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I was thinking to myself “I would have been fine eventually if She-who-shall-not-be-named killed any one of the Weasley family members except for the twins”. And then the thought of molly Weasley dying came to my head…

I retract my previous statement

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Yeah the battle of hogwarts was cool but imagine if Charlie had came flying in on the horn tail and it just started breathing fire at all of the death eaters

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Absolutely yes, I’ve had to set up a tent before and I fucking hate it, I absolutely hate setting up tents so I want them to feel that pain

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everyone in the hp universe is always like “there are so many weasleys omg” and “weasleys breed like gnomes” and “you can’t even keep track of all the weasley cousins” YEAH OKAY BUT WHERE??? ALL WE SEE ARE RON’S SIX SIBLINGS. THAT’S IT. NO COUSINS. NO AUNTS (muriel is a prewett). AND NO UNCLES, EXCEPT BILLIUS, BUT HE DIED WITHOUT REPRODUCING SO IT DOESNT FIT IN WITH THE “BREED LIKE GNOMES” ANALOGY ANYWAY. SERIOUSLY WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY

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Rebellion Pt. 3

Pairing: Molly x Percy Weasley

Summary: Molly had hit her rebellious years. But Percy is noticing how much different her rebellion is compared to what he read about. He’s trying to figure out what’s wrong with his daughter, whilst also trying to handle her acting out. (Molly is 15 and Lucy is 11. There mother left when they were young.)

Warning: Cussing, fighting (physical), bit of bullying/being mean


Molly was now back at school. She was and wasn’t happy about it. School was too difficult to handle right now but, it was better than staying home.

Molly walked in and sat in potions class. They were getting mew partners, and she now had a completely useless partner who didn’t do anything.

This was a much bigger downgrade considering her partner used to be on of her cousins, Victore. Victore was incredibly good a potions, and was always willing to help her.

However, this new partner was known to be a bully, creepy, and somehow a bit popular.

The teacher did a demonstration on how to do the potion. Molly did her best to pay attention, but for some reason, she’s never been able to do that easily.

After the teacher finished, the class was supposed to get started. Molly did her best to try and recreate the potion, with no help from her partner.

She was wishing he wouldn’t be so annoying and help, but she soon regreted that when he turned to her, and started to talk.

“Hello darling.” He said attempting to be smooth.

“What!?” Molly asked rudely.

“No need to be like that deary. I’m just trying to talk.” He said placing a hand on her thigh. Molly immediately moved her leg.

“Never touch me.” She warned and looked back.

“Oh come on, loosen up.” He tried to convince.

“I already said no, that’s my final answer.” Molly responded.

This had angered the boy.

“What ever, your a stupid bitch Anyways.” He said turning away.

Normally Molly could hold herself together but, in this moment, she couldn’t. Before the boy could react she stood up and punched him.

The boy fell to the floor holding his nose. Molly could see some blood pouring from his nose. She was still angry, and went to punch him again but someone held her back.

She could tell by the familiar arms that it was Victore. She held her close telling Molly he wasn’t worth it.

The professor told Victore to take Molly to the headmasters. Victore nodded and brought Molly their.

After hearing what happened, the headmaster told Molly that he still needed to call her father and inform him.


Percy stormed into the headmasters office, fuming at hearing that his daughter had punched someone.

“Molly! You bloody punched someone!?” Percy said shocked.

“He-.” “No, I don’t care what he did. You should know not to punch someone.” Percy interrupted.

“So I don’t get to defend myself?” Molly asked.

“No, give me your phone, you can use your owl from now on.” Percy said extending his hand.

Molly held back tears as she pulled out her phone, walked up, and shoved it into his chest whilst making eye contact.

Molly stormed out and made her way back to her dorm. She passed a couple of her cousins, but she ignored them all.

She made it back to her dorm, and luckily it was empty. Molly locked the door, and slid down, as she let herself cry.

She felt alone, and mistreated. Everything seemed to be against her for a while now. She broke down, but after a minute pulled herself together.

No doubt Victore would be here soon, and she couldn’t let her see her this way.

She cleaned herself up and stopped and looked into the mirror, again she almost cried but held it together.

Soon enough she came and checked to see if I was ok. Molly assured her everything was fine, and closed the door and locked it.

After that was over with, Molly walked to her bed and laid down, and let tears slip from her eyes. She whiled them but quickly realized that it was no use.

She heard a snuffle voice, than her door open. Victore closed the door and climbed into her cousin’s bed.

Victore held Molly and let her cry. Molly pleaded for her to not tell anyone, and Victore assured her that she wouldn’t.

After a long while Molly pulled herself together and Victore helped her clean up before her roommates came back.

As Molly wiped her face, she looked up into a mirror. Today was the last straw.

If her father thought she was bad, he hasn’t even seen the half of it yet.


Thanks for reading y’all. I hope you liked it, there will be more parts. ❤️❤️

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Charlie: Ngl people kinda suck

Charlie: Dragons however are very cool, soimgoingtoromaniatoworkwithdragons, ok bye

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When you are Oliver Wood married to Percy Weasley you are married to the professional Quidditch nerd who has family full of other quidditch nerds and hardcore enthusiasts.

And you win at life.

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I am having such a bad day today. But I hope you’re doing better than me. Here’s some pictures of my favourite boys. Show me yours!


They only let 10 photos each post 😤 I had moooooreeeee, but anyways…. Here ya go!

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Character: Fred Weasley

Word Count: 1.4k

Requested: No

Summary: With the war fast approaching you decided your relationship with Fred needed to end, but now you can’t help but love him, no matter how hard you tried to let him go.

Warnings: Mention of main character death

Disclaimer: I did not make this gift, credit to the creator

A/N: This was such an emotional one to write, by the time I was finished I was honestly crying. Fred just breaks my heart. Thank you everyone for the hearts! Y’all make my day <3



Originally posted by medussaurora

You hurriedly walked through Diagon Alley, the dark, empty shops leaving a haunted feel to the used to be bustling place. Death Eaters openly roamed, dropping into Gringotts or slipping through the opening to Knockturn Alley. They paid you no mind, and in turn you didn’t so much as glance at them. The only place of life left was the large, orange, joke shop–Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes–that had opened that summer. There you could see the old remains of the Diagon Alley spark as laughing teens went in and out.

You did your best to ignore its presence, but couldn’t stop yourself from sending glances at it out of the corner of your eye. As fake and cartoonish as the large robotic Weasley twin was out front, repeatedly lifting its top hat as a rabbit appeared and disappeared underneath, your heart couldn’t help but clench. The large smile on its face was so different from the look he had when you had last seen him.

Unconsciously, your feet led you towards the shop, and despite your brain’s protests, your heart couldn’t help but let you peak through the windows, hoping you could catch just a small look at the familiar redhead.

You had neared the last of the windows lining the sidewalk, knowing with a slight pang in your chest that you would have to continue on. It’s probably for the best, you thought, wistfully taking one last look before stepping forward.

A flash of red out of the corner of your eye caught your attention, and you quickly turned. Standing on the other side of the glass was Fred Weasley, holding a large box filled with Instant Darkness Powder and restocking its shelf. 

Your heart raced as you desperately tried to calm it, repeatedly telling yourself to move forward before he saw you, leave the pains of the past behind. As you wrestled the idea in your head, Fred glanced out the window, instantly freezing when he saw who was on the other side. 

The box clattered as it hit the ground, the sound traveling through the glass causing you to look up. 

“Y/N?” he whispered in disbelief.

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Listen. I be on my bullshit with the whole reality shifting thing, and I need a place to share because I’m tired of my friends looking at me like I’m crazy. So this will be where I chronical that stuff!

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Harry potter would have been so fucked without his wonderfully clever and selfless friends. 

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