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#weasley twins
What’s this, baby? (George x reader)
Tumblr media
Warnings!: George snooping around your room-Mutual masturbation-use of a vibrator- soft!dom george- sub! reader
You had been asleep for what felt like hours to George. Today had been a long day, you had a transfiguration test that your almost positive you failed on, you don't like failing. It's just stressful, so you wanted to take a nap, so you are.
What you didn't expect was for your boyfriend to come into your dorm whilst you were sleeping, but that happened too. George would usually get in bed with you, but you looked so peaceful and he didn't want to wake you up.
So, for the last 30ish minutes, he's been looking around your room, rearranging things and looking through your clothes. 'Just, because' as he would say.
Right now, he's looking under your bed, the only things that he's found are dust bunnies and spider corpse. "Fuck yes" he mumbles when his fingers brush over a box.
He pulls himself, and the box, out from under the bed, sitting down in the chair at your desk and reading the top.
"Y/n's, if you open, I will hex you" “I'll take my chances" he thinks to himself. He slowly opens it, exposing the 'treasures' inhabiting the little pick box. He inhales sharply, the black vibrator just sitting there in its matte glory.
He looks at you, then back down at the box, his Pants getting tighter at the random thought of you using it on yourself. Your hips bucking up into it as it works against your sensitive clit, Fucking yourself with it.
He gets up, toy in hand, and walks over to your sleeping figure, gently pulling the covers off your body. He drags his finger up your leg and turns the vibrator on, the soft hum of it fills the room, making George smirk.
He places it on your calf and starts moving it up your leg, following the trail that he made with his finger prior to this. Your eyes flutter open and their met with George’s lust blown irises, you gasp as the toy gets higher, sitting up to see his movements.
“I found your little toy, baby” he says, raking it up and down your inner thigh making you squirm. “Why do you have this when you have me? You know I’ll please you whenever you want” You whimper in response, your panties are already drenched and your clit is throbbing with need as the toy gets closer to it.
“Wanna be a good girl f’me and play with your little toy while I watch?” “Yes, daddy” He groans hearing you say that dirty name so sweetly “Mmm, good girl” He hands you the vibrator before going back to sitting in the chair like before, spreading his legs to relieve some of the tension in between them.
You pull your shorts and his sweetheart off, surprising him with the lack of undergarments, now completely exposed to him. “So beautiful” Your face heats up at his comment “thank you, daddy” You reply, tweaking and pulling at your nipples, moaning as they harden at your finger tips.
“Can I play with my pussy now, daddy?” He starts unbuckling his belt and trousers “please, baby” he says as he pulls them down his legs and kicks them off. The tent in his boxers makes your mouth water as you trail your fingers down to your clit, sighing in relief as you start toying with it.
“Use your toy, Angel. Fuck yourself with your pretty toy” You bring the vibrator down to your entrance before slowly pushing it inside, gasping as it hums against your velvet walls.
George pulls his boxers down, groaning in relief as his cock springs out and hits his stomach. You both start fucking yourselves at the same pace, trying to copy the others movements in order to make it feel like your fucking the person across from you.
You throw your head back as the silicone meets with your g-spot, moving to hit it over and over again as you both pick up the pace. Looking at your reactions makes his cock twitch in his fist, groaning as his thumb swipes over his sensitive head.
You make eye contact, maintaining it as you continue to fuck yourselves, getting the other off faster as your faces contort in pleasure. “I love watching you play with your cock, daddy! Makes me so wet” His eyes roll into the back of his head when you say that, wanting nothing more then to fuck you senseless.
“Your pussy eats that toy so well, baby. Talking it so well” He watches as you push it in and pull it back out, mesmerized by the way your slick walls fit so snuggly around it. You feel the knot in your stomach getting tighter as you pull your orgasm closer “Can I cum, daddy? I’m so close!” He chuckles at your desperate behavior “Already? So sensitive, cum whenever you want, princess”
A couple more thrusts and your cumming on your vibrator, arching your back and bucking your hips up into it. George gets up and moves to your bed, taking over and slowing your movements down before slowly taking the toy out.
“Did so good, popet” He coos as you come down from your high. He moves into you unexpectedly, making you moan and wiggle around to get used to his big size. “Now I’m gonna fuck you, and your gonna take it like a good girl”
@horrorxweasley @lunacurlclaw @mentallyinlovewithgeorgeweasley @fancy-pantaloons @weasley261192 @jjmaybanksenbygf @xolaylaxo @arjackson @silverose365
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hogwartschronicles · a day ago
FOURTH YEAR, 1992 - 1993
Christmas Eve at Weasleys Burrow. The whole family waiting for midnight to open the gifts. Arthur sleeping in his chair slightly snoring. Molly braiding Ginny's hair who is half asleep. Percy reading really annoyed, forced to wait with everyone. The rest of us sitting around the fireplace with Charlie who came this afternoon discussing his love life.
Me curiously: Charlie when was the last time you went on a date?
Bill smiling: This shall be good.
Charlie on his sixth firewhisky: Actually before I came here.
Fred and George shocked: What!?
Charlie: Beautiful brown almost yellow eyes, fast and intelligent, generally very tolerant, fierce at first and native to China.
Me: She sounds interesting, what's her name?
Charlie proudly: Chinese Fireball dragon or how I like to call her, Cindy.
Bill: Told you so.
Tumblr media
Note: based on my shifting experience
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saintlike78 · 3 months ago
59 minutes [F.W.]
A/N: I saw this post and I just knew I needed to write a full-fledged smut cause I’m a certified Fred Weasley whore, so enjoy <3
Pairings: Fred Weasley x Fem! reader
Words: 2.9k
Summary: Based on this post by @weasleychess, all credit goes to them for the idea. Porn with *minimal/no* plot.
Warnings: NSFW! 16+, vaginal sex, fingering, oral (m and f receiving), praise, degradation, pet names (slut, whore, and such), dom/sub-elements, daddy kink, mention of cum, edging/orgasm denial, overstimulation, choking, squirting, swearing, brief aftercare. As always lmk if I missed anything.
Tumblr media
A peaceful Sunday, two lovers lying in each other’s company and enjoying the peaceful serenity of the day.
Sundays were your favourite day because it was the day you could lay, guilt-free, in Fred’s arms most of the day. You both were known to take “lazy Sunday” to a whole new level, your friends knowing that if they wanted to come in contact with you, they best wait till another day.
The last hour had been spent asking stupid meaningless questions, mostly to kill time, but also learn how well you two really knew each other, even though no one had ever known you better than Fred.
“Okay, Freddie, I have a question,” your head was in his lap, his back against the headboard and his fingers carding through your hair.
“What’s your question, little love?” he looked down at you, a soft smile decorating his handsome face, the question on your mind momentarily forgotten as you stared up at him.
“If you only had one hour left to live, how would you spend it?” you asked, his free hand reaching up to scratch at his chin as he pondered your question, thinking hard to conjure up an answer.
Almost like a light switch, it clicked in Fred’s mind, a small smirk twitching at his lips, “have sex with you definitely.”
Feeling equally as cheeky you decided to play with fire, “oh, and what about the other 59 minutes?”
A small giggle left your lips as Fred looked down at you shocked, but the giggle turned to a gasp as you were pushed off his lap and in what felt like less than a second Fred was on top of you, pinning both your hands to the bed. A mischievous smirk on his lips and lust-filled eyes told you that you had either royally fucked up or you were in for the afternoon fucking of your life.
“I think you’re forgetting that you were screaming my name just last night, naughty girl,” he purred, leaning down to nibble at your ear before leaving slow wet kisses behind your ear and on your neck.
Your breath caught in your throat when he suddenly sank his teeth into the flesh of your neck, using his tongue to smooth over the inflicted area, a pool of arousal creating a prominent wet patch on your panties.
He sucked love bites onto your neck and down to your shoulder, running his hands down your sides until it reached the hem of the t-shirt you were wearing, helping you sit up so he could pull it over your head, exposing your breasts to his hungry gaze.
His tall figure was intimidating, especially when he loomed over you like a predator ready to pounce on his unsuspecting prey any second.
He grabbed your cheeks with one hand, squeezing them, forcing a pout to form on your lips.
“Since you think you’re so smart, I don’t want to hear any complaints for the next hour… do you understand?” his voice was dripping with authority, you would be lying if you said you didn’t love when he got this way, your arousal almost running down your thighs just from the way he spoke to you.
You nodded the best you could with your face still in his grip, but he shook his head and tilted it mockingly to the side, “you know that you need to use your words, or are you too much of a dumb slut to remember simple rules?”
“N-no, I’m not dumb,” you pouted even more causing Fred to smirk and give your cheeks a final squeeze before letting go.
“You’re not dumb? What are you then?” he pushed your body down, your back hitting the plush mattress.
You thought for a moment before answering, “a good girl.”
Fred just chuckled darkly, “a good girl, hmm? Well, if you’re a good girl what will you not be doing for the next hour?”
“I won’t complain,” you breathed out as his hand found your clothed cunt, laying it on you and using his thumb to rub the embarrassingly large wet patch that had formed before he had even touched you.
“Good girl… look at you, all nice and wet for me,” his voice had lowered, his pupils dilated with lust as he used his free hand to spread your legs further apart for him.
He slowly eased your panties down your legs before discarding them on the floor, leaving them forgotten as he eyed down your dripping sex.
“Such a dirty girl, you’re all wet, making a mess on those gorgeous thighs… tell me, who made you this wet?” his smug tone was something you would’ve rolled your eyes at under normal circumstances, but laying here on display for him, it wasn’t even something to consider.
A whimper left your mouth, followed by a moan as he placed a thumb directly on your clit, pressing down without moving it in any other way - doing everything and nothing at the same time.
“You did,” you whined, grasping at the sheet whilst slowly grinding your hips up into his hand, gaining some amount of friction.
“I did what?” he pushed, allowing you to grind yourself on his hand, proving just how desperate you were for him.
“You made me this wet, daddy,” it was almost comical how quickly you had found yourself in a state of complete desperation, your hips bucking up into his hand, chasing your own high without him having to even move a muscle.
“Go on, rub that slutty clit on my finger till you cum, show me how much of a needy whore you are for daddy,” he smirked at the way you moaned at his words, noting how your cunt clenched around nothing, just begging to be filled.
You moved your hips with purpose, chasing the sweet feeling of an orgasm, moans and whimpers falling from your lips as you held Fred’s gaze.
You reached one hand out, making a grabbing hand motion towards his free hand, whining quietly for his attention; Fred was never one to deny you comfort, even in his most dominant of moods, and therefore slipped his hand into yours giving it a small squeeze as you kept bucking your hips.
You were almost embarrassed at how quick you had reached the peak, your release almost in front of you, so close you could reach out and grab it, but just as it was about to wash over you the stimulation was gone, Fred’s hand pulling away and a broken whine catching in your throat.
“I just remembered… naughty sluts like you have to wait for it,” he said as he grinned mischievously, his hand squeezing yours again before you could whine.
You yelped as he quickly let go of your hand and flipped you around with a firm grip, a fast and harsh slap landing on your bum.
“Please, daddy,” you whined into the mattress, the feeling of your orgasm slipping through your fingers, and Fred obviously knew this and how frustrated you would get, only revelling in it.
Fred moved himself to sit with his back against the headboard, pulling your body with him and splaying it over his lap, to use as he pleased.
“You won’t cum unless I say so,” he announced and you had to bite back a whine of discontent, opting for a nod instead.
You felt his fingers prodding at your entrance, circling it a couple of times before pushing two of them in and curling them instantly, triggering a gasp from you.
Your eyes were shut in pleasure but opened again when you felt one of Fred’s fingers tapping your lips.
“Open for me,” he demanded, instantly slipping two fingers in when your mouth let him.
He stuck them so far down your throat causing you to gag around his fingers, tears gathering in your eyes.
“Come on, I’ve taught you better than that… we just gotta open this little throat of yours up,” he scolded lightly, pushing his fingers down again, the tears falling as you tried to relax your throat and suppress a gag.
He kept working both his hands, adding a third finger in your cunt and picking up his pace; you moaned around his fingers, your cunt clenching as you grew closer to your release, but it of course wasn’t as easy as that and his fingers were pulled from you just before you had the chance to fall over the edge.
He edged you this way for what felt like a lifetime, every time you grew close his fingers were removed and a harsh slap would land on your bum, a red colour decorating the skin.
A sob fell from your mouth, “please, daddy, it hurts,” you garbled around his fingers.
“Tsk tsk, I thought you said you wouldn’t complain? Guess you aren’t my good girl, hmm?” his tone feigning disappointment, but another sob left you at his words.
He removed his fingers from your mouth causing you to whimper at the loss, thinking he was actually disappointed with you, “no, please, I am.”
“Hmm, get on your knees on the floor then.”
You quickly pushed your body off his lap and scrambled to get on the floor, waiting patiently on your knees for him to get up himself.
Making his way over to you, he removed his t-shirt and quickly stepped out of his boxers, his cock hard against his stomach, making you drool slightly.
He gripped your hair at the base of your scalp, guiding you towards his cock, “go on, show me how good you are.”
Your jaw fell slack as you let him put the tip in your mouth, the salty taste of his pre-cum leaking on your tongue, making you even more desperate for him.
He pushed in further, making his tip hit the back of your throat before you closed your lips around him, hallowing your cheeks and bopping your head up and down on his shaft. Using your tongue to put pressure on occasion and stopping to lick the tip and over the sensitive slit; each lick causing a shiver to run up Fred’s spine and a groan to leave his mouth.
Each moan of his egged you on, moving your head and tongue with purpose - the only purpose to hear his sounds of pleasure.
“Fuck, just like that,” he moaned, gripping your hair tighter and with both hands to guide you, fucking your mouth.
You knew that you would eat your words, having been with Fred for many years you of course knew that he lasted way longer than a minute, but you also knew he always wanted to prove points - though you weren’t complaining over this particular point he was proving.
As he grew closer, he pulled you off him, pulling you up by your arms to stand before smashing his lips to yours. Your mouths moved against each other desperately, small moans leaving your mouth and into his, your hands gripping onto him tightly as he walked you backwards back towards the bed.
The backs of your knees hit the edge of the bed and you thought he would push you down to fall on your back, but instead, he turned you around quickly, pushing you to fall on your hands and knees, his own figure standing behind you, stroking his cock at the sight in front of him.
Fred ran his tip up and down your folds a couple of times, gathering your arousal, before slowly pushing into you, stretching you in the most delicious way.
“Fuck, daddy,” you moaned as he bottomed out in you, not giving you a moment to adjust before he was snapping his hips in a hard and fast pace.
His pace caused your arms to wobble and give out on you, falling with your face in the mattress, your moans muffled in the sheets.
“Oh no you don’t,” Fred leaned forward, grabbing your wrists in both hands, and brought them behind your back, switching to hold them both with one hand, keeping your upper body up as he kept snapping his hips.
He used his free hand to land harsh slaps to your ass, your mouth opening as silent screams caught in your throat.
Having kept you on the brink for the entire time, his fast thrusts hitting your g-spot caused your orgasm to sneak up on you faster than anticipated.
“Please, I can’t hold it, please Freddie,” you sobbed, straining your abs and body to not let you cum, it was almost painful, but you didn’t dare to do it without permission.
Fred felt you squeezing him, and he groaned at how tight you felt around him, “then cum, slut.”
A long moan ripped through your throat as you let your release wash over you, your whole body tensing at the sheer force of the orgasm. Fred kept your body up by your hands, holding you as you shook, his pace not faltering as he pounded you through your release.
The pleasure soon turned to pain as he kept rutting into you, your body turning too sensitive.
“Please, ‘s too much,” you whimpered, your hips trying to wiggle away from his, but his strong grip made that impossible.
“Aww, it’s too much? I thought this was what you wanted?” he mocked, snaking his hand around your body to grasp your throat, letting your wrists go and pulling you up against his chest.
Your head fell against his shoulder, turned to look at his face, your mouth open and moans spilling out.
A sheen of sweat covered your body, your breasts bouncing with every thrust of his hips.
His free hand moved over and down your body, finding your clit and rubbing it in tight circles.
The pain turned to pleasure just as quickly as it had come, bleeding through you and making your body numb and tingly.
“May I cum? Please,” you moaned, leaning closer to his neck leaving open-mouthed kisses on his balmy skin.
“Cum for me, squeeze my cock, my dirty little slut,” his own voice was strained as his thrusts began faltering, his own release nearing.
If it wasn’t for Fred’s grip on you, you would’ve toppled forward, your whole body tensing as your cunt spasmed and clenched around Fred.
“Oh, daddy,” you moaned as he let out a groan, his hips stilling as white spurts of cum filled you up.
He gave a few small thrusts, working you both through your orgasms before he pulled out, your mixed cum slowly leaking out and down your thighs.
He kissed your temple, leaning his mouth to your ear, “on your back, darling.”
Your eyes shot open, looking at his face, his lips upturned in a mischievous smirk, “we’re not finished?” You whimpered.
“Not quite… come on, be good.”
You crawled forward on shaky limbs, turning around, and laying yourself on your back and opening your legs for him instinctively.
He crawled on the bed himself, smirking proudly at your spread legs, “good job, my good little slut.”
Your body jerked as he ran a finger through your sensitive cum covered folds, pushing a finger in, pumping it slowly.
“Can’t let any of this go to waste.”
He leaned down, capturing your clit in his mouth, sucking gently, your body twitching and loud moans spilling from your mouth.
The way Fred’s tongue worked on your sensitive clit pushed you closer to the edge once more, your hands gripping his hair keeping him in place.
“I can feel you squeezing my finger, give it to me, I know you have one more in you,” he breathed on your cunt, leaning in to capture your clit once again.
With one more curl of his finger, you came for the third time that afternoon. Squirting all over Fred’s forearm and chest, moaning loudly as you completely fell into the pleasure.
“Oh fuck, darling, that’s it,” Fred was absolutely mesmerized, a proud grin on his face as he pulled his finger from you.
Small twitches ran through your body; opening your eyes you looked at his proud face and your cum glistening on his chest, your face turning red with an embarrassed blush over the mess you’d made.
“I’m sorry,” you avoided eye contact, your face burning up.
Fred didn’t let you sit in your embarrassment for a second longer, your body pulled up and into his arms.
“Don’t apologize, you have no idea how hot that was… we will be trying that again,” he stroked the back of your hair as you giggled, burying your face in the crook of his neck.
“Are we done now?” you whispered; your body too tired to continue without a break.
Fred just smiled fondly, “yes, we’re done now… let’s get you cleaned up, my little love.”
Picking you up into his arms, he carried you across the room to your bathroom, setting you down on the cold counter causing you to gasp at coolness touching your warm overused cunt.
“Sorry, darling, just gotta fill the tub first,” he apologized, moving fast as to not keep you waiting too long.
The warm water engulfed your body, your back against Fred’s broad chest as he washed away any sweat or dirt that had accumulated on your skin.
“So, I think we learned today that I’m not the one who can’t last an hour,” Fred cheekily said as he kissed your cheek and squeezed your waist gently.
You rolled your eyes, turning your head to connect your lips, “shut up.”
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comfortscripts · a month ago
Still hate me? ¬ Fred Weasley
Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 6
Plot - You hated him. He hated you. But the line between normal tension and sexual tension is often hard to distinguish Genre - Smut ♧ {16+ Only} Pairing - Fred Weasley x Non-Gryffindor!Fem!reader Notes/Warnings - Hate sex (But like hate to cover up feelings), oral (female receiving), Fred is just cocky as hell, overstimulation, a height difference is in play, female masturbation kinda, its a bit of a dub-con as he walks in on her but all acts are consensual. This gets worst as it goes along, I'm sorry. Word Count - 2.6k
Identifying the exact moment you realised your hatred for the mischievous redhead was difficult. Maybe it was the time he charmed your hair with streaks of red and gold. Or could have been the time he broke your nose during a Quidditch match due to his reckless flying. Perhaps, it was how he constantly sought you out with the sole purpose of getting underneath your skin, and unfortunately, he always managed to rile you up.
Quidditch was like religion to many at Hogwarts and the final match was an epic showdown that no one dared to miss. Every student, teacher and creature watched anxiously from the stands as the two houses clashed with such passion and competition. The gaudy Gryffindors were always the favourites but no one could doubt that with a captain such as you, the newly revamped team was formidable.
The match felt like a blur of adrenaline for you. Shouts of strategy, quick manoeuvres and the childish remarks from a certain Gryffindor all muddled together in the giant portrait of your victory. The snitch was caught, the goals were scored and the House of Gold and Red sulked in their loss as your teammates burst into cheers of joy.
Cheering died down as the team gathered their gear in the desperate attempt to go party with their 'adoring fans'. Leaving you to enjoy the steaming showers in peace as you let the dirt of your victory wash away with the refreshing water, allowing your hands to roam your body to gently alleviate some of the ache dwelling in your muscles. The relief flooded your being as your body craved a different type of relief all together, the high of the win begging you to reach another kind of high.
Delicate digits slipped between your folds as you carefully pumped your fingers inside your tight hole, letting gentle moans fall from your lips as you grazed the needy nub. Thoughts of your pleasure and fantasies clouded your mind, so much so, that you didn't hear the stomping steps of a certain frustrated wizard. But he had heard all your pretty little moans.
Fred Weasley wasn't a saint. His mind had conjured up all types of images in the late nights as he hastily pumped his aching cock in search of release, but this, this image was enough to make him fall apart from just the sight. Soaked hair framed your face that depicted such pleasure, lower lip held tightly between your teeth as the strangled moans threaten to escape. Your figure leant against the wall as if needing the support as your fingers toyed with your perky nipples. Daring his eyes further, he watched as your small digits tirelessly thrusted into your pretty little pussy, the scene was enchanting but he knew, he couldn't just watch.
The dance your digits preformed became more sporadic as you felt the knot in your stomach begin to tighten, aching for the push of pleasure to help release your much needed orgasm. Both hands now focused on the heat between your thighs as the combination of the vicious assault on your clit was amplified by the rapid thrusts into your clenching warmth. Your eyes flung open as you felt the cord snap and the waves of pleasure crashed over your wet and needy body, shameless moans freely flowing.
Your foggy mind seemed to be playing tricks on you as the image of a certain redhead prankster appeared in your sights. Freshly washed hair darken the vibrant orange, his lean torso littered with tender freckles and those baggy sweatpants that hung loosely on his hips, allowing his rock-hard length to take form. Fred Weasley was indeed standing in front of you.
Suddenly recognising the situation, your small hands wrapped around your breasts as your legs crossed to in an attempt to retain some modesty. Already flushed cheeks now glowed with embarrassment but also with anger, directed at him and at yourself.
"Oh come on love, not like I didn't just see it all" The wizard smirked as he watched your flustered figure, trying to harness some self-control and act like the enemy he was meant to.
"What the fuck are you doing in here, Weasel?" As hard as you tried to keep your eyes planted on his, the prominent erection and chiselled body were pulling your attention and bringing back the bubbling need in your core.
Stalking closer with feigned nonchalance, the masterful trickster lined up his words carefully. "Well I was coming to congratulate you on your sub-par win. But after that little show, I think it would be better for me to show my congratulations a bit differently."
His large hand encompassed the shower handle and with a violent tug, the deafening sound of the rushing water disappeared. Heavy breaths and needy heartbeats filled the small gap between the two rivals as Fred ran his rough thumb across your lips before leaning closer to begin a deceivingly delicate dance of kisses against your glistening neck. Warmth radiated from his lips as he nibbled and sucked against your feverish skin, eliciting quiet whimpers that you willed to keep at bay.
"Aww those pretty little sounds for me?"
Defiance rattled your bones, "For you? Oh please, I hate you."
All the playful spirit vanished from his brown orbs, replaced by the competitive spark he held only for rivalling you. Standing to loom over your exposed figure, Fred couldn't help but chuckle at your lust-blown eyes. Letting his hands fall against your hips as he felt the goose-bumps reluctantly rise on your skin upon his contact. "See, I'm beginning to wonder. Do you actually hate me? Or are you just hiding your desire to be fucked?"
Swallowing a gasp, you allow your mind to run with the accusation as your memories flood with late night fantasies involving the arrogant redhead. "Nuh-uh, no, it's hate. Sorry but you have no effect on my desires." A pathetic poker face disguises your lie but a Gryffindor never turns down a challenge, especially one that he craves.
Sinking to his knees as his fingertips trail down your curves towards your glistening core, teasing the flesh of your inner thighs with chaste kisses and traced patterns. Anticipation built in your body as you felt heat rush to your pulsing warmth, refuelling your desire and the arrogant redhead was just amplifying your need.
Almost instinctively, you separated your legs, allowing your juices to coat the inside of your thighs and giving the lust-driven wizard complete access. Sliding a single digit through your slick folds before toying lightly with your plump clit, causing a strangled groan to tumble out.
"Already soaked for someone you hate apparently, can't wait to see how you are when you love me."
As the words left his lips, the slender digits entered your tight walls and began to stretch you out further than your fingers ever could. Leaning closer to lap up your delicious taste, Fred's mouth attached to your pulsing clit, sucking and flicking the sensitive nub with the rough of his tongue. The combination had you writhing in pleasure, your previous orgasm had left your senses fried and now, everything was filled with intensity.
Your fingers tangled into his fiery hair as you urged him for more. Moans of his name fell from your mouth in a string of chants, only to be broken by the strangled gasps he would pull from you when his long digits curled to reach that sweet spot. Your walls began to clench around him as you struggled to hold of your climax, trying to prolong the embarrassingly inevitable feeling. But Fred needed you to cum.
Knees weakened as the tsunami of ecstasy washed over you, Fred lapping up your sweetness as he steadied your hips. Lidded eyes watched as the redhead milked every last second of your climax, taking advantage of the overly sensitive little bud. Watching his confidence grow as his ego swelled from the thought of making you fall apart.
The calloused hands of the beater never left your trembling body as he rose to your level once again, smirk framed by the glisten of your undoing and eyes communicating the desperation he held for you. The imprint of his painfully hard cock now exigent, commanding your attention.
"For such a bitter girl, you taste so sweet." You fight the urge to roll your eyes at his teasing words but you can't contain the blush that rises. "So sweetheart, still hate me? Or wanna admit the truth?"
You didn't hate him. You wished you did but you truly never had, it was just easier to pretend. The realisation of the truth had lit up in your mind, but he didn't need to know that.
Puffing out your chest a little as you absentmindedly traced haphazard designs on his bare chest. "I have to admit Weasley, that mouth is good for something other than terrible pick-up lines but, I still hate you."
"I was hoping you'd say that"
Colliding his lips with your plump ones, the taste of yourself swirled on your tongue as the two of you competed for leadership within the battle of teeth and tongues. Fred took control quickly, he had waited too long to kiss you and he knew he wanted to explore everything. The hidden desires, the tension had all been thrusted into the kiss as if it was the stage in which everything would be resolved.
Your hand maneuvered down to caress the redheads impressive length through the strained fabric, your touch sent shivers down his spine as he released a groan that you so willingly drank in. Tugging at the waistline desperately, you muttered a plea "take these off please" and Fred was in no position to deny such a request.
The tall man unclothed himself quicker than you'd expected, the slap of his intimidating cock against his pale toned stomach rumbled through the room and the sight of his sheer size had you practically salivating. Your widened eyes had acted as an ego boost for the cocky man, taking you in his arms once again as he felt incomplete without your touch.
Sliding his erection between your slickened thighs, coating him in your juices as the thick length grazed your overworked nub. Anticipation bubbled up inside of you as you felt his engorged tip breach your entrance, causing you to grind against the teasing touch, but you released annoyed whimpers when the trickster halts your movements.
"God, you're desperate but don't worry baby, I'll give you my cock. As soon as you admit you don't hate me."
Shaking your head adamantly as you refuse to meet his gaze, knowing that those chocolatey orbs would unravel you. A sharp grasp of your breast caused a moan to erupt from your chest as the patient man toyed with your nipple, waiting for your answer.
"Please! Come on, you want this too"
"Yeah but I don't fuck liars. Admit you like me."
An internal battle took over as your heart fought with your head. Entire being begging to admit your affection for the tall redhead and to consummate this admission but your logic said no. What if this was another one of his elaborate pranks? Just wanted to hear me say it so he could fuck me then laugh. Your eyes accidently locked with his and before you could spend another second on debating, you spoke.
"Fine! I like you, a lot. Now please Freddie, fuck me"
His heart raced faster than possible at your words and his mind clouded at the nickname, it was the only thing he wanted to hear from your lips. Pressing a kiss against your lips, filling your body with passion and intimacy as he impaled you on his aching length.
The stretch sent pains of pleasure through your body as he ever-slowly began to speed up. Every thrust hit perfectly, as if the two of you were made for each other. Your walls squeezed around him as he hit your sweet spot in rhythm, his hand hoisting your leg further onto his waist so to reach deeper.
The remnants of your previous orgasms haunted you as your felt the sensitivity shake your being, climax already building with the smallest of movements. The feeling of intimacy and relief heightened every sense in you; the smell of cinnamon engulfed your nose as you leant closer to him, the symphony of your moans mixing together was better than any hymn, his touches were electric on your blazing skin.
"Holy fuck! Freddie, I'm gonna cum"
"That's it pretty girl, cum over my cock"
Your body took the permission he granted and released. Embarrassment at your rapid climax quickly faded as the shattering feeling of pleasure washing over you took hold, buckling your knees as Fred vigorously rubbed your puffy nub. Screams of his name bounced of the walls of the showers as the height of it ripped through you.
The beaters pace continued at a punishing speed as he thrust into your overworked hole with power fuelled by years of wanting. Not allowing your orgasm to wash away as you feel the cord begin to tighten, almost as if you had faced no release just moments before. Sobs of pained pleasure fell from you as Fred chased his orgasm and made it his mission to give you one more, to feel your cum around him again.
"I know you've got one more in there for me. Just hold it"
"It's too much! Please Freddie, let me cum"
Any semblance of self-control the Gryffindor had was gone. Thrusts doubled in speed as his assault on your aching clit increased, causing you to release moans and whimpers that only spurred him. Feeling his own knot begin to rattle, trying to break free and take over. Freddie leant into the crook of your neck and began to detail little marks of the affection they shared before a commanding whisper "Cum for me"
The two lovers melted into one another as their orgasms tore through. Fred's erratic ruts had stilled in your tight walls as you milked him for all he had. Chants of your name muffled into your neck as the moans of his name reverberated off the walls. Your convulsing figure shook at the final release, the overstimulation had left your bones feeling as if they had been jellified but somehow, you felt protected in his freckled arms.
The tall man's cock softly slipped out of you as the Weasley stood straight to truly look at you. Flushed cheeks, neck decorated, shaking legs and it was all his doing. He managed to get the girl after all these years of acting and hiding, it had worked out and there was no more dancing around with harsh insults and petty competitions.
Basking in the glow for just a few more moments, you began to laugh. Hand on chest, head thrown back laugher and it concerned Fred, sending worries to flourish in his mind, "What's so funny missy?"
"Only an hour ago we were hurling insults at each other and now look at us." Locking eyes with his as you noticed a loving glint sneak through the lush colour of his orbs. A beaming smile grace your face as you gazed upon the man.
Throwing a loose arm around your waist as his permanent grin returned, "Well Quidditch is different. Even now, don't expect me to go easy on you, I'm a romantic that way"
"Romantic, huh? Well let's see if you are as good at romance as you are at fucking my brains out."
"So, still hate me?"
"Depends on how well our date goes, Lover Boy"
Unable to contain the glowing smile any longer, Fred leaned in to embrace your plump lips in his once more. Lust had dissolved and now, all that was communicated was tender love.
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expelliarweasley · a month ago
golden tattoos | george weasley smut
Tumblr media
pairing: george weasley x fem!reader warnings: nsfw content (18+); modern!george; LOOK AT THAT HOT, SEXY, PERFECT MF IN THE HEADER kinks: voyeurism, degradation, edging, oral (female receiving), boob-job, spitting, choking prompts: "what was that" "i just needed a second opinion. went shopping, i mean - you know that, right?" "yeah, but not that"
a/n: this is in response to this request. DID I GET CARRIED AWAY? YES AGAIN MATES 🥳 thank you for this, @lol-idk-oops! the george slut in me jumPED OUT. also the kinks for each fic i write ARE GETTING DIRTIER I LOVE IT
summary: y/n and george had been best-friends for quite a long time now, best friends who acted so much more; that both parties never knew the extent of each of their boundaries. but y/n and george always told and asked each other everything - that included george's opinion on a piece of clothing y/n was planning to buy.
hey, you up?
The message read. George squinted his eyes at the bright light coming from his phone he had left on his bedside table. His eyes wandered over the digital clock, 8:17 AM, it displayed. George groaned at how early he was woken up, considering he had pulled an all-nighter by trying to figure out a potion in a new line he and Fred have been trying to augment in their WonderWitch line.
up now.
He rolled on his bed, trying to shake off the sleep in his system by stretching slightly. As sleep was trying to make its way to George, he was then stirred awake by the loud ding of his phone. Groaning in slight annoyance, he very much convinces himself that Y/N may have not known that he had almost two hours of sleep, in fact, it was somehow his fault, really. He bid her goodnight hours prior his all-nighter.
a bit late for you, georgie. good morning anw! u busy today?
George smiled amidst his yawn, pushing himself up from his position on his stomach, turning around to lean against the headboard. He rubbed his eyes in the hopes of effectively removing the remnants of tiredness to place his attention on Y/N.
good morning. is there anything you needed?
He knew Y/N that much. Having to have known her since their Hogwarts years, it was not Y/N very much to greet him in the morning - considering she was not really a morning person, after all. During their eduction, she'd hit him at the back of his head as she takes a seat beside him out of her annoyance in George cracking up a joke out of her exasperated state that was brought by the fact that they had History of Magic in their first period.
"Good morning, sleepyhead," George would greet her as he sips on his much needed coffee, his eyes would travel over her perfectly messy stature. Her hair unkempt, robes discarded as it hung on her arms, yawning as she rubbed her eyes.
The redhead smirked as Y/N groaned in response, "eat up, you'll be sleeping on History of Magic. You'll need that." Y/N had hoisted herself from her slouched position beside George to hit him at the back of his head, "Sod off, I won't be sleeping today, besides, we have recitation on the Economic Bubble, or something."
George sniggered, humming a tune of mock belief, "Sure,"
you wound me. i hate you. going to the centre today :)
YES but i need youuuu pls :(
i just woke up love i haven't brushed my teeth yet even haven't had my morning coffee
WE CAN HAVE COFFEE THERE BESIDES U HANDSOME ALREADY with or without a minty fresh breath
tempting. but im unable to do so today :( warehouse inventory duties
George pouted at his response. As much as he wanted to accompany her even though he never truly understood how shopping had been Y/N's favourite pastime, he was really unavailable today. Fred had gone out to order inventory for reselling and also the base ingredients for some of their own products.
He chuckled at her response, shaking his head as he got out of the bed to stretch slightly again, now on his feet.
ok i have a proposition
im reading
i'll be sending some outfits pls tell me your thoughts on them HELP ME BE HOT
no offence but why me you got ginny for that
ginny's asleep and u're my bestie for a reason
you dont need to exert effort to be hot youre doing just fine on your own
ARE YOU FLIRTING WITH ME, MR. WEASLEY? anw im going now. keep your phone with you x
okay stay safe.
He turned off his phone, ready to face the day, all the while mentally preparing himself for whatever Y/N will be sending him moments from now. As much as George tries to distract his mind from leaning towards daydreaming over her, he couldn't help but think of how beautiful she is.
George be damned by her beauty. She never fails to make George feel in such a way that only she could bring. Other than that, he was in love with her, much more than he was aware of.
Her smile, her laugh, her insanely upbeat attitude - those were just one of the reasons that have attracted George towards her, and he was not regretting the gravitational pull. If anything, he was grateful for it. Had he not felt that pull towards her, George would've been left in the deafening voice of his headspace.
But George never told her that, and hadn't been planning to do so. As much as he wants her to be not just his best-friend, the possibility of the feelings being unreciprocated wasn't definitely worth the risk.
Y/N was none the wiser about George's feelings. If ever, she had been regretting the day that she hadn't gone with George to the Yule Ball because a Durmstrang had beaten George over it an hour earlier.
The lass admits that while she had relationships, George had always been a constant in her life. And while George also have had relationships during their time at Hogwarts, she can't help but also notice how he spends much more time with her than his partner at the time. But Y/N, always one of denial than of courage, chose to turn a blind eye on it.
However, Y/N was already overwhelmed with her feelings. And she was determined to put an end to her constant pining. It was one bold move, really. Considering how things may end on immense polar opposite. Either it goes well or ends terribly. But Y/N already had excuses for the latter, but she hopes she wouldn't ruin the friendship that they had.
George, on the other hand, was oblivious to her plans. He was busy receiving package after package that had arrived to the shop, and while he was busy double-checking on the inventory, his phone notified in a vibrant ding.
u think this looks good on me?
The ginger's eyes widened at the photo that Y/N had sent. A mirror selfie of her body that was comfortably hugged by a striped, black and white body con dress, with a small slit running from above the ankles to the knee. The slit wasn't that daring, and it didn't take that much of nerves on Y/N's part in sending this.
more than good. :) youre wearing dresses now?
yeah never been more comfortable in myself than now thanks to a certain george weasley
happy to be of service, maam tho im not entirely sure what i did
George turned his phone down as it took awhile before Y/N had replied. But when she did, George did not expect her to be sending another photo of her, now dressed in a maroon and sleeved, (also a) body con dress, however with a small slit on the right thigh to show off some skin of her thigh. It was also a bit higher than the usual above-the-knee length, making her smooth skin shine underneath the yellow lights of the dressing room.
He gulped, waiting for a question from Y/N, however, when he hadn't received any follow-up inquiry, he decided to ask her.
not happy with the other one?
He mentally slapped himself for the question.
not that i wont be buying that i just liked the colour of this on me
maroon looks good on you, love well any colour looks good on you but maroon hits different
Y/N blushed over his replies. She took a moment with herself before trying on the final dress: a nude-coloured, suede halter-neck, tied cut-out mini dress that was tighter on her body, and which cut on the top was just a bit above her under-boob.
The notification of the message being read have been understood by George as the last dress being the one she decided on. It must've been fifteen minutes or so as he was opening up the boxes before his phone dinged yet again.
All George could ever muster were widened eyes and a mouth agape. He also couldn't see but he knew that his face resembled the hue that was same to that of his hair. He took a heavy, staggered breath as he stared at the four photos that Y/N had sent him captioned:
sorry took me long enough to send this had to took multiple pics to show the cuts wdyt?
"Holy shit," he swore, trousers tightening over the specifically angled photos on his phone. The first selfie seemed innocent, just the usual pose that Y/N also did in the previous ones. But as George stumbled upon next after the next, the photos had been angled in such a way that looked so - seductive.
are you at westfield?
yeah why?
what shop are you in now?
already at boux why, george?
George didn't even bother to reply, as Fred had already gotten home (much to George's relief), he was quick enough to notify him that he'd be going to Westfield London. He didn't even respond to his twin's question about the reason of his sudden trip.
He had apparated to Westfield London, pace quickening as he tried to search for the specific shop that he knew Y/N was at. It didn't take him long enough considering his long strides before he found himself in the occupied store, and then the occupied dressing room stall at the farthest side.
Y/N was just about to hit send on her and George's chat box when she became startled at the lock of the dressing room stall being blasted open. She was about to let out a squeal until George had placed his mouth on her mouth, muffling her voice.
The lady visibly relaxed on the familiar redhead whose hand were over her mouth. However, she couldn't deny the frantic beat of her heart when George pushes her towards the wall of the stall, aggressively yet still being able to not produce a loud thud for suspicion.
"What was that?" he whispered, voice raspy. Trapping Y/N between his arms that leaned on the wall, lust-blown dark, hazel eyes staring into Y/N's ones that resembled that of a doe's.
"I," she started, squirming over the tension, "I just needed a second opinion - went shopping, I mean - you know that, right?"
"Yeah," he breathed, lips attaching to the skin below the shell of her ear, Y/N's knees instantly loosing its force, "but not that."
"Georgie - we're outside! What if someone catches us here?" she whisper-yelled, hands tapping on his shoulder as his arms wrapped around her waist for her to be supported on the back. Her body involuntarily arched itself to George's touch, moaning lightly when George placed open-mouth kisses from her neck to the valley of her breasts.
"You'd better be quiet if you don't want to get caught." he winked, as he wraps her legs around his torso, pushing himself up to meet Y/N's lips with such a hungry kiss. Tongues dancing over each other, with his hips humping on her core that was soaking to the lingerie that she wore to try on and buy.
"Bought the dresses for you to take off," Y/N moaned as her hips met the rhythm of George's, hands tangling on his fiery red hair. "'m not gonna take these off, love," he smirked, hands playing at the string of the lingerie, "'m gonna fuck you in it."
George loosened his tie to wrap around her mouth, folding the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbows, "But first, we have to establish some things," he started, forcing her chin down to meet his eyes, "no one comes until I say so. And we're gonna start real slow, yeah? Is that clear, darling?"
Y/N nodded in response as she couldn't speak very well with the tie on her mouth. The tall man smirked as he held her on the waist to position her on his thigh, Y/N met his eyes, hers widened in surprise.
"Well, don't just sit on that, darling," he furrowed his eyebrows, flexing his thigh for an added emphasis, "you've been dying to prove how much of a slut you are for me, right? Sending those photos as if i wasn't at work - "
The poor lass tried to speak against the restraint on her mouth, to which George had just laughed at, "Sorry, love, you just have to agree with me on this."
And that was all George said before lifting her up to bring her down on his thigh as he guided the way she rolled her pelvis on it. As Y/N quickly gained the pace, George had let go of her, his right hand leaning on the wall as his left held her hair for him to pull towards him for a messy kiss.
Low grunts and groans were heard from George as he tried to refrain from moaning loudly as he watched his best-friend go off on his thigh, "Yeah, baby," he whispered, "such a slut for me, aren't you?"
She nodded, and when she felt herself approaching her high, her hips had lost its rhythm; which George had easily picked up. He immediately pulled away from her legs and knelt in front of her. Y/N's eyes widened as she tried to groan out of frustration over her denied orgasm.
With her legs situated on his shoulders, the redhead sensually licked her pussy, eyes half-lidded, mirroring Y/N's whose eyebrows furrowed over the immense pleasure. George's hands travelled at the back of her thighs, massaging at he bobbed his head up and down, left to right, savouring in such taste that he wouldn't be getting tired of - ever.
Y/N's hips rocked itself on his tongue, that George had to remove his grasp from her thigh to pin her hips on the wall, "Move an inch and you won't be coming anytime sooner, Y/N."
George suddenly thrusted three of his fingers inside her pussy after pushing the lingerie to the side, with Y/N's body jolting forward in force. With Y/N's reaction, George, while groaning at the feeling of her around his fingers, found the perfect opportunity to lunge his face to her breasts. With a bra which cups designed in a shelf-style, it was easier for George to bring her sensitive nipples to his mouth.
His eyes basked on Y/N's euphoric figure lost in bliss, her mouth open as she tried to suppress her moans. His left hand supported her right thigh on his shoulders. And when Y/N's breathing quickened up than usual, with her walls tightening, George went down back again to lick her clit, making Y/N lose her sanity as she feels all different sensations on her pussy.
Just as she was about close to coming, she was then denied of it, meeting the mischievous look on George's face, she was moved into silence as she felt a tender kiss on her forehead, "Sorry, love, need you to come on my dick,"
He kicked out of his trousers, instantly freeing himself of the restraints of his denim trousers and tight boxers that kept his erection intact which George had been desperately wanting to thrust inside her.
Just enough pre-cum leaked out, making Y/N's pussy throb at such sight. She was pushed into kneeling, and George, pulling her hair down to hoist her head up, took the time to run the tip of his cock on her lips.
"Arch your back up for me, darling,"
Y/N did what she was told, and immediately George placed his dick at the valley of her breasts, spitting afterwards.
"Push your lovely breasts towards each other."
And when she did, George groaned at the feeling of her breasts tightening around him. Almost as immediately, George thrusted himself in between her breasts, biting on his lips to suppress his moans, while Y/N already had drool pouring out of her mouth as her hands went down for her clit, not failing to be noticed by the lad.
"Fuck, you look so beautiful darling, touching yourself f'me - I, shit, goddamn - you don't know how much I've been wanting to do this - holy hell." he grunted, disbelief at the back of his mind as he was finally doing this with her, "I love you, Y/N - fuck, shit."
Y/N's heart fluttered at George's confession, as much as she wanted to say it back, she couldn't. As her mouth was hindered by George's purple tie. George was coming on her chest sooner enough, much to Y/N's third frustration yet again; and as he relieved himself from his high while knowing full well that he has denied Y/N her much desperate need for an orgasm, his thoughts were all over the place.
But as soon as he regained composure, he pulled Y/N to stand, pulling her right leg to wrap it around his arse. He pushed the rather wet lingerie to the side, and before pushing his cock to her eager cunt, he looked at her eyes as he removed his tie from her mouth, discarding it on the floor, "You're mine, Y/N," he whispered.
"Yours," Y/N nodded at George, who slowly pushed himself inside her, both of them opening their mouth, and when Y/N had let out a bit audible groan, he pushed their bodies towards the wall as he covered her mouth.
George shushed her in such a mocking manner, hips bucking to thrust into her in such unexplainable force, making them both shut their eyes as they relished in what had been the brink of their undying love for each other.
Each of George's thrusts were hard and powerful though not quick in pace, as if trying to let Y/N feel his feelings for her, "So unbelievably beautiful, thank you - fuck," he grunted pushing the strands of hair away from her face, allowing him to kiss her desperately and passionately.
When George felt her walls tightening around him again as well as his orgasm approaching for the second time quicker than before, he turned her body around, her body now on his chest. He switched their positions, with him now leaning on the wall. He pulled her right leg up, allowing him to reach a deeper part of her as his left hand tightened around her throat.
"That's it," he encouraged, thrusting now quickly as they both chased their orgasm, "that's it, baby, squeeze my cock. Taking it so well, Merlin," he kissed her ear, licking her earlobe afterwards.
"Georgie," she whimpered, "I'm gonna come, please - let me come, I can't take it any more,"
He decided to ignore her pleas first, but when he felt him at the verge of coming, he tightened his grip around her neck more, "Come for me, Y/N. Come for me, love, you've done so well - fuck!"
As George came, so did Y/N. The ginger's lips were kissing her temples as her head leaned on his shoulder, "Georgie," she whispered, to which he hummed in acknowledgement, "I love you,"
The lad swears her words was music to his ears. From flirty and suggestive messages to moaning each other's names at a random dressing room stall to finally cracking the thickest piece of ice between the two of them - all at once, it was all they had been waiting for. They had made a mark on each other, a golden tattoo.
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wickedw3asleys · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So I was scrolling through Pinterest earlier this evening, and after a good deliberation, I have now decided that due to personal reasons, I will proceed to pass away. Thank you for your attention.
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horrorxweasley · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I decided I'm going to do Kinktober this year, I will be posting a fic every day of October 2021 for George and Fred Weasley with the theme of a new kink each day. I may or may not end up not making the deadline for A LOT of these so some may be taken off, either way it’s still happening and i’m excited.
This is the first one I've ever done so hopefully it will work out as planned, I hope you enjoy the fics :) 
I’ll also link my general  masterlist and taglist at the bottom
Day 1- Breeding GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 2 - Choking/Breathplay FRED WEASLEY
Day 3 - Shibari GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 4 - Edging FRED WEASLEY
Day 5 - Exhibitionism GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 6 - Begging FRED WEASLEY
Day 7 - Degrading GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 14- Voyeurism FRED WEASELY
Day 18 - Daddy Kink GEORGE WEASLEY  
Day 19 - Spit Kink GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 20 - Mirror Sex GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 24 - Knife Kink GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 27 - Thigh Riding GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 30 - Cyber Sex FRED WEASLEY
Day 31 - Ice Play GEORGE WEASLEY 
General Masterlist
@toxicmodernity @dracofknmalfoy @pogueslandia @sunrisefairy @rosietoesy @comfortwriting @famdomhideout @pandaxnienke @writing-wh0re @onlyfreds @whipped-for-the-weasley-twins @fairielovegood @gaycatlord-stuff @0x0spunky-monkey0x0 @i-love-scott-mccall @simpforremuslupin @lovely-slytherin @georgeweasleysbabe @skarlettmikaelson @elishi03 @escapingrealitybyreading @xmalfoyweasleyx @tryingtosurvivelife @cedricisnotdead @slytherclaw1978 @zoeygraygubler @its-a-metaphor-barnes @1800-marauders-slut @dilf-lover21 @urgingforyou
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30 Fluffy Fic Recs for 300 Followers - Weasley Twins
(Oh my gosh thank you so much for 300 followers. Ima go cry in a corner now. You guys are the absolute best I can’t handle it 🥲)
Fred Weasley
1. “technicolor” by: @weelittleweasley
2. “tired eyes are the death of me” by: @nancybycrs
3. “Jacket Thief” by: @emf005
4. “I Hate You” by: @saintlike78
5. “smiling kisses” by: @plant-flwrs
6. “it was all yellow” by: @ickle-ronniekins
7. “madly in love with you.” by: @eatingcloudsxx
8. “excuses” part 1 | part 2 by: @wondernimbus
9. “unlike me” by: @panda-noosh
10. “You’re lucky you’re cute, Weasley” by: @bl597
11. “Games” by: @wreckofawriter
12. “not morning yet” by: @damn-stark
13. “The Bet” by: @gobletofweasleys
14. “That’s Definitely You” by: @rons-wheezely
15. “mornings sighs (what a sight)” by: @butterbeerblurbs
George Weasley
16. “ink stains” by: @accioxreparo
17. “too cold for that” by: @lovequills
18. “Shower Buddy” by: @george-fabian-weasley
19. “Golden” by: @nancybycrs
20. “Early Practice” by: @law-nerd105
21. “love at first sight” by: @wondernimbus
22. “Stupid Soulmates, and Valentines Day” by: @scarletwidowvibes
23. “Pathetic” by: @bl597
24. “the one I was meant to find” by: @ickle-ronniekins
25. “Never Let Go of You” by: @awritingtree
26. “how to carve a pumpkin” by: @moonlitmeeks
27. “Greenhouse Suprises” by: @iliveiloveiwrite
28. “Work until late” by: @angelblacksmith
29. “if I’m smiling it’s because of you” by: @butgilinsky
30. “knitted sweaters and fuzzy socks” by: @weasleysandwheezes
(Again, I can’t thank you guys enough, honestly. I love you all so very much. 🥰 So, any ideas for what I should do for the next milestone?)
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celestialevie · a month ago
George confessing his feelings towards you by accident
Tumblr media
This is an early birthday gift to my best friend @snapesdaughsjm, happy birthday bestie<3
It was just another regular evening for George and you. You would cuddle in his bed whilst you read a chosen book of the week, until he falls asleep to the sound of your voice.
This week's chosen book was (imagine any book you wish) getting comfortable on his bed, ready to pick up from where you left off last night
Whilst you wouldn't say it was easy to cuddle with your best friend and watching him fall asleep, you won't deny it's your favourite part of the day. He always look so warm and cuddly, just makes you want to kiss him all over his freckly face. But of course you couldn't, so you stick to reading him a book every night.
Without your knowledge, George had the same thoughts as you. How much he loves the fact that your voice is the last thing he hears before falling asleep close to you.
'' You comfy Georgie? Can I start? '' you asked him. With a small nod of his head, you began reading. The funny thing is, this book was about best friends falling for each other. And another funny thing is, he chose this week's book. If you weren't in such a denial, you would think he's sending you subtle signs about how he feels.
He was on the verge of falling asleep when you heard him mumur something. Gently you asked him to repeat what he just said. '' I love your voice y/n. I love you. '' and with that he fell asleep leaving you completely baffled and shocked. Quietly you got up from his bed, returning to your own dorm. That night you got no sleep, head full of thoughts about did he really mean those words or was he just sleep talking
The next day you barely saw him. Fred and him were always somewhere busy with planning pranks or just making plans about their joke shop they want to open in the future.
Before you even realised, it was time for you to go to George's dorm for your nightly reading. There is no other option for you but to directly ask him if he meant what he said last night or you'd go crazy thinking about it.
Knocking on his door before getting inside, he was already in half sitting position with his back resting on the headboard of the bed. '' Hi love '' he greeted her with a smile. '' Hi Georgie. '' sitting down next to him, you were visibly nervous and George was picking up on that. '' What's wrong? '' his eyebrows furrowed and lines formed in between them. '' I need to talk to you. About something you said last night. '' he looked at you confused. '' What did I say last night? '' '' Well first time I didn't understand you because you mumured it, on the edge of falling asleep. So I asked you to repeat what you just said and you said you love my voice and...that you love me...'' George let out a sigh from his mouth and you knew that those words did not mean anything. '' I guess the cat's out of bag now, huh? It's true. Both of those things. I love your voice and I am in love with you. '' gently taking your hands in his, he looked at you directly in your eyes. '' I've been in love with you for quite some time now. Just never felt like I could tell you and not ruin our friendship. But if you feel the same way, I will truly be the happiest man you've ever seen. '' a big smile was playing on your face as you pulled George in a hug. '' I'm in love with you too. I never thought I'd hear you say those words. '' you stayed like that for a minute or so before he pulled away and pressed a gentle kiss on your lips, whispering in your lips. '' Can we cuddle now properly? I wanna be the small spoon. '' You giggled and nodded your head. '' You can be any spoon you want. '' laid down, George cuddled up with you, his face nuzzled in your neck and arm across your torso holding you tight. Pressing a gentle kiss on his head, you continue reading the book from where you left off. And coincidentally, the characters in the book confessed their feelings as well. How ironic, you thought with a smile on your face.
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sourdilfs · 5 months ago
car sex | f.w x reader
summary: you and fred have sex before going home from a date
warning: smut, muggle!reader, exhibitionism ??
a/n: sorry this is pretty short, writer’s block is a bitch :/
Tumblr media
“fuck you’re so pretty” fred groans as he makes out with you, hands riding up with thighs along with the dress you were wearing
you and fred had just gotten back from the cinemas, a place fred had never gone before since there’s no such thing in the wizardry world. you both often came to the muggle world showing him all the stuff and places you grew up with and today you decided to take him and watch some superhero movie they were showing
which sparked fred’s interest to say the least
especially when one of those superheroes was a woman in a tight leather suit. the woman reminded him of you which made his mind run wild every time he saw the hero on screen
“you’ve been hard almost through out the whole movie, did the girl in the leather suit get you all worked up huh?” you whispered as you trailed his neck with kisses reaching up until his hear
he let out a breathy moan “all i could picture was you. how good you’d look wearing something like that”
“well that could be arranged”
he immediately looks up to your eyes, excitement with a hint of lust behind them “what do i have to do”
“well,” you trace your finger over his arm “maybe if you fuck me good enough you could get your wish fulfilled”
“so i get to fuck my girl and then see her in a tight leather suit? no need to ask me twice babe” he starts unbuckling his belt while you adjust yourself in his lap making it easier for him to pull down his pants and trousers
his hand goes immediately under your underwear, seeing that you both were eager at the moment
“always so wet for me arent you”
you roll your eyes playfully “we don’t have all day weasley, my curfew is soon”
he nods before taking his cock out and teasing your entrance with it, leaving you more flustered than you were before. as he enters you, you grip onto the window
“fuck” he whispers as he starts to pace his thrusts deeper into you
you look out the window and see people walking around doing their own thing, not having any idea of the two horny teenagers fucking each other in the car they were walking by. bless tinted windows
fred gripped your hair as he moved a bit, angling himself so he could hit a deeper point inside of you. you gripped the car dash as you circled your hips on him, making you feel ten times even better
as your back arched you heard fred light whimpers. you never knew why he tried so hard to keep them to himself, you always loved the way he sound
but your thoughts were disrupted when you felt him tug at your hair once again, hitting you with a deeper stroke, making you let out a deep moan
“fuck i’m gonna cum” you say as you circle your hips at a faster rate
“come for me” and just like that you let go, feeling that inner coil let loose letting out slight pants
fred thrusted into you a bit more until he also came
you got off his lap and moved back to the driver seat, fixing your dress as fred pulled up back his pants while buckling them
“i guess i know what you’re dressing as for halloween then”
you smirk at him as you turn on the car, leaving the parking lot
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stevies-mind · 2 months ago
I ask myself if you would write something for the Georgie Girls ;) so a bit dom!george where he and y/n have sex maybe in the Common room or the burrow at night. Then someone comes in who is in love with y/n and george has been jealous the whole time so he just goes on and shows him who his girlfriend belongs to
Hopelessly Devoted To You (George Weasley x Reader)
This has been in my inbox for a hot minute, so sorry 😭 I felt pretty confident about this at first but honestly not so sure anymore lmao. Also I changed a few things up, hope this is okay!
Word Count: 2,253
Warning(s): (18+), Unprotected Sex, Voyeurism, Jealousy, Fingering, Fluff (?)
George likes to think that he’s a pretty mellow guy. It’s a rare sight to see him be anything but his usual lively self.
But there was one thing or rather person that does a pretty good job of pissing him off. Cormac fucking Mclaggen.
He initially didn’t have a problem with the bloke seeing as he never paid him much attention back at Hogwarts. It wasn’t after one afternoon, as he walked into the bakery that his girlfriend owned- that his detest for the boy started. Seeing him so close to the girl as she showed him the menu to her homemade sweets had George feeling riled up. Of course, (Y/n) was oblivious to the sandy-haired boy’s flirty demeanor. She simply took it as him being friendly.
Nonetheless, George kept this to himself, not wanting to be the overly jealous boyfriend.
But the flirting didn’t stop, the number of times he has caught Cormac being too friendly with (Y/n) was too many to count at this point.
It wasn’t until today that he let his frustration get the better of him. After a long day at the shop, all he wanted was to spend the afternoon with his lovely girlfriend. He had stopped by the small flower shop to pick up her favorite flowers. With a smile on his face, he opens the door to the familiar cafe. Taking in the scent of blueberry and raspberry muffins, he goes to call out for his girlfriend.
He stops in his tracks when he sees none other than Cormac leaning over the counter, a flirty smirk evident on his face. George’s grip on the bouquet tightens at the scene before him.
Taking deep shallow breaths, he reminds himself to keep his cool. But he can only stay calm for so long.
For when Cormac inches a little too close to her face, that George loses his shit. He can see the awkward smile on her face as she moves back, taken aback by his sudden bluntness.
“I suggest you back away from my girlfriend if you don’t want me to kick your ass,” George growls, throwing the bouquet on one of the tables.
Both (Y/n) and Cormac jump at the sudden male voice present in the room.
“Hey man, I don’t know what you're talking about,” the boy chuckles, putting his hands up in defense.
“Don’t act daft you know what you're doing. Do you have no respect?” He glares, marching his way towards the boy.
“Georgie, please.” (Y/n) pleads, her face getting warm. She was never one for confrontation.
“You're going to defend him, are you fucking serious; (Y/n).” George scoffs, waving his hands up dramatically.
“George, you're blowing this way out of proportion,” the girl lets out an exasperated sigh.
The redhead sighed, running his hand through his hair, closing his eyes momentarily. Let it go, George, he thought to himself.
“Yeah, George, no need to get you knickers in a twist. I’ll be on my way, see you later, (Y/n).” Cormac winks, walking towards the exit.
“What the hell was that George!” (Y/n) spits out. Her hands shaking, grip on the counter tightening.
“Are fucking serious, are purposely trying to piss me off, or are you blind,” George growls.
“Please enlighten me! Tell me what the fuck I did to cause this reaction out of you!” (Y/n) yells, picking up a damp rag. Rolling her eyes, she moves to wipe down the tables, trying to calm her nerves.
“It’s not you, for fucks sake; it’s that dick head that pisses me off.”
(Y/n) furrows her eyebrows in confusion, “What does Cormac have to do with this.”
“Can you not see the way he looks at you! Fuck, (Y/n) he acts like you’re single, and your boyfriend isn’t just down the street.”
“I d-don’t understand.” The girl stutters out, doe eyes showing pure confusion.
George went to yell once more but took notice of the bewildered look that took over her face. Seeing her look so innocent and oblivious turned a spark within George. She really must not know what was going on.
No longer angry, a sudden surge of lust for his girl overtaking him. A sudden urge to claim her as his. He walks over to her, taking her face into his hands.
“You can be so oblivious, sweetheart.” He murmurs, pressing his lips to her forehead.
“M’not,” (Y/n) whimpers, lower lip jutting out.
“Stop arguing with me; you know that never ends well for you.” He breathes out, pressing himself against her.
“Georgie-,“ (Y/n) gaps, feeling his hardened prick pressing against her.
“Letting other men flirt with you, such a naughty girl.” He huffs, finger now ghosting just below her dress. “Do I need to fuck to remind you who you belong to?”
“I still have to close the shop-“ she whispers, arms winding around his neck.
“I don’t care, let everyone see who you belong to, want the whole street to know who fucks you so good.”
He presses open-mouthed kisses down her neck, moving the strap of her dress down so he can reach her shoulder. He maneuvers her towards the nearest table, hands below her thighs so he can lift her on the table.
“Going to fuck you so good, I’ll ruin you for any other man.” He lifts her dress, palm pressing against her cunt.
(Y/n) lets out a strangled gasp, hips bucking up into him. Capturing his lips with hers, she threads her fingers through his hair. George moves her panties to the side, fingers running down her wet lips.
“Such a whore for me, you cunt’s soaking wet, and I’ve barely touched you,” he murmurs hotly against her lips.
Shoving two digits into the girl, he slowly pumps his fingers in and out of the girl. Her grip on the ginger tightens, mouth pressed firmly against his. He curls his fingers in such a way that has the girl squirming, all the while begging for more. A throaty groan escapes past his lips when he feels her juices coating his fingers.
“Feels so good, Georgie, I’m going to cum,” she whines, grinding down onto his digits. “I’m going to cum so fucking hard.”
Removing his fingers from her soaked cunt, he spreads her slick onto her clit, rubbing furiously. He leans down, tongue flicking in and out of her soaking hole. He moans against her, eyes rolling back at the taste of her on his tongue. His swift movements against her pussy continue until she’s withering against him, orgasm overtaking her body.
Licking his lips, he straightens up again, using her ankles as leverage to pull her towards him. He unbuckles his belt in a matter of seconds, pulling the zipper to his trousers down. He frees his cock from the confines of his boxers, pulling his pants down- just enough so he has room to take the girl before him.
“Beg for it.” He taunts, shoving the straps of her dress down as to free her breasts. “Tell me what a desperate slut you are for my cock.”
“Common, George, you’ve had your fun, need you inside me,” (Y/n) whines, hand reaching down to wrap around his girth. Grasping her wrist, he pins it down just above her head, his other hand groping her left tit.
A painful wail rumbles through her throat as his grip tightens around the soft flesh.
“Beg,” he growls, eyes piercing into hers.
“Beg, or I’ll make you watch me fuck my hand.”
Her eyes widen, lips parting, but no words coming out.
“Suit yourself,” he groans, taking his leaking cock into his hand.
“No! Please, fuck me! such a cockwhore for your cock, Georgie.” (Y/n) moans.
“That’s what I thought,” he chuckles, shoving her panties to the side once more, pressing the tip at her entrance.
“Oh, Merlin, ” (Y/n) moans as he spreads her open, legs hanging on either side of his arms.
He drives into the girl in one single thrust, throwing his back when he feels the girl clench around him. The prominent vein on his neck becomes more visible as he tightens his jaw. He goes to give his attention back to his lover, but something in the corner of his eye catches his attention.
There behind the window stood none other than Cormac. An evil smirk spreads across George’s face, locking eyes with the blushing boy. He pulls his hips back before pounding back into the girl with force.
George leans down to whisper into her ear, “Look, baby girl, we have an audience.”
(Y/n)’s eyebrows knit together, turning her head slightly to the side to follow her boyfriend’s gaze. A loud gasp escapes past her lips, arms quickly coming up to cover her exposed chest. She feels the familiar warmth rise to her cheeks, squirming to move away from the ginger.
“We can’t-,” she begins to protest.
A growl leaves his lips, pushing her hips down, pounding into her in quick rough thrusts. “This is the closest he’ll ever get to your naked body,” he groans. He becomes significantly aroused at the thought of Cormac watching him fuck his girl silly. He wanted to prove that he’s the only one that gets to fuck her pussy. He’s the only one that gets to make her cum. He’s the only one that owns her heart.
“This will show that dick not to come near you anymore. Every time he sees your face, all he’ll be able to see is how my cock fucks into your tight little cunt.”
“So good,” (Y/n) whimpers, eyes rolling back. No longer giving a damn if anyone was watching, her thoughts consumed by the euphoric feeling.
“Go on, scream my name, let him know who’s pussy this is.” He continues with his ruthless movement, fingers digging into her thighs.
Making eye contact with voyeur, she let out a loud moan escape past her lips. Her lover’s name leaves her mouth in a string of broken moans, her back arching off of the table.
‘You’re gripping me like a vice; does the thought of being watched arouse you, pretty girl?”
Nodding weakly, her hand reaches for George’s hand as she feels her second orgasm approaching. A fond smile crosses his face, lacing his right hand with hers, the other moving between them to rub her clit. He briefly glimpses up towards the window and takes note of the flustered male’s absence.
“M’gonna cum Georgie,” she whines as she feels the familiar feeling at the pit of her stomach. A single tear falls down her face from the overwhelming thrusts the man before her was giving.
“Let go for me, love. It’s okay, I got you,” he murmurs, his thumb pressing into her nub.
A piercing scream erupts from (Y/n) as she comes around the boy, hand squeezing his in an attempt to ground herself. Her legs shake as her lover continues to pound into her sore pussy, chasing his release.
“You okay? Think you can go for a bit longer,” George pants, leaning down to press a kiss on the side of her neck.
“Y-yeah, want to make you feel good,” the girl mewls, eyebrows knitting together from the overstimulation.
“Such a good girl for me, (Y/n/n).” His thrusts slow down, though the roughness of it all stays the same. For a few minutes, there is absolute silence, except for the unholy sounds coming from the couple.
It wasn’t long before George felt his high approaching, rhythm becoming uneven. He presses his cock deep into his girl as he spills his seed into her. He groans into her neck, riding out his high with lazy thrusts.
No words were exchanged between the two, simply holding each other while they steady their breathing. Pulling out, he reaches for a napkin to wipe himself and the girl. After they’re both decent, he helps her from off the table, fixing the straps of her dress.
The passiveness that George felt was no longer there. He now felt embarrassed that he lost his cool in front of his girlfriend.
“I’m sorry, Bubba, if I would have known Cormac was flirting with me, I would have shut it down right away.” She looks up at the boy, arms winding around his waist, resting her chin on his chest. The guilt in her stomach from being so oblivious was getting to her.
A deep sigh leaves George, hands running down her back, “I know princess, I should have communicated with you better. Just seeing him be so close to you today riled me up; I shouldn’t have yelled at you.”
“I only love you; Georgie, don’t you ever forget that.” She stands on her tippy toes to pecks his lips.
“I love you too,” he smiles contently, pinching her side playfully.
“After all, I don’t think Cormac is going to be coming around here anytime soon. Pretty sure we scarred him for life.” She giggles, cheeks warm again.
They both laugh, George, shaking his head in amusement. (Y/n) only moves from his embrace when she goes to lock the doors and clean up.
“Erm, I think I know why he came back,” George chuckles, a sheepish smile spreading across his face.
(Y/n) looks over at George, lips pouting in confusion. Only when her eyes land on the object that he is holding does she understand.
“He left his wallet.”
Okay the ending is pretty bad, sorry 🥲
Guidelines For Requests (open)
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yogirl-willow · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
POV: Your favorite HP boys wake you up in the morning the only way they know how… with all of them on top of you 😩✊🏼
I call this one The Dogpile of Simps 😂 Features 2 variations. Remus, Sirius, George, Fred, and Charlie/Bill! Made it into Desktop and iPhone wallpapers too. Not too sure if I should make more versions of the OC at the bottom. If ever, what variations would you like to see?
Also just want to point out how I did not expect Bill to look so goddamn sexy he look like he wanna spank 🤧
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saintlike78 · 3 months ago
I hate you [F.W.]
A/N: I love me some good enemies to lovers, and I saw this concept in a Tiktok once and it’s been stuck in my head ever since.
Pairings: Fred Weasley x fem! Gryffindor prefect reader
Summary: You and Fred hate each other – but do you really? You come back to the common room one night all beat and bloody, and your true feelings come out. "Y/l/n" means "Your last name".
Words: 3.9k
Warnings: Slight angst to fluff, enemies to lovers, Fred being stupid, mean comments, mentions of blood and bruises, crying, fluff at the end. As always lmk if I missed anything.
Tumblr media
“Out of my way, Weasley,” a scowl decorated your face as you tried to push past the annoyingly tall ginger and his less annoying twin who were taking up half the doorway out of the common room.
“And good morning to you too, princess, did you sleep well?” he smirked, all you wanted was to slap the sly smirk off his face or just make him disappear completely - the last option intriguing you more than you’d like to admit.
“Move and stop bothering me,” you pushed his chest for him to move, which he did, but because it’s Fred he didn’t do so without dramatically clutching his stomach and falling into George.
Your eyes made a full rotation, a displeased huff was the last they heard before you were out the door.
“You could cut the sexual tension with a knife,” George smirked knowingly as Fred found his footing again, but he just scoffed at his words.
“You’re delusional, Georgie, y/l/n is the most annoying, stuck up person in the whole of Hogwarts, she’s just fun to mess with,” Fred crossed his arms over his chest, annoyed that his own brother could even think that he could have a thing for you… you were annoying and rude, and attractive… no, maybe, just a little; Fred shook his head at the thought, his mind set - you were just annoying.
“She really only acts that way in front of you, you know, from what I’ve gathered she’s pretty nice… you could’ve just apologized after that accident,” George spoke hesitantly, but Fred just shook his head once more.
“Come on, let’s go get breakfast, we have a lot on our “agenda”.”
Your problem with Fred had started your second year of Hogwarts, before then you had no relation with him or George, just hearing the stories or seeing them in the common room briefly, no doubt planning pranks.
A prank that they tried to pull on a Slytherin from your potions class had misfired and unfortunately made you the unsuspecting victim; your work, school satchel which was carrying a week’s worth of finished homework, and uniform completely ruined.
Instead of apologizing, Fred had just laughed, not even caring that their prank had hit a fellow Gryffindor instead of a Slytherin. You had left the class so none of your classmates could see you cry, the tears streaming down your face as you angrily made your way back to your dorm to change and restart all your homework.
All you wanted was an apology, but you never got one, all you got was more pranks targeting you; it was as if the first prank opened Fred’s eyes to the possibility of annoying you specifically.
To say you were well annoyed by him was an understatement and you tried ever since then to avoid him, which was much harder being in the same house as him.
Making their way into the Great Hall, Fred quickly spotted you at the long table, you were conversing gently with some of your friends, a smile on your face, one he didn’t often see. He subconsciously sat himself down at a spot where he would be able to look at you with nothing blocking his view, to which George just smirked knowingly, but kept his mouth shut.
Throughout breakfast Fred kept stealing glances your way, as he always did, looking at the way you laughed, the gentleness in your eyes, he felt calm looking at you - not that he’d ever admit that.
You felt his stare, but when your eyes landed on his, Fred quickly picked up a piece of toast and chugged it your way, hitting you square in the face, a loud laugh following.
You stood from your seat, your face red and hot as you stared daggers into his laughing visage.
“What the hell, Weasley! Godric, you’re so immature, why don’t you grow up?!” You yelled across the table, your finger wagging as you pointed at him, the conversation at the table ceasing, all eyes looking between you and Fred.
“Why can’t you just learn to take a joke, y/l/n?” he said with a scoff, crossing his arms as he stood himself.
“I’ll take a joke when you make an actual funny one! The only joke here is you!” you got out from behind the bench, your legs moving you fast towards the exit, your fellow students jaw on the floor as they followed the drama as if it was a soap opera.
“Oh, that’s rich,” Fred got out as well, following you out of the door, “you’re just too stuck up to actually appreciate comedy.”
You let out a humourless laugh, stopping your angry pacing to face him, his own pace coming to a halt in front of you.
You pointed your finger poking it into his chest, “you are a self-centred, egotistical narcissist! You’re horrible…,” your voice turned to a whisper, “I hate you.”
He was taken aback, trying his hardest to not let show how much your words hurt, but instead, he leaned down to look in your eyes, “well, princess, I hate you too.”
You just frowned, turning your back to him, and headed towards class without another word. You knew that you were the first to say it, but you didn’t mean it and it stung deep within you to hear it said back to you.
You were so confused, and so was he; he stared at your figure as it grew smaller the further away from him you got, a long shaky breath escaping him as he went back to join George for their first class of the day.
“Wow, you’re really good at this, y/n,” the sweet voice of Daniel said from beside you, as you chuckled at his compliment.
Daniel was one of the, - or actually the only, nice Slytherin boy you’d meet in all your years at Hogwarts, and he just so happened to be your potions partner this week, your last class of the day suddenly less dull.
“Says you, you’re like a potions master!” You joked, jabbing his side as he took over stirring the potion you were working on, giving you an amused smile.
You talked quietly amongst yourselves, Daniel was a good friend, and he was pleasant to be around.
Your peace was stolen from you as quickly as you had gotten it; a Slytherin girl and her friends approaching your workstation, her disruption “unnoticed” by Professor Snape.
She, not so subtlety, merged her way in between yourself and Daniel, twisting her hair as she looked up at him.
“Hey, Dan,” her smile was sickly sweet, completely ignoring your presence even though you were practically breathing at the side of her head.
“Are we still hanging out later,” you rolled your eyes at her interruption and how she wanted to make it a point to inform you of their plans, even though all yours and Daniel’s relationship was was friendly.
“Yeah, sure,” he smiled making a pleased look appear on her smug-looking face, “I’ll be right back, I need to get more lavender for our potion,” Daniel pointed at the cauldron while looking at you, giving you a quick nod before he was off to find the ingredient.
Your presence was finally acknowledged by the girl, her face turning to look at you with a scowl.
“I would appreciate it if you left my boyfriend alone,” she snapped, her arms folded over her chest.
Your eyebrow lifted, confusion clear on your face, “Uhm, we’re potions partners, I’m not sure what you want me to do about that… I’m not trying to steal your boyfriend or anything, it’s just a partners assignment.”
You couldn’t understand why she was angry, your argument completely logical, but flying straight over her head as her scowl deepened.
“You’re standing too close to him, you’re practically throwing yourself at him… ugh I don’t want to talk to you anymore… just leave him alone or you’re going to regret it,” an angry breath left her lips, her voice turning to a whisper as she noticed Daniel returning. She huffed before flipping her hair and walking off, but not without eyeing you down with an angry look.
You let out a breath but put on a smile as Daniel placed the ingredient by your hand.
“So, let’s continue,” your hands clapped together, trying to push past the somewhat threatening encounter you’d just had.
Your feet ached slightly as you made your way up towards Gryffindor tower, your prefect rounds finished for the night.
You were tired, yet you were mentally preparing yourself to see Fred in the common room - he was always there; no matter how late you got back, he was sat on the couch or around a table working on some prank item, often alone and you never understood why.
As predicted, Fred was sat on the couch, fiddling with some trinket, possibly an item that would annoy you dearly.
His head turned at the sound of you entering, your eyes briefly meeting, but just as quick your focus was in front of you, hurrying up the stairs and into your prefect’s dorm.
As soon as your door was closed, Fred let out a breath and packed up his things before heading to bed himself.
He let out a groan as his back hit his mattress, snuggling under the blankets, trying to get comfortable, not even worried that he was disturbing George and Lee.
George turned, smirking sleepily even though Fred couldn’t see him.
“Did y/n make it back safely?” he teased, very much aware of the reason for Fred’s late nights, even if Fred wasn’t completely aware himself.
Fred just rolled his eyes, “shut up,” he muttered before turning and shutting his eyes.
You thought your day would be good; you had had a peaceful day of classes, then studied for your potions test with Daniel (with an interruption from his displeased girlfriend, but she was quickly forgotten again).
You had hardly seen Fred, due to the harsh words spoken from both of you the day prior; it felt off to not see him or be annoyed by him, but you shrugged it off - you were glad to be rid of him, you tried telling yourself.
The last thing to do was your prefect rounds, which was hardly a challenge, the children of Hogwarts were hardly ones to be energetic enough to be out past curfew - all except the Weasley twins of course.
Your shoe-clad feet trudged down the quiet hallways and corridors, the sound of snoring portraits filling the peaceful night.
Your ears perked up when you suddenly heard not one set of shoes heading your way, but a whole group. Your initial thought was that it was a professor on their nightly shift as well, but the amount of people coming your way was a clear indication that it wasn’t.
The noises drew closer, hushed voices accompanying the footsteps. You suddenly spotted Daniel’s girlfriend with five other Slytherin girls in tow, a mischievous smirk on each of their faces.
“Ah, just the person we were looking for,” you drew your wand, knowing you were overpowered, but one of the other girls was quicker, your wand flying out of your hand and landing on the floor by their feet.
“You’re out past curfew, I’m obligated to take house points,” your breathing was shaky as you looked at them, they looked threatening - even more now that you were unarmed.
“That won’t be necessary,” Daniel’s girlfriend, Sophie, said whilst picking at her nails. “I told you to stay away from Daniel and yet I still see you with him in the library.”
You forced yourself to not roll your eyes, her jealousy completely insane, “it was school-related! We don’t choose our own potions partners and you know that you’re in the same class,” your argued trying to turn to make a run for it, but you didn’t make it far before you were hit by ‘incarcerous’, your body falling forward and landing hard on the stone floor with a ‘thump’.
“But studying in the library isn’t mandatory,” she smirked, all of them making their way to you, circling you as you laid bound on the floor.
You just ducked your head and waited for the impact, the first blow landing right in your stomach knocking all the air out of you.
You shakily picked up your wand, wincing at the pain of just bending down.
Your legs struggled to carry you the long way up to the Gryffindor common room, your steps slow as you limped your way up the stairs.
Bruises littered your body and face, blood dripped from your nose and a gash above your left eyebrow. All you wanted was to clean your wounds and go to sleep, hopefully, you could forget about this terrible night, though you doubt the bruises and cuts would be helpful.
After a long hike, you finally stepped through the portrait hole, the fat lady giving you a concerned look, but you waved her off quickly and entered, hopefully, you could make it up the stairs to your dorm without too much of a struggle.
As the couch came into view you remembered one very important variable, Fred Weasley, he was always there when you came back from rounds, and you cursed yourself for forgetting.
“Quite a late night for you, isn’t it y/l/n?” he smirked, his smug tone hitting you right in your chest.
Your recently dry eyes filling with tears again as the events of the night finally hit you.
A sob tore through your throat, “Freddie,” you whimpered as you stood by the arched doorway, the tears leaking out of your eyes.
The sound of your sob and the use of his nickname caused Fred to finally turn his head, the smug look on his face evaporating as soon as he saw the blood, bruises and tears, your figure crumbled and shaking.
“Oh Godric, y/n,” he quickly stood from the couch, his long legs carrying him to you in less than a couple of seconds, “who did this to you?”
He grabbed your face, careful not to touch your cuts or bruises, tilting it up so you were forced to look in his eyes.
His eyes were full of concern a frown pulling at his lips as he looked at your tired tear-filled eyes, your sobs not ceasing.
“Ple-ase, I w-wanna go to my room,” you hiccupped through your sentence, but he understood, nevertheless.
His things were long forgotten as he quickly, much to your surprise, picked you up causing your limbs to wrap around him, but the action caused a small whimper to leave your mouth at the pain.
“Sorry, princess, I’ll be quick,” he quickly ascended the stairs, holding you close to him as he tried to be as fast as possible. Your head fell onto his shoulder, your tears wetting his wool sweater.
Making his way into your prefect dorm, he shut the door quickly before setting you down on the bed, looking you over to make sure he hadn’t hurt you more.
“Don’t move, I’ll clean you up,” his words were quick as he scurried into your bathroom, finding a cloth along with Band-Aids and the proper elements to clean your wounds.
Fred’s arms were full, carrying all the things he deemed necessary to make sure you would be completely fine.
He placed them beside you on the bed before urging you to stand up, which you did, barely by yourself as Fred wouldn’t let you go completely.
“I’m going to remove some of your clothes now, is that okay, darling?” His voice was quiet, he was bursting with need to help you but wanted to make sure you were 100% comfortable with him helping you before he even thought of doing anything.
You nodded, not finding your voice strong enough to answer verbally.
Fred nodded to himself at your given consent as he helped you rid yourself of your robe, quickly undoing the buttons on your blood-stained shirt and accessing the damage.
He saw all the forming bruises, his stomach twisting in anger, wanting nothing more than to hex the living daylights out of whoever did this to you.
There was no blood to clean on your upper body and he still needed to cover you up, your bra being the only thing shrilling your bare figure from his concerned gaze.
He pulled off his sweater, turning your back to him so he could unclasp your bra and toss it aside, purposely angling you so he couldn’t see anything, wanting to spare your dignity. Fred then helped his sweater over your head, making sure it didn’t rub against your face or press on any of your bruises. You inhaled, your nose filling with the scent of cologne, fireworks and cinnamon, the scent calming your racing mind.
He turned your body back, aiding you to sit on the bed once more before kneeling in front of you, using the items to clean the blood off of your face and fix your wounds.
You winced, eyes closing as pain bled through your face, but you kept your mouth shut, knowing that your whining wouldn’t help.
“There we go, almost done, darling,” Fred worked as fast as he could without hurting you too much and be thorough.
You nodded, keeping your eyes closed, your face scrunching up, waiting for him to be finished.
After having cleaned everything, he removed your shoes and socks, tossing them aside before standing again, leaning down to kiss your forehead.
“You did so good, my good girl, but now you have to sleep, tomorrow I’ll bring you a new cream George and I have been working on to get rid of those pesky bruises,” he helped you up the bed and under the covers, making sure you were comfortable before he very hesitantly headed for the door.
A whine left your lips, one hand reaching out for him, “no, please stay with me.”
His heart ached at how broken and hoarse your voice sounded; he wouldn’t be able to leave you even if he wanted to.
His feet carried his body back to your bed, crawling under the covers you had lifted for him and got comfortable before gently pulling your body close to his, almost laying you on top of him.
He noted the sigh that left your lips, the way your body relaxed against his, snuggling closer to him as if you hadn’t yelled that you hated each other just the day before.
For Fred it was as if everything finally clicked into place, your body fit so perfectly against his, it was as if he’d found the missing piece; he couldn’t believe how many years he had spent tormenting you when all he needed was for you to be close to him.
There was a comfortable silence floating around the room, leaving you unable to fall completely asleep, you were too focused listening to Fred’s steady heartbeat and breathing, his arms snugly around you.
“I’m sorry,” Fred’s whispered voice broke the silence, your eyes snapping open and angling your head to look at his face, his eyes staring right back at you.
“For what?” You already knew the answer, yet you weren’t certain, you wanted to hear the words from him.
“For everything… for the first prank and all those that followed, all I wanted was to see you smile at me, I was just too stupid to do it properly, - I don’t hate you,” his eyes stared into yours, making sure that you knew that everything he said was true and that he meant every word.
“I don’t hate you either… I was just angry and upset… thank you for the apology,” Fred thought he could die of happiness when your lips finally turned up into a gentle smile, a smile for him and only him.
He placed a gentle hand on your cheek, his smile replaced by a frown as he looked over the forming bruise around your eye, his mind listing all the things he would do to whoever caused this.
You leaned further into his touch, raising an eyebrow at his frowning face, using your thumb to smooth out the crease between his brows.
“What are you thinking about?” you asked, his eyes refocusing on you after having zoned out in thought, a serious look on his face.
“Are you going to tell me who did this to you?” his touch on your cheek was still gentle but was now also a way to keep your gaze on him.
The way he looked at you let you know that he wasn’t going to let it go and that he expected an answer, a sigh of defeat leaving your lips.
“You know my potions partner?”
“Daniel,” Fred answered way too quick, which he realized, a bashful expression overtook his face.
“Uhm, yeah, Daniel… well, he has a girlfriend who has some jealousy issues and she wanted me to stay away from him, I think she got her point across,” you tried joking to lighten the mood, but Fred was silently fuming, he was using all his self-control from going to grab George and head down to the Slytherin common room to find a certain girl to hex.
“Don’t worry, I’m okay now… thanks to you,” you cradled his cheek with one hand, trying to put him at ease, which it mostly did; his eyes closed as he leaned into your touch, a frown still prominent on his face.
You decided to try something that you’d subconsciously wanted to for many years and now had been craving for most of the time spent with him; slowly you moved a little more up before you put your lips on his, letting your body rest against his.
It took him less than a second to kiss back, his arms around you keeping you close to him as your mouths moved against each other.
The kiss was passionate yet slow, yet it held so much emotion - all the years of frustration pent up and let out through to one another.
His tongue snuck into your mouth to prolonging the kiss, none of you wanted it to end even though you were losing oxygen.
Finally, you pulled apart, your lungs straining too much to ignore; your forehead rested against his as you both took deep breaths.
“You’re so beautiful,” Fred breathed, staring into your eyes, “I’ll spend every day proving to you how sorry I am and make that girl wish she could leave Hogwarts.”
An amused grin decorated your face, “as long as you’re not such a sap every day,” you giggled as you quickly pecked his lips. As you pulled back you saw how his own face was now equipped with a smirk, a small laugh leaving his mouth.
“You’re a little jokester aren’t you, princess?”
You giggled again, burying your face in the crook of his neck, causing Fred to laugh again.
“Get some sleep now, darling,” he whispered when you let out a yawn, a smile on your tired face.
“Only if you’re here when I wake up.”
“I’ll always be here,” he promised, which was enough confirmation for you to finally let sleep overtake you.
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Y/N: can I invite friends over?
McGonagall: as long as it’s not the Weasley twins...
Y/N: come on!
Y/N: I finished all my homework and passed my charms exam
McGonagall: why are you trying to invite them to detention anyway?
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expelliarweasley · a month ago
a little more | george weasley smut
Tumblr media
pairing: george weasley x fem!reader warnings: it's smut. hehe. innocence kink, dom!george, GEORGE WEASLEY. prompt: "your moans sound so fucking hot and all I did was just squeeze your ass" "does this means you'll scream my name later?"
a/n: sequel to for what it's worth. 🥳 again, all of my smuts that are situated in hogwarts are set in fifth year and hogwarts education started at 14 years old.
summary: to say that y/n wanted more of what george had given her the last time they were together was an understatement. i mean, nothing could go wrong with wanting a bit more, right?
Y/N was high. Well, high on sex and George Weasley. To say that Y/N wanted more was an understatement, especially if the actions alone were what consumed her mind every fleeting second. She just couldn't help it; one day she was cursing George out of annoyance, then on the next she was cursing him because he was pleasing her to a mind-blowing orgasm that she was always ashamed of admitting indirectly to George the next day when they passed by each other by the halls.
It was something that had started to grow on her. And while the sex (although they were not in that stage yet) was already more than satisfactory, she can't help but see the ginger lad in a different light. As much as she wants to hate him with every fibre of her body, she just couldn't.
Not when George takes care of her after. Not when George looks at her delicately even though his mouth and hands had been doing such sinful acts that his rather soft facade had been hiding for Merlin knows how long.
Y/N likes George Weasley. There, she admits it. At the very least, to herself. The swelling of her heart was something that couldn't be just ignored; and the fact of even giving her virginity to George had passed her thoughts once in a while had been much more of a confirmation than not.
The trust that she had inadvertently given George was something the both parties did not expect. And while it was still not verbally discussed, Y/N and George knew. George knew how much big of a deal this is, and he is willing to do everything just to give her adoration and - of course, the greatest sex of her life.
But George, being George, who may have acted out of his denial about his feelings to Y/N, had of course acted in such rational manner – keep Y/N at arm's length, even though it pained him because he knows doing so gives such a wide array of opportunities for other men and women to fall for her and steal her from him.
Clearly, they were on the same page – emotions, and idiocy-wise. Until it was all too unbearable for Y/N, because she wanted more. Hell, she needed more. And Y/N, being a "competitive lass" as George would describe her, she would get that. No matter how it takes.
But what takes Y/N so long in trying to knock the door to the shared dormitory of Fred, Lee, and George? Nerves, perhaps? She couldn't quite place a finger on it. Now, while knocking on the door may seem a bit easier, verbalising what she had been thinking of these past months was another thing.
Alas, her thoughts halted and nerves increased as the door of the dormitory opened and lo, and behold, George was standing in front of her. Her throat running dry in an instant, seeing how he exuded a glow that she was positive that only he could muster.
"Oh, Y/N!" he smirked, folding his arms over his chest and leaning on the doorframe. "Fancy seeing you here on a fine, Saturday afternoon. To whom do I owe the pleasure?"
Y/N rolled her eyes, "Are Fred and Lee there?"
George raised his eyebrows, laughing slightly at what Y/N had asked him. "Don't worry, Y/N," he says, pausing to look behind her to see if anyone can see him pulling Y/N towards his bed.
"I'm all alone, I'm all yours." He says before pulling her over his body, lips attaching on her jaw as he left open-mouthed kisses as his hands raked over her sides, squeezing her arse as he bit on her collarbones.
Y/N's moans were music to George's ears, "Your moans sound so fucking hot and all I did was just squeeze your ass," he chuckled, thumb pushing down on her chin to meet his eyes, "Does this means you'll scream my name later?" he teases, licking her jaw downwards to where the slight purple bruise had been forming on her collarbone from just a awhile ago.
He took Y/N's moments of bliss as his opportunity to flip them both, now pinning Y/N on the bed. "So beautiful," he murmured, trying his best not to kiss her. It was an unspoken rule, George, even though he had been the first to initiate this whole intimate aspect of their so-called acquaintance, had never pushed her in boundaries. His respect for Y/N was astounding, and Y/N admires him for that.
That is why, George just kisses every inch of her skin, hoping that Y/N gets the meaning behind every tender kiss. Just like how George instantly kisses the valley of her breast when he had successfully taken her top off, taking his time in each breast. Right arm leaning on the bed for support of his body as his left went to take hold of Y/N's right breast. Alternating between squeezing the flesh and pinching her nipple, his mouth was simultaneously sucking and licking her right breast, relishing in the squeals and breathy moans coming from her mouth.
"Fucking hell, Georgie, feels –" she pauses to arch her back to George's touch, toes curling in such little action, "So good." she finishes, teeth biting harshly on her lower lip.
George smiled, switching his hands, now moving his mouth to suck now on the left breast, giving the same and equal attention he had given to the right breast. At this moment, Y/N had noticed George begging to dry hump her through her trousers. And Y/N, feeling bold as ever, had let her hand travel to George's crotch, cupping him where he's rock hard.
The ginger groaned in shock, halting his action to look at the hand between them. "One bloody daring blossom, you are," he smirked, eyes rolling back suddenly as he felt her hands rubbing him through his trousers. "Didn't even need my orders, just did it on instinct," he moaned, hips thrusting to her hands as he went back to sucking her breasts but now faster.
His hands went to Y/N's trousers that was sure was tighter on her than normal. While he liked how Y/N looked in those, he sure as hell was annoyed how he took extra time in pulling it down. He looked down and unbuttoned her trousers, and in such animalistic manner, he swiftly pulled it down and his hand immediately cupped her sex, Y/N halting her action on George's clothed cock in an instant to let out a moan.
George groaned, "Would you look at that, all wet. This for me, baby?" he asked, voice almost velvety.
Y/N nodded, "You, just for you, Georgie,"
He smiled, "Glad to know, I wouldn't be doing this if it weren't." And in an instant, her underwear was pushed to the side and was immediately filled by two of George's fingers, causing Y/N to squeal in return.
George went from scissoring to curling his fingers to hit her g-spot, which made Y/N moaning his name in long drawls and cry out of pleasure. And as Y/N arched her back towards him, George leaned on his left elbow, as his left arm wrangled around her body to support her on her back, then leaning forward to lick her neck. His left hand squeezing her left breast as his right hand had opened her in such ways Y/N knew only George could do.
"That's it, that's it, flower." George cooed, quickening his pace and then bringing his thumb to her clit for him to rub as Y/N lightly jolts in pleasure. Y/N's eyes almost rolled back at the back of her head in immense euphoria, strings of cuss words and George's name were all that tumbled out of her mouth. She held on for dear life on George's shoulder, and as she felt the familiar knot in her stomach, she knew she would be coming any moment.
George knew as well, that's why he continued his actions and increased his ministrations. Pulling away from her neck to watch her face lost in bliss, he had inserted another finger in her tight pussy, groaning as he feels her walls clenching around her finger.
"Gods, you feel so amazing," he groaned, "You're close, love? Gonna come? Gonna come for Georgie?" he asked, to which Y/N had nodded vigorously. "Then come, love. Come for Georgie."
And Y/N, just like the first time, came so hard that George had felt his pre-cum leaking through his boxers. He had only waited for awhile for Y/N to come down from her high until he pushed himself down to her pussy, ready to use his mouth now to eat her out.
"Mm," he hummed, collecting the cum that spilled out of her sensitive pussy with his index finger, "Look at me." he ordered, and once meeting her eyes, he sensually licked his finger clean, savouring in the taste that he would never get tired from. "Taste so lovely, never gonna get tired of it."
"Gonna clean you, yeah?"
Y/N was about to nod her head in approval until she remembered why she went to George's dormitory in the first place. To take her, to take her completely.
And just as George went to push his head down to her cunt, Y/N had already took a hold of his left hand to halt him. "Wait," she breathed.
George raised an eyebrow at her, and went to kiss their intertwined hands. "Yes, darling? Are you alright? Should we stop?"
"N-no, it's just that –"
She was almost lost in the way George looked at her, and while her head collected words and sentences for her to say what she wanted the most, she was also partly distracted by his lips kissing her knuckles.
"George, I'm ready."
The lad froze. Eyes widening as his grip on her hand loosened a bit, heart thumping faster at what he heard from Y/N.
"I want you, I want all of you. George, just, please." she whispered, squeezing his hand to take George out of his trance.
"Baby," he started, "are you sure?"
"Give me more, Georgie."
That was all George needed for him to push himself up from his position to take a hold of her jaw to kiss her in such passion untold. It was messy, yet so passionate. It was as if George was telling her that he loved her, well, it is what George is trying to imply. It was the first time they kissed during sex, that is. And he had withheld from this so much that his heart almost felt like exploding when he finally felt her lips on his.
"I -" he paused to take a breath, overwhelmed with what's happening. He took a moment to push his trousers down along with his pants. Y/N looked at the dick in his left hand as George pumps it twice or thrice.
He positioned himself over Y/N in missionary, and before pushing his pulsing cock to Y/N's dripping pussy, he took one look at Y/N, "I love you," he whispered almost inaudible. And George's heart almost swells in delight as he heard a faint, "I love you, George," back as he finally pushed his cock inside of her.
Y/N winced at the new sensation, hand tightening around George's strong grip on her right hand. Tears started to form around her eyes, "It hurts," she said the first few moments.
"I'm here, just breathe," he says as he kisses the tears on her cheeks away. "I'll wait, whenever you're ready."
It took a couple of minutes before Y/N had felt fully adjusted. George just admiring her ethereal beauty, pecking her lips once in a while as his left hand went through her hair to push the strands away from her face. Y/N took a hold of his left hand and squeezed it, "Go on, George."
"You – ah, taking me so fucking well, Y/N. Bloody hell," he groaned, looking down to see half of his dick inside of her. He looked at Y/N, who had her eyes squealed shut at the new feeling, he pulled back only to push his cock deep inside her, and Y/N, instead of crying, had moaned his name in such drawl.
"Merlin, flower," he said in between thrusts, "You feel amazing, you're taking me so well, so bloody well."
All George received in return was a mantra of his name as he thrusted deep inside of her, he positioned in a way that he was kneeling on the bed. He ran his hands below her thighs and placed her ankles on his shoulder, enabling him to go deeper as if it was humanly possible.
"Faster, George – gods, fuck! Let me cum, let me fucking cum, please." Y/N pleaded, hands on her breasts for her to play as George's hand gripped on for dear life on her ankles, and then leaning down on the bed, the tip of his cock hitting her g-spot which makes her arch so badly to him.
"George, ah –" she was cut off by her own sinful moans, which seemed to push George more as he increased the intensity of his thrust every after one. "That's it, love, be a good girl for me, gonna come, that fast, already?
"Yes, George, fuck! Not gonna - last!" Y/N responded in between breaths.
"Then fucking cum."
"Gods, I love you, I love you, I love you, I - oh!" Y/N said as she finally snaps and sooner enough, George comes as well with his own declarations of love and a mutter of curses and adoration.
They stayed in that position for awhile. And when George moved to pull himself out, both of them hissing at the sensitivity. He went to his bedside table to get a cloth, to clean Y/N first before himself. The next, Y/N's limp body was carried to the dormitory's bathroom, for him to place her down on the loo.
George went out of the bathroom to retrieve new clothes for the both of them. He wore his pyjamas, still topless, and made his way to the bathroom to face the truth of their relationship, now that vulnerability had been exchanged.
He kneeled down in front of Y/N, pushing strands away from her face. He kissed her forehead, hand still on her cheek, as Y/N leaned on his touch. "Thank you, I love you," he said.
"I love you, too."
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ko-ro-lrezni · 11 months ago
✨ harry potter characters as john mulaney quotes because pinterest keeps throwing them at me and i’m not sad about it ✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fred and george
Tumblr media
ernie macmillan
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
in summary i’d die for him ✨✨✨
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potter-imagines · a year ago
Left Waiting at The Three Broomsticks (Fred Weasley x Read)
Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader
Request: Hi! I was wondering if I could have a Fred Weasley imagine where he pisses off his gf somehow and so she gives him the silent treatment and only talks to literally everyone (including George) but him so he gets all jealous and pouty lol. Eventually he gets her to start talking to him again and then it’s all fluff etc. Hopefully this wasn’t a confusing request! Thank you!! :)
Warning: Tiny bit of sexual content towards the end, little bit of swearing, kinda angst at the beginning ?? and a lil towards the end ?? I think that's all, a lot of fluff scattered about
Word Count: 9.5k (I am so sorry I got carried away)
Two hours. Y/n had spent two hours waiting for him. Two stupid hours on a Saturday night that she could have spent elsewhere making something productive of her day but no. The last two hours Y/n had been seated in a small booth in the corner of The Three Broomsticks waiting patiently for her boyfriend, Fred Weasley.
The thing that infuriated her the most was that it was his idea in the first place! Originally, the couple had planned a stay-in date in her dorm room for the night before, Friday, but other plans came up. Fred got tangled up in a prank with George that had landed him in detention with Snape for the night. Yes, it annoyed her but what could she do? It wasn’t like Snape would excuse Fred because she tells him they have a date. If anything, Snape would hold him back longer.
When Fred and George were finally dismissed, it was nearly eleven at night and Fred was sprinting down through the dungeons to the common room. Their arrangement was for eight and he was praying to anyone listening above that she was still awake, but not furious at him.
Skipping up the transporting stairs, Fred basically shouted the secret password at the Fat Lady making her narrow her eyes at him. She swung open, not without muttering about how rude he was, and Fred jumped inside. Ten or so students were scattered around the common room, chatting amongst themselves. Hermione, Ron and Harry sat around the couch near the grand fireplace. They sent Fred a wave, which he frantically returned. The golden trio watched in curiosity as Fred darted up the stairs of the girl’s dormitory.
Hermione looked back to the group and asked,
“Wonder what that’s about- he seemed in a hurry.”
“Heard him and George got detention. They put stink-bombs in the Slytherin common room! Heard it stained some of the furniture maroon!” Ron chuckled at his brother’s antics then resumed his debate with Harry over their thoughts on the Quidditch World Cup happening every four years. Harry tried to explain the concept of the Olympics to Ron, but Ron was too focused on how amazing it would be for the World Cup to happen each year. Hermione went back to her studies, blocking out the mindless bickering of the boys.
Above the common room, Fred Weasley was scurrying to his girlfriend’s dorm room. He hoped Angelina and Alicia were out so he could be alone with her. Their time spent together had been oddly less than usual the last few weeks. Fred had no change of heart- actually, he found himself falling more in love with her every day, but their final year at Hogwarts was creeping up from the woods and he was working on a dream career behind the scenes with George that was eating up his time with her. He had shared this idea with her before- but it was just an idea then. Fred and George planned on putting their dreams to action once they finished up the next year. He wanted her to come- George did as well, but he didn’t want to mention it until it was a reality.
Reaching his destination Fred took a second to compose himself. A thin line of sweat was forming near his forehead. This was the first chance he had to take a breather since detention ended. Fixing his dark robes Fred knocked against the door, quiet enough not to startle her but loud enough to hear.
“Y/n… Y/n… love, are you awake? It’s Fred-“
Abruptly, the heavy wooden door cracked open and a weary looking girl poked her head out into the quietness.
“Darling, did I wake you up? I’m so sorry.” Fred stepped forward and wrapped the girl in a tight embrace. Y/n’s head fell against his chest out of instincts. His arms fastened around her waist as he invited himself in the room, slowly walking her back.
“Here, go back to bed, love. You look exhausted.” Fred led the sluggish girl to her familiar bed. Throwing back the covers, he readjusted her pillows so there would be room for him to fit as well. Fred then walked back to Y/n and took her hand softly. Kissing the back of her hand, Fred helped Y/n get into bed then slipped in beside her. His arms snaked around her body without thought. The naturalness of holding her in his arms made Fred feel confident in his dreams of starting a future with her. All the tension in his body collapsed when she leaned into his frame. Fred held her close and kissed the side of her cheek lovingly.
“I’m sorry about detention tonight but I promise I’ll take you out Saturday, alright? We can have a date at Hogsmeade and spend the night together, does that sound nice?”
The sleepy witch gave a tired mumble and nodded her head. She was cuddled under a stack of blankets, wearing Fred’s sweatshirt which made him smile. He’d usually crack a joke at this and tease her but, she was already asleep when he looked back to her. Fred couldn’t help but stare at her for a while. There was never a moment that went by where Fred didn’t think of Y/n as anything other than beautiful but in these moments, she looked ethereal.
Moonlight poured in from the open window and splashed across her s/c cheeks. Her hair was sprawled against the white pillowcase. Fred smiled at the sound of her light snores. Fred wouldn’t leave until he was sure she was deep asleep. It was their thing. She hated going to bed without him there.
“Okay, I love you, Y/n. Get some sleep, angel.” Fred whispered.
He pecked her forehead, then kissed her lips gently. Removing the covers, Fred tucked them back into Y/n so she could keep warm. He closed the open window then tip toed out of the room. Instead of rejoining his friends, Fred decided to head to his room. He felt too guilty for missing out on their plans to go have his own fun. Anyways he did have a Potions paper coming up and if he was going to spend the day with you Saturday, he surely wouldn’t be doing any homework.
So, the plan was confirmed the next morning, Friday. Y/n ran into Fred on her way to breakfast and they discussed where they’d meet and a time. They ate breakfast together, walked to class, then headed in different directions when six rolled around. Fred had a Quidditch match and she had a group project, so they didn’t cross paths for the rest of the night. Even though he refused to admit it, Fred absolutely hated when Y/n missed one of his games. His favorite thing to do was search for her in the stands during each game and it made him sad not to see her smiling face standing out in the crowd. Y/n entered the common room around midnight and went straight for her bed. Gryffindor had lost so there wasn’t a single housemate sitting in the common room. She could only imagine how upset Fred must be, she’d be hearing about it tomorrow. Y/n giggled to herself at the recollection of Fred’s angry rants about his teammates to you in private. She basically crawled to her bed, dreaming about the handsome, goofy, witty twin that had captured her heart.
Which would bring us to Saturday night. Fred and Y/n had made specific plans; they were to meet at The Three Broomsticks at seven then hangout for a while and spend the rest of their night sneaking around the castle with the help of The Marauder’s Map. Fred had practice at six so he was planning on meeting up with the girl at the pub. Y/n expected him to be running late- it wouldn’t be Fred if he didn’t show up a good twenty minutes late.
Only Fred never showed up at seven thirty, not at eight, and by the time nine neared, he was still nowhere in sight. The Three Broomsticks would stay open for a few more hours but the thought of sitting there alone for any longer, jumping at the sound of the door every time it opened, it made Y/n feel less than sane.
Throwing a handful of coins on the table, Y/n thanked her server then exited through the front doors. The walk back to the castle wasn’t long but being with Fred made it a lot more amusing. He’d pick her flowers, give her piggy back rides, play games, race, and hold her hand the whole walk back.
This time, Y/n walked alone hugging the material of her raincoat to her chest. A light drizzle had been pouring on and off for most of the day. Earlier, it was perfectly bearable- hardly noticeable. Although the weather had only worsened as the night grew darker. Hard rain drops crashed against Y/n coat, cascading down her covered arms and bouncing to the wet ground. Her black boots were soaked. She could feel the water rising to her socks, one of her biggest hatreds. Wet socks.
The hood of her jacket only helped so much before the pelting raindrops started to seep to her hair. Typically, Y/n loved the rain. If Fred was here, they’d be dancing right now. But he wasn’t, she had no clue where he was and that was exactly what Y/n was headed to find out.
By the time Y/n made it back to the castle and up to the Gryffindor common room, it was past ten.
Much as Y/n had expected, the common room was lively with energy and conversations. Katie, Alicia, and Angelina were all sitting in a circle with Fred, George, Lee Jordan, Seamus, and Dean. A dark bottle of Dragon Barrel brandy and Daisyroot Draught were being passed amongst them. Y/n watched as Fred leaned into his brother’s side, obviously tipsy and slurring his words while he practically shouted to their friends who were only sitting feet away.
His frame twitched with every small hiccup he let out. The whole group was smiling, they were happy. Y/n wondered to herself if Fred even noticed that she wasn’t there. She wondered if he liked it more when she wasn’t there, they were having fun and although the group was also her friends, no one was interested enough to invite her. Biting on the tender skin of her bottom lip, Y/n bundled her fist to her sides. The anger refused to simmer, only continued to boil. Her dripping clothes weren’t helpful to her sour mood.
It wasn’t the fault of her friends, no, but they were bound to get caught in the crossfires. Fred was the one who left her waiting for hours on end. Her chest was tight- livid yet sad all at once. It was an aggravating feel, unfamiliar. Y/n hated the suffocation entering her drying throat. More than anything she longed to handle situations like these in an aloof fashion. The last thing wanted was to wear her emotions on her sleeve, but she couldn’t help it. Her head screamed ‘just go to bed, ignore him’ but her heart wanted to scream at him and let him know just how bad he had hurt her. Her breathing quickened, each inhale received a choppy exhale.
For the first time, Y/n decided not to join her friends or to even say a word to Fred about how he stood her up. She was sick of it- completely exhausted and drained from his lack of care and presences in their relationship the last few weeks. If he wanted her as bad as he claimed, he’d find a way to show it. And leaving her sitting alone in a noisy pub while he partied and drank with their friends, showed her the exact opposite of his words.
Diverting her leer from the inebriated group and studied the rest of the room, hearing voices near the sitting area. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville were all staring at Y/n in mixed judgement. Harry, Ron and Neville looked concerned by the appearance of Y/n. Hermione on the other hand, she was absolutely flabbergasted, Y/n could see the pity written on her face. You had mentioned having a date night with Fred in Hogsmeade to the four the night before. Harry had invited Y/n to hangout with them and visit Hagrid, but she politely declined and informed them about the special night Fred had planned for them.
Harry and Hermione stood up at the same time ready to comfort the teary-eyed girl. They motioned her over but just as she started towards them, Angelina Johnson noticed her friend who had been absent for most of the night. Setting the bottle of brandy down, Angelina wobbled up to her feet and smiled giddily,
“Y/n! Come- come drink with us! I was wondering where you- why… why’re you all wet?”
As the words fell from her mouth, a crowd of eyes planted on Y/n. Her fists clenched, bone white knuckles visible, at her sides. Angelina scurried over to her friend and wrapped her in a tender hug. If the scenario had been different, she’d gladly join in the fun but there wasn’t an ounce in her body that desired a drink.
Y/n’s eyes found their way to the boy she had been longing for all night. Her lips quivered, the anger and sadness reaching it’s overpour. He looked so handsome, so happy, but it meant nothing to her.
Pulling back, Angelina squinted in confusion at Y/n. The lack of embrace given back had thrown her off. The group had been awaiting her arrival, no one was quite sure where she’d gone off to. Angelina scanned Y/n’s reddening face, noticing the emotions bubbling under the surface.
Moving away, the dark-skinned girl turned to her friends. No one else seemed to notice the offset of Y/n’s attitude.
“Angel, where have you been? I missed you!” Fred’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. Quickly standing up, he held his hand out to his girlfriend. Y/n shot a dangerous look to his outreach, then up to his face. Usually she’d find his toothy grin and childlike state loveable but for obvious reasons, it made her irate.
Stepping back, Y/n sternly scowled at Fred,
“Missed me? You’re the one who left me waiting all goddamn night, Fred Weasley.”
A part of Y/n felt guilty for forcing her friends to witness their unpleasant exchange. George was now to his feet standing behind Fred, just as lost as the group he had been sitting with. Despite the alcohol running in his veins, George could sense an argument budding by the second.
“Not like any of you really seemed to care where I was.” Y/n kicked herself for this cold statement.
Her friends weren’t at fault- not in the slightest. But everyone was at risk of becoming a victim to her fiery wrath. In actuality, it did hurt her a little that no one had gone searching for her. It had been hours! Tears welled in her eyes as she took in the reactions of the group. George took his arm off Alicia and nudged his twin.
“What- I don’t know what you’re talking ‘bout, love. I think you should have a drink and loosen up-“
Y/n couldn’t take it. She just couldn’t take it anymore. Scrunching her face, she used every bit of strength to force her salty tears to hide at bay. Although her emotions screamed to be heard and saw right through her façade. Sweeping her hand across her cheek, Y/n caught the stray tears that rolled down her rosy cheeks. Huffing all her emotions out at once, Y/n shook Fred away from her and hurried towards her room.
Fred stood appearing dumbfounded. He could only gawk in perplexity. Blame it on the alcohol, but Fred’s mind was drawing a blank when surveying her words. For most of the night, he was the one thinking she was leaving him waiting. No one else had a clue as to where she’d gone off to, so he assumed she was in the library or wanted some space.
“You’re an idiot, Fred.” Hermione’s sharp voice cut through the thick air. The happiness and drunken laughter was extinct. The girl’s shared an exchange, all confused as to what just happened. The glass bottles didn’t help clear their judgement. Dean and Seamus took small sips from the Daisyroot Draught. The tension was unbearable, it felt wrong for their friends to be a part of it.
George set a hand on Fred’s shoulder, pulling him back slightly. Leaning forward, George whispered to his twin,
“I reckon it’s best if we turn it in for the night.” Fred gave a tug of protest. His intoxicated fought against him though he knew he did something wrong and needed to find Y/n. In spite of his desire to chase after the girl, George couldn’t let him do that. It was obvious Fred had forgotten something and Y/n was more than upset. Sending his brother up to drunkenly apologize to his hurting girlfriend for a reason he can’t even recall, that was a recipe for disaster and would only cause a bigger mess.
“Fred, you’re going to bed. You’re too drunk to talk to Y/n right now, okay? We’re going up the boy’s stairs, not the girls, okay? You two can talk in the morning, maybe you’ll remember where you fucked up tonight by then.”
Suddenly, Fred stop moving and let out a low groan,
“Oh shit… merlin’s sake, I fucked up, George. Oh my god- Hogsmeade… shit! I told her we’d meet at Hogsmeade and I forgot-“Fred whipped around in his discombobulated state. Everything clicked at once. Fred had been so concentrated on Quidditch that once practice had wrapped up, his exhausted body dragged him back to the common room out of muscle memory. It was his typical routine; Quidditch practice, head back to his dorm, shower, change, eat, work on some possible products with George, then hangout with his friends. How could he be so neglectful?
George sent his brother a comforting look then grabbed him by the shoulders, helping aid him up the winding staircase. It came as a shock to him that Fred had forgotten about their date. All he spoke about was Y/n, it was a rare occurrence for the couple to
“So that’s where she’s been all night?” George pushed open the door to their room, looking to his twin sternly. Fred had most of his weight piled on George, trying his hardest to remain upright. Lee had decided to stay back, allowing the brothers a chance to talk.
George helped his frantic twin in the dark room, then gave him a light push towards his bed. Fred plopped down, burying his face in the fluffy pillow. Pulling off his jumper, George threw the large maroon comforter over Fred’s tall frame while he wailed,
“I’m a terrible boyfriend. I planned the bloody date too! I left her-“
“How ‘bout you get some rest? You can find her in the morning and apologize to her and… hope for the best. It’ll give you more time to think of a way to make it up to her. You’re just a rambling mess right now.” The alcohol was not wearing George down. He had been on an adrenaline high since his second shot. This was the first moment of the night where he had stepped back. His tiresome hands rubbed against his face as he made his way to his bed and collapsed on it.
Fred was still moaning on, the sound of his drunken voice making it harder for George to fight back the urge to sleep,
“She’s gonna dump my sorry ass-“
“Go to bed, Fred. It’ll be okay.”
George let out a sigh of exhaustion. The twins had been best friends with Y/n since they were just children, new to Hogwarts and unfamiliar with the power of magic. It pained him to see his brother hurt, but it also hurt to see Y/n upset. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Turning his head, George let out a breathy chuckle at the sight of his twin passed out cold. The worry that dripped from his voice was now gone as he eased into his dreamland.
George wanted to scold him, knock him upside the head for skipping out on Y/n again. He cared a lot about her, she was basically a sister, a triplet to him. If Fred was gonna win her back, it wasn’t going to be easy, George knew this. Y/n was stubborn, and the twins had witnessed this first hand for years, it was a trait they loved, when not directed towards either of them.
As George’s head hit the pillow, all he could do was pray to Godrick that the morning would bring good news.
Sunday morning arrived much faster than Y/n had hoped. A bright, loud, light interrupted her sleep as the gears in her head started to turn. Her mind was groggy, the events of last night were foggy. Warm sunlight broke through the glass stained windows. Y/n wiped her eyes and slowly sat up. Her mouth was dry, screaming for a drink of water.
For a minute, she felt calm- happy almost. The room was half empty; Angelina’s bed was bare and Alicia laid in a star-fish position, a snore sounding from her mouth. The image made Y/n laugh.
Standing up, Y/n’s hands flew above her head as she stretched. She cracked her back, a morning ritual for the girl. Just as she reached for the knob of her dresser, a wave of recollection nearly knocked her off her feet.
Fred had stood her up, of course, how could she forget? The irritated skin under her eyes and nose suddenly made sense. Leaning against the wooden cabinet, Y/n huffed. It was times like these she wished she could crawl into bed and stay there for eternity. Nothing would get better though if she didn’t at least try to fix it.
As quick as the thought came, it had evaporated once more. Why did she have to be the one to put forth the effort to fix things? There was no use in fixing their relationship if Fred wasn’t willing to try too. More than try, Y/n thought. It took a piece of her when she came back to the castle just to see him drinking with their friends, not thinking a thought of her. She needed to see that he cared. His words held no value to her anymore, not until he could prove he meant what he said.
Y/n went through her morning routine like a snail, wanting to drag out her time. Eventually, she was fully dressed and ready for the day. She liked to take advantage of the days her school robes weren’t required. The cooling weather led her to a fuzzy black sweater, and light washed jeans. Sliding her delicate wand into her back pocket, Y/n exited the room and took the stairs down to the common room.
Approaching the bottom of the steps, Y/n could hear familiar voices exchanging hush words. She stepped into the room and was surprised to see the lack of students. The only ones present were sat one the long leather couch on the left half of the massive room. All of their gazes fell on Y/n.
Fred, George, Ron, Angelina, Harry and Hermione were all relaxing- well all of them except Fred. He on the other hand was frantic- disheveled. His knee bounced in anticipation. The clock was sneaking
“Oh, uh, hey Y/n!” Ron Weasley moved his hand side to side, waving to Y/n. The temptation to admire the handsome boy at his side leaped into her heart. Using every ounce of strength, Y/n trained her eyes on Ron, not allowing a single peek at Fred.
“Hey, Y/n/n!” The voice of Angelina brought a perk to Y/n’s head.
“Hi.” She greeted the younger Weasley and her close friend back, then headed for the portrait. Before she could make it half the distance, the tall figure of her boyfriend appeared.
“Angel, how did you sleep?” Fred was by her side in an instant. He was desperately trying to read her expression, testing the waters to see her mood. He had hardly slept, he spent most of the night thinking about this exact moment, when he’d have the chance to apologize and make it up to the girl he loved. “Can we please talk? I’m really sorry for last night, honestly, I am so so sorry, darling.”
Y/n stared at him, or rather, through him. It was like she didn’t see the tall wizard in front of her.
“I’m gonna go study, I’ll meet you with you guys later.”
“Y/n, love-“ His warm hand took hold of her of her own, an action she’d typically love. The familiar grasp sent a burst of comfort in her stomach, but she ignored it.
Wiggling out of his grip, the girl shot him a look of displeasure then rushed off. Hermione chased after her, no one else brave enough to step in. Besides, Hermione was one of her closest friends. Watching the younger girl follow after her roommate, Angelina walked after them. Fred stomped like a toddler having a tantrum as the portrait swung open then closed. He knew he had to do something- anything to get her to talk to him again, and that was his plan.
For a Sunday evening, the school library was relatively empty. A majority of the students occupying the tables were studying away for their O.W.L.S. The exams weren’t for another two months but hardly anyone dared to procrastinate until the last week before opening their books. The stress of the exams was enormous, but the students still had other classes to keep in mind.
Y/n Y/n/l and George Weasley were sitting across from on another at a study table. Three hefty textbooks were open as the two discussed their Potions paper. Y/n had been stuck on hers and George had yet to start so they decided to head to the library together and get it done.
Fred was usually right by their side, his hand wrapped around Y/n’s shoulders, but she neglected an invite for him. About an hour after their exchange in the common room, Y/n had apologized to each friend she had snapped on the night prior. They were understanding, clearly seeing where her frustrations had come for. They also felt bad as she was right, no one had even checked to see where she’d gone, and George especially felt terrible for not searching for his friend.
At least three hours had passed since the two Gryffindors started their study session. Y/n was sneaking up on her last two pages while George still had three left. They collaborated every few minutes, then returned to tranquil silence, scribbling away.
Y/n was in the middle of sharing her idea for the last section of her paper when George’s eyes brighten and he interrupted her,
“Fred, how nice of you to join us.”
Turning in her chair, Y/n found her boyfriend standing behind her with a nervous smile. She hated how perfect he looked, even in the poor lighting of the library. He still managed to make her breath hitch in the back of her throat.
“Hi, Y/n. You look beautiful as always.” Fred announced himself softly. George scoffed teasingly, muttering a ‘hello’ to himself to make up for his brother ignoring him. Freds words were genuine though didn’t make much of a difference. Y/n was still hurt and a compliment wasn’t going to mend that. She needed to feel it, to see him truly show that he cared- that she meant something to him. That she was deserving of his time. Sweet comments didn’t not add up to that feeling.
George closed his textbook, then glanced up at his twin,
“Should I leave?”
Before Fred could answer, Y/n slammed her hand on top of George’s Potions book. Wide eyed and frightened, the boy gaped in shock. Even Fred was taken aback by her unexpecting movement. Leering at her friend Y/n replied,
“No. I want you to stay, we were in the middle of a conversation.”
Fred’s heart dropped at her words. It was heartbreaking to have the girl of his dreams now shunning him- brushing him off with ease. It was driving him mad. All he wanted was for her to acknowledge him, give him a little hope that he can earn his way back in her heart. He loved her, every bit of him loved her.
All he wanted was to make it up to her for his mistakes the night before. He couldn’t stop thinking about the look on her face when she saw him sitting with their friends. She was miles exceeded hurt- more devastated at his negligence than hurt alone.
Maybe it was the fear of meeting the reality that losing Y/n was a possibility, but Fred experienced a new sort of emotion when his girlfriend asked for his brother to stay. Yes, they’re friends, all three of them are. Fred had to remind himself of this like a record on repeat. He couldn’t fight the envy off though.
It made his heart twist as she stared at George. Never did he think he’d be jealous of his own twin, but Fred was livid. The seething stream of covetousness overtook his veins. Fred wanted to be the one you ran to for comfort, not his brother. His entire life he had shared everything with George, Y/n was far too meaningful to Fred for her to be shared.
Now it does take two for a turn of events like that to happen. Fred knew, clear as day, that George had no romantic feelings for Y/n and she had none for George. This was true, but for some reason, it didn’t help tame Fred’s envy.
He knew causing a jealous scene would do no good for anyone, so Fred realigned his train of thought and asked,
“Could I steal you from that conversation, please love? I really need to apologize to you.”
Fred allowed his hands to reveal themselves from their previous position hiding behind his back. When he moved them, a full bouquet of colorful flowers and small green plants of different shapes and sizes. The flowers were a display of fuchsia, pink, orange, red, and yellow. They were beautiful, so beautiful, Y/n thought to herself. She couldn’t help the gasp that slipped past her lips.
Fred had gotten her flowers their first-year dating but since the last month or so, she hadn’t received many of his heartwarming gifts. It wasn’t the monocle value of a present but the thought and attention to care that captured Y/n’s heart. Fred had always been the best at creating meaningful gifts on a tight budget. Whether it was flowers he stole from school grounds, or necklaces he made out of stones she found around the Great Lake. He’d make her perfume- proving rather excellent in the Potions department. He also asked Molly to teach him how to knit in order to make Y/n a sweater. This of course delighted Molly over the moon.
George bit on the skin of his knuckles to keep for laughing at his brother. He recognized the flowers, as did Y/n. Fred had picked them from the garden outside the castle- something that had earned him a detention before. George decided not to comment on his observation, Fred was sure to murder him in his sleep if he put his apology in any jeopardy.
Fred extended the bouquet to his flustered girlfriend. He felt a sense of accomplishment while watching her reaction. It was small to most, but for as stubborn as she was, it was big in his eyes. The girl reached forward, accepting the gift with a tiny smile rising to her lips, one she didn’t force down.
For the first time since the night before, Y/n fully saw Fred. She peered directly at him silently. George glanced between the two, stuck between a dual. Without speaking, Fred took some steps forward and pulled the chair next to Y/n out. He slipped into the seat, the couple still staring at each other. Y/n studied his demeanor, he didn’t push her anymore, but he wouldn’t leave her side. Not that she would tell him but, she was happy he joined in. She didn’t want him to leave, she had missed being around him. Tearing herself away, Y/n focused herself back on the other twin.
“As I was saying, George…”
Fred drowned out the words but accepted the fact that Y/n didn’t reject him from sitting down. She also didn’t set the flowers down for the rest of their study session. The remained clutched in her hands, resting in her lap the whole time.
Monday night came in the blink of an eye. Classes had resumed and the castle was bustling in stress. When the end of the year neared, the time spent sitting through lectures was an eternity, while the weekends flew by. Fred had always hated summer break, actually, that’s not entirely true. His dismissive of break budded around the same time his relationship with Y/n became official.
Their first two years, she would spend the holiday back home in London with her family. She loved her family but once she experienced her first holiday at the Burrow, she never wanted to miss another. Her family was a bit distant, not the warm and welcoming pure-bloods like the Weasley’s, but not as cold as the Malfoy’s. Y/n’s family had no issues with her spending breaks at the Burrow, as long as she had Molly and Arthur Weasley’s approval. Molly insisted each time that there was no need for her to even ask to stay. They accepted her with open arms, ecstatic to see Fred had found such a lovely girl.
The end of the school term was coming up and Fred needed to fix things with Y/n before that happened. She planned to spend the break at his family’s home and he feared she’d take her agreement back if things weren’t improved between them. Spending almost two days stuck in the anger of his love was two days too many. Fred was going to fix this and he planned the best idea he could think of, good thing he had their friends happily available to help.
Unbeknownst to Y/n, while she was resting up from her illness Harry, Ron, Lee and George were helping Fred create his masterplan. Hermione helped in her own way by remaining near Y/n’s dorm, sitting in as the lookout. It gave her an excuse to get her school work done so she didn’t protest.
Alicia and Angelina stayed in the room. Once Y/n started to feel better, thanks to Madam Pomfrey, the girl’s altered Hermione who passed the news along to Harry as the chain continued until it reached Fred. At the confirmation, his plan was set into action. Ron was sent to retrieve the girl after Alicia and Angelina convinced her to get some food from the dining hall.
She walked through the common room then down the moving staircase, when her redheaded friend popped up. Ron scared the girl, making her stumble back, her hand placed over her chest.
“Y/n! I’m so glad I ran into you! No one has seen you all day- Angelina said you were feeling ill this morning.” Ron rambled at a fast pace. Y/n, still surprised by his sudden arrival, took a deep inhale, nodding to the boy,
“Yeah, I saw Madam Pomfrey this morning when classes started. I just had a stomach bug and she said I’d have to wait it out but the medicine she gave me seems to be doing the trick.” Y/n gave Ron a kind smile. Ron was two years younger than her but they had always been great friends. Y/n would travel to the Burrow as a guest of the twins during the holiday breaks, so Ron and her had spent a lot of time hanging out together. It was sweet of him to ask how she was doing, but he didn’t seem that her health was the reason for their conversation.
“That’s good to hear. You wouldn’t happen to be heading anywhere, are you?”
“Just to get some food. I’m starving-“ Ron nodded eagerly, cutting his friend off in the process.
“That’s great! I mean, not great, just… well… uh, follow me please!” Scrambling like a mess, Ron clasped his hand over Y/n’s wrist and abruptly dragged her down the stone corridor. She couldn’t find the words to question him and allowed Ron to lead the way. Her curiosity was far too big to ignore his odd request.
Ron carried on for another five minutes then took a sharp turn, heading for the courtyard. Two figures ran off around the side of the castle in the darkness. Y/n swore she recognized the pair as George and Lee. What were they up to? Snapping her head to the younger boy, Y/n waited for him to fill her in on why he had dragged her halfway across the castle to the freezing courtyard.
“Okay! We’re here- I’m just gonna… head out. See ya, Y/n!” Ron rushed his farewell then ran off towards the direction George and Lee had escaped to. What in the world is going on? Left by herself without any explanation, Y/n threw her hand up in annoyance.
Alone in the cold, Y/n wrapped the opening of her fuzzy cardigan against her body, attempting to keep warm. Although warmth entered her vein as a pair of arms snaked around her waist, snatching her backwards into a firm surface. She gasped, thrown off by her attacker and tried to turn in retaliation, but their grasp was far too firm. The familiarity of the hold made her body ease up. As much time as the spent together, she could recognize his touch anywhere. Fred.
His touch released a swarm of butterflies through the girl. She could feel the anger washing away as she leaned her body into his chest, having pined for his arms for two too many days than she was accustomed to.
The tall Gryffindor held her tightly. Moving forward, Fred pressed his lips against the shell of Y/n’s ear. The heat of his breath causing her to shudder as he whispered,
“I’m so happy you came, darling.”
Y/n smirked, looking up at him. The concurrent willfulness of her nature could only carry on for so long until her headstrong demeanor crumbled. A pang of chagrin still grumbled in her stomach but the sight in front of her certainly was a runner in her change of heart.
Soaking in her surroundings, Y/n realized they were just a few hundred feet outside Hargid’s hut. This explained the garden full of massive orange pumpkins. In the middle of the path was a small gazebo decorated in fairy lights and sunflowers. A small table set for two was tucked inside. Small teacup white candles line the path, creating a runway of sorts. Another candle, larger and purple, sat flickering in the breeze in the center of the neat table.
Y/n stood motionless absorbing the creation her boyfriend made- all for her. Speechlessness was not common for Y/n so Fred undoubtably began to second guess if his efforts were good enough. His fears were stomped in a matter of moments when Y/n harshly yanked at the material of his collar and placed a brisk, short kiss to his lips. Fred was startled, losing the opportunity to kiss her back but Y/n didn’t want him to. It gave her a sense of control- they still had issues they needed to work out, but she loved him nonetheless. Besides, avoiding and staying mad at Fred forever? Impossible. In two days, Y/n had to stop herself a million different times from approaching Fred and sharing a laugh with him, or kissing him, or holding his hand and giving him a hug. She didn’t want to fight off the urge anymore- and Fred couldn’t handle the distance spaced between them. Thus, being the motivation for his grand, heartfelt, date.
“I’ll assume that means you like it. I won’t take all the credit- it was my idea, but our friends are the main reason I was able to pull this off. I feel really bad and… I need to do something special for you- I don’t do that enough lately. I forget sometimes to remind you how important you are in my life and how much I love you.” Fred sheepishly smiled, nervously awaiting her reaction.
The small table was set, a new bundle of crimson red roses placed on her seat. To the side of her plate was a small box with a beautifully wrapped ribbon tied to the top. Fred had a special way of showing his love and adoration for his girlfriend, but even this was new to her. Never before had he gone so over the top to prove his feelings to her.
Y/n lifted her hand and intertwined it with Fred’s, smiling up at him,
“It’s gorgeous, Freddie.” The bashful smile made Fred’s heart melt on sight. He had prepared himself for the repetitive rejection she had been sending, so when she whispered those sweet words, his chest tightened, and his pace stopped.
Fred almost fainted in shock at the sound of her voice. He squeezed her light hand and drew it back, forcing her body into his own. Y/n couldn’t help the laugh that fell from her lips. She missed his playful ways. With the foreheads pressed against each other, Fred grinned,
“I’ve missed your voice, love.”
Although his words made her heart take flight, the reality of her hurt was still roaming. Y/n detached herself from his grasp and rested her hand on the black metal table. Her fingertips fumbled with the white cloth, it served as a distraction only for a short period of time. Fred sent her a sorrowful look. Her shift in moods was confusing to him, he only wanted to make things better.
Y/n sighed and ran her hand through her h/c locks. Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply then asked,
“Why don’t you have time for me anymore, Fred?” The question of the night- or rather month. His date was beautiful, absolutely stunning. As riveting as it was, it couldn’t erase the hurt she had been experiencing.
Fred shook his head frantically, dismissing the accusation. He knew why she would think that way, he understood. It wasn’t true, though. Actions speak louder than words and Fred despised the fact that recently, his feelings for Y/n weren’t lining up with his actions. His words could only do so much. But he also knew soon, things would be different. Missing the Hogsmeade date was his fault, and he paid for it. Two days might seem minute to most, but when you spend essentially everyday attached to someone’s hip, two days of them purposely ignoring you and speaking to every soul expect you, it can feel like a lifetime. He realized a few things in this time.
Fred remembered how fun it was to act as if he was still trying to win her over. Gifts, no matter their cost, always brought a gleam to her face which never failed to make Fred grin. However, it was much more entertaining when she wasn’t upset with him and would throw the flirtatious comments right back at him. He was also reminded of how lucky he was to be with Y/n. While she ignored him, Fred found himself envious of every living being Y/n spoke to, as they were not him. When he started engulfing himself in his plans for the joke shop, his effort in his relationship had decreased and this was something he vowed to never let happen again.
“I’ll always have time for you, darling. And if I don’t, I’ll make some. I truly am sorry about this weekend- you don’t deserve that.”
“It just seems like you’re distracted, like you don’t care anymore.” Y/n batted her reddening eyes, finally throwing her worries to the air.
“No, no, Y/n, not at all. I’m so sorry I made you feel that way, love. I’m a terrible excuse of a boyfriend, I never meant to create this mess. I love you so much.” Fred’s head bowed down. It tore him up to know the way his actions made her feel, the only girl he loved.
“I love you too, Freddie. I really do but I can’t feel alone in this relationship. I let our date Friday slide, even though I was annoyed, but Saturday night? I feel like it broke me. Just knowing you forgot about me-“ Y/n fought back the burning sensation in her eyes as the tears began to brim.
The anxiety blooming inside her was clear to Fred. Suppose that was the downside to dating your best friend, they can always tell when somethings wrong. Before a tear could hit the floor, he whisked her to the iron garden chair, then kneels before her, his hands holding her face as if it was a priceless, dainty piece of china.
“I didn’t forget about you, darling, that’s impossible to do. I’ve been… well I’ve been working on something with George for when we leave school next year. It’s real important to me and I wanted to share it with you but I was scared that it might not happen but… if I have your support and you with us, I know it’ll happen.”
“What’re you rambling on about, Fred?”
“Remember how I told you that George and I wanted to open a joke shop? Well, it’s happening… I think. We’re really close, we just gotta make it through next year then we’re free! We’ll have our own joke shop and get to sell our own products and start our future.”
A silence overtook the atmosphere. Y/n’s lips were stuck open in a small ‘o’ shape, eyes glued to the floor. Was he really going to leave her all alone next year? Would they have to break up? Surely, he wouldn’t want to be in a long-distance relationship.
She was snapped from her own mind when her skin registered the touch of Fred’s lips as they traced her knuckles, kissing each finger as he did. His eyes then peered up to meet her own. She could tell he was serious by the feeling of his stare. Then he continued, making Y/n perk up,
“But none of that can happen without you… Y/n I want you to come with me. Move in with George and I, start a future with me. We want you to be a part of the shop. I want you there. You’re the only girl I want, for the rest of my life.”
Her once open mouth clamped shut in a swift motion. Ever since she met the twins, Y/n wanted a future with Fred. Everyone saw it as a childhood crush, but she always knew it was more. She never stopped loving him- never could. Even when his pranks took a step too far over the line. They always found their way back to each other and would work through it. Fights such as the most recent were rare- but Fred’s admission filled in a lot of empty spaces that had left Y/n sleepless for days. Finally, the crushing weight was lifted from her chest as she choked out a shaky breath.
Leaping forward from the chair, Y/n threw her body into her boyfriend’s body and clamped him in a koloa like hold. Fred chuckled in amusement, falling onto the near ground at her jump.
“Why do you have to be so lovable? I hate it. I should be angry with you, but I just love you too much. Besides, I think you did enough suffering.” She giggled as she pinched his round cheeks in her hands. Fred poked his tongue out at her and grabbed at her sides. Y/n swatted his hands away, giving him a stern glare saying, ‘don’t push it’.
Slowly, she leaned down and brushed her lips against Fred’s, smirking down at him. It was a change in roles. In their more adult situations, Fred was typically the one on top with Y/n pinned below him, but that’s a story for another time.
A small, almost whimper, sound came from Fred. He hated being teased- that was his job. Dragging out the moment, Y/n tugged on the skin of his bottom lip with her teeth, earning a groan of approval from Fred. She grazed over his mouth one last time before dipping her head down to meet his and interlocking their lips, still straddling his waist. Fred’s hips pushed towards her core out of instinct. Not ready to give in quite yet, Y/n lifted her body and shifted forward, entrapping Fred even more so in the heated kiss.
They parted for seconds to sneak a bit of air, then continued their needed make out. It had been a while since they proved their love to each other in this way. For the last month, it had been small kisses here and there when the couple had a chance to see each other. Y/n needed his touch- she needed him. Fred longed to have under him, pleasuring her. He desperately wanted to sink his head between her legs and really show her just how much he loved her.
The coldness of his fingertips hit Y/n’s skin as his fingers dug into the sides of her waist. As much as she longed to keep the exchange going, the last thing either of them needed was a detention.
Y/n plucked herself away, a small pout lining Fred’s lips. His hands remained tied up in her own, lying them on his stomach. The weight of his question seeped in like molasses. Opportunities like this presented themselves once in a lifetime, there was no way Y/n was going to let it slip by.
Rolling off his lap, Y/n plopped down on the ground to the side of Fred. Their heads turned simultaneously towards each other, Fred winking to Y/n.
This is what she wanted. To see him care for her, show his love. His attention. It was the one thing she had been striving for but now that the cat, or rather joke shop, was out of the bag, Fred didn’t feel the need to hide anything from her anymore and keep his work to himself. He was over the moon with excitement to have her join George and himself. It was everything he could hope for.
Coyly averting her peer, Y/n asked,
“Do you really mean it, Fred? You really want me to come with you and George?”
Kindly, Fred swiped his thumb under her chin and raised her head up so their eyes were level.
“I wouldn’t want you anywhere else in the world then with me.” The serenity in his voice didn’t go unnoticed. Y/n propped herself up to her elbows and brought Fred in a bone crushing hug. Heavy chuckles croaked from Fred as she smothered him lovingly. He managed to sneak in a tiny peck to her check and she hugged him. Placing her head on his shoulder, Y/n poked the side of Fred’s cheek, commenting,
“You’re gonna be stuck with me forever, Fred, I love it!”
Throwing his arm around the elated girl, Fred just smirked.
“Duh, that’s kind the whole point of you moving in with me.” He replied in a matter-of-fact tone. The night was growing darker and the steady wind was escalating. In an hour, two if they were lucky, Filch would be surveying the grounds in search of students, mainly Fred and George, out past curfew. It was a sport to him, catching students breaking rules and getting to turn them in. It was part of his job, yes, but Y/n hated that he never took it easy on anything for the Gryffindors like he did the Slytherins. Fred looked at the scenery around them and remarked,
“Y’know, angel, as much as I’d love to spend the rest of the night laying with you in my arms, we can do that in my dorm room tonight… in an actual bed instead of dirt. I mean, we didn’t set up this whole thing for nothing! If I knew laying in the dirt would win you back, you should’ve told me!” His sarcastic words were received with a light slap.
“Smart ass.” Y/n rolled her eyes teasingly and started to sit up. Before she could get to her feet, a pair of hands planted themselves at her waist and lifted her. Fred had his moments, but he was always a gentleman to her. His teasing ways were comforting to Y/n, reminding her that they were good now, in comparison to the recent downfalls.
Fred helped Y/n to her seat, then jogged over to his own. He presented the girl with a cake he made for her. Hermione brought him to the kitchens and taught him how to make one. It took about three hours, he burnt the first, put too many eggs in the second, then forgot to add eggs to the third. Finally, on the fourth attempt, Fred created a passable cake. Hermione had no desire to spend any more time in the kitchen, so she quickly frosted it for him, not wanting him to ruin it this far in, then covered it and locked it in the fridge. Much to Y/n’s surprise, it was one of the best homemade cakes she’d ever had. Her teeth were practically chattering from the intense amount of sugar, but she had to keep in mind it was Fred who baked it.
After eating, Fred and Y/n took their sweet time strolling around the castle. Fred swung his hand back and forth, causing the same effect to Y/n’s. They laughed feverishly as Fred chased Y/n up the moving stairs as they raced to the common room. When they entered the room, they sprinted straight for Fred’s, still in a chase. Hermione, Ron, Harry, George, Angelina, and Lee all watched in amusement as the couple seemed to be reunited.
“Wonder if they’re back together. You guys think the date worked?”
Everyone shared glances at the obliviousness of Ron. There were times when social cues and context clues just didn’t exist to Ron. George scoffed at his little brother and shook his head. The rest of the group roared with laughter as Ron’s face scrunched in irritation.
“Not sure, Ron. Why don’t you go out to our room and ask them?” George smirked mischievously causing Ron to turn white as a ghost in realization. A faint ‘oh’, tumbled out of his lips and his eyes went wide.
Despite their assumption, up in the top room in the Gryffindor boy’s dormitory, Fred Weasley laid snoring in his large mattress, still in his school robes. Squished against his chest by his arms, Y/n was sound asleep, similarly dressed. The two didn’t care what they looked like or who came in, as long as they were together, that’s all that mattered.
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emeraldweasley · 3 months ago
Treat You Better (3:29:50 pm)
warnings: angst to fluff, slight body shaming, one unreciprocated kiss, rudeness, minor violence (one punch and twos threats)
a/n: the bolded portions of this story are from 3:29:50 a work by R.H Sin. also if your a Cormac stan sorry that he is and always will be my go to for your average high school asshole
Tumblr media
what is it that you love about him
is it the way he lets you down
incapable of lifting you up
George ran into the common room with Fred laughing at Filch's ridiculous attempt to catch the much taller and athletic twins. The sound of his joy was instantly silenced as he saw y/n sitting on the couch in a beautiful dress. His heart ached seeing her dressed up to go out with someone else, someone who wasn’t worthy to look at you in George’s opinion.
“Hey, y/n/n. What’s got you all fancy, doll?” Fred flirted which no one paid mind to as that was just Fred. “I have a date with Cormac.” The girl sighed with a frown. “And you sound bloody thrilled!” Fred teased flopping down next to her while George stood in front of the couch.
“It was supposed to start at five.” She mumbled. George looked at his wrist watch: 7:48. That dick made her wait nearly three hours! “Love, I don’t think he’s coming. Would you like to hang out with Freddie and I? We could make a kitchen run if you haven’t eaten yet.” George was always there to pick you up when you were down. He truly was the sweetest guy ever. Whenever you were weak he was strong for you and the same could be said in reverse.
“Yeah, I mean we were supposed to go out on a sunset picnic so I do suppose it’s a little late for that.” Tears welled up in her eyes making George clench his fists so hard they turned white. In moments like these all George could do to calm himself was imagine what he would do if he had been given the opportunity Cormac had.
He would have been waiting here for you in the common room at 4:45 in case you were ready early with a bouquet of sunflowers, your favorite. The picnic would have been set up by the black lake with one of his sweaters packed in case you got chilly. George would have told you how utterly perfect you looked and how lucky he was to be here with you. His goals would be to leave you breathless at least twice; once from laughing so hard the typically melodic noise would turn to gasps and again from kissing you with every ounce of love he held for you.
Cormac waltzed into the common room without a care in the world. “Hey, baby.” He called to you. “Did you forget we have a date tonight, sweetheart?” George was livid. Cormac did not deserve such a title after forgetting your date. “Oh fuck, I did. My bad. Always next time, right?”
“Right.” You said through a humorless chuckle.
is it the way your heart breaks
when he says something
that shatters your self-esteem
Cormac placed a far too intense kiss on your lips which was only half reciprocated making George even more livid. “Did you eat yet? Maybe we could still get something.”
“Nah, I already ate. Besides, skipping a meal might do you some good.” Y/n was too shocked to respond. George was not. “MCLAGGEN YOU DICK! HOW DARE YOU TALK TO HER LIKE THAT!” He practically jumped across the table but Fred stopped him.
Y/n couldn’t take it anymore so she ran up to her dorm. “Just didn’t want y/n to see. Carry on, Georgie.” Fred smirked as he stood back, prepared to come to his brother’s aid if needed.
It was not. George landed a harsh punch to his eye. “You talk to or about her like that again I’ll rip your throat out. That girl is beyond out of your league. Remember that.”
George then ran up to your dorm and knocked on the door. “Leave.” “It’s me. George.” “Oh. Come in.” George saw you still in that gorgeous dress holding a pillow tightly.
“Do not listen to a word he says. You’re so beyond beautiful. Every bit of you. You're perfect. In every way: mind, body, heart, and soul. I need you to believe me, love. Please, believe me because it’s true. Say it, please.”
“I’m beautiful.” George couldn’t help but agree. “Utterly gorgeous. Show stopping. A fallen angel.” You giggled at his dramatics. Just what he wanted. “Hush, Georgie!” “Never! You’re a goddess in human form. The only thing more beautiful than the way you look is who you are.”
Y/n had never blushed so much in her life. After ten minutes of George relentlessly complimenting you Fred knocked on the door. “How does some spaghetti and garlic bread sound?”
Fred handed y/n the plate. “Thanks, Fred but I really don’t need it.” George frowned, hating that McLaggen’s one insult had more power over you than all of his compliments. “Yes you do. You need to eat.” George gently urged.
Looking into his pleading eyes she obliged and took a bite.
is it the fact he never shows up
when you need him
The next day had been rotten. Just one of those days where so many little things go wrong you feel as though you could burst without having one reason deserving such a reaction. Your first problem was your boyfriend’s treatment last night.
Then Snape had given you a grade far below what your work warranted, you had tripped resulting in a scrapped up knee, Malfoy had deemed you ‘a mudblood too stupid to walk straight,’ and pumpkin juice had spilled down your shirt at dinner.
All you wanted was to be held, comforted. Cormac was sitting on the quad with a few friends when you approached him. He was sporting a black eye. “Hey, sweetheart. What happened to your eye? Maybe we could…” “Merlin, y/n, what happened to you?”
She sighed, “I had a rough day.” “You look it.” Her eyes widened. “Thanks. I really needed that today.” “Quit being so sensitive.” “Quit being such an arse!” Y/n was at her wits end. “What the hell is your problem?” Cormac yelled, taking a step towards her. Almost as if to say try me.
“You’re my fucking problem! I had a bad day and you can’t have a little compassion for your girlfriend? All I want is a hug or something.” Cormac looked at her like she had three heads. “You are disgusting! I’m not touching you.”
That was it. She ran away with tears streaming down her face. With no knowledge of where she was, two arms grabbed her. “Y/n, what's wrong?” Lee Jordan’s voice questioned. “I… it’s just. Um.” It was too much to say, making her stumble over her words.
Lee looked at her with genuine concern. “I’m taking you to George, okay?” Lee had no clue what to do but he knew George would. Lee put his hand on the small of her back guiding her to the twins’ room.
The second the door opened George saw her: messy shirt, tear stained cheeks. In an instant he was at her side. “Oh, love, what happened? Are you hurt?” Once she shook her head George pulled her into a hug making her cry again.
“We’ll leave you two alone.” Fred stated, “Georgie, let me know if you need me to kick someone’s arse. If not I’ll still be planning some form of revenge.” George nodded, not matching his twin's light tone. In fact he barely registered Fred’s voice. He was too busy scooping you up and carrying you to his bed.
Once you were laying on his chest he kissed your forehead gently. “Whatever it is, it'll be alright. I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. You’re safe. I won’t let anything else happen to you. I’ve got you.” “Georgie.” you choked out. You wished George was the one you were with. You wish someone like him could possibly love someone like you.
“I’m right here, y/n. Don’t try to talk before you're ready. Just take your time to let it out, then we’ll get you some water and one of my sweaters and then you can tell me all about it if you want or you can just sleep in my bed for tonight and see how you feel tomorrow. Whatever you want.”
After she had cried it out George summoned her three full glasses of water which he encouraged her to drink in their entirety. He handed her his favorite sweater before facing the wall. “Tell me when you’re dressed alright, love?” It smelled like him: peppermint, campfire smoke, and musk. Comfort washed over her body.
“I’m dressed, Georgie.” “Now, y/n/n, want to tell me what happened?” He motioned to the space next to him on the bed. She sat in front of him and told him everything.
tell me again
what is there to love
about a man who doesn't love you
“…then he said I was disgusting and.” George’s heart had broken at each section of the story but the way Cormac treated her made him far more angry than sad.
“Y/n/n, love, I don’t mean to interrupt but answer me one thing, please. Why are you with McLaggen?” She looked down, brokenly. “Who else would have me? It’s not as if a guy like you would even give me a second look.”
“That git doesn’t love you. He doesn’t care about you! How can you not see that? I love you with my entire heart and soul! That’s why I hold you when you cry and act like a moron to make you laugh. ‘A guy like me wouldn’t give you a second look?’ You’re right. I’d give my undivided attention whenever you need it. I would do anything for you. If he’s the one you love that’s a tragedy because tell me y/n, what is there to love about a man who doesn't love you?”
“Do you really love me?” George cupped her face to look into her eyes, so she could see how truthful he was. “More than anything.” “I love you so much, Georgie. I just never thought I had a chance with someone as wonderful as you. My heart has always been your’s. I’m breaking up with Cormac first thing tomorrow because I want you. I can’t fucking belive you love me!”
“Mind if I show you then, darling?” George questioned as he pulled her onto his lap. “Are you asking to kiss me, George Weasley?” “I certainly am, y/n y/l/n.” She pressed her lips to his getting lost in the warmth of the man who she loved and who loved her in return.
a/n: should I do a smutty part two? where george shows y/n all the ways he’s better than cormac😏 (I did this: Better Than He Can)
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