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#percy weasley
tamaha · a day ago
Percy: Now that I am done with homework I can reward myself with hallucinations induced by ink on dead trees.
Fred: Wha-?
George: Uhm-!!
Oliver: Reading. He’s just- Look, he just read through a book as thick as a bludger for an essay and he rewards himself with even more reading!
Percy: But that was for school! Now is time for mystery crime!
Oliver: Rhyming won’t make this better either.
Fred: Bro, that’s the other side of crazy.
George: Far far off.
Percy: Well, that’s my extreme sport, alright!? You do quidditch and I read.
Fred: It’s not like you could get hurt doing it…
George: Paper cuts don’t count.
Percy: Excuse me, didn’t you see my need for glasses? That’s how extreme I am.
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thesbian-who-writes · a day ago
Oliver, pissed at Flint: *squares up* Fight me, then!
Percy, standing behind him and holding a knife: *mouths* Do not.
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xochmagoch · 2 days ago
Harry Potter Headcanons I made
(bc i didn’t wanna do hw)
Fred and George skipped around the halls with big, idiotic grins, which scared everyone else because they didn’t know what the twins did, when in reality both of them decided to ask out their crushes. Fred finally asked out the girl he’d been crushing on since his third year when he saw her with his brother Ron. George finally asked out Lee Jordan, who he’d been crushing on since they met.
Lee Jordan made more jokes and smiled more when he was narrating the Gryffindor team and when he knew George was going to be at the games.
Fred and George tried doing one of those magic tricks where they take the table cloth out from under everything on top of it, and made a huge mess in the kitchen Molly had just cleaned. She yelled at them for a good while before calming down and making them clean the mess up.
Percy threw a book at Charlie because Charlie was getting on his nerves.
Bill got annoyed when the twins wouldn’t stop babbling so he pretended to be a dragon and chased them around the house. They thought it was a game and giggled the whole time but Bill was really annoyed and got even more annoyed when he realized they were having fun.
All the Weasley children were playing hide and seek, Ginny was new to the game so she hid right in front of George, who was it. He pretended not to see her and found all of his other brothers then told them he didn’t know where she was, so they all looked in every room but the room George was counting in, since they didn’t think she’d be in there, and it took them a good while before finding Ginny playing in the kitchen because she got bored of hiding.
Ron pushed Ginny off the couch so he could sit in her spot and not on the floor.
Fred and George threw smoke bombs under the table. It didn’t work for the first couple of minutes and when they thought it was a bust, the whole kitchen was different vibrant colors.
Ginny found one of the twins journals about a boy and teased Fred about it when George was the one who owned the diary.
Ginny took her brothers clothes to sleep in because they were more comfortable.
Molly sent the kids to a nearby lake to play so she could get more work done in silence.
When Arthur got home sometimes, he’d go with the kids and Molly to a nearby lake and play. They went to one specifically for the rope tied to the tree above the water. One time Fred slipped off the rope on accident and landed on Charlie’s head and laughed so hard he almost drowned.
Harry went to the lake the Weasley’s would go to once and almost drowned because of some mystical creature that knew who he was. That’s why he was more comfortable staying inside than going out so he wouldn’t find another mystical creature that wanted to kill him.
Crookshanks definitely scratched the hell out of Ron at one point because he smelled like Scabbers.
Harry fought at least one person at Hogwarts because they were talking about his parents.
Severus never hated Harry, he just hated the idea of James being his dad.
McGonagall saw Harry almost as her own child.
Ron got in a fight with a Slytherin at least once because they said something snarky on one of his bad days.
Fred and George got sent to Dumbledore for more than just harmless pranks.
Harry had a new crush every other week, the only girls he liked longer than that were Ginny and Cho.
Harry was a player when he was at Hogwarts. You can’t convince me otherwise.
Hermione experimented before she realized she had feelings for Ron.
Ron secretly loved when the twins teased him about home and Hermione because she never said ‘ew’ or anything like that, she’d just laugh it off, he figured hat meant she didn’t not like him like that.
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percydarling · 2 days ago
Have Mercy on a Mother
Molly is hurt.
She saw her third son argue with his father and leave the house, never intending to come back.
Molly doesn't understand why he would leave? Yes she knows he had an argument with his father but he was in the wrong and Arthur....
Maybe she's not looking at this the right way. Maybe she's not looking at all.
A year and a half has gone by since Percy left the house and the Weasleys live in fear and in separation.
Atleast Bill and Charlie send regular letters.
Bill and Charlie did leave, yes but that's just their wild side. Percy on the other hand was the last one she expected out of all her children to leave home. And the way he left! If anything she had thought the twins would be the rebels.
She thought Percy leaving would have an effect on the family, a change in their dynamics, a conflict but there just wasn't.
Noone besides her cared.
And that scared her like no other.
She had been observing her children but they seemed to show no sign of any kind of care for Percy. If their regular insults of him were anything to go by.
The twins maybe the least. Fred and George seem to send him hate letters or that's what she thinks they're doing. She has not the slightest idea about how they are going about the whole thing.
She had overheard them plotting to send some potion to Percy and then she marched right into their room, claiming to know what in Merlin's name were they trying to pull. To their credit, they were ashamed that they were caught, yet not ashamed about how they were going to send something dangerous their brother!
Molly let them off easy. She shouldn't have but in the midst of a war, punishing them wasn't exactly an option and even if she did, it wouldn't heed any consequenses, would it?
Ron doesn't look bothered either about him leaving. It feels like Ron knew this would happen. Percy did love Ron, more than Ron could ever imagine. She remembers young Percy holding Ron and helping him with his nightmares, how he would lull Ron asleep. He would sing the sweetest lullaby!
Times have changed, haven't they?
Molly really didn't have anything to say. Ron never confided in her. She doesn't really know how Ron feels, he's never been the one to share his feelings, unless it was anger or hunger. Ron's found a new confidant in Harry and she couldn't be happier that Ron has a friend, even then she's afraid that Ron doesn't care about Percy and would refuse to believe that he's his brother.
Oh what's she talking about! He already refuses to acknowledge that Percy's his brother.
She had heard him say it, not only to Harry but to the twins and Ginny as well. Her children think that she's hard of hearing, but she isn't.
It's not fair.
Even her darling Ginny slowly succumbed to her brothers' opinion. Ginny quick to defend Bill but never to defend Percy. She did care in the beginning but now, she sides more often with the twins.
She didn't care either.
All the gifts that Percy had given her from a handmade book to a bracelet were thrown away. More like given away for charity but for Ginny, they were thrown away. Percy had written a book for Ginny, where she was a princess. He used to read it to her every night. She always used to sleep after he read it to her.
And now all that remains of it are memories. Memories that they wish would disappear because of their hatred of him.
Maybe the worst of them all was Arthur.
Arthur did not see any error in his actions or words. Molly had tried multiple times to to approach the topic to Arthur but everytime Arthur was furious and quickly shut her down.
They worked in the same place for Merlin's sake!
A year and a half and an argument that hasn't been resolved. Molly would think that by now either one of them would have gotten over it but it surely doesn't seem this way.
Arthur and Percy were similar, maybe only in physical features to the rest of the world but to her, she saw that it was their similarities that drove them to clash against each other. Angry and stubborn and an ego that needs to be fed.
Molly remembers the first time Percy got glasses. He came home, screaming her name in an urge to tell her something.
"Look Mum, I look like Dad now!" , he had told her proudly teeth sparkling and glasses too big on his nose.
"He insisted on getting those glasses", Arthur told her as he kissed her cheek
And she could see why, Arthur had the same glasses. They did look like each other except Arthur's hair was straight.
Where had that adoration and devotion go? How did it disappear so quickly?
Molly knew Percy wasn't the only one to blame, ever since Arthur had that fight with Malfoy in the shop, it looked like Percy had started to distance himself from his father.
Arthur for his part didn't understand the problem either, but laughing at Percy's expense with hsi other siblings were bound to make matters worse.
How did Molly not see this coming? Had she been so blind to the animosity in her home?
Molly understood sibling fun and rivalry quite well. She had 2 brothers of course.
She would have done anything to bring them back.
But her children wouldn't.
That thought unsettled her deeply, it made her feel fear, she didn't think was possible.
With those thoughts in mind, she set dinner for her family. She called her family down, Ginny and Ron bickering and the twins sniggering.
Arthur, exhausted approached the table as well.
3 spots remained empty.
1 spot that isn't supposed to be.
Molly ate in peace, trying to enjoy but her stomach wouldn't let her. She was worried.
Her children on the other hand were loud and bubbly, talking while eating.
Unsuprisingly, they started making fun of Percy, but in a hushed voice so Arthur couldn't hear. This wasn't the first time they had done this either. For a brother that they despise, they do talk about him more than Bill or Charlie.
Somehow they thought that their mother was deaf.
Well, she wasn't.
"Oi Fred, did you send Percy that "potion"?", Ron asked
"No, Mum interupted us before we could"
"Pity, well you could try agin tonight", Ginny had replied.
"Tell me again, what does the potion do?", Ron asked as he gobbled the potatoes on his plate.
"Well it's supposed to put you into a deep slumber and make your roam in your knickers", George had replied snorting into his hand.
Molly stopped eating. They weren't actually serious are they? They couldn't be.
Or could they? You really did fail as a mother didn't you?
Muriel's voice echoed in her head.
"That's absolutely splendid!", Ginny had remarked.
Even your daughter agrees to this insanity.
Molly had, had enough.
She might be termed as a bad mother for this, she might be out of her mind to do this but she had, had enough of this.
Her voice had caused all the seated members to flinch. Everyone's gaze was on here.
"'I'm tired. Tired of trying to understand where all this hate towards your brother is coming from."
"Molly what-"
"Please let me speak Arthur. I'm not hard of hearing, I can hear you planning pranks and now I hear about you 2 trying to comatize him?
"NO. I've had it. I'm trying to understand you because I'm your brother but you as well as I know, a war is coming. A war takes thing. It took my brothers. Do you really want Percy dead?"
There was silence at that word - Dead. But the silence made Molly uneasy.
"Would you really not care if Percy died?"
Everyone bowed their head down in shame, even Arthur who avoided looking at her.
They didn't care if Percy died.
"Oh", Molly gasped.
They really didn't. She had been so blind.
Fabian and Gideon, she missed them, even if they annoyed her, they loved her and she loved them.
Her children just don't love Percy.
She didn't realise she was crying until Arthur called out to her.
Arthur so similar to Percy, yet so different. Arthur didn't care either. He never wanted to talk about him, never about the argument. And it turns out he doesn't care either.
Molly remembers her brothers' body, blood and blood. Oh so much blood, blood that stays no matter how much you clean. Blood.
It was the day after the funeral. Molly couldn't think of anything else besides Fabian and Gideon, how they wouldn't see their new nephew or get to be uncles to Bill, Charlie and Percy again. How she would never be able to hear their voices again or see their smiles.
She would do anything in this world to get them back again.
She turns around to see young Percy with his hands behind his back, looking at her with concern in his eyes.
"You didn't eat anything so I made a sandwich for you!", a proud Percy presents a cheese sandwich for her.
Molly takes it, she hasn't eaten anything since yesterday, she just doesn't feel like it.
"Do you not like it Mum?", Percy asks.
"Of course, I do, I'm going to eat it now", Molly tries to smile at her son but fails miserably.
"I'm sorry about Uncle Gideon and Fabian, Mum. It wasn't right", Percy's voice becomes low as he says this.
"No it wasn't."
"But you still have to eat Mum! You have a baby! A baby needs nutrition!"
"Nutrition, that's a new word."
"Yes it is. I learnt it all by myself"
"You're my smart boy, Percy."
"I'll always be your smart boy, Mum."
And he is. He's so smart and she was so very proud but he's gone.
And maybe part of it is his fault. But that doesn't mean that they're completely blameless.
For the first time, Molly looks.
And she doesn't like how it looks. But it's the bitter truth she hasn't allowed herself to see. She sees the divide, she sees the family broken, something she convinced herself not to see.
If it was anyone else instead of Percy, would her children care?
They would.
And that makes all the difference in the world.
Molly leaves the Burrow. They plead for her to stay but she doesn't listen anymore. Where was this pleading when it was Percy?
She leaves and maybe that's for the best.
OK, I know I know my other fics are left buuuuuuttttt I'm writing them as you're reading this. Anywayyyyy have this oneshot, which I'm not sure is good really..... But I tried.
This isn't really bashing? I mean I'm trying to keep it realistic and this seems like the best way. You can assume whatever after the ending, it's open.
Have a good day!
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muggleborn-and-pureblood · 11 hours ago
Ron always felt like he need to prove himself to his siblings . He always tried to be caring like Bill, easy going like Charlie, smart like Percy, funny like Fred and George, and fierce like Ginny. No one noticed how much he wanted this. Except for Hermione. She always knew. And she always reminded him he doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone.
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achildwithadhd · a day ago
The Weasley Family headcanons
Bill Weasley - he/him, Straight but experimented in his final years at Hogwarts. Has major bi wife energy.
Charlie Weasley - he/they/she, asexual and panromantic. Currently in a long term relationship with one of their coworkers.
Percy Weasley - he/him, trans and gay. Won't admit he has a crush on the very annoying quidditch captain he shares a dorm with.
Fred Weasley - he/him, bisexual. Chaotic bi energy
George Weasley - he/they, demisexual
Ron Weasley - he/him, bi curious (has a preference to women)
Ginny Weasley - she/they, lesbian
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anastasiakrizek · 18 hours ago
Why Did the Weasleys Mean so Much to Harry?
Harry was an orphan living in an abusive and ignorant environment (the Dursleys).
Dudley Dursley and his cronies always bullied and hurt Harry, Petunia Dursley projected her hatred and jealously of her dead sister, Lily, at Harry, Vernon Dursley simply hated magic, and Marge Dursley is a devil.
You can find parallels of the Dursleys at Hogwarts, too, for Harry. Severus Snape projected his hatred of James Potter on Harry. Draco Malfoy was the wizarding equivalent of Dudley for a long time.
Hogwarts wouldn’t be fun for Harry without the Weasleys. Just like at Privet Drive, Harry would have been lonely at Hogwarts, but only with the magic, lessons, Quidditch, and other friends and professors. But the Weasleys?
They took him in, gave him all the affection, love, and warmth that he needed, and made him feel like family. Harry wouldn’t have had such a good time at Hogwarts without Ron and the Weasleys as they were the friends, and later family, that every human being deserves.
Arthur Weasley: Father figure to Harry.
Molly Weasley: Mother figure to Harry.
Bill, Charlie, and even Percy to an extent: Advising and caring older brother figures to Harry.
Fred and George Weasley: Fun brother figures to Harry.
Ron Weasley: The Best Friend, Brother, and Companion that Harry (and many of us in real life actually) needed.
Ginny Weasley: Needs no introduction. The one who he was head over heels for.
The Dursleys are like the sea. Full of water, but no one can drink it directly because it’s salty.
The Weasleys are like the rivulet. Limited water supply, but feeds the entire world!
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mavkasilas · 23 hours ago
warning: might contain some grammar mistake or whatever.
Fred:*pour some suspicious white powder on Percy's robe*
George: *hides Percy's wand on a place where he can't reach*
Percy:*suddenly come back to dorm earlier than the twins thought*
Percy: WHAT IS GOIN- FRED??!!! whAt dId you DO TO MY ROBE?!!!
Fred: Ermm didn't expect you come back so earlier. *throw the package out from the window*
George: Well obviously you always stay at the library until dinner time-
Fred: -So we decide to try some new ideas.
Percy: Oh?! On MY RObE?! What a brilliant idea!
Fred: You think so? *says in a surprise way*
Percy: Of Course Not!! you moron, that suppose to be a sarcasm. *walks to his robe and decide to cast the cleaning spell*
Percy:Where the hell is my WAND?!
George: Wow that's weird, where's your wand? *slowly move to the door with Fred*
Fred: Yea that's really weird. How do we know where's your wand at??
Oliver: Hey kids! *appears from no where and grab the twin's collar*
Fred & George: Oh hi Captain!
Oliver: Aren't you guys are supposed to be at the quidditch pitch now? *smiles dangerously*
George: Yea, yea yea yea we just forget something, right? Freddie?
Fred: Yea of course. We know the rules captain, "you can turning your homework late but never appears your quidditch practice late."
Fred & George: See you there CAPTAIN! *run*
Percy: Why you let them go? I haven't give them a warning yet! *grumpy face*
Oliver: Come on, Perce. *walks to his closet and reach out Percy's wand that got hide behind the closet*
Percy: How come you know they hide it there?
Oliver: I'm the one who trains them.*smirks*
Oliver: Don't be upset, I'll let them apologies to you after the practice. *smiles and rubs Percy's hair before he leaves*
Percy: *blushes and looks at the way where Oliver left.*
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evitoxytrash · a year ago
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Crack
Cedric: What did you want to tell me, Harry?
Harry: Have my babies
Cedric: ...
Harry: I mean, the first task is dragons
McGonagall: Potter, who is your partner for the Yule Ball?
Ron: *kicks down the door while in a stunning blue dress and four-inch heels*
Ron: It's me, bitches.
Ron: My dad sent you this to help with the second task
Ron: *opens up box to reveal a bunch of rubber duckies*
Harry: Can you give me advice on how to talk to girls?
Sirius: *stares at Harry blankly while the Mii theme plays*
*Quidditch world cup*
Arthur: Hey, where's Percy?
Harry: I'll go check
*five minutes later*
Harry, traumatized: He's fucking my old Quidditch captain
Draco: *sees Harry and Ron dancing at the Yule Ball*
Draco, writing a letter: Dear Father, I have never been so heart broken or betrayed
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blinkngone · 2 months ago
Ginevra Molly Weasley Is Born
Molly Weasley is feeding her youngest son who is almost a year and a half years old when it happens.
Ron's small,warm mouth clings painfully to her right nipple, but it easily overshadows the pain that has begun pooling in the pit of her uterus. But she's been there-been there for six times for Merlin's sake- so instead of panicking, she calls out to her oldest son, Bill, who's playing outside with his brothers, now that school's out for summer.
" Yeah, Mum?" he asks, slightly out of breath. His face is flushed; his handsome face painted in sweat.
" Hold Ron for me, will you? Need to use the loo," she says.
"Sure, " he says, walking over. She removes Ron from her breast, handing him over to Bill, who cradles his baby brother with expert ease. He smiles down at Ron, who blinks at him with wide blue eyes-trying to figure who he is- and then Ron laughs up at him after having recognized his older brother.
Molly waits till Bill steps out, then goes to the loo. And sure enough, when she slides down her underwear, there's a streak of brownish-red blood; at that exact moment, an immense stroke of pain shoots across her lower stomach, unbearable but familiar. She waits for the contraction to pass, then goes down to the fireplace.
When Arthur answers her floo, he already knows what she's going to say by the look on her face.
" Be there in a moment," he says, both excited and anxious.
"Hope it's a girl this time," she tells him, her face contorted as another contraction hits her; but her eyes are hopeful.
After, when she's pushed enough, and after her body has stretched to an enormous,unimaginable degree to let the baby out, and after she's heard the baby shriek like none of her other children's at birth, and after the Healers have taken the baby away, Arthur's face appears over hers.
He smiles down at her; his eyes, so like Ron's, twinkle madly. He brushes off her red hair from her sweaty forehead.
Planting a kiss to her temple, he whispers, " She's very, very loud."
Bright brown eyes blink up at her; Ginevra Molly Weasley's gaze is more piercing than any infants gaze has a right to be. But then she's already special, isn't she? First daughter in seven generations. Besides, she's born off her and Arthur's prayers and hope.
Molly looks back at her daughter, who's just a warm bundle with brown eyes and soft red hair, really. They look at each other for a long and magical moment, but then Ginny flashes her a gummy smile, and Molly Weasley comes undone.
Tears stream down her face, and Ginny regards her with astonishment for a moment, before starting to wail at the top of her voice.
Dad takes them to see Mum and their sister the next day.
Charlie hold's Fred's hand-or is it George?- to keep him from running down the corridor. From beside Percy, George winks at his twin. Bill caries Ron with the tenderness of a mother.
They enter the ward, and their Mum waves at them. Slowly, they inch towards their mother. They take turns to kiss her, and take a peek at their sister.
" She very smol," Fred whines.
" You ber smoller Freddie", George teases, before being distracted by his sister, who's chosen that moment to wake up.
" Her eyes so big Billy," George whispers as he backs away so Bill can look at her.
"She's so beautiful Mum, " Bill says, scanning his sister's face, feeling a rush of love and protectiveness for the tiny human.
Charlie steps in then; he's brave enough to press his forefinger to the delicate, smooth cheek of his sister.
" What's her name?" he asks.
All brothers except Percy groan. "It's old fashioned Mum and Dad!" Bill exclaims on behalf of the brothers.
"We can call her Ginny," Percy offers, now peering down at the bundle of warmth and red hair and freckles.
" You will call her no such thing boys- " Molly's outburst is interrupted when Ginny burps so loudly that everyone's stunned into silence. But then Ron starts crying: whether because the silence frightens him or because he's not been introduced to his sister yet, no one will ever know.
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