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Harry, tapping on the table: 

Ron, tapping back furiously:

Ginny: What’s going on?

Hermione: They learned morse code so they could talk to each other secretly 

Ron: ..-. .-.. .- - .- … … 

Harry, slams fists on table: YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!!

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Ron (to Ginny): So are you and Harry like - actually dating now?
Ginny: Basically, yeah. 
Hermione: Ha! I knew you fancied him! And you were so adamant that you got over your feelings for him!
Ginny: I only said that to get you off my back.
Hermione: Well you shouldn’t have - I could’ve given you advice!
Ginny: Hypocrite.
Hermione: Excuse you?
Ginny: You tell me off for not confiding my feelings to you, but you’ve been in denial about your own feelings everytime I brought up Ro- *looks at Ron and stops mid-sentence*
Ron: What?
All 3:  *awkward silence*

Harry: HEY LADS I BROUGHT PIZZA AND hey whats going on?

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HP Characters answers to “How do you sleep at night?”

Harry: Paranoid and cautious.

Ron: How should I know? I’m asleep.

Hermione: Very well, thank you

Neville: With my stuffed animals

Ginny: With my eyes open

Luna: My astrological sign says I shouldn’t

Draco: I’d sleep better If you were dead

Snape: Alone

Voldemort: Like I never committed all those murders

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Oh, well there’s a few of those floating around!!

(and please do write one absolutely do write one we need more Ron-fics)

You have the top-notch classic that I can’t recommend enough, Deluminating by Solstice Muse, which is absolutely magnificent and beautiful. The beginning of Chapter 3 contains a Romione scene that is… it’s… *chief’s kiss*

Then you’ve got the Home Again series by @pynki, which is… ow… ow ow ow, just remembering Chapter 12 of Home Again I’m… *sob*

And in a somewhat different way, darker, somber, we have @windschildfanfictionwriter‘s Vanguard, which features a… different sort of Empath!Ron, but it certainly features him all the same!

Happy reading!

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(During the second triwizard task)

Fred: Hey guys guess what
George: We’re catching up with current events

Ron: I feel like I am constantly being Hermione’s impulse control
Harry: But I need you to be my impulse control
Ron: This is too much responsibility for me to handle

Ron: Why are you eating plain salad and rice
Harry: Life is plain and boring and there’s nothing you can do about it
Ron: But there are things that are worth enjoying
Ron: Like salad dressing

Hermione (to Draco): you have a very roundhouse kickable face

Luna: *Holds out hand to Draco*
Luna: Greetings!!
Draco: Don’t touch me

Ginny: I think Ron thinks he’s really tough.
Luna: Yeah. Do you think he’s tough though?
Ginny: No

Hermione & Ron: HARRY NO

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Sirius Black, recently exonerated and unbearably tired, blearily entering his lounge room after a long day of auror retraining.

He is met with an enormous stag stumbling around in what Sirius intimately knows to be a drunken stagger, while a dog barks happily from the table, knocking over a bottle of firewhisky in it’s excitement.

Hermione Granger- mischievous and adventurous nature carefully concealed by baggy jumpers and heavy books- standing in the corner, hands on her hips and an amused smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

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Hi love! I ship you with Ron Weasley! 

  • Do we even have dimensions of how tall Ronald Weasley is? Yes, we do, really tall.  
  • So you wearing platform shoes gave you the prefect height to fit in a perfect hug.  
  • Ron is an awkward boy, so you being so willing to make friends with him took him by surprise. Like, what pleasant surprise.  
  • And boy, when you wanted to be even more he almost fell on his ass. whAT A PLEASANT SURPRISE.  
  • You two learnt to date with each other, him getting used to your effusiveness in physical affection and you getting used to his ways.
  • Okay but, war of sarcastic remarks? Like having a normal conversation and it slowly turns into a war that ends in one of you kissing the other.
  • “Some people like the quiet.” Harry mentioned one day.  
  • “Oh, do they?” Both of you answered at the same time.  
  • What a beautiful addition to your cute wardrobe was your Weasley jumper.
  • Ron’s brothers teasing him about your nicknames but him having nothing of it. You were his baby girl and no dumb twins could change that.
  • Quiet dates that only consisted in holding the other.  
  • You enjoyed Ron’s company a lot, how he made you feel wasn’t something you could describe.

“Enjoying the view, Weasley’s?” 

 “God, you two are disgusting.” 

 “I agree, no human should see this kind of unpleasant scenes. Shame on you both.”

 You snorted loudly and hugged Ron even tighter. You loved spending time at The Burrow, for you, was like second home; you felt so welcomed here, so warm when Molly offered you a second slice of pie and the best part was that your unlimited time to spend with Ron. Sure, you did feel like home, but Fred and George didn’t think like you. Since they had discovered you and Ron were boyfriend and girlfriend they had started teasing you both, when you hugged, you could hear smooching noises, when Ron called you a sweet nickname you could hear two voices echoing the same words.

 Meh, you both didn’t care about it. 

  But when they both found out that you dared to answer to their teasing with more teasing they had stopped, replacing the teasing with overall annoying and little whiny babies. Oh boy, did you love being smart. 

  As the twins stood up and left the room Ron gave you a big kiss and hugged you even tighter. These days, the comfiest place for you was the shared sofa.

 “You know I’m never against sudden love demonstrations, but, can I ask why?”

 Ron mumbled something into your skin, little goosebumps rose. 

 “Baby, can you repeat that?” You said taking him by the chin softly. 

  “I said it’s good to have you here. You make everything better.”

 It was all it took —nor that it would take much—for you to give him a sweet kiss.   

Thank you so much for your request! I’m so sorry for taking so long to answer, quarantine has taken a toll on me. 

If you liked it please let me know with a reblog and a comment maybe? Have a great one xx  

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Who’s the big spoon? Ron. He’s too tall to be the little spoon lol. Linking this adorable fanart of Rarry spooning that @booigi-boi did.

Who is better at cooking? Hmmm… That’s a tough one. I think they are both really good.

Who is Dominant in bed and who is submissive? Or do they switch? Ron is dominant. Ron is always dominant in my eyes. Submissive Ron just makes me uncomfortable, idk why. Besides I think Harry is more submissive.

Who sings in the shower? Both of them do. They sing together in the shower, it’s really cute.

Who wakes up first? Harry. Ron sleeps a lot lol.

Who’s more protective? Ron for sure. Ron is always protective of Harry. He is with everyone he loves. Harry is protective too but not as much as Ron. Ron fusses over Harry a lot. It bugs Harry but also makes him feel loved.

Who initiates sex? Both. 

Have they ever been caught by anyone fooling around? Where and who? Their Auror office at the Ministry. 

Original post here.

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25 May 2020

Lawsuit Filed Against Ministry

“There is no good reason for them to have treated me the way they did.”

These words were uttered by Gregory Goyle after he announced that he was suing the Ministry for Magic for “unprofessional conduct.”

“Surely they didn’t really think that I killed him,” said Goyle, “The old man and I were friends. This was personal.”

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Title: Penannular
Prompt: Day 7: Anything Goes
Tumblr name:
Rating: M
Brief Summary: Ron gets an owl on a Sunday after brunch at the Burrow and realizes that some things have to change in short order.
Content Warnings: financial insecurities, Locket remnants, harsh language, Smutty stuff, dealing with Director Robards

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Harry, talking to Ron and Hermione at breakfast: So all my right shoes are missing, like wtf. What a stupid prank like just fucking hex me idgaf.
Draco, talking to the Slytherins: So yesterday Savior Potter left me hanging when I tried to give him a high five, so I used this trick called poetic justice--
First Year Slytherin: Didn't you try to hit him on the face? 'Cuz it looked like that's what you--
Draco: Shut it. Remember, kids, if a boy ignores you, you dump his ass.
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