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#kipo and the age of wonderbeasts

We don’t talk enough about the implications of the “cure” in Kipo. Like, really take a moment to think about if one of your loved ones turned into essentially a baby monkey but with just enough of them left for you to know who they are. Think about it happening to a leader you respect and look up to, think about it happening to your twin brother, your bandmate, your business partner, the girl you go to the gym with, someone you have a complicated relationship with and now can never get closure on. Just think about it.

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lgbt people r like (watches childrens cartoons with lgbt characters to try and replicate the experience you should have had as a young kid watching shows with lgbt characters and seeing yourself represented on screen)

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rules: post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and interests you and i’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it!

x prophet

x mystery

x squishie

x little miss perfect

x soulmate

x doggie

x hitoshi

x the beast is out there

x aihi

x trance

x molly

x that one book

x wolf service dog au

x animal fusion au

x radio silence

x rox meets aizawa

x nailed it!

x witches & demons

x parasitic

x let be what is, let be what isnt

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OMFG season 2’s making me emotional. As soon as I knew that monkey was the mom my teardrops just started falling like rain and as watching Scarlamagne’s backstory I was just SOBBING. I be like “WHY DID THEY HAVETO DOTHIS?? WHY DID THEY HAFTO DOTHIS??” And I sobbed every time they showed Lio and Song being together. and yeah the FAMILY PHOTO. just made me go nuts. oh my god Call me a cybaby,

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Kipo x Reader Part 2

Summary: Kipo is finally able to turn you back into a human along with her mom. Season 3 final episode with two different endings.

Warnings: Light cursing? Spoiler if you haven’t watched Season 3.


After capturing Scarlemagne and retuning to the Timbercats forest, Kipo immediately started working on a way to deal with Emelia and to turn you and her mother back to normal. It was lonely inside your head, it was just you and your panther, if this was what it was like for Song for all those years it must have been terrible. It also sucked to be so close yet so far from Kipo. At least you got to watch Lio question Kipo about your relationship and laugh at how much she blushed and went over some details of what had happened in the last months. It did sadden you however, where after talking about a memory with you, she started crying. You wanted to just turn into a human and hug the crap out of her.

You were stuck as a panther all through Kipo trying to make HMUFA and would try to go everywhere you could with her. Most days were boring since you weren’t allowed inside the Timbercat’s home and some days Kipo couldn’t come and visit you and tell you about her day. It had been a few days since you’ve seen Kipo but when she turns up she’s not alone. Following Kipo is her father and your friends. She seemed to be holding this small pink dart and was walking slowly, making sure not to drop it. You knew from how careful she was with it that it was very important and stepped back to let her go to her mom first. You watched as Kipo hugged her mom’s finger and stuck the dart into it, taking it out once it was half way empty. You watched for a few seconds in silence before you watched, in shock, as Song slowly turned back into a human and got to meet Kipo as a human for the first time in years. You were smiling so wide at the happiness that was radiating off of Kipo and her family.

You almost forgot that Kipo still had half the dart left but remembered when she walked up to you. You’re heart was beating out of your chest, you were about to be able to hug Kipo again, hold her, kiss her, love her. Sadly, you would lose the mute side of you but you didn’t have an anchor or anything so it wasn’t the big of a loss. You leaned down as Kipo got closer and held your paw to her. Seeing her up close made you realize that she had been crying, tears of happiness of course. You flinched a little as she stuck the needle into your skin but froze as she took it out. There was another second of intense silence before you felt weird and felt yourself start to shrink.

After a couple of seconds you were almost eye level with Kipo, you are taller than her. You look down at yourself for a couple seconds in shock before looking back up at Kipo, who had the biggest smile on her face and even more tears running down her face. “Kipo…” You whisper, your voice cracking some after not using it for a while. Kipo immediately launches into your arms and you spin her around some holding her just as tightly. You put Kipo back down and put your hands on her cheeks with a big grin before pulling her into a kiss. You almost forget anyone else is there until you hear Lio clear his throat. You pull back with a blush in your face and turn to look at your friends and Kipo’s parent with a smile. You walk up to them with Kipo still wrapped around you and greet everyone. “It’s great to talk to you guys again.

*Boop Boop Time Skip*

"Kipo! You gotta get up!” Lio yells as he held Song close to him. “Emilia’s lost it!” You yell in concern as you watch the mute version of Emilia hold a building over her head. “We gotta do something!” Benson says in concern. You hear some rummaging and look to over to Lio and Song just in time to see Scarlemagne take off in his flamingo car. “What is he doing?” You ask in concern as you watch him get closer and closer to Emeila. “Holy…” Your eyes get big as you watch Scarlemagne hit Emilia causing her to fall and for him to go flying through the sky.

You notice that Kipo is slowly waking up and run to her as she changes back to normal. You help her stand and watch as Mute Emilia runs away. “Where… Where’s Scarlemagne?” Kipo asks after she catches her breath. You watch as Lio and Song look over to where smoke was coming from the ground. “No.” Kipo says as she collapses into your side and puts her hand over her mouth. Lio reaches out and outs a comforting hand on her shoulder. “It’ll be fine, me and Song will go check on him. You guys should probably go deal with Emilia.” You nod your head as Kipo turns into a Mute again and let’s you, Benson, and Wolf hop on.

“There she is.” You say and point towards a cowering Mute Emilia. You all hop off of Kipo and let her turn back to normal. Kipo takes the last dart from Wolf and walks up to Mute Emilia. You debate silently whether or not to follow Kipo as she walks up to Mute Emilia.

(I’m being extra so there is two ends depending on what you do. I’m also not writing in Hugo’s death or the flash forwards because I feel like I’m making this run on too much😅.)

You don’t follow Kipo:

You stand with Wolf and Benson with your arms crossed. “I guess it’s over after this… huh.” You say as you all stare ahead and watch Kipo interact with Mute Emilia. “Yeah it’s been a crazy ride.” “Seriously.” Wolf said agreeing with Benson. “What are you guys gonna do after this?” You say looking over to Benson and Wolf. Benson shrugs, “Probably do something with Troy, maybe take a vacation.” “Yeah I could dig that.” You all stand in silent as you watch Kipo turn Emilia back to normal. Then you all run up as you watch Kipo push Emilia, causing her to fall into a kid like goo. “Holy…” You say as you stand behind Kipo. “It’s over… it’s officially over.” She says as she leans back into you, exhaustion finally seeming to set in. You turn her around to wrap your arms around her and hug her. You give her a kiss on the side of her head before speaking. “After checking on Hugo, you and I are going on a long vacation… Or sleeping for a week straight.” You feel Kipo chuckle against your collar bone before nodding her head. “I’m good with either as long as I’m with you.”

You follow Kipo:

You follow behind Kipo a little, taking time to take in how big Emilia’s mute form actually is. “And to think… She turned into what she wanted to get rid of just to take you out.” You say thinking out loud. “She definitely got desperate.” Kipo doesn’t respond and has a quick conversation with Mute Emilia before finally pricking her finger with the dart. You watch as Emilia slowly turns back to normal and sits on the ground. You make sure to stand next to Kipo to seem more intimidating in case Emilia tried something. “Why did you change me back?” Emilia asks with some confusion in her voice. “No one deserves to be stuck like that.” Kipo sticks out her hand to Emilia. “You’ve been stuck in the dark for a long time Emili, but you have a choice. You can stay there or fight through it.”

You watch as Emilia seemingly thinks for a minute, weighing her choices. You watch warily as Emilia grabs Kipo’s hand. Something about this doesn’t feel right to you. You watch in slow motion as Kipo pulls Emilia up, only for her to lunge at Kipo with a piece of glass. Your body goes into immediate protection mode and you push yourself in front of Kipo. As Emilia stabs you, you punch her across the face. Emilia flails for a moment, off balance, before falling back and over the edge. You let out a breath of relief before feeling an intense pain in your stomach. You look down to see a large glass shard sticking out of your stomach with blood coming out fast.

You stumble back a little and start to fall as Kipo catches you and lowers you to the ground. “No no no no.” Kipo says as she cradles the upper half of your body. You hear Wolf, Benson, Dave, and Mandu run up. “Oh no…” You wince as Kipo puts pressure on your wound, mumbling like crazy to herself in worry. “Ow… Kipo. Kipo stop!” You say as you grab her hand away from your wound. “It’s okay, everything will be okay.” You say trying to reassure her. You knew you were too far away to get help from anyone and were losing to much blood to make any sort of journey. “It’s not okay! It’s over we won! You can’t give up now!” Kipo says as she’s sobbing. You put one of your hands on Kipo’s cheek and cringe a little when you see blood on your hand.

“You’re right we did it, we won. And I couldn’t be any more prouder of you.” Kipo leans down and puts her forehead against yours. “It’s not fair I just got you back, I can’t lose you again. Especially not permanently.” You close your eyes tightly trying not to let any tears spill over. You look over to see Benson hugging Dave and Wolf hugging Mandu. “You’ll be okay, maybe not immediately but one day. You still have our friends by your side and I’ll be watching over you. I promise.” Kipo just shakes her head not wanting to respond. You can feel yourself slipping away and hate it. It wasn’t supposed to end like this, after all the work you did, why couldn’t you get a happy ending. “I love you so much. All of you. I am so glad I got to meet such amazing people and to fall in love with one of them.” You pull Kipo’s head away from yours to look into her eyes one more time. “I love you so much.” You say as the world around you blurs and you close your eyes for the final time.

Lio and Song watch as Kipo in Jaguar form walk up to the building there at, kneeling next to Hugo. They watch as her friends slide off her back and are confused when they don’t see you. Before they could open there mouths and ask, they watch as Kipo turns back to human form and is carrying you in her arms, tears still streaming down her face. “Oh no.”

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