go about this then?" You asked softly. You didn't want to just rush into a relationship. Sure he was your soulmate, but that didn't mean you technically belonged to him.
"I'll take you on a date... and then if you decide you hate me after... I'll just... well I'll just leave you alone..."
It was quite sweet seeing this shy nervous side to the notoriously rambunctious boy, you seemed to have quite an effect on him.
Tumblr media
So you did. Fred took you on a date to Hogsmeade which you thought would be a little cliche, but it was wonderful. You learnt so much about him and his dream of opening a shop with his brother, he had ambition and that was especially attractive. He took you to zonkos where he spent ages debunking their products, honeydukes where he treated you to your favourite sweets and then finally the quidditch supplies store where the two of you raved on about the teams you supported.
The entire thing was lovely, and you couldn't help but feel blissful. He made you feel so overwhelmingly yourself, there was no need to hide around him.
After the date, you slowly began to integrate into each other's lives. You befriended George quite quickly, he could see how you brought out a side to his brother that no one saw. Vulnerability.
You even grew closer to the other Weasleys who would jibe at their brother for being so soft around you. Especially Ginny who you'd taken a big liking to. She was pretty badass and made it all the more exciting that one day you could potentially be her sister in law. It wasn't until Christmas rolled around did you finally get to meet all of the Weasleys. Fred had mentioned his mother had written and requested you joined them which you had no qualms about.
All of the Weasleys spoke so fondly of their mother that you wanted to make a good impression. So when you turned up at the burrow and Fred bashfully took your hand leading you inside the quaint home you smiled nervously at his mum.
"Ohhh you must be y/n my Freddie's soulmate..."
You were nearly suffocated when she pulled you in for the tightest hug you'd ever received.
"Mum you're going to kill her..." Fred complained his freckled cheeks tinting pink at his mother's antics.
"It's nice to meet you, Mrs Weasley..."
"Oh come on dear you're family call me Molly..."
Family. They did make you feel like family. During the duration of your stay, you'd never felt so at home in your entire life. Everyone welcomed you like you were the missing puzzle piece to their family. This was when soulmates weren't the marrying of two souls, but the marrying of two lives. You were bound to Fred Weasley and you couldn't be happier.
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sweetiecutie · a month ago
Pairing: George Weasley x fem! Reader
Warnings: NSFW, established relationships, fluff, unprotected sex
Spending summer at the burrow was definitely a good idea, the best one you could say. You’ve always had a soft spot for entire Weasley family, with all its noisy kids and fussy parents. Mrs Weasley accepted you as her own child the moment George introduced you to her, treating you with her usual love and tenderness. And so did Mr Weasley, occasionally inundating you with questions about how different muggle objects work. But the happiest about your stay at the burrow of all red-haired family seemed to be no other than Ginny, so desperate for a bit of woman’s company in a house with six men of different age living in. So, needless to say that you were sharing a room with her, to George’s great discontent
Weasley’s house was amazing, even despite all small cracks in the walls and creaking floors you found this place absolutely fabulous. But even such a lovely place had its flaws. Air circulation in such a peculiar building was horrible, and even despite almost all windows of the house being wide open for wind to come in, scorching heat didn’t seem to fade away even a lightest bit. And even now as you’re laying on a bed that Mr Weasley so nicely installed in a spare corner of Ginny’s small, but cozy room, you’re all covered in thin layer of sticky sweat even despite your covers being discarded long time ago
You roll onto your back, staring at the ceiling through the thick darkness, you feel beads of sweat rolling down your temple, getting lost in your hair. You inhale deeply through your nose, lungs filling with hot air not easing your state in a slightest. You rise from soft mattress carefully, heading towards the door leading out of Ginny’s bedroom, trying to make as little noise as possible in order to not wake red-haired girl from her light sleep
Descending the stairs, skipping those that you know creak the loudest, you make it to the kitchen. The air here is a little bit cooler and you sigh heavily in slight relief as it hits your bare skin. You’re wearing nothing but George’s old shirt and your underwear, but even the obvious lack of clothing doesn’t help you dealing with the heat
There’s no need to turn the lights on as you know this kitchen as the back of your hand. You waddle towards the raw of countertops, grabbing spare glass and a jar of water from it. You fill the glass to the brim with a crystal clear liquid, bring it up to your lips and finish it in a few big gulps, repeating the process one more time
When your thirst is finally quenched you make your way to the sink, turning the tap on and washing the glass lazily, then discarding it onto the dish dryer rack. You crouch over the sink, relishing in the feeling of cold water running over the heated skin of your hands, filling handfuls of water and washing sweat off your heated face and neck. You turn the handle of a tap, shutting the flow of water
You’re about to turn around and head back to Ginny’s bedroom when you feel a pair of strong hands wrapping around your mid-section, causing you to jump in surprise
- Goodnight, my love, - you hear a hoarse voice right next to your ear, hot breath fanning over your flushed cheek. You swat lightly at one of man’s arms holding your body, wide grin stretching your lips
- Goddamnit George, you startled me! - you whisper-scream at your boyfriend, leaning your back into him, but as soon as his warmth hits your body you decide against it. Red-haired too feels the heat radiating from you and happily unwraps his arms, letting go of you, crouching over the sink himself and washing his face with delightedly cold water just like you did mere minute ago. In a dim moonlight pouring through open windows you note that he’s wearing nothing but his boxers and you feel kind of envy of him. You too want to discard the poor remainings of your clothes but don’t want to embarrass Ginny with your bare chest
- Can’t fall asleep too? - you inquire softly, leaning against the dining table, squinting at your beloved through the velvety darkness that is especially thick at this time of day - it was not too long until sunrise. You see the dark silhouette of a tall man in front of you nodding a few times as he parrots your actions, leaning against the table himself
- Can’t even imagine how’s Freddie sleeping in his bloody heat. I mean, he’s dead-asleep, I stumbled and fell over his bed and he didn’t even budge! Maybe he fainted? - George tells you in low voice and you giggle dorkingly at man’s words, but the possibility of Fred passing out because of the heat is more than real
- Maybe we should go check on him? - you suggest, earning a breathy chuckle from George as he shakes his head “no”
- He’ll be alright. Anyway it’s Fred we’re talking about, don’t be too sorry for him darling, - George shrugs his shoulders, and you’re about to start defending your boyfriend’s twin as his heavy sigh stops you from doing so. - God I miss cuddling you, this fucking weather’s thanking the best of me. Maybe we should go to the lake in the morning?
- So you can grope me in cold water? - you hit him with snide remark and he hums thoughtfully in response
- Exactly my dear, exactly, - George says in feignedly serious voice, making you giggle again. You can’t help but lean against red-haired’s torso, even despite all the brain-melting heat craving for his touch, just a few short seconds - that’d be enough. Surprisingly to you Weasley wraps one of his arms around your shoulders, leaning down closer to your face and whispering quietly:
- Let’s go to the bathroom
You gape at him for a few moments as George gets a soft grip of your hand, leading you up the stairs and towards the tiled room. Once you’re both inside and the door is shut tight behind you, younger of the twins leans in, placing a soft yet demanding kiss to your lips. You waste no time, wrapping your arms around red-haired’s slightly wet from sweat neck, drawing him in even closer
His big hands easily find their way under your (his) t-shirt, roaming and caressing every inch of your body, you can feel his hardening cock rubbing against your belly through the layers of fabric. George crouches a little, his calloused fingers slide down your bare thighs and the moment they get a firm grip of you - you jump, wrapping your legs around your boyfriend’s waist as he supports the weight of your body easily. He sits you on top of a small countertop littered with numerous bottles each containing different kind of shampoo, body wash and other pleasantly-scented liquids
You splay your legs apart for George to settle in-between them comfortably; his nimble hands make quick work shedding your t-shirt, discarding it on the cold tiled floor, immediately finding their way up to your tits, kneading pliable flesh. You whimper softly as he tugs and squeezes sensitive buttons of your nipples, arching your body into your boyfriend’s broad chest. His lips crash onto yours in a deep sloppy kiss, tongues tangle together messily
Your hands slide down from his neck, caressing soft skin of his chest, slowly making your way down to his crotch. You carefully palm George through his underwear, feeling his hard cock twitching under your touch. It’s been a while since you had sex, it’s hard to find a private place in a house full of energetic teenagers
- I want you. Right now, - you whisper breathily against George’s lips, and fortunately he takes your hint, hooking the elastic of your panties with his fingers and pulling them down your legs, taking the useless garment off. He then does the same with his boxers, kicking them off as they flood around his ankles, wrapping a hand around his throbbing cock and pumping it lazily a few times
George’s other hand slides in-between your legs, scooping up your arousal with his index and middle fingers, smearing it all over your puffy pussy. His fingertips graze your entrance, teasing your hole with light touches, and when you’re about to start complaining red-haired pushes his digits softly in, meeting slight resistance of your inner walls caused by the lack of sex
His thumb finds your clit, rubbing gentle figures eight into the bundle of nerves, making you writhe under his touch. George carefully, not to cause any pain, scissors and curls his fingers up inside of you, stretching your pussy out for himself. Soon he adds the third finger and you mewl at the pleasant feeling, bucking your hips into your boyfriend’s hand, signaling that you’re ready to take him inside
Younger out of twins decides not to torture both of you any more, pulling his fingers out of you and then shoving his digits into his mouth, relishing in the ethereal taste of you. He holds his heavy cock, swiping the head of it up and down your slit, covering himself in your slick to ease the penetration before aligning himself with your fluttering hole
You hold in a breath in anticipation and soon enough George bucks his hips carefully, forcing himself into the heat of your body. Your head lolls back as he fully bottoms up inside of your pussy, his cockhead nudging your cervix. Red-haired starts pumping his hips against yours, picking up steady pace and you let out a loud moan, relishing in the feeling of finally being full
Suddenly you feel one of George’s hands being slapped over your mouth, trying to muffle all the precious sounds that slip past you kiss-swollen lips
- Honey, I don’t have a wand to cast a silencing spell. Be quiet, you don’t want the whole house to know what we are doing here, right? - George whispers in your ear and you nod in response frantically, biting into your bottom lip to suppress small whimpers and moans tearing through you
His fingers release your mouth and make their way down, roaming your smaller body and digging into soft thighs. George buries his head in the crook between your neck and shoulder, his hips snap into yours on a rapid tempo and he grunts against your skin. You run your hands up and down man’s muscular from quidditch arms causing goosebumps to rise up on his freckled skin
- Fuck, I missed this so damn much, - George groans quietly, his hot lips graze the skin of your neck, his hands roam all over your pliable form as he thrusts into you, guiding your hips to meet him halfway, deepening the penetration and causing both of you to roll your eyes back in pleasure
You sigh as he pulls out, and you barely manage to hold back a lecherous moan as he thrusts all the way back in. He pushes your legs further apart, changing by that the angle on which he’s fucking into you, and you distinguish George hissing a few profanities through clenched teeth
Your hand slides down to where your and George’s bodies connect, small fingers flicking over your swollen clit skillfully, pleasuring yourself. Red-haired groans at the sight, his pace becoming sloppy and abrupt as he feels your walls clamp around him. Your mind starts feeling fuzzy and body tenses, you feel your release quickly approaching
- Georgie, I’m close, - you whine meekly, grazing his sharp jawline with your lips in a weak attempt to give him a kiss. Red-haired nods curtly at your words, his ragged breathing fanning over your sweat-covered chest
- ‘m right behind you, - he rasps and you already start feeling knots growing tighter in your stomach, mild electric shocks circulating through your veins and to every smallest cell of your body
It takes only a few more deep thrusts to push you over the edge; pleasure rolls over your body wave after wave, crashing your whole being with thrumming pleasure. Your grip on George is so tight that you’re sure that you’ll leave bruises on his skin, but neither of you care. Weasley boy follows immediately after you, his hips lurch as he shoots his hot cum inside of you, painting your walls white, the prettiest little whimper escaping his lips
George rests his forehead against yours, your noses rubbing together as both of you try to catch your breaths, eyes closed euphorically. As your mind starts clearing out you realize just how hot it is in the once pleasantly chill bathroom, the air is stale and heavy, your and Geaorge’s body covered in sticky sweat
- We gotta take a shower, - you mumble quietly, feeling slightly tired but not sleepy at all. George hums in agreement, placing chaste kisses on both of your cheeks, causing you to smile weakly
- And then we can lounge on the couch before picking up others and heading to the lake, - boy suggests, now leaving a short peck on your lips
- Sounds great, - you sigh happily, leaning into his sweltering embrace
Likes, reblogs and comments are highly appreciated. Share your smutty thoughts with me, that’d really help me to create more content💖
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butterbeerkiss · 24 days ago
[Cormac talking to y/n; Fred looking from a distance]
George: Cat got your tongue?
Fred: Just thinking
Fred: If I put nosebleed nougat into McLaggen's pumpkin juice, turn his hair green, and blow up his bag, would it be too much?
George: Jealous, huh?
Fred: Shut up. She's my girl
George: Well, let me know if you need any help
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fantastiqueali · a month ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Both of your boyfriends decided to take you in as their ‘helper’ at the shop.
Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader x George Weasley
Warning: Minors dni!, 18+, Softdom!George, Dom!Fred, Sub!Reader, overstimulation, Degradation, Somnophilia, Anal, Threesome, and D.S. dynamic
Word count: 705
You were supposed to start your first day at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. But how the hell did you end up in the flat upstairs where they sleep at night, getting railed by both of the owners?
All of it started when you came in, happy and ready to start the day. You haven't yet decided whether you'll be continuing your vocation at Hogwarts where you will be a professor or be training as an Auror in the Ministry. And of course, whilst you ponder on that, boyfriends of yours decided it will be great to have you as a helper at their shop in the meantime.
The moment that you walked in the door, they both handed you your uniform. They took the time and effort to find one that was suitable for their purpose. You, being unaware of that purpose, gratefully thanked them and headed straight to the bathroom to change.
Fred and George waited at the counter. Impatiently trying to control themselves to smash that door down and take you there and then. So whilst you're trying to be pretty for them, they try to speculate how good you will look.
Fred almost loses his balance and George might have drooled on his chin as you revealed yourself when you opened the bathroom door. Hair up in a ponytail, the tight high waisted short compliments your curves, and the off-shoulder top that has the shop’s name in the middle while your cleavage was showing. All of it was perfect for them and only them.
Fred coughs, cutting the silence as he looks straight at you in the eye, ready to melt in your shoulders. “So, what's my first task?” George glances at the papers in front of him, trying to see if he does when there's only you in his mind right now. He finally looks back at you, then Fred who was smirking at him, then back at you again.
“Actually yeah, we have something for you to look for.” He hints to you to follow him, whilst your other boyfriend slinked his arm around your waist, pushing you forward.
“Upstairs?” you asked, seeing George going up. George stays silent as Fred leans into your ear and says, “Just follow him, bub.”
And here you are, on top of George whilst being below Fred, as they both use your holes, fucking you into oblivion. As you cry sounds like pain that gets deducted by the immense pleasure it brings.
“Such a fucking slut huh? Did you really think that we’ll let you work around those?” Fred brings his thumb to your overly sensitive nub, causing you to jolt upwards but only got stopped when George held your arms tight in place.
“Did you think for a minute that you’ll be whoring around our customers?” You shook your head in vigour, your body already shaking from the cosmic overstimulation they brought you upon.
“Look at her Georgie, too dumbfucked to even comprehend words.” Fred’s grip on your thighs began to leave hand marks, whereas George left purple marks on your neck from all the sucking he did.
“C-can’t! Slow… slow down!” The overbearing pleasure is too much that you feel like you’re going to break soon.
“C-can’t” Fred mocks you, grinning at the expressions that he missed for a year. A repetitive process of them going in and out of your two puckered holes, the other one sliding out whilst the other one goes in. George’s hands kneading your breasts and pulling your nipples occasionally and Fred rubbing your abused nub driving you into insensibility of what was going on.
“I missed you, bunny” George whispered, his hand travelling down to your sweating waist. “I missed your moans, your breasts, your face, your body, merlin I missed your holes.”
“Georgie! Ah- Fr-Freddie! I can’t anymore!” The two men only groan at your pleads, steering them more into euphoria.
“You can bunny, we know you can.” George turned your head to him with his fingers, attacking your lips that he missed so much, tasting the sweetness of sweets from earlier.
“You have to take it. Take all of our cum until you're filled with it. Until you're bearing both of our children in you.”
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yogirl-willow · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So ur telling me Fred didn’t try taking the piss out of Tonks whenever he could? This is canon 🤧
Drew this as a DTIYS for the talented @/deticatedtomyself on Instagram! Check out her profile and her amazing work! This version of Tonks is also inspired by the work of Cameron Mark. ❤️
If you’d like to support me and my art, you can do so by buying me a coffee! Commission requests are taken there as well. ❤️
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greetings-and-salutations · 7 months ago
30 Fluffy Fic Recs for 300 Followers - Weasley Twins
(Oh my gosh thank you so much for 300 followers. Ima go cry in a corner now. You guys are the absolute best I can’t handle it 🥲)
Fred Weasley
1. “technicolor” by: @weelittleweasley
2. “tired eyes are the death of me” by: @nancybycrs
3. “Jacket Thief” by: @emf005
4. “I Hate You” by: @saintlike78
5. “smiling kisses” by: @plant-flwrs
6. “it was all yellow” by: @ickle-ronniekins
7. “madly in love with you.” by: @eatingcloudsxx
8. “excuses” part 1 | part 2 by: @wondernimbus
9. “unlike me” by: @panda-noosh
10. “You’re lucky you’re cute, Weasley” by: @bl597
11. “Games” by: @wreckofawriter
12. “not morning yet” by: @damn-stark
13. “The Bet” by: @gobletofweasleys
14. “That’s Definitely You” by: @rons-wheezely
15. “mornings sighs (what a sight)” by: @butterbeerblurbs
George Weasley
16. “ink stains” by: @accioxreparo
17. “too cold for that” by: @lovequills
18. “Shower Buddy” by: @george-fabian-weasley
19. “Golden” by: @nancybycrs
20. “Early Practice” by: @law-nerd105
21. “love at first sight” by: @wondernimbus
22. “Stupid Soulmates, and Valentines Day” by: @scarletwidowvibes
23. “Pathetic” by: @bl597
24. “the one I was meant to find” by: @ickle-ronniekins
25. “Never Let Go of You” by: @awritingtree
26. “how to carve a pumpkin” by: @moonlitmeeks
27. “Greenhouse Suprises” by: @iliveiloveiwrite
28. “Work until late” by: @angelblacksmith
29. “if I’m smiling it’s because of you” by: @butgilinsky
30. “knitted sweaters and fuzzy socks” by: @weasleysandwheezes
(Again, I can’t thank you guys enough, honestly. I love you all so very much. 🥰 So, any ideas for what I should do for the next milestone?)
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horrorxweasley · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
I decided I'm going to do Kinktober this year, I will be posting a fic every day of October 2021 for George and Fred Weasley with the theme of a new kink each day. I may or may not end up not making the deadline for A LOT of these so some may be taken off, either way it’s still happening and i’m excited.
This is the first one I've ever done so hopefully it will work out as planned, I hope you enjoy the fics :) 
I’ll also link my general  masterlist and taglist at the bottom
Day 1- Breeding GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 2 - Choking/Breathplay FRED WEASLEY
Day 3 - Shibari GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 4 - Edging FRED WEASLEY
Day 5 - Exhibitionism GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 6 - Begging FRED WEASLEY
Day 7 - Degrading GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 14- Voyeurism FRED WEASELY
Day 18 - Daddy Kink GEORGE WEASLEY  
Day 19 - Spit Kink GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 20 - Mirror Sex GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 24 - Knife Kink GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 27 - Thigh Riding GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 30 - Cyber Sex FRED WEASLEY
Day 31 - Ice Play GEORGE WEASLEY 
General Masterlist
@toxicmodernity @dracofknmalfoy @pogueslandia @sunrisefairy @rosietoesy @comfortwriting @famdomhideout @pandaxnienke @writing-wh0re @onlyfreds @whipped-for-the-weasley-twins @fairielovegood @gaycatlord-stuff @0x0spunky-monkey0x0 @i-love-scott-mccall @simpforremuslupin @lovely-slytherin @georgeweasleysbabe @skarlettmikaelson @elishi03 @escapingrealitybyreading @xmalfoyweasleyx @tryingtosurvivelife @cedricisnotdead @slytherclaw1978 @zoeygraygubler @its-a-metaphor-barnes @1800-marauders-slut @dilf-lover21 @urgingforyou
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sunset-curve-fantom · 2 months ago
The Closet- Fred Weasley x Reader
Tumblr media
Enjoy!! Does include some serious smut at the bottom!!
A smile rested upon your cheeks as you watched from afar. More so watching the one and only Fred Weasley as he was trying some of his new puking pastilles on the 1ST years. Watching as their faces twisted in disgust, and the laughter that flowed from Fred.
You were brought back to reality by a swift hand brushing your shoulder, you softly groaned as you turned away.
“Too busy watching lover boy?” your best friend Meg smirked as she watched the blush wash over your pale face.
You couldn’t find the words to try and excuse yourself from the embarrassment of watching the boy you have had a crush on for what seems like forever.
“You-uh-uh oh shush” you stuttered, only causing a bellowing laugh from your best friend as she took the seat next to you. You just gave her a small smile, clearly still embarrassed that she had caught you looking once again.
“Maybe you could start with hello.... instead of watching him from across the room.” She said softly as she watched you slowly turn your attention back to Fred and the smile that lit up his face.
“Hello? He wouldn’t even know who I was if I tried.” You said the defeat clearly lacing your tone as your smile slowly fell from your face.
Your best friend’s smile fell as she saw the defeat clear upon your features, “How could he not know the smartest witch in his year? If he doesn’t clearly, he’s dumber than I thought” she said bluntly, an echoing laugh coming from you.
“You do know that I can’t even say two words to him, correct? Who would be interested in that?” You murmured, carefully pushing your glasses farther onto your face. Sadness laced your tone. You knew that Fred would never be interesting in you. He wouldn’t even bat an eye in your direction. You were like the Hermione Granger of Slytherin. And as your mother would say… “No one likes a know it all.”
Your best friend sighed; she knew where you mind went- “Then maybe he is just dumb” she stated in a matter-of-fact tone. A giggle erupted from your throat, catching her off guard.
The both of you fell into a fit of giggles, unable to control the laughter than echoed through the hall. It felt like it was only the two of you, and her comment was the funniest thing in the world.
Unbeknownst to the both of you, as your giggles echoed through the hall you had caught the attention of a certain red head.
He watched on from across the Great Hall- watching as you tried to catch your breath from the laughter that rocked your chest. He could just barely make out the tears running down your face from the utter amusement.
He only wondered what was so funny. He continued to look on from his spot at Gryffindor table. Carefully watching as you wiped the tears falling down your cheeks, some splattering onto your green tie and white shirt.
You sat there, carefully wiping the falling tears from your face. It was the hardest you had laughed in a long time, the utter amusement of your best friend’s tone just sent you into a fit of giggles.
Placing your glasses back onto your face, you turned in the direction of the man you so desperately wanted to be yours.
But you were shocked… He was already looking at you, a soft smile etched on his features.
You looked away quickly, a red, hot blush spreading over your features as you hide your face in your long blonde hair. It was as if breathing became more difficult. You couldn’t believe he was looking at you, let alone the fact that you caught him looking.
Your eyes went wide, and blood ran cold as you realized- He caught you looking too…
Carefully, yet quickly you gathered your things. Praying he wasn’t watching you as you shoved your toast in your mouth- while simultaneously grabbing your bag and wand.
You brushed past your best friend, whispered a quick sorry as you rushed so very quickly out of the Great Hall. Praying that you weren’t being followed by the one person you knew you couldn’t face.
The empty corridors echoed as you rushed through, trying to get away from the interaction with Fred. Hoping that he really wasn’t looking at you, so he didn’t see how flustered you got by the eye contact.
But you knew deep down, he was looking at you. You also knew, this time he actually saw you, not the small, quiet, wickedly smart Slytherin girl he sits behind in Potions.
Thoughts spun through your head, unaware of the footsteps following you. The echoes becoming even more overwhelming as your heart beat out of your chest.
You were in such a rush to get away, you didn’t even notice that you rushed into the restricted section of the castle. You just continued to try and get as far away from everyone and everything as possible.
You were drawn from your thoughts as you felt a hand wrap around your upper arm, carefully spinning them towards you.
You heart dropped as you spun around coming face to face with a certain freckled face, who was taking in your features slowly.
“Hey” he said, almost in a shy tone.
You opened your mouth, but you knew no words would come out. Taking a deep breath, you uttered the only sentence you could, one you have been trying to say forever.
“Hi Fred” you said, shyness also lacing your tone. It was the one sentence you had been trying to say since you met him 1ST year.
“You know you didn’t have to run out, right?” He said softly, letting go of your arm as he watched a blush coat your features once again.
“I-uh-uh-I I was embarrassed… it obviously wasn’t my best moment.” you said, clearly just defeated that you had been caught, not only looking at him but also running away.
He opened his mouth to softly comfort you, but he was interrupted by a sharp meow.
Both your eyes went wide as you saw Mrs. Norris and her blood red eyes looking narrowly at the two of you. You knew that Filch wasn’t far behind.
Fred gently grabbed your hand, pulling you down the corridor. You short legs barely catching up with his long steps he was taking. You both sighed as he pulled you inside a dark closet.
The meows distanced themselves from the outside of the door, silence began to engulf the both of you. It was then that you realized Fred still had a hold of your hand. You carefully pulled away- trying to hold yourself together.
Swiftly you turned back to the door, pulling on the handle gently as you just tried to escape this situation all together.
But the door didn’t open.
“Fred- the door is locked” you said nervously.
He just sighed, brushing past you and roughly pulled on the handle. But of course, it didn’t open for him either.
“I-uh I think we are stuck” he said, laughing as he sulked back into his corner of the closet. His laughter just continued to bounce off the walls.
"Seriously, of all things Fred I do not need this right now. I just want to get out of here." you hissed unintentionally as you fumbled around the dark closet.
His laughter filled the tiny, dark space. You could almost imagine the smirk that crossed his handsome features. You felt the annoyance in his laughter beginning to push your buttons.
Merlin, you were locked in a closet, and he found it more than amusing.
"Glad to know you find this so funny." You stated, anger dripping from your words.
Continuing to jiggle the door handle, praying that it would open. No spell or trying could get you further away from this situation.
“Maybe it’s locked because we need to talk…” he suggested. You knew he wanted to talk about the fact you were looking at him earlier, but you had no words. Nothing to even try to defend yourself.
“Fred- I don’t want to talk” you said, still trying to jiggle the doorknob. You were praying it would just open so you could escape this dreaded conversation.
You knew the minute you opened your mouth that the words of love were going to desperately escape from your locked vault. You were so desperately in love; you didn’t even know what to say to him.
Carefully turning your head, you caught his darker eyes. You could see the lack of sleep covering his features, his soft stubble that was starting to show on his chin, the freckles that danced along his features.
Before you even knew it, you were moving closer. Your lips barely touching his before you felt the fireworks shoot through you. Your eyes opened, looking deeply into his. He was looking just as deeply back into yours.
You leaned forward again, placing a swift hand on his cheek. The fireworks were shooting through you as you kissed him once more. His hand finding it’s way to your hair and around your waist, pulling your smaller figure into him.
Nibbling carefully on his lip, a small moan escaped from his lips. You couldn’t believe that this was happening right now.
His hands slowly made their way down to your ass, squeezing. It drew a loud moan from your throat as you leaned in closer to him.
You pulled away; your lips hot from the kiss. Carefully you undid the buttons to his white button down, feeling his abs as you slowly undressed him. His shirt fell to the floor, as you made your way to his pants, popping the button carefully.
His eyes watched you intensely as you got on your knees, slowly dragging his pants down his legs as you kept eye contact.
His cock clearly outlined in his boxers as you carefully pulled them down his legs as well. You caught his eyes, almost to get his approval before taking his cock in your mouth.
You swirled your tongue around his thick cock, saliva running down your chin as moans softly fell from his lips. His hands found their way to your hair, roughly pulling causing a moan to come from you as well.
You carefully pulled away from him, locking your lips with him once again. His large hands pulled you close, carefully undoing the buttons on your shirt. Slipping it off your shoulders, your white lacy bra showing on your sun kissed skin.
He carefully kissed down your neck, softly sucking as he made his way to your breasts. He carefully caught your eye, silently asking for your approval. You nodded softly, as he undid your bra- softly kissing your nipples and breasts. The moans silently slipped from your lips as you laced your fingers in his ginger hair.
He continued to give your breasts all the attention as you moaned more, “Freddie… fuck me. I need you”
A wicked smile crossed his features as he carefully lifted your skirt to reveal the lack of underwear you were wearing.
“Oh- naughty. No panties?” He moaned, pressing hot kisses to your neck.
“All for you…” you moaned as you turned your back to him, bending over. His hand brushing against your nub, carefully swirling in circles before you felt his tip graze against you.
His tip was at your entrance, teasing you gently. You moaned at the contact before he entered you in one quick move, your moans echoing through the closet. Fred continuously pounding deeply into you, as he pulled your hair.
He carefully flipped your around, his lips slamming onto yours. The hot closet and Freddie inside of you sent your body into overdrive. He quickly picked up his pace, causing your eyes to roll back into your head.
Your climax was fast approaching, and Fred could feel you beginning to tighten around him. He carefully reached down rubbing your sensitive nub.
“Are you mine? Tell me baby” He groaned out as he continued to slam into you.
“Y-Y-Yo-Yours” you moaned loudly, as your climax overcame you. Fred could feel you pulsating around him which only caused him to lose it. He moaned as he filled you up with his hot seed, causing you to moan at the contact.
Your legs felt like jell-o, as you carefully pulled your shirt back on. Quickly turning to Fred, placing a soft kiss on his lips as you turned, pushing open the door which thank goodness was unlocked now.
Sending a wink in Fred’s direction as he pulled his clothes back on. He sent you a soft smile, knowing good and well he was going to see you later. You carefully turned, heading towards your common room.
And all of a sudden you were wondering where you got the confidence, as you slowly skipped away from Fred. But you knew that the closet, and those moments with him had changed you forever.
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overheard-at-hogwarts · a month ago
Bill: Don't forget to lock your bedroom door tonight.
Charlie: Why?
Bill: It's the twins' birthday tomorrow... You don't want to wake up with your whole body encased in dragon dung again, do you?
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grassylouie · 2 months ago
sirius: i prevented a murder today
remus: really? how’d you do that?
sirius: self control
remus: no, seriously
sirius: james confiscated my wand
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harrypotter-imaginees · 19 days ago
We’re enemies
Imagine your enemy Fred Weasley barge into your dorm in the middle of the night waking you.
You sit up in your bed „What the hell are you doing here?“
Fred slowly walks to your bed. „Can you do me a favor“
„It’s literally 2am! What is it, Weasley?“
„Get the fuck out of my head“ He says, slamming his lips on yours
Tagging: @fancy-pantaloons @bellatheslytherclaw @heyitsreece44 @sodapop182 @mela1648 @sanaz1dlol @iloveyouhjp @siriusstwelveyears @weasley261192 @tom-riddles-things @feuillemory @dracosaurora @silverose365 @whoslunaaa @deafhufflepuff4300 @bubblesbubbly @romanjbittenbinder @butterbeerkiss
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