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Yay!! My first Walking Dead imagine. I’ve been so excited to write an imagine about this show. Hope you guys like it! Love you all and stay safe. 



Originally posted by dang-misha

*not my gif*

* Your POV *

“Dad! Come on! Let me go with you and Uncle Rick. It’ll be better since I’m good at fighting! Please!” I practically begged my dad, Daryl. He’s not my biological dad but he had found me a couple months ago, I saw him as my dad. He only sighed and shook his head, “Absolutely not, Y/N. I’m not risking you getting hurt or worse.” I shook my head, “I won’t get hurt, I promise! I can help you guys.” Before my dad could answer someone had patted my shoulder and spoke in a heavy Southern accent, “C’mon Daryl, she can tag along. This can be father-daughter-uncle bonding time.” I looked up and smiled at my Uncle Rick, “Exactly, thank you Uncle Rick.” he smiled at me and looked at my dad. He only sighed and shook his head, “I’m gonna regret this. Fine she can come,” he pointed his middle and pointer finger at us, “if she gets hurt, your ass is dead, Rick. If you get hurt, you should have listened to me.” I smiled and nodded, “Deal.” 

I giggled as my dad begged Uncle Rick not to play whatever music was left in this car. Uncle Rick ignored him and played the music anyways. I smiled at the two and watched the trees go by. I’ve gotten so used to walking or running around everywhere it felt weird sitting in a car for the first time in months. I looked away from the trees once I saw we had come up to a big red garage, “Is this the place?” my uncle nodded, “Yep.” he and my dad climbed out of the car and my dad opened the door for me. I smiled at him and got out, “Thanks.” he nodded and we began to walk up to the garage. Uncle Rick held up his gun and checked the entrance for walkers, “All good.” my dad pointed at the garage, “It’s best to be safe.” my uncle nodded and stood next to me. He raised his gun and I raised my knife, my dad looked at me before he lifted up the door and raised his own knife. I relaxed when I saw no walkers. Those jerks can be tricky at times. I smiled when I saw a white truck, “where there’s something.” Uncle Rick walked into the garage and checked if there were any walkers inside. He nodded and lowered his gun, “We’re all clear. Can you open it?” my dad nodded and looked at the truck, “There’s a lock.” he quickly undid it and he lifted the door open. He raised his knife as did I and my uncle raised his gun. I lowered my knife and stepped closer, “There’s no walkers but a lot of supplies.” my dad nodded and lowered the door, “Think it’ll start?” I looked at my uncle and smiled once he said, “Yeah, I do.” 

I sighed softly and hugged myself, “Why did I have to take the middle seat?” my dad chuckled softly, “‘Cause you’re the smallest, my ass can’t fit and neither can Rick.” my uncle looked at Daryl and shook his head as he mumbled, “Bullshit, I can fit there.” I nodded and saw we were coming up to a gas station, “We gonna stop there?” my dad nodded, “Yeah.” Uncle Rick pulled over and turned the truck off. We all got out and my dad instantly went to the small store and tried to open the door. Once it wouldn’t budge he walked over to a vending machine and looked at us, “Yo, come give me a hand with this.” we walked over and we began to try and flip it over. We failed. My uncle looked at my dad and shook his head, “I don’t think we don’t got it.” I nodded in agreement and rested against the vending machine, “What’s the big deal about this thing?” my dad didn’t answer my question he only looked at the truck, “I got an idea…” 

I sat in the truck with my uncle, “Will this even work?” he only shrugged and began to slowly move forward, “I sure hope so.” I smiled softly and sat once my dad held his hand ordering us to stop. My uncle turned off the truck and looked at me, “Stay here, we’ll be back in a couple minutes.” I nodded and relaxed into the seat watching my uncle walk out to my dad. 

* Daryl’s POV *

I adjusted the chains that we had tied around this vending machine. Rick walked over, “It’s only soda and candy. Why all this trouble?” I shook my head and looked at him, “It wasn’t any trouble.” before Rick could answer someone had pushed him up against the machine. I raised and so did Rick and we pointed out guns at this guy. He held his arms up, “Hi.” I walked up to him and shouted, “Back up! Now!” Rick walked closer to me, “Keep ‘em up!” the guy tried to get closer, “Easy guys. I was just running from the dead.” I noticed Rick had backed away to see if any were coming but I wasn’t buying it, “How many?” the guy answered, “Ten, maybe more. I’m not risking it. Once it gets to double digits, I start running.” I looked at the guy, “Where?” he sighed softly, “About a half a mile back. They’re headed this way. You guys have about eleven minutes.” I held my gun up not wanting to trust him but Rick lowered his as he answered, “Okay, thanks for letting us know.” he only nodded, “Yeah. There’s more of them than us. We gotta look out for each other,” he looked at me and asked, “right?” I lowered my gun, not answering him. He lowered his hands and looked at Rick, “You guys got a camp?” I shook my head, “No.” Rick looked at him, “How about you?” he stepped back and shook his head, “No. Sorry for running into you. I’m gonna go now,” he began to walk away but he said something else, “if this is the next world, I hope it’s good to you guys.” Rick looked at me before he called out, “I’m Rick. This is Daryl. What’s your name?” I felt suspicion rise within me as he pulled his mask down. He had a clean shave, “Paul Monroe. But my friends used to call me Jesus. Your pick.” Rick looked at him, noticing the same thing, “You said you didn’t have a camp. You on your own.” Jesus only nodded, “Yeah. But, still, best not try anything.” I had enough of him, “Best not to make threats you can’t keep, either.” he smirked and nodded, “Exactly.” he began to run off but Rick spoke up again, “How many walkers-” I shook my head and looked at Rick, “No, not this guy.” Rick only ignored me and asked, “How many walkers have you killed?” Jesus only ignored us, “Sorry, gotta run. You should, too. Think you’ve got about seven minutes.” I shook my head and looked at the truck, making sure Y/N was okay, “I hate him.” I looked at Rick once he said, “He was clean. His beard was trimmed. There’s more going on there.” I nodded in agreement, “He didn’t have a gun, either.” Rick looked at the truck, “We can track him, watch him for a while, get to know more. See if he’s really alone. Maybe even bring him back.” I shook my head, “Nah, guy calls himself Jesus.” Rick let out a small chuckle but we both jumped when we heard gunshots echoing throughout the forest. 

Rick and I walked towards the noise but we lowered our guns once we saw it was only firecrackers. That sneaky bastard. I looked at Rick, “He swiped your keys, didn’t he?” Rick’s eyes widened, “Shit. Your daughter is in there!” I began to run back towards the truck, Rick running right behind me. My heart began to beat faster when I heard Y/N’s voice, “Who the hell are you?! Hey! Hey! Get off of me!” We both made it and I saw Y/N being thrown out of the truck and onto the cement. Oh. Hell. No. 

Hope you guys enjoyed! Stay safe everyone! Love you guys! I’m gonna make a part 2 of this imagine


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“I just want to say congratulations on an incredible character, an incredible achievement. And you are the most marvelous, talented, dignified, honorable, classy, and gorgeous girl I’ve had the good fortune to work with. I just want to say big love and congratulations.”
         from Andys Ode to Danai

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Title: A gift of separation

Rating: G

Pairing: T’Challa x Okoye

Summary: Isipho sokwahlula. A gift of separation. It’s an ancient wakandan custom. Something the King would offer a Dora when it’s time to part ways and she gets to go back to civilian life. The gift is never the same. It has to be tailored to the woman’s needs as she retires. There’s a lot of stories going around, stories Okoye has heard since her early childhood. Even the decor of the Palace would retell scenes of sovereigns offering cattle, ornate combs, land or dowries to beautiful ladies the color of baked honey. 


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