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At what point in time do things get weird between Bella, Edward, and Resume. Like at what point do Bella and Edward stop feeling like her parents?

Edward has lived for a century already, and his kid only stays a kid for less than 7. At what point does Bella look at Resume, looking the same age as her, with her same maturity, and remembers that Resume is her daughter?

The Cullens live in such a bizarro quasi-familu unit, where everyone looks about the same age, but they pretend there’s a hierarchy. Esme and Carlisle get the privilege of being adults, and it’s all so arbitrary, while the others are stuck in perpetual high school hell (unless the split up, which has never been permanent so far)…

But for Bella and Edward…they ARE Renemses’ parents. That dynamic is there, at least at first. At what point, do they lose a sense of parenthood? Would they lose a sense of parenthood? How do they feel going to high school with their daughter?

Will Resume split off from them? And if she does, how would Bella and Edward react? Do they expect that she’ll return? What point do they stop waiting?

Anyway, I just had a thought

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Remember New Moon when Edward left and burnt the meadow down so it would be like he never existed — it is canon in my head ok?

Ok hold that thought

What if when he got back he called Benjamin to blossom it up again because it was his and Bella’s place and he knows how she loved their little paradise and like it is way more flower-y and bright in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn right? That’s how Edward apologized for everything and showed Bella nothing would go back to be the same because it would be better right? Can we all please agree to make it canon because I am such a hopeless romantic?

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I Won’t Hesitate

Warnings: the usual, language, some rAuNcHy InTeRaCTiOn

You laid sleeplessly in his bed. These days were so lonely, Jasper and the wolves were always fighting, and in the daytime, Ava trained you in magic. 

You’d made quite a bit of progress, but it always drained you physically. Being a witch was not as easy as they made it out in the movies. It was about refining your energy, making sure a face-full of gravity didn’t hit you in the face and incapacitate you. You’d done that a couple of times already.

The limits of being a witch was still undefined. Because you and your sister were only half—as were most modern witches—there were still so many things and spells you couldn’t access or perform. Still, Ava knew how to do just about everything.

She could fly and shadow travel for short distances, was completely impervious to all human weapons, could breathe without oxygen and create breath-taking illusions that could completely fool and take down an unsuspecting vampire. You barely even knew how to affect the temperature around your body, much less create fire—the new skill she was trying to get you to master.

You would never be ready by the time Preston and Maria arrived.

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