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thecarnivorousmuffinmeta · 2 days ago
I can't believe nobody has asked this but I couldn't find it in the masterpost - what if Bella went back to Phoenix before Edward got back from Alaska? And how does Carlisle react when Edward travels halfway across the country to eat her?
I like how you know where this is going, anon.
As usual, the caveats.
Bella didn't and wouldn't. Edward was weird, yes, but she's not sure what to think of it and hasn't seen him since that first day. He obviously hates her, but he seems to be sick and she's breathed a sigh of relief.
More, she left for a reason. If she goes back then she's just burdening her mother, insulting Charlie, and right back where she started. Nothing will change for the better.
And, I imagine even if Bella did think Edward might kill her, she'd view that as an acceptable outcome. If he eats her, then there's nothing she can do about it, and her mom will be happy with Phil. Tis simply a part of her suffering, equivalent to moving to Forks period.
Bella was never going back to Arizona.
Alright, She Goes Back
Charlie accidentally implies Bella's a burden on him. He in no way intended this or even implied it. He probably accidentally said something like, "Have to remember to buy twice as much food" or "I wish I could use the stove" and Bella flips shit.
She is a burden wherever she goes and seems to be more of a burden on Charlie than even Renee. At least Renee loves her, she and Charlie are practically strangers.
Bella has a good, long, cry in her room, thinks about stupid school with stupid small town people and Edward Cullen hating her for no reason and she can't do it.
She'll run away and live in a tent!
... Alright, so she can't do that, but she really wants to (I actually think she would at this point, and being Bella probably gets eaten by bears).
But to be in line with your ask, ever so reluctantly, Bella trudges home to Arizona and tells her mother it didn't work out. This is beyond embarrassing, makes her feel week and pathetic, but Renee is over the moon as Bella hasn't abandoned her to FORKS and CHARLIE. (Bella never realizes this, but I imagine it causes Renee great distress to be suddenly usurped especially when it's right after she married Phil. This is a clear sign of "Bella does not approve".)
PHIL IS GOING TO BE THE BEST STEP DAD EVER. When he's around. But Renee is determined, Bella will never think about leaving again.
Edward Returns
The girl is gone.
Edward can't help but blame himself and now is terrified as he doesn't know what she suspected. He tells himself that he has to hunt her down to assure the safety of the family, to judge what she saw and see if she'll talk.
He can't tell his family this, though, as they don't seem to see the need. Edward was just a strange kid in class, Bella now is in a large city in which no one has met the Cullens. They will never see her again and now they're assured Edward will never eat her. (Edward does not like that last argument BECAUSE HE WAS GOING TO PROVE HE COULD HANDLE IT.)
He hates the girl even more for running out on him like this. It's completely irrational, but dammit, she clearly exists to spite him.
He tells the family he's going back to Denali, that he'd rather not live in Forks after all, and leaves it to them to pack things up. Forks will just remind him of his almost failure.
Instead of that, he goes to Phoenix. He's just going to find her, see if his gift still doesn't work on her, do some surveillance, and reassure himself. It'll be over in a weekend, he'll be in and out.
On the way he keeps thinking about how she looked at him as well as her scent.
He thinks about how much he hates her, how she seems more like a plot device to make his life hellish than a person. His family will never think of him the same way again because she exists.
By the time he gets to Arizona, he's in quite a rage.
Fortunately for her (and him) he has no idea where she is. And Phoenix is larger than Port Angeles. He cannot find her. He tries, desperately, can't do it. He knows nothing about the mother or where she lives, where Bella went to school. He drives around at night hoping someone's seen her. (No one has.)
He keeps at this for several weeks.
The Family Finds Out
Alice chooses not to cover for Edward. This is a stupid decision on his part, will lead to nothing good, and she has only the vaguest idea why he's doing it, but it will likely end with him eating Bella if he finds her.
The family calls the Denali and, sure enough, Edward never came back.
He appears to be in Phoenix, driving around, looking for Bella Swan so he can eat her.
Carlisle goes to pick him up. Edward is mortified, as is Carlisle, they have a very awkward discussion about letting Bella Swan go and moving on with their lives. Edward... can't. He physically can't. Except he can't explain why he can't.
But if he tells Carlisle that he needs alone time, Alice will just rat on him.
He tells Carlisle he has to do this, Carlisle points out he doesn't have to, at all, he just wants to. It's a pride thing and Carlisle gets it, but Edward has to get over this.
Well, that's an insult too far, and in rage Edward storms out of the conversation. On doing so he realizes... he has to leave. The family will never let him do this or understand and he has no choice.
And given last time, they'll think Edward is leaving the diet. They'll think he's eating Bella Swan, even when he wants to do anything but (except that he really would like to eat her).
Edward gives into despair, leaves, and valiantly tries to pursue the diet and find Bella Swan both. He fails in both tasks. He ends up back on his rapist diet which slips into ordinary people and Bella moves to Florida.
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his-shinigami-eyes · 2 days ago
do not wait. - e.c
prompt “their blood is on your hands”
summary: When you’re attacked by a wolf in the woods Edward tries his best to save you.
a/n: trying to not be so depressed so i thought i would try and get back into writing, sorry about not publishing anything new for almost 3 months. hope this is okay <3
Tumblr media
Your vision was growing blurry and your eyes moved from alice and edward and back. Edward’s arm was wrapped around you in the back seat and your legs were propped on Alice’s lap as Emmett was speeding towards the hospital to take you to Carlisle.
You twitched in pain and struggled to focus on your breathing, or any of your surroundings.
“edward we could just change her…she’s…edward just look at her”
you were bleeding out.
the wolf had attacked you out of nowhere and left you for dead, you hadn't thought about it then but you knew it was because you were close with the Cullen's.
he shook his head. “i can’t. it’s not right…she’ll be okay it’ll be fine”
he rubbed his thumb against your cheek and Emmett swerved into the hospital parking lot. Edward wrapped his arms around you and rushed into the hospital.
"Carlisle!" he yelled rushing inside, your head flopped to the side limply he looked down at you and Carlisle's head came from around the corner looking at you, your mouth fell open "Edward" you whispered hoarsely his eyes were full of pain and his grip on you tightened.
Carlisle ran to you "what happened?" he asked looking at the blood soaking through your shirt, your eyes followed his and you hadn't realized what a mess you were.
Your pants were torn and covered in mud, the bottom half of your shirt was missing and your wound was exposed, your sleeves were dirty and also bloody, the jacket you had been wearing was missing completely and you had a cut on your right cheek.
You reached your hand out for Edwards, your fingers were aching as they intertwined with his icy ones, you sighed in relief at the coldness numbing your pain.
You only heard bits of the conversation,
"Carlisle i'm not losing her"
"then let me-"
"no...i won't...i can't"
"those stupid dogs i'll fucking..."
"will it work?"
"low chances...her injuries...fatal...I'm sorry"
"I don't believe you"
"Edward please just let me-" "No." "maybe this isn't your choice."
"call her parents"
He couldn’t though. They were on a hiking trip with no service, he’d have to wait until tomorrow at least to call them.
You were moved to a hospital bed and Carlisle gave you some meds to try and soothe your pain while Edward was sitting beside you.
"Carlisle has to preform surgery on you but you'll be okay" he said holding your hand you gave him a gentle squeeze but then you saw the reluctant look on Carlisle’s face and then you looked back over to Edward, denial.
Carlisle placed the breathing mask over your face and Edwards expression was full of pain as he watched you slip into unconsciousness.
Edwards hands ran over his face and he looked at your body and how peaceful you looked, he wanted to smile but it quickly faded away at the realization that you didn’t just look peaceful you looked…dead. He placed his fingertips on your wrist and felt your pulse. It was weak but it was still there.
hours later
Carlisle stitched the cut on your arm and cleaned your wounds, while you were less likely to get an infection the wound on your stomach worried Carlisle. He hadn't said anything to Edward yet in fear of alarming him but he was afraid of the severity of the wound. You had lost a lot of blood and you were lucky that you were still alive.
You were on the brink of death and Carlisle was afraid that it was too late to save you. He walked into the waiting room and saw Edward with his head in his hands and Alice had her arm on his back trying to comfort him but Carlisle could tell that Alice was upset as well.
his eyes looked up at Carlisle, hopeful.
Carlisle shook his head and he watched the anger surge through Edward. He sped into the room and was by your side instantly. “It’s not too late” he whispered holding onto your arm. Edward sunk his teeth into his wrist and placed it to your lips. “come on…come on please” he whispered.
you lay on the hospital bed in a lifeless state, “please please please” he chanted trying to force the blood down your throat. Maybe he could still change you, it couldn’t be too late could it? No you had to make it.
fear was pumping through Edward’s body as he tried to think of a way to save you. “i love you” he whispered.
“edward it’s too late…she’s gone”
Edward’s wrist slipped away from your mouth, the blood pouring down your lips. He threw his hands in his hair and started dry sobbing. “there must be something we can do” he pleaded looking at your corpse.
“i’m sorry” Carlisle said.
“no god please” Edward begged grabbing your hand. “I can’t live without her. I won’t” he shook his head and angrily kicked your bedside table.
Alice walked into the hospital room and looked at you, her brows furrowed and she felt like tears were pricking her eyes. “their blood is on your hands” she angrily shouted, walking out.
Edward was laying by your hospital bed in anguish, you were gone. You wouldn’t be coming back and it was his fault.
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teambella420 · 23 hours ago
Holy heck I can’t help but imagine the school talent shows the Cullens have done over the years, and them having to do the craziest things possible while still appearing human
Alice has juggled 15 apples at once, held Emmett over her head, ate fire, made a dress in under a minute, and one year did a one woman production of Annie - start to finish
Rosalie has planked with Emmett on her back, deadlifted more than triple her weight, and has been roped into performances via both Alice’s ballet AND musical phase
Jasper does whip tricks, and he plays the banjo. hes never been super duper into school events, but he’ll do anything Alice asks him to , and he loves showing off to her
Emmett has done anything and everything you could possibly imagine one could in a talent show. He loves to dance, and sing, and break things, and tell bad jokes - this man has done it ALL! His favourite performance would be “the stage fire of 76’ “ from when his puppet show went horribly wrong
Eddie has only ever played the piano, cuz he’s a lil punk
And you can bet your butt he most certainly has played Backstreet boys- at Emmett’s request
And obvi this goes without saying- esme is THERE for every single performance! And she cheers and whistles and gives a standing ovation every single time !!
(Carlisle of course will always go when he can, but also he’s a busy man, cut him a break 🥺)
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thebossofcute · a day ago
Twilight in Real Time:
May 21, 2005 (Saturday) Twilight, Epilogue Midnight Sun, Epilogue (from page 639, line 32).
2:00 PM-6:30 PM [approx] - Alice kidnaps Bella and gives her a makeover
6:45 PM - Edward escorts Bella to the Forks High Jr. Prom
6:50 PM - Charlie calls Edward about the confused Tyler Crowley in his living room
7:00 PM - Edward and Bella arrive at the prom
7:25 PM - Jake gate-crashes Bella's prom to give her a message from his father
7:40 PM - Edward and Bella leave the gym and go outside; Bella tells Edward why she really thought Alice got her all dressed up. Edward fakes her out on turning her, like a jerk
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pictured: Cerutti at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2003 and Emanuel Ungaro at Paris Fashion week, Fall 2003 - inspiration for Alice and Bella's prom dresses
This is it! That concludes Twilight in Real Time for Twilight and Midnight Sun. For the next several months Bella will be enjoying a blissful summer full of Edward and Edward will be agonizing over how soon to leave her the whole time! But join me again on September 13th when we begin
New Moon in Real Time
If you've missed any of this project you can find all of them in the Masterpost here!
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twentysideddinglehopper · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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littleblairwitch · a month ago
The ballet teachers in twilight coming to work on monday finding their mirrors broken, the floor ripped out and a mutilated corpse on the ground:
Tumblr media
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thesaintsaraa · 9 months ago
Hot people on tumblr are even scarier than normal people because you know something has to be wrong with them
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susiephone · 5 months ago
if i wrote twilight there'd be a kid in edward's class who Zones The Fuck Out and daydreams about a story they want to write, and edward would just tune in to watch like a tv show when he's bored in class and he gets genuinely invested and eventually he's like "i know EXACTLY how they can fix this plot hole that's bothering them but how can i tell them that when they don't KNOW i'm their first beta reader"
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the-tryhard-twihard · 8 months ago
you just KNOW that if Bella had idk, worn eyeshadow? edward would have been like “oh, i can’t read the WHORE’S mind. that’s weird. anyways” and the book would have ended right there.
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thecarnivorousmuffinmeta · 13 hours ago
How do you think twilight would’ve went if Edward/Bella weren’t a toxic relationship? Like, do you think that would have changed the story stephanie was trying to tell/the general storyline?
Answered in part here.
The trouble is the Twilight plot goes completely off the rails.
Our characters are introduced with the fact that Edward is highly dangerous to Bella. This drives him off, at first, but then it begins to intrigue him. He quickly grows obsessed and in part thanks to Alice's help he decides that what he's feeling must be love. Bella, for her own part, has the most interesting, beautiful, inhuman boy in the world paying attention to her.
Right out of the gate, the pair are a mess who are attracted to each other for all the wrong reasons and none of those reasons having to do anything with who the other person even is.
But backing this up, the point is that Edward is very dangerous to Bella. An Edward who respects not only Bella's wishes but her chances at being alive would have nothing to do with her. Edward would have left Forks.
So, right away we have a problem. For this to not be a toxic relationship, Bella cannot be Edward's singer. Otherwise, he is knowingly putting her at extreme risk for next to no reason. Not a good foundation for your relationship.
The plot of Twilight is now off the rails as Bella and Edward have a very normal Biology lesson where Edward is a complete dick. He can't hear Bella's thoughts, weird and he panics he might be losing his gift, but she's still plain and boring (she doesn't become not plain and boring until he starts grilling her to see if she noticed he wanted to eat her after his return). Bella, in turn, is turned off by Edward's dismissive attitude as she initially was in canon until he started playing hot and cold.
Well then, either Edward's personality has to change completely (which it kind of does for this not-toxic thing you're going for to work) or we need to put Bella in mortal peril much earlier.
Except Edward is a man who acknowledged that he'd normally be pro murder Bella after the van incident as well had she not been Bella Swan. So... he'd let her die.
So, we completely change Edward's personality. He still saves her from the van, gets to know Bella slowly, but now he never intends to reveal he's a vampire because that would damn Bella to having to become one herself whether she wishes it or not.
Luckily, we have James to conveniently go after Bella! So, now Edward has to explain! And Bella has to be turned!
Except Bella is still Bella and probably using Edward as validation for herself because she has such cripplingly low self-esteem that she needs other people to define her self-worth.
Oh no.
Bella has to change completely too.
In short, anon, you can't have Twilight or the plot of Twilight with Edward and Bella being their loveable, defunct, selves.
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railmerosalie · 8 months ago
If the people of Forks made memes:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edit: yes there is a typo here, pls stop mentioning it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This took so fucking long to make, but please do enjoy
Tumblr media
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aroswig · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Coming out of retirement to share what my school put up today
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ewan-mcgregor · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
TWILIGHT (2008)  THE BATMAN (2022)
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twinaissance · a year ago
Tumblr media
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edwardsshinyvolvo · 2 months ago
2008 2022
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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vampiresintheattic · 3 months ago
I really would’ve liked if Bella had a special interest in history and fashion and antiques cause like imagine the Cullens don’t get discovered by solely because of Edward but because Bella notices shit about their clothes and how they talk and is like “huh.” And also I think the Cullens forgetting how time works since they’re immortal and don’t sleep is just a funny concept
- she’s like “hey Edward does your family go antiquing” and he’s like “uh no why do you ask” “oh it’s just your sister Rosalie’s broach is from the 1957 spring collection of-”
- “why is your edition of Macbeth from 1911?”
- “does it bother you that your brother Jasper calls it the war of northern aggression like wtf is that”
- “yknow Emmett asked me if Charlie was a soldier in World War II”
- “Alice just asked me if I watch I Love Lucy on the tube? Is she being ironic?”
- “Ever notice how your dad says thou sometimes?” And “When I was at the hospital I saw him cross ‘hysteria’ out of my patient notes”
- “your mom must really like Gibson girl updos, she’s always sporting one at the store”
- “I’m like sixty percent the sweater you’re wearing was dyed using arsenic”
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rosaliesbigtiddygothgf · 2 months ago
just need everyone to know that edward cullen was the audition for bruce wayne
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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blueartisanwombatshoe · 2 months ago
To the girl in the movie theater bathroom who was explaining to everyone that the timeline works out for every single Robert Pattinson role to be Edward Cullen, you own the world. Please take over Hollywood.
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thecarnivorousmuffinmeta · 2 days ago
I’d argue that they understand each other in a way that Jasper and Alice do not (but that’s for another meta). Which meta is that? Also, why do you think she saw him in her visions? She lived on her own for almost 2 decades and didn't need anyone taking care of her... do you think that she might have seen Edward as another "mate" possibility but eventually chose him as a brother figure?
Anon boldly assumes, in the thousands of posts I made, I have any idea what the fuck they're talking about. Luckily for them, I'm pretty sure it's this one.
There's a couple posts on Edward and Alice's relationship but much of the crux of it is here.
Why Does Alice Have Her Weird Long-Term Visions?
As for your second question, I assume this is "Why would Alice see the Cullens in her vision if she hadn't seen Jasper?" (Anon, this is on you as I have very little idea the context of what you're asking here)
Well one, it was a part of the question. The premise was "Alice doesn't see Jasper", we're taking that off the table. However, in canon she does see the Cullens and she sees them as early as she sees Jasper. They were her (and Jasper's) path to Alice's future.
But this also gets into why I think Alice had either vision.
Those visions were very strange for Alice in that they work outside her usual scope. It wasn't based on any one person's decision or anything that would happen in the immediate future. Many decisions and many years had to lead up to this vision and Alice mentions that both her Jasper and Cullen visions are a bit vaguer than she usually gets.
To me that points to her gift having... selected the best future for Alice.
With the Cullens, Alice is in a large family in which she is protected. She has Jasper as a personal, very devoted, protector and being large + on a strange diet the Cullens are never in battles for territory. If they are challenged they have Edward as well as Alice as highly gifted members.
The Cullens are a very very safe bet for Alice.
Any other coven and she's likely to be fought over tremendously in order to use her gift in a context of "If I eat this person will the Volturi come". Or exactly how many newborns in the newborn army they can get away with. Or exactly how to lay siege against Volterra. There's a lot of vampires who would want Alice, who would get in fights over her, and this would very likely lead to Alice's early death.
My thought was that without Jasper, the Cullens are still Alice's safest best and she'll still see them. Without Jasper, though, she also lacks the protection/close personal connection she had. My money's on her gift scrambling and picking Edward to replace him.
Could Alice Have Seen Edward as a Mate?
It's entirely possible.
In canon, Jasper had already been preselected as the mate. Alice saw him in a romantic context ergo she shows up in his life and they come as a package deal. They're already doing what they're doing.
There's issues with this, however.
The key ones being that Edward's just not into her and never has been. Alice is the exact opposite of his type in every way. And I imagine being told he's fated to be lovers with a vampire would have his hair raising and he'd go out of his way to prove how not in love with Alice he is.
It'd backfire on her.
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dianaprinceownsmyass · 9 months ago
have y'all seen demi adejuyigbe's review of twilight on letterboxd
Tumblr media
I'm weeping
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