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#send me anons

it is mostly obi-wan and qui-gon stuff from the prequels and that’s because i ship them relentlessly (pls end me).

but yeah i can tag it, sometimes it’s under #favorite or #thirst but #sw can be a thing too

especially bc if i was following me for other things and i could filter out the garbage i reblog lmaooo

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I’d probably say, “I don’t know; it’s not really my place to assume those things about you based on my limited knowledge of your life” or some variation of that.

I’m not trying to be shady to you, or anyone else for that matter, but I see a lot of people regularly speculating about Michael’s sexuality, which is wrong in so many levels (I haven’t seen anyone speculating about Calum’s gender, which is equally just as bad). I think if any of the boys come to realizations about themselves, they’ll reveal it when they’re ready.

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Mini-game !

Sooo, this idea popped up in my head and I wanted to do it 👉👈

Just send me a haikyuu character with an emoji and I’ll do an scenario! (The emojis are smut, fluffy and angst prompts!)

Please do 1 character each ask, I won’t answer asks where there are two or more characters!

Hope you like this mini-game!



  • 💋
  • 💌
  • 💤
  • 💢
  • 💣
  • 💦
  • 💍
  • 🐶
  • 🍼
  • 🌻
  • 🍑
  • 🦋
  • 🍆
  • 🏐
  • 🎄
  • 🎃
  • 🌍
  • 🏨
  • ☀️
  • 🌧
  • 🔥
  • ☃️
  • 📀
  • 📷
  • 📽
  • 🦄
  • 🐚
  • 🍁


Hope y'all like it and I’m just gonna wait for the requests!

Love y'all 💖

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I definitely see where you’re coming from with this, but I think the dynamic of putting out an album with the band is different than him putting out a solo album. I also think it’s worthwhile to mention that Ashton was very vocal about CALM, especially about the chart mishap (and maybe that’s evidence that he cared more about the chart placement than anything else, but that’s a whole other conversation).

When the band releases an album, there are four members and a band account that are there to hype up the album and promote it, but with his solo album, the one person who has to promote it is Ashton.

I also think that there’s a level of uncertainty that comes with him releasing a solo album. 5SOS can pretty much count on their fans hyping up their albums and liking them because their fanbase is dedicated, and they’ve established themselves within their fanbas. Ashton doing a solo project was a risk for him because he couldn’t be sure that everyone would like it, so I think he feels the need to praise peple who like his album and hype it up because it’s the first time he’s putting something so raw and personal into the world by himself, without having the reassurance that his fans will like it.

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Don’t worry! ❤️ I appreciate the rant! If it’s not obvious enough—I also cannot stand lovelytheband (specifically Mitchy Collins), and it’s baffling to me why they would let Mitchy take Calum’s verse. Obviously, I know both bands agreed to it, and I’m not accusing either band of anything shady. I just think it was a poor performance choice haha

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